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6 Novembe

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Winning Retirem hand: Rosebud ent Harris has Village residen “Trouble” fun playing the t Ken game and Tiahnawith Macey, Isabell . Picture : Yanni a

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SCHO OL all ages is in for “pupil at s” ment VillagRosebud Retire of have joined e. The residen ts School GradeRosebud Primar y 4 pupils reading for a program ager Debra which man“more than Riedel said was just readin “The progra g”. m has brough a sense of lives of positivity into t village residen the pupils benefi ts and t with learnin stories of g she said. the older genera the tion,” “Friendships oped betwee have develresidents; n the childre n and edge and it has brought knowl group’s enthusiasm to each lives.”

Special Promotion - 6 November 2018

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FEAT HERS were flying last week asbestos when neighbours in Red Hill says sheetin from a disuse g was beingdiscovered cordanit is legal and being done ce with properties. d chicken shed removed WorkSafe his licences and in ac- remov near their Monique confirm permit ed. tified by the contra ed it had been s. neighbours Soames said Her neighb had been noshe and ctor ing warne were outraged her halted after but said work calls and wereours had made d by Morni at not be- nearby proper similar nis courts which Shire Counc ty owner complaints by prepared to “takedismayed no one ngton [the] asbest are only of the site metres from was owner os. about the il, WorkSafe, Peninsula “It is only would be s. An inspection “l am sure Ms Soame made comm ship”. being perfor should all on Arthur potentially hazardor the EPA peated s said she this week. community’s you will unders med have been on sense that s Seat had calls to said. we come across Road and ous works put tand the relation to the on private proper told,” Ms concerns the agenci made rehad a removal Soames of information, due chicken es to try “The The contra it by pure chance “only tre-lonstop to the works of dilapid ty in sheds” pre-warning to a lack prise.” to gating EPA and WorkS ctor carryin ”. on the 100-m g shed and sur- relevant license and provided copiesated afe the g out the sheets lying when she Licens s and EPA carry out of saw asbest e- many properdemolition as are investi- Hende ed asbest work alongs the it backs permits tery-hen r said he os removalist onto “We are works. to shed and ide the former os it was happenties and no one David was “lawfu batwas aware to perform bagged licensed a licensed demol “The Red ing at all. ready to B class tion works asbestos removlly engaged he isher and be weeke Hill asbest nd and peoplemarket is on been] engageat the proper al/demoli- fall said. “The works os removalist,” ty and this under the on d by the are using [had He said property B class this property the tenegory. he becam owner removalist concern ...Don’t catin relatio e aware of “publi”. “Demolishing miss securin n to works Lawyers c g that wanted Marshall’s & Advisers that are illegal [and] nor chicken sheds propert ✓ Immediate is is asbest y HOL access os remov not Conveyancin to Bond ✓ Move IDAY REN & Rent into that SORRE Continued al.” ✓ Fast prompt property now Wills & Power g & PEXA TALS we are NTO OFFICE Page 8 the largest ✓ Easy terms assistance s of on and

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n Helping close

peninsula’s housing gap n Super store could ‘destroy’ gateway n Labor names



Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018


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Winning hand: Rosebud Retirement Village resident Ken Harris has fun playing the game “Trouble” with Macey, Isabella and Tiahna. Picture: Yanni

Class has a mix of ages SCHOOL is in for “pupils” of all ages at Rosebud Retirement Village. The residents have joined Rosebud Primary School Grade 4 pupils for a reading program which manager Debra Riedel said was “more than just reading”. “The program has brought a sense of positivity into the lives of village residents and pupils benefit with learning the stories of the older generation,” she said. “Friendships have developed between the children and residents; it has brought knowledge and enthusiasm to each group’s lives.”

Asbestos work alarms neighbours FEATHERS were flying in Red Hill last week when neighbours discovered asbestos sheeting was being removed from a disused chicken shed near their properties. Monique Soames said she and her neighbours were outraged at not being warned by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, WorkSafe, or the EPA about the potentially hazardous works on Arthurs Seat Road and had “only come across it by pure chance”. The contractor carrying out the work

says it is legal and being done in accordance with his licences and permits. WorkSafe confirmed it had been notified by the contractor but said work had been halted after complaints by nearby property owners. An inspection of the site would be made this week. Ms Soames said she had made repeated calls to the agencies to try to put a stop to the works on the 100-metre-long shed when she saw asbestos sheets lying alongside the former battery-hen shed and bagged ready to be

Lawyers & Advisers

removed. Her neighbours had made similar calls and were dismayed no one was prepared to “take ownership”. “It is only common sense that we should all have been told,” Ms Soames said. “The EPA and WorkSafe are investigating the demolition as it backs onto many properties and no one was aware it was happening at all. “The Red Hill market is on this weekend and people are using the ten-

nis courts which are only metres from [the] asbestos. “l am sure you will understand the community’s concerns due to a lack of information, pre-warning and surprise.” Licensed asbestos removalist David Hender said he was “lawfully engaged to perform asbestos removal/demolition works at the property and [had been] engaged by the property owner”. He said he became aware of “public concern in relation to works that are

being performed on private property in relation to the removal of dilapidated chicken sheds” and provided copies of relevant licenses and EPA permits to carry out the works. “We are a licensed demolisher and licensed B class asbestos removalist,” he said. “The works on this property fall under the B class removalist category. “Demolishing chicken sheds is not illegal [and] nor is asbestos removal.” Continued Page 8


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Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

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Helping close peninsula’s housing gap MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire’s representative on the Triple A Housing Committee Cr Simon Brooks said that of the 2000 requests for homelessness services on the peninsula last year 895 were classed as “high priority”. Cr Brooks sourced the statistics from the June Victorian Housing Register, the centralised social housing waiting list for the Bayside/ Peninsula region. “The council has an important role to play in facilitating social housing and will actively work to develop strategies to address gaps in the housing market,” he said. The information is relevant as the council reviews its three housing policies, with the community invited to provide feedback on “how [the shire] can do more to close the housing gap”. The shire’s Draft Triple A Housing Plan, Draft Social and Affordable Housing Policy, 2018 and Draft Rooming House Policy, 2018, are on public exhibition until Friday 14 December. The mayor Cr Bryan Payne said the aim was to develop strategies to address gaps in the housing market. “The policies will also assist council to advocate for and facilitate sustainable housing options for the community,” he said. “They would address issues of homelessness and housing stress having regard to related matters of people’s health, social isolation, poverty, food insecurity and sense of community security. “We want community feedback to update these housing policies to ensure they continue to meet the needs of our community.” About 200 people attended Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Fair Deal Housing and Wellbeing Expo held at Rosebud Memorial Hall during Anti-Poverty Week and Gambling Harm Awareness Week recently. The expo highlighted worsening housing and homelessness issues on the peninsula in the lead up to the state and federal elections. Shire staff said the expo aimed to empower people to take action on housing issues and to offer wellbeing resources and referrals to those who are homeless or struggling to afford the costs of housing. The expo was seen as a worthwhile way of establishing new pathways to available services in a non-threatening environment for those who might otherwise lack knowledge of them or be reluctant to access them. About 30 organisations offering housing or other services attended to explain the services that are available, as well as shire officers. Other organisations, including Back in Black BBQ, CWA,

Rally to push for services ANTI-HOMELESSNESS campaigner Wayne Iremonger said he was hoping to stage a rally in Mornington later this month to push for better homelessness services on the peninsula. Mr Iremonger is one of up to 100 residents affected by the impending closure of the Capel Caravan Park in Eastbourne Road, which is expected to be redeveloped for retirement units (See Park residents worry over futures The News 12/6/2018). “Visualize the current VicRoads advertisement: Zero people killed on our roads, and ask yourself: ‘What is acceptable?’” he said. “Similarly, what is an acceptable figure for homelessness on the peninsula?” Mr Iremonger said he had asked a colleague who was organising a [homelessness] rally in the city to postpone it until after the state elections and to hold it outside the shire’s Queen Street, Mornington, offices. It would be attended by the homeless as well as assistance groups, churches, not-for-profits, and emergency food services outlets. The ABC had also been invited. “The intention is to highlight to state and local government that we do have a problem which needs urgent attention and which should be addressed as soon as humanly possible,” Mr Iremonger said. “Land for affordable housing must be released for the homeless and both local and state governments and agencies have a responsibility to make this happen. “Let’s work together to find and adopt a workable solution.” Mr Iremonger said affordable one-and-two-storey units approved by the state government were feasible options on land which had yet to be allocated.

Industry knowledge: Ingrid Magree, chair of the Mornington Peninsula Housing Network. Picture: Supplied

Rosebud and District Men’s Shed and musicians from Mornington Secondary College, supported the event. The first submissions to the council’s Draft Triple A Housing Plan were lodged at the expo. See the plan on the shire’s website or take part in a workshop, 10.30am-12.30pm, Monday 26 November, at The Studio @PCT, 91 Wilsons Road, Mornington. Community consultation closes 5pm, Friday 14 December, or visit mornpen.vic. Survey forms in hard copy are at the shire’s Rosebud, Mornington, Hastings and Somerville offices, or at other times by appointment at the shire office, 21 Marine Parade, Hastings.

Super store could ‘destroy’ gateway Stephen Taylor A HUGE multi-national supermarket outside the existing commercial zone in Mornington would “destroy the prominent entry gateway to [Mornington]”. The warning comes from Mornington Peninsula Shire Council as it ramps up its criticism of the proposed Kaufland super store on the corner of Nepean Highway and Oakbank Road. The council has been sidelined by Planning Minister Richard Wynne who has appointed an advisory committee to assess the planning application. The mayor Cr Bryan Payne said hav-

ing the proposed store on the edge of green wedge-zoned land would lead to “vacant shops down Main Street”. He said peninsula residents might eventually be given just 20 days to respond to the proposed 4000 square metre giant and its large car parking. The shire is being backed up by Mornington MP David Morris who said he had “no problem with any retailer coming to Mornington, but the community expects them to set up for business in one of the existing retail areas, and to comply with the same rules as our existing traders”. “Unfortunately, that’s not the case with this proposal,” he said. “Kaufland are seeking to rezone

cheaper industrial land on the edge of Mornington, away from the existing retail centres. “While the land can be used for shops, the existing rules impose a maximum size of 1800 square metres. Press reports indicate the proposed store will be at least 17,000 square metres – almost 10 times the permitted size.” Planning Minister Richard Wynne has removed the Kaufland bid from the normal local planning processes and is having it assessed by an appointed board: the Kaufland Stores in Victoria Advisory Committee, which is under his direction. Kaufland spokesperson Didem Bren-

nan said the government’s process was “legitimate, transparent and accountable and encourages public engagement”. He said the store would not be a “mega mall or a massive liquor outlet” and that the panel process was “not about mass rezoning of industrial land”. “Our history shows we can co-exist with smaller retailers,” he said. The shire has taken out full page advertisements in The News to “keep [residents] informed of the matters relating to the ... supermarket to be assessed against the existing local planning scheme”. Major concerns are the intrusion into

the “setback of 90 metres and landscaping to reflect the environmental entry” with plans to turn the area into a 430-vehicle car park with less than 20 metres of landscaping. A 20-metre-high and 60-metre-long advertising sign on top of the building would “permanently dominate the “green” gateway skyline of the entry into Mornington”. The council believes Kaufland would cause major traffic congestion on Oakbank Road and create a “rat run” through nearby streets, leading to more congestion on Bungower Road. Cr Payne said the government had not said when it would put the application on show. Continued Page 11

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Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018





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Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018


Labor names candidates WHILE the Liberal Party contenders for the three state electorates that make up the Mornington Peninsula are making promises on a weekly (if not daily) basis, the Labor Party has been slow to name its candidates. Faced with an uphill battle to win any one of the seats, Labor last week listed Ryan White as standing for Mornington, Simon Meyer, Hastings and Chris Brayne, Nepean. Mr Brayne announced his own candidature last month (“Labor’s late start in Nepean”, The News 1/10/18).

He is opposing Liberal Russell Joseph, who is trying to win the seat of his former boss, Martin Dixon, who has announced his retirement. Mr Joseph, Mr Dixon’s electorate officer since 2014, was one of five candidates who sought preselection for the seat held by the Liberals with a safe 16 per cent margin on a two party preferred basis. In Mornington, Labor’s Ryan White will try to defeat Liberal David Morris, who also has a seemingly safe hold on the seat with a 26 per cent two

party preferred basis. Hastings, held by Liberal Neale Burgess (16 per cent), is being contested for Labor by Simon Meyer. ALP Victoria did not respond by deadline when asked by The News for details of its three peninsula candidates. The party’s state website states: “Victorian Labor is fighting hard to end the Turnbull Morrison Liberal government and the damage it has caused in Victoria.” Keith Platt

Mental health offer

“Programs could include social events for young people or regular services in communities without a permanent headspace location.” All three candidates have also been promising, if re-elected and their party gains government, to improve sports grounds within their respective electorates. “Currently only serviced by portable buildings, the Emil Madsen soccer and netball facility in Mt Eliza is desperately in need of a fit-for-purpose sporting pavilion, access roads and paths to cater for the local sporting clubs,” Mr Morris said on Friday. “The $5.3 million project could fund an appropriate home base for clubs and provide female friendly facilities. “Only a Liberal government will provide our community sports clubs with the backing they need to get back in control and build the facilities they need to support local population growth.” Mr Morris said the centrepiece of “this record investment in suburban

and country sports” was a $89 million “grassroots sport fund”. Meanwhile, Mr Burgess teamed up with his federal counterpart, Dunkley MP Chris Crewther, in announcing a $6 million “commitment” to the “re-development” of Lloyd Park, Langwarrin. A joint news release stated “the project will see Lloyd Park re-developed for the benefit of local community groups including the Langwarrin football, netball, cricket and tennis clubs as well as the Langwarrin scouts”. “The funding boost will see the federal Liberal government provide $3 million, with an elected state Liberal government to match this contribution.” Lloyd park is within the Frankston municipality and Frankston Council has not made any commitment to the plan outlined by the politicians. Mr Crewther did not say if the federal government’s commitment was dependent on the LNP being reelected next year.

THE state Opposition says it will pay $1.4 million over four years for headspace to provide outreach services to 12 to 25 year olds in regional Victoria and Melbourne, including the Mornington Peninsula. “Young people on the peninsula will be able to access mental health support easier and closer to home under an elected Liberal Nationals government,” Hastings MP Neale Burgess said. The state election is on Saturday 24 November. Russell Joseph, Mr Burgess’s Liberal colleague who is standing for the seat of Nepean, said he had “been a strong supporter of the headspace model and the establishment of a satellite/outreach service in Rosebud from the Frankston centre”. Mr Burgess said the peninsula needed extra support “as it is critical that youth in our local community have access to more social events that keep them occupied, focused and engaged”.

RYE Football Netball Club treasurer Russell (Rusty) Atkins with the winner of the club’s Your Choice raffle winner, Chris Jennings.

Winner’s number was up A CROWD of about 200 watched the drawing on Sunday 21 October of the Rye Football Netball Club's annual Your Choice raffle. All 800 tickets had been sold before the draw much to the disappointment of a few people who arrived intending to buy a ticket. The raffle was drawn by its auditor

Gary Cain, who selected ticket number 749 which belonged to Chris Jennings. His prize was $35,000 worth of goods or services of his choice. Winners of $1000 vouchers were GPS Electrical (ticket 22), Chris Sims (79), Graeme Eldridge (74), Trevor Lloyd (193) and Marcus Coventry (642).





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Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018






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Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018


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A WATERLOGGED kangaroo rescued by two policemen in rough seas off Safety Beach last Saturday week was happily “hopping around” two days later at a cosy refuge, a carer said. Animalia wildlife rescue group president Michelle Thomas said she collected the distressed male roo from the Rosebud police station lock up later that evening, Saturday 27 October, and took him to a specialised kangaroo shelter for some much-needed TLC. The roo’s bayside rescue, by Rosebud police Sergeant Chris Russo and Senior Sergeant Kirby Tonkin, who stripped off and waded into the waves, made TV news bulletins on Saturday night. Ms Thomas said the roo may have been “spooked” by young dirt bike riders and, in panic, hopped all the way down Boundary Road, Dromana, to Marine Drive. It fled all the way

to Safety Beach followed by cars which Ms Thomas said “only made matters worse”. “We had callers left, right and centre saying they saw it hopping all the way to Safety Beach,” she said, with the hard bitumen wearing his big toe nails right down. “All the noise and the people freaks them out. When they are frightened or being chased they often hop into the water. It can be their only option. They can swim quite well but not when it is rough like it was on Saturday.” Brought to shore by the policemen, the roo was taken back to Rosebud police station in the divvy van and given antibiotics to combat the effects of taking water into his lungs. “He will need peace and quiet and will be released in a few days.” Stephen Taylor

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Talk about art collectors HERITAGE buildings and gardens expert Richard Heathcote will talk about Carrick Hill, South Australia, at the next Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society, Mornington Peninsula, meeting this Friday (9 November). Mr Heathcote is director of benefaction at Carrick Hill House and Garden (pictured) in Adelaide. From the late 1930s, Carrick Hill was the home of Edward and Ursula Hayward. The foothills mansion, with its glorious garden, was alive with social gatherings at which guests from all walks of life gathered and were entertained. The fine collection of art at Carrick Hill has provided rich material for Mr Heathcote to create exhibitions and publications, using his particular talent of making art accessible to everyone. In his lecture, Mr Heathcote will describe Haywards’ journey as collectors of fine art and furnishings. Previously, Mr Heathcote managed Rippon Lea Estate, the flagship property of the National Trust in Melbourne. He presented The New

Eden, a six part series for ABC Television, which traced the evolution of the Australian garden, and he has also published on heritage buildings and gardens. As a graduate of the Attingham Summer School for the Study of the English Country House, Mr Heathcote has an extensive knowledge of architecture, collections and social history. The Churchill Fellow visited Canada and Britain looking at interpretations of heritage sites. He also joined the prestigious Royal Collections Studies Group that is allowed to inspect the Queen’s collection at Windsor Castle and other palaces. ADFAS lectures are held at the Peninsula Community Theatre, Wilsons Road, Mornington, at 5.30pm on Friday evenings. The Illustrated hour-long lectures are followed by light refreshments and an opportunity to meet the lecturer and fellow members. Booking secretary Glad Hungerford 97872092 will reserve a seat for first-time visitors at no cost. Details: call Vicky Davison 0407 810 877.

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Roo bounces back after dip


Rugged up: The rescued kangaroo being cared for at Rosebud police station. Picture: Supplied Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018


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Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

In the dark: Red Hill resident Monique Soames and her neighbours are upset at not knowing about the asbestos-removal works. Picture: Yanni

WorkSafe called to asbestos job Continued from Page 1 Neighbours are not required to be notified unless their homes are within 10 metres of the demolition works. Mr Hender said all correspondence relating to the work was being forwarded to his solicitor. The News is not suggesting Mr Hender is doing anything wrong and is acting in accordance with his licences and permits. WorkSafe’s Jeremy Venosta said the authority was investigating the job, which had been put on hold last week. The EPA’s Troy Kraska said that, as the report concerned removal of asbestos at a worksite, his department had referred

it to WorkSafe and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for investigation. A shire officer was onsite last week speaking with Ms Soames. He confirmed the works were being carried out by licensed asbestos removalists. “This is therefore a WorkSafe matter and council has no legislative power to intervene in the matter,” he said. “The contractor has done his required notification to WorkSafe and we have also passed Ms Soames detailed accounts of the onsite practices to WorkSafe, urging them to investigate. This is as much as we can do in this circumstance.” It is understood a building permit

was not required for the removal of the asbestos – only for demolition of the shed structure. Mr Venosta said WorkSafe was planning to revisit the site this week. Red Hill Ward councillor David Gill said he could “understand why the neighbours were fearful”. “They didn’t know [the contractor] had permits and licences and we all know how dangerous asbestos is,” he said. “It was a windy day and it is asbestos.” Cr Gill said the council needed to play a role in informing neighbours in similar instances. “A lack of notification breeds suspicion and fear,”

MP walks and talks for a good cause Keith Platt FLINDERS MP Greg Hunt took the first steps on a planned 500 kilometre walk on Monday 29 October. The walk around his Flinders electorate will no doubt be a welcome change to the past few months in Canberra which saw him fail to attain the deputy leadership in the bid for the top job by Peter Dutton. In the turmoil that followed, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was eventually replaced as the leader of the Liberals, and Australia, by former treasurer Scott Morrison. Both Mr Hunt and Mr Dutton were subsequently reappointed to their respective portfolios – health for Mr Hunt and home affairs Mr Dutton – by their new leader, Mr Morrison. But the reverberations of the coup and its outcome continued with the loss of the Wentworth, Mr Turnbull’s old seat, in a by-election, to independent Kerryn Phelps. The same set of circumstances saw the now-retired-from-politics Mr Turbull dispatched to Bali last week by Mr Morrison to help explain to Indonesia the Australian government’s decision during the by-election to reassess its previous opposition to recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The US took that step in December last year. The trip ended disasterously for the government, with Mr Morrison saying the government would not again be using Mr Turbull as its official representative.

Mobile minister: Flinders MP Greg Hunt began his 500km charity walk around his electorate on Monday. He sees the walk as part of his role as both a local MP and Health Minister. And, right on cue, his mobile phone rang as soon as Mr Hunt and supporters started the trek at Rosebud. First stop was nearby Padua College, one of 50 schools he plans to visit during his 17 days on the road. Picture: Gary Sissons

Mr Hunt’s 29 October – 16 November walk to raise money for the Abacus Learning Centre and Light Up Autism Foundation is described by his media officer Mathew Langdon as a “formal work event”. “In fact, rather than taking time off or leave, it involves continuous electorate and portfolio work over weekdays and weekends”. The journey will see Mr Hunt visit 50 schools, described by Mr Langdon as “a core part of the duties of any


25 OFF

MP” and probably a record in such a short time by “any member of parliament in their electorate at federal or state level”. “If the minister were on leave he could not appropriately visit schools and not continue portfolio business,” Mr Langdon said. “It is in fact perhaps the most intense formal work period of his term. Indeed, he could be criticised for visiting schools other than in his official capacity. “In short, the office anticipates that


raised for the Abacus Learning Centre and Amaze (Autism Victoria). Anyone can join Mr Hunt on any part of the walk by calling his electorate office on 5977 9082 to discuss where and when to meet him. A sausage sizzle will be held to mark the walk’s end at 5pm Friday 16 November at the Abacus Learning centre, 74 Victoria Street, Hastings. Donations can be made at www. or call59798891 and quote GHWALK.

WAS $2399

SAGE sofa


for the 18 days of the walk, including consecutive weekends, the minister will work approximately 16 hours a day both on the walk, constituent duties and portfolio responsibilities.” Mr Hunt’s first 500km walk around his electorate in 2004 raised $65,000 for diabetes research; in 2007 more than $55,000 was raised again for diabetes research; a third walk in 2011 raised $35,000 for the Abacus Learning Centre in Hastings and Autism Victoria; and in 2015 $75,000 was

in forest slate fabric

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Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018


No government support for fencing at The Pillars

Supermarket bid

Stephen Taylor THE state government is still undecided about a temporary fence being built at The Pillars cliff jumping site despite a plea by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for its help in controlling summer hordes. Port Phillip regional director Kelly Crosthwaite said on Friday the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning was “currently reviewing the information provided by council [on] construction of a temporary fence and will continue to work closely with council to resolve this matter”. Her comment followed a public meeting at the shire’s Mornington office Thursday 1 November which discussed the council’s inability to properly manage parking issues, keep watercraft away, and prevent mainly young thrill-seekers from risking death or injury by jumping at the popular site. Along with the young people comes litter, faeces, parking woes, alcohol and de-vegetation of the site which has become a summer nightmare for nearby residents. The meeting, chaired by Cr Bev Colomb and attended by about 50 people, aimed to “let residents know what’s proposed and to get their views”. Speakers included Mornington MP David Morris, resident Gill Johns, and shire officers Jessica Wingad and Niall McDonagh. Also discussed was the council’s inability to stop water craft: the proposed exclusion zone must be approved by Parks Victoria and policed by Parks Victoria or the Water Police.

THE Pillars meeting at Mornington Peninsula Shire offrices, Mornington.

Ms Crosthwaite said DELWP had been working with the council to develop a long-term plan for The Pillars. She said a plan had been finalised and adopted by council at its 11 September 2018 meeting. “The closure of the site with fencing was not supported by the community during the preparation of the long term management plan,” she said.

Previously, the mayor Cr Bryan Payne had sent a letter to energy, environment and climate change minister Lily D’Ambrosio raising “a range of issues, including the extreme risk to public safety” and request for indemnity for the council “against any liability, losses or claims which may arise from or in connection with the use of the Pillars site by members of the public”.

Continued from Page 3 “When it does, the community will have only 20 business days to respond,” he said. Mr Morris said the “sheer size” of the development in the Mornington Parkland Industrial Area would “put that pleasant, treed gateway to our town at risk”. He said Mr Wynne had “sidelined the council and effectively ruled out any serious local input, because he knows our councillors will stand up for our community”. “The same minister last week bypassed the council and approved a hydrogen liquefaction and loading terminal at Hastings,” Mr Morris said. “The last time a minister intervened directly in local planning decisions was almost a decade ago when Justin Madden approved the Masters development … and what a white elephant that turned out to be.” Mr Morris said Mr Wynne should “abandon his hand-picked panel and allow Mornington Peninsula Shire to consider this application on its merits”. “Unfortunately, he won't do that because he knows that these plans are a gross overdevelopment, on the wrong site, and that it simply doesn’t stack up.” Mr Brennan said Kaufland was making a “significant investment in Australia that will generate thousands of jobs and create opportunities for local businesses”. “An open and public process [was] now underway to consider the first six Victorian Kaufland stores, as well as our proposed Australian head office.” Mr Brennan said Kaufland was “committed to engaging with local communities and partners in an honest, transparent and fair way. This is a fundamental principle upon which all of our decisions are made.” “Regardless of the prescribed planning process, Kaufland will continue to engage with local councils in whose communities we are seeking to invest.”

Feel free to feel at home on the Mornington Peninsula Explore your aged care options at Village Glen’s newest facility in the beautiful community of Mornington. Over-looking Port Phillip Bay, our residences offer a unique aged care experience. Village Glen provides the highest level of care in a state-of-the-art facility, offering respite care, permanent care or day respite services. Residents have complete peace of mind knowing their health and well-being is our number one priority. Walk in and discover a boutique café, a cocktail bar or have a game of bocce on the sports green. Better yet, sit down and enjoy the stunning bay views.

Give us a call to book in your private tour today. 827-829 Nepean Hwy, Mornington VIC 3931 | 1300 VILL GLEN (1300 8455 4536)


Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



Wonder women’s bayside fundraiser

Work starts on new shed

WONDER Woman Walk organiser Helen Powell said she was “amazed and overwhelmed” by the huge turn-out of supporters, Sunday 14 October. The 60 women taking part raised more than $13,000 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation when they walked along the beach and foreshore from Safety Beach to Sorrento. Ms Powell was diagnosed with ovarian cancer five years ago after just two weeks of minor symptoms and is still being treated for the disease. “I could not believe that I could be diagnosed with such an advanced cancer without knowing,” Ms Powell said. “With little to no symptoms and no early detection most women are diagnosed when the cancer has already spread, making it very difficult to treat. “This is why it is the most lethal of the gynaecological cancers. To put it in perspective, only 40 per cent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will survive more than five years compared to 90 per cent of those diagnosed with breast cancer. “We need an early detection test to increase survival rates and this requires funding that can be maintained.” Ms Powell and colleague Jennifer Dordevic came up with the Wonder Woman Walk concept three years ago with six friends taking part. Last year the number increased to 18 and this year 60 women joined in. The Wonder Woman Walkers smashed their $9000 target and, with more than $13,000 raised so far this year, donations are still coming in. “It was a beautiful day for the walk and the members of the public showed much interest and encouragement as the superheros walked past,” Ms Powell said. She was overwhelmed with the interest from friends, colleagues from Monash University, strangers and friendsof-friends, with many travelling from country Victoria and one from Sydney to join the walk. Others included Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation CEO Lucinda Nolan and colleague Tamika Webb. “Sisters, mums, daughters, colleagues all walked together; it was very moving,” she said. Kate Sicilliano, who could not do the walk, put on a picnic lunch which raised more money for the cause. “We would love more women to get involved and any business which would like to be involved, too,” Ms Powell said. Stephen Taylor

MEMBERS of the Mount Martha Men’s Shed watched last week as the first so0d was turned on the site of their new building. The members have been raising money for the past 18 months to build their new shed at the New Peninsula Community Centre, in Craigie Road, Mt Martha. They have outgrown their old building since starting the group three years ago. Money for the new shed has come from the state government, Mornington Peninsula Shire, New Peninsula Baptist Church, Mt Martha Community Bank branch of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and donations. The shed also expects to receive federal government money. “What started three years ago in a small shed here at the New Peninsula Community Centre has now grown to be a hub for a diverse group of men from the community to come together and share life,” Mount Martha Men’s Shed president Andrew Doncovio said. “The vision of the men’s shed movement is very much aligned with our church’s desire to provide support networks for those in need in our communities,” the church’s senior minister David Rietveld said. Flinders MP Greg Hunt MP said men’s shed’s “provide a safe, inclusive environment for Aussie males to come together to chat and put their years of skill to good use, as well as learn new ones”. The new shed is expecte4d to be completed by mid-2019.

STROLLING among the moonahs are, from left, Tracy Vickers, Fiona Urwin, Jeneane Dart and Fairlie Dunlop. While celebrating a refreshment stop along the Wonder Woman Walk are Annick Sweeny (supporter), Angela Wall, Lisa French, Vicki Ashton, Helen Powell and Anita Steele.

Have your say Personal Watercraft along the Mornington Peninsula coastline Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is tackling community concerns associated with the use and compliance of Personal Watercraft (PWC) within the existing boating and swimming zones. We are keen to hear from local residents at upcoming Forward Planning Committee Meetings about their thoughts and suggestions on PWC usage along the Mornington Peninsula coastline. At the meetings, you can make a three-minute verbal submission.

Have your say You can complete a submission online before 5pm Friday 21 December at Alternatively, you can make a verbal submission at one of the upcoming Forward Planning Committee Meetings. Wednesday 14 November, 6.30pm Safety Beach Sailing Club, 185 Marine Drive, Safety Beach Monday 10 December, 6.30pm Rye Civic Hall, 12 Napier Street, Rye Please arrive 10 minutes early if you wish to register to make a verbal submission at either of the meetings.

FREE on site and underground carparks For more information 5950 1336 12398838-RA37-18


Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

Great Prices and Savings all in one space

Eat Food Court with amenities

REHAU Heritage Double Hung Windows Now Available

Don’t sign until you’ve seen Living Design Double Glazing

Cool Gray 11 PMS 368

Non Flammable - BAL29 All Products Australian Made in our white factory PMS 368

All Products Internally Glazed as Standard Enhanced Security Maintenance Free (No Painting ever) Non Corrosive Cyclone Rated/Weatherproof Eliminate Draughts

Please help: Jennifer and Rob Lindsay and Monica and Mark Holland seek donations at the Flinders Bakehouse. Picture: Supplied

In rhythm with farmers’ needs FLINDERS came alive to the sounds of Rhythms for Rain, Sunday 21 October, an event organised by Rob Lindsay to help drought-hit farmers. Lions Club of Flinders secretary Monica Holland said $2400 was raised for the Need for Feed national program. “Visitors enjoyed a beautiful sunny day and wonderful local musicians who played on a voluntary basis in various cafes throughout the village,” she said. Performers included Salty and The Bluebottles, Kathryn Barker, On in 5, Owen Thomas, Ruby Whiting, Coco Michelle, Twisted Sisters, Jason and Rachel, Dan Thornell, Cathy Dobson and Dee and Kevin from the Calmer Miles. Mr Lindsay said all the major venues in

Flinders joined in the event “each with its own brilliant ambience and unique menu”. Participating businesses included Flinders Bakehouse cafe, Georgie Bass Cafe, Pier Provedore cafe, The Village Cafe, Sorellina’s cafe, and Golden Breed Surf Shop.

Fire car boot sale HASTINGS CFA members will hold a car boot sale, 8.30am-2.30pm, Sunday 11 November. A range of items will be for sale at the depot at 149 High Street, Hastings. “We are having a barbecue with our famous egg and bacon rolls, as well as sausages, ready from 8:30,” officer Trent Walden said.

Energy Efficiency

REHAU is a global leader in the UPVC window technology market. They supply High Weather Formula Window/Door frames– specifically designed for Australian conditions. We are a 5 star accredited REHAU manufacturer & Installer based on the Mornington Peninsula (REHAU quality assurance program).

Noise Reduction Sustainability Fully Welded Frames Affordable Dust Proofing 10 Year Unconditional Guarantee Locally Owned & Operated

For a NO OBLIGATION free quote call 5909-8040 or Kim 0412 221 767 Factory showroom open to the public at Factory 1, 7 Lyall St, Hastings We welcome visitors to our factory where you can view our windows and doors being manufactured or view our extensive range of affordable UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors.

No Needle - No Scalpel Vasectomy • 20 - 30 minute simple procedure • No Referral Needed • Consultation is Medicare Bulk Billed • Procedure is Bulk Billed for Health Care Card holders Dr. Wagdi Nagib performs Vasectomies in Rosebud SuperClinic For bookings call Rosebud Superclinic: (03) 5982 0588 Monday - Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm, Saturdays 8.00am to 2.00pm

Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018





Sail the bay • continUous food • live music regional beer & wine • Top Deck BAr & DJ

Helping hand: Store manager Cameron Smith with CWA members Muriel Woods, Dawn Hind and Pat Hall. Picture: Yanni

Dollars for drought-hit farmers STAFF and customers at Coles Rosebud over the past two months have donated more than $25,000 to the Country Women’s Association to help drought-affected farmers. Coles says this makes them the top ranked fundraising store in the state and fourth nationally. With Coles matching every donation dollarfor-dollar during August and September, they

have helped to raise more than $1.06 million state-wide for farmers’ household and family expenses. On top of that, Coles has pledged $5 million in grants or interest-free loans from the Coles Nurture Fund to farmers for projects that will help them combat drought in the future.

Have your say Attention men and women aged 60+:

Are you thinking clearly?


Nutrition plays a role in keeping your brain optimally well. But, as you age, absorption of nutrients gets harder. Add this to nutrient-drug interactions and chronic low grade inflammation and it’s easy to see why your cognitive health needs extra support. If you have concerns about your memory or thinking skills, make an appointment at Whole Medicine.

Dr Michelle Woolhouse MBBS, FRACGP, FACNEM, FASLM

Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

The Shire is developing separate structure plans for Somerville and Balnarring to guide the future of each township and provide effectively for changing community needs. You are invited to attend drop in sessions to talk about the future of Somerville and Balnarring, as well as discussing what’s working well and how this can be enhanced.

Dr Preveena Nair MBBS, FRACGP

Dr Cristina Cooper MBBS, FRACGP


These thoughts and suggestions will be used to help develop the Draft Structure Plans.

Further community engagement will be undertaken in early 2019 to build on the information gathered during this community drop in sessions. If you can’t attend the drop in sessions, you can provide your thoughts online or fill out forms available to complete in hard copy at the Shire’s offices in Rosebud, Mornington, Hastings and Somerville. Submissions close: Somerville Wed 5 December, 5pm Balnarring Thurs 13 December, 5pm

Dr Angela Tallarida

Drop in sessions


VISIT PHONE 03 5986 4229 STOP BY at 113 Boneo Road, Rosebud OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday: 8.30am-5.30pm, Saturday: 9am-1pm CONNECT: PAGE 14

Somerville and Balnarring Township Structure Plans

Medicare: Rebates apply to all services

Somerville Somerville Mechanics Institute Hall Wed 21 November, 6 – 8pm Wed 28 November, 6 – 8pm

For more information

Balnarring Balnarring Community Hall Thurs 29 November, 6 – 8pm Thurs 6 December, 6 – 8pm


Rosebud Rockfest readies to rock the bay

Rock the Boat this summer with Searoad Ferries

IT’S Rosebud’s long history as a great place to enjoy summer lovin’ holidays that makes it the perfect place to revive the fun-filled ‘50s and ‘60s lifestyle. Rosebud RockFest, held over three days November 16-18, is a fun celebration of all things groovy; cool cars and hot bands, rock music dances and shows, retro clothing markets and a Pin-Up contest to boot! RockFest ‘18 starts on Friday evening at Rosebud Primary School with the first of many dances featuring the band Who Was That Cat who play 50’s and 60’s music with a Rockabilly twist. On Saturday morning the Rosebud town centre comes alive with ‘50s bands and street jiving., Hot Rods, muscle cars street cruising along Pt Nepean Road and vintage caravans on disply on the Village Green. At the Rosebud Primary School there’s a ‘50s and ‘60s market with retro clothing, DJs, live bands and dance demonstrations with Rockhouse. During the afternoon the Rosebud Hotel presents bad boy Rockabilly band Diddy Reyes ‘59 Rockers and on Saturday evening, there’s more rock, more roll with Shane Magro Combo, ever popular rockers Fender Benders, Jukebox Heaven’s Honey B and the Stingers and Australia’s coolest Blues and Swing band The Jackson Four. Sunday sees pre-1970’s Hot Rod and Classic Car Show on the Village Green, with hundreds of cars and vintage caravans on show. For fashionistas there’s vintage clothing and ‘Pin Up’ contest in the Memorial Hall. The market continues at the Rosebud Primary School on Sunday from 10am with great music from Who Was That Cat and Fender Benders. All events will conclude by 5pm. Tickets are essential for many events and will sell out quickly, so go to au, where you can also get all the details, and like the Facebook page ForeshoreRockFest for all the latest news.

SEAROAD Ferries has launched a new summer event, Rock the Boat, a unique three-hour sail around the bay with live music, a DJ, continuous canapes and a welcome drink on arrival. There are two scheduled for February 2019. Sailing a bespoke route along the coast either from Queenscliff on February 9, or Sorrento on February 16, there will be a definite party feel onboard the ferries as part of the new summer sunset series. The main event and band will kick off in the Searoad Ferries lounge where there is plenty of seating and room to dance, while delicious canapes are delivered to guests throughout the night. DJ Vince Peach will keep the tunes pumping all evening long as he spins vinyls from the new top deck bar, while guests sail beautiful Port Phillip Bay watching the sun sink over the horizon. Get your dancing shoes on and bring your friends for this unique summer event. Book your tickets before December 31 to receive an early bird special price of $99 per person, or purchase a voucher for that special Christmas gift. What: Rock the Boat When: Sail from Queenscliff February 9, or Sorrento February 16. Tickets: Book early bird tickets before December 31 for $99 per person, regular price of $129 per person

November 16th – 18th There’ll be hot bands, cool cars, dancing, pin-ups and way more to get you all shook up!

the Fun starts g n i n e v E y a d i r F on Stay up to date, follow us on @Foreshore Rockfest Tickets are essential for many events and will sell out quickly! so to BOOK NOW go to


Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



Letters - 300 words maximum and including full name, address and contact number - can be sent to The News, PO Box 588, Hastings 3915 or emailed to:

Safe for the Libs, but not good for residents Why do we on the Mornington Peninsula in the state electorate of Nepean keep voting Liberal? Are we just stupid? When we look across Port Phillip at Geelong we see politicians on both sides falling all over themselves, promising this and that to be elected but, when we see the reality of voting for one side of politics, making Nepean a safe Liberal seat, we get nothing. Year after year nothing is done to upgrade our major roads, Peninsula Link stops at Jetty Road, Rosebud and has done since the 1980s, and I don’t think Martin Dixon, our retiring Liberal MP, has done anything to continue it onto Melbourne Road in Rye, distributing the traffic from Dromana to Sorrento. Point Nepean Road is another lost cause. It is the same dilapidated road that my father drove in the 1950s when he brought us down for the Christmas holidays, except for improvement at Rosebud and other shopping centres along this two-lane country road. Voting for a Liberal member has got Nepean residents nothing except a golden handshake for the Liberal member in retirement, and you could say the same thing with [Flinders MP] Greg Hunt, our federal member. Oh, he his good at cutting ribbons for small things, but major roads is not one of them. Think before you cast your vote this time for state and federal governments, think of what these politician have done for us in Nepean, as transport is not one of them. As we get older and our car licenses are taken from us, there are no trains, the bus service is a joke and taxis are too costly, a mobility scooter won’t get you far. We on the real Mornington Peninsula, from Dromana to Sorrento, have been left for dead in this safe Liberal electorate. Anthony Misell, Capel Sound

Refugee statistics Christine Fry needs to update her knowledge on refugee intake (“Refugees have a choice” Letters 30/10/18). When you look at refugees resettled through UNHCR, Australia lists fourth in 2015 with 9000 resettled refugees. Last year, 27,626 resettled refugees arrived in Australia, with the increase being due to the one-off commitment of 12,000 places for Syrian and Iraqi refugees and delays in the processing of refugee applications, which saw a reduction in arrivals in 2015. Here are the countries that resettled the most refugees through UNHCR in 2015: United States (66,500); Canada (20,000); Australia (9400); and Norway (2400) But while most refugees who are resettled in Australia come through the UN, this isn’t the only way it happens. Of the 2.34 million people given refugee status in 2015, only 0.1 per cent (2377 people) were given refugee status in Australia. At the end of 2015, Australia had 20,677asylum applications pending. Australia received 16,117 asylum applications in 2015, ranking it 61st relative to GDP worldwide. As comparison, a country such as Sweden in 2015 received 162,877 asylum seeker applications, plus 3400 UNHCR resettled refugees. When it comes to the total number of refugees recognised and resettled by a country, Australia ranks 25th (and 32nd on a per capita basis). These are the top five countries by that measure: Turkey, Russia, Germany, Tanzania and the United States. On a per capita basis, that list becomes: Turkey, Lebanon, Djibouti, Jordan and Rwanda. In the 10 years to December 31, 2015 the 139,398 refugees recognised or resettled by Australia accounted for 0.99 per cent of the global total of 14,129,593 — with Australia ranked 26th overall, 31st per capita and 46th relative to national GDP. Catarina Luczak, Somerville

Blame Labor/Greens I read with interest Ann Renkins’ comments calling on the Prime Minister Scott Morrison to apologise to the 52,000 plus illegal immigrants who were intercepted trying to sneak into Aus-


tralia through the back door (“Timely apology; show sympathy to refugees” Letters 30/10/18). Surely she must have her wires crossed? It was the Labor/Greens alliance that caused misery with adults and babies drowning at sea. The Labor/Greens alliance which opened 17 new detention centres, Manus Island and the detention centre on Christmas Island. What Scott Morrison did was to stop the boats. And now, after five years, having had to try and ascertain the true background and identity of people with no documents and who refuse to say where they are from, we are down to the last few. In the past nine weeks more than 50 children have been resettled. Yes, we need an apology, just not from Scott Morrison, who deserves our thanks. Michael Free, Mt Martha

Train priorities During the time of the Kennett Liberal government, the railway to Mornington was closed. The Liberals now want to electrify the railway as far as Baxter, which in 2016 had a population of 2162. This still leaves Mornington, population 23,989 in 2016, without a rail connection into Frankston and beyond. The population of the Mornington Peninsula was 155,000 in 2016 and is now 164,000 and growing. A discussion with the Mornington MP David Morris about the lack of regular and reliable public transport brought a shrug of his shoulders. The existing railway tracks and property are still in place. The local rail enthusiasts run tourist trains almost every weekend. There is no excuse for inaction by politicians. John Always, Mt Martha

Planning omission At a recent public state election forum held at RMIT, Labor and Liberal MPs were invited to present election policies and take questions from a 100 or so concerned citizens. Mornington’s MP, David Morris, to his credit, was one of the four MPs who turned up; none were from Daniel Andrews’s ALP government. Mr Morris talked about Phillip Island and Hume councils as well as being drawn into the City of Melbourne elections, but at no time did he mention Mornington or the threat to the green wedge and beyond the urban zone; property developer plans to build five-storey buildings in Kunyung Road, Mt Eliza; and potential subdivisions to the last Ansett cliff top estate. Surely Mr Morris has the responsibility to support his electorate and show more determination on such issues? His law and order policies are a red herring or, in this case, a blue herring, as where are the alternative political candidates in this safe Liberal seat? Ian Morrison, Mt Eliza Community Alliance and Kunyung Road Action Group Editor: The Labor Party last week named its three candidates for the three Mornington Peninsula electorates – Ryan White, Mornington; Chris Brayne, Nepean (“Labor’s late start in Nepean” The News 1/10/18); and Simon Meyer, Hastings.

We ‘deserve better’ One might think that [senior manager project engagement] Kelly Parkinson and his employer AGL had received the message by now (“Supply concerns drive gas import ‘urgency’” The News 24/10/18). In his diatribe Mr Parkinson and AGL continue to display their unbridled desperation to get their floating gas terminal at Crib Point. AGL’s modus operandi is classic corporate sleight of hand. Hire as many “independent experts” to produce as much one-sided information as possible and then keep rehashing the same old rehearsed arguments, most of which have proven to be false and misleading (such as the promise of jobs, cheaper gas prices and the false guarantee of supply). Twenty-six public meetings (AGL’s figure) sounds impressive. The trouble is that AGL’s version of community consultation is to steam-

Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

roll and brainwash with mountains of spin, dodgy “expert” reports and fear tactics. Should that fail then throw some cash bribes at local community groups and sporting clubs. If only AGL hadn’t offloaded our gas reserves in the first place. The company’s track record simply shows that it cannot be trusted environmentally, economically or ethically. Sadly, the EIS will only serve to delay what I regard as bullying tactics and environmental vandalism. Ironically, Planning Minister Richard Wynne appears to be following suite. Bypassing local government planning rules, he wrote to the mayor of the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Brian Payne, last week, to inform him he had used his ministerial powers to approve the construction of a hydrogen liquefaction and loading terminal in the shire. It will be built at BlueScope Steel’s terminal site at the Port of Hastings in Western Port. No community consultation at all. Western Port deserves better, but we are going to have to fight for it. Bill Mitchell, Somers

Divided community The steering committee of Save Westernport was recently informed that a person driving a white ute was systematically driving around and taking down No AGL posters from fences and roadside locations. One of our members replaced the signs on her front fence 15 times before she gave up. And I came home to find my own sign unceremoniously torn and cut off from my front gate. Why would any resident of the Western Port area feel so passionate about wanting to have a large polluting gas factory with its accompanying pipeline and visiting LNG tankers compromising the fragile ecology of a renowned fishing spot and Internationally designated Ramsar wetland installed? AGL has made it quite clear that it will create very few jobs. However, AGL has approached local businesses and sporting associations with offers of substantial amounts of money and other benefits if they support AGL to use the bay for its hugely profitable plan. For the residents who have felt left behind, or sidelined by mainstream society, the jobless and disenfranchised, finally it feels like someone is taking notice of them. The boredom and bitterness of many of those left behind by the push of large corporations to exploit and plunder for the benefit and profit of its stakeholders is, in their naive view, finally going to be mitigated. And a community divided is a community which can easily be persuaded to sit back and passively allow a huge corporate to come in and irreversibly ruin yet another one of nature’s vital refuges. Candy van Rood, Crib Point

Environmental credibility Rupert Steiner is spot on regarding AGL’s senior management project engagement, Kelly Parkinson denying any adverse impacts of the proposed Crib Point gas import project and promoting it as “a safe and environmentally responsible project” (“Questionable claims” Letters 30/10/18). The allusion to chlorine in drinking water being safe is misleading – chlorine is added to drinking water to kill life forms in the water. The statement “when the water returns to Western Port it will break down to an undetectable level within 20 seconds” presumably refers to the concentration of 0.1 mg/l of chlorine in the discharged water becoming undetectable. No reference can be found in AGL’s report “Chlorine in seawater heat exchange process at Crib Point” to chlorine being undetectable within 20 seconds of discharge. Rather, the report identifies the complex reactions between chlorine and bromine in seawater, notes that the resulting toxicity from bromine generated products may be greater than chlorine in the pH range of the seawater and identifies chlorine concentrations after initial dilution and six-hour chemical reaction at 16-18oC as 0.006 – 0.001 mg/l, depending on the number and type of discharge outlets. Recognising the susceptibility of a number of larval and juvenile marine species to chlorine-based toxicants at the concentrations stated in the report, together with the volume of 450,000 cubic meters of chlorinated water being discharged daily, the article by Parkinson would have been more assuring had it absolutely excluded the possibility that no tidal plume

of chlorine-based toxicants will spread to the adjacent Ramsar wetlands, adversely impacting on resident species. The Western Port community deserves technically credible statements on this important issue – not vague assurances that all will be well. John Humphrey, Bittern

Power play If anyone needs a reminder that both Labor and LNP are in the pay of the carbon lobby, the latest decision by Planning Minister Richard Wynne to give the go ahead for a hydrogen liquefaction and shipping facility at Hastings, just a minute before going into caretaker mode, says it all. The brown coal from AGL’S Latrobe Valley coal deposits will be burned to make hydrogen. But the whole process is still in a developmental phase and no one has any idea if the proposed carbon sequestration for this project even is achievable. But obviously our minister must have had a vision of the future and knows that this is possible. Shame on you Mr Wynne. Rupert Steiner, Balnarring Beach Editor: The Labor state government and the Liberal Natioonal federal government have eacg given $50 million towards the hydrogen project led by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (“Parties unite over power” The News 17/4/18).

Government rip off How do you think I feel when I do not have mains water and have to pay the parks and gardens levy to the tune of $238.75, which goes up each year (“All time levy” Letters 30/10/18)? Audrey Doueal is lucky with only $77.10. I have phoned and been told I have to pay, but no one has helped me with rebates for building tanks to supply the house with water or with electricity as every time you turn on a tap the pump goes on. Imaging what amount of revenue this adds up to? Why has there not been any move to advise how much is collected and how much parks and gardens actually use and what happens to the balance.? Transparency is needed and the whole system should be overhauled. John Thompson Dromana

Kaufland? Can’t wait There is a bit of indignation that the German Kaufland supermarket chain is seeking permits from the state government rather than Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to build a giant complex in Mornington (“Make supermarket giant ‘compete fairly’” The News 30/10/18). A huge development like this proposal is likely beyond the ken of a local council. The business acumen of the shire appears to be wholly directed to generating as much tourism as possible and eliminating council carbon emissions. The ethical status of our council is illustrated by a rates surcharge of nearly $200, in defiance of a government-imposed rates cap introduced to reign in excessive rates. The intellectual capacity of our council can be gauged by them expecting us to believe that the surcharge is for waste services already paid for by general rates. Bring on the development. The sooner the better. It will be of great benefit to all residents. Brian A Mitchelson, Mornington

Mental health priority Many will say too many royal commissions, but the proposed royal commission into mental health in Victoria by Premier Daniel Andrews, if he is re-elected, is welcome news to us carers who try and navigate a broken system. Mental Health for far to long has been the Cinderella of health in this country. As people like Professor McGorry and Professor Alan Fels, former chair of The National Mental Commission, have both stated on many occasions, more needs to done to fix an antiquated mental health system. I have a son with schizophrenia, diagnosed over 20 years, and believe me it has been and is a roller-coaster ride due to lack of continuity of care and resources in the public system. More money is not necessary the answer, but how and where it is spent. I will be making a submission to the proposed royal commission and encourage others to do so. We need a bipartisan approach, so come on [state Liberal leader] Mathew Guy, do the right thing and ensure that we get this much-needed royal commission. Denise Hassett, Mt Martha


New aged care home to meet growing need in Rye With a growing need for aged care accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula, Japara’s new Rye home is a welcome addition to the community. The newly constructed Rye Sands will open later this month, catering for 99 residents in private single rooms and ensuites. Located just minutes from the beach and town centre, the home features an on-site café, chapel and theatre space, wellness room, and lots of break-out lounge and dining room spaces for relaxing and catching up with friends and family. Japara’s Development Manager Frank Michienzi said that the new development was in response to a growing need for residential aged care in the area. “Reports show that the Mornington Peninsula already has a shortfall of

approximately 190 residential aged care places,” he said. The Mornington Peninsula has the oldest population of all metropolitan Melbourne regions, with State Government reports forecasting that 21% of the shire’s residents will be aged 70 or over in the next 15 years. Japara’s development is an estimated $20 million in local investment – 20% of the total investment in aged care homes in the Mornington Peninsula region since 2012.

Rye Sands will hold a community open day on Saturday 17 November from 9am to 3pm at 36-40 Weir St, Rye. You can also find out more information on the Japara website or by calling 1800 52 72 72.

— Japara is one of Australia’s largest aged care and retirement providers, with 49 accredited homes around Australia.

A render illustrating a resident’s room at Rye Sands.

Mr Michienzi said that the home’s construction had supported an estimated 185 full-time construction jobs. “When Rye Sands opens it will provide on-going employment for 105 people, generating an estimated $4.8 million in wages and supporting local businesses,” he said. “Japara also provides significant training opportunities for employees, adding to the overall skills base of the local labour force.” A render illustrating the exterior of Rye Sands.

Hello Rye.

Community Open Day –

Saturday 17 November from 9am—3pm

We’re Japara, one of Australia’s largest, most respected aged care providers and we’d like to invite you to our new Rye home. Have a bite to eat while you take a tour and meet our friendly staff members and team of specialists. We hope to see you there. Rye Sands 36-40 Weir St, Rye For more info call: 1800 52 72 72 or visit

Marion, Millward

Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018


Kaufland store for Mornington Gateway Have your say The Victorian Minister for Planning the Hon Richard Wynne has removed the decision making power from your elected Councillors to an Advisory Committee of three people he has appointed. The state government will now consider an application for a major supermarket development on the gateway site to Mornington. This issues paper has been developed by the Council to assist members of the community to understand the potential impact of the proposed development and to have their say. Rules of making a submission applied by the government: Pro forma letters or petitions will be treated as a single submission and only the first person or sender will receive a reply.

What is a Kaufland Store? Kaufland’s “hypermarket” model is described as a cross between a supermarket and a Kmart, with supermarket staples and extras like bikes or car maintenance supplies.

The Size It is proposed to be more than 4,000 square metres which will include a number of smaller tenancies.

The Issues 1. The proposed location is on the border of the green wedge and will destroy the prominent entry gateway to Mornington which has a setback of 90 metres and landscaping to reflect the environmental entry.

Indicative image

2. The current plans envisage minimum landscaping and turning the 90 metre setback into a 430 vehicle car park with less than a twenty metre strip of landscaping. 3. A twenty-metre-high and sixty-metre-long advertising sign on top of the building will dominate the ‘green’ gateway skyline. 4. The establishment of such a major retail site on industrial land outside the Mornington Activity Centre could have a major impact on the retail economy within the Mornington Village and result in vacant shops down Main Street. 5. The proposal will cause major traffic congestion on Oakbank Road and create a “rat run” through the local streets causing more congestion on Bungower Road.

Proposed development footprint

Advisory Committee process and how to make a submission To learn more and have your say, make a submission at the following state government submissions page Or go to our website and follow the link to the state government submissions page.

The state government has given no indication when the proposed development will go on public exhibition. When it does the community will only have 20 business days to respond.

Let the state government know what you think via email Minister for Planning Member for Mornington Member for Eastern Victoria Member for Eastern Victoria Member for Eastern Victoria Member for Eastern Victoria

Hon. Richard Wynne David Morris Daniel Mulino Melina Bath Ed O’Donohue edward.o’ Harriet Shing

For more information 1300 850 600 PAGE 18

Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

Member for Nepean Shadow Minister for Planning Leader of Victorian Greens Premier of Victoria Leader of Victorian Liberal Party

Martin Dixon David Davis Samantha Ratnam Daniel Andrews

Matthew Guy

Southern Peninsula



SAFETY BEACH, DROMANA, McCRAE, ROSEBUD, CAPEL SOUND, RYE, BLAIRGOWRIE, SORRENTO, PORTSEA Residential, Land, Commercial Leasing, Rural, Industrial - Since 1946 RYE 7 Evans Street A GREAT OPPORTUNITY A great opportunity beckons here with this honest brick residence situated on an easy care, flat allotment ideal for the kids to play. Featuring 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, split living comprising separate kitchen and dining, large lounge/ living room with solid fuel heating, bathroom and sep. laundry, paved patio and detached steel lock-up garage. Priced attractively to allow the first home buyer or investor to update as required and add value themselves.

RYE 15 Alwyn Street


COUNTRY BY THE COAST Superbly set on a 1387m2 allotment, this chic coastal home features 3 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area with timber floors and 3 fabulous deck areas for entertaining and soaking up the sun at any time of the day. Large picture windows throughout bring the outdoors in, and an attractive colour palette provides a breezy, light and calming influence. A place for all seasons, additional features include a screened outdoor shower, outdoor fire on the rear entertaining deck, landscaped garden with automated irrigation system, an indoor Coonara fireplace and reverse cycle air-conditioning.








Contact: Michael Christodoulou 0419 003 685 Michael Prentice 0417 369 235

RYE 22 - 24 Kent Road COMPASS COVE Where else can you pick from your veggie patch whilst having sweeping bay & rural views as your backdrop. It’s rare but it’s here. An enviable but affordable lifestyle is available on this generous 1900sqm (approx.) lot comprising a charming two-bedroom cottage and a recently built new building tucked into the hill which incorporates a first floor studio with a lower level double garage, wine storage and home office. There are approved plans for addition of a contemporary designed 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom dwelling to cleverly linking the existing structures. A truly unique offering.

Price: $850,000 - $910,000 Contact: Michael Prentice 0417 369 235

RYE 39 Golf Parade


GARDEN LOVERS DELIGHT Brilliantly located, less than 1000m from the town centre, is where you will find this cute cottage that is just bursting with charm. Set on over 800 m2 of gorgeous garden surrounds the home offers 2 good size bedrooms, open plan kitchen/dining/living area, central bathroom, sun-room, carport and lots of under house storage. Features gas ducted heating, rear deck, water tank and garden shed. Ideal for first home buyers, investors or the perfect lock and leave weekender.



Contact: Michael Prentice 0417 369 235

Price: $580,000 - $630,000 Contact: Michael Christodoulou 0419 003 685

SORRENTO 27 - 29 Ivanhoe Street

RYE 78 Beauna Vista Drive



Situated on a superb 1770 sqm allotment, this substantial residence offers outstanding views with rugged coastal park and amazing walking tracks virtaully at your back door. The structurally sound property offers an excellent opportunity to renovate and enjoy, and then reap the rewards in the future. The home includes an open plan kitchen/dining/living/ sunroom area with extensive glazing and a full width balcony, a large rumpus room, 4 bedrooms and a small study, en-suite to master plus 2 other showers and toilets, an external lift, a 4 car lock up garage, and a lined in-ground pool.

Well located close to the beach and shops, this elevated retreat, set on a 993 m2 lot, offers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms including master with ensuite, a cosy lounge with solid fuel heater, separate kitchen & dining, separate laundry plus huge under house covered area that could be filled in to create further living space or configure as required. Put simply, a terrific location at an affordable price point with great upside potential. Buy now and be in for the summer school holidays!






For Sale $590,000 - $640,000 Contact:

Michael Christodoulou 0419 003 685 Michael Prentice 0417 369 235

Contact: Max Prentice 0419 304 707

For an OBLIGATION FREE APPRAISAL contact Michael Prentice 0417 369 235 - Mark Prentice 0408 117 772 - Michael Christodoulou 0419 003 685

2395 Point Nepean Road, Rye. Phone 5985 2351 78 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento. Phone 5984 4177 Tuesday, 6 November, 2018



Page 2


SUPERB ARCHITECT-DESIGNED LIVING IN THE HINTERLAND SET on a private and tranquil 6474 square metre block in fabulous Red Hill, this architect designed home enjoys panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay and the Tuerong Valley. Peacefully positioned in the Green Wedge Zone, this elegant double-storey residence welcomes you into a bright entry foyer with a guest bedroom and bathroom to the left. Continuing on is the impressive living room with wood fire heater and floor to ceiling windows that take in the full majesty of the natural bush setting, and opening from here is one of several large timber decks. The modern kitchen overlooks a family meals zone and features stone benchtops to the breakfast bar which also incorporates an induction cooktop and a dishwasher. Two more bedrooms with built-in robes face the family room and a lovely sunroom accesses a second bathroom. Adding that extra dimension to the property as a potential holiday rental earner or for dual-family living is the versatile ground floor which includes the larger master bedroom with ensuite and built in robes. The gleaming main room is dotted with stylish downlights and features air-conditioning and gas log-effect fire place and the neat kitchen has plenty of cupboard and bench space. The spacious bedroom has a study nook, the ensuite has a large shower and there is a walk in robe. There is a wonderful accent here on outdoor living with timber decks to both levels, that combined with the extensive storage space under the house, give the home a serious 455 square metres (49 square) of living space. The gardens are tended by two 22,500 litre water tanks, and a double carport sits at the top of a circular driveway.n



ADDRESS: 25 Luton Avenue, RED HILL FOR SALE: $1,700,000 - $1,850,000 0434 513 640, Harcourts JT & Co, 10/14 High Street, Hastings, 5970 7333

Tuesday, 6 November 2018



DESCRIPTION: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 car INSPECT: By Appointment AGENT: Tim Ripper

Page 3

Capel Sound 20 Grenville Grove

Rosebud 15 Overlea Avenue

Two streets back from the foreshore, and set on 834m2 approx. block this home offers four bedrooms; main with WIR and ensuite, three living areas for formal and casual occassions and an alfresco entertaining zone.

* Two bedroom home on 672m2 (approx.) lot, close to the foreshore & McCrae Plaza * Featuring polished hardwood floors & renovated kitchen * Massive outdoor undercover decked alfresco




Saturday 24 November 3:30pm INSPECT As advertised



CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880



Saturday 8 December 11:00am INSPECT As advertised

1 CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

Just listed.

Rosebud 48 Spray Street

Rosebud 36 Ocean Street

* Set on approx.500m2 and featuring a renovated kitchen & polished boards * Offering 2 bedrooms, serviced gas heating & reverse cycle A/C * Rear access to a garage and set behind secure fencing

* Renovated 3 bedroom brick home, only a few minutes walks to the foreshore * Fully equipped modern kitchen with 900 mm oven and a dishwasher * Re-painted and re carpeted throughout and featuring polished boards.




Saturday 1 December 2:00pm INSPECT As advertised



CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

Mount Martha 11 Jackson Street


FOR SALE PRICE GUIDE $1,050,000 - $1,100,000 INSPECT As advertised

Saturday 24 November 2:00pm INSPECT As advertised

CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

* Three living areas * Timber kitchen with dishwasher

2 CONTACT Clare Black 0409 763 261 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

* 3 Bedrooms, main with large WIR and access to dual-entry bathroom * Modern, central kitchen with breakfast bar and a dishwasher * Dining area and separate lounge with reverse cycle air-conditioning




Saturday 24 November 12:30pm INSPECT As advertised

Tuesday, 6 November, 2018

1 CONTACT Clare Black 0409 763 261 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880





Rosebud 5/86 First Avenue

* Main bedroom with ensuite & WIR * Two decks with bay & city views * Split system heating and cooling



Page 4

Auction Saturday.

Capel Sound 3 Karoonda Street

Rosebud 38 Harridge Street

Beautiful family home with feature brick wall to your spacious living area that has gas wall heater and air-conditioning, plus ceiling fans. The open plan living and dining zone look out to the outdoor entertaining and established gardens.

Located in a sought after residential pocket, this well presented and updated brick veneer home is set behind high fences for privacy on a corner allotment of approx. 645sqm.




Saturday 10 November 12:30pm INSPECT As advertised

2 CONTACT Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880




Saturday 17 November 12:30pm INSPECT As advertised

3 CONTACT Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

Rye 125 Brights Drive

Tootgarook 6 Hillcrest Drive

* Situated a short 15 minute walk to the Rye Foreshore * Open plan living and kitchen flooded with an abundance of natural light * Great holiday home or permanent residence

* Immaculately presented 3 bedroom home approx 1km from the foreshore. * Property sits on an elevated 1003m2 approx. block offering partial bay views. * Large north facing balcony for entertainers.



FOR SALE PRICE GUIDE $500,000 - $550,000 INSPECT As advertised

2 CONTACT Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880





CONTACT Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

Saturday 17 November 2:00pm INSPECT As advertised

Just listed.

Just listed.

Rosebud 208 Ninth Avenue

Rosebud 14 Denning Court

Located a short stroll to the beach, this low maintenance two-bedroom home has a sun room, separate bathroom and laundry and a single car port. Expected rental of $340 per week (approx.) with easy access to transport, schools and shops.

* This light-filled residence offers 2 open plan zoned living areas * Well-equipped kitchen with stone benches, breakfast bar and dishwasher * 3 large robed bedrooms, main with en-suite & fitted dressing room




Saturday 1 December 12:30pm INSPECT As advertised

CONTACT Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 88800





CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

Saturday 15 December 12:30pm INSPECT As advertised

Tuesday, 6 November 2018




Page 5

Mornington – 7/1 Benambra Street 3



Sun-filled townhouse with bay views

Mount Martha – 42 Marguerita Avenue 5




Coastal haven with poolside guesthouse

+ Set at the rear of a quiet complex of owner-occupiers

+ Contemporary resort-style design overlooking swimming pool

+ Generous balcony and covered alfresco area

+ Separate 1BR guest house with kitchenette & ensuite

+ Walk to Bentons Square, minutes to shops & beaches

+ Master suite with study/nursery, WIR & spa ensuite

Contact: Tammie Coady 0408 562 286

Contact: Amanda Haimona 0419 387 682

Price: $550,000 - $600,000 Inspect : By Appointment

Price: $1,550,000 - $1,700,000 Inspect : By Appointment


"We had a choice of agents when selling my house in Mount Martha. We spent time with each and critically examined market knowledge, honesty in communication, recommendations for how best to present my property and of course commission/marketing rates. Bonaccorde gave us confidence which subsequently was well placed. House sold for a good price and in 10 days, with 30 day settlement.  Marketing advice from Jane, support from Brendan and Cain were cherries on the top. The presentation of our home was influenced by their recommendations and together it was a great team effort and best outcome." Vendors | 10 A'Beckett Cl, Mt Martha

10 A'Beckett Cl, Mt Martha

P : 5974 8900

B O N AC C O R D E .C O M . AU

4 – 4 2 LO C H I E L AV E N U E , M O U N T M A RT H A V I C 3 9 3 4

Tuesday, 6 November, 2018



Page 6

Changing agents is simple and shouldn’t cost you a thing.

it comes to property management, we do the work for you, with minimal disruption.

Call us today to find out how easy it actually is!

Local Award winning

Tuesday, 6 November 2018



Rosebud 03 5986 8188

Page 7


Tuesday, 6 November, 2018


Page 8



31 12






0422 337 337

5986 8188 5986 8188

View: Saturday 10:00 - 10:30am View: Saturday 10:00-10:30am For Sale: For Sale: $550,000 $530,000- $600,000 - $550,000 Adam Rosebud AdamKing King Rosebud 0422 337 337



Adam King Michelle King 0422 337 337 0404 037 336

View: By Appointment For Sale: $490,000-$539,000





Shane Pope Rosebud Shane Pope Rosebud 0400 335 589 335 589 5986 8188 0400 5986 8188

View: Saturday 1:00 - 2:00pm For Sale: $670,000-$737,000


22 Rosebud Rosebud 5986 8188 5986 8188




View: By Appointment View: By Appointment For Sale: Sale: $490,000-$530,000 For $490,000 - $530,000 Shane Pope Pope Shane 0400 335 589



Rosebud Rosebud 5986 8188 5986 8188

1/17 Bass BassAvenue, Avenue,Rosebud Rosebud 1/17

Rosebud Rosebud 335 589 5986 8188 0400 5986 8188





31 Curlew CurlewDrive, Drive,Capel CapelSound Sound

ionss t a l u t a r g ng coon & c D L & O SSOLD

14/183 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud 48 Besgrove Street, Rosebud



View: By Appointment View: By Appointment For Sale: Contact Agent For Price For Sale: $580,000 - $630,000 Adam King Shane Pope 0422 337 337


0400 335 589 5986 8188 5986 8188

View: Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am View: Saturday 11:30-12:00pm For Sale: $655,000 Auction: Saturday 1st December at 12:00pm Shane Pope Rosebud Michelle King 0400 335 589 Rosebud

33 Rosebud Rosebud 037 336 5986 8188 0404 5986 8188

ions t a l u t a r cong & D L O S

Rosebud Rosebud 0422 337 337 5986 8188 5986 8188


View: By Appointment View: By Appointment For Sale: $630,000 - $690,000 For Sale: $630,000-$690,000 Adam King Adam King 0422 337 337


4 Branson BransonStreet, Street,Rosebud Rosebud

0422 337 337

Adam AdamKing King 0422 337 337

View: Saturday 10:45 - 11:15am For Sale: $890,000 - $970,000





265 Jetty Road, Rosebud

95 Palmerston Avenue, Dromana 25 Howqua Drive, Capel Sound

SandpiperCourt, Court,Capel CapelSound Sound 2 Sandpiper

ns o i t a l u t a ongr c & D L SO

73 Flinders FlindersStreet, Street,McCrae McCrae

ns o i t a l u t a ongr c & D L SO








Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Page 9







Rosebud Rosebud 5986 8188 5986 8188


22 Rosebud Rosebud 5986 8188 5986 8188

advertisment placed on side at advertisers request

View: By Appointment For Sale: $489,000 Adam King Shane Pope 0422 337 337



8 Laurens Street, Rosebud 307-311 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud



,000 0 0 7 $ tion c u a & SOLD



Rosebud Rosebud 335 589 5986 8188 0400 5986 8188

Michelle King 0404 037 336




View: By Appointment View: By Appointment For Sale: $489,000 Forthcoming Auction ShaneKing Pope Adam 0400 335 589



307-311 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud 50 Whitehead Grove, Rosebud


Rosebud Rosebud 337 337 5986 8188 0422 5986 8188

1 Koorong Avenue, Rosebud 30 Avalon Street, Rosebud

335 589 5986 8188 0400 5986 8188

Shane Pope 0400 335 589

Rosebud Rosebud 0400 335 589 5986 8188 5986 8188



i,o0n0s0 t a l 1 u t 2 a 7 r cuocntgion $ & D L a O SSOLD&

View: Saturday 12:00-12:30pm For Sale: $890,000 - $979,000 Shane Adam King Rosebud ShanePope Pope Shane Pope 0400 335 589 Rosebud 0422 337 337


Adam King 0422 337 337

0422 337 337

View: By Appointment View: By Appointment For Sale: $569,000 For Sale: $569,000 Adam King Adam King 0422 337 337





47 Arthurs SomersAvenue, Avenue,McCrae McCrae 18



335 589 5986 8188 0400 5986 8188

,0n0s 0 0 o i t 5 a 8 l $ u t gioran n t o c c u a D & OLL SSO

Rosebud Rosebud 335 589 5986 8188 0400 5986 8188


View: Saturday 12:00-12:30pm View: By Appointment For Sale: $890,000-$979,000 For Sale: $500,000 - $550,000 Shane Pope Pope Michelle King Rosebud Shane Shane Pope 0400 335 589 336 Rosebud 0404 037


307-311Eastbourne EastbourneRoad, Road,Rosebud Rosebud 307-311






0422 337 337

View: Saturday 2:00 - 2:30pm View: By Appointment For Sale: $590,000 - $649,000 For Sale: $490,000-$539,000 Michelle King Adam King 0404 037 336






3/1635 Pt Nepean Rd,McCrae Capel Sound 99 Cinerama Crescent,

18 Allambi Arthurs Avenue, Avenue,Capel McCrae 48 Sound

oonnss i i t t a a l l u u t t a r ccoonnggra & D & L O D SSOL

48 Besgrove Street,Road, Rosebud 14/183 Eastbourne Rosebud










2/31 Cass Street, Rosebud

ED S A E L &



$260 per week

AVAILABLE NOW Rentals 5986 8188 Rentals

5986 8188 2






11 Monty Court, ROSEBUD Rosebud 203 Sixth Avenue


Ideally situatedsandstone tucked behind Rosebud shops This simple home is perfectly within walking distance to the beach & &a2 located a few minutes walk fromRSL the minute drive from the freeway. Three spacious bedPlaza and the beach. This comfortable rooms, with brand new carpet & freshly painted home includes livingsplit area with throughout, neat asopen a pin. plan Gas heating, system natural and air-conditioning heating &light cooling, bathroom with separateand bath & shower a largegarage yard. Is this not the perfect from the&single is private access package? through to the courtyard.


AVAILABLE NOW $400 per week

$340 per week AVAILABLE NOW $320 per week

5986 8188

5986 8188

AVAILABLE NOW Rentals 5986 8188 Rentals

AVAILABLE NOW Rentals Rentals 5986 8188









3 1 1 541/Elizabeth 58 Wingara Drive, Capel Sound Avenue, Capel Sound

207 Eighth Avenue, Rosebud

2/38 Elizabeth Avenue, Capel Sound COSY 2 BEDROOM BRICK HOME SURPRISING LITTLE PACKAGE Gorgeous li…le 2 bedroom unit onthis quiethome block with Situated on a large block, has 1 bathroom & 1 single car lock up garage. Spacious a single carport, sunny open-plan living lounge with air conditioning, gas heating & carpet space, kitchen with plenty of storage, throughout. Li…le courtyard which is easy to maina separate andforbathroom plus tain, as well aslaundry a small shed storage. Bathroom heating andshower cooling. a corner block with separate & allOn of this within close walking bus stop, capel & close todistance shops,totransport andsound the shops foreshore. beach! Get in quick to snap up in time for summer.


$300 per week AVAILABLE NOW

$300 per week AVAILABLE NOW $300 per week

Situated across fromunit Vern positioned Wright reserveinisathis This 2-bedroom quiet cosy 3 bedroom home. Featuring polished complex near shops and the beach has an floorboards throughout, large barkyard for the open-plan design comprising a wellkids and fully fenced. appointed kitchen with s/steel appliancA separate laundry with second shower & WC & es. area flows out this to a lightThe filledliving/meals living and kitchen area complete home. Extra storage courtyard also available in the garden private alfresco and both bedshed rooms have built-in robes.

$290 per week

AVAILABLE NOW Rentals 5986 8188 Rentals

AVAILABLE NOW Rentals Rentals 5986 8188

5986 8188





5986 8188






3 2 2 1/5 Thomas Street, Rosebud

4 2 2 5 Ella Crescent, Capel Sound

This modern home compromises This three bedroom family home is not to3be missed. This is2living on a luxury scale. First im- gabedrooms, bathrooms and a double pressions are important & this amazing rage. Conveniently located closedriveway to shopwill be sure to leave you feeling impressed. Set far ping and the foreshore, this sophisticated back from the road on this half an acre block is a property open planfeatures living,a bar wraparoundfeatures drive way. Property natural light, alfresco courtfor entertainment, beautifuldining kitchen, areas, four large bedrooms two bathrooms, thisappliances. property has it yard and&modern kitchen

This immaculate property featuresopen Stunning home in sought after Dromana, close to shops,kitchen beach, transport & freeway entrance! plan to meals and lounge area, stunning 4 bedroom home has itwith all. Large 3This bedrooms, main bathroom sepamaster with ensuite & walk in robe, remaining rate toilet and laundry. The gardens are bedrooms have built in robes. Open plan kitchen, beautifully manicured and there is a large lounge & dining. Tiled throughout with carpet in garage at the rearheating with enough spacetofor the bedrooms. Ducted & evap cooling ensurecar comfort year round. your plusallwork area. Low NO maintenance PETS.

$410 per week AVAILABLE 23/11/18 $450 per week

garden maintenance $350 per weekincluded. AVAILABLE NOW



all. All that’s left to do is…. Move in!

rear yard & beautifully manicured front yard with

$470 per week

AVAILABLE NOW Rentals 5986 8188 Rentals

Rentals AVAILABLE NOW 5986 8188 Rentals 5986 8188

5986 8188

Madeleine Speirs 5986 8188

Genevieve De Nys Sarah Arena 5986 8188

Shelley Clack 5986 8188

Kate Turville 5986 8188


Tuesday, 6 November, 2018




37 Hilary Avenue, McCrae

IMMACULATE PROPERTY, QUIET SETTING MODERN STYLE LIVING There is nothing be…er than3BR, modern, and especially Beautifully presented 2 bathroom with this stylish single level townhouse. When it home located in a quiet court. This lovely comes to design this floor plan has got it right. home entry has polished floorboards, Formal with portico, timber flooredmodern hallway open plan kitchen/dining gas leading to a generous light-filledarea open with plan dining cooking, gardenskitchen and awith delightand loungemanicured area with an amazing stone bench tops.setting. Three bedrooms include master ful courtyard with ensuite and walk in robe at the access. front, and Double garage with internal remaining two bedrooms share the deluxe bathroom. Opening from the family room is a delightful $400 per week courtyard, fully landscaped with large sundeck.



This and tidy home is in the perfecthome, location, Wellneat presented and maintained close to thepainted beach, shops and the Mornington recently throughout, with a picket Peninsula Freeway for quick city access. Featuring fence and generous front and rear gardens. 2 bedrooms with BIR’s, 1 bathroom and 1 carport, The floor plan comprises formal inforopen plan kitchen and living areas, largeand windows mal livinglight, spaces, a and generous open plan for natural heating a spacious backyard. At a very affordable and in kitchen and family room price hat has a an ideal locationgarden this one outlook is not to beto missed. Perfect delightful the rear. for a single, couple or young family. Register for an inspection online, this gem won’t last long! Six month lease only.

5986 8188 Rentals 5986 8188







9 Devon Street, Rosebud

2/31 Cass Street, Rosebud MODERN HOME WITHWITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS MODERN HOME ALL THE This gorgeous modern house is a short walk to the TRIMMINGS

beach. It is virtually brand new, offering open plan Gorgeous modern house, conveniently living, with natural flowing light, three decent sized located close to the beach.with In an as-new bedrooms, the master bedroom ensuite and built in robe, two bathrooms, carliving spaces,with condition, there is opentwo plan separate and study space. Themaster external with naturallaundry light, three bedrooms; living space provides a low maintenance deck, FES & BIR, separate bathroom and grassed courtyard and garden. The property laundry and two car parking spaces.steel features include dark timber floors, stainless appliances, central heating, evaporative cooling $485 pergarage week and double with internal access.


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d L ed t n o s r Wa e

th o n a

Moorooduc 106 Graydens Road

A4 B3 C 2

‘Graybrook’ - 32 Acres (approx)

• Beautifully refurbished 4BR, 3 bath home • Fabulous open-plan family living • Showroom kitchen with genuine AGA range cooker • Mains (private) water connected, tank & dam • 60m x 20m sand menage, airy barn with 4 stables

For Sale $2,975,000 inspect OFI or by appointment

hastings 276 Hodgins Road

A4 B2 C 2

‘Cypress Hill’ - 23 Ac (approx)

• Four BR, 2 bath family home in ‘as new’ condition • Indoor/outdoor flow with generous elevated merbau decking • Double remote garage plus double carport URL & 4.5Kw solar power

Cameron McDonald 0418 330 916

Cameron McDonald 0418 330 916

d L ed t n o s r Wa e

th o n a

soMers Lot 2, 52 Beach Hill Avenue

safety Beach Berth Lot 25 Martha Cove

Sensational Somers

13m Freehold Marina Berth

• Highly desirable vacant allotment of 1482m2 • Build your dream home capturing the magnificent rural and parkland vista • Short walk through Koala Reserve to Somers Yacht Club, beach and General Store

• The Western Marina is the prime location for your boat • Power, water, secure boardwalk access + 24 hour security all included • Yearly Owners Corp fees only $1,150 pa approx John Hanna 0408 374 334

Mornington 5976 5900

inspect OFI or by appointment Tuesday, 6 November 2018



Stuart Cox 0417 124 707

For Sale $329,000

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168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888


2/47 Alameda Avenue, Mornington This single level residence is designed for low maintenance living in a location that puts the Peninsula’s best lifestyle attractions within close reach. The three bedroom accommodation is treated to open plan living, alfresco with low maintenance gardens and timber deck. The quality kitchen with Central Island boasts stone bench tops and stainless steel Westinghouse appliances. A stone finished ensuite and WIR feature in the Master bedroom suite. The home also includes a double remote garage with internal access, ducted heating, split system air conditioning and timber flooring. A secure and private lifestyle in a very quiet location close to the end of a no through road. Only one of the new three villas now remaining.

Inspection As advertising or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 James Orton 0437 691 686

A3 B2 C2

Mount Martha

3A Melaleuca Road, Mount Martha Are you ready for the good life? Currently under construction this single evel residence is designed for low maintenance executive living convenient to in a location that puts the Peninsula’s best lifestyle attractions within close reach. The three bedroom accommodation is treated to spacious open plan living and dining flooded with north and west light and landscaped low maintenance gardens with entertaining deck. A host of features includes a stone kitchen with island, stone ensuite, main bathroom with freestanding bath, double remote garage, central heating and split system air conditioning. Bentons Square, schools, Main Street’s cafes scene, beautiful beaches and buses are all nearby.

Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 James Orton 0437 691 686

A3 B2 C2 Tuesday, 6 November, 2018



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168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888

Mount Eliza


9/33 Baden Powell Place, Mount Eliza Prestige positioned within a secure gated community, this single level north facing three bedroom, two bathroom villa unit with double remote garage conveys a contemporary, low maintenance lifestyle where optimum privacy, security and natural light are the primary design considerations. Set beneath tall ceilings, a spacious living room flows to a dining area opening to a lovely sun splashed entertaining terrace and landscaped courtyard garden. An outlook that is also enjoyed from the well appointed kitchen with prestige appliances. Walking distance to Mt Eliza Village, Eden Gardens, buses and schools, this a fabulous low-maintenance home for those seeking a convenient Mt Eliza lifestyle.

Auction Saturday 17th November 11.00am Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 James Orton 0437 691 686

A3 B2 C2


6 George Street, Mornington The sun, the sea, the sand… in a location synonymous with the beach, the bay and good times, these two dynamic three bedroom, two bathroom residences offer a lifestyle of privilege with all the advantages of buying off the plan. In a prized beachside setting, each single level residence is fitted with high end appointments from stunning stone benchtops to quality flooring, double garages and generous alfresco entertaining areas. Each residence features two light filled living zones extending to decking, sleek stone and Smeg kitchen and luxurious master suite with WIR and elegant ensuite. Spoil yourself close to Fossil Beach, Main Street’s vibrant cafes and shops, schools and transport.

Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 James Orton 0437 691 686

A3 B2 C2 Tuesday, 6 November 2018



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For Sale

For Sale

Main Attraction

Bank Your Money Here

Building Area: 210m2* Commercial 1 Zoning Land Area: 323m2* Opportunity to develop, occupy or invest Standalone, freehold title Dual street frontage and opposite council carpark

Land Area: 2,827m2* with 2 street frontages Industrial 3 Zoning 56m* frontage to Mornington Tyabb Road MxM Tenancy (Going Concern)

By Expressions of Interest Closing Thursday 22nd November at 3pm 210 Main Street, Mornington

5925 6005

By Tender Closing Wednesday 5th December at 2pm 23-27 Mornington Tyabb Road, Mornington


Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562 Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859 4/230 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931

Major car dealerships and national retailers close by Rare prized development opportunity Tom Crowder 0438 670 300 4/230 Main Street, Mornington 3931

* Approx.

Josh Monks 0409 335 179 1 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs 3201

THINKING OF SELLING? Speak to your agent about listing on

Be seen everywhere. Tuesday, 6 November, 2018



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Thursday 29th November at 12 Noon onsite 49 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza

Village Temptation

THE MAIN ATTRACTION A RARE opportunity for developers, owner occupiers and investors to purchase a quality commercial property along Main Street, Mornington presents itself here with this 210 square metre premises located in the heart of Mornington’s popular retail strip, surrounded by cafes, shops and other national tenancies. Set close to two large council car parks, the property has commercial 1 zoning with a land size of 323 square metres. The building has dual street frontage and would suit a range of businesses including professional services, food, and retail. Expressions of interest in the property close Thursday, November 22 at 3pm.n

Wonderful commercial investment in Mt Eliza’s Village, featuring: Freehold Title Great tenant on new 5 year lease Returning $48,018 pa net Annual rent increases



ADDRESS: 210 Main Street, MORNINGTON FOR SALE: By Expression of Interest AGENT: Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562, Nichols Crowder, 4/230 Main Street, Mornington, 5925 6005


9775 1535

Linda Ellis 0400 480 397 1 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs 3201


Thursday 15th November at 12 Noon on site 4 Brasser Avenue, Dromana

Friday 16th November at 12 Noon onsite 48 High Street, Hastings

Freehold Retail Investment!

Development Ready Land

* Outline indicative only


Rare Land Holding: 1,235m2* Industrial 3 Zoning 21.33m* frontage to Brasser Avenue Develop within the highly acclaimed Dromana Industrial Estate Potential signage opportunity towards Mornington Peninsula Freeway (STCA)

5925 6005

5925 6005

Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562 Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859 4/230 Main Street, Mornington, VIC 3931 SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS


Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562 Tom Crowder 0438 670 300 4/230 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931

Building Area 109m2* Lease Term 3 + 3 years Land Area 223m2* Commercial 1 Zone Rent: $31,600 per annum + GST + outgoings Terms 30/60 days, 10% deposit

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Business Sale - Somerville Family Retreat Café

Sophistacutt of Mt Eliza

• Brilliant business catering to the enjoyment for children • Parents relax whilst children play • Located next door to major retailer • Solid bookings for children’s parties • Growing business in high growth residential region

• Extremely well known established business in Mt Eliza operating for over 30 years in current location • Highly experienced staff; some of whom have been with current owner for 24 years • Large, loyal clientele • 9 workstations with 3 wash basins • Excellent takings combined with great lease package

Sale Price: $79,000 WIWO Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353

Sale Price: $85,000 + SAV Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353



For Lease - Frankston

Forthcoming Auction – Frankston

Prime Nepean Hwy Office Space

Frankston Freehold

• Huge first floor office space of approx. 220sqm • Large outside area • Situated on busy Nepean Highway • Three separate entrances so could be easily split.

• Ideal investment opportunity in prime position • Factory of approx. 465sqm • Front roller door access with separate reception entrance • Rear access to single car park • Currently leased to long term tenant

Lease Price: $3,000pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: Contact Agent Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454



For Lease - Mornington

Business Sale – Mornington Peninsula

For Sale or Lease - Mornington

Mechanical Workshop

Medical Suites

• 150sqm mechanical workshop on Main Street • Ideally located on the Woolworths Caltex site. • 6 allocated car parks • Huge potential for improvement

• Brand new medical suites on Nepean Highway opposite Beluera Hospital • Great investment opportunity for a super fund • Built to top medical standards with medical permit for 2 practitioners at any one time • 8 car spaces • Floorplan allows for 2 consulting rooms and large theatre room. • Open & bright waiting room + reception

Sale Price: $59,000 (Fit Out Only) Lease Price: $5,050pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: Contact Agent Lease Price: $7,084pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Lease Price: $2,417pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Butcher Shop

Absolute Prime Location

Fresh Fish Shop

Sale Price: $150,000+SAV Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353

Sale Price $120,000+SAV Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353

Sale Price: $175,000 WIWO Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353

Business Sale - Frankston

• Established business of nearly 10 years • Fantastic turnover in excess of $400,000 • Purpose built fit out for business • Excellent rent of $3,000 per month approximate • Quality business showing great returns for short hours

Urgent Sale

• Approx 180sqm building located in St Andrews Beach • Ideal café, restaurant or milkbar site • All equipment and fridges to get your business started • Ideal corner exposure, huge passing trade • No GST payable

• High volume foot traffic opposite Frankston Station • Most prominent take away in Young Street • Excellent low rent and lease package • Get in super quick, will not last

Lease Price: $3,334 pcm +OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price $75,000 WIWO Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353

PH: (03) 5977 2255

Properties For Lease OFFICES FOR LEASE ( Mornington unless specified) Office 1 - 4/15 Carbine Way – 42sqm $1,750pcm+GST 1/486 Nepean Hwy, Frankston - 220m2 $3,000pcm+GST+OGS Office 2 – 4/15 Carbine Way – 12sqm $750pcm+GST 2/10 Blamey Place – Varying Sizes From $845pcm+GST+SF 6/356 Main St – 104sqm $2,950pcm+GST+OG Suite 2, Level 3/28 Main St – 14sqm $1,300pcm+GST+SF 1/26 McLaren Place – 10sqm $1,018pcm+GST

WORKSHOP 323-325 Main Street - 150sqm $7,084pcm+GST+OG SHOPS FOR LEASE • Exceptional site in Main Street Jetty Rd, Rosebud - From 70sqm From $3,300pcm+GST+OG • Popular fashion shop operating for nearly 14 years $5,050pcm+GST+OG • Located in a high foot traffic area with huge passing trade 187 Main Street – 187sqm • Rent $44,000pa+GST+OG Bass Meadows Blvd, St Andrews Beach – 180m2 • Be quick to secure $3,334pcm+OG MEDICAL FOR LEASE Sale Price $55,000 + SAV 1052 Nepean Hwy $7,084pcm+GST+OG Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353

Absolute Prime Location

1/26 McLaren Place, Mornington VIC 3931 Tuesday, 6 November, 2018



• Huge weekly takings of approx. $26,000 • Located in high foot traffic area of Somerville Plaza • Huge space with great fit out + seating for 80 (approx.) • Doing 40kg of coffee per week • Long lease available with reasonable rent

Sale Price: $550,000 WIWO Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353


NE Back Beach Gem

Ducky Brown Cafe

Business Sale - Mornington


For Lease- St Andrews Beach

• Well established business of 5 years • Retailer of quality and unique home furnishings • Excellent affordable rent of $3,200pcm inc GST • Prominent Main Street location • Excellent lease package available


• Minimal competition • Prominent location in main street • Supplying from current location for approx. 50 years • Excellent takings combined with great lease package • Owner willing to trial business

Business Sale - Somerville

Business Sale - Rosebud

Business Sale – Mornington

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Over 50s lifestyle resort for mature age living

Palm Lake Resort Willow Lodge is much more than a place to live, it’s delightful living style, 31 km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district and a short distance to the pristine beaches of Port Phillip Bay, it is a place to indulge your senses, feel the warmth of the resort community and unexpected new experiences. A fresh new beginning in a place that supports your individual lifestyle, your unique undiscovered self. Contact us today to arrange your personal tour of our charming resort. Willow Lodge Village has something for everyone. A vast array of facilities is available for our residents here at Palm Lake Resort, all just a short walk from your front door. Our facilities include a swimming pool, tennis, undercover bowling green, onsite medical centre, hairdresser, take-away cafe/ coffee lounge, craft shop, workshop, sporting club and community hall in which we have variety of entertainment such as bingo, competition and social darts, indoor bowls, dances, dinners & live shows. A daily bus service operates just outside the Village every 30 minutes on weekdays and 60 minutes on Saturdays & Sundays.

2 Willow Rd, Bangholme VIC 3175 Phone 03 9768 394 | PALMLAKERESORT.COM.AU The best in over 50s lifestyle resorts. It’s time for you.

Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



specialists HANDS

A personalised healthcare solution MANY families face a difficult decision when considering the future lifestyle of their loved ones. Illness, ailment, or disability can force one’s hand into selecting high care facilities, however the ability to extend a person’s time in their home environment can be invaluable. The home is a familiar and comfortable setting that, when set up in the right manner, should be able to aid independence and confidence. An architect is focused on the relationship between people and their surroundings and at PLEGA, we aim to be the architect of your homecare solutions. By shifting this philosophy of care back into the home, you can strive to face your health challenges whilst maintaining a more stable and dignified environment. PLEGA is an Australian owned and operated company that has been proudly serving the community since 1984. We are a leading provider of high quality healthcare and mobility equipment that gives comfort and relief to Australians nationwide. PLEGA products establish the foundations of a personalised healthcare solution which provides a gateway to the confidence building elements of independence, mobility, and improved lifestyle. The Plega Adjustable Bed is designed to provide ultimate support by adjusting to almost any position you desire. In its gently curved position provides circulatory


assistance around the shoulders, hips, knees and heels. The bed helps provide some independence to those with osteoarthritis, back problems, MS sufferers and stroke victims. Beds are manufactured in all sizes from 2’6” to 6’0” wide with two choices of mattress, Innerspring and Latex. PLEGA has a unique product as it provides all the characteristics of a healthcare bed, it looks and blends into a home environment beautifully. The Plega Hi-Lo Bed provides all the features of a hospital bed with the comfort of a domestic bed. Equipped with vertical Hi-Lo function it’s ideal for both Nursing Homes or Home Use. As a community PLEGA finds it important and essential to provide the support to each of those in need and their families. To guide them through a difficult stage in their life that should be spent enjoying family, friends, and freedom. The purpose of the Plega Lift Chair is to assist those who are restricted in movement to find a comfortable position with as little physical strain as possible. The chairs electrically elevate and recline at the touch of a button and are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes that can be customised to suit individual needs. Our Vision is to provide and promote a philosophy of healthcare that begins with the body and extends to the mind. We are about

Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

establishing avenues that create independence and comfort for those in need and their families, to instill confidence in everyday mentality and

to make them feel a sense of freedom in their everyday life. These products offer sufferers unprecedented temporary relief,

support and mobility. For further information please call 1800 648 648 or visit the website at


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Active Health and Wellbeing Program ST John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital have recently launched its Active Health and Wellbeing program which provides access to their specialised team of Allied Health professionals to everyone; whether privately insured or not. The Active Health and Wellbeing team provide the following services to all members of our community: • Physiotherapy and injury management • Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy programs • Occupational Therapy • Dietitian Services • Exercise Physiology • Speech Pathology • Hydrotherapy – all patients will undertake an individual assessment by a physiotherapist for hydrotherapy, to safely assess and tailor the program to your needs. Our team of Physiotherapists are experienced to assist people affected by accident, injury, illness or disability, through specifically tailored programs focusing on movement and exercise; injury prevention; manual therapy; education and advice. They maintain health for people of all ages by helping patients manage pain and prevent disease. Depending on your needs, programs may be offered in our new, modern consulting suites or our comprehensive and purpose built

rehabilitation gymnasiums and/or hydrotherapy pool. Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapy services are provided by experienced physiotherapists who have specialist knowledge and expertise in this area. A variety of conditions are assessed and treated from incontinence and bladder/bowel dysfunction to musculoskeletal complaints of the pelvis. Using the latest in technology such as real time ultrasound, they pride themselves in being specialists in their field. The Active Health and Wellbeing team of Exercise Physiologists design safe and effective exercise programs specifically for an individual, to ensure maximum performance. They also work with people affected by acute or chronic medical conditions, following injury, trauma or disability Our Occupational Therapy services provide a practical approach to making life easier. Occupational Therapy enables people to participate in their activities of everyday life. Whether it is by a specific exercise program, use of assistive devices or modifying the way we do things, Services including dietetics, speech pathology and hydrotherapy complete the comprehensive Active Health and Wellbeing services available. As you do not require a referral* to access St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital’s Active

Physiotherapist: Part of the Active Health and Wellbeing team at SJOG.

Health and Wellbeing program it is easily accessible to all. Please call to 9788 3331 to enquire and make an appointment.*A GP referral will

be required for a Chronic Disease Management Scheme and DVA claiming. For more information: Address: 255-265 Cranbourne

Road, Frankston. Active Health and Wellbeing: 9788 3331 General tel.:9788 3333 Website

Do you need? • Physiotherapy • Occupational Therapy • Exercise Physiology • Dietitian • Speech Pathology

Make an appointment with our Active Health and Wellbeing team today No referral required to access one of our highly skilled allied health team members. Call us today - 9788 3331 255-265 Cranbourne Road, Frankston Email: Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



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Endermologie: a natural solutio Jacoform for comfort in the best way

Comfort in the Best Way ENDERMOLOGIE is most renowned

Fibromyalgia and Scleroderma. One clinical study showed that patients treated with Endermologie reported relief of pain, fatigue, morning tiredness, work difficulty, stiffness, anxiety and depression. It has also been shown to improve sleep patterns, posture and overall quality of life. Endermologie is also an invaluable tool for athletes. The increased and toned circulation and lymphatic drainage Endermologie’s anti-ageing facials The special shape, the vent pattern prevents and relieves lactic acid buildare also becoming more popular with and the light weight, extra-flexible up (DOMS) and reduces inflammation women who don’t want to risk invasive PU sole guarantee comfortable to improve overall flexibility and procedures such as fillers, botox and allow faster muscle recovery. As laser, butInstill wantthan to maintain a and healthy walking. more Niamh’s husband runs CrossFit Mt youthful appearance. 50 countries, Jacoform shoes are Eliza at the same address, she’s used But, did you know that Endermologie worn by those started who are to helping athletes relieve DOMS life particularly as a medical tool to treat concerned about and muscle pain. This is one Client’s scartheir tissue?health. Louis Paul Guitay (LPG) experience: “I went to see Niamh for is the Engineer who created and some Endermologie recently after patented the Lipomassage technique. a functional knee injury. During the As a result of a car accident in the treatment, which only took 20 minutes, early 1980s, LPG suffered extensive I felt relaxed, comfortable and informed burns and had to endure hours of AD TO RECEIVE the whole time...and I left feeling taller, manual massage therapy to PRESENT relieve the THIS lighter and in less pain.” fibrosis (thickening and hardening) Niamh Hislop, ex-Nurse and of his scarred skin. As well as being owner of Peninsula Endermologie, is painstakingly slow and excruciatingly trained in the therapeutic and beauty painful, LPG recognised that manual YOUR PURCHASE applications of Endermologie and massage was limited in efficacy and JACOFORM practices from her 30.11.18) beautiful treatment so he set out to create a pain free, specials, (excludes offer expires room in Mt Eliza. So, whether you’re consistent and effective treatment ready to tackle that cellulite and get for skin manipulation. And so, rid of stubborn fat, improve your Endermologie was born! Available at: complexion or need relief from pain Since then, over the last 30-plus and discomfort, you can now join the years, Endermologie has been clinically 20 million people worldwide who proven (by more than 145 scientific 103 Railway Parade, use Endermologie to achieve overall studies to date) to treat not only scars,Seaford wellness. but also muscular pain and spasms, ph 9785 1887 Call 0434 946 209 or visit www. heavy legs and inflammation, improve Ample free parking now to blood (+400%) and lymphatic (+300%) arrange your free consultation. circulation and relieve the symptoms of

Jacoform shoes are made of Number 1 as being the World’s high quality first class leather. treatment for cellulite. This noninvasive massage technique is designed The 7-hour hand-made, ruggedly to reduce pockets of stubborn fat stitched shoesand reflect a 60 year production of stimulate a natural tradition. Madecollagen, withoutelastin a corner and acid to and hyaluronic youthful suppleness to the skin’s with a flat sole,restore providing natural connective tissues, leaving it smooth walking and freedom to the feet.

DESIGNED by Danish footwear maestro, Professor Jorgen Keller in the 1960s, Jacoform shoes transfer the relaxing feeling of walking on a sandy beach into everyday life. Jacoform shoes have been specially designed to offer the ultimate in foot comfort, whatever your foot width or foot problem. Made of quality leather with a wider toe area, hand crafted arch support and a flexibile, robust sole they are a long lasting shoe that feels like a slipper. This unique shoe is hand crafted over 7 hours by Danish artisans who take pride in delivering quality and comfort. Initially designed to reduce toe damage for people suffering diabetes it became virtually a cult shoe based on its comfort, foot support and durability. Jacoform offers a size range from 5 to 12 in rich leather colours of black or brown lace up shoes suitable for both men and women Jacoform shoes are just one of the large range of orthotic and orthotic friendly shoes that Bayside offers as a potential solution for difficult

foot problems. We work closely with manufacturers of orthotic friendly and specialist shoes, as well as local podiatrists, physiotherapist and orthopaedic specialists to help find the foot solution for you. Bayside Shoes offers a range of services from a wheelchair access ramp to Disability & free parking outside its premises and even personalised shoe fitting by staff when you require assistance. You also browse at your leisure the extensive range of fashion, work and specialist shoes within this “Shoe Haven” which offers shoes ranging from sizes 4 to 15 for women and sizes 4 to 17 for men. Bayside Shoes is located at 103 Railway Parade, Seaford on the corner of Clovelly Parade and is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm and Saturday 9am to 3.30pm. The business telephone number is 03 9785 1887and please call and speak to our friendly staff if you wish to check the availability of a specific shoe style.

$20 OFF


Sore Feet or Legs? Give foot and leg pain, injury Sore Feet or Legs? Call Niamh Hislop: Owner of Peninsula Endermologie in Mt Eliza

and arthritis the boot









ff O 0 5 $

trusted experts . proven solutions





Call 1300 328 300 *Mention offer to podiatrist at consult to redeem


Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

WITH the holiday season nearly upon us, it’s a good time to get any foot and leg pain, injuries, arthritic and degenerative conditions attended to so you can enjoy the festivities and activities ahead. Foot & Leg Pain Clinics, are experts in assisting lower limb pain from injuries, arthritis, overuse conditions, degenerative concerns and growth & development issues in children. By assisting proper foot function, correcting faulty biomechanics, strengthening and correcting muscle patterns, identifying and managing contributing factors, utilizing the very latest medical research and treatments, and supporting the musculoskeletal structure for each individual’s specific physical requirements, Foot & Leg Pain Clinics has assisted thousands men, women, children, seniors and professional athletes. The experts at Foot and Leg Pain Clinics can

assist soft tissue repair and pain relief, improve joint & tissue function, and increase mobility with medically sound advice and proven treatment plans. They’ve even assisted many to avoid or prolong surgery and reduce or eliminate long-term medications. So don’t let sore knees, feet, hips and ankles, soft tissue injuries or degeneration interfere with your social occasions and recreational activities this coming holiday season. If you suffer from any foot or leg pain including knee and hip pain make an appointment today at Foot & Leg Pain Clinics. They have clinics located across Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula, including Moorabbin, Berwick, Mt Eliza and Rosebud. For appointments phone 1300 328 300. Call NOW for $50 OFF initial consultations!


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Direct Endoscopy Rosebud now open ROSEBUD Day Hospital is a state-ofthe-art facility bringing a new level of medical technological advancement and patient comfort to the Peninsula. This world class Hospital was officially opened by the Federal Health Minister Hon Greg Hunt MP on the 30th of October. Rosebud Day Hospital specializes in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy – Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy and Capsule Endoscopy (Pilcam).We have been providing quality endoscopy services and specialist treatment in the area of digestive health for over twenty years. Our team of specialist gastroenterologists is committed to providing the highest quality of endoscopy expertise. Iron Infusions for rapid correction of iron deficiency are also available at the Hospital. This is a very effective Iron Replacement therapy generally only requiring a one hour stay. As part of Direct Endoscopy’s wide range of diagnostic services we are proud to offer a range of hydrogen breath tests for the investigation of intolerance to common dietary components, such as Fructose and Lactose. Specialist Medical Consulting Services Including: Gastroenterology and Surgical Consultations will also be provided on site. Direct Endoscopy provide Specialist consultations in all areas of Digestive and Liver Diseases and postendoscopy specialist follow up. Direct Endoscopy are committed to affordable, accessible and comprehensive digestive health

Dr. David Badov services, such as Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy and Capsule Endoscopy for all patients - both insured and non- insured. All patients referred to us have access to the best in gastroenterological care regardless of insurance status. Dr David Badov is leading our team of highly experienced Endoscopy Specialists. Dr Badov is the Head of Gastroenterology at Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals (Peninsula Health). Conveniently located to improve patient access on the Peninsula to medical services, Rosebud Day Hospital will provide expert and affordable endoscopy services and specialist treatment in all areas of Digestive Health.

Rosebud Day Hospital: A state-of-the-art medical facility Right: Dr. David Badov with patient

Bowel Cancer Screening

ARE YOU AT RISK? Any change in bowel habit, abdominal pain or bleeding can be significant. Family history of cancer or polyps? Colonoscopy offers the best chance of early detection and cure.

Why should you pay more at other centres or wait on long waiting lists at public hospitals?

NOW OPEN Direct Endoscopy Rosebud Day Hospital 29-31 Boneo Road, Rosebud VIC 3939

Tel: (03) 9781 5959

DIRECT ENDOSCOPY Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



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Endermologie: a natural solution ENDERMOLOGIE is most renowned as being the World’s Number 1 treatment for cellulite. This noninvasive massage technique is designed to reduce pockets of stubborn fat and stimulate a natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to restore youthful suppleness to the skin’s connective tissues, leaving it smooth and toned Endermologie’s anti-ageing facials are also becoming more popular with women who don’t want to risk invasive procedures such as fillers, botox and laser, but still want to maintain a youthful appearance. But, did you know that Endermologie started life as a medical tool to treat scar tissue? Louis Paul Guitay (LPG) is the Engineer who created and patented the Lipomassage technique. As a result of a car accident in the early 1980s, LPG suffered extensive burns and had to endure hours of manual massage therapy to relieve the fibrosis (thickening and hardening) of his scarred skin. As well as being painstakingly slow and excruciatingly painful, LPG recognised that manual massage was limited in efficacy and so he set out to create a pain free, consistent and effective treatment for skin manipulation. And so, Endermologie was born! Since then, over the last 30-plus years, Endermologie has been clinically proven (by more than 145 scientific studies to date) to treat not only scars, but also muscular pain and spasms, heavy legs and inflammation, improve blood (+400%) and lymphatic (+300%) circulation and relieve the symptoms of


Fibromyalgia and Scleroderma. One clinical study showed that patients treated with Endermologie reported relief of pain, fatigue, morning tiredness, work difficulty, stiffness, anxiety and depression. It has also been shown to improve sleep patterns, posture and overall quality of life. Endermologie is also an invaluable tool for athletes. The increased circulation and lymphatic drainage prevents and relieves lactic acid buildup (DOMS) and reduces inflammation to improve overall flexibility and allow faster muscle recovery. As Niamh’s husband runs CrossFit Mt Eliza at the same address, she’s used to helping athletes relieve DOMS and muscle pain. This is one Client’s experience: “I went to see Niamh for some Endermologie recently after a functional knee injury. During the treatment, which only took 20 minutes, I felt relaxed, comfortable and informed the whole time...and I left feeling taller, lighter and in less pain.” Niamh Hislop, ex-Nurse and owner of Peninsula Endermologie, is trained in the therapeutic and beauty applications of Endermologie and practices from her beautiful treatment room in Mt Eliza. So, whether you’re ready to tackle that cellulite and get rid of stubborn fat, improve your complexion or need relief from pain and discomfort, you can now join the 20 million people worldwide who use Endermologie to achieve overall wellness. Call 0434 946 209 or visit www. now to arrange your free consultation.

Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

Niamh Hislop: Owner of Peninsula Endermologie in Mt Eliza



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Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



German atrocities - A ghastly record - A war of civilization REGISTER



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Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018


Compiled by Brodie Cowburn THE atrocities committed by the Germans in France and Belgium should induce all eligible Australians to enlist, for they show at a glance what Germany will do to Australia if she is ever allowed to come here. It is vitally important to remember in this connection that the only guarantee that she will not come here now or later lies in an outright victory for the Allies - a victory which every eligible Australian should at this moment be helping to win. By far the most terrible document published since the War began - perhaps, indeed, the most terrible document ever given to the world is the official report of the British Commission appointed to examine into the Belgian atrocities. The report is a terrible record of cruelty and lust. Captives and non-combatants were systematically mutilated by the German Army, apparently in accordance with some secret and hideous injunction set down in the devil’s handbook of “frightfulness.” Civilians were freely shot, apparently for the sheer joy of murder. Little children were mutilated, and women were repeatedly violated and then hacked to death, so that their bodies became unrecognisable. Here are two instances of mutilation: “In the blacksmith’s shop in Hofstade I saw the blacksmith dead with his hands cut off and his wrists still tied. Our whole company saw him, I should think. In another house I saw a child of 10 to 11 years kneeling; he was dead, a bayonet had been stuck through his chest. “The other woman was about 20 years old. She had a bayonet wound in the head and her legs had been cut almost off. The whole room was covered in blood. The bodies of the two women were lying side by side, and that of the man a little apart. We entered another house further on, on the same side of the road. In the downstairs room was a hanging lamp, and a boy of about 10 years of age was hanging to it by a piece of string. The string was round his neck. He has a bayonet wound in the stomach. There was a pool of blood under the body. The blood had dried, I think. I did not touch any of these four bodies.” The atrocities on women should come home with terrible force to every Australian who values his manhood. Such loathsome acts as the following were of repeated occurrence: “When we entered Hofstade in August last, or some village near to it, a girl of about 18 or 19 years of age complained to me and my comrades (four) that she had been violated by several German soldiers for a period of about two hours before we entered the village on the threshold of a house in full daylight and in view of villagers. When I saw her she was covered only with a chemise and skirt.” In the name of humanity, every Australian of military age is today asked to enlist, so that these horrors may be avenged, and the world may be made safe for ever from the possibility of their recurrence. If Germany is not beaten, Australian homes may yet be visited by the Hun during the lifetime of you to whom this appeal is addressed. Go forth and play your part. *** MRS. W. P. Mason of “Tally Oh’’ requests us to notify that she intends to form an orchestra in Frankston for patriotic purposes and will be pleased if those willing to join will notify her at the above address. *** ON Tuesday, 19th November, at 3 o’clock, M r Bernard Michael will offer for sale it the Royal hotel, Dandeuong, a farm property at Carrum, known as Walsh’s, containing 100 acres (about), Situated two miles from Seaford and Frankston Railway Stations by a good road.

There is four rooms 1 wooden house and out buildings. *** REV J. E. Warren, of Balaclava, will conduct the three services on Sunday next in connection with the Frankston Methodist Sunday School Anniversary. A special feature will be the singing of the children, assisted by an efficient orchestra. On the following Monday evening there will be a public entertainment, when an attractive programme will be presented. *** STRAYED into my Paddock, Humphries Road, Frankston, Chestnut Pony, white face, two white spots on back, no visible brands. Owner can have same by paying expenses. T. REEVES, Frankston, *** A.I.F. Xmas Book. An unexpected opportunity is now afforded the public of Australia to secure copies of a second great souvenir of the part played by Australians in the war. This is the “A.I.F. Xmas Book” previously issued only to the troops overseas. It forms a companion publication of the “Anzac Book” a few copies of which are still obtainable. While the “Anzac Book” dealt with the campaign in Gallipoli, the “Xmas Book” relates wholly to the briliant exploits of the Australians in France. It contains over 150 engravings ranging from grave to gay and covers the period from the arrival of the A.I.F. in France to the date of issue. There are pictures of every battlefield over which the Australians fought. These were taken at frequent intervals in the actual fighting at Florubaix. Armentieres, Pozieres, Mouquet Farm, the Somme in winter, Flers, Martinpuich, Le Sars Bapaume, Bullecourt, the Hindenburg Line, Measines, Polygon Wood and Ypres. The “Xmas Book” has been described by a high British authority as “the finest collection of war photographs I have yet seen.” It has been published under the direction of a committee composed of Major General N. M. Symth, Major General E. G. Sinclair Maclagan and Mr C. E. W. Bean official war correspondent. For Australia the sale of the “Xmas Book” has been placed in the hands of a committee of which Mr Thomas Trumble, secretary for Defence, is chairman. Copies may be had at 4s 6d each from leading booksellers. They are not to be sold to the public in Great Britain and when present supplies are exhausted it will be impossible to secure copies as the book will not be reprinted. Already £4,500 has been paid into the troops patriotic funds from the sale of the books and it is hoped that a further substantial contribution will result from the sale affected in Australia. *** Our Letter Box. TO THE EDITOR Sir, An earnest endeavour is now being made to establish a sub branch of the returned sailors’ and soldiers’ Imperial League in Frankston. A meeting is called for Saturday, 16th inst., in the Mechanics’ Institute, at 7 p.m. In reply to Mr C. Wood’s letter of an earlier date, the bye-laws and rules of the constitution, as already established in various sub branches, will be adopted. Dealing with memberships, the rule reads: Any person who has served in, or with, the British army or navy, on active service, and who is not now eligible for enlistment will be entitled to membership. Hoping to see a good number. V. N. HYNDES. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 9 November 1918


ACROSS 1. Rubs until sore 5. Public garden 7. Encrypts 8. Strong wind 9. Meditation routine 10. Hysteria 11. Meal course 13. Dagger handle

14. UFO, flying ... 18. Living in a group 21. While 22. Exchanged 24. Track down 25. Unit of weight 26. Take on (staff) 27. Aunt’s husband 28. Night sky object

29. Eventuates DOWN 1. Young swans 2. More at liberty 3. Range 4. Weirdness 5. Clairvoyant 6. Splendid clothes

12. Supplement, ... out 15. Religious non-believer 16. Map line 17. Return game 19. Belonging to us 20. Portable steps 22. Native American tent 23. Fire remains

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Your Guide to Being the Office DJ By Stuart McCullough IT’S an awesome responsibility. One that sat on my shoulders like fullgrown gorilla without impulse control. Get it right, and it would bring people together. Get it wrong, and it could repel those in attendance resulting in a room that was cavernously empty and echoing with the sound of failure. Not that I wasn’t up for the challenge. After all, it was my first official attempt at being the ‘office DJ’. I say ‘official’ in that my colleagues have borne the brunt of my musical predilections. There have been car trips where the question ‘I can’t believe you’ve never heard of [insert band name here]’ which, but for the fact that I had complete control of the stereo, would have resulted in awkward silence. But this was different. This was an event with guests. Trying to keep people broadly happy was the name of the game. There was no room for error and, as a result, obscure musical choices would need to be kept to an absolute minimum. My history as a disc jockey might best be described as ‘checkered’ if you’re being polite and ‘controversial’ if you’re being honest. I can recall being let loose at someone’s twentyfirst and managing to clear the dance floor in record time. Turns out, very few people like Lyle Lovett as much as I do. Or my last day of high school when I commandeered the public address system and confused a generation of youngsters by spinning Chad Morgan’s ‘The Sheik From Scrubby Creek’, followed by Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’. (I was being ironic. I think.) There are family functions too nu-

merous to mention when my musical choices have dented the momentum somewhat. My insistence that we ditch the more traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ in favour of Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’ was not as well received as I’d hoped. And it caused quite some confusion for the twelve year old whose birthday it was. Ditto the time that I decided that the Beastie Boys would be a suitable a backdrop only for stunned silence to follow as an avalanche of f-bombs fell down over Sunday lunch. Glancing through the songs on my computer, I knew that simply selecting ‘shuffle’ and hoping for the best would be tempting fate. And fate, as

we know, is an absolute sucker for temptation. Granted, I could see some Sam Cooke and James Brown; things I knew that everybody could enjoy. But I could also see less appropriate songs, such as Andrew WK’s somewhat selfexplanatory ‘Party ‘Til You Puke’ and the never-appropriate-at-work ‘Nude School’ by Painters and Dockers. I would have to make playlist specific to the occasion. But before selecting which tunes to inflict on workmates and guests alike, I needed to build a sense of anticipation. More importantly, I needed to lower expectations. So that whatever I came up with would feel like welcome relief. When word got out that I was

putting together a playlist, I’d be sure to say something encouraging like, ‘I sure hope everyone likes gangster rap as much as I do.’ Generally, this was greeted with a shuffling of feet and an avoidance of eye contact. Had expectations been any lower, you could trip over them. I knew I’d overstepped the mark when a larger than expected number of potential guests offered their apologies. But it’s not just a matter of the songs. It’s also the question of volume. The wrong choice when it comes to volume can completely ruin an office event. Too soft and you run the risk of being a total buzz kill. Too loud and you may drive people out of the

venue. The latter describes my entire career as a musician when, invariably, we cranked up the amps and the sea of people on the dance floor would part as though Moses himself was rocking to microphone. Importantly, I ran a series of tests. I tried various songs at different volumes and tried to calculate the sound-absorbing effect of a room full of people. As best I could tell, it was loud enough to be heard (and, importantly, to let everyone know awesome my taste in music is) without stifling conversation. I gravitated towards the classics. I’m talking Solomon Burke, Joe Tex, Aretha Franklin and Etta James. Everyone likes soul music. Except, of course, Vladimir Putin, who is completely immune to human emotion and is on the record as being a huge fan of the band Aqua. Luckily, Putin wasn’t coming. He always brings down the mood and there was not a cinder’s chance in hell that I was going to give ‘Barbie Girl’ a spin, no matter how much he begged. At the right moment, I connected the laptop to the Bluetooth speaker and we were away. Music started. There was even the ultimate office DJ accolade of heads nodding in an appreciative manner. Importantly, nobody left the room to get away from the noise I was making. Music is a funny thing. It can and should bring people together. But it requires care and planning, and should not be left to chance. I’m all for algorithms that read your mind, but there’s something to be said for something that requires time and effort. And avoiding Aqua. Rock on.

Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018


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Light work: Pines made light work of Baden Powell to claim the first innings. Picture: Andrew Hurst

Pines’ bowling puts Baden Powell to the sword By Brodie Cowburn


PINES have put on a clinical bowling performance to easily claim the first innings over Baden Powell. Baden Powell’s first four wickets fell for just 18 runs, leaving them little hope of getting anywhere near Pines’ total. Damien Lawrence was pick of the bowlers for Pines, tearing through the tail to claim figures of 4/16 off 16 overs. Pines then enforced the follow on, and left Pines at 1/20 going into their second innings. Red Hill faced off a decent charge from Somerville to hold their first innings lead, although an impressive knock of 49 runs from opener Brenton Alp caused the Hillmen some headaches. Brent Martin was at his best for Red Hill, claiming figures of 5/47. Somerville fell just short of their target of 184, ending up all out for 152. The result is particularly disappointing given they looked a good chance at 7/147. Main Ridge have fallen agonisingly shirt of catching up to Crib Point’s first innings total in their two-dayer match. Crib Point set a healthy total of 190 to chase at Ditterich Reserve, and were given a good run for their money. William Noall’s middle order knock of 49 nearly proved the difference, as his side was bowled out just 8 runs short of taking the lead. Ridge’s last

three batsmen combined for just four runs. At Ballam Park East, Long Island’s dismal first innings total of 75 was quite easily surpassed by Moorooduc. Madushanka Perera’s innings of 61 was nearly enough to pass the total alone, as his side combined for a good total of 168 all out. Long Island showed a little more fight as they got their second innings underway, pulling up stumps at 4/137.


ROSEBUD struggled to defend their first innings total of 145 against Carrum at Roy Dore reserve. Carrum’s openers got things off on the right foot, and at 0/55 they looked to be cruising their way to a win. John Mitchell was handy with 49 before being dismissed by the impressive Billy Quigley. Carrum surpassed 145 with 7 wickets still in hand. Delacombe Park comfortably went to work about defending 235, as the Seaford Tigers struggled to make a splash in their innings. Thanks to Ricky Ramsdale’s brilliant 4/20 off 20 overs, the Tigers ended up all out for 108. Delacombe Park’s second inning got off to a shakier start, they finished the day at 2/30 off only 8 overs. Hastings easily won the first innings over Seaford, as they batted to 3/178 before declaring. This easily surpassed hastings’ dismal 81 runs from

their first innings. Seaford set about their second innings with a little more purpose, but still ended the day at 7/105. Mitch Anderson was the pick of their batsmen, putting together a total of 43. Mt Martha had to work hard to surpass a total of 145 from Heatherhill. Rhys Whitling’s late innings total of 45 proved a huge help as his side claimed the first innings and finished at 9/162. Rye got nowhere near Dromana’s tame total of 125, as they were left all out and rattled for just 56 runs off 29 overs. Zacc Clan played the game of his life, claiming a brilliant 8/16 off 14 overs. Six of those wickets came from clean bowling his opponents. Dromana followed up with a good second innings total of 3/126 before declaring. Rye were sent in to bat once again and ended up at 4/94 before the end of play for the day.


FRANKSTON YCW have had little trouble defending their first innings total of 207 at Peninsula Reserve, claiming an easy win over Skye. Skye could only answer with 83 before losing all their wickets, they were sent to follow on for their second innings, and ended the day at a far from inspiring 5/94. All ten Stonecats fieldsmen bowled during the second innings.

At Citation Reserve, Tootgarook have pulled off a miracle to claim victory over balnarring. Chasing a difficult first innings total of 212 to win, Tootgarook’s openers combined for just 13 runs. Luckily first drop batsman Robert French was in an aggressive mood, as he hit 61 runs from only 56 balls. He hit 13 fours, showing he was not much in the mood for too much running between wickets. After the quick loss of three wickets for four runs in the middle order, Tim Symons came in to steady the ship with a cool 58 not out from 131 deliveries. A decent performance from the tail saw Tootgarook successfully reach 213 with two wickets to spare. Carrum Downs will also be devastated to have let slip their first innings lead of 250 over Tyabb. Starting slowly at 2/9 then at 3/35, all looked doom and gloom for the Yabbies. Jarrod White put his hand up for his struggling side, and put together a magnificent century. He claimed 105 runs from 211 deliveries. A brilliant innings of 94 from middle order partner Michael Edwards was enough to put Tyabb ahead at 4/253 from 76 overs.


FLINDERS battled hard to meet Mt Eliza’s total of 203 in Provincial cricket on Saturday, but a tail order collapse

has left them falling short. Blake Hogan-Keogh left his side in pole position with an innings of 87, but those that followed could not build on his hard work. From 4/152, Mt Eliza ended up all out for 178. Pearcedale’s middle order were brave, but fell well short of meeting Mornington’s target of 276. Kaine Smith came within a run of a half century but it wasn’t enough, as his Pearcedale outfit were bowled out for 182. Langwarrin would have felt comfortable heading into the second day of their match against Peninsula Old Boys, defending a total of 295. At 3/120, OB looked to be gaining on their opponents, before two quick wickets fell. Wade Pelzer battled hard with 78, but once he was dismissed the innings fell apart. Peninsula OB were dismissed for 211. Sorrento have pulled off an impossible task to close out the weekend, chasing down Baxter’s mammoth first innings total of 6/318. Opener Corey Harris took matters into his own hands for the Sharks, scoring a stunning 128 to set his side up for a great escape. With time running out, Sorrento made their target with a little more than three overs to spare. They were left with seven wickets in hand and can hold their heads high after a brilliant showing.

Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



Verdun: ‘We’ll win the league’ SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie DANNY Verdun has thrown down the gauntlet to opposition clubs in State 2 South-East declaring that Peninsula Strikers will win the championship next season. Recently appointed as head coach of the Centenary Park club Verdun addressed an audience of mainly current and prospective players last Thursday evening at Strikers’ home ground. Over 70 people attended and listened intently as Verdun told them what he expected from his players. “It doesn’t matter how old you are or your output as a footballer this is all about the attitude you bring to this club,” Verdun said. “If the attitude and hunger is not there, if the desire is not there along with the discipline to do the job that this club deserves – these are the most important things I want to get through to you tonight and this is what the club expects from you.” Verdun touched on his own migrant experience after coming to Australia from his native Uruguay to emphasise the importance of persistence in the face of adversity and the link between hard work and success. He then outlined his aims for next season. “This club is going to win this league next year,” he said. “I’ve had people come up to me at the end of a season and pat me on the back for finishing third and I’m telling you I can’t stand that. “We’re here to win.” There is no doubt that Verdun and assistant Neil Standish who also spoke at the meeting will bring a core group of players with them from previous club Knox City and if they can retain the bulk of Strikers’ 2018 squad then Verdun’s target is realistic. Strikers’ Players’ Player of the Year Alex Van Heerwarden and forward John Prescott have been linked with Langwarrin. Prescott was at Thursday’s meeting while Van Heerwarden was on holiday. Strikers recently made major changes off the field with Trevor Johnston stepping down as president and being replaced by Marty Sutherland, a 40-year-old who hails from Inverness in Scotland. Sutherland played with famous Highland League club Forres Mechanics and has been with Strikers for seven years. Johnston led the club for two years wiping out its debt and eventually

Title tilt: Peninsula Strikers’ head coach Danny Verdun held a meet-and-greet session at Centenary Park last week with current and prospective players.

forging a good relationship with Strikers’ junior wing and Sutherland plans to build on Johnston’s achievements. “I wanted to carry on the good work that Trevor has done and to continue his legacy,” Sutherland said. “That’s really important especially with the juniors coming in.” Evidence of the now positive relationship between Strikers’ senior and junior clubs is the presence of seven members from the juniors on Sutherland’s 15-strong committee including junior president Adrian Scalpi. “It’s really important to continue to work with the juniors and we want our reserve team to be an under-23 side,” Sutherland added. He also wants to end the coaching instability that has plagued the club in recent times. Verdun is Strikers’ eighth senior coach in just over 12 months following in the footsteps of Craig Lewis, Billy Buchanan, Willie Raines, Andy O’Dell, Jamie Paterson, Lenny Greenan and Jamie Skelly. The club also has had to cope with a large player turnover. “I think we used 47 players last season and we don’t want to go through that again,” Sutherland said. Verdun’s first session as head coach will be on Tuesday 11 December at Centenary Park. There will be a break over Christmas and New Year before pre-season

resumes on Tuesday 8 January four days before the first of a series of preseason games all at home. In NPL2 Langwarrin continues to build an imposing senior squad for 2019 with news that Springvale White Eagles’ top scorer for the past three seasons, Damir Stoilovic, has agreed to join the Lawton Park outfit. The 21-year-old has scored 35 goals in three seasons and in 2016 was named NPL2 Young Player of the Year. “Damir has been of interest for some time and I watched him on numerous occasions towards the end of the season,” Langwarrin head coach Scott Miller said. “He’ll provide the squad with further quality and depth and more importantly a real balance in our attacking midfield options.” Stoilovic and other recent signings David Stirton, Luis Covarrubias and Jordan Templin are evidence of a new-look senior squad with much improved strikepower as Langwarrin targets a top six finish in NPL2 which would maintain its second-tier status when the elite competition is restructured for the 2020 season. And you can expect more new signings to arrive at Lawton Park. Meanwhile Langwarrin under-16s head coach Doug Hodgson has recently returned from a business trip to the UK and has arranged a series of tour

matches for his squad in England next year. Hodgson is a former Sheffield United defender and was the first Australian to move into management at a professional club in England during his stint as The Blades reserves manager. He has arranged games against Wolves, Birmingham City, West Bromwich Albion and Sheffield United and is hoping to add a match against Watford to the itinerary. In NPLW news Southern United announced last week that physiotherapist Anna Trnka would again work with the players after assisting them with running retraining and sports injury management throughout the 2018 season. Trnka has been part of the Back in Motion Patterson Lakes team since February 2017 after moving to Melbourne from country Victoria. She competed as an elite crosscountry skier for nine years before retiring in 2015 having represented Australia at the World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy (2013) and in Falun, Sweden (2015). Trnka’s focus is on active rehabilitation and exercise therapy to help players eliminate pain, prevent injury and enhance performance and her special physiotherapy interests include running assessments, injury prevention screening and Pilates. In State 3 South-East news Frankston Pines announced the resigning of Lewis Potter and Luke Murray last week. Potter, 29, has been with Leicester City’s academy squad and has played with Langwarrin and Strikers. He can play at the back or in midfield.

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Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

“I’m delighted we have retained Lewis for 2019,” senior coach Kevin “Squizzy” Taylor said. “He will be important for us both as a player and as a role model for the younger players we have brought in. “He’s an experienced footballer with good technique who likes to keep the ball on the deck.” Murray, 23, is a former Peninsula Strikers and Seaford United player who has played at the back, in midfield and up front at Monterey Reserve. He had spells with South Melbourne and Dandenong Thunder as a junior player. “Luke is a dynamic, technically skilled player who can play in a number of positions and he’ll prove his worth during the season,” Taylor said. Murray is convinced that Pines can bounce straight back after the disappointment of being relegated from State 2 South-East last season. “There’s no way I could leave after we went down and I want to win the league with Pines next year,” Murray said. “I think having ‘Squizzy’ in charge and with the new players he’s bringing in it might be just what the club needed.” Pines also confirmed last week that former president Gary Hodgson and wife Pip, who had served as club treasurer, had been granted life membership. “Both Gary and Pip have worked tirelessly over many years to ensure the club not only survived but were instrumental in gaining approval for the new $3.8 million new clubrooms that will be built at Monterey Reserve,” president Steve Spencer said. “This is a very small way that the club can repay Gary and Pip for everything they have done and achieved over the years.” However one of the downsides of the Hodgsons stepping down from the committee is the increasing likelihood that their son, CJ, has played his last game for Pines. The 25-year-old has played in most outfield positions at Monterey Reserve and has even played in goal but he is due to meet with Doveton officials this week. In an off-season story published in these pages late last year Hodgson said he’d be at Pines as long as his parents were involved which gives newly promoted State 1 South-East outfit Doveton a second-to-none chance to get its man.


Weir aces Cup day feature By Ben Triandafillou THOUSANDS of race goers packed into the Mornington Racecourse on Sunday 4 November for the annual Peninsula Cup. The highlight of the year for the Mornington Racecourse saw a crowd of more than 9,300 people flock into the stands to witness the Warrnambool-based master trainer, Darren Weir, claim yet another country cup. Having also won the Mornington Cup in March with Kings Will Dream, Weir backed-up his success on Sunday to take out the Peninsula Cup with five-year-old stallion, Royal Ace. Despite drifting in the market before the race, Royal Ace managed to run over the heavily supported Mornington-based gelding, Call It A Day, in the final 50 metres of the straight to land the victory. The win made it back-to-back victories for the son of Casino Prince who claimed a benchmark 78 race at Moe in emphatic fashion at his start prior. Royal Ace held a half-length margin over the Wez Hunter-trained Call It A Day (second) and the Maher/ Eustace-trained gelding, Black Sail (third). Winning jockey Ben Allen said his mount, Royal Ace, can be quite a good horse when he starts to switch on. “He’s definitely got his own personality,” Allen said. “When he does have his mind on the job, he can really gallop so that was good.

“I was happy [with the pace], he was in a rhythm and it was just a nice gallop the whole way and I think that’s what made him come into the race really well. “It’s good to get another winner for Weiry and the team, so I couldn’t be happier.” Gallant runner-up, Call It A Day, is likely to back-up into a 2000m race at Flemington on Saturday 10 November, according to trainer Wez Hunter. Hunter said he thought his gelding was very tough, after having a hard run out in front. “I thought he was very brave,” he said. “Ideally we would have wanted a softer lead but he stuck on bravely and I thought he did well.” “He licked out the bin this morning (Monday), and even though he hasn’t raced over 2000m, I think he’ll run it out strongly. “He’ll be hard fit having had 11 starts this preparation and he’s racing very well.” Gun Sydney-based jockey, Tommy Berry, is likely to stay aboard Call It A Day when he heads to Flemington. Overall, the Mornington-based trainers had a relatively successful day at the feature race meeting with the Tony Noonan-trained Raven’s Blaze (Race 3) and the Chris Meagher-trained Born Bad (Race 2) both saluting earlier in the day. The Tony Noonan-trained mare, Raven’s Blaze, was one of the most dominant winners on the card, scoring a comfortable 3.25-length victory to

break her maiden first-up. Following the victory, Noonan said he’ll give the mare another run in two to three weeks’ time before looking towards the autumn for softer tracks. The Chris Meagher-trained gelding,

Born Bad, was also a strong maiden winner at his second career start. The win landed apprentice jockey, Jessica Eaton, her first victory at Mornington for her master trainer, Chris Meagher.

Ace race: A bumper crowd descended on Mornington Race Course to witness Royal Ace take out the Peninsula Cup. Picture: Gary Sissons

Mitchell bullish, Pen Boxing take three-pronged attack By Ben Triandafillou SEVERAL top boxers from the Mornington Peninsula will be out to finish the year off with a bang when they line-up at the Melbourne Pavilion on Friday 14 December. WBC top-10 ranked fighter, Jayde Mitchell, headlines the card and will face the well-travelled Danish boxer, Kim Poulsen, in the main event. Mitchell will be looking to end his 2018 campaign with a regional title defence following his clear-cut victory over power-puncher Kerry Foley on Friday 7 September. While Mitchell understands that Poulsen is a highly experienced fighter with a record of 28 wins and four losses, he is still supremely confident heading into the night. “I watched footage of him, he’s a well-skilled fighter but I have to put a really good show on if I’m serious about going to bigger and better things,” he said. “He’s well-travelled and fought across the world. I’m expecting him to be in good shape, and even though he has come to fight, he won’t be getting the win.” Poulsen, who was fighting in the welterweight division just a couple of years ago, has returned in the supermiddleweight class in which Mitchell believes he has no right to be in. “I’m not looking past him, I’m looking through him,” he said. “He’s got no business being in my weight division. It’ll be a seek-anddestroy mission to finish the year off with a bang.” Mitchell has big plans ahead for next year and is hoping to end this campaign on a high. “Hopefully we can go from this to one of the biggest domestic fights in

Pro puncher: Jason Whateley aims to make it two-from-two in the professional ranks. Out with a bang: Jayde Mitchell is supremely confident heading into his final fight for the season against Kim Poulsen. Pictures: Marty Camilleri

March next year against Zac Dunn,” he said. “It’s going to be an exciting year next year and the offers are really starting to come in now.” Also lining-up on the card is professional boxer, Kane Watts, who has been training alongside Mitchell and his father, Len Mitchell. Watts will be aiming to claim the WBA Oceania title and search for a spot in the top-15 world ratings. Peninsula Boxing will also have a few fighters on the undercard with the likes of Jason Whateley, Jai Alexander and Lochie Higgins all set to step into the ring. Whateley, who is coming off a professional debut victory, will be lining up for his second fight at the

elite level. Peninsula Boxing head coach Marcos Amado believes that Whateley will most likely need to fight an opponent “above and beyond”, with competitors being so hard to find. “No one wants to be in the ring against him,” Amado said. “We’re not looking past this fight but it’s going to be the first belt and the first step towards bigger and better things.” Jai Alexander will likely have a similar problem when finding opponents, having had just the two fights for the year. “He’s also been very difficult to get a fight for but we’ll probably know a bit better with whom they’re up against in the last two to three weeks

before the night,” Amado said. Finally, Higgins will be going up a weight division into the super-middleweight class for the first time. Amado said they’ll be playing it slightly more cautious when coming up against some bigger and heavier hitters as they go from the 72kg to the 76kg of the super-middleweight class. This will be the fighters final hitout for the year and Amado said he

couldn’t be happier with their preparation heading into it. “Everyone’s put in a really solid camp,” he said. “After that we’ll probably have four weeks off and start getting back into things again in the second week of January.” Tickets for the night can be purchased through the boxers.

Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



Baseballer relishes ‘experience of a life-time’

Road to victory: Mornington Cycling Club members get set to compete in their season’s highlight, the MCC Road Club Championships. Picture: Supplied

Road cyclists compete for club championships By Ben Triandafillou MORNINGTON Cycling Club will host their season’s highlight, the MCC Road Club Championships, in Main Ridge on Saturday 10 November. The sixth annual Road Club Championships concludes a tremendous year for the club with the first event set to kick off at 8:00am. Mornington Cycling Club president Bruce Trew said that the championships are the biggest event of the year for the club. “We’re only a small club but it’s the end of year event where everyone comes together and we crown the best cyclist for the year,” Trew said. “It holds the most prestige of the events we hold throughout the year and honours the best and strongest riders at the club. It gives the top riders a chance to add their name to history.” The championship events are run in age group brackets which include the under-19s, Elite Men

(open age), Women (open age), Masters (under50s), Super Masters (over-50s) and the Legends categories (over-60s). The event also caters for juniors with a one to two lap support ride also held on the day. The under-19s Joel Hawkins Scholarship, named in honour of one of the brightest riders on the Peninsula who tragically died in a cycling accident three years ago, will also be awarded on the day. The scholarship offers an up-and-coming talent support for their road cycling development over a 12 month period as a racing member of MCC. It also provides a full package of coaching, physical therapy, bike servicing, MCC membership and kit. To ride in the event you need to be a member of the Mornington Cycling Club. If you’re interested in joining the MCC visit:

BASEBALL pitcher Jackson Boyd, of Langwarrin, returned to Florida after representing Australia in the under-23s Baseball World Cup in Colombia on Sunday 28 October. The now 19-year-old, having had his birthday while competing in the World Cup, joined an Australian contingent of 24 players and competed against 12 international teams at the competition. The Australian team finished in ninth place overall, but Boyd said he still had an exceptional time representing his country. “The World Cup this year was an experience of a lifetime,” he said. “To be able to travel to that part of the world and do what I love is a blessing. To play at such a high level and compete was an amazing experience.” Boyd said he enjoyed the trip over to Colombia but the key to the great experience was competing at the World Cup with people he now knows so well. “Nothing beats the feeling of being able to wear your country on your chest with guys you played with and against ever since I was 12-years-old.” The Australia team was placed in Group B and faced five international teams being Korea, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and the Czech Republic in the group stage. Australia were defeated two to four by Venezuela in the opening round, before hitting back with a five to three victory over the Czech Republic in the second round. Australia then scored a narrow victory over the Dominican Republic, three to four, in the third round. Korea were ruthless in the fourth round and defeated the Australian side by seven runs, 14 to seven, before Australia finished the group stage with a narrow three to two loss against Puerto Rico. In the consolation rounds, Australia faced host-nation Colombia where they were defeated by 13 runs with a final score of five to 18. Australia ended the competition on a high scoring two dominant victories over the Netherlands (16-3) and South Africa (4-9). Boyd, who is studying sports science at North West Florida College and following his passion for baseball, will now stay in Florida until Christmas before making a trip back home.

McGill’s Choice can’t be caught By Ben Triandafillou MORNINGTON-based trainer, Logan McGill, has a seriously quick horse on his hands. The four-year-old son of Written Tycoon, Written Choice, made it back-to-back victories for the trainer on Friday 26 October, when he clocked the third fastest time of 54.77 seconds around the tight 955m Moonee Valley track. It made it three wins from four times that jockey, Stephen Baster, has taken a sit on him. Trainer Logan McGill said it was a fantastic feeling to see Written Choice overcome the wide barrier (10) and win the $120,000 sprint. “The other day when he won, he won a similar sort of race. It was expected of him to win that day but leading into this one there wasn’t as much expected because of the wide draw,” McGill said. “It was relief the start before but I was absolutely rapt to see him run such as sizzling time and win the race.” Written Choice led all-the-way at his most recent victory, narrowly defeating Essence of Terror and Pravro, a further two-lengths away in third. McGill said Written Choice is a “quirky sort

Bulls sign 1000 goal star By Brodie Cowburn KARINGAL Football Club have pulled off a huge coup by bringing former Cranbourne full-forward Marc Holt to the club. The signing is a huge deal for the Bulls, who were dumped from MPNFL Division Two finals this year in straight sets. The signing of Holt could prove the difference for the Bulls as they seek Division One promotion. The Bulls scored the least amount of points of all finals clubs in 2018, and will benefit from another avenue to goal. Holt made headlines at the end of this season when he booted his 1000th goal for the


Cranbourne Eagles. Cranbourne FC President Gerry Kelly had previously indicated he was hopeful that Holt would stay. The Eagles had their application to join the MPNFL rejected, and will now join the Yarra Ranges league. Between Marc Holt at Karingal and Brendan Fevola at his new club Hastings, there are sure to be plenty of goals kicked in Division 2 this season. Karingal will also kick off their 2019 campaign with a new coach at the helm. Brendan Dunne has been appointed.

Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

World class: Baseball pitcher, Jackson Boyd, represents Australia at the under-23s Baseball World Cup in Colombia. Picture: Supplied

Breaking the clock: Logan McGill-trained Written Choice posts a super slick time of 54.77 seconds around the 955m Moonee Valley track. Picture: Supplied

of horse” who has had the tendency to miss the start, but the booking of jockey, Stephen Baster, has made a massive difference. “He missed the kick first-up last preparation so we knew we needed to sort out his barrier tendencies,” he said. “We approached Stephen [Baster] and he got to know him a bit. He gave him a trial at Mornington and worked him, and now they’ve meshed really well and haven’t taken a backwards step since.” Despite being a highly energetic stallion come race day, McGill said he’s a completely different animal back at home. “He’s a highly strung stallion who can tend to get himself wound up on race day but you couldn’t get a better mannered horse when he’s back at the stables,” he said. Following his fourth career victory from his eight starts, McGill has pointed out that Written Choice will now be heading towards the Listed Absolut Stakes (1000m) down the straight at Flemington on Thursday 8 November. “He deserves his chance in a race like that,” he said. “It looks like the next logical step.”

Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018


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Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018



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Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018






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Southern Peninsula News

6 November 2018


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Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

6 November 2018  

Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018

6 November 2018  

Southern Peninsula News 6 November 2018