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“Advice is like snowthe softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind.” (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)


Power Plant Update:

by Rick Winterson

The power plant at the intersection of L/Summer Street and First Street is commonly called “the Edison”, even though it was owned by Eversource a short while back. It has been totally shut down and closed for several years now; it has completed a detailed and thorough site cleanup for environmental reasons. Currently, Hilco Real Estate and Redgate Capital Partners are the site’s owners and developers, splitting the responsibilities of ownership and development between them. For many reasons, the power plant site is a key location. It adjoins the Reserved Channel, Butler Park in First Street, and main roadway into South Boston. One resident has quite accurately termed it a “gateway” into the residential area of South Boston. In order to obtain maximum public input, Hilco, Redgate and the Boston Planning & Development Agency (the BPDA) have held several public meetings, including plant site tours in January and

two public working meetings (called “charrettes”) in February. “Charrettes” are defined as meetings where all stakeholders in a project join together to address problems and find generally acceptable solutions.

SB Catholic Academy Celebrates Valentines Day!

The parties mentioned above held two, 2-hour charrettes at the Tynan Community Center in February – Wednesday evening, February 8, and Saturday morning, February 11. There were 50 or more participants at each charrette; the meetings were well organized by the BPDA. A final summation of results will be issued by them shortly. In a summary fashion, BPDA Planner Chris Busch conducted introductory remarks and explained the planning context, as it applied to the power plant project. The citywide “Imagine Boston 2030” sets overall goals that include infrastructure, culture, open space, inclusiveness, and economics into a matrix of neighborhoods and quality of life. One emphasis is/ will be a strong focus on future Continued on Page 3

Year.... w e N


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Enough, Already! A short commentary on the recent pair of snowstorms – one medium-sized, the other, much smaller. Both drew more attention around here than World War III. by Rick Winterson First, some figures: Last week’s snowstorm, the first major storm of this winter, lasted from Wednesday night until Thursday morning. The weather folks’ predictions ranged from eight inches (8”) up to 18”. South of Boston, the snowfall was heavier – Plymouth received 13”, for example. A somewhat mediocre 11” fell on Boston, although it seemed to be less than that here in South Boston. How much do you think fell on our neighborhood? Visibility was the major hazard during last week’s storm, a hazard that lasted for only as long as the snow was actually falling. The removal of the snow last week went well – the crews who accomplished this are to be complimented. The declaration of a state of emergency for all of Thursday, especially for schools and other children’s activities, was a good decision, but extending that through Friday was questionable.

By Saturday morning, the snow had been sufficiently cleared that an outdoor book sale could be conducted at the South Boston Branch Library.

only 16”-17” on us, and the total snowfall is (so far) less than half of Boston’s average annual snowfall? Oh well, here in South Boston, instead of snow, let’s just go back to talking about parking space

savers. The space saver ban is now in place until the next snowstorm, but how about a contest for the most beautiful, the most original, the most whatever? Cell phone photos would be “most” welcome.

And the media coverage of last week’s storm was nothing short of breathlessly incessant. Both television and radio tried to hype a storm that was really very ordinary. As a Boston resident, haven’t you been hit with a foot of snow many times before? Well, last Thursday’s storm was just under one foot. And also as a Boston resident, didn’t you get (very) tired of hearing from the media’s Storm Centers, Teams, Groups, Gangs, Whatevers every ten minutes, often for a half-hour to an hour at a time? Ho hum – at least we all slept well.

Visibility of less than 100 feet was a key problem during last week’s storm.

Sunday’s storm was similarly hyped – it led to another State of Emergency. The reports varied, depending on which channel or station you had tuned into, but it really amounted to just five or six inches (5”-6”), ending early Monday morning. Here again, the breathless predictions were exaggerated. One wonders whether the second State of Emergency was truly merited. Probably so – South Boston Online realizes it’s “better to be safe than sorry”. But now there’s mention of a “supplementary snow removal budget”. How can that be, when the past two storms dumped

On Monday Admiral Farragut seems unconcerned about the second snowstorm.

South Boston Online 700 East Broadway South Boston, MA 02127 617-269-5550 Jeanne Rooney Owner/Publisher Richard Campbell Graphics Editor

By Tuesday, the junction of K, Emerson, and Fourth looks a bit snowy, but clear.

Rick Winterson Senior editor Kevin Devlin

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Dorchester Avenue during the storm.




waterfront developments, which includes building for the effects of climate change, i.e., global warming. “Boston Creates” is another program that underlies project planning. Art and culture must become an integral part of Boston’s identity, which includes site development at the Edison plant with its combined gateway and waterfront roles. Housing is an ongoing concern – a demand of more than 50,000 additional residential units is estimated by 2030. Transportation is yet another concern, especially in and around the fast-growing Seaport and much of South Boston’s residential areas. The Hilco/Redgate power plant project partnership briefly listed its “Guiding Principles”, which had been presented to South Boston previously. These include proper clean-up (largely accomplished already) and opening up the entire site, especially the along the edge of the Reserved Channel. Perhaps the most important principle to the residents of South Boston will be the project’s aim to convert the

The Edison plant site, looking down L Street toward Summer Street and the Reserved Channel. Edison site into a “live/work/play” to the edge of the Reserved Chanmix of uses over what will likely be nel, a four-season recreation area, art a ten-year, decade-long buildout. studios/workshops, preservation of the waterfront, and parking. This The BPDA will publish a comis only a selection o=f the charrette plete list of the topics brought up topics; a detailed list will follow from and assessed at the two charrettes. the BPDA. More public input will Some of the key points, in no parbe sought before Hilco/Redgate ticular order, were open areas, comes up with their proposed plans. building height variation, providing a space for the performing arts, neighborhood tie-ins (especially to the nearby Butler Park), wide sidewalks along First Street, a walkway between M Street Beach all the way

Even so, it is timely to show South

Boston Online’s readers certain views of the site’s massive key building - the so-called “Turbine Hall”, which is now empty except for the developer’s onsite offices and storage areas. Since this building still seems to be structurally sound, it could perhaps be preserved and adapted to more modern uses (like many other strikingly converted buildings in Boston). The tour guide mentioned the possibility of converting it into a multi-level retail/marketing space of some sort, which would be both unusual and potentially quite attractive. As mentioned above, the discussions at the subsequent charrettes resulted in a strong preference for a varied “neighborhood” shopping experience, not a mall or destination shopping complex of any kind. We thought you would enjoy seeing some of the Turbine Hall’s more striking features, before any such decision as to its use is made. Turbine Hall has the potential to be a unique, “one of a kind” facility.

Friendship Party for the family of

George Connolly

George is currently undergoing treatment for throat cancer

Friday, February 17, 2017 Florian Hall 55 Hallet Street | Dorchester, MA

The interior of the 65-foot high Turbine Hall, the heart of the old Edison Power Plant.

ent: m n i a t Enter

7:00 pm

Thomas Park & Dru Errico Raffles and more. . .

Tickets available at:

Joyce Lebedew Real Estate


The Beauty Bar Dew Luxe The Galvin Group (Dorchester)

617-268-2800 617-315-7531 617-436-2000

(hours: Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm)

Contact committee member for tickets or information: Maureen Kennedy Jeanne Rooney Barbara Caputo Kelly Sean McGonagle Sean & Michelle McCarthy Ellen Fritch

The charrettes at work at Saturday’s meeting in the Tynan Community

617-833-9427 617-645-5337 617-596-6522 617-909-1210 617-291-1541 617-365-3002




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Gate of Heaven Anual Fundraiser On Saturday, February 25 th the Gate of Heaven C.Y.O. Annual Fundraiser/Cocktail reception will be held in the Gate of Heaven Church Lower Hall, from 5:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. During the event the Rev. Paul V. Donovan, Rev. A. Paul White and Jack McDonough Awards will be presented. The Rev. Paul V. Donovan Award for the parish Outstanding Catholic Youth is presented annually to a person of our community who exemplifies the best of what it means to live out the Catholic faith in today’s society. The criteria used in selecting the recipient are based on participation in parish C.Y.O. activities, on church attendance, and on personal characteristics which evidence a commitment to the Christian faith. This award is presented as an expression of our pride in the youth of our parish. Among

all the concerns and pressures of their lives, we hope that they will always recognize in the Church a concerned and true friend, a true home. The Jack McDonough Award is presented annually to the Outstanding Men’s Alumni Member of the Year who exemplifies Christianity in today’s society and the goals of the Gate of Heaven C.Y.O. and it’s Alumni Association. The Rev. A. Paul White Award is presented annually to a woman in our community whose dedication and commitment has had a positive impact on the youth and families of the Gate of Heaven Parish and South Boston Community.

There are still tickets available for this annual event, which is a great night out for a good cause. Our thanks to all our friends, sponsors, coaches, and parents who have continually supported the Gate of Heaven C.Y.O. programs. We look forward to working together in

the future to continue building a great program for our youth and hope to see a full house on Saturday, February 25 th . You can contact any coach, C.Y.O. Director Kevin Lally, Commissioner Sean Monahan or Touchie McDonough for more info or tickets at 617-792-8570

Good Luck L Street Running Club

This Fundraiser is the C.Y.O.’s financial backbone. With your continued support we will be able to provide the services needed to point the youth of our community in a positive direction.


The Gate of Heaven Catholic Youth Organization will be holding it’s 30th

Annual Fundraiser on Saturday, February 25th, in the Gatey Lower Church Parish Hall, after the 4:00 p.m. mass, 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. This year’s fundraiser will consist of an Open Bar Cocktail Reception with hors’douvres, Entertainment, a Five Hundred Dollar Grand Prizes Drawing and the presentation of our Annual Father Donovan – Catholic Youth Award, Father White – Woman of the Year Award, and Jack McDonough – Men’s Alumni Award. This is an opportunity for old teammates, alumni, family, friends and new neighbors to get together for a good time while supporting the programs the C.Y.O. provides for the youth of South Boston. Tickets are $100.00 per person and $150 a couple. For tickets or more info contact: Touchie McDonough 617-792-8570, Kevin & Kathy Lally 268-0536, or any of the committee members or coaches.

Spring marathon training 2017 has begun for the members of L Street Running Club. Fourteen weeks of training will take many to the start line of the Boston Marathon on April 17th. If you see members of this group on Sunday mornings please wish them well.

One Last Patriots Story

You have heard a lot of stories about the Patriots for the last month or so – perhaps too many, so South Boston Online will keep this (very) brief. Prof. Robert Allison co-hosted a Patriots brunch with his wife Phyllis at their home on Old Harbor Street. Bob wore his own Patriots uniform. You’ll be pleased to know that the Patriots Bob is dressed like also won – big time, almost 236 years ago, at Yorktown, Virginia.



Donny Higgins 2017 Gala Brite; none are available at the door.

Donny Higgins, a loving Dad Extraordinaire!

by Rick Winterson Can South Boston Online suggest to you a local-but-elegant event? Or perhaps a belated Valentine’s Day celebration for you and your sweetheart?? Well, if so, think about the Friends of Donny Higgins, who are holding their Second Annual Winter Gala at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel this Saturday evening, February 18, from 7 p.m. till 1 a.m. Log onto for information and tickets. Please remember that all tickets are sold through Event-

And a Gala it will be. The Westin is offering you its elegant buffet, accompanied by an open bar (until 10 p.m.). The “North Shore a Capella Group”, followed by the “Decades by Dezyne Band” will entertain you. Also, the Friends of Donny Higgins will give away a Grand Prize of $10,000 – just like last year’s event. And each ticket holder will be given 10 raffle tickets; you can then select which of the other raffles you want to use those tickets for. By the way, look up both North Shore a Capella and Decades by Dezyne on the Internet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. And if you’d like to make it a really and truly special night, plan to stay over at the Westin Boston Waterfront. There’s a (very) attractive arrangement available to the attendees at the Donny Higgins Winter Gala. Check it out. A key part of the Mission of the Donny Higgins Memorial Fund is to maintain South Boston’s Donald F. Higgins Memorial Street Hockey Arena – Farragut

A quote that fits Donny’s life, “If you would see his monument, just look around you.” Road between East Broadway and good guy, succumbed to cancer of East Second Street. As Donny’s the colon when he was a youthMemorial Fund has grown and ful 37 years of age. He had as a matured, it supports not only young boy persuaded the DCR to South Boston Youth Sports Proturn an existing tennis court into grams, but also worthwhile youth a facility suitable for street hockey. programs all over Boston and Whatever he did set a standard Vicinity – 13 in number, rangfor others to follow – father, husing from community centers to band, neighbor, outstanding cititeam sports to individual athletzen. Donny’s memory is still an ics – sailing, boxing, and so on.. inspiration. Your support will help keep his memory always alive. Donny Higgins, a devoted family man and an all-‘round, cheerful


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Prof. Allison Lectures at Parker House

Long-time South Boston resident (Old Harbor Street) Robert J. Allison is a Professor of History at Suffolk University, where he served as the History Department Chair for several years. He received his Doctorate from Harvard and leads the South Boston Historical Society. Saturday afternoon, January 28, Bob lectured on events in Boston that led up to the War for Independence. The photos show Bob delivering his remarks, and the Parker House’s lecture room as he gets ready to begin. In addition to delivering his 45-minute lecture knowledgeably and humorously, Bob’s talk also brought back a traditional Boston pastime – Saturday afternoon lectures in the Parker House. It’s a welcome revival that goes back to the days of Longfellow, Holmes, and the occasional visits here by Charles Dickens. The next two lectures will be held on Saturday, February 25, and Saturday, March 25, both at 3:30 p.m.

It’s that time of year again!! Please Join Us The South Boston Citizens’ Association “The Nation’s Oldest Neighborhood Civic Organization”

Thomas McGrath, President

2017 Evacuation Day Events Jimmy Flaherty Kickoff Breakfast Michael Donovan, Honorary Chairman Seapoint Restaurant 367 East 8th Street, South Boston, MA Saturday, February, 25, 2017 10am-12 Breakfast Buffet & Entertainment Suggested Donation $ 10.00 For More Information Check South Boston Citizens’ Association on facebook Call: Tom McGrath 1-857-204-5825



Early Education High on Rep. Collins’ Agenda ment. I stand ready to work with my colleagues in the Legislature and Mayor Martin J. Walsh to improve early education for children across the Commonwealth.”

Representative Nick Collins has made early education and care (EEC) one of his key legislative priorities as the House of Representatives develops its budget for FY18.   In an announcement last week, the Early Education and Care Business Advisory Task Force, convened by House Speaker Robert DeLeo and consisting of business leaders from across the state, reported that there is a 30% turnover rate amongst the early education and care workforce as salaries hover just above federal poverty guidelines.  The reported showed that there are an estimated 90,000 educators working in roughly 10,000 licensed day care centers across Massachusetts.    These educators have median salaries between $22,501 and $27,500, significantly less than the starting salary for public school teachers.    The report also found that median wage for child care workers has dropped two percent since 2010 and that 39% of workers are enrolled in at least one public support program. The Task Force also concluded that the quality of teachers is the most important factor in realizing the benefits of early education and care and that high quality pre-kindergarten educa-

tion increases a child’s chances of earning a college education and finding gainful employment. However, not enough resources are being dedicated to EEC, as evidenced by high rates of turnover. To address this problem in the early education workforce, the House plans to boost funding for the education rate reserve while also introducing legislation to professionalize the EEC workforce. These proposals seek to improve teacher retention and attract strong talent to the EEC workforce by offering competitive salaries for teachers while ensuring that early education and care teachers have the professional development, training and tools they need to provide high-quality education to children across Massachusetts. “High quality early education and care are crucial in prepar-

ing our children to succeed in today’s economy,” said Rep. Collins.  “Attracting and retaining good teachers is vital. We need to invest more in the people that educate our children during the formative years that are so important toward their develop-

The number of individuals supporting investments in EEC has grown rapidly since the start of the legislative cycle in January, as Speaker DeLeo and Mayor Walsh have also called for increased funding and resources for EEC.   The measure has the support of the business communities as the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and the Alliance for Business Leadership have voiced their support for greater investments in early education.   


State Auditor



Boston Mayor


City CounCilor


Paraclete is an out-of-school educational enrichment program, offering Boston students in the 4th to 8th grade the academic support, homework and tutoring assistance, enrichment classes and education-based field trips needed to boost achievement.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 6:30PM to 8:30PM Boston College High School, 150 Morrissey Blvd., Boston Contact: Eileen DeMichele at 781.812.7099 or For more information please visit



South Boston Catholic Academy News In keeping with the St. Valentine theme this month, South Boston Catholic Academy hosted its first Sweetheart Dance this past Sunday. The students danced the night away with their sweethearts. The boys got to dance with their moms and the girls got to dance with their dads. This event was a success and sure to become a South Boston

Catholic Academy family tradition! Thank you to all who helped to make this fun school family event possible. South Boston Catholic Academy is an academically rigorous, supportive Catholic Elementary School Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEAS&C). Inspired by the traditions of our Catho-

lic Faith, Family and Academic Excellence, we are committed to meet the spiritual, academic, physical, and social needs of individual students within a learning environment that is both stimulating and supportive. South Boston Catholic Academy (www. is currently accepting applications for all classes PreK-Grade 6. We

have Before School and After School Programs available and have small class size; high acceptance rate to Parochial, Private and Boston Exam Schools. Please contact; Mrs. Barbara Keohane with any questions or for a tour of the School at or phone 617268-2326 for more information.





Excel High School Track Team Championships

The Excel High track team get together for a team pic on Wed, Feb. 8th, at the Reggie Lewis Track Center in Roxbury. The team joined other BPS track teams in the city league track championship, held every February.

Jair Ayalas ran fourth and Salah Abdulkhaliq ran fifth in the Boys 1 Mile Run.

Maleah Furgeson finished 3rd in the girls 55 Meter Dash

Angel Monroig ran third in the Boys 55 Meter Hurdles

Jair Ayalas ran third in the Boys 2 Mile Run.

These four from Excel came in fifth in the Boys 4 x 200 Meter Relay


Inseparable Cousins

read, and is currently reading one of the books in the “Junie B. Jones” series written by Barbara Park. Gianna has been taking dancing lessons at Jacquelyn’s Dance Academy for four years and her favorite steps are Tap and Hip Hop. She plays hoop in the Gatey CYO program and has played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League. She’s also played in the South Boston Girls Softball League last summer and loves being a part of a team.

By Kevin Devlin They love doing many things together. They love to swim. Play basketball at the Walsh Center gym. Play Pokemon games. Watch “Teen Titans Go” on the Cartoon Network. Take dancing lessons at Jacquelyn’s Dance Academy. Enjoy hanging out and watching movies. One is quiet the other not so much. If either was the President of the United States, they’d help the poor by providing affordable food as well as a roof over their heads. They’re essentially inseparable, loving cousins who enjoy each other’s company and living in South Boston. They are Melena McGahan and Gianna Marotta. Melena McGahan, 8, is the daughter of Melinda McGahan and Ryan Connolly. She is the granddaughter of Patty McGahan. She has a white and gray cat named Clarabell and a black, mixed terrier named Wally. Her favorite color is yellow and she enjoys “all kinds of foods.” Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift. Her favorite athletes are Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird and all-time Olympic swimming champion, Michael Phelps, who holds 28 Olympic medals. Melena is currently in the third grade at the Richard J. Murphy Elementary School which is located in Dorchester. The school focuses on mathematics, writing, reading, science, and the use of computers as a learning tool. Melena is an Honor Roll student and has been accepted to the school’s Advanced Work Class (AWC) program which begins in the fourth grade. Her favorite subject is art and someday she plans on being a professional singer or swimmer. Melena has been taking dancing lessons for four years at Jacquelyn’s Dance Academy, which is located at the Curley Recreation Center. Her favorite steps are Hip Hop and Jazz. She also has a yellow belt in Karate and Judo. She’s been active taking lessons at the Ultimate Self Defense and Performance Center owned by Sensei Andrea Muccini,


Melena (on left) is pictured with her cousin Gianna at the gym committed to academic excellence, who has a Black Belt in Kempo a safe environment for all students, Karate, a Black Belt in Judo, a appreciation of diverse peoples and Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cultures, mutual respect, responand twenty years of experience sibility, and a strong community in sports performance training. partnership. She’s doing well in Melena loves to swim and her the classroom, her favorite subfavorite stroke is the freestyle. ject is reading, and someday she She learned how to swim at the plans on being a physician’s assisCondon Community Center pool tant so she can help sick people and was on the South Boston get better and live happy lives. Boys and Girls Club team for In her leisure time, Gianna likes a season. She’s currently on the playing laser tag with her brother Murphy School swim team. Mario and her best cousin, Melena. “I really like swimming,” Melena She enjoys playing video games said. “I like the competition. I have and watching TV. And, she loves to fun…and I come in first place a lot.” Melena has been playing basketball in the Gate of Heaven CYO program since she was six years old. She currently plays on Saturday mornings in the John “Injun” Horan Memorial Girls League overseen by Marie Laundry. She has also taken boxing lessons at Peter Welch’s gym. Her father occasionally takes her there to work out. Melena also enjoys reading when she’s not with her cousin playing sports or hanging out. She has the entire collection of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series written by Jeff Kinney. Gianna Marotta, 9, is the daughter of Jennifer Marotta and the granddaughter of “Papa” Bob McGahan. She has a brother named Mario, a dog named Zoe, a snake named Zeus, and two goldfish, Rainbow and Killer. Her favorite color is blue, she likes eating tacos, and her favorite entertainer is Kesha Rose Sebert, an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. Gianna is a third grader at the Bradley Elementary School which is located in East Boston. The school is

“I love sports,” she said. “I like hitting the ball and making catches in softball…and in basketball I like shooting, running up and down the court and passing the ball to my teammates.” Melena’s mom, Melinda loves her daughter and niece. She thinks they are simply “wonderful.” “Melena is intelligent and has a lot of energy,” she said. “She’s friendly and kinds to everyone. She goes out of her way to make friends. “Gianna is also very intelligent,” she added. “She’s quieter than Melena but fiercely loyal, strong, friendly, and independent minded.”



Gatey Midget Hoop Playoffs By Kevin Devlin On Sunday, February 12, on a snowy day at the Walsh Center gym, the Gate of Heaven CYO midget house basketball league playoffs began. Due to the wintry conditions, teams were shorthanded but that didn’t deter the players from being competitive and having fun.

In the opening game, the Ryan Club defeated the Blasi’s Café Club, 20-15. Robert Wisniewski was unstoppable netting sixteen points for the Ryan Club. For the Blasi’s Café Club, Terry Markos scored six points. Mario Blasi had four points, and Aidan Colton had three points.

defeated the Joey Evan’s Club, 19-10. Gerry O’Neill scored eight points, Finbar Kyne had six points, and Chris Hosea contributed five points for the winning squad. For the Evan’s Club, Brayden Buckley netted six points and Steve Flynn had four points. “The games were exciting today,” said Gatey CYO midget house hoop

league commissioner, Sean Monahan. “They were exciting for the players and their parents. The regular season went by fast and now we are in the playoffs. The players have improved since the beginning of the season and now they’re experiencing the playoffs. Everyone’s competitive, learning, and also having fun in the process.”

In the second game of the day, the East Boston Savings Bank Club

The East Boston Savings Bank is coached by Bobby McGarrell and Wynn Mathews. The players are: Chis Hosea, Finbar Kyne, Gerry O’Neil. Paul Downey, Jonathan Doucette, Greg Matthews, Paul McGrath, Ryan McGarrell, Aiden Martin, Cole Ratican, Jaleu Weatherhead, and Nolan Martin. (Not all players pictured) The Ryan Club is coached by “Young” Sean Monahan and “Young” George Hogan (not pictured) The players are: Nolan Baszkiewicz, Robert Wisniewski, Anderson Wisniewski, Rickey Willard, Kyle Bonay, Dhruv Soni, Ryan Alexander, James McFarland, Sam Hood, and Tom Gillis. (Not all players pictured)

ZONING HEARING The Zoning Commission of the City of Boston hereby gives notice, in accordance with Chapter 665 of the Acts of 1956, as amended, that a public hearing will be held on March 8, 2017, at 9:15 AM, in Room 900, Boston City Hall, in connection with Map Amendment Application No. 687 and a petition for the approval of the Development Plan for Planned Development Area No. 104, 150 Seaport Boulevard, South Boston Waterfront (“Development Plan”), filed by the Boston Redevelopment Authority d/b/a Boston Planning and Development Agency. Said map amendment would amend “Map 4A/4B Harborpark District: Fort Point Waterfront and Dorchester Bay/Neponset River by adding the designation “D,” indicating a Planned Development Area (“PDA”) overlay district to an area approximately 49,271 square feet including approximately 15,950 square feet of land and 33,321 square feet of adjacent water sheet. Said Development Plan would allow for the construction of a mixed-use building containing up to 292,000 square feet of gross floor area and which will have a building height in substantial accord of up to 250 feet with 22 stories that will include up to 124 residential units and may include up to 10,700 square feet of restaurant/retail space on the ground and second floors. The building will also include a three-level, underground garage containing up to 179 parking spaces to serve both the residents and retail/restaurant uses.

The Blasi Café Club is coached by Scott Bell (on right). Also pictured (on left back) is Commissioner Sean Monahan. The players are: Chase Bell, Terry Markos, Rocco Blasi, Dmitri Markos, Mario Blasi, Aidan Colton, Liam Colton, Joe DeBlasi, Curtis Dimanche, Jack Hynes, Henry Gailunas, Kevin Ndreka, and Eric Dhamo. (Not all players pictured)

A copy of the petition, a map of the area involved and the Development Plan may be viewed at the office of the Zoning Commission, Room 916, Boston City Hall, between 9 AM and 5 PM any day except Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. For the Commission Kathleen R. Pedersen, Executive Secretary

The Joey Evans Club is coached by Eddie Flynn. The players are: Steve Flynn, Joe Keating, Shakai Campbell, Dylan Picard, Declan Donoghue, Coulter Medeiros, Jared Frith, Mullen Byrne, Andrew Donovan, Ryan Collins, Bobby Rehm, and Brayden Buckley. (Not all players pictured)



Defending Their title Can the Metro Energy Club regain last year’s championship swagger?

players are Mohamed “MoMo” Sharari, Logan Crowley, Matiru Mwangi, Ryan Galvin, Jerry Marks, Aldo-NouryElto, Eric Pance, Wellington Arias, Xavier Nunez. Andrew Markarian and Jolendry Gonzales.

By Kevin Devlin Last February, at the Walsh Center gym, the Metro Energy Club, coached by Billy Crowley, defeated the McDonough Club, 29-22, to capture the 2016 Gate of Heaven CYO cadet house hoop league title. The Metro Energy Club was the regular season champions with an impressive 11-1 regular season record and they weren’t going to waste that effort in the playoffs. In the championship finale, Logan Crowley, the quick and slick point guard was “in the zone” as he netted 18 points, including three three-pointers from downtown. But that was last year and now the defending champions will have to prove their mettle in the upcoming playoffs. They were unstoppable last season but even

Metro Energy didn’t seem focused during the regular season but Coach Crowley and his players said they’d be ready for the playoffs.

The Metro Energy Club is coached by (in center) Billy Crowley. The players pictured (from left) are: Mohamed Sharari, Maturi Mwangi, Logan Crowley, Eric Pance, Wellington Arias, and Ryan Galvin. with their starting rotation intact from last year, Metro Energy has not played up to their potential this season. Metro Energy just ended the regular season with a 3-4 record and a third place position in the playoffs. The McDonough Club and the Rep. Collin’s Club finished with identical 6-1 records while the P.S. Deli Club and the Boston Home

March 17th Boxing Show Tryouts As everyone know’s, due to the snow storm last week, Boxing Show tryouts were canceled, but Peter Welch and Tommy Connors are ready to go this week. Yes its back, Tommy McGrath, President of the South Boston Citizens Association along with Peter Welch, owner of Peter Welch’s Gym at 371 Dorchester Ave. South Boston, will again be sponsoring this year’s March 17th Boxing Show. After a one year absents this year’s show will take place on Saturday Night, March 11th at the Peter Welch’s Gym, in South Boston. Admission is free of charge to all. The South Boston Citizens’ Association March 17th Boxing Show has been part of the events put together by the Citizens’ Association for over 75 years, and at the request of many past and present South Boston residents, it was clear the Boxing Show has been missed, and needed to be returned. This year’s Boxing Show Chairman, Newly Elected Suffolk Register of Deeds, Stephen Murphy, along with Peter Welch, Owner of Welch’s Gym will be looking for young boxers of all ages to participate in this year’s show. Every young man or ladie who participates in this year’s show will be awarded a trophy. Tryouts will be held on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 3:00pm, starting Tuesday February 7th at 3pm at the Peter Welch Gym, 371 Dorchester Ave. South Boston. All young man or ladies will be trained by expert staff such as Peter Welch, Tommy Connors, Danny Long, Jimbo Curran. All tryouts and training are free to every young man or ladie participating in this year’s show. All boxers will be matched, by age, weight, and experience and must report to the Peter Welch’s Gym with a mouth-guard, shorts and sneakers...

Inspectors Club finished with 3-5 and 0-7 records respectively. In the final game of the regular season, the Metro Energy Club played strong against the Collins Club yet faded in the end. Logan Crowley was in the zone again scoring 22 points, including six three pointers, but will that be enough? The 2016-2017 Metro Club

“Last year was a good year because nobody could beat us,” said Metro Energy Club star guard, Logan Crowley. “We were unstoppable. But this year we aren’t doing as well and aren’t focused…joking around not taking it seriously. But the playoffs are near (beginning February 26) and now we’re going to start trying really hard. With the team initially intact from last season, it does appear that if the players focus and play together they may surprise some teams in the upcoming playoffs. We will soon find that out.

The Law Office of

Paul J. Gannon PC General Practice of Law

Criminal Defense Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents Establishment of Corporations, LLCs Wills & Estate Planning Real Estate Litigation Probate No Charge for Initial Consultation

82 West Broadway South Boston, MA (617)269-1993



BCYF February Vacation Week Activities

First Anniversary Mass Carolyn Dunphy

Sunday, February 19th at 12 p.m. Gate of Heaven Church

The February school vacation week is fast approaching and Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF) is urging families to make plans today to attend one of the many programs and activities being offered at BCYF centers. A complete schedule of BCYF centers’ vacation week activities is available at bcyf. A few highlights include: Full Vacation Week Programs: Several centers including BCYF Blackstone, BCYF Charlestown, BCYF Curtis Hall, BCYF Menino and BCYF Tobin Community Centers are offering a structured all-day vacation week program for young children featuring a wide variety of activities.

Love and Deeply Missed Brian, Kaitlyn, Anna and Friends

Public Meeting



100 WEST 2ND STREET Artist for Humanity, 3rd Floor South Boston, MA 02127

CV Properties, LLC PROJECT DESCRIPTION: CV Properties, LLC proposes to redevelop an approximately 42,219 square foot site located at 105 West First Street in South Boston. The 105 West First Street project will comprise an eight story, approximately 266,000 square foot office building containing 1,600+ square feet of ground floor space on West First Street for retail, café or restaurant use and 2,400+ square feet of convener space on West First Street, 10,000+ square feet of innovation space fronting on West Second Street, and 3,000+ square feet of tenant amenity space. The retail/restaurant/café use and innovation space on West First Street and West Second Street respectively are designed to activate the ground floor level of the building.

mail to:

phone: email :


Boston Planning & Development Agency One City Hall Square, 9th Floor Boston, MA 02201 617.918.4237



Teresa Polhemus, Executive Director/Secretary

Black History Month Basketball Tournament: BCYF Gallivan Community Center is hosting their annual Black History Basketball Tournament for ages 19 and under on Thursday through Saturday of vacation week,

1-6:30 p.m. Contact the center to register a team and for more information, 617-635-5252. Swimming: It may be cold out but BCYF’s 15 indoor pools are warm and offer open access swim time as well as structured aquatics programming under the watchful eyes of lifeguards. Several are offering free swim lessons all week as part of BCYF’s Swim for Safety program. Find your local pool here. Girls-only Programming: BCYF Girls Initiative is hosting a trip to see Hidden Figures followed by a discussion, a roller skating party and a self-defense and self-esteem training with Girls Leap. Info: 617-635-4920 x2314.


By The Warren Group Buyer


Megan W Chapin 5 Linda Ln #2-1 Sawyer Avenue LLC 92 Sawyer Ave Robert B Mccauley 34 N Munroe Ter Molly E Obrien 701 Adams St #7 First Home Solutionis LLC 542 E 6th St Joseph JRomano 578 E 8th St Zhidong Zhang 172-174 I St Torrungton Webb LLC 1 Webb Park Anthony Verani 274 Athens St Brian D Kangas 46 Mercer St #3 Christopher Brierre 38 Vinton St #2 Christopher Briere 38 Vinton St #1 Alex C Lanstein 684 E 6th St #1 Melinda Baker 9 O St #2 Randolph REI Group LLC 298 E 8th St #3 Jonathan R Pereira 250 C St #4 Shamus Hyland 17 Lafield St #1 Paul A Zeiter 374-378 W Broadway #8 Melitza Iglesias-Laws 84 Romsey St #3 Gail Branchini 519 E 1st St #C Kristin M Mercurio 768 E 5th St #2

Jan 25- 29 City Dorchester Dorchester Dorchester Dorchester South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston South Boston Dorchester South Boston Boston South Boston South Boston




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City Point Two Family For Sale! 773 East Broadway $1,999,000

A fabulous East Broadway 2 Family townhouse that is very well located across from Independence park ( M Street park) and just minutes to the Seaport district and downtown This home was totally renovated in 2005 with high end contemporary finishes and has had some cosmetic improvements this year. The owner's unit has 3,200 square feet of living space over 3 levels including 4+ bedrooms, 3.5 baths in a flexible layout. The outdoor space for this unit is great too- 2 rear decks including a roof deck and a large yard that has been finished with composite decking. The 2 bedroom rental unit is also in excellent condition with a rental value of $3,000/ month. This home offers spacious city living close to where you work. The garage parking is rented in the neighborhood and is paid thru 2017. This home is a must see!

Join us for an Open House! Sunday 12-2:30

Rooney Real Estate, LLC 700 East Broadway South Boston, MA 02127

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