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THE SOUTHERN TORCH / FRIDAY, September 2, 2022 / VOL. 8, NO. 35 / $1.00

Food City Deal Moves Forward

By Marla Jones Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala.-- (Full video on Southern Torch Facebook Page) The saga of Food City’s proposed location in Fort Payne continues after an error in the city’s

legal advertisement was published in a local newspaper, The Times Journal. This error prompted the City Council to throw out the previously approved Memorandum of Understanding with Marathon Realty Corporation.

In a previous statement to Southern Torch, Attorney J. David Dodd stated that “ We believe the City Council was well advised to dismiss the complaint and sincerely hope that our City Council will exercise

>See City, P3

Whataburger Coming to FP

By Marla Jones Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala.The Fort Payne City Council held a Special Called Meeting, on

Tuesday, August 30. At the meeting the Fort Payne City Council voted to declare the city-owned property located on Highway


Board Recognizes Employees of the Year

At the recent DeKalb Board of Education meeting, several employees were recognized for their outstanding work in the DeKalb County School System. Marla Jones | Southern Torch

By Marla Jones Managing Editor

Rainsville, Ala.-- (Full video on Southern Torch Facebook Page) The DeKalb County Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, August 25. The meeting was opened with a moment of silence in memory of Frankie Rowell who was Custodian at Crossville.

Rowell was always in attendance at the DeKalb County Board of Education meetings and will be missed. Superintendent Wayne Lyles along with the board honored the Employees of the Year for the 2021-2022 School year. The person who nominated each honoree read their submission before the following were awarded: • Support Employee of the Year - Dana Paddock

• Co-Elementary Teacher of the Year Pamela Diane Laney • Co-Elementary Teacher of the Year Shannon Pruett • Secondary Teacher of the Year - Dr. Brandon Renfroe • Educator of the Year - Brian Pool Chief School Financial Officer Anthony Cooper, presented the first budget outline for the next fiscal year. He stated that the budgeting is not complete

due to all funding not being in. “ We have until September 15 to get the physical year budget approved at the local level by the school system and then sent to Montgomery” stated Anthony Cooper. The following bids were awarded for the school year. • Petroleum Products - Cedar Bluff Oil Co. • Paper Bid - Alabama Industries for the Blind -

$29.95 per case The following resignations were granted: • Chris Szydlowski Science Teacher - Fyffe High School - Resignation - 7/29/22 • Diana Street - P.E. Aide (Leave 8/1/2212/16/22)- Plainview High School- Resignation 8/12/22 • Cary Dewayne Hearn - Bus Driver - Crossville

>See BOE, P4

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2 - Friday - September 2, 2022

Southern Torch



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Trouper the Mustang Welcomes Students Back

The Comeback Kids

By Marla Jones Sports Editor

By David Hall Reporter

Last week, the Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) mascot, Trouper the Mustang, welcomed students back to campus for the fall semester. According to NACC’s website, Trouper is the school’s official mascot. Trouper

is trained by his owner Amber Rain Mathewson. Trouper is recognized on campus with a life-sized statue also featuring Roscoe, Northeast’s unofficial mascot and late campus dog. Roscoe passed away earlier this year. The statue shows Trouper and Roscoe facing each other nose-to-nose, which

according to the statue’s designer and NACC Associate Dean of Instruction, Barbara Kilgore, is a perfect representation of NACC’s message. “They are nose to nose, looking at each other. The mood is one of love and respect: the essences of NACC,” said Kilgore. The fall semester at NACC began on Tuesday, August 23.

LEXINGTON, Ala.-- The Pisgah Eagles came back from a 21-point deficit to win the game against Lexington, 29-28, in their season opener. The Class 2A, No. 8 ranked Eagles took the early lead when Mason Holcomb connected with Jabob Kirby, only a minute into the game. Coach Luke Pruitt stated the Eagles “shot themselves in the foot” with three turnovers, two interceptions in the endzone and a kickoff return for a touchdown brought back due to a penalty. Lexington took advantage of these mistakes and built a 21-7 lead going into the half. In the third quarter,

butler and overseer of the mansion on Perry Street. The gentleman’s name was Dave Perry. He looked the part. Dave Perry was a tall, handsome, distinguished gentleman with a beautiful baritone voice. Dave Perry practically raised Jim Folsom, Jr. He took him to school every day, taught him to ride a bike and taught him to swim in the pool Big Jim had built behind the mansion shaped like the State of Alabama. I’ve wondered over the years that the reason Jim Folsom, Jr. has such a rich southern Black Belt drawl is because he grew up listening to Dave Perry, who had that same melodious drawl. Jim Folsom, Jr. went back to Cullman when his daddy left office but Dave Perry stayed on as the master butler at the Governor’s mansion.

He stayed through different governors, including all of the Wallace years as Governor. Guess what happens? Forty years after Dave Perry became the Governor’s mansion butler, Jim Folsom, Jr. became governor. Dave Perry’s boy had come home. It was like old home week. Jim Folsom, Jr. was my favorite governor to serve with during my entire legislative career. He was the only one who was close to my age. We were friends. I was friends with his wife, Marsha Guthrie from Cullman, while at the University of Alabama. She was a student leader. So, Jim and Marsha were truly friends of mine and still are. During legislative sessions and even during the rest of the year, occasionally Jim would invite his closest legislative friends and political buddies to join him in the “Library,” a

backroom in the center part of the mansion. We would talk politics in the same room that his daddy held court in 40 years earlier. Guess who would join us sometimes? Mr. Dave Perry would tell us Big Jim stories we had never heard. Dave passed away a few years ago in his hometown of Montgomery. He was an Alabama legend. The Alabama Front Porch narrative appears to be poised to transcend to a new generation of Alabamians. My lifetime friend, Bill Blount of Montgomery, recently shared this story of what goes around comes around in Alabama. The 1954 Governor’s race was between “Big Jim” Folsom and Baldwin County State Senator Jimmy Faulkner. Senator Faulkner had been the Mayor of Bay Minette and owned several southwest Alabama newspapers. Big

Photos courtesy of DJ Gray

Lexington scored again to increase their lead to 28-7. The Eagles answered back with a touchdown run by Fox Tinker. Holcomb then connected with Luke Gilbert for the touchdown. The two-point conversion by Holcomb, made the score 28-22. With 2:38 remaining in the game, Holcomb made a pass connection to Dalton Johnson. The Eagles

went ahead with their extra-point attempt. Lexington converted a third down and then had a pass interference penalty to get into field-goal range. The 37-yard field goal was not good, giving the Pisgah Eagles the 29-28 win. The Pisgah Eagles will begin region play on the road, as they travel to take on Sand Rock.

Jim beat Faulkner handily to win his second term as governor. The other two contestants in that governor’s race, whose progeny makeup our “Big Porch,” were State Senator Bruce Henderson from Wilcox County and State Senator Karl Harrison from Shelby County. At that time the President of the Alabama Young Democrats was Frank Long, who was openly for Folsom and would later become legal advisor to Folsom and an integral part of his Cabinet. Faulkner made a big deal about Frank Long’s allegiance to Folsom and refused to attend all Democratic events. Fast forward to today. Marshall Long, a Montgomery attorney who serves as an administrative assistant for the state senate now, is Frank Long’s grandson. Marshall is married

to Caroline Camp, who happens to be Jimmy Faulkner’s great granddaughter. Further, Marshall’s brother, Frank of Birmingham, dates Nickie Reese who is the great granddaughter of Bruce Henderson the aforementioned candidate from Wilcox County. Lastly, the Long brothers grew up with Bill Blount’s sons, Wilson and Jesse Blount. Their great uncle was Karl Harrison from Columbiana in Shelby County, who was also a candidate. Matter of fact, Jess’s middle name is Harrison. Kathryn Tucker Wyndham would enjoy this generational transition. She would simply smile and agree that her adage lives on – Alabama is indeed a Big Front Porch. See you next week.

Inside The Statehouse

By Steve Flowers This is the final version of a three week series of stories that illustrate that Alabama is a Big Front Porch. James E. “Big Jim” Folsom was one of our few twoterm governors. In the old days, governors could not succeed themselves. Therefore, Big Jim was first governor in 1946-1950. He waited out four years and came back and won a second term in 1954, and stayed through 1958. Big Jim was still a young man when he was first elected in 1948. He and his wife, Jamelle, had their firstborn child, James E. Folsom, Jr., in 1949 while Big Jim was governor. Therefore, Jim Folsom, Jr., who some folks refer to as “Little Jim,” was literally born in the Governor’s mansion. Big Jim hired a man to be the Governor’s mansion

Friday - September 2, 2022 - 3

Southern Torch

Me and My Shadow



better care of the taxpayer’s money in the future”. A new public hearing was held on Tuesday, August 30 for those on both sides of the debate. All council members and Mayor Brian Bain were present, with the exception of John M. Smith who recently had surgery. While there was some present for the hearing that was in favor of the proposed development, the majority were against it. Opponents stated that while they were not against competition, they felt that if Food City wanted to open up new development, it should be on “their own dime…not Fort Payne taxpayers”. Others were concerned that their voices were not heard, as Council members did not answer their questions. Additionally, there is a pending opioid case that has been brought against Food City by the State of Tennessee Attorney General’s Office. In the new Memorandum of Understanding, the City of Fort Payne will still pay $3.1 million, as an incentive to bring the

development to Fort Payne. This amount is to be paid in installments as the development meets certain benchmarks. If Food City fails to open or if it closes within five years, it must repay all funds received from the City, with interest. In reaching the agreement to pay $3.1 million, the City stated that they considered the new jobs that will be created, increased sales tax revenue, and the overall impact on the City’s economy. The DeKalb County Economic Development Authority commissioned a study by the University of Alabama which concluded that Food City would “have a significant impact on the economy of both DeKalb County and the City of Fort Payne”. The property on which Marathon

Realty wants to build the development, according to a Fact Sheet presented by the City of Fort Payne, is owned by Drinkard Development. According to Attorney Alan Dodd of Scruggs, Dodd & Brisendine law firm, the property is not owned by Drinkard Development, it is owned by an individual. “We are for competition. Competition helps the customer, it makes them try harder, price groceries lower, and offer more services” stated Alan Dodd. “We are against giving this company a 3 million dollar leg up on the competition.” After nearly two hours of comments from citizens and business owners, the Council agreed to pass the Memorandum of Understanding and to proceed with the proposed development.

By Marla Ballard Reporter DEKALB COUNTY, ALA. – When Officer Josh Wigley talks about his “Shadow” he is referring to his K-9 partner on the police force. Wigley has been an officer since 2009 but has only had the K-9 Labradoodle for 15 months. Shadow came to live with Wigley at eight weeks of age. Shadow, like many of the canines in the Sherriff’s Department, came from Pineapple Farm Kennels in Boaz, they have a long history of providing service dogs. Shadow meets with certified trainer, Micah McCleary, once each week for ongoing training. Wigley said he learns alongside Shadow during training and uses the following days to continue

reinforcing newly learned behaviors. The DeKalb County Sherriff’s office has several K-9 dogs for various reasons. Some of the police dogs serve for drug detection, but the plan for Shadow is to be trained to be a search and rescue dog. Search and rescue dogs are used, in part, to assist in finding senior citizens, small children, or special needs individuals who have wandered off and become lost. Currently, Wigley is assigned as a School Resource Officer and finds that having Shadow with him on the job is a comfort to the young people at the school where he serves. “Just spending some time with Shadow has proven to be a huge benefit to children who are going

through difficult situations,” said Wigley. “We have taken Shadow into the counselor’s office on occasion when the counselor is trying to help a child dealing with a problem.” Wigley said the combination of the Poodle with the Labrador Retriever produces a smart dog along with a relaxed, friendly demeanor. Shadow lives a well-rounded life with the Wigley family and their other dogs. According to dogsforlawenforcement. org, “Dogs have been used by law enforcement agencies for over 100 years. The English used bloodhounds while searching for Jack the Ripper in 1888, and during that time they allowed canines to accompany bobbies on patrol. In 1889, in Ghent, Belgium, police started formally training dogs for police work. By 1910, Germany had police dogs in over 600 of its largest cities. In 1938, South London introduced two specially trained Labrador Retrievers to the Metropolitan Police Force to accompany bobbies on patrol. In the 1970s the use of dogs in law enforcement took a foothold in the United States. Now they are considered a part of the police force, and in many departments, they even have their own badges.”

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September 2, DeKalb Education Retirees Association - The DeKalb Education Retirees Association meeting scheduled for this Friday has been rescheduled to September 2nd due to several cases of Covid. The DeKalb Education Retirees Association will meet in the OLD Fellowship Hall of Broadway Baptist Church in Rainsville. Guest speaker will be Michelle Ibsen from The Gathering Place, accompanied by therapy dog, Gravy.

September 3, Sandstone Glade Plant Hike - Meet at the Nature Center, next to DeSoto’s County Store & Information Center on County Road 89. Fee: Free, pre-registration is required so to know how many to expect. Hike is open to ages 6 to adult. Email Brittney.Hughes@ for more info or to preregister.

calendars for Art Sunday - September 4th from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at King Caldwell Park, Scottsboro. Submit an 8x10 of a person, place or thing for the amateur photography contest. For more details visit scottsboro3artsclub. com. Show vendor and food vendor applications are now being accepted. Contact 3artsclub@ with questions.

September 4, Art Sunday Photography Contest - Mark your

September 17, Boom Days Heritage Celebration - Fort Payne Boom Days



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Heritage Celebration has a much deeper breadth of events and activities and a much further reach bringing in tourists from all over the region. It’s a significant cultural event for our city celebrating Fort Payne’s unique beginnings nearly 130 years ago. Boom Days Heritage Celebration honors Fort Payne’s rich cultural past with events that tie the history to the present, great historical artifacts and clothing at the

Fort Payne Depot Museum, a miniature railroad system in the original office of the Coal and Iron Company, music covering all musical genres. November 5, Canyon Fest -

Canyon Fest is an annual celebration of art and nature featuring local art, crafts, live animal shows, music, food and fun for the entire family. Free and open to everyone. Pets welcome on leashes.

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4 - Friday - September 2, 2022

LEGALS IN THE PROBATE COURT OF DEKALB COUNTY, ALABAMA CASE NO.: 2022-316 IN RE: THE ESTATE OF BILLY TERRY COLLEY, DECEASED ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTICE TO FILE CLAIMS TAKE NOTICE that Letters of Administration having been granted to William Eric Colley, as Administrator Ad Colligendum of the Estate of BILLY TERRY COLLEY. deceased, on the 24 day of Aug, 2022 by the Honorable Ronnie Osborn, Probate Judge. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having claims against the said estate are hereby required to present the same within the time allowed by law or the same will be barred.



35, beside the former Jefferson’s restaurant as surplus and no longer needed for City use. Mayor Brian Baine was authorized to enter into a contract, on behalf of the city, to sell property to Mahogany Properties, LLC, the developer of a Whataburger franchise. Whataburger is an American fast food restaurant chain, headquartered and based in Texas, that specializes in hamburgers. While there is no set timeframe of when can get a tasty hamburger in Fort Payne, Southern Torch will continue to update as more information becomes available.

Elementary School - Resignation 9/16/22 • Josh Strange Custodian (12 months) - Geraldine High School Resignation - 8/19/22 • Michelle Collins - CNP Worker Crossville Middle School - Resignation - 9/15/22 The following Leaves of Absence were approved: • Brenda Douglas - Counselor/Teacher - Crossville High School - 8/15/22-10/13/22 • Meg Jones Business Education Teacher - Crossville - 9/1/22-5/26/23 • Harry Keller Bus Driver - Ider High School - 8/5/22-8/22/22 • Rita Nugent - CNP Worker Geraldine High School - 8/1/22-9/30/22 • Robert Bryant - Assistant Custodian - Crossville Middle School - 8/5/22-9/20/22 • Amanda McKee - CNP Worker - Fyffe High School - 8/1/22-8/29/22 • Mayra Olivares - Translator Crossville Middle School - 8/8/22-10/17/22 • Karen Holcomb - Bus Driver Crossville Middle/ High School - 8/5/22-11/30/22 • Alice Durham Store Worker DeKalb County Career Technical Center - 8/30/22-10/12/22 • Amber Smith - School Nurse Ruhama Jr. High School - 8/10/22-9/21/22 • Ashlei Wanninger - Junior High Counselor Geraldine High School - 11/8/22-3/10/23 • Barbara Neel - Family Consumer Sciences Teacher - Valley Head High School - 8/23/22-12/16/22 • Megan Gilbert - Science Teacher - Ider High School - 9/26/22-11/18/22 The following On the Job Injury was approved: • Eddie Hill Custodian - Sylvania High School - 5 days The Board approved the following Transfers: • Lezlie Pope from Itinerant ARI Instructional Coach at Ruhama Jr. High School to Pre-K Teacher at Plainview High School (Effective 8/2/22) • Emily Ferguson from Elementary



Said notice to be published September 2, 9, & 16

Tony’s Body Shop in need of an auto body technician. Must have experience with auto body filler. Call Tony at (256)844-6671



The Jackson County Commission has openings on the following boards: Department of Human Resources Board

The Jackson County Commission has openings on the following boards: Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourism Association Board

Please send letters and board applications of interest to the Jackson County Commission Office. Letters and applications can be hand delivered, mailed, or emailed. Board applications can be located under quick links on our website (jacksoncountyal. gov). Please address letters and applications to: Bill Nance Jackson County Commission Attn: Kacy King 102 E. Laurel St. Suite 47 Scottsboro, AL 35768 Letters can be emailed to commission@jcch. net with the subject heading: Letter of Interest.

Please send letters and board applications of interest to the Jackson County Commission Office. Letters and applications can be hand delivered, mailed, or emailed. Board applications can be located under quick links on our website (jacksoncountyal. gov). Please address letters and applications to: Bill Nance Jackson County Commission Attn: Kacy King 102 E. Laurel St. Suite 47 Scottsboro, AL 35768 Letters can be emailed to commission@jcch. net with the subject heading: Letter of Interest.

All letters must be received by Monday, September 12, 2022 by 4:30 PM.

All letters must be received by Monday, September 12, 2022 by 4:30 PM.


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Teacher at Ruhama Jr. High School to Itinerant ARI Instructional Coach at Ruhama Jr. High School (Effective 8/2/22) • Melissa Warren from Itinerant Special Education Teacher at Ruhama Jr. High School to Elementary Teacher at Ruhama Jr. High School (Effective 8/2/22) • Misty Beason from Elementary Teacher at Crossville Elementary School to Itinerant Special Education Teacher at Ruhama Jr. High School (Effective 8/2/22) Donna Jones from English Language Arts Teacher at Collinsville High School to Itinerant Secondary Literacy Coach for the District (Effective 8/4/22) • Peyton Wilbanks from Itinerant Special Education Bus Aide at Fyffe Special Services Center to Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional at Fyffe Elementary School (Effective 8/23/22) The following Placements were made: (All placements are made pending a background review meeting suitability criteria and negative, pre-employment drug screen and appropriate certification) Certified • David Hall Elementary Teacher (Leave from 9/6/22-12/16/22) - Plainview High School • Brittany Keith - English Language Arts Teacher Crossville High School (Effective 8/2/22) • Devin Wilson Ashley - Science Teacher (TEAMS) - Fyffe High School (Effective 8/15/22) • Ashley Hudgens Lewis Elementary Teacher - Geraldine High School (Effective 8/11/22) • Savannah Killian - Middle School Counselor (9-month) - Crossville Middle School (Effective 8/26/22) • Brooklyn Hicks - Elementary Teacher - Crossville Elementary School (Effective 8/5/22) • April Ivey - EL Teacher - Collinsville High School (Effective 8/26/22) Support • Shannon Light - Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional (Leave from 8/16/22-12/16/22) - Plainview High School • Seth Lowrey - CNP Worker Crossville Middle/

High School (Effective 8/5/22) • Hannah Biddle - Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional - Sylvania High School (Effective 8/5/22) • Jodi Hill Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional - Geraldine High School (Effective 8/5/22) • Robert Sinclair - Bus Driver Crossville Elementary School (Effective 8/11/22) • Judy Jones Itinerant Special Education Bus Aide - Collinsville High School (Effective 8/19/22) • John Willoughby - P.E. Aide (Leave from 8/15/22-12/16/22) - Plainview High School • Brooklyn Self Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional - Collinsville High School (Effective 8/26/22) • Faith Crump Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional - Crossville Elementary School (Effective 8/2/22) The following Volunteer Coaches were approved: Collinsville High School • Shannon Griggs - Softball • Kelvin Stewart - Baseball • Teddy Helms - Baseball, Football •Bear Jones - Basketball • Jeff Chandler - Baseball •Bryan Debter - Golf • Pedro Sierra - Soccer •James Coker - Softball •Chad Wills - Softball •Mike McElrath - Football •Lydia Petty - Volleyball •David Hernandez - Soccer •Sandra Vazquez - Soccer Crossville High School Joshua Tyler Causey - Football, Baseball Fyffe High School • Erik Magnusson - Track •Ryan Tramel - Golf •Tyler Wilks - Golf • Summer Guinn - Softball •Brant Rowell - Baseball •Ricky Bryant - Basketball • Logan McKenzie - Baseball •Dallas Burt - Softball •Tommy Mayes - Basketball Geraldine High School • Russell Hatley - Football • Carlos Benitez

- Football Ider High School •Seth Finch - Football •John Massey - Football •Robert Elliott - Softball •Shawn Traylor - Softball • Alex Carpenter - Baseball •Steven White - Baseball •Jeff Whitaker - Baseball •Timothy A. •Dalton - Cheerleading •Cole Wootten - Basketball •Roger D. Pruett - Basketball •Paige Hall Whitaker - Cheerleading Plainview High School • Sierra Murdock - Volleyball •Jason Traylor - Softball •Brandon Freeman - Softball •Monty Price - Softball •Kennedi Traylor - Softball •Blake Holloway - Football •Phillip Jackson - Football •Kevin Wilks - Golf •Taylor Seymour - Football •Josh York - Football •Elijah White - Baseball Sylvania High School •Ryan Haney - Football •Travis Welden - Softball •Derek Talley Basketball, Cross Country •Labron Hill - Golf •Westley King - Basketball •Isabella Corbin - Cheerleading •Collin Parnell - Baseball Valley Head High School • Coby Harrison - Football • Rayford Bethune - Football, Basketball, Softball •John Kirby - Football •Josh Smith - Football •Ben Kirby - Football •Kevin Worthey - Basketball •Craig Hulgan - Football, Baseball •Seth Benefield - Football •George Wesley Frost - Football The following Contract was approved: •Rebecca Westbrook - Nurse Bus Aide - 8/5/22-5/25/23 The date of the next meeting will be held on September 8. The regular meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m., A work session and Second Budget Hearing will begin at 4:30 p.m. in the Meeting Room at the Facilities Building.

Friday - September 2, 2022 - 5

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OBITUARIES Section Johnny Wayne Wright - 61, passed away Wednesday, August 24, 2022. services will be held at 12 p.m. Saturday, August 27. Nina Atkins - 82, 10/31/1940-08/28/2022 Graveside Service: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 3:00 P.M. Hilborn Bunnell Green - 88, 04/03/1943 - 08/26/2022 Graveside Service: Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 12:00 P.M

Wilson Barbara King McDowell - 83, passed away on Thursday, August 25, 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama. The family will have a private service.

Burt Meagan Elizabeth Myrick - 32, of Soddy Daisy, TN, passed away on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Memorial Service on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 2pm. Felix Beene - 72, of Chattanooga, TN passed away Tuesday, August 23, 2022. Funeral: Friday, August 26, at 2:00 PM. Dave Burl Blalock - 84, of Mentone, joined his Lord and Savior and bride of 64 years on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Funeral: Tuesday, August 30, at 1 PM.

Friday, September 2 at 5 PM CT. Dorothy Mae “Aunt Dottie” Wilhoite - 93 of Chattanooga died Saturday, August 27 at CHI Memorial. Graveside services are Thursday, September 1 at 2 PM ET. Charlotte Beatrice Smith Scott - 66 of Bridgeport died Sunday, August 28 at Cumberland Health Care. Funeral services are Wed. at 1 PM CT.



Marie Boatner Moore - passed on August 23, 2022. Funeral services are Saturday, August 27 at 2 PM ET. Bettye Sartin Crider - 69 of Ider died Wednesday, August 24 at CHI Memorial. Funeral services are Saturday at 5 PM CT. Johnny Davis Barnett - 80, died Friday, August 26 at Highland’s Medical Center. A memorial service will be held

Rembert “Red” Lacy - 96 of Henagar Alabama, passed away on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at his residence. Funeral Service is Saturday, August 27, at 2:00pm. Doug Carson - 76 of Henagar, passed away on Friday, August 26, 2022, at Memorial Hospital. Memorial Service will be held at a later date. Marie Royal Black - 74 of Henagar passed away on Monday, August 29, 2022. Funeral service is Thursday, September 1 at 12pm.



3801 Gault Avenue, North, Fort Payne, AL

Hedy Enns - 91 of Rainsville originally of Ontario, Canada

passed away on Thursday, August 25, 2022. Funeral service will be held on Sunday, August 28, at 2:00 pm. Shawn Lee Ewing - 31, passed away on Thursday, August 25, 2022 at his residence. Funeral service will be held on Monday, August 29, at 2PM. Linda Benson - 78, passed away on Friday, August 26, 2022. Funeral service will be held on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 11:00AM. Wanda L. Hancock - 86, passed away on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Funeral service will be held on Monday, August 29, 2022 at 11:00 am. Glenn Earl Wells 75, passed away on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 2PM. Victoria Maldonado Perez - 70, passed away on Sunday, August 28, 2022. Funeral services will be held on Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 11:00AM.

Scottsboro Julie (Buko) Gentry-Michaels - passed August 22nd of 2022. A graveside

service will be held on Friday, August 26, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. Albert Donald Avans - 72, passed away on Wednesday, August 24, 2022. A graveside service will be held on Saturday, August 27, at 3:00 p.m. Elizabeth McCamey - 75, of Scottsboro, passed away on Wednesday, August 24, 2022. Service will be held on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. Billy Ray Corbitt 79, passed away Saturday, August 27, 2022. A graveside service will be at 2 p.m. August 30. Allan Trent Lewis - 56, passed away on Monday, August 29, 2022. Funeral services will be held on Friday, Sept. 2, at 2:00 p.m. Jo Ann Vest - 62, of Scottsboro, passed away on Monday, August 29, 2022. Service will be held on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.

W.T. Wilson Dorothy Mae Howard Godwin - 85 of Grove Oak, passed away Tuesday, August 23, 2022. Funeral Services will be held at 1pm on Friday, August 26, 2022.

Bobby Franklin “Frankie” Rowell - 50 of Fyffe, passed away Tuesday, August 23, 2022. Services will be held at 4pm on Thursday, August 25. Patsy Charlyn Shankles - 65, passed away Wednesday, August 24, 2022. Funeral Services will be held at 2pm on Saturday, August 27. Dennis Dale Hancock - 84 of Scottsboro, passed away Wednesday, August 24, 2022. Funeral Services will be held at 11am on Thursday, August 25, 2022. Barbara “Granny” McSpadden - 80, reached her heavenly home on Thursday, August 25, 2022 in the loving presence of her family.Memorial services will be held at 2pm - Sunday, August 28, 2022. Timothy Edward Burt - 66 of Fort Payne, passed away Saturday, August 27, 2022. Funeral Services will be held at 4pm on Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Paul David Lands - 64 of Fyffe, passed away Monday, August 29, 2022. Funeral Services will be held at 2pm on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

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6 - Friday - September 2, 2022

Southern Torch

20 22 SCOREBOARD Football Finals for August 26, 2022

Fort Payne 26, Etowah 14

Cornerstone 44, Success 0

Scottsboro 27, North Jackson 18

Valley Head 26, Section 20 (OT)

Sylvania 19, Saks 6 Fyffe 34, Geraldine 6 Ider 28, Asbury 0 Pisgah 29, Lexington 28

Dade Co 50, NSM 13 Saturday Game: Collinsville 33, Crossville 7

Sylvania Dominates Over Saks

By Roger Scott Sports Reporter

SYLVANIA, Ala. – The Sylvania Rams used a first half of balanced offense and smothering defense to build a lead over Saks that carried the team to a win. Saks, from 3A, Region 4, visited Rams Stadium after beating Ohatchee in Week 1. Sylvania head coach Tyler Vann said he saw some good things from his team after playing North Jackson in a jamboree game. “Overall, in all three phases, there were a bunch of positives, and also some negatives that we have to get cleaned up,” said Vann. Sylvania received the kick and opened its drive behind senior running back Braiden Thomas’ 15-yard run and 30-yard reception from junior quarterback Jaxon Smith. After a Saks face mask penalty and another Thomas gain on the ground, Roman McKeehan took a screen pass from Smith 18 yards to open the scoring for the Rams with 9:50 left in the first quarter. The extra point was no good.

Sylvania’s defense clogged the middle on the Wildcats’ first drive and forced a punt at 7:28 left in the first quarter, as Saks couldn’t find much room to run. The Rams chewed up more yards on the ground behind Smith, Thomas, and sophomore Aiden Parham. A 20-yard Smith completion to senior tight end Brant Kittle moved the Rams down to the 5-yard line. Zack Anderson then took a handoff and ran around right end for the score. The extra point by Connor Andrade was good, bringing Sylvania’s lead to 13-0 with 3:32 left in the first quarter. “Offensively, we moved [the Saks defense] well up front early in the game,” Vann said. The Rams’ defense pressured quarterback Gavin Doss into a couple of incomplete passes on Saks’ next possession. The Wildcats punted with just over 1:00 left, and the quarter ended 13-0 in favor of Sylvania. After runs by Thomas and Parham and a completion to Anderson, sophomore receiver Josh Scott hauled in a 29-yard pass from Smith for the touchdown. The extra point was no good,

Sylvania running back Braiden Thomas stiff-arms a Saks defender. | Mandy Helton / Special to Southern Torch

and Sylvania held a 19-0 cushion. With 6:40 left in the second quarter, Saks picked up its first first down of the game on a Gavin Doss pass and then pushed to the Rams 40-yard line on a run up the middle. The Wildcats’ offense couldn’t gain more yardage and were forced to punt. Saks’ defense then forced a short punt on Sylvania’s possession and started a drive at the Rams’ 30-yard line. Doss completed a pass to receiver Trent Hopkins for a 10-yard gain. The Wildcats pushed to the Sylvania 2-yard-line for a critical fourth-and-2 with :25 seconds left in the first half. A host of Rams pressured the Saks quarterback into

FP Wins in Nail Biter

By Amy Thrash Sports Reporter

FORT PAYNE, Ala. The Fort Payne Wildcats defeated the

Etowah Blue Devils 26-14 on Friday night. Etowah struck first, from 2-yards out, to take the 7-0 lead with 2:24 left in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, with 7:36 remaining Jacob Barnes connected with Marcus Ledford, for a touchdown to tie the game 7-7. Conner Hughes then nailed a 36-yard field goal to give the Wildcats the 10-7 lead going into the half. In the third quarter, Bennet Blanks dove in from 1-yard out, to extend the Wildcat’s lead 17-7, with 5:28 left in the third. The Blue Devils returned the kickoff for a 65-yard touchdown, making the score 17-14 with 5:13 remaining in the third quarter. Hughes hit another field goal making the score 20-14 at the end of the third. With 7:20 left in the game, Barnes scored to give the Wildcats the 26-14 win over the Blue Devils. The Fort Payne Wildcats will travel to Huntsville to take on Mae Jemison on Friday night.

another incompletion and forced the change of possession. At the half, Sylvania led 19-0. “We made them one-dimensional, which is what you want to do on defense,” Vann said. That was key to our success.” The second half featured missed opportunities for the Sylvania offense. The Rams moved the ball to the Saks 15-yard line behind Thomas and Parham, but holding and false start penalties stalled the drive. Sylvania turned it over on downs at the 31-yard line with 4:30 left in the third quarter. “The offense played really well at times, we just have to clean up penalties,” Vann said. “We have to learn to fight through it and

finish drives. We should have put up more points than we did.” The Rams’ defense again pressured Saks after a few short Wildcat gains to force a punt. McKeehan, a sophomore, gained 38 yards on a pass from Smith, and Parham took a flip from Smith and moved the Rams to the Saks 6-yard line. Smith couldn’t connect on a pass to Kittle in the end zone, and another holding penalty stalled the drive. Andrade was a little short on a 38-yard field goal attempt and Sylvania again turned it over on downs. Griffin Haygood made a diving interception on the next play to end Saks’ drive and shift momentum back to Sylvania just before the end of the third quarter. “I thought we tackled well, and made some tackles in space,” Vann said. In the fourth quarter, Sylvania just missed a scoring toss to Thomas and again turned the ball over on downs with 9:57 in the fourth quarter. Saks found room to move the ball in the fourth quarter. Doss, a junior, completed a pass to Hopkins for the touchdown with 8:09

left in the game. The extra point was no good, leaving the score at 19-6 in favor of the Rams. The Wildcats stopped the Rams offense on its next possession, but Saks was pinned on its own 4-yard line by Drenon Townsel’s 50-yard punt. Saks again moved the ball with a long pass to Hopkins, but the Wildcats couldn’t finish the drive and were forced to punt. Sylvania then ran time off the clock, punted, and closed out the game on defense. “There are things that we have to clean up… but we will take a win over a loss any day of the week,” Vann said. The Rams totaled more than 400 yards of offense. Thomas led Sylvania’s ground attack with 126 yards on 22 carries, while Parham earned 69 yards on 10 carries. Smith finished with 172 yards through the air. Anderson scored a rushing touchdown, and McKeehan and Scott each finished with a touchdown reception. Sylvania goes on the road for a critical 3A, Region 6 matchup at Piedmont this week. Saks will host its Region 4 foe Beulah.

Cornerstone Defeats Success

Tristan Johnson eludes the Success Unlimited Academy Mustangs and enters the endzone.

By Marla Jones Sports Editor

RAINSVILLE, Ala.-- The Cornerstone Christian Academy Eagles shut out Success, 44-0 on Friday night. A touchdown with :49 remaining in the first quarter and a kick by Colby Harrison gave the Eagles the early 8-0 advantage. Trey Stewart scored to give the Eagles the 14-0 lead

going into the half. With 7:36 remaining in the third quarter, Trey Stewart made his second catch of the night for an Eagle touchdown. The two-point conversion by Jake Nelson gave the Eagles the 22-0 cushion over Success. Owen Meadows cashed in on a touchdown reception to end the third quarter, with a 30-0 lead for the Eagles. After a Success fumble, Lucas Hale scored for the Eagles

with 6:16 remaining in the game. The two-point conversion failed but added to the Eagles’ lead, 36-0 lead. With less than a minute to play, Henry Harrison recovered a Success fumble and brought it in for the Eagles’ touchdown. The two-point conversion by Tristian Johnson was good to make the final score of the night, 44-0. Cornerstone will host Jacksonville on Friday night.

Friday - September 2, 2022 - 7

Southern Torch

Valley Head: ST Team of the Week

By Marla Jones Sports Editor

VALLEY HEAD, Ala.-- The Valley Head Tigers defeated the Section Lions, in a game that put brother against brother in the coaching duties. The win evened the series with Coach Charles Hammon of Valley Head and Section Coach Chris Hammon.

Section wasted no time scoring on a 64-yard pass connection from Dylan Pope to Brayden Williams, :46 seconds into the game. The Lions carried the 6-0 lead into the half. The Valley Head Tigers received the ball to start the second half. Hunter Robinson cashed in on a Tiger touchdown from 23 yards out, to tie the score with 10:54

remaining in the third quarter. The Tigers went for two but were stopped by the Lions. With 8:44 remaining in the third, J. R. Walker bulldozes his way down the field for a 32-yard touchdown. The extra point attempt failed but gave the Lions the 12-6 lead. With 5:25 remaining in the third, Hunter Robinson runs one in from 6-yards out. The two-point conversion

Saturday Night Lights

by Eian Bian is good, to give Valley Head the 14-12 advantage. With 10:38 remaining in the game, Cameron Summerford gallops into the endzone from 27 yards out for the Section Lions. The two-point conversion was good, to give the Lions the 20-14 lead. With 25.4 seconds remaining in the game, Hunter Robinson sails in to tie the game, 20-20. The

two-point conversion failed to go into overtime. Eian Baine scored from 20-yards out in overtime, to give the Valley Head Tigers the 26-20 victory. For their overtime victory, the Valley Head Tigers were awarded the Southern Torch Team of the Week. Bain finished the night for Valley Head

with 230 yards on 27 carries. For Section, Cameron Summerford ran for 125 yards on 12 carries. J.R. Walker had 94 carries on 23 carries. The Valley Head Tigers will open Class 1A, Region 7 play as they host Decatur Heritage. The Section Lions will travel to Collinsville, to begin region play.

Devils Get Revenge on the Dogs

The Collinsville Panthers tamed the Crossville Lions under the Saturday night lights. Marla Jones|Southern Torch

By Marla Jones Sports Editor

COLLINSVILLE, Ala.-- The Collinsville Panthers defeated the Crossville Lions 33-7, on Saturday night. With 9:49 remaining in the first quarter, Keaton DeBoard brought it in from 52-yards out for the Collinsville Panthers. The kick by Jesus Francisco gave the Panthers the early 7-0 lead. With 4:18 remaining in the first quarter, Hunter James sailed in from 16-yards for the touchdown. The kick by Francisco gave the Panthers the 14-0 lead going into the second quarter. DeBoard scampered into the endzone, from 4-yards out to score with 3:49 remaining in the first half. The kick was blocked but gave the Panthers the 20-0 advantage going into the half.

Mason McAteer made the 19-yard pass connection to Kyler Beene for the Panther touchdown with 4:52 remaining in the third quarter. The extra point attempt failed but put the Panthers up 26-0. McAteer charged down the field for 22-yards on a quarterback keeper to add to the Panther’s lead, 33-0. The Crossville Lions’ defense forced four turnovers with one of those leading to Crossville’s only touchdown. With 3:33 remaining in the game, Noah Causey, dashed in from 2-yards out for the Lion’s touchdown. The kick by Christian Rodriquez was good, making the final score 33-7. Collinsville outgained Crossville by 300 yards. For Collinsville, Keaton DeBoard rushed 14 times for 144 yards and two touchdowns, making

him the Southern Torch Standout of the Night. Quarterback Mason McAteer passed for 42 yards and a touchdown and had a 27-yard run for a touchdown. “It is always good to get that first win of the season and at home” stated Coach Ernie Willingham. “The Saturday night crowd was really good for both teams.” “I thought that we came out at halftime and really played hard. We were able to force several turnovers” stated Crossville Head Coach Riley Edwards. “ Collinsville’s Coach Conde always does a great job on defense.” The Collinsville Panthers will host the Section Lions on Friday night. The Crossville Lions will be on the road as they face the Guntersville Wildcats.

was good to take the 8-0 lead. After Asbury turns the ball over on downs, the Hornets cash in on a touchdown. The point after was food, giving the Hornets the 15-0 lead going into the half. Ider scored with 9:23 remaining in the third. The point-after attempt failed ut gave

the Hornets the 21-0 advantage. After an interception the Hornets brought it in, to take the 28-0 lead. After a long delay for an injury, the game was called. The Ider Hornets will begin Class 2A, Region 7 play on Friday as they take on Whitesburg Christian Academy on the road.

Hornets sting the Rams

By Marla Jones Sports Editor

IDER, Ala.-- The Ider Hornets shut out the Asbury Rams 28-0 on Friday night. The Hornets put the first points on the board with 11:47 remaining in the second quarter. The two-point conversion

Cheryl Boyston |Southern Torch

By Marla Jones Sports Editor

GERALDINE, Ala.-- The Fyffe Red Devils defeated the Geraldine Bulldogs, 34-6 on Friday night. Last season the Bulldogs broke the Red Devils 51-game winning streak. Fyffe recevied the opening kickoff. Fyffe started the game at the 27-yard line. On the first play, Fyffe fumbled. One Geraldine’s second play of the drive, Owen Blackwell intercepted the ball on the 10 yard line. Fyffe’s second drive stalled after the punt. Geraldine took possession on the 20. A third down sack by Evan Chandler brought up 4 and 23. A blocked punt by Logan Anderson, put 2 points on the board for Fyffe, with 4:28 remaining in the first. After a back and forth between the teams, Logan Anderson bulldozed his way down the field for sixteen yards, scoring with 1:11 remaining in the half.

The extra point attempt failed but gave the Red Devils the 8-0 advantage going into the half. After a bad punt, Geraldine recovered the ball at the Fyffe 35. Jonathan Colvin connected with 34-yard pass to Cody Satterfield on the next snap, to set up first-and-goal at the 1. Colvin scored on a quarterback keeper with 9:45 remaining, to narrow the Fyffe lead, 8-6. Fyffe’s Ryder Gibson brought down Colvin on the 2-point conversion attempt. With 2:25 remaining in the third, Anderson powers in for Fyffe, from 4-yards out. The extra point attempt was good to give the Red Devils the 15-6 lead. After a turnover on downs by Geraldine, Anderson stampeded down the field for a 50-yard touchdown. The extra point was no good, making the score 21-6, with :35 remaining in the third quarter. After a 55-yard punt, Fyffe took possession at the 23. Anderson brought it in

for the Red Devils, from 16-yards out, with 9:40 remaining in the game. The extra point attempt failed, making the score 27-6. Geraldine fumbled on their own 27, with 8:23 remaining in the game. Fyffe recovered the ball. Blake Dobbins brought it in from 17 yards out for the score, with 7:24 remaining in the fourth quarter. The extra point was good, to make the score 34-6. After a turnover on downs, Fyffe took a knee to make the final, 34-6. Logan Anderson rushed for 186 and four touchdowns. He was chosen as the Southern Torch Standount for the game. Fyffe will host North Sand Mountain on Friday night. Geraldine will begin region play as they travel to take on the Plainview Bears. That game will be the Regional Game of the Week on 98-3 Wild Country.

8 - Friday - September 2, 2022

Southern Torch

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