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22 May

rous the roads. place: Police urge cyclists Picture: Yanni to be



Push for cycling safety

Call to cut free way no ise

Special Promotion - 22 May 2018

m.au traffic noise” – and MEMBERS living in Safety Beach especially those group are of a Safety Crae and there is Beach action Rosebud. , Dromana, Mca proble has done frustrated that “It is now m with increa fic on the very eviden fic noise little to curb increaVicRoads freeway” of, and t that the ment of on was the sed traf- erected a new four-la Freeway. the Mornington sed traf- one of lack of, noise issue announcealong the attenu the the Peninsula near the They say is purely oldest freeways ation on to Peninsula Freew ne freeway from Blackburn Monash Freew “reduce in ay to Mordi the noise and on ay traffic of sleep, traffic conges that VicRo political and demonVictoria freeways Road interchange alloc causes health deprives them “This will noise “Are dogs lowered strates in the inner the trees ads cannot see 6am. “Most above 68 decibe only add tion”. issues their increa the forest west. than people and sport more ls before The group standard of living.and has applic when it comes for noise,”sed traffic and to the issue of from 1-6am people are ation import to and their is increased of holding rum meetin being on he said. regulatory their rigid health and ant that freewa ,” Mr Ashby still asleep governing traffic an this end Mr Ashby guidelines said, noise.” wellRosebud g to discuss their open foof the freewa y traffic “The Mr said VicRo is “like noise from adding in 2001 an 6.30pm Country Club, Boneoissues at guidel Ashby said ads in a constant noise is becom y? acknow 4-5am your bedroo alarm clock for 7pm, VicRo letter with the ing more ines ledged issue ads’ noise going off were outdat Wednesday Road, states, with volum Organiser there was increases in “VicRoad’sm”. ed while 30 May. and Roseb traffic noise such an hours es going north in traffic Wayne cRoads in other Ashby ern night-a as NSW, used had from dealin guidelines restric funding ud and that it Dromana “Noise of the day and and south at all more modMornington “failed the peoplesaid Vi- regime nd-day would seek to addres t them night,” decibe tal areas, g with unique travels Peninsula years ago s and did s he of l measu environmenwhen it mediu not ring and nothin it. “That was in addres the reading is subjec said. the peninssuch as the lower 17 cent m and hard surfac to establi rely on an averag He g was sing ted sh a case. testing e had said no noise attenu done.” He said es and the to days than ula which has section of more windy been done a “final noise travels clearly shows renot ation and, as clearly works south of acceptance how far Freew such, would registe the Mooro the to evated above from a freewa Po that that ay to Jetty Road. oduc their restric r as adverse y that is rtse high tech It according elVic Roads land and housin MCC ART sound barrieralso rankled “VicRoads tive guidelines,” a to g.” reporte 6am-11pm. HY PAR dly s had been sue of traffic needs to addres he said. Rye Mr Ashby tests for noise TNERS ing at s the isnoise for Lawyers said the Morni Safety & Advisers the Beach had recent testMarshall’s and not ngton Peninsula whole of identified a piecem Freeway Conveyancin HOLIDAY eal tioned at previous approach as menWHAT’S SORRE Holiday RENTAL Wills & Power g & PEXA meetings.” ON AT we are NTO OFFICE Property the largest *CROWN S s of Attorn NEPTOURS Managemen CASINO – We are curren MONTHLY* Casino’s best service on the Mornington Peninsul ey Deceased bus t THE ROCKY great BUFFET program with a tly seekin Estates best ROI a HORROR biggest team Only p/p over lunch (all) $40. SHOW Business properties g luxury Evening Only 100% holiday permitted. the age of 18 Sales to manag Thu 19 Jul Our services focus Thu 31 May all tickets e......... (numbers

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POLICE have been involving alarmed and Frankscyclists around by serious injury the Morni ton. collisions ngton Penins While cyclin ula g is usually suit, they regarded road users”are among groups as classified a healthy purbecause road. of their as “vulne lack of protec rable Leading tion on the ton Penins Senior Constable said five ula Traffic operat Greg Wolfe, of incidents Morni ions, based n A cyclist over the at Somer ngpast two riding into ville, Nepean months the back Road, Sorren includ of a car injuries. to, and sufferi parked in ed: Point n A 90-yea ng seriou s facial cyclist on r-old pedestrian walking in them Point Nepean Road, out in front both of a Roseb n A cyclist being taken to hospit ud, which resulte riding al. running d into a car down Oliver ’s Hill, turning Franks into the which failed to boat ramp. give way ton and hospital with while The n A cyclist possible broken cyclist was taken to das Street, on the Melbourne ribs. Rye, who Road to turn. The cyclist was hit by a roundabout at Duncar internal injuries. was taken to hospitnot expecting n Two al with possibhim cyclist Highway/Old s colliding while le turning were taken Moorooduc Road, Dromaon Nepean to hospit Constable al, one with na. Both Wolfe riders seriou for each other and said all road users s facial injurie drive, ride s. use comm should safely.” – wearing high-v on sense. “They watch out is colour should s – and walk

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Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

Southern Peninsula

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Tuesday 22 May 2018

5973 6424 or email: team@mpnews.com.au www.mpnews.com.au Dangerous place: Police urge cyclists to be extra alert on the roads. Picture: Yanni

Push for cycling safety POLICE have been alarmed by serious injury collisions involving cyclists around the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston. While cycling is usually regarded as a healthy pursuit, they are among groups classified as “vulnerable road users” because of their lack of protection on the road. Leading Senior Constable Greg Wolfe, of Mornington Peninsula Traffic operations, based at Somerville, said five incidents over the past two months included: n A cyclist riding into the back of a car parked in Point Nepean Road, Sorrento, and suffering serious facial injuries. n A 90-year-old pedestrian walking out in front of a cyclist on Point Nepean Road, Rosebud, which resulted in them both being taken to hospital. n A cyclist riding down Oliver’s Hill, Frankston and running into a car which failed to give way while turning into the boat ramp. The cyclist was taken to hospital with possible broken ribs. n A cyclist on the Melbourne Road roundabout at Dundas Street, Rye, who was hit by a car not expecting him to turn. The cyclist was taken to hospital with possible internal injuries. n Two cyclists colliding while turning on Nepean Highway/Old Moorooduc Road, Dromana. Both riders were taken to hospital, one with serious facial injuries. Constable Wolfe said all road users should watch out for each other and use common sense. “They should drive, ride – wearing high-vis colours – and walk safely.”

Call to cut freeway noise Stephen Taylor steve@mpnews.com.au MEMBERS of a Safety Beach action group are frustrated that VicRoads has done little to curb increased traffic noise on the Mornington Peninsula Freeway. They say the noise deprives them of sleep, causes health issues and has lowered their standard of living. The group is holding an open forum meeting to discuss their issues at Rosebud Country Club, Boneo Road, 6.30pm for 7pm, Wednesday 30 May. Organiser Wayne Ashby said VicRoads had “failed the people of the Mornington Peninsula in addressing




traffic noise” – and especially those living in Safety Beach, Dromana, McCrae and Rosebud. “It is now very evident that the issue of, and lack of, noise attenuation on one of the oldest freeways in Victoria is purely political and demonstrates that VicRoads cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to their rigid application of regulatory guidelines governing noise.” Mr Ashby said VicRoads’ noise guidelines were outdated while other states, such as NSW, used more modern night-and-day decibel measuring regimes and did not rely on an average reading to establish a case. He said a “final acceptance that

there is a problem with increased traffic on the freeway” was the announcement of a new four-lane freeway from the Peninsula Freeway to Mordialloc to “reduce traffic congestion”. “This will only add to the issue of increased traffic and increased traffic noise,” he said. Mr Ashby said VicRoads in a letter in 2001 acknowledged there was an issue with traffic noise in Dromana and Rosebud and that it would seek funding to address it. “That was 17 years ago and nothing was done.” He said no noise attenuation works had been done south of the Moorooduc Freeway to Jetty Road. It also rankled that high tech sound barriers had been



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erected along the Monash Freeway near the Blackburn Road interchange and on freeways in the inner west. “Are dogs and sport more important than people and their health and wellbeing on this end of the freeway? “The noise is becoming more constant with the increases in traffic volumes going north and south at all hours of the day and night,” he said. “Noise travels when it is subjected to medium and hard surfaces and the recent testing clearly shows how far the noise travels from a freeway that is elevated above land and housing.” Vic Roads reportedly tests for noise 6am-11pm. Mr Ashby said recent testing at Safety Beach had identified

traffic noise above 68 decibels before 6am. “Most people are still asleep from 1-6am,” Mr Ashby said, adding that freeway traffic noise from 4-5am is “like an alarm clock going off in your bedroom”. “VicRoad’s guidelines restrict them from dealing with unique environmental areas, such as the lower section of the peninsula which has more windy days than not and, as such, would clearly register as adverse according to their restrictive guidelines,” he said. “VicRoads needs to address the issue of traffic noise for the whole of the Mornington Peninsula Freeway and not a piecemeal approach as mentioned at previous meetings.”

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Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018


Budget blues for the homeless Stephen Taylor steve@mpnews.com.au LAST week’s federal budget held little comfort for those sleeping rough on the Mornington Peninsula. Homelessness Australia said social housing stock as a proportion of all housing had dropped to the lowest level on record, with just 4.7 per cent of all Australian houses being community and public housing, down from 5.3 per cent in 2005-06. The peak body has warned that without more investment in social housing, the number of people accessing homelessness services will hit close to 350,000 each year by 2022. It says failure of successive governments to build enough social housing to keep up with population growth and with demand is to blame for the homelessness crisis. “Homelessness has bourgeoned because we

reward investors for acquiring many properties for the top end of the market, while neglecting to build low-cost housing for people on the bottom rungs of the income ladder,” Homeless Persons CEO Jenny Smith said. “There does not appear to be any desire to change the status quo at the federal level. The gap between the rich and poor gets wider every day while we wait in vain for ‘trickle-down economics’ to solve what has become a humanitarian crisis,” she said. The “modest” tax cut of $10.50 a week for low and middle income earners is a ‘nice-to-have’ inclusion in the budget, Ms Smith said, “but it won’t go far for those living on the precipice paying 50 per cent or more of their income in rent.”

Perils of couch surfing THE damaging impacts of couch surfing have been revealed in new research which shows

that 191 homeless people spent the night on the streets in Frankston and on the peninsula on census night 2016. ABS data shows that 89 people were counted as couch surfing in Frankston, and 103 on the peninsula. They were among more than 30,000 people who presented to homelessness services as couch surfing in the 2016-17 year, with one-third of couch surfers aged 15-24. Department of Health and Human Services rent data from December shows that the shortage of affordable accommodation for young people in these areas is contributing to an emerging group of homeless students. A student receiving Youth Allowance plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance ($267 a week) would not be able to afford any of the one-bedroom rentals in Frankston that were advertised in the December quarter. Even sharehousing is unaffordable: a student

receiving $267 a week would be paying more than half their income in rent for a room in a three-bedroom share house in Frankston. The median rent, according to the DHHS rent report, is $380 a week. This figure, divided by three, shows the student would be paying $127 a week. To avoid living in rent stress, the student should be paying no more than $80, Ms Smith said. There’s evidence that couch surfing can be just as damaging and traumatising as rough sleeping for young people. Queensland-based research shows young couch surfers have higher rates of both suicide risk and self-harm. Also, couch surfers are twice as likely to describe their mental health as poor than the young people sleeping rough, with higher incidents of drug and alcohol use. Ms Smith said couch surfers were frequently being coerced to provide sex for a place to sleep, which she described as “survival sex”.

Jetty gas works ahead of approvals Keith Platt keith@mpnews.com.au THE Port of Hastings Development Authority has started preparing the Crib Point jetty for a floating gas terminal “should the project proceed”. In a letter to residents dated 24 April the development authority said the work would include repairing concrete pylons, mooring dolphins and pipe racks as well as replacing the pier head. The authority estimates work will take up to nine months and has warned residents of increased road traffic. The port development authority was stripped of staff and finance following the November 2014 election of the Labor state government which dropped plans for a container port at Hastings. Its announcement of “remediation” works to the jetty was made as all three levels of government come under increasing pressure to refuse power supplier AGL permission to moor a floating gas terminal at Crib Point. A public meeting last week organised by the No AGL Gas Terminus for Crib Point group attended by 130 residents voted to “move the anti-gas terminal campaign forward”. Speakers described dangers to health and the environment of Western Port as well as land rights issues surrounding a 60-kilometre pipeline to Pakenham. The gas import plan for Crib Point comes at the same time that the state and federal governments have agreed

HARD hats and hi vis vests were all that were to be seen at the Crib Point jetty on Monday as work gets underway to make it a suitable berth for a floating gas terminal, despite the lack of government approvals. Picture: Gary Sissons

to each give $50 million a consortium headed Kawasaki Heavy Industries and including AGL for a hydrogen gas to liquid pilot plant at Hastings. Mornington Peninsula mayor Cr Bryan Payne last week told ABC radio that he thought the floating gas terminal plan was “a good thing”. However, in reply to a letter from

Crib Point resident Sylvia Simons the mayor said her concerns “are noted and when it comes to council after the full consultation process we will be in a position to vote on the matters”. Ms Simons is yet to hear from the Premier Daniel Andrews, state Planning Minister Richard Wynne, Enerny, Environment and Climate Change

Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, Hastings MP Liberal Neale Burgess and Cr Kate Roper who were also sent copies of her letter outlining her fears for the environment and public safety. Mr Burgess, has previously spoken strongly against any industrialisation south of Hastings. Ms Simons said Flinders MP Greg

Hunt sent “the standard responses and advised AGL still has some requirements to provide and no approvals have been granted at this stage, either by government or council”. The Tuesday 8 May public meeting at Crib Point Community Centre was told that AGL’s plan for a floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) could endanger lives and the environment. Former fireman Rod Knowles said the Coode Island explosion in 19991 had reportedly been sparked by natural causes - a St Elmo event. Other natural causes, as well as human error, could cause the FSRU to explode or catch fire in our already bush fire prone area. Don Juniper said the need to import gas was due to Australia’s “dysfunctional” gas industry. Risk management and training expert Keith Old said there were “gaps” in AGL’s plans with risk assessment only being completed once the FSRU was in place. Another speaker said the federal government should have forced gas producers and exporters to keep enough gas in Australia to satisfy the country’s needs.

Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018





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Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018


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Hunt on for foreshore tree loppers

Felled: Capel Sound Foreshores ranger Max Patton says he is disgusted at the foreshore vegetation destruction. Picture: Yanni


u ct

ay d o rt u o at


ta n Co


CAPEL Sound residents suspected of cutting down trees to improve their bay views are being targeted by the area’s committee of management. “Over recent months we’ve had a number of incidents where vegetation has been destroyed – presumably by people trying to improve their views of the bay,” ranger Max Patton said. “As a response, we have written to the owners of properties along Point Nepean Road.” Mornington Peninsula Shire, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the police have been notified of the incidents. It is an offence to unlawfully destroy any vegetation on Crown Land. Offenders may be charged with criminal damage and fined up to $130,000. Mr Patton believes publicity about the ill-effects of the vandalism will “further aid our goal of educating residents and the wider community about the effects this has upon the foreshore”. The letter says: “Over the past month there have been several instances of vegetation destruction in the foreshore reserve opposite the location of properties in this area. “It is evident that these actions are taken to improve visibility of Port Phillip Bay from private residences. “These acts of vandalism include, but are not limited to, destruction of juvenile drooping sheoaks with an axe; poisoning of drooping sheoaks; poisoning of coast banksia trees; and

snapping branches of coast bearded heath. “The health of this vegetation is of paramount importance to our future by providing habitats/food sources for indigenous fauna, including rainbow lorikeets, magpies, possums etc; by providing coastal dune stabilisation and shielding the community from storm surge erosion, and adding aesthetic value to the foreshore, enhancing the experience for all users.” The letter goes on to say the vegetation belongs to the community and to future communities. “Our staff and community volunteers, including local schools, work hard to improve vegetation quality and aesthetics throughout the reserve and it is particularly disappointing that the hard work of many is undermined by the selfishness of a few.” Mr Patton said he was “monitoring the situation very closely”. Anyone with information about those responsible for the destruction of vegetation is urged to call the committee of management or the organisations listed. Mr Patton said in response to these events that planting and restoration in affected areas would be taking place “at a higher rate than usual in order for the area to return to a more natural state”. Anyone interested in helping restore affected areas at monthly working bees can call the office, 5986 4382, or email info@capelsoundforeshore.com.au

59 50

Stephen Taylor steve@mpnews.com.au

r Fo

Memberships Available Now SPECIAL No Joining Fee* – Save up to $880 36 Holes of Quality Golf Competitions 7 Days Bar & Restaurant

Driving Range Three Guest Passes Free Lesson for New Members

*offer valid for new golf members in all golf categories who apply from 1/5/2018 to 31/8/18. Completed application form and deposit must be received by 31/8/18. All application forms are subject to Board approval.

For further information visit us at

1099 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud P: 5950 0300 www.rosebudhotel.com.au

207 Boneo Road, Rosebud, Victoria 3939 03 5950 0800 rcc.marketing@rosebudcountryclub.com.au www.rosebudcountryclub.com.au Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018


Access all areas

The liveability of the peninsula, and the physical and mental wellbeing of those who call it home, rely upon cultural and social connection, access to major services, employment and education. We’re currently inviting feedback on three initiatives that aim to foster connectivity, diversity and mobility for our entire community. Our new Reconciliation Action Plan seeks to cultivate trust and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians by promoting an understanding of the diverse cultural history of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and the cultural heritage values of the Bunurong/Boon Wurrung people. Our Draft Road Improvement Strategy aims to raise the standard of the Shire’s local road network to meet increasing mobility needs and ensure the safety of all road users, just as our Draft Pedestrian Access Strategy aims to enhance pedestrian movement by improving the integration and safety of the Shire’s path network. Supporting individuals in the pursuit to realise their aspirations and enjoy a healthy life is vital to making our region a great place to live. We encourage you to have your say online so that ours is a community in which all feel safe, cared for and included. mornpen.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay

Save your scraps!

New law for ‘party’ houses

Composting is a great way to divert waste from landfill while creating a rich soil conditioner for our gardens! From 7 May – 17 June, the Shire is inviting the community to participate in its inaugural Peninsula Compost Challenge, which aims to raise awareness about the volume of food waste in our rubbish bins, champion composting and promote healthy living on the peninsula. The challenge is open to all residents and you can register any time during the six-week period. Sign up today: mornpen.vic.gov.au/composting

2019 Kindergarten Registrations

Library Week, 21 – 26 May

Around the peninsula

A community that cares

Seawinds: Crs Simon Brooks, Antonella Celi, Frank Martin

Briars: Crs Bev Colomb, Rosie Clark, Sam Hearn

We’re happy to announce another milestone for Rosebud Aquatic Centre following the appointment of Peddle Thorp Architects as principal consultant. With extensive experience creating world-class sports and aquatic centres, the firm will deliver a refined, environmentally sensitive and value for money facility for the whole peninsula to enjoy. Join us at Rosebud Memorial Hall from 5.30–7.30pm on Monday 28 May for a drop-in session to provide feedback on design plans and help us ensure the centre accommodates the needs of everyone in our community.

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration of kindness and camaraderie at the Pay It Forward Day Family Festival in April, a great partnership between community groups and Council held at Mornington Park Primary School in the name of fostering strong community spirit. We’re marking another step towards creating an all accessible peninsula, with construction works for the Octavia Street Changing Places toilet facility expected to be completed in June. This will be the first fully accessible toilet facility in the township and increase opportunities for inclusion and participation, ensuring people with disabilities have equal access to services and facilities.

We recently celebrated the opening of the Dorothy Houghton Walkway, a 270m path between Camerons Bight Beach and Sullivan Bay, named in honour of the first female Councillor for the Shire of Flinders. Committed to the preservation of public land and instrumental in the state government’s purchase of land along Sorrento foreshore, including Sullivan Bay, we’re proud to commemorate Mrs. Houghton’s efforts and hope to continue in her example.

Solving problems in a snap Red Hill: Cr David Gill

Have you noticed something in the Shire that needs fixing? You can now report an issue using the Snap Send Solve smart phone app—a quick and easy way to notify us of any problems while you’re on the go, without needing to call or email. Simply download the app to snap a photo and have the issue sent directly to Council for action. Information is correct at time of printing.


Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

Watson Ward Cerberus Ward

We’re the first Council to collaborate with SCRgroup in a pilot month-long trial of mobile community resource recovery hubs to encourage the Shire community to reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of unwanted household items for free this May. Pop up hubs will be set up at Rosebud Skate Park and Sorrento Community Centre for disposal of clothing and accessories, toys, manchester, mobile phones and unbreakable crockery, with collections sorted for reuse and recycling, providing people in need with essential everyday items. Learn more: scrg.com.au/contribute-your-things

Flu Vaccines for children aged over six months and less than five-years-old are now available free of charge through the Shire’s Immunisation service. Our Immunisation Team is providing additional Immunisation sessions for parents to access the vaccine for their children, with flu vaccines available at all sessions. View the current timetable: mornpen.vic.gov.au/immunisation

25 May

Spaces for all! Briars Ward



Designing for our people

Nepean: Crs Bryan Payne, Hugh Fraser


Flu free kids!

To celebrate Library Week, we’re hosting pre-loved book sales at each of our library branches, with all sale proceeds donated to the Cancer Council. Choose from a large selection of second hand books for your reading pleasure and give back to charity in the process! ourlibrary.mornpen.vic.gov.au

Honouring Dorothy Houghton

5950 1000 or 1300 850 600 custserv@mornpen.vic.gov.au

Give your things a second life

We recently adopted the Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law to tackle problems of anti-social behaviour, noise disruptions, car parking congestion and poor rubbish disposal reported due to short stay accommodation in residential areas. The first of its kind in the state, the law addresses the potential impacts upon the local community by establishing a Code of Conduct that sets expectations of short stay rental accommodation properties and implements a Registration System to identify property owners and ensure they designate a person to respond to neighbour complaints and concerns.

Kindergarten Registrations are now open for three-year-old and four-year old kindergarten in 2019. Registrations close Sunday 1 July; for more information or to register: mornpen.vic.gov.au/kindergarten

Contact us

Watson: Cr Julie Morris

As the new and improved Somerville Recreation and Community Centre progresses, it’s exciting to think of the many spaces that will be available to support groups and activities that mean so much to the Watson community, and complement the invaluable programs and services already on offer at Annie Sage Community Centre.

Cultivating connections Cerberus: Cr Kate Roper

Join us at Hastings Community Hall from 6–8pm on Thursday 7 June to meet with Cr Kate Roper and your community to discuss local issues that matter to you at the Cerberus Ward Community Meeting. All welcome! Culminating Reconciliation Week 2018, the Willum Warrain Reconciliation Walk in Hastings on Sunday 3 June is a wonderful opportunity for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to celebrate Mabo Day with the broader non-Indigenous Mornington Peninsula community. Come along to help us promote the cause of reconciliation.

25 - 26 May 26 May 27 May 2 June 2 June 2 June 3 June 3 June 9 June 10 June

Mornington’s Biggest Morning Tea, Empire Street Mall Mornington Melbourne Coastrek: Wild Women on Top, Cape Schank to Portsea Quarantine Station Psychic & Wellbeing Festival, Mt Eliza Community Centre Mt Eliza Farmers Market, Mt Eliza Village Green Sorrento Makers Market, Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento Italian Republic Day, Rosebud Shire Offices 72nd Anniversary Italian Republic, Pier St, Dromana Foreshore Southern Masters Cycling Club Inc., Somers and surrounds Flinders Singers Concert, Balnarring Hall Winter Wine Fest, Red Hill Recreation Reserve Mornington Racecourse Market, Mornington Racecourse

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery 20 April – 8 July, Propaganda: A selection of posters from the Australian War Memorial collection Propaganda presents posters from across all the major 20th century conflicts and gives a remarkable insight into the power of information graphics and the use of advertising and communication strategies in eliciting fear, loathing and calls to action. 5 May – 8 July, Andrew Hazewinkel: What the sea never told Andrew Hazewinkel presents an epic new moving image artwork which takes as its starting point the 1892 Mornington football tragedy. mprg.mornpen.vic.gov.au Police Point Artists in Residency We’re pleased to offer 18 new artists, eight of whom are peninsula-based, a residency at Gatekeepers Cottage, one of Victoria’s historic quarantine cottages at Police Point Shire Park, following a recent national call-out. Learn more about our community engagement programs with resident artists and discover future opportunities: facebook.com/artsonthepeninsula For a full list of all Shire events including community markets and local music please see our website mornpen.vic.gov.au/events


Attitude counts in school and life Stephen Taylor steve@mpnews.com.au PRIMARY school pupils on the Mornington Peninsula are being offered a resource that can make them more resilient and better prepared to face everyday challenges. The author and illustrator of the book A for Attitude, Julie Davey, was at Boneo Primary School yesterday (Monday) at the request of year 3 coordinator Anita Presti before taking her positive message on an interstate tour in her self-funded caravan as part of her Can Do Tour. She has been to several schools already with the aim of promoting strategies to tackle anxiety and bullying head on. Ms Davey discussed with the 45 Boneo children the powerful role that attitude plays in their health, wealth and everyday experiences and offered strategies for parents to help their children become more resilient. Fifty of the books, valued at $500, were donated by sponsor Cathy Bika. Grade 4 pupils were also on hand to tell her what they had liked about the book after receiving it last year. “It was great feedback,” she said. Since 2013 Ms Davey and supporters have co-sponsored 6000 copies of the book to pupils in parts of Victoria and NSW through corporate, Mornington Peninsula Shire and Rotary co-sponsorship and would like to provide the same opportunity to grade 3 children across Australia. Ms Davey said boosting resilience in young children, and preparing them for challenges later in life, was

Attitude at school: The A for Attitude book by Julie Davey was taken to Boneo Primary School on Monday where copies were handed out by Cathy Dika, left, to Adem and Sienna. Picture: Gary Sissons

the most important step in addressing bullying. The books are typically used in class and can be taken home to mum, dad and the rest of the family to discuss, using them as home readers. A for Attitude was self-published in 1998 and Ms Davey says it has been translated into several languages and are helping children in 15 countries.

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The messages in the book help teachers and families build a bridge between home and school that assists parents in guiding children through challenges using positive language which is backed up in the classroom. “It’s also a go-to manual for children who don’t receive support at home, to dip into when in need of comfort,” Ms Davey said. “It encour-

ages positive outlooks, visualising approaches and coping mechanisms, which encourage conflict resolution and personal self-worth.” Designed in bright colours, simple messages and graphics, the book is aimed at mid-to-upper primary school users, teachers and mental health practitioners, counsellors and parents. Teachers and specialist staff can

download a free A+ workbook, which contains supportive activities to help them use the book as they address more challenging issues and concerns. “If we can help children to value themselves and others by learning key principles through standard home reading resources, imagine what a difference it would make to teenage behaviour in the future,” Ms Davey said. “I believe prevention is better than cure but early intervention is the next best thing. Why not teach children from a young age about making the right choices, rather than using expensive Band-Aid techniques later on, to address damage that runs too deep. “Recent studies reveal the enormous cost to families, general community, government and industry when mental health issues go untreated.” Feedback has been important. Ms Davey recalls hearing from a teacher in 2014 who had received A for Attitude 16 years earlier when, as a 10 year old, she was struggling to cope with her parents’ separation. She credits the book with helping her through that difficult time and, as a result, now reads it to her Grade 3 pupils. “I am so excited about the potential of this campaign and how the landscape of Australian youth – our nation’s future parents and employees – will look, if all communities get behind this campaign now,” Ms Davey said. Details: www.attitudebooks.org

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Dead livestock: David Sims and the calf be believes was killed by eagles (Picture: Yanni) and, inset, a wedge-tailed eagle soars over Moorooduc last week (Picture: Gary Sissons)

Farmer says eagles killed calf MOOROODUC farmer David Sims believes eagles killed a new-born calf overnight at his Derril Road property, Thursday 17 May. He said he saw the eagles on the carcase as he drove into the paddock next morning looking for its mother and watched as they flew off into trees when he approached. He said flesh had been torn from the calf’s mouth and ear. Mr Sims, who runs 30 cattle on his 32 hectare property, said it appeared the calf had been born alive and then been killed because the thin tissue

on its feet had worn after it had walked around. He said its mother would have tried to protect it from danger. He said he had lost calves previously. The eagles stayed near the property most of the morning. BirdLife Mornington Peninsula president Max Burrows said he thought a calf would be too big for an eagle to tackle. “It is more likely to have been killed by a fox or wild dog,” he said. Eagles in Victoria are fully protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. Penalties apply.

Simply spend in Centre before Sunday, 24th June 2018 for your chance to win a gift card from our HOME to yours. T&C’s apply, one prize nationally, visit our Website for more details. On the menu: St Vincent De Paul volounteers Gerry Edwards, Rosemary, Stan Richardson help with the Friday food distribution. Picture: Yanni

(03) 5991 4922 peninsulahome.com.au 1128 -1132 Nepean Hwy, Mornington VIC 3931 peninsulahomecentre


Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

Taste treats on the free menu NEW arrangements with OzHarvest have allowed St Vincent De Paul to restart its fresh food program in Rye and surrounding areas. The program, which kicked off on Friday 11 May, will run every Friday from now on. Organiser Gerry Edwards said residents and

families “struggling to make ends meet” would appreciate the program. “This we did for five years on a Tuesday but, due to the providers of the food not delivering, we had to cancel the program.” Things are looking up with the new provider, he said.

Shire off line in train talks Keith Platt keith@mpnews.com.au MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire wants Hastings, not Baxter, to be the end of the line when it comes to an electrified railway. The Labor state government has started a study to assess the cost benefits of electrifying the line from Frankston to Baxter with $3 million from the federal Coalition government. However, Mornington Peninsula Shire says Baxter – which lies within its municipal boundary – is not suitable for an electric train terminus. The shire, which feels it has been left out of the planning to electrify the line, says it is “imperative” that it be included in any future discussions. Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison joined fellow Liberal MPs Greg Hunt (Flinders) and Chris Crewther (Dunkley) in Frankston on Friday 11 May to spruik the latest federal budget (“Big bucks for rail but timing means everything” The News 15/5/18). Mr Morrison said the rail line extension had long been an important local project. While the budget includes a pledge to spend $225 million to electrify the rail line to Baxter, Mr Crewther said the total cost had been put at $500-$800 million, so state funding will also be needed. Labor candidate for Dunkley Peta Murphy branded the funding “a hoax”, saying the full $225 million is not “actually in the budget”. Neither Mr Crewther or Mr Hunt mentioned electorate boundary changes proposed by the Australian Electoral Commission while in Frankston (“Electoral ground moves for MPs The News 10/4/18). If the AEC’s proposal is adopted, Mr Crewther’s Dunkley electorate would lose Baxter and Mornington, which would then be added to Mr Hunt’s Flinders electorate. Meanwhile, Mornington Peninsula councillors are wondering why they have not been consulted about major transport changes proposed for a township within their shire. The shire’s polite approach to the state and federal governments - contained in an “advocacy paper” - belies the real position which sees some councillors seeing red over being left out of talks.

Cr David Gill is a bit more forthright: “In my view is that this distant project is just electioneering for the [electorally] close Frankston area federal seat and if they were serious the shire would have been consulted.” He said the current federal budget should be “carefully scrutinised to see what will be in future budgets and in how many years time”. The shire says moving train stabling and maintenance and car parking “down the line” to Baxter “appears to be primarily to free up land in Frankston for development”. Making land available at Baxter would require “pushing out the Urban Growth Boundary and encroaching on the Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge”. “Electrification would offer minimal benefit to residents of the Mornington Peninsula, at an unacceptable cost,” the shire states in its advocacy paper. It goes on to say that Hastings has been identified as a major activity centre and the “Port of Hastings industrial precinct as being of state significance”. Hastings — connected by rail to Stony Point — “is a far more appropriate destination for electric rail than Baxter”. The shire says Hastings has the capacity for population and industrial growth and there is “ample land” around its railway station to stable and maintain trains. “Given the significant impact any changes to the current Stony Point service would have on Mornington Peninsula communities, it is imperative that the Mornington Peninsula Shire council be recognised as a stakeholder and engaged with accordingly in discussions on electrification of any part of the service going forward,” the advocacy paper states. When asked by The News if the shire had been involved in any discussions with MPs or their representatives, the mayor Cr Bryan Payne said: “Council looks forward to working positively with both levels of government to ensure Mornington Peninsula Shire and the community is kept informed throughout the process. This will help ensure the benefits and impacts that this rail project should bring to the peninsula community will be strategically and carefully worked through in a timely manner.”

Shire drops parking fines FINES issued to five motorists in Booker Avenue, Mornington, last week have been withdrawn by Mornington Peninsula Shire. Motorist David Tucker and other staff from the nearby Peninsula Grange retirement village, presumed they had parked legally before work on Tuesday 8 May. But, when they came out at lunchtime, No Stopping signs had been installed and local laws officers – unaware that the signs had only just gone up – had booked them. (“Shire turns deaf ear on fines” The News 15/5/18). The unhappy motorists were advised they would have to appeal to the council if they wanted leniency as this was the “official and only

process to have an infringement withdrawn immediately”. Mr Tucker, who had slammed the parking infringements as “totally unreasonable”, said he received a letter after the article appeared to say the council had “reviewed the circumstances [and that] the infringement notice has been withdrawn”. The shire’s environment protection manager John Rankine said the new No Stopping zone in Booker Avenue “came about as a result of complaints from the community regarding traffic congestion”. Stephen Taylor

Bowlers get in early

grandparents can also join in. “The coaches are happy for the children to come when it suits and parents can call direct to book them in. There's no obligation for them to attend every week,” the club’s Judith Mordech said. Coaching is available from now to mid-July depending on the weather. To register email Judith Mordech: judithmordech@gmail.com or call 5984 4449 or 0412 371 321.

SORRENTO Bowls Club is getting in early and encouraging school children to become proficient in the sport while they are still at primary school. It has introduced a junior squad coaching program with free one hour coaching sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4.30pm as well as Sunday morning practice sessions 10.30amnoon. Club members Paul Fitzjohn and Doreen Winnett will mentor and coach the young bowlers with a view to integrating them into social games on Saturdays and other events, such as twilight bowls, over summer when parents and

Navy man to speak A FORMER leading seaman and Navy weapons mechanic will speak at the next meeting of the Nepean Historical Society, 8pm, Friday 1 June, at the Sorrento Museum.

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Chef to serve final course in France A YEAR of intense training paid off earlier this month when Michael Cole and Laura Skvor cooked their way into the final of the Bocuse d’Or, billed as “the most prestigious gastronomic competition in the world”. Cole, head chef and Skvor commis chef at the Flinders Hotel, were members of the Australian team which came fourth out of 11 countries in the Asia Pacific division of Bocuse d’Or in China. Skvor won Best Commis Chef (food preparation and basic cooking under the supervision of a head chef) in the Asia Pacific division. The final of the Bocuse d’Or is being held next January in in Lyon, France. Cole became Australia’s chef nomi-

nation after winning Chef of the Year in 2017. In the run up to the 9 May Bocuse d’Or event in China, Cole was helped in his preparations by chef Scott Pickett and mentor, Philippe Mouchel. Cole said the Mornington Peninsula’s “unique environment - pristine waters, clean air, rich soil and diverse micro-climate – nurtures an abundance of fine produce, which encourages my clarity of purpose to achieve my dreams, and inspires my vision and creativity, to stretch the boundaries of my craft”. Cole said he had set his sights on being a chef when he was 10. His career is a “lifestyle choice and a passion that lies deep Within” approached with the phi-

losophy that “food is life”. “Food is at times comforting, culturally binding and can be seen as an act of generosity,” he says. He chooses to use local produce, is interested in the “farming aspect and the ecological impact” and holds the belief that “everything should harmonise”. Cole’s background includes working at Qualia, on Hamilton Island, Le Gourmet, Melbourne, Villa Saint Exuberay, Nice, France, Echo Hotel, Hakuba, Japan and Brae, Birregurra, Victoria. His role as head chef at the Flinders Hotel involves overseeing the Georgie Bass Cafe & Cookery and Zigis coastal bar. Keith Platt

Rosebud Skin Cancer Clinic BULK BILL skin checks for pensioners, Healthcare card holders, DVA & over 75's Mole mapping available Procedures completed on site No referral needed


Book an appointment Call 5986 1600. Experienced professional skin cancer doctors all awarded by the College of Skin Cancer. Dr Sally Shaw, Fellow SCCANZ and Dr Mary Tai Kie, Dip. Dermoscopy and Dip. Of Skin Cancer.


1079 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud Ph: 5986 1600 Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

Electorate change objections mount MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire council has lodged objections to boundary changes to the Dunkley electorate that would see Mornington and the northern part of Baxter move into the Flinders electorate. Shire mayor Cr Bryan Payne wrote to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on 4 May to voice concerns about proposed electorate boundary changes to both Dunkley and Flinders. “In particular, we are concerned about the separation of Mount Eliza from the neighbouring township of Mornington,” Cr Payne stated in a letter to the AEC. “Mount Eliza benefits from being part of the same federal electorate as the township of Mornington, which is a major activity centre for Mount Eliza residents”. The News reported last week that federal Dunkley Liberal MP Chris Crewther urged community groups and individuals to object to the boundary changes (“MP against electorate changes”, The News 15/5/18). ABC elections analyst Antony Green has calculated Dunkley, won with a 1.4 per cent slim majority by Mr Crewther at the 2016 federal election, would be winnable for Labor with a margin of 1.3 per cent based on votes cast in 2016. Mr Green initially estimated a 0.9 per cent margin for Labor before revising the possible margin to 1.3 per cent. The Age reported Ukraine’s ambassador to Australia, Dr Mykola Kulinich, submitted an objection to the Dunkley boundary change stating: “UkraineAustralian relations can only be strengthened further by Mornington remaining within the Dunkley electorate”.

“I believe that the Ukrainian community in Dunkley will be disadvantaged by separating Mornington from the electorate, where many reside,” Dr Kulinich wrote in an email to the AEC. “One example is the ever-growing Blue Bay Cheese that has businesses in both Mornington and Frankston. This is a successful Ukrainian-Australian owned business. “They and their many mainly Ukrainian-Australian employees should not have to deal with two members of parliament, particularly given they deal with many immigration and employment related matters on a regular basis.” The seat of Flinders has been held by Liberal MP and federal Health Minister Greg Hunt since 2001 and was retained with an 11.8 per cent majority in 2016. If the boundary changes are implemented Carrum Downs, Sandhurst and Skye in Dunkley’s north will switch to the Isaacs electorate held by federal Labor MP Mark Dreyfus. The AEC received 32 objections to the planned Dunkley boundary changes and 35 against changes to the Flinders electorate footprint. Some objectors made submissions against changes to both electorates as part of their sole objection. Mornington & District Historical Society, the University of Third Age in Mornington, Mornington Little Athletics Centre, Beleura Junior Football Club, Baxter Residents and Traders Progress Action Committee (BRATPAC), Blue Bay Cheese, SAI Home and Community Care and the Frankston Dolphins Football Netball Club were organisations that made objections to the AEC about electorate changes. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visited Seaford Hotel last Tuesday evening (15 May) for a “Politics in the Pub” event in the marginal seat of Dunkley.


Have your say! You’re invited to view and provide feedback on design plans for the Rosebud Aquatic Centre development. Mornington Peninsula Shire is holding a two-hour community drop-in session to share plans for the facility design, parking, access and layout of a gymnasium, wellness centre, café, access ramps, family change rooms, 50 metre indoor, Learn to Swim and warm water program pools.

Participants will have the opportunity to speak with key project officers and a representative from facility architect Peddle Thorp. For anyone not able to attend in person, concept plans will be available to view and provide feedback online after the session at: mornpen.vic.gov.au/rosebudaquatic

Drop in session Monday 28 May, 5.30 – 7.30pm Rosebud Memorial Hall 994 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud

For more information mornpen.vic.gov.au/rosebudaquatic

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Hello there: U3A members during an outing at Panorama Garden Estate, Boneo. Picture: Supplied


Living & visiting on the Mornington



MARCH 2017


PENINSULA Living & visiting on the Mornington Peninsula PENINSULA





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Animals part of attraction GETTING up close and personal to a variety of animals, including chickens, cows, alpacas and pigs all sharing the same space, was an enjoyable activity on a U3A Southern Peninsula excursion to Panorama Garden Estate. Group activity leader Di Bell organised the visit to the Boneo estate, near Rosebud, which has panoramic views, fountains, statues, paved stairs and flowering gardens. Emus and kangaroos roam around the lake. Based at the Old Shire Offices, Dromana, U3ASP members venture further afield for special events, shows and exhibitions, or for bushwalking or cycling. U3ASP offers more than 100 activities with 80 tutors or activity leaders. Passive or social interest group activities range from games, book clubs, political discussion, musical and film buff groups, to investment and health and wellbeing classes. Educational and intellectual speciality classes

and courses are in fields such as basic-intermediate language skills, cooking, photography, history and arts and crafts. There’s an emphasis on assisting the over 50s and retired or semi-retired members to learn and understand more about information technology so they can use computers, iPads, tablets and mobile phones, as well as become internet security-aware. New members are welcome. Classes and courses are fee-free for tutors or activity leaders and with low cost fees for others. Prospective leaders with a skill they are willing to share, especially if it is not currently offered on u3asouthpen.org.au should contact Old Shire Offices: 359a Pt Nepean Road, Dromana 3936, or call 5981 8777. Email: office@u3asouthpen.org.au or visit u3asouthpen.org.au Office hours are 9.30am – 1pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

Election majority frees govt spending By Hugh Fraser* TIMOR-LESTE – the most democratic state in the south east Asia region - voted decisively at the 12 May parliamentary elections for majority government ending, 10 months of budget paralysis after last year’s inconclusive result. Together with Friends of Lospalos chair Xaioli Ma and former Mornington Peninsula Shire councillor Tim Rodgers, we had the privilege - which can be withdrawn at any time - to observe the election process as “Observadors Internasional” at the invitation of the Timor-Leste government. The observers were supported by 17 teams “in the field” from the Australian Embassy in Dili. We were able to observe the enormous popular rallies held each day just outside Dili and, often in torrential rain, the election process in Lospalos at six polling stations. Unrestricted access was provided to all polling stations. We were welcomed from poll opening at 7am to close at 3pm. In counting, all votes were then held up for public scrutiny and, after counting, boxed, sealed and returned under armed police escort to the district tally room. Timor-Leste voted decisively for Xanana Gusmao’s Change for Progress Alliance (AMP) - a coalition of three political parties winning 34 of 65 seats in the parliament and 49.6 per cent of the national vote. Fretilin secured a swing of 4.5 per cent of the vote and 23 seats – remaining the largest single party in the country. The AMP vote was strong in the

A CCTV image of a woman police believe may be able to assist in their inquiries.

Woman sought over deception POLICE are seeking to identify a woman, above, after a deception incident at Rosebud on Saturday 13 January. At about 1am a woman entered a Point Nepean Road service station and bought items using a stolen credit card. She is Caucasian in appearance, in her late teens to early 20s, and was wearing a white dressing gown. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or report confidentially online at crimestoppers.com.au

Police chase fatality

Popular vote: Voters line up outside a Timor-Leste polling booth, main picture, and, inset, Tim Rodgers, Hugh Fraser, Xiaoli Ma with the sisters of the ADM Order of Nuns at their Lospalos convent where accommodation and business, computer, vocational and domestic skills are provided to young early school leaver girls. Members of the Friends of Lospalos delivered some unsewn Boomerang Bags sewing kits from the Sorrento Community Centre. Pictures: Supplied

in western districts but in the eastern districts, which included the town of Lospalos we visited, Fretilin gained large swings. At the Luro polling station outside Lospalos, Fretilin obtained 43.85 per cent of the vote to the AMP coalition 34.76 per cent. Informal votes were rare with a total

valid vote of 98.56 per cent in Lautem District, which includes Lospalos. Ballot papers could be marked or pierced against the name and logo of each political party. Voting is non-compulsory but the voter turnout an outstanding 81 per cent - an increase of five per cent on the 2017 parliamentary election result

which did not produce a working majority government, no budget passed effectively freezing government spending for 10 months. * Hugh Fraser is a Mornington Peninsula Shire councillor and council delegate to Friends of Lospalos Mornington Peninsula which reports annually to council.

A 79-YEAR-OLD Mt Eliza man died in hospital on Friday (18 May), weeks after a police car collided with a vehicle during the pursuit of a silver Commodore sedan. Police pursued the sedan, alleged to have been involved in serious offences, on Nepean Highway near Mount Eliza Way at about 8.20pm on 14 April. A police car collided with another vehicle near Humphries Road. Four occupants were taken to hospital at the time. Major Collision Investigation Unit detectives will investigate the fatal collision. Police said the fatality will be investigated by Professional Standards Command, IBAC and the coroner.


Incredible Golf Open To Public 7 Days Course In Immaculate Condition Range Of Affordable Passes Available

www.standrewsbeachgolf.com.au (03) 5988 6000 Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018



Rocking along for a cause ABC Rockwiz host Brian Nankervis was said to be “on fire” from the moment he walked in to the Mobi-Rock fundraising event at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron on Saturday 5 May. “He quickly realised the mood and emotions and led one hell of a show,” organiser Terry Phippen said. Sorrento residents Pauline Downes and Kate Smith initiated the quiz and social night which raised more than $12,400 to buy two mobility chairs, matting and a hoist to give those with disabilities better access to beaches. Rye Lions Club also chipped in to buy a chair, costing about $4000, to be housed at the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. The club has offered space for the equipment and volunteer support in managing the use of the chairs. “The music trivia just flowed so well, with our local musician Keith White supplying the music,” Mr Phippen said.

“The financial success was given another boost with raffle ticket sales and a silent auction. “We have banked more money today and the total, after paying all expenses, is $12,407. This will buy those two chairs as well as a mobile hoist and beach matting to assist families moving from the car to the water.” Ms Downes and Ms Smith plan to hold a community project that involves the sailing community, raising money for chairs at beaches that can house the mobi-chairs and matting. They envision a program that not only supports the disabled but also the elderly, after hearing of a 93-year-old wanting to be taken into the water for a “last swim”. “The project is single-minded in providing beach access for the wider disadvantaged community, including opening access to these chairs to the older members,” Mr Phippen said.

Looking forward to staying independent for longer? Start talking about it now.

Golden Guitar winners Terry and Sue Phippen with Brian Nankervis. Terry says he has mounted the guitar on a golden stand ready for a title defence.

Author talks about man of letters

Australians are living longer. And that means there’s a lot more life to enjoy. Whatever you’re looking forward to, such as finding new ways to keep healthy, active and connected – the government has programs to assist. There are also 20,000 extra high level home care packages to help you stay at home and independent for longer. There are lots of ways to live the life you want.

Visit longliveyou.gov.au

GUEST speaker at the June meeting of the Mornington Peninsula Family History Society Carol Rosenhain will discuss the life and work of James Malcolm Lean, MBE, who she wrote about in The Man Who Held the Nation’s Grief. The book tells the story of the man who had the unenviable task of writing letters of condolence to the parents of Australian soldiers killed in WWI. Formed almost 40 years ago, in 1979, society has compiled an extensive library and resource centre in the Frankston South Recreation Centre, 55 Towerhill Road, Frankston. New members are able to attend a free beginners’ class. Other classes cover various topics to do with family history, including a DNA class. Resources include books, journals, microfiche and microfilm, plus computers with access to Ancestry, Findmypast and the British newspaper archive. President Lynne Emblin said the society’s computers held local, interstate and overseas records. The local history index gave researchers access library records relating to early settlers in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula area. History books published by members include Naming Frankston Streets - The People and Their Stories, Echoes From The Front - Frankston's Avenue of Honour, Langwarrin Settlers and Soldiers and 100 Years In Skye 1850-1950. The library opens at 11.30am Saturdays for research with the a guest speaker at 1.30pm on the first Saturday in February, April, June, August, October and December,. The talks are followed by afternoon tea. Other opening times are 10.30am-2.30pm Tuesday and Thursday, and 2-5pm Sundays. Yearly membership is $45 single, $70 family, or $10 a day.

Pre-loved books PRE-LOVED books are on sale at Mornington Peninsula Shire library branches to celebrate Library and Information Week. Libraries at Hastings, Mornington, Rosebud and Somerville will offer a wide selection of pre-loved books until Saturday 26 May. Proceeds from the book sales will go to the Cancer Council. The focus is on raising the profile of libraries and information service professionals in Australia. They will take the opportunity to showcase their resources, facilities, events, contacts and services through different programs and events to the community.

Seeing-eye dog talk


Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.


Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

COULD you care for a seeing-eye dog? That’s the question to be asked at a seeing-eye puppy and foster carer information evening to be held at Mornington Community Information and Support Centre, 320 Main Street, 6-7pm, Thursday 14 June. Those attending will be able to meet the dogs and hear Vison Australia clients’ stories before deciding whether they can help. Everyone is welcome. For details and to register email SEDAvolunteer@visionaustralia.org or call 1800 037 773.

Southern Peninsula




112 MARINE DRIVE, SAFETY BEACH Auction this saturday

Prime Position, Marine Drive



Bay views and approx. 50m to the pristine waters of Port Phillip Bay, these opportunities are few and far between and only present themselves on rare occasions. The occasion is now! If you’re looking to purchase close to the beach on a great size block or looking for a development property in an amazing location, then look no further. Situated on approx. 793m2 of prime Peninsula real estate is this fantastic opportunity to buy on Marine Drive, in Safety Beach.


The current home offers 3 bedrooms, and stunning views of the Bay & Mount Martha from the kitchen area, but this one is all about the position. With easy access to the beach, shops, Martha Cove Marina & the freeway, this property ticks all the boxes for the astute buyer.



Saturday 26th May 2018 at 2:30pm


Saturday 2.00 – 2.30pm


Darrin Marr 0409 066 933 stockdaleleggo.com.au/dromana-rosebud

As mentioned, opportunities like this don’t come along every day and you need to be quick to act to secure this fantastic investment. Call now before it’s too late.

5987 3233

5986 8600

1159-1165 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud, Vic, 3939 mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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DAVEYS BAY DELIGHT IN AN ENCHANTING GARDEN SETTING PRIVATELY set in a tightly held enclave near Daveys Bay, this John Lockwood designed home was built by Fasham Homes in 1998. An extension, also designed by John Lockwood, was added in 2005 to create a study and an upstairs room with deck. From the end of a quiet court you enter the property through eye-catching, hand crafted, granite stone pillars that flank an aggregate paved driveway framed on each side by Golden Elms. Ultimately emerging in an expansive parking bay in front of a double garage, the driveway weaves past low-profile dry rock walls, an ornamental pond and a splendid array of Manchurian pear trees and english box hedges. A tiled pathway leads to the welcoming front foor and wide formal entry, where to the right is a bedroom with built-in robe and a home office that both share the main bathroom with sunken spa bath and twin vanity. The light-filled central living zone features Italian tiles and incorporates a comfortable lounge that enjoys a gas log-effect heater, a spacious dining area adjoins the kitchen and a lovely casual meals space affords a fantastic outlook to the magnificent gardens. The kitchen features granite bench tops, there is plenty of storage space and a range of quality appliances include a rangehood, stainless-steel dishwasher and an electric oven with gas and electric hot plates. A short hallway leads through to a second bedroom and a cosy sitting area with the master bedroom featuring his and hers walkin wardrobes and a large ensuite with spa bath. A versatile upstairs recreation room has excellent views and the wide deck has a retractable shade awning. The glorious full-length patio has a splendid northerly aspect and the view down through the trees is sensational. Full use has been made of the splendid 2864 square metre block with several outbuildings - a detatched double garage with workshop, power and loft is brilliant - and five large rain water tanks ably serve the gardens and lawns which infuse this wonderful property with indescribable beauty and a magical secret garden ambience.n



ADDRESS: 2 Elm Court, MOUNT ELIZA FOR SALE: $3,300,000 DESCRIPTION: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 study, 2 car AGENT: James Crowder 0407 813 377 - Community Real Estate, 7/20-22 Ranelagh Drive, Mount Eliza, 9708 8667 INSPECT: As Advertised Or By Appointment mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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Auction this Sat.

Rye 33 Observation Drive





* Spacious and private 5 bedroom home * Three bathrooms includes FES to master * Two good-sized living areas * Open plan kitchen with gas cooking * Bay glimpses from the upper deck * Low maintenance rear yard * Double lock up garage

AUCTION Sat 26th May at 2:00pm INSPECT As Advertised CONTACT

Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Rosebud 5986 8880

Rosebud 26 Mount Arthur Avenue



* Modern 4 bedroom home * Master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe * Three open plan living areas with polished floors * Kitchen with stainless steel appliances * Outdoor undercover deck area * Reverse cycle air conditioning & ducted heating * Double garage


Rosebud 64 Seventh Avenue



* 390m2 (approx.) block, close to the foreshore * Impeccably presented 3 bedroom weatherboard home with livign area and fully equipped kitchen * Bathroom with double vanity and walk in shower * Polished boards, gas log fire and French doors * Front and rear decks overloking landscaped grounds

AUCTION Sat 16th June at 2:00pm INSPECT As Advertised CONTACT

Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Rosebud 5986 8880

New Listing

Rosebud 96 Third Avenue



FOR SALE PRICE $760,000 - $810,000 INSPECT As Advertised CONTACT

Clare Black 0409 763 261 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Rosebud 5986 8880


* Spacious, light and bright home with timber decks to the front and rear * 3 bedrooms * Stunning light-filled kitchen * Two separate living areas with air-conditioning * Polished hardwood and concrete floors * Plenty of off-street parking * Low maintenance landscaped gardens

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

AUCTION Sat 16th June 12:30pm INSPECT As Advertised CONTACT

Clare Black 0409 763 261 Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Rosebud 5986 8880


Page 4

Rosebud 17 Marks Avenue



Rosebud 57a Murray Anderson Road




* Architecturally designed single level townhouse * High ceilings and polished hardwood floors * Kitchen with quality stainless steel appliances * Open plan living & dining opening to BBQ deck * Master bedroom with massive WIR & ensuite * Sparkling central bathroom * Single lock up garage * Gas ducted heating & split system air-conditioning

PRICE $700,000 - $750,000 INSPECT As Advertised CONTACT

Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Rosebud 5986 8880

Rosebud 80 Eighth Avenue



* Superbly renovated two bedroom home * Open plan lounge & dining with gas log fire * Air-conditioning * Kitchen with dishwasher & Asko appliances * Polished timber floors throughout * Separate bathroom and laundry * Parking for 2 cars & room for a boat * Large outdoor decked area overlooking backyard




* 400m2 approx block on own title * Formal/informal living over 2 levels * Kitchen with stone bench tops * 5x reverse cycle air-conditioners * Double lock up garage * Masses of off street parking * Rear entertaining deck * Rental expectancy $450 per week

FOR SALE PRICE $680,000 - $730,000 INSPECT As Advertised CONTACT

Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Rosebud 5986 8880

New Listing

Rosebud 187 Third Avenue



AUCTION Sat 9th June at 12:30pm INSPECT As Advertised CONTACT

Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Rosebud 5986 8880



* Open plan living & dining plus kitchen * Three bedrooms with BIR’s * Single garage plus side access for a trailer * Gas heating and reverse cycle air-conditioning * Estimated rental return of $380 per week approx

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

FOR SALE PRICE $580,000- $620,000 CONTACT

Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Rosebud 5986 8880


Page 5

Capel Sound 77 Wingara Drive



* Approx. 460m2 block, close to schools * Open plan living with floating floorboards * 4 bedrooms; master with en-suite & WIR * Kitchen with dishwasher & breakfast bar * Alfresco entertaining * Low maintenance gardens * Ducted heating * Single garage



FOR SALE PRICE $550,000 - $600,000 CONTACT

Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Rosebud 5986 8880


Rosebud 160 Third Avenue



* Nine residences, each with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and parking for 2 * HURRY, ONLY THREE LEFT! * Long list of luxury inclusions * Self titled * Fully landscaped * No body corporate * Completion expected November 2018 * MASSIVE STAMP DUTY SAVINGS


New Listing

Rosebud 54 Murray Anderson Road


FOR SALE PRICE Contact Agent INSPECT View Plans By Appointment CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Rosebud 5986 8880




* 760m2 corner allotment * Elevated site with views of Arthurs Seat * Renovators delight with ideal floor plan * 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms * 2 living areas * Double garage and workshop * Very close to beach, shops and cafés * Currently tenanted $380 per week


Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Rosebud 5986 8880

Capel Sound 1-4 / 32 Woyna Avenue



* Architecturally designed 3BR townhouses * Formal & informal living zones over two levels * Refrigerated cooling & ducted heating * Kitchen with stainless-steel appliances * Luxurious bathrooms with freestanding baths * Double glazing, 2000l water tank & pump * Estimated completion April / May 2019. Townhouses are being sold off the plan with exceptional stamp duty savings

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


FOR SALE PRICE $675,000 - $725,000 INSPECT View Plans By Appointment CONTACT

Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Rosebud 5986 8880


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Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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24 Shipman Street

4 Bed l 2 Bath l 2 Car

28 Becket Street 3 Bed l 2 Bath l 2 Car

“The Pelican”


Renovated to perfection with attention to detail paramount, this beautifully presented home offers all the feel and style Coastal life on the Peninsula offers. The well designed floor plan centers around the open kitchen and dining area with soaring ceiling which flows seamlessly through bi-fold doors onto the alfresco area.

Styled for lifestyle, designed to suit every stage of life. Attractive features include, Blackwood flooring throughout, Outdoor entertaining area flows from kitchen, Miele appliances, 2nd living room/sun room takes in floor & ceiling light looking out to foliage & decking, Man cave garage, Ducted heating, Evaporative cooling, Bore Water.

Price: $1,200,000 - $1,290,000 Contact: Brendan Adams 0419 566 944

Price: $775,000 - $850,000 Contact: Jules Alexander 0401 255 555


SAFETY BEACH 30 Oceanic Drive

31A Davies Street Vacant Land

4 Bed l 2 Bath l 2 Car

Ready To Build Now!

Home Is Where The Heart Is

All the hard work has been done saving you time and money with endorsed plans and permits ready to go to build a generous 23sq Townhouse comprising 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living areas and double carport on a great sized allotment of approx 395sqm.Located only a short walk to the Beach and Marth Cove Marina this property is ideal for downsizers or retirees looking for a low maintenance property on the Peninsula.

Hidden behind this calming coastal facade awaits this magnificent modern, spacious four bedroom beach home located in Hidden Harbour, Martha Cove. Short walk to beach & expanding Marina Village with cafes, boardwalk & residents own mooring to launch Kayaks &/or SUP.

Price: $400,000 - $440,000 Contact: Brendan Adams 0419 566 944

Price: $970,000 - $1,050,000 Contact: Jules Alexander 0401 255 555

RYE 18 Valentine Street

SAFETY BEACH 57 Oceanic Drive

Quiet Bush Setting

Simply Decadent

Situated in a quiet street on an elevated block of approx 753sqm, this delightful Western Red Cedar home has loads of potential as a peaceful holiday escape or great investment property. Split level design with 3 bedrooms all with built in robes. Main bedroom, open kitchen/dining and family bathroom on the upper level, living room with gas heating and 2 bedrooms on the lower level.

Meticulously designed and fitted out to a first class standard, stunning Hidden Harbour Martha Cove Marina home. Just moments from the soon to be completed shopping/restaurant precinct. Off the open plan area is an alfresco area with fixed café blinds, television and heating for all year use – landscaping is a credit to the owners. Decking and flora creates a relaxing ambience.

Price:$580,000 to $610,000 Contact: Brendan Adams 0419 566 944

Price: $895,000 Contact: Jules Alexander 0401 255 555



3 Bed l 1 Bath l 1 Car

3 Bed l 2 Bath l 2 Car

90 Valley Drive

3 Bed l 1 Bath l 2 Car

2 The Whitton 3 Bed l 2 Bath l 2 Car

Coastal Getaway

Overlooking the 17th

Located only minutes from the Rye shopping precinct and beach front, this fantastic property presents as a quiet retreat for use as a holiday house, permanent residence or investment. Purpose built as a holiday home by the current owner, it has been well looked after and is on the market for the first time.

Nestled among the Moonah trees, the unspoilt native environment of this exceptional location offers the ultimate in luxury and tranquillity. Impeccably designed to blend with the surroundings, and set on approx. 650sqm, the dwelling is nestled privately on the block and maximises its position adjacent the 17th hole, taking in each beautiful aspect of the surrounding landscape.

Prices From: $580,000 - $610,000 Contact: Brendan Adams 0419 566 944

Price: Contact Agent Contact: Jules Alexander 0401 255 555

Call the team that gets you the best result! When you list your property with an Eview Group agent, you list with the entire multi-brand network, exposing your property to more buyers and achieving better results. 2361 Point Nepean Road, Rye | 1377 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud | 5985 0000 | rye.eview.com.au mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Page 8

n o i t c u A &

D L SO Rosebud 5986 8188



0 0 0 , 1 5 $4


26 Whitehead Grove, Capel Sound With a beach-side location approximately 400 metres to the water and walking distance to Rosebud Plaza Shopping Centre this home is both practical and convenient! Featuring 2 generous double bedrooms, huge open plan living room, good size kitchen, separate laundry and single lock up garage with internal access - this property is sure to impress! Complete with a spacious rear private courtyard and garden shed. Perfect for First Home Buyers, investors, downsizers, developers, couples - just about everyone!

Adam King 0422 337 337

Shane Pope 0400 335 589




rh.com.au/rosebud Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Page 9

Forthcoming Auction

Rosebud 5986 8188 View:

Saturday 1:00 -1:30am

Auction: Saturday 16th June at 11:30am



18 Arthurs Avenue, McCrae Prepare to be swept off your feet by this rustic retreat in one of McCrae’s most exclusive avenues. This split-level cedar beauty occupies 818 sqm (approx) of land with sky-high views over McCrae Beach and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure a oneowner, 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home with soaring cathedral ceilings, clerestory windows and timber decks that extend from both sides and both levels. The layout features 3 living rooms and a spacious master bedroom with balcony, a built-in robe and a corner spa ensuite! The piece-de-resistance is the kitchen with a preparation station, 2 stainless steel ovens and a 900mm gas cooktop. Also certified and on location is a licensed commercial kitchen. The lower level presents an ideal teen retreat with bedroom and living room.

Adam King 0422 337 337

Shane Pope 0400 335 589





rh.com.au/rosebud Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Page 10

Forthcoming Auction

Rosebud 5986 8188 View:


Saturday 3:00pm – 3:30pm

Auction: Saturday 16th June at 3:30pm


1/17 Bass Avenue, Rosebud Located in a select block in quiet, no thru road and surrounded by native bush land this large villa unit would ideally suit anyone looking at a first home purchase, downsizing, investors or holiday makers. Comprising 3 bedrooms; master bedroom with WIR & ensuite, formal lounge, open plan kitchen/meals and second living area overlooking a decked entertaining area and spacious rear yard, central bathroom, separate toilet and laundry plus double lock-up garage. This home encompasses everything a young family or investor is looking for in a secluded location in this beautiful seaside town.

Adam King 0422 337 337

Shane Pope 0400 335 589





rh.com.au/rosebud Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Page 11







95 Palmerston Avenue, Dromana

14/183 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud

With an enormous rumpus room upstairs, large living downstairs and a rare enclosed alfresco kitchen and pizza oven outside, this 2-storey home presents an exciting entry point into peninsula living, or a spacious holiday accommodation with enough room to bring all your friends along. Just moments to the heart of Dromana’s cafe strip and beach, this 25 square (approx.) residence has incredible street appeal and an air of majesty.

A wonderful opportunity to own a beachside investment offering you peace of mind, privacy and security. Quality design combined with real flair in the overall finish and decoration of the home set this townhouse apart from the rest. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, polished hardwood floors, quality kitchen with stone benchtops & Euro appliances all add to the stylish finish throughout. The larger lounge area spills out onto a private deck area ideal for alfresco dining and entertaining. High ceilings, quality window furnishing, air-con complete the comfortable home.

View Saturday 2:00-2:30pm For Sale $655,000

View Saturday 10:00-10:30am For Sale $490,000 - $539,000

Shane Pope 0400 335 589

Adam King 0422 337 337







2 Sandpiper Court, Capel Sound

6-9/307-311 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud

Split-level property with kitchen, dining and lounge, plus 2 bedrooms and bathroom on the ground level. Upstairs are three versatile rooms for extra living or home office options. Master bedroom has ensuite with shower over spa bath. Externally there is a sheltered entertaining area featuring a sink with hot and cold water plus barbecue, and only a few steps away is the salt water chlorinated pool and sun deck. Additionally there is a single garage plus paved off-street parking at entry level. Currentlyu leased at $1912 pcm.

Four very affordable and stylish ‘off the plan’ two-bedroom townhouses in a convenient location walking distance to schools, parkland and shopping. All 4 homes have similar easy-living floorplans spread over 2 levels with top-quality finishes throughout. Features include main openplan living/meals area and kitchen, laundry space, powder room, a private alfresco and a single garage with internal access.

View As Advertised For Sale $489,000

View Saturday 1:00-1:30pm For Sale $630,000 - $690,000

Adam King 0422 337 337 2


Adam King 0422 337 337 1




257 Bayview Road, McCrae

10/183-189 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud

This highly presentable and comfortable home comprises 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, open plan lounge/dining/kitchen as well as an adjoining rumpus room. Across the front of the property is a small deck providing access to both the lounge and rumpus room. A single carport set amongst well maintained gardens completes the picture. Potential 2 or 3 unit development site (STCA).

This three bedroom townhouse epitomises style and elegance with open plan living creating a free flowing transition to generous outdoor living areas. The spacious kitchen features stone bench tops, glass splash back, stainless steel appliances and polished timber flooring throughout, and upstairs are three bedrooms all with built-in robes – master with ensuite. There is also a study nook and central bathroom

D L O S &

D L O S &

View As Advertised For Sale $530,000 - $560,000

Adam King 0422 337 337 3


Adam King 0422 337 337 2



1-5 / 307-309 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud

3/1635 Point Nepean Road, Capel Sound

Five very affordable and stylish ‘off the plan’ three-bedroom townhouses in a convenient location walking distance to schools, parkland and shopping.All 5 homes have similar easy-living floorplans spread over 2 levels with top-quality finishes throughout. Features include main openplan living/meals area and kitchen, laundry space, powder room, a private alfresco and a single or double garage with internal access.

Two bedroom executive style apartment, built in robes, balcony for enjoying summer days and nights to come, stainless steel appliances including dishwasher, electric oven and stove top, granite kitchen tops, large walk in shower. Secure under cover parking with remote. Outdoor balcony overseeing the amazing Capel Sound foreshore. across the road from the beach. Stylish and modern is the key to this suite!.

View As Advertised For Sale $569,000

View As Advertised For Sale $400,000 - $440,000

Adam King 0422 337 337

Adam King 0422 337 337

Adam King 0422 337 337

Shane Pope 0400 335 589







Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Page 12


&C ong


lati o


Shane Pope 0400 335 589 shane.pope@rosebud.rh.com.au

Adam King 0422 337 337 adam.king@rosebud.rh.com.au

Sale Properties Required!!! Are you thinking about selling your home?

Contact Raine & Horne Rosebud on 03 5986 8188 to list your property and maximise your return. mpnews.com.au


03 5986 8188 rh.com.au/rosebud Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Page 13

Rental Property of the Week

Rosebud 5986 8188 $350 per week AVAILABLE NOW




1/93 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud This brand new coastal design is ready for it’s very first quality tenants! Perfectly situated and comprising 2 good size bedrooms with BIRs, modern bathroom, open plan living and dining plus a stylish kitchen with modern appliances. * Stylish kitchen with modern appliances * 2 generous size bedroom with BIRs * Open plan living and dining * Excellent location close to shops and foreshore * Private yard and secure garage

Madeleine Speirs 5986 8188

Shelley Clack 5986 8188



Kate Turville 5986 8188

Maria Burns 5986 8188

kate.turville@rosebud.rh.com.au maria.burns@rh.rosebud.com.au

Raine&Horne mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Page 14






1/906 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud

8 Laurens Street, Rosebud



* Two bedroom unit at the front of the block * Built in robes to bedrooms * Kitchen with electric oven with range hood * Lounge has ceiling fan and split system * Combined bathroom laundry + separate toilet * Strictly No Pets

* Close to McCrae Plaza and Rosebud foreshore * 3 bedroom home with plenty of space * 2 separate living areas * Kitchen with electric cooktop * Seperate bathroom and laundry * Great big backyard

$270 per week AVAILABLE NOW

$300 per week AVAILABLE NOW

Rentals 5986 8188

Rentals 5986 8188






2 Elwers Road, Rosebud

117 Second Avenue, Rosebud



* 3 - 4 bedrooms * 2 bathrooms * Outdoor Spa * Freshly painted and new carpet

* Close to Rosebud Plaza and the foreshore * 3 bedroom home with plenty of space. * 2 separate living areas * Kitchen with electric cooktop * Separate bathroom and laundry * Great big backyard

D E S A E &L

$320 per week AVAILABLE NOW

Rentals 5986 8188 3

Rentals 5986 8188 3





36 Helm Avenue, Safety Beach

18/2475 Pt Nepean Road, Rye



* Sought after Martha Cove location * Modern, open living and dining * 3 generous bedrooms & 3 bathrooms * Low maintenance front garden * Open, upstairs balcony for entertaining * Excellent community surroundings

This delightful 2 bedroom property is offered furnished or un-furnished. Complete with split system, beautifully presented throughout, with a light and bright kitchen. Located directly opposite the bay, your little patch of heaven in summer awaits. Enjoy a coffee in the cafes, walk along the pier and dinner at the resteraunts only a short stroll away.

ED S A E L &

$490 per week AVAILABLE NOW

$340 per week ( unfurnished) $350 per week ( unfurnished) AVAILABLE NOW

Rentals 5986 8188

Rentals 5986 8188







29 Illaroo Street, Rosebud

1/47 Grenville Grove, Capel Sound



* 2 bedrooms * Backyard garage * Brand new carpet * Generous yard

* Walk to the beach, shops, cafe’s and restaraunts * Heating & cooling throughout * Only two residences on the block * Secure off street parking

D E S A E &L

$310 per week AVAILABLE NOW

$450 per week AVAILABLE NOW

Rentals 5986 8188

Rentals 5986 8188

Madeleine Speirs 5986 8188

Shelley Clack 5986 8188



Kate Turville 5986 8188

Maria Burns 5986 8188

kate.turville@rosebud.rh.com.au maria.burns@rh.rosebud.com.au

Raine&Horne mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Page 15

Madeleine Speirs 5986 8188 madeleine.speirs@rosebud.rh.com.au

Shelley Clack 5986 8188 shelley.clack@rosebud.rh.com.au

Kate Turville 5986 8188 kate.turville@rosebud.rh.com.au

Maria Burns 5986 8188 maria.burns@rh.rosebud.com.au

Raine & Horne Property Management Team THE NUMBER ONE TEAM ON THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA We manage the largest portfolio of rental properties on the Mornington Peninsula We have decades of combined experience, dedicated to caring for our landlords, tenants and contractors We are all home owners, tenants and landlords ourselves, so we understand all aspects of the job We are caring, friendly, trusted and most importantly, knowledgable CONTACT THE NUMBER ONE TEAM TO SEE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT NEEDS

Rental Properties Required!!! Are you getting the maximum return on your investment?

Rosebud 03 5986 8188

Contact Raine & Horne Rosebud on 03 5986 8188 to list your property and maximise your return. mpnews.com.au

rh.com.au/rosebud Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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BREATHTAKING COUNTRY ESTATE A WORLD away from the hustle and bussle of everyday life, this gracious mudbrick homestead is privately ensconced on a magnificent 2.22 hectare block where the sounds of crashing waves may just carry over the gently undulating countryside. The home measures an impressive 465 square metres with wide wraparound verandahs complementing the character and warmth to be found inside. Splendid raked timber ceilings with exposed Oregon beams and amazing natural stone floors feature to a grand family zone with a lovely rustic kitchen showcasing an enormous butlers pantry, and a comfortable lounge and dining area are centred around a superb wood heater atop a circular hearth. There is a formal lounge to the south wing, and on the mezzanine level is a massive games room. The master bedroom has an ensuite and walk-in robe with four more excellent bedrooms sharing two more bathrooms. Externally there is an in-ground pool with waterfall feature and a single garage has extra storage space. There is a wonderful colonial-style ambience exuded here with magnificent leadlight glass windows displaying a wonderful variety of Australiana scenes from our native wildlife to folklore. n



ADDRESS: 171 Maxwell Road, FINGAL FOR SALE: Price On Application DESCRIPTION: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 car AGENT: Martin Huntley 0418 464 111 Fletchers Real Estate, 2815 Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie, 5984 2600

Residential, Land, Commercial, Rural, Industrial - Since 1946

SORRENTO 38 Hotham Road

A MOMENT IN TIME A stunning part of the rich Sorrento history, built in 1887 over 130 years ago, and today a state of the art modern home. Nestled 150 metres from the town centre, Sorrento Hotel and Sorrento Park, this home is unique and will remain so. Boasting 4 generous sized bedrooms and 4 luxurious bathrooms you will have enough room for the whole family and friends to enjoy. A blend of limestone and weatherboard exterior sets the pace of this modern Hampton style residence which is meticulously designed to be functional and oozing class throughout with state of the art Swarovski crystal chandeliers and expert lighting. Enjoy huge living spaces, a butler’s pantry and 2 fire places so the property can be enjoyed all year round. In addition to all the latest mod cons internally, externally entertain whilst be surrounded by irrigated vertical gardens which give you an outstanding light show at night. This personal oasis awaits you.

For Sale $2,800,000 - $2,950,000 Contact: Mark Prentice 0408 117 772

2395 Point Nepean Road, Rye. Ph 5985 2351 78 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento. Ph 5984 4177 mpnews.com.au

www.prenticerealestate.com.au Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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Residential, Land, Commercial, Rural, Industrial - Since 1946 N O T I T A C U IS S A H T

SORRENTO 19 Shirley Avenue

RYE 1 Jacqlyn Avenue



Yes, this oldie is just waiting for the right person to come in and re-develop this beautiful site. Superbly positioned, close to the town, walking tracks and beaches, this original 2 bedroom knock down home offers an outstanding opportunity for the astute buyer to purchase and build a modern home that could be used for either permanent or holiday living. The land gently rises from front to back allowing pleasant views and an ideal aspect With the scarcity of land available in Sorrento, this is a property not to be missed.

Perfectly positioned only a short stroll to bay and shops in a quiet no thru road, this updated home will allow you to move straight in. Offering 3 bedrooms, open plan kitchen dining living area central bathroom, carport and extra car parking. Features renovated kitchen with s/steel appliances, cosy wood heater, wall heaters, R/C air conditioning,2nd WC and lovely established gardens with bore water to maintain all year round. You will love coming home and enjoying this peaceful convenient location.

Auction: Saturday 26th May at 1pm Price Guide: $885,000 - $950,000 Contact: Mark Prentice 0408 117 772

For Sale: $590,000 - $640,000 Contact: Michael Christodoulou 0419 003 685

RYE 30 Hay Street

BLAIRGOWRIE 37 Reeves Street



With nothing but the sounds of the surf crashing and the sway of the Moonah trees, your privacy is assured on this glorious 2,500m (approx) allotment. The home has been recently updated and consists of 3 bedrooms, open plan kitchen, dining & family room, bathroom and a lock up garage. Other features include outdoor shower, split system heating and cooling and outdoor fire pit. Opportunities in this position on this land size rarely arise so be sure to act quickly with this exceptional property. sure to act quickly with this exceptional property.

This commanding near new home with an expansive tree top outlook is bathed in natural light. Featuring spacious living areas, extensive decking and large bedrooms, this house is the ultimate entertainer that could accommodate two families with ease. Upstairs comprises master bedroom with FES & WIR along with another guest bedroom also with ensuite and WIR. An open plan kitchen and family room has polished floor boards, fireplace and timber lined ceilings and opens to an alfresco entertaining deck.

For Sale: $945,000 - $995,000 Contact: Michael Christodoulou 0419 003 685

2395 Point Nepean Road, Rye.

Ph 5985 2351

78 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento. Ph 5984 4177 mpnews.com.au

For Sale $1,575,000 - $1,675,000 Contact: Mark Prentice 0408 117 772


Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888

Mount Martha Auction this Saturday


3 Melaleuca Road, Mount Martha A turn key ready sensation, this single-level three-bedroom residence presents a stylishly renovated low-maintenance lifestyle with a north-east aspect and private rear wrap-around garden with a sweep of lawn for kids and pets to play. With north-east living and dining zones, a stunning stone kitchen, sublime bathroom with ensuite access, contemporary flooring and double garage that doubles as a party space, this delightful home is perfectly appointed.

Auction 26th may 11.00am Inspection By appopintment or as advertised Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 bowmanandcompany.com.au

A3 B1 C2 bowmanandcompany.com.au


WHETHER it be for a peaceful weekend retreat or an affordable downsizing or fist home buying option, doesn’t everyone wants a beachside home to call their own? This cute weatherboard home is about 300 metres walk from Capel Sound beach, and with a great 836 square metre block, the potential here is endless. The interior is well-spaced with three bedrooms and two bathrooms which includes an ensuite to the main bedroom. The bright open plan living area has timber floorboards and air-conditioning and to the neat kitchen is an upright stove. The property also features a self-contained bungalow and there is plenty of room to store boats and caravans on-site. If a lovely, low-maintenance beachside home with a great back yard is what you desire, then look no further. n



ADDRESS: 42 Rose Street, CAPEL SOUND FOR SALE: $825,000-$865,000 DESCRIPTION: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms AGENT: John King 0419 202 471 - Stockdale & Leggo Dromana-Rosebud, 1159-1165 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud, 5987 3233

Normanby Road, Sorrento


Hamptons style classic beach home.

Custom built homes beyond the ordinary.

Perfectly suited for the buyer planning to downsize now or in the future, this stunning coastal residence provides classic Australian informal living by the sea.

Tempo build beautiful, sophisticated, livable homes. Through our partnership with local architects and planners we provide clients with seamless integration of design flexibility, project management and high quality construction. We specialise in quality knock down rebuild projects throughout the Mornington Peninsula.

Designed for entertaining with family and friends, this perfectly proportioned luxury residence features open plan living and dining flowing to the outdoor entertaining zones and pool, chef’s kitchen with Euro appliances, well appointed butler’s pantry, 3 bedrooms (2 masters with WIR & ensuite), 2 car garage, plus more. Michael Armstrong 9825 2551 | 0407 063 263 kayburton.com.au

Get in touch today. Natalie Sevior 0439 368 181

or see thetempogroup.com.au for more details. NRS15447


Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888

Mornington Auction this Saturday


47 Bayview Road, Mornington In a quiet residential pocket close to Civic Reserve, Bentons Square and schools, this single-level three-bedroom residence set on a fabulous north-facing land parcel offers a brilliant Mornington beginning, new home site or blue-chip development opportunity (STCA) where lifestyle is the prime focus. The current accommodation offers comfortable living with a bright living room, separate north-facing kitchen and adjoining dining flowing out to a northern terrace and the big fenced backyard. Packed with extras from a double carport to a huge workshop/ mancave with concrete floor and power, tool shed and water tank, the fabulous possibilities this block presents are matched by the wonderful setting.

Auction 26th May 12.00pm Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 bowmanandcompany.com.au

A3 B1 C2



10 Hillpark Drive, Mornington A lovely family home by any measure made even more inviting with its freshly painted interior and polished floorboards, this light-filled four-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom two-storey residence enjoys immaculate interiors and a big backyard in a quiet location convenient to schools, great shopping and the beach. Two beautiful living zones, a fully-equipped kitchen, palatial top-floor parents retreat with views to Arthurs Seat, deep fenced rear garden with entertaining deck, remote double garage, heating, cooling, wood combustion fireplace, clawfoot bath and masses of storage highlight the home’s exceptional fit-out and family appeal.

Auction June 16th 11.00am Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 bowmanandcompany.com.au

A4 B2 C2 bowmanandcompany.com.au mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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For Sale – Mornington

Forthcoming Auction - 997 Moorooduc Highway, Moorooduc Mornington Peninsula Freehold Investment

• Large corner site with high exposure • Situated on busy Moorooduc Highway • Two separate tenancies with combined rent of approx. $160,000pa with 3% annual increases • Selling on a 5% yield.

McLaren Place Investment


• Two SOLD, only one left. • Central Location opposite Centro Mornington • Ideal Superannuation Investment • A-grade tenant with long lease • Lift Access/Balcony



Sale Price: Contact Agent Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: Contact Agent Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Business Sale - Mornington Peninsula

Business Sale- Mornington Fine Food Café at a Fine Price

Peninsula Based Garden and Property Maintenance

• Long established Italian Cafe situated just off Main Street • Lease includes 2 Bedroom Residence • Indoor /Outdoor venue • Warm and welcoming atmosphere with loyal clientele

• Well established garden maintenance and lawn mowing business • Business has a regular customer base of approx 80 customers including 16 Body Corporates. • Good profits and low overheads • Excellent opportunity for gardener/ handyman looking for a start-up business. • Current owner happy to assist with a smooth transition if needed

Sale Price: $150,000 WIWO Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: $90,000 WIWO Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Business Sale - Mornington

Business Sale - Mornington Cheapest Rent in Town

• Located in the heart of Main Street • Fantastic fit out with quality fittings • 120sqm approx. with excellent street frontage • Rear access with carparking • New Lease available • FIT OUT ONLY

• Fantastic location just off Main Street • Modern Fit out with quality fittings • Low rent of $2325pcm + GST & outgoings • Approx. 62sqm of retail space



Magnificent Main Street

Fit-Out Price: $80,000 Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Business Sale- Red Hill

Business Sale - M’ton Peninsula

For Sale or Lease - Mornington

Fit-Out Price: $50,000 Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Properties For Lease OFFICES FOR LEASE (Mornington unless specified) From $195pw



2/10 Blamey Place - varying sizes

A Rarity In Red Hill

Pool Servicing and Maintenance

• Unique retail business in picturesque Red Hill • Stockist of exclusive clothing brands, jewellery, perfumes and homewares. • Individually sourced products from around the world. • Long lease package available.

• Specialising in pool maintenance & repairs • Servicing the Mornington Peninsula from Patterson Lakes to Portsea. • Strong, loyal clientele base. • Ideal opportunity to be your own boss

For Sale: $20,000+SAV Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

For Lease or Sale - Mornington

For Sale: $130,000 WIWO Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Blamey Place Storage Space

• Smack in the middle of Mornington CBD • Drive your car directly to Storage unit door • Park and unload from your own loading bay • Approx 7.5mx2.3m with high ceiling

Sale Price: $69,950/ Lease Price $480pcm+GST Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Alisha Maestrale 0400 700 169

For Lease - Rosebud

For Lease - Mornington

6/356 Main Street - 105sqm


11 Railway Grove – Varying sizes

Price On Application

4/15 Carbine Way - From 12sqm Suite 2, Level 3/28 Main Street -14sqm

• Beautiful brand new office fit out • Entry and exit off Main St and Blamey Place • 11 spacious suites, reception area and boardroom • Suitable for medical or professional firm • Can be leased to individual tenants

Contact agent for details Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

PH: (03) 5977 2255 mpnews.com.au

When Location Matters • Superb Main St frontage with large display windows. • Retail / Office Space of approx 60sqm • Long term lease available now • Includes optional underground storage unit of approx. 8x2.2m with own loading bay/carpark

Lease Price: $4,870pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Retail Space Opposite Beach

• Retail Space of approx.180sqm • Ideally located in high foot traffic area • Toilet, Kitchenette and small office area • Attractive lease package available.

Lease Price: $3,330pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454



FACTORIES FOR LEASE (Mornington unless specified) 16 Peacock Rd Somerville – 200sqm


16 Peacock Rd Somerville – 250sqm


SHOPS FOR LEASE (Mornington unless specified) 124 Bass Meadows Blvd St Andrews Beach

Blamey Place Suites

From $750pcm+GST


897 Pt Nepean Road Rosebud – 180sqm


176 Main Street - 60sqm


Main Street - 210sqm


68-74 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento - 72sqm


STORAGE (Mornington unless specified) 18/10 Blamey Place – 17.5sqm


Contact: Office on 5977 2255

1/26 McLaren Place, Mornington VIC 3931 Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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GIFTS ON THE HILL THIS attractive and well-presented business stocks a variety of exclusive clothing brands, jewellery, perfume and homewares individually sourced from around the world. Well set in this popular hinterland town, the premises has a long lease package available, and for any budding retail owner, particularly at the drastically reduced asking price, this is a rare opportunity sure to move quickly.n

Retail, RED HILL FOR SALE: $20,000 AGENT: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Kevin Wright Real Estate, 1/26 McLaren Place, Mornington, 5977 2255

GREEN THUMBS ESTABLISHED for 11 years, this garden maintenance and lawn mowing business demonstrates good profits and has low overheads. A large cllient base of about 80 customers includes body corporates and an array of small landscaping jobs such as retaining walls, hedge trimming, chainsawing, pressure cleaning, gutters and garden clean ups. For an existing garden business this is a great opportunity to add to your own territory, and ideal for those seeking a start up self-employment business.n

CLEAN UP IN THIS SHOPPING CENTRE LOCALE A FANTASTIC retail investment opportunity awaits in the Lakeview Shopping Centre along Gladesville Boulevard in Patterson Lakes. Currently leased to a well-established dry cleaning and laundrette business, Shop 22 has a 3-year lease and a 3-year option, with the 52 square metre shop providing a net rental return of $27,545 per annum, with the tenant paying all outgoings. The shopping centre itself is anchored by Woolworths supermarket, with shop 22 adjacent to ANZ bank and close to an Australia Post branch.n

Garden and Property Maintenance FOR SALE: $90,000 WIWO AGENT: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454 Kevin Wright Real Estate, 1/26 McLaren Place, Mornington, 5977 2255


Shop 22, Lakeview Shopping Centre, Gladesville Boulevard, PATTERSON LAKES AUCTION: This Thursday at 11am on site AGENT: Linda Ellis - 0400 480 397, Nichols Crowder, 1/1 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs, 9775 1535

The Peninsula’s Leading Commercial & Industrial Agency For Lease

For Lease

15/24 Kanowna Street, Hastings

Ready Made Food Premises

Main Road Factory With Yard

Affordable Warehouse

Building area: 155m2*

Building area: 180m2*


Full commercial kitchen

Great frontage & exposure


3 phase, 15,000L grease trap, return air

Roller door, power & fenced side/ rear yard

Liquor licence with outdoor seating

Ideal showroom, warehouse/ storage Lease price: $2,000 pcm + outgoings

*approx. Tom Crowder 0438 670 300

Solid brick warehouse 3 phase power

Off street parking

Lease Price: $6,000 pcm + GST + Outgoings Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

Building area: 260m2*

Staff amenities includes toilet & kitchenette

Walk-in cool room & freezer

Off-street parking

Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

For Lease

1/96 Main Street, Mornington

2065 Frankston Flinders Road, Hastings

*approx. Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

Lease Price:$1,625pcm + GST + Outgoings


Tom Crowder 0438 670 300

Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

For Sale

For Sale

For Sale

A Top Level Investment

2 Shops, 2 Titles to be Sold as One

Storage / Man Caves

Shop 7- 75m2*

5 professional office suites

Sale Price: Contact Agent

*approx. Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

nicholscrowder.com.au mpnews.com.au

Sizes range: 95m2168m2* Secure boutique development

Main road exposure

Electric Roller Door

Commercial 1 Zone, next to First Choice Liquor & Aldi

High clearance, clear-span warehousing

Sale Price: $630,000 $693,000 Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

5925 6005

4/230 Main St, Mornington 3931

*approx. Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859


Surrounded by National Tenants in Main Street

Refurbished open plan & partitioned offices



4 suites currently leased Owner occupy or lease 5th suite for circa $14,500 p.a

Shop 8- 65m2*



Secure income $52,107p.a*

Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562

6 Cannery Court, Tyabb

7 & 8/ 1283 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud

Suites 1-5, Level 3/ 28 Main Street, Mornington

Prices starting from: $161,000 + GST


Josh Monks 0409 335 179

9775 1535

9559 3888

1 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs 3201 Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tom Crowder 0438 670 300

358 South Rd, Moorabbin 3189


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SPECIAL OFFER To celebrate the expansion of Briggs Shaw Real Estate, we are offering 50% off Internet marketing for all new properties listed with us for sale between 1st April and 30th June 2018

Contact the team at Briggs Shaw Real Estate to list your property today Blairgowrie Office: 03 5988 8391 Dromana Office: 03 5911 8036 Melbourne Office: 03 9221 6247 PASSION • INTEGRITY • RESULTS www.briggsshaw.com.au BLAIRGOWRIE • DROMANA • MELBOURNE

Find out what your home is worth.




Tuesday, 22 May 2018


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Orange day to honour SES PEOPLE can show appreciation this month for State Emergency Services volunteers who help out during road rescues and storms. Wednesday 23 May is Wear Orange Wednesday (WOW) Day, a nationwide day for Australians to dress in orange to thank SES crews for their assistance in fraught times. SES volunteers across Victoria responded to more than 31,000 requests for help last year, putting in 302,623 hours collectively to respond to emergencies. VICSES operations chief officer Tim Wiebusch said WOW Day “is an important day of appreciation for our volun-

teers who selflessly dedicate their time and skills to helping their communities during their times of greatest need”. “Every day our volunteers are prepared to drop everything and put on their orange overalls to respond to requests for assistance from their local communities,” Mr Wiebusch said. “Wearing orange on 23 May at your workplace, school or wherever you may be, will show appreciation for our volunteers, along with the families and employers that make this support possible.” Messages of thanks to VICSES volunteers can be shared on WOW Day using the hashtags #thankyouSES and #WOWday on Facebook and Twitter.

First among responders: SES crews often help free trapped drivers and passengers after major car crashes. Picture: Gary Sissons

Seeing stars for the record

Finn looks through an observatory telescope. Pictures: Tony Nightingale

Take a Break for Cancer this May & June to support your local cancer services at Frankston & Rosebud Hospitals. Raise funds so that everyone has access to fast diagnosis, fast treatment, and the care and support they need, close to home.

Get involved today: • Host a Fundraiser • Donate • Join events across the Peninsula

AN attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the most people stargazing across multiple venues will be held this week at The Briars Astronomy Centre, Mt Martha. Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society will host the event which aims to have the most people ever stargazing at the moon through a telescope or binoculars for a 10-minute period, tomorrow night (23 May). The world record of 7960 people at 37 locations was set in 2015 by the Australian National University. Society members say they are “aiming to set a record so large that it will be nearly impossible to break again”. The event will include a live screening of Stargazing Live with Professor Brian Cox. Those attending will need to bring their own telescopes or binoculars or buy their own at: facebook.com/

events/139925546846659/ for $8. These on-line telescopes are 30mm in diameter and include an adjustable focus and small tripod. They will be handed out on the night and can be taken home afterwards. Participants in the record attempt will not be permitted to share telescopes or binoculars. Photographer Tony Nightingale said the record attempt would take place even if there is cloud or rain as only a 10-minute viewing window on the moon was needed. Admission is $5 which includes tea and coffee. Event registration and telescope collection is at 7pm. The Stargazing Live broadcast is at 8pm. The world record attempt will take place during the broadcast, 8-9pm. The Briars Astronomy Centre is at Melway 151 E1.

Have your say Community Halls Usage Policy You are invited to provide your thoughts on Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Community Halls Usage Policy. The primary aim of the policy is to provide a consistent and equitable framework in the use and management of community facilities by Council. Community consultation closes 5pm, Thursday 1 June 2018.

Have your say Online mornpen.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay In writing Attention: Heath Gillett Community Halls Usage Policy Mornington Peninsula Shire Private Bag 1000, Rosebud VIC 3939 In person Hard copies are available at the Shire’s offices in Rosebud, Mornington, Hastings and Somerville.

www.takeabreakforcancer.org.au Proudly supported by

For more information mornpen.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay Southern Peninsula News

22 May 2018



Letters - 300 words maximum and including full name, address and contact number - can be sent to The News, PO Box 588, Hastings 3915 or emailed to: team@mpnews.com.au

Bring the train back to Mornington How nice to see the government pledge of big money for the electrification of the rail link between Frankston and Baxter.(“Big bucks for rail but timing means everything” The News 15/5/18). Here in Mornington, we had a rail link to Frankston for 91 years before it was closed in 1981 by an extraordinarily foolish, short sighted state government. Mornington, Mt Martha and environs are expanding rapidly and, being both visionary and cynic, I can foresee housing developments in every paddock right up to the Mooroduc highway and possibly beyond. We are going to need that railway line - we need it again already. The elements of it are still in place, with a rail line down to Yuilles Road almost to the Nepean highway, thanks to the wonderful work of the railway preservation society. It might be impossible to restore the line back to central Mornington, but Yuilles Road would do, the centre of Mornington has shifted. The Tanti Creek, now just a drain, runs alongside the rail line and could be partly connected to a pipe like it already is as it flows under the Nepean Highway. Then fill in the creek and there would be a 100 acres or more of dirt-cheap virgin land adjacent to the rail terminal at Yuilles Road, eminently suitable for a large transport interchange, with train station, bus terminals, shops, parking available; a facility which would serve this district well for at least 91 years. In planning the business case and all of the other delays, reviews and consultations for Baxter, this should be considered as an inclusion. Brian A Mitchelson, Mornington

Noise without jets Some six months ago, we moved to Safety Beach from Mentone. Our first visitors stayed overnight and, on waking, asked: “So, where’s the jet runway?” Confused, I asked them what they meant as there is no airport for jets closer than Avalon and Moorabbin as far as I knew. Then they took me outside and I heard the “jet” noise and explained that the noise was actually peak hour traffic on the M11 through Dromana, beneath Arthurs Seat. I guess the government of the day didn’t think it worthwhile to extend the installation of sound barriers on the M11 past Cranbourne Road. Perhaps it was political at the time, or perhaps the politicians figured that it was only the abundant weekend traffic with boats in tow that were likely to cause such a racket. Perhaps it is now time for those affected by such noise pollution to try and snare a portion of the largesse being expended on infrastructure in this state and nationally? Stewart Adam, Safety Beach

Softening with gas Is the Premier Daniel Andrews softening up Vic-

SouthernPeninsula Peninsula Southern

Bird show, sale

torians to eventually have onshore gas exploration in Victoria? It sounds like his “offshore “ gas drilling from the shore is just that. Rupert Steiner, Balnarring Beach

Make safe turns The sad death of a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Melbourne’s east highlights a consistent danger on our roads. Drivers coming into a heavy traffic situation, looking right, seeing a break and driving in turning left, assuming all is clear. The same situation at a roundabout entering (for example from Jetty Road to the Mornington Peninsula freeway roundabout) - clear on the right - go, and on the left others entering from Melbourne via the freeway? It’s not enough to simply assume all is well with that quick look to the right and go, and yet we see it happen time and again. Almost always, that driver is guilty. Cliff Ellen, Rye

Rider warned Does anyone know where the Segway rider who appears on Saturday mornings at the Mt Martha shopping village comes from? He has no regard for our Victorian road rules and law and as he rides the wrong way along the one way road in front of the shops, avoiding cars from the opposite direction until he makes the footpath. From there he proceeds to zig-zag around Saturday morning pedestrians as they come out of shops while he balances his take away coffee and cigarette. He has total disregard for everyone’s safety as he rides up the middle of the back car park avoiding cars approaching and trying to back out of their parking spaces. Who ever you are (we have photos) can you please stop your illegal activity and walk to coffee and enjoy a coffee sitting at one of Mt Martha’s many lovely cafes or, if you have a licence, drive your car to the shops. Riding of Segways on footpaths and roads is illegal in Victoria and Australia and is being banned in many cities around the world because of their associated danger, both to the rider and others. The matter has been reported to the Mornington Police for follow up. Catherine Bickford, Mt Martha

Budget bites Big cuts to the ABC budget in the hope of getting rid of Four Corners and other expose’ news programs on the federal governments’ screw ups and “near corruption” (Murray Darling Basin for example) and lack of “duty of care” to those who elect them. And then trying to put into affect laws to strangle progressive advocacy and shut down anyone it doesn’t agree with or who exposes

In the wild: A crimson rosella at Devilbend Natural Features Reserve, Tuerong. Picture: Gary Sissons

them (Greenpeace, World Vision, Oxfam, GetUp, World Wildlife Fund) and any other progressive activism group representing people and their interests. Many charities’ advocacy issues, including homelessness, the age pension, low wages, refugees and the environment, would be deemed a political expenditure forcing them to register and be stifled with huge bureaucratic costs. Even the ultra-conservative Australian Conservation Foundation has spoken against this attempt to curtail our rights to free speech and progressive activism. Yet not a mention of the lobby groups that spend thousands of millions of dollars to get their point across and advocate for mining and big business and have free reign of the corridors of the capital and even have joint meetings in government facilities. Am I the only one not getting it? Joe Lenzo, Safety Beach

Budget praise The Stroke Foundation has welcomed the Victorian government’s $4.2 billion budget boost to health announced in its budget on 1 May, and called for increased access to emergency stroke treatment as well as improved access to health services for stroke survivors when they leave hospital. It was encouraging to see the government “getting things done” by increasing investment in paramedics and hospitals. It is now vital we ensure Victorians who experience stroke are accessing these services. Victoria is home to some of Australia’s and the world’s leading minds in stroke. We have some of the best emergency stroke treatment in the country, but not enough Victorians are accessing it. Currently, just 39 per cent of Victorian stroke patients are arriving at hospital within the 4.5 hour window for clot busting treatment – treatment we know saves lives and improves outcomes for stroke patients. Why? Simply because

THE Mornington Peninsula Aviculture Society is holding its annual bird sale and expo 9.30am Sunday 27 May at the State Dog Centre, 655 Western Port Highway, Skye 2018. The expo includes cages, foods, seeds and bird accessories. More than 100 bird breeders and exhibitors will be on hand to give advice on keeping and breeding birds. Birds for sale will include budgerigars and canaries, parrots, finches, doves and quail. Sellers and purchasers will have to abide by a code of practice. The Victorian Zebra Finch Society will also hold its annual state championship show and exhibition with more than 20 different varieties. Admission is $4; children under 15 are free. Details: birdexpo@ birdclub.org.au or call 0402 634 108. not enough Victorians know how to recognise the signs of stroke and call an ambulance. Stroke can be treated and it can be beaten, but only if patients can access the right treatment. It’s time to ‘get things done’ to stop this killer disease devastating more Victorian families. Sharon McGowan, CEO Stroke Foundation

Cruelty-free meat Last year, the dairy industry attempted to ban the use of the word “milk” for plant-based drinks like soy and almond milk. We pointed out that, if accuracy is their goal, their bottles should be labelled “a mammary secretion of animals for the nourishment of their young”. Now, the Cattle Council wants to ban the word “meat” from vegan products that look like animal flesh but are clean, cruelty-free and better for our health. They want the law changed to define meat as “coming from the flesh of a slaughtered animal”. We do hope they’ll print that on every package – they’ll win our campaign for us in the first week. These petulant reactions are indications of how threatened these industries feel. Suggesting that people do not know that vegan sausages, burgers and schnitzels are plant-based and cruelty-free is absurd – those are the reasons why these products are taking the market by storm. Very soon, clean meat grown from stem cells in the laboratory under sterile conditions and without any animals being tormented and slaughtered will be widely available. Except for the absence of bacteria coming from feedlots and abattoirs, it will be identical in flavour and texture to meat from slaughtered animals. Forward-thinkers like Bill Gates, who recently invested millions into clean meat, know that it is the “future of food”. Consumers are far smarter than the meat industry believes. They know that regardless of what they’re called, vegan and clean meats are the humane and sustainable choice. Desmond Bellamy, PETA Australia

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Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018


Mornington soldiers make ultimate sacrifice

Compiled by Brodie Cowburn IN the 401st casualty list published on Monday appears the name of a Peninsula soldier who has made the supreme sacrifice - Private H. S. Clarke, of Mornington. In the same list, Corporal W. J. Stewart, of Carrum, is reported wounded. *** MRS John Holley of Heath Rise nursery, Mornington Junction has just received word from the Defence Records that her 4th son, Private John Holley, of 8th Batallion has been killed in action in France. Deceased enlisted early in 1916 and has been in most of the principal engagements since that time. Colonel Hawker has forwarded a letter of sympathy to the family of the deceased. Private Holley was well known in the Mornington Junction district and is a fine type of an Australian. He will be much missed by his sorrowing relatives. *** THE man Biggs, who was recently arrested in Frankston by Constable E. C. Ryan, and charged with assaulting a woman and a little girl, and who was remanded for medical observation, has been declared insane, and is now an inmate of an asylum. *** MR. S. M. Bruce, the new member for Flinders, recently elected to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of the Chief Justice, Sir William Irvine, took his seat in the House of Representatives, on Wednesday. He was accompanied to the table by Sir Robert Best (V.) and Mr. Sampson

(V.) to take the oath, and was greeted by Ministerialists with cheers. *** A PAINFUL accident befell Mr James Wells, wood merchant, of Frankston, on Monday last. Mr Wells was feeding large logs to a circular saw, and owing to the wood being damp and muddy through the recent rains, one of the largest logs slipped and fell on to Mr Wells’ left hand, which was then resting on another log. As a result the finger was burst open, the nail torn away, and the bone splintered. The injured hand is being treated by Dr Atkinson, who has hopes of saving the mutilated finger. *** A PROCLAMATION issued by the State Executive last week makes it an offence for fishermen to dig for worms and other bait within 30 feet of the foreshore. The new law, which will become portion in the port regulations, provides in effect that no person shall damage or in any way interfere with the foreshore or any sheeting, stone aprons, groynes, breakwater, or other works constructed for the protection and preservation of the foreshore of Port Phillip, and no persons shall search for worms or bait or make any excavation within 30ft. of the foreshore. A reward of £2 is offered for information that will lead to the conviction of offenders of the law. *** A PUBLIC meeting was held in the Frankston Mechanics Institute on Friday evening last, called by Cr W. J. Oates for the purpose of getting an expression of opinion from the residents along the Melbourne Road

as to the suitability of that road being used as an Honor Avenue in honor of the boys who had enlisted from Frankston and district. After considerable discussion it was unanimously agreed to adhere to the original plan of having the Avenue on the Melbourne Road, and it was decided to recommend to the committee that a neat fence be erected instead of tree guards as at first intended. *** AS the status of the Frankston Police Station has been raised, Senior Constable Bray has been placed in charge. Pending his transfer to Mortlake as constable in charge of that station, Constable E. C. Ryan, who was formerly in charge at Frankston, will remain here as mounted trooper. During his term of service in Frankston, Constable Ryan has not only performed the onerous duties of police constable conscientiously and well, but he also been a worthy citizen and took an active interest in affairs likely to benefit the town. By his ready advice and practical sympathy he made many friends and though they are pleased his transfer to Mortlake means promotion they feel that they are losing an officer and citizen whose place it will be hard to fill. *** A SOCIAL will be given by the members of the “Know it all” club in the Langwarrin Recreation hall, on Thursday next, May 30th. A good programme will be provided, and a record house is expected. *** ATTENTION is directed to the advertisement appearing in another column of Mr A. C. Hauland, of Chelsea, who has a large stock of building

materials, timber, tanks, etc, which he is prepared to supply at Melbourne prices. *** CR. J. Dobson-Hesp, J.P., Hon. Secretary of the Hobart branch of the Overseas club, and well known in newspaper circles in Southern Tasmania, together with Mrs Dobson- Hesp, paid a flying visit to the district, and spent the week end at Frankston. *** ACTING under instructions from Mr Max Kippe, Messrs Brody and Mason will conduct a clearing sale on the premises, Cemetery road, Hastings, today, when horses, cattle, vehicles, farm implements etc, will be offered. *** ADVOCATES and opponents of the proposal to sever Carrum Downs from Cranbourne shire and annex it to Frankston shire argued their cause at a deputation to the Minister of Public Works on Tuesday. The petitioners for the severance contended that Seaford and Carrum stations, which were in Frankston shire, were the natural outlets for produce from Carrum Downs, and much nearer their farms than Cranbourne or Dandenong stations. Frankston shire was willing to take in Carrum Downs, but would not improve the roads to Seaford and Carrum stations for the benefit of the petitioners unless the annexation was brought about. Carrum shire protested against the proposal on the ground that the petitioners represented neither a majority in acreage nor valuation in Carrum Downs. Mr Robinson promised to reflect on the matter and advise the petitioners in due course of his decision. ***

DEATH has again visited the town, and widespread regret is felt at the death of Mrs Harry Shepherd who passed away on Tuesday morning. Mrs Shepherd had been suffering from heart trouble for some months. She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs E. Sage, of Somerville, and she leaves a husband and three young children to mourn their loss. The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon, at the Frankston cemetery and was largely attended. Great sympathy is expressed for her bereaved relatives. *** MR Thos. S. Biggs, son of Mr Biggs, of Somerville, has enlisted, and gone into camp. *** THE annual meeting in connection with the Gymnastic Club was held on Monday last, and it was decided to continue with the exercises again this winter. There are a fair number of lads in the district who are all under the eligible age who will, no doubt avail themselves of the oppportunity of this class of physical training, which is also a very interesting pass time for the winter evenings. One or of two of the lads proclaim themselves real acrobats, and no doubt later on the members will provide some splendid items for the local concerts. *** BROOCH - LOST in Frankston Train, between Hawksburn and Toorak, Diamond Sapphire Brooch - Ring Canter bury 128. - Good Reward. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 25 May 1918

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Southern Peninsula News

22 May 2018



ACROSS 1. Tropical lizard 5. Footwear item 7. Put 8. Noisy 9. Slightly open 10. Australian gems 11. Cardboard box 13. Electrical resistance units

14. Inborn skill 18. Wish 21. Pigs 22. Surgeon 24. Under no circumstances 25. Temporary visitor document 26. Bowl 27. Infuriates

28. Sandal or boot 29. Saturated DOWN 1. Illegal 2. Accounts check 3. Kitchen smock 4. Marched 5. Summer & winter

6. Beguiling person 12. Possess 15. Eliminate 16. Entrap 17. Journeys 19. Self-image 20. Made from clay 22. Frock 23. Encrypted

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Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

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Skipping the Light Fantastic By Stuart McCullough I WAS never any good at it. Whether it was the pressure or the fact I never, ever practiced is hard to say. But every time it was my turn, I succeeded only in messing things up. Swiftly eliminated, I had to watch as everyone else continued on and wait for the next round at which point I would mess up a second time. It was a shame – I was always doing my very best. It’s just that my best was a long way short of below average. Skipping rope was something that happened over lunch in primary school. The rope was so long, it needed two people to operate it. It would turn and people would line up before, one at a time, running into the middle, jumping over the rope and running over to the other side. The more proficient students might add a little flair by spinning around, clicking their heels or knitting a small jumper mid-jump. I, however, was always just hanging on for grim life. It can’t just have been me. Granted, my limbs were so chronically uncoordinated that they refused to speak to each other, and my sense of timing was a source of on-going embarrassment for my swatch, but there were surely other factors at play. For starters, my sneakers were probably holding me back. My sneakers were hopeless for sneaking and not much better for walking, with velcro instead of laces. My trousers weren’t much use either – brown corduroy that rubbed when I walked, making a ‘vfffft’ sound every time I took a step.

It would happen in the quadrangle. It strikes me as odd, now, that so many parts of primary schools are named after shapes. The quadrangle. The oval. It lacks imagination, I think. At our school, the quadrangle was made of asphalt and brutally unforgiving. It was not somewhere you’d want to fall over, which made it even stranger that this was where we were expected to undertake all kinds

of sporting activities. As if grazed knees were some of kind of KPI. Back then, I doubt there was ever a week that went by when my knees weren’t grazed. Skipping rope was an activity that demanded a lot of real estate. Inevitably, other activities made way to accommodate the rope jumpers and this goes some way to explaining why so many people ultimately joined in.

Have your say Planning Scheme Amendment C214 You’re invited to have your say on Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Planning Scheme Amendment C214. The Amendment follows from the adopted Mornington Peninsula Heritage Review, Stage 2 (The Review) which looked at existing places within the Heritage Overlay and places of potential heritage significance on the peninsula.

Dromana, Fingal, Main Ridge, McCrae, Red Hill, Rosebud and Rye as places of potential heritage significance. The Amendment proposes to include these places in the Heritage Overlay of the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme. These places were recommended by heritage experts under the supervision of Shire staff.

The Review identified places in Arthurs Seat, Capel Sound,

Submissions close Friday 29 June 2018.

Have your say

Online mornpen.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay

In writing Attn: Executive Manager Planning Services Planning Scheme Amendment C214 Mornington Peninsula Shire Private Bag 1000, Rosebud VIC 3939

For more information mornpen.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay


Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

In person Hard copies of the amendment and heritage citations are available at the Shire’s offices in Rosebud, Mornington, Hastings and Somerville.

At first, the rope would turn slowly. It was one of those activities where the intensity is ratcheted up the more it goes on. But it always started gently in the expectation that those playing could easily get across. And it was for most people. But I wasn’t most people. I’d over-think it. Rather than rely on raw animal instinct, I would become hypnotized by the rhythm of the rope. My head would bob up and down as I stared, trying to intimidate it and desperately hoping it might surrender first. It never did. One of the features of skipping rope was how long you waited before venturing out to the middle. Mostly kids would follow each other in quick succession. I, however, would wait for a perfect moment that would seemingly never arrive. Whether I was waiting for the wind to die down or the tides to come in, I’m not sure. I suspect I was trying to defer failure, even if for a moment. The rope would keep turning and I would stand ready to run into the middle. After a few of my fellow students encouraged me by telling me to ‘hurry up’, I picked my moment. After standing as still as a statue for several interminable minutes, I now launched myself across the quadrangle at a frightening speed. Vfft, vfft, vfft, vfft! – my cords would generate not only sound but heat also. So much so that I wouldn’t have been surprised had smoke started to emerge. Having reached the middle, my sneakers would propel me upwards as I leapt for glory.

I’d open my eyes to find my feet firmly on the ground and the rope lying lifeless in front of me. I had failed to get through and was now eliminated. I then had to suffer the ignominy of watching everyone else as they got through with ease. Only as others fell foul of the rope could I expect to have some company. The rope would get faster and faster until, eventually, there was only one person left standing. The were other variations. These included the use of two skipping ropes at once in a technique known as ‘double dutch’. It was aptly named for I might as well have been wearing clogs, such was the depth of my ineptitude. The fact I couldn’t speak the language probably didn’t help. It was like trying to weave your way through a gigantic cake beater. I was lucky if I even got anywhere near the middle before one or both skipping ropes bounced off the side of my leg. Lunch breaks at work are never used to skip rope, despite the fact that the car park would be ideal. I do, however, have a skipping rope. It’s shorter than the ones back in primary school – enough for one person at a time. Weirdly, I skip a couple of times a week. Maybe I’m better at it now than I was then. I certainly wear cords less often and it’s been ages since my shoes had Velcro. Having perfected my technique in the years since, the only thing left to do is seek a rematch. I’d better hop to it. stuart@stuartmccullough.com

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If a resolution to renew the Chief Executive OfďŹ cer’s contract is passed, the resolution will result in the reappointment of Mr Carl Cowie as Council’s Chief Executive OfďŹ cer without the position being advertised.


The purpose and general purport of this proposed Local Law is: s 2EGULATE AND CONTROL THE USE OF SHORT STAY RENTAL accommodation within the Municipal District of the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council; s %NSURE AN APPROPRIATE STANDARD OF MANAGEMENT AND presentation of such; s -INIMISE THE RISK OF SUCH ACCOMMODATION AFFECTING the peace of neighbours; s )MPLEMENT A REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT AND s 0ROVIDE FOR A #ODE OF #ONDUCT UNDER THE ,OCAL ,AW A copy of the Local Law can be viewed on Council’s website at www.mornpen.vic.gov.au/locallaws and can be inspected at Council’s Customer Service Centre’s at the following locations: s "ESGROVE 3TREET 2OSEBUD AM TO 5.00pm s 1UEEN 3TREET -ORNINGTON n AM TO 5.00pm; s -ARINE 0ARADE (ASTINGS n AM TO 5.00pm; or s &RANKSTON &LINDERS 2OAD 3OMERVILLE (within Somerville Library) 10.00am to 5.00pm. Carl Cowie CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

The National Golf Club is seeking to employ an enthusiastic greenkeeper or person with similar experience to assist in the maintenance of its golf courses. The applicant must be highly motivated and willing to work in a team environment. Early starts are an essential part of the position and on occasion you may be required to work on weekends. This position will be located at our Cape Schanck courses. The following experience preferred but not essential: s %NJOY WORKING OUTDOORS s -ANUAL LABOUR s +NOWLEDGE OF GOLF s 'ARDENING OR SIMILAR EXPERIENCE The successful applicant should have their own transport and will be paid above award rates. Applicants should forward their resume, including cover letter, to: coursemaintenance@nationalgolf.com.au Applications close Friday 1st of June. The National Golf Club is an equal opportunity employer

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Notice is given that, in pursuant of Section 119 (3) of the Local Government Act 1989, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting held 24 April 2018 resolved to adopt the Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law.

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MPNFL Sharks outclassed in tough interleague battle INTERLEAGUE

By Brodie Cowburn WITH regular MPNFL football put on hold for the week, the 2018 AFL Community Championships brought together the best and brightest from the league to take on the Northern Football Netball League at Preston City Oval this Saturday. The men’s interleague competition, being played a little closer to home than the AFL’s match in Shanghai played at the same time, saw the MPNFL and NFNL face off in a third vs. fourth place clash, with the winner set to take on top ranked Eastern Football League in 2019 for the right to be recognised as the number one Victorian competition. The MPNFL Sharks side were led by captain Warwick Miller of the Mornington Football Club, and were coached by former Mornington coach Chris Holcombe. The Sharks were set to face a tough challenge from their NFNL opponents, who had named a strong defensive lineup that could cause MPNFL a lot of problems. The match began in good conditions, with no rain or wind interrupting the game. Within five minutes, it was the MPNFL who had landed the first blow, with Sam Fox kicking his set shot from 50 metres truly to open an early lead within five minutes. The first quarter fight back from NFNL was incredibly sloppy, and although they had the run of play for the majority of the quarter, they could only manage seven straight behinds and no goals up to quarter time. In the meantime, MPNFL looked clinical, with Billy Quigley and Luke Hewitt scoring majors before the first break, the latter being an easy end to end goal that resembled more of a training drill than a competitive interleague match. At the quarter time break, MPNFL held a comfortable 3.3 (21) to 0.7 (7) lead. After the first break, the NFNL finally kicked their first goal through Patrick Fitzgerald, before quickly scoring another to bring the margin down to one point. A much improved and significantly more motivated NFNL side kicked continued to kick on, establishing a ten point

Picture: Andrew Hurst lead before Luke Hewitt again kicked truly to bring his MPNFL side back into it. With the hosts having blitzed the second quarter with six more scoring shots than MPNFL, the Sharks could count themselves lucky to have only been one goal behind at half time. After the main break, things went from bad to worse for the MPNFL men, with NFNL’s Patrick Fitzgerald kicking his second and third goal for the game within the first 15 minutes of play. Despite struggling to keep up with their opponents after quarter time, MPNFL still went into the threequarter time break with a sliver of

hope, only trailing by 13 points, with the score being 5.7 (37) to 6.14 (50) After the final break, the NFNL found another gear and blew the MPNFL Sharks out of the water. A big mark from Patrick Fitzgerald, who was among the best players on the day, and a goal within two minutes set the tone, as NFNL went on to score seven unanswered goal and put MPNFL to the sword. Having only scored two goals since the first quarter, the MPNFL had been toothless. In a moment that summed up the afternoon, NFNL’s Reid Brandt capitalised on a shocking turnover from

a simple MPNFL kick out to make certain that MPNFL would not come back, slotting home coolly from 25 metres out and putting his side comfortably ahead. The MPNFL players were not on the same wavelength, and were outclassed easily by NFNL. The match came alive at the death with NFNL’s Ryan Stone hit by MPNFL’s Michael Debenham behind the play with 10 minutes remaining, sparking a melee between both sides late in the game. As the two sides brawled, play on was called and Jordan Perry hammered home another goal for NFNL.

MPNFL could do little to stem the flow, and the final score reflected an incredibly disappointing performance by the Sharks, with the game finishing 7.7 (49) to 12.17 (89) MPNFL’s Lachie Batten was awarded the best on ground medal for his side, and Chris Holcombe addressed the result with grace. “Northern really put us to the sword in that last quarter, they were really fantastic today, so congratulations. We got run over in the end and lacked skills by foot, but we’ll come back harder,” he said in his post match presentation.

Mornington and Seaford women star in historic representative game WOMEN’S INTERLEAGUE

By Brodie Cowburn AN historic match took place as the curtain raiser match at Preston City Oval on Saturday, as the Women’s Northern Football Netball League and the South Eastern Women’s Football League both played their first ever matches of representative interleague football. The first ever SEWF League side featured representatives from Mornington in Emily Rylance, Riley Cridland, Vicki Sanford, and Georgia Speedy. Jess Johnston, Jess Adams, and Sarah Astone were selected from Seaford. The side, led by Cranbourne’s Emily Wallace, struggled early, conceding within two minutes as NFNL’s Ashleigh Bayes made her mark by scoring the league’s first goal in representative football with a scrappy effort from the goal square. The SEWF League side struggled in the first quarter, with the NFNL women consistently rebounding every time SEWF tried to clear their defensive lines. After a difficult start, Chloe Hunt eventually stood tall to kick SEWF’s first for the game just before quarter time. After the first break Hunt


Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

used strong hands again to take a mark and put away her second of the match. Hunt’s second quarter effort was the only goal for the quarter, and both teams found themselves neck and neck at half time with the scores 2.4 (16) to 1.6 (12). As the second half began, SEWF’s Olivia Aing continued to prove a massive influence on the game through the midfield, driving her side forward and creating dangerous opportunities for the forwards. Early in the second half it was SEWF that had the upper hand, with Sarah Astone taking a spectacular one handed grab and converting easily to put her side 10 points ahead of their NFNL opponents. Despite their positive start, NFNL hit back with two goals through Tara Chetcuti and Cassie Hurst, which put their side in front for the first time since the two minute mark of the first quarter. Hurst’s goal, which gave her side the advantage, just barely scraped through past outreached fingers on the goal line. At three-quarter time, it was set up for a thrilling finish, with nothing separating either side at the final break.

As the final quarter got underway, Chloe Hunt again struck for SEWF, scoring her third to put her side ahead with an easy finish from the goal square. With time ticking away, controversy struck after Seaford’s Jess Adams was caught holding the ball after a heavy tackle, in which she was left groggy after hitting her head into the ground. The resulting free kick saw Cassie Hurst put NFNL level with just eight minutes to play. As time wound down, NFNL were relentless in attack, but SEWF’s lose player in defence consistently intercepted and rebounded to eliminate the danger. Olivia Aing was manic in the dying moments, diving to get the ball off of the ground, but still the two sides remained deadlocked as time ticked down. In the closing seconds, controversy again struck with the last kick of the game. A long ball forward to a one on one contest inside the NFNL forward fifty saw SEWF’s Riley Cridland and NFNL’s Linda Thorp both get hands on the ball, with neither letting go as they appeared to mark simultaneously. The umpire made the call that Cridland had got first hands on the football, and paid the mark to the defender.

WIth that decision, there was no time left for any more action in regulation time, with the final siren sounding with scores equal at 4.6 (30) to 4.6 (30). With the game now set to go to two extra time periods of five minutes, SEWF would have to compete a woman down with Adams ruled out for the remainder of the game. After a frantic, scrappy, and scoreless first half of extra time, it was Chloe Hunt who again stood tall to take a huge mark in the second period of time on. While she could only score a behind, it didn’t matter, as her point was the final score of the game. With SEWF locking down the ball expertly to kill off any chance of an NFNL attack, the siren sounded and finally the South Eastern Women’s Football League side secured the history making win, 4.6 (30) to 4.7 (31). Olivia Aing was named the best on ground for the day, and coach Megan Snart commended her women on a gutsy performance. “Both team fought hard and it was very competitive over four quarters. Both leagues were represented well and it was a great spectacle,” she said in her post match presentation.


Paterson resigns, king Kuol rules SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie PENINSULA Strikers’ senior coach Jamie Paterson resigned last Wednesday morning and assistant coach Lenny Greenan has been appointed in a caretaker capacity. Paterson’s decision took the State 2 South-East club by surprise but president Trevor Johnston is hopeful that a decision on who will take charge of the senior squad till the end of the season will be made in the next fortnight. “We are actively looking at candidates and we will exhaust every avenue to find someone who can hit the ground running and take on a rebuilding phase for the club,” Johnston said. “We want someone who has good contacts and who can bring some players in and we’ll see how things pan out in the next week or two.” On Saturday Strikers lost 5-0 to Doveton at Waratah Reserve. Former Dandenong Thunder keeper Nathan Prince made his last appearance for Strikers and was deputising for Ash Kupre who was getting married. Oscar Knight made his debut for the Centenary Park outfit and the former Caulfield Cobras winger could be joined by two more signings this week. Langwarrin’s impressive NPL2 campaign continued with a 3-1 home win over Melbourne City on Saturday after a stunning second-half display by John Kuol. The former Dandenong Thunder and Morwell Pegasus striker terrorised the young City defence with pace and guile and his two goals proved decisive. Both sides went into the contest undermanned with Langy missing suspended Andy McLean and injured trio Luke Burgess, Liam Baxter and Boris Ovcin. City had seven players unavailable due to PFA rules enforcing a four-week period of annual leave. Langy’s makeshift striker Mat Luak opened the scoring in the 26th minute when he pounced on a defensive blunder, dummied a defender then struck a low shot across City keeper Daniel Smith and into the far corner. Less than two minutes later the visitors hit back when Yusuf Ahmed got clear and nudged the ball home with the Langy defence in disarray. In the 43rd minute, City should have taken the lead after a mazy run from Luke Duzel but his shot was blocked. The second half was barely a minute old when Kuol pounced on a poor defensive header to expertly volley past Smith to make it 2-1.

Celebration time: Langwarrin striker John Kuol head over heels after his successful penalty conversion. Picture: John Punshon Langy was the team creating chances now and it took a fine reaction save from Smith to deny a Sam Klepac header. Kuol should have finished in the 62nd minute from a long ball downfield by keeper Robbie Acs which was headed on over the City defence by Paul Speed but Kuol skied his attempt when well positioned. In the 75th minute, a Callum Goulding chip to the right of the area was headed back across goal by Klepac and Andy McIntyre’s header was spectacularly tipped over by Smith. The contest was effectively put out of City’s reach in the 83rd minute. Kuol made a stunning run down the left surging into the area before being brought down and referee Lazaros Pantelidis pointed to the spot and sent off defender Delibor Markovic. Kuol competently tucked away his penalty attempt and that was that. Langy reaches the halfway point of a 28-game NPL season after it hosts Brunswick City next weekend and another three points would place it in a strong position to achieve its aim of consolidating its status in the elite competition. Langy’s under-20s won 2-0 with goals to Nick Simmons and Tuach Ter, a recent acquisition from Springvale White Eagles. In State 1 South-East news an injury-time strike from Wayne Gordon

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allowed Mornington to continue its climb up the table with a hard-fought 1-0 home win over Warragul United on Saturday. Defender Jack Truelove took a quick free-kick launching a long ball over a static Warragul defence and Gordon made no mistake in a dramatic finale. Mornington’s English import Sam Reeves has joined Casey Comets while Scottish import Alexander White has signed for Doveton. Frankston Pines lost 1-0 away to Mooroolbark in Saturday night’s State 2 South-East clash with Maxim Solovyev deciding the issue in the second half. State 3 South-East outfit Skye United continued its push for top spot with an important 2-0 home win over fellow title contender Bayside Argonauts on Saturday. Skye’s star striker Caleb Nicholes was out with a neck injury and the pivotal moment in the contest came in the 62nd minute when Bayside defender Max Murray was sent off for a foul on Skye striker Mitch Blake. Chris Driver saw the resultant freekick hit the wall, but the ball fell to Daniel Attard who finished well into the bottom right from just inside the box. It was all one-way traffic after that and Blake put the icing on the cake in the 80th minute as he broke through

into a one-on-one and made no mistake. Fellow State 3 South-East outfit Seaford was thumped 7-0 by BoroondaraCarey Eagles last weekend and has now leaked 35 goals in eight games with the added burden of a minus 29 goal difference. Baxter farewelled club stalwart Werner John in style by hammering Harrisfield Hurricanes 5-1 at Baxter Park in Saturday’s State 4 South fixture. John is relocating to South Australia and is a much-loved figure at the club. Baxter led 1-0 at half-time after a long throw by Jake Kidder was headed home by Stuart Mckenzie in the 34th minute. Two minutes into the second half a stunning long-range strike from Liam Kilner made it 2-0 and in the 66th minute former Baxter player Edin Ali was red carded after a reckless lunge inside the area at Ben Meiklem who had to be stretchered off. Owen Kilner converted the resultant penalty to make it 3-0. Alan Lipsett made it 4-0 in the 82nd minute when he finished Matt Morgan’s through ball and two minutes later Travis Ernsdoerfer made it 5-0 thanks to Kidder’s through ball. Harrisfield’s sole response came from Michael Romas in the 88th minute. Baxter under-10s coach Billy McLeod is taking his squad to Canberra in


early July for the annual Kanga Cup, the largest international youth soccer tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. Previous participating teams have hailed from Australia, USA, England, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Georgia, South Africa, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, East Timor, Fiji and New Zealand. In State 5 South news a stunning second-half display earned Somerville Eagles a 6-2 away win over Endeavour Hills Fire. Kamil Gajownik put the home team ahead in the 11th minute but the Eagles levelled straight away when playercoach Dave Greening forced a good save from Fire keeper Stuart Tolmie only for the rebound to strike a defender and go in. Endeavour restored the lead in the 28th minute thanks to a superb longrange strike by Kenny Huggett but Louis Griffiths equalised two minutes before the interval with an instinctive header from a Greening cross. Eagles captain Joel Wade succumbed to injury and was replaced at half-time but the second half was all about Greening as the ace predator ran riot and ended up with four goals. The pick of the bunch was his third, a 25-metre screamer after good work by Matt Curd. It was a record fourth straight win for Somerville and leaves the side level with Rowville at the top of the table. In NPLW news local consortium Southern United lost 10-0 away to Alamein on Sunday. Southern’s under-12s won 1-0 thanks to an Emilia Ingles goal, the under-14s won 5-0 with goals from Rhys McKenna (2), Erica-Derrick Sarfo-Sarpong, Sage Kirby and Alessandra Davis, the under-16s won 3-1 with goals from Haylea Porter (2) and Jasmine Ristevski while under-14 forward Danica Vukcevic scored in the under-19s 4-1 loss. Here are next weekend’s games: SATURDAY 3pm: Langwarrin v Brunswick City (Lawton Park), Caulfield Utd Cobras v Mornington (Victory Park), Peninsula Strikers v Doncaster Rovers (Centenary Park), Seaford Utd v South Yarra (North Seaford Reserve), Whitehorse Utd v Skye Utd (Terrara Park), Keysborough v Baxter (Coomoora Reserve), Somerville Eagles v Pakenham Utd (venue TBC, check Eagles’ Facebook page). SUNDAY 3pm: Frankston Pines v North Caulfield (Monterey Reserve). SUNDAY 5pm: Bulleen v Southern Utd (Veneto Club).






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Southern Peninsula News

22 May 2018



Peninsula surfers take on national champs By Ben Triandafillou THE WOMEN’S Peninsula Surfriders have recorded the club’s best finish in their first attempt at the Sailor Jerry Surftag Australian Championships on Friday 27 April. After taking out the qualifiers at Rye Back Beach last month, the women headed to the national championships for their first time at Duranbah Beach on the Gold Coast and finished up in seventh position. Peninsula Surfriders club president Lachy McDonald said they unfortunately headed up to the nationals not at full strength but couldn’t be happier with the end result. “To be competing at the nationals is something that we are quite proud of so we went up there even though we weren’t at full strength,” he said. “We only had two of the girls from the qualifiers travel up there but a few past club members who were up on the Gold Coast filled in which was great to see. “It definitely would have helped that they were experienced in those conditions.” This year’s women’s competition was the first time that it had a “true national women’s final” as it previously used to only have Queensland and New South Wales competing. It couldn’t have gotten underway in better conditions though as McDonald said it was the “best they’ve ever had” for the championships. The men also sent a team up to the nationals after qualifying in second position with Ron Gorringe making an appearance in the over-30s role as McDonald had to stay back due to work commitments. While the men finished in 22nd position on the ladder, McDonald said it was an achievement in itself to make it to the nationals and get a team together to compete. Snapper Rocks (96.46) finished 18.45 point clear of second-placed Elouera (78.01) to take out the men’s division. While D’Bah Boardriders (67.16) won their fourth straight Sailor Jerry Surftag Australian title in the women’s division and in doing so have become the most successful team in Surftag history. Peninsula Surfriders are set to run their second aggregate surfing competition in the coming weeks with Supergroms re-commencing after the Easter break. Crystal clear: Peninsula Surfriders club champion Adam Morris competes at national championships in perfect conditions. Picture: Supplied

Waves set to clash with Southern Saints


Golden day: Rosebud Country Club members Norma Richards and Lee Wills win the Golden Putter competition. Picture: Supplied

Golfers tee off for charity ROSEBUD Country Club kicked off their “month of giving back” with the annual Golden Putter day and Cancer Research Charity Golf day earlier this month. Rosebud Country Club members Norma Richards and Lee Wills were victors in the Golden Putter competition on Thursday 10 May, with just shy of 200 lady golfers in attendance. The Ladies committee, who ran the event, presented Peninsula Home Hospice with a donation of $6,854 to go towards providing specialist palliative care to help relieve patients pain. The week prior, Rosebud Country Club held their 46th annual Cancer Research Charity Golf day which raised another $10,700 for Cancer Council Victoria’s work in research, prevention programs and support services. The annual char-


Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

ity day has now raised more than $455,000 for the charity over the last four decades. The Rosebud Country Club will hold one more charity event in the next month, the Mermet MND (Motor Neurone Disease) Cup – Suominen & Hodges Trophy, to acknowledge two of their golfing members Rauno Suominen and Rob Hodges who are unfortunately fighting the disease. The event will be open to all golf members at the club as well as visitors on Saturday 9 June. Entry will be $40 per member or $80 for visitors which will include BBQ lunch, Big Freeze 4 beanie, competition fee and a donation to FightMND. To enter the competition contact Rosebud Country Club on 5950-0888.

BOTH the Peninsula Waves and Southern Saints are ready to bounce back after suffering losses in their Championship matches in round four of the Victorian Netball League last Wednesday night. The Waves endured a 28-goal defeat to second-placed Geelong Cougars while the Southern Saints suffered a 26-goal defeat to Hawks Netball as they continue to deal with their numerous injuries. The Bayside teams, who currently sit at eighth and ninth on the ladder, are set to face each other on Wednesday night at the State Netball and Hockey Centre, with the Southern Saints aiming to strike their first victory this season. In the under-19s and division one, the Waves gave it their all against the reigning premier’s, Geelong Cougars. The competitive battle brought out the best performances from both teams with the Waves overcoming the Cougars in the under-19s match by five goals. The Cougars struck back in division one and showed why they were the reigning champions as they continued their undefeated winning streak and climbed to the top of the table. The Southern Saints got the upper hand of Hawks Netball in the under19s and division one following their loss in the championship game. While some of the Sothern Saints’ players took the step up from their usual side, a lack of depth in the remaining under-19s and division one side’s was not an issue as they still managed victories in both games. The Southern Saints defeated the Hawks (49-39) by 10 goals in division one and six goals in the under19s (54-48).


Gulls strike late in Western Port clash BASKETBALL

CHELSEA Gulls have run over the top of the Western Port Steelers and claimed third spot on the ladder after round eight of the Big V men’s division one league. The Steelers were coming off the back of a 30-point demolition over the Bulleen Boomers the night before, but a match-winning performance from the Gulls’ Matt Brasser (40 pts, 7 treys) and a solid tag from Stewart-Paul Tyrrell proved key to the Gulls’ success. In the opening 10 minutes, the Steelers raced to a 29‐15 lead over Chelsea, but the Gulls bounced back with a 52-30 run during the middle periods to set up the seven-point victory (80-87). Away from one of the season’s best performances to date by the Gulls’ Matt Brasser, Steelers’ players Dylan Travis and James McKinnon had solid games, totalling 28 and 22 points respectively. Chelsea Gulls head coach Peter Caspersz said the two efforts by Brasser and Tyrrell were spectacular and made a huge difference at both ends of the court. “Their import (Dylan Travis) lit up in the first quarter while we got off to a pretty poor start,” Caspersz said. “We didn’t change a lot after the first quarter. I just told them to ‘stay composed and have faith in what we are doing’ and eventually we would start dropping shots and denying theirs.

“We mainly had to clamp down on him (Travis) and then I knew we could get back in the game and to Stewart’s credit he did just that. “We really started to execute as the game went on and Corey [Standerfer] was in early foul trouble so Matt took over and really didn’t stop.” In the women’s state championship, the Southern Peninsula Sharks were without Jaz Shelley due to a national team camp, but after making a few changes and Gemma Simon (22 pts) stepping up, the Sharks made sure they didn’t go down without a fight. In a tight game against the Ringwood Hawks, Peyton Little added another 16 points for the Sharks but the Hawks’ 47 per cent shooting clip made the biggest difference compared to the Sharks’ 35 per cent, and the Hawk’s claimed the victory by seven points (60-67). In the women’s division one league, Chelsea and Western Port both suffered losses over the weekend. The Steelers fell at the hands of the league leaders, Casey Cavaliers (73-52), as they claimed their first win of two for the weekend. Chelsea then suffered a threepoint loss to the Camberwell Dragons on the Sunday after clawing back a 12-point deficit in the third quarter. Scores were tied at 41 a piece with one quarter remaining and the Dragons were able to get themselves ahead and keep it that way until the end. In the men’s division two, the

Southern Peninsula Sharks were handed their third straight loss against the Coburg Giants (77-86) but while the Giants opened up an 18-point lead by the time the final quarter rolled around, the Sharks still didn’t give in. The Sharks went on a 10-0 run early in the final quarter to bring them back within 10 points, but the Giants held them off late for a ninepoint victory. In the women’s division two, Mornington Breakers recorded their second win of the season defeating Melton by 10 points. An entertaining opening half saw the scores locked at 36 for the main break. Melton held sway in the 3rd to cling to a three point lead, but with fresher legs Mornington were able shut down their hosts on their way to a 27-14 last term to record the victory. Fiona Darnell had a blinder for the Breakers, carding 28 points, 14 rebounds and four assists while Ashleigh Wright also had a strong game with a board off a double with 13 points.

Showstopper: Stewart-Paul Tyrrell was key to Chelsea’s success over the Steelers. Picture: Supplied

GOLFERS MND Charity Golf Day

Saturday 9 June 2018 $40 Members $80 Visitors Entry Fee includes: BBQ lunch, Big Freeze 4 beanie, Competition fee and Donation to FightMND

Tee Times: 7am-9am & 11.30am-1pm 207 Boneo Road, Rosebud www.rosebudcountryclub.com.au Golf Shop: 5950 0888

A CUSTOM FIT Set of Irons Supplied by Rosebud Country Club

Simply play a round of golf at any of the below courses between now and 4th June 2018, and send in your scorecard for a chance to win. Edithvale Public Golf Course – Fraser Ave, Edithvale Eastern Sward Golf Course – Worsley Road, Bangholme Mornington Golf Club – Tallis Drive, Mornington Devilbend Golf Club – Loders Road, Moorooduc Cerberus Golf Club – HMAS Cerberus, Crib Point Safety Beach –10 Country Club Dr, Safety Beach Bay Views Golf Course – Elizabeth Drive, Rosebud Rosebud Country Club – 207 Boneo Road, Rosebud Eagle Ridge Golf Course – Browns Road, Boneo Moonah Links – 55 Peter Thomson Drive, Fingal St Andrews Beach Golf Course – 209 Sandy Road, Fingal One Scorecard Per Envelope. Include your Name, Address & Phone Number on the back of the envelope.


Post To: MPNG Golf, PO Box 588, Hastings 3915 Southern Peninsula News

22 May 2018


4 Day Sale

Starts Thursday. Must end Sunday

It won’t last long! Up to

0 0 0 2 D R A C T F I G



giftcard on selected models

Kona Active Auto $26,990 + FROM



Tucson Active $27,990 FROM



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iLoad Runout Diesel Auto $39,490 +$ FROM



Santa Fe Active X Auto Elantra Active $40,990 + $2000 $20,990 FROM









$1000 + GIFT CARD


992 NEPEAN HWY, MORNINGTON 3931 morningtonhyundai.com.au

8770 1260

All cars must be ordered between 24th – 27th May 2018 and delivered by 31st May 2018. *Gift card of stated value applies to all new and demo models (excluding i30 N). The dealer can substitute the offer with another offer of the same value. A. $26,990 drive away price applies to Kona Active 2.0 Petrol Automatic model with non-metallic paint. B. $20,990 drive away price applies to i30 Go 2.0 Petrol Manual model with non-metallic paint. C. $27,990 drive away price applies to Tucson Active 2.0 2WD Petrol Manual model with non-metallic paint. D. $40,990 drive away price applies to Santa Fe MY18 Active X Automatic DM5 model with non-metallic paint. E. $39,490 drive away price applies to iLoad 3 seat lift back 2.5 Diesel Automatic model produced 2017 only. G. $20,990 drive away price applies to Elantra AD Active 2.0 Petrol Manual model with non-metallic paint. Drive away price includes the recommended retail price, 12 months’ registration, compulsory third party insurance, dealer delivery charge and stamp duty. Hyundai reserves the right to change, supersede or extend these offers at its discretion. Metallic and Mica paint are optional extras and are an additional cost. See Mornington Hyundai for details. Pics for illustration purposes only. LMCT 11270


Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018


Take advantage of extraordinary opportunities with savings across the range of demonstrator vehicles. There has never been a better time to get behind the wheel of an Ultimate Driving Machine at Mornington BMW.





Drive Away*



M Sport Pack, Black Sapphire/Black Leather, Auto, Sunroof




320i Sedan

M Sport Pack, Comfort Pack, Alpine White/ Black Leather, Auto, Sunroof




X1 xDrive25i

M Sport Pack, Black Sapphire/Black Leather, Auto, Panoramic Glass Sunroof




330i Sedan

M Sport Pack, Sunset Orange/Black Leather, Heated Front Seats, Sunroof




420i Gran Coupe

M Sport Pack, Carbon Black/Black Leather, Auto, Heated Front Seats, Sunroof




M2 Coupe

Mineral Grey/Black Leather, Auto, Sunroof




530i Touring

M Sport Pack, Mediterranean Blue/White Leather, Auto, Comfort Seats, Soft Close Doors, Panoramic Glass Sunroof




X5 xDrive30d

M Sport Pack, Innovations Pack, Carbon Black/Black Leather, Auto, Front & Rear Heated Seats, 7 Seat, Panoramic Glass Sunroof




630i Gran Turismo

M Sport Pack, Innovations Pack, Bluestone/Black Leather, Auto, Front & Rear Heated Seats, Panoramic Glass Sunroof




X5 M

Black Fire Edition, Black Sapphire/Black & Red Leather, Auto, Bang & Olufsen Sound, Rear Entertainment Pro, Panoramic Glass Sunroof



Mornington BMW. 181 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington. (03) 5970 5970. morningtonbmw.com.au. *Offer applies to vehicles ordered and delivered between 21.05.18 and 30.06.18. While stocks last and cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes fleet, government and rental buyers. Please consult Mornington BMW for further details. LMCT 7674.

Southern Peninsula News

22 May 2018






3 and 2 Seater Sofa Pair in Vantage Steel fabric 715885


4 Piece Tallboy Queen Suite - Includes Queen Bed, 2 x Bedsides & Tallboy 715742











MED 716834

$ 1688 YEARS

Bed frame not included





ON SELECTED TVS ≈By Redemption. Conditions Apply.



Donation to Youngcare Appeal


≈By Redemption. Conditions Apply.

to Youngcare Appeal





d as a pack when purchase emption *Via Red

ed as a pack when purchasemp tion *Via Red

Pack Price $ 4KG VENTED DRYER $299

748 684555










1367 Point Nepean Road, ROSEBUD 3939 | Ph: (03) 5981 2344 www.betta.com.au | Email: founds@my.betta.com.au PAGE 52

Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

Pack Price




Two bridal shows will be held during the day!

Stand Number & Supplier 40. Sabrina Moda

53. Gail Cremen Civil Marriage Celebrant 66. Bennsong Acoustic

41. Mickey Blue

54. Brian Randall Photography

67. Iluka Retreat Shoreham

42. Annette Sanfilippo Millinery Art

55. The Shearing Shed at Ace-Hi

68. Peninsula Event Bars

43. The Scarlett Stitch

56. Tyabb Roses

69. LR Limosines

44. Naughty Flowers

57. Austin Photography

70. Mornington Peninsula Limos

45. Summerfields Estate

58. Pop Up With Style

71. Fargo's Mornington Peninsula

46. Janis House Photography

59. Make Up by Sophie Knox

72. Mornington Chauffeured Limousines

47. Instinctive Graphics

60. Akarba Party Hire

73. Seaside Kombi Rides

48. Space Crush Events

61. Poppies of Red Hill

74. Peninsula Kombi Bus

49. Peppers Moonah Links Resort

62. Rosemarie's Cakes

50. Oh My Dahlia!

63. Lindenderry at Red Hill

51. Jessica Edwards

64. Event Perfection

52. Sweets for Tilly

65. Christian Marc Photography

www.peninsulaweddings.com.au Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018


Sponsored By:


Southern Peninsula News 22 May 2018

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