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‘Ghosts’ in the poslost t

FRED Wild was back week, rememb at ering days school last schoolya rd in The otherand another former the old pupil was pupil. bourne Brindle, Primary who was Ewart Meluntil before joining the end of at Dromana his father World War 1 States. in the United Brindle, who went ebrated on commer cial artist to be a celshowed an and Copies early aptitude for author, art. show that of Brindle’s tographs he could capablyschoolwork colour to with a pencil and copy phoeffective One waterco ly portray use watera scene. an apprecia lour of a yacht shows tion reĂ€ections. of scale and rippled Mr Wild’s interest and work in Brindle’ s life of Brindle’led him to arrange s illustrate for a copy Ghosts to be given d book 20 District to Droman Silver Historic a and al Society. The book was a sented in Novemb surprise to be 150th celebrat preer during the town’s But it was ions. most surprise Fred Wild who was d as he the book the to arrive waited in vain See ‘Not on time. for so

It’s fire d anger tim e of AusPost’ happy returns . Page 13

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THE CFA’s riod (FDP) declared Fire sula started for the MorningDanger PeCasey, Cardinia ton at 1am on The declarat Monday Penin, and Bass Mr Owen . ion applies peninsul Coast. a to the entire especially said all Victoria Western as well as French He said those living n resident Port. grass s, Island in as, needed to in high The CFA’s risk are- derestimated. Âżres should not Âżre danger be Âżre ready “They southern be unregion dangero heading operatio bicide, metropo into serious us and cause can be extreme “Victori period. ns manager Owen, said litan a has death, trauma ly removin and creating injury. experien FDPs were , Trevor weather recently, fuel breaks conditio g all “Grass or the ced based on ns most Âżre-prone but we by soil,â€? Mr fuel (vegetation) moisture and took into are one wet itan areas Âżres often occur local Owen said. down to practised what of the and it only s, regions account “Living they will weather fuel loads, grasslan resident over summer in metropolin the fuel “Leavin takes in a grasslan do. and d curing, and windy weathertwo weeks of world properti ial, commercial , impacting on dried-out brown survive g early is the d area Neighbo rainfall. hot, dry es.â€? and industria Âżre conditio a Âżre safest grass with or to ing the Âż uring municip He ns,â€? he create dangero l bushÂż that is more thangolden-coloured to do and when– you need to knowway to alities re danger “Due us butt said simply discardi re risk. 10cm high and where ston, Kingsto dry, windy what time include enter- tions to favourab said. into dry to go on is a “About le growing days.â€? n, Greater across the grass can ng a cigarette Frankhot, 75 per For informa condi- munity at risk state in an Dandeno and result put the com- in high risk Âżre cent of people tion on 2011, there dollars of for the ng, Âż above-average how living in millions tailed survival areas do Âż re season.â€? damage. grass Âż not have Ready re season, downloato prepare re risk is “Now is of Kit, complet a dethis home “Most peopleplan. the time d a Fire BushÂżre e the and property to protect have do if there Po ing, grazing, location Self Assessment Household your is a Âżre, an idea of what by rts of Fire or Âżnd but haven’t to spraying slashing, mow- about what could ea Ready the Marshall’s thought your area at: and using backup to meetings in call the her- municat plan, workedgo wrong, made Ry Victoria HOLI a out e n au e with SORRENT DAY RENT family how to com- Line (VBIL) on BushÂżre Informa or O OFFICE and friends 1800 240 We are „ Turn tion ALS the largest 667. or mation. to page 11 9best service on the Mornington Peninsula for more Âżre infor9best ROI Holiday 9biggest

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Property Manage

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alternative Services include: ‡ERRNLQ JVDQGHQ ‡DGYHU TXLULHV

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Interior DESIGN COURSE IEND BRING A FR fee 50% off receive 2nd r details see website fo




We have always had the best prices now it’s got even better!

All Indoor & Outdoor Furniture at Very Low Prices

EVERYTHING MUST GO Mornington Homemaker Centre, Nepean Highway, Mornington

Bay Living PAGE 2

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Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

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Seven summer projects IT’S hard to believe, but we’re already in the middle of summer. The sun is shining, the windows are open, and your hammock is probably getting plenty of use on the weekends. If you’re tired of laying around, there are plenty of easy home improvement projects you can take on that will increase your home’s value, make it look better, and get things ready for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Summer is a great time to work on the home because the weather is warm, which makes doing most of these chores a breeze. You can finish some of the projects in less than an hour, while others will require a bigger time commitment, depending on your home’s features. Start at the top of the list for the easier, quicker fixes and work your way down. 1. Clean the gutters If your home sits under a pollinating tree, then your gutters might have brown or yellow stains dripping down the sides from the spring’s pollination cycle. But even if it doesn’t, leaves may have accumulated, which not only clog gutters, but also can cause stains. Now is a great time to scrub your gutters because the weather is warm and they’ll stay relatively clean until the autumn. 2. Clean exterior lights Have you ever cleaned the dead bugs from your home’s exterior lights? Many people don’t think to

do this, but those bugs add up. They not only look awful, but also dim the quality of the light. This is an easy chore that will give your home a bright, clean look.

3. Fix concrete cracks If you have a concrete driveway, deck or path, you know that the winter months can be brutal on these areas and cracks may appear. If left unattended, cracks will get wider with each successive winter. If the crack is small, buy concrete caulk. Simply clean out the crack (a pressure washer works great for this) and apply the caulk. If the crack is large, you’ll need to apply a concrete patch.

4. Caulk the exterior Caulk not only helps protect the exterior of your home from the elements, but also helps keep it airtight, which means lower monthly

power bills. Exterior caulking should be done once a year. And you don’t want to do this job during winter or in rainy months. Start caulking around windows and doors first. If your home has a wooden exterior, use clear caulk between any slats that are separating or open. 5. Clean and seal the deck Decks get dirty. Give yours a good scrubbing with a stiff brush and soap or use a pressure washer. Then apply a fresh coat of sealer

to protect the wood. Not only will this keep your deck in good repair for years to come, but also it looks great. 6. Clean outdoor furniture Are your outside chairs looking faded and sad? Is your deck furniture coated in dust and grime? Clean your furniture from top to bottom. If the material can be painted or stained, why not add a fresh coat? Painting outdoor furniture can be a great project to do with your kids, too. Be sure to use a non-toxic paint. 7. Add an outdoor fireplace If you’ve been dreaming about summer nights in front of an outdoor fireplace, now’s the time to make it happen. Create a safe space in your yard for a fire pit; it shouldn’t be close to overhanging trees and should be at least three metres from the house. Dig into the ground to form a circle one metre in diameter. Pour sand in the bottom, and then surround it with a metal fire pit ring, which can be purchased inexpensively from home improvement stores. Summer is a great time to do a lot of things, especially home improvement. For outdoor projects, wear a sunhat and plenty of sunscreen and don’t forget to keep the water bottle full and handy. Easy projects like these are inexpensive and take little of your time, but they can add loads of value – both visually and financially – to your home.

OFFSHORE ROOFING All types of metal rooÀng, new homes, re-roofs, re-spouting & downpipes. Call Steve Kennedy on

0414 800 069

1 Bruce Street, Rye, 3941 ABN: 59 028 156 985 Lic: 49143

M. & A. EGAN Licensed Plumber & Gasfitter

PIBL No: 22042

461 Dundas St, Rye, 3941. PO Box 101, Rye, 3941.

PH: (03) 5985 2322 MOB: 0418 301 980 FAX: (03) 5985 1299

Solar and Electrical Services

Established in 1992, a locally owned & operated company providing personalised service and Free Site Inspections

Design & Install Grid Connected Solar Systems )520



No job too big or small for Connected CONNECTED Solar & Electrical is a Mornington-based, family-owned and -operated company established in 1992. The company offers a wide range of services from grid-connect solar power to appliance repairs, and has an emergency and breakdown service available seven days a week with no job too big or small. “From installing a single light or power point to complex electrical systems, clients can be assured that we have the experience to get the job done right the first time,� a spokesman said. “We are energy efficient electricians; everything we do is about and for our customers. We will keep our promises by turning up to a job on time and following through with what we say. “We focus on value for customers and treat

customers as we would like to be treated ourselves, with honesty and respect. “Our objective is to give customers the service we would expect ourselves. All employees are fully qualified A grade electricians who will provide quality workmanship and service. “We are polite, professional and treat customers’ homes as if they were our own by cleaning up thoroughly after each job. “For domestic, commercial, telephone and data, home automation, landscape lighting, solar power, appliance repair and all other electrical needs, you can’t go past Connected Solar & Electrical.� For details, call 1300 854 851 or 0418 539 150.

7HUPV &RQGLWLRQV 67&5HEDWHVXEMHFWWRFKDQJH67&WREHDVVLJQHGWR&RQQHFWHGVRODU (OHFWULFDO Standard Single story installation with pitched roof, in zone 4, Electrical installation meets current standards.




Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



Peninsula Screens for all glass needs



15 Newington Avenue, Rosebud (Rosebud Industrial Estate) Telephone: 5986 8896

Cnr McDowell St & Rosebud Parade, Rosebud Telephone: 5986 7000



Volunteers are always made most welcome – Why not join our happy teams & enjoy the company of other community-spirited men and women. For Warehouse enquiries, telephone Doug on 5986 8896 (Monday-Saturday) For Rotary Shop, speak to Sue or Betty on 5986 7000 (Tuesday mornings) All Funds Returned to Community – Wholly Staffed by Volunteers. Donations to Community now exceed $1,000,000 over past 10 Years. A JOINT FUNDRAISING PROJECT OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF ROSEBUD-RYE Inc.

PENINSULA Screens is a well-established, highly experienced company specialising in innovative and contemporary uses for glass in the home and workplace. From the stunning impact of coloured glass wall cladding, the elegant simplicity of frameless glass shower screens and the unobstructed view of a frameless glass pool fence, Peninsula Screens is at the forefront in design and application. The company also provides cost-effective solutions for clients looking for a practical solution to their needs. Peninsula Screens has serviced the Mornington Peninsula for many years. The product range extends from cost-effective shower screens for a rental property through to totally designed custom solutions. The compnay designs and supplies a full range of glass products including: ď Ž Shower screens ď Ž Balustrading (glass and wire) ď Ž Pool fences ď Ž Kitchen and shower splashbacks ď Ž Glass replacement ď Ž Mirrors ď Ž Sliding wardrobe doors

ď Ž Shop and office fit-outs ď Ž Advertising signs ď Ž Glass display.

“Let our fully qualified glazing staff partner with you in the achievement of your plans, and see our website for photos of our quality workmanship: www. “All work is carried out by fully qualified glaziers, and we can provide you with the correct certified compliance

documentation if required. “Our home services and maintenance division can help with bathroom renovations and other small repair and building requirements. “We also offer a fully supported DIY solution. “We are also agents for Homelift Elevators, perfect for either new homes or we can retrofit to your existing home. Phone 5987 1561.

Factory Address: 48 Collins Road Dromana VIC 3936.

Ph: 03 5987 1561 Fax: 03 5981 4259 email: Website:

„ Shower Screens „ Balustrading (glass and wire) „ Pool Fences „ Kitchen and shower Splash backs „ Glass replacement „ Mirrors „ Sliding Wardrobe Doors „:OVW6MÄJLÄ[V\[Z „ Advertising d e s g ssigns g s „ Glass display

Shower Screens Installed From $350 Inc GST Installed within 24 Hours

Framed style

Frameless style

Why risk it yourself We have qualiďŹ ed tradesman And CertiďŹ cation certiďŹ cates Are supplied

Stainless steel

Add value to your home And improve your view Replace your old timber or wire Balustrade with the glass *All prices based on pickup from our store


Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


A gardener’s paradise SUMMER is well and truly here and so are the holidays. There is no better time to relax in the garden, entertaining friends and family, cooking up a feast on the barbecue or taking a dip in the pool. Topez provides “inspiration for the imagination” and is a great place to get ideas for the home and garden. Boasting one of Australia’s largest collections of garden products and an international art gallery and sculpture garden, Topez has something for everyone. Creating a feature in the garden is a way to bring to life

even the most ordinary garden. Whether it is a water feature, a stylish urn, or a textured planter, statue or sculpture, you can add life and a focal point very simply. Thousands of exclusive items are on display and helpful Topez staff can assist you to make the right purchase. Topez now has two stores for your convenience. For those city dwellers lucky enough to have a holiday pad on the peninsula, you can now experience the Topez collection closer to home. Topez has recently opened

its second mega site at 219 Kororoit Creek Rd in Williamstown. Phone 9397 6644. The site features a large indoor and outdoor area. Fresh for the season, new designs and styles are on display during January at the peninsula location: 16 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Tyabb. Email: enquiries@topez. Open Thursday to Saturday 9.30am to 4pm, and on Sundays from 9.30am to 2pm. Check online at: www.topez.


16 Mornington – Tyabb Rd Tyabb Phone 03 9397 6644 Open Thurs – Sun 9.30am - 4.00pm

Basswood Plantation Shutters Top quality shutters at Melbourne’s best price.

Our shutters are made from the best quality timbers using state of the art equipment. ŷȖNjǣÌȖǼǼsNjʩŘÞǣÌsǣOŘ˅ǼEsEsǼsŘʳɟs¶ÞɚsĶĶŸȖNjǣÌȖǼǼsNjǣǣÞɮOŸǼǣŸ¯ƼÞŘǼsŘǣȖNjÞضLJȖĶÞǼɴȕəNjsǣÞǣǼŘǼʩŘÞǣÌʳ

Buy Direct From The Importer


50 Hartnett Drive, Seaford Ph 1800ALLBLINDS Fax 97769170 ®NjssōsǣȖNjs˓džȖŸǼs˒ɠɠɠʳĠĶsÞ¶ÌEĶÞŘ_ǣʳOŸŎʳȖ

Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



Double glazing a future star OVER the years, the Australian building industry has evolved and sustainable, eco-friendly living has become more and more important. Following the lead of Europe and the United States, the Australian government has introduced a six star energy rating system, and double glazing is more important than ever. Changes to the building code and the six star rating mean all new homes, home renovations, alterations and additions must comply with the six star standard, which applies to thermal performance of a home. Meeting the standard requires good design, particularly at the planning stages. Building professionals can advise homeowners how to take advantage of things like increased comfort, saving money on energy bills and making a home more resilient to climate change. For a new home, careful design so that a home is orientated correctly on the block to get the most out of double glazing can add up to one star to a home’s energy rating. For existing homes, swapping all single-glazed windows to double glazing will save energy costs. For example, swapping all the windows in a three-bedroom house would save about 25 per cent a year on heating and cooling bills, as well as 720kg of carbon dioxide emissions. Six star homes are projected to use about 24 per cent less energy compared to five star homes, a saving of a further $100. uPVC double glazing can almost

single-handedly move a home from a five, four or even three star energy rating to a six star rating. Basically, uPVC double glazing keeps a home warm in winter and cool in summer. In winter, uPVC double glazing keeps a home warm by stopping the cold entering through windows and by reflecting heat back into the home. This means using less heating and reducing energy costs. In summer the reverse applies: the cool air in the home is kept inside and the heat from the hot Australian sun is kept out. Australian Double Glazing is one Australian company that specialises in energy efficiency and in helping homeowners increase the energy rating of the home. The company offer an obligationfree service that lets owners design the windows for their home while ensuring they meet the six star standard. John Heath of Australian Double Glazing said: “uPVC double glazed windows and doors are becoming more and more popular with Australians who want to improve their home’s energy rating and meet the six star standard. “uPVC is practically maintenancefree; is thermally efficient; withstands rain, wind, sun, ice, salt and heat; and still keeps on looking great. “By comparison, timber-framed windows are naturally susceptible to rotting, splitting and cracking, and regular, expensive maintenance is essential. “Aluminium windows fade with regular exposure to the sun and can

leak energy from the home as they conduct cold and heat through the frames. They also have poor sound insulation properties and comparatively low insulating power. “But it’s not all about energy efficiency. Good quality double glazed uPVC windows have a range of other benefits that make them the superior choice for the home. “They are particularly useful in a coastal environment as salt and water have absolutely no impact; this means they are virtually maintenance-free – no painting, no stuck and swollen windows. “They are a great sound barrier and can reduce noise by up to 80 per cent. They are very secure with multi-point locking systems “They are made from eco friendly materials, using eco friendly manufacturing methods. “The frames of uPVC windows can be recycled up to 30 times back into new uPVC window frames before the required properties of uPVC become depleted. The uPVC is then recycled into other PVC products like water pipes. “All the metal components in uPVC windows can be recycled into the reinforcing used within the window frames. The glass can be recycled into new glass products.” If you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home to meet the new six star energy rating requirements, uPVC double glazing should be one of the first things you consider.

Harnessing passion for interior design HOME Innovations in Mornington has launched into the new year with a big schedule of events for homeowners with the resolution to improve their castle and feather their nest. “The return of Rosemary Pollock of KIS Design hosting the popular interior design courses (pictured) will be sure to excite those with a passion for design and decoration,” a Home Innovations spokesperson said. “There are two courses in February, a Thursday course starting on 9 February and a Saturday courses starting on the 11th, which is filling fast. “The courses are designed to not only teach the core principles of design and decoration, but also serve as a workshop environment for attendees to work through their own home projects. Covering everything from spatial

design to lighting effects and colour selection to product selection, they are the perfect way to help with your next major project and avoid costly mistakes when renovating and decorating. “Recent participants have also used the course to improve their knowledge of design for the workplace, particularly people involved with builders or furniture retailers. “If you would like to be involved with either of the courses, call Home Innovations reception on 5976 4661 or go to for more details. Home Innovations is in the Peninsula Homemaker Centre on the corner of Nepean Hwy and Bungower Rd, Mornington, behind Bunnings, and is open 7 days from 10-5pm.

Contact us for a Free Measure and Quote

1300 656 448


%ff o

d lace p s r e Ord anuary in J

Why you need Australian Double Glazing Exceeds the 6-Star Energy Rating 10 Year Guarantee Reduces your Carbon Foot Print High Quality European uPVC Design Made from Fully Recyclable material Low Maintenance - No more painting Improves the value of your home Keeps you Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter PAGE 6

Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

With Australian Double Glazing it’s possible to by up to

Southern Peninsula

Features inside: HEALTHY LIVING PAGES 42 – 44


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‘Ghosts’ lost in the post FRED Wild was back at school last week, remembering days in the old schoolyard and another former pupil. The pupil was Ewart Melbourne Brindle, who was at Dromana State School until the end of the First World War before joining his father in the United States. Brindle, who went on to become a celebrated commercial artist and author, showed an early aptitude for art. Copies of Brindle’s schoolwork show that he could capably copy photographs with a pencil and use watercolour to effectively portray a scene. One watercolour of a yacht shows an appreciation of scale and rippled reflections. Mr Wild’s interest in Brindle’s life and work led him to arrange for a copy of Brindle’s illustrated book 20 Silver Ghosts to be given to Dromana and District Historical Society. The book was a surprise to be presented in November during the town’s 150th celebrations. But it was Fred Wild who was the most surprised as he waited in vain for the book to arrive on time. See ‘Not so happy returns from wizards of AusPost’on Page 13.

It’s fire danger time THE CFA’s declared Fire Danger Period (FDP) for the Mornington Peninsula started at 1am on Monday. The declaration applies to the entire peninsula as well as French Island in Western Port. The CFA’s southern metropolitan region operations manager, Trevor Owen, said FDPs were based on local conditions and took into account fuel moistures, fuel loads, grassland curing, weather and rainfall. Neighbouring municipalities entering the fire danger time include Frankston, Kingston, Greater Dandenong,



a to


Beach Retreats Holiday Property Management

Casey, Cardinia, and Bass Coast. Mr Owen said all Victorian residents, especially those living in high risk areas, needed to be fire ready heading into fire danger period. “Victoria has experienced wet weather recently, but we are one of the most fire-prone regions in the world and it only takes two weeks of hot, dry and windy weather to create dangerous fire conditions,� he said. “Due to favourable growing conditions across the state in 2011, there is an above-average grass fire risk this fire season.�

Marshall’s HOLIDAY RENTALS SORRENTO OFFICE We are the largest on the Mornington Peninsula

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Contact: 0411 412 103 or 0419 301 928

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He said grass fires should not be underestimated. “They can be extremely dangerous and cause death, trauma or serious injury. “Grass fires often occur in metropolitan areas over summer, impacting on residential, commercial and industrial properties.� He said simply discarding a cigarette butt into dry grass can put the community at risk and result in millions of dollars of damage. “Now is the time to protect your home and property by slashing, mowing, grazing, spraying and using her-






practised what they will do. “Leaving early is the safest way to survive a fire – you need to know what to do and when and where to go on hot, dry, windy days.â€? For information on how to prepare for the fire season, download a Fire Ready Kit, complete the Household Bushfire Self Assessment or find the location of Fire Ready meetings in your area at: or call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL) on 1800 240 667. ď Ž Turn to page 11 for more fire information.



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We need properties NOW to meet seasonal demand in Portsea, Sorrento, Blairgowrie, Rye and St Andrews Beach. Call our rental Managers on 5984 4388 for a FREE appraisal, excellence in service and competitive fees!

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Our strength however means we urgently require stock across Sorrento,Portsea, Blairgowrie, * REIV SALES Rye and St Andrews Beach. RESULTS 2009 – CURRENT


5984 5955 119 Ocean Beach Rd. Upstairs (cnr. Darling Rd.)

bicide, and creating fuel breaks by removing all fuel (vegetation) down to the soil,� Mr Owen said. “Living in a grassland area with dried-out brown or golden-coloured grass that is more than 10cm high is a bushfire risk. “About 75 per cent of people living in high risk fire areas do not have a detailed survival plan. “Most people have an idea of what to do if there is a fire, but haven’t thought about what could go wrong, made a backup plan, worked out how to communicate with family and friends or

1000a Nepean Highway, Mornington

Aussie Day Top Deck Bar & BBQ There’s nothing more Australian than a BBQ by the sea...

How about a BBQ on the Sea! Join Searoad Ferries between Sorrento and Queenscliff where the Australia Day Celebration starts as soon as you hop on board with an Aussie BBQ, Live Music, beer and wine on the top deck. So come along and enjoy the view, fresh air and get into the Aussie spirit.

The Top Deck Bar BBQ departs Queenscliff-11am&1pm&3pm Sorrento-12pm&2pm&4pm


Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


Hooked seal is healthy – DSE By Keith Platt WILDLIFE officers have decided against trying to remove a hook embedded near the mouth of a seal that has been calling Rye pier home. Fishing line attached to the hook is wound tightly around the seal’s neck. However, Department of Sustainability and Environment officers who caught up with the seal on Saturday believe it will be able to free itself without sustaining any permanent injury. “He’s in really good nick and will be able to free himself,� wildlife officer Stan Williams said. Judy Muir of Polperro Dolphin Swims said “we are experiencing the horror of multiple entanglements of seals�. “The abject attitude of some fishers is apparent when each day we clear the pier of discarded line and tackle.� Ms Muir said rubbish stuffed between pier planks “looks like stalactites from beneath�. “Our crew picks up rubbish every day, but we’re sick of it. “Some people have a complete disregard. They bring everything in and take nothing out.� Ms Muir said a “big promotion� was needed to show people that their waste was causing unnecessary cruelty to seals. “Why do fishing hooks and fishing lines need to be just about indestructible? Hooks used to rust or be destroyed by digestive juices, now they aren’t.� Mr Williams said two other seals among the colony living on the Chinaman’s Hat seal platform in southern Port Phillip were not so lucky, with one having a hook attached to a steel trace and another struggling with a piece of fishing net. Mr Williams said DSE officers would try to free the two mammals, possibly asking Melbourne Zoo to provide a dart so they could be immobilised. Mr Williams said seals would scratch at fishing line until it broke and often were able to remove small fishhooks. More worrying was the potential transfer of dog viruses to and from seals. “Just about anything that a dog can catch seals can, too,� he said. “Seals often come ashore for a complete rest after being at sea for a couple of weeks where they sleep with just half a brain awake. “We ask people to keep away and only contact us if the seals are obviously ill or injured. “If dogs get too close they can transfer viruses and if that was then taken to a colony we’d be in real trouble.� Anyone who sees an injured or sick seal can phone 136 186.

Hooked: Tom Andrew of Polperro Dolphin Swims photographed this seal with a hook in its face and fishing line around the neck at Rye pier.

Return bus ride for polo patrons THE organiser of this year’s Portsea polo has denied claims of patrons being ripped off if they caught a bus to the event from Sorrento. Alan Hunt said the $10 return ticket took passengers right to the oval within the Point Nepean National Park and returned them “to anywhere in Portsea or Sorrento�. He said the event had paid for extra buses to supplement the normal service, which ran on the hour. The extra buses run by Portsea Passenger Service had carried 800-900

passengers “but we came nowhere near to recouping costs�, Mr Hunt said. He said the buses were aimed at discouraging drink-drivers as well as lessening pressure on car parking. The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) says visitors to the Saturday 14 January polo event were “cheated by the poor quality and over-priced public transport service offered�. Spokesman Jeremy Lunn said people wanting to travel by bus to the polo from Sorrento to Point Nepean National Park were not allowed to use the

regular public transport service. He said there were reports of passengers being denied access to the regular 788 bus by drivers and instead being forced to board buses organised for the polo, which cost them $10. “If they had been allowed to use the regular bus service, it would have cost them only $2.20, or $1.10 concession,� Mr Lunn said. “Furthermore, about 60 polo patrons had to cram on to one of the special buses at Portsea as the regular 788 bus drove straight past.�

“The mess was further worsened by the fact that the polo patrons were told on the event website that the normal 788 bus service from Rosebud to Portsea would operate throughout the day,� Mr Lunn said. He said Point Nepean National Park was attracting about 55,000 visitors a year with the polo “a regular fixture there in January�. “The poor quality service means that hardly any visitors travel to the park by public transport,� Mr Lunn said. “Unfortunately, the situation will get

even worse at the end of January, when the summer timetable concludes and Saturday and Sunday services revert to running every 75 minutes rather than 45 minutes. “This is a hopeless situation that contributes to greater car use and increased road congestion in an area renowned for its outstanding natural beauty.� Mr Lunn said the state government must provide and promote 15-minute services on the 788 route, particularly during the holiday and peak periods. Keith Platt

Summer Entertainment @ The Rye Hotel    


aill Barr Mad Matty’s Karaoke In the Main Sail from 8pm voucher to be won! omo’ss & a weekly $100 venue vouc Plenty of promo’



      tro Rob & Donna 9.30pm to 12.30am in our Bistro

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5985 Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


Southern Peninsula

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2012 – a big year for News WELCOME to 2012, a year packed with promise for you – our readers – and the rapidly expanding Mornington Peninsula News Group, publisher of the Southern Peninsula News. For the Mornington Peninsula, it will be a year of change, a year in which a new council will be elected via a new electoral system – a system that will prevail for a dozen years. We will bring you all the news that emerges from this highly significant change: news of new council candidates, news of the incumbent councillors, and news of developments elsewhere within the shire bureaucracy. We pride ourselves on our news coverage on hard issues – and on the offbeat news, gossip and quirkiness of our columnists, The Emu, Stuart McCullough and Cliff Ellen (A Grain of Salt). Part of a newspaper’s job is to hold government, and others, to account: a distinguished editor of The Age, Creighton Burns, once described his task as “afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted”. We will continue to scrutinise local government and report to you, the shire council’s “shareholders and revenue providers”, on its performance – whether excellent, good, indifferent or bad. You deserve and need to know how the shire is spending your rates. We’ll also keep an eye on other levels of government when it comes to peninsula issues. Other significant prospects for peninsula residents, and visitors, are the proposed massive port development at Hastings and the ever-extending ribbon of freeway, Peninsula Link,

scheduled to open early next year, bringing Melbourne, especially its eastern suburbs, closer to our beaches, wineries and other attractions. Will these developments be beneficial, or will our beautiful, scenic peninsula become overcrowded, overdeveloped and unattractive? How do we balance development with maintenance of that which makes the peninsula so beautiful? This is a discussion that has barely begun. Places with much in common with the peninsula, such as the Adelaide Hills and Noosa, are tackling similar issues, with varying degrees of success. We will encourage, and report on, matters such as these. Finally, a word of quiet pride about us. The Mornington Peninsula News Group sprang to life almost spontaneously to fill a gap in the market largely neglected by our rivals – the dissemination of real news, written by profes-

The only newspaper solely dedicated to the Southern Peninsula

sionals with real local knowledge, beholden to no advertisers but welcoming their support, and dedicated to real and meaningful issues such as those mentioned. All four of our publications are now fortnightly. We are sought out and complained to when readers can’t get a copy. Print runs are being increased to meet demand. You can also read our papers online at As one peninsula media veteran told us: “You have quite a novel approach for local publishers – you actually believe local newspapers should deliver news.” To our readers and advertisers, thank you. Long may you continue to support us. Long may we continue providing what you want. We wish you all a safe and happy 2012. Cameron McCullough, publisher

“Protecting the Peninsula”

Martin Dixon MP

S th h P i la Southern Peninsula


State Member for Nepean McCrae Plaza, Corner Point Nepean Road and Lonsdale Street, McCrae Ph: 5986 6661


Phone John on: 0408 143 055

or: 5986 8708


Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



Careless act led to complex fire

McCrae conflagration: Flames up to 15 metres high consumed roadside vegetation and threatened properties at McCrae in January 2009 when a fire was started by a burning cigarette butt thrown from a car travelling south on Mornington Peninsula Freeway.

SOUTHERN metropolitan region operations manager Trevor Owen’s warning about cigarette butts starting fires came true at McCrae on Wednesday 28 January 2009, 10 days before the devastating fires of Black Saturday. Someone threw a burning butt from a car travelling south on the Mornington Peninsula Freeway just passed the McCrae off ramp at Lonsdale St. Tinder dry vegetation beside the freeway caught fire at about 2pm and the flames raced up the verge, setting alight trees, shrubs and grass between the freeway and Bayview Rd. A northerly wind pushed the fire down Bayview Rd, threatening dozens of homes and four businesses. The CFA issued an urgent threat message to Bayview Rd residents at about 3pm. Police and the CFA closed Bayview Rd between Banks St and Hove Rd. The south-bound lanes of the freeway were also closed as peninsula CFA volunteers with pumper trucks and three aircraft fought the blaze. The fire destroyed about four hectares of roadside vegetation and damaged a few fences of homeowners. Between Tuesday 27 January and Saturday 7 February (Black Saturday), Melbourne had an average maximum temperature of 36 degrees, 10 degrees above average. The heat dried out the whole state and contributed to the dangerous conditions that made Black Saturday. Mike Hast

Make a family fire plan is key message By Mike Hast MESSAGES to prepare for a dangerous fire season have been flooding out since November. Authorities are predicting grass fire danger will be high this season, and the Mornington Peninsula is vulnerable due to its wide open paddocks, reserves and national parks. Average or above-average rains for more than 18 months have seen vigorous growth of grasses and under-storey plants. A key message from the CFA, SES, DSE, state government and local governments is for people to prepare a fire plan. The message to prepare, stay and defend has been dumped in the wake of the devastating Black Saturday fires of 2009. When launching Fire Action Week, the government said that on a Code Red day leaving early was the safest option. Premier Ted Baillieu said: “Your fire safety is your responsibility – the only person who can guarantee your safety is you.” He implored Victorians to do the most to minimise their risk and maximise their survival this fire season. “Ask yourself seriously – are you

ready to act if there was a fire today? “There are tools and information available to help you and your family stay safe, but it’s up to you to use them.” “People who live in a high-risk area will need comprehensive advice for their plan and should call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667 to request a Bushfire Survival Plan contained in the Fire Ready Kit,” Mr Baillieu said. “But all Victorians should know, now is the time to gather all the advice you need to develop your fire plan, practise it and be ready before the start of the fire season.” Fire Action Week included the release of tools for personal fire planning, including a FireReady smartphone application, a Facebook page and the online version of My Plan, hosted on the Country Fire Authority website. “If you live in a bushfire-prone area on the city fringe or in regional Victoria, then having a plan to follow is essential,” Mr Baillieu said. “The My Plan tools and Traveller’s Checklist are new social media resources to organise personal and family fire plans. They can be completed at your own pace and updated with cur-

rent warnings in your local area. “Discussing and writing down your fire plan is the most effective way to ensure your safety. Talking to family and neighbours, regularly revising your plan to take into account any changes to your circumstances and having a backup plan will ensure you are ready to act whatever the conditions.” Other information for the fire season includes:  Online bushfire info session from 8-9pm on Tuesday 31 January. Talk with a trained FireReady presenter to obtain basic safety information and ask questions.  A redesigned CFA incidents, advice and warnings web page at will be more prominent and easier to use. The warnings and incidents page brings together two sets of data on a map of Victoria that can be altered by the reader to focus on specific geographic areas of the state.  Bureau of Meteorology’s seasonal climate outlooks for December to February predict a 60-65 per cent chance of below-average rain, and a 60-80 per cent chance of above-average maximum temperatures in Victoria.  For more information about fires and


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About ‘Fire Danger Period’ A WRITTEN permit is needed to burn off grass, undergrowth, weeds or other vegetation during the Fire Danger Period on the peninsula. The permit is issued by Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer or the CFA district office. Lighting a fire in the open without a permit is an offence and can bring a penalty of more than $6000 and/or 12 months in jail. All burn-offs should be registered with the VicFire Burn-off notification line on 1800 668 511. Barbecues and fires for cooking and warmth do not require a permit, but must be lit in properly constructed fireplaces (that is, metal, stone or concrete), not be used in strong winds, be three metres from other flammable material and be supervised at all times. The use of an incinerator, chainsaw, lawn mower, welding and grinding equipment, vehicles that come in contact with vegetation, and machinery with an internal combustion/heat engine are permitted provided guidelines are followed (details in ‘Can I or Can’t I’ on the CFA website or call 1800 240 667). A Total Fire Ban declaration means no fires can be lit for the declared district for that day – irrespective of the fire restriction status for a given municipality.  The

CFA has rated as being at extreme risk during the 2011-12 fire season these Mornington Peninsula towns: Arthurs Seat, Blairgowrie, Main Ridge, McCrae, Rye and St Andrews Beach.

how to prepare, go to  Mornington Peninsula Shire also has a wealth of information on its website.

Go to and look up “Your Property” on the lefthand side and then “Fire Management & Safety”.


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Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


Returns are not so happy from wizards of AusPost

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Back to school: Fred Wild holds a copy of Melbourne Brindle’s 20 Silver Ghosts at Dromana Primary School, the place where, decades apart, Wild and Brindle spent much of their early years.

weeks earlier because its complaints department refused to reveal it) and I was told there should have been a slip in our letterbox, which there wasn’t. Then they discovered the parcel sitting on a shelf and said they would attempt another delivery. I wasn’t going to risk it again – I was there in a flash. On 11 January, Australia Post’s complaints organisation phoned me to say Australia Post was unable to reimburse an American for postage and asked if they could send me a money order and I could reimburse Roger. It seems an individual like me is capable of writing a cheque, putting it in an envelope, addressing it to a recipient, putting a stamp on it and posting it, while Australia Post is not.

An association meeting on 8 January reaffirmed its wishes for the taskforce to continue its role as well as well as endorsing the taskforce “to communicate with any future investor and/or developer regarding the two sites in the event Sialaka Group Ltd sells, subdivides or otherwise disposes of either or both sites”. Cr Martin reassured the meeting that the association’s views would be taken into account. Underground fuel tanks at both sites could be a costly problem for developers, although taskforce member Leo Maher said council had allowed tanks to be left in the ground elsewhere. “The bottom line is that if these tanks can be

dealt with in situ, left in place and rendered safe in compliance with Shire and EPA requirements, the permit applications will probably go ahead,” Mr Maher said. “If they have to be removed as a condition of permits, the mortgagee is unlikely to proceed. Should that occur, the two sites will go nowhere, the buildings will continue to deteriorate and the rabbit and blackberry populations will increase. “This situation, while perhaps unpalatable from our point of view, simply reflects the financial realities of a failed investment by an offshore mortgagee.

$12,500 Inc GST

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Watt Rd


Meanwhile, the organisation that apologises for Australia Post’s blunders accepted that Australia Post was at fault and would reimburse Roger Brindle for his postage, but he would have to provide documentation first. I lost track of the number of calls I made to that organisation, but I do know I never spoke to the same person twice. When Roger Brindle re-sent the parcel, I followed the tracking number through the US Postal Service online. On 4 January the site recorded that two attempts were made to deliver the parcel the previous day but no one was at home. My wife and I were indeed home at the times mentioned and I was paying particular attention to our mailbox. I called Rye post office (I got the number from a post office in country Queensland

Taskforce stays to keep eye on developments MORNINGTON Peninsula’s mayor, Cr Frank Martin, has assured Shoreham residents their views will be taken into account if the council considers any applications to develop key sites now occupied by the post office and a former general store. Both sites are owned by their former mortgagees, the overseas-based Sialaka Group. Uncertainty over the future of the sites in Byrnes and Cliff roads saw the Shoreham Community Association form a taskforce to negotiate with Sialaka and the council to ensure any developments are “reasonable, [and] be referred back to the community for consideration and comment”.

sales and service


By Fred Wild IN 1992, relatives of renowned American illustrator and painter Ewart Melbourne Brindle visited Dromana where they were welcomed with a morning tea provided by Dromana and District Historical Society. Brindle and his siblings attended Dromana State (now Primary) School until the First World War ended and then joined their father in the United States. In the lead-up to Dromana’s 150th celebrations I discovered a letter written by Melbourne Brindle, as he was known, on a visit to Dromana in 1984 where he recalled his school days and life in the town. Curious, I went online to find out more about Melbourne Brindle. I found his Californian nephew, Roger Brindle, on Facebook and began corresponding with him. During this correspondence Roger recalled that he and his son had visited Dromana in 1992 and, although they would have forgotten it by now, he had promised members of the historical society an item of Mel Brindle’s. I assured him that they had not forgotten. Roger said that he would forward the copy of Brindle’s illustrated book 20 Silver Ghosts to me to present to the society. The plan was to surprise members of the historical society by presenting them with the book during a book launch held on 27 November as part of the town’s 150th celebrations. What better occasion could we hope for to present the book? To escape the Melbourne winters, my wife and I head north and last year, as usual, took out a mail redirection through Australia Post. Roger sent the parcel on 16 August to our address in Rye and ticked the ‘if not claimed please forward to’ box and wrote our Queensland address on it. Although we had taken out mail redirection and despite the fact it stated clearly on the parcel that it should be redirected to Queensland, several visits were made to our unoccupied house starting on 31 August and a slip was left in the letterbox to collect the parcel from Rye post office. Our neighbour found the slip and took it to the post office where she reminded them that we were in Queensland, had mail redirection in place and asked if she could accept it on our behalf. They refused. On 12 September a final notice slip dated 8 September with a redirection sticker on it arrived at the post office in Rubyvale, Queensland, saying that if we did not collect the parcel from Rye post office within five days (from the 8th), the parcel would be returned to the sender. The then Mornington Peninsula Shire mayor Graham Pittock approached the post office on my behalf, but even the shire’s top dog got nowhere. So Australia Post placed the parcel, which Roger Brindle paid almost $80 to air mail, on a ship in Sydney for its 13-week trip back to America. Its total postage cost was $8. When 27 November arrived, the parcel was still at sea, but the 150th celebration went ahead and was an outstanding success. My surprise however was that the long-awaited and prized book was “on its way”.


5975 4399 63 YUILLES RD, MORNINGTON Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



Tears flow for a fragile ocean coast By Dr Ursula de Jong OVER many years, one of the real pleasures in my life has been walking the tracks in Mornington Peninsula National Park on the Nepean Peninsula, anywhere from Number Sixteen Beach to London Bridge. In spring, summer, autumn and winter, the walks have envigorated me and renewed my spirits. Depending on tides and weather, there are three alternative walking tracks along the Bass Strait coast. The inland track is a mostly sandy woodland path, meandering alternatively through stands of moonah and tea tree; with an understorey of shrubs and a mix of ground covers. The walk along the cliff tops over coastal sand dunes offers spectacular views of the ocean and extensive coastline; landside, picturesque areas of coastal dune scrub, large undulating sand dunes, and barren rocky outcrops. Early in the morning you can walk alone, with only the tracks of the jacky and blue tongue lizards to keep you company. The changes are constant, delightful, truly time to wonder at nature. The third path is only traversable at low tide. It takes you onto the rock platforms themselves and here – walking, swimming or snorkling – another world is revealed. Flora and fauna are abundant. The paths reveal human presence over eons. Aboriginal middens along the cliff tops have been exposed by wind and salt erosion. Here in this transitional coastal zone, humans have always been able to get in touch with the spirits of the land and sea.

Over the years this coastal land has become part of my very being. Here in this place my soul can sing. There is a fourth path along the foreshore reserve, bayside. The path runs roughly parallel to the other three, but here there is overwhelming stillness compared to the ruggedness and wildness of the ocean. Today’s pleasures of walking uninterrupted in the shallows or along the shore, swimming in the warm salt waters or just sitting and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life are enriched by the knowledge of history stretching over eons, and by memories and experiences I would like to bequeath to future generations. Beyond marking and scarring, the process of history, time and memory makes this place sacred. The evocative and poetic qualities of the Nepean Peninsula do not reveal themselves immediately. Only over a period of time, and by visiting at various times of the day in all seasons, can one begin to fathom its moods, its soul, its many colours; to touch its memories. Here beauty is something to be discovered and revealed, not invented and imposed. My daily circuit at Bridegewater Bay takes in an inland track and a walk along the cliff tops. With good rains after 10 years of drought, the vegetation had begun to recover. Spring was abundant, everything flowered, new growth was welcomed, seedlings and grasses appeared after prolonged absence. Weeds such as polygala and Italian buckthorn thrived, too. Along the cliff top, prostrate tea-

Ursula de Jong with her granddaughter Maddy. Dr de Jong is a resident of Blairgowrie, president of Nepean Conservation Group and a senior lecturer at Deakin University’s School of Architecture and Building in Geelong.

berries that stain clothes permanently; the succulent karkalla (Carpobrotus rossii) growing in sand, surviving moving dunes, large pink flowers open for a day; bower spinach (Tetragonia implexicoma) creeping, hanging; thyme rice flower (Pimelia serpyllifolia) with its minute yellow flowers – places for birds to feed, hide and nest; echidnas to snuffle ants; sparring bull ants; lizards to leave tracks and snakes to sunbake and slither away. On an early morning walk, between Christmas and New Year, I was confronted by a chopped coast beard heath (Leucopgon parviflorus). First thought: why had vandals chopped this huge old shrub and dumped the remnants in the bush? Wanton destruction? Fire kindling? A week earlier we had put out two fires on the beach. Coast beard heath is the largest of the understory shrubs and very slow growing. It has masses of tiny white flowers in spring, followed by bead-like fruit in summer, attracting

tree, coast beard heath and moonah put on new coats – providing spots of shelter from sou-westerlies, or shade from the warm sun, or a secret hiding place for my granddaughter, or a frame for another beautiful vista. Their chief role is protecting the vulnerable dunes. Each step a pleasure: the scented grounsel (Senecio odoratus) – leaves capturing water droplets after rain, brilliant yellow summer posies; or the prickly spear grasses (Austrostipa stipodes) laden with pearls of sea mist, brushing wet against legs; the cushion bush (Leucophyta brownii) turning from silver to gold dusted as flowers open; the abundant coast everlasting (Ozothamnus turbinatus) and coast daisy bush (Olearia axillaris); the white correa (Correa alba) with its stiff, four-petaled flowers; the sea box (Alyxia buxifolia) covered in tiny white stars shaped like windmills; tough coast salt bush (Atriplex cinerea); the seaberry saltbush (Rhagodia candolleana) rampant, with juicy red

numerous birds. A few days later I learned that Parks Victoria was “pruning” the vegetation along the walking tracks “for vehicular access”. Over the next week these beautiful walking tracks were devastated – the vegetation was randomly hacked, chopped, slashed and all the cuttings thrown into the bush on either side, or left on the tracks. Weeds were left standing and the indigenous plants decimated: the flora left to die and attract diseases; the cuttings to dry out and create excellent kindling (another two fires have been extinguished on the beach and cliffs), a bushfire hazard and an eyesore; the dunes left unprotected from wind and feet. What had survived years of drought and was just beginning to grow again was gone. I wept. The sou-westerlies have created new blowouts – I sit and I wonder: who are the custodians of this fragile, dynamic coast?

113a Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento

Life’s Many Pleasures Janine Daddo

… part of Manyung’s Peninsula at Play Summer Exhibition Series Janine Daddo’s new works celebrate sharing life’s many pleasures with family, friends and while on holiday. Her paintings and sculptures, featuring her signature characters, are brought to life through her confident use of layers, colour and expressive style. Janine’s works capture the spirit of summer life and bring happy memories of holiday and family time into the spaces in which they hang. On exhibition until February 5.

Call 9787 2953 for all galleries Manyung at Mt Eliza 1408 Nepean Hwy, Mt Eliza Mel Ref 105 E5 PAGE 14

Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

Manyung at Glenferrie 248 Glenferrie Road Malvern Mel Ref 59 C8

Manyung Mobile In-home trial of works from galleries or our website

Extending freeway ‘a waste’ By Mike Hast EXTENDING Mornington Peninsula Freeway from Rosebud to Rye would be a waste of money, says Mornington Peninsula Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association. The freeway extension is not justified for the few busy days each summer when visitors and daytrippers clog the roads of the southern peninsula. The association is preparing a submission to the VicRoads Point Nepean Road Study, which closes on Wednesday 29 February. VicRoads spokesman Andrew Bates said the roads authority was reviewing current traffic and safety issues along Point Nepean Rd from Dromana to Sorrento. “The study will look at conditions in both the peak holiday period and off-peak times,” he said. “It aims to identify and investigate all of the issues in the area and then make recommendations about how to improve conditions. “Possible alternative routes and potential im-

provements that could be made to improve the flow of traffic and safety of the road network will be investigated.” Key points in the ratepayer association’s submission include:  The freeway extension could attract criticism similar to that made by the state Auditor-General, Des Pearson, about Peninsula Link. Last year Mr Pearson said the Link project was not assessed against other priority road projects in Melbourne and Victoria, its promised economic benefits had been overstated, and its potential negative impacts ignored.  Emphasis should be placed on improving public transport to reduce traffic on Point Nepean Rd.  The preservation of Tootgarook Swamp was crucial (the freeway alignment dissects the swamp).  The freeway extension would have low commercial (truck) use and therefore low productivity benefit to industry.  High use is for leisure where time is not as valuable as it is for industry productivity and

commuter benefit.  On Code Red fire danger days, people should be told to leave the peninsula early and day visitors told to stay in Melbourne, reducing congestion during these days.  Some improvements can be made along Point Nepean Rd at minimum cost, which would improve traffic flow on busy days.  On busy days, signs on access roads to the peninsula should warn motorists that traffic is slow and heavy before they arrive at Dromana.  Mornington Peninsula Shire has not fulfilled its coastal strategy to reduce reliance on car parking along Point Nepean Rd and the foreshore, thereby reducing congestion. Anyone wanting to have a say can complete a survey online at Submissions can be posted Point Nepean Road Study, Private Bag 4, Mt Waverley Victoria 3149 or emailed to Details: Terry Dexter at VicRoads on 9881 8937.


Rescuers’ 10 vital boating tips THE Mornington Peninsula award-winning Volunteer Marine Rescue service enters its 31st summer of operation with 10 recreational boating safety tips for the holiday season: 1 Always wear a life jacket and insist your crew and guests do the same. While it is only a requirement to wear one in certain situations, the low cost of automatic, inflatable PFDs makes for cheap insurance for you, your family and friends. Remember, it’s only a life jacket if you’re wearing it. 2 Consider not drinking alcohol while boating. Alcohol use is a leading contributing factor in boating accidents. 3 Operator errors account for 70 per cent of boating accidents – take a practical boating safety course. Unlike getting a car licence, these days getting a boat licence in Victoria doesn’t require people to actually demonstrate they can drive a boat. 4 Stay in control by taking charge of your safety and that of your passengers. Always check your safety equipment has not expired, that it’s in serviceable condition and that you and your passengers know how to use it. 5 Understand and obey boating safety recommendations and navigational rules before taking

Water ‘angels’: One of Volunteer Marine Rescue’s boats works its way through choppy seas on a training run.

to the water, and practice them. Far too many vessels run aground or are disabled due to ignoring or not understanding navigational marks. 6 Operate at a safe speed and always maintain a careful lookout. Pay attention, maintain a look out and match your speed with the conditions. 7 Check the weather forecast. A calm day can quickly turn ugly on the water. Keep an eye out for changing weather conditions by monitoring the forecast. Check out 8 Hypothermia is a significant risk factor for injury and even death while boating. Cold wa-

At Rye and Dromana Community Bank® branches it starts with U.

ter accelerates the onset and progression of hypothermia since body heat can be lost 25 times faster in cold water than in cold air. Ensure you have an EPIRB and/or a personal locator beacon on board. 9 File an “I’ve gone boating plan”. You should always tell a friend or family member where you plan to go and when you’ll be back. 10 Stay with your boat. In the event you do end up in the water, ensure you and all occupants stay with the boat. It is far easier for rescue authorities to find you.

Senior Manager Gary Sanford, phone 0409 194 314 Dromana Community Bank®Branch, Branch Manager Bronwyn Ralph, phone 5981 0106 Rye & District Community Bank®Branch, Branch Manager Julie Toward, phone 5985 9755

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SUITE 8 UPPER LEVEL 20-22 RANELAGH DRIVE, MT ELIZA d i a m o n d c o c o .c o m .a u Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


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Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

9502 3365

NEWS DESK SUPPORT WORKER (Low Income Vulnerable Families)

WESTERNPORT COMMUNITY SUPPORT 18 High Street, Hastings, Vic 3915

This is a permanent, part-time position. Position description can be downloaded at or by telephoning John or Wendy on (03) 5979 2762. Applications close COB Friday 27th January 2012.



Appreciation: Stephanie Strongman and Shae Greber (centre) with Peninsula Health Palliative Care Unit manager Susan Blashki, family members (including Stephanie’s mother and grandfather, husband of Elizabeth) and unit staff.

Schoolgirls’ quilt keeps memory alive TWO students have used needles and threads to show their appreciation for the care shown to one of their grandmothers during her final days. After the death of her grandmother at the Peninsula Health Palliative Care Unit in late 2011, Stephanie

Strongman and her friend Shae Greber decided to thank staff by making a quilt. Their inspiration came from seeing quilted artwork adorning the walls of the unit. Stephanie's grandmother Elisabeth Reid had spent time in

the unit, and members of her family said they appreciated the efforts by staff to make her stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. “We are so honoured and impressed by the thoughtfulness of the girls,” the palliative centre’s nurse unit manager Susan Blashki said.

“The skill, time and effort put in by Stephanie and Shae is a true testament to Elisabeth’s memory.” The quilt made by the two Dromana Secondary College students has now joined the other quilts on the walls of the unit.





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(03) 5975 8255 Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



Awards for care on the coast

Finding out: Ann Hollingworth, Bishop Peter Hollingworth, Baillieu Myer and organiser Dizzy Carlyon were among those who attended a morning tea to find out about refugees and the disadvantaged.

Benefits to giving: Peter Winneke helps guide those wanting to assist others through philanthropic trusts.

Tea draws a crowd for the displaced IT might seem a world away from that of refugees struggling to reach the Australian mainland or those being helped by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, but their welfare was the main topic last week at Elgee Park winery in Merricks North. Owners Baillieu (“Bails”) and Sarah Myer hosted a morning tea for the brotherhood, featuring human rights and refugee advocate Julian Burnside, philanthropy promoter Peter Winneke and the brotherhood’s executive director, Tony Nicholson. Organiser Dizzy Carlyon said the three speakers were inspirational and left their audience “with much to think about”. The Thursday 19 January event was a sellout, with profits going to the brotherhood. Ms Carlyon said that Mr Burnside had “helped us to see the wood from the trees” on the “emotive and often

confused issue” of refugees. Acknowledged as a national treasure, Mr Burside has acted pro bono in many human rights cases, particularly in relation to the treatment of indigenous Australians and refugees. He set up the Spare Rooms for Refugees and the Spare Lawyers for Refugees groups, for which he was awarded the Human Rights Law Award and more recently the Australian Peace Prize. Mr Winneke, who heads philanthropic services at the Myer family company, had removed some of the mystery of philanthropy making it “seem quite a normal addition to everyone’s to-do list”. “Maybe one or two problems for some of us will be solved with your guidance as we discover the power of giving,” Ms Carlyon said. Mr Winneke left the corporate world after 16 years spent “making wealthier


people even wealthier”. His holidays were spent backpacking in developing countries and he joined the Myer company after “struggling to find a more meaningful way to continue his working life”. “He realised he could use his professional skills to foster the embarrassingly small philanthropic sector and help people learn the rewards and joy of giving back,” Ms Carlyon said. Mr Nicholson’s talk covered the activities of the brotherhood over the past 80 years, including with disadvantaged people on the Mornington Peninsula. “For the past 30 years, Tony has drawn on his professional qualifications and experience to dedicate his professional life to improving the conditions of those living on or close to the edges of society,” Ms Carlyon said. “His expertise in understanding the needs of Australians experiencing homelessness led to his appointment

in January 2008 as chair of the federal government’s steering committee for the development of its White Paper on Homelessness.”

Speaking out: Brotherhood of St Laurence executive director Tony Nicholson.


NOMINATIONS close next month for this year’s Victorian Coastal Awards for Excellence. Last year’s award-winners included Birds Australia, for its work protecting breeding sites for the endangered hooded plover, and Reel Scientists for their volunteer angler diary program. In recent years, nominations have included surf life saving organisations, schools, management committees, school children, retirees, people with full-time jobs and families. “These prestigious awards are Victoria’s highest recognition of the outstanding contributions so many people and organisations make to our coastal environment,” chair of the Victorian Coastal Council Libby Mears said. “Victoria’s coast has it all: sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, lakes and inlets. We appreciate and recognise the efforts of many Victorians to ensure future generations enjoy our coast.” The award categories are natural environment; education; coastal planning and management; coastal building and design; community action and partnerships; individual achievement. “Nominations focus our attention on the great outcomes for our coast when people, organisations and governments work together“ “Good design – recognised through the building and design category – has a key role in respecting and complementing the special character and dynamic nature of coastal environments,” Ms Mears said. Nominations close 9 February. Forms and details at au or call 9637 8893.


If you would like your children to be a part of the St Joseph’s School community please contact the Principal for further information or to book a school tour.


WE THE NEW ST JOSEPH’S SCHOOL SORRENTO CALL US 5984 1291 St Joseph’s School. Constitution Hill Rd, Sorrento Telephone: (03) 5984 1291 Fax: (03) 5984 3230 Web: Email:


Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

ro ll




Southern Peninsula

24 January 2012

The big blue view > Page 5

Southern Peninsula

The people to call for your real estate needs... Paul Basso

Troy Daly 0418 397 771

John Kennedy 0401 984 842

Cathy Watson 0400 867 154

Basso Real Estate 1649 Pt Nepean Rd, Rosebud West.

JP Dixon Portsea Sorrento 109 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento Ph: 5984 4388

John Kennedy Real Estate 2327 Point Nepean Road, Rye. Ph: 5985 8800

Foreshore Real Estate 2283 Pt. Nepean Road, Rye

Ph: 5981 1200 EMAIL:



Jon Perrett 0405 123 921

Diane & Phil Key 0419 324 515

Melissa Walker 0407 508 555

Roger McMillan 0410 583 213

Stockdale & Leggo 1089 Point Nepean Rd Rosebud

Stockdale & Leggo 2397 Pt. Nepean Road Rye

Stockdale & Leggo 193 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana

McMillan Real Estate 211B Pt Nepean Road, Dromana 5981 8181

Ph: 5985 6555

Ph: 5986 8600 EMAIL:

Michael Flynn

David Short

Flynn & Co. Real Estate Shop 9, 967-991 Pt. Nepean Road Rosebud. Ph:5986 3000

Terry Hobson 0408 545 654

David Short Real Estate 1377 Pt Nepean Road, Rosebud Ph: 5986 8188

T. Hobson Real Estate 1245 Pt. Nepean Road Rosebud


Kevin Wright Real Estate 72 Main Street Mornington Ph: 5975 2255 EMAIL:

Ph: 5986 8811 EMAIL:

Peter Hildebrand 0407 335 841 Eview Real Estate Partners Cnr. Boneo & Pt. Nepean Roads ROSEBUD EMAIL:



Hocking Stuart 2361 Point Nepean Rd. Rye Ph: 5985 9333 EMAIL:

Ph: 5987 3233


Mal McInnes 0415 502 316

Page 2

Ph: 5985 4301 EMAIL:

SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012


Ben Nutbeam 0413 125 996 YPA Estate Agents Shop 3, 2255 Pt. Nepean Road RYE. Ph: 5985 2600 EMAIL:





5986 8188 44 Years on the Peninsula ROSEBUD WEST Y LIF UA Q



European influences





T A G W TIN P N 0 RE 26

0 0 ,0 0 $2 U YO



AN architectural style combining chalet-style pitched roofs and the tall, straight look of Amsterdam apartment living has created this eye-catching home that rises above the ordinary. The large central section of the home has several smaller rooms attached to create extra living zones. A double garage is at the front and a lounge room positioned on the sunny side of the home has access to a timber deck. There are three bedrooms, with the main and second bedrooms upstairs sharing one bathroom, and the third bedroom and a second bathroom downstairs. Living areas are tiled, and the kitchen has an abundance of cupboard space. A four-car garage is at the rear of the block, which has dual access.





ONLY $310,000 EACH

Address: 77 Rainier Avenue, DROMANA Price: $495,000 Agency: Roger McMillan Real Estate, 211b Point Nepean Road, Dromana, 5981 8181 Agent: Steve Edmund, 0419 396 976


1377 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud


j  kNHELGMKKKE     n   Why does JP Dixon Portsea Sorrento deliver record results month after month? ˜ 0018#6+8'/#4-'6+0)%#/2#+)05 ˜74(#/175$7;'4&#6#$#5' ˜ :2'460')16+#6+105-+..5 ˜41('55+10#.#&8+%'W*+)*'5624+%'

˜ +)*':21574'144'061/#+0564''6 .1%#6+1012215+6'1.'5 ˜746#4)'6'&1((+%'0'6914-+04+)*610X 114#-X#0&4+0)*#/#0&'#7/#4+5

˜1%#.1((+%'h.1%#.2'12.' ˜.75W,7562.#+0*10'56*#4&914-X 241('55+10#.+5/#0&'06*75+#5/ *REIV Sales results Jan 09-Current 2011










> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Page 3

39 Shirlow Avenue, Rye $389,000 THE IDEAL WEEKENDER

3 Gunyah Street, Rye $499,000

Only 700 metres to the beach and set up to accommodate a perfect weekend away or a great leisurley holiday is this very well presented 3 bedroom home with open plan lounge kitchen dining area. Large outdoor deck plus carport on easy care corner allotment.

SPLIT LEVEL CHARACTER So much character in this three bedroom home set on two levels. Main bedroom, WIR and ensuite , a further two good size bedrooms plus study area. Two living zones, lower zone leading to large north facing deck, gas kitchen plus adjoining meals area. If your looking for a home thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s practical and just a little different this is worth a look.

Contact: John Kennedy 0401 984 842

4 Sussex Road, Rye $349,500 WANT A RENO? Are you up to a minor reno? This three bedroom home could be just the ticket. Good size living with separate meals area off kitchen. Large laundry, separate toilet, full bathroom all on a large level block of 782m2 and situated just a short drive to Rye shops and beach. Inspect anytime.

Contact: John Kennedy 0401 984 842

172 Melbourne Road, Rye $499,000 LET THE SUN SHINE IN This spacious family home has all the features required for permanent or holiday living. This double brick home has been tastefully modernised and consists of large open plan living, separate dining area, four bedrooms, main with WIR and ensuite. Full bathroom, large laundry, double garage plus carport with access for boat or van. Large backyard (907m2) facing north with inviting decked entertaining area.

Contact: Sam Crowder 0403 893 724

495 Browns Road, Rye $695,000 NEED SOME SPACE?

Contact: Sam Crowder 0403 893 724

11 Hill Street, Rye $900,000 - $950,000 360 DEGREE BAY & RURAL VIEWS Expansive views both bay & rural from just about every room in the house. Open plan light bright living, kitchen area (new kitchen), four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living areas. This home is in a popular part of Rye just behind shops and is immaculately presented. Also contains fully self contained living zone downstairs. A must inspect.

Contact: John Kennedy 0401 984 842

11 Sinclair Avenue, Rye $489,000 DEVELOP OR RENO Fantastic prime position this established four bedroom home set on a large block of approx 1076m2 is suitable with Shire approval to develop. Currently let to quality tenant. Call me to discuss.

Contact: Sam Crowder 0403 893 724

Large family home set on a beautiful treed acre block in the Rye Ocean Beach area. Home is situated on the crest of the 4,498m2 with excellent rural views and comprises three large bedrooms plus study, main with W.I.R and ensuite, two separate living areas, modern kitchen, bathroom, laundry, separate toilet and double garage with sealed horseshoe driveway.

Contact: John Kennedy 0401 984 842

5 Felecia Street, Rye $765,000-$795,000 HIDDEN TEASURE

This custom built home has been created with lifestyle and entertaining in mind. Capturing an abundance of natural light and offering stunning multiple open plan living areas that spill on to the alfresco entertaining area. It features 4 spacious bedrooms, the master with luxurious FES & large WIR. The superbly appointed kitchen has stone bench tops and an abundance of drawers and cupboards with a butlers pantry. Other features are double garage, WLPEHU Ă RRULQJ GXFWHG KHDWLQJ  VWDU energy rating and space for boat .

Contact: Sam Crowder 0403 893 724


03 5985 8800

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Integrity is earned, not soldâ&#x20AC;? Page 4


SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012



Rooms with a big blue view THIS home is perched high on a tree-top hill with nothing but blue water views in front and to the right, sweeping views of the peninsula down to Point Nepean. The constantly changing skyline – from rolling storm clouds to brilliant sunsets – paints a magnificent backdrop to this two-storey home. Situated beachside of Boneo Road, near the National Golf Course estate, the spectacular views of Bass Strait can be enjoyed from the comfort of the upstairs living areas or the north-facing exterior decks. The living areas are of good size and feature the basics. There are no rumpus or theatre rooms here. Nearby golf courses and beaches are nature’s rumpus room, and the ocean vista and the comings and goings in the shipping lanes provide all the entertainment a family could want. The kitchen is quite stylish with electric hotplates, rangehood and wall-oven. There is a servery window through to the dining area that opens to the deck, allowing for al fresco entertaining. The lounge room is particularly nice with high-pitched ceilings, exposed beans and timber floors. Downstairs are the two bedrooms, the master with its own ensuite, and there is another bathroom for guests. This is the ultimate holiday home with all southern peninsula attractions a short drive away. Whether you are a golfer, bushwalker, surfer or just seeking peace and quiet, this property has so much to offer at an affordable price.

Price: Address: Agency: Agent:

$449,000 – $489,000 6/21 Trent Jones Drive, CAPE SCHANCK T Hobson Real Estate, 1295 Point Nepean Road Rosebud, 5986 8811 Alex Menassa, 0419 328 775

To advertise in the next edition of the Southern Peninsula News real estate liftout, contact Jason Richardson on 0421 190 318 or email > SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Page 5



Potential plus

Pick a perfect property

LOCATED within an easy stroll of the beach, this three-bedroom home would benefit from some cosmetic work, but is otherwise a sturdy and solid home for either the first home buyer or the property investor. The block measures 583 square metres approx and is well fenced with a free-standing double garage at the rear of the block with access via Elizabeth Avenue. There is a separate lounge with gas heater and air-conditioner, family room and the kitchen has an adjoining meals area. The main bedroom has an ensuite and there is a second bathroom.

DECORATED to perfection, this lovely spacious home has been freshly painted both inside and out. The living areas are vast with a huge family room plus separate rumpus or formal lounge, and there is a well-appointed hostess kitchen with top quality tiles and carpet featuring throughout. A huge master bedroom includes a walk-in robe the size of a bedroom itself and an ensuite. Two more bedrooms share an opulent family bathroom complete with spa bath. For the tradesperson or car enthusiast, there is a massive garage with drive through access from the front to the rear yard. There are also extra outbuildings for additional storage.

Address: 16 Greenhood Crescent,

Address: 16 Peter Street, RYE Price: $495,000 – $520,000 Agency: Stockdale & Leggo, 2397 Point Nepean Road, Rye, 5985 6555 Agent: Phil Key, 0418 516 470

ROSEBUD WEST Price: $350,000 – $380,000 Agency: Basso Real Estate, 1649 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud West, 5981 1200

)/<11 &2 5986 3000 REAL ESTATE ROSEBUD

$285,000 ROSEBUD

Vacant Land

Situated just across the road from the beach & within a 3 minute stroll to the McCrae Shopping village is this fantastic little 2 bedroom unit. Currently lease to fantastic tenants until March 2012 this unit will make a great little investment property or holiday home. With a pretty parklike garden directly out the front as well as single garage, dishwasher, SS R/C air-con & freshly painted throughout, units like this get snapped up quick.

$399,000 ROSEBUD


Simply Superb

This stylish and superbly presented home has a great light and airy atmosphere. Features two separate living zones incorporating main living, impressive kitchen and meals area with high set celestial windows. Formal lounge, separate entry area, quaint family bathroom and fresh paint and floor coverings throughout. Set amongst well established gardens with a single carport, single steel garage and an additional carport.

$319,000 ROSEBUD

They Don’t Come Much Closer

Becoming a rare find is this impressive 822m2 corner block that’s located in the popular Peninsula Sands Estate. Building should be a breeze with very little fall while being found on the corner of a quiet court for convenient side access for storing your boat or van. All fully serviced with capped timber paling fencing one three sides this great block with the added benefit of looking out over a treed reserve is guaranteed to please!

3 1 2

Solid Brick Charm

Breathing new life into real estate

2 1 1

Great Investment

This is a great investment or first home with polished floors, 2 B/R both with BIR. Open Lounge/dining with gas heating and an extra room off the main living area which could become a sunroom/study with sliding doors that open out onto the deck and private treed back yard. Off to the side of the house is a large carport with remote control roller door all located in a quiet street just behind the RSL.

$429,000 MCCRAE

This double brick home has a cozy warm feel. A sunken lounge featuring a gas heater and a solid wood coonara. All bedrooms come with BIR and ENS to master. Off the kitchen area is a second living space that could be used as a formal dining area, kid’s playroom or office. Great block backing onto peaceful farmland. Garage offers you plenty of storage & drive through access. This one is definitely worth a look.

3 2 2

Potential Plus


SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

2 1 1

2 1 2


Great Presentation & Beachside Location

Low maintenance living just 500m from the sand! Superbly maintained home set behind established front gardens, enjoys spacious north facing open plan living with both gas heating and air-conditioning. A well fitted kitchen, master bedroom with WIR, large bathroom complete with spa bath and second bedroom with BIR. All complemented by a single carport, sealed driveway and paved outdoor area.

$459,000 ROSEBUD

Solid investment property in highly sought after location. Set on a fabulous 970m2, lightly treed block the property features an open plan kitchen, meals and living area with pine floorboards throughout. Step out onto a full length timber verandah and enjoy views of Port Phillip Bay. Laundry plus a separate shower and toilet downstairs. Easy access to large backyard and currently leased until December 2012

SHOP 9, 967-991 PT NEPEAN RD, ROSEBUD Page 6

$328,000 ROSEBUD

Ripe For Renovation

2 1 2


Two storey four bedroom family home enjoys sweeping views out over Port Phillip Bay, Bass Strait and the adjoining State Park. Kitchen and meals area opening onto an undercover decking area, master bedroom with ENS, spa bath and WIR, 2nd and 3rd bedrooms and the family bathroom all located upstairs. On the lower level is the rumpus room, study, huge formal entry with direct access to the dble garage, fifth bedroom and an additional utility room.

4 2 2


SORRENTO 10 Tallant Avenue

P.O.A ROSEBUD 43 Woonton Crescent

$378,000 BLAIRGOWRIE 52 Revell Street

Stunning views - designed with family in mind

Picture Perfect

Set amongst the Moonahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on an elevated allotment of approx. 727m2 with a 3rd level viewing balcony sits this fabulous rendered brick home. This impressive property offers hydronic heating throughout plus s/system upstairs and all windows are tinted. An exposed aggregate driveway leads to the double garage with internal access and roller door at the rear. CONTACT: Cathy 0400 867 154

The hardest decision you may face should you be the lucky new owner of this home is do I spend my time relaxing inside or out? The second you inspect this recently renovated brick home you will see why. Comprising 2-3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, gas cooking & heating, r/cycle cooling and family bathroom with large shower.

4 2 2


Walk to Blairgowrie Village & Beach

2 1 2

CONTACT: Cathy 0400 867 154

Close to the strip, yet pocketed away, this ideal property is suited to either permanent or holiday living. Situated on an approx.1204m2 allotment the rendered brick home has been totally renovated to exceptional standards. The stunning kitchen offers highly polished porcelain tile splash backs, induction cook top, s/s under bench oven and d/w. The lounge has a solid fuel heater & sliding doors to private fenced deck. CONTACT: Cathy 0400 867 154

3 1 0




58 Darvell Street, Tootgarook




2 Yannuga Street, Rye




6/12 Vicki Court, Rosebud

1 Tuerong Street, Rye

10 Vincent Street, Tootgarook



77 Rainier Avenue CHARMER IN DROMANA



Steve Edmund 0419 396 976


34 Cloud Street BAY VIEWS FROM CLOUD 9



$559,000 - $589,000


Roger McMillan 0410 583213

$499,000 - $549,000


Roger McMillan 0410 583213


Lot 1, 32 Burrell Street BEACHES AND CAFEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S

$359,000 - $395,000


Steve Edmund 0419 396 976



Call our ofĂ&#x20AC;ce on 5981 8181

211B Point Nepean Road, Dromana. Phone 5981 8181

Roger McMillan 0410 583213

Steve Edmund 0419 396976 > SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Page 7



Sparkling seaside living THE interior of this stunning townhouse simply sparkles, with an open-plan living zone designed to maximise the natural light. This ultimate luxury weekend retreat has a treeframed view of the bay from the second floor and is an easy stroll to the beach and McCrae Plaza. The property combines the highest quality with a host of luxury inclusions ranging from the granite and stainless-steel kitchen to video intercom security gate and ducted vacuum system. Two of the three bedrooms are downstairs along with a bathroom and living area. Upstairs you can enjoy the open-plan living and dining zone with high ceilings that, blended with a neutral colour scheme, create an extremely comfortable interior with an entertaining balcony a few steps away. The master bedroom has a large walk-in robe and ensuite. Other features include gas ducted heating, individually controlled reverse-cycle air-conditioning in most rooms, and double remote lock-up garage.

Address: 3/45 The Avenue, McCRAE Price: $675,000 Agency: Stockdale & Leggo, 193 Point Nepean Road, Dromana, 5987 3233 Agent: Anthony McDermott, 0403 161 125







Browns Road, Rye

Kay Street, Blairgowrie

Marshall Street. Rye










Main Street, Tootgarook


Page 8


Grandview Avenue, Rye


Charles Street, Blairgowrie





Blakiston Grove, Rye

Benjamin Court, Blairgowrie

Hay Street, Rye

SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

WINNER of the 2010 Australian Achiever Awards “Excellence in Customer Service”


12 Yarrayne Street

$300,000 – $330,000


12 Prentice Avenue

$310,000 - $340,000


62 Seventh Avenue

$280,000 – $310,000

AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT WITH BAY VIEWS This cute 2 bedroom beach shack which is situated high with potential bay views is one of the most affordable investment properties in Rye. The property has an open plan living layout, large deck area and is currently tenanted till 27/3/2012 at $225.00 p/w.

AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT This 3 bedroom BV home is located within an easy stroll to Rye Beach and Shopping Village. Positioned on a large 816m2 block this property has plenty of room to move. Features include a separate lounge room and a separate kitchen which overlooks a separate meals area. The property is currently tenanted at $200 p/w till 30/9/2012.

200 METRES TO ROSEBUD BEACH AND SHOPS Currently tenanted at $210.00 p/w. If your a believer that position is everything in real estate then this wont disappoint. Located right behind the Rosebud Pub this property is in need of some work but at this price what would you expect. The property features separate lounge with gas heating and hard wood floors.

Paul Basso 5981 1200

Paul Basso 5981 1200

Paul Basso 5981 1200


$320,000 – $350,000


$300,000 – $330,000


$330,000 – $360,000

73 First Avenue

23 Deighton Drive

144 Melbourne Road

CLOSE TO EVERYTHING ROSEBUD HAS TO OFFER Currently tenanted at $245.00 p/w till 11/2/2012. This partly renovated 2 bedroom beach house is located in the heart of Rosebud and is within an easy stroll to the Rosebud Shops and Beach. The home features include: separate lounge with gas heating, renovated kitchen with dishwasher and S/S appliances.

LOCATED CLOSE TO EVERYTHING Currently tenanted at $165.00 p/w with possible rent increase to $240.00 p/w. This well maintained and presented 2 bedroom home is currently tenanted to a great long term tenant who would love to sign a new lease and continue to call this property home. This property features a good sized lounge with split system heating and cooling.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT This fantastic Western Red Cedar home is ideally suited for permanent, holiday or as an investment with a projected rental return of $280 - $310 p/w. The property is situated only minutes from the beach, shops, wineries & world class Golf Courses. Comprising of 3 bedrooms all with BIR, lounge with exposed beams.

Paul Basso 5981 1200

Paul Basso 5981 1200

Ryan Duetrom 0406 426 766

ROSEBUD WEST 46 Florence Avenue

$320,000 - $350,000

ROSEBUD WEST 18 Johnson Street

$350,000 – $385,000


13 The Avenue

$450,000 - $495,000

THE PERFECT WEEKENDER This homes withing walking distance to the Bay, Rosebud West shopping village is ideal for the first home buyer/holiday home or investor, comprising of 2 bedrooms, kitchen with electric & wood fired stove, cosy lounge with gas furnace, central bathroom with seperate toilet/laundry combined, screened deck in front ideal for entertaining.

RENOVATORS DELIGHT Only walking distance from Capel foreshore/shops, Rosebud plaza, hospital & schools, this block with timber cottage set on 588sqm of land would be suited for renovator or developer, possible 2 unit site STCA or renovate & extend - the choice is yours. Comprising of cosy lounge with warm gas heater and kitchen with meals area.

REBUILT & A STONES THROW TO THE BEACH This fully rebuilt home from the foundations up is in a prime location & within an easy walking distance to the Bay & Rosebud West Shopping Village. This property features: 3 large bedrooms all with built in robes - master with ensuite, modern kitchen with s/s appliances, open plan living with polished floor boards.

Ryan Duetrom 0406 426 766

Ryan Deutrom 0406 426 766

Ryan Deutrom 0406 426 766

Rental Listings


8 Phillip Street

$450,000 – $495,000


2/61 Kangerong Avenue

$185,000 – $205,000

EASY WALK TO MCCRAE SHOPS AND BEACH This perfectly positioned, perfectly presented western red cedar property is situated only 1 street back from the beach and within an easy walk to McCrae Shopping Centre. The property boasts: 3 bedrooms, large open plan living area with open fire place and gas heating, high vaulted pine lined ceilings.

CLOSE TO EVERYTHING DROMANA HAS TO OFFER This ground floor flat is currently rented at $200pw till 1/3/2012. Located within an easy stroll to Dromana Beach and shops this flat has it all. Location, location and price! Features include open plan living, 2 bedrooms and combined bathroom / toilet / laundry. Just perfect for a rental investment property or holiday getaway.

Paul Basso 5981 1200

Paul Basso 5981 1200

Rosebud West 1649 Pt Nepean Road

5981 1200

3/61 Kangerong Avenue, Dromana 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1 Car 64 Back Beach Rd, Portsea 2 Bed, 1 Bath 4 Cain Street, Rosebud 3 Bed, 1 Bath, DLUG 4 Foam Street, Rosebud 3 Bed, 1 Bath 1/13 Hygeia Street, Rye 3 Bed, 1 Bath, 1 Car 1/62 Field Street, Rye 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1 Car 4 Driftwood Avenue, Rye 3 Bed, 1 Bath, 1 Car 13 Dundas Street, Rye 3 Bed, 2 Bath 38 Keith Street, Tootgarook 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1 Car 66 Morris Street, Tootgarook 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Car

$210 pw AVAILABLE NOW! $225 pw AVAILABLE 3rd Feb $220 pw AVAILABLE NOW! $250 pw AVAILABLE NOW! $220 pw AVAILABLE NOW! $250 pw AVAILABLE NOW! $300 pw AVAILABLE NOW! $370 pw AVAILABLE NOW! $220 pw AVAILABLE NOW! $430 pw AVAILABLE NOW! > SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Page 9

Christmas/New Year best wishes from all the staff layout 1/70 Warranilla Avenue Rosebud 42

3 1


LARGE VILLA CLOSE TO SHOPS & BEACH Just a leisurely stroll to the sand, services and Rosebud Plaza shops, this 8 year old, large 2 bedroom villa unit is heaven for the retired couples or singles. Complete with a flickering gas log fire, a large sun drenched courtyard and a garage, the home provides all the comforts of a full-size home without the timeconsuming maintenance. This villa unit also comes with the rare option of buying a second luxury 3 bedroom home at the rear making the pair ideal for extended families who want their elderly parents nearby or to house semidependent family. For the more traditionalist, the front villa offers timeless design and decor including a large open plan living and dining area opening to the entertaining courtyard, a hostess kitchen with stainless steel appliances, while 2 large bedrooms have built-in robes and a light-filled bathroom with large open ended shower. Also features a spacious laundry/utility room, reverse cycle aircon and internal access to the garage.

Auction Saturday 11th February 2012 at 11.00am Price Guide $370,000 - $420,000 Inspect Wednesday & Saturday 11-11.30am Contact Amanda Kaye 0408 888 607

2/70 Warranilla Avenue Rosebud 43

3 2


STYLISH VILLA UNIT Just a pleasant stroll to popular Rosebud town centre and the beach, this stylish compact 8 y/o home is your own private oasis in the heart of the southern peninsula. Heavenly for the active retiree, young family or as a low maintenance beach escape away from busy suburbia, the 3 bedroom home offers unique style and fabulous entertaining space as well as the option of also buying a neighbouring 2 bedroom villa that is perfect for housing extended family or elderly parents. Featuring an indulgent alfresco undercover entertaining area complemented by a stand of colourful Japanese maples and designer water feature, the home looks superb with polished concrete floors, bold splashes of contemporary colour, open plan living and dining, a sleek modern kitchen, in-floor heating, a gas log fire, evaporative cooling and a remote double garage. The neighbouring villa is styled for more traditional furnishing and features a gas fireplace, large outdoor entertaining courtyard and a garage. Auction Saturday 11th February 2012 at 11.00am Price Guide $420,000 - $460,000

5986 8600 Page 10


1089 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud VIC 3939

SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012


Wednesday & Saturday 11-11.30am


Amanda Kaye 0408 888 607

28 Samuel Street Blairgowrie

1/6, 4 Nelson Street Rye



The home itself is nothing special. Its a classic old clad 2 bedroom holiday home that can still be used but will probably make way for someones dream home. The block on the other hand is fantastic. Its a corner block of approx 884 m2, lightly elevated with the bonus of an onsite van for extra accommodation. Now best of all, the location. Only a couple of minutes stroll to Koonya Ocean Beach, literally on the Sorrento border with both the Blairgowrie and Sorrento Villages just down the road and situated in a super quiet extremely private cul-de-sac. Properties this well located and priced to sell are extremely rare. Our vendors have made the decision to sell and invite your inspection

A rare opportunity to make the much sought after sea change and secure your future at the same time. This unique property offers an extremely comfortable owners residence and 5 beautifully appointed 2 bedroom holiday apartments, or 6 high quality permanent rentals. The choice is yours. Situated in the heart of Rye Central directly behind the Main Street and beach with the popular R.S.L across the road and bowls club a couple of hundred metres away. The main residence offers full family accommodation with 4 bedrooms, lovely big living room, well-appointed kitchen and quality facilities and fittings. Each unit has 2 good sized bedrooms, large open lounge, very pretty kitchen and quality bathroom. The units are fully furnished and present beautifully. Set in an immaculate garden setting with front and rear access, carports for all units, fully paved and extremely low maintenance. Best of all each unit is on a separate title. 6 properties, 6 titles right in the centre of town. Nothing compares in the value for money stakes. To be sold in its entirety on a walk in/walk out basis.

Auction Inspect Agent

Price Inspect Agent

Saturday 18th February at 1.00pm By appointment Phil & Diane Key 0418 516 470

For Sale By Expressions of Interest By appointment Diane Key 0419324515

100 Brights Drive Rye

71 Avon Road Rye



Cleverly designed to incorporate a unique twin bathing box facade this delightful modern weatherboard home truly represents beachside living at its very best. Sited on a pretty elevated corner block there are relaxing views to Arthurs Seat from the private rear yard. The home itself is in pristine condition and presents beautifully. There are 3/4 family bedrooms, the master being huge and fully fitted with WIR and full ensuite facilities. A fantastic open plan kitchen more than adequately services the vast living room that lends itself to family fun and holiday bliss. There is a second living room that can be closed off and used as a kids retreat or bunk house. A main bathroom, well fitted laundry, large front and rear decks and plenty of off street parking finish off the package. DĂŠcor is modern and includes highly polished timber floors, tasteful colour tonings and floor coverings. Ducted heating, gas log fire and split system A/C installed. Definitely a home to impress

AN absolute delight in every respect, this home has spectacular far reaching rural vistas as far as the eye can see. On a secluded block of approx. 1340 square metres the home exudes character with lofted ceilings in the main living area and a timber deck with verandah is a few steps away. A gorgeous kitchen with a picture window view has an adjacent slate tiled, family dining area. The home has four bedrooms with a large main bedroom also having views and an ensuite. Internal comforts include ducted heating, evaporative cooling and ducted vacuum system and all fixtures and fittings are in excellent condition. The gardens are a real feature and are well tended by bore water and a 40,000 litre water tank. The home has mains water. There is a large paved area in front of the double garage which includes extra storage space and work benches.

Price Inspect Agent

Price Inspect Agent

$435,000 - $460,000 By appointment Alana Balog 0412 536 624, Phil Key 0418 516 470.

$575,000 - $625,000 By appointment Glenn Key & Phil Key 0418 516 470

30 Bienies Crescent Tootgarook

6 Kevin Street Tootgarook



Oh so nice to come home to. For the buyer seeking a home with a touch of character, an individual charm and an affordable price tab. By no means large it is a home that just feels good. A full width verandah leads through to a good sized lounge with gas pot belly stove. There are 2 bedrooms, a combined bathroom laundry and a pretty kitchen. The decor is crisp and attracts natural light. There is a carport and garden shed. A deck one side and another at the rear gives the landscaped gardens that extra touch, In a quiet family friendly area this home is priced to please.

With an area of approx 915sqm, 2 street frontages and only 170 metres to the beach this has to be the most divine block to build your new home. Level with a pretty selection of established trees you can build your dream home and enjoy the idyllic sea change the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. With a long frontage to Maine St you can take full advantage of the Northerly aspect for your home and have plenty of room to store a boat or van with the possibility of a secondary access point off Kevin St. Having been held by its current owners for decades the decision to sell was not made lightly. To see the new owners enjoy the property as much as the current owners family has will be the ultimate outcome. If you seek the best, your search is at an end.

Price Inspect Agent

Price Inspect Agent

$295,000 - $325,000 By appointment Alana Balog 0412 536 624

5985 6555

$400,000 - $440,000 By appointment Phil Key 0418 516 470

2397 Point Nepean Road, Rye VIC 3941

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Page 11




$469,500 NEG

RUSTIC DELIGHTS RURAL BLISS - A RARE APPROX. 1 ACRE FIND IN MOOROODUC This serene 1 ACRE property in Moorooduc is surrounded by large acreage holdings giving you the relaxed feeling of rural living yet still so central to all that the Peninsula lifestyle offers. The tastefully renovated & rendered BV home provides a beautifully rustic outlook & offers 3 spacious bedrooms with BIR’s, a stylish central bathroom, a huge kitchen with feature redwood bench & 900mm S/S oven, an adjacent meals area, large open-plan living areas, a huge rumpus room & expansive decking taking in scenic views from every angle. A wonderful family home with extensive shedding, carports, storage space & a double garage renovated to include a sound proof music room.

Inspect Sat 2- 2.30pm or by appointment

151 Males Road


$470,000 - $510,000

PALM COVE – If a sea change is what you are after than this 3 bedroom BV property is just for you. With its own street frontage this well presented villa is more like a home & only 200m from the sandy shores of beautiful Dromana beach & approximately 500m to cafes & shopping. Boasting 3 large bedrooms, ensuite effect to master & WIR, spacious lounge, deluxe granite topped kitchen with S/S apps, adjacent meals area leading out to a large secure & private rear garden. Also including auto SLUG, high ceilings, ducted heating & cooling & much more.

16 Williams Road


$650,000 NEG

Beautiful gardens & a big 991m2 court lot in the Lakeside Estate provide a most attractive setting for this stylish brick veneer home. Offering 3 large bedrooms plus study (FES & WIR), formal lounge & dining rooms with vaulted ceilings & open fireplace, a light filled central kitchen with meals area, a large family room to the rear looking out over the huge yard and double auto garage & shed.

ROOM TO SPREAD OUT IN SUMMERFIELD! With dual street access to the huge 1091 M2 court lot, this spacious 20 square BV home you can just move into and enjoy! Comprising 4 bedrooms (master with FES/WIR), formal lounge & dining rooms, a stylish central kitchen, a huge tiled living room, double auto garage, ducted heating & s/system r/cycle air conditioner. With a massive rear & side yard for boat/caravan storage & room for a serious workshop.



$570,000 - $620,000

ROOM FOR THE TOYS AND ROOMS FOR THE BOYS! Room for all on this big 1112M2 corner Lot with a charming approx 21 square bull nose BV Home plus an 8X8 carport plus a powered 10X6M garage in a separate enclosed yard. With 4 Bedrooms plus study/dining [FES/WIR to Master], a stylish kitchen with s/s appliances, a tiled family/ meals area,& 2 spacious & separated living areas which might suit dual living. Including ducted heating & air conditioner, a 7X4M hot house, water tank, spa bath, dishwasher & a large covered pergola.

20 Moorhead Ave


NEG. OVER $630,000

A superb 1211m2 court lot is an ideal setting for this big living BV home featuring a West Australian Limestone facade, polished timber flooring and a 7x7m deck overlooking the solar heated I.G. pool. 4 bedrooms plus study (master with FES (spa)/WIR), formal entry & spacious lounge, kitchen with s/steel appliances & walk-in pantry, dining room, large family room, separate rumpus room & double auto garage with internal access. Including ducted heating & evaporative cooling.

NEG OVER $830,000


Inspect Sat 12- 12.30pm or by appointment

$320,000 - $340,000


It’s an easy stroll to Fisherman’s Beach from this well presented & It doesn’t get better than sitting at the waters edge, taking in the water spacious 2 Bedroom BV Villa, with L.U. Garage & roomy rear courtyard. views,yet to be within a comfortable walking distance of Mornington ideal for Retirees, with all gas facilities, separate laundry, sun blinds & being the front Villa in this small group. Village! This prime lot of approx.602m@ has a comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with L.U. garage in place, suitable for permanent or holiday living or for rental. A wonderful site for a new luxury home.

Inspect by appointment 1/4-10 Napier Street


$449,000 NEG


Inspect by appointment 7/21 Lucerne Avenue

SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012


Inspect Wed/Sat 3-3.30pm or by appointment

$640,000 - $670,000


If you are looking to downsize size but not space than this well presented villa could be prefect. Offering large living compared to most other villas you will be impressed by the privacy & space that is offered. With large lounge looking out to lovely rear yard, spacious kitchen & adjacent meals area, large master has WIR & dual entry bathroom. Outside, there is a huge Stratco undercover entertaining area with café blinds & single garage. Also including ducted heating & refrigerated cooling. An inspection is a must.

5975 7733 Page 12

Inspect Sat 11- 11.30pm or by appointment


Inspect Sat.12-12.30pm or by appointment 4 Cottage Place


Inspect Sat 1-1.30pm or by appointment 708 Esplanade

9 Moonrise Place

17 Baystone Court



Inspect Sat 4-4.30pm or by appointment 6 Billabong Close


$567,500 NEG

Set in park like surrounds this most charming BV home is sure to tantalise your taste buds, with a unique rural feel only 5 minutes walk to Bentons Square & public transport. The home offers 3 spacious bedrooms, master with FENS & WIR, large formal lounge/dining room, central timber kitchen with dishwasher & adjacent meals area, ducted heating & cooling, alarm system, spacious family room leading out to the huge undercover paved entertaining area & large private & secure rear yard with garden shed.

Paradise awaits in this chic townhouse, secure in a gated community & ideally located only a short stroll from Main Street & beautiful Mills beach. This private 3 bedroom residence offers 2 master suites upstairs each with ensuite & WIR, & a third bedroom downstairs , bright open-plan living/ dining, a deluxe granite kitchen with s/s appliances, high ceilings, s/s r/c a/ cond’s., internal entry to an auto LU garage plus an extra LU carport. Enjoy the sensational alfresco area surrounded by lush tropical gardens & café blinds for entertaining all year round.

Inspect Sat 2-2.30pm or by appointment 3/47 Tanti Avenue

Inspect Wed & Sat 11-11.30am or by appt.

Shop 2, 188-194 Main St Mornington


$350,000 - $380,000 Budget Buyers Special! Nestled behind a wall of trees on a generous 658m2 lot, this appealing BV home represents a great opportunity for 1st homebuyers & investors. With 3 bedrooms (W.I.Robe to master), L-shaped lounge/dining, sunny central kitchen, spacious family room, double carport, shed & 7x4 laserlite/paved entertaining area. Gas heating, air conditioner, dishwasher & solar HWS An easy cosmetic improver in a good area!

27 Exford Drive


Inspect by appointment

$535,000 - $555,000 A Huge Shed, Double Garage & a Delightful Home! On a big 763m2 corner lot close to Civic Bowls & Croquet in the Lakeside Estate, this spotless & spacious BV home comprises 3 generous bedrooms (FES/WIR to Master), 2 large & separated living areas, a large quality kitchen with as-new appliances, meals area, a large covered/paved entertaining area with on-line gas brick BBQ & a delightful Balinese Hut. The double auto brick garage joins onto a huge 10x7 M powered colorbond shed which includes a workbench, shelving, a toilet, & a 4x3M office with water & gas available.

41 Parkside Cres


Inspect Sat 12-12.30pm or by appointment

$690,000 - $730,000 Your Own Family Estate In Summerfields!





t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Secluded behind high fencing with beautiful trees & gardens on a huge 1374M2 Lot, this large stylish BV residence offers a family lifestyle with space & privacy. With 5 Bedrooms plus study (huge master suite with FES (corner spa)/WIR & parents retreat, 2 other bedrooms with WIRs),formal lounge, dining alcove, central kitchen with s/steel appliances & w.i.pantry, tiled family room,a big separate rumpus/home theatre, and a triple auto garage with internal access & rear r/door. Including security system, 9 ceilings, ducted heating & evaporative cooling, gas log fire with mantle, fountain, alfresco deck with cafe blinds.

36 Summerfield Drive


Inspect Sat 3-3.30pm or by appointment

$340,000 - $360,000 BEACHSIDE VILLA - TO LIVE OR TO INVEST! This stand-alone front villa is ideally positioned close to the beach & buses, and is available with vacant possession or with an excellent long term tenant in place. Comprising of 2 bedrooms (2-way bathroom/ WIR to master), a bright & spacious lounge, attractive kitchen with adjacent meals area, a separate laundry & single brick garage. Well presented & very well placed!

3/11-13 Johns Road


Inspect by appointment

$472,250 - $516,250 New BV Villas - Space & Luxury! Note :green island avenue will be a bitumenized road with a footpath to dunns rd. By approx. Mid 2012 - at no cost to villa owners. Near Bentons Square - with granite tops to kitchen & bathrooms, ASKO S/Steel appliances, & zoned ducted heating & cooling. Unit 1 3 Bed FES/WIR 14.0sq Living D/G $499,500 Unit 2 3 Bed FES/WIR 13.0sq Living D/G $472,250 Unit 3 3 Bed FES/WIR 13.0sq Living D/G $472,250 Unit 8 3 Bed FES/WIR 14.3sq Living D/G $481,750 Unit 10 3 Bed FES/WIR 15.8sq Living D/G $516,250

57 Green Island Ave


Inspect Wed/Sat 1-1.30pm or by appointment

NEG OVER $495,000 A PERFECT FIT FOR THE FAMILY! Secure behind a high brick fence on a generous 560m2 lot, this delightful BV home offers 3 bedrooms plus study, (master with FENS/WIR), a spacious lounge & dining room, a lovely central timber kitchen with S/S appliances & an adjoining meals area,a huge open living room leading out to the sensational undercover entertaining area & an auto double garage. Gas d/heating, evaporative cooling, high ceilings, a large private rear yard & a garden shed complete this charming package. Easy access to Bentons Square shopping ,buses & parks.

84 Harrap Rd

Inspect by appointment

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

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TIO N AU C MOUNT MARTHA Unit 4/2-4 Mirang Avenue


MOUNT MARTHA 4 Temple Court









Contact: Chris Wilson 0417 147 307






Contact: Chris Wilson 0417 147 307









Contact: Contact: Chris Chris Wilson Wilson 0417 0417 147 147 307 307








? >


ϭͬϭϬDĂŝŶ^ƚ͘DŽƌŶŝŶŐƚŽŶs/ϯϵϯϭ Page 14


SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Private Sale Inspect: LJƉƉŽŝŶƚŵĞŶƚ


Contact: Contact: Chris Chris Wilson Wilson 0417 0417 147 147 307 307



5976 8000

ROSEBUD 126 Rosebud Foreshore $79,000 - $85,000

MOUNT ELIZA 95 ShoƩon Road

NegoƟable Over $2.6 million

A Once In A lifeƟme AcquisiƟon - 16 Glorious Acres! Without quesƟon this is the most signiĮcant land holding to become available in Mt Eliza in years. Set on an incredible 16 acres, approx, with a second frontage to Grant Road, this magniĮcent property is one of the largest remaining acreages in the area and harks back to a Ɵme when Mt Eliza was a sleepy bush retreat and livestock roamed the Įelds. Stunning from every angle, the 4-bedroom homestead is superb and has been meƟculously built from reclaimed materials from hand-cleaned bricks to Oregon and BalƟc pine Ɵmber through to cedar windows and doors. Designed ahead of its Ɵme, every room extends to the wrap-around verandah with north-facing living areas, a glorious family living and dining room Ňowing to a terrace and alfresco pavilion, a brilliant rumpus room that cleverly links to a 4-car garage to create a huge party room; and formal recepƟon rooms. The kitchen is a feature with its Oregon Ɵmberwork, as is the main bathroom with its freestanding bath and separate shower. The main bedroom has a spa ensuite, and there’s a large study. The property has been uƟlized for livestock and features 2 large fenced paddocks each with holding yards and the large shed is designed to be uƟlized as a stable block, if so desired. Certainly, this is a rare opportunity to acquire one of Mt Eliza’s most signiĮcant properƟes. Contact: Contact: Chris Chris Wilson Wilson 0417 0417 147 147 307 307

1/10 Main St. Mornington VIC 3931

Contact: Chris Wilson 0417 147 307

Private Sale Inspect:

Saturdays 4.30-5.00pm




5976 8000 > SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Page 15

For Sale

9 Alfred Street, Mornington Spacious Sanctuary in Prime Position

For Sale

([FOXVLYHO\SRVLWLRQHGLQDSLFWXUHVTXH beachside pocket between Main Street and WKHED\WKLVEHGURRPKRPHUDGLDWHVTXDOLW\ DQGFODVV7KLVOX[XU\WRZQKRXVHIHDWXUHVD VXQGUHQFKHGQRUWKIDFLQJOLYLQJDQGGLQLQJ area overlooking private patio and entertaining area, granite bench tops & European appliances to the kitchen. The master EHGURRPLVĂ&#x20AC;WIRUDTXHHQZLWKJUDQGHXU surroundings, large en-suite, a dressing room and bay views.

For Sale

This gorgeous two storey townhouse has been WDVWHIXOO\GHFRUDWHGZLWKTXDOLW\Ă&#x20AC;[WXUHVDQGĂ&#x20AC;WWLQJV$SSUR[VTXDUHLQVL]HZLWKPDVWHU bedroom, ensuite and walk in robes on the ground level that leads into a open plan style livLQJDUHDVSLOOLQJRXWLQWRDOIUHVFRRXWGRRU entertaining area. Gourmet kitchen with granite EHQFKWRSVSRUFHODLQWLOHV,QWHUQDODFFHVVIURP the double lock up garage.Separate laundry and SRZGHUURRP7RSOHYHOGRXEOHEHGURRPV separate living/ study area, main bathroom and spa.

Price: $890,000 -$950,000

Price: On Application

Inspect: &RQWDFWRIĂ&#x20AC;FH


19 Dorset Road, Mount Martha Fabulous Family Home

For Sale

$EVROXWHO\LPPDFXODWHIRXUEHGURRPSOXV VWXG\IDPLO\KRPHVHWRQDSSUR[VTP EORFN,GHDOIRUSHUPDQHQWOLYLQJRUMXVWIRU KROLGD\LQJWKHUHLVORWVRIQDWXUDOOLJKWEHDPLQJLQWRWKHIDPLO\URRPDQGPDLQOLYLQJDUHD ZLWKRSHQĂ&#x20AC;UHSODFHDQGRYHUORRNLQJWKHRXWside entertaining area and established gardens. Cook up a storm in the gourmet kitchen with Caesar stone bench tops. The two storey home has master living and ensuite upstairs with bay views and natural setting.

Price: $695,000 - $740,000


3/5 Lucerne Avenue, Mornington Luxury Beachside Townhouse 3RVVLEO\WKHĂ&#x20AC;QHVWWRZQKRXVHRQWKH Peninsula, this is an outstanding opportunity WRVHFXUHWKLVVTXDUHUHVLGHQFHWKDWLVVR FORVHWRWRZQ,QFOXGLQJDP[PVRODU heated lap pool, extensive decking, covered GD\EHGDQGDOIUHVFR%%4DUHD)DEXORXV DWDWHRIWKHDUWDLWFKHQZLWKLQWHJUDWHG appliances. Three spacious bedrooms plus ODUJHVWXGLRRUVWXG\EHDXWLIXOOLJKWĂ&#x20AC;OOHG bathroom, powder room and ensuite. ,PSUHVVLYHWLPEHUĂ RRUVDUHWKURXJKRXWWKH large living area that spills into the outdoor area.

Price: $790,000 - $840,000 Inspect: &RQWDFWRIĂ&#x20AC;FH

119 Seaview Avenue, Safety Beach Seaview at Martha Cove :DONLQJGLVWDQFHIURP0DUWKD&RYH0DULQDDQG DSSUR[PHWHUVIURPWKHPDLQIRUHVKRUHWKLV luxury two storey townhouse is almost completed. $SSUR[VTXDUHVRIOLYLQJFRPSULVLQJRIWKUHH EHGURRPVSOXVDSDUHQWVUHWUHDWEDWKURRPV powder room. Two separate living areas. Caesar stone kitchen bench tops with tiled splash back, Smeg s/steel appliances, designer tap wear, 5LQQDLKUJDV+:6KHDWLQJZLWKSURJUDPmable thermostat and s/system air conditioning. /DQGVFDSLQJDQGIHQFHGZLWKFRORXUHGFRQFUHWH DJJUHJDWHWRIURQWGULYHZD\DQGSDWKV

Price: On Application

For Sale

1/16-14 Lucerne Avenue, Mornington Gorgeous Beachside Townhouse


For Sale

34 Finlayson Avenue, Mount Martha Un-interrupted Bay and City Views )URPWKHODUJHEDOFRQ\HQMR\PDJQLĂ&#x20AC;FHQW degree views with un-interrupted bay and city skyline vista that will leave you spellbound. Set RQDSSUR[VTPRIODQGWKHPDLQKRXVH RIIHUVEHGURRPVSOXVUXPSXVURRPWKDW could be converted into another two bedrooms. Open style living, renovated NLWFKHQPHDOVDQGIDPLO\URRP,QJURXQGSRRO and outdoor entertaining area. Great holiday KRPHRUOLYHFRPIRUWDEO\ZKLOHSODQQLQJWR build your dream home.

Price: On Application ,QVSHFW&RQWDFWRIĂ&#x20AC;FH

We are selling out of stock FAST! ,I\RXDUHWKLQNLQJRIVHOOLQJFRQWDFWRXURIĂ&#x20AC;FHRQ 5975 2255 to arrange your free appraisal.

Page 16


SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

For Sale – Mornington

For Sale – Mornington

For Sale – Sorrento



For Lease – Mornington

Three Amazing OpportuniƟes

NAB As Co-Tenants

This is A Bargain

Darriwill Farm

Perfectly posiƟoned in new Industrial Park in Satu Way behind BMW, these as new factories are available for the investor or owner occupier.

A brand new oĸce suite on the 2nd storey of the new NAB Commercial Centre at 28 Main St is available for lease. Area includes a recepƟon area, two oĸces, new kitchen, bathroom and shower, or use one oĸce as bedroom and move in.

Body Essence of Mornington covers all aspects of beauty from tanning and waxing to skin rejuvenaƟon and detoxing. This business boasts privacy for its clientele with its upstairs locaƟon and easy parking. Set up cost well in excess of the asking price.

Darriwill Farm specialises in unique and exclusive gourmet food, giŌware and bouƟque wines. The world’s Įnest produce and wines are sourced direct from the farm gate, making Darriwill Farm a favourite desƟnaƟon for lovers of the best things life oīers. This is a rare opportunity in the heart of Sorrento.

Lease Price: $2,816 PCM+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: $89,000 + SAV Contact: Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

Sale Price: $239,000 + SAV Contact: Gary Ralph 0418 535 503

Factory 1: 280sqm( tenanted) - $375,000 Factory 2: 280sqm (vacant possession) - $375,000 Factory 3: 2factories on one Ɵtle. One at 90sqm/ one at 400sqm - $595,000

First Time Oīered - Don’t Hesitate Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

For Sale – Tootgarook

For Sale – Rosebud West



For Sale – Mount Martha


For Sale – Mornington




BARGAIN! - Cafe / Restaurant

No OpposiƟon

Ladies BouƟque

Hair GeneraƟon

This long-established business is well-set up and ready for a new owner to just walk in and keep trading. The shop area is 150sqm with seaƟng for 70 inside and 25 outside. There are two on-site car parks. The rent is $427pw + OGS. Current owners are moving to other business interests and are very moƟvated to sell.

This very busy stand-alone milk bar / mixed business has been servicing local Tootgarook and surrounding areas for well over 40 years. Current owner has this business running like clockwork and is ready to move on. Great lease terms, cheap rent and huge takings. Owner willing to trial

One of the peninsulas best known ladies bouƟques trades 5 ½ days per week and providing strong takings this business has many pluses including locaƟon, aīordable rent and a well-established clientele. Not to be missed.

Touted as Mornington’s Įrst ever hairdressing salon, Hair GeneraƟon has a long established client base featuring 10 cuƫng staƟons and room for beauty. Staī willing to stay on with new operator, desirable rent. Rare opportunity, not to be missed.

Sale Price: $149,000 + SAV Contact: Gary Ralph 0418 535 503

Sale Price: $225,000 + SAV Contact: Russell Murphy 0407 839 184

Sale Price: $89,000 + SAV Contact: Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

Sale Price: $75,000 + SAV Contact: Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

For Sale – Mornington

For Sale – Dromana

For Sale – Rosebud


For Sale – Seaford

Industrial Takeaway

This thriving business in a prime locaƟon trades 5 days per week and shows excellent takings with huge proĮts. Great family business with cheap rent.

Price On ApplicaƟon Contact: Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

For Sale – Rosebud

Wendy’s Bargain

Brand New In Dromana

This fully managed, perfectly posiƟoned business in Mornington is now on the market. This business is conƟnuing its growth and being straight opposite a busy supermarket in this vibrant centre, its building quickly. Cheap rent, long lease and excellent proĮt makes this a must buy.

Big, bold and brand new is this soon to be constructed retail space Great opportunity to secure this unique café/provedore located of approx 145sqm.Ideally suited to investors or owner operators in directly opposite the beach on Pt Nepean Rd. This licenced café the hospitality, retail or corporate sectors. enjoys strong, regular clientele, solid takings, great lease terms and the opportunity to further improve. This business is extremely well priced to sell as vendors are moving on to other ventures.

Calling All Foodies

Sale Price $120,000 + SAV Contact: Gary Ralph 0418 535 503

Sale Price: $530,000 Contact: Russell Murphy 0407 839 184

Sale Price $95,000 + SAV Contact Russell Murphy 0407 839 184

For Sale – Mount Martha


Urgent Sale - Vendor Must Sell

Great LocaƟon - Opposite Beach

Backpackers Mornington

Freehold Factory/Oĸce Space

The well known Lemongrass Restaurant must be sold. With extensive Įt out and liquor license, this business represents great value with plenty of scope for further growth.

The iconic Mt Martha milkbar/ café is on the market. Undoubtedly one of the best posiƟons in Mount Martha, this business boasts strong consistent takings with excellent lease terms and condiƟons, is easy to run, and has excellent staī. Secure now and reap the rewards of the summer trade!!

We are seeking an owner operator to run a soon to be constructed Backpacker AccommodaƟon with licensed bar in the heart of Mornington retail strip. Serious operator with proven experience required.

This well maintained factory with separate oĸce space has a show case entrance that would complement any business. With 100sq meters of oĸce space and 150 sq meters of factory, this property is situated behind Bunnings in the industrial area of Rosebud. InspecƟon a must.

Sale Price: $85,000 WIWO

Sale Price: $250,000 + SAV

Contact: Russell Murphy 0407 839 184

Contact: Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

For Sale – Rosebud

Sale Price $450,000 Contact Russell Murphy 0407 839 184

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Page 17



Nothing fishy here TOURING along Point Nepean Road, it would be hard not to notice the iconic Fed-Up Fish Cafe sign. This long-established business is well set-up and ready for a new owner to walk in and start trading. The cafe area is 150 square metres with seating for 70 inside and 25 outside. There are two on-site car parks. The rent is $427 per week plus outgoings. The owners are moving to other business interests and are very motivated to sell. Cafe and takeaway, ROSEBUD WEST Price: $149,000 + sav Agency: Kevin Wright Real Estate, 72 Main Street, Mornington, 5977 2255 Agent: Gary Russell, 0418 535 503

Get your just desserts I SCREAM, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream. Positioned outside a major supermarket in a vibrant shopping centre, this well-known and popular franchise business shows strong growth. It serves ice-cream, smoothies, shakes and other food lines.

Ice-cream franchise, MORNINGTON Price: $120,000 + sav Agency: Kevin Wright Real Estate, 72 Main Street, Mornington, 5977 2255 Agent: Kevin Wright, 0417 564 454

Landmark hospitality venue The Atrium THE Atrium is one of the Mornington Peninsula’s largest and bestknown restaurant and function centres. It overlooks the fairways and tennis courts of Mt Martha Valley Country Club. The Atrium offers sports and casual bar areas, an 80-seat restaurant and a function room with individual seating for 400 (220 with tables). There is also a large outdoor patio and the building’s signature atrium reception area. This highly flexible complex also features a three-bedroom manager’s residence and parking for 85 cars. Now catering for wedding receptions and conferences, casual family dining and a local clientele drawn from the surrounding housing development and from further afield, this is a great chance to step into a successful and well-established business. There is also potential to use the premises for a private golf, football or other sporting club venture offering administration, accommodation, offices, medical centre, gaming venue, church, nightclub or hotel. There are two fully operational commercial kitchens, which allow for multiple events to be catered for at one time, two walk-in coolrooms, a walk-in freezer and chef’s office. With the new Peninsula Link freeway set to cut travel times to and from the city, and continued new housing development around the nearby marina, this is a great time to invest in this remarkable seaside business opportunity. To be sold on a walk-in walk-out basis. Address: 10 Country Club Drive, SAFETY BEACH Auction: Saturday 11 February at 2pm Agency: Stockdale & Leggo, 193 Point Nepean Road, Dromana, 5987 3233 Agent: John Sanderson, 5987 3233

To advertise in the next edition of the Southern Peninsula News commercial real estate section, contact Jason Richardson on 0421 190 318 or email Page 18


SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012



Give us a spark

Haven for health

THIS long-established auto electrical repairer offers a wide range of services including starter motor and alternator changeover, discount batteries, ozone safe air-conditioning servicing, and truck, trailer and marine repairs. The business is also the only licensed Interlock installer in the area. The business operates from a large workshop with one hoist and an area for display or office use.

THIS wonderfully presented shop is well positioned in an award-winning shopping complex. With all modern refrigeration, the business has plenty of preparation area and at the rear there is ample space for the 10-tonne truck that goes to market, and the forklift. The business operates with two staff on cash registers, two staff on the floor and one at the rear. The vendor offers a trial at $30,000 per week.

Auto electrics, SEAFORD Price: $120,000 + sav Agency: Latessa Business Sales 50 Playne St, Frankston, 9781 1588 Agent: Tony Latessa, 0412 525 151

Fruit, vegies and fine foods, MORNINGTON Price: $422,000 + sav Agency: Latessa Business Sales 50 Playne St, Frankston Agent: Graeme Haddock, 9781 1588

Business Sales Specialists

50 Playne Street Frankston

Tel: (03) 9781 1588 CAFĂ&#x2030; & ORGANIC FOODS




Niche market selling whole & organic foods inc. fruit & vegies, supplements etc. Seating for 12 in/6 out. Main road, well known,passing trade. 5 ½ days. New lease neg.

Telecommunications & electronics, computing & entertainment, Optus mobile & broadband contracts. 24/7 security system, 5 ½ days. Main street location

Large, corner position, with large windows overlooking attractive courtyard. Seats 36 in & 15 outside. Commercial kitchen. Trains young adults with special needs. 6 days.

Well presented, large modern shop with courtyard. Seating for 15, has smoking area under cover. Only 5 days 6am to 3pm. Long lease options.

NOW $30,000 + sav

$50,000 + sav

$65,000 + sav

$70,000 + sav



Services one main customer every Residential & commercial, also does property maintenance. day of the year, vendor works 28 Major contracts in place. hrs pw, 3 sub-contractors. Stock Owner works app.15hpw, subinc. Plenty of potential for more contractors available. Mostly on work. Vendor retiring. Peninsula, Bus.Award winner. $79,000 NOW $79,500 + sav






600 clients. Works Tuesday to Thursday. Taking $70,361 pa WB 3URÂżWDSSUR[ Great part-time business. Huge potential. $90,000

Indian/Pakistani cuisine, dine in / takeaway. Seats 20 in/10 out. Easy to run with 2 staff. Well equipped kitchen with W.I coolroom. Potential to increase T/O with more opening hours.


Major account of 8yrs + many stores, makes security lanyards. Machinery in excellent condition, straightening & cutting machine, 6 stamping machines, wire cutting machine, 6 presses.

Written contract with large co-ed college.12 casual staff. Early am & pm work, 5 days pw. Est 30+ years. Inc. stock Husband retired, must sell & move on. $105,000

Attractive shop in commercial/retail food court of large complex. Excellent, expensive equipment. Pizza, pasta, chips, salads & Chinese food etc.

$99,000 + sav

NOW $100,000 + sav

$100,000 + sav





11.30am to 4pm daily, pick up at Moorabbin, deliveries take 4 hours. Refrigerated van with racking. One of approx 90 franchises in Vic. Two separate NE rounds available.

Healthy options in busy Bayside Shopping Centre food court. 6WURQJWXUQRYHUÂżJXUHVPRGHUQ and attractive franchise. Good FDVKĂ&#x20AC;RZEXVLQHVV

$130,000 each


Good location near food court In the heart of beautiful San Well set up factory close to many in busy S/C. Well equipped & car yards, some of which are major Remo. Main road with good bay views, seats 30 in/16 out. Rear very well presented. Good cash clients. Always busy, bookings Ă&#x20AC;RZVKRZLQJJRRGWXUQRYHU courtyard, front eatery section essential, prices range from $25 to DQGSURÂżWÂżJXUHV6HDWVLQ with well laid out kitchen, staff $280. Short hours â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5 days 8am cafe section. SDUNLQJ3URÂżWDEOH to 4pm.

$120,000 + sav

NOW $130,000 + sav


$110,000 + sav

$120,000 + sav

$140,000 + sav



Near new, bright & clean with all the hard work done. New equipment, coolroom and freezer. Trades 6 days from 11am. Long lease options.



$145,000 + sav







5 days 6am to 3pm. Est 40 yrs, well known, compact shop in busy area. Trial on $7200 pw. Long lease. Plenty of parking.

Dine in & takeaway. Only one in S/Centre. Very clean, great kitchen, fantastic equipment. Seats 36 inside & outside. Can change usage with landlord approval

Small shop in corner position. Has coolroom. Large factory development nearby will LQFUHDVHĂ&#x20AC;RZ HUGE POTENTIAL! ONLY 5 DAYS!

*UHDWORFDWLRQRQJURXQGĂ&#x20AC;RRU of S/C, very well stocked with food & supplements, franchise fees cover advertising and DGPLQ+XJHSURÂżWVDYH72LQ excess of $1M.

Looking for a seachange? Located in Mooroopna, only one in town. Opens 7 days, services 5 ½ days. Well presented and well equipped. 11 washers and 8 gas dryers. 3UR¿WDEOH

Wonderful shop in food court of large S/C, great kitchen. +XJHWDNLQJV5HÂżWGRQHRQO\ years ago. Owner willing to run business for 2 years if wanted

$165,000 + sav

NOW $100,000 + sav

$230,000 + sav

$290,000 + sav




$170,000 + sav

$170,000 + sav



$295,000 + sav

One of the Peninsulaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s treasures now available. Well known with high T/O ÂżJXUHVDQGJRRGSURÂżWV Well stocked, beautifully presented. $300,000 + sav

8 washers, 7 dryers. Also offers washing, ironing service and dry cleaning agent. Corner position offers great exposure, free parking at rear. Summer very busy, peaks in January.


$399,000 + sav

$449,000 + sav







Business & freehold. 4.5 acre property with 5 bdm residence. Pool & entertainment area. &RQÂżGHQWLDOLW\DSSOLHV

In-demand product base, well established client base, plenty of room for extra growth. Includes imported sealant range, has Australasian distribution rights. W/sale to h/ware stores.

3 large prime movers, 5 refrigerated trailers, 1 Mazda truck, 2 forklifts. Mainly local work, some interstate. 2 large coolrooms, Written contract & standing orders.

)XOO\PDQDJHGPRWHODQG serviced apartments with Nepean Hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;way frontage. Prominent, high exposure position, 100 units.

$4.25 million + sav

$1.9 million

$7.6 million

BAKERY & CAFE Large well equipped shop with DOOEDNLQJGRQHRQVLWH)XOO\ managed, very busy, seat 20 in & 8 out. Large storage area under shop with separate access. Trades 7 days.

$750,000 + sav

F:$800,000 + GST if appl.

$2.5 million + sav


Long established with long ½ acre with 3BR B/V home serving staff. All manner of & brick shop on main road. products from artwork & design 6HOOLQJ¿VKLQJWDFNOHEDLW stage. In house printing, & boat storage, right on in house kiln, digital laser. waterway/main street. &RQ¿GHQWLDOLW\DSSOLHV B:$150,000 + sav

Indian cafÊ/takeaway with 2 )LUHSODFHUHWDLOWREXLOGLQJWUDGH 20 washers, 15 dryers, & public. One man operation will commercial ironing equipment. storey 4 bdm unit within walking suit tradesperson. Installers sub- Open 7 days with service offered distance. Well equipped, contracted, could do the lot and well presented business with 5 ½ days. Long lease, great SUR¿WVZLOOVRDU([FHOOHQWORFDWLRQ T/O, Attached residence inc in commercial kitchen & walk-in huge potential. monthly rental. No competition. N coolroom. Seats up to 50.


$550,000 + sav

Tony Latessa: 0412 525 151

No. 1 REIV Accredited Business Agent in Victoria 27 years selling experience based on honesty and reliability REIV Business Brokers Committee Member

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Page 19

Deceased Estate - Must Be Sold! 74 Marine Drive Safety Beach Just under 1000sqm of prime land opposite the beach ready for further development (STCA). The current brick veneer dwelling has been very well maintained and features three bedrooms and a bathroom with combined lounge and dining and separate kitchen. The home has a flat roof, so going upwards is an option and there is plenty of space on the flat block that measures 15m x 65m. Plenty of options here to sub-divide, re-build, go up or extend. t es nv i r yo da i l ho

on ati c lo

Auction This Saturday 28th January 2012 at 2.30pm Inspect Fri 5-5.30pm, Sat 2-2.30pm Agent Anthony McDermott 0403 161 125

t sa is h nt tio c au

t sa is h nt tio c au


Safety Beach

2 Kent Street Dromana

12 Henry Court McCrae

Location, Location, Location!

Develop, Holiday, Live or Lease?

Corner Bayview Block

Howâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Serenity

Under 350 metres to McCrae beach & shops with a rear Right of Way Access & room for a boat! Well built 2 bedroom unit in a very quiet & private location. Evap cooling & ducted heat, covered paved courtyard & garage all combine to make a great property. Very affordable too!

Develop, Holiday, Live Or Lease? The Choice Is Yours! This substantial block of land with an existing home is positioned very close to the multi-million dollar Martha Cove marina and is a short walk to the beach and public transport. Currently owner occupied this home features two bedrooms, two separate living areas - one of which could be converted into a further two bedrooms and open plan living which opens out onto a substantial balcony overlooking the backyard.

Set in a peaceful and tranquil position on the Dromana hillside is this fantastic corner allotment. From a future double storey home the bay views would be breathtaking. Extremely rare vacant land position in a blue chip location. Whether it be your future home away from home, permanent home or investment retreat this property will appreciate dramatically in time. Truly special. Land size: 664sqm (approx). Call Now!

Located only a short stroll to the beach this stunning modern residence allows you to relax & entertain your family & friends with bay glimpses from this 1/4 acre, private garden oasis. This contemporary home boasts a remarkable open plan indoor/ outdoor living space, complete with a glorious entertainment deck. The kitchen includes an island bench, European appliances and is filled with natural light. Blue-chip weekender or permanent base.

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Auction Inspect Contact

Auction Inspect Contact

$399,000 By Appointment 03 5987 3233

ch ea b to lk wa

$395,000 - $425,000 By Appointment 03 5987 3233

This Saturday at 10.30am Sat 10.00-10.30am 03 5987 3233

y nit tu r po op

ws vie

5 Sunrise Close Safety Beach


Home Is On The Horizon

This Saturday 28th Jan 2012 at 12.00pm Sat 11.30am-12noon 03 5987 3233

Sensational Panoramic Bay Views

Safety Beach

Safety Beach

The Atrium - Unique Business Opportunity

Complete Your Dream Home

If you value peace and privacy, this is the home for you. Situated on approx 625sqm, located only a short stroll to the pristine sands of Safety Beach and only minutes from golf courses, restaurants and the shopping precinct of Dromana, this is a must. This home boasts 3 bedrooms, master with WIR and ensuite, other bedrooms with built in robes, large formal and informal living areas, gas ducted heating, air conditioning, dishwasher and entertaining area.

Designed to capture every degree of a North facing bay view this home features sun-filled living rooms. Deceptively large there are four bedroom, master with ensuite and open plan kitchen, meals and family area. Downstairs is a mulit-purpose room for rumpus or 5th bedroom. This imprressive homes is complete with GDH, garage, additional off-street parking and a fully fenced backyard.

A unique landmark commercial development overlooking the fairways and tennis courts of the Mt Martha Valley Country Club and moments from the Martha Cove Marina, The Atrium is one of the Mornington Peninsulaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest restaurant/function centres with potential to further develop the business or change its use (STCA). Offering sports and casual bar areas, an 80 seat restaurant, function room that can seat 400 or 220 at tables.

With most of the hard work already done with design, plans and permits and the home to fit out stage this is an opportunity not to be missed. This architecturally designed home of approx 40sq boasts 4 bedrooms, 2 ensuites, and family bathroom. views over the marina from the large open plan kitchen & 2 living areas and master bedroom, 2 entertaining decks, private courtyards and much more. Property is to be sold.

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Auction Inspect Contact

Inspect Contact

$489,000 Sat 3.30-4.00pm 03 5987 3233

5987 3233 Page 20


$590,000 - $650,000 By Appointment 03 5987 3233

193 Point Nepean Road, Dromana VIC 3936

SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 24 January 2012

Saturday 11th February 2012 at 2.00pm By Appointment 03 5987 3233

By Appointment 03 5987 3233


Creek of yuck: Polluted water from Kananook Creek flows into Port Phillip, which forced the closure of the beach. Inset left: Workers repair the broken South East Water sewage pipe at the corner of Heatherhill Rd and Macrosty Court, four kilometres from the beach. Pictures: Jason Richardson

Sewage closes beach at Frankston By Mike Hast and Keith Platt FRANKSTON Beach was closed on Tuesday last week after a raw sewage spill four kilometres from the coast. The council was told late Tuesday by South East Water that a pipe had broken at the corner of Heatherhill Rd and Macrosty Court, pouring sewage into the Beach St stormwater drain and from there into Kananook Creek and into Port Phillip. Neither Kananook Creek Association nor Frankston Beach Association were officially told of the spill. A spokeswoman for South East Water, Beth Richens, told The News sand-

bags had been used to stop the flow of sewage into the drain from a retarding basin in Lee St. Ms Richens said the amount of sewage ending up in the creek had been “minimal, as it was heavily diluted by stormwater”. She said a resident sounded the alarm at about 9.30am on Tuesday “alerting us to an odour”. Maintenance crews had worked all day to fix the break and stop the flow. Mid-afternoon last Wednesday, Ms Richens said the water company was checking water quality in the creek and on the beach, “which takes a day”. “We are working closely with the

EPA [Environment Protection Authority],” Ms Richens said. She did not know how many litres of sewage had escaped into the drain or what had caused the pipe to break. The Frankston Council’s website reported the beach had been closed, but did not say why. “EPA Victoria’s Beach Report bacterial water quality forecast for January 18 is good to fair for all monitored beaches (which includes Seaford), except Frankston Coast Guard and Frankston Life Saving Club which are poor,” the website stated. Late on the Tuesday, council staff erected warning signs on the beach and

used council’s new all-terrain vehicle to travel along the beach and warn people. On Wednesday afternoon, the mayor, Cr Brian Cunial, told The News that the EPA would test water quality between 3-4pm. He said South East Water and the council would also test the water as it was “wise to conduct a couple of tests”. Cr Cunial said he was hopeful “the beach would be reopened soon”. The News understands the council and South East Water were holding a crisis meeting to examine the causes and impacts.

The beach closure was the second in four days. For two hours on the weekend of the city’s showcase Waterfront Festival, the beach was closed under orders from the EPA. The closures are a blow to Frankston’s reputation after it won the 2011 Clean Beach of the Year Award at the Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Sustainable Cities and Clean Beaches Awards. Frankston also won the 2011 Clean Beaches – Friendly Beach Award for its accessible boardwalks and pier, visitor information centre, playground facilities, public artworks and major events.

Tyabb mooted as third airport By Mike Hast THE idea of a third airport for Melbourne is back on the agenda, and Tyabb airfield is among locations proposed by the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry. VECCI chief executive Mark Stone was reported in a weekend newspaper saying Melbourne would need an airport in the southeast to cope with growing demand, traffic congestion, and the expansion of the Port of Hastings. Melbourne Airport at Tullamarine, north of the city, would stay the main airport, and Avalon near Geelong would service the western part of greater Melbourne. Locations in the south-east could include Tooradin, Tyabb and South Gippsland, Mr Stone said. But the owner of Tyabb airfield, Peninsula Aero Club, says it is not interested in the VECCI proposal. The airfield, known as the Mornington Peninsula Airport at Tyabb, is 50 years old this year. Aero club president Peter Bernardi said the club had not been consulted by VECCI. “We’re not interested; there are no facilities and not enough land to expand,” he told The News. “We’re an aero club and we’re doing well; looking forward to our air show on Sunday 4 March

to celebrate our 50th anniversary.” Mr Bernardi said the idea of an airport in the Tooradin area made more sense. “The air force had a satellite field near Koo Wee Rup during the Second World War and you can still see the landing strip from the air,” he said. Tyabb resident David Chalke, a neighbour of the airfield who has been critical of noise, and alleged low flying and safety breaches over the years, said the VECCI proposal for Tyabb was “complete nonsense”. “I am surprised that VECCI should be promulgating such illinformed tosh,” he said. “Melbourne already has four fully fledged airports licensed by Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Tullamarine, Avalon, Essendon and Moorabbin. “The first two have considerable scope to increase their capacity. “The only reason Tullamarine is inconvenient for people in the south-east of Melbourne is the appalling road and rail links. Fix those, and Tullamarine is less than an hour away from even the most southerly suburbs.” VECCI says Tooradin would be a preferred site for a new airport for regional and domestic services. The small town at the top of

Western Port has had an airfield for many years. Once called Harewood airport after the historic property Harewood, built in 1857 by Scotsman William Lyall, it is owned by Glen Balas of Tooradin and leased to Gary Morrison. The Balas family started a flying school at Tooradin in the 1970s. Mr Balas and Mr Morrison told a City of Casey local newspaper late last year they had not been approached about the VECCI proposal. Mr Morrison, who operates helicopters at Tooradin, said he supported the idea in principle. A Tooradin airport would serve the Mornington Peninsula and southeast, he said. The 1000-metre runway would need to be extended by at least 500 metres. The VECCI proposal brings memories of earlier failed attempts to get an airport in the south-east. In the 1960s, when the Bolte Liberal government earmarked Western Port as the site for heavy industry and a so-called deepwater port, a proposal was floated to establish an airport on French Island. In the 1980s it was suggested an airport by built on Manks Rd at Dalmore, north of Tooradin.

On stage: Entertaining at Shoreham Tennis Club’s Under the Tree festival are, from left, keyboardist Julian Cairns, an unnamed tambourine player, Scott Halligan on drums (obscured), guitarists Gary Jones and Stephen Mellican, and vocalist Jenny Jones.

Playing for a good court PLAYERS took to the courts and the stage on Sunday week when more than 200 people turned up for Shoreham Tennis Club’s annual Under the Tree festival of tennis, music and art. While players of all ages filled the courts for social play, peninsula artists displayed paintings and sculptures, and musicians entertained under the tree. A barbecue and peninsula wines, cakes and chocolates added to the day.

“Local musicians and artists offer their talent to make this wonderful day a fantastic fundraiser for our tennis club,” tennis club president Gary Jones said. “We are seeking more members for the club particularly from the younger generation and our new coach Dan Donelly starts here in February on Sunday mornings.” To join Shoreham Tennis Club call Mr Jones on 0417 553 446.

Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



It’s multi-councillor wards By Mike Hast THE Victorian Electoral Commission has recommended Mornington Peninsula Shire wards be cut from 11 to six. The 11-person council will be retained, but eight councillors will “share” three wards – all on the more densely populated Port Phillip side of the peninsula. The VEC proposal is a massive blow to the shire’s administration and sitting councillors. The shire ran an expensive and extensive campaign to retain single-councillor wards. The proposal is also a rebuff of the hard work done by shire CEO Dr Michael Kennedy, who led the successful move to change multi-councillor to single-person wards in 1999 when he first joined the shire. The much-anticipated VEC review into the electoral structure is a game

changer for council elections on Saturday 27 October. At the 2008 elections, six of the 11 wards were uncontested with many council watchers believing the strong positions of incumbent councillors led to a lack of candidates. For example, in Red Hill Ward, David Jarman announced his intention to not contest his seat at the last minute and current mayor Frank Martin walked into the job without having to face voters. The VEC’s final report was released at 2pm on Wednesday 11 January after months of intrigue and lobbying by ratepayers, councillors and council officers. It was originally meant to be released in early November, but was delayed when Electoral Commissioner Steve Tully decided extra time was

needed to consider all submissions. The VEC issued an “addendum report” and called for more submission by early December. The review of the shire’s structure received more submissions than any other municipality in Victoria, with an overwhelming number of people calling for multi-councillor wards. In a press release issued on Wednesday, Mr Tully stated the final report would now go to Local Government Minister Jeanette Powell, for her consideration. A minister has never changed a VEC recommendation. The shire will now have two threecouncillor wards, one two-councillor ward and three single-councillor wards (see map). Ward names also have been changed. Mr Tully said boundaries generally

follow the existing structure; however, similar communities have been merged to create three multi-councillor wards to cover the urban population along the Port Phillip coast. “Single-councillor wards are retained in the less populated Western Port side of the shire,” he said. “A wide variety of views were put forward during the review. All information, including submissions, was carefully considered by the panel of staff and local government experts to reach this recommended electoral structure.” The VEC started the review last July with background research. A public information session was held in August, and invited the first round of public submissions. The VEC released its preliminary report on 5 September 2011, follow-

ed by a second round of public submissions and a public hearing. On 3 November 2011, the VEC released an addendum to its preliminary report to invite further feedback on one of its options, B, which is the one recommended. “The VEC has considered all public submissions, as well as the municipality’s demographics, growth potential and the electoral structure of similar municipalities before making its recommendation,” Mr Tully said. The final report is on the VEC website ( or call 131 VEC (131 832). It is also available from the shire office at 90 Besgrove St, Rosebud. The shire council has not yet made a public statement about the VEC review.

VEC ‘feeds’ appetite for change By David Harrison This is an edited version of the Victorian Electoral Commission’s final report on its electoral representation review of Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. Recommendation: THE Victorian Electoral Commission recommends that Mornington Peninsula Shire Council consist of 11 councillors elected from six wards with two three-councillor wards, one two-councillor ward, and three single-councillor wards. The Local Government Act 1989 specifies that the purpose of a representation review is to recommend to the Minister for Local Government the number of councillors and the electoral structure for a municipality, which will provide ‘fair and equitable representation’ for council election voters. The VEC seeks to combine the information gathered through public submissions with its own research and analysis of other factors, such as the need to give representation to communities of interest. The recommendation is not based on a ‘straw poll’ of the number of submissions supporting a particular option. The VEC assessed a range of electoral representation models that might suit Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. It considered the projected population change, the desire to maintain communities of interest, the number of voters and number of councillors com-

pared with other municipalities, and the electoral history of the council. It developed a number of models, finally selecting four options. The VEC noted that all electoral combinations – including multi-councillor wards, single-councillor wards, and a mixture of multi- and singlecouncillor wards – have generally worked effectively across each of the four categories of municipalities in Victoria – metropolitan, metropolitan/ rural fringe, regional urban areas, and rural. It is difficult to capture rural and urban communities separately without adjusting councillor numbers or mixing different zones together. The VEC recognised that the peninsula’s agricultural community has different issues from the urban communities and, consequently, most of the VEC options did not mix the urban and rural communities. While multi-councillor wards, which use a proportional vote counting method, can provide fair representation to both urban and rural dwellers, the VEC found that in this instance it was possible to create wards that accommodated communities of interest without ignoring the different needs of the rural and urban communities. It was clear from submissions that the structure must acknowledge the diversity between, and within, communities. The VEC tries to develop sustainable boundaries that provide voters

SouthernPeninsula Peninsula Southern

with recognisable wards. It was ... notable that many submissions wanted a change from the current structure because of operational issues involving the current council. While such issues are outside the scope of this review, the VEC considered that these concerns may have distracted submitters from fully considering the impact of each of the options proposed. The VEC considered that Option B could respond to the genuine concerns expressed by many submitters on both sides of the debate and meet the requirements for an electoral structure that provides fair and equitable representation for all voters for the next 12 years. The boundaries used in this option generally followed existing boundaries; however, similar communities were merged to create three multicouncillor wards to cover the urban population along the Port Phillip Bay coast where there is a strong case for localities to be grouped. The VEC received a strong public response for the review. More than twice as many submissions were received at the preliminary and response stages than for any other review conducted in 2011 [in Victoria], and a further 126 submissions were made in response to the addendum report. The VEC considers the submissions received in support of an alternative to the current structure, notwithstanding the council’s efforts to encourage lo-

cal organisations and residents to write in support of the status quo, do show there may be an appetite for change that was not present to the same extent during the previous review in 2005. Submissions from the Council were based on its ‘Ten Tests of Effective Local Government’. Implicit in them is the assumption that single-councillor wards are superior. Application of the ten tests would have a predetermined result in favour of single-councillor wards. The VEC does not regard the ten tests as an impartial method of assessing electoral structures. The Local Government Act does not support the notion that one model of representation has a clear advantage over another. Indeed, the VEC has recommended all four types of structures. In the most recent electoral representation reviews, the VEC recommended single-councillor wards for the Shires of Loddon and Pyrenees, and mostly single-councillor wards for Strathbogie and Moorabool Shires, and a change from a mixed structure to single-councillor wards for Loddon Shire Council. The VEC’s experience has been that often where there was strong opposition against a move away from singlecouncillor wards, once in place there is very little support for a change back. In 2005, Wyndham City Council’s submission argued strongly against a multi-councillor structure. The Council’s submission as part of the 2011

representation review stated: “... multi-member wards are seen by Council to represent a much more effective system than single member wards and better serve both the community and the aim of equitable representation. They permit the sharing of workload amongst Councillors and allow continued representation of a ward when individual Councillors are indisposed or on leave.” It is the VEC’s view, and past elections show, that multi-councillor wards are likely to provide a wider choice of candidates and limit the possibility of uncontested elections. Many of the submissions suggested there would be a duplication of efforts in multi-councillor wards. Although this may be the case, the VEC views this occurrence as largely depending on the individual councillors rather than the arrangement of wards. It is the VEC’s experience that councillors from multi-councillor wards generally work in the wider interests of their ward and more broadly for the interests of the municipality as a whole. The VEC believes that Option B can respond to the genuine concerns expressed by many submitters on both sides of the debate and meets the requirements for an electoral structure that provides fair and equitable representation for all voters for the next 12 years.

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Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

for shire’s Port Phillip side Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Map of Recommended Option Eleven Councillors, Six Wards Ward




42,741 +8.28%




12,271 -6.74%




24,750 -5.95%


Red Hill


12,318 -6.38%




39,943 +1.19%




12,710 -3.40%


Totals for all Electorates






144,733 -6.74% to +8.28% 13,157

726.17 121.03

Legend Proposed Boundary Locality Boundary

Existing Wards Balcombe Ward Cerberus Ward Kangerong Ward Mornington Ward Mount Eliza Ward Nepean Ward Red Hill Ward Rosebud Ward Rye Ward Truemans Ward Watson Ward

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Shire’s play for status quo ends in a humiliating rout COMMENT By David Harrison WHERE to now for Dr Michael Kennedy, OAM? He showed surprising judgement in the just-completed VEC electoral review, shackling the shire bureaucracy – plus his band of councillors – to a vigorous campaign to retain the shire’s status quo: 11 wards, each with one councillor. In a high stakes game, Dr Kennedy put the kitty on his Plan A. It was a bold strategy, akin to a gambling addict putting the matrimonial home on the lottery. He lost, front fence, letterbox and all. He had no Plan B. Victorian Electoral Commissioner Steve Tully trumped the Kennedy clique with his own Plan B – Option B, actually, comprising three multi-councillor and three single-councillor wards. It’s a classic unchallengeable, workable political compromise. Mr Tully clearly indicated his intention at a public hearing on 12 October when submitters put their views to him and were questioned about them. He continually stressed two matters of concern: the fact that six of the current 11 councillors were unopposed at the poll in 2008 – six of just 45, or 13.3 per cent, of all uncontested wards across the state – and his duty to ensure “fair

Shire CEO Dr Michael Kennedy

and equitable representation”. Clearly the shire would be very lucky to get its way. The CEO and his supporters have suffered what they – and outsiders – could only view as a humiliating rout. Dr Kennedy and his group are now stuck with an electoral option they emphatically do not want and which they can hardly be expected to introduce with enthusiasm or grace. The Kennedy clique threw everything at this campaign, including the shire’s startling legal letter to Mr Tully

accusing him of bias during the October public hearing. Others at the meeting commented on the calm, courteous manner in which Mr Tully treated submitters, including Dr Kennedy and shire governance officer Noel Buck, who made memorable personal appearances. Throughout the campaign, Dr Kennedy and his supporters made it very clear they didn’t believe in multimember wards and didn’t want a bar of them. Cr David Gibb described his multi-member ward experience as “hell” and warned he might have to consider his position if they were reintroduced. (The shire had multicouncillor wards for its first election in 1997: three two-councillor wards and three single-councillor wards. The system was changed to single-councillor wards before the 2000 election.) For Dr Kennedy to now U-turn on multi-member wards would be simply incredible, considering how partisan was his campaign role: the CEO staked even his prized doctorate on a status quo result. He cannot, surely, feel he can about-turn, casually abandoning his ostensibly strongly held and passionately advocated views. It would be even more bizarre than Derryn Hinch announcing he had joined the Trappist monks. Dr Kennedy’s discredited “Ten tests

of effective local government” will likely become an albatross tied neatly around his neck for the rest of his shire career. He cannot repudiate them without repudiating a large chunk of his approach to municipal governance. Here are the “Ten tests”. The status quo (single-councillor wards): 1. Maximises local accountability. 2. Smallest ward size. 3. One vote/one value/one councillor. 4. Avoids voting blocs/facilitates consensus approach within the council. 5. Makes candidacy affordable. 6. Makes councillor workloads manageable. 7. Simplifies councillor/organisational relationships. 8. Proven successful for the Mornington Peninsula. 9. Has the strong support of the community. 10. Same electoral system for all councillors. Logically, multi-member wards would result in the opposites of these 10 tests: they would minimise local accountability, make candidacy unaffordable, etc. However, Mr Tully’s report (above, left, right) brusquely dismisses the 10 tests in a paragraph: “Implicit in [them] is the assumption that single-councillor wards are superior. Application of the ten tests would

have a predetermined result in favour of single councillor wards. The VEC does not regard the ten tests as an impartial method of assessing electoral structures.” One can understand councillors such as Leigh Eustace and Bev Colomb, and others, having strong reservations about multi-member wards because of their commitment to their communities – communities in wards now merged into one three-councillor ward, Briars. They have fought hard for their constituents and feel their efforts can only be diluted in Briars. Their concerns will probably prove exaggerated. Forty-two of the state’s municipalities have multi-member or mixed electoral systems. There is no great agitation for change. The peninsula’s committed councillors will adapt. It would be surprising indeed and sad if, after deep reflection, Crs Eustace and Colomb, as well as Tim Rodgers and even David Gibb, abandoned their community service commitment and their communities at October’s election. For some other councillors it might be an appropriate time to bow out. Dr Kennedy has gambled and lost. It’s a fine mess he’s got himself into.

Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


Healthy Living

Shake it off for the new year CHRISTMAS is over and the new year is here, but you may feel the indulgences from the festive season are still hanging around – especially on your waistline. With the motivation of new year resolutions urging you to take action, now is the perfect time to shed the extra kilos. Create a lighter you with the help of a professional weight management program and support from your natural healthcare practitioner. More than meets the eye Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is not only about looking good – that’s just an added bonus. The real benefits come from minimising the risk of developing chronic conditions such as arthritis, depression, diabetes and heart disease, which are all associated with an increased percentage of body fat. While the long-term impacts of obesity are well known, what you might not realise is that being overweight can also affect your energy levels, making you feel tired and lacking vitality. By achieving a healthy weight, you give yourself the gift of increased energy and vitality to bounce into the year with gusto. It also sets you up for health and wellness in the long-term. Yo-yo no more If you have already tried a number of different weight loss strategies in the past without significant results, then you’re not alone. ‘Fad diets’ not only give varying results, but also can often lead to rebound weight

gain. Unlike these quick fix diets, the Shake It Professional Weight Management Program focuses on healthy weight management and long-term health through lifestyle and nutrition. Monitoring and guidance from a healthcare professional will ensure you get the best results possible, and keep the weight off for good. Kids are no exception Childhood obesity has now become a serious health concern, affecting about a quarter of children in Australia and New Zealand. With this in mind, it has never been more important to find options to support healthy weight in our children. The Shake It Professional Weight Management Program now has an easy-to-follow, child-friendly diet and lifestyle program to help kids grow into healthy adults. Six easy steps to feeling and looking great The Shake It Professional Weight Management Program uses a low carbohydrate, moderate protein approach to food intake, which promotes steady and consistent weight loss. The six simple steps of Shake It are: 1. Consume a high protein meal replacement once per day in the form of a shake, soup or bar.* 2. Consume two healthy meals per day consisting of a palm-sized portion of protein and three handfuls of allowable vegetables. One handful of vegetables may be replaced by an allowable portion of fruit each day. 3. Include two high protein snacks

per day. 4. Incorporate healthy oils as a part of your daily diet. 5. Aim for 40 minutes of moderate intensity exercise four times per week, or as recommended by your practitioner. 6. Measure your ketones using Ketostix™ twice daily. Ketones are waste products that appear in your urine if you are burning fat. By measuring ketone levels every day, you can see how your fat burning is going in real time. * The great tasting meal replacements suggested in this program are used for optimal fat loss, to prevent the breakdown of lean muscle mass and to support long-term health. They also promote a feeling of fullness and can therefore help reduce your appetite and help you lose fat faster. You can do it You can achieve your 2012 goal of feeling fantastic inside and out. Choosing a professional weight management program such as Shake It ensures ongoing support and motivation from your natural healthcare practitioner to help you stay on track. So what are you waiting for? Meet your goal of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Shake It off for a 2012 with a difference. At renewyou wellness centre you will succeed. Take the first step towards health and vitality for the new year. Ask us about the Shake It Professional Weight Management Program today. Call 5984 5772.

Shake it off for the New Year

Feel good and look great. Reviewed by Lyndy Saltmarsh

To ¿nd out your Health Risk Index , tick the boxes which match your symptoms

No More Yo Yo Dieting

Our Outrageous Guarantee: *

• Abdominal cramps & bloating

Many calorie-restricted diets produce disappointing results, principally due to the excessive loss of muscle mass. This loss of muscle reduces your metabolic rate, (ability to burn calories) and increases the likelihood of you putting the fat back on (yo-yo dieting).

If after treating you for one month ,your pain or symptoms haven’t been replaced by a feeling of wellbeing and vitality we will;

Losing muscle mass and reducing your metabolic rate tends to create a vicious cycle of fat gain, which can cause many imbalances in your body.

2. Treat you for free until it is.

• Drowsiness after meals • Diarrhoea • Flatulence • Joint pain & muscle ache • Constipation Halitosis (Bad breath) • Depression • Fatigue • Candida infections • Weak muscles that cramp or tremble • Thinning of hair on scalp and face • Pre menstrual tension • Excessive menstrual bleeding • Low blood sugar Àuctuations, • Allergies • High & low blood pressure • Obesity & weight gain If you have less than 4 your toxic load is a level 1, If you have 4 to 8 your toxic level is 2 and if 8 or higher it is a level 3 toxic overload. Stages 2 and 3 are very signi¿cant and even at level 1 treatment may be necessary.

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A program, such as the one we offer at this centre, avoids these damaging effects of dieting, because it is a fat loss system, not a weight loss system.

1. Give you a complete no questions asked refund


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Call NOW on 5984 5772! Bring this newspaper Gift Certi¿cate with you to your consultation.

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Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

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Tackling excessive sweating or blushing EXCESSIVE sweating and blushing are socially embarrassing conditions that can reduce quality of life. Until recently no cure was available, but surgeons have discovered a surgical procedure that can cure these conditions in the majority of people with minimal pain and quick recovery. The surgery, endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS), is providing people with new hope and a new life. Facial blushing (idiopathic cranio-facial erythema) Facial blushing is a common condition affecting many people. It is due to the overactivity of involuntary nerves that control the diameter of the blood vessels. When the nerves are over-stimulated, the vessels open and colour the skin red. Excessive blushing can occur in many circumstances, including stress or embarrassment, but in many people it occurs in response to trivial event. The condition is often accompanied by other symptoms including palpitations, feelings of excessive heat and anxiety. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the face, scalp and hands Normal people sweat as a way of maintaining skin hydration and controlling body temperature. We have about five million sweat glands, many concentrated in the skin of the face, scalp and hands. Although it is not entirely understood why, some people sweat excessively due to overactive functioning of the involuntary (sympathetic) nervous system. The common places people sweat excessively are on their hands, face, scalp and armpits.

ETS is highly effective at controlling excessive sweating of these areas. Excessive sweating of armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis) There is a new surgical procedure for axillary hyperhidrosis. Our surgeons completed a study tour to Taiwan where axillary hyperhidrosis is common. Previously, the treatment for this condition by sympathectomy was to cut the sympathetic chain from the level of the second rib to the level of the fourth or fifth rib. Although effective, the operation often produced an unacceptable level of compensatory sweating elsewhere on the body and was used as a last resort for the most serious cases. The new technique involves selectively isolating only a small part of the sympathetic nervous system between the fourth and fifth ribs. This is done by clamping the nerve with small titanium clips, which stay in place permanently. (The clips are routinely inserted in the body in numerous different operations and have no known side-effects.) This technique has a high success rate in eliminating or greatly reducing axillary hyperhidrosis with a low incidence of severe compensatory sweating. In addition, there is some evidence that in those very few people where compensatory sweating is considered worse than the original condition, removing the clips may reverse the operation. It must be emphasised the possibility of reversal is theoretical and is not guaranteed. For more information, contact Lap Surgery on 9760 2777 or visit the website at www.lap

Burn up to 2000 kilojoules in 30 minutes? Believe it. Our total body workout combines strength-training and cardio so you can burn up to 2000 kilojoules every workout. With our trainers here to give you total support, you’re sure to reach your fitness goals. Four million women around the world have already discovered the Curves difference.

Join Now 50% OFF* *Offer based on first visit enrolment, minimum 12 months direct debit program. Discount applies to initial service fee. New members only. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2009 Curves International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

5982 0035 CURVES ON THE BAY 875 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud

Facial Blushing symptons troubling you?

Talk to the experts for options and discover the real you!

6 Clinic Locations One phone call - 9760 2777 Boronia, Mitcham, Mulgrave, Berwick, Mornington and Rosebud Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


Healthy Living Trimming price and kilos

Easing itchy skin HEALTHY skin is a vital part of good health. Conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can be painful, itchy, irritating and greatly affect our self-confidence. The appearance of your skin can be a reflection of your health on the inside, and a comprehensive approach is required for the internal causes to be resolved. While a treatment is underway, topical creams and lotions can be used to give a speedy and effective symptomatic relief for itchy, red, inflamed and painful skin conditions. Symptomatic relief is really necessary for skin conditions and the following can provide much needed relief to soothe and heal problem skin. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that support wound healing through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions Calendula has a history of traditional use for

treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin infections and healing wounds. The herb has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions, and enhances wound healing. Essential oils can be very effective in treating many irritating skin conditions by soothing the skin, as well as having potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects and promoting skin healing. Chamomile, sandalwood, lavender, patchouli, and myrrh essential oils have key roles in treating skin conditions. Zinc is an important nutrient to assist with skin healing. A few simple changes to how you eat and live can have a big impact on your skin. A healthy diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables with proteinrich foods, pure water each day and be active and move your body often to encourage blood flow to the skin Also minimise stress levels.

AS if there weren’t enough reasons already to join Curves, the Rosebud women’s fitness franchise is adding one more: they’re trimming 50 per cent off the service fee for new members in an effort to help women trim the kilograms. “This promotion is a way to help motivate women in the Rosebud area to get in shape and help achieve their goals. It’s important to us at Curves to help women see real results,” said Glenda Henson, owner of Curves of Rosebud. “The Curves 30-minute total body workout combines strength training and cardio for real results. “Curves offers members total support with trainers to assist, teach or just inspire. Their total body workout helps boost energy, metabolism, vitality and mood. “Under the direction of Richard B Kreider, PhD, FACSM, scientists at Texas A&M University have put the Curves fitness and weight-loss program to rigorous testing, scrutinising its effects on hundreds of women. “The results? It works. Women on the Curves plan have lost weight and kept it off, boosted their metabolism, lost body fat, gained muscle, and enjoyed several other significant benefits. “With millions of members worldwide, we must be

doing something right. We hope to help women lose any hesitation they may have about getting into shape – there’s no reason not to start on a weightloss program.” For more information about Curves of Rosebud or the 50 per cent promotion, call 5982 0035 or visit the centre at 875 Point Nepean Road. About Curves Curves works every major muscle group with a complete 30-minute workout that combines strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. Curves also works to help

women lose weight, gain muscle strength and aerobic capacity, and raise metabolism with its groundbreaking, scientifically proven method that ends the need for perpetual dieting. Founders Gary and Diane Heavin are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon that has made exercise available to millions of women globally, many of whom are in the gym for the first time. With more than 7000 locations worldwide, Curves is the world’s largest fitness franchise. For more information, visit



A complete and unique herbal service for families on the Peninsula. Right in the centre of the CBD in Mornington at Digestive Problems IBS/Constipation Bloating High Cholesterol Diarrhoea

84 Main Street Food Allergies Menopause/PMT Fatigue Waking tired Skip breakfast 3-4pm slump

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Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9.30am-5pm. Saturday, 10am-3pm

Phone: 5977 0117


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Confucius says: The very first doctor of dermatology had to start from scratch.



The rungs of a 10 foot ladder attached to a ship are 1 foot apart. If the water is rising at the rate of one foot an hour, how long will it take until the water covers over the ladder? Answer page 47.

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Confessions of a non-participant By Stuart McCullough LAST week, I saw the final installment of the Harry Potter series. To say that the movies have been something of a big deal is like saying that the Titanic had some teething problems. I enjoyed it immensely, although my nephew Brodie was keen to identify the differences between the movie and the book. Apparently, there are heaps. Certainly enough to occupy the time it takes to drive from Knox shopping town to Narre Warren. It’s fair to say the movie may disappoint diehard fans, not least for the conspicuous absence of Bruce Willis. That said, Alan Rickman is all over it, so perhaps that’s some consolation. At the time of the first movie, my nephews were small enough to sit on my lap. This time, they drove to the cinema. Well, not quite, but they’re well past sitting on laps by now. I’ve seen the occasional Potter film and, so far as I can tell, they all lead to a battle between good and evil. This, I feel, falls under the heading of ‘give the people what they want’ rather than, say, a Crying Game-style twist that will make you fall from your chair. (Although, to be honest, that would be amazing.) I confess that I am yet to read a word of the boy wizard’s adventures. This, I am sure, makes me one of only three people in all of Western civilisation who remain immune to the literary charms of the juggernaut that is J K Rowling. It’s not by design – I have absolutely nothing against her. I simply haven’t read any of her books. This means that I am uniquely unqualified in an area of

prime cultural importance. A complete social dunce, if you will. An absolute certified pariah in our great global village. In metaphorical terms, I am a castaway on a lonely island, totally cut off from the continents of humanity. For all intents and purposes, I might as well reside on another planet. It is for this reason that small talk with me can be like pulling teeth. Indeed, this general sense of cluelessness has been directly responsible for the death of more dinner party conversations than is polite to mention. For, in truth, my ignorance of Harry Potter is far from the only example of this selfimposed social exile. I suppose I could characterise my failure to read Potter’s adventures as being the result of a refined literary palate and that I would never lower

myself to slum it with the Hogwarts crew, but that would be a big, fat, dirty lie. Indeed, were I to assert that my lack of familiarity with Harry Potter and friends is a result of being up to my armpits in Foucault, Balzac and whichever other French malcontent ever put pen to paper in between sparking up a Gitane and necking a bottle of exotic plonk, my nose would most certainly be pressed up against the computer screen by now. The fact is that absolutely nothing (and really mean nothing) is beneath me. Put simply, anyone who watched the first three series of Big Brother cannot sit astride the cultural high horse and look down on anyone. It’s not just Potter either. I am yet to read a book by Dan Brown, listen to an album by Lady Gaga, create a Face-

book page or watch an episode of Glee. I’m not sure what the current criteria for being Amish are, but I am reasonably certain that I tick a lot of the boxes. In fact, I’m pretty much on the cusp of rejecting zippers and Velcro. Only the fact that I am completely and utterly useless in terms of barn-raising prevents me from having to nominate ‘other’ in terms of my religion on the next Census. There can be no reasonable excuse for being quite so disconnected. All I can say for myself is that I simply never got around to doing all the things I ought. Frankly, I’m the first to admit that I can never really consider myself to be a well-rounded individual if I don’t first gorge myself on every cultural treat that’s available. It’s time to make amends. From

now on, I’ll speak of the Twitterverse as though it was something real and important and not just something that under-employed comedians do. I will treat the idea of an ‘everyday rewards card’ with the respect it deserves and even give it a ‘top up’ amount to compensate for the fact that they suck like a nuclear powered Hoover. Finally, I will start sending text messages on a regular basis, ending all of them with ‘OMG’. But to make my bid to be a better, more modern (less Amish) human being complete, I should begin with a simple apology. To Harry Potter, I am sorry. From this point on, I shall devote all my energy to ensuring that the Quidditch is finally recognised as an Olympic sport. I’ll overlook the fact that the love story sub-plot between Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley is the most improbable love affair since Mr Snuffleupagus sent Big Bird a Valentine’s Day card. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself about whether the entire battle between good and evil might have been wrapped up a lot quicker had Potter put down that crooked-looking wand and traded it for an AK47 assault rifle. What a different film it might have been if Lord Voldemort – with his strange 1970s rock star nose – had been summoning up the forces of evil, only to find Harry Potter coming over the horizon in a Black Hawk helicopter. Had that been the case, though, there’s every chance I would have shown some interest a lot sooner.

Space for artists to milk their creative juices PUNK Milk is described as being fresh and “something that people need”, but don’t be misled by the name, it’s not an energy drink. Punk Milk is an art gallery and film production studio. Owner and director Justine Milburn said the gallery in Frankston was a “fully adaptable installation space for artists to work and create whatever they envisage – a first for Frankston”. “Forget conservative rules, Punk Milk is supporting all genres of art including fine art, street art, illustration, digital art, photography, fashion, sculpture design, experimental, film, animation, sound and performance – you name, we’ll support it,” Ms Milburn said. The gallery is in Frankston and the

film production studio is in Seaford. Federal MP Bruce Billson (Dunkley) and his state counterpart Geoff Shaw (Frankston) and the mayor, Cr Brian Cunial, were invited along to the official opening of Punk Milk. “I started the gallery because I want to give the area a creative home that emerging and professional artists could freely be creative in, while offering affordability so that they can take that exciting step forward towards a creative career,” Ms Milburn said. She had always known she was “devoted to a creative life” and wanted to provide artists with the support they need to take the next step. “So many people have randomly dropped in, surprised and excited about what we are doing.

“I want to encourage other passionate people and businesses that want to be involved in something great to do so. “We have big plans for the greater community and want people to be aware that great creative facilities and support is now available locally.” For details, email punkmilk@live. com or visit Punk Milk Gallery at 10 Young St, Frankston.

High contrast: Justine Milburn outside her Punk Milk gallery Frankston, which also offers a film studio in Seaford.

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Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

Performance VAN Halen, one of the most influential rock bands of all time, will release a new album, A Different Kind of Truth (Universal) in Australia on 3 February, four days ahead of the United States release. The first single from the album, Tattoo, is already receiving airplay across the country. A Different Kind of Truth is Van Halen’s first original studio album with singer David Lee Roth since the band’s multi-platinum album 1984. The band that gave us classic rock riffs like Runnin’ With the Devil, You Really Got Me, Jamie’s Cryin and Panama was recently described by the Los Angeles Times as “a force of nature” and “one of the flat out greatest rock bands on the planet”. Van Halen was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Formed in Los Angeles in 1974, the band has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide. Van Halen joins an elite short list of two Diamond Award honourees in the history of the music industry. New Van Halen bassist is Wolfgang Van Halen, the 20-year-old son of guitarist Eddie Van Halen and actress Valerie Bertinelli, and nephew of drummer Alex Van Halen.

Like his dad, Wolfgang is a multiinstrumentalist; in addition to bass, he plays drums, guitar and keyboards. With their 1978 eponymous debut, Van Halen simultaneously rewrote the rules of rock guitar and hard rock in general. Eddie Van Halen has been described as second only to Jimi Hendrix, undoubtedly one of the most influential, original and talented rock guitarists of the 20th century. He is ranked eighth in music magazine Rolling Stone’s 2011 list of the top 100 guitarists. *** THE new Roman Polanski comedy

film Carnage (Sony Pictures) will hit the cinemas in March. A prizewinner at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, it stars Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and John C Reilly. The film is about parental differences. After two boys fight, the parents of the victim invite the parents of the bully to work out their issues. A polite discussion of child-rearing soon escalates into verbal warfare, with the four adult revealing their true colours. None of them will escape the carnage. *** JOHN Cleese, star of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers and A Fish Called Wanda, performs at the Comedy Theatre, on 12 and 13 March.

Tickets from 1300 111 011. *** LIONEL Richie will release Tuskegee (Universal), his much-anticipated duets album, in March. Richie teams up with the likes of Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton and Jimmy Buffett. *** BETTER Than I Used to Be (Sony) is the first single from Tim McGraw’s new studio album Emotional Traffic, to be released in Australia next month. The country superstar has sales in excess of 400,000 units in Australia. McGraw will tour Australia with Faith Hill in March, performing at Rod Laver Arena on Tuesday 20 March. *** FOLLOWING the success of their debut long player in 2009, Melbournebased raw funk outfit Deep Street Soul is back with a full-length album Look Out, Watch Out. The now five-piece band, which welcomes vocalist Mighty May Johnston to the fold, has pulled out all the stops with this release.

pay to attend this money grab for television? Tennis was worth a look; nice outfits. Practical and easy on both eyes. The odd freeze framing. Little Jelena is now big Jelena. No Collingwood. Nathan’s boys (my boys) are behaving, for now. Bring on the mass departure. *** I LIVE in Rye so just this once, a personal plea. Let us make 2012 a year to get rid of the carnival. It’s a huntsman spider web. OK for the happy hour, perhaps, but thereafter attracting all manner of weirdos. It may be of benefit to some 20 shopkeepers, but to thousands of others who live here it’s not wanted; well almost. There are some things in Rye that we put up with because nobody cares, like seeing a two-storey unit being built on every available hole in the ground. But really, the carnival is too much. We need half a dozen Eunice Cains here to force our council to get rid of it. A swimming pool? *** LIFE is strange, as always. Eight Australian soldiers on their way home were turned back after being caught drinking alcohol in Dubai; they were sent back to Afghanistan to be disci-

plined by their unit commander. All this while the fat cats (those who made the decision to send them there) are secure at home, pampered with all delights and pleasures, take their ease and follow there lusts, not giving serious thought to the intolerable miseries soldiers endure. *** TIME for my annual study of the seven deadly sins, namely sloth, greed, pride, gluttony, wrath, lust and envy. Sloth is under control with the help of our lovely home help ladies; similarly greed, although another premiership for Collingwood wouldn’t go astray; pride went down the gurgler when I took up acting; wrath can show its ugly face when football starts; lust and gluttony go hand in hand but sadly a memory now, and envy, easily the worst of all because it’s incurable, unless I watch the Academy Awards. The only other question I ask myself at this time is, as always, unanswerable, being “what is my personal sense of purpose in life?” Onwards and downwards. *** I COULD begin the year by listing some of Mizz Melody’s achievements, but I’ll cut to the chase and declare it’s

outrageous a Labor Prime Minister has done nothing, nor appears to have it on the agenda, to upgrade sole parents and unemployment benefits. Single adults get $130 a week less than I do as an old age pensioner. Being a fair-minded supporter of Mizz’s party, I’ll give her till the end of this year to right this unconscionable wrong. If not, I’ll vote for the Sex Party. Oops, I’m a duffer; I voted for them last time. I’ll vote for Sarah; Green Sarah. She’s cute. *** AUSTRALIAN health workers are bracing for increased levels of alcohol and drug abuse as the baby boomers hit their 60s and 70s. And, get this, Relationships Australia’s 2011 Indicator Survey shows that for those in their 50s and 60s, sexual satisfaction is improving. But there’s more. “One quarter of people aged over 70 are also sexually active.” That’s disgusting! *** THERE was a piece on 60 Minutes about all the beautiful ladies from the Ukraine wanting love from men of all ages all over the world. I don’t believe age is necessarily a relevant factor, but all I saw were men looking for sex, and women looking to escape their

By Gary Turner It’s packed with raw power, heady dance floor anthems and some wicked instrumentation that will make all music fans take note.

Top 10 albums 1 Lioness: Hidden Treasures – Amy Winehouse (Island) 2 A Foot in the Door (Best Of) – Pink Floyd (EMI) 3 The Last Concert December 4, 1988 – Roy Orbison (Shock) 4 INXS Best of CD/DVD – INXS (Universal) 5 Testify – Jon Stevens (Universal) 6 Some Girls (remastered) – The Rolling Stones (Universal) 7 The Acoustic Chapel Sessions CD/DVD – John Farnham (Sony) 8 Colours of My Life CD/DVD – Judith Durham (Decca) 9 Not So Dusty II Tribute to Slim Dusty – Various (EMI) 10 Look Out Watch Out – Deep Street Soul

A Grain of Salt THE first few days of January were intense. All heat, bodies, noise, mess – you name it. And then, on Sunday 8 January, I woke to pouring rain; so, so beautiful; relief, glaring me in the face. I stood outside my door, watched and listened; glorious sweet rain. Karma, greeting me with a smile. I said a prayer of thanks to God who genuinely loves all his children, as many of those children love God. I wondered why the children failed so miserably to love each other? We should be thankful for small mercies, unless you’re camping. I read Cr Tim Rodgers says Peninsula Link freeway will ease traffic congestion. That’s very funny. Relief and laughter; a double whammy. I feel better now. *** HAVE they gone yet? If you’re wondering who “they” are, you are a stranger to this column, which probably means you’re still here. I need to know so I can escape my enforced hibernation. I get the days mixed up. I have to walk to the supermarket. I’ve been watching television; sport in particular. Where do golfers buy their clothes? And those Big Bash gaudy tracksuits? Why would people

The most ridiculous and strange, fresh for you...

By Cliff Ellen current situation and move to Australia. Nobody asked the women the allimportant question: do you like playing the poker machines? *** WITH the price of petrol varying by as much as 20 cents a litre during the weekly cycle, this advice from the RACV was well timed: “Hold off buying until the prices drop.” And “shop around for the best price”. Why didn’t I think of that? Why do pizza experts put down the Hawaian pizza? I love them. I think it was Francis Bacon who said words to the effect: nuptial love makes mankind, friendly love perfects it; but wanton love corrupts it. Damn. As I’ve been watching the passing parade, I rather fancied the wanton bit. “The heart will break, yet brokenly live on.” Byron. Keep smiling.

Joke!!! At the dog park, the elderly woman had two large rottweilers. On being asked their names by another park visitor, she replied “One is called Timex and the other Rolex”. “Wow, they’re strange names for dogs.” “Oh no,” the elderly dog owner replied, “they’re watch dogs.”

RIddle Solution ANSWER: It will never cover the ladder because as the water rises, so will the floating ship. Sudoku Solution

Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



proudly sponsored by Rye & Dromana Community Bank® Branches na

At the Bendigo it starts with U.

Dunbar creates history at Rye Gift Photos and story Barry Irving CAM Dunbar is the first man to win two Rye Gifts in the 38-year history of the event. The 30-year-old first stood on the podium at Rye when he finished second in 2002. He then went one better by winning the prestigious event in 2004. With eight years of experience and training under his belt, Dunbar again beat the field, by a clear half stride, to win the Maw Civil and Hillview Quarries 120-metre Rye Gift, and pocket $2500 prizemoney and a trophy, on Saturday 14 January. The Ringwood Athletics Club runner ran off 7.75 metres to record 12.45 seconds. Second place Kevin Brittain ran off 5.75 in 12.50 with third place-getter Mark Hignett off 11.50 in 12.52.

The 120-metre Women’s Diamond, also sponsored by Hillview Quarries and Maw Civil, was won by Eleni Gilden off a handicap of 10.75 metres in a time of 14.325. Second was Kim McDonough off 13.00 in 14.372, and third was Nadia Domaschenz off 8.00 in 14.218. A crowd favourite, the footballers’ relay, was contested by Rosebud, Rye, Red Hill and Dromana. Run over three laps using a points system, Rye’s Brady Egan blitzed the field, but Red Hill filled the next three places to be the points winners, with Rye in second and Dromana third. The Rye Gift is run on the second Saturday every January, the first event on the VAL calendar each year, and attracts top athletes from clubs all over Victoria and interstate as well as overseas competitors.

Results Rye & Dromana Community Bank Bendigo Bank and VRTA 70 metre novice: 1 Dean Dobric, 2 Timothy Rosen, 3 Nadia Domaschenz. Clarrie Jennings & Sons and Wittingslow Carnival 70 metre open handicap: 1 Alex Carew, 2 Sam Jamieson, 3 Mark Hignett. Gilpip Homes 800 metre open: 1 Dominic Hoskins, 2 Michael Marantelli, 3 Darren Naismith. Rye RSL 300 metre veterans: 1 Norman McGuire, 2 Robert Wishart, 3 Glenn Cooper. Broo 400 metre for women: 1 Stephanie Mollica, 2 Tara Domaschenz, 3 Rosamond Gilden. Rye Hotel 400 metre open: 1 Daniel Lawlor, 2 William Little, 3 Josh Mather. Jim’s Test & Tag 1600 metre open: 1 Ned Donohoe, 2 Andrew Platten, 3 Joshua West. Mornington Peninsula Shire and RSSC 1600 metre women’s and veterans: 1 David Page, 2 Ashley Sandison, 3 Matthew McDonough.

Athletic action: Above, Clare Dunbar congratulates husband Cam on his second Rye Gift win. Left, Cam Dunbar (White) wins the race. Below left, Eleni Gilden (Black) winning the 120-metre Women’s Diamond. Below, Daniel Lawler celebrates his win in the Rye Hotel 400-metre Open.


Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


State government and Rye Lions back Gunnamatta life savers’ rescue work GUNNAMATTA Surf Life Saving Club has snagged more than $13,000 for new equipment. On Saturday, Nepean MP Martin Dixon handed over $12,200 from the state government’s Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program. The cash represents two-thirds of the cost of an all-terrain vehicle. Bill Goodrem, president of the Lions Club of Rye, handed over a new rescue board, valued at about $1200. Gunnamatta president Greg Goullet said that “without this funding, the club would not have been able to replace the valuable ATV that is used to tow our patrol trailer and rescue boat on and off the beach each patrol day”. “Unfortunately the harsh environmental conditions we work in means that salt, sand and seawater quickly destroy equipment of this nature and we have to replace the ATV every four to five years at a cost of around $18,000,” Mr Goullet said. On hand to receive the rescue board from Mr Goodrem was nipper Christopher Cozzio and his father Rick. “The board is a newly approved inflatable rescue board, which we believe is the first of its kind in use on the Mornington Peninsula,” Mr Cozzio said. “The board is lighter and softer than the old fibreglass boards, which should make it easier to use for our younger members and also safer for rescues near swimmers in the flagged area. “Every now and then a rescue board

gets swept into the flagged area and it is always a concern that it will hit somebody and cause injury. “The inflatable board is a lot softer and we hope it will reduce the risk of injury to swimmers in the event they are hit by a loose board.” The Gunnamatta club has been busy this summer with more than 80 rescues being performed already. “People just do not seem to be understanding the safety message,” Mr Goullet said. “The patrol flags are often close together and may be located some distance down the beach from the access tracks, but this is because it is the safest place to swim on such a treacherous beach. “Nearly all our rescues have been of people swimming outside the flagged area and particularly those who have made no effort to walk to the flags. “This is quite a disturbing trend and will lead to someone drowning if it keeps up.” Mr Goullet said that on a recent visit to the Rye back beach he was disappointed to see more than 50 people in the water on what was clearly signposted as a “non-swimming beach”. “Rye back beach is very dangerous and no lifesaving patrols are conducted. Despite signs recommending that people not swim at that beach and general media messages advising to only swim at patrolled beaches, people are still taking unnecessary risks, which will lead to drownings.”

Surf’s up: Bill Goodrem, left, Christopher Cozzio, Martin Dixon and Rick Cozzio.

All eyes on the prize at Rye tennis comp RYE Tennis Club’s 34th annual Australia Day tennis tournament runs over four days from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 January. It is expected to attract some of the best semi-professional players in Victoria who will be vying for a record purse of $5000 as well as points for the national tennis ranking system. The event for the first time has been upgraded to a Silver Australian Money Tournament. Club president Luke Forward said the tournament has been supported by peninsula businesses over the years “and this year is no different”. “Major sponsors include Rye Beach Chemart Pharmacy, Sportspower in Rosebud, and the Rye & District and Dromana Community Bendigo Bank,” he said. “This is an exciting time for the club, the first time we have run an Australian Money Tournament. Without the support of sponsors, the tournament would not attract the high quality players that are expected this year.” Tournament director and club professional Paul Gibson said the event was a great opportunity for peninsula residents and visitors to see quality players in action. “We have 70 entries from men and 25 from women for the AMT categories, which are now closed,” he said.

Categories include men’s and women’s open singles, open doubles, graded singles, graded doubles, and over 40 singles; 14 and under boys’ and girls’ singles, and 18 and under boys’ and girls’ singles. Entries for B and C grade events can be made with Mr Gibson on 0419 374 030. For

information about the tournament or the club, visit Potential members are welcome on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings from 10.30am to noon for a game and to learn more about the club. Details: Luke Forward, 0415 602 505.

Slice of summer: Rye Tennis Club president Luke Forward. Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


Berlina International Sedan




SV6 Auto Sedan

Berlina International Sportwagon






EG: YTE683



EG: YVH599


SV6 Sportwagon


EG: YRB979


Captiva 5 Manual SUV



EG: YVH594

EG: YVH592





DRIVE DRIVE $ 10,990 AWAY 9 990 AWAY 4 Cyl, Auto, Air Cond, Airbags, Alloys, CD, P/S, Low Kms, P/Windows. UJN746





DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE $13,990 AWAY $15,990 AWAY 12,990 AWAY

20 990





‘08 VE Omega Sportwagon

‘09 Holden Cruze CDX

V6, Auto, ABS, Air Cond, Airbags, CD, Cruise, P/Windows. YGH008

4 Cyl, ABS, Climate, Alloys, ESC, Leather, CD, Cruise, P/Windows. XLC677

‘06 Toyota Corolla Ascent

Holden Combo Van

4 Cyl, Auto, Airbags, Air Cond, CD, P/Windows, P/S, 5 Door Hatchback. UII254

4 Cyl, Air Cond, Airbags, CD, P/S, Low Kms, Great Size Van. YTX029





‘05 Honda Odyssey Luxury

Auto, ABS, Airbags, Alloys, CD, Alloys, Climate, Sunroof, 7 Seater, Leather. TNA835

John Collins Holden Our name means a great deal






‘07 Holden VE Omega

Great Value, V6, Auto, ABS, Air Cond, Airbags, CD, Cruise, ESC. UWL084












‘06 Holden Viva

‘04 Mitsubishi Magna

V6, Auto, ABS, Airbags, CD, Climate, Cruise, Great Value, Low Kms. ULL656





$ ,






‘07 Holden VE Calais V V8

International Series, V8 Auto, ABS, Climate, Alloys, ESC, Cruise, Leather, P/W, Sat Nav. UXA100




‘08 Nissan Navara ST-X

Auto, Air Cond, Airbags, Alloys, CD, P/S, P/W, Lockable Hard Lid. WNG452

976 Nepean Hwy, Mornington. Phone 5975 4433 ^Finance to approved purchasers based on corporate hire purchase (for business purposes only) over 60 months with 10.95% deposit. No balloon payment. No fees and charges payable. While stocks last. LMCT7858

Great Wall 2011 Plate Clearance!

V240 Cab Chassis

V240 Dual Cab

Petrol 4x2 Was

$22,990 Drive Away You Pay

$20,990 Drive Away

4x2 Was

4x4 Was

$16 888

$19 990

$17,990 Drive Away $20,990 Drive Away You Pay You Pay Drive Drive Away Away , , Metallic paint $350 extra.

Metallic paint $350 extra.

Pictures are either base model, same model or actual vehicle. LMCT7858


Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

Metallic paint $350 extra.

Petrol 4x4 Was $25,990 Drive Away

You Pay

$23,990 Drive Away Turbo Diesel 4x2

Was $24,990 Drive Away You Pay Drive Away



Optimo has it covered THE owners of Optimo Awnings pride themselves on being one of the most professional and innovative designers and builders of awnings in Tasmania. The first franchise is now open on the Mornington Peninsula, and Optimo Awnings â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mornington Peninsula is pleased to offer unique and stylish awnings. With innovative design and planning, Optimo Awnings can customise your perfect outdoor area. We offer an array of designs to choose from including flat-sloping, gable, curved, bullnose roof styles as well as door and window coverings. One of the advantages of our awnings is that the concealed brackets and fastening points make for a very neat, streamlined appearance and reduce installation time. The designs also allow for enclosing the area in the future as blinds can be easily added. The aluminium frame combines a range of great aspects: strength and rigidity, a high visual appeal, no rot or rust and no need to ever be painted, and because it is powder coated, it comes in any colour you like. Twinwall polycarbonate sheeting is used on the roof and has excellent thermal rating, which helps to reduce condensation in winter and

keep the heat out during summer. It has a 99.9 per cent UV protection and is 200 times stronger than glass. There are five colours available, which vary how much sun and heat reduction is required. The Optimo Awnings specialised team of expert

designers and builders would be pleased to assist you with your choice of outdoor extension. For an obligation-free design consultation, measure and quote, contact Darrin Karnatz on 0418 868 863 or visit www.

Made In Japan at Centro a big hit THERE has been a fantastic response to the opening of the Made In Japan outlet at Centro shopping centre on Barkly St, Mornington. A spokeswoman said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Customers were struck by the vast selection of authentic merchandise on display, and were continually commenting on how refreshing it was to have a homewares store in Mornington with a true â&#x20AC;&#x153;point of differenceâ&#x20AC;?. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Centro store has been set up as a simpler, more stylised version of the warehouse outlet on Watt Rd. â&#x20AC;&#x153;A ceramic shipment loaded with restaurantquality tableware refreshed the stock and showcased the incredible craftsmanship and inherent quality of Japanese ceramic design. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Some of the ceramic ranges stocked are exclusive to Made In Japan worldwide due to the long and loyal partnership the business has had with traditional, family-run kilns in Japan over 20 plus years of trade, ensuring your purchase will never be ordinary. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Added to the revamped ceramic ranges were furniture and antiques, endless gift ideas including kimono, fabrics, incense, ikebana accessories, wind chimes, vintage dolls, artwork and bric-a-brac, as well as traditional lacquer ware and home furnishings for which Made In Japan is renowned. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re think about sprucing up your home, take a look at homewares direct from the country that is a byword for style. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Friendly staff who are happy to chat or let you browse in peace are on hand to help customers take home a little bit of Japan. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all part of the Made In Japan experience. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Shoppers can take advantage of our temporary site in the Centro mall while we wait

for our beautiful new store to be completed. Too much stock in a small space equals reduced prices.â&#x20AC;? Made In Japan Furniture & Homewares Outlet store: Shop 22 Centro, 78 Barkly St, Mornington, phone 5976 3464. Open 7 days. Warehouse: 3/1 Watt Rd, Mornington â&#x20AC;&#x201C; open by appointment: phone Kate on 0412 870 315 or Danielle on 0412 777 822.



OUTLET STORE At Optimo Awnings Mornington Peninsula we pride ourselves on being one of the most professional and innovative designers and builders of awnings on the Mornington Peninsula. We custom design, build and install aluminium frame DZQLQJVZLWKWZLQZDOOSRO\FDUERQDWHVKHHWURR´QJ to give you a great outdoor living experience so you can enjoy barbecues and outdoor meals in comfort and style, safe from harmful UV rays, bad weather and other party-spoilers. 2XUUDQJHRIDZQLQJVLQFOXGHEXOOQRVHJDEOH¾DW curved, window and door coverings and is available in your choice of colour. We pay close attention to detail to ensure the product best suits your needs and lifestyle. We guarantee you will be delighted with the result.

For an obligation free measure and quote call

0418 868 863

CPZTPSeP]cPVT^U^dacT\_^aPahbXcTX] cWT2T]ca^\P[[fWX[TfTfPXcU^a^da ]Tfbc^aTc^QTR^\_[TcTS c^^\dRWbc^RZX]Pb\P[[b_PRT ,aTSdRTS_aXRTb

Centro Mornington

(Coles & Target complex)

78 Barkly St

Ph 5976 3464 Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



A place for comfort and value CHOOSING a mattress can be confusing and very expensive. At Mattresses Direct we take the time to find out what your needs and requirements are and then get you on a mattress that gives you the correct support and comfort, all at factory prices. We manufacture all of our own mattresses lo-

cally and only use quality Dunlop foams. High quality mattresses at not so high prices. Come and see Martin or Kim at Mornington or at the new shop in Rosebud. Mattresses Direct is at Shop 7, 1 MorningtonTyabb Rd, Mornington, call 5977 1444, and Shop 2, 1395 Pt Nepean Rd, Rosebud, call 5986 2008.

For summer shade A hobby that became a business RODDY’S RC Hobbies is a radio control hobby shop with outlets in Mornington and Rosebud. There is a huge range of helicopters, planes, tanks, cars, monster trucks and nitro buggies. We also stock spare parts, nitro fuel and offer a repair service. Roddy’s RC Hobbies is a long-time passion that evolved into a reality in 2011, bringing loads of fun into people’s lives.

It can be fast and furious for those who love the thrill of power, but we also cater for first-timers who are interested in starting a new hobby. So come and see Martin or Kim at Mornington or at the new shop in Rosebud. Roddy’s RC Hobbies is at Shop 7/1 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington, phone 5977 1444 and Shop 2, 1395 Pt Nepean Rd, Rosebud, phone 5986 2008.

R E M SUM FUN Ken Block Fiesta

Buy any , TRAXXAS car get a second ery t t a b S A X X A TR HALF PRICE


Slash 4 Wheel Drive

RODDY’S RC HOBBIES Shop 7/1 Tyabb Road Mornington 5977 1444 (opposite McDonalds)

Shop 2/1395 Pt Nepean Road, Rosebud 5986 2008 (Enter Plaza car park)


Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

MODULAR architectural sails and shade structures provide protection from UV radiation as well as heat, rain and wind. All Sails All Suburbs takes pride in looking after customers by ensuring they receive the highest standard of quality and service. Their shade sails are Australian-made and can be made to measure or available in do-ityourself kits. The shade cloth is a commercial grade with a full range of colours and weaves. Posts come in round, square

and diamond shapes. Sails can be removed during cooler months to allow winter sun in. Folding arm, balcony awnings and motorised blinds are available in many different colours and styles. A full range of accessories is available, including motors, wind and sun sensors, and remote controls. All Sails All Suburbs also supplies made-to-measure clear PVC, shade cloth blinds and windbreaks made from clear, UV-stabilised PVC or shade cloth panels. They allow increased use of outdoor liv-

ing areas and protect outdoor furniture. Giant umbrellas are also a specialty with canopies in a variety of materials and colours, either cantilevered or with a centre shaft. All parts are precision-made from quality materials for maximum strength, and all posts and brackets are powder-coated to your personal colour requirements. Full installation is available on all products. Call for a free design and quote on 9580 9108.

Floorstock Clearance

GRAB A HOT DEAL Mattresses Direct

1175 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud (corner Fifth Avenue)

5986 2008 Shop 7/1 Tyabb Rd, Mornington

(opp McDonalds)

5977 1444





Solar energy’s sunny future

Product Range: Shade Sails, Giant Umbrellas, Folding Arm Awnings, External Awnings, Cafe/Bistro Blinds, Caravan Flyovers. Services Include: Free Quote, Design & Check Measure. Full Delivery & Installation of all products.


SOLAR power is rapidly gaining popularity around the world as the technology continues to improve and the issues associated with greenhouse gas emissions and climate change divert attention away from fossil fuel generated power. Rainbow Power Company is well placed to give advice and consultation to set up householders with solar power. The advantages of solar as an electrical power source include:  Non-polluting: no noise, no harmful or unpleasant emissions or smells.  Very reliable: Kyocera modules have a 25-year warranty and a considerably longer life expectancy. The theoretical lifespan of solar modules is 100 to 125 years. The first modules ever manufactured are still producing power after 50 years of service.  No hassles: there is no need to supply any fuel, lubrication or maintenance other than making sure that the glass surface remains reasonably clean. This can be easily achieved by occasionally hosing down the solar array.  Over their lifetime, solar modules produce more power per gram of material than nuclear power, but without the problem of large volumes of environmentally hazardous




Phone: 5985 5405

Mobile: 0407 006 164

P.O.Box 5073, Mordialloc 3195

To advertise in the next Southern Peninsula News contact Carolyn Wagener on 0407 030 761 material.  Solar modules produce more power within five years than the power consumed in their production.  Photovoltaic solar modules are a renewable energy source,

a resource that cannot be used up. The sun will not cease to shine due to our harnessing sunshine as an energy source. For more information on solar energy, contact Solar Dynamics on 1300 397 763.

Southern Peninsula

With attractive Government assistance still available you too can join the thousands of customers enjoying the benefits of solar on your property Existing ELECTRIC hot water on your property? Change to Gas boosted Solar Hot Water service. Supplied and installed you only pay $1200 after all rebates

Existing GAS hot water on your property? Change to Gas boosted Solar Hot Water service. Supplied and installed you only pay $2100 after all rebates

Solar Electricity saving can reduce your mortgage by over $50,000**

Solar Electricity saves you money and protects you from rising electricity prices

Solar Electricity special packages Solar Electricity gives you a greater return than the stock market

2.0 kw system from $3399 3.0 kw system from $5175

4.0 kw system from $7999 5.0 kw system from $10,200

You can get paid for your excess electricity generated

Pricing quoted assumes assignment of all relevant rebates to Solar Dynamics Pty Ltd being STC, SEAV, VEEC rebates available for each system specified as per the applicable regulatory bodies terms and conditions assuming are meet for each installation. Refer to for links. Electric to Gas Hot Water system is total client will pay after all rebates have been claimed, federal $1000.00 rebate to be claimed by client directly and therefore cannot be claimed by Solar Dynamics. Installation allowances for single storey house, tin roof, that plumbing and electrical conditions on the property are suitable for the installation and within 100km of our office location in Braeside Victoria. ** Savings based on average mortgage of $300,000 at 7.35% over 25 years and installing a 5.0 kw system.

Solar Dynamics Pty Ltd 1/20 Capital Court, Braeside Vic

Ph 1300 397 763 Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012


1800 765 529 Unit 2, 36 Hartnett Dr, Seaford




Keeping gutters safe



30% OFF 25% OFF

ALLCLEAR Leafguard made from Colorbond steel has many benefits including protecting and prolonging the life of your gutters. AllClear Leafguard is made of Colorbond steel – the same material as your gutters – so it won’t melt in fire or perish and become brittle. It stops embers and burning leaves getting under the roof. The Leafguard is secured under a tile or iron roof and to the front of the guttering. When the Leafguard is in place it cannot be seen from the ground, so does not ruin the appearance of a roof. Keeping gutters clear of

leaves will stop any overflow that might cause water damage to the home, and will ensure gutters last years longer. AllClear Leafguard is designed especially for the collection of clean water for rainwater tanks. The best way to save our valuable water is to have leaf-free and debris-free gutters to stop the overflow and flooding. The gutters are still able to be flushed and cleaned if necessary to ensure clean and hygienic tank water all year round. Australian-made AllClear Leafguard has proven extremely successful over the past 10 years and has been

recognised as the superior product of its type on the market. AllClear Leafguard is regarded as the preferred product by the trade. Other products and services available include roof replacement, gutter and downpipe replacement, rainwater tanks, repointing tiles and roof repairs, gutter cleaning and, for a cheaper option, plastic and aluminum mesh Leafguard is available. Call Steve for a free, noobligation quote on 0438 389 707 or 5995 8961.


What we do: • • • •

Service Battery tests Repairs NO CALL OUT FEE!

Repairs ALL MAKES ALL MODELS SUNSHADES supplied & fitted


Where to ¿nd us!

Call for a free home demonstration or to discuss your requirements.

5/1 Bray Street, Hastings Phone: 1800 449 452 or 5979 4722 (Just off Frankston Flinders Road) PAGE 54

Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012



We’re local and we come to you!



Bank aims to support a growing community A NEW bank branch opened in Mornington late last year to support the growing community. BOQ opened on 5 December and is owned and operated by Adrian Fromhold, an experienced banker with 25 years in the banking industry. Mr Fromhold, who was born and bred on the peninsula, said he was drawn to the opportunity to open his own branch so he could offer a unique personal banking experience to locals and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the community. “Having lived here all my life, I know the area well and it just offers so much – urban areas, tourism, rural land – and being just an hour away from Melbourne’s CBD, I believe there is still huge untapped potential here,” he said. Mr Fromhold said he was excited by the BOQ owner–managed branch model, as “it really is about getting back to good oldfashioned customer service”. “The model works because, as owner– manager of the branch, the service I deliver to my customers flows through to how successful my business is, so I have that extra incentive to really go above and beyond for my customers,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces in my branch and becoming a genuine part of the community. We’ll be open on Saturday mornings, too, for extra convenience. “I’m aspiring to be the leader in banking services in Mornington and am looking forward to delivering our service for both

Branching out: Karina Woolnough, left, owner–manager Adrian Fromhol, Elizabeth Lanyon and Penelope Leonard at the new bank branch.

residents and businesses alike. “I understand that people want to talk to someone experienced, someone who knows and understands their financial situation and, in our instance, someone who is keen to get to know their business and show them they’re not just another number in the system.”

BOQ Mornington is at 211 Main St, Mornington. Mr Fromhold and the team can be contacted on 5973 2233 and customers can contact Mr Fromhold directly on 0422 232743. The branch’s trading hours are 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Thursday; 9.30am to 5pm Friday, and 9.30am to 1pm Saturday.

How to create a butterfly garden BUTTERFLIES are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on earth. By planting a butterfly garden with all of the right kinds of plants and flowers that butterflies love to feed on and lay eggs on, you will have a yard full of butterflies throughout the growing season. Butterfly gardens can be any size – a window box, part of a landscaped yard, or even a wild area on the property. Creating a butterfly garden should start with research to learn which kinds are native to your area. Make a list of all of the butterflies you would like to attract, and then learn which flowers and plants they both feed on and lay eggs on. All of the plants will be native to your area and easy to grow with the right conditions and care. Adult butterflies will visit for a longer period if they find plants to lay their eggs on. These are called ‘host plants’ . Once you have done the research and know which kinds of plants you need, learn about the plants and flowers. What do they look like? How tall do they grow? What conditions do they thrive in? Check with a plant nursery about getting these plants and

flowers. You may want to plant the annuals in the front of the garden because they will need to be replaced each year. Perennials will come back year after year so these could be near the back of the butterfly garden and left alone to grow and thrive. If the plant nursery cannot get the ones you need, check in catalogues that sell bulbs or go online and order them. Learn when and how to best plant them, especially if you purchase bulbs and start from scratch. You can add some accessories like a butterfly house, which has slots the ideal size for keeping birds out while giving butterflies protection from the wind and weather. You could offer an additional nectar source close by to supplement your flowers. By providing both the food and shelter butterflies need, you can prolong their stay in your garden and attract others. Once you have designed and started a butterfly garden, you can be proud of making a habitat for butterflies in your yard, which helps with the conservation of the many species of butterflies that are quickly disappearing.

We have the right system to suit you Split Systems  Ducted Heating & Cooling for Commercial & Domestic  Full warranty on all repairs  Pre summer & winter services  Fully equipped service vehicles

Telephone 1300 HEAT-N-COOL

1300 432 862




Centre Peninsula Fireplace Centre has over 25 years experience in the building industry. Customers can be reassured of professionalism and honest advice regarding the purchase and installation of WKHLUQHZÀUHSODFH Call in for a competitive price on a wide range of quality brands.

U6/42 HARTNETT DRIVE, SEAFORD PH: 9770 4011 ZZZSHQLQVXODÀUHSODFHFRPDX Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012





Stephen Crettenden from the Victoria South East branch of AllClear Leafguard and Gutter can help you with any information by calling 5995 8961 or mob 0438 389 707

SAVE 15% ... NOW! SAVE 25%... NOW!


' Made from ColorbondÂŽ steel '' No No fire fire hazard hazard '' Will ' Wind blows leaves away Will not not melt melt

No silicone used

' No unsightly appearance ' Seniors discount

No silicone used

'' Local Local service service Keeps birds and vermin out Gutter Cleaning available


AllClear AllClear AllClear


Call Steve

0438 389 707


OR FREECALL 1800 426 607 FREECALL 1800 426 607 Call Steve 0438 389 707 Call for a local representative to give a Free Quote! Call for a local representative to give a Free Quote! 5995 8961


Southern Peninsula News 24 January 2012

*OFF MATERIAL ONLY Valid until 31/1/2012


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