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Mayors call for climate action

Stephen steve@ Taylor

Advertising Feature - 15 May 2019


n Shire’s bid

BELIEVE hit Penins it or not, snow and floods ula Specia Friday mornin list g – right College early drop-off on school time. A reader white roadwsent in picture s “Everyone ay and floode of a frozen d she said. was quite bewildgrounds. ered,” Principal comment Peter Koop would on the extrem not event which e-weat White Hill forced the school her , in Old for the day. Road, Droma na, to shut Just kilome trres away, Primary Eastbourne Schoo watery dilemm l was also a as rain faced with a a car park quickly exit. filled No snow, but certain water. ly no lack of Pictures: Yanni (main and) suppli ed


leading on climat JUST days ades” but e action their for dection, mayorout from Saturd being stifled efforts were increasingly adopt a higher ay’s elec- of throughout s from munic state and by the “shocking Australia ipalities federal govern inaction” get, introduce renewable energy that the “This have mandatory next building tar- ing ments. swift action federal govern demanded should election, the conver disclosure energy out ratings, the Nation be ment takes of contrib of fossil fuel and The 15 to tackle climat al Buildi ing costs having is about sation we ng Code” overhaul vision ute to climate subsidies which the In of ton Peninsmayors – includ e change. change . Cr Gill not taking climat devastat- week a joint statem ity and of long-te ing Morni said ent poses system e action rm finance ; and pro- across are from ula Shire’s Cr the clean energy David Gillng- ordinated, and that without urgent .” eral suppormayors deman released last the ic econom to suppor and sustain the countr the countr Cities Power includ d more global action – emissi , coic risks t for local y and Climate fed- electri ing rooftop solar, able transpo t ons and change, to climate y’s largest local Partnership, gy risk expert the region”. commitment work on climat battery storagert, Costs” c vehicle alliance. the enviro shift to renew reduce per government e report author and “Comp Cr Gill , said “runaway nment will sufferable ener- rapidcent renewable to a national 100 better transpo charging station said Dr Karl ound the proper energy climate around s, and phase out through The mayor rt infrastructure Mallon target and change”. Australia local govern ty marke Cr pected of Gill . fossil Their main ments s’ coinci to lose and and the t was ded with $571 billion “exworld have the next federathe other mayor demands fuel subsidies. lease of a Clima the re- by 2030 due to are for a “Comp te Counc s want national climat in value l govern port us to extreme climate il report better tackle ment to “sup- science and e policy aligned strong further ound Costs” – which predic – lose valueweather and will change and a drop nation climate in proper al comm to the urgent continue change, rapidly transit ts a emissi in the clean energy ioning to 100 itment to mate steps are takenty values “unles ons remain coming decade to s ; suppor change”. to addres s if high”. “This is t for the per cent s clithe It says rapid phaslargest erty risk from climatanalysis of propthreat to climate change undert is a “majo Australia’s e change PRE-ARRAN r latest aken in Austra financial ever lia and GED FUNE data from stabilCaring for ...Don’t RALS our univer uses the Mallon miss securin Lic No: said. local famili sities,” 22042 g that wanted Dr for over propert ✓ Immediate 35 years es y 461 Dunda access ✓ Move to Bond s St, into that & Rent Rye, 3941. property ✓

M. & A. EG

Licensed Plu AN & Gasfitte mber r

to benefit from political fray n No one at helm to control boat ramp n No barriers to

As an Independent representative with business and parliamentary experience, I will be a strong voice for the local community. I stand for: Fast prompt now ✓ Easy terms assistance ✓ No upfront and conditions ✓ Pre approvalfees and charges before finding a property ✓ We can assist bonds betweenwith transfer properties of

PO Box 101, Rye, 3941.

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Genuine Climate Action Increase Renewables | Stop Adani Protect our Environment & Green Wedge Save Westernport | Oppose Overdevelopment INDEPENDENT Real Vision for Healthcare, Education and Transport New Rosebud Hospital | Mental Health Services I stand for: After 18 years there’s a climate for change. After 18 years Support Local Business Genuine Climate Action Increase Renewables | Stop Adani there’s a climate Protect Seniors’ Incomes and the Family Purse Protect our Environment & Green Wedge Aschange. an Independent representative with business for Save Westernport | Oppose Overdevelopment Equality For Women | Zero Discrimination I will beEducation a strong Real Vision for Healthcare, and Transport Asand an parliamentary Independent experience, New|Rosebud Hospital | Mental Health Services Robust Social Welfare System Humanitarian voice for the local community. I stand for: representative Support Local Business approach with business and Protect Seniors' Incomes and the Family Purse



Equality for Women | Zero Discrimination parliamentary Genuine Climate Action Good Governance | Integrity Commission Robust Social Welfare System | Humanitarian approach experience, I will be Increase Renewables | Stop AdaniGood Governance | Integrity Commission Animal Welfare and Protection a strong voice for the Animal Welfare and Protection Protect our & Green Wedge Support our ABC Support ourEnvironment ABC local community.

Save Westernport | Oppose Overdevelopment Real Vision for Healthcare, Education and TransportVOTE 1 JULIA BANKS Authorised by Julia Banks: 2/10 Blamey Place, Mornington VIC 3931 - Ph: 0456 907 629 New Rosebud Hospital | Mental Health Services Printed on recycled paper by Complete Colour Printing: 84-86 Herald Street, Cheltenham VIC 3192 - Ph: 03 9585 7788 The funding for this advertisement was kindly donated by a long time resident on the Mornington Peninsula Authorised by Julia Banks 2/10 Blamey Place, Mornington Vic 3931

VOTE 1 JULIA BANKS INDEPENDENT Dear Flinders resident,

After 18 years there’s a climate for change.

I am seeking re-election as an Independent Member of Parliament at the Federal Election on 18 May.


VOTE 1 As an Independent representative JULwith IA business

I am running for the seat of Flinders which has been ignored for too long. After 18 years it’s time for a change.


People across the Mornington Peninsula say they want fresh, honest and approachable representation by someone who’s a strong advocate for them.


and parliamentary experience, I will be a strong voice for the local community. I stand for:

As a strong Independent my focus and advocacy will be informed by your voice. I’m not constrained by having to follow the party line or the combative political game playing which has become a hallmark of the major parties.







Having worked in business for over 30 years prior to entering Parliament, I’m not a member of the political elite. Rather, I have real business and life experience which I believe makes for a good local representative. I know first-hand the juggles of balancing home, family, career and community life.



Genuine Climate Action Increase Renewables | Stop Adani Protect our Environment & Green Wedge BANKS, Julia INDEPENDENT Save Westernport | Oppose Overdevelopment Real Vision for Healthcare, Education and Transport VOTE 1 JULIA BAN KS New Rosebud Hospital | Mental Health Services Julia Bank Support Local Business Protect Seniors’ Incomes and the Family Purse Equality For Women | Zero Discrimination

JULIA BANKS I’m the second generation of my family to have a longstanding relationship with the local community on the Mornington Peninsula – my husband and I have had our home in Red Hill for over 20 years and my parents were Mornington residents for years before that. It’s a community I know and love.

I have a heartfelt belief in the power of the people. You.


HUNT, Greg


SMITH, Reade





LESSLIE, Natha n McSHANE, Chris tine







If you want real change at this election, make your vote count. Vote 1 Julia Banks.

Authorised by Julia Ban ks: 2/10 Printed on recycled pape r

Blamey Place, Mornin gton VIC 3931 - Ph: 045 Print 6

by Complete Colour

ing: 84-86 Herald Stree t, Cheltenham VIC 3192

907 629

- Ph: 03 9585 7788

Yours sincerely,


The funding for this advertisement was kindly donated by a long time resident on the Mornington Peninsula Authorised by Julia Banks 2/10 Blamey Place, Mornington Vic 3931


Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019



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Wednesday 15 May 2019

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Schools cop taste of winterly bite

BELIEVE it or not, snow and floods hit Peninsula Specialist College early Friday morning – right on school drop-off time. A reader sent in pictures of a frozen white roadway and flooded grounds. “Everyone was quite bewildered,” she said. Principal Peter Koop would not comment on the extreme-weather event which forced the school, in Old White Hill Road, Dromana, to shut for the day. Just kilometrres away, Eastbourne Primary School was also faced with a watery dilemma as rain quickly filled a car park exit. No snow, but certainly no lack of water. Pictures: Yanni (main and) supplied

Mayors call for climate action Stephen Taylor JUST days out from Saturday’s election, mayors from municipalities throughout Australia have demanded that the next federal government takes swift action to tackle climate change. The 15 mayors – including Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Cr David Gill – are from the Cities Power Partnership, the country’s largest local government climate alliance. Cr Gill said local governments around Australia and the world have

“been leading on climate action for decades” but their efforts were increasingly being stifled by the “shocking inaction” of state and federal governments. “This election, the conversation we should be having is about the devastating costs of not taking climate action.” Cr Gill said that without urgent, coordinated, and global action to reduce emissions and shift to renewable energy the environment will suffer through “runaway climate change”. Cr Gill and the other mayors want the next federal government to “support us to better tackle climate change,

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adopt a higher renewable energy target, introduce mandatory disclosure of building energy ratings, and overhaul the National Building Code”. In a joint statement released last week the mayors demand more federal support for local work on climate change, commitment to a national 100 per cent renewable energy target and rapid phase out of fossil fuel subsidies. Their main demands are for a strong national climate policy aligned to the science and a national commitment to rapidly transitioning to 100 per cent clean energy; support for the rapid phas-

PRE-ARRANGED FUNERALS Caring for local families for over 35 years ...Don’t miss securing that wanted property ✓ Immediate access to Bond & Rent ✓ Move into that property now ✓ Fast prompt assistance ✓ Easy terms and conditions ✓ No upfront fees and charges ✓ Pre approval before finding a property ✓ We can assist with transfer of bonds between properties


✆1300 554 470

2-4 Chelsea Rd, Chelsea VIC 3196 Fax: 03 9776 2929 Email:

123 Jetty Rd, ROSEBUD Ph: 5986 8491

ing out of fossil fuel subsidies which contribute to climate change; and provision of long-term finance to support clean energy and sustainable transport, including rooftop solar, battery storage, electric vehicle charging stations, and better transport infrastructure. The mayors’ coincided with the release of a Climate Council report – “Compound Costs” – which predicts a further drop in property values “unless urgent steps are taken to address climate change”. It says climate change is a “major threat to Australia’s financial stabil-

ity and poses systemic economic risks across the country and the region”. Climate risk expert and “Compound Costs” report author Dr Karl Mallon said the property market was “expected to lose $571 billion in value by 2030 due to climate change and extreme weather and will continue to lose value in the coming decades if emissions remain high”. “This is the largest analysis of property risk from climate change ever undertaken in Australia and uses the latest data from our universities,” Dr Mallon said.

*CROWN CASINO - MONTHLY* Casino’s bus PLEASE NOTE program with a great BUFFET lunch We will be closing all $40. our business as of Only p/p over the age of 18 permitted. June 30 2019, Thu 30 May (numbers permitting) and wish to thank our customers for their support.



Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019


Shire’s bid to benefit from political fray Keith Platt MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire is calling on all Flinders electorate candidates in Saturday’s federal election to commit to spending more money in the shire. The mayor Cr David Gill says the electorate will benefit if Flinders is seen as a swinging seat. He says the peninsula has suffered because the seat has been regarded for years as “safe” for the Liberal Party, and consequently ignored by all political parties. The shire’s involvement in the election (including a full page advertisement in this issue of The News) comes at the same time as a phone poll of 440 voters indicating that Liberal MP Greg Hunt is likely to retain the seat he has held since 2001. Mr Hunt holds the seat with a margin of more than seven per cent, but the poll taken earlier this month shows this may be cut to as low as four per cent. Online betting companies have Mr Hunt as the clear favourite to win, but punters are giving the Coalition little chance of regaining government. The seeming infallibility of the Liberals on the peninsula changed last November when state Labor won the electorate of Nepean, which forms part of the much larger federal seat of Flinders. The state seats of Mornington and Hastings, held respectively by Liberals David Morris and Neale Burgess, cover the remainder of Flinders. The Liberals’ loss in Nepean, if translated federally, could account

SIX of the nine candidates for Flinders at a meeting organised by right wing Christian lobby group ACL in Hastings, from left, Julia Banks (independent), Joshua Sinclair (Labor), Nathan Lesslie (Greens), James Persson (Animal Justice Party), Susie Beveridge (independent) and Greg Hunt (Liberal). Federal police were on hand following some recent eggings, but the only disturbance was caused an effigy of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was seen as one intervention deserving of eviction. Pictures: Supplied

for the drop in support for Mr Hunt recorded by the Lonergan poll conducted 4 and 6 May on behalf of the left-leaning lobby group GetUp. Although there are nine candidates, Flinders is seen as a three-way contest between Mr Hunt, Labor’s Josh Sin-

clair and disaffected Liberal-turnedindependent MP Julia Banks. The other candidates are independents Susie Beveridge and Harry Dreger; James Persson, Animal Justice Party; Reade Smith, Sustainable Australia; Nathan Lesslie, The Greens; and Chris-

tine McShane, United Australia Party. GetUp has been targeting Mr Hunt’s perceived vulnerability over climate change and his support of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s failed challenge to Malcolm Turnbull last August, which saw Scott Morrison take over as prime minister. Cr Gill said the shire was approaching all candidates about securing more help for the peninsula, which had “pockets of wealth” as well as lowincome towns such as Rosebud and Hastings, areas with high unemployment, poor public transport and lack of investment. The peninsula had more older people and people with disabilities than almost anywhere else in the nation. “Take out the fancy houses, wineries and restaurants and you’ll find people with lower than [Australia’s] average incomes and higher numbers of people without jobs,” Cr Gill said. “If it’s a swinging seat we’ll get

more attention as the problems are only getting worse,” he said. “The peninsula’s underlying problems are not being addressed.” In its summation of the poll results the NSW-based Lonergan polling company said: “Whether the Labor candidate [Josh Sinclair] or Julia Banks reaches the final two …, Greg Hunt is currently in the lead in this seat. Julia Banks is picking up more votes from the Liberals than any other party, but 30 per cent of her voters are preferencing the Liberals over Labor.” GetUp said the phone poll showed what its volunteers “are hearing on the ground and during thousands of voter conversations: voters are turning away from Greg Hunt in their droves”. The poll “indicates Mr Hunt’s formerly safe seven per cent margin is in tatters”. GetUp says the poll shows “there are more than enough [Liberal voting] deserters to flip the seat”.


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15 May 2019








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Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019


No one at helm to control boat ramp Stephen Taylor UPKEEP and management of the Mornington Peninsula’s public boat ramps is still a grey area – despite it being six months since the state government announced that it was taking over the role. The first the shire knew of it came in a surprise pre-election announcement by Premier Daniel Andrews on Channel 31’s Talking Fishing in November. Since then, the shire has “continued to do the right thing” by checking and maintaining boat ramps to make sure they are safe for the public, the mayor Cr David Gill said. However, no provision had been made for boat ramps in the shire’s draft 2019/20 budget. “As far as I’m concerned, we won’t be doing anything more on the boat ramps once the budget is adopted sometime in June,” he said. The shire’s Director Place Niall McDonagh said the shire was “continuing to fund the maintenance at this stage” but was unsure when that arrangement would end. “This is still to be determined, but the shire is working closely with the state government,” he said. The shire has stopped processing boat ramp fees, with Mr McDonagh saying it would “await confirmation from the state government before we decommission the paid parking

systems”. “The shire is hopeful the advice in regard to the transition will be received shortly.” Cr Gill said managing the boat ramps at this time of year was “quite simple, as there are no crowding or ramp rage issues … but there will be later in the year”. “I’m not sure what the reaction will be from the state [when we stop work at the boat ramps], but the shire’s role is up for negotiation,” he said. “We want to know how they’re going to protect the public. “They said they’re going to take over boat ramps and we want them to get on with it.” With Keith Platt

CFA crews set to show their skills TYABB CFA crews will demonstrate their skills in the village precinct of the Tyabb Packing House Antiques, 14 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Tyabb, on the Queen’s Birthday weekend, 11am-3pm, Sunday 9 June. All the Village traders will be open, including the Guild Art Gallery which celebrates its 28th anniversary. Its opening hours are 10am-5pm, Thursday to Sunday. The gallery’s Norma Macpherson said all were welcome to come and share in the fun. Entry is free.

Staged performance: Appearing in Southern Peninsula Players’ version of Pygmalion are Jennifer Scott as Mrs Higgins, Greg Stephens as Colonel Pickering, Rachael Lavery as Mrs Einsford-Hill, Gemma Sylvester Keech as Eliza, Robyn Zugaj as Clara, Isaac Schmid as Doolittle, Chris Hollins as Freddy. Picture Yanni

Talk about social status BEFORE Eliza discovered that “the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plane” and Higgins struggled with “why can’t the English learn to speak”, these two characters graced the stage in George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion. Much like an artist sculpting a statue of a goddess, Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering attempt to turn street flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, into a Duchess. However, women are not stoic pieces of art, they are passionate beings with their own mind, a fact that the men forget to consider. As the original My Fair Lady, Pygmalion not only explores the language barriers that late Victorian England grappled with and which reaffirms the social classes, but also the power

struggle between men and women to communicate and to be heard. Sarah Jeffs and Clare Daividson are making their debut as directors for the Southern Peninsula Players latest version of Pygmalion. With the help of Gabe Noonan and Lorraine Williams, Pygmalion builds in colour and detail as the characters grow and develop within the story. This play also brings together a strong creative group of new faces from across the Mornington Peninsula who bring this story to life. The cast is led by Isaac Schmid as Henry Higgins, previously seen in last year’s production of The Vicar of Dibly, and Greg Stephens, the director of Astral’s Pippin and star of Sweeney Todd, as Colonel Pickering.

The trio would be nothing without the hilarious contrast of Eliza Doolittle, played by talented new comer, Gemma Sylvester Keech, who brings a strong and yet delicate femininity to the lead role. The lead group is supported by experienced thespians Jennifer Scott, Linda Morgan and Anthony Staunton as Mrs Higgins, Mrs Pearce and Mr Doolittle respectively. Pygmalion runs 17- 26 May at the Rosebud Memorial Hall, with prebookings for tickets and table. Cabaret seating is available on Friday and Saturday nights with byo wine and nibbles with “traditional seating” on the Sunday matinees. Book at or call 0468 892 572.

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THE Access All Terrain program co-designed by YMCA Mt Eliza project coordinator Jason Ellery is a finalist in the VicHealth Initiative of the Year Award. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the awards, which celebrate the achievements of sportspeople with disabilities, as well as the coaches, organisations, officials and volunteers who support them. Mr Ellery has a spinal cord injury and, as a wheelchair user, is able to show the perspective of a person with a disability as well as advocate for them. As a lover of the outdoors and being active, Mr Ellery previously played wheelchair rugby for Australia in 2017. He sees his role as encour-

aging both able-bodied people and the participants to see things through a “new lens”. “Being a finalist is incredibly exciting,” Mr Ellery said. “The YMCA program is about giving everyone, regardless of physical ability, the opportunity to camp and enjoy nature.” “People with a disability face many barriers in the outdoors: from not having the right wheels on their chair, to lack of opportunities or having the self-confidence to camp independently. “The All-Terrain Program tackles these issues and provides solutions through accessibility and inclusion – something we advocate for across all our YMCA camps.” The awards for the disability sporting sector will be presented on Wednesday 22 May.

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VOTE FOR GREG HUNT As you all know Alexandra Park project have worked for nearly 4 years on the redevelopment plan for Alexandra Park. Alexandra Park is the oval in the Main Street of Mornington. The redevelopment plan is to upgrade the existing pavilion to provide for facilities that support and encourage participation in sport and the community. It has the location. It just needed the facilities to match.

The redevelopment Plan has now been fully funded for over $4m and will benefit the following groups • Mornington Football Netball Club • Mornington Junior Football Club • Mornington Cricket Club • Peninsula Raiders Veterans AFL Club • Wallara – all abilities community support group • The Bays Hospital – one of only a few not for profit hospitals in Victoria Greg Hunt grew up in the Mornington area and has a good feel for the community and its needs. It is of huge benefit to have a senior politician working and living on the Mornington Peninsula. Greg Hunt saw what we had as our vision for the precinct. He understood what we wanted to do and has been a terrific support. The funding provided is not an election promise. However, it would certainly make it easier if we have someone who understands the importance of the Alexandra Park redevelopment elected in 2019.

The above funding commitment would not have been achieved without the help and support of Greg Hunt and the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and counsellors. If you want a reason to vote, the above for us is a good enough reason to re-elect Greg Hunt.

Please vote for Greg Hunt. For and On behalf of Alexandra Park Project.

Authorised by Martin Scanlon 275 Main St, Mornington Vic 3931


Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

Information MP calls for extra Evening

bus for peninsula Stephen Taylor MORNINGTON MP David Morris has called on Public Transport Minister Melissa Horne to add an extra bus service from Frankston to the Mornington Peninsula. “There is an urgent need for an additional bus service from Frankston station to cater for the large number of students being left behind during the morning rush,” Mr Morris said. The issue came into focus last week when the mayor Cr David Gill admitted: “Our advocacy efforts and those of the community have not resulted in any significant upgrades to bus services on the peninsula.” (“Bus services get an F (for fail)” The News 8/5/19). “For $20 million a year we could fix the bus services on the peninsula. It’s a public service that’s not being provided. “We have got to increase the number of buses and their frequencies so that people know they can rely on them. “People – potential bus users – are not going to give up their cars for a bus service that comes every four hours.” Mr Morris said Ventura Bus Lines had told him it could run an extra morning service – but that the state government “refuses to approve it”. This new service would also service residents in the electorate of Nepean, he said. “Nepean MP Chris Brayne needs to show his constituents that his words will be followed with action,” Mr Morris said. “If the member for Nepean believes bus services from Frankston are ‘unreliable’ as he has previously stated, then he should be standing up for his community and DECKING T/Pine 70x22 KD ACQ ........................... $2.70mt T/Pine 90x22 KD ACQ ........................... $3.50mt T/Pine 140x22 KD ACQ ......................... $6.25mt Merbau 70x19 Random ........................ $4.75mt Merbau 90x19 Random ........................ $6.50mt Merbau 140x22 Random .................... $13.95mt

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This evening is an opportunity to hear from the Dean of Boarding, Tim Byrnes and the new Director of Admissions, Stephen Ritchie. They will outline how boarding at Scotch provides a unique educational journey and access to world class facilities on the School’s 27 hectare campus in Hawthorn. Tim & Stephen will be available to answer questions during the evening as well as outline how to apply for Boarding Scholarships.

urging the minister to take immediate action.” Mr Morris said Ms Horne said his call had been “noted”, which he interpreted as meaning no action was being considered. “The minister has indicated that she, and [the Premier] Daniel Andrews, are not interested in providing the essential services that students on the peninsula require,” he said. “This is a disgrace and shows that Labor can’t be trusted to run our crucial services.” Mr Brayne said the peninsula’s public transport users – particularly students – can “thank people like David Morris who have been decades-long representatives on the peninsula and have only just realised the bus network is an important issue for residents”. “We can also thank [Flinders MP] Greg Hunt, another Liberal member for decades, who saw a bus network cut on the peninsula that was transporting young adults to and from Monash University. “The Andrews Labor government saved this service. No one knows better than me how critical a good bus network is because I’ve been catching the buses on the peninsula for 10 years of my life, up until I was 21 and got my licence. “I would ask David Morris to work with me rather than criticise me to achieve a good outcome for residents who rely on public transport.” Last October then mayor Cr Bryan Payne said the peninsula had the second lowest provision of public transport per person in metropolitan Melbourne, and that two out of three of the peninsula’s major activity centres were not serviced by train and had to rely on buses – making it the “only metropolitan municipality in the state in this situation”.




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Refreshments including food will be served. For catering purposes please rsvp by the 22nd May 2019 on 03 9810 4433 or or Date and venue Wednesday 29th May 2019 at 6pm – 9pm Lindenberry at Red Hill. 142 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill, VIC 3937.

Scotch College 1 Morrison Street, Hawthorn VIC 3122 Phone (03) 9810 4203 / Fax: (03) 9810 4333 Email


90x42, 140x42, 190x42, 240x42, 290x42

125x75 ............................................... $10.95mt 100x100 ............................................. $11.25mt 125x125 ............................................. $18.25mt 150x150 ............................................. $30.50mt 70x19 Blanks......................................... $2.50mt

Please feel free to invite any friends or colleagues who might be interested.



$6.50 mt

(approx. 300mt pack lots) MELAMINE - EDGED 16MM


2400x300 ............................................ $12.00ea 2400x450 ............................................ $18.00ea 2400x600 ............................................ $24.00ea 1800x450 ............................................ $13.50ea 1800x600 ............................................ $17.00ea 3600x450 ............................................ $27.00ea 3600x600 ............................................ $36.00ea Not Edged 2400x1200 .......................................... $40.00ea 2400x1200x3mm ................................ $18.00ea

PINE LINING 140x12 VJ/Regency .............................. $2.15mt 140x19 VJ/Floor.................................... $3.50mt

PINE DAR STD GRADE 42x19 ................................................... $1.25mt 70x19 ................................................... $1.75mt 90x19 ................................................... $2.25mt 120x19 ................................................. $2.65mt 140x19 ................................................. $3.00mt 190x19 ................................................. $4.50mt 240x19 ................................................. $6.75mt 290x19 ................................................. $8.50mt 140x12 ................................................. $2.15mt

For price and availability of all your buliding supply needs please call


2.4 mt ................................................. $15.25ea 2.4 mt (Packs 50) ................................ $13.50ea 2.7 mt ................................................. $17.00ea 2.7 mt (Packs 50) ................................ $15.25ea 3.0 mt ................................................. $19.00ea 3.0 mt (Packs 50) ................................ $17.00ea 200x75 1.8 mt ................................................. $17.25ea 1.8 mt (Packs 30) ................................ $15.25ea 2.4 mt ................................................. $23.00ea 2.4 mt (Packs 30) ................................ $20.25ea 2.7 mt ................................................. $25.75ea 2.7 mt (Packs 30) ................................ $22.75ea 3.0 mt ................................................. $28.50ea 3.0 mt (Packs 30) ................................ $25.25ea 3.6 mt ................................................. $34.25ea 3.6 mt (Packs 30) ................................ $30.50ea 200x100 2.4 mt ................................................. $30.50ea 2.4 mt (Packs 25) ................................ $27.00ea 3.0 mt ................................................. $38.00ea 3.0 mt (Packs 25) ................................ $33.75ea



Yellow Tongue 3600x900mm ............... $49.95ea Plyfloor 2.4x1.2x15mm ........................ $59.50ea

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2400x500 Woven ................................. $36.00ea

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200 X 75 X 2.4mt

$20.25 each PACK LOTS ONLY

5981 0943

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‘H’ SECTION $44.00MT ‘C’ SECTION $26.75MT

1 Dalkeith Drive, Dromana Mon-Fri 7am-4pm Sat 7am-12noon

Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019


NEWS DESK Police patrol

With Stephen Taylor

Search follows bikies’ bird

Somerville detectives are after this motorcycle rider pictured on Peninsula Link at Frankston on 22 April. Picture: Supplied

A MOTORBIKE rider wearing a purple Ellesse leisure suit with matching shoes and scarf showed plenty of attitude while speeding along Peninsula Link Frankston on 22 April. Detectives are keen to speak with him over a range of “high range and excessive speed offences”. The rider with a tattoo on the back of his left hand was colour coordinated, too: his bike is believed to be a purple Harley Davidson V-ROD. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

4 May. Police called to the club on Tallis Drive arrested the 33-year-old Langwarrin man and took him back to the station for breath testing. He allegedly blew 0.177 per cent and had his car impounded at a cost of $1010. Sergeant Daniel Patton, of Mornington police, said the man then spent four hours in the cells at Rosebud police station. He was to be interviewed in relation to drink-driving, damaging the greens and minor assault-related offences but no charges had been laid, Wednesday.

Breath tests

Daddy blew it

SOMERVILLE Highway patrol’s Leading Senior Constable Greg Wolfe has a simple answer when asked why police bother doing breath tests in the middle of the day: “It’s because we keep detecting people like the 56-year-old Mt Martha woman pulled over in Osborne Drive at 1.45pm, Thursday 2 May, who blew 0.233 per cent and the 41-year-old Cranbourne West man detected in Frankston at 11.30am, Tuesday 7 May who blew 0.238 per cent.” “Remember, you can be tested for alcohol and drugs while driving anywhere, anytime.”

A CRANBOURNE West man driving with his eight-year-old son allegedly blew 0.238 per cent when pulled over for a random breath test on FrankstonDandenong Road, Frankston, 11.30am, Tuesday 7 May. The 41-year-old’s licence was immediately suspended for 12 months and his car was impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1040. He is also expected to be charged on summons with drink driving-related matters.

Guest off the list A WEDDING guest evicted from Mornington Golf Club allegedly took out his frustrations by driving erratically through the car park and then damaging the practice green, Saturday

Brothers in hospital A LYNDHURST man handed himself in to police after an incident in Mornington’s Centro car park in which two brothers were allegedly assaulted, early Saturday 4 May. Detective Alex Montgomery, of Somerville CIU, said the man was interviewed by officers at Cranbourne police station but no charges had been

laid, Wednesday. He said the brothers, aged 17 and 20, of Mornington and Mt Martha, were walking through a car park after leaving a nearby hotel when a fight started with a group of men about 3am. They were punched and knocked to the ground in the melee which stopped when bystanders intervened. The other men then fled in an unknown vehicle. The brothers were taken to The Alfred hospital and were said to be recovering last week. Detective Montgomery said the investigation was ongoing. He urged anyone with information to call him on 5978 1300.

Murder charge A HASTINGS man arrested after his neighbour was stabbed, Sunday night, 5 May, has been charged with murder. The 46-year-old appeared at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Friday and was further remanded. It is believed the neighbours were involved in an argument at a house on Salmon Street when a 43-year-old man was allegedly stabbed with a serrated edged weapon. Emergency services were called to the house at 7.45pm. The injured man died in an ambulance on his way to hospital. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report online at

CHEAPER POWER AND A RENEWABLE FUTURE Invest in renewable energy to make Australian power 50% renewable by 2030. Ease household budgets and lower power prices by better regulating power prices. Targeting one million energy-saving batteries in homes and apartments and subsidising the cost for low-to-medium income households.

ONLY LABOR CAN LOWER POWER PRICES AND BUILD A RENEWABLE FUTURE. Authorised by Samuel Rae, Australian Labor Party, (Victorian Branch). 438 Docklands Drive, Docklands VIC 3008.


I’d love to chat with you about Labor’s climate change action plan: SinclairforFlinders

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Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

Our call to candidates

What we’re advocating for on your behalf

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has been advocating for significant financial investment to be committed towards infrastructure and community services ahead of this year’s Federal Election. Our priorities are listed below for all candidates to act on!

Sports and Recreation Facilities Sporting participation across the Shire has grown rapidly, particularly female and junior involvement in Soccer. We have a number of recreational projects that help promote an active and inclusive community. Council is seeking financial commitments for the following sporting and recreation projects: • Rosebud Aquatic Centre • Narambi Reserve New Oval and Pavilion • Red Hill Recreation Reserve Change Rooms

Public Transport

Drought-Proofing the Peninsula • Crib Point Recreation Reserve Pavilion • Alexandra Park Pavilion • Civic Reserve Pavilion • Emil Madsen Pavilion upgrade • Constructing the Missing Links along Mornington Peninsula’s Trails Network • Mornington Life Saving Club • Civic Reserve Wetlands • The Briars Master Plan implementation

Mornington Peninsula is a critical component of Victoria’s foodbowl. The ongoing sustainability of the Peninsula’s agricultural industry is under threat from drought. To ensure long-term sustainability, Council is seeking funding to drought-proof the Mornington Peninsula. What assistance is needed: • funding for capital works for a Somerville/Tyabb recycled water scheme • funding for a feasibility study for a hinterland scheme • funding for The Briars water recycling project


Council is seeking an improved bus network that is frequent, direct and reliable; a bus network that gets people where they need to go for work, education, and services within 20-minutes of their home. What assistance is needed: • An annual investment for a direct 788 route • Other upgrades include modifying existing routes 781, 782, 783, 784 and 785 • Introduction of a Cross-Peninsula bus service

Marine Industry Precinct The lack of available industrial land on the Peninsula is putting a significant handbrake on the local economy. However, there are 3500 hectares of underutilised State Significant Industrial Precinct land in Hastings. Some of this land could be used to support a Marine Industry Precinct to accommodate a growing industry. This precinct could create at least 1800 jobs for our local residents.

With existing buildings and other infrastructure nearing end of life, the Mornington Peninsula Shire requests funding to support township projects. What our townships need: • Implementation of the Rye Township Plan • Hastings Foreshore Splash Park and Sound Shell • Implementation of Sorrento Ferry Precinct Plan • Mt Eliza Way Streetscape • Flinders Township Civic Hall • Mornington laneway and public open spaces • Safety Beach Foreshore Reinvigoration

Jetty Road


Funding for a full freeway overpass with grade separation and duplication to Boneo Road will improve pedestrian safety and reduce congestion at the Peninsula’s busiest and highest risk intersection – Jetty Road and Mornington Peninsula Freeway. Vulnerable groups including elderly residents and children walking to and from nearby schools and childcare facilities are forced to cross the freeway.

Electrification of Rail Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and Frankston City Council support the electrification of rail from Frankston city centre to Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula. Both Councils are opposed to any stabling and maintenance facilities being located in valuable green wedge land or altering the Urban Growth Boundary. Both Councils are asking the Australian and Victorian Governments to support this public transport project that will deliver better outcomes for our joint communities.

For more information 1300 850 600

Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019


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Penguins will return to their island home TWO little penguins are having a short stay at Melbourne Zoo before being returned to their Phillip Island home. The two birds were collected from a Greenvale house north of Melbourne Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) officers. “The Greenvale man alleged he rescued the penguins from Phillip Island because he believed they were sick,” DELWP wildlife officer Abby Smith said. Ms Smith said the penguins were “significantly underweight” and vets believed they had not been fed adequately for the two weeks. “The birds are making good progress and are eating well, swimming and preening normally. However, the penguins are not yet strong enough to

return to the wild,” Ms Smith said. After the zoo the penguins will be taken to the Phillip Island Nature Parks to complete their rehabilitation. Ms Smith said an investigation was underway into the circumstances surrounding the penguins being allegedly being taken from the wild. However, the recovery of the penguins prompted DELWP to issue a reminder that injured wildlife should be reported to authorities. “Penguins require specialist care and a unique diet and it’s important people contact the [zoo’s marine response unit] when they come across a sick or injured marine animal,” Ms Smith said. “The Greenvale man alleged he rescued the penguins from Phillip Island because he believed they were sick. “It is exciting to see a penguin out

in the wild, but important to remember they are wild animals and can not be taken from the wild.” The coordinator of the marine response unit Mark Keenan said the penguins were found to be underweight, but otherwise alert and active. “Once they receive the all-clear, the penguins will be released back into their natural habitat at Phillip Island.” In Victoria all wildlife is protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. It is illegal to destroy or interfere with wildlife and severe penalties apply. The maximum penalty for hunting, taking or destroying wildlife ranges from $8059 to $38,685 and/or six to 24 months’ jail. Anyone concerned about the welfare of a penguin can call the zoo’s marine response unit on 1300 245 678. Keith Platt

TWO Phillip Island penguins are receiving the care and attention of experts before being released back into the wild after spending a couple of weeks at a house in Melbourne’s nothern suburbs. Picture: Supplied

An independent voice for the community We are the only locally owned and operated community newspaper on the Mornington Peninsula. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential to a strong community. We exist to serve residents, community groups and businesses and ask for their support in return.


E: SinclairforFlinders

Authorised by Samuel Rae, Australian Labor Party, Victorian Branch. 438 Docklands Drive, Docklands VIC 3008.


Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

Defend Free Speech Protect Retiree Savings Keep Our Borders Safe Stop Foreign Sell-Outs Keep Government Accountable

7 7 7 7 7

Australian s e v i t a v r e Cons r u o y e b Let us n i e c n a r u ins e t a n e S the

Group AB on your Senate Ballot Authorised by J. Montgomery, 28 King William St. Kent Town, SA 5063 Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019




17 days Siem Reap to Hoi An FULLY ESCORTED FROM THE PENINSULA AND RETURN On this unique and inspiring Southeast Asia river cruise through Cambodia and Vietnam, you’ll be immersed in the cultures and ancient traditions as you sightsee and spend time with locals in the most fascinating places along the mighty Mekong River.

INCLUSIONS • • • • • • • • •

Breakfast daily, 9 lunches and 9 dinners Touring gratuities and transfers in IndoChina Return economy airfares and taxes with Vietnam Airlines Enjoy a luxurious 7-night cruise aboard the deluxe Avalon Saigon Accommodation in Hoi An for three nights Accommodation in 245 sq.ft Panorama Suites with beds that face the view Experience destinations on foot, by coach, ox-cart, cyclo, sampan and local motorcart 2 nights Ho Chi Minh City $ * per person 3 nights Siem Reap twin share from


Picture: Yanni

DEPARTING: 2 September 2019

High tea honours mums

Helloworld Travel Rosebud Ninth Avenue 4 Ninth Avenue, Rosebud VIC 3939 P: (03) 5981 1888 E: Visit our websites for more details! *Conditions apply. Availability is limited. Prices are correct as at 16 April 19 but may fluctuate if surcharges, fees, taxes or currency changes. Offers subject to availability. Agents may charge service fees, rates vary. Payments by credit card will incur a surcharge. Airfare not included unless otherwise stated. Where airfare is included, prices displayed are in return economy. All savings and bonus nights (if applicable) are included in the advertised price. Offers may be withdrawn without notice and are not combinable with any other offers unless stated. Please check all prices availability and other information before booking. Avalon & Helloworld Travel booking terms and conditions apply, see in store for details. Robyn Lee Travel Pty Ltd (ABN 41 136 700 340) trading as Helloworld Travel Mornington Cruise & Travel. Travel Buzz Pty Ltd ATF the Travel Buzz Trust (ABN 60 813 039 236) trading as Helloworld Travel Rosebud Ninth Avenue.

SOUTHERN Peninsula VIEW Club members held a High Tea at the Seahorse cafe at Seawinds Community Hub last week to celebrate Mother’s Day. Organiser Bree Dixon said 24 members attended and that a “lovely afternoon of fun and friendship was enjoyed by all”. Money raised from the club’s functions goes to the Smith Family to help disadvantaged



. Your Children’s Safety . Aged Care Ratios . Mandatory Minimum Sentencing . Combat Domestic Violence . Ban Live Exports . Regional and Rural Victoria: Urgent Rail Upgrade, Medical Services and Water.

HINCH – Goes Where Others Won’t Authorised by Annette Philpott, 1 Queens Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia for Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party


Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

children. The women usually meet at the Rosebud Country Club every second Thursday, although this month it’s at the club on Thursday 16 May at 10am for a 10.30am start. The guest speaker will be author Goldie Alexander who writes historical, science fiction and mystery novels. New members are welcome. Details: Bree Dixon 0410 822 233.

Pitching in to save peninsula’s koalas ROSEBUD resident Dirk Jansen was pleased with the success of his Koala Day event in Boneo, Saturday 4 May. “We had a great day at the property in Kinwendy Road which is owned by Rob Nigro, a Southwest landcare member,” he said. “There were 18 of us and the mood overall was that the situation for koalas is dire.” (“Day to highlight plight of koalas” The News, 30/4/19). Mr Jansen said community engagement was “overwhelmingly positive”. “There is a lot of motivation and interest to address this situation,” he said. “What was unexpected was the great response from the community via email, phone and Facebook. A lot of people are interested in learning how to get involved.” Mr Jansen described the koala as the orangutan of Australia with the same urgent action required to save it. The shire’s landcare facilitator Jacqueline Salter said the Koala day brought together concerned landholders, wildlife carers, bushland workers and ecologists keen to protect the peninsula’s koala population. “There was strong support to form an official Landcare group and to seek funding for a biolink project focused on protecting and restoring key koala habitat,” she said. “I’m pleased to support this vital initiative.” Mr Jansen said the Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation Project was a joint, community-driven initiative by concerned residents, Southwest Mornington Peninsula Landcare and Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network. They aim to encourage and assist landholders to protect and grow existing vegetation and highlight how everyone can better protect the

peninsula’s koala population. “Our small population of koalas is in trouble,” Mr Jansen said. “A main reason is habitat loss, due to past and current land clearing. We have only 18 per cent of remnant indigenous vegetation left on the peninsula. Koalas rely solely on leaf from eucalypts to feed and they need to feed constantly due to their slow metabolic rate. “Koalas need to travel large distances to source food and find mates. On the peninsula, patches of remnant vegetation are not connected well enough for them to move safely across the landscape without risking getting hit by vehicles or dog attack.” He said a 2016 study by Deakin University found 69 per cent of koala habitat was on private property and koalas were not thriving on the Mornington Peninsula with no record of breeding. There are lots property owners can do, Mr Jansen said, such as preserving old indigenous trees and limiting the amount of fertiliser used near them; controlling weeds such as ivy, karamu and pittosporum which can kill old trees; not planting southern mahogany (Eucalyptus botryoides) and remove existing plants as they can hybridise with manna gums and may not be palatable to koalas. They should plant indigenous trees, including manna gums, messmate, stringy bark and swamp gums. Also, dogs should be kept on leads when out walking and people should be aware of koalas when driving, especially at night. Details: visit Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation project on Facebook, email: or call 0422 522 622. Stephen Taylor

As an Independent, Julia advocates for pragmatic, sensible policies which reflect a modern Australia: ✓ GENUINE CLIMATE ACTION No Adani; support renewable energy


Protecting Green Wedge; Save Westernport


Upgrade Rosebud Hospital; support mental health initiatives


50/50 representation, marriage equality, zero discrimination


A sound welfare system; support for carers and volunteers; respectful treatment for refugees.


A fair tax system which supports those who have worked and saved.


Phase out live sheep exports

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Contact us to do a comparison of our fees and services with your current Home Care Package provider. Head Office: 335 Eastbourne Road, Capel Sound VIC 3940

Ph: 1300 VILL GLEN (1300 8455 4536)


Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019



Trekking to the roof of the world Stephen Taylor BLAIRGOWRIE’S Helen Talbot says people shouldn’t put limits on their aspirations: “You can do anything if you really try,” she said last week. It’s an attitude which helped her do the “hardest thing I’ve ever done yet easily the most inspiring” – climb to the base camp of Mt Everest. Just home after three weeks trekking in Nepal, the 73-year-old is still on a high after the experience during which she was accompanied by her son, Brett, 46, and his daughter Claudine, 15. The keen walker trained daily doing 5-6 kilometre walks on Arthur’s Seat since January and at New Heights Altitude Training Centre in Dromana for three months to ready herself for the trek to 5500 metres organised by World Expeditions. Age was against her in more ways than one: “I was put through hoops getting approvals,” she said. “The cut-off age was 70 and I am 73 which caused problems. I took the World Expeditions pamphlet to my doctor at South Coast Medical Centre, an experienced mountaineer, and asked: ‘Do you think I could do that?” “He got right behind me and said ‘yes’.” Flying to Singapore and onto Kathmandu on 12 April Ms Talbot joined the 13-member group of which she was the eldest by far. “There was a 63-year-old man and his wife, 54, and the others were 58, 55, 46, a couple

Helen Talbot, left, at home after her life-changing effort (Picture: Yanni) and celebrating the climb with son Brett and granddaughter, Claudine.

of 36-year-olds, 23 and my granddaughter aged 15,” she said. “Not only was I the eldest in the group, I was the oldest on the mountain.” In contrast to back home, age had its advantages. “People were coming up to shake my hand and saying they were amazed that I was even attempting to do it,” she said. “It spurred me on because even the young ones were finding it hard.” From Kathmandu the trekkers

flew six hours to Tenzing-Hillary (or Lukla) Airport – at 2860-metres rated the most dangerous airport in the world for over 20 years – to begin the nine-day trek to base camp. Walking along muddy tracks for eight or nine hours each day she marvelled at the rugged mountain scenery – “like being on the moon” – with its ice-capped ridges and swing bridges. “At places we’d stop to acclimatise you could see where there had been

landslides,” she said. “It was spectacular but you had to be sure-footed.” Ms Talbot got on well with other members of the group. She marvelled at the character of the “gentle and obliging” Sherpas and the power and grace of the yaks carrying equipment for the hordes of Everest-hopefuls at the crowded base camp. “There must have been 250-300 climbers from all over the world be-

cause May is the most suitable time to climb. There were many more support staff all living at a tiny yellow-tent city, so maybe 1500 people up there.” Base camp reached, Ms Talbot’s group then turned around and began the easy five-day return trek downhill and, ultimately, home. Looking back, she has only fond memories of her proudest achievement. “It was certainly the highlight of my life,” she said.

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15 May 2019

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DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT? Green ballot paper – Number every box in the order of your choice LY ON



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Electoral Division of Division Name

It’s important that you understand how to vote correctly.

Number the boxes from 1 to 8 in the order of your choice


SURNAME, Given Names


SURNAME, Given Names


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• a large white one for the Senate


SURNAME, Given Names

On the green ballot paper you are voting for a representative of your local area or electorate in the House of Representatives.


SURNAME, Given Names


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On election day, you’ll receive two ballot papers: • a green one for the House of Representatives

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Remember... number every box to make your vote count

Sample ballot paper

White ballot paper – you can choose to vote either above or below the line










You may vote in one of two ways Either

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EITHER Vote above the line Number at least 6 boxes for parties or groups, in the order of your choice.

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Authorised by the Electoral Commissioner, Canberra. Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019


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PR E ELE C TION S ALE TH F R IDAY 1 7 MAY 20% OFF ALL COSMETICS, FRAGRANCE, SHOES, GIFTS AND VITAMINS* *W HILE S TO CK S L A S T, E X CLUDE S PR E S CR IP TIONS AND ALR E ADY DIS C OUNTED/NE T INS TOR E ITEMS Mornington Village Pharmacy/Pharmasave Shop 3, Mornington Village Shopping Centre 241 Main Street, Mornington

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Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

Southern Peninsula





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Just listed.

Just listed.

Rosebud 8 Salvia Court

Rosebud 6 Killara Court

Set in a quiet court location on a large parcel of 914m2 approx. is this stunning modern coastal home with a flare of Boho. Beautifully executed with a blend of materials and textures this is certainly one you need to see.

Nested in a sought after location, close to shops, schools, transport and the stunning foreshore is this much-loved brick veneer home with manicured gardens all on a 622sqm approx. lot. Offered for the first time in over 30 years.




Saturday 1st June 12:30pm INSPECT As advertised


3 CONTACT Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

Just listed.



2 CONTACT Paul Cunnington 0457 047 962 Tullie Roberts 0432 281 566 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

PRICE GUIDE $475,000 - $495,000 INSPECT As advertised

Just listed.

Rosebud 2/183-189 Eastbourne Road

Rosebud 34 Warranilla Avenue

* Stunning 3 bedroom townhouse in a quiet location * Master with ensuite & WIR * Galley kitchen with stainless steel appliances * Open plan living & dining * Superbly landscaped low maintenance gardens * 3 entertaining decks

This character filled 2 bedroom home has an attractive street frontage and offers hardwood polished floors, refurbished kitchen and open plan living. There is gas heating, air-conditioning, carport and an under cover entertaining area.




Saturday 8th June 12:30pm INSPECT As advertised

2 CONTACT Clare Black 0409 763 261 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880





CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880

PRICE GUIDE $411,000 - $450,000 INSPECT As advertised

Just listed.

Tootgarook 70 Guest Street

Rosebud 4 Deighton Drive

Set on approx 1000m2, this immaculate brick veneer home offers four bedrooms, two living areas plus a renovated kitchen and bathroom. Also with polished floors & massive undercover alfresco area.

This substantial family home, set on a 781sqm (app.) block, has been built with families and storage in mind. The home offers large formal living area with adjoining formal dining room and the renovated kitchen has s/steel appliances.




Saturday 25th May 12:30pm INSPECT As advertised

4 CONTACT Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Clare Black 0409 763 261 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880



FOR SALE PRICE GUIDE $550,000 - $600,000 INSPECT As advertised

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

2 CONTACT Clare Black 0409 763 261 Craig Leo 0412 502 938 Barry Plant Rosebud 5986 8880


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TURN YOUR EVERYDAY INTO SOMETHING SPECIAL BUYERS seeking a seaside lifestyle in a boutique build will not be disappointed with this luxurious townhouse on the cusp of Main Street. Recently completed, the stunning double storey home is easy walking distance to the quaint shops and bustling cafes and restaurants of Main Street, with Mornington’s renowned beaches not far away. Designed by Little Brick Studio and displaying premium fixtures and fittings that set an excellent standard for creativity and style, the splendid interior showcases a lavish open plan design with high ceilings that greatly accentuate the sense of space to vast main living area. Creating an excellent flow, the design integrates the superb internal and external zones perfectly, and the lashings of natural light that spills through the glass sliding doors to fill the space is always a welcome natural addition. There are three bedrooms; the larger downstairs master bedroom is complete with ensuite and walk-in robe, whilst two more bedrooms upstairs both have built-in robes and share the main bathroom with freestanding bath. A spectacular kitchen is highlighted by Calcutta stone-topped benches, beautifully complemented by Smeg appliances that include an oven with 900-millimetre cook top and undermount range hood, plus a dishwasher. Adding to your everyday convenience there is a downstairs powder room and to keep things comfortable throughout the seasons there is ducted heating and split system air-conditioning. Externally, the property is equally impressive with two alfresco decks, and being at the front of the block, their is your own driveway leading up to a double garage with internal access. Boasting a 6 star energy rating, this sensational as new property affords buyers the flexibility of either a glamorous permanent residence or the perfect low-maintenance peninsula getaway.n



ADDRESS: 1/33 MacDonald Grove, MORNINGTON FOR SALE: $950,000 - $1,000,000 DESCRIPTION: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car INSPECT: By Appointment AGENT: Joel Hood 0402 703 236, Joel Hood Property, 311 Main Street, Mornington, 5971 0300

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


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Fabulous water views

True entry level

SaFety Beach 62A Helm Avenue


• As new 3 level terrace home with views of Main Harbour

For sale $675,000

• With a 10m frontage this level allotment is the most keenly priced parcel of land in Martha Cove

For sale $325,000 - $350,000

Inspect OFI or by appointment

• Enjoy the freedom of designing your own home

Inspect By appointment

• 3 BR’s all with fitted robes, 2 BTH + powder room & generous open plan living & dining • Split system heating & cooling to all rooms, stone bench tops & s/s appliances • 24 hour monitored security






SaFety Beach 3 Helm Avenue

• Engage the builder of your choice and build within your own time frame

Stuart cox 0417 124 707

• At this price you will have to be decisive so call today for further details

Stuart cox 0417 124 707

Under contract

Great buying - price adjusted

Unlimited potential

BIttern 1/2542 Frankston-Flinders Road


• Spacious three bedroom home has floor to ceiling windows looking out to the sunny courtyard, deck & garden area

For sale $415,000 - $435,000

• Located within an easy stroll of shops, schools, reserves, public transport & sporting facilities

• Generous sized bedrooms all have built-in robes

Inspect OFI or by appointment

• Original 1960’s Tyabb cottage with high ceilings and ornate features that has been extended

John hanna 0408 374 334

• Boasting 3 bedrooms, updated kitchen and north facing family room with gas log fire

• Other features include split system heating/cooling & timber floors • Double garage with auto door and more

Mornington 5976 5900






tyaBB 8 Station Way


• Opportunity to subdivide 836m2 allotment (STCA)






John hanna 0408 374 334 Wednesday, 15 May 2019


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F R E N C H I S L A N D 74 Th e R e s t • • • •

Over 100 acres of secluded bush-land surrounded by National Park right in the middle of the Island Permanent water from spring fed dam plus additional 20,000L water storage Good road access to a small weekender Well defined boundaries, plenty of mature trees and good tracks throughout with abundant wild life including koalas, echidnas and rare albino peacocks • No holding costs other than a very modest annual Fire Services Levy

Sunday, May 19th at 2:30pm at 2100 Frankston-Flinders Road, Hastings

TERMS 10% Deposit / Balance 60 days. Vacant Possession



By Appointment


0438 497 715

5979 3555

NEW LISTING FRENCH ISLAND 20 Farm Road • • • • •

Well-fenced 170 acre farmland property including permits to build your dream home Property includes several sheds, shiping container and undercover parking for a caravan Completely off-grid power system and septic system Four dams which are currently full and established gum trees around a private billabong Excellent pasture and a comprehensive orchard, heaps of native wildlife, potential water views and heaps more!


0438 497 715

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


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For Sale

For Sale

Occupy or Rebuild

Occupy, Invest Or Develop by the Beach

By Expressions of Interest, Closing Friday 31st May at 1pm 51 Mornington Tyabb Road, Mornington

Expressions Of Interest Closing 29th May at 3pm 5 & 7 Beach Street, Dromana

Proposed medical site (S.T.C.A) Building area 230m2* Right amongst car & homemaker showrooms 30-180 day settlement Land area 900m2* Vacant possession

5925 6005

Two separate titles Total land area: 1496m2* (combined) Ideal mixed use development (STCA) 7 Beach Street: Building area 274m2* *Approx.

Tom Crowder 0438 670 300 4/230 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931

nEw homEs unIt DEvElopmEnts

Opportunity to buy one or both Commercial 1 zoning 5 Beach Street: Building area 172m2* Properties being sold with vacant possession *Approx.

Jamie Stuart Tanya Scagliarini 0438 670 300 0438 289 859

5925 6005

4/230 Main Street, Mornington 3931

youR DEsIgn oR ouRs

Linda Ellis 0400 480 397

9775 1535

1/1 Colemans Road, Carrums Downs 3201

knoCk Down & RE-buIlD spECIalIsts

•FREE Building Advice •FREE Site Inspection •FIXED Price Contract


nEw homEs unIt DEvElopmEnts

youR DEsIgn oR ouRs

knoCk Down & RE-buIlD spECIalIsts

Call Craig on 03 5982 2121 or visit us online at Parkway homes Pty Ltd ABN 19107 061 Registered Building Practitioner DB-U 21534

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


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Wednesday 12th June 2019 at 12pm on site 159 Main Street, Mornington

Double-Shot Opportunity

CORNER THE INVESTMENT MARKET WITH a prominent corner site and handy dual access, this fabulous warehouse investment is set on a 778 square metre block and comprises two warehouses that have been securely leased since the building was first constructed in 1999. The lease extends to 2022, with options, and the current rental return is $45,000 per annum plus GST - the tenant pays all outgoings. Internally, this is a good-size office area and showroom with other external features including plenty of off-street parking and fully-fenced front and rear yards.n


Impressive retail shop of 100m2*


Secure 5 x 5 Year lease Leased to long standing tenant ‘Biscottini’ Annual net income of $55,800 + GST Dual street frontage to Main Street and Barrrett Lane 300m2* of Commercial 1 Zoned land, with further development potential (STCA)


ADDRESS: 104 Watt Road, MORNINGTON FOR SALE: Contact Agent For Price AGENT: Josh Monks 0409 335 179, Nichols Crowder, 1/1 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs, 9775 1535

5925 6005

Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562 Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859 4/230 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931

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Be seen everywhere.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


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Business Sale - Mornington

Chill Gelato

Reduced For A Quick Sale

• Situated in the prime Mt Martha” shopping strip • Ideally located opposite the beautiful beach along a busy foot traffic area • Great fit out just awaiting your own personal touch

• Exciting business with brilliant décor and fit out • Excellent rent of $4,150pcm inc GST • 250sqm premises includes deli, juice bar and fine dining, • Courtyard bistro area, two storerooms plus coolroom, office and toilets





Sale Price: MAKE AN OFFER Contact: Andrew Walsh 0419 889 353

Sale Price $95,000 + SAV Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

For Sale - Arthurs Seat

For Lease - Main Ridge

Georges Boutique Hotel

Office Space in Spectacular Surrounds

• Established 2007 as an accommodation business • Nestled amongst the many attractions of the area • Superbly set with stunning views of Port Phillip Bay • Buyers here have the first option to purchase the adjoining block at 17 Nestle Court




• Fully furnished office space with all amenities • Stunning views overlooking the 40 acre property • Parking for approx. 20 vehicles • Ideally suited to a company with about 10-20 staff • Call today for an inspection that won’t disappoint

Business Sale - Sorrento


Sale Price: Contact Agent Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Forthcoming Auction- Mornington

Lease Price: $2917pcm + GST Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Business Sale - Rosebud

For Sale or Lease - Red Hill




O ALL FlatBlk Boutique Cafe • Well established business with regular clientele • Cute and quirky small heritage listed space • Great for an owner operator as it’s easy to run • Potential to increase to 7 day trading period. • No. 9 tram included makes a great conversation piece.

Sale Price: $110,000 + SAV Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Red Hill Restaurant

Fresh Fish Shop

Auction: Contact Agent For Details Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Lease Price $7,950pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Lease Price: $1,834pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

• Prestigious restaurant based on Arthurs Seat Rd • No Upfront Cost – Plant and Equipment included in lease • Perfect for an experienced restaurateur to take over • Beautiful fit out & well equipped • Onsite accommodation for owner an additional option

Business Sale - Mornington

• Established business of nearly 10 years • Fantastic turnover in excess of $400,000 • Purpose built fit out for business • Excellent rent of $3,000 per month approximate • Quality business, great returns, kind working hours

For Lease - Mount Eliza

For Lease - Mornington





Business Sale - Mornington Peninsula

Position,Position, Position

• Prime corner location with magnificent exposure • Long term tenant • Strong rental return • McDonalds and Red Rooster as your neighbours • Build Area of approx. 127sqm

Yaringa Boat Hire

• Incredible lifestyle business located at Yaringa Marina • Huge potential to improve current business • Secure lease with a great return on investment • Currently operating at approx. 21hrs pw over a 48 week period with lots of room for expansion

Sale Price $199,950 Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Via Boffe

Prime Retail / Office Spce

• Premier coffee shops serving 50kg+ of coffee per week • Open 7 days and in prime Main Street location • Upstairs lounge area, function room and courtyard area. • Italian styled menu for breakfast, lunch and functions. • Fully Licensed.

• 164sqm of prime retail space in Main Street • Neigbours include brand name retail stores and banks • 3½ year x 5 year lease • Ideally set-up for real estate business

• Large retail space of approx. 198sqm • Shop frontage to Mount Eliza Way with through access from rear carpark • Located in high foot traffic area • Ready for you to create something amazing

Lease Price: $8370pcm + GST + OGS Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Lease Price: $9,167pcm+GST+OG Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: $395,000 WIWO Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Business Sale - Point Leo

Fit-Out Sale - Mornington

Ideal Retail/Office Space

For Sale - Hastings

Properties For Lease OFFICES FOR LEASE ( Mornington unless specified)










Point Leo General Store

• Long standing coastal business • Focus on take away food and drinks • Amazing lease package • Ideal husband and wife business • Huge local following Sale Price: $190,000 + SAV Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

PH: (03) 5977 2255

Fit Out Only

Owner Occupier - Development Site

• Ideally located in high foot traffic area from Centro Shopping Centre to Main Street • Retail space of approx. 70sqm • Current rent at approx. $45,000pa +GST

• 2,000sqm of Industrial 3 Zoned Land • Just off Marine Parade • Ideally suited to a purpose built facility (STPA) • 20m frontage with terrific access

Sale Price: $35,000 (Fit-out only) Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

Sale Price: $265,000 Contact: Kevin Wright 0417 564 454

176-182 Main Street -30sqm $1,662.50pcm+GST+OG 356 Shands Road, Main Ridge Contact Agent 6/356 Main Street – 104sqm $2,950pcm+GST+OG 4/15 Carbine Way – 12sqm From $750pcm+GST+OG 1/486 Nepean Hwy Frankston – 220sqm $3,000pcm+GST+OG SHOPS FOR LEASE Jetty Rd, Rosebud - From 70sqm From $3,300pcm+GST+OG 187 Main Street – 187sqm $5,050pcm+GST+OG St Andrews Beach – 180m2 $3,334pcm+OG 102 Mt Eliza Way, Mt Eliza – 198sqm $9,167pcm+GST+OG RESTAURANT FOR LEASE 164 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill $7,950pcm+GST+OG MEDICAL FOR LEASE 1052 Nepean Hwy - 15.3sq $6,584pcm+GST+OG WORKSHOP/FACTORY 323-325 Main Street - 150sqm $1,834 pcm + GST +OG

1/26 McLaren Place, Mornington VIC 3931 Wednesday, 15 May 2019


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Tidy Towns awards now open Nominate a local project, group or activity and share our sustainability stories to inspire others. The awards recognise actions taken by communities in regional areas to protect and enhance local environments across Australia.

Nurses Amber Skehan, Tanja Moye and Sophie White with the intensive care bed donated to The Bays Hospital by Mornington Rotary. Picture: Supplied

A new bed for The Bays MORNINGTON Rotary Club has given The Bays hospital, Mornington a $25,000 purpose built intensive care bed. The motor driven bed that can be turned laterally is suitable for critically ill patients who are often immobilised for days and susceptible to pressure injuries. The bed can be tilted so patients are gently turned without physical effort. “It will be a great asset for our community,

and save transfer to Frankston or more distant hospitals” Rotary president Libby Paterson, who has a nursing background, said. Money for the bed was raised though the club’s annual Mornington art show. Mornington Rotary meets at Brooklands in Tanti Avenue, Mornington each Wednesday at 6.30pm and visitors or potential new members are welcome. Details: 5988 3305.

Wear your heart on your windows Don’t just like your curtains them

Applying is simple, all you need is 500 words or less to tell Keep Victoria Beautiful about your project or initiative. Applications close Friday 14 June. Apply online at

For more information:

Save money and the environment Did you know Council could help fund upgrades to your business? Mornington Peninsula Shire, in partnership with the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, is continuing its efforts to tackle climate change, offering local business owners and suppliers financial assistance to fund environmental upgrades through Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF). Peninsula businesses have already borrowed $2million through the EUF program, enabling 839kW of Solar to be installed. The program provides long-term low interest loans to fund energy, water and waste efficiency upgrades and install renewable energy with repayments administered through your local council. For more information, visit

You’ll love what we do!

or contact the Sustainable Melbourne Fund on (03) 9658 8740

Book your free home appointment today

call 03 5975 9366 Shop 8a, 1-13 Tyabb Road (cnr Nepean Hwy) Mornington Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019



Letters - 300 words maximum and including full name, address and contact number - can be sent to The News, PO Box 588, Hastings 3915 or emailed to:

Governments need to back ‘disability’ accommodation Older parents with adult “children” with disability cannot access specialist disability accommodation despite the promise of the NDIS (“Carers plea for help” Letters 7/5/19). Families and Social Services Minister Paul Fletcher recently wrote that “if demand exists the funding will be there”. This does not appear to be the case for thousands like [the letter’s writer] Marie Hell. There exists unmet demand for these distressed families. Recent federal and state budgets show that the money is there for many projects. Why are funds not available to meet this need? My position as coordinator of the Sailability program at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron brings me into contact with older people who have children with disability. There is obvious stress that dealing with adult and near adult children places on the parents, all too often single women. Some have asked in vain for specialist disability accommodation so that both parties can have appropriate independence. As they all grow older the burden becomes heavier and heavier. My late sister with intellectual disability was cared for at home for many years. Only after the death of my parents was supported accommodation available for her. In her final years she experienced loving supported living in a group community house in Jetty Road Rosebud, which gave her a level of independence mixed with family contact. The issue is important for the welfare of all involved, the dependent person and the rest of the family. Specialist disability accommodation places surely can and must be created to meet the demand. Brian Jones, Capel Sound

Danger road The residents of Coppin Road, Sorrento have implored the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to include a roundabout at the corner of Coppin and Constitution Hill Roads and Newton Avenue as part of the Coppin Road footpath project. Their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. At midnight on Saturday 1 May a car went over the road on the south east corner, demolishing the fence and narrowly missing the house. Will it take a death to occur before our council takes any action? In January 2003, council’s traffic engineer wrote a letter to me confirming action would be taken – more than 16 years later we are still waiting. Bill Holmes, Sorrento

Awaiting reply It is essential parliamentarians are responsive to voters’ concerns. I am therefore interested the MP for Chisholm Julia Banks is standing as an independent for the seat of Flinders as Chisholm voters, of diverse political persuasions, have found Ms Banks, as a Liberal parliamentarian, to be disinterested in her electorate. On 7 August 2018 I wrote to Ms Banks. Nine months later I have still not received a reply. This is despite Ms Banks’ office confirming it had received my email, and my phoning about its progress in late September 2018. Other voters share my experience. Letters to the press suggest I am not alone. On 29 November 2016 a stalwart of the Glen Waverley community wrote to [a daily metropolitan newspaper] about Ms Banks’ failure to respond to her letter regarding funding elite team athletics in Victoria. Two years later she was still waiting for a reply. In December 2018, a letter to a Whitehorse [community newspaper] reported Ms Bank’s reluctance to put pen to paper. A stalwart of the Box Hill community, who had recently received an OAM in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, wrote: “the number of occasions I have heard or read that she never responded to correspondence or to requests of assistance certainly suggests she wasn’t not engaged with her community”. These good citizens make the point they have received replies and/or congratulations from other MPs but nothing from Ms Banks. Until the election of Ms Banks, it was unheard of to wait nine months – let alone two years – and still not receive a reply from a local politician. Dr Paul Fox, Box Hill


Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

I do not, nor ever [have] belonged to a political party. I have no objection to you running political ads as long as large type is used to highlight that it is a paid ad and, most importantly, your paper’s name does not appear in a prominent position, as doing this gives a false impression that you are endorsing the ad. Tom Davies, Hastings

Look elsewhere

‘Masquerading as news’

Despite having previously been Minister for Environment, [Flinders MP] Greg Hunt’s solutions to climate change, judging by the Liberal Party leaflet I received in the post, are small-minded, temporary band-aids and ill thought out actions. For Flinders voters looking for a candidate who is serious about climate change Greg Hunt is definitely not an option. Susan Hillman Stolz, Rye

Forward looking Nothing has changed. More than 2000 years ago the Roman philosopher Marcus Cicero made the following observation: “A nation can survive its fools, even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within … for the traitor appears not to be a traitor he rots the soul of a nation … he infects the body politic so that it can no long resist.” Anyone (or three) come to mind? Terry O’Shea, Halls Head, WA

Time for change It’s a bit rich that the LNP has the gall to accuse the Labor Party of being a bad money manager when, after being six years in power, they managed to increase the debt Australia owes to the world to more than halve a trillion dollars. That is more than double the deficit they inherited from Labor. And they managed to cut a lot of services in the same time. A great example of their profligate ways with our money was the reopening of Christmas island detention centre for a political stunt costing the taxpayer a cool $180 million, just to close it a few months later. Expensive political stunts like this are a trademark of the LNP government when it comes to scare campaigns over refugees and the less well off in our society. The disastrous implementation of the NDIS scheme is another legacy of the oh so money smart LNP government. Centerlink costumers are being harassed for money they don’t actually owe without the slightest embarrassment or apology. The ABC has been decimated by cuts to its budget that where promised never to happen before the election of Abbott as prime minister. And how many times is it OK to sack your leader before your whole outfit looks like the Muppet show the present PM described? The most urgent need of action on climate change is a thing the LNP is incapable of addressing as it has wracked the unity of this sorry lot for nearly 10 years. Our kids and grandkids will pay dearly for the wasted decade of action on climate change. It really is high time for a change all around the world for a more socially and environmentally aware group of leaders. Rupert Steiner, Balnarring Beach

Political smears I just read a letter of high dudgeon in these pages from a Liberal supporter from Mt Martha in which the writer goes on about personal smear attacks (“Political attacks” Letters 8/5/19). He goes on to attack Bill Shorten, Trades Hall and all things Labor (including GetUp, which isn’t Labor). How unfortunate it was for the writer that in this very same edition of The News on the front and last page, was a Liberal ad. canning Labor and Bill Shorten in particular. I ask this letter writer to cast his mind back to when Julia Gillard, became Australia’s first female prime minister. Remember when Tony Abbott stood grinning in front of the sign that read “ditch the witch”? Remember when [radio broadcaster] Alan Jones, that ancient purveyor of vitriolic drivel, suggested that Ms Gillard be shot, put in a hessian bag and dumped into the ocean. Also, not long after her father died, Jones suggested that her father died of disappointment in her. What a charmer Jones is. It was interesting to note that not one Liberal politician and, in particular, the female Liberal politicians, came out in defence of Julia Gillard to condemn these vile attacks. Labor was born out of union ranks to protect the workers. The LNP was born by the wealthy with a born to rule attitude with the help of their

A four-page advertisement taken out and paid for by the Victorian Trades hall Council two weeks ago has prompted the most reader feedback ever of any article or advertisement in The News. The four-page wraparound headlined “Who will Greg Hunt stab in the back next?” included a picture of the Liberal Flinders MP and a suggested how-tovote card that placed him last in the field of nine candidates standing for election in Flinders at next Saturday’s (18 May) federal election. Most readers who sent emails complaining about the advertisement declined to have them published. Here are some who agreed to their views being aired publicly:

‘Absolutely disgusted’ I am absolutely disgusted with the front page of the The News. It looks like the normal front page, but it is a political advertisement. I believe this was done with the intention to deceive the reader to believe the front page headlines and the article are genuine. The word “Advertisement” does not stand out. It appears in small print and can be overlooked easily. I always was under the impression that The News is independent as claimed. I now have serious doubts about that. In my view there are limits to decent advertising. The News has disregarded those limits. Reiner Scheibe, Mornington

Appears biased I feel The News made a serious error of judgment having a full-page election message on its front page. Your paper calls itself “An independent voice for the community”. This was not an independent comment. It came across as a biased editorial heading from the your newspaper on the forthcoming election. Heather Hayes, Mornington

‘False impression’ I picked up The News and on the front page was your normal banner heading in 25mm letters and the main “news” headings in even larger type featured [Flinders MP] Greg Hunt in a very derogative way, but in a way which implied that it was a news item from. In fact, the whole four pages were a paid political advertisement from the Victorian Trades Hall Council (Labor Party). If readers looked hard, in very tiny letters, they could see the word “Advertisement”. The banner and headlines gave the very false impression that the information was newsworthy facts backed by The News. [I saw it as being] very unprofessional and not worthy of the high standard of news normally found in your publication.

unions, er, associations, like AMA and the farmers’ federation. There has been nothing but stunts, vitriol and negativity from the LNP ‘s side of the house since Tony Abbott, but I am sincerely hoping for a change real soon. John Cain, McCrae

United opposition I attended the Save Westernport meeting opposing AGL’s floating gas terminal (“Staged events to grab voters’ attention” The News 7/5/19). The issue has galvanised local residents, bay users and businesses from all political persuasions. In 36 years on the Mornington Peninsula I have never seen such strength of feeling. Anthony Grimes, Balnarring

Advertising masquerading as a news story. The suspected union-backed and financed ad on the false front page of The News leaves a great deal to contemplate about the authors and the agency who decided their story was worth the money to publish, when the vast majority of the Australian public know within the last Labor government, [Julia] Gillard knifed [Kevin] Rudd and Rudd knifed Gillard. It beggars belief that this election has become a bullying contest of candidates rather than offering the voting public well-constructed and financed policies and major infrastructure projects that will improve the standard of living in our wonderful country. Voters seem to forget we vote for a political party, not the person. Our local candidates are part of a team and area representatives for their respective parties, not the decision maker. Bruce White, Rosebud

‘A damned disgrace’ What a damned disgrace. A 4-page union wrap as your lead article, criticising sitting Federal MP Greg Hunt weeks before an election. I hope you have been inundated with complaints; his constituents should not have to contend with this sort of condemnation and I hope he finds some reason he can take action against your trash. Regardless of who one votes for, this sort of rubbish should not be thrust in front of residents interested in what is happening in the Mornington Peninsula region. Obviously someone with a strong Labor preference within your organisation saw fit to “stick the knife in”. I just hope they paid an insurmountable amount of money. I find it deplorable and a crass piece of editing, lift your game. The main reason I read your newspaper is to follow local football results and I can tell you if I was advertising in your “rag”, it would be cancelled forthwith. Obviously, I feel very strongly about this matter. I have not decided who I will vote for as yet, however it will not be Labor as a result of this deplorable piece of journalism. David Peel, Rosebud Editor: David Peel also complained about the four pages of advertising (designed and paid for by the Liberal party) in last week’s The News for “exposing Greg Hunt and his virtues … please stop this garbage of promoting/denigrating political parties via advertising as your lead stories”.

‘Honest and caring’ I am appalled that you would allow such a disdainful advertisement towards our MP for Flinders and Health Minister Greg Hunt. He is an honest and caring politician who has not only worked hard for his electorate and Australia, but has always been available for individual community support. Whether you are a supporter of Greg Hunt or not, an advertisement of that calibre is in very bad taste. Let’s hope the good people of our community will not let this bad taste advertisement cloud their views. Gabrielle Shepperd, Hastings

Future concerns I brought my grandchildren (aged 9 and 11) along to the “Strike for climate action rally” as highlighted in your article “Staged events to grab voters’ attention”. The issue of climate change concerns them deeply, they see the wildlife dying, they see the changes in the sea and wetlands on our beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Do we really want to leave these wonderful young people with a ruined environment? I believe [Flinders MP] Greg Hunt has failed them on crucial issues like voting for the Adani coal mine, no new coal or gas and having 100 per cent renewables by 2030. Betty Foster, Capel Sound


Miss Carmody dislocates elbow in French Island accident Compiled by Cameron McCullough ON Sunday afternoon, May 4th a painful accident occurred at Tankerton to Miss A. Carmody, who is a visitor to the island, and staying with Mr. R. T. McGuigan, of “The Springs”, Fairhaven. She was stepping out of a vehicle, when, by some mischance, she slipped and fell backwards, dislocating the elbow. Aid was quickly brought to the young lady, and the elbow put back, which is on the right way to recovery again now. *** TO the funds of the Anzac Appeal the Frankston Progress Association at its last meeting donated £1 1s from its funds. Mr J. B. Jolly the president of the association, personally has added a further £1 1s to the donation on his own behalf. The Progress association has therefore set a good example to other organisations in the town; and the local anzac appeal committee are hopeful of receiving other donanations from public bodies and clubs established in our town. The object of the appeal is truly a worthy one. *** A FINE collection of trophies to be presented to prize winners in the forthcoming Peace Pageant is on view in Mr Dalman’s shop window. There are seventeen prizes in all and Miss Gregory, who made the selection on behalf of the committee is to be complimented on the excellence of her choice. ***

THE winners of the recent euchre tournament (Mrs McSweeney and Mr J. C. Murphy,) held in connection with the Returned Soldiers League at Frankston have been presented with the prizes promised for the occasion. The lady received a handsome silver plated toilet set and Mr Murphy with a silver mounted umbrella. The substantial value of these gifts is quite quite in keeping with the well known generosity of the donor – Mrs Maloney of the Pier Hotel. *** THE public of Frankston do not intend Major Conder to depart from the district without showing in some measure the high esteem in which he is held by all classes of the community. On Monday night next a public social will be tendered him in the Mechanics’ Hall when he will be presented with an address from the citizens, and on the following Thursday 22nd inst. he will be entertained at a banquet at the Pier Hotel. Tickets for the latter function are being readily disposed of and to avoid disappointment any one desirous of being present should make early application to the hon. sec. (Mr T. J .McMurtrie) or the chairman of the committee (Cr W. J. Oates.) *** HEARD on the train That the Frankston programme for the Anzac appeal is creating general interest. That the first fixture is billed for to-night (Saturday) in the Frankston Hall. That the “ugly man” competition is being keenly contested. That the supporters of “Mark” are confident of an easy victory. That Mark himself thinks he stands

a very fair chance. That he says he has been waiting for something like this to turn up, ever since he was born. That the public farewell and presentation to be tendered to Major Conder in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall on Monday night next should attract a large gathering. That the ladies are working enthusiastically and intend making the occasion one worthy of remembrance. That Major Condor is to be banqueted by the Frankston Male fraternity on the 22nd inst. That local arrangements for Peace celebrations have been completed in almost every detail. That the Germans will incur the displeasure of the Committee if they don’t hurry up and sign the Allies Peace terms. That Dandenong has decided to join in with the Peninsula Water supply scheme. That Moorabin Council is enquiring on what terms and conditions water from the Bunyip River scheme would be supplied to the Moorabbin district, and whether the department was prepared to take over the council’s existing scheme. *** MRS Gregory, of “Malunnah”, Frankston, has not been making the progress towards complete health her friends hoped for, and on Wednesday last she entered St. Ives Hospital to undergo a special course of treatment. Mr and Mrs Ed. McComb, who have been suffering from influenza for some weeks, are now well enough to return to their home. Their eldest son, who is in the Chelsea hospital, is not so well, and his condition is still giving cause for anxiety.

Mr Geo. Barnett, who is an inmate of St. Pancras private hospital, is stated to be making satisfactory progress towards recovery. *** SOMERVILLE v. BALNARRING. THE football season was opened here last Saturday when Balnarring defeated the locals by a substantial total. The game, however, was not so onesided as the scores appear to indicate. The Balnarring team contained a number of veterans who played well together and caused Somerville trouble all day. The Somerville lads lacked cohesion and system but being young players that is only to be expected. When a number of their old players are incorporated in the team again improvement will be effected. Somerville players and chief faults were wandering from their places and allowing their opponents to get to the ball first. Instead of racing for the ball, a player would frequently stand back and allow his opponent to get it and then endeavor to stop him. Generally this policy is bad. The Balnarring ruck dominated the game all day, “Tiny” Buckley proving a tower of strength to them. All day he got the ball at the throw in and passed it to a man either in front or behind. This was the chief factor in Somerville’s defeat. The first quarter was fairly even the scores at the conclusion being Balnarring 4 points; .Somerville 1 point. Balnarring had the better of the second quarter and scored 3 goals 1 behind to 1 behind, the scores at half time being Balnarring 3.11; Somerville 0.2.

Somerville made a rally during the third quarter but could not manage to find the goal opening. They scored 4 behinds to their opponents 2.2., the scores at three quarter time being Balnarring 5.11; Somerville 0.6. Somerville played their best during the final term and although they only scored 1 goal they had the ball within a yard of the goal line on a number of occasions. During the quarter Balnarring bagged 4 goals. The final scores were Balnarring 9.11-65 points; Somerville 1.6-18 points. For the winners Buckley shone out prominently and others to give him splendid assistance were Van Suylan, Perryman and others. For the losers W. Griffiths played a splendid game. Johansen and S. McCulloch put in a lot of valuable work during the day while N. Unthank played very consistently throughout. T. Unthank and W. Lincoln played a fine game until each were crippled. L. Hutchison, W. Thornell, A. Millington also put in good work and will improve each game. J. Sheedy was a bit slow at starting but put in some dash during the latter portion of the game. Smithwick appeared to give satisfaction as umpire and his comment afterwards was that the game was remarkably fair and clean. It is to be hoped that all the games during the season will be played with the same spirit. *** FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 17 May 1919

THINKING OF SELLING? Speak to your agent about listing on

Be seen everywhere. Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019



B.I.T.E Conference – The mustAttend Business Event of 2019

A celebration across all music genres THIS year’s Mornington Winter Music Festival celebrates music across all genres over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. With over 20 venues running live music from Friday 7th to Monday 10th June, it is a full program. With the success of the street program last year, we have added additional music zones on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Celebrated performers this year include the much-loved Pierce Brothers (pictured) performing on the Sunday night at The Grand along with Music Festival favourite Wilbur Wilde returning to The Royal. You can’t celebrate the start of the Queen’s Birthday weekend without a bit of iconic Queen? Book now at The Grand for Australia’s premier Queen Tribute Band who have included Mornington to their Australasian tour calendar. Keeping in the theme of amazing iconic bands, Publican will play host to the Australia’s contribution to our music legends with an AC/DC & Angels on the Sunday night. Jazz and blues have always run though the veins of the festival and this year is no exception. Local favourite Lizzy Gascoigne and her group Kissing Harriet will delight us in a Jazz evening hosted by the Mornington Yacht Club. We welcome Melbourne Jazz Festival artist

Lillian Albazi headlining at Barmah Park and a very special afternoon event at Mornington Cinema, ‘The Sounds of Silent’ a 5-piece Melbourne 1920’s jazz band performing live in front of the classic Buster Keaton silent movie ‘Steamboat Bill Jr’. Call Ian at the Mornington Cinema to reserve your tickets to this unique event. If a gospel choir is more your thing, we have the great pleasure of welcoming one of Melbourne’s must dynamic and successful Catholic Choir ‘Excelsis’ who perform to soldout audiences at both St Patrick’s and St Paul’s Cathedrals. “It’s wonderful to attract such remarkable national talent to the Peninsula and showcase our emerging local singers”, said Bec Davis, Festival Director. “Thanks to the Mornington Peninsula Shire and our Major Sponsors Peninsula Eye Care and Nichols Crowder for supporting this event. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without the support of all the venues, both large and small, for getting behind this annual winter festival and backing live music all weekend”. Friday 7th – Monday 10th June For the full program visit:

IMAGINE being in a place filled with business decision makers. The very same decision makers that you’ve been wanting to have a conversation with for weeks, months...perhaps years. Imagine the conversation flowing. Ideas colliding. Thinking expanding. A virtual feast for the mind. Imagine the possibilities an opportunity like this would create for your business. In a word; game-changing. The excitement of the Peninsula business community is brewing in anticipation of the upcoming B.I.T.E Conference, the best city-style business conference in the Greater Melbourne region. Secure your seat this year and buckle in for some serious thought provoking presentations that are bound to give you plenty of new ammunition to get your business firing. This year we welcome more than 12 business leaders spanning across sectors including technology, PR, social media, resilience, leadership, communications, finance and more. You’ll be part of an interactive interview panel of local business movers and shakers hosted by radio legend and marketing expert Jacki Mitchell, plus you have an opportunity to join a rare and strictly limited working lunch with Steve Sammartino, Australia’s leading futurist and indemand global keynote speaker. Part of what makes B.I.T.E Conference so valuable are our four core ingredients integral to success in modern business; Business, Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurial. The acronym ‘B.I.T.E.’ is derived from our four key pillars and are the building blocks for everything that B.I.T.E. Conference stands to deliver. In addition to feasting your mind with keynotes, full exhibition stands and plenty of free stuff, we’ll also be feasting your body with all day premium catering, fresh coffee, smoothies

by our friends at Plover and Bianco Latte gourmet ice-cream, all to keep the neurons firing. Follow that with post-event networking drinks and finger food, you’ll be set for a day brim full of brilliance. 2017 and 2018 were both sell out events! We’re passionate about Australian businesses and the positive contribution they make to the economy. We’re even more passionate about nurturing and growing small business on the Mornington Peninsula and Greater Frankston region. B.I.T.E. Conference is run for a business community purpose, a social purpose as many would call it these days. It is a professionally run, non-commercial conference meaning every dollar we raise through sponsorship is put back into the event for the attendees. Our social partner for 2019 is Second Bite, a not-for-profit organisation who work with over 1,200 community food programs across Australia to redistribute rescued food to those in our community who need it most. This year, we partner with Frankston Arts Centre as the host venue for B.I.T.E. Conference 2019 - The Business Event of the Year. Need more reasons to attend? Take a look at to view the full list of guest speakers and conference agenda and Find out why business leaders think the BITE conference is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your business this year. Hurry, tickets selling fast. DATE: 20 June 2019 LOCATION: Frankston Arts Centre INVESTMENT: From $175pp. Group bookings available. Facebook: @biteconference Instagram: @biteconference #investfrankston

2 0 J U N E | F R A N K S TO N A R T S C E N T R E | O N E - D AY E V E N T B U S I N E S S . I N N O VAT I O N . T E C H N O L O G Y . E N T R E P R E N E U R I A L

Meet the Speakers


Want to know why B.I.T.E Conference is so good? Check out our world-class speakers that we have lined up for 2019. Read all about them at and find out why you simply must not miss this business event of the year.

Steve Sammartino Michael Licenblat Futurist Author Tech Reporter

Resilience Expert

Shannon Smit

Andrew Lauterstein

Founder - B.I.T.E MD, SMART Business Solutions

Olympic Medallist Founder, ENGINE Swimwear

Sharon Kneale

Trent Innes CEO Xero Australia

Susan Wright

Sue Ellson

PR & Communications Q Strategies

Linked In Specialist

Jacki Mitchell

Richard Jeffares

Jim Mullan

Andrew Kerr

Radio Host | Brand Profiler

Founder TWO BAYS Brewing Co

CEO SecondBite

D.I.S.C Profiling Time 2 Talk Leadership

Director Inside Edge



Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019



ACROSS 1. Sharply serrated 5. Spaces (between) 7. Proverb 8. Back of neck 9. Article 10. Sports squads 11. Possessors 13. Restore to health

14. Liquid toppings 18. Made home in tree 21. Mast pole 22. Ethnic bias 24. Copy outline of 25. Festive occasion 26. Tired reflex 27. Creative thoughts 28. Prisoner’s room

29. Praises DOWN 1. Minors 2. Adult goslings 3. Moves suddenly 4. Model of virtue 5. Japanese hostesses 6. Prelude

12. Wild grass 15. Placate 16. Cut short 17. Wandered off course 19. Geological age 20. Forceful requests 22. Recycle 23. Church cellar

Puzzles supplied by Lovatts Publications Pty Ltd See page 36 for solutions.


ks to our Mor n i ngto resta n uran ts, ca & ve fes, b nues ars h o s ting LIVE MUS IC all w eeke nd!




15 May 2019



The Fine Line Between Wrong and Sacrilege By Stuart McCullough OMG. I mean that not as an idle turn of phrase or reflexive response to a stubbed toe or missing the number 67 tram, but literally. Without warning, my ears were assaulted by a malapropism of Biblical proportions. Easter is a significant time of year. So significant that it calls for some Easter-specific television programming. Just as the film ‘Gallipoli’ almost always screens on Anzac Day and no Christmas would be complete without a showing of ‘A Very Brady Christmas’, so too does Easter demand its fair share of attention. But woe betide to anyone who messes it up. I’m looking at you, ABC. Our national broadcaster really ought to know better. It’s been doing this kind of thing forever and really should be able to navigate all our public holidays with aplomb. Except ‘Grand Final Eve’, of course. Grand Final Eve remains a mystery to us all. Granted, the Queen’s Birthday holiday used to be difficult, but the Freddy Mercury biopic has fixed that forever. We were watching television. This, of itself, is not unusual in our house. I’d like to give you the impression that I spend all my down time underlining meaningful phrases in Proust’s ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ while listening to Wagner’s ‘Ring Cycle’ on a loop, singing along in the original German and eating sustainably sourced vegan biscuits that I baked myself over candlelight, but it’s just not true. I’m simply not as sophisticated as I’d like to be. Between shows, there were a series of adverts for upcoming programs. It was, I

guess, intended to build anticipation. It was then that it happened. They were promoting something entitled ‘Countdown to Calvary’. It was a documentary on the life of Christ hosted by Hugh Bonneville to be screened on Good Friday. The show promised to show how a ‘perfect storm of political intrigue,

power struggles and clashing religious passions combined’ to result in the death of Jesus. It sounded like Sunday school meets ‘House of Cards’ but I’m sure it was high quality viewing. The announcer, however, did not do it justice. Rather than refer to the ‘Countdown to Calvary’, she instead

described the program as being the ‘Countdown to Cavalry’. I don’t wish to be accused of nitpicking, but to me there is a world of difference between ‘Calvary’ and ‘Cavalry’. The former is the site at which one of the most significant events in our world’s history took place – the crucifixion of Christ. The latter involves horses and, possibly, the cast of FTroup. Say what you will, but there’s a world of difference between one of the Twelve Apostles and Corporal Randolph Agarn. The promo ended and this remarkable happenstance went by completely unremarked upon. Once, things would have been different and such an atrocity would never be allowed to slip through the keeper. Back in the day, the ABC had a show called ‘Backchat’, the sole purpose of which was to give ordinary Australians the chance to have a whinge with a national audience. It’s what people did before Twitter was invented. They sent in letters that were dutifully read out by Tim Bowden – a man with the patience of a saint. But for reasons that will forever remain a mystery, Backchat was canned in the mid nineties, most probably to make room for additional episodes of Antiques Roadshow. I’ve often wondered why certain television shows are allowed to run amok on particular channels. Channel 11 has ‘MacGyver’ on a permanent loop. The entire channel should be named in his honour. ‘Escape to the Country’ dominates channel 72 so completely that it practically has it on a leash. In fact, it screens so frequently that it makes you wonder

what they’re trying to escape. But Antiques Roadshow is in its own special, omnipresent category of ubiquity. Like a fungal infection, it is gradually spreading right across the national broadcaster and won’t stop until it achieves complete and total supremacy. Clearly, its ultimate aim is to wrangle its way into every available timeslot until the entire ABC network is nothing but wall to wall Antiques Roadshow. It’s getting too much. Matters aren’t helped by the fact that the dog seems devoted to it, so much so that she barely looks up when I enter the room while it’s on. I may well be jealous. For all their faults, I doubt the team from the ‘Roadshow’ ever get their ‘Calvarys’ and ‘Cavalrys’ mixed up. People who wear cravats simply don’t make those kinds of errors. They’d have something to say about it, too. Just like the hopeful who drags the family’s prized heirloom that he genuinely believes has been carted around the world and survived everything from shipwrecks to multiple global conflicts only to discover that it had been given away, free, with packets of Cornflakes in the mid-nineteen seventies and is practically worthless, the voiceover person responsible for this egregious error would be let down ever so gently. That’s the Antiques Roadshow way. Although if she accidentally referred to them as ‘Antique Roadhouse’ all hell would break loose. They’d have to send in the Calvary.


10:30AM - 2:30PM


Visit to register your FREE entry. PAGE 30

Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

Mornington Racecourse 320 Racecourse Road, Mornington

SUN 26 MAY 2019 CHARITY WALK AND FUN RUN Raising funds for Peninsula Home Hospice

Market Stalls Kids Activities Events

Food & Beverages

5KM & 2KM


9.30am — 2pm Races commence at 11am

Enter online —

Interested in volunteering? Many volunteer positions available

Media Partner

Event Partners

Design by Bird

This event is organised by Peninsula Home Hospice (PHH). Please refer to for the event’s terms and conditions. You must be fit to participate in the event. PHH may suspend, change or cancel the event. PHH limits its liability for any injury/damage from participating in the event.

Volunteer Manager — Amanda Johnson | | Phone 03 5973 2438 Event Manager — Paula Creek | | Phone 0404 468 286

Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019



L’AMANTE ANGLAISE A BRUTAL murder is committed in a small town in France. The dismembered corpse is dropped from a railway viaduct onto passing trains below. All except the head. Based upon an actual event, L’amante Anglaise is a beautifully poignant and emotionally powerful portrait of lost passion. This modern classic psychological thriller from celebrated French author, Marguerite Duras, takes you right inside the heart and mind of the perpetrator and is a fascinating and compelling true crime story. Pierre (Rob Meldrum) and Claire Lannes

(Jillian Murray) are ordinary human beings leading everyday lives until catastrophe occurs. Over the course of the drama, they effortlessly reveal the beauty and brutality of their inner selves, and create a painstaking portrait of lost passion. Performed exquisitely and directed by Laurence Strangio, L’amante Anglaise is a rare and unmissable work of theatre. Coming to Frankston Arts Centre on Wednesday 12 June, 7.30pm. Tickets are $27-$59 and can be booked online on, over the phone on 03 9784 1060 or in person.

YOU'RE MY WORLD: THE CILLA BLACK STORY Friday 21 June, 10.30am & 1.30pm

A tribute show full of the powerhouse vocals and self-deprecating humour that made Cilla Black one of the UK’s most beloved performers.

Tickets: 03 9784 1060 or

s U Join Proudly Supporting Public Tasting

Mornington's Biggest Morning Tea

Saturday May 25th 2019 Where: Mornington Racing Club 320 Racecourse Road, Mornington Time: 1.30pm until 4.30pm Cost: $30 per person

NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR Book online : Includes: 

Access to all wines open for the tasting, from over 700 wines entered.

The right to vote for the People’s Choice Award

Finger food, tea & coffee provided

Complimentary tasting glass to keep

The Public Tasting provides a rare opportunity to access the styles, characteristics, and the latest trends of both local and international cool climate wines. The wines at the tasting are those entered in the 2019 Show. * You must be 18 years or over to attend.


Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

Empire Street Mall

Friday May 24th, 9.30 - 11.30am

All Welcome, join the community for a cuppa! 10am Guest Speaker: Jo Lovelock Performance by Oskar Proy Balloon twisting for the kids All food & raffle prizes donated by local businesses Donate on the day - all money raised is donated to the Cancer Council

thankyou to our supporters

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** Same Day Plumbing Service ** Local & Friendly Plumber Daniel:

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For Any Old Car TODAY

9798 3364 LMCT 10227

GUTTERING Andy 0414 477 121 by Horizon Plumbing Pty Ltd.

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Years of experience. Fully insured. Free Quotes. Rye and surrounding area.

Distribution of 2019 Yellow/White pages telephone directories, to occur in May. Excellent opportunity for community, school and sporting groups to raise extra funds, and for individuals and families to earn extra cash. Must have a suitable vehicle. Ute, van or trailer preferred. Full instructions and support given. Give it a go! Get ďŹ t and earn income at the same time.

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BASECAMP On site van with annexe and sunroom, fully furnished. At Western Port Van park Somerville a seniors park for 50 + in quiet bushland setting next to Yaringa Marina. $70,000 ONO. To arrange inspection phone/text Jane on 5977 3344


Motor Vehicles

Employment V



Boats & Marine

REGISTERED NURSES ICU/PICU nurses wanted for home care in Balnarring Minimum of 2 years ICU/PICU experience. Must be Tracheostomy competent.


For more information contact Patrik on 041 094 2230 or email

BOAT 5.2m fibreglass, 75 hp Evenrude, motor 4 yrs old has done 40-50 hours of running, good safe fishing boat, reg. $5,900. Mt Martha Ph: 0408 551 523

HOLDEN ASTRA 2003 Reg RMZ472 One Female owner from new. With full service history from new. This low 150,000klm well kept little economical car is in excellent condition, would be a great 1st car or runabout. Leather int, Automatic, Full Elect, 4 new Michelin tyres. Comes with RWC and Rego $4250. Phone Allan 0407 505 040.

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15 May 2019


scoreboard Sharks hit troubled waters SOUTHERN PENINSULA NEWS


By Brodie Cowburn SORRENTO have suffered their first loss for the season after going down in a shock defeat to the Frankston Bombers. The Bombers had been in shaky form to start 2019 and faced a tough challenge to defeat the Sharks. Playing in front of their home crowd, the Bombers got off to a positive start and by quarter time were up by 16 points. The Sharks bit back in the second term to close the gap to two point, but the Bombers re-established their buffer. Sorrento worked hard in the final term to whittle the margin back to six points, but eventually they ran out of time. The Bombers claimed victory 10.12 (72) to 10.6 (66). Leigh Poholke was prolific in front of goal for Sorrento, kicking four goals. His tally for the year stands at 27, putting him comfortably on top of the goal kicking table. At Eric Bell Reserve, Pines had more success keeping their unbeaten record for the year intact as they took on Frankston YCW. The Stonecats struck first in a scrappy contest and went into the first break ahead. The Pythons struck in the second term and established a comfortable 20 point lead, and were able to keep the Stonecats out of reach for the remainder of the game. Guy Hendry was at his best for the Pines, booting three goals in a low scoring affair. His Pythons side took the chocolates 8.13 (61) to 6.10 (46). Dromana continue to impress in the

MPNFL first division, scoring another big win for 2019 to cement their spot as a finals contender. Edithvale-Aspendale played host to the Tigers at Regents Park, and were looking to correct the curse after a disappointing start to the season. Both sides traded blows in an even first half, with the Tigers up by just a goal at half time. Dromana extended their lead to 11 by three-quarter time. Although EdiAsp were within reach, they were overrun in the final term. Dromana piled on five goals to one and secured the win 8.14 (62) to 14.15 (99). Sam Fowler was best afield for Dromana, booting three goals. Ethan Johnstone also put three goals on the board. Bonbeach played host to Mt Eliza in what turned out to be a scrappy contest. Both sides scored one goal between them in the first term before Bonbeach got out to a 17 point lead by half time. Mt Eliza cut the lead back to three points heading into the final term, but the Sharks kept their cool. Bonbeach defeated the Redlegs 9.6 (60) to 6.11 (47). The win puts Bonbeach up to fourth on the ladder. It was another tough day at the office for Mornington, who are now 0-6 to start the season. The travelled to take on Rosebud. The Bulldogs got off to a poor start with a goalless first term and never recovered. Rosebud were victors on the day, defeating Mornington 13.11 (89) to 7.8 (50).

Pythons strike again: Pines maintained their perfect record in 2019 with a 15-point win over Frankston YCW. Picture: Andrew Hurst

Bulls survive a huge scare against brave Tyabb DIVISION TWO

By Brodie Cowburn KARINGAL are now 7-0 to start the 2019 season, but only after suffering a massive scare against a brave Tyabb side on Saturday. Tyabb have struggled this year, only recording one win all season so far. Up against the rampaging Bulls, the Yabbies were massive underdogs. Despite the challenge facing them, Tyabb proved up for it with a massive performance. The Yabbies led all day and led by 20 points at three-quarter time, in pole position for a victory. With their backs to the walls the Bulls would need a huge last term performance to claim a comeback win, and they delivered. Karingal held Tyabb goalless in the last quarter, and were able to scrape home in a thrilling one point victory 9.10 (64) to 9.11

Tight win over Tigers: Hastings got back on the winners board with a six point win over Seaford. Picture: Andrew Hurst


Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019

(65). Marc Holt had another good game for his new side, kicking four goals. Although the loss will be tough to swallow, there were plenty of positives for the Yabbies to take out of their valiant effort. At Belvedere Reserve, Hastings got back on the winners board in a tight contest against Seaford. Both sides led at different points in a see-sawing contest. Up by nine at three-quarter time, Seaford looked to be in a good position to claim the win. Hastings were impressive in the final quarter and did enough to drag themselves over the line. They claimed victory 13.10 (88) to 13.16 (94). In the absence of Brendan Fevola, Luke Hewitt found the scoreboard with three goals for the victors. Red Hill hosted Devon Meadows as they looked to extend their excellent run of form. The Hillmen have been dominating teams as of late, and after holding Devon Meadows to just one goal in the first half looked as if they might continue that run. The Panthers held their own in the second half and stopped the contest from blowing out to a massive defeat. Red Hill still did more than enough to get the job done though, as the secured the four points with a 10.19 (79) to 5.4 (34) win. Aidan Marchesani was best

afield for the Hillmen. The win cemented Red Hill as the best defensive outfit in the competition. A four goal performance by Curtis Bywater has helped Chelsea secure a comfortable 60 point win over Rye at Chelsea Reserve. The Seagulls got things started on the right foot with an eight goals to one first term. From there Rye had no way back into the game. The Demons ended up defeated in a 15.16 (106) to 6.10 (46) loss. Langwarrin had a brilliant afternoon at Lloyd Park, hammering Pearcedale by over 100 points. Pearcedale could only manage one goal for the whole afternoon and couldn’t stop the Kangaroos’ onslaught. Jesse Murphy and Zach Andrewartha kicked four majors apiece and their side won the match 17.20 (122) to 1.6 (12). It was also another tough afternoon for Crib Point, as they were smashed by Somerville at Somerville Recreation Reserve. Somerville put 21 goals on the board and Crib Point could do nothing to stop them. The final score read Somerville 21.16 (142) to Crib Point 5.1 (31).


Maizels takes over at Southern SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie MELISSA Maizels is the new senior coach of Southern United. A fortnight after joining the struggling NPLW club the former Melbourne Victory, Perth Glory and Canberra United goalkeeper replaced Washington Castillo late last week. “I didn’t come here with the intention for this to happen but when this opportunity came I had to take it because it gives me the chance to effect as much change as possible and hopefully be part of the resurgence of Southern on the peninsula,” Maizels said. “I think Southern has suffered enough.” Administrative, coaching and player upheaval have plagued the club for the past two years. Last season it finished on the bottom of the league with just one point and five goals to show for its endeavours while conceding 188 goals. After 11 games this season Southern has no points, two goals for and 114 against. It’s tempting for Maizels to make wholesale changes to the senior squad but that’s unlikely. “I understand that Southern prides itself on its culture and that is something I want to maintain,” she said. “We definitely need to bolster our squad but I’m only interested in players who fit in with our culture. “I want good people because good people make a good club.” Maizels expects “a couple” of new players to train with Southern over the next week or so and “beyond that I’m planning to have some conversations with players to see if they want to be part of something that’s a little bit special.” Southern may soon have two venues it can call home. It is a co-tenant at Monterey Reserve with Frankston Pines, a venue set for a $3.9 million makeover and a co-tenant at the developing multi-million dollar multi-purpose facility at Wedge Road in Carrum Downs where work is underway on a fully floodlit synthetic pitch. “Any player that wants to be a part of that is a player I definitely want to talk to,” Maizels added. In NPL2 news Langwarrin had one of its best results of the season when it defeated Melbourne Victory 1-0 at Lawton Park on Saturday. Two superb through balls from Langy defender Luke Goulding in the first half set up scoring opportunities for Roddy Covarrubias then David Stirton but neither player capitalised and in the 30th minute Victory’s Yazid Said pounced on a defensive error and laid the ball off to Stefan Ristic whose low shot struck the inside of the near post and rebounded across the face of goal before being cleared. Both Victory players featured in a remarkable piece of goalkeeping from Langy’s Fraser Maclaren three minutes later when he saved Said’s close-range effort and recovered in time to block Ristic’s attempt from the rebound.

Southern switch: New Southern United senior coach Melissa Maizels.

The pivotal moment in a good footballing contest came in the 67th minute when Wayne Wallace’s cutback from the right of the area fell to the incoming Jordan Templin and he made no mistake from 10 metres. The win followed Langwarrin’s FFA Cup success last Tuesday night when it defeated State 5 opponent Waverley Wanderers 6-2 at Anderson Park. Langy led 4-2 at half-time thanks to a Covarrubias hat-trick and a Stirton goal. Stirton added to his tally in the 56th minute and an Alex Van Heerwarden cutback from the left in the 80th minute was slotted home by Luke Burgess at the back post. Langwarrin has drawn NPL heavyweight South Melbourne in the next round of the cup. In State 1 news Mornington hosted promotion contender Richmond last weekend and despite playing against 10 men for the majority of the contest had to settle for a 1-1 draw. The result put a dampener on the opening of the new verandah viewing area at Dallas Brooks Park and although Mornington welcomed back Sam Scott from injury and Josh Valadon from suspension its attacking stocks were depleted due to the transfer of Liam Baxter to Mazenod Victory and hamstring injuries to Amir Osmancevic and Nick Waite. Richmond’s inability to cope with a Sammy Orritt cross from the right in the 12th minute allowed Mornington midfielder Kane Bentley to open the scoring at the near post with a low strike. Richmond keeper Rani Dowisha was sent off just before half-time for deliberately handling outside his area. Mornington passed up gilt-edged chances to seal the issue and in the 97th minute Richmond’s Zois Galanopoulos turned on the edge of the area and struck a low shot through a sea of legs to snatch an equaliser. In State 2 news Peninsula Strikers had to settle for a 1-1 away draw

against Knox City on Saturday despite bossing the second half of the contest. Strikers’ goal came from a John Prescott penalty in the 16th minute with Knox equalising nine minutes later through Mohammed Rasuli. In State 3 news Skye United beat title chasing Collingwood City 3-2 at Skye Recreation Reserve last Friday night. This was a cracking contest and Skye started in style hitting the front in the 9th minute when Billy Painting stole in at the back post to strike home a free kick. A shove on Aaryn Rix in the 22nd minute earned a penalty and Daniel Walsh made no mistake from the spot. Skye was closing down opponents well and right on half-time Mark O’Connor made it 3-0 when he pounced on an ineffective clearance to hammer home a half-volley from just inside the area. Collingwood talisman Pat Makris was tripped in the 49th minute and converted the resultant penalty to make it 3-1. In the 66th minute Saj Sugrim failed to cut out a pass that sent Matt Richardson clear on the right and his low shot was parried by Skye keeper Jonathan Crook into the path of the incoming Michael Swimmerton who made no mistake from close range. Rix had two chances to give Skye breathing space but failed to convert and Stephen Mahon’s low shot in the 71st minute was just wide of the far post. Injury time was frenetic as Skye desperately tried to run down the clock and in the 96th minute the final whistle blew to signal the club’s best league result of the season. Fellow State 3 outfit Frankston Pines lost 3-2 away to Ashburton United last weekend despite leading twice. Pines’ goals came from Joe O’Connor and Jason Bradbury. In State 4 news Baxter won 2-0 away to Keysborough on Saturday to record a third straight win.

Nat Daher put Baxter ahead in the 26th minute beating two opponents then curling the ball into the top lefthand corner of goal. Four minutes before half-time Lewis Gibson made it 2-0 from the penalty spot after Nathan Yole intercepted a poor back pass but was dragged down by Keysborough keeper Eric Babiak. James Foster was a standout for Baxter with some superb saves while Daher received a second caution in the 65th minute and will miss this weekend’s home clash with promotion hopeful Noble Park United. Meanwhile Seaford United lost 3-1 away to Noble Park United last weekend. Harry McCartney reports that Seaford struck first through a Dylan Waugh header in the 22nd minute but a mix-up between goalkeeper Anthony Madafferi and Dion Brown gifted an equaliser to Nemanja Salamandic in the 31st minute. A botched clearance fell to Alex Djukic in the 40th minute and his sidefoot volley put the home team ahead. Seaford was caught on the break in the 75th minute and Leigh Karavasil raced clear before lobbing the stranded Madafferi to complete the scoreline. In State 5 news Somerville Eagles had a 2-0 away win over promotion rival White Star Dandenong last Friday night. Big spending White Star struggled to create chances against a superbly organised Eagles outfit with Matthew Swanson and James McKenzie forming a formidable defensive barrier. It was a tense affair and it took until the 72nd minute for Somerville to break the deadlock when co-coach Dave Greening was first to react to a shot from the outstanding Charlie Conrath that struck the bar. Greening buried the rebound with a side-foot half-volley from 10 metres. Emotions spilled over in the 79th minute and Somerville substitute Joel Wade and White Star’s Peter Papado-

poulos were sent off. The issue was settled in the 84th minute when Carlo Cardoso sent Greening down the wing and he cut inside before laying the ball off to Mark Pagliarulo. The big Scot beat his marker and another defender before sending an unstoppable drive into the corner of goal then letting the White Star fans know all about it as Eagles’ players and supporters celebrated. The win was particularly satisfying for Greening who took to Facebook to describe the emotion: “After receiving dog’s abuse for 70 plus minutes from large sections of the crowd and opposition players, there is no better feeling than scoring and setting up another for your strike partner to win the game, silence the critics and have the last laugh.” Aspendale Stingrays had a 3-2 away win over Hampton Park United last weekend. The visitors got off to a flier with a Kenan Nuhanovic strike in the opening minute after an Adrian Pace cross wasn’t dealt with by Hampton Park keeper Dusan Hak Mandic. A Ryan Mravljak header in the 20th minute made it 2-0. But Hampton Park hit back with goals from Milad Juma and Mohsen Chehimi and it was 2-2 at half-time. Teenager James Macnab nabbed the winner in the 70th minute with a close range strike following a superb Ben Garside cross and the Stingrays endured a tense 20 minutes until the final whistle. Aspendale’s best were Jack Lindsay, Peter Dimopoulos and Pace. Rosebud won 2-1 away against Knox United last weekend with goals from Blake Hicks and Beau Sharp. It was an eventful afternoon for Hicks who took over in goal after Rosebud keeper James Cinar was sent off in the 63rd minute with Rosebud leading 2-0. Two minutes later Robert Taylor reduced the deficit but Rosebud held on for a win that takes it into the top half of the table. Please note that Rosebud’s clash with Somerville Eagles at Olympic Park, which was to be one of the upcoming round 8 fixtures, has been rescheduled so check Football Victoria’s website and club social media posts for the new date for this much anticipated local derby. This week’s games: SATURDAY, 3pm: Moreland City v Langwarrin (Campbell Reserve), Peninsula Strikers v Brandon Park (Centenary Park), Skye Utd v South Yarra (Skye Recreation Reserve), Frankston Pines v Diamond Valley Utd (Monterey Reserve), Seaford Utd v Sandown Lions (North Seaford Reserve), Baxter v Noble Park Utd (Baxter Park), Aspendale Stingrays v Bunyip District (Jack Grut Reserve). SATURDAY, 7.30pm: Geelong Galaxy Utd v Southern Utd (Stead Park), SUNDAY, 6.20pm: Beaumaris v Mornington (Beaumaris Secondary College).

Be seen everywhere. Southern Peninsula News

15 May 2019



Kah-Begg combination continue winning strike rate By Ben Triandafillou FORMER South Australian jockey, Jamie Kah, continued her successful strike rate with Mount Eliza-based racehorse trainer Grahame Begg by claiming a winning double at Sandown on Wednesday 8 May. The winning combination bought up their fourth victory from just nine runners (44 per cent strike rate) this season as up-and-coming fillies Global Sanction and Vanuatu respectively took out races two and five at the midweek meeting. The four-year-old Sebring mare, Global Sanction, kicked off proceedings with a gutsy last-to-first victory over the Lindsay Park-trained Sonaree and Matthew Brown-trained Exasperate, finishing a length-and-a-half away in third. Having taken some time to overcome travel sickness from her three-year-old season, Begg was stoked to see Global Sanction back to her best. “Her form in the spring was a bit indifferent but I think the key with her was to just space her runs,” Begg said post-race. “She came back and ran really well over 1200m. It was a tad short first up this time around, and we picked this race out for her. She found the line well and she (Jamie Kah) rode her extremely well.” Global Sanction has solely been trained out of the Jonathan Munzowned Pinecliff property which has made all the difference according to Begg: “It suits her needs perfectly and it’s a very, very good facility”. Isabella Perez-Wood was the winning strapper of Global Sanction. A change in environment at Pinecliff

Hands and heels: Jamie Kah guides the Grahame Begg-trained Global Sanction to victory at Sandown on Wednesday 8 May. Picture: Supplied

and the addition of blinkers also worked wonders for Begg’s second winner, Vanuatu. Coming off a relatively “flat run” in Adelaide, Vanuatu returned to winning form having been given a quieter ride by Jamie Kah before storming home late to win by two-and-a-half lengths




over the Cindy Alderson-trained Fudged and Luke Oliver-trained Hunboshi. Vanuatu was strapped by Marie-Melodie Pomarede. Begg said the trip may have just been too long last start. “She’s a very talented filly,” Begg said. “Her first up run for us when she


ran third behind the filly that went on to win the Bendigo Guineas (Mystery Love) was a very good form race and I’m sure this filly has got a bit of upside. “We went back and had a good look at her pedigree, and we thought well maybe the 1800m may have been a bit

far for her so that’s where the whole idea of getting her back in distance came from.” Vanuatu is now likely to have one more run in Victoria before potentially heading up to Queensland for the later end of the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival.

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