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August 2017 Vol. 5 | Issue 12

Celebrating the


SOUTHPORT • OAK ISLAND • BOILING SPRING LAKES • BALD HEAD ISLAND • ST. JAMES “Hendrix & Page Love the Ocean”, Painting by Bill Gray, Cover Art Winner

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 1

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Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Cover Art Winner

Bill Gray, Cover Art Winner and his wife Kay Gray, enjoying a nice dessert and dinner out.

Bill Gray is our cover art competition winner. He is a retired pharmacist and enjoys painting as a hobby in his spare time. These two beautiful short-haired pointers were sitting in the chairs on the porch - just waiting on the next bird. He snapped the photo and decided to turn it into a painting. He loves to paint water scenes, landscapes and boats. He’s from Darlington South Carolina, but has beach front property here and spends as much time as he can enjoying the community and surrounding area. ENTRY: HENDRIX AND PAGE LOVE THE OCEAN...just a usual old couple enjoying the relaxation of the beach.. (These beautiful German Short-haired Pointers are owned by J Crawford). We just love this for the cover and we hope you smile every time you look at it.



Kris & Alan Beasley

Carla Edstrom


EDITOR Ami Brown



Kass Fincher Leslie Foster Leslie Reschly, BSN, RN, Lisa P. Stites Jeffrey Stites Intern: Alyssa Crouson



Patrick McGowan


PO Box 10175, Southport, NC 28461

Chuck and Sue Cothran

Phone: (910) 231-6204 Southport Magazine is published once a month by Southport Media with an extra publication in July for the Southport Fourth of July Festival. The opinions of contributing writers are not necessarily the opinions of the staff. Annual Subscription: $45 email

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Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

CURRENTS Cover Art Competition

Selected cover entries capture community and our regional scenic beauty STORY BY LISA STITES


ur cover this month comes from our art contest, in which we asked local artists to tell us what “community” means to them. When we think of community, many of us immediately think of living and working with our friends and neighbors, or coming together for a common purpose or cause. But in this little piece of paradise we call home, the word “community” includes a whole other layer. So many of our activities, and so much of our enjoyment of life itself, are focused on the water, wildlife, and the sheer beauty of our coastal environment.

ABOVE: This adorable little girl was dancing at Yacht Basin Eatery to the Rock & Roll beat of the Groove Pirates. Bassist Roy Sykes knelt down to let her strum his bass. This really captures that music community that thrives in Southport. Photo by: Carla Edstrom

ABOVE: Sundown at The “Old Yacht Basin” this colorful painting by local artist, Susan Dade. This not only captures the beauty of the waterfront, sunset and shrimp boats, but it’s one of Susan’s favorite spots to paint!

We hope you’ll enjoy all these cover contest entries as much as we did. We had some tough decisions to make, but we finally settled on the cover image by Bill Gray because these dogs could be on any porch in any of our towns, and they could be any of us, really, such as a couple married 40 years, best friends, or a mother and daughter. And they’re just adorable. In our other entries, you’ll see laughter, spectacular colors, and moments captured on film or in paint. You’ll probably be reminded of why you chose to live or visit here. And most importantly, you’ll get a glimpse of how some talented artists have captured the very essence of our community. We chose a few of our favorites to showcase in the magazine, with a little about each one. We had so many great entries, we wish we could show them all. Great Job Everyone! Thank you.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 5


ABOVE: Blue skies, blue water and sunbathers! This photo has lovely reflections, we can almost feel the hot sun on our skin when we look at this entry. ENTRY BY: Maureen Glassman - My husband and I are relative newcomers to beautiful Oak Island and charming Southport. We love the vibrancy, rhythms, and peace of the ocean and delight in morning and evening walks beside the sea and to the Oak Island Pier. We never tire of the spectacular clouds, warm and ever changing waves, awesome sunsets and our own North Carolina pelicans. We retired to Southport and Oak Island last year and it is truly our “happy place.�

ABOVE: We are reminded in this photo, there are some lovely wooded areas around, parks, nature walks, evergreen trees, moss, cool shade that a plethora of song birds call home. The sun peaking though the trees here at sunset or sunrise, I can just imagine a small family of finches being fed by mom in this rustic birdhouse, that almost blends invisibly into the natural bark of the pine. Yes - this says community too! ENTRY BY: Elizabeth Harllee - This photo Tis a view of BSL through the trees at sunrise from our home at the Lakes Country Club.

LEFT: Now this is a creative way to make a cool welcome sign. Created with sea shells, crab claws, rocks and beachy objects, set amongst the sea grasses and sand, we love this. It captures the welcoming feel we all enjoy when coming to the local beaches. Warm weather and warmer people invite out of town visitors with a smile and a kind, friendly greeting. ENTRY BY: Lisa Canale - During Hurricane Matthew, I was holding out in Caswell Beach. After the storm, I was lucky enough to find this plank from the destructed Yaupon Pier that washed up on shore. Inspiration: Our coastal community beaches welcome all that arrive.

6 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


ABOVE: This cool collage captures a real home town feel, porches, front doors, and all things nautical. We love the textures and rich colors of this collage. ENTRY BY: Barbara Sammons - Title: It’s All Here Media: Photography processed to resemble paintings Description Two years ago it was time for a change for my sister and me. As I drove down Howe Street, I knew I had found a place to call home. We knew no one in the area, all I knew was that it felt right. We have settled in with the help of neighbors and new friends and have never looked back. As a photographer, Southport offers a step back in time to be captured through the lens. Open doors, welcoming porches, friendly waves, it’s all here “

ABOVE: As this patriotic little girl looks out over Southport Marina, as her blond locks blow back, and we can almost feel that warm salty sea breeze. ENTRY BY: Whitney Thompson - Having moved all the way from Idaho Falls, ID to being a new resident of Southport, NC just under a year, the community here is why we chose this wonderful spot. Community means a lot to us as a young family. The peace and serenity of the area is displayed in all of the locals here . We think the Southport Marina is a beautiful display of why we decided to move here. The view of the ocean and boats along with the breathtaking skies and our favorite places to eat and visit to see all in one spot is pretty incredible. The peace and comfort of the way this town makes you feel is genuinely displayed in the photo of our little girl Norah. LEFT: We were in awe when we saw this entry. The pink sky, baby blues, billowy clouds and silhouettes of pelicans. This is a real beauty, we see this everyday and sometimes forget what a spectacular place in which we all live. The calm, majestic skies contrast the roaring ocean below, with those huge waves, we can almost hear that soothing crashing sound of the splashing waters as we gaze on this ocean-scape photo. ENTRY BY: Clay Foster - it represents why many of us from elsewhere relocated to Southport. The photo to me represents the beauty and peacefulness of the area. Two major aspects that drew us to Southport.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 7

CURRENTS LEFT: Sea birds are all around us, and this little family is just adorable. I love how this photo captures the chicks’ mouths gaping for mom to give them their next fishy snack. ENTRY BY: Cheryl Cohen

RIGHT: Nature - balance and calm. This is what I see in this perfect placement of rocks into a tree trunk and branch. Yoga anyone? ENTRY BY: Blaze Harmon, Oak Island. This photo was taken at the bottom of SE 18th prior to the construction. It is a very simple display of rocks balanced into a tree. I am passionate about art and would love to see mine out there.

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Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Susan Dade’s “Weigh In” captures that moment where the fishermen of the King Mackerel Tournament all gather to weigh their fish and have them prepared by locals. This tradition is definitely part of the Southport Community.

112 E Moore Street 910-363-4275 112 E Moore Street — OPEN EVERYDAY—



Wherever you look you can find beauty, whether it’s a sweet painting of dogs enjoying a porch, a picture of a delighted child, or a heron taking flight from the marsh. Keep an eye out for moments such as these and capture them however you can, even if it’s just filing away a mental picture that you can save for a rainy day of reminiscing. Our next cover art contest will be for February’s Pet issue. Wouldn’t you love to see your very own Fido on the cover? It’s never too early to start planning, and we’ll look forward to seeing your entries for that. For more information about cover opportunities or competitions, please email:

112 E Moore Street 910-363-4275 112 E Moore Street — OPEN EVERYDAY—



112 E Moore Street 910-363-4275 112 E Moore Street — OPEN EVERYDAY—





112 E Moore Street • 910-363-4275 ore Street • 910-363-4275



Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 9

SPECIAL THANKS A Huge Thank You! A heart-felt letter from the owner of Southport Magazine, Kris Beasley


ear Readers,

wanted to write and thank you for your support of Southport Magazine over the past 5 years. The past month has been an emotional one for me because Southport Magazine won the 2016-2017 Small Business of the Year award through the Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce. I’ve been in a state of shock, almost frozen in time since winning the award. I think it is because I have been working so hard over the past five years, pushing through obstacles, overcoming challenges, delivering papers, crunching numbers, creating ads, proofing ads, planning editorial, writing, calculating, budgeting, putting out fires, emailing, texting, facebooking, not taking no for an answer, refusing to sink, …… that it was hard for me stop and take it in. To realize that all the hard work paid off. That Southport Magazine had made it and been recognized as a real asset to this community.

To say I am proud of Southport Magazine is an understatement. It represents so much to me personally. But none of it would have been possible without the help of so many through the years. So I thought I would try to recognize everyone who has had a hand in Southport Magazine and helped in its success. Breast Cancer - without you, I would have never taken the chance to start Southport Magazine My parents, Kenneth and Barbara Adams - Growing up in a successful family business taught me a strong work ethic, sales skills, administrative skills, professionalism and organization. My husband, Alan Beasley - encouraged me to buy the magazine, works for free, provided countless hours of music, sound and hard labor to make my dream come true. My biggest fan. My sister, Kim Mason - mental health support and proof reader! My daughter, Brooke Beasley helped me deliver the paper many times, and provided administrative help.

My mother-in-law, June Beasley allowed me to feature her in an article about how to pick out fresh vegetables and film her cooking okra! My Aunt-in-law, Sandra Childers worked in the office for me and helped me get caught up on paperwork. My old boss, Jeff Phenicie - I worked for Jeff for 20 years and I learned so much from him. His example has helped me through many challenges I have faced. My past co-worker and boss, John Hitt - I told John about my idea for Southport Magazine and he said, “Go for it!” He encouraged me and I know he will always be there if I need him. Susie Riddle - worked with her for 20 years. She still creates an ad or two for me and has supported me from the get go! Plus, she has been in TWO 4th of July Parades - now that is friendship! Kathy Atack - helped Alan and I set up the business with her accounting skills. She donated her time and services. She is a gem. Veronica Brendle - my oldest Brunswick County friend, who helps me with my books and my spirituality.

10 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Owner of Southport Magazine, Kris Beasley accepts the award, Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. 2016-2017.

Tax & Financial Guidance Center Laura Schexnayder and Candy Klinedinst have been my accountants and have helped me learn how to manage my business and take the necessary steps to prosper! Sue & Chuck Cothran and Liz Brinker - been there for me from the beginning…creating beautiful ads for our advertisers! Jennifer Barnett - Editor and writer. Jen stepped in as Editor with no real experience and did an incredible job! She is a big reason why the magazine was able to grow. Bethany Turner - started Southport Magazine with me and served as our first Editor. It was a fun first year!

Leslie Reschly - my dear friend who started writing the HEALTH Column for the magazine in the first year and continues today! Richard and Kristy Kopp - allowed me to distribute the magazine in their businesses - Kopp’s Kwik Stop and Kopp-a-tan! Dannette and Scott Ball of Coastal Document Systems - one of my first advertisers and long time supporters! And I love my copy machine I got from them! Stacy Kelly - without hesitation, she opened up her home to us and allowed it to be featured in our very first HOME STYLE.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR WINNER Amber Lanier - wrote and contributed numerous times on entertaining, wedding planning, wedding decorations and flowers. So talented! Shannon Phillips and Randy Young - provided stage props for our Maggie Awards Show. Gina Boyd - our first subscriber! Madison Brendle - my first intern! We did some amazing things together and she was fearless in whatever I asked her to do! Jeffrey Stites - Jeffrey has been responsible for so much: he introduced me to his wife, Lisa who writes for us, he co-hosted my very first Maggie Awards Show, he gathered zombies and posed as Michael Jackson on Oct 2015 cover, he played Cam Newton in our 2015 Maggie Award Show and he continues to write for the magazine. Jeffrey, YOU DA MAN! Lisa Stites - Lisa is the best. She never complains, she always gets it done and done well! I feel so blessed to have her as a writer for Southport Magazine. Sara Beth McLamb - Sara Beth did a great job writing for Southport Magazine in its first year and helping as Assistant Editor. Becky Jones - Becky wrote our SAVOR column for a couple of years and did a phenomenal job! Caitlin Lokey - served as Fashion Editor for a couple of issues and always lends a hand on stage for our Maggie Awards! Corey and Erin Snapp of Snapp Shot Photography - helped as staff photographers and created some beautiful images for our Fashion issue. Michayla Fullwood, Rachel Van Noord, Abbie Propst - second round of interns. These girls were awesome and helped me so much during their internships. All positive and pleasant! Kyle and Nic Reschly - both of these young men helped me deliver the papers and other duties. Nic still holds the record for quickest delivery time! Dean Blaine - he wrote for us for a short awhile. He is a real professional and we were lucky to have him while we did. Kathleen McGowan - Kathleen wrote the HOME FEATURE for a year.

She was awesome. She also served as Sir Purr in our Maggie Awards Show and painted the back drop! Emily Klinefelter - wrote our SCENE Column for awhile and she always found a creative way to critique the silver screen. Patrick McGowan - Patrick is our PHOTOGRAPHER. He is always there when we need him. We love Patrick! Bill and Cathy Furpless of the AMUZU Theatre - They have allowed Southport Magazine to hold its annual Maggie Awards show at their beautiful and historic theater. So sweet!

I’ve been in a state of shock, almost frozen in time since winning the award. We did it...All of us! Ron and Missy Ronquillo - Ron and Missy have helped with our Maggie Awards Show the past couple of years. Ron photographed all of the winners at the step and repeat board and they all looked MAH-VA-LOUS! Jim Whitmeyer - I worked with Jim many years ago at SURF 107fm. I asked him to MC our Maggie Awards Show and he happily agreed! Lauren Mabe - served as reporter on the red carpet for our first Maggie Awards Show! Rasa Love - performed as Beyonce’ for our Maggie Awards Show and killed it! Morgan Gilbert - intern and sales assistant. Morgan has been a huge help over the past two summers. We are going to miss her next year! Leslie Foster - she writes our BIZ Q and A Column and is able to write interesting and telling questions that gives our readers a real inside look at our local business owners. Carla Edstrom - she writes our ART Column and her contribution has really added to the content of Southport Magazine. Alyssa Crouson - our current intern from South Brunswick High School! She is doing a great job writing and

learning to spread her wings artistically! Kass Fincher - our HISTORY and SAVOR writer. Kass loves to write and it shows! She will do whatever it takes to track down what she needs to make her columns great! Kay & Taylor Jolliff - Kay is a mentor for many young woman trying to succeed in business in Southport. She and Taylor helped me find an office in Southport and have been like a second set of parents to me. Southport-Oak Island Chamber of Commerce - Karen Spahr has been supportive of Southport Magazine from the beginning. Always offering positive suggestions and solutions. Any new business that does not take advantage of all the chamber offers, is crazy! DSI - Downtown Southport Incorporated - This organization really helps all of its members and the city of Southport. We are lucky to have them working hard for our businesses and our city! And I am lucky to be a member! South East Brunswick Civitans Their goal is solely to do good for our community. They earn money to give iPads to local schools, sponsor the Chili Cookoff and other helpful events. Norm Brown - donated his own time to refurbish the Southport Magazine red delivery boxes. They look great! Ami Brown - our current editor and writer. Ami wrote for the magazine for a year before taking over as editor in 2017. She has made the biggest difference in the magazine to date! Her writing talents, creative mind, artist eye have all contributed to the magazine growing and getting better. She is such an asset to me and it is because of her, that I am able to grow the company. I am beyond blessed to have Ami as the editor of Southport Magazine! Advertisers - I am thankful for all the businesses who advertise in Southport Magazine. They are the reason why we exist. But the following businesses have been advertising faithfully since the first year! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT: Boo &

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Roo’s, Cattail Cottage, Ports of Call, Kay Jolliff, Mr. P’s Bistro, The Painted Mermaid, The Adventure Kayak Company, Color Me Carolina, Bella Cucina, Coastal Companion Care, Candy & Company, Lantana’s, Dairy Queen, Dry Street, Fishy Fishy, Greenlands Farms, Grape & Ale, Island Way, Joseph’s, Margaret Rudd & Associates, Mermaid Cove, Merry Maids, Renee’s Fine Jewelry, Southport Fun Tours, Southport Realty, Shagger Jacks, St. James Community Center, Tale Feathers, Thai by The Sea, Uncorked, Yacht Basin Eatery, Yost & Yost Realtors and Ginger Williams. Finally, I would like to thank the following people for writing letters of recommendation in support of Southport Magazines nomination for Small Business of the Year: Mayor Cindy Brochure-Town of Oak Island, Ali Travis-DVM River Road Animal Hospital, Jeff Phenicie-Wilmington Media Company, Amy Attwell-The Painted Mermaid, Tom McAndrews III - Bella Cucina, Maud Kelly-Greenlands Farms, Rick&Linda Pukenas-Robert Ruark Inn/ Southport Tours/Sea Glass Realty, Sharon Faw-Hearts & Sol Welness, James Goss - Dosher Memorial Hospital, Jeannie Dufour - Listen Up Brunswick County and Randy Jones - The City of Southport.

Thank you to all that have helped Southport Magazine! And thank you to YOU, the reader. If you hadn’t picked up the paper, read it and supported the advertisers this would be a moot point!

We did it…..ALL OF US! / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 11

August 3

Christine Martinez Band (Americana)

Sponsored by Southport Magazine August 10

Pantastic Steelband (Caribbean-style steel drum band)

Sponsored by Ricky Evan’s Gallery August 17

L Shape Lot Duo (Americana, Rock, Country)

Sponsored by Kay Jolliff Realtor

Every Thursday 6-8 p.m. Franklin Square Park

August 24

Bring a blanket or a chair and come enjoy music under the majestic live oak trees.

(Soul on the Beach)

Rained out concerts will be held on the following Sunday.

Sam Carteret Sponsored by Hamilton Realty Group at Carolinas Connect Realty August 31

For up-to-date information: Sponsored by Downtown Southport, Inc. with the support of local businesses and The City of Southport Departments of Parks & Recreation and Tourism

NC Blues Kings (North Carolina's Best Blues Musicians)

Sponsored by Boo & Roo's

12 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


A Hub for the Arts

Franklin Square Gallery offers tremendous opportunities and community involvement STORY BY AMI BROWN

If you’ve ever walked through Franklin Square Park, I’m sure you could not help but notice the historic grand building overlooking the grounds. Some people think it’s a museum, well it does look like one. It’s not only majestic, steeped in rich history, and an iconic part of Southport, it’s also a vibrant center for the arts and community events. If you haven’t already guessed, this Southport Magazine issue is really dedicated to the arts and our arts community. The Franklin Square Gallery has been the center of the media lately and I thought it was the perfect time to highlight all that this wonderful building hosts and allows the residents and visitors to experience. As a member of the Associated Artists of Southport, I hope I can enlighten the readers to a little about this wonderful group of people who come together to promote the arts and art education in our community. ASSOCIATED ARTISTS OF SOUTHPORT - who are they?

The Associated Artists of Southport (AAS) is a not-for-profit 501(c3) organization formed in the 1970’s by a small group of local artists who were leased a city-owned building in Franklin Square Park to display their art & serve as the first and only art gallery in Southport. The organization has thrived since that time, ever increasing its membership now to over 140 members strong. With the many talented 2D (painting) and 3D (pottery) artists in Southport and the surrounding areas, the membership grows each year. We are 100% volunteers and survive through our members, not all of which are artists, but all of which support the arts. Patron Members are extremely important to AAS. While Southport takes care of the exterior of the building,

AAS is solely responsible for the upkeep of the interior - electrical, plumbing, painting, window and door replacement, and even the elevator we purchased and installed for the ease of our visitors. Quite a financial responsibility! Patron members have helped AAS tremendously to provide a gallery of affordable art and art classes, community events, workshops, lectures, and collaboration with like-minded organizations as well. General Members are the lifeline of our Gallery. General membership allows artists to participate in Gallery activities if they choose and enter their art in our annual shows for a reduced fee and commission without the need to be more active in AAS. Many go on to become full Exhibiting Members of AAS by going through Media Review process and orientation. Exhibiting Members are the heart and soul of the Gallery. These are full members who not only fill our Gallery with their wonderful art, but are also equal volunteer members in the day to day running of the Gallery. Every Exhibiting Member participates in at least two committees of their choice, attends at least two general meetings during the ten months we are open (March -mid-December), and works one half-day a month in the sales office at the Gallery seeing to the needs of the many customers who come to view our art. If you are interested in AAS patronage or membership, the AAS form can be

Photo source: Courtesy of the Associated Artists of Southport found on the website: If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact by emailing Membership at The AAS organize several community and charity events throughout the year. We work in collaboration with BCC, The Quilters Association, local High Schools, Art in Bloom, and many other groups. Volunteers are always needed to help assist with these events. YES! WE SELL OUR ART

All of the art on display in the gallery is for sale. The artists set their prices, and regularly bring in new pieces. Art sells, sometimes quickly. If you are in having a browse, and you see something you like - I encourage you to buy it quick, because someone else will surely like it too, and it just may not be there when you return. KIDS DAY IN THE PARK

Art in the Park started back in the 1984, as a Brunswick County / Parks & Recreation event. It has now evolved and now the first Saturday in April the

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

AAS sponsors a Kids Day in the Park, that of course is Franklin Square Park. The artists set up tables and have arts, crafts, face painting, jewelry making and tons of fun stuff for kids to do.

This event is great for kids of all ages. The artists hope that exposing kids to the arts in a fun environment - will make a lasting impression and spark the creativity of a future Picasso. All the children’s events are free. EMPTY BOWLS

One of the many events that the AAS participate in, is the Empty Bowls charity fund raiser. Their tag line is “Eat the Soup, Keep the Bowl!” SAVE THE DATE! October 17, 2017 at Trinity United Methodist Church

Once again, The Associated Arts of Southport in conjunction with Franklin Square Gallery will be hosting an EMPTY BOWL event. Our potters and painters have been working hard to creative unique beautiful soup bowls for this event. Our goal is 1200 bowls this year. Each purchase of a bowl will help / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 13

CURRENTS olina, from Wilmington to Pinehurst, and even Myrtle Beach, bringing with them many different styles and techniques. WE’RE A NON-PROFIT COOPERATIVE.

All the artists work together to run the gallery as 100% volunteers. The man who greets you at the door probably has his paintings on display in the next room. The woman at the cash register may have just finished setting up the most recent pottery show. We maintain this historic building, manage the finances, and join committees to landscape, run special shows, and write ads, because we are privileged to operate this unique venue.

A stack of empty bowls used for the fund raiser. Photo: Empty Bowls Project stamp out hunger in our area. Recipient charities are Brunswick Family Assistance, The Interfaith Food Pantry and Matthews Ministry. Volunteers will serve freshly made soups from local restaurants while everyone has a great time listening to music and visiting with the artist and making new friends! Empty Bowls is a nationwide grassroots effort that began in Michigan about 20 years ago as a way for artists to help feed the hungry. Since then it has spread across the country and even into Canada. The goal is to raise money and awareness about hunger in our local communities. I personally have hand glazed and painted at least ten bowls, and cannot wait to see the beautiful bowls on display in October. Make sure to come early to get your favorite pick of a bowl. I saw some absolutely gorgeous bowls that the artists have created and anyone would be lucky to have one for only $20, (And you get soup too!) WORKSHOPS & CLASSES

The Franklin Square Gallery holds weekly drawing and painting classes in the upstairs studio space. These are taught by local artists and are a fun way to learn a new skill, get valuable feedback or just hone your craft.

The Workshops are usually in the Spring and Summer and coincide with a juried art show. These events bring together artists from all the region, and I have to say this last Summer Show was definitely a stunner. ART LECTURES

The AAS have recently began a series of Art Lectures. The first one sold out and was with rave reviews. Make sure to check the website for upcoming topics and get your tickets early. If you love art and want some insight into Masters of the past - this series is not to be missed. HISTORY

The Historic Franklin Square building has worn many hats over the past 100 years. The book., “If These Walls Could Talk” by Joyce Grazetti, Patt Carney & Rebecca Pierre describes the evolution and transformation of this iconic building we all know and love. It even has personal accounts, lots of old photos and some great history re-lived through the eyes of the building. The book is available at the gallery for only $5 I put together a time line with some of the major points just to give you a taste of it’s rich history. WE’RE LOCAL.

The member artists come from throughout southeastern North Car-

14 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

CHRISTMAS MARKET Around November artists bring in additional gift items and lots of new art for sale in the Holiday season. The gallery will be decorated and offer a huge selection, perfect for unique gifts and those hard to please relatives. You are guaranteed to find something for everyone in your family, from ornaments, to decorative small art, to calendars to jewelry - of course all hand made and unique. FIRST FRIDAYS If you’ve ever been out in Southport on a First Friday of the month, you may have noticed a bit of extra foot traffic, especially along Howe Street. That’s because several of the galleries host this monthly event. Form 5-7pm, the art galleries of Southport remain open and serve wine and nibbles so that working folk can come and hang out with the artists and enjoy gallery hopping. The participating galleries include: Franklin Square Gallery, Lantana’s Gallery and Fine Gifts, Ricky Evans Gallery, Silver Coast Winery and Art Gallery, and many other retailers stay open for casual shoppers as well. It’s a fun night to come out and view new exhibitions and art displays around town. SO MUCH MORE...

The AAS is involved in so much more than I can describe in this short article. Like the Annual Wooden Boat

FRANKLIN SQUARE GALLERY HISTORIC TIMELINE: 1792 - Joshua Potts & Benjamin Smith laid out 100 lots for the town of Smithville (now Southport) reserving a large square lot to be used for community purposes. (Franklin Square Park) 1891 - Southport Academy - a private school was growing and needed more space. 1904 - The building was purposed built The first public school in Southport 1910 - Southport School had 165 students in attendance 1913 - enrollment grew to 217 students due to a new law requiring children ages 8-12 to attend school. 1918 - Two wings were added to accommodate the growing population , a few years later a new school was built outside of town. 1936 - The two wings were removed and the building was sold to the City of Southport to be used as City Hall. (By the Board of Education) It was remodeled and used for the American Legion Post and Community Center. 1940 - A masquerade Valentine’s Ball was held in the upstairs Community Center Hall 1956 - An overcrowded Southport High School class was moved back to the building. 1964 - Part of the building was used as the Southport Library, due to a shipment of 300 books 1964 - The Fire Station Bell was triggered from City Hall, when there was a fire, a siren was set off on top of the building alerting the firemen. 1972 - The Associated Artists of Southport formed, with five founding members. 1797 - The City Hall Office moved out and into the vacated Brunswick County Courthouse. 1979 - The AAS moved into the Franklin Square, leasing it from the City of Southport. TODAY - The AAS continue to work hand in hand with the city and lease the building from the City of Southport.

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Photos Courtesy of the book, “If These Walls Could Talk.” Show Art Competition Exhibition, Art in Bloom, The Annual Quilters Exhibition, High School Shows... I could go on and on. I encourage to you become a member or sponsor so you too can keep up with all that is happening at Franklin Square Gallery and your arts community. The AAS is a wonderful group to join and / or support. Don’t just take my word for it, I asked for other members to contribute to this article and here’s what they had to say...

Rusty Hughes—one of the founding members since 1976, now an instructor at BCC at Lord St. “It was fun starting out. There was no heat and no cooling. We got down on our hands and knees and pulled up old carpet and we changed rooms around. It was a small body, but we grew pretty fast. It was a good springboard.” “One of the reasons we got the place was to help the community and I enjoyed doing that. We

started Art in The Park and it got to be quite an affair for some time. All the members participated and tried to get the kids to come out. My son and I did silk-screened T-shirts.” “It wasn’t long before we got the July National Show, the juried show. The Women’s Club actually started the show, but it got too big for them. We tried to make it national and even international. We had pieces from Hawaii and even England.”

Photos 1: Circa 1904 as built as Southport’s First Public School house

Photo 2: Circa 1918 as the expanded school wings were added

Photo 3: Circa 1936 as remodeled into Town Hall, American Legion Post and Community Center.

Christie Jacks—member about two years, created the winning poster for the Wooden Boat Show last year, former art director for CBS Publishing Division, freelanced in graphic design, classes at the NY Botanical Gardens. “Even though I’ve been in the art field my whole life, I hadn’t really shown anything of my own except at small shows at Winding River. When I came down here I wanted to learn to paint with water-based oils, and I found Mike Caiazza was teaching that. He introduced me to the (FSG) gallery.”

The Miniature Gallery offers small affordable art, 10”x10” or less, perfect for gifts, souvenirs or that small space needing a bit of life.

“I still do a lot of botanicals, and it has given me a place to show my work. It’s always nice to meet other artists in the area. When you are a member of the FSG you get information from all the other galleries and it connects you with the art scene.”

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 15

CURRENTS Cheryl Cohen- member one year, Chair of Summer Regional Show and On-Line Publicity and Social Media. Cheryl Cohen moved to Southport (St. James) from the San Francisco area last May. “Franklin Square Gallery is a welcoming place when you come to a new city. It provides a place for people of like interests to come together and meet new friends.” “I was in sales, but this is my first experience selling pottery. It’s (FSG) a safe place where you feel comfortable, where you can bring something you have made with your own hands and not be judged.” “When I walk in the doors, it’s like a big hug.”

A couple of the many rooms now at Franklin Square Gallery’s display of art, it’s bright and full of artistic energy and life. You will definitely find something to brighten your home and make you smile.

Linda Drye- member about six years. “I was at the Senior Center taking watercolor classes with Sunny Young. She’s the one who got me into the gallery. She encouraged me to enter the Spring Show and I won a ribbon. I was so excited. I never did art before. I was always working.” “I got into pottery about five years after that. Now I enter a lot more shows all over, in Wilmington and other places. And I take a lot of workshops, even in Arizona. I’ve won lots of awards—first and second places and merit awards.”

16 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Celebrating our 13th


Please join us this month and celebrate!

Kids Day in the Park, 2017, face painting and flower pots. Photo courtesy of AAS. Penny Ormerod--current President (Winding River), member about 10 years “I started doing pottery with Kimberly Smittle-Caroon at the annex behind AAS. AAs was running its own pottery program at that time until it was turned over to BCC and it’s now run out of Lord Street.I was about a two-year member (of AAS) and Eileen Gorden came to class and asked ‘Who knows computers? I raised my hand and all of a sudden I was Treasurer.” “I like that there is a variety of pottery at our place. Ours is a little crowded compared to other galleries, but it gives an opportunity to every single member to show, the same opportunity without arbitrary judgment. Only the customers are judges.”

Joyce Grazetti- - longtime member since 1992. Former President and Co-Chair for fundraising for building the elevator. The elevator is affectionately known as “The Grazetti.” “One of the reasons I moved down here from Pennsylvania was because I found the Franklin Square Gallery. There was all this art and there were nice people there, and you could take classes. I wanted to be an artist and I started to paint with Jean Jones. Everyone pitched in to help and that’s what made it so good. It is still that way.”

Gingered Salmon with Roasted Corn and Watercress Salad

HOW YOU CAN HELP Since the AAS is a non-profit coop, all of these activities and community events are 100% run by volunteers, money is raised through the sale of artworks, donations, grants and sponsorships. If you would like to become a member, check out the website for more information: or just drop in. You can become a sponsor without being an exhibiting member, and the AAS has just introduced a new program this year - Friends of the Gallery! For as little as $20 per year, you can receive special event notifications, emails about classes, upcoming community events at the gallery and be part of a real community environment.

Lump Crab and Heirloom Tomato Quiche Vanilla Custard with a Blackberry Gastrique

Another great way to contribute to the gallery, is just come in, say hi and have a look at the wonderful art on display. Tell your friends about the gallery and when you are in the market for that next masterpiece, small gift or large centerpiece, support local artists buy something unique, original created by local artisans and keep this art community alive for many years to come.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner




(910) 454-4540 / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 17

ART BEAT Copper By George Unique sculptures WOW and delight beach-goers STORY AND PHOTOS BY: CARLA EDSTROM


t’s summer! And once again, our little slice of North Carolina brings us the heat. And there is no better place to be than the beach on these sweltering summer days. It’s a time for families to gather and spend their vacations boating, fishing, and swimming on our beautiful shores. One of my favorite pastimes is to go beachcombing during low tide. I’m a treasure hunter so I love to search for shells, rocks and other interesting things. I can spend hours looking for items that the ocean has brought in. I have yet to find a million dollars or something that’s worth $20. I’ll admit that always thrilled to find an intact sand dollar. However, real money would always be welcome.

One North Carolina treasure you will be lucky to find during low tide is Oak Island resident and self-taught artist George Kinley. Also known as George The Copper Artist, Kinley can be seen

George rides his bike loaded down with sculptures for sale.

riding his bicycle cart on the beach selling his unique hand made copper art. You won’t find his pieces inside of local stores for sale, because Kinley takes his art directly to the masses at the beach. Since he has been riding his bike cart on the beaches, Kinley has garnered quite a big following including famous people visiting the area. He explains, “If someone wants me to stop, they just holler at me. I used to set up by the Local Call, but if you ride on the beach, it’s a lot more fun. You get to meet everybody on the beach.” After a career in construction and roofing in the Charlotte area, copper art was a natural choice for Kinley. When he worked in construction, he would pick up scraps of metal at the job sites and make art out of it in his spare time. One of the first copper pieces he made was that of Ophelia the drowning nymph that he proudly displays on the wall in his studio. “I made that one day at a job site using a roofing hatchet, different wires and nails,” he explained. “I don’t use traditional metal working tools. I invented these tools by accidentally messing stuff up when I worked construction,”

18 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

George Kinley shows off one of his large copper sculptures. he said. Those happy accidents would be used to make texture on his copper work. Not only does Kinley use tools that he has made, but he also utilizes found objects as tools such as a heavy revolutionary war artillery ball from in Mecklenburg County that he uses to pound out shapes into the copper. According to Kinley, he also uses old doorknobs, bicycle and car parts and other random things as tools. He showed me how he uses a chain saw wrench to make the hexagon shapes on his turtles. It takes a great imagination to see an object and know how it’s going to make an impression on copper. Although most of his work consists of sea life creatures such as various kinds of fish, turtles and stingrays, he also makes flashy mermaids and even Poseidon himself holding a trident. He first draws the design and then cuts

it out by hand. Although most of his work is from a single piece of copper, he does solder pieces together on some of his more technical work like his newest masterpiece, the loggerhead turtle he debuted in the 4th of July parade. For that, he made a heavy copper frame and soldered pieces together to create this large 3 dimensional creature. He generally uses the same flat pieces of sheet copper made for roofing but does incorporate different gauges of copper and tubing for things wouldn’t look right as a flat piece.

Kinley explains that he also uses found objects in his work. “Going up and down the Catawba river, I would take things I found in the woods,” such as deer antlers and other interesting objects. Doing this keeps his art unique and produces one of a kind up cycled art pieces. “I’m always doing

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


An array of George’s copper work.

o New t ear pe F the Ca ion Reg

A HUGE 5 foot sea turtle sculpture by George Kinley something strange that other people ain’t doing,” he laughed.

work as if she were laying her eggs under the full moon.

It is Kinley’s admiration for nature that inspires his work. He has a genuine love for the wildlife on the island and talked to me in depth about protecting the animals that make it their home. While we were looking at his latest masterpiece, the large loggerhead sea turtle, I listened to him talk about how he and his wife once watched a sea turtle laying her eggs during a midnight walk along the beach when no one else was around. And how important it is to just leave them be and respect their presence here. He shared his heart about how they quietly watched the turtle under the full moon that night. I think he captured her beauty perfectly in his new

You can see his unique sea life pieces on display all over Brunswick County and Wilmington, in residences, Dr.’s offices, restaurants and the like. In fact, the large copper fish that graces the top of Provisions Company Restaurant was made by Kinley. “So many people have been photographed with that fish, it’s truly famous,” Kinley said proudly. It is a local icon, as is Kinley. So the next time you see him riding his bike cart on the beach, give him a shout. He is a true Southport treasure! If you can’t find him riding on the beach, you can reach Kinley through is Facebook page, Copper by George, Or by emailgzkinley@ .

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Abilities and accuracy have been verified by physicians in an international peer-reviewed journal Insurance reimbursement may be available. v (860) 304-6991

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Brooke Holden

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RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED • 309 N. Howe St. • 910-457-0801 Visit our website to view our menu Chef Stephen Phipps Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner







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The Lost Art of the Whittler

Southport’s landmark and iconic Whittler’s Bench, a vintage hub of the past. STORY BY: KASS FINCHER P HOTOS COURTESY OF SOUTHPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY


ndoubtedly anyone who has walked along Southport’s waterfront has passed by the Whittler’s Bench. Local legend has it that originally this spot held simply a lone cedar tree, named after George Washington, the general who would later become president of the United States.

The ancient cedar was later joined by two poplar trees – most believe planted in 1898 – during the presidential campaigns of incumbent president William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan, for whom the trees were named. Other sources claimed there were originally four trees planted, the others named for Woodrow Wilson and Warren Harding. Tongue-in-cheek legend has it that the Republican Harding tree would not grow among the Democratic trees, and eventually died. Regardless of the number of trees, local men would gather daily under their shade, talk politics and share gossip while waiting for the fishing boats to come in.

Southport barber Paxton Tharp, known as “Mr. Pack,” had a bench erected under the trees so the men could sit and whittle while they chatted. It was called the “Cedar Bench.” The bench was popular but somewhat embattled over time because the whittlers would often carve their cares away into the bench and surrounding trees. One story held that the nearby store sold two or three hundred knives every week. Another held that enough corn liquor had been drunk under the tree to float a battleship! Over the years, the inevitable storms and hurricanes came through and often destroyed the bench and the trees

22 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

around it. But townspeople always replanted the trees and rebuilt the bench. Going back to colonial times, whittling is one of the oldest folk art forms in this country. A simple sharp knife and piece of wood were all you needed to make something with your hands. Whittling was especially popular during the Civil War, when soldiers would gather around the campfire to talk, play cards, write letters and whittle. Using folding pocket knives, they would carve walking sticks, animals, pipes and toys. After the war, many of the soldiers came home to work as migrant laborers, carrying a hoe with them from farm to farm. Called “hoe boys,” they trav-

eled from job to job and whittled in the evenings when the work was done. The name was shortened to “hobos,” meaning men who traveled to find work. As they moved from town to town, they would often pass on their whittling knowledge to new friends, and the activity grew. In the 20th century, the Boy Scouts organization supported the art, and the popularity of whittling grew among our youth. The Remington Knife Company and several science magazines held national whittling contests. With the advent of World War II, many of the generation who had grown up in the Great Depression were sent to fight in unfamiliar places overseas. Many brought with them a resourceful attitude from their depression era upbringing – making do with what you have. Everyone had a pocket knife, and whittling was a creative and relaxing way to find some peace. By the 1960’s however, whittling was becoming a lost art. The rise of electronic entertainment, combined with city and suburban lifestyles, led to fewer hands-on activities by the young. Boys didn’t carry pocket knives as often. However among the older generation, the art of wood carving – a more formal artistic effort – grew in popularity during those years. The lowly pocket knife was replaced by more sophisticated carving tools. Today two groups in our area promote the art of wood carving: the Cape Fear Woodcarvers and the Wilmington Area Woodturners Association. The Cape Fear Woodcarvers club has about 50 members and meets weekly at the Poplar Grove Plantation activity room. The Wilmington Area Woodturners Association meets monthly at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Wilmington. At their meetings, members of both groups as well as outside experts share their methods and experiences to help each other improve their wood carving skills and create unique pieces. Neither group claims to be whittlers, but if pressed, some of their members might admit they started out that way. In Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken and Lazy Dogs, Reflections on North Carolina Life, Bill Thompson describes his conversation with a whittler he encountered in Craven County. The old man did not claim to be a wood carver.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Photos: Southport Historical Society Archives. Above: Whittler’ Bench circa early 1900’s. Left: Whittler’s Bench circa 1930’s & 40’s.


“You see, carving means when I start out I got some idea of what this object is supposed to look like when I get through. Whereas with whittling I just start cutting away pieces of wood ‘til I see something taking shape and then I work toward that.” The whittler may not call himself an artist, but most would disagree. It would be wonderful to go back in time and watch the whittlers pass the hours on the bench by the water. We most likely won’t see whittlers there today, but we can enjoy relaxing on the bench where

they did, watching the boats go by. Local Southport poet Dorothy Bell Kaufman captured the whittler’s spirit. “Get me a stick and a bright, brisk blade, And let me sit in the spread of the shade, Where the tales are told and the jokes are made. “Let me listen: I hear the beat Of a small town’s heart in the shady street. Beneath the boughs where the whittlers meet- While Clip, clop, the chips drop By the Whittlin’ Tree where the fishermen stop!”




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Kay Jolliff


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Beesting Cake: Two layers of fluffy cake, separated by paradise cream and topped with carmelized almonds!

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KITCHEN The Art of Ice

Dress up your drinks with these easy but cool artsy - icy ideas. STORY BY: ALYSSA CROUSON


n amazing place to show off your artistic flair is in the kitchen. Everyone is always looking for a fresh new and artistic way to impress their party guests, and this is a super easy trend to follow. Most people nowadays have ice machines on their fridge and do not really have ice cube trays anymore. When I was walking through the grocery store recently I came across a tray and thought about the many experimental things you can do with it. Why can’t you stay hydrated and be a little creative at the same time? Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to presentation. FLAVORED ICE This type of ice requires a few more steps but is also easy enough to accomplish. 1.You can pick any mouth watering fruit you feel will taste the best in your drink--. I personally enjoyed the mango ice in my sweet tea. 2. You can blend up the fruit to make a juice or just slice the fruit into miniature pieces. 3. Be sure to wash the fruit. 4. You need to fill the rest of the tray up with water and freeze. It’s super easy to do but can make a huge difference in the way your drink tastes and looks.


FLOWER ICE There are only three steps to make flower ice. 1. You need an ice tray and any type of flower you prefer, but be sure there are no pesticides or dyes in the flowers. 2. Put 1 or 2 flowers in each section and 3. Fill it the rest of the way up with water and freeze. Most grocery stores do use pesticides on their flowers, so you might need to look for an organic garden or plant some vibrant flowers yourself. If you are using the ice to keep closed drinks cool you can use any brand of flower because you will not be consuming the ice.

The best way to use these products The floral ice is a great decoration for drinks at a party. If you want to put the ice in your drinks, you may need to pay extra attention to how clean the flowers are and where they came from but using them for a decorative ice bucket would be more convenient. The flavored ice is my personal favorite because of the great taste and the artful burst of color in your drink. The sliced fruit is great if you want to eat some fruit and hydrate at the same time, but the juice is better for a complete flavor change.

ARTSY BEVERAGES This is the easiest way to make an impression on your dinner guests or to just wind down and relax with a colorful and flavorful drink. Kids are way more likely to drink water if there is a different, and fun flavor in them. The crafty flower decor and the burst of colors keep art in your everyday life without too much work. These two different ways to make ice are so simple and fun and I hope that you will try them.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Photo: letsmingleblog// / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 25

SHOWCASE Love, Loss & What I Wore A play by women, for women


runswick Little Theatre is excited to present their upcoming production of “Love, Loss, and What I Wore”, written by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron, based on the bestselling book by Ilene Beckerman, as well as the recollections of the Ephrons’ friends.

This engaging piece of theatre is written by women, starring women, and for women that men will also appreciate and enjoy. Proving that a great show is always in fashion, “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” has become an international hit. With its compulsively entertaining subject matter, this intimate collection of stories was celebrated as an accomplished two-anda-half year run in New York’s Westside Theatre.  The show uses clothing and accessories and the memories they trigger to tell funny and often poignant stories to which all women can relate, creating one of the most enduring theatergoing experiences domestically and overseas. “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” has a cast of six women who will play twen-

ty-eight different characters, ranging from their 20’s through their 70’s. The show consists of monologues and short scenes-covering all the important subjects: mothers, prom dresses, mothers, buying bras, mothers, hating purses, why women only wear black, and, of course, mothers. The veteran co-directors are Eben French Mastin and Kathy Cagney Rossi. The talented cast who plays these twenty-eight characters are Elaine Simpson, Kathy Cagney Rossi, Ella Reischer, Elizabeth Michaels, Helen C. Cashwell, and Sherrill Jolly. The show will be performed at the Brunswick Little, located at 8068 River Road SE, Southport, NC., and at the Leland Cultural Arts Center, located at 1212 Magnolia Village Way, Leland, NC.

The show dates at Brunswick Little Theatre are August 3-5 and 10-12 at 7:30 pm and Sundays August 6 and 13 at 3:00 pm. The show dates at the Leland Cultural Arts Center are August 18 and 19 at 7:30 pm and Sunday August 20 at 3:00 pm. Tickets are $20 for adults and $12 for students with ID’s. Tickets for the Southport location can be purchased at Ricky Evans Gallery at 211 Howe Street, South-

port, NC, Sugar Confections at 4830 Main Street, Shallotte, NC, and online at www. Tickets for the Leland location are available online at www.brunswicklittletheatre. com and at the Leland Cultural Arts Center. For more info for Leland location and tickets, call the Arts Center at 910-385- 9891. “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” contains adult subjects and may not be suitable for children.

50’s Rock & Roll

The Amuzu presents a tribute to the Golden Age and the late Chuck Berry


muzu Theatre’s 8th annual 50s and 60s music extravaganza entitled IT’S GOTTA BE ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC in honor of the late Chuck Berry who passed away this past year opens August 3rd.

Show times are 7:30 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays. Show dates are: Aug 3*6 & 17-20. This year’s revue pays tribute to rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry, who died in March at age 90.

Favorite numbers from past shows to be performed include “Hurt,” “Duke of Earl,” “Johnny B. Goode,” “Rock and Roll Music,” “Jailhouse Rock” and “The Twist.” Tickets are $20, available by cash or check at Ricky Evans Gallery, 211 N.

26 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Howe St. in Southport, and Color Me Carolina, 4143 Colfax Lane in Oak Island. Call (910) 523-2552 for more information. This show is expected to sell out, so get your tickets before it’s too late.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

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28 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

COMMUNITY July 4th Festival Update!

Massive success despite bumpy start


he 2017 Fourth of July Festival turned out to be a massive success – doubling its cash donations this year in the face of serious financial challenges! Through the efforts of local business owners, members of the general public, and the news media, the festival will not have to draw from reserve funds this year. We are so appreciative of this generous and patriotic community!

The positive economic impact for the area has never been professionally studied; however, the 40,000-50,000 people who come every year create a meaningful uptick in business for local restaurants, art galleries, hotels, B&Bs, and many other aspects of Southport- Oak Island’s tourist economy. Unlike many festivals, there are absolutely no charges for anyone to attend our patriotic events. Earlier this year, the Festival Committee told the story about the financial challenges the festival faced. The appeal to local businesses and residents to consider becoming a sponsor or increasing past support was not only heard; many people rushed forward to do their part. The festival also received national coverage this year. Due to the increased exposure and the local community’s support, we expect the festival to continue its growth. We welcome new ideas and suggestions and are eager to begin planning for 2018. The NC 4th of July Festival Committee would like to extend a special thank-you to the Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber of

Commerce for administering the festival. The Chamber staff continues to do a magnificent job, and the festival committee is grateful to the Chamber Board for their continued assistance. Without that support, we would not be able to make the NC 4th of July Festival a wonderful occasion year after year. Fundraising for the 2018 NC Fourth of July Festival will begin earlier than in years past. While the levels of financial support increased this year, it will take time to restore our reserves and ensure it remains funded. We are committed to building on and strengthening this 200-year-old tradition. We accept donations at any time; just visit the Sponsorship page our website. Again – we thank the community for the unwavering support in the form of time, resources and talent for this annual remembrance of the privileges we enjoy as Americans in and around the Southport-Oak Island Area, NC! For more information on how to support the festival, visit the website:

Alyssa Crouson, Barbara Adams and Kris Beasley enjoy their spot in the Fourth of July parade, on the Southport Magazine float.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 29

A Unique Shopping Experience We Offer Sizes Small thru 3X

LOCATION #1: 4557 Long Beach Rd. • 910-477-9154 LOCATION #2: 2831 Midway Road • 910-253-5634 (Midway Commons Shopping Center)

Get your Mermaid On at any of our 3 locations! Best Prices SHOP ONLINE at Best Selection Best Service

Visit our 3rd location 8903 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island (910) 250-1511


OPEN DAILY OPEN DAILY 30 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


L A U N 5 AN n e e w Hallo th

h s a B y a d h t r i B

Friday October 27th 7pm @ Yacht Basin Eatery


the Christine Martinez Band

Costume Contest with CA$H PRIZE$ • $100 for first place! Best Couple Costume | Best Group Costume | Scariest Costume Funniest Costume | Best Over-All Costume Door Prizes • Southport Magazine Swag Live Music • Food & Drink Specials

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 31


Southport, NC – The U.S. Open King Mackerel Tournament is seeking vendors for its inaugural Fishing Showcase to be held on Thursday, October 5th from 3pm7pm at Marker 614 Conference Center. Marker 614 Conference Center is adjacent to the Southport Marina, the headquarters of the U.S. Open King Mackerel Tournament.

The purpose of the Fishing Showcase is to enhance the tournament participants’ experience and to encourage increased resident and visitor participation in the activities surrounding the tournament. Eligible vendors for the Fishing Showcase include food trucks and restaurants, fishing related merchandise and services and local businesses. Vendor fees range from $95-$125 for restaurants and food trucks to $125 - $150 for all other vendors.

The U.S. Open King Mackerel Tournament is an event of the Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information on the tournament or a vendor application contact (910) 457-5787 or visit the website at . 2016 Winners Screaming Reels

39th Annual

US Open King Mackerel Tournament

October 5th-7th Southport Marina, Southport, NC • 910-457-5787 Guaranteed Prize Structure. Not Based on Number of Boats. All Cash Prizes with $25,000 First Place An Event of the Southport Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce

– 4 p.m. -7 p.m. The Groove Pirates LIVE MUSIC Thursday Saturday – 4 p.m. -7p.m. Blindside

32 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 33

Large Material Yard

YES! We are open to the p ublic!


Sand, Gravels & River Rock Landscape Boulders Seasoned Firewood Cypress Based Mulch Hand Baled Pine Straw And much more!

Our Wellness Center Team is Growing

Mexican Talvera Pottery and Garden Decor


Dr. Leigh Vaughan & Dr. Kristos Vaughan welcome nurse practitioner Sally Delmastro to Dosher Wellness Center family medicine practice. Ask about the new cardiologist & new vascular surgeon.

3009 Medical Plaza Lane, Southport / 910-454-1234


Dosher does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender identity, age, disability, or sex.

34 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Art, Wine & Beer!

Silver Coast Winery Tasting & Tap Room and Art Gallery - The Perfect Gathering Place. STORY & PHOTOS BY: KASS FINCHER


hen you step into the Silver Coast Winery Tasting and Tap Room just minutes from Southport’s waterfront, you’re walking into a neighborhood gathering place that doubles as an art gallery. Colorful paintings adorn the walls; festively-labeled bottles of wine line the shelves.

Local artists provide the paintings and local artists design the wine bottle labels. This month, artist Leslie Scalzo’s vibrant coastal oil paintings fill the walls. Shore birds, sunsets and teeming fish are subjects of splashing color and movement. Scalzo is a Raleigh resident, mostly selftaught but also a student over the years of recognized artists in the Carolinas and California. The wonderful dog portraits of artist Steve Schuman will also bring a smile to your lips. Folds of color create puppy personas that delight the viewer. You can browse all the art while you sip; originals and prints are available for purchase. Some may think a “tasting room” is a stuffy venue for wine snobs to convene and swirl a glassful with pinky finger extended. Nothing could be farther from the truth at the Silver Coast Winery Tasting and Tap Room. The vibe is casual and friendly – music fills the air, locals mix with tourists. Man-

ager Brian Hastings smiles a lot and will tell you all about the wine you’re tasting. Or, if you’re not a wine drinker he’ll offer you one of a variety of craft beers on tap. And to top it off, he often cooks up some tasty crock pot dishes that will keep you hanging around for awhile. Hastings has managed this spot for three years. He describes two of their more popular European-style wines. The Viognier is a white French varietal of lush and soft character that produces peach and melon aromas and pairs well with rich foods like veal, chicken and cream sauces. The Touriga is a red wine, with hints of cherries, vanilla and leather. It complements lamb, steaks and game meats. For those who like their wine on the sweet side, the Tasting Room also offers Calabash Moscato. Honeysuckle aromas and peach flavors make this medium sweet wine a wonderful complement to cheeses, fruits or even desserts. The Tasting Room offers a Wine Club

Art by Steve Schuman

that converges there on Wednesdays. All day, the members get a complimentary glass of wine and special discounts on full and half cases of wine. Every three months, they also have the opportunity to purchase one premium and one non-premium wine, usually new varietals that have not yet been released to the public. The Tasting Room’s wines are produced at Silver Coast Winery, located just outside of Ocean Isle Beach. The original building was formerly the Sims Barbecue restaurant, offering a sumptuous buffet and clogging entertainment. It was somewhat off the beaten path, but well-known to locals and visitors to the area. After the restaurant closed, Southport residents Maryann and John Azzato bought the property in 2002. They shared quite the vision for the first European-style winery in our region – a welcoming, eclectic, art-loving environment with excellent, complex wines. Because we’re in a warm climate, they had to plant a muscadine vineyard (you can’t have a winery without a picturesque vineyard), but they sought out European-style grapes from growers in the Blue Ridge mountains, Virginia and Georgia. After extensive renovations and expansions, Silver Coast opened and quickly became a popular destination for beach-goers and locals alike. Winemaker Dana Keeler joined the winery in 2004, bringing 35 years of experience in wine making and consulting in the

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Carolinas and New York. His expertise has brought Silver Coast over 300 national and international medals. Today, Silver Coast Winery offers not only tours and tastings, but wedding and social events you can host in the vineyard, barrel room or art gallery. In 2012, Maryann and John brought their award-winning wines and friendly approach to their hometown of Southport. And of course art would become an important part of the mix here too. They are also planning to bring back the popular Painting with a Twist, where you create your own beautiful work of art while enjoying a glass of wine. Make Silver Coast Winery Tasting and Tap Room a regular stop on your walks downtown. Come and enjoy the art, sample the wine and beer, chat up your neighbors and give a high-five to Brian. Silver Coast Winery Tasting & Tap Room 105 S. Howe St, Southport, NC 28461 910.777.5151 ​Wine and Craft Beer Tastings Daily ​​Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm Wednesday ‘til 8pm Friday ‘til 8pm Sunday Noon - 6pm Open Mic Night – Tuesdays Wine Club Night – Wednesdays / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 35

HOMESTYLE I’ve never seen such a unique house. When I walked up to the door, the historic black plaque on the front (like so many Southport homes) boast the year they were built, usually in the 1800’s, this one says 2015! Wow, looking at the house form the outside, the columns, the cobble stone walkway and obvious high ceilings, all say, early 1800’s. It fits right in with all the other historic houses on the streets here in Southport. This house however is almost brand new. Situated on the corner of West and Dry Street, the location could not be more desirable. The brick bottom columns frame the southern style front porch, complete with antique style rockers and of course a porch swing. There is a real – working gas lantern above the front door, just like you’ve stepped back in time. The over-sized windows on the front, the solid double front door with antique glass invite you in

A Brand New Work of Art

This home on Dry Street offers period charm, quality materials, & elegance with all the modern conveniences you can imagine. STORY & PHOTOS BY: AMI BROWN


ven though this home was built in 2016, when you step inside, you’d think it was crafted in the 1800’s. With the shiplap walls, old-brick work, reclaimed wood and period style character - every detail mimics an old-world feel, but modern conveniences showcase the handy work of builder Matt Watson and his wife Shirley. (Owners of MW Custom homes.) 36 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

A solid wood reclaimed hatch from a WW2 ship is the center piece of this functional island and an entertainer’s kitchen dream gathering place.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner



“Fresh, local seafood direct from the boat” 94 Yacht Basin Street Facebook “f ” Logo

910-457-0101 CMYK / .eps

Facebook “f ” Logo

CMYK / .eps


DINING Prime Steaks

Matt & Shirley Watson and their sweet dog Grady. to this masterpiece of a home. The lovely curb appeal is 100% southern charm, manicured lawn, hedges sprinkled with flowers – for the perfect balance of color and texture. I love the hanging plants on the second floor balcony along with the Colonial style July 4th flags. Walking into the front door, I was greeted with big wet kiss from Grady – the Watson’s 9 year old Labrador. The first thing I noticed was Grady’s little hideaway underneath the stairs, complete with photos for him to look at and a nice soft comfy mattress inside. I also was amazed at the open space – one huge great room includes the living room, kitchen, the huge staircase

banister and separate dining space toward the back. It’s open, airy and light. It feels warm and inviting, with all the rich wood tones around me. Most of all it’s a friendly home – it feels like an authentic 1900’s historic property, but it’s not. Matt & Shirley Watson have over 25 years experience in the business of not only remodeling and rebuilding homes, but their specialty is clearly building new, reproduction early 1900’s style homes. They create everything by hand, down to the finest of details. The house that was on this lot when they bought it unfortunately had to be torn down, it was just not salvageable. They built this home from

1407 East Beach Drive • Oak Island, NC 28465



Fresh Seafood


Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

“The only thing we overlook is the ocean.” / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 37

Get a New Look!



Ladies • Men’s • Children A full service Salon Give me a call today! Jennifer’s Hair Salon • 910-457-9300

Ginger Williams

5105 Southport-Supply Rd, Southport

We’re Much More Than Companion Care

Personal Care • Alzheimers/Dementia Care • Meal Preparation • Monitoring & Medication • Homemaking • Reminders, Errands & Transportation • Hospice & Respite Care • Light House Cleaning



the ground up, using quality materials and sticking to period tradition. The interior walls have no dry-wall. There is plenty of insulation though – to exceed the 2017 energy codes and they even told me their electric bill is barely over $100 each month. The horizontal wood panels - shiplap walls were all crafted by hand and custom cut and fit to seamlessly encompass the entire space. The bead-board ceilings also showcase the height of the room and are so much prettier than popcorn. The fireplace in the living room has a brick hearth and surround. All the brickwork is done in a rustic style to give character and an old feel. It’s not perfect – but that’s why it perfectly fits in with the style of this home. The mantle is hand hewn from an 1800’s tobacco barn in Ohio. Every piece has been thoughtfully re-created or sourced to create this amazing reproduction home. As an art lover, I notice interesting art. One of my favorite things in this room is all the original art. Above the fireplace a cabinet hides the flat screen TV, but on the panel is a brilliant painting by Thomas Hughes Jr,

with first 12 hours of in-home care service. NEW CLIENTS ONLY Call Today for FREE In-Home Assessment

5101-4 Southport-Supply Road, Southport 910-457-5800 • Licensed, Bonded and Insured • References Available

Fresh, Flavorful, Authentic Open for Lunch & Dinner 11:00 am–2:30 pm, 5:00–9:00 pm LOCALLY OWNED BY BOB & GIA Dine In • Take Out • 8300 E. Oak Island Dr. Oak Island NC • 910-276-6420 38 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

The open style dining room with large windows let the light flood in.

The hidden bar just beside the kitchen, of course the guitar completes the look.

You may recognize his other fish artwork above the bar down at American Fish Company in Southport. A weird little sculpture man sits on the hearth, he can be manipulated in different positions, depending on Shirley’s mood. A foot bowl on the kitchen island holds colorful fruit and a huge octopus lures you up the extra wide landing by way of the over-sized staircase. The artwork continues upstairs, in the grand-kids’ bedroom, the cutest Winnie the Pooh art decorates the Pink and White theme. And in the master a beautiful texture painting by Linda Platt dons the easel in the corner and an awesome photo of the Watson’s boat anchored in the Bahamas hides their TV. The kitchen is a work of art in itself. The center island is designed to be the hub of a gathering place. Plenty of room for lots of company and dinner guests. Matt loves to cook and eat!

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Wide open living room with floor to ceiling drapes for a dramatic effect, and accents the high ceilings.

Enormous pantry with open shelves and plenty of cabinet space.

The island is a hatch cover and was salvaged from the Liberty Ship - USS Diamond Head, a 1945 Ammunition Supply Ship. Held up by a brick base, created to look old. What a neat way to preserve history! The countertops are soapstone, and look amazing. They are super heat resistant and only take a small amount of maintenance to keep their shine. Everywhere you look you find little gems. Like the porcelain baseboard outlet covers, skeleton key door knobs, and original style rim locks. There is even a servant’s bell that dings with the doorbell is pressed. It looks like it came directly from the set of Downton Abbey – and it was actually hand made in London. Another real bonus is the upstairs laundry room, two spare bedrooms and two full baths. There are hardwood floors throughout and modern conveniences every where you look. The huge pantry off the kitchen has a sliding ladder to reach the top shelves – of course the ladder is salvaged and fits in perfect. The double sized fridge


Tours ★ Lessons Sales & Rentals

Stand Up Paddle Boards Sales

br C e le

ating 17 years of Adventure !

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Information & Reservations


807-A-Howe Street, Southport, NC

Historical Southport Bicycle & Walking Tours / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 39

Find your piece of heaven on the southern coast... Brunswick County offers the dream of classic southern coastal living and exceptional value. Second home or primary residence, our agents can help you find your new relaxation station. DOING MORE FROM FOR SALE TO SOLD. That’s the sign of a RE/Max agent.™































































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(910) 444-1000

40 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Southern Coast $490,000





























































































Glen Popejoy

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Tina Powers

Diann Sauble

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Kathy Simmons

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Suzanne Williams






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319 N. Howe Street | Southport, NC 28461 | (910) 363-4565 |

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 41


Grady chills out in his favorite spot, his very own doggy nook under the stairs, complete with wall art and doggy bed. This kind of unique details make this home stand out among the rest, I think Grady agrees with me too. He’s got his own bedroom, how cool is that?

This pose-able piece of art livens up the fireplace hearth and is definitely a conversation piece. This is one of my favorite pieces of art.

Over 50 Beers! Blackboard Specials!

Open Daily 8004 E. Oak Island Drive 910.933.4103 42 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

This has to be the largest fridge I have ever seen in a home. It’s built right into the wall space in the pantry. It flows seamlessly out of the way and does not take up any floor space, which is ideal. The faux screen door hides a storage closet.

I love how the master bedroom mixes old and new. This wall art also hides a TV. The sepia photo of the Watson’s boat, The Sophia Jeanne is placed perfectly above this antique dresser.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Huge octopus painting beckons you to venture upstairs.

The huge master bathroom has double vanity sinks, an enormous glass shower and a soaker tub to die for.

The spare bathroom continues with the underwater and octopus theme, and the basin sink sits atop an antique table for real period style.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

would make mine look like doll furniture. It’s commercial to the extreme. There is even a wine drawer and a hidden bar in the wall. Every inch of space has been utilized brilliantly. The drawer-style microwave is ideal to keep the counter tops clean and clear, and not to mention convenient. I love the pops of color of the knife holder – a bright red sculptural figure man, as if he’s stabbed full of knives – it’s the perfect modern whimsy to make this “antique” space a real work of art. The balcony off the master bedroom overlooks the Franklin Square Park. This location is probably one of the best in all of Southport. Right in the hub of everything. You can walk to the waterfront and enjoy the shops and people-watch all day long. One of Shirley’s favorite thing about this house is the location. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” She loves to watch the children as they dance and play on the Franklin Square stage. “There’s just something about letting a kid running around the park – they always end up on the stage.” / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 43



Custom Carpentry

• Cabinets, Shelves and Trim • Remodels and Repairs • Deck and Screen Porches • NC Licensed Home Inspector Kiley Barefoot 30 years of Experience

Another really cool piece of art, a fruit bowl with human feet, I really want one of these in my kitchen. The Watsons love to bring back a property to it’s original glory – or with this personal project re-create it from scratch. Seeing their handy work, I’d say they’ve done a stellar job. If you are in the market for a home like this or would like to contact the Watsons about a restoration, please feel free. This home will be for sale later this year and will surely go quickly. There is no other home like this in Southport, a real one-of-a-kind and immaculately presented. Or if you are in the market for a home Email them at”

- Pamela Frandano, Southport

Brunswick DWI Assessment & Services We understand that a DWI can be a very stressful process.

Let us be your anchor in a sea of hope! Our caring and professional staff can provide DWI Assessments, Education, and Treatment in a relaxing and confidential setting. We will help guide you through the complicated system of clearing a DWI in North Carolina or an out of state DUI. Call today for an appointment

Tanya Hart,

910-508-9261 Michelle Sweeney,QP, CSAC Administrative Director ADETS Instructor Above: A knife holder in bold red, a modern touch is the perfect contrast to the vintage details and overall look.

• Service • Sales • Rentals Two Locations to serve you:

518 N. Howe St, Southport • (910) 880-4420 1597 Southport/Supply Rd • (910) 471-6770 (just north of the new Lowe’s Grocery Store)

44 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /


“I love the custom window seat Kiley crafted for me!”

M.Ed., LCAS, LPC Clinical Director P: (910) 508-9261 F: (910) 769-0948

Right: A hidden built-in storage, drawers and shelves behind the bathroom door. This is just the kind of thing you would find in a home from the early 1900’s.


Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

As Summer Winds Down, The Party Heats Up! Chill with Style both Indoors and Outdoors.

Studio & Store

Mon - Sat 10:30am to 5pm Sundays 12pm to 4pm 619-B N. Howe, Southport, NC 910-363-6939



Trading Company

Puppy Love T-Shirts SWEATSHIRTS • T-SHIRTS • HATS • SOUVENIRS OF ALL KINDS 108 Davis Street, Southport, NC 910-363-4098 (Behind Moore Street Market)

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

BUY ONLINE! / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 45


A Feast for the Senses Lantana’s Gallery & Fine Gifts - an eclectic vibe of local and regional artists BY: LESLIE FOSTER


antana’s Gallery & Fine Gifts is only a block from the Southport waterfront, where nature creates masterpieces on any given day and season. Wander into Lantana’s and you will find artists who are able to capture the natural beauty of the coast. Whether you purchase a painting, pottery or a unique gift, this delightful shop is adept at carefully curating the pieces they have chosen to sell. Even on the warmest southern day, Lantana’s has their front door propped open, a sure sign of southern and Southport (!) hospitality. Lantana’s is an anchor in our downtown community, taking part in First Friday’s Art Walk and remaining open until the last shopper has chosen the perfect piece. Whether you need a gift to mark a special occasion, or are looking for a piece of art that perfectly captures the coast of The Carolinas, make sure to pop into Lantana’s Gallery. Their selection is big enough and diverse enough to make it easy to find that piece that just has to come home with you! 1. Lantana’s is a family owned business. Introduce yourself to our readers and tell us the Lantana story. Lantana’s Gallery was started in 2007 by my parents, Jim and Deb Meehan. The gallery was a dream they had once they moved south. Hilary, the gallery’s past manager worked together with them for 8 years building the business into what it is today! When it was time for Hilary to

“I didn’t come in here for art, but this is just perfect!” The fun thing about art is when a piece strikes a customer, they become emotionally attached to it. spread her wings to an urban environment, I embraced the opportunity to change careers and move to Southport. I moved from Beaufort, NC where I worked for the Division of Coastal Management as a Planner and Grant Administrator. I love art and when asked, my art is music and theater! 2. Describe your shop. ( location, ambiance, etc) Lantana’s is located at 113 S Howe Street in downtown Southport. The gallery is an eclectic and FUN space that provides a shopping experience! Your senses

Fun Questions!

What is your favorite food? I am a sucker for nachos. Your favorite book? Right now I am loving Alton Brown: EveryDayCook. It is a chemistry lesson with recipes! Your favorite place to travel? I enjoy exploring coastal cities, anywhere! I love the Caribbean Sea! Your favorite music? Live. Your favorite thing about Southport? The close knit community and small town charm that creates not only a look but also a feeling you get being here. Also, having water all around, the river, the marshes, and the ocean just moments away. 46 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Mo Meehan, Owner of Lantana’s Art Gallery & Fine Gifts

are peaked through, sounds, scents, and of course the visual aspects of art! Our mission is to give customers more than just another shopping trip to a store. We hand select everything in the store to provide something for everyone! Look for BIG things happening in 2018! We are excited for the next chapter of Lantana’s Gallery and you will be too! 3. Lantana’s is both a gift shop and gallery in one. How do you curate your artists? The amount of talent that we have locally and regionally is phenomenal. We have been lucky to have met many people who love the area as much as we do and portray it so well! Traveling throughout the area and along the east coast has provided us with many leads for artists who fit our gallery model. We have handmade items from near and far. 4. In your experience, does the average customer purchase art spontaneously? Or do you find that you sell more gifts than fine art? “I didn’t come in for art, but this is just perfect!” The fun thing about art is when a piece strikes a customer and they become emotionally attached to it. This could be anything, a painting, a piece of pottery, or jewelry. We do have people who love an artist or particular painting and visit often until they make the decision to purchase. 5. If YOU could buy anything today, ( from your shop, of course) what would it be? The one thing I would love to buy from our shop today, was sold last week! (This is the case many times when someone doesn’t jump on an original piece of art) I love the fireworks paintings from Betty Silvar. She has several on display now.

6. Do you rotate the art you sell or do you stay with the same artists over time? Many of the artists we have today have been with us since opening in 2007. As artists move or retire we have added new artists and we are always on the look out for new artists. 7. Tell us about the gallery walks, and what is your shops participation in them? First Friday Gallery Walk occurs on the first Friday of every month from 5pm until 7pm. Each month we showcase a local or regional artist and their works. Refreshments and entertainment are provided to make for a great night! It is always a fun night to see friends and meet the artists. Join us August 4 for the next Gallery Walk featuring local artist, Ann Thompson! 8. Best Sellers? Since we are both a gallery and a fine gift shop we have several different best sellers. On the gift side, MacKenzie-Childs, our fun seasonal accessories, blown glass, and handmade jewelry! Some of the popular art is Mike Bryand’s photography, Jillian Boivin’s mixed media canvases, and Phil Ramsey’s original oil....oh and there are Mary Wright’s whimsical paintings....I guess I’m biased, we have some great things that appeal to people of all ages! 9. I’m an artist interested in having you carry my art... how does that work? I ask that any interested artist email me pictures of their art and include where they may already be showing their art, how long they have been working, and if they have a website/Facebook/Instagram. After initial contact I make appointments to meet and see the art in person.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

200 Country Club Drive • Suites B & D • Oak Island, NC 28465

Practitioners: Cathy H. Johnston,

CLP, LMBT #1620 Massage Therapy & LifeLine Technique 910-228-1035 •

Meet Diana Johnson

Meaningful Monday Presentations: These presentations are free and start at 7:00p.m. You may also join us for Meditation at 6:15p.m.

Everyone is Welcome! August 7: Yoga and Mindfulness

Sharon Faw, CLP, LMBT #3279 LifeLine Technique, Chromotherapy, Massage Therapy 704-905-9535 •

with Josette Ciacci

August 14: Medical Intuitive Healing

Kristel Webb,

with Katie Beecher

Owner, The Crystal Web Gemstones & Holistic Essentials Young Living Essential Oil Educator, Member #3666403 910-547-9641 •

August 21: F L O W with Tammy Ellis

August 28: Biofield Tuning

Chris Gordon, Celestial Healing Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher 910-232-4413 •

with Eileen Rainier

Toni Marie Clifton,

MPH, The Enneagram Study of Personality Types, Group & Individual 910-933-9305 •

Bonnie Grace Gilday Kennedy

Grace of Healing Akashic Consultations 828-575-6980 •

Paula Curtis-Burn, Master EFT Practitioner, Life Coach, Matrix Reimprinting 910-713-5090 • Tammy Ellis, MA CPC Relationship and Family Life Coach 910-713-4030 • Laura Brochure,

Organic Manicures & Pedicures Reiki, Gemstone Necklaces 910-520-5606

Tanya Hart, M.Ed., LCAS, LPC SoulShine: Addictions Specialist, Reiki Practitioner, Essential Oils Consultant 740-505-3819 • Pam Yount, Certified Hypnosis Instructor Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Pain, Stop Smoking Appointments available Thursdays – Saturdays 828-962-4336 Kerrie Boyan, Holistic Health Coach, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Business Mentor, Educator 740-904-0845 • Diana Johnson, Integrated Bodywork Therapist Healing Touch, Raindrop Technique Yoga for Restoration 540-846-2418 • Eileen Rainier,

Reiki Master, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Coach - Transformation & Empowerment 910-392-5611 •


Tuesday, August 1st at 6:30pm

Diana Johnson-Burton has joined our family at Hearts and Soul Wellness. Diana has been a practitioner of the healing arts since 1989 with certifications in massage therapy, Healing Touch energy work, and aromatherapy. She is also a certified yoga instructor with 35 years of teaching experience. Diana’s passion for supporting people in their journey of wellness has led her to integrate bodywork combining energy medicine with yoga therapy and aromatherapy. Diana is also a Young Living oil’s distributor and educator. You can meet with Diana for a complementary assessment which allows for a personal wellness plan.

“Love Heals Every Body” Diana Johnson-Burton 540-846-2418

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Learn about the LifeLine Technique and Experience a Live Healing Circle with Dr. Darren Weissman and Sharon Faw


Listening Through the Noise with Chris Gordon

Saturday, August 12 from 10am – 3pm

Contact Chris: 910-232-4413 •

Biofield Tuning Individual Sessions with Eileen Rainier August 14th & 28th Contact Eileen to schedule: 910-392-5611 / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 47



Caring for your senior pet: u  FOOD=FUEL u  Choose a senior formula food and follow your vet’s feeding recommendations

KEEP THEM ACTIVE Regularly exercise your pet to keep them from losing muscle mass and cognitive function

u  DROP ON BY Make sure to bring your pets regularly to RRAH for checkups to ensure early detection of any issues

Shooting Star Black Bubbles Sparkling Syrah

10% OFF

u  LISTEN TO YOUR PET Pay attention to any changes in normal behavior and don’t hesitate to call RRAH to discuss any unusual behavior

Bring the whole family and join us for a fun-filled ride through Southport’s historic waterfront district aboard our state-of-the-art tram! 45 Minute Tour Covering: • History and Culture • Movie Locations • Spectacular Coastal Views • Shopping and Dining

Tuesday-Sunday 10am-4pm


8521 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island, NC Mon-Thurs and Saturday 11-7; Friday 11-8; Sunday 12-5

M-F 9am-6pm, 2nd & 4th Sat 9am-noon 8593 River Road SE Southport, NC 28461 (T) 910.454.8910 (F) 910.454.8912


(weather permitting)

Adults $10 Children $5

Tour departs from Southport Visitors Center • 203 E. Bay Street


Something for EVERYONE!

6324 E. Oak Island DriveE. • 910-250-1767 6324 Oak Island Drive • 910-250-1767

Apparel Accessories Gifts & Homemade Ice Cream Coastal ive • 910-250-1767 50-1767 6324 A E. Oak Island Drive • 910-250-1 Gifts ccessories Coastal Apparel

G&pparel Gies ifts Gif iftsA AIce ccessories & Homemade Ice Cream Homemade Cream stal 48 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

here at Pes s i Summer cado! Come find your inner artist at the cutest art studio ever!

Summer Camps!

Adults Camps! Kids Camps! Teen Camps! Register now! Limited space!

Live Event Painting!

If you are ready for a creative night or day, Missy’s Charming studio sets the mood for a personal class taught by the artist herself!

I still have a few available dates...Call me for more information 910-632-3908

6018 East Oak Island Drive

(910) 632-3908 • Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 49

CALENDAR Local Events AUG 1 - 29


Franklin Square Gallery, Members display a range of fine art for sale, paintings and pottery. Featured Artists - JoAnn Norman & Greta Swaim Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm.


Marine Aircraft Wing Band Concert

Date: 8/2/2017 2:00 PM, Cost: free Location: Franklin Square Park


Date: August 2, 2017 Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT There is a tremendous interest coming from our communities of wanting to know how to form a nonprofit business. Brunswick Community College Main Campus 50 College Rd. Bolivia, NC August 2, 2017, 9:0012:00 Contact Information: April Scott 910-755-7306 FREE


GRANT WRITING 102: HOW & WHERE TO FIND GRANTS Greta Swaim - At the Beach, on display now at Franklin Gallery

Date: August 9, 2017 Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT Learning how to write a grant is not an easy task. This seminar is designed to demonstrate how to use the logic

model, introduced in Grant Writing 101, is used to match **Please not there is a Grant 101 seminar held on the same date and location 9:0012:00 Main Campus 50 College Rd. Bolivia, NC August 9, 2017 1:00-4:00 Contact Information: April Scott 910755-7306 FREE



Aquarium educational talk: August 10, 2017 @ 2:00 pm Recreation Center CONTACT: OKI Parks and Rec Department (910) 278-5518 Led by staff from the Aquarium at Fort Fisher



WHEN: Aug 11th, @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm WHERE: Garrison House of Davidson 111 S Davis St, Southport, CONTACT: Brunswick County Parks and Recreation 910-253-2670



Date: August 15, 2017 Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM What your nonprofit does--your programs--is the highest priority for any nonprofit owner. Revenue generation is the second. Brunswick Community College Main Campus 50 College Rd. Bolivia, NC Date/Time Information: Contact Information: April Scott 910755-7306 FREE



Date: 8/17/2017 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Mayor’s Meeting will be on the third Thursday of each month, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. at the Nash Street Fire Substation. The public is invited to attend.



August 19th, Southport Marina, En-

The Perfect Summer Snack

Spinach Salad Pizza and an ice cold Organic Pear Cider White pizza with spinach, bacon, cranberries, goat cheese, pecans, roasted garlic and mozzarella Just one of many of our delicious specialty pizzas

We also have: • Homemade crab dip

The Painted Mermaid

• Homemade soups • Sandwiches on our homemade bread



• Fresh made crab cake sliders • Made from scratch blueberry cobbler Plus we have over 40 beer flavors (specializing in NC craft beers) and a great selection of wines

101 E. Brown St. Southport

(910) 457-5994

50 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /


8/2 9-11am CHALKPAINT - Mermaid/Anchor $45 8/4 6:30-8:30pm CHALKPAINT -Mermaid/Anchor $45 8/8 9-12pm SALTWASH - Mermaid/Anchor $55 8/11 5:30-8:30pm SALTWASH - Fish/Mermaid $75 **for more 8/15 6:30-8:30pm CHALKPAINT - Mermaid/Anchor $45 info, please call the store 8/22 5:30-8:30pm SALTWASH - Mermaid/Anchor $55 8/25 6:30-8:30pm CHALKPAINT - Mermaid/Fish $75

Art Studio Classes

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

1208 N Howe St. Southport 910-454-4549 Mon-Sat 10-6 Sun 1-6

CALENDAR try Fee $100 per boat., High Roller Biggest Fish TWT $50, Four Fish Total Weight TWT $50, Calcutta TWT $25, Red Drum TWT $50.


Saturday, August 19, 9AM-3PM at The Lakes Country Club, South Shore Drive, BSL Call Michelle (910) 367*9015 or 845-2625



from the Paleo Cooking - Elana’s Pantry* cookbook, Saturday, August 26, 3:00pm 4:30pm Greenlands Farm 668 Midway Road Southeast Bolivia, Have you switched over to eating the Paleo or AIP diet? Are you curious what it is? Whether you’re an avid Paleo/AIP Dieter or just interested in what it is, join Maud Kelley as she takes you through the ins and outs of the Paleo Diet, making an AIP dish (you get to taste!), and offering tips on how you can apply this challenging, but not so challenging diet to your life. Space is limited, reservations required. *book is available for purchase $20.00 per guest, 704.701.3856

Summer Markets



Hosted by Boiling Spring Lakes Parks and Recreation Monday, August 21 at 12 PM - 4 PM 1 Leeds Rd, Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina 28461



Every Monday from May 22nd to September 4th from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Customers can purchase fresh produce, homemade jams, cakes, and a variety of homemade goods including jewelry, potholders and many more items. It is located at Middleton Park on the Oak Island soccer fields. There is plenty of parking in the cabana parking lot, directly across the street from the market.


Every Saturday 9am, 4 E Boiling Spring Rd Boiling Spring Lakes, Our goal is to contribute to the success of local food growers and producers as well as enhance the quality of life in Boiling Spring Lakes by providing a place for fostering social gathering and interaction. Reid & Jan Keyes, Owners

Every Wednesday (weather permitting) from first Wednesday in May through the first Wednesday in September. Enjoy music and entertainment as you browse through fresh, local produce, baked goods, arts, crafts and more, spread under the shade of ancient Live Oak trees, overlooking the Cape Fear River.

Local Theatre

dressers 414 & 416 North Howe Street • Southport, NC

(910) 457-6182

DID YOU KNOW THAT AUGUST IS: Admit You’re Happy Month Family Fun Month Dog Days of Summer - July 3 - Aug11 International Clown Week - Aug 1-7 National Catfish Month National Eye Exam Month National Golf Month Peach Month Romance Awareness Month Water Quality Month National Picnic Month

Upcoming Events Franklin Square Gallery. Come view the entries for the Wooden Boat Show poster competition, on display the month of September. Open 10am5pm.


writing desks

Wacky Holidays


With New Merchandise Arriving Daily!

outdoor groups

Presents: Love, Lost & What I Wore, Aug 3,4,5,10,11,12, 2017 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT Aug 6,13, 2017 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT Adult Tickets $20 Student Tickets $12 with ID

SEPT 1 - 30

We’ve Got Wicker Furniture Galore!

dining sets



IT’S GOTTA BE ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC, our eighth annual 50s and 60s music extravaganza, scheduled for performances August 3-6 and 17-20. Tickets are available for $20, cash or check, at Ricky Evans Art Gallery in Southport and Color Me Carolina on Oak Island.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


OAK ISLAND ART GUILD ARTS & CRAFTS FESTIVAL 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Cost: free 46th St & Dolphin Dr


100 ANNIVERSARY CAR SHOW Southport Lions Car Show 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Cost: free St. James Community Center



The 8th Annual Southport Wooden Boat Show, sponsored by the SWBS Committee, a 501(c)3 organization, will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2017 from 10am until 4pm. As with last year’s show, boats will be displayed in and around the historic Old Yacht Basin in Southport. Visitors will be able to talk with wooden boat makers and owners, and to vote for their favorite for the People’s Choice Award. Additionally a team of judges will also award six other prizes. / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 51


Boating Events


SOUTHPORT YACHT CLUB Aug 19 - PHRF Series Race (Ocean) Aug 25-28 - Bald Head Cruise

CAPE FEAR YACHT CLUB Aug 5th - PHRF Series Race Aug 12th - Rocket Regatta Aug 26 - PHRF Series Race

Ongoing Events ART EVENTS


The first Friday of each month art galleries in Southport promote a Gallery Walk. Art enthusiasts are welcome to participate in this cultural event each first Friday from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM. Franklin Square Gallery, Lantana’s, Silver Coast Winery and Art, Ricky Evans host this event. Many other Southport retail shops stay open late as well.



Story Time for Children - Every Monday Harper Library - Starting Back in September through April, 10-11am Cost: Free Location: 109 W. Moore Street, Southport


NC Maritime Museum at Southport Date: 8/16/2017 - 8/19/2017 Location: NC Maritime Museum at Southport 204 E. Moore St. 4-Day classes 8 a.m.-noon, for ages 7-11. $50.00 for non-members $40.00 for FOM Family Members Pre-registration required. (910)457-0003


NC Maritime Museum at Southport Cost: $7.00 Location: NC Maritime Museum at Southport, 204 E. Moore St. Southport, Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m. for ages 4-6. Each Little Mariner must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-registration required. (910)4570003

WHEN: Aug 11th, @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm WHERE: Garrison House of Davidson 111 S Davis St, Southport, So grab some beach chairs and a few movie snacks and join us! In case of inclement weather, movie nights may be canceled. visit or call 910-253-2670. 2017 Movie Schedule: August 11th - Finding Dory October 20th - Monster Truck December 7th - Polar Express



Come join your Southport neighbors in regular cleanups of the town on the first Saturday of each month. Any and all contributions of your specific talents are welcome, be they weeding, planting, pruning, digging, or all of the above. No need to bring anything but your energy and good intentions — all tools and supplies are provided by the City of Southport. Meet at the old jail annex at Rhett and Nash Streets for the next cleanup day

on Saturday, August 5, from 8 -11 a.m. Please call 612.202.8541 for more information and to get on the Southport Beautification Committee’s email notification list..


Harper Library, 109 West Moore Street Southport - Join us for a variety of topics, Every Wednesday 10am-11, and Thursdays 2pm3:30pm.


First Tuesday of Every Month- Coffee and Conservation, 9am-10:30am FREE with Pre-Registration, Join us the first Tuesday of every month, Topics will change monthly; As part of the Oak Island Coffee & Conservation Series, this program is FREE.


The historic prison is one of the stops on the Walking Tour of Southport. Self-guided tours are available when the museum is open, from 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. each Wednesday and Saturday from April - October and Friday afternoons in July and August. Corner of Nash/Rhett Streets, Southport Event of Southport Historical Society

The Local Team for All Your Real Estate Needs

114 W. We st Street Historic S outhport 2 bed | 1.5 bath, $43 9,000

Waterfront Location 114 S. Howe Street (910) 457-7676

e ton Driv Charles . S 5 0 5 tone 219,000 Brooks bath, $ 2 | d e 4b

Downtown Location 727 N. Howe Street (910) 457-6401

52 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

508 W. Brunswick Street Historic Southport 5 bed | 4.5 bath, $899,000

405 E. Le Southp onard Street ort 4 bed | 2 bath, $349,9 00


ss Court 5109 Bo illage arbour V 2,000 South H 2 $ 7 3 bath, 4 bed |

View all our listings at

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

AUGUST SUMMER MUSIC SHOWCASE Franklin Square Park Thursdays 6– 8pm August 3rd Christine Martinez Band SPONSORED BY SOUTHPORT MAGAZINE! August 10 - Pantastic Steelband August 24 - Sam Carteret August 31 - NC Blues Kings

Old American Fish Southport AUGUST

Lone Star Blues Key Lime Pie 7-10pm Gene Gregory 4-7pm `Little Dog Big Dog Kennedy Park 7-10pm L Shape Lot 7-10pm Fishin Musician 4-7 Dos Eddies 7-10pm

Yacht Basin Eatery Southport

AUGUST 6:30pm - 10:30pm


Aug 4th: Rev Aug 5th: The Dennis Walton Band Aug 11th: Two Of A Kind Aug 12th: Uncle Hairy Aug 18th: The David Wesley Duo Aug 19th: Kim & Travis Aug 25th: The Awkward Silents Aug 26th: The Other Guys

August 17 - L Shape Lot Duo

Aug 3rd Aug 5th Aug 6th Aug 10th Aug 12h Aug 19th Aug 20th Aug 24th

Fishy Fishy Cafe Southport

Boiling Spring Lakes Concert Series AUGUST 5th

Father Dale with Nelson & The Rock-A-Fellas Saturday, August 5, 2017,4pm-6pm Spring Lake Park on Pine Road

Aug 2: 80’s Dance Party w/ DJ Tim Holland 7:00 Aug 3: Open Mic w/ John Tatum & Spence Hayden 7:00 Aug 4: Exacta 7:00 Aug 5: Fratero Soul 8:00 Aug 6: Soul-R-Fusion 5:00 Aug 9: Karaoke w/ DJ Tim Holland 7:00 Aug 10 Open Mic w/ Jim & Sue 7:00 Aug 11: Jamie & Christine 7:00 Aug 12: Groove Pirates 8:00

Aug 13: Randy Sadewater 5:00 Aug 16: Beach Dance Party w/ DJ Tim Holland 7:00 Aug 17: Open Mic w/ Guest Host John Rogers 7:00 Aug 18: Bonnie Allyn Band 7:00 Aug 19: Trifecta 8:00 Aug 20: Rev & Bif 5:00 Aug 23: Line Dance Party w/ DJ Tim Holland 7:00 Aug 24: Open Mic w/ Guest Host Shawn Duncan 7:00 Aug 25: Lone Star Blues 7:00 Aug 26: Christine Martinez Band 8:00 Aug 27: Stoney Creek 5:00 Aug 30: Karaoke w/ DJ Tim Holland 7:00 Aug 31: Acoustic Songwriters Open Mic w/ Jamie Hoover 7:00


All dates and times subject to change. Please call ahead to confirm or check websites for more details.

Aug 26th Splash 7-10pm

(910) 457-5544 8848 River Road SE Southport, NC 28461

Stewart Hardware

Store Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm Sunday 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Summer Sa f o d le! n E

All Plants Are %


Clip and bring coupon

Wine Tastings

Join us for wine tastings every Thursday from 5-7 p.m. and first Saturday of the month Wine Tasting Saturday, August 5th from 4-6pm.

20 OFF

Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mondays 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. Closed Sundays

Stewart’s Great Pumpkin Patch opens in Mid September )

Garden Center Décor %

20 OFF

August tastings benefits Little Pink Houses of Hope Wine - Craft Beer - Art 602A N. Howe Street, Southport

Stock up now for Fall Planting!

Hardware and Garden

of One Regular Priced Item

Coupon must be present for discount ~ No cash value Expires: 8/31/17

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Discount includes: Statuary, Kinetic spinners, Pottery, Fountains, Decorative items only / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 53


Bella Delizioso, Hungry for Italian? Check out the Dining Guide and bite into the best that our area has to offer M PROVISION COMPANY

130 Yacht Basin Dr., Southport 910-457-0654 Offering a la carte seafood sandwiches, conch fritters, steamed shrimp and more.


5119 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island, Phone: (910) 448-5056 Good food for good people. Locally caught seafood, homemade soups and salad bar.



5059 SouthportSupply Rd. SE, Southport 910-457-4477 Casual dining with variety from seafood, steak, chicken and pasta. Known for its Calabash style cuisine and low country classics.


4907 Fish Factory Rd., Southport 910-454-4002 Known for real Maryland crab cakes and Cream of Crab soup and offering fresh, local seafood specials along with great entrees, nachos, cheddar fries, and more. Located on the Intracoastal Waterway with slips for docking and a beautiful view, including sunsets. We belong to the NC Offering fine steaks, from filet mignon to flat iron, and fresh seafood, from lobster to crab cakes, with attentive service.


5710 57th Place W., Oak Island 910-278-6012 • Offering items such as award-winning chowder and signature crab dip.



106 Yacht Basin Dr., Southport 910-457-1881 A sophisticated take on the dockside seafood café, Fishy Fishy serves up plates like Buffalo shrimp, Cajun grouper bites, and Bacon Wrapped Shrimp.

614 N. Howe Street, Southport 910-454-4360 Serving creative cuisine in a cozy atmosphere, Live Oak Cafe offers dishes such as duck crepes, lowcountry gumbo, and baked scallops au gratin.


319 West Bay St., Southport 910-363-4382 Featuring homemade sweet potato biscuits and fried seafood, as well as other delicacies such as pan seared grouper.

101 West Bay Street, Southport 910-477-9299 Fine dining on the Cape Fear—where exquisite southern cuisine meets the salubrious dishes. We also offer great burgers, steaks, and other southern favorites with a warm friendly atmosphere.




1407 E. Beach Dr., Oak Island 910-278-7770 Offering fine steaks, from filet mignon to flat iron, and fresh seafood, from lobster to crab cakes, with attentive service.

309 N. Howe St., Southport 910-457-0801 Fine lowcountry cuisine, from crabstuffed fish du jour to crab cakes and prime rib.


8004 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 910-933-4103 With over 50 beer selections, Shagger Jacks offers an assortment of dishes from steamers to ribs and sweet curry chicken to tacos.

6404 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 910-278-5231 Family owned since 1964; offering seafood fried, broiled or grilled, plus charbroiled steaks.


16 Marina Way, Bald Head Island 910-457-7217 Featuring Southern classics :fried pickles, shellfish steam pots to global dishes like Italian meat antipasto and Mediterraneans shrimp and grits.

54 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /






5827 E. Oak Island Dr, Oak Island 910-933-4615 A great local hangout . Everything from Nachos to burgers, to seafood to steaks. Great Bar. 122 Yacht Basin Dr., Southport 910-363-4108 Dishing up goods from both the North and South, from handrolled pizza, Jersey style breads and authentic Italian, to Southern comfort foods and fresh seafood.


6220 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 910-278-4944 Casual dining in a tropical setting, with Caribbean inspired seafood as well as steaks, chicken, pork and salads.

305 N. Howe St., Southport 208-520-2490 Doc Meridian is a local wine shop and winery located in Southport, NC launching in the fall of 2017. We will be serving and selling great wine in NC.


What a Beauty! Delicious tomato quiche offered by Bella Cucina in Southport **Bella Cucina celebrates their 13th birthday this month! Happy Birthday!




5908 E. Oak Island Drive Oak Island Call (910) 250-12944 Casual family restaurant with a variety of dishes, seafood and daily specials.

8521 E. Oak Island Dr. Oak Island, 910-933-4384 Quaint and eclectic store offering a large selection of wines, beers, and spirits. Perfect for either relaxation or for on the go! Tastings on Fridays 5-8pm,


105 S. Howe St. Southport, 910-777-5151 Come in and relax with a fantastic variety of beers and wines for all people. Children friendly with various selections of soft drinks and refreshments. Tastings during opening hours.


102 W. Brown St. Southport, 910-457-5147 Offering a selection of wine, cigars, coffees, and accessories, this quaint shop is perfect for a night out. Great service and over 600 wines to choose from.


602 N. Howe St. Southport, 910-454-0633 Offers a wide variety of fine wines and craft beers. Enjoy a pleasant evening sipping wine and admiring local art. Thursday wine tastings support local charities 5-7pm.


505 N. Howe St., Southport Offering All-American sandwiches, burgers and hotdogs


106 SE 58th St., Oak Island 910-278-7209 Open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Beana’s serves breakfast and lunch.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Fine International Bistro Dining & Gourmet Gift Items


Thanks for Awarding Us Two Maggie Awards, and A People’s Choice Award this Year

We will continue with Live Summer Music on Wednesday and Thursday Nights at Dinner, and Sundays at Brunch through Mid-August, Plus Special Occasions TBD!

t Join us for a Special Chef’s Tasting Dinner on Thursday, August 24th


Four Fine Courses and Beverage Pours! Check our Facebook Page for Details

Our Menus, Daily Specials, Prix Fixe Menus, and Music and Theme Events are Posted on the Ports of Call Facebook Page


Phone/Reservations: 910-457-4544 116 North Howe Street, Southport, NC

Our Regular Summer Hours: Tuesday - Saturday Lunch: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm Wednesday - Saturday Light Fare: 3:00 – 5:00 pm Wednesday - Saturday Dinner: 5:00 pm – Closing Sunday Brunch: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Sunday Dinner: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

ALL IN BL M! Coming Soon All-In-Bloom Garden Center & Landscapes Landscaping • Maintenance • Design • Install 724 Howe Street • Southport • North Carolina

(336) 687-8732

You can’t afford NOT to shop at Talefeathers!


Now offering decorating services

105 S. Howe Street 910-457-0011 (Next to Trolly Stop)

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 55



8903 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 910-278-3456 • With custom hot dogs featuring an array of ingredients to homestyle sandwiches like chicken salad and burgers.

4655 Long Beach Rd. SE, Southport 910-269-7008 Handmade burgers using 100% ground chuck, plus freshly cut French fries.


3196 George II Hwy., Southport, 910-845-7700 Kopp’s grill serves up a full breakfast (available for school kids before class starts, too), plus homemade lunches throughout the day.

3148 George II Hwy Boiling Spring Lakes 910-477-3188 • Good ‘ol southern comfort food and Genuine Swiss cuisine come together. Hot Plates, Angus Burgers and Knopfli-n-Ham (dumplings with ham and smothered in artisan cheeses.) All buns are made fresh, in house. Salads and Kids meals.


8520 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 910-278-1500 Enjoy BBQ sandwiches, wings, fish ‘n’ chips and more at this sports grill.


928 Caswell Beach Rd.Oak Island 910-278-9299 Located at the scenic Oak Island Golf Club, the grill serves up premier burgers and wraps, as well as entrees from prime rib to salmon.


1671 N. Howe St., Southport 910-457-9024 Offers old fashioned, hand patted hamburgers, plus bbq, hot dogs, chili cheese fries and breakfast sandwiches and platters.



5902 E. Oak Island Dr. , Oak Island 910-278-6430 A classic burger joint, with onion rings and other sides. Plus, breakfast is served, including pancakes and bacon.


601 Ocean Drive, Oak Island, 910-278-7725 Oceanfront dining and entertainment venue that is easy on the wallet and hard to forget. Tiki bar, arcade with two pool tables and plenty of seating to host your work, friend or family fun!


832 N. Howe St., Southport 910-457-0444 With a warm and friendly atmosphere, Local’s Family Diner serves breakfast all day long and a seafood and entrée menu for lunch and dinner.


602 N. Howe St., Suite E, 910-457-9009 A burger joint with fish sandwiches, pulled pork and shrimp wraps. Offers select Vietnamese dishes, too, with over 60 beer selections.


130 E. Moore St., Southport, 910-363-4203 Open for breakfast and lunch, specializing in organic and fairtrade coffee as well as gourmet sandwiches crafted with Boar’s Head deli meats.


5422 E. Oak Island Dr., 910-278-4005 Offering hamburgers, sub sandwiches, salads, wraps, seafood and daily drink specials.


6302 E. Oak Island Dr. , 910-201-9925 Here, flounder is prepared the old f fashioned way. Enjoy breakfast, too.


5705 E. Oak Island Dr. 910-278-9040 From BLT’s with avocado to Cajun and Reuben sandwiches, & other quality sandwiches.

Walmart Plaza

Mon.-Sat. 8am-8pm Sunday: 9am-5pm ONLINE ORDERING AVAILABLE!

132 Country Club Dr., Oak Island 910-250-1184 A casual diner featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner, from fluffy omelets to burgers and fried chicken sandwiches.

OLDE BRUNSWICK GENERAL STORE 1450 50 Lakes Dr., Southport 910-845-2707 Made-to-order breakfast and lunch grill.


302 N. Howe St., Southport 910-477-6166 Fantastic sandwiches made quick and fresh. Come by and try our delicious spinach dip bites, take a break at our grilled cheese bar, and enjoy a variety of unique sandwiches!


705 Ocean Dr., Oak Island (at the pier) 910-278-5504 Nestled beside the Oak Island Pier, Flying Fish Cafe offers a panoramic view of the ocean and excellent West Coast cuisine.




5827 E. Oak Island Drive, 910-933-4615 Offering hand pattied burgers, subs, shrimp, wings, hot dogs and more.


611 Howe St., Southport 910-833-0227 Offering a full lunch menu with quiche, salads, sandwiches and afternoon tea anytime. Full beverage option including over 60 loose teas iced or hot and sold by the ounce. Gluten free options, too. Open Wed-Sat, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Sun. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


731 N. Howe St., Southport 910-454-0088 Bald Head Marina at Deep Point Putting its Southern style where guests’ mouths are, this eatery offers “Taylor made” fried string beans, fried green tomatoes, country fried steak and more in two locations.


111 S. Howe St., Southport 910-457-7017 A staple in NC, Trolly Stop is renowned across the nation for its one of a kind hot dogs.




56 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

4381 Fish Factory Rd., Southport 910-457-9953 Serving a full range of items on our menu from breakfast to home cooked meals.


5700 E. Oak Island Drive 910-278-3070 Serving breakfast and lunch until 2 p.m., Russell’s Place serves up lots of home cooking.

8039 River Rd. SE, Southport 910-454-4004 Shrimp in every style, plus sandwiches; try entrées such as scampi and filet mignon. 3280 George II HWY (BSL) Southport NC 910-351-8093 We serve Roast Magazine’s 2016 Roaster of the year, Espresso, Coffee Drinks(Hot, Frozen, Iced) Smoothies, Variety of Red/White Wines & Craft Beer. Also Pastries, Trays, Breakfast and Lunch Wraps.



1671 N. Howe St. #1A, Southport 910-363-4908 Bold, flavorful food and smoothies with a healthy appeal. Our items are made to order with fresh, simple, superior ingredients.


1671 Howe St. #1A Southport (910) 363-4908


5130 SouthportSupply Rd., Southport 910-457-4636 Serving subs, salads, wraps, soups & pasta. Chicken, prime rib, black angus, deli subs. Meat and cheeses cut fresh daily. Open every day.

1102 N. Howe St., Southport 910-363-5035 Real wood smoked BBQ and brisket, great side items, and a great family environment.

4688 Long Beach Rd. SE, 910-477-9187 Serving up pork and beef brisket sandwiches and plates, and Memphis dry rub ribs, along with baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and mac ‘n’ cheese.


5002 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 910-201-1001 Hormel ribs are slow d in house and meats are offered with a variety of sauces, from Eastern NC vinegar to Lexington-style red.


1671 N. Howe St., Ste. 3, 910-457-0988 Takeout traditional Chinese food, with staples such as lo mein, sesame chicken, and General Tso’s.


4956 Long Beach Rd., Southport, 457-1838 Serving Cantonese, Szechuan and Hunanstyle Chinese food.


116 N. Howe St., Southport, 457-4544 Offering choices that are largely influenced by dishes from across the globe. Menu items and specials can whisk your palette from Casablanca to Barcelona, Santorini to Mumbai, and from Marseilles to Munich or Charleston. Finish with a fresh baked dessert in the romantic atmosphere.


5177 SouthportSupply Rd., Southport 910-454-4540

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


Focusing on family Italian recipes, Bella THE PEPPERONI GRILL Cucina serves up everything from fine and 3156 George II Hwy, Boiling Spring Lakes fresh local seafood to hand tossed, New York 845-5151 • Offering eat in, take out and delivery. As style pizzas. Aside from a decadent wine list, well, offering oven toasted subs and calzones. u Bella Cucina also offers specialty martinis.

g n



5003 O’Quinn Blvd., Southport, 454-4440 Armed with decades of experience and “secret” family recipes, Joseph’s Italian Bistro appeals with candlelit dining and fresh Italian continental cuisine.


1513 N. Howe St., Unit 10, Southport 910-457-6554 Offering traditional pub fare with Irish flair, like Guinness chicken wings and mussels cooked in a Smithwicks bouillon. Don’t forget the Reuben or corned beef and cabbage!



4320 East Beach Drive • 250-1190 Open 7 days a week year round. Offering eat in, take out as well as delivery.


4960 Long Beach Rd SE, Southport (910) 457-9432 Family-friendly chain known for its made-toorder pizzas. Dine in, Take Out and Delivery.


4961 Old Long Beach Rd SE, Southport (910) 454-0757 Take-out/delivery chain offering classic & specialty pizzas, wings & breadsticks, plus desserts.


1671 N Howe St #1b, Southport (910) 457-0083

DOMINO’S (OAK ISLAND) 4956 Long Beach Rd. SE, 457-9398 s Sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, hibachi, tempura 8610 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island g and udon noodles all available. (910) 278-9111 d Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizza, plus chicken & other sides. MEXICAN DELPHINA CANTINA

10 Marina Wynd, Bald Head Island 910-457-1222 s Mexican cuisine with Spanish and Cuban flare, such as Churrasco Cubano and Pescado Especial—both with plantains.


4722 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island Phone: (910) 622-1509 Traditional Mexican dishes and specialties.


1131 Atlantic Ave, Southport 910-363-5063 Open for lunch and dinner. Offering over 20 Thai specialties including Pad Thai and Green Curry. Also offers Hibachi steak, chicken and shrimp.


8300 E. Oak Island Dr • 278-6420 Brightly decorated, Thai by the Sea offers - SAN FELIPE traditional Thai including dumplings, with a d 1671 N. Howe St., Ste. 1, Southport Serving authentic dishes, such as fajitas, en- large selections of dishes and spice levels. chiladas and chalupas. THAI PEPPERS 115 E. Moore St., Southport SAN FELIPE 457-0095 • - 4961 Long Beach Rd. SE Serving decadent and creative Oriental 910-454-0950 food of the finest quality, prepared with care. Known for fresh salsa and margaritas; serves A broad range of traditional Thai dishes and traditional Mexican dishes. sushi are available.

. i h -



1541 N. Howe St., Southport • 457-5143 Recognized regionally for outstanding gyros, calzones and pizzas.


6212 E. Oak Island Dr., • 278-6781 Offering a variety of pies from classic favorites to Greek white and Hawaiian.


4922 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 278-6929 • Fresh yeast raised, filled and cake donuts, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, monkey muffins, twists and more. Handmade daily, family owned.


7916 E. Oak Island Drive 620-7073 Homemade bagels, hot out of the oven each morning & Mom’s baked goods & sweets. Fresh daily vegetarian specials. 100% organic coffee, full espresso & tea bar, fruit smoothies & chai. WiFi & handmade gifts.


808 N. Howe St., Southport 454-4222 Known for their light and flaky filled croissants with a sweet sugar glaze, plus more.


5701 E. Oak Island Dr.,• 278-5371 Featuring the iconic Blizzards, waffle-bowl sundaes, and more frozen treats. *Call for other nearby locations.


310 W. Bay St., Southport • 457-5150 Flava’s allows guests the choice between many flavors, including death by chocolate, birthday cake, cookies and cream, and more.


5130 SouthportSupply Rd., #108, 363-4180 • A frozen yogurt bar where you can select your own flavors and toppings.



6324 East Oak Island Drive. Family-owned and operated. Featuring 16 flavors of ultra-premium, homemade ice cream. We use only dairy from grass-fed North Carolina cows and never add artificial flavors or colors.i


201 N. Howe St., Southport, 457-7611 More than just ice cream, Spike’s offers great hot dogs as well.

4346 Long Beach Rd. SE, Southport 457-9310 Featuring jelly donuts, apple fritters, cupcakes, muffins, peach cobbler, bagels and more. 6006 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 278-5929 Home of the Flying Pig, Green Swamp and Pig Bun; specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, chai, beans, bagels, desserts and conversation. Open year round, wifi, indoor and outdoor seating.



4022 Old Bridge Rd., Southport • 363-4841 We carry a large variety of gluten free/vegan baked goods, as well as homemade coffee cakes and muffins. Delicious and decadent specialty drinks: lattes, mochas, frapps, hot chocolate, Chai teas and more.


113 N. Howe Street, Southport 454-0321 We serve coffees, espresso drinks, fruit smoothies, milkshakes, fresh juices, breakfast and lunch sandwiches and wraps all day. Open year round. Complimentary WiFi. Comfortable inside and outside seating. Coffee catering available.



101 E. Brown St., Southport 457-5994 Known for handmade, original pizzas—including Margherita, “very veggie,” and Greek. Also offers salads, soups and gourmet sandwiches.


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417-A N. Howe Street, Southport 363-4629 Locals suggest the cupcakes, lemon bars, key lime pie, and carrot cake.


200 Country Club Dr., Suite E, Oak Island 512-8881 Made from scratch cupcakes, biscuits, and pies using the finest ingredients available. Coffee supplied by an NC roaster.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


or Fax 910-253-4732 / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 57


1023 & 112 North Howe Street 910-457-5258

SOUTH BRUNSWICK OCEAN ISLE 6818 Beach Drive SW 910-842-1477

OAK ISLAND BEACHES 210 Country Club Drive 910-278-5213





3 bedrooms 2 baths     $439,900


3 bedrooms, 3 baths $659,000


117 SW 1ST STREET 3 bedrooms, 2 baths     $239,000





2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths $198,500

3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths $369,000

Donna Atherton 910-515-6447





4 bedrooms,  2 baths     $449,000

2 bedrooms, 2 baths     $169,900






4 bedrooms,3 baths $230,000

3 bedrooms, 3 full & 2 half baths

3 bedrooms,2 baths $237,999


Rodney Axsom 910-523-0568

Tom Bailey 252-269-2745

Tiffany Baker 919-842-2399

Liz Baucom 910-294-2241

Margaret Rudd Bishop 910-457-5258

Seth Bohrer 910-612-2803

Hal Bolin 910-540-3900

Mike Boswell 910-777-3728

George Brake 910-457-5258

Amy Lynn Boltz 910-880-2696

Isabella Caugh 910-616-1059

Ceilidh Creech 910-553-4073

Steve DeFlavio 919-830-9932

John Dosher 910-448-0536

Bill Easley 910-279-6539

Karen Edwards 910-294-2263

BJ Ellender 910-477-3250

Liz Flynn-Lewis 910-477-1347

Sue Franks 910-523-0899

Jwantana Frink 910-352-8025

Jim Goodman 910-278-5213

Frank Hohman 631-897-2191

Kay Jolliff 910-523-0624

Mary DeFlavio 919-422-2539

58 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner











4 bedrooms, 2 full & 2 half baths


2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths $169,000

3 bedrooms, 2 baths $220,000

3 bedrooms, 2 baths $289,000

3 bedrooms, 2 baths $159,000











2 bedrooms, 2 baths $349,900

5 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths $349,900

4 bedrooms, 2 baths $439,000

Brenda King 910-279-4591

Tami Knecht 253-380-1527

Bob Lewis 703-409-0397

Kathy MacNish 919-352-2809

Donna Martin 336-480-4383

Libba Motsinger 910-279-3644

Doug Oldham 910-448-1872

Pat Proctor 910-523-0087

Elvira Ruebel-Gilbert 910-619-4087

Jill Shaver 910-617-1783

Kirk Singer 910-520-8483

Peg Singer 919-656-5692

Myra Slone 336-880-0881

Marsha Smith 910-471-9336

Lee Smyre 910-616-8389

Lucy Vance 910-232-8586

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

2 bedrooms, 2 baths     $259,900

Pinckie Robinson Christine Rogers 910-448-0135 910-876-7682

Deann Watts 910-622-1184

Lynda Young 919-452-2793

2 bedrooms, 1 bath $224,000

Jack Royal 910-279-2153

Buddy Rudd 910-278-6523

Tina Karimi 815-540-1401

Kelly Kapparos 910-540-2117

Brooke Rudd-Gaglie 910-512-1361 / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 59


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• 5701 East Oak Island Drive, Long Beach • 20 Naber Dr., Shallotte • 106 Southport-Supply Rd. SE, Supply • 1517 Dawson St., Wilmington • 5901 Oleander Dr., Wilmington 60 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

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Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner


LEFT: Renee’s Fine Jewelry in Southport - The June winner of our 18” strand of pearls was Debra McLendon of Southport and our July giveaway is a Sterling Silver turquoise ring. Larimar jewelry 10%off through July. Mention this ad to receive the discount. New Arrival!!! Pieces from the Vahan collection. Every Vahan purchase comes with a Lifetime warranty.

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Kim Mason is all smiles as she rides on the Southport Magazine parade float - of course in her best red, white & blue!

ABOVE: The N.C. 4th of July Festival Chair, Duncan Hilburn accepted the first donation for the 2018 Festival from Trinity, Lana, Journey and Skyla Harden. The young ladies presented the NC 4th of July Festival with $337 from donations they earned with their Love Made Lemonade stand. Left to right:: Trinity, Lana, Journey and Skyla Harden, Duncan Hilburn (Festival President)

ABOVE: Uncorked by the Sea raises money for Step Up For Soldiers at their weekly wine tastings. Join them each Thursday 5-7pm, for only $5, you can support local ABOVE: Members of the Southport Yacht club gather to decorate their Fourth of July parade entry float. Tom Hissan, KJ Johnson, Dennis charities, drink yummy wine and Farr, Kerri Schroder, Bill Brown, Cindy Killian, Colleen Bailey, Tom & make local friends. Carolyn Garramone. Photo courtesy of Southport Yacht Club. Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Craving a burger, wings, ribeye or filet mignon? We’ve got it! And of course fresh seafood - we support Brunswick Catch! All cooked to perfection by our culinary team

Open 7 days a week except Tuesday for lunch & dinner

Come in, sit a spell and dine on food made from scratch—you will taste the difference! 5908 E. Oak Island Dr., Oak Island 910-250-1294 / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 61

MARKETPLACE The large great room is open to the dining area, which is open to the kitchen. This property is available immediately. $289,000 • MLS #100069644 Call Harley Lemons, Southport Realty Inc., (910) 352-7174.


5622 E Oak Drive, Oak Island Wonderful home! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor plan, fenced back yard, hot tub, screened porch, gas fireplace, great kitchen with center island, master suite has dual sinks and walk-in closet, attached garage, Well maintained and move in ready! Quiet west end, steps from the Intracoastal waterway, 5 minutes to beach!! $235,500 Give Dale Pilla with Wilkinson Realty a call 910-448-1128

509 E. Moore Street, Southport 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath – This well-loved, bright one-story ranch has enormous amount of property for in town living. Formal living room, dining room, and eat in kitchen for entertaining. Glorious bonus room addition captures the sun rays off river, used now as artist’s studio. Enter 2nd living room with enormous brick fireplace, thru the glass French doors or from the back door via deck. Separate laundry room/workshop helps you stay organized. The expansive yard now has 2 storage bldgs, double carport, and party deck, well water for outside use. Hand-hewn window shutters give craftsman quality. You’ll love this charming and unique local artist’s home with a decadent amount of storage, speaks volumes of potential. $305,000 • MLS #100045508 Call Mary Carneiro, Southport Realty Inc., (914) 649-7100.

589 Lockwood Folly Road, Bolivia Sunset Harbor – 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath – Live On The Water In Sunset Harbor, A Quaint Fishing Village Just Minutes From Southport. Watch the Boats Sail By On the ICW from the Screened Porch/ Sun Room and outside decking! Rapidly Developing Area and Rare Chance To Own Waterfront Property at a Great Price! $299,000 • MLS #100073691 Call Brian Deutsch, Southport Realty Inc., (910) 524-1981.

1940 Sunset Harbor Road, Bolivia Fawn Ridge Estate. Sunset Harbor – 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath- What an opportunity to have a place for horses!!! 4.6 Beautiful acres with large Hardwoods provide privacy. This home although built in 1973 has been meticulously restored. Kitchen includes a large pantry, stainless appliances, granite countertops, and hand crafted tiles. Full outdoor kitchen and grilling area also very spacious, screened in and overlooking the inground swimming pool. Motivated sellers! $399,000 • MLS #100063852 Call Leesa Snyder, Southport Realty Inc., (910) 777-1785.

836 Jackeys Creek Lane, Leland JUST REDUCED! Jackeys Creek – 5 Bedroom, 6 Bath - Open the door and prepare to be WOWED. Greeted first by the curving staircase leading to the upstairs will leave you begging to see more. This 6000+ sf home has the room needed for everyone to have their own space. Four bedrooms upstairs, each with their own full bath, large master suite down with his and her walk-in closets, a separate linen closet, jetted tub, and dual sinks. Large office downstairs as well as a formal dining room and enormous kitchen with loads of cabinets and breakfast area. Off the living room is the most absolutely southern back portico. Imagine sipping sweet iced tea in your wicker rocker while the children play croquet in the back yard. For the man of the house, the three car garage with bonus room above will seal the deal. $559,000 • MLS #100039881 Call Laura LeFevre, Southport Realty Inc., (910) 465-6591

217 E. 11th Street, Southport, NC 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath – Large home located in a great neighborhood within Southport, short distance to downtown Historical Southport with its waterfront park, restaurants, museums, shops, tennis courts and marina. It is all on one level with a large Master Bedroom suite. The house was remodeled in 2009, adding on an addition and a modern kitchen, with stainless steel appliances.

1076 Filmore RD, Boiling Springs Lake

104 East Beach Drive, Oak Island Come enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean from the front deck of this cute furnished second row home where your toes are just feet from the sand. Listed at $290,000 with Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS Call Marsha Smith (910)471-9336

315 East Beach Drive, Oak Island Oceanfront – This well-maintained, oceanfront cottage is furnished and 2 of the 3 BR have ocean views and doors to the deck. Many updates including engineered wood flooring. Outdoor shower & storage space is a plus. ‘’Robyn’s Nest’’ rents well both short & long term – call for avg income. Listed at $319,000 with Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS Call Jack Royal (910) 279-2153

201 SE 77th Street, Oak Island Duplex – 2 BR/1 BA on each side and furnished. Just steps to the beach access. Lots of Live Oak trees to shade the huge screened porch used by both units. Listed at $259,000 with Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS Call Libba Motsinger (910)279-3644

3779 Heron Circle, Southport This is a great first home. Beach cottage feel. Sits on almost half an acre! Listed at $147,500 with Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS Call Tami Knecht (253)380-1527

62 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Waterfront in BSL – Spacious with a very large, open LR/kitchen floor plan. Kitchen has wall oven & separate cooktop, lots of cabinets & counter space. Gas stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings & lots of windows give great natural light. Master BR & sunroom both open onto deck with beautiful water views. Listed at $214,900 with Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., Call Pat Proctor (910) 523-0087

4930 N Hampton Dr SE, Southport This adorable home features a large living room with fireplace and vaulted ceiling, a master suite plus 2 guest rooms and 2 full baths. There is a tiled rocking chair front porch and a screened porch overlooking pond in back. Neighborhood has a community pool, a boat storage area and a crab dock and it’s a five minute drive to be sitting on the beach! MLS# 100070921 • $159,999 Give Kay Jolliff a call 910-523-0624.

4026 Brick Path Ln SE, Southport Wow! Affordable in Arbor Creek! Charming Arbor Creek home, all on one level with open living area, kitchen and dining. Screened porch overlooking fenced yard and big natural area in back, a bird watcher’s paradise.It’s a quick walk to Community Club House with fitness center, social activities, pool, tennis and pickle ball. Community also has RV/Boat Storage area. Quick Drive to Southport waterfront, shops and restaurants and miles of beaches at Oak Island. MLS# 100074036 • $194,000 Give Kay Jolliff a call 910-523-0624

316 W. West Street, Southport, NC Historic home in Southport w/ modern finishes plus original details. Charming updated kitchen w/ granite & gas range. Park-like backyard w/ live oaks. $699,500 Call Kay Jolliff today at 910-523-0624

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239 E. Bay Street, Southport, NC A part of Southport history w/ modern conveniences & expansive views of the Cape Fear River. Two large living areas w/ a fenced in courtyard & a total of six fireplaces. $1,074,950 Call Kay Jolliff today at 910-523-0624

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231 N. Caswell Ave, Southport, NC Charming open concept cottage w/ modern conveniences & only two blocks from the water. Original pine floors, plantation shutters, & a private porch. $549,000 Call Kay Jolliff today at 910-523-0624


per month 105 Live Oak Turn, Southport, NC A Southport home that features a dock & boatlift w/ expansive views of the marsh & Dutchman Creek. Recycled heart pine floors & solid maple kitchen cabinets w/ quartz counter tops. $595,000 Call Kay Jolliff today at 910-523-0624

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Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Southport Local Expertise. Global Exposure. Local Expertise. Global Exposure.

Winding River Plantation | 1594 Brushwood Court S.E. | Located on the ninth fairway of Carolina National, this beautiful brick home was built to take full advantage of the golf course vista. This| 31594 bedroom, 3 bathCourt homeS.E. includes a firston floor Winding River Plantation Brushwood | Located themasninth ter bedroom with en National, suite bath. The open floor plan is traditional offers modfairway of Carolina this beautiful brick home was built yet to take fulla advanern chefs kitchen that opens to The gourmet kitchen, including 6241 NAVIGATOR WAY | vista. 4 BED 4the BATH 4,000room. tage of the golf course This 3breakfast bedroom, 3SQ. bathFT home includes a first floor masgas cooktop granite. Formal Living diningWm. rooms, living Justdouble inter time toovens, enjoy summer on the welcoming front porch of and thistraditional custom Poole design. Enter the bedroom with enbreezes suiteand bath. The open floor plan is yet offers aroom modoffers a afireplace and custom Both areas open togourmet a spacious sunfloods room home to find large formal dining room,built-ins. conveniently located off the kitchen. Naturalkitchen, lights thisdeChef’s ern chefs kitchen that opens to the breakfast room. The including signed for easy entertaining withgorgeous accesscabinets, from both areas. $419,900 kitchen, boasting a large center island with honed black counter tops, and room high end double ovens, gas cooktop and granite. Formal Living andgranite dining rooms, living stainless appliances to include Viking six burner stove, double dishwasher, sink! offers a fireplace andS/B custom built-ins. BothBosch areas openovens to aand spacious sunfarm room de-Upstairs,signed the lovely hardwoods continue up the beautiful staircase theareas. three guest bedrooms. There is a screened for easy entertaining with access from and both $419,900 porch and sizeable paved patio leading to the private, backyard. The 2-car garage offers great storage. This home is ideally located in the Landing at Southport waterfront community with clubhouse and pool.


RACHEL ARCHER Winding River Plantation | 1821 Baywater Court S.E. | This custom built


Seats for 3 people!

Rachel is posing with home offers comfortable, elegant living in a private setting. The masonry FP her is the focal point of the open living area, doors to screen and wrap around porch. painting Winding River Plantation | French 1821 Baywater Court S.E. |called This custom built First floor Master opens w/luxurious bathinwith soaking tub, dual home offers comfortable, elegant living a private setting. The vanities masonryand FP large is the “61 Sorbet” walk-in shower. Formal connects to the bright gourmet kitchen with granite, focal point of the opendining living area, French doors to screen and wrap around porch. Stop andvanities meetare her the chefs gas range, endw/luxurious appliances bath and custom cabinetry. Upstairs 2on large First floor Masterhigh opens with soaking tub,indual and large bedrooms and a Formal huge bonus room with pool table andgourmet morning kitchen forWalk, guests walk-in shower. dining connects to the bright kitchen with granite, First Friday Gallery convenience. Air conditioned garage withand cozy BONUS APARTMENT. Brazilian chefs gas range, high end appliances custom cabinetry. Upstairs are 2cherlarge 4thkitchen from$549,000 5-7pm. rybedrooms floors, ample large laundry, central vac, lifetime windows. and storage, a huge bonus room with pool table andAugust morning for guests PHOTO BY: convenience. Air conditioned garage with cozy BONUS APARTMENT. Brazilian cherCARLA EDSTROM ry floors, ample storage, large laundry, central vac, lifetime windows. $549,000

Yost & Yost | Selling the Coast SOUTHPORT | BALD | HEAD ISLAND | CASWELL | OAK ISLAND Yost| ST.&JAMES Yost Selling the Coast


Create an unforgettable memory for your family with a tour of the beaches - from the AIR! Look for turtles, sailboats and shipwrecks. We fly evenings and weekends too! Call NOW to book your flight.


4009 Airport Road

Renee Yost

Thom Yost



Renee Yost

Thom Yost

910.269.1128 910.398.0657 Landmark Sotheby’s International Realty 701 North Howe Street, Southport Landmark Sotheby’s International Realty Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office Is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. ©2016 Landmark Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved. 701 North Howe Street, Southport Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office Is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. ©2016 Landmark Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner / AUGUST 2017 / Southport Magazine 63

Land Rover Cape Fear

20 Old Eastwood Road, Wilmington NC 28403 Land Rover Cape Fear 910 332 3500 | Toll Free 888-355-3847 20 Old Eastwood Rd., Wilmington, NC 28403 Land Rover Cape Fear

64 Southport Magazine / AUGUST 2017 /

Concierge Service Vehicle Pickup and Delivery We will: • Come to your work or home • Pick up your car • Leave a service loaner • Bring your vehicle back when it’s done

Southport Magazine 2016-2017 SOI Chamber Small Business of the Year Winner

Southport Magazine August 2017  

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