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Uneasy answers to compulsory survey Stephen Taylor

Delving deep: Helen Turner says an ABS interviewer’s questions were way out-of-line. Picture: Yanni

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A SURPRISE visit by an interviewer from the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week made a Rosebud resident feel uneasy. The interviewer appeared at Helen Turner’s unit in Rosebud, saying she was there to conduct a personal survey, supposedly after Ms Turner had been sent a letter alerting her to an impending visit. Ms Turner says she did not receive notification and took umbrage at the officer asking what she regarded as “personal� questions. “I was originally told that the data would assist in improving education, transport, hospital and aged care,� Ms Turner said. “When the actual interview commenced there was no reference to any of these subjects, but rather a few questions about my personal life, living conditions, income, if I was able to look after myself and so on. “Then the officer said: Now that we have that out of the way I need to ask you these questions’ and launched into questions on sexual harassment when I was a teenager, past and present life partners, childhood experiences, intervention orders and the like. “I don't know how these come under the heading Important Household Survey and I think many others may feel the same.� The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ website says household surveys by authorised interviewers are legitimate and compulsory. “We collect, compile, analyse and disseminate information from individuals, households and businesses on a wide range of social, environmental and economic matters,� it states. “The statistics are then used by governments, business, industry, academics and others seeking to understand Australian society and the economy.� Interviewers authorised under the Census and Statistics Act 1905 collect information under an agreement which penalises those who refuse to participate. The penalty, as explained to an astonished Ms Turner, is $180 a day until the information is provided. “I thought I could have refused, but no, so I arranged to have the interview at the library,� she said. “I asked for a secure room and lucky I did because it beggars belief that I would be asked these questions in public, such as at a cafe. “They unlocked a few worms in my brain that



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took me back 30 years and I don’t know if that sort of information should be trawled through. “I was taken aback by the whole process: there was no forewarning, with all my answers going into her computer’s database. “If they really want those sorts of statistics they should go through the courts.â€? The interviewer reportedly told Ms Turner that three other nearby residents had complained about not receiving warning letters from Australia Post and, to confirm this, a letter arrived in Ms Turner’s mailbox on Wednesday – three days late. Ms Turner called Flinders MP Greg Hunt to verify the authenticity of the surveys, which he did. She then called the ABS headquarters in Geelong and had the process explained to her. “My concern was that these people were just randomly knocking on doors,â€? she said. “I would be fascinated to know how many others were approached.â€? ABS assistant director of media Brian Semmens said The News could quote a spokesman as saying the survey did not collect information on a participant’s sexual experiences or partners. “It seeks information on experiences of assaults or threat of some form of violence and other forms of abuse or harassment by [anyone],â€? he quoted the spokesperson as saying. “[Few] respondents will respond to having experienced any of these, and the experiences of the elderly are just as important as those who are younger.â€? The questionnaire collected specific information on particular topics identified as key data requirements. “Which questions are asked regarding details of experiences may change depending on the responses to other questions. “All questions are scripted, and interviewers stick carefully to scripted wording as directed by the questionnaire and cannot pick and choose questions. “For this survey, the only compulsory questions relate to general demographics, feelings of safety, social connection and general health. “The interviewers make it clear that the remainder of the survey, collecting information on more sensitive topics, is voluntary.â€? Respondents also had the option of answering questions directly on the interviewer’s laptop “without intervention by the interviewerâ€?. The ABS says selected households are notified by mail about two weeks before a visit. “Occasionally, due to mail delivery issues, the first time people become aware ‌ is when the interviewer arrives.â€?


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By L. Frank Baum With Music and Lyrics by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg Background Music by Herbert Stothart


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Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017


Cruel end for ‘puppies’ of the sea Keith Platt A CAMPAIGN has been launched to stop the mostly hidden killing and maiming of a group of fish known as smooth rays. The rays are rarely sought after for food but are often killed so they won’t waste a second bait or out of fear, in the case of stingrays. Although the rays will only attack if provoked, scuba diver PT Hirschfield says the level of fear has risen noticeably since Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin died in 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming for the documentary, Ocean's Deadliest. Hirschfield likens the subsequent backlash against stingrays to the heightened fear of sharks caused by Steven Speilberg’s 1975 thriller, Jaws. She dives almost daily and has become increasingly horrified and saddened by the numbers of dead smooth rays littering the seabed around piers on the Mornington Peninsula and the rest of Port Phillip. “The huge smooth rays I dive with are gentle, curious puppies.” Hirschfield wants rays to be protected near piers “as they are rarely the intended catch of fishers”. “People seem to have a real dread of stingrays and seem to assume they will attack. They don’t really understand that they can become tame and are easily caught.” Hirschfield blames anglers for most of the ray carcasses near “because they don’t want to catch them twice”. A closed Facebook group using the name Project Banjo Action Group has about 300 followers dedicated to raising awareness of the needless cruelty being dealt to rays, which include fiddler rays or banjo sharks. Hirschfield discovered one of the most callous instances of cruelty under Rye pier where a 250-300 kilo-

Ray ban: Keen scuba diver P T Hirschfield wants the state government to ban the catching of smooth rays, including sting rays, near piers and jetties in Port Phillip. She says this ray was probably dumped under Rye pier after having its wings cut off for bait.

gram ray had been dumped after having its wings and tail hacked off. She believes the meat may have been kept as shark bait “which would be against Fisheries Victoria Regulations”. “The rays at peninsula piers are iconic and much loved by locals, tourists, divers, snorkelers and fishers alike. An

“Like timid, reclusive blue ringed octopuses that have only ever been responsible for three fatalities in history, stingrays have been much maligned and have become the victims of global smear and fear campaigns and unjustified knee-jerk reactions. “Ignorant fishermen frequently cut off their barbs and tails, throwing the

image of me with the remains of the ray at Rye has begun to circulate and cause much outrage in social media,” Hirschfield said. “The Project Banjo Action Group is campaigning for greater education about rays on the peninsula to combat the Irwin Effect, as well as better compliance with Fisheries regulations.

mutilated animals back into the ocean or killing them without justification – what utterly cruel, irresponsible and senseless abuse of these gorgeous, essentially harmless creatures. “The reality is that stingrays do not prey on humans in any way, instead preying on smaller marine creatures.” Hirschfield says regulations allow for a bag limit of five rays of one or more species. However, the same regulations also state that it is an offence to fail to return [unwanted] fish to water without injury or damage. “Fisheries Victoria advises that fishers are to ‘dispatch fish you intend to keep immediately’. It is unacceptable common practice that the tails, barbs and wings of various species of sharks and rays - including fiddler rays and huge smooth rays - are often hacked off while the animal is still alive.” Hirschfield said the group wanted to increase “awareness and appreciation of” rays throughout the fishing and non-fishing community; and increase the understanding and compliance with regulations and best practice “as an integral part of the licensing process”. More signs about regulations, best practice and penalties were needed on the fishing end of piers. Hirschfield stresses that the Project Banjo Action Group “is not a vigilante group”. “The success of this campaign is dependent on operating from a position of respect for all parties involved. Showing disrespect for those with opposing views and behaviours may inflame the situation rather than resolve it.” Details of any offences can be reported to Fisheries on 133474.  Environment group BERG Mt Martha has organised a free talk by P T Hirschfield 10am Saturday 20 May at Mt Martha House, 466 Esplanade. Bookings by 12 May are essential. Call 0447 160 288 or email info@ au. Morning tea provided.

Building permits top $1 billion in 2016 THE value of building permits issued on the Mornington Peninsula last year was up more than 40 per cent up on the previous year. Data released by the Victorian Building Authority shows the value of permits was $1.08 billion – well up on 2015’s $769.2 million. It showed the value of building permits issued in the state was a record $32 billion – up 7.6 per cent on 2015.

The shire recorded growth in the value of all building use categories other than Industrial, which fell despite an increase in the number of permits for the category compared with 2015. The peninsula was one of 12 Victorian municipalities where building permits valued at more than $1 billion were issued last year. “The VBA data shows there was strong growth in the value of building permits for dwellings

on the peninsula, with domestic (housing) rising 17.8 per cent over the previous year and residential (which includes apartments) surging 2196.2 per cent,” VBA chief executive Prue Digby said. Four of the top five building permits by value reported in the shire during 2016 were for the residential building use category. One was for buildings at Cape Schanck valued at $128 million.

The others were for a winery, hotel and function area at Merricks North, $22.4m; an aged care building and car park at Mornington, $13.5m; 34 apartments, shops, restaurants and basement car park at Rosebud, $12.9m, and an apartment/carpark and retail/office development to complete a project at Mornington, $10.9m. Stephen Taylor

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Anzac Day 25 April 2017

Anzac Centenary 2014 – 2018

The Anzac Centenary is a milestone of VSHFLDOVLJQLÀFDQFH to all Australians. Between 2014 to 2018 Australia will commemorate the Anzac Centenary, marking 100 years since our nation’s involvement in the ÀUVWWorld War. Commemorative services and remembrance marches will be held across the peninsula to acknowledge those who served in the war.




Service 9.30am

Service 5.30am

Service 6am

March 10.30am

March 12.15pm

Service 11am

Service 12.35pm



Service 6am

Service 6am

March 9.45am


Service 10am

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Mount Eliza

March 11.30am

Service 1.30pm

Service 12pm

Balnarring Village Shopping Centre

Hastings Foreshore

Crib Point

Hastings RSL

March 10.55am

Hastings Foreshore

Crib Point RSL

Service 11am Tingara Place


Memorial Park

Service 6am

Cnr Main & Queen Street

Peninsula RSL Club

March 9.15am

O’Donohue Street

Service 9.40am Dromana Hall

Flinders Service 10am Flinders Hall

Memorial Park

Mount Eliza Community Centre

Red Hill

March 10.30am

Service 11am

Service 10.45am


Flinders Hall Cook Street

Red Hill Community Park

Service 6am Rosebud RSL

March 9.30am

Cnr Ninth Avenue & Point Nepean Road

Service 9.45am

Jetty Rd & Point Nepean Road

For more information 1300 850 600


Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

Rye RSL Rye Pier


Fruit Growers Reserve

Sorrento Foreshore Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Foreshore

Tyabb Service 5.45am

Tyabb Recreation Reserve


Shire staff reject CEO’s work offer Stephen Taylor STAFF at Mornington Peninsula Shire will stay on their existing enterprise agreement after knocking back an agreement put forward by CEO Carl Cowie. The 803 eligible members of general staff voted 330-227 against the shire’s offer when the ballot closed, 5pm, Tuesday 4 April; 256 aged and disability services staff voted 124-62 against; 163 sport and leisure staff voted 45-22 against, while the shire’s 42 nurses voted 20-6 in favour. Many staff in the four departments abstained from voting. Mr Cowie said in a statement to staff: “The nurses’ agreement has been supported by staff and will proceed to ratification with the Fair Work Commission. “The general staff, aged and disability services and sport and leisure agreements were not supported. In this case the previous enterprise agreement remains in place until the negotiations result in a successful ballot.” ASU branch executive president Michelle Jackson said results of the ballots were “fantastic”. “We argued for a No vote and they were all voted down,” she said, adding that the union acts for general staff, aged and disability services and sport and leisure, but does not represent the nurses. “I have contacted the CEO Carl Cowie to see when he is available to sit down and talk with us. “I want to make sure he is aware of the main issue: the removal of sick leave provisions – that’s the main sticking point.”

Ms Jackson said in February that “unfair changes to sick leave entitlements had upset the hardworking staff at the council”. (“Unfair, underhanded offer” The News, 13/2/2017.) “Staff are outraged that sick leave that has been used to support staff – many of whom are also members of the community – through life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, is being slashed,” Ms Jackson said in a statement. The union representative said the shire had been offering staff a 6.8 per cent pay rise over three years but was cutting sick leave and penalty rates in the now voted-down agreement. “The CEO is splashing around $1 million in sign-on bonuses to get the staff to vote yes to a substandard agreement,” she said. Last week, Ms Jackson said another sticking point had been the shire’s insistence that it have the right to force staff to take annual leave when shutting down a facility, say for renovations. “The staff have shown they want greater protection, in the light of the CEO saying he wants to contract out sport and leisure and aged and disability services,” she said. Ms Jackson said staff had “reacted very strongly against” a one-off $1000 bonus offered by Mr Cowie to permanent council employees, and $300 to casuals, to back the council’s stance. “We were told that to get the $300 a casual staff member need only have worked one shift in six months, so they would have had little engagement with the shire and it would have been easy for them to accept it,” she said. Non-nursing staff will stay on their existing EBA, which expired on 31 December, until any new agreement is ratified.

Community forum: Bryan Payne, Andrew Doncovio, Kerryn Ladell, Mechelle Cheers, front: Susan Reynoldson, Sarah Race, Margaret Wilson, Heidi Duell, Peter Harris and Hugh Fraser.

Exploring reserve options A FORUM to help people learn more – and have their say – on a community space at the French St Reserve, Rye, will be held 7.30-9pm, Thursday 20 April, at Rye Civic Hall. The 7.2 hectare open space owned by Mornington Peninsula Shire has been selected by a committed group of Rye residents to be developed as a community project. (“Bid to save Rye reserve” The News, 14/3/2017). The forum is being run by the shire, French St Steering Committee, representatives of Rye Community Centre and Rye Community Alli-

ance Group. An aerial virtual tour of the grounds will be shown by the Mornington Men’s Shed. Participants will hear community ideas for the development of the site and to provide feedback. The mayor Cr Bev Colomb said ideas had been submitted through suggestion boxes made by New Peninsula Men’s Shed and placed around Rye over the past few months. Details: call the shire’s community projects officer, Susan Reynoldson, 5950 1611, or 0447 715 310 or email

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Defender of the bay dies hiking in hills Keith Platt

JOHN Clarke

Picture: Yanni

TRIBUTES for satirist John Clarke flowed from far and wide last Monday week (3 April) as news spread of his death the previous day while hiking in the Grampians National Park. The location of his passing indicated his love of nature, which for many years had included a deep concern for the future of Western Port. Born in New Zealand, Clarke, 68, was a founding member of Western Port Seagrass Partnership, an independent trust formed in 2001 to lobby for the protection and restoration of Western Port and its catchment. Regarded by many as the funniest satirist in Australia, Clark three years ago told journalist Mike Hast that he became interested in Western Port’s environment after “sitting on the beach years ago and noticed lots of black particles in the usually clear water” (“Funny man on a mission” The News 1/2/14). Clarke, who owned a holiday house at Phillip Island, said his “greening” followed subsequent conversations with scientists and ecologists. He saw Western Port as “a special place … under great pressure from human development”. Clarke said sediment resulting from draining Koo Wee Rup swamp was “one of the principal problems” facing the bay “. “This was a bad idea. It was a huge, 50 miles by 15 miles sponge that filtered runoff before it entered Western Port. It was a work of genius by nature.” Clarke’s death sees the loss of a strong and sincere advocate for the environmental health of Western Port as well as one of the most astute commentators on the often hypocritical actions of those who play a part in the wellbeing of Australia.

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The twinkle of his eye, drawn out pause or completely ignoring the question posed by his long time on air collaborator Brian Dawe often said more about a politician than any number of words. Clarke seemed able to convince the viewer that they were hearing direct from the politician without any use of disguise or accent. The seagrass partnership’s secretary Doug Newton said he had been “staggered and devastated” to hear of Clarke’s death. “He will leave a big hole in our organisation – he’s done so much for us,” Mr Newton told The News. Later, in a prepared statement, Mr Newton said Clarke and Professor John Swan had helped “forge and launch” the seagrass partnership, “an organisation which champions community desire for independent advocacy and fearless protection of the wonderful ecosystem of Western Port through education, awareness, partnership projects and scientific knowledge”. “Perhaps his most valuable legacy has been his direction and production of an outstanding resource, Western Port the DVD. This DVD is hugely popular and succinctly describes the treasures and challenges of Western Port and what people can do to help. The DVD includes fabulous interviews with local champions and scientists and several historic documentaries about Western Port and its wildlife. “Our board meetings will never be the same without that trademark wit, clarity and out of the box thinking and inspiration. “Most of all we will miss the company of this thoroughly decent man.” Seaford-based cartoonist and mural painter Tony Sowersby said news of Clarke’s death brought tears to his eyes. “The news of John Clarke’s death hit me hard and the thought of a world without him had me close to breaking down all day,” he

said. Sowersby remembers a winter’s walk on sand exposed by a low tide at Phillip Island and seeing a man with two children “occasionally turning side on and doing something that produced small explosions of sand”. It was Clarke playing a bunker-style shot that would send his golf ball 20 to 30 metres “and then walk to where it landed, stop, look up at an imaginary green, waggle his hips and another plume would arise”. “We recognised him of course. He was already quite famous. It was chilly and he was wearing a white woollen jumper and his pate was covered by a more presentable version of the floppy hat he wore in the Fred Dagg skits,” Sowersby recalls. Clarke said good morning and asked if Sowersby minded him playing through. “He had a twinkle in his eye. Later I came to think of that twinkle as the lighthouse on the island of sanity. We were too surprised to say anything witty or show that we were fans. “A short while later I stopped and mentally kicked myself for I had missed the chance to use Fred Dagg’s regular sign off line in context: I’ll get out of your way now, I’ll see you later.” Years later Sowersby and Clarke corresponded by email. In one of their exchanges in 2013 Clarke commented on a cartoon of Christopher Pyne captioned: “In four days this man will be the education minister.” While many people made rigorous comments, Clarke responded with a single line: “Be still my beating heart”. “I took it first as irony, but then thought it might be delicious anticipation of the satirical opportunity ahead. But now it is almost too poignant to read,” Sowersby said last week. “I loved John Clarke. I never actually met him, but I loved him anyway.”

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Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017


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Garden feature: Simon Bulk, of MAW Civil in Beth Cowling’s garden and a bollard from a former seawall at Sorrento.

Bollard brings back memories ONE of the wooden bollards removed to make way for a new seawall at Sorrento is now the centrepiece of a household garden. The latest wall is the fourth for the town’s beach and replaced one which was overseen by civil engineer, Colin Cowling. His wife Beth, hearing about the replacement of the wall built in 1990 by her late husband asked if she could have one of the bollards. Mornington Peninsula Shire gave the bollard to Ms Cowling, which now has pride of place in her front yard. A Sorrento resident for the past 18 years, she

said her husband was responsible for building many concrete and timber structures. “Colin had a great sense of humour. When building the third Sorrento seawall inquisitive passers by who saw a row of piles running parallel to the old wall would ask what he was doing, and he would say cattle were being shipped over to Queenscliff and this was the cattle race to the ferry,” Ms Cowling said. The latest seawall - a joint project between shire and the state government - has coloured concrete steps which can be used for seating.



Dromana College is a school where students develop to their full potential. Our exceptional academic learning environment is built by offering a range of diverse learning experiences. With outstanding facilities, a committed professional staff and a caring school community, students are challenged to explore their interests and use their talents to achieve their best.

Open Night Thursday 27 April 2017 at 7:00pm

A high performing provider of education on the Mornington Peninsula

‘A high performing provider of education on the Mornington Peninsula’

110 Harrisons Road, Dromana, Victoria 3936 Entry via Old White Hill Road

T: 03 5987 2805 E: W:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Outstanding VCE results Single gender classes for the core subjects Select entry academic enhancement program (LEAP) ‘State of the art’ Year 7 area Performing Arts Centre, Design Centre International Sister Schools Program and study tours Elite coaching programs including Basketball and Cycling Instrumental music tuition Diverse and engaging extra curricula events High expectations of all students A clear and consistent code of conduct for all students

‘Lessons come from the journey… not the destination’ Tours available Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30am Please phone 03 5987 2805 for bookings.











Nepean Hwy



er ow ng


Mornington Peninsula Home Cnr Nepean Highway & Bungower Road Ph: 03 5976 4060


a Ro

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Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017


Anzac Day activities across the peninsula THERE will be 13 Anzac Day marches and services on the Mornington Peninsula. The mayor Cr Bev Colomb said the day is a time for “reflection, thankfulness and remembrance of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli”. “While Anzac Day has always been a huge day of national pride, each year reignites the community’s dedication to remembering the sacrifice so many have made for our country. “We will remember not only the original Anzacs who served at Gallipoli, but commemorate more than a century of service by Australian servicemen and women.” Anzac Day program: Balnarring 9.30am service at Balnarring Village Shopping Centre. Crib Point 10.55am march from Crib Point RSL for 11am service at the cenotaph in Tingara Place. Dromana 6am dawn service at Peninsula RSL; 9.15am march from O’Donohue St for 9.40am service at the cenotaph at Dromana Hall. Flinders 10am service at Flinders Hall; march leaves hall at 11am for monument at top of Cook St. Hastings 5.30am dawn service at the foreshore; 10.30am march from Hastings RSL for 11am service at the foreshore. Mornington 6am dawn service at Memorial Park in Barkly St; 9.45am march from corner Main and Queen streets for 10am service at Memorial Park. Mt Eliza 1.30pm service at Mt

Eliza Community Centre. Red Hill 11am service at Red Hill Community Park. Rosebud 6am dawn service at Rosebud RSL; 9.30am march from corner Ninth Av and Point Nepean Rd for 9.45am service at cenotaph, corner Jetty and Point Nepean Rds. Rye 6am dawn service at Rye RSL; 12.15pm march from Rye pier for 12.35pm service at Rye RSL. Somerville 6am dawn service at the cenotaph at Fruit Growers Reserve. Sorrento 6am dawn service at Sorrento Foreshore; 11.30am march from opposite flagpole on Ocean Beach Rd for midday service on the foreshore. Tyabb 5.45am dawn service at the cenotaph at Tyabb Recreation Reserve. Full Anzac Day program at

Auction and exhibition: Jim Rutherford and artist Terry Avion with the “Sunrise at Gallipoli” painting that will be auctioned on Anzac Day at Peninsula Parklands retirment village, Hastings. Picture: Yanni

Parklands heeds the call RESIDENTS of Peninsula Parklands, Hastings are preparing to commemorate Anzac Day even though age may be wearying some of them. There are 340 residents at the High St retirement village and last year some of them found it physically hard to attend the town’s official Anzac

Day march and ceremonies. This year they will be at a ceremony in their own community hall, which is also being used to exhibit a display of wartime memorabilia, including medals and a set of World War I cavalry spurs worn by a soldier from Somerville.

Background music from the wartime era will help set the scene along with “original recipe” Anzac biscuits served with tea and coffee. A “Sunrise at Gallipoli” painting by Parklands’ resident artist Terry Avion will be auctioned to raise money for Hastings RSL’s welfare fund.





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Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017



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Ear, ear: Poets’ Corner organisers Heather Forbes McKeon, Ian Coffey and Heather Mc aim to attract literary buffs to their regular Sunday readings. Picture: Yanni

Tales of drama and music meet in poetry POETRY readings are sure to attract literary buffs to a McCrae cafe. Poets’ Corner organisers Heather Forbes McKeon, a former head of drama at Frankston High School, and Ian Coffey, a former literature teacher at Padua, say verse and fellowship will be on offer at the readings at Blue Bay Cafe, McCrae, on the last Sunday of the month. “Verse has been the vehicle for human experience for centuries,” Ms Forbes McKeon said. “People have expressed their

elation, mirth, grief, pain, insight, bewilderment, wonder and anger in poetry through the ages and our world is richer for it.” Poet’s Corner aims to encourage anyone who is involved to write, read, perform or to listen to poetry. “We are sure there is a wealth of poetic interest and talent on the peninsula,” she said. “By providing a platform for poets we want to promote and celebrate the joy, wisdom and passion that poetry can bring to life,” Ms Forbes McKeon said.

Blue Bay Cafe is on the corner of Point Nepean and Beverley roads, McCrae. Readings will be held 6.30-8pm on the last Sunday of every month beginning Sunday 30 April. The $26 a person entry includes a set menu of main and dessert. The cafe is licensed. Poets can email their full name and poem titles to poetscornergathering@ A maximum of three minutes is allowed for each poem. Bookings: 5982 0295.


2018 Enrolment Information and School Tours

YOU’LL LOVE WHAT WE DO Curtains Awnings

A learning culture that money cannot buy

Blinds Shutters

Frankston High School has an outstanding reputation as a high performing school, particularly in the areas of academic achievement, music and sport. Prospective parents are encouraged to attend an information session and tour of the school on the following dates:

• Wednesday 19 April • Thursday 20 April • Monday 24 April • Friday 28 April • Tuesday 2 May

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All tours to start at 9.15am

For parents unable to attend through the day, an information evening will be held on Wednesday, 3 May at 7.00pm. As places are limited, bookings are ”‡“—‹”‡†ǤŽ‡ƒ•‡„‘‘˜‹ƒ‘—”™‡„•‹–‡ƒ–™™™ǤϔŠ•Ǥ˜‹…Ǥ‡†—Ǥƒ— ‘”’Š‘‡–Š‡‘ˆϔ‹…‡‘Ϳͽ;͹ͽͿͻͻǤ

Shop 8a, 1-13 Tyabb Road (cnr Nepean Hwy) Mornington

Foot Street, Frankston

call 03 5975 9366.


Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

Trailwalker veteran: Maxim Wood, above and with his Eulers Bridge Oxfam Trailwalker teammates, son Miguel and Jacinta Little. Pictures: Andrew Gooden/OxfamAU

Age no barrier to this Oxfam walker MAXIM Wood, 79, of Blairgowrie was the oldest person to participate in this year’s 100 kilometre Oxfam Trailwalker fundraising event. The event saw teams of four walking and running for 48 hours or less through the Dandenong and Yarra Valley ranges.

Teams raised at least $1400 to participate and Melbourne teams raised $2.2 million for Oxfam's work tackling poverty in communities around the world. Teams raised an average $3548. This year’s event Mr Wood’s tenth trailwalk and saw his team - Eulers

Bridge, with teammates, son Miguel Wood, Fiona Morrison and Jacinta Little - in 31 hours and 48 minutes. The average time to complete the course was 28 hours and 49 minutes. Their time saw them come 387th in the field of 576 teams which finished (612 teams started, but some retired).

Ms Morrison had to pull out of the event with an injury soon after the 6.30am start time on Friday, so the three teammates brought her back to the registration tent before starting again without her. "I know the oldest marathon runner is 100 years old, he's a Boston

marathon runner. He did it in about 12 hours," Mr Wood said. The last team in the Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne, GCM3 Geogirls, crossed the finish line in a time of 44 hours and 40 minutes; the fastest team, Dog Day Afternoon, came in on Friday night in 11 hours, 25 minutes.





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Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017



Letters - 300 words maximum and including full name, address and contact number - can be sent to The News, PO Box 588, Hastings 3915 or emailed to:

Protect the Green Wedge, it also has a heritage We applaud the plan to open Cruden Farm, Langwarrin up for community use in accordance with the late and sincerely lamented Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s wishes. However, we do not favour the idea of subdividing off 15.8 hectares of the land for residential development. This land would need to be excised from the Green Wedge and would set a precedent for more such proposals involving the carving up of green wedges for good causes (“Cruden Farm homes bid” The News 11/4/17). You can just see many other landowners lining up for the same sort of treatment. There is precious little Green Wedge land remaining; we can’t afford to lose more. Last month, the Minister for Planning [Richard Wynne] released Plan Melbourne 2017-2050, that contains the following commitment: “Maintain a permanent urban growth boundary around Melbourne to create a more consolidated, sustainable city.” It would be very difficult for the minister to approve the rezoning of Cruden Farm and the movement of the urban growth boundary before the ink is even dry on the new plan. We suggest that the land proposed for subdivision could still be sold for an appropriate Green Wedge use, such as farming or recreation, without threatening the future of this and other Green Wedges. Trevor Shewan, president, Defenders of the South East Green Wedge

Show us the money Despite [Nepean MP] Martin Dixon MP retiring at the next state election, he certainly has not stopped practising populist politics, by once again calling for the construction of a World

class aquatic centre for the southern Peninsula area (“Pool the effort” Letters 11/4/17). Mr Dixon has been the local member for every single day since Mornington Peninsula Shire’s pool policy was released around 2000. Throughout this period and to his credit, he has consistently championed the construction of an aquatic centre at Rosebud. However, not once did he support his commitment with an absolute pledge from the state government to contribute financially to the project’s cost. Given that the Labor party held power for the bulk of the past 17 years and with Nepean not being considered a marginal seat, you can understand why it would not commit financially. However, Mr Dixon’s party did hold power for four years and he was a senior minister in that government. So why no funding commitment then? The shire is burdened with rate capping to limit its revenue raising opportunities and has both rising demand and cost of service delivery. Then we have a politician advocating a potentially $50 million project to build and a further $2 million a year to operate (plus interest on the loan needed to pay for it) without any state government funding support. Little wonder we can’t take politicians seriously. Ian Bennett, Fingal

Pool’s ‘wide’ support Mornington Peninsula Shire resolved to not locate the SPA (Southern Peninsula Aquatic Centre) adjacent to Rosebud Memorial Hall. The state government (which had previously granted coastal consent for the SPA adjacent to the hall consistent with the Rosebud structure plan) stated that the coastal consent was now not

needed because of the council decision, but consent was still in place. In response, the council resolved to ask the government to remove the coastal consent, which was done. Naturally, the Rosebud structure plan was amended to reflect the council decisions. The action group is not a few towel waving supporters. It has support and representation from swimming clubs, community groups, local schools, lifesaving clubs, sport clubs and many individuals. Esther Revens, Capel Sound

Pool’s public demand A survey by Mornington Peninsula Shire, showed the Southern Peninsula Aquatic Centre is a high priority for all ratepayers and residents on the southern peninsula - not by a little band of “bath towel and swimming cap wearers” (“Public, private pool” Letters 4/4/17). The state government requires primary school children to learn to swim and, with enrolment of southern peninsula schools growing dramatically, the Colchester Rd pool cannot cope. I am one of the so called “minority” of people who love to swim in “watered down chlorine” and presented Mornington Peninsula Shire with a 125-signature petition of regular water aerobic and attendees doing two and three classes a week in March 2015 and in November 2013. It was agreed by council that a feasibility report be done within two months to investigate and renovate Colchester Rd and deemed from this report that Colchester Rd site was unsuitable. Small-minded people and some councillors must take their heads out of the sand and realise that we are no longer a small regional town but an expanding outer suburb and this project would provide jobs in an area of high unemployment. Some councillors and anti-SPA objectors must stop politicising about where the centre be built and focus on when it can be completed for residents and tourists and stop wasting any more time and money trying to push aside what is long overdue. Denise Brown, Capel Sound

Farsighted Hastings The Mornington Peninsula Shire wants to raise the rent of the Hastings Club from $4000 to $42,234 a year with further rises totalling $10,000. The council wants this money because it manages the Crown Land and own the building that sits on it in Hastings park (“Rent rise tied to pokies” The News 11/4/17). The shire has not contributed one cent towards this building which was built by footballers and cricketers and members of Hastings in the early 1970s. Since then it has been renovated and extended into the club that we see today without any help from the council. In other words, Hastings has built up this nice healthy asset for the shire free of charge and now it wants to raise the rent. Is that its way of saying thank you? The Hastings club was the first club to receive a full liquor licence in 1974. Other clubs have followed and have all prospered because of Hastings’ efforts. I am not against some sort of rent increase, but if the rent is based on what the land and building are worth at Hastings, then how much is the land worth where Mornington or Sorrento football clubs play? Council has built a new Mornington tennis club with clay courts that is run by full time managers, how much rent do they pay? It has built or is building facilities at Red Hill, Balnarring and Somerville; Crib Point recently had a big renovation. What rent do these clubs pay? Why have no other clubs had the fortitude to get of their backsides and improve their situations. As there are no pubs in Tyabb or Crib Point these clubs could of had thriving businesses if they had a bit of forward thinking. Kevin Miles, Hastings

Damaging rent rise The headline “Rent rise tied to pokies” saddens me greatly and highlights a gross lack of appreciation by councillors and executive officers of Mornington Peninsula Shire about the history of the Hastings Club (The News 11/4/17). When the club was established, Hastings Park was

OPEN NIGHT Thursday 27th April 2017 5pm – 7pm

Mount Erin College warmly welcomes you to visit our school. We pride ourselves on offering rich and challenging academic programs and opportunities.

The evening will begin in our new Auditorium for a brief presentation before a tour of the Design, Art, Technology and Science building (The DATS Centre.)

Our $9m Stage One Buildings opened in 2015 providing our students with state-of-the art, 21st century facilities and a stimulating, flexible learning environment.

Session A: 5.00pm

Excellent results in VCE show Mount Erin College continues to be a high performing school in the region and validates the dedication of the school to provide success for every student.

Bookings can be made on line via the College Website, alternatively contact the college office on 59716000 to make a booking. College tours are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9am.

Session B: 5.45pm

Robinsons Road, Frankston South VIC 3199 T: 5971 6000 F: 5971 1421 E: |



Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

NEWS DESK funds to refurbish the original dressing rooms and add an extension. It successfully applied for a gaming licence in 1993. Since then the club has maintained, expanded and improved its facilities at its own expense. The Club contributed $20,000 to the construction of Pelican Park Recreation Centre; offers its courtesy bus to local groups; and, I estimate, has donated close to $1 million back into the community since poker machines were introduced. Sadly, all that effort and initiative has failed to be included or taken into account in the report presented to council and that massive increase in rent could lead to The Club struggling to continue to be a viable entity. Brian L Stahl, Hastings

Moored at Mornington Place for smoke August 1st. No smoking in in outdoor dining areas. Note the rubbish receptacle forground. The perfect place for the council to set outdoor seating for old jokers to rest & an occasional smoko. And coffee? Cliff Ellen, Rye

vastly different to today, having one small oval surrounded on both sides by King Creek. The dressing rooms were a tin shed and, of its own initiative, the Hastings football and cricket club in1967 formed a co-operative to raise money for new clubrooms and dressing rooms. The building was completed in 1969 on the northern side of King Creek, which meant gaining access to the oval over the creek. Members of the club at their own expense transported spoil from Baxter and piped and covered the creek to provide clear access. In 1974 the club was the first junior sporting organisation in Victoria to be granted a full liquor license. In 1976 the Shire of Hastings built the existing change rooms and public toilets after construction of the Thomas Barclay Oval and the club again used the co-operative to raise its own

Edmund Burke (“Rocks not answer” Letters 11/4/17) is incredible because he states that I have “often expressed dislike of sailors, young and old, using Mornington harbour and, in fact, Port Philip and Australia’s surrounding waters for their enjoyment and recreation”. I have said no such thing. Never. Not verbal, written, or implied. I had never heard of Edmund Burke until now. He also advises me, strangely, to go and live somewhere else if I don’t like it here. At least he appears to agree that the best option for Mornington pier during violent storms is to have no wave barriers at all. Let the sea flow. I did vehemently oppose the marina proposal seven or eight years ago which would have destroyed our beaches and amenities for ugly money. In case Mr. Burke is confusing me with somebody else, I love the sea, having learned to swim before I could walk, thanks to Mum, a long time ago at another bayside beach. I once owned a 23 foot trailer-sailer and often launched it at Mornington boat ramp. My three young children learned to sail on this boat; some of my friends learned terror in bad weather. I’ve dropped anchor in Mornington town and the wind has gone out of my sails, so I’m here to stay. Brian A Mitchelson, Mornington

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

New 70kph limit: Workers install the revised speed signs on Melbourne Rd last week.

Speed cut for safety’s sake hensive assessment of the numerous crashes and use of Melbourne Rd indicated significant road safety benefits through lowering the 80kph limit. “Further to this, travel time analysis indicated increases in travel times would be no greater than 40 seconds.” The mayor Cr Bev Colomb said the shire aimed to create a safe road system. “The shire is collaborating closely with the Transport Accident Commission, VicRoads and police on the Towards Zero initiative to reduce road trauma on the peninsula,” she said. The shire says reducing speedswill achieve “significant road safety benefits”.

THE speed limit on Melbourne Rd between Iolanda St, Rye, and Heather Av, Sorrento, was cut from 80kph to 70kph on Wednesday 5 April. Temporary electronic signs will be displayed on Melbourne Rd to alert motorists. Early last year, Mornington Peninsula Shire became the first council in Australia to become a Towards Zero Municipality, the shire’s web page says. “One of the first initiatives of this commitment was addressing community group concerns about road safety on Melbourne Rd. “A community survey completed in late 2016 received mixed feedback, however a compre-


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60 MINUTE WELLNESS MASSAGE Relax and unwind with our full body 60-minute wellness massage - Just $65 in April. T&Cs: Applies to the month of March 2017. Cannot be used in conjunction with other specials. All enquiries please contact Moonah Day Spa or hotel reception 5988 2055 or 5988 2000

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From the heart: The Stricklands present a painting of the Balbirooroo Wetlands to Shanti, the Balnarring Environmental Action Team captain, to be forwarded to Balnarring Primary School at assembly.

6th MAY 2017

Environmentalists make a move after 50 years Stephen Taylor


COMMUNITY FORUM 2017 Have your say about the future of your hospital The 2017 Community Forum is an opportunity for everyone on the Peninsula to provide feedback on our services and identify priorities for change. Join our Board of Directors, senior management and community members and have your say about the future of your hospital.

When: Friday, 28th April Time: 1.15pm for a 1.30pm start Where: Mornington Racing Club, 320 Racecourse Rd, Mornington Members of the public are welcome to attend.

RSVP essential by Monday 24th April Call 9788 1501 or email


Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

AN afternoon tea for Peter and Kathie Strickland at Balnarring Hall in mid-March was an “acknowledgment of their considerable contribution to the local environmental and art communities”. The couple, active members of community groups and environment organisations, are leaving their Beattie Av, Bittern, home and moving to Queensland to be near their children after more than 50 years on the Mornington Peninsula. The farewell was attended by friends and representatives of these groups. “[Kathie and Peter] have made many friends and been inspirational with their sense of commitment and can-do attitude and, importantly, they have always delighted in sharing their knowledge and mentoring others,” farewell organiser Annette Bunyevich said. “This can be seen in their passion for the environment, particularly in maintaining its integrity, and promoting the planting of indigenous species. “They have been involved in the establishment and nurturing of the Balbirooroo Wetlands at Balnarring, which is a treasure for the community and, especially, for pupils at Balnarring Primary school for whom it is a wonderland of experiences and learning.” Ms Bunyevich said the school motto, Where Nature Meets Nurture, underscores the school’s role as a Sustainability School. “The wetlands, after years of hard work by many people, have developed into the wonderful oasis,” she said.

“Peter’s detailed botanical illustrations of its flora and fauna are placed along the Wetlands walk, as are drawings by Nambooka about their Koori story. “Peter and Kathie were involved from the early days, donating indigenous plants from their Kareelah Nursery and rolling up their sleeves at community plantings and working bees. “Their love of nature is reflected in Peter’s wonderful paintings of the peninsula and of many other breathtaking places around Australia.” Mr Strickland was the foundation art teacher at Woodleigh School.

Peninsula plant sale THE Australian Plants Society Mornington Peninsula will hold a plant sale 10am-3.30pm Saturday 29 April at Seawinds Garden, Arthurs Seat State Park, Purves Rd, Arthurs Seat. The plants will be suitable for gardens on the Mornington Peninsula. “This is the best time of the year for planting, so come along for those hard-to-find but hardy indigenous plants, colourful plants from other parts of Australia, as well as advice from the experts,” society secretary Jenny Bolger said.

Breastfeeding THE Peninsula Group of the Australian Breastfeeding Association will hold a discussion meeting at 10am on Tuesday 2 May in Meeting Room 1, Bentons Square Community Centre, Mornington. The topic will be Celebrating Your Breastfeeding Journey. Details: 0419 383 864.

Girl’s bid to help parrots survive Keith Platt SIX-YEAR-OLD Abigail Court has become something of an orangebellied parrot expert since learning of how close they are to extinction. The youngster was taken to Moonlit Sanctuary, Pearcedale, by her mother Rebecca soon after the opening last year of a breeding aviary designed to help increase the number of orangebellied parrots. The species is clinging onto survival with Zoos Victoria – which also runs a breeding program at Healesville Sanctuary – estimating there could be as few as 50 birds left in the wild. The 200mm long mainly green and yellow parrots are large than budgerigars and only breed at one location in Tasmania before flying across Bass Strait to winter on the mainland, including on the shores of Western Port. Experts fear the orange-bellied parrots will be extinct in the wild within three to five years. Since finding out about the parrots’ dire straits Abigail, of Boronia, has collected more than $1000 towards helping the breeding program at Moonlit Sanctuary. The money was raised through talks she has given to girl guides, her primary school class, Ferntree Gully Salvation Army and after telling her story to family and friends. The orange-bellied breeding centre at the 10-heactare Moonlit Sanctuary can house 40 birds and breed up to 100 birds a year.

SIGNS at Mornington Peninsula National Park outline the plight of the hooded plover.

Dog ban ‘helps plovers’

Talking parrots: Abigail Court ond the orange-bellied parrots that she is so determined to see survive.

The off-the-ground aviaries are designed as a quarantine facility to prevent the spread of beak and feather disease, which can affect these parrots in the wild, and has two 12 metre long free-flight aviaries for non-breeding seasons. When opening the centre in September 2016 sanctuary director Michael Johnson described it as “a huge step towards growing the captive population of orange-bellied parrots for release into the wild�. He said partnerships between

governments, community groups, zoos, and the orange-bellied parrot recovery team “is key to the survival of this critically endangered species�. The sanctuary has been involved in the orange-bellied parrot program since 2013 and has committed to spending $500,000 over the next 10 years to run the new breeding centre. Zoos Victoria’s acting general manager of threatened species, Dr Michael Magrath said the aviaries

provided a “significant boost� to the parrot’s captive breeding program. The centre has a viewing platform for visitors, an educational space to learn about the species, and a nest cam to observe the breeding behaviours of orangebellied parrots. Moonlit Sanctuary also contributes to recovery and breeding programs for regent honeyeaters, bush stone-curlews and spot-tailed quolls.

THE state government says banning dogs from the coastal Mornington Peninsula National Park has already proved its worth in protecting the endangered hooded plover. Parks Victoria says eight chicks survived the most recent breeding season compared with one two seasons ago. The controversial dog ban was put in place along the 42 kilometre coastline in November 2016 to protect the hooded plover and its habitat. Banning dogs has also enabled Parks Victoria to extend fox control programs to help protect the 32 other fauna species of conservation significance that also inhabit the park. Parks Victoria is undertaking regular targeted patrols to ensure people continue to obey the ban. “Our dog ban is protecting the hooded plover and benefitting all wildlife in the national park.â€? Energy, Environment and Climate Change Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said. MP for Eastern Victoria Daniel Mulino said a “few peopleâ€? had been caught disobeying the dog ban over summer although “most ‌ are doing the right thing - which is helping us protect the Peninsula."

ENROL NOW FOR YEAR 7 2019! Padua College is at an exciting time in its 120 years of history with Principal, Anthony Banks launching the Educational Strategic Plan.

Enrolments for

Year 7 2019 are open

from 21 March – 19 May 2017

New programs and a campus restructure will provide an enhanced curriculum that encourages our students to be engaged learners and entrepreneurial thinkers.

Have a say in the future of your community.

Academic rigour is at the forefront of learning and teaching, and at Padua College we value the Catholic ethos of developing the ‘whole person.’ We aim to develop individuals with a sense of social justice, who are resilient and positive, and have a sense of faith, hope and love for their future.

Expressions of interest are now being invited for the position of Director of Western Port Community Enterprises Limited, operators of the Hastings & District Community BankŽ Branch of Bendigo Bank. As a Director you will provide the leadership and management skills at a Board level to support and drive the company’s strategic direction, goals and objectives to have a real say in the future direction of the branch and community. This position is voluntary.

For all enrolment enquiries: or call the Registrar on 5978 2701

At Hastings & District Community BankÂŽ Branch, we are keeping local money and local business in the community.

Call Vic Rodwell (Chairman) on 0408 371 282 for further information or a confidential discussion.


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Mornington9EAR  T: 5976 0100

ENROLMENTS ENRO EN ROLM RO LMEN LM ENTS EN TS PPADUAVICEDUAU ADUA AD UAV UA VIC V ICE IC EDU E DUA DU AAU www. ww w pa w. padu dua. du a.. vi vic. c.ed c. edu. ed u. . au

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879. S55513-1 (352212_v2) (8/04/2017)

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017



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Items on sale until April 30/ 2017 or until sold out. Availability may vary between areas. DELIVERY AVAILABLE - ASK IN STORE FOR MORE DETAILS


Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

Southern Peninsula

18 April 2017

The great estate > Page 3

9708 8667

Shop 7 / 20-22 Ranelagh Drive MOUNT ELIZA

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Celebrating 70 years on the Peninsulaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; SORRENTO Business For Sale

RYE 4 Eva Street



Â&#x201E; First time for sale in 25 years Â&#x201E; Lease 4 x 5 year options. Â&#x201E;7ZRDGMRLQLQJVKRSVSOXV¿UVWÃ&#x20AC;RRU Â&#x201E; Stainless steel commercial kitchen Â&#x201E; 4 walk in cool rooms Â&#x201E; Walk in freezer room Â&#x201E; Rear court yard with tables and chairs Â&#x201E; Seating for 90,inside and out Â&#x201E;)XOO\¿WWHGOLTXRUVHFWLRQ Â&#x201E; Excellent café serving coffee and food. Â&#x201E; Large double garage or store room. %86,1(6672%(1(*27,$7(' %<(;35(66,2162),17(5(67


Contact: Max Prentice 0419 304 707

Price: $590,000 plus buyers Contact: Sam Crowder 0403 893 724

RYE 19 The Glen

RYE 43 Centre Drive



Close to the Bay Beach and shops, this striking coastal residence is set on a 1/4 acre allotment and features 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 living DUHDV7KHUHLVDIXOO\WLOHGLQJURXQG pool and triple car garage, and other VLJQL¿FHQWIHDWXUHVWRWKHKRPHLQFOXGH a spacious theatre room overlooking the outdoor dining and poolside area, ULFKSROLVKHGWLPEHUÃ&#x20AC;RRUVWKDWVSDQWKH depth of this great property, and a kitchen with butlers pantry and island bench. A separate rumpus room has a private rear deck and two guest bedrooms each have their own ensuite.

Nestled amid the tree tops with aspects towards the back beach and Blairgowrie, this original beach home, on a beautiful VTPSDUFHORIODQGJLYHV\RXWKH chance to enjoy now as a holiday pad and improve later, with loads of upside for those with the vision and energy. Comprising of 3BRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x201C; main with FES, second bathroom, separate toilet, open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area that LVÃ&#x20AC;RRGHGZLWKQDWXUDOOLJKWDQGDWKLUG bathroom, storage room and garage downstairs completes the package. A wonderful opportunity to get your foot in the door into this sought after area.

Price: Contact Agent Contact: Michael Prentice 0417 369 235

Price: $630,000 - $695,000 Contact: Sam Crowder 0403 893 724

RYE 93 Dundas Street

RYE 14 Hill Street



Superbly situated on a generous 1,420m2 allotment and just a leisurely 1.5km stroll to the shops & beach is this solidly built brick residence. Featuring renovated kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, separate lounge & dining with RSHQ¿UHSODFH DLUFRQGLWLRQLQJUHDU all weather patio plus substantial double lock up remote garage with thru access to backyard. Offering plenty of room to further extend and capitalise on this terUL¿FORFDWLRQ7KLVLVDJUHDWRSSRUWXQLW\ to add your own stamp!

7KLVVWULNLQJFRQWHPSRUDU\KRPHKDVD IUHHÃ&#x20AC;RZLQJÃ&#x20AC;RRUSODQZLWKERWKLQGRRU DQGRXWGRRUHQWHUWDLQLQJ]RQHV7KH single level design has four bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen complete with stone benchtops and s/steel appliances,an expansive outdoor deck area with 10 VHDWHUVSDDQGDFLQHPDURRP7KHUH is also a double garage, alarm, ducted YDFXXPV\VWHPSROLVKHGWLPEHUÃ&#x20AC;RRUV throughout, ducted heating & cooling, study nook and a second powder room IRUJXHVWV7KLVVL]DEOHKRPHFDSWXUHV beautiful aspects, subtle breezes and a bright, sunny aspect.

Price: $675,000 Contact: Michael Prentice 0417 369 235

Price: $1,150,000 - $1,250,000 Contact: Sam Crowder 0403 893 724

RYE 46 Sussex Road

SORRENTO 36 Oxford Road



Extremely private, this established 5BR home has been well-maintained and represents great value buying for those seeking large accommodations. From the upstairs level there are 3BRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, a dual entry bathroom, kitchen and dining area overlooking the front garden, two living areas, and a rear deck that leads down to the private back yard. 'RZQVWDLUVDUHWZRPRUHEHGURRPV second bathroom, separate laundry and internal access from the garage. With nothing to do â&#x20AC;&#x201C; pack your things and make this rare beach side offering yours

Set within a short stroll from the Sorrento village and coastal reserve is this FODVVLFEHDFKKRXVH:LWKWLPEHUÃ&#x20AC;RRUV neutral tones and natural light, this surprise package comprises 3 bedrooms, EDWKURRPVHSDUDWHODXQGU\RSHQ¿UH place, large rear shed with separate storage and kids games room. Set off the main living area is a private terrace with outdoor shower, surrounded by manicured gardens, is the ideal place to relax and unwind.

For Sale: $685,000-$750,000 Contact: Sam Crowder 0403 893 724

Price: Contact Agent Contact: Mark Prentice 0408 117 772

2395 Point Nepean Road, Rye.

Ph 5985 2351

78 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento. Ph 5984 4177 Page 2


A wonderful blend of coastal getaway VW\OHEOHQGHGZLWKPRGHUQ¿QLVKHV makes this 5BR beach pad a must see. Flexible in its design, the bedrooms allow for children, grandparents and extra guests to enjoy coastal holidays, without falling over one another. Also comprising a large main bathroom, open plan living area with kitchen and meals zone opening to a captivating rear deck which takes in a lovely leafy aspect across the rear yard. An outdoor shower is great place to shake the sand off after a day at the beach, and the shops and cafes are all close by.

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017



Hollywood glamour with stunning bay views Address: For Sale: Agency: Agent:

14 Earimil Drive, MOUNT ELIZA $3,600,000 Community Real Estate, 7/20-22 Ranelagh Drive, Mount Eliza, 9708 8667 Stewart Lardner, 0419 539 072

ONE of Mount Eliza’s most elite beach front addresses - ‘Sirocco’ - is privy to spectacular water vistas that encompass Port Phillip Bay to the Melbourne city skyline. A life of unparalleled privilege begins with the superb outdoor facilities which include a splendid swimming pool and fullsize tennis court, with Ranelagh Beach just moments away. The entry to the property makes a grand statement with iron gates flanking a brick-paved driveway that progresses past the tennis court to a wide parking bay in front of a three-car garage. From the dazzling formal entry the main

bedroom with huge ensuite and walk-in robe is around to the right with a separate study across the hall. A regal curved staircase dominates a central void with several other bedrooms branching off from here. A guest bedroom also has an ensuite and the main bathroom features an opulent spa bath set within a glass atrium-style alcove. The first floor plays host to a magnificent series of stately living and dining zones that will leave you spoilt for choice and resoundingly impressed. An expansive formal lounge and dining room has a built-in bar and set either side of the kitchen is a tiled

family room and a casual meals space which opens out to a sheltered balcony for fine alfresco dining. Opening from the family room is a larger balcony with glass balustrades for breathtaking uninterrupted views of the bay. Showcasing a lifestyle package that’s hard to surpass, this grand estate measures about 2752 square metres across two titles and also comes complete with a fantastic billiards room and a brilliant patio that wraps around the pool and outdoor spa.

Find the Value of Your Home Online. Receive a FREE property report, appraisal & sold house prices in your area.


> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017

Page 3

Dromana 20 Corey Avenue

Your Mornington Peninsula Lifestyle Awaits. * Set on approx. 705m2 & only 700m to the Dromana foreshore * Fully renovated home with heated in-ground pool * Offering open plan formal/informal living & dining areas * Features include engineered oak ďŹ&#x201A;ooring * Fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher & 900mm oven * Luxurious bathrooms, robed bedrooms, main with ensuite * Landscaped grounds, electric gates & ample on-site parking * Serviced by double remote garage, ducted heating & evaporative cooling * Only 1 hour from the Melbourne CBD, inspection is a must

Page 4

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017

New Listing




AUCTION Saturday 13th May 12:30pm

CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Trent Archibald 0481 219 848

INSPECT As Advertised or By Appointment

Rosebud 5986 8660

Capel Sound 13 Gannet Avenue

New Listing

Capel Sound Entertainer. Located in a quiet, sought after pocket of Capel Sound and backing onto the wetlands, this professionally renovated and extended home offers more than meets the eye. * Open plan living and dining flooded with natural light * Double glazed ‘tilt n turn’ windows * Kitchen with stone benches, soft touch cabinets * Master with ensuite. Guest bedrooms with BIR * Outdoor covered entertaining area with kitchen and pizza oven * Outdoor bathroom and a gazebo covered spa With retractable fly screens, front and rear irrigation systems, bore water, solar panels, and being is such a wonderful location close to schools, shops, public transport and of course the stunning Capel Sound foreshore, this home is a cut above the rest. 3


AUCTION Saturday 13th May 2:00pm INSPECT As Advertised or By Appointment


CONTACT Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Rosebud 5986 8880

New Listing

Rosebud 27 Foam Street

Dreaming of the beach. Situated in one of the most prestigious boulevards in Rosebud, is this quintessential beachside cottage set on a generous allotment of 545sqm approx. offering a fabulous opportunity to enter the booming Peninsula market. The kitchen, equipped with modern appliances and dishwasher, overlooks the cosy living area which is flooded with an abundance of natural light, and offers a wood burning stove, perfect for the coming cooler months.This flows effortlessly via french doors to the first of two decks set amongst the north facing, lush and established gardens. Further through the garden is the second deck where you could put out the sun lounges, or potentially put in a spa under a gazebo. Both the master bedroom and the second single bedroom, are furnished with built in robes. The third bedroom/studio is located to the rear of the property, and is perfect to accommodate guests or to use as a rumpus room. Being close to schools and public transport, and with easy access to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and with split system air-conditioning and instantaneous hot water, this home will appeal to first home buyers, holiday home seekers and astute investors alike. 3


AUCTION Saturday 6th May 12:30pm INSPECT As Advertised or By Appointment

CONTACT Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Rosebud 5986 8660

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017

Page 5

Rosebud 22 Second Avenue



* Approx. 390m2 easily maintainable allotment * Weatherboard home with colourbond roof * Two bedrooms + study * Large rear living area extension * Polished boards & stone benches * Undercover outdoor decked area * Remote garage and security shutters * Reverse cycle air-conditioning & gas heating * 5kw solar panels & 2 x 2500ltr water tanks * Commercial “Christie” BBQ

Safety Beach 6/29 Dromana Parade



AUCTION Saturday 29 April 12.30pm INSPECT As Advertised or By Appointment CONTACT Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Rosebud 5986 8660

Rosebud 30 Martin Street



* Stone benchtops & high gloss cabinets * Freestanding bath *Timber floating floors * Aluminum windows * 26l gas continuous flow HWS * 2000l rainwater tanks & pump * LG heating & cooling * Colorbond roof * Expected completion date November 2017


* Low maintenance 360m2 approx lot * Large open plan living & dining area * Kitchen with dishwasher * Main bedroom with walk in robe * Outdoor undercover entertaining area * Single garage with internal access * Gas ducted heating & air conditioning * Attractive street appeal

Page 6



Modern free standing villa, one street back AUCTION Saturday 29 April 12.30pm from the beach and set behind security gates. INSPECT As Advertised This outstandingly residence offers BIR’s to all bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living with well- CONTACT Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 equipped kitchen, air-conditioning, ducted heating, Rosebud 5986 8660 double garage and a monitored alarm system. With a private paved courtyard and light filled living, this low maintenance property must be seen to be believed.

Rosebud 99 Eastbourne Road


FOR SALE PRICE Offers over $550,000 INSPECT As Advertised or By Appointment CONTACT Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Rosebud 5986 8660

Capel Sound 1 The Helm





* 6 Star Rated * 5 minutes to the Rosebud Foreshore & Plaza * Transport at your doorstep * High ceilings & hard wood floors * Ducted heating & reverse cycle cooling * Full builders warranty * Rental expectancy $400 - $420pw * Act now, great investment!


AUCTION Sat 29 April 2:00pm INSPECT As Advertised or By Appointment CONTACT Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Rosebud 5986 8880


Rosebud 8 Glasson Street


AUCTION Sat 29 April 3:30pm INSPECT As Advertised or By Appointment CONTACT Trent Archibald 0481 219 848 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Rosebud 5986 8880

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017



In a sought after pocket of town and set on a 650m2 approx block, this home features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car spaces and room for the caravan or boat. The home has been freshly painted with updates including variable speed heating & cooling and the kitchen with a new dish washer and range hood. Both bathrooms have also been recently renovated.

this Sat. SOLD


AUCTION Sat 22 April 2.00pm INSPECT As Advertised or By Appointment CONTACT Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Rosebud 5986 8880



41 Ozone Street RYE $580,000 - $630,000 UNIT SITE Fantastic potential to either demolish and develop, lease and develop later or renovate and occupy. Existing home comprises 3 bedrooms plus study or parents retreat, kitchen, meals plus separate living, large bathroom, separate laundry, garage and 2 carports. And last but not least, only 6 minutes walk to shops and beach.

Meets all the requirements Address: For Sale: Agency: Agent:

11/90 Bentons Road, MOUNT MARTHA Negotiable over $520,000 Raine & Horne, 1011-1013 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud, 5950 2500 Chris Wilson, 0417 147 307

THIS delightful three-bedroom unit is just the ticket for any buyer seeking an affordable, low-maintenance property with privacy and space. Set in the back corner of the complex, the villa has a double garage under the roof line, and through a set of double gates is a handy single garage or workshop. Internally there is a good-sized lounge room, and a large kitchen with handsome stone bench tops adjoins a bright family zone with meals area. Opening from here is a fabulous undercover entertaining alfresco which is fully tiled. The main bedroom at the front has a walk-through robe to the family bathroom and two bedrooms towards the back of the home both have built-in robes. Conveniently set close to beach walking trails Bentons Square shopping, schools and transport, this well-maintained property ticks every box.


Contact John Kennedy 0401 984 842 Rob Steele 0418 154 024

12 St Andrews Drive RYE $710,000 - $750,000 CHANTICO Exceptionally well maintained & presented family home with an abundance of character. Comprising two large living areas, four bedrooms, main bathroom with spa, ensuite, functional kitchen with 900mm gas cooking and rear timber deck with tree top views, plus two garden studios, a double carport, easily converted to garage, and 10 solar panels. An absolute must to inspect.

Contact John Kennedy 0401 984 842 Rob Steele 0418 154 024

422b Sandy Road ST ANDREWS BEACH $1.7 - $1.9 million LUSH COASTAL HIDEAWAY With every detail crafted to perfection, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re invited to enjoy a coastal retreat lifestyle in this exceptionally spacious 5 bedroom home on 1.5 acres (approx.). In a home where superior features and exclusive style combine, this opportunity wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be around for long.

Contact John Kennedy 0401 984 842 Rob Steele 0418 154 024

422a Sandy Road ST ANDREWS BEACH Above $980,000 7 ACRES

Prominent warehouse with excellent frontage to busy road, plenty of parking on-site and excellent access to freeway. Measures approx. 416sqm with loading bay, hardstand yard and rear roller door for deliveries. Nearby Aldi Supermarket under construction. Available from April Contact Bill on 0422 158 108

0DJQLĂ&#x20AC;FHQWDFUHSDUFHODGMRLQLQJWKH Dunes Golf Course and yet a short walk to Rye Ocean Beach. Land has town ZDWHUSKDVHSRZHU[PHWUH VKHG P ERUHOLFHQVHSOXVH[LVWLQJ house plans and planning permit. This is a lifestyle opportunity not to be missed.

Contact John Kennedy 0401 984 842 Rob Steele 0418 154 024

2327 Point Nepean Road, RYE

5985 8800

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017

Page 7

ROSEBUD 197 Eastbourne Road




The search is over for those looking for modern lines, quality appliances, internal and external spacious entertaining, reverse cycle heating and cooling, 3 great bedrooms, executive bathroom, a massive private deck, and just for good measure a 755sqm block with heaps of room for all the beach toys and extra vehicles. Located close to Rosebud Plaza, the RSL, cafes and the foreshore.



Price: From $534,950 Contact: Chris Wilson 0417 147 307 Adam King 0422 337 337

DROMANA 87 Point Nepean Road

ROSEBUD 147 Jey Road




Centrally located townhouse with an upstairs open-plan layout including lounge, dining  kitchen area opening out ta a patio with bay views. From the private entry downstairs there is a double garage with internal access, two guest bedrooms, main bathroom and second living area with kitchenee. Stone and granite benchtops in the kitchen /kitchee, laundry and bathrooms, plus stainless-steel applainces and double glazed windows. Price: Contact agent Contact: Michelle King 0404 037 336

ROSEBUD 1/93 Eastbourne Road





Beautifully presented brick veneer home with front sunroom entrance, lounge with gas heater and ceiling fan, dining room opens to kitchen with gas stove. Three bedrooms, two with built in robes, bathroom with separate shower and bath, polished floorboards through living area and bedrooms, rear undercover patio. . Positioned on 715sqm of already sub-divided land. The rear allotment is 221 sqm and ready to go.

Price: $550,000 Inspect: Saturday 11:00-11;30am Contact: Michelle King 0404 037 336

CAPEL SOUND 3/9 Grenville Grove




A sensational opportunity to acquire a single level 2BR residence in a delightful beachside location offering convenient access to beaches and all that Rosebud has on offer. Both residences feature designer kitchens with stone bench tops and s/steel appliances, beautiful timber floors, luxury bathroom, landscaping, remote single lock up garage with extra storage room and much more. Expected completion date is circa July, 2017.

The end unit in a complex of three, this neat and tidy 2-bedroom home is in a quiet neighbourhood, just a 350m stroll to the beautiful beachfront of Capel Sound. Appealing to first-home buyers, retirees, investors and developers, with all three units offered for sale, this is a very rare opportunity and absolutely a case of first in best dressed.

Price: $459,950 Contact: Chris Wilson 0417 147 307 Jake Wilson 0400 991 362

Price: $340,000 - $360,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Chris Wilson 0417 147 307

DROMANA 1  2 /3 Ligar Street

MOUNT MARTHA 11/90 Bentons Road







Currently under construction these superb 1 x 4  1 x 3 bedroom townhouses will comprise open plan living kitchen areas, ensuites to master bedrooms, second family bathroom plus separate powder room, seperate living zones on both levels, double lock up garages together with top quality fixtures and fiings. Do not miss this opportunity as these will not last.

Delightful three bedroom unit with single lock up garage, Positioned at the rear of the block. Special features include separate lounge, large kitchen with stone bench tops and lots of cupboards, a light filled meals  family room adjoins a large alfresco area. This is a great opportunity to have it all in a location that is very convenient to Benton`s Square, pristine beaches, walking trails and Main Street.

Price: Negotiable over $890,000 Agent-On-Site: Saturday 1:30-2:00pm Contact: Michelle King 0404 037 336

Price: Negotiable over $520,000 Inspect: Saturday 12:30-1:00pm Contact: Chris Wilson 0417 147 307

1011-1013 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud Page 8


This luxury apartment development with 1BR, 2BR and 3BR options presents a golden opportunity for beach lovers to buy off the plan and save on stamp duty. A leisurely stroll to restaurants, cafes and the yacht club, these beach havens boast luminous open-plan living with coastal views, chic stone and stainless-steel kitchen, rooftop terrace, reverse-cycle heating/ air-con, intercom security and semi-basement parking.

Price: Negotiable over $560,000 Inspect: Saturday 12:30-1:00pm Contact: Michelle King 0404 037 336 Adam King 0422 337 337


Only 2 left

McCRAE 1-15/2-4 Wale Place

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017

Capel Sound 95 South Road

N AhUisCSaTtuIO rday T

Biern 4 Henderson Road

LDction SO to Au


Capel Sound 1/9 Grenville Grove Capel Sound 2/9 Grenville Grove

LDction SO to Au


LDction SO to Au


Happy autumn, What a great time to sell

Now is an excellent time to sell your property. Call our office today to arrange for one of our Sales Professionals to come out and see what we can do for you.

PH: 5986 8188 Rosebud 25 Woodvale Grove


Rosebud 73 Spray Street

LDion SO u A ct


Capel Sound 31 Kingfisher Ave

LDction SO to Au


Dromana 4 Graeme Street

LDion SO u A ct

At > SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017

Page 9

Auction This Saturday

ROSEBUD 95 South Road



YESTERYEAR CHARM WITH HUGE POTENTIAL This character packed home has all the charm of yesteryear and is conveniently positioned a mere 500m approx back from the Foreshore and Rosebuds shopping precinct. Positioned on a generous allotment of approx 650sqm, this property is highly suitable for townhouse development (STCA), permanent living or as a holiday home haven. The generous floor plan will impress, offering a spacious formal entry, large living room, big bedrooms and lots more. Inspection is a must, so come and be blinded by the potential this home has to offer.

AUCTION Saturday 22nd April at 12:00pm Inspect: Saturday 11:30-12:00pm Contact: Chris Wilson 0417 147 307 Jake Wilson 0400 991 362

1011-1013 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud Page 10

> SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017

Raine  Horne Rosebud 1011-1013 Point Nepean Road

ROSEBUD 147 Jey Road



WALK TO THE BEACH Beautifully presented brick veneer home with front sunroom entrance, lounge with gas heater and ceiling fan, dining room opens to kitchen with gas stove. Three bedrooms, two with built in robes, bathroom with separate shower and bath, polished floorboards through living area and bedrooms, rear undercover patio. Take advantage of what this immaculate home has to offer all within approximately a 10 minute walk to shops and beach. Positioned on 715sqm of already sub-divided land. The rear allotment is 221sqm and ready to go.

For Sale $550,000 Open: Saturday 11:00-11:30am Contact: Michelle King 0404 037 336

Raine  Horne Rosebud 1011-1013 Point Nepean Road

ROSEBUD 197 Eastbourne Road




A RIPPING RENOVATION WITH NOTHING LEFT TO DO The search is over for those looking for modern lines, quality appliances, internal and external spacious entertaining, reverse cycle heating and cooling, 3 great robed bedrooms executive bathrooms ,massive west facing private deck, carpet for comfort, tiles through the wet areas and just for good measure a 755sq metre parcel with heaps of room for water toys, leisure vans and trade vehicles. Location is a bonus, positioned within minutes of the Rosebud Plaza ,Rosebud RSL the cafe precinct and to top it off the waters edge and entrance to the Peninsula Link can be accessed in under 4 minutes. Highly suited to those looking for a permanent upgrade, easy to rent investment.

For Sale Negotiable over $560,000 Inspect: Saturday 12:30-1:00pm Contact: Adam King 0422 337 337

Raine  Horne Rosebud 1011-1013 Point Nepean Road

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RYE- 3 Jacqlyn Avenue


Renovators Delight Calling all builders and renovators, this is a unique opportunity to secure a property located in a quiet Court in Rye. Situated on a gentle sloping block set on 985m2 approx this property has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen-dining and a separate lounge area. With a bit of TLC it would make a perfect weekender or investment property. If you have vision, then this is the property for you. This is a must see.

Auction Inspect Contact Office



Saturday 6th May at 1:30pm Saturday & Sunday 1:00-1:30pm Tracy O’Malley 0422 942 303 2815 Pt Nepean Rd, Blairgowrie 5984 2600

Living on the peninsula for over 25 years, Tracy shares a great affinity with the local community and is known for her wealth of local knowledge and market insight. Tracy takes great pride in the high standard of service she delivers to her clients and always strives for the best possible outcome. Tracy’s empathetic manner and passion for real estate, combined with her strong communication skills quickly earns the trust of her vendors and gives them confidence when placing their property in her capable hands. Tracy’s real estate expertise benefits from her earlier career owning, managing and marketing two businesses, plus she also has experience in disability support. She is regularly complimented on her professionalism, attention to detail, care and understanding. Open and honest, Tracy’s work ethic and result-focused approach is highly valued by her clients. A member of our Blairgowrie sales team, she looks forward to assisting you with your next property transaction.

For a complimentary market appraisal contact your Rye real estate specialist

Tracy O’Malley Senior Property Consultant p: 5984 2600 m: 0422 942 303 e: a: 2815 Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie VIC 3942 > SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS realestate 18 April 2017

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168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888



45A Carnoustie Grove, Mornington A perfectionist’s approach has produced stunning results throughout this flawless as-new two-storey threebedroom 2.5 bathroom Cahill Group designed residence where every space conveys relaxed beachside luxury made even more memorable by the lovely bay views from the top floor. Faultlessly finished, fabulous open plan living flowing to a covered entertaining deck, sublime stone and Smeg kitchen with butler’s pantry, ground-floor main bedroom suite with private deck plus an open study and rumpus room with inspired bay views are just some of the home’s sensational features in a premier beachside address close to Fossil Beach, Esplanade walking trails, vibrant Dava Drive village and schools.

Auction Saturday 6th of May 1.00pm Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Damian Smith 0481 875 243 Rachel Crook 0419 300 515

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1056 Stumpy Gully Road, Moorooduc Without peer, Coral Park is a tranquil property that unfolds across its 5.1 hectares (approx.) to reveal a custom designed environment for horse training and a relaxing place of residence. Extensive amenity incudes a stable complex of 17 boxes, 10 covered day yards, 18 grass day paddocks, spelling paddocks, an 8-horse walker, covered sand roll and 600 metre sand training track. Additional features include a separate office, self-contained apartment and a light-filled three-bedroom family home. The idyllic setting is within easy reach of Mornington Racecourse and beaches for extended training, Mornington and Frankston’s shopping precincts, public and independent schools and Peninsula Link.

Auction Saturday 6th May 2.00pm Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Ayden Nelson 0419 447 038 Robert Bowman 0417 173 103

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A stylish classic that’s big on space

Room to move

Address: Auction: Agency: Agent:

Address: 5 Symonds Street, CRIB POINT For Sale: Offers over $650,000 Agency: Roberts & Green, 64 High Street, Hastings, 5979 2489 Agent: Wilma Green, 0407 833 996

26 Chesterfield Road, SOMERVILLE Saturday 29 April at 12:30pm Harcourts, 10/14 High Street, Hastings, 5970 7333 Tim Ripper, 0434 513 640

THIS large period-style family home is set amongst beautiful, well-established gardens that can be enjoyed from the comfort and privacy of a spacious outdoor entertaining area. The home has multiple living zones comprising of a stylish formal lounge and dining room – complete with fabulous fire place - and for more casual moments there is a welcoming open-plan family room highlighted by a charming window seat, and a crisp white kitchen that is full of excellent storage options and quality appliances including a wall-oven and a dishwasher. Opening from the family room is the wonderful undercover deck that steps down to an aggregate paved outdoor dining zone, pleasantly set in a fern garden, and the inground swimming pool. There are three good-size bedrooms – a separate study at the front could be a fourth bedroom if required - two have built-in robes and are positioned off the rumpus room, with the larger main bedroom featuring an ensuite and walk-in robe. A wide gravel driveway provides plenty of off-street parking, however there is a double garage and a single carport under the roof line of the home. Other features to this well-maintained, family orientated property include ducted heating, ducted vacuum system and air-conditioning.

DEMONSTRATING a substantial floor plan that is both versatile and functional, and set on a fantastic 1975 square metre block, this double-storey home has plenty of room to live, laugh and play. There are three bedrooms; the master suite has plenty of storage options with both a walk-in robe and built-in robe, and there is an ensuite. Two other bedrooms also have built-in robes and share the main bathroom. A delightful kitchen is infused with natural light and appliances include a dishwasher and a gas cook top, with the desirable sunny aspect extending to the formal lounge and games room, which is the ultimate teenage retreat. From the enclosed alfresco to the pool side deck and in-ground swimming pool, it is ultimately the exceptional entertaining zones that define this enormous property. They are incredible spaces that entertainers will love, and with a vast area upstairs just awaiting inspiration, this is the opportunity that new home owners can take real advantage of to add future growth to their property.

168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888 Mornington


25 Weber Drive, Mornington The luxury of this two-storey three bedroom, 2.5 bathroom residence designed by Langford Jones is further elevated by its exceptional lifestyle position. At the forefront of contemporary design and stylish low-maintenance living, the impressive interior proportions are augmented by a fabulous undercover alfresco entertaining area with double glazed cafe doors, bay glimpses from the top-floor study, an elegant Caesarstone kitchen and two expansive living areas. The quality of the internal fit out is superb from the warm Blackbutt floorboards to the Caesarstone benchtops, exceptional storage solutions and double remote garage with internal access.

Auction Saturday 13th May 12.00pm Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Rachel Crook 0419 300 515 Jake Egan 0491 129 137

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Curious how much your property can generate per week as a

? l a t n e R y a d i l Ho

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait, the time to list your property for holiday rental is NOW. Benefit from year round bookings in addition to the busy summer season.

Experience our full management service. Call us for your holiday rental appraisal with complimentary property styling and advice on making your home guest friendly. Page 16

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New Year’s voyage ends with tow to shore and charges Stephen Taylor A BOATIE’S frolic with friends in his half-cabin runabout on New Year’s Eve turned sour when they ran out of petrol at sea off Mordialloc and discovered there were not enough life jackets, had no anchor or fire extinguisher and the distress flares were out of date. The Cranbourne man, 43, has been charged on summons with failing to take care when operating a vessel and is expected to appear at court at a later date. The man, a mate and three 18 – year-old girls launched the 4.6 metre fibreglass boat at Frankston intending to cruise to Docklands to watch the fireworks. On the way they skylarked in a ski tube off Frankston in the fine conditions and light westerly wind. The man allegedly told the group that the boat had the required safety equipment on board. After watching the fireworks the mate decided to stay in the city while the man and three girls began motoring the 20km back to Frankston about 12.30am. Police said the man did not check fuel levels in the two 25-litre removable tanks and passed fuel outlets at St Kilda and Southland. At 2.30am, about two nautical miles

off Mordialloc, they ran out of fuel. Without an anchor the boat’s bow could not be held in position in the small chop and, as it drifted, the group realised they had no idea where they were. One of the girls ignited two flares to alert other boats in the area. They were six years out of date and one exploded in her face, causing minor burns. Another girl dialled 000, but Water Police said they had trouble finding the boat because they could only be given an approximate location. The three girls then noticed that there was only one life jacket on board. Water police managed to find the stricken boat at 3.50am and the three girls were taken on board. The boatie was given an approved life jacket and towed back to Mordialloc pier to be interviewed by police.

Explosives charges A SEAFORD man, 31, will face Frankston Magistrates’ Court in June charged with manufacturing and storing explosives. Detectives executing a drugs warrant on the man’s property, Thursday 6 April, thought they had come across a clandestine drug laboratory after allegedly finding a white powder. Detective Senior Constable Adam Pagram, of Frankston CIU, said police would allege powders were found in the garage which are consistent with the making of explosives.

Quiet enjoyment: Watching the setting sun at Flinders.

Basking in sunset’s friendly glow ABOUT 180 residents and neighbours gathered to picnic and enjoy the sunset at the Flinders ocean beach on Sunday 26 March. Flinders and District Lions Club organised the event to celebrate a sense of community, foster new connections through shared activity, and to develop a better understanding of the natural environment, Lions project leader Annie Dawson said. “On cue, the sun came out just as

the event began and picnickers were bathed in the glow of the western sun. “Some enjoyed an exploration of the Mushroom Reef marine sanctuary with Jane and Harry Briedahl, others did a sand sculpting workshop, bird spotting with Penny Johns and Susie Guthrie from the Waders group and beach games with the Flinders Yacht Club crew. “Diver Steve Crowe and son Tom captured film of the underwater

marine life. A spiritual way of relating to our environment was a didgeridoo meditation with Lionel Lauch for 60 people.” Ms Dawson said locals gained a strong sense of responsibility “as custodians of this special place”. “There was a sense of sharing something special together and a commitment to run the event on a regular basis,” she said.

New owner sets store by history

New era: Cath Haylock, above, has ushered in a new era by renaming and revamping the general store at Balnarring Beach.

By Teresa Murphy THE retro brown-brick facade remains and crowds still queue for fish 'n' chips at peak holiday times, but much has changed at Balnarring Beach's general store. Now called Tulum Store, after Balnarring's original name*, the historic store and cafe was reincarnated in 2016, closing for six months for extensive renovations and reopening for summer. It was a baptism by fire for new owner Cath Haylock, who oversaw the makeover with local tradies, created new menus, hired staff and dealt with the summer chaos - all while being a mum of two young kids . Tulum Store is a sleek, modern cafe, takeaway and general store with blonde wood interiors, replica design furnishings, kids' play area, and landscaped courtyard with black timbers and red seats, serving food with a focus on fresh, locally grown ingredients and largely homemade, and coffee. "One of the most amazing things has been hearing all the stories about the general store and holidaying at Balnarring Beach, going back generations," Ms Haylock says. "You could write a book about this place. I think some people were concerned that the general store of the Balnarring Beach they know and love was going, but the feedback has been great." Before buying the business, Ms Haylock, 43, owned the Balnarring Laundrette in the village for 18 months. She was folding sheets one day and pondering her 10-year plan (she likes a plan) when she realised "do I really want to be folding sheets for the next eight years?" Seeing the potential of the old-style general store and cafe at Balnarring Beach, with its three camp grounds in a

70-hectare reserve and growing permanent population, Ms Haylock made an offer which the owners of 11 years finally accepted. Running the general store is the realisation of a long-held dream, as she and her parents owned Sorrento's Koonya general store from 1997 to 2001. Ms Haylock then briefly worked in Queensland, then at a nursery in Pearcedale, where she met her husband, Chris, who died of cancer in 2012, aged 43. She says Tulum Store allows her to structure life around her two children, who attend Red Hill Consolidated (the family lives behind the store).

After the exhausting summer, Ms Haylock and her children went to Hawaii, where she buys “far-from-daggy” Hawaiian shirts, which are sold in the store along with skincare products, peninsula gourmet food, general food staples and buckets and spades. The store will close for August and rusted-on customers, such as the "grumpy old men" who meet early every day, will have to venture further afield for a month to solve the problems of the world. *Banlnarring Beach was originally known as Tulum Beach. Tulum is Bunerong for duck.

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017



Thirteen dinner knives missing after French soldiers visit Compiled by Cameron McCullough IT is a regretable fact that thirteen dinner knives, which had been lent for the occasion, mysteriously disappeared while the entertainment of French soldiers, was in progress, on Sunday, last. Two songs “My little Gray Home in the West” and “Coming Home” are also missing. This kind of thing is contemptible in the extreme and will be well guarded against on future occasions. *** The report of the Mornington Shire Council’s last meeting will appear in our next issue. *** The Church of England Floral Fete will be opened at 3 30.p.m, on Friday next, in the Mechanics’ Hall. *** The Australian Club will hold a dance in the Frankston Hall this evening, the proceeds to go towards the wounded soldiers’ fund. *** The “Wattle” Club will hold a dance in the Mechanic’ Hall on Monday, evening next. A good supper and good music will be provided. *** The Secretary of the Frankston Junior Football Club begs to acknowledge with thanks subscriptions from the residents of Frankston towards the funds of the club. *** Messrs Brody and Mason will sell by auction today, on the property near the Mile Bridge, on account of Mr E. Kitson, the contents of a seven roomed villa residence. Large iron stable, buggy sheds etc, for removal. The sale will

commence at one o’clock punctually. *** Lance Corporal M’Cartney, after being in charge of the military police in Frankston for the last seven months, took his departure for Melbourne this week, where he will be stationed for the present. He has been promoted to the position of Corporal. *** We are pleased to note that Mr Tasker, assistant station master at Frankston, has returned home from hospital, where he has been for the last three or four weeks and underwent two severe operations. He is a slowly recovering. *** In our report of the Australian Club dance last week, in giving a description of the dresses, an error occurred. It should have read: Mr Andrews, Servis; Mrs Andrews, Russia; Mr W. Andrews. French officer; Miss W. Andrews, Belgium; Miss A. Andrews, fairy. *** Messrs Alex Scott and Co Pty, Ltd will hold an unreserved clearing sale at Flinders on Saturday next 28th inst on account of Mr N. Hopcraft, whose lease has expired, of horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, farm implements, vehicles and farm sundries. The sale will take place at the property, on Musk Creek road three miles from Flinders, at 1.30 sharp. *** It was decided at a “Wattle” Club committee meeting, held on Monday evening, to hold fortnightly entertainments during the winter months. As large troopships of soldiers are

being returned regularly now it is very evident that soldiers’ entertainments will be frequent in Frankston, and it is hoped by these fortnightly dances to make sufficient money to carry on the work. *** A meeting of members of the Frankston Branch of the National Federation will be held at the Mechanics’ Institute on Monday evening at 8 o’clock. It is particularly requested that all those interested in the return of the National Candidates (whether members or not) should attend. As there are a number of important details relative to election matters to be discussed and correspondence from the head office dealt with every member should not fail to put in an appearance. *** An exceedingly pretty and interesting wedding took place on Wednesday, April 11th, in St Francis’ Church, Frankston. It was a typical and ideal Australian day, and all nature seemed to glow and smile on the occasion of this union linking together Ireland and Australia. The contracting parties were Miss Agnes Mary Spillane, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Spillane, Port Magee, County Kerry, Ireland, and Lieut. V. L. Hyndes, son of Mr and Mrs M. P. Hyndes, Church Hill, Goulburn, New South Wales. The wedding had more than ordinary interest attached as the bride groom is a Gallipoli hero, who, on account of his severe wounds has been returned, and the bride being a general favorite with all classes in Frankston and who, since

coming from Ireland some ten months ago to reside with her aunt, Mrs Moloney, of the Pier Hotel, has worked in every movement for the benefit of the town. In patriotic work Miss Spillane was always foremost and in no small degree has helped in this cause. In the absence of the parents of Miss Spillane, Mrs Maloney undertook the arrangements of the wedding which were carried out in perfect order and only as Mrs Moloney can see things through once she takes them in hand. This lady has proved, her capabilities on more than one occasion, and the large number of guests who were invited, found nothing wanting. The bride, who is uncommonly beautiful was taken to the alter by her cousin, Mr Fitzpatrick, and presented a charming picture in her bridal gown of white crepe de chene and lace, with court train, and the customary wreath and veil. A beautiful string of pearls also worn and an exquisite bridal bouquet composed of orchids and azaleas, completed the pretty picture. Miss Fitzpatrick, cousin of the bride, and Miss Nerrina Day acted as bridesmaids,’ the former wearing a very pretty and, becoming frock of shell pink crepe de chene, with black velvet hat, lined with the same pretty shade of pink. The latter wore a frock of white muslin and lace and a wreath of small pink roses on her head. Their bouquets were composed of pink carnations and azaleas with streamers of white and green, the colors of the bridegroom’s battalion, they

also wore pearl pins the gifts of the bridegroom. The church had been previously decorated by friends of the bride, no pains being spared to have it looking its very best. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. Father Gibbons assisted by the Rev. Fathers Rowan, Gallagher, O’Sullivan, and Flannery. Miss M’Hugh played the wedding march as the party left the church. Mrs Moloney was dressed in a handsome creation of black crepe de chene and ninon, relieved with shades of pink oriental trimming and hat to match. She carried a bouquet of autumn colored dahlias and leaves. Mrs Hyndes, mother of the bridegroom, wore a gown of black silk relieved with white, and hat to match. She also carried a bouquet of dahlias and autumn leaves. The bridegroom, who was in uniform was supported by Gunner Maxwell Brown, also a returned soldier. The wedding reception and breakfast were held at the Pier Hotel where between fifty and sixty guests partook of a feast second to none, and compliments and congratulations made everything bright and pleasant. It was noticed that six soldiers who had fought and had returned to Frankston, were present to wish their fortunate comrade “good luck.” The happy couple left by car, later, en route for the Blue Mountains, where the honeymoon is to be spent. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 21 April 1917

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ACROSS 1. Submerged sandbank 7. Nice 8. Baked dough 10. Semi-paralysed person 12. Pathetic loser 14. Highs & ... 16. Whirlpool 17. Meataxes

20. Outmanoeuvred 23. Holy city 24. Agreeably 25. TV serial melodrama, soap ...

DOWN 1. Wept 2. Pronto (1,1,1,1) 3. Jumping parasite 4. Tennis-shots exchange 5. Tropical swamp trees 6. Supplies 9. Paints roughly 11. Balancing feat

13. Fully 15. Sultan’s wives 16. Sufficient 18. Musical composition 19. Appeal earnestly 21. Egyptian river 22. Profound

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Rental as anything - tale of a phantom X-Trail By Stuart McCullough I BRING these things upon myself. I tempt fate by rolling my trouser leg up just beyond the knee until fate can no longer help itself, giving in and smoting me right between the eyes. A run of bad luck is one thing. It’s another thing entirely to be eviscerated by the fate’s fickle finger. But that’s how I’d describe my afternoon back about three weeks ago. And to think, all I was trying to do was pick up a hire car. It began with a trip across town. This, it seems, is something that is becoming increasingly difficult. Indeed, there are plenty of times the idea of visiting Mars in a home-made rocket ship seems eminently more achievable than getting to Northcote via Punt Road. Surely, the day is not too far off when all traffic finally grinds to a standstill and gridlock sets like concrete. For me, I had to get from Footscray to Ormond. My first mistake was to use an automobile instead of, say, the train or dolphin skis. The fact that the Grand Prix was about to occur meant extra road closures and an added degree of complexity. It was hot. Rain was forecast and, as I tried to weave my way through the traffic, the air was dense with humidity. In addition to major events, I personally find that strange weather makes for strange traffic. I’m not sure why, but odd things happen when the atmosphere is unsettled. It meant cars were travelling at a snail’s pace. I know this for a fact because half way along Queen’s Parade a particularly agile gastropod

mollusc overtook me with a ‘Magic Happens’ bumper sticker on its shell. Sadly, there was nothing very magical about my trip home. It took an entire hour. Somewhere during this journey, it’s possible that my soul left my body because by the time I pulled into the driveway, I felt physically and emotionally depleted. But rather than wallow in my extraordinarily well-developed sense of self-pity, I raced inside to get changed. That’s because I had exactly twenty minutes to walk to the car rental place before it closed for the evening, potentially throwing my plans into disarray. Having quickly ditched my suit, I pulled on a pair of jeans and a shirt and began the two-kilometre trek towards the rental office. Given time was of the essence, my legs moved like pistons. I’d go so far as to describe it as a ‘power-walk’ but strictly in the South Australian sense whereby the supply was intermittent and I had to stop for breaks along the way.

The humid conditions meant that I quickly looked like a wet sponge just as it’s being wrung out. But the clock was against me as I realised for the first time that I might be late. So long as it didn’t start raining, I assured myself, things would be fine. About half way along, I upped the pace. I even started to jog a little. It was at that moment that a bus appeared over the horizon. All I had to do was get to the next bus stop and I’d be saved. Running with the speed and grace of a gazelle if the gazelle in question was wearing jeans and size eleven sneakers, I made the stop just in time for the bus to pick me up. As I touched on with my myki card, I could see the other passengers were somewhat alarmed by my clearly dishevelled state. It mattered not. All that mattered was that I would get to the car rental place in time. Still puffing and at risk of drowning in a puddle of my own sweat, I arrived with barely two minutes to spare. You could tell it was close

to knock-off time, because the guy whose job it is to stand behind the counter was missing, but there was a bag by the door, ready for its owner to appear and go home for the evening. It was clear that I’d need to let them know I was at reception. I cleared my throat. I banged two bin lids together. Finally, I leaned over the counter and used to public address system. Amidst the resulting feedback, a slightly worried young man appeared. At the outset, he looked confused. I told him that I’d come to collect the car. Oddly, he looked only more confused. He asked for my name. He asked for my phone number. He continued to look like someone who’d been handed an especially complex maths problem at the very moment his calculator was confiscated. As I continued to press, he told me they were expecting me earlier. Just as I began to curse my one-hour trip across town, he revealed that they were expecting me around nine

o’clock and, that when I didn’t arrive, they gave my car to someone else. This, of course, violates the entire point making a booking. He glanced lovingly at his bag by the door, knowing that he was now stuck with trying to solve a problem that would still be here once five o’clock rolled around. He then told me they had no other cars. Having expended all my energy getting there on time, I was now faced with the prospect of walking back home again. No sooner had I stepped outside the office than the heavens decided to pour forth their watery bounty. Within moments, I looked like a wet hamster. Water rushed along the gutter and I was soaked to the bone. At one point, I swear I saw a snail with a ‘Magic Happens’ bumper sticker being washed into a drain. Things, I suppose, could be worse. But not by much.

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017






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AVAN Aliner. off road chassis, double bed, convert to lounge, plus single bed, 3 way fridge, gas cooker, solar power. $12,600. Call 59812747 or beroyl


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GOLDSTREAM Gold Crown 2005, one owner, well maintained, off road suspension, all extras including hot water, shower, 120L water, dual 9kg gas & more. Reg 02/18. $20,000. Phone: John 0414 691 735

EVERNEW 2000 Excellent condition - used for first 3 years then garaged for 4 years before use today. Double bed, dinette with L shaped couches, small couch opposite, front kitchen with full stove and grill, microwave oven, 20" television, 240 volt and 12 volt, new awning, 2 x spare tyres, light and airy with door/window curtains and blinds. Registration (N62-671). $16,500. Phone: 0419 719 919.


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GALAXY, 2001, one owner, always garaged, inner spring mattress, 2 new tyres Jan 2017, wheel bearings replaced Dec 2016, electric brakes, full annex all in exc original condition. $17,500 Ph: 0408 431 023

GEIST XKlusiv 660, 2007, 22 foot, independent suspension, overrun breaks, a/c, separate shower/toilet, island double bed, solar, gas/electric hot plates, gas oven, new microwave, 5kg washing machine, gas /electric hot water, 150L 3way fridge/freezer, 2 large tanks, 2 x 9kg gas bottles, front protection cover near new, awning/new side screen, anti flappers, club lounge with as new upholstery that doubles as queen bed many other features. Reg - R95 394. VGC. $36,500. 0419 598 271

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CAMPER TRAILER forward folding 4x4, awning & full annexe with attachable ensuite, 1/120L & 1/45L water tanks with 12V pumps, slide out kitchen & 4 burner gas stove, 2/100 ahr deep cycle batteries, queen size bed & lounge, boat rack, heavy duty independent suspension, electric brakes, 4x4 poly block hitch & much more. $ 14,750. Phone 0414 384 668.

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Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017



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At the Bendigo it starts with U.

Stonecats get the chocolates PENINSULA LEAGUE

By Toe Punt FRANKSTON YCW got the chocolates on Good Friday against Mt Eliza and once again stamped themselves as the team to beat in Peninsula Division. Billed as the grand final replay, the Stonecats completely controlled the game for all but five minutes in the second quarter when Mt Eliza kicked three unanswered goals to open up a 19 point break. By the end of the first term, the Redlegs didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t add to their onslaught while the Stonecats dominated and booted 4.8 to lead by 12 points at the big break. The margin was 12 points at three quarter time before YCW broke the shackles and went on to record a 10.14 (74) to 6.8 (44) victory. The win meant that after two rounds, YCW and Pines are the only two sides with two wins. Only Chelsea and Langwarrin are without at least one win, while six teams have one win and one loss. It shows the evenness of the competition in 2017. The Stonecats went into the match with six of their VFL-listed players, including Lachy Wallace and Matt LaFontaine (Collingwood), Anthony Bruhn and Anthony Barry (Footscray), BJ Credlin (Richmond) and Ryan Santon (Sandringham). On the other side of the ledger, they were missing Christian Ongarello (hamstring), Michael Debenham, Sam

Beach weather: Bonbeach ran out easy 23 point winners against EdithvaleAspendale. Picture: Scott Memery

Widdowson, Ricky Morris and David Bodley. Coach Wayne Capp told the RPP Footy Show on Saturday morning that the club expected to see a bit of Wallace, LaFontaine, Bruhn, Santon and Credlin throughout the season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When the AFL lists are strong, that means the VFL lists are strong too of AFL-listed players, so we might get those five more often than not,â&#x20AC;? Capp said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bundy is a two-time premiership player at Footscray so I doubt weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll see a lot of him, while (other VFL listed players) Lachy Williams and Jake

Lovett will spend most of the year in the VFL,â&#x20AC;? Capp said. Mt Eliza went into the match without Grant Goodall, Aaron Dunne, Karl Lombardozzi and Darren Booth, while Shaun Knott dominated in the reserves. Rohan Heasley also went down with a hamstring injury early in the match. Goodall was a massive loss, leaving Lillie and an undersized James Anwyl to do battle with Ash Eames and monster kid Macklin Raine, who stands 203cm and is pushing 120kgs. BJ Credlin carved up Justin Van Unen, keeping him goalless and under a handful of touches. Shane Tennant

was outstanding for the Redlegs but he looked proppy after injuring his knee. In a team full of stars, YCW defender Riley Hodson goes under the radar but the kid is a jet, while Luke Paynter is another emerging star for the Stonecats. Fin Bayne was a standout for the Redlegs and skipper Sam Gill and Jay Neratzoglou were resilient in defence. Langwarrin has kicked just seven goals in two matches after again being restricted to just two goals against Pines on Saturday. The Kangaroos booted 1.5 to Pinesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 2.3 in the opening term before running out of steam and being held to 1.2 in three quarters as Pines ran out 13.20 (98) to 2.7 (19) winners. Aaron Edwards booted five goals and Shane Waterstone three for the Pythons while Lachy Marshall played his best game for his new club. Blake Harkness, Shane Paterson and Sean Herdman were the best of the Kangas. Mornington and Karingal played an entertaining game at Frankston Park, the Doggies getting the job done 14.13 (97) to 11.7 (73). Central Highlands recruit Peter McGettigan booted four goals for the Dogs and Eastern Football League recruit Xavier Barry-Murphy dominated for the second week in a row. Brad Harvey and Joel Miller were also outstanding contributors for the Dogs. Although the Dogs opened up a handsome lead on a number of occa-

sions, the Bulls just never went away. Jake Kelly was clearly the Bulls best with four goals while Duncan Proud and Luke Van Raay showed tremendous leadership. After being put through unwarranted and never seen before grief from Devon Meadows FC (three clearance knock-backs and two meetings with the committee), Steve Mihevc was finally cleared last Monday night and celebrated with a strong performance in his new colours. Seaford had 37 scoring shots against Chelsea on Saturday at Miles Reserves and won 19.18 (132) to 7.8 (50). Tom Shaw booted four goals and a further 10 players contributed on the scoreboard while Kyle Matthews, Nick Shannon and Rourke Fischer shone. Simon Mitchelhill was again Chelseaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best, while Daly Shannon and Jack Francis were strong performers also. Bonbeach controlled most of the match against Edithvale-Aspendale, winning 10.11 (71) to 6.12 (48). The Sharks led by five points at the first change before extending that lead to 19 at half time and 21 at three quarter time. Trent Dennis-Lane found his rhythm and finished with four goals for the Sharks while Jackson Casey, Owen Hulet and Dylan Jones were again among the best. Brent Bowden, Craig Wray and Timmy Mannix were the best of the Eagles.

Big, bad, bustling Barry kicks the winner NEPEAN LEAGUE By Toe Punt FORMER Sydney Swans premiership captain Barry Hall booted eight goals for Pearcedale in its thrilling five point victory against Frankston Bombers on Saturday. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Big, bad, bustlingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Barry lived up to all the hype and excitement, putting the Dales in front after converting a right foot snap with less than a minute left in the match. It was a fitting conclusion to what was a high-quality contest. Pearcedale led for much of the afternoon, thanks largely to the conversion of Hall, who booted his eight goals from just eight kicks. The final score was 18.3 (111) to 15.16 (106). A rightfully jubilant coach Leigh Stewart told the RPP Footy Show on Saturday morning that Hall was well worth the investment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;To be fair, Barry was the difference between the sides,â&#x20AC;? Stewart said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What he and Daniel Kerr (former West Coast Eagles star who played for Pearcedale in round one) were able to do was the give the whole group something to really look forward to during a tough pre-season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The whole list had a spring in their step and the club was and still is buzzing,â&#x20AC;? Stewart said. An estimated crowd of more than 2500 people turned up to Pearcedale to watch the match, while it is estimated that the club would turn over more than $40,000 for the day. Hall captivated a packed luncheon for more than an hour prior to the match, then stayed around after the game to


Buds bloom: Rosebud defeated Rye by 100 points. Pictures: Andrew Hurst

take photographs with players, supporters and most importantly, the kids. The cost to have Barry Hall was more than $10,000, however, if you were at Pearcedale Football Club on Good Friday, you would have locked him in for next season immediately. It would be unfair to say the day was all about Hall though. Luke Dalmau, who skippered the Stingrays last season, was exceptional for the Dales, as was Harry Prior, who dominated two Frankston Bombers ruckman, including Ryan Kitchen. Matt Cottrell was a clear winner on the day for the Dales too, as was Daniel Heijden and Laughlin Cowell. Glenn Anderson also added another three goals to his four last week. Alex Harnett against his old side was clearly Frankstonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best, although he

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t listed in the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best. If the loss against a side that didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make the five last year was bad enough for Frankston, in worst news coach Beau Muston left the field after injuring his knee. He will have scans this week to assess the full damage. In the traditional Easter Saturday clash, a full house watched as Sorrento wore down and eventually smashed Dromana by almost 10 goals, 18.22 (130) to 10.14 (74). While the day belonged to the Sharks, the story was all about Dromana. The Tigers have been hammered by two teams expected to go deep into the finals by 10 goals (Frankston in round one). Sam Fowler was the only Dromana forward who looked dangerous and he wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be sited for much of the season

as heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s VFL listed. Beau Cosson didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take his place with foot soreness. Billy Quigley too looked lively in attack but it is believed he is heading to the UK to play cricket. Ruckman Rory Gregg was the best of the Tigers, while seasoned campaigners Rikki Johnston and Adam Hunter were also outstanding. Recruit Ryan Smyth restricted the dangerous Leigh Poholke to two goals in three quarters after he kicked three in the first quarter. Daniel Guerts left the field in the first quarter with what appeared to be a serious knee injury. Sorrentoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s relentless pressure and disciplined structures just wore down Dromana after an even start to the match. It was the kids that really shone for the Sharks with Shannon Gladman getting best on ground, while Zac Byrns, James Brigden, Danny Stephenson and Chad Harris dominated. Troy Schwarze was at his best and Luke Tapscott and James Hallahan had a heap of it also. Chris Dawes was missing with a hamstring injury but might be a chance against Rye this week, while Tom Langford played in the reserves because it would have pushed their points over the limit. Sorrento coach Nick Jewell said having quality players in the reserves â&#x20AC;&#x153;was a nice problem to haveâ&#x20AC;?. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have players who wanted to come to the footy club and they are all aware of the situation,â&#x20AC;? Jewell said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The reality is though that you rarely have your best team on the park consistently, so we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see it being a real problem. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tom Langford missed yesterday but will spend most of his time at Rich-

mond and when Chris (Dawes) is right then weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have to make that call. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The club is in a really strong position and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d rather have a points issue than an injury issue,â&#x20AC;? he said. It was a bumper day for the Sorrento Football Club, who had 180 people at their luncheon at $90 per head and sold 100 slabs of beer before the end of the match. Hastings booted six goals to one to turn a 10 point deficit into a 26 point victory against Devon Meadows, winning 13.19 (97) to 10.11 (71). Steven Robb was exceptional with three goals and Mark Devereaux was at his best. Despite the win, it was again very unconvincing. They trailed Rye in round one by 37 points halfway through the second quarter and trailed Devon all day on Saturday. Both Rye and Devon are expected to finish in the bottom three â&#x20AC;&#x201C; there are some early concerns for the Blues. In the traditional Rosebud v Rye clash, the Buds had 41 scoring shots to Ryeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 11 and won by 100 points, 21.20 (146) to 7.4 (46). Keegan Downie was clearly the best player on the ground with five goals and Greg Bentley was at his very best too. Bad news for Rye was the rib injury to star Adam Kirkwood. On Good Friday, Andres Everitt booted four goals for Somerville and Tim McGenniss and Adrian Speedy dominated in the their 19.17 (131) to 10.6 (66) win against Tyabb. The first quarter was even before the Eagles booted 16 goals to seven after the change. Jordan Pollard was again the best for the Yabbies.


Hine no show, Skye’s English import arrives SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie WHILE Mornington has been forced to call off the Josh Hine deal Skye United was welcoming the arrival of English recruit Jacob Scotte-Hatherly. Skye United officials greeted the 22-year-old midfielder at Melbourne Airport last Wednesday night and are excited about what he could bring to the State 3 South-East side. Scotte-Hatherly’s last club was Bovey Tracey AFC in Division 1 East of the South West Peninsula League and the attacking midfielder from Newton Abbot in South Devon has won two player-of-the-match awards in just nine appearances this season after joining the club in late December. He has also played for Western League Premier Division club Buckland Athletic and has had a four-year stint with the University of Jamestown in North Dakota. While in the US he also played with Wisconsin-based Maddison 56ers and Little Rock Rangers from Arkansas. Skye United followed in the footsteps of Peninsula Strikers and Casey Comets by contacting football agency Soccer Smart Ltd, which holds trials in the UK, Europe and the US for players wanting to play overseas. “We identified a gap in our playing group and we felt that the local market was significantly out of our financial reach to be honest,” said Skye vicepresident Stuart Lawrence. “We’d heard about other clubs using Soccer Smart plus the company targets clubs anyway and sends speculative emails so when we got one of them I flicked it over to Billy (Armour, senior coach) and asked him if we should look at this option so it all started from there.” The video evidence suggests that Scotte-Hatherly has a fine first touch and good passing skills. He also is a set-piece specialist. He is expected to line up alongside Marcus Collier in Saturday’s home fixture against Middle Park. Meanwhile Salford City striker Hine has failed in his bid to be granted a work visa and has also been denied a holiday visa. The Englishman had been courted by Mornington for months and the club had high hopes of him forming a lethal partnership up front with Ryan Paczkowski. “We’re keeping our options open and we’re having a look for players in different places now,” said Mornington head coach Adam Jamieson. “We’ll probably bring in two or three and release two or three.”

Anderson arrives: Scottish midfielder Craig Anderson.

Scottish midfielder Craig Anderson, 28, is firmly on Baxter’s radar after star striker Mark Pagliarulo was contacted by his former coach at Edinburgh City and told that Anderson is already in Melbourne. Whether or not Anderson wants to play at Baxter remains to be seen but his CV suggests that he would be one of the stars of State 4 South if he did sign and clubs in higher leagues are already showing interest. Anderson has played for Montrose, Forfar Athletic, Berwick Rangers, Civil Service Strollers, Stenhousemuir and Craigroyston and has recently finished a second spell with Whitehill Welfare in the Lowland League. Baxter had its sights set on signing former Langwarrin striker Mikey Turner who quit Peninsula Strikers recently. But Baxter lost out to arch rival Rosebud Heart after Turner failed to turn up at Baxter training last Tuesday and scored for Heart in a practice match two days later. “Mikey agreed to join us last week and now it’s just a process of getting Strikers to deregister him so that we can register him before Saturday’s game,” said Heart head coach Scott

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Skye signing: English midfielder Jacob Scotte-Hatherly.

Morrison. “He’s going to form a good combination up front with Dave Greening.” Turner had also attracted the interest of Skye United. The match of the round next weekend is the derby showdown between Langwarrin and Casey Comets at Lawton Park on Saturday afternoon. It was confirmed last week that Langwarrin’s English import Kieron Kenny who returned to the UK last month for family reasons is expected back within the next fortnight and Nick Thorogood is also expected to be available within the same timeframe. Kenny’s former central defensive partner at English club Congleton Town, big George Whiteoak, played for Langy in a practice match last Tuesday night against Berwick City and is likely to be on the bench against Comets. “It’s not going to be easy and Jamie (Skelly, Comets gaffer) won’t be coming down here to give away three points because he’s always got something to prove against us,” said Langy head coach Gus Macleod. Skelly is yet to decide whether or not to use both English striker Ryan Hughes and Canadian teammate Al-

lando Matheson in the starting line-up. If he uses both strikers it’s likely that one will play in a wide role but Skelly also has the option of using conventional wingers with just one big man through the middle. The game is a personal challenge for former Langy stars Alex van Heerwarden and Ray Markley and Skelly expects both players to stand up and be counted. “I guess Alex and Ray will have something to prove in that they want to go back and show that as players they have progressed since they’ve been there and it’s a massive incentive for them to do well against a Langy side that sits on top of the league,” said Skelly. Marce Janneker remains sidelined due to an ankle injury. Comets are close to signing a current NPL central midfielder but if they negotiate his release he won’t be available until May. Social media bragging rights are up for grabs when Peninsula Strikers host Doveton in their State 2 South-East clash at Centenary Park on Saturday. Strikers’ boss Craig Lewis and Doveton goalkeeper Stuart Webster are regular sparring partners on Facebook

where the latter is a serial provocateur. Webster played down the recent capture of former Scottish professional Ryan Stevenson saying that the winless Strikers needed more than the former Hearts star to turn their season around. That may come back to haunt the cocky keeper as Stevenson was expected to arrive this week in time to face the Doves. Lewis was enthusiastic about Stevenson’s signing and pointed to the positive impact it already had on the club. “Since the story about Ryan went all over social media and the Scottish media we’ve had players enquiring about joining us including a 21-yearold from Cowdenbeath, another boy from Kirkintilloch Rob Roy and an NPL player,” said Lewis. Teenage midfielder Emmanuel Brima signed for Strikers last week and the former Bentleigh Greens midfielder will come straight into the matchday squad on Saturday. Strikers are also keeping a close eye on any player movement at Mornington. The wait for an international clearance is over for Frankston Pines defender Cedric Permal whose Mauritian club Cercle de Joachim has cleared him in time to face Doncaster Rovers at Monterey Reserve on Saturday. Permal, 25, has been capped 12 times by Mauritius. But Mauritian international teammate Christopher L’Enclume was waiting to be cleared as we went to press. As soon as 26-year-old striker L’Enclume is cleared Pines will focus on bringing over attacking midfielder Fabrice Pithia and striker Dwayne Diamond-Heerah. Two other Mauritian internationals, striker Adrien Botlar and left back or defensive midfielder Damien Balisson are expected in July. This weekend’s games: SATURDAY, 3pm: Mornington v Clifton Hill (Dallas Brooks Park), Langwarrin v Casey Comets (Lawton Park), Peninsula Strikers v Doveton (Centenary Park), Frankston Pines v Doncaster Rovers (Monterey Reserve), Skye Utd v Middle Park (Skye Recreation Reserve), Baxter v Dandenong Sth (Baxter Park), Rosebud Heart v Bayside Argonauts (Truemans Road Recreation Reserve), Chelsea v Somerville Eagles (Edithvale Recreation Reserve). SUNDAY, 3pm: Seaford Utd v Nth Caulfield (North Seaford Reserve).

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Ex-Sydney trainer reignites career on Peninsula By Ben Triandafillou SINCE leaving the hustle and bustle of his Randwick training complex in 2014, Grahame Begg has begun to reemerge onto the racing scene with his boutique stable located at Pinecliff, Mt Eliza. Begg earnt his first winning double since returning to racing, at Cranbourne on the 31 March with local jockeys, Jake Noonan and Jamie Mott, guiding Woman in Red and Phoenix Park to victory. The double is a testament to Begg’s horsemanship and although he was unable to attend the meeting, said that it was a step in the right direction. “I was at the Sydney Easter yearling sale purchasing two horses for clients and wasn’t able to make it but I was thrilled when I got the news and for the jockeys to be local boys is a bonus,” Begg said. “The next step will be to eventually get a winner in town.” Begg’s stable of 12, which consists of mainly unraced thoroughbreds, has been highly successful with their placement of runners, with almost every second runner finishing in the first three. Grahame’s training career spans 25 years with 14 Group One victories from star thoroughbreds such as All Silent, Ilovethiscity and Secret

Admirer. Grahame handled some of Australia’s best thoroughbreds, including the 1984 Australian Horse of the Year, Emancipation, when learning the trade from his father, a legendary Hall of Fame trainer, Neville Begg. The tiresome routine and endless loop of what many trainers face became too much for Begg and so he decided to close his Sydney operations in 2014. “I had just had enough of the day in-day out routine, so I decided to take a break,” Begg said. “After about 15 months I decided it was time to come back and a good friend, Anthony Freedman, told me about the opening here at Pinecliff.” “The set-up here is brilliant and it’s a lot calmer than it was in Sydney.” Grahame says he continues the demanding career as a horse trainer in hopes to one day have the privilege of training another gifted thoroughbred. “We start and end the day cleaning out the stables but we continue our routine in hopes to one day get the opportunity to train the next best thing, that one remarkable animal.” Begg will now be looking to continue his success and expand the stables training operations in the coming months.

Peninsula boxers crowned nations best By Ben Triandafillou PENINSULA Boxing has been rewarded with two gold medals after a flawless performance at the 2017 Australian Boxing Championships in South Australia on April 8. Peninsula Boxing went undefeated at the national championships with the Victorian representatives Tyla McDonald and Jason Whateley triumphing in their respected divisions. Tyla McDonald, 13, added to her impressive record defeating last year’s national champion, Tameriah Barney-Sandy, in the final round of the ‘Schoolgirls Division’. Jason Whateley, showed his class at the Elite World Games breezing through the opening rounds of the 91kg division and earning gold, defeating fellow Victorian, Adrian Paoletti, in the final. Peninsula Boxing head coach, Marcos Amado, said that the result is recognition of the athletes continuous training and constant hard work. “It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to reach a high standard,” Amado said. “We really make sure that we are training with a purpose and have a goal in mind otherwise it doesn’t work, you can’t do it aimlessly.” The training has clearly paid off for Peninsula Boxing as they returned home as


the only gym in Victoria with two gold medals. Amado said that the gym rallies behind their athletes when they have an important fight coming up. “It’s an individual sport but it’s been a team effort,” Amado said. “We all chip in to help out our boxers and with one person being successful out of the gym, the whole gym feels the success.” Tyla was the only female in Victoria to earn a gold medal at the nationals and will now be looking to head to Canberra for an AIS Boxing Camp. “She could go five or six months without getting a fight but we want to keep her active and she’s flying at the moment so we might as well strike while the iron’s hot,” Amado said. Whateley has taken his record to five wins from five fights since joining Amado at Peninsula Boxing and will be attempting to qualify for the Commonwealth Games later in November. “He’s at the pinnacle of boxing and to have five fights already for a 91kg boxer is massive,” Amado said. Whateley will fly over to Poland for the Feliks Stamm tournament in four weeks before heading to the OCBC Oceania Confederation Boxing Championships in June.

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

Mornington junior footballers tour New Zealand By Ben Triandafillou THE Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League (MPJFL) will join the 2017 New Zealand Football Tour for the first time by themselves under the name, ‘The BlueScope Steelers’. The MPJFL has competed in the tour for the past two years with the Frankston football league but will this year be tackling the tour on their own. The teams will leave for Wellington on April 21 for their five-day tour which will be held over the ANZAC Day weekend. MPJFL president, Andrew Souter, said that it has been six weeks of hard work by both AFL New Zealand and the MPJFL representatives but it will be worth it for the players to have this opportunity. The BlueScope Steelers will take their youth girls side and an under-16 boy’s side to face the AFL New Zealand Academy Level Two (youth boys) and the New Zealand Kahu Youth Girls. Representatives from the southeast football league will also be joining the MPJFL BlueScope Steelers on the tour. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for our players to represent the league,” Souter said. “We have a dawn service on the final day to remember the ANZAC’s but we will also be interacting and embracing the New Zealand culture, so it’s a real learning experience.” The junior footballers will get to show their talent in four matches at Hutt Park and the Westpac Stadium. The tour follows a successful trip to Tasmania where the MPJFL youth girls and under-16 boy’s side got the chance to sing their song loud and proud with victories over Tassie.


Sliz, Skye sign up for Wings for Life By Craig MacKenzie FORMER top jockey Gemma Sliz and 16 players, administrators and supporters from Skye United soccer club will compete in the 2017 Wings for Life World Run next month. The event takes place on Sunday 7 May at 11am UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) which translates to 9pm at night in Melbourne and all proceeds go towards spinal cord research. Across its first three editions (2014, 2015, 2016), the Wings for Life World Run attracted more than 280,000 people from 193 nationalities running in around 40 countries across six continents. They raised 13.8 million euros while covering more than 2.8 million kilometres. The Melbourne event starts at Patterson Reserve in Hawthorn East and continues along the Monash Freeway eastbound which will be cordoned off during the run. A half hour after the race starts, a moving finish line, the Catcher Car, chases runners along the course, gradually getting faster until each one is caught. The first runners passed after a few kilometres are the first to celebrate their accomplishments, while the last man and woman to be caught are declared Global Champions. Participants pay an entry fee of either $66 (if registered before 31 March) or $71.50 and 100 per cent of monies raised goes directly to lifechanging spinal cord research projects and clinical trials at renowned universities and institutes worldwide.

Wings for Life: Gemma Sliz (front row, far right) and some of the Skye United team competing in the Wings for Life World Run. Above, Gemma Sliz and 2004 Auckland Cup winner Upsetthym.

It is a cause dear to Sliz’s heart as she would have ridden in the 2004 Melbourne Cup but for a fall that left her with serious spinal injuries and eventually forced her to quit a sport she loved deeply. In January 2004 Sliz was the toast of New Zealand racing after guiding Upsetthym to victory in the Group 1 Auckland Cup. In September of the same year a fall at Ruakaka left the champion appren-

tice with three broken vertebrae in her lower back, broken ribs and broken bones in a foot. It also left her wondering if she would ever walk again. “I wasn’t allowed to move for six weeks and although my mind knew what to do my body couldn’t do it so I had to learn to walk again,” said Sliz. “It was quite a hard time,” she says in an understated manner.

She returned to racing after a lengthy rehabilitation but the emotional and physical scars remained. “It takes its toll on you both mentally and physically and I had to stop riding, not just for my own safety but for the safety of the horses and the other jockeys. “It’s a very demanding sport. You are riding a 500 kilogram animal travelling at around 70 kilometres an hour and there are no seatbelts or roll

bars so when you hit the ground you hit it with a lot of force. “You have to make split-second decisions and if you start second guessing yourself you are putting everyone in danger and that’s what happened to me so I had to stop riding.” Sliz has friends who haven’t been so fortunate and she is competing in the Wings for Life event for the third time.


N E XT G E N , N E XT L EV E L Design Safety Technology Performance Now at Mornington Mazda phone 5975 1 1 1 1 Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017




drive away

8 5 p/w


3 5 p/w

FORD GSE TURBO PEUGEOT 7 SEAT XSE 2010 falcon G6E turbo intercooled finished in silhouette with black leather int 2009 peugoet XSE wagon only 56000klm with books 1.6 lt turbo 5 star ancap 6 speed automatic front side and head air bags abs cruise traction control EBD automatic climate contro cruise ABS traction control EBD electronic stability rear camera Bluetooth ipod connect tinted glass alloy wheels reg xql107 multiple air bags panoramic sunroof full leather int tints alloys reg wud661






2006 holden rodeo RA tray low k’s only 116000 with books alloy wheels air con power steering power windows tow hitch long reg. uyz711

2002 sportage 4x4 high and low range manual suv only 160000km with air conditioning power steering electric windows air bag tinted windows roof rails reg rqm472

Monarch Royale 3 only 4 years old absolute top of the range luxury scooter 160 amp large capacity battery adjustable shock absorber coil spring suspension alloy wheels twin emergency disc brakes dashboard features speedo trip metre temperature clock high/low range fuel gauge indicators reverse lights brakes lights head and tail lights optioned with rear cargo box - pension finance - finance available


7 5 p/w


6 5 p/w


2000 toyota landcruiser 100 series GXL automatic 8 seater with full 2012 honda accord vti 2.4lt optioned with leather int front head and leather int electric sun roof power windows cruise control abs brakes air side air bags brake assist traction control abs electronic stability EBD bags remote locks alarm limited slip diff cruise control alloy’s tow pack climate control cruise power windows alloys reg zgj099 alloy bull bar electric brakes 3500kg towing rego txd386


drive away

5 0 p/w

drive away






drive away


2010 ford PK ranger xl dual cab turbo diesel 5 speed manual 140,000 ks with books front and side air bags air con power steering remote locks power windows LSD tow pack clean vehicle reg xxg886


2 5 p/w

drive away

7 5 p/w


drive away






drive away


2005 holden viva 5 door automatic hatchback only 163000 ks with air 2010 ford focus LV TDCI automatic 5d hatchback with air con abs conditioning power steering remote locks power windows front and cruise front side and head air bags traction control stability program side air bags abs brakes cd player tinted glass reg tzx618 power windows remote locks rear spoiler alloy wheels



5 0 p/w



2007 dodge avenger sxt 2.7 v6 auto sedan multiple air bags abs cruise Ford focus lx sedan with air con cruise control abs brakes DSC 2003 mazda tribute luxury full leather int automatic power traction control stability program climate control full leather int heated traction control brake assist multiple air bags power windows alloy sunroof cruise control abs brakes power windows alloy wheels seats hands free sunroof heat/cool cup holders power seats alloys wheels power steering. xtp542 tinted glass. reg: thanna tinted glass. sdd 857

drive away

5 0 p/w

2 5 p/w

drive away

6 5 p/w

4 5 p/w



drive away



drive away


drive away


7 0 p/w




drive away

7 5 p/w


drive away

drive away


4 5 p/w




drive away

drive away

1 1 0 p/w


4 5 p/w






2004 ford courier 4x4 xlt turbo diesel dual cab manual tray two tone paint air Holden cruze cd automatic sedan finished in velvet red with black int trim con power steering electric windows central locking factory extras include features inc cruise control abs brakes power windows air conditioning power alloy bull bar tow pack alloy wheels side steps and tray back rego yln235 steering tinted multiple air bags tinted glass alloy wheels. yam709

2008 mitsubishi lancer rallyart awd 2.0lt intercooled turbo hatch 6 speed dual clutch automatic with only 101,000km with books 5 star ancap rating front side and head air bags abs brakes ebd traction control electronic stability alarm tow away protection cruise climate control keyless start colour coded body kit with black alloy’s

2002 holden WH caprice low k’s full leather int multiple air bags climate control abs brakes cruise traction control rear entertainment alloy’s tinted glass tow pack very clean. 1bu2nh

2000 mercedes –benze S 500 L top of the range comfort and style featuring amg wheels sunroof rear glass folding blind rear electric seats cooled and heated seats factory sat nav multiple air bags electric stability brake assist traction control abs cruise control park sensors climate control auto levelling suspension tinted glass service books only 140,000km. 1hg3xg






drive away

4 0 p/w

drive away

7 5 p/w





BF mkII XR6 12/2007 built sedan finished in lightning strike with black 2009 VW transporter citivan turbo diesel 5 speed manual full trade rack int air conditioned with abs brakes cruse control power windows air tow pack air conditioned power steering abs brakes power windows bags traction control body kit alloy wheels books. wyw354 bluetooth electronic stability traction control air bag reg xgk710



drive away

drive away

4 0 p/w


3 0 p/w


RIO LOW KM 2008 kia rio 5 door hatch low km with books 5 speed manual economical 1.4lt air con power windows air bags brakes tinted windows reg whv888

CARS from

$ 3 0 /day



2006 ford territory wagon automatic duel fuel with cruise control abs 2009 hyundai elantra automatic 2.0lt with air conditioning power brakes air bags air conditioning power windows central locking tow steering abs brakes multiple air bags cruise control power windows pack registered sold as traded $3750 reg ukk009 alloy wheels rear spoiler reg 1ce40e

VA N & S E T U from

$ 3 5 /day


J&D Collins Service



Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

( / $ 6  7 8 2 1 8 L5 L$FWLYH$872

,1&/8',1* 0(7$//,& 3$,17

'5,9( $:$<


21/< 5(0$,1

L$FWLYH;$872 ,1&/8',1*0(7$//,&3$,17

'5,9( $:$<


21/< 5(0$,1

( & 1 $ 5 $ ( / &  ( )  6$17$ 6DQWD)H+LJKODQGHU <($56)5((6(59,&(25


'5,9( $:$<

%/$&.6,/9(5 *5(< 61 61 61



%/$&. *5(<



'5,9( $:$<

61 61

7+$11,9(56$5< 63(&,$/(',7,21



0,1(5$/%/8( 61



'5,9( $:$<

+855<,1720251,1*721+<81'$,72'$< H W Y











1(3($1+,*+:$< 0251,1*7219,&





i30 Runouts available April 17th - COB April 23rd 2017 or until stocks last, no other offers apply. Vehicles are registered with delivery kms only, see in store for details. ^Terms, conditions & exclusions apply, see Mornington Hyundai for details. Pics for illustration purpose only. E&O.E. LMCT 11270

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017


























MU-X 4X4

MU-X 4X4




MU-X 4X2
















HURRY TO MORNINGTON ISUZU UTE TODAY 41 Tyabb Rd, Mornington | PH: 5975 5188 LMCT 10467 5-star ANCAP safety rating on 4x4 D-MAX Crew Cab models built from November 2013 onwards, 4x2 D-MAX Crew Cab High Ride models built from November 2014 onwards and all MU-X models. ^5 years/130,000km whichever occurs first, for eligible customers. Excludes trays and accessories. >The Capped Price Servicing Program ("CPS Program") applies to Eligible Vehicles with a Warranty Start Date on or after 1/1/15 at Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers only. The 5 years Capped Price Servicing covers the first 5 Scheduled Services for 16.5MY and later vehicle models for up to 5 years/50,000km (whichever occurs first). CPS Program is subject to change. For full terms & conditions and current pricing visit +3.5 tonne braked towing capacity on D-MAX 4x4 and 4x2 High Ride models and 3.0 tonne braked towing capacity on all MU-X models when fitted with an optional genuine Isuzu UTE tow bar kit. ~Includes economy alloy tray fitted at motorpool. #Fuel consumption and emissions figures based on ADR 81/02 (combined cycle test) and are to be used for vehicle comparison purposes only. Actual fuel consumption and emissions will vary depending on many factors including, but not limited to, traffic conditions, individual driving style and vehicle condition. §Leather on body contact areas of the seats. *Private and ABN holders only. Excludes government, fleet, rental & non-profit buyers. Includes one year business vehicle registration, CTP insurance, dealer delivery and statutory charges. Metallic/mica/pearl paint $450 extra. Only at Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers from 1/3/17 until 30/4/17 unless extended, varied or while stocks last. Excludes demonstrators.


Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017



We’re local too! Join us on:


LMCT 10467 †NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY: 5 years or 100,000km (whichever occurs first). Service conditions apply. ^CAPPED PRICE SERVICING: 3 years or 45,000km (whichever occurs first). Covers all items specified under the standard “Regular Service Table” for normal operating conditions detailed in the Periodic Inspection and Maintenance Schedule on the Mitsubishi Motors website. Additional service/repair items (if required) are at additional cost. *ROADSIDE ASSIST (Service conditions apply). For purchase of new Mitsubishi vehicles, your initial 12-month roadside assist will be extended for a period of 12 months from the date of the most recent eligible Capped Price Service for that vehicle performed at an authorised Mitsubishi dealer. Roadside assist, if extended in accordance with these items, is available for a maximum of up to 4 years. Conditions apply. See for further information.

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017



Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017



N 7+(/($9(6+$9(67$57(')$//,1* AUTULME




:,7+ FREE


$/7,6( 3(752/






$15,990 $ 1 15,990

$8720 $8720$7,& 0$7,& 12 121 0(7$//,& 3$,17 0( 17 1210(7$//,&3$,17




65 ',(6(/



$23,990 $ 23,990 90




$6&(1763257 $6&( (17 17 63257

$6&(17 $6& &(17






driv dri vea vea away way ay driveaway













ROSEBUD TOYOTA USED CAR STOCK CLEAROUT $6,490 2008 YARIS. Sedan, WQJ157..................................................................$10,990 2011 HYUNDAI i30 Hatchback, 2.0i, auto, ZDK9..........................................$13,990 2011 TOYOTA CAMRY Altise sedan, 2.5i, auto, YLR867....................................$14,990 2010 HOLDEN COMMODORE Sedan, YZX914................................................................$16,990 2014 TOYOTA COROLLA Hatch, 1CR3NJ.................................................................$19,990 2016 HONDA CITY sedan, very low km, 1EX7XQ..........................................$20,990 2016 TOYOTA CAMRY Sedan, very low km, 1HM3ME.......................................$28,990 2011 TOYOTA KLUGER KX-S Wagon, Auto, 1JS8DK....................................................$30,990 2012 TOYOTA KLUGER KX-S Wagon, 3.5i, Auto, ZCR046...........................................$32,990 2009 TOTOTA HILUX SR5 Utility, Diesel, Auto, XGY022.........................................$32,990 2012 HOLDEN COLORADO Ute, low km, ZHJ832.......................................................$33,990 2015 SUBARU FORESTER Wagon, 2.5i, Auto, low km, 1DX2XZ..............................$32,990 2015 NISSAN NAVARA utility, very low km, 1BN5ZL..........................................$36,990 2012 TOYOTA HILUX Utility, 1JR5CJ.................................................................$39,990 2002 TOYOTA AVALON

Sedan, moderate km, 1FE2KP.........................................

Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away





At Rosebud Toyota


$41,990 2014 TOYOTA HILUX SR5 Utility, diesel, auto, low km, 1C1RC................................$42,990 2016 TOYOTA RAV 4 Wagon1JH3GR................................................................$44,990 2016 TOYOTA RAV 4 Wagon, very low km, 1HH5ZF........................................$46,990 2015 TOYOTA HILUX SR5 utility, very low km, 1IN2KN...................................$50,990 2015 TOYOTA PRADO KAKADU 4X4 Wagon, auto, diesel, Immac, 1JT4QH....................$77,990 2015 LANDCRUISER GXL 4X4 wagon, diesel, low km, 1JS8EM..............................$79,990 2011 LANDCRUISER SAHARA 4X4 Wagon, diesel, very low km, 1JV9LV......................$79,990 2013 TOYOTA HILUX


Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away Drive Away



Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017


New Collection locally made & custom built

All custom built ranges




introducing the

Heyfield Collection designed by and made exclusively for Luduco Living PAGE 48

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

peninsula home 1128 - 1132 nepean hwy mornington phone 03 5973 4899

18 April 2017  

Southern Peninsula News 18 April 2017

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