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An Artist Grows in Brooklyn

Since graduating in 1993, Deric Dickens has been making his way up the East Coast. Now settled in New York, Dickens has released two albums and is working on more. Atlanta-based writer Nikki Igbo joins forces with Heath Croft to explore Dickens’ roots in Colquitt County, the inspiration he found here, and how it has shaped him into the musician he is today.

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Back in the Saddle Again

For nearly 20 years, Colquitt County had no saddle club of which to speak. But, a group of horse enthusiasts took the reins and formed an organization that has become an important facet in the lives of both children and adults. John Oxford explains just how this club continues to have a positive impact on its members and why its future here is bright.


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Safe in Silhouette

When memory doesn’t serve, Legacy Village at Park Regency offers a safe and caring alternative to other types of medical facilities. Residents suffering from Alzheimer’s are treated like family by a staff specializing in memory care. Celebrated local photographer Carrie Viohl uses both camera and pen to show how a recent art installation provides protection and tranquility to those whose memories are fleeting.

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Music in Moultrie: Keeping the Small Rocks Silent

In the fourth of his series on our local music scene, Eric Foster-Whiddon sets his sights on the challenges posed by priorities. He delves into his own insight as well as that of others in order to provide us a helpful analogy to use when deciding what should come first in our hectic lives. As a result, he gives us more than a music lesson. Instead, he shares with us a lesson in life worth learning.

January - February - March 2015

Letter from the Publisher

comes to an end. I think about all that I was able to accomplish and the things I have yet to accomplish. The start of a new year is an exciting time!

It is my hope that we all have a safe and

healthy year ahead. Even if nothing exciting happens, if you have your health, it will be a great year. I am so grateful for 2014 and look forward to the new year Heath Dorminey

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” –Alan Watts

Here we are in a brand new year –


I was born in 1979. Growing up I can

with which we have been blessed.

The start of this year brings with it our

ninth anniversary. It’s hard to believe it

has been that long. I want to thank everyone who read “Moultrie Magazine” this

past year, all of our loyal advertisers that

supported us and everyone who helped to make each of our issues the best it could be.

As with any new year, this one brings its

honestly say that if anyone mentioned the

own changes, and we are no exception to

thought of the late '80s cartoon, “The Jet-

editor, Heath Croft is leaving us to pursue

year 2015, I would have immediately

sons.” Back then, a year like this seemed eons away.

I remember hearing adults say things

like, “the older you get, the faster time

flies,” but as a kid, I couldn’t understand. It seemed back then as if Christmas took years to get here. A year dragged slowly by.

Not anymore.

Now that I’m an adult, I understand ex-

actly what they were talking about. I find that time really does seem to pass by

much more quickly now. It’s ironic that,

when you’re a kid, all you want to do is

hurry things up. Then, as an adult, you

find yourself wanting to slow things down a bit.

But, that is one thing we simply cannot


Last year was a good one. Like so many

others, I become reflective as the calendar

January - February - March 2015

the rule. After five years as our managing

bigger and better things as he finishes another graduate degree from Valdosta

State University. Heath has been a vital part of our success and instrumental in some of the biggest changes we have

made along this almost decade-long jour-

ney, including our new logo that we introduced in January 2013. I have known Heath since we were kids when we at-

tended the same church. He’s one of the best editors I have worked with, and he’s a heck of a writer, too. His contributions to this publication will be sorely missed. Please join me in wishing him the very

best in his new endeavors, wherever they might lead.

We have big plans for 2015, so be ready.

Thank you sincerely for your continued support. Here we go!

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January - February - March 2015

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Article by: John Oxford Photography by: Teresa Hall No one ever said that horsing around has to be a bad thing.

The Colquitt County Saddle Club gives local residents who love

horses a chance to enjoy their favorite four-legged friends.

Mac Walters, the club’s president, says it was formed in 2011

after he found that no such outlets were available in the county. A saddle club had once existed here but had been inactive for al-

make progress in their talent for those with hopes of becoming

professional riders someday. It also provides the means for professional riders to join those who aren’t as familiar with riding at local events.

“We are a big old family,” says Walters.

The club continues to grow, Walters says. According to him, its

most two decades. At its first meeting, the club set up a board of

growth has been so monumental that the organization has been

that initial meeting up to today. With each decision made by pop-

the site of the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition.

directors, but every decision has been made democratically since

ular vote, each member has an input into what the club decides to

forced into a larger arena than the one they had originally used at Before outgrowing that arena, Walters says that members

do as a whole.

worked to refurbish it using prefabricated materials from Texas.

says its members run the gamut from less than two-years-old to a

ner Road, but Walters says that members hope to have an arena

According to Walters, the group reflects a variety of ages. He

member entering an eighth decade.

The saddle club is a Christian-based organization, and Walters

says the club honors God in all its activities. The horses and

shows provide an opportunity for the kids to go outside and into the fresh air instead of remaining inside with no outdoor activities.

As a part of the Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs, Walters

says it is a gateway club, which opens the door for its members to


The saddle club currently meets at the Triple-H arena on Sum-

built especially for them. He has petitioned the Colquitt County

Board of Commissioners to rebuild a dismantled arena, and State Representative Sam Watson has offered to help. Watson says he

isn’t sure if state funding is available for this type of project but is willing to pursue it when legislators are back in session.

For many of the club’s members, being associated with the

group is a tremendous part of their lives.

AnnaClaire Saunders says she gets so much from being part

January - February - March 2015

Montana Hall

of the organization. In addition to helping teach her responsibility,

Morgan Carter

she says she feels like a part of a family.

“I would rather be riding horses than being at school,” Saunders


Montana Hall says the club has taught her both responsibility

“This is like life to all of us,” Spradley says. “It means a lot to me to have someone that can back me up through everything.”

Caleb Hunter

and discipline. By spending time at practice, feeding and watering

her horse, Hall says she doesn’t have the time left to get involved in less beneficial activities. And, she says that she hopes to stay in the club for a long time to come.

“If (the club) is taken from me,” Hall says, “I don’t know what I’d


Lauren Spradley says the club has given her the opportunity to

win awards for her riding. She says that she wants people to get in-

volved in a group such as the saddle club because it can teach them the importance of being part of a team.

January - February - March 2015

Lainey McRae


“This is like life to all of us,” Spradley

says. “It means a lot to me to have someone that can back me up through everything.”

Blake Richter says the club is great and

that he doesn’t want to be doing anything else. He says the club has given him a

great opportunity to meet people. And, according to Richter, there is another, more important benefit.

“I like that I can come and ride with all

of these pretty girls,” he says.

From left: Mac Walters, AnnaClaire Saunders, Marilynn Mims, Emma Norman, Lauren Spradley, Lilly Mothershed, Sophia Corona, Courtney Ruis, Montana Hall, Lainey McRae, Blake Richter and Erin Spradley.

Some parents say they have also seen the

benefits associated with their children

being involved in an organization like the Colquitt County Saddle Club.

Amy Dalton says the club allows her

children to be involved in something fun despite their not being athletic. She says

she has seen so much improvement in her children by watching them work much

harder, set goals and gain self-confidence. The club’s secretary, Deanna Spradley,

Blake Richter

From left: Blake Richter, Dawson Massey, Katie Bennett, Courtney Ruis, Montana Hall, Erin Spradley, Lexie Taylor, Lainey McRae and Lauren Spradley.

says that, as a parent, she likes the fact that her children have the opportunity to have an organization like this one as part of their lives.

Teresa Hall says the saddle club helps in

keeping the children grounded and allows them to find their own place in the community and in life.

“(The children’s) future is in this county,”

Hall says. “They will become the leaders in this community.”

Anyone who has an interest in horses is encouraged

to participate in the saddle club. For more informa-

tion on the Colquitt County Saddle Club, visit the

organization’s website at www.colquittcountysad- or like them on Facebook.


January - February - March 2015


s we plan for our golden

at Park Regency in Moultrie has always

uncomplicated things: a

efforts in the treatment of its elderly resi-

years, we often dream of cozy retirement, successful

children, healthy grandchildren and the

companionship of our friends and family. Among the possessions held most dear

should be a lifetime of memories – treasures that we can look back upon with a smile and stories that we can share in

laughter or tears with those whom love has

made memory care one of its foundational dents, and with exclusive new and uncon-

ventional ideas, is seeing incredible results. The memory-care program is based on

research, medical science and the experience of compassionate caretakers who

have worked with Alzheimer’s patients for years.

Legacy Village at Park Regency feels less

tied us to the strongest. But, when memory

like a medical facility and more like a

Alzheimer’s, the most common type of de-

encouraged to stroll along the halls and

loss invades our lives in the form of

mentia, those recollections so easily taken for granted can become difficult or even impossible to recall.

The newly-rechristened Legacy Village


sprawling vacation home. Residents are gardens, catch their favorite television

show or to sit and enjoy a novel from one of the well-stocked bookshelves.

The gardens and outside spaces are cen-

Article and photography by: Carrie Viohl

tral to the complex, both figuratively and literally. There are secure areas that offer access to fresh air and sunlight, plants,

comfortable seating and walking paths.

Much care is taken to ensure that those

suffering from memory loss are able to re-

main as independent as possible, while still feeling safe and secure in familiar surroundings.

This ideal setting includes a porch that

offers views of local wildlife, but until recently, the view was obscured by metal

bars for the safety of residents who might wander too far or accidentally fall.

In March 2014, former Executive Direc-

tor Janet Sheldon took her concerns to

Robert Tucker, the landscape architect responsible for the Kate Jeter Serenity Gar-

January - February - March 2015

McLendon says the metal silhouette is just one of many renovations coming soon to the memory-care units.

Those residents who are able are encouraged to excercise on the porch while enjoying the view.

January - February - March 2015

Margaret Arrington and Larry Arrington


Larry Arrington says he has been a welder for 30 years, but this is his first piece of art.

705 South Main Street Moultrie, Georgia 31768-5432

Phone: 229-985-4137 Fax: 229-890-5968 Scotty Jarvis, Pharm.D.



January - February - March 2015

den at Colquitt Regional Medical Center.

director of business development at

It is through a vested interest in making

Larry Arrington.

Thomasville, McLendon took over the

possible that a truly unique collaboration

Tucker recommended local metalworker According to Sheldon, she wanted resi-

dents to be able to take in the fresh air and

Camellia Gardens of Life Care in

helm at Park Regency at the beginning of 2015. She says the metal trees provide a

both their mothers’ homes as pleasant as was born.

“Janet was the main player in that,” says

“The difference it has made is truly unbelievable,” says Lynn Clark.

natural scenery surrounding the porch

secure enclosure without causing residents

Arrington. “She really deserves the

idea was to build a functional piece of art

trapped anyway in their own mind.”

years, but he says this is technically the

without feeling ensnared by the bars. Her – a metal silhouette of trees with organic

shapes that would provide both the necessary safety and a lovely view.

“They’re able to wander and roam and

go as they please in a safe environment,”

says Jennifer McLendon, the facility’s new executive director. After four years as the

January - February - March 2015

to feel confined “in a world where they are McLendon says those who suffer with

Alzheimer’s can still have a good quality of life if they are in the right place with

people who know how to care for them.

Arrington’s 95-year-old mother resides at

Legacy Village at Park Regency. Jane

King, Sheldon’s mother, is also a resident.

credit.” Arrington has been welding for 30 first piece of art that he’s created.

Artist Randy Gibbs sketched out the

basic shape of the trees while Sheldon and Arrington worked out the details of making the artwork secure and attractive.

The installation was completed last fall.


“The difference it has made is truly unbelievable,” says Lynn Clark, a retired educator whose mother suffers with dementia and has lived at Park Regency for almost six years. Clark is the former director of pre-k and elementary education curriculum for Colquitt County. She retired in May 2014. “The artistic design is amazing,” Clark says. She says it means even more to her knowing that it was created by a Moultrian. And, while Arrington says there is no comparison to the metal bars that stood before, he is reticent when it comes to the acclaim. “If it has helped,” Arrington says, “I am certainly glad of it.” Legacy Village at Park Regency is located at 3000 Veterans Parkway South. For From left: Jane King, Janet Sheldon, Larry Arrington and Margaret Arrington. more information about the facility, visit, call 229-8903342 or like them on Facebook.


Margaret Arrington and Larry Arrington

January - February - March 2015


January - February - March 2015

Photo by: Brian Silak

January - February - March 2015



the show as Norman was preparing to eric Dickens’ jazz rebirth began leave. After a brief exchange and an imon an average late grad-school promptu drum solo on the hood of Normorning when his roommate enman’s van, the musicians traded phone tered their dorm room in a fluster. The frantic jazz bassist needed a replace- numbers, and their musical collaboration began. ment drummer by that same night and his Shortly after their initial meeting, Noronly hope was Dickens, a percussionist man says he invited Dickens to join him who tended to play in a classical style. “He asked if I could play the ting ta ta ting and his fellow musician Roger Hall on the ta ta ting jazz ride cymbal pattern for about drums. It wasn’t long before the newlyformed group was traveling to Valdosta to 45 minutes during rehearsal,” Dickens play gigs at restaurants and bars. says. “Deric told me that he was going to be a That moment changed him forever. band director in Bainbridge, and so I “I sat down and all the stuff that I’d listened to and been introduced to came out, thought I’d always have a drummer I could count on,” Norman jokes, “but then and it was like ‘holy crap, I’m pretty good he double crossed me when he graduated at this,’” says Dickens. That “stuff ” included a collaboration of Moultrie memo- from Valdosta and went off to graduate school in Tennessee.” ries: a mix tape of “fusiony” jazz gifted by Dickens also credits his voracious musihis high-school band director and the cal appetite with Moultrie’s “super hip” Weather Report album he was advised to blast while alone in his childhood home. His roommate’s band members couldn’t believe their ears. “Halfway through, they looked up and asked if I was sure that I wasn’t a jazz major,” he says. “It was odd because it came so easy.” The now Brooklyn-based percussionist/composer credits his journey into jazz with his foundation in Moultrie and Colquitt County—a place he describes as a miniature New York City. “Going into middle school, the local private school had disbanded, so the richest went to school with the poorest,” says Dickens. “I’m Dickens designed the cover for his 2013 sophomore album. here today because of the opportuniband, choir and theater programs, which ties I had and the people I got to hang out as he says, always gave him a place to be. with who showed me that there is a bigger Charner Rouse, a network analyst in Alworld.” bany, Ga., was one of Dickens’ earliest “Deric was one of those students that band mates. The two were members of every teacher would love to have in their What Naught along with Wilson Sheldon band program,” says Dr. Richard McLenin the 1990s. don, former band director for Colquitt “It was the three of us that started that County High School. “I remember meetband,” says Rouse. “That was really the ing him in the eighth grade, and he ancore group there.” Dickens would later nounced to me that he intended to be a share the stage with Andy Strange and musicologist.” Jason Tucker. One of Dickens’ early influences was Rouse describes Dickens as a first-string John Norman. The two met during a All-American while he and the other prom-dance gig at Sunset Country Club. members were more like junior-varsity Dickens was setting up his equipment for


players. He says that Dickens is in a league of his own musically. “He could play just about any instrument he wanted to,” says Rouse. Dickens says his parents recognized his potential. “I was an only child, and I always begged for another sibling,” he says. “They didn’t give me the brother or sister I wanted, but my dad, who was a bit of Renaissance man, built my first sound system.” Guilford Dickens says he only did what any responsible parent should do. “You want to help your children no matter what,” he says. “It’s just something you need to do.” He says that he recognized his son’s passion at a young age and, although he knew nothing about music himself, Guilford Dickens says he encouraged his son’s talent the best way he knew how – by combing through photos from magazines and getting to work. “He could and did make whatever I needed for music,” says Deric Dickens. McLendon, an aspiring television and film-score producer, predicted a dazzling future for the high-school student, and he agrees that Dickens’ parents were crucial to his early successes. “Deric’s mom was always visible with the band boosters and helping out with activities whether it was for football games or big trips,” says McLendon. “She was very involved and very supportive of things she knew would help her son.” Dickens’ compass was clearly pointed north as an early adult. “When Mom asked if I wanted a high school graduation ring, I asked her to get me a snare drum instead,” he says, “and that’s just what she did.” “We even offered to buy him a car,” Guilford Dickens says. “His priorities were music.” Following his studies at Valdosta State University and the University of Tennessee, Dickens played gigs throughout Knoxville with the likes of jazz pianist Donald Brown, cornet player Kirk Knuffke and Columbia Records artist Robinella. Dickens has also had the rare opportunity to play with a 40-piece studio orchestra and a 280-member choir.

January - February - March 2015

Photo by: Brian Silak

January - February - March 2015



January - February - March 2015

“It’s paid off for him,” says Norman. “I check up on him on Facebook, and he’s making all kinds of connections and doing all sorts of different things.” “He’s got the talent, persistence and little bit of luck to be very successful,” Norman says, “and that’s cool for me. Although clearly musically inclined,

global fashion brand. Angel says that a person who is gifted in one artistic aspect can usually ease into another. “They play together quite equally in his mind,” says Angel. He says that Dickens had an idea of how he wanted his album covers to be done and worked towards creating that vision.

Brooklyn. He credits Dr. Bill Brown with teaching him that time is of the essence. In summer 1993, Brown was coaching a men’s soccer league at the YMCA. Dickens says he wanted to join but had no athletic prowess. Instead of suggesting that he postpone playing, Brown convinced him to take the

Dickens is exploring another creative outlet – designing album covers. In addition to his own albums, Dickens has designed several covers for other artists. He occasionally takes classes at Parsons The New School for Design. Scott Angel, his partner of five years, is an adjunct professor there and director of technical design for a

Dickens started working in Astoria, a neighborhood in the borough of Queens, in 2008 to cement his place in the world of 21st century jazz. Two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and a close friendship with Grammy Award-winning drummer Matt Wilson afforded his relocation to

plunge. Dickens says it was this advice that he remembered when he began considering a move to the Big Apple. Dr. Brown practiced in Moultrie for two decades and died of liver cancer in 1998. “Bill thought the world of him,” says Jane Brown, widow of the late physician. Dickens’ two albums, “Speed Date” and

“When Mom asked if I wanted a high school graduation ring, I asked her to get me a snare drum instead and that’s just what she did,” Dickens notes.

From left: Jesse Lewis, Deric Dickens and Kirk Knuffke make up The Dickens Campaign. Photo by: Jeremy Yaddaw

Photo by: Deric Dickens

January - February - March 2015

Dickens at the waterfall in Times Square. Photo by: Brian Silak


Photo by: Corey Seaton

“Oh Lovely Appearance,” and his nomination for a 2014 “Drum!” Rising Star award prove that he has made his mark on contemporary jazz. He, however, is rather humble about his accomplishments. “I’ve said absolutely nothing yet, but I feel like I have a lot to say,” Dickens insists. “I haven’t even begun.” In the next six months, he will co-create a staggering five albums with his own band, The Dickens Campaign, and will work with bassist Linda Oh and saxophonist Brad Linde on a collective project. His says his goal is to attract a new generation of jazz fans by creating cool tunes that connect with listeners. “I love melodies, says Dickens. “Melody is what the audiences

“He’s got the talent, persistence and little bit of luck to be very successful,” Norman says, “and that’s cool for me.”

Photo by: Jeremy Yaddaw

Dickens designed this cover for his first album in 2011.

hook onto, something you can leave the show whistling.” Dickens still visits Moultrie from time to time when he’s not touring the East Coast, composing music or working at Maxwell Vintage Drums in Manhattan. When he’s back here at home, you’re likely to find him wandering down a country road searching for inspiration and reconnecting with his inner improviser. “Jazz has always been there, and I’ve always played it,” he says. “The more artistic, creative side caught me later, but these things happen when they’re supposed to.” Rouse says the fact that Dickens has followed his passion is what makes him a true musician and separates him from someone who plays music. “He can’t do anything else,” Rouse says. “He doesn’t want to do anything else.” Dickens’ albums are available on iTunes. Check him out online at or follow him on Twitter and Instagram @dericdickens.


January - February - March 2015

January - February - March 2015



January - February - March 2015


Article by: Eric Foster-Whiddon

s the owner of a growing downtown business and the

captain of an expanding staff, I am spending more and more of my time working on leadership development

with my team. In recent conversations, we have discussed the concept of putting the “big rocks” in our schedules first.

This illustration was made popular by Dr. Stephen R. Covey in

his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” He uses a

jar to illustrate a person’s life or schedule. The things that demand our time are represented by big rocks, smaller rocks and sand

with the size indicating their perceived importance to us. Highly lives and put them in the jar or on the schedule first. Afterward,

they fill the remaining space with smaller rocks and sand until the jar is full. If done in reverse order, life would be filled to the top with little things that don’t matter, and the big rocks wouldn’t have space to fit while going neglected and undone.

is weird, songwriter or not!

Stock image

effective people identify the highest priorities (big rocks) in their

As I recently reviewed the big rocks I have scheduled into my

The “big rocks” conversation has happened with my manage-

life, I had a strange realization: my pulse can help me determine

cally about their lives, ensuring that the most important things are

lesterol or cardiovascular health. I realized that, for years, my big

ment team because I want to make sure they’re thinking strategigetting top priority. The big rocks that I had in mind were things like dinner around the table with family, intentional personal

growth on the physical, mental and spiritual levels and being a

faithful and available friend. I first learned these concepts while serving as a youth pastor in a large, leadership-oriented church

and have been implementing them at varied levels for years. I can pull up my online calendars for my office time, music lessons and personal schedule. Heck, I even have future hiking trips on my calendar!

I once had a mentor tell me that I was a little unusual. Weird,

really, because I am a creative person who also enjoys detail-ori-

ented work and has at least some amount of business sense. The

what my priorities should be. No, I’m not talking about my cho-

rocks have been pretty boring rocks. They were utilitarian rocks, duties that had to be done for the sake of survival, but few of

them really moved me on a deeper level. (Yes, this is the emo-

tional musician part of my identity coming out.) Over the years, I have discovered things in life that made me feel alive, that momentarily took my breath away and made my pulse quicken.

They can be new experiences with my wife and kids, a spiritual

discussion with a friend that makes me see God from a different angle, and most recently, a beautiful vista that can only be seen

after hiking in the forest for miles. These are the things that make my life… well, alive.

As I reviewed my big rocks, I was haunted by Emilio Estevez’s

old stereotype of a musician or artist is that of a shallow and

line from “The Way,” as he argues with his well-meaning and

an oddity because I enjoy both writing a song and working up a


flighty hippie with a short attention span. My friend felt that I was budget. My opinion is that anyone who likes working on a budget

January - February - March 2015

level-headed father just before leaving to hike the Camino De “You don’t choose a life, Dad. You live one.”



January - February - March 2015

January - February - March 2015

Stock image Stock image

Was I choosing a life or living a life? Or was I letting my life (or lack thereof) choose me? I love my business, but had I lost something beneath the mountain of spreadsheets, emails, purchase orders and tax filings? Another quote that haunted me was from “Over the Top” by Zig Ziglar… “I don’t care how bad my life is, I don’t care how good my life is, there is something I can do to change it - and the choice is mine.” Who put those big rocks on my calendar? I did. Who told me that I didn’t have time to enjoy beauty, be creative, or have spiritual conversations? I did. I realized in that moment that I needed to get my heart rate up. I needed to prioritize the experiences that made me feel alive. And what did I do with this newfound clarity? I sat in my front-porch swing with my trusty old acoustic and wrote a song. Actually, two songs. Then I listened to a record from one of my favorite bands. A real record, the kind that is black, circular and groovy. Then I visited my online retailer of choice and made a wish list of records I wanted to add to my vinyl collection. And finally, I bought one. Of course, I want to do big things like travel to exotic places and write a book. However, right now, some of the most accessible ways for me to climb out from under my pile of boring rocks are to write beautiful songs and listen to beautiful records. After all, I got into this business because the 15-year-old me received a guitar and a few lessons for Christmas and started writing songs. Suddenly, the teenager that I was had a new definition for himself.



service if you are denying yourself the experiences that bring you perfect joy. Join me in considering the big rocks in your life, and don’t settle for boring ones. Put some life on your calendar, even if you find it in things as simple as songwriting and records. Music, in particular, has a funny way of stirring the soul. Our community is full of talented musicians who work hard at their art. More and more local businesses are providing a platform for live music, which is happening most weekends somewhere in Moultrie. Look for a show and make it a priority to go. Find songwriters who are sharing their original art and be sure to support them. A great place to start is Local Live, a singer-songwriter showcase

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I have often questioned the real value of art and music in culture. Sure, we hold these things dear, but how can I choose to spend my time writing a song instead of doing something that seems more practical, like organizing my office or selling a product? What makes listening to good music a big rock in my schedule? First of all, I want to actually live the human experience, not just to survive it. Secondly, I want to expose my children to things in which I know they will find meaning and identity. (Really, I want to train them to identify truly good music and learn early in life that the best stuff never gets played on the radio.) Thirdly, I want to add my own hues to the palette that colors someone’s perception of the world, whether that happens through my original tunes, music that I recommend or conversations about stuff that matters. As I get older and watch the folks I care about get older too, I am becoming painfully aware that I have a limited amount of time to do the things that matter to me. A friend once taught me the things that get scheduled are the things that get done, so if it really matters it needs to go on the schedule. I guess I need to schedule some time to write songs. And get in more hikes. Also, playing some shows in coffee shops (other than my own) should get a spot on the calendar, too. Next comes that long-distance trip and the outline for my book! St. Irenaeus was on to something when he said, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” What are the things that make your heart rate rise? Where do you find a sense of purpose or perhaps a moment of clarity that inspires the conviction that this is what you were intended to do? For me, it starts with songwriting and records, but I’m a musician who attributes great value to beautiful melodies and smart lyrics. Perhaps you feel fully alive when teaching, talking or tinkering. No one else has to assign value to your passion, and you don’t necessarily have to pay the bills with it; all that matters is that it breathes life into your days. When you are living life, instead of simply choosing it, you will inspire life in others. Really, you’re doing us all a dis-

hosted by Beans & Strings on the second Saturday of each month. You might consider learning to play an instrument or writing songs yourself, but remember one thing: if it gets scheduled, it gets done. So if it’s important, it needs to go on the schedule!

Eric Foster-Whiddon is the owner of Beans & Strings, a music school with a full-service espresso bar on the square in historic downtown Moultrie. As a songwriter, educator and business owner, he advocates for local music, music education and downtown Moultrie. This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting music in Moultrie. Visit online at, and for more information.

January - February - March 2015

SINCE 1957

709 South Main Street l P.O. Box 3007 Agents & Evening Phone Numbers Moultrie, Georgia 31768 Kirk Friedlander, GRI...................589-0618 (229) 985-1145 l Fax (229) 890-1445 Patricia Taylor...............................891-8456 E-mail: Website:

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SINCE 1957

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185 Mill Pond Road

Very nice frame cottage with 2 BRs and 1 and a half bath on 5+ acres which gives plenty of room for horses or livestock. Fencing on part of the property. Good location to Moultrie with acreage in the county. Den & DR, one car carpart & storage on the back.

$85,000 MLS# 904280

110-114 North Main Street

Great location on North Main, has all brick construction, layout is for professional office and can be converted to retail space. Would be a great restaurant location with rear entrace parking. Can be sbdivided or sold as a whole. Over 2,400 sq ft.

$99,900 (each side) MLS# 904560 & 904561

108 Holly Trail

Nice 3 BR, 2 full BAs, all brick home in Clubview. More than enough storage inside & out. Nice shop with covered entrance, RV parking shed, well maintained yard with lots of mature plantings, including a beautiful rose bed. Timberline roof is two years old.

$149,900 MLS# 904644

518 1st Street SE

Historical home close to downtown with access to shopping, churches, recreation and schools. 5 BR, 3 BA, oak floors downstairs. Large KIT w/cherry wood cabinets. Double car garage w/ one BR apt.

$129,900 MLS# 903166

316 Floral Drive

One of the biggest and most spacious Rosemont Townhomes available. 2 BR, 2 BA. Two car garage with separate office and private backyard. Well maintained inside and out.

$159,000 MLS# 904540

27 8th AVE SE

Well established office building in Colonial Village. Easy access from S. Main St. SE. 3 private offices, open work space, 2 BA, alarm system, ample parking.

$74,900 MLS# 904537

810 5th Ave SE

Very nice starter home with plenty of space. 3 BR, 2 BA, hardwood floors, fireplace and unique coffered ceilings.

$85,000 MLS# 904013

724 5th Ave SE Complete former medical office, can be converted to a professional office or retail with ease. Excellent location, high traffic counts. $99,900 MLS# 904100

2189 GA Hwy 202

Beautiful older farmhouse on almost 11 acres in S.W. Colquitt County. 2 BR, 2 BA all heart pine construction, pond, lots of privacy.

$129,000 MLS# 904255

149 Martin Lane

Very unique home located just outside Moultrie. Three acres include a 2 BR, 2 BA house. Workshop, storage building, cook house, stocked pond and new dock. House has beautiful wood work inside. Large wood burning fireplace, office enclosed porch with custom blinds.

$169,900 MLS# 904462

2013 4th Street SE

This home in Colonial Heights is move-in ready. It has 3 BR and 2 BA with new and extensive renovations including countertops, carpet, insulation and low-e-wndows. Covered deck, great location.

$94,995 MLS#904582

233 Pine Ave. SE

Nice all brick home in Colonial Heights with 3 BR, 2 BA. It has lots of built-ins, with fireplace in the den. Deck overlooks a really private backyard. Walking distance to R.B. Wright School.

$124,900 MLS# 904559

1712 Pine Circle

Nice 3 BR, 2 BA home with oak floors, bonus room, large master bath. Home is handicap accessible in quiet neighborhood.

$99,500 MLS# 904435

250 Cherokee Drive

Beautiful well kept home in Indian Lake Subdivision. Front porch looks over the lake. 3 BR, 2 BA, large family room, rocking chair front porch, patio, fireplace and much more!

$157,500 MLS# 904589

4853 Tallokas Road

Well maintained home just outside Moultrie. 3 BR, 2 BA move-in condition. Vaulted ceilings, fireplace, two car garage. Nice deck in back.

$179,000 MLS# 904072

SINCE 1957

709 South Main Street l P.O. Box 3007 Agents & Evening Phone Numbers Moultrie, Georgia 31768 Kirk Friedlander, GRI...................589-0618 (229) 985-1145 l Fax (229) 890-1445 Patricia Taylor...............................891-8456 E-mail: Website:

(229) 985-1145

SINCE 1957

Todd Hall.......................................850-0025 Wayne Cooper...............................891-6439 Regina Giles..................................891-8162

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30 17th AVE SE

Large 3 BR, 2 and a half bath home in SE Moultrie. Lots of living space with fireplace in the den. Nice wooded lot with patio off the den. Separate dining and living rooms. You can walk to R.B. Wright School.

$169,950 MLS# 904405

10 Wifregrass Circle

Lakefront living with great in-town location. 3 BR, 2 BA with lots of upgrades. Entire inside has been repainted and brand new carpet installed in all bedrooms. Plantation shutters, nice deck overlooking lake.

$189,000 MLS# 904609

12 Quiet Cove

One of Moultrie’s most unique homes. Open & bright & sits in a quiet cul-de-sac lot. 4 BR, 3 BA with new gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops & old pine floors. Patio has brick pavers. Oversize lot, sprinkler system & alarm system. Coutryside Sub.

$279,000 MLS# 904363

287 Twin Lakes Driver

Lakefront living at its finest. 5 BR, 4 and a half bath in excellent condition. Hardwood floors, granite counter tops, fireplace, pool, full shop with power and water. Lake access with 2.4 acres.

$359,900 MLS# 904613

552 Fred Webb Road

Huge 4 BR, 4 BA home sitting on just over five acres. Private country setting with pond. Hardwood, carpet and tile floors. Fireplace, large living space, walk-in attic storage. Priced to sell.

$349,900 MLS#904650

1336 Fairview Drive

Frank McCall house located just off Main Street. This large brick home has everything and is move-in ready. Foyer, 4 BR, 2 and a half bath. LR, large sun room, breakfast room, kitchen, laundry, dining etc. Located in R.B. Wright School district.

$179,999 MLS# 903836

16 Terrace Court

Over 2,000 sq. ft. custom built terrace home with 3 BR, 2 BA. Excellent construction with Timberline roof & concrete board siding. Enclosed sunroom with heat & air, hardwood floors throughout including bedrooms. Den has fireplace with gas logs. Two car enclosed garage with back entrance. Easy access to all services.

$224,500 MLS# 904490

12 Pine Cone

Well built all brick home in Wiregrass. 4 BR, 3 and a half bath with custom features such as granite countertops throughout & hardwood floors. Private deck overlooking woodlands. Home is in excellent move-in ready condition.

$299,900MLS# 904293

143 Southlake Drive

Beautiful 3 BR, 3 and half bath in one of Moultrie’s finest neighborhoods. 2+ acres, pool, pool house, 2 car garage and mother in law suite.

$479,900 MLS# 904258

155 Twin Lakes Drive

Large 2 story brick home with 4 BR, 3 and a half baths. Has in-ground gunite pool, inside is beautiful with vaulted ceilings. Large den fireplace, stainless steel appliances with hard counter tops. Master BR on first floor. Two car garage & irrigated lawn.

$365,000 MLS# 904355

1758 Gatewood Circle

This beautiful home has it all, 3 BR, 2 BA, foyer, dining room, living room, kitchen w/ breakfast room. Large master suite, spacious fenced in back yard. Beautiful hardwood floors w/carpet in bedrooms.

$189,000 MLS# 904602

107 Holly Trail

Really nice 4 BR, 3 and a half bath all brick home in Clubview. NIce big yard with great views. Very spacious inside, excellent neighborhood and school district.

$289,900 MLS# 904536

384 Tanglewood Drive

If location and quality are important to you then you should consider this custom built home on Tanglewood. 4 BR, 3 and a half baths. Granite counter tops, hardwood floors, hardiboard siding, screened-in porch, fireplace, oversized garage.

$314,995 MLS# 904210

112 Fairway Drive

One of the most beautiful and prestigious homes in Moultrie. Jack Wilson A1A architect designed home on 5 acres. Adjorning the Sunset Country Club. 4 BR, 2 and a half baths. This home is 2 story Georgian style brick, wide heart pine floors. This joins a 10 acre lake with all rights of ownership.

$549,000 MLS# 903934

4025 GA HWY 33 North

Brand new 4 BR, 3 BA home in north Colquitt County. Pineridge is one of Moultrie’s newest neighborhoods. Quality construction throughout, real wood floors. Hardy Board siding. Timberline shingles, custom cabinets with granite tops. Bright & open. Seller is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Georgia.

$229,890 MLS# 904245

19 125 South Main - At the Grand Downtown Moultrie, Georgia 31768

Office: 229-985-0177 Fax: 229-985-0178 Cell: 229-873-2533

Debbie J. Mock Realtor

Call me for all of your real estate needs.

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4 BR, 6 BA $599,900 MLS#904102

4 BR, 3 BA $430,000 MLS#904528

5 BR, 3 BA 1 half bath $369,900 MLS#904303

4 BR, 3 BA and 1 half bath $389,900 MLS#903805

4 BR, 3 BA $299,900 MLS#903849

4 BR, 2 BA and 1 half bath $259,900 MLS#904085

4 BR, 4 BA $275,000 MLS#903219

6 BR, 5 BA $499,900 MLS#903703

3 BR, 2 BA $185,000 MLS#904277

3 BR, 2 BA $187,500 MLS#904243

3 BR, 2 BA $178,000 MLS#904155

2 BR, 2 BA $144,900 MLS#904117

3 BR, 2 BA $129,500 MLS#904084

4 BR, 2 BA $134,900 MLS#904402

3 BR, 2 BA $119,900 MLS#904276

3 BR, 2 BA $119,500 MLS#904429

3 BR, 2 BA $119,500 MLS#904349

3 BR, 2 BA $126,500 MLS#904348

3 BR, 2 BA $138,000 MLS#904207

3 BR, 2 BA $115,500 MLS#904194

3 BR, 2 BA $129,900 MLS#904430

3 BR, 2 BA $118,000 MLS#904635

3 BR, 2 BA $119,500 MLS#904067

2 BR, 2 BA $68,900 MLS#904193

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January - February - March 2015



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16 Old Tram Road 8 BR, 4 BA and 1 half bath in Countryside Subdivision $799,900 MLS#904621

1720 Eastview Lane - Southgate 2 BR, 1 BA Townhome $85,000 MLS#903385

719 South Main Street Moultrie, Georgia 31768

229-985-3032 Reduced

1156 6th Street SW 2 BR, 1 BA home $47,500 MLS#903607

2212 5th Street SE 3 BR, 2 BA Fenced Yard $119,000 MLS#903609



1159 6th Street SW 2 BR, 1 and a half bath $47,000 MLS#904311

459 Bob Taylor Road 3 BR, 1 BA $45,000 MLS#903706

4082 Old Doerun Road 2 BR, 2 BA 1,360 sf $99,000 MLS#903779

52 Pine Valley Circle 3 BR, 2 BA brick home $85,000 MLS#904380

313 Floral Drive 2 BR, 2 BA Townhome 1,326 sf $110,000 MLS#902965

114 Cotton Field Lane 4 BR, 2 BA on 2.18 acres $134,900 MLS#904356

2 Bracken Drive 3 BR, 2 and half bath Executive Home $224,900 MLS#904310


317 Star Circle -Norman Park Nearly new 3 BR, 2 BA 1,496 sf $139,900 MLS#903834



C.O. Kennedy Road 3 BR, 2 BA w/ 5 acres 1,736 sf $90,000 MLS#904309

1624 Murdock Street 2 BR, 2 BA on 3.5 acres 1,550 sf $185,000 MLS#903915

1408 7th Street SE 3 BR, 2 BA Features kitchens, could be used as a mother-in-law suite. Corner lot. $129,000 MLS#904673

LAND - Mitchell County 11.82 acres in Mitchell County. Pond, and great homesite. $35,460 MLS#904248

Residential Lots

Sloan’s Village: $15,000/Lot Owner must approve plans. 156.7 acre farm Excellent soil! 50 acres under pivot. Balance in timber and hardwoods. $5,000 per acre MLS#903954


For Lease - Commercial 5,000 sf Restaurant Building Includes Equipment and Tables High Traffic Area near Lowes, Home Depot and Moultrie Stadium Cinemas. Call for Details and a Showing!

Countryside-Executive Lot $99,000 Shadow Lake Lots start at $59,900 Beautiful building sites!

January - February - March 2015

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We can handle all your design needs: drapes, bedding, pillows and everything for your windows!


Fabric Avaliable or Bring Your Own!

Complete Design Services l Call us today! Owner: Leslie Whittington Paradice

515 GA Hwy 133 South l Moultrie

229-985-5285 Jim Hill, owner Januray - February - March 2015



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Office: 229-985-0177

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125 South Main - At the Grand Downtown Moultrie, Georgia 31768

2 BR, 1 BA $45,000 MLS#904215

2 BR, 1 BA $49,000 MLS#904659

3 BR, 2 BA $52,900 MLS#904221

3 BR, 2 BA $58,500 MLS#904606

3 BR, 1 BA $65,000 MLS#904347

2 BR, 2 BA $68,900 MLS#90419

3 BR, 2 BA $79,900 MLS#904121

3 BR, 1 BA and 1 half bath

3 BR, 2 BA $89,000 MLS#904154

5 BR, 2 BA and 2 half baths $89,900 MLS#903740

3 BR, 2 BA $94,500 MLS#904115

4 BR, 3 BA $95,000 MLS#904521

3 BR, 2 BA $108,000 MLS#903816

2 BR, 2 BA $110,000

4 BR, 3 BA $110,000 MLS#903969

3 BR, 2 BA $115,500 MLS#904194

3 BR, 2 BA $119,900 MLS#904218

3 BR, 2 BA $119,900 MLS#904276

4 BR, 2 BA $119,900 MLS#904302

3 BR, 2 BA $119,500 MLS#9040671

3 BR, 1 BA $99,900 MLS#904178

3 BR, 2 BA $119,500 MLS#904349

3 BR, 2 BA $118,000 MLS#904635

3 BR, 2 BA $119,500 MLS#904429

3 BR, 2 BA $126,500 MLS#904348

3 BR, 2 BA $126,500 MLS#904348

3 BR, 2 BA $129,900 MLS#904430

3 BR, 2 BA $129,500 MLS#904084

3 BR, 1 BA $129,900 MLS#904279

4 BR, 2 BA $129,000 MLS#903743

4 BR, 2 BA $134,900 MLS#904402

3 BR, 2 BA $138,000 MLS#904207

3 BR, 2 BA $143,500 MLS#904368

3 BR, 2 BA $149,000 MLS#903941

2 BR, 2 BA $144,900 MLS#904117

4 BR, 4 BA, 2 half bath $156,000 MLS#904068

3 BR, 2 BA $187,500 MLS#904243

3 BR, 2 BA $178,000 MLS#904155

3 BR, 2 BA $162,900 MLS#904617


3 BR, 2 BA $185,000 MLS#904277

$79,900 MLS#903739

January - February - March 2015


Realtors Terrie Alderman, Broker/Owner..................229-985-2206 Debbie Mock, Realtor Associate.................229-873-2533 Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Club Judy Burnham, Broker Associate................229-589-0758 Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Club

Office: 229-985-0177

Realtors Jenny Ray, Realtor Associate......................229-873-2291

“We Handle All Your Real Estate Needs” 125 South Main - At the Grand Downtown Moultrie, Georgia 31768

Connie Garcia, Realtor Associate............... 229-891-6443 “se habla español”

Fax: 229-985-0178

Margaret O’ Neal, Realtor Associate...........229-873-7102

4 BR,3 BA $167,500 MLS#904479

3 BR, 2 BA $169,900 MLS#904441

3 BR, 2 BA $175,000 MLS#904483

3 BR, 2 BA $175,000 MLS#903140

3 BR, 2 BA $178,000 MLS#904155

3 BR, 2 BA $178,000 MLS#904155

3 BR, 2 BA $185,000 MLS#904517

3 BR, 2 BA $244,900 MLS#904611

4 BR, 2 BA and 1 half bath $259,900 MLS#904085

4 BR, 3 BA $299,900 MLS#903849

4 BR, 4 BA $275,000 MLS#903219

4 BR, 2 BA

5 BR, 3 BA 1 half bath $369,900 MLS#904303

4 BR, 3 BA and 1 half bath $389,900 MLS#903805

4 BR, 3 BA $430,000 MLS#904528

4 BR, 6 BA $599,900 MLS#904102

Commercial Property

$325,000 MLS#903603 6 BR, 5 BA $499,900 MLS#903703

l Commercial Building-Owner Financing: $115,000 MLS: 903332

l Well established business, great potential: $2,500,000 MLS: 903781 l 2,644 sf building great oppurtunity: $139,900 MLS: 904124

l Metal Building with 3 phase wiring and 3 roll up doors: $159,900 MLS: 904177

l Block building with roll up doors and parking in front and rear on corner lot: $89,900 MLS: 904324 l Income producing property. Currently leased: $230,000 MLS: 904607


l 1.56 acres of land, Mobile homes OK: $5,500 MLS: 903225

l 1 acre building lot with septic tank and well already in place: $30,000 MLS: 903267 l 3.68 acres of land. Great building site with pond: $37,900 MLS: 903831

l 0.34 acre lot close to hospitol and doctor offices: $125,000 MLS: 903905 l 0.48 acres. Ideal for professional office: $160,000 MLS: 903906

l 41 acres, small creek well and older home on property: $157,900 MLS: 903909 l 0.97 acres in high traffic and rapidly growing area: $22,500 MLS: 903918

l 1.02 acre building lot in one of Moultrie’s premier subdivisons. Sunset School district: $45,000 MLS: 903942 l 16 acres, cultivated, great for a small farm or could be turned into building site: $66,900 MLS: 904170 l 10 acres, motivated seller, owner financing, 2 stocked ponds: $75,000 MLS: 904595 l 7.49 acres, close to hospital, nice building site: $169,900 MLS: 904630

January - February - March 2015


(229)985-5336 Toll-free: (866)262-6822 713 South Main Street Moultrie, Georgia

Diane Parten, Broker.......................229-873-6030 Mike Parten, Assoc. Broker.............229-873-6029 Karen Johnson, Assoc. Broker.........229-589-0467 Vi Ladson.........................................229-985-2242

1900 2nd St. SE

This one of a kind home designed by Frank McCall has been completely remodeled to like new condition. 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, spacious family room and kitchen with new appliances. 3796 sq. ft. situated on approx. 1 acre. This beautiful modern home is located only 1 block from R. B. Wright elementary school. Perfect for the large family and /or-in-law suite.


906 Joe Louis Ave

3 BR, 1 BA home. Great first time home buyers or investment property.New tile in kitchen and new paint fenced in back yard.

$26,900 MLS#903529

291 Burum St Pelham, GA

This charming two-story frame home has vinyl siding and features a large foyer, 5BR/3BA, formal LR and formal DR, and Kitchen has room for a breakfast table. Hardwood flooring and very spacious rooms. The roof has been replaced recently.

$94,900 MLS#904632

162 Seminole Drive

This new listing at Indian Lake is a great location and features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large living room and separate dining room. The eat-in kitchen is complete with stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. Good condition with new tile flooring throughout.

128 Southlake Drive

Located on 5 acres with access to 2 ponds, 30 x 25 dock with a 20 x 25 shelter over it and a boat slip. 4 BR 3 1/2 BA home. Kit has been remodeled with custom cabinets and granite counter tops. Bonus room upstairs for family enjoyment. Has a 22 x 26 Work shop with 2 roll up doors and an access door.


704 1st Street SE

Beautiful traditional home in historic district. Numerous upgrades inside. .This two story home would make an excellent office and home combined. Great location. 3 BR and 2 BA upstairs. Beautiful living area dowwnstairs featuring family room, separate DR, sun porch , stainless steel kitchen appliances and many more extras including basement.

$227,000 MLS#903717

201 Norris Drive

3 BR, 2 BA New construction in Doerun School district ideal location for someone working in Albany.

$159,900 MLS#903825

1632 Old Doerun Rd

Large 4 BR, 3 BA home close to town,county garbage, city water & colquitt EMC, 3,425 sf.

$118,00 MLS#904554

$97,000 MLS#903989

509 Northside Dr.

Nice brick 3 BR 1 and half BA, rents out for $400/month. Brick apartment bldg behind main house:upstairs 2 BR,1 BA rents out for $300/month and downstairs 1 BR 1 BA could be rented out for $120/month. Downstairs apt. needs some remodeling.

$55,900 MLS#904313

Lynda Denham.................................229-873-6228 Dell Gay...........................................229-985-2134 Bill Acuff.........................................229-985-9763 Marsha Meadows.............................229-589-1238

10 15th Ave SE

This 4 BR 3 BA brick home has some great updates, including designer kitchen with granite counter tops and all stainless appliances, new windows, replaced roof and new paint inside and out. Fireplaces in formal LR and den. Very nice formal dining room. Double garage with dual control doors.

$169,900 MLS#903314

907 1st Street SE

This 3 BR, 2 BA home has a separate apartment 858 Square feet,Kitchen, Bath and laundry room. Call to view today.

$129,900 MLS#903797

1905 2nd St SE

Beautiful mature lot with producing grape arbors, pear tree, lemon tree, fig tree, nice shady lot. Large building to store RV or use for storage or work shop. Pretty brick outside, inside needs updating. Great investment for growing family. Excellent location across from RB Wright School.

$109,900 MLS#904403

1338 GA Hwy 33 South

4 bedroom, 2 bath manufactured home with 7.72 acres, partially fenced, great for horses, 30x40 workshop and 30x40 shed with concrete floor and electricity, utility house, large covered deck with above ground pool.

$139,900 MLS#904145


2204 Vineyard Court

1417 10th St SW

3 BR, 2 BA, family has outgrown home located 3 BR. 2 BA Completely remodeled home. New in great area with children.Owner is son of sell- kitchen cabinets,new roof,new central heating and air & new flooring. ing realtor. Live Oak school district.

$149,000 MLS#902985

$77,000 MLS#904270

301 Holly Tail

Located in Clubview Subdivision. Spacious foyer leads to comfortable L-shaped LR/DR. The tiled Kitchen has all appliances and a cozy breakfast area. This spacious home also has a Family Room with bookcases, and a study. The MBR has a balcony overlooking the patio and pool area. Large corner lot and is in Sunset School district.

$179,900 MLS#903411


117 Suwannee Road

New Construction on 1.09 acre lot in Riverwood subdivision, Sunset School district. 3 BR, 2 BA home.

$149,900 MLS#903820

1944 4th Street SE

3 BR, 1 BA great starter home located in Colonial Heights Subdivision. Call to see this home today. would make a great investment.

$69,900 MLS#903925

1504 Hutchinson Drive

Beautiful yard, great home for couple or young family. Home has producing pecan tree in back yard with plenty of shade to enjoy. Large storage building and nice carport. This 2 BR, 1 BA home is well kept and move in ready. PRICED TO SELL.

$49,950 MLS#904217

859E Old Berlin Rd

Located southeast of Moultrie approx. 7 minutes from town. 4 Bedroom 2 1/2 bath brick home. Has an over view of pond.This home is move-in ready, just sit and relax on your front porch of home nestled in a quiet community of homes.

$129,900 MLS#904655

Moultrie Magazine: January, February, March 2015 Issue  

The January, February, March 2015 issue of Moultrie Magazine.

Moultrie Magazine: January, February, March 2015 Issue  

The January, February, March 2015 issue of Moultrie Magazine.