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DEFIANCE IN DEKALB: Moore presses forward with fiery speech; leads in new poll



FP approves grant application

Basketball Is Back The Plainview Varsity Girls and Boys were both victorious in Tuesday night's games against the North Sand Mountain Bisons.


On Tuesday, the Fort Payne City Council held a Special Called Meeting to authorized the city to apply for a grant that would begin a new sewer project. The project will hopefully resolve the situation with the failing Terrapin Hills Sewer system. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett Managing Editor

Christmas Is Here! Check out our upcoming events section for a full list of area activities this holiday season including all of the Christmas parades!


Letter to the Editor Look inside for a special letter to the editor from Robert Crumley on why he still supports US Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Roy Moore addressed the media and supporters at the Henagar Community Center Tuesday night. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett Managing Editor HENAGAR, Ala. — (Full Video and Text of Remarks on our Website) On Tuesday night, Roy Moore addressed supporters at a rally in the Henagar Community Center. The event marked his first appearance in almost two weeks and brought national media attention to the Sand Mountain town. Supporters numbered in the hundreds, and news cameras numbered at around 50. Crews from Fox News, MSNBC, ABC World News, NBC News, and CNN made up part of the press crew. The news coverage also included local crews and political news websites. Such coverage of a political candidate is only rivaled by presidential elections. It was almost as if the national media was there for more than a speech. The contrast in media coverage between this week’s event and Moore’s opponent Doug Jones’ rally in DeKalb County on November 9th is stark. During Jones’ rally held in Fyffe, only The Southern Torch

and the Fort Payne Times-Journal were present to cover the event. The combination of a large media presence and a small community center in Henagar lead to friction between reporters and local Republicans. The news crews were given rules by Chairman Scotty Vaughn before the event to ensure there was equal room for supporters and the media. When Moore arrived at the event, there was a small scuffle that occured between local volunteer Roy Moore organizer Tony Goolesby, DeKalb County GOP Volunteer Durwood Reagan, and a Fox News crew. The incident occurred outside the venue. Before the event, camera crews were told to follow instructions given by local police and event organizers. When Moore arrived at the event, the camera crewman in question advanced towards Moore as he exited the vehicle; despite being told by organizers to stay back. Organizers were forced to push back on the national media. Event organizers were not the only ones to show defiance against the media, which has

dramatically increased coverage of the election since the allegations of sexual misconduct were made by several women against Moore. Moore used some of his strongest rhetoric in recent memory while speaking in Henagar on Tuesday night. “These allegations are completely false,” Moore said in his speech. “They are malicious, specifically, I do not know any of these women. Nor have I ever engaged in sexual misconduct with anyone. As a former judge and prosecutor, I know the seriousness of charges like this, and it should be serious, if it happens. When a young lady is abused, and I’ve represented many victims in cases such as this, I’ve seen none that wanted her picture posted on national tv, especially on a political ad.” “This isn’t odd at all; it’s simply dirty politics. It’s a sign of the immorality of our time,” said Moore of the allegations. “This is just a sign of the times in which we live in,” continued Moore. “Politicians will stop at nothing to win an election. This race particularly

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DeKalb Drug Arrests

Nathan Williams, 40 of Ider was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. (DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office)

By Staff Reports



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Commission vacates road portions

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. — The Fort Payne City Council held a special called meeting at noon on Tuesday (November 28) to pass Resolution No. 2017-44, authorizing the application for grant funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to assist in funding with upcoming sewer projects that will resolve the Terrapin Hills sewer issue. Kelley Taft of Kelley Group Engineering, which is writing

DeKalb County Engineer Ben Luther asks the commission to approve the vacation of several areas of county roads. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett Managing Editor FORT PAYNE, Ala. — (View the Video on our Website) To begin Tuesday’s meeting of the DeKalb County Commission, District IV

Commissioner DeWitt Jackson lead the meeting in prayer, and District III Commissioner Chris Kuykendall lead the Pledge of Allegiance. To start their regular business, Tom Broyles updated on the work of the county road department.

Broyles related that the department is patching potholes, and is hauling chert into Deerhead Cove. He also said that the recent dry weather was helping with the

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. — According to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office had been receiving tips from concerned citizens about illegal drugs inside a residence on County Road 788 in the Ider community. On November 22nd the DeKalb County Drug Task Force was notified, and they obtained a search warrant for the residence. As a result of the search they found three different types of steroids and 2 weapons. Nathan Williams, 40 of Ider was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. On November 23rd

Deputies conducted a traffic stop at Alabama Highway 68 and County Road 1 in Collinsville. When Deputies approach the vehicle they could smell a strong odor coming from the vehicle, Deputies asked the driver Jacob Thomas Dasher, 19 of Cedar Bluff to step out of the vehicle, after several times of refusing he step out of the vehicle. Deputies got K-9 Yogi to do an open air sniff, Yogi alerted on the vehicle. During a search of the vehicle a small bag of marijuana was found. Dasher was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of marijuana 2nd,

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Rainsville Fire Drug arrests, page 1 starts smoke detector program resisting arrest and obstructing government operations. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office received a report about an 8 month old baby that tested positive for meth. After an investigation Julia Lynn Doss, 21 of Dawson was arrested on November 28th for chemical endangerment. DHR was also called. No more information can be released at this time due to this case being under investigation. DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Edmondson said, “These tips that concerned citizen’s call in helps us to get drugs off the

By Staff Reports RAINSVILLE, Ala. — Rainsville Fire/Rescue Chief Willimac Wright issued a statement on a new program the department is doing to help ensure more residences have smoke detectors: “The death toll for residential home fires in Alabama is drastically on the rise. Rainsville Fire/Rescue is in the process of partnering with other organizations to assist residents of Rainsville who may not be able to obtain or install smoke detectors in their home. This outreach would include any elderly, low income, or unprotected residence where life safety is a concern and the means of purchase or install is not immediately available. The first step of this process we must determine the need and possible number of homes in our area that are in need of smoke detectors. Secondly, we need to evaluate the number of smoke detectors needed for a particular home. This process

is one that we cannot do alone. We are asking for those who do not have the means to purchase or install a smoke detector in your home, or if you know of someone who doesn't have at least one working smoke detector in their home and would be willing to allow us to assist them with possibly installing a smoke detector. Please contact us through messenger on our Facebook Page (https://www. Fire/), or contact the fire station at 256-638-8055. We will need name, address, contact number if possible, and if the home has more than one level; meaning a two story home or basement. Thank you for your assistance with this mission and we would like to have a good idea of the number of smoke detectors needed before December 20th. This information is very important so we can do our best in positioning our departments to be able to apply for the smoke detectors.” Sincerely,

streets, so thank you and keep calling in these tips in or go to our website at www. dekalbcountysheriff.orgto report any illegal activity through our tip line. The DeKalb County Drug Task Force did a great job on following up on these leads and making this arrest.” “The deputies and K-9 Yogi also did a great job on being observant during the traffic stop. Some of these cases are hard to work especially when they involve children, but we are thankful that it is our job to help get children out of these types of situations,” said Edmondson.

Man arrested after vandalizing neighbor's house

Paul Mitchell Dwight Anderson, 23 of Albertville, was arrested on suspicion of vandalizing his neighbor’s house and vehicles in Henagar. (DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office)

By Staff Reports FORT PAYNE, Ala. — According to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office: Last Wednesday (November 22) the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a residence on County

Road 47 in Henagar about being woke up by their neighbor breaking windows, shoving a steel rod through a bedroom window, hitting a wall, and breaking several vehicles’ windows. When deputies arrived at the residence they found the damage but no subject. Deputies then went to the neighbors, Paul Mitchell Dwight Anderson, 23 of Albertville’s, residence and arrested Anderson which was charged with criminal mischief 1st, criminal trespass 3rd, and reckless endangerment. DeKalb County Chief Deputy Edmondson said of the arrest: “we are glad that no one was hurt during this terrible incident. The owners did a great job on taking precautions and calling us.”

Fort Payne man leads police on chase

PHOTO: Christopher Berry, 40 of Fort Payne was arrested on Thursday night after leading the Fort Payne Police Department on chase up 3rd Street Gap. Berry was also found to be in possession of several narcotics during his arrest. (Fort Payne Police Department)

By Staff Reports

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — According to Fort Payne Police Chief Randy Bynum: On Thursday, November 23rd, at approximately 9:20 pm, Christopher Adam Berry, age 40 of Fort Payne, was charged with Drug Trafficking/Cocaine, 42 grams; Attempting to Elude, Reckless Endangerment, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and a host of driving citations. Officers attempted to stop Berry on a 2009 Suzuki motorcycle when he made several improper turns, ran several stop signs. and passed numerous vehicles then continued traveling up 3rdStreet Gap before wrecking in the curve as he was passing a car. This is Berry’s second arrest with a drug charge in three months, with that coming on August 4th. ***Berry was also arrested in September after being found in possession of narcotics while the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office was searching for a runaway juvenile, and again in August after leading the Fort Payne Police Department on another chase.*** Berry was charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Controlled Substance, Attempting to Elude, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Syringes, and another charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance. These charges were for Methamphetamine, Possession of Oxycodone, and Possession of Hydrocodone.

Chief Willimac Wright

FP Council, page 1 the ARC grant for Fort Payne, visited city hall to update the council today. Taft said that the grant would be 70/30 financing, and the overall project would cost $300,000. This means that the ARC would be contributing 70 percent ($210,000) and 30 percent ($90,000) would be “matched” by the city. The grant must be applied for by November 30, and the resolution approved today authorized the city to apply for the grant. The grant will also include an “add on” that would allow for an approximately 11 mile, “green space.” The green space will be a biking and walking trail that would follow Big Wills Creek. The space will also allow for places to put in and take out kayaks once the creek is cleaned. The route will run from the old Terrapin Hills lagoon to the intersection of Big Wills Creek and 48th Street. Taft also said the city would be, “partnering with ALDOT and the U.S. Army

Corps of Engineers Master Planning and Preliminary Design,” for the project. The first phase of the sewer project will include the failing Terrapin Hills System, and will hopefully resolve the situation with the Alabama Department of Environmental Affairs (ADEM), who are threatening to shutdown the system; a move which would leave houses in the area without sewer service. The second phase of the project will be done at a later date, and would extend city sewer services down 67th Street to Vulcraft. According to sources with the city, ADEM will have a court date with the city soon, and hopefully the government agency will allow the city to “takeover” the failing system until the replacement system can be built. Taft also said that the funding awards will be announced in early 2018, and construction could get started immediately, if the grant is awarded.

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M. Chris Kuykendall

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County Commission, page 1 road work. Broyles also recommend the hire of Matthew McCue for the open road department position in District II. He asked to transfer Josh Nail from the Unit Crew to District II to operate grader, as the new hire doesn’t have much equipment operating experience. The commission moved to honor their request. DeKalb County Engineer Ben Luther held a short public hearing regarding the vacation of portions of County Roads 608 and 196. The portion of 608 was abandoned in the early 2000’s due to roadway realignment, and the adjoining property owners were notified. Luther said the county had not received any comments from the residents on the vacation. As far as the vacation of County Road 196, the item had been brought up in a previous meeting, but commissioners elected to talk to the member of the public who requested the vacation. The commission approved the vacation today. Luther also notified the

commission that a resident on County Road 751, near Hammondville, called his office about a speeding problem on the road. The road is currently paved, but no speed limit is posted on the portions of the road outside of the town limits. Luther requested the commission set the speed limit for 35 mph on the road, from the edge of the Hammondville town limits to Highway 11, as the commission couldn’t set a speed limit within a municipality. The commission approved the recommendation. Commissioner Kuykendall said that he has clients on that road, “and they are constantly complaining about the speeders on that road.” An employee of the DeKalb County Revenue Commission addressed the commission in the place of Revenue Commissioner Tyler Wilkes, who had a doctor’s appointment. The revenue commission requested the hiring of Norma Duarte for

the collections office, to replace an employee who recently retired. The commission voted to honor the request. DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson requested the commission accept the resignation of Samuel Young, who had found another job opportunity. Edmondson also recommended the hiring of April Fowler as a LPN for the jail medical unit, and Pricisilla Padgett, to replace Deputy Daniel Matthews. Chief Jailer Jonathan Langley then asked the commission to accept a bid for a proposal from Ball Electronics for camera repairs at the jail. During the previous meeting, Langley notified the commission that several cameras in the jail and around the Sheriff’s Office facility were not operational. The bid was approved. The next meeting of the DeKalb County Commission will be held on Tuesday, December 12th at 10 am. The commission will hold only one meeting in December due to

the Christmas Holiday. “We want to wish everyone a happy holiday season,” said Commission President Ricky Harcrow before adjourning. “Thanksgiving is past, and Christmas is rapidly approaching. We here at the commission office wish all of you a very happy holiday season. Above all, be safe, and be cognizant of the fact that there are dangers out there on the roads, and we ask the Lord’s providential care on all of you.” “Thank you for the job you do; we appreciate it so very much, and we ask in a special way that all of you and your families be blessed in these coming days,” said Harcrow.




UPCOMING EVENTS December 2, Henagar Christmas Parade - The Town of Henagar will hold their annual Christmas parade on December 2 at 5pm.

Ansley Grider and MacKenzie Taylor read the book “The Sneetches” by Dr. Suess as part of a lesson. (Contributed Photo)

Contributed by Regina Boatwright Wills Valley Guidance Counselor

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — Through weekly lessons, second graders learn the art and skill of relating to others. Since January of 2017, two Fort Payne High School students have been teaching empathy-based curriculum to dsecond graders at Wills Valley Elementary School. Ansley Grider and MacKenzie Taylor founded the Empathy is Elementary initiative with the aims of benefiting children, their classrooms and community. Research the pair gathered shows empathetic children are: not likely to bully, online or in person; more likely to engage in positive social

behaviors such as sharing/ helping others; less likely to be antisocial or exhibit uncontrolled aggressive behaviors; more likely to participate in class and less likely to have classroom behavior problems; more likely to graduate from high school and college and have a full-time job by age 25; and more likely, when they enter the workforce, to successfully manage or work with a team. Grider and Taylor are teaching a four-lesson series to all second graders at Wills Valley Elementary. During the spring of 2017, they led classes with children who are currently in third grade. Approximately 550 kids have participated in empathy lessons. “Our immediate goal is to get kids to share the feelings

of their peers and others in their lives – to put themselves in another person’s shoes and gain an understanding of situations from his or her perspective,” Grider said. “We also hope to create a foundation of empathy awareness kids can build on and take with them into their families, workplaces, and communities.” Grider and Taylor point to a study by researchers at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor that showed college students’ self-reported empathy levels have dropped 40 percent since 1980. They say the ability to empathize is essential to forming meaningful relationships and helps people and groups work together to solve problems.

CHRISTMAS AT THE GIN will take place on Saturday, December 2 in Pisgah from 4-8 pm CT. Almost 30 exciting vendor displays are available, a variety of Christmas refreshments, and children can make their own ornament. Free pictures with Santa from 5-8!

DeKalb BOE Members trade jobs for a day

December 2, Ider Christmas in the Park - The Town of Ider will hold their annual Christmas parade on December 2 at 1pm. Following the parade, the Town of Ider will have a Christmas celebration with free inflatables, hot chocolate and popcorn! There will be carols, music, local vendors, a silent auction, and a bake sale! Get your picture with Santa or kids can make crafts for only $1. The Escape Room will be open, $8 pre-sale and $10 at the doors! All toy donations will go to the Eric Crowe Christmas for Kids. Monetary donations will go to Shop with a Cop.

December 9, Fyffe Christmas Parade - The Town of Fyffe will old their annual Christmas parade on December 9 at 12pm. December 9, Geraldine Christmas Parade - The Town of Geraldine will old their annual Christmas parade on December 9 at 2pm. December 9, Sylvania Christmas Parade - The Town of Sylvania will old their annual Christmas parade on December 9 at 2pm. December 9, Collinsville Christmas Parade - The Town of Collinsville will old their annual Christmas parade on December 9 at 2pm.

December 2, Valley Head Christmas Parade - The Town of Valley Head will hold their annual Christmas parade on December 2 at 10am. December 8, Christmas in the Park - The City of Fort Payne Parks and Recreation Department presents the 33rd annual Christmas in the Park on Friday, December 8 at 4pm. There will be free popcorn, hot chocolate and coffee, soft drunks, hot apple cider. Santa will be in the Park from 4pm to 6pm, and the parade will begin at 6pm!

December 9, Community Dinner - Breakthrough Church of God in Sylvania will be hosting a community dinner from 10:30am until 4:30pm, no charge! Come get your belly full and your spirit filled. December 9, Crossville Christmas Parade - The Town of Crossville will old their annual Christmas parade on December 9 at 5pm. December 9, Christmas at the Crossroads & Parade - Come enjoy a celebration at the annual Christmas at the Crossroads in Rainsville. This fun festive event is filled with refreshments, caroling & parade begins at 4pm and the cost is free.

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DEATH NOTICES CORNER STONE Nina Grace Keith - 85 of Henagar, passed away on Saturday, November 25, 2017 at her residence. The family will receive friends on Sunday, November 26 from 5pm to 8pm and on Monday, November 27 from 9am until the service time at the funeral home. Funeral services are set for Monday, November 27 at 2pm CT at Corner Stone Funeral Chapel with Bro. Arland Weldon officiating. Burial will follow in Fuller Cemetery. Charles “Charlie” Edward Jackson Jr. - 60 of Ider, passed away on Sunday, November 26, 2017 at his residence. The family will receive friends on Tuesday, November 28 from 4pm to 8pm and on Wednesday, November 29 from 10am until the service time at the funeral home. Funeral services are set for Wednesday, November 29 at 1pm CT at Corner Stone Funeral Chapel. Burial will follow in Payne Gap Cemetery. Edwina “Pooh” Hope Floyd - 53 of Fort Payne, passed away on Monday, November 27, 2017 at DeKalb Regional Medical Center. A visitation will be held on Wednesday, November 29 from 4pm to 8pm at Corner Stone Funeral Chapel with cremation to follow. Gary “Peck” Don

Gregory - 72 of Henagar, passed away on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at his residence. The family will receive friends on Thursday, November 30 from 4pm to 8pm and on Friday, December 1 from 10am until the service time at the funeral home. Funeral services are set for Friday, December 1 at 1pm CT at Corner Stone Funeral Chapel. Burial will follow at Fuller Cemetery.

WILSON John R. Rogers - 90 of Geraldine, passed away on Sunday, November 26, 2017 at Marshall Medical Center South. The family will

receive friends on Monday, November 27 from 5pm to 8pm at the funeral home. Funeral services are set for Tuesday, November 28 at 1pm at Geraldine Funeral Home Chapel with Bro. Hoyt Gilbert officiating. Burial will follow in Geraldine Cemetery.

on Thursday, November 30 from noon until 2pm at Old Sardis Holiness Church. Funeral services are set for Thursday, November 30 at 2pm at Old Sardis Holiness Church with Bro. Oron Whitley officiating. Burial will follow in Old Sardis Holiness Church Cemetery.



Sharon Phillips Pendergrast - 68 of Sylvania, passed away on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at her residence. The family will receive friends on Wednesday, November 29 from 11am until 8pm at Rainsville Funeral Home and

Robert Hammon - 87 of Fort Payne, passed away on Thursday, November 23, 2017. The family will receive friends on Sunday, November 26 from 11am until the service time at the funeral home. Funeral services are set for 2pm on

Sunday, November 26 at Wilson Funeral Home with Dr. John Screws officiating with a eulogy given by Scott Phillips. Burial will follow in Walnut Grove Cemetery. Ollie Mae Corbitt - 88 of Mentone, formerly of Georgia, passed away on Friday, November 24, 2017.

WT WILSON Johnny Max Hill - 73 of Valley Head, passed away on Thursday, November 23, 2017. A graveside service is set for 2pm on Sunday, November 26 at Glenwood Cemetery with Rev. Dewayne Roberson officiating. Burial will follow.

Ernest Nolan McMurray - 83 of Geraldine, passed away on Friday, November 24, 2017. The family will receive friends on Sunday, November 26 from 4pm to 8pm at the funeral home. Funeral services are set for 2pm on Monday, November 27 at WT Wilson Funeral Chapel with Rev. Roger White and Rev. Chris Andrews officiating. Burial will follow in DeKalb Memorial Gardens.




That Small, Still Voice

By Marla Jones ST Columnist SYLVANIA, Ala.—Sometimes that small, still voice nudges you and lets you know what your purpose is in life. Lynn and Robert Hass have always had a passion to help children. They have donated anonymously to several organizations, for years. Matthew 25:34-40 “Then the king will say to those on his right, ‘Come, my Father has blessed you! Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger, and you took me into your home. I needed clothes, and you gave me something to wear. I was sick, and you took care of me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’ “Then the people who have God’s approval will reply to him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you or see you thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you

as a stranger and take you into our homes or see you in need of clothes and give you something to wear? When did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ “The king will answer them, ‘I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did for me.’ Lynn and Robert Hass went on a mission trip earlier this year to Kentucky. They were shocked to see so much childhood hunger. After much prayer, the couple felt impressed to start a program in the DeKalb County area. “God began impressing me how much the Sylvania community needs help” said Lynn Hass. “We will focus there and let God spread it.” Robert and Lynn agreed that “charity begins at home” and were lead to start an outreach for the hungry, through the Breakthrough Church of God in Sylvania.


LEGALS IN THE PROBATE COURT, STATE OF ALABAMA, DEKALB COUNTY CASE NO: 2017-274 IN RE: Estate of Wynell Womack, deceased Personal Representative's Notice to File Claim

(Boys Town | Saving Children, Healing Families) The name of the their new ministry will be called “Shepherd's Flock Ministry.” The goal of the program is to feed the children through a meal and the Word. Plans are to start this ministry in January 2018. The free meal

will start before the Wednesday night service. One of the main goals is to start a van route to come pick up anyone who would like to attend. Breakthrough Church of God, pastored by Seth and

Samantha Stone, will kick off the Shepherd’s Flock Ministry with a Community Dinner on December 9, 2017 from 10:30-4:30. Please make your plans to attend, meet the congregation and be fed physically and spiritually.

Letters Testamentary having been granted to Roger Womack as Personal Representative of the Estate of Wynell Womack, deceased, on the 27th day of October, 2017, by the Honorable Ronnie Osborn. Notice Is Hereby Given that all persons having claims against the said Estate are hereby required to present the same within the time allowed by law or the same will be barred. This the 14th day of November, 2017.

Roger Womack, Personal Representative Publish: November 17, November 24, and December 1

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Why I Support Roy Moore

Contributed by Robert Crumley

Contributed by Steve Flowers AL Political Columnist MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Jim Martin passed away recently in Gadsden at 99 years old. His beloved wife of 70 years, Pat, was by his side. He was a true Christian gentleman. Jim was one of the Fathers of the modern Republican Party in the South. In 1962, John Kennedy was President. Camelot was in full bloom. The Congress was controlled by Democrats only because the South was solidly Democratic. The southern bloc of senators and congressmen were all Democrats. Because of their enormous seniority, they controlled both houses of Congress. The issue of Civil Rights was a tempest set to blow off the Capitol dome. Kennedy was under intense pressure to pass major Civil Rights legislation. However, he was up against a stonewall to get it passed the powerful bloc of southern senators. Race was the only issue in the South, especially in Alabama. George Wallace was riding the race issue to the Governor’s office for his first term. The white southern voter was determined to stand firm against integration and was poised to cast their vote for the most ardent segregationists on the ballot. Our Congressional delegation was Democratic, all eight Congressmen and both Senators. Our tandem of John Sparkman and Lister Hill had a combined 40-years of service. Lister Hill had gone to the U.S. Senate in 1938. He had served four six-year terms and had become a national celebrity in his 24 years in the Senate. He was up for election to his fifth six-year term. It was expected to be a coronation. He was reserved,

aristocratic, and almost felt as if he was above campaigning. Hill was also soft on the race issue. He was a progressive who refused race-bait. Out of nowhere a handsome, articulate, young Gadsden businessman, Jim Martin, appeared on the scene. Martin was 42, a decorated World War II officer who fought with Patton’s 3rd Army in Europe. He entered as a private and became an integral part of Patton’s team, rising to the rank of Major. After the war he went to work for Amoco Oil and married a Miss Alabama - Pat McDaniel from Clanton. They then settled in Gadsden and he bought an oil distributorship and became successful in business. He was a business Republican and became active in the State Chamber of Commerce. When the State Chamber Board went to Washington to visit the Congressional delegation, they were treated rudely by our Democratic delegates who were still voting their progressive New Deal, pro union philosophy. Martin left Washington and decided that Alabama at least needed a two party system and that he would be the sacrificial lamb to take on the venerable Lister Hill as the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. Martin got the nomination in a convention and the David vs. Goliath race was on. By late summer the Big City newspapers could feel that Martin had some momentum. He was being perceived as the conservative and Hill as the liberal. Every Alabama courthouse was Democratic, all sheriffs, Probate Judges, and statewide elected officials. It was hard to imagine that the tradition of voting Democratic would change, but the winds of segregation were strong. When the votes were counted in November of

1962, Martin had pulled off the biggest upset in the nation. NBC’s team of Huntley and Brinkley reported the phenomenon on the nightly news. Republican President, Eisenhower, called Martin to congratulate him. However, things were happening in rural North Alabama. Martin had won by 6,000 votes but three days later, mysterious boxes appeared with just enough votes to give Hill the belated victory. The entire country and most Alabamians knew that Jim Martin had been counted out. Jim Martin would have been the first Republican Senator from the South in a century. Some people speculate that he would have been the vice-presidential candidate with Nixon in 1968. Regardless, he was the John the Baptist of the Southern Republican sweep of 1964, and father of the modern Republican Party in Alabama. That 1962 Senate race was a precursor of what was to come two years later. Jim Martin was one-of-five Republicans swept into Congress in the 1964 Goldwater landslide. He probably would have won the U.S. Senate seat of John Sparkman. However, he chose to run for governor against Lurleen Wallace. In 1987 Martin became Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. As commissioner, Martin helped create the Forever Wild land preservation program. Jim Martin has a special place in Alabama political history. See you next week Steve Flowers is Alabama’s leading political columnist. His weekly column appears in over 60 Alabama newspapers. He served 16 years in the state legislature. Steve may be reached at www.

The following letter was submitted to the Editor by Robert Crumley on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. If you have a letter to the editor you’d like to submit, send it to tyler@ I am a lifelong Alabama resident and have followed Alabama politics for decades. I find it shameful and disgusting that the Washington establishment crowd has stooped to new lows and will stop at nothing to try to ruin the life and career of Judge Roy Moore. Roy Moore has served this nation as a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, as a military police officer stateside and then as Company Commander during the Vietnam War. Judge Moore has served the people of Alabama as Circuit Judge in Etowah County Alabama and as Chief Justice of The Alabama Supreme Court. Judge Moore is an avowed Christian and bases his life on the same Judeo-Christian principles that this Great Country was founded on. As a Christian, Judge Moore has been subjected to the vilest attacks imaginable, because of his Christian stand on the issues and in support

of his constituents that elected him to office. Judge Moore has stood up to special interest groups bent on damaging this great democracy and that fact seems to scare the Washington Swamp creatures to the point that they are willing to lie, connive, cajole and bear false witness against this honorable man. Judge Moore was removed from office because of the actions of a small group of liberal activists and unconstitutional decisions by liberal justices (appointed by Barack Obama and William Jefferson Clinton) who, instead of following Constitutional law, are allowed to Legislate from the Judicial Bench. At least 31 states, including Alabama, have voted on and adopted Sanctity of Marriage Laws and these activist Jurists unconstitutionally denied these states their rights given them by our Founding Fathers. Roy Moore has fearlessly defended the State of Alabama, as well as the other states who passed these Sanctity of Marriage laws. You may say he was breaking the law and was removed from office, I tell you he was following the law, voted on by the voters of Alabama, and was illegally railroaded out of office by the liberal elite swamp creatures.

Not only does Judge Roy Moore believe in the Sanctity of Marriage, he also believes in the Sanctity of Human Life. He is a Pro-Life Conservative who believes life begins at conception and that funding for Planned Parenthood or any form of abortion should be stopped. Are you going to allow the RINO’s and the Democratic Party (The party that booed God at their convention) and the special interest groups that are only concerned with lining their pockets and the pockets of their crony friends, to steal this election from the good people of Alabama and give it to a Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama pro-abortionist liberal party hack by the name of Doug Jones? I hope the voters of Alabama are smarter than that! Please don’t be deceived by the lies and conspiracy of the Left and the Washington Swamp scum. There is too much to lose in this election. The nation’s future is at stake. I am unashamedly an Alabamian, I am unashamedly a Southerner, I am unapologetically a Conservative and most of all I am unashamedly and unapologetically a Christian! I hope you will join me in voting for Roy Moore on December 12!

Defiance in DeKalb, page 1

has been opposed by tremendous amount of money. I was advised a few days ago that my opponent is getting a million dollars every few days. This is extravagant. This is beyond being attacked for various things.” Moore also made it clear that he is the face of the new rebellion within the Republican Party. His allegiances are not with the “establishment” Republicans, which have called for him to drop out of the race, but with God, the Constitution, and President Donald Trump. “This election, it’s very important, because it precedes the general elections for United States Senators after Donald Trump got elected. And for some reason in Washington, that’s a big deal. They think this is going to have an effect on elections across the country,” said Moore.

“Why?” Moore asked. “Because they know there is an established group that does not want to change. They want people who will follow along like they have been doing, and basically not pass president Trump’s agenda. That’s why we’ve got cameras lined up along the wall. That’s why we have so many cameras in this small town.” Moore also made it clear that he will work to overturn Rowe vs. Wade, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. The GOP candidate also pledged to oppose transgender rights. “Roe vs. Wade is not fixed precedent,” he said. “It’s an unconstitutional decision just like the Dred Scott decision was in 1857. As far as other rights, I oppose transgender rights. There is no right to believe you



are a person of the opposite sex or opposite gender,” said Moore. In a poll conducted by JMC Analytics (which conducted several polls that proved to be accurate leading up to the primary and runoff) on Tuesday (November 27, the day of the Henagar rally) and Wednesday (the aftermath), Moore is maintaining a 5 percent lead over Jones. The poll surveyed 650 respondents across Alabama who were registered to vote and based on, “recent election participation(likely voters).” Respondents to the poll gave Moore 48 percent support, compared to 43 percent to Jones. A further 4 percent said they’d be voting for a write-in, and another 5 percent are still undecided. While the poll shows Moore with a narrow lead, the geographic methodology of the respondents may skew these numbers to favor Jones. The poll states that, “41% (of respondents) are from Birmingham, 5% from Dothan, 20% from Huntsville, 15% from Mobile, and 19% from Montgomery.” These areas mostly favored Luther Strange in the previous election and are expected to vote heavily for Jones. Moore derives much of his support from rural areas within the state. The Special Election for U.S. Senate will be decided on December 12; less than two weeks away. Stay tuned to the Southern Torch for future updates.








35-28 55-24



Battle of the Devils By Marla Jones Sports Editor SULLIGENT, Ala.—The Fyffe Red Devils were on the road Friday to face the Sulligent Blue Devils, in the third round of the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) State playoffs. The first quarter remained scoreless and as the quarter ended, the Fyffe Red Devils were driving deep into the Blue Devil territory. On the first play of the second quarter, Payton Anderson took it around the right end to put Fyffe on the scoreboard first. The extra point attempt was good, making the score 7-0. Halfway thru the second quarter, Sulligent finally put

(James Williams Photography)

Rams fall to the Rebels

points on the board as they dashed into the endzone. The extra point attempt was good, tying the game 7-7. With 5:17 remaining in the second quarter, Brant Rowell scored around the right end to put the Red Devils up 14-7. With 1:39 remaining in the first half, Sulligent scored on a 23-yard run around the left end to tie things up 14-14. With only :44 remaining in the first half, Fyffe goes up 20-14 on a Seth Benefield to Dakota Dalton 40-yard pass. Sulligent scored to go into the half with the 21-20 advantage over the Fyffe Red Devils. Sulligent scored on a long opening drive to make things 28-20 with 4:51 remaining in the third. After a very impressive drive by the Red Devils, Sulligent intercepts a pass in the endzone and takes over on

the 20 with :47 to play in the third. Sulligent scored on a long pass play to make it 35-20 with 8:25 remaining in the game. On a 70-yard scramble by Payton Anderson, and made the 2-point conversion. The Red Devils trailed 35-28 where the score remained until the end of the game. “It was a tough way to end these guy’s season. I have to give Sulligent credit, they made more plays than we did but our guys are champions and no one can take that away from them” said Fyffe Head Coach Paul Benefield. “These Seniors finish with a 55-3 record, two State Championships and and a runner up. I love my team and they are great kids.”

Take It to the Hoop

Kristy Gallagher | Southern Torch

By Marla Jones Sports Editor WEDOWEE, Ala.—On Friday night, the Sylvania Rams traveled to take on the Randolph County Rebels in the third round of the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) State playoffs. This Sylvania team was the first team to make it to the third round since the nineties. They had, what seemed like, the entire Town of Sylvania cheering them on. Randolph County quickly jumped to the early lead in the first quarter. After three and out, the Rebels once again took possession and scored again with 3:52 remaining in the first. The extra point attempt failed. The Rebels took the 13-0

advantage into the second quarter. With 10:59 remaining in the second quarter, Randolph County scored on a gallop into the endzone. They brought in the two-point conversion to make the score 21-0. With 9:36 remaining in the first half, the Rebels intercepted the ball and capitalized, to make the score 28-0. With 5:05 remaining in the first half, Randolph scores on a dash into the endzone. The extra point attempt failed, the Tigers took the 34-0 lead. The Rebels scored once again and ended the first half of the game with the 41-0 advantage. Randolph quickly scores with 10:50 remaining in the third, to go up, 48-0. With 8:13 remaining in the third quarter, Sylvania scores and

went for two, to make the score, 48-8. With 3:07 remaining in the third, Sylvania strikes again with a stampede into the endzone by Paul Griffin. Blake Spears brought it in, on the two-point conversion, making the score, 48-16. With 8:25 remaining in the game, Spears scores on a quarterback keeper and adds two more points on the conversion, making the score 48-24. The Rebels scored once more to end the game with a score of 55-24. “We were injured and thin going into the game. Randolph County is a very talented team” said Sylvania Head Football Coach Matt Putnam. “We made too many mistakes to beat a team of their caliber. I am proud of ours kids for fighting all year.”

Basketball Across DeKalb For complete basketball coverage, check out our special Basketball edition coming next week! - The Valley Head Tigers Varsity Boys, coached by Chuck Williams, defeated the Gaylesville Trojans on Tuesday night, 52-34. Jaxon Landers led the Tigers with 18 points. Valley Head is now 1-0 in region play. - The Fort Payne Varisty Lady Wildcats defeated the Arab Knights 62-56. - The Collinsville Varisty Lady Panthers defeated the Ider Varsity Lady Hornets, 61-51, last Monday night. - The Ider Varsity Boys defeated the Collinsville Panthers, 52-49.

Kristy Gallagher | Southern Torch

By Marla Jones Sports Editor

RAINSVILLE, Ala.— The Plainview Varsity Girls and Boys were both victorious in Tuesday night's games against the North Sand Mountain Bisons. The Varsity Boys defeated the Bisons 119-55. The team scored twenty-five 3 pointers, which is now a state record. Koby Tinker led the Bears with twenty-seven points, while Caden Millican had nineteen points for the game. Cade Willingham finished the game with ten rebounds. The Lady Bears defeated the Bisons in a nailbiter, 93-92.

Kat Thompson led the team with thirty two points and ten rebounds. Olivia Graham followed closely behind her with

Kristy Gallagher | Southern Torch

thirty one points and led the team on rebounds with eleven total.




Leaders of the Pack

As one season ends and another begins, we would like to reflect on the senior leaders (all chosen by their coaches) of all of our DeKalb County football teams who gathered to take part in our 2017 Football Edition. They are pictured with our own Leader of the Pack, Sports Editor Marla Jones! We regret that a representative from Geraldine was unable to attend. What a great season you had, now on to basketball! Look for our special basketball section in next week's edition of The Southern Torch! (Photos courtesy of Kristy Gallagher | Sports & More Photography)

Collinsville - Isaiah Avila Senior Kicker / Outside Linebacker

Crossville - Blanton Jones Senior Quarterback

Fyffe - Chase Adams Senior Tight End

Plainview - Jacob Wooten Senior Middle LB / Tight End

Fort Payne - Evan McPherson Senior Kicker

Ider - Ryan Adams Senior Quarterback

Sylvania - Ethan Dover Senior Middle Linebacker

Valley End - Roger Kirby Senior Tailback




We would like to congratulate both of our area teams who made it all the way to the third round of the playoffs! We look forward to more stellar seasons from these two and the rest of our DeKalb County teams next year!

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Congratulations to both of the DeKalb County teams that made it to the third round of the 2017 playoffs!






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