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“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.� (John Donne)

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 Boston Mayoral Race: Walsh and Connolly Make the Cut


Walsh, Connolly Make the Cut



t was a packed house at Hibernian Hall, where the John Connolly campaign for Mayor of Boston held its post-election rally on Tuesday night. There had been substantial interest in this race, even though it was an off-year Primary Election. Of key significance was the large field of 12 candidates for Mayor – a major change after the 20 years that Mayor Thomas Menino has served unopposed in that office. The crowd watched the returns closely, even though the server at City Hall malfunctioned for a while (so what else is new?). Early on, it was clear that both John Connolly and Marty Walsh would be the remaining two candidates in the General Election on November 5. If there were any surprises, they were Charlotte Golar Richie’s strong third-place finish and Walsh’s first-place finish. But together, the top two candidates combined received just 35% of the votes cast,

leaving 65% up for grabs going into the November 5 General Election. Only the West Roxbury and Dorchester votes seem certain. John Connolly had brought his family with him, including new infant daughter Mary Kate. He was overjoyed at the votes he received – “I’ve never been so proud to be in second place in my life,� he stated. He praised the other candidates for their efforts and Mayor Menino for his long, successful time as Boston’s Mayor. John closed by thanking his campaign staff and volunteers, along with his family: Meg, Clare, Teddy, and MaryKate. Even though they tended to be overshadowed by the Mayoral campaigns, the races for the four City Councilor-at-Large seats were also important. Eight candidates made the cut to qualify for the Councilor-at-Large November 5 General Election: (in order of their finish) Ayanna CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Deacon Kevin Martin, Jr

Newly ordained Deacon Kevin Martin, Jr from South Boston poses for a family photo at Holy Cross Cathedral last Saturday after his ordination to the permanent Diaconate. His parents, Kevin and Claire Martin are parishioners at Gate of Heaven and the new Deacon, one of twelve ordained by the Cardinal, will serve at Gatey later this fall. Deacons are men who assist priests in the liturgical life of the church.





2 September 26, 2013


Bring Back the Walking Beats BY KEVIN DEVLIN

Boston Police need to be visible to serve as a deterrent to crime. Many yearn for the goodole days when there was a policeman on every corner. We knew their names and they knew ours. If there was a problem, your parents would be the first to know about it. But alas, that was yesterday. We know that police can’t be everywhere but the implementation of a city-wide “street beat” initiative; officers walking around and serving as a deterrent to crime needs to be placed back on the front burner. One of the key elements of community policing which the Boston Police Department has reportedly embraced is foot patrols. But, to be effective they must be conducted on a continuous basis, not just when tragedy strikes. We need to do all we can to make our residents, especially our women and children, safe. We need BPD officers patrolling day and night. We feel safe and the bad guys don’t. Officers must be vigilant, aware of community concerns and engaged in community matters. Recently, former mayor and Ambassador to the Vatican, Raymond Flynn, and mayoral candidate Charlotte Golar Richie, publicly cited the dire need for additional beat cops. They were right. In this regard, we need to turn back the clock and embrace what was effective. It’s a simple-and necessary-as that.

Casino: Bad News for Boston BY RICK WINTERSON

South Boston Online will be the first to admit that having a casino in Boston is not one of the most important issues the City faces. We already listed three issues that we think are more important in our June 13 issue: Education, crime (especially drug-related), and controlling the pace of development. We then suggested that you vote in Tuesday’s Primary Elections based on which candidate addressed this trio of issues most effectively. But the next few days will be quiet, while the campaigns for the General Elections on November 5 pause for a moment to gather steam for their final run. South Boston Online wants to use this opportunity to share our opinions with you, our readers, about locating a casino in Boston. We firmly believe that building a casino anywhere in Boston is a bad idea. Although there are a few advantages to the proposed casino at Suffolk Downs, the negatives outweigh the positives by a wide margin. In addition, even though a casino could affect other areas of Boston, we think that only the residents of East Boston should vote to approve or reject the casino. They’ll be the people most drastically impacted, after all. In the first place, Boston is not a “casino city”. We don’t need a casino; a casino just doesn’t fit what we are. That statement might be considered “Conservative” or even “Old-fashioned”, but how about better sounding words like “Contextual” or “Preservation”? They also fit this issue. No, people come to Boston because it’s a beehive of innovations and entrepreneurial successes. It has the finest universities and med-

ical facilities, not just in America but anywhere in the world. Professional people come to Boston for meetings and conferences of national and global importance. We have a superb location, on a waterfront with excellent amenities, which are steadily growing and improving. Boston boasts the finest array of sports teams in America. Even more important, Boston’s cultural scene – world class symphony, ballet, opera, theater, museums, shopping, great historic significance, and so on – attracts a far larger number of visitors than Boston’s athletic events. Casinos need not apply. The estimate of $1 Billion ($1,000,000,000) in yearly revenues, which is part of the Suffolk Downs casino proposal submitted by Caesars Entertainment, is very, very optimistic. Right now, no single casino in America or indeed in the world achieves that much revenue. A few, much larger casinos once reached that mark before the Great Recession, but no longer. And any new casino will be cannibalized by the existing casinos in Rhode Island and Connecticut, as well as the two others proposed for Massachusetts and a possible gambling facility in New Hampshire. All of these are (or will be) only an hour or two from East Boston and Suffolk Downs. Even if that $1 Billion revenue figure is attained, the maximum payment to the City of Boston by Caesars will only be $52 million ($52,000,000) per year. That sounds like a lot of money, but it amounts to just five cents on every gambling dollar pulled in by Caesars, and it’s less than 2% of Boston’s current $2.8 Billion budget. By the time the casino gets built, inflation will have long since wiped out any monetary benefits to the City.

South Boston Online apologizes for using so many figures, but frankly, $52 million from Caesars Entertainment is peanuts (!) – it won’t even cover the cost of bussing our kids to school every year. For this we should sell our City’s soul? South Boston Online doesn’t think so. We admit there are benefits to any new enterprise, even a casino. Jobs – up to 4,000 – and local spending by casino visitors are among those benefits. But casinos have their downsides, too: Addictions to gambling, money taken from households, gambling among youth, and ultimately, poverty and bankruptcy for some. How serious will these problems be in Boston? We don’t know, but we know they’ll happen. And they will certainly reduce any economic benefits from a Boston-based casino. South Boston Online further believes that voting on the casino issue should be limited to East Boston residents. We hope they say “No” on November 5, but it’s their call. Do you remember ten years ago, when there was a possibility that the Red Sox and the Patriots would relocate to South Boston? South Boston residents would have been outraged if West Roxbury, Allston/Brighton, or even the South End had tried to horn in on that decision. No, it’s East Boston’s business, not ours, whether a casino is built at Suffolk Downs. And make no mistake – East Boston’s residents and their small businesses will have to live with the proposed casino. They will be the ones to suffer. What a shame it would be if Santarpio’s had to close because Caesars Entertainment’s casino at Suffolk Downs offered free pizza to slots players.


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September 26, 2013

Walsh, Connolly Make the Cut Pressley came in first, as she has in the past. South Boston Online is delightPressley, South Boston’s Michael Fla- ed to see that Michael Flaherty plans to herty, Stephen Murphy, Michelle Wu, return to public office as a City CounMartin Keogh, Jeffrey Ross, Annissa cilor-at-Large – he polled a strong secEssaibi-George, and Jack Kelly. ond place in the voting. Current City The odds favor the top four Council President Steve Murphy came vote-getters to be ultimately elected in third. In what was something of a to the four Councilor-at-Large seats. surprise, Michelle Wu, a newcomer to Current Councilor-at-Large Ayanna elected office, came in fourth. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

College Affordability: UMass Boston’s Ahead of the Game By J. Keith Motley, PhD, UMass Boston Chancellor

Marty Walsh’s victory speech.

John Connolly addresses his supporters.

Every fall, the University of Massachusetts Boston opens its doors to high school students looking for the best place to pursue their college education. Although we welcome prospective students to visit our campus at any time, we make a particular effort to do so at our fall open house, scheduled this year for October 19. This year we anticipate that some 3,000 prospective students and their parents will visit our campus on that day to see the many opportunities UMass Boston offers, and to learn why our university offers an exceptional education at an exceptional value. I’m proud to say that UMass Boston continues to build its academic offerings and reputation for excellence. Our colleges and programs gain national recognition, from our College of Nursing and Health Sciences and College of Management to our programs in clinical psychology and gerontology. In addition, new programs at the undergraduate level – from engineering to communications – and at the graduate level – from exercise and health sciences to global governance and human security – provide even greater academic opportunities and career options. At the same time, we are building new, state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the educational and campus experience at UMass Boston. Our Integrated Sciences Complex, which will provide research facilities for faculty and students and classroom space, is scheduled to open next fall. A second new building, scheduled to open in fall 2015, will provide ample classroom and study spaces and a home for the arts and performing arts. As we expand our academic programs and enhance our oceanfront campus, we also continue to strive to provide access to higher education, keeping our costs and our students’ debt burden as low as possible. For example, since 2008 we have increased our commitment to financial aid by almost 300 percent. And this past summer the state legislature voted to approve, and Governor Deval Patrick signed, a budget that increased funding to UMass campuses and keeps tuition and fees at last year’s rates. Students at UMass Boston will save approximately $600 this academic year because of the extra support from the state. I am proud to be part of Boston’s public research university and its ever-expanding opportunities and reputation for excellence. I invite you to attend our annual open house on October 19. For more information or to register, visit, or call 617.287.5000. Michael Flaherty celebrates with family.



4 September 26, 2013


An enthusiastic crowd of supporters gathered last Thursday to celebrate South Boston’s Community Health Center, as well as to raise funds for its ongoing operations. The evening was called “Harbor of Hope�. It was a joyful and productive Southie time (aren’t they all?). The event was especially well named, and it suited the locale perfectly. The South Boston Community Health Center’s key annual fundraiser took place last Thursday evening in the Boston Harbor Hotel. The event was aptly named “Harbor of Hope�, not only because of the elegant location on the Waterfront, but also because our Health Center is a place of hope, a center where all can go to receive the most important gift of good health. There was even a full moon over the harbor to greet the guests. “Harbor of Hope� was a great success. You only needed to

hear the conversation and laughter numerous supporters, benefactors, as you entered to know that. Im- and committee members for their mediately inside, Peter Golemme help and efforts. (keyboard), Kathi Taylor (drums, Margaret Lynch, Susan Lavocals), and Bob Dunlap (guitar, Paglia, and Karen Richardson were vocals) entertained the crowd. We’ll presented with bouquets to reccall their group “Slocum’s Whatev- ognize their putting together the er�, for lack of a “Harbor of Hope� more evocative “The event was aptly named event so successname. fully. As an added “Harbor of Hope�, not only T h e because of the elegant lotouch, the “Harprogram was cation on the Waterfront, bor of Hope� evefast-moving and but also because our Health ning was also the very interesting. 21st Anniversary Center is a place of hope, a Jim Hunt, who of Congressman center where all can go to reis the President Stephen Lynch ceive the most important gift of the Massaand Margaret. chusetts League of good health. There was They were both of Community even a full moon over the apart and at work harbor to greet the guests. � Health Centers, that evening - now served as both that’s true public the emcee and the auctioneer. He service. spoke briefly about the conceptual Bill Halpin, the CEO of the change that Health Centers bring to South Boston Community Health the practice of medicine in Amer- Center, conferred two Awards of ica. Ann Brady, President of the Honor upon Chris Herren, founder Board of Directors of the South of Hoop Dreams with Chris HerBoston Community Health Cen- ren and Project Purple, and Senator ter, followed Jim. She thanked the Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts’

Senior Senator and a staunch supporter of the Health Center. Herren, a spell-binding speaker, enthralled the crowd with his brief remarks after receiving a Revere bowl. A McCole watercolor of the HealthCenter was given to Sen. Warren, and was accepted by Jason Burrelle of her Boston office on her behalf. A video of her greetings to the crowd was then played. The live auction, led by Jim Hunt, ensued. Among some truly desirable items up for auction were dinner and drinks for eight at 224 Boston, a week in a villa in Tuscany, a Harbor Island outing for your 60-person party, a kids’ party with the Bruins in the Garden, and lunch with the First Lady in Washington. Key Benefactors and Partners of the “Harbor of Hope� event included Partners Health Care, Boston Medical Center, BMC HealthNet Plan, John Hancock, and Tufts Medical Center. “Harbor of Hope� was a marvelous event, which ended all too soon.

South Boston Reunion remembering

Melissa Hardy October 5, 2013

7:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. Florian Hall 55 Hallet Street, Dorchester Tickets: $25 Reserved Table: $250

Raffles - DJ - Dancing COMMITTEE Table Reservations: Malena Luongo (617) 592-6432

Tickets available at the door, or in advance: DoDo Nee Vanessa Luongo Joy (Jankowski) McCaffrey Taryn Baker Meghan (Long) Clougher Erin Ferris Quencher Tavern Kelly’s Landing

(617) 799-9901 (617) 438-6009 (781) 964-1979 (617) 372-7639 (857) 389-7289 (617) 596-6432 (617) 765-0470 (781) 335-9899

Donations can be made to: The Melissa Hardy Memorial Fund c/o Mt. Washington Bank 708 East Broadway, South Boston


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Slocumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Whateverâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Peter Golemme, Kathi Taylor, and Bob Dunlap â&#x20AC;&#x201C; entertain at the Health Centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Harbor of Hopeâ&#x20AC;? event.

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September 26, 2013


Susan LaPaglia, Margaret Lynch, and Karen Richardson receive bouquets Rob Pacitti entertains a table of Health Center supporters at the “Harbor for their efforts for “Harbor of Hope”. It was also Margaret and Congress- of Hope” evening. man Steve Lynch’s 21st wedding anniversary.

Welcome guests at the Health Center’s “Harbor of Hope”: Claire McManus, Paula and Rich Doherty.

Ernestine Bentick and Rep. Nick Collins are honored guests at the Community Health Center’s “Harbor of Hope” event.

Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry (center), a frequent guest at South Boston’s events, with Sherry Tong and Sean Pierce.

O. Prem Das of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Dr. Nisha Thakrar, Chief of Medicine at the Health Center, are enjoying the “Harbor of Hope” fundraiser at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Donna Brown, President of the Neighborhood Development Corporation, and Chris Mayer, Publisher of the Globe, support South Boston’s Health Center.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks via a video to those at the Health Center’s “Harbor of Hope” event.


6 September 26, 2013

A Celebration of Recovery BY RICK WINTERSON

September is Recovery Month. It opened with a Celebration of Recovery arranged by the Gavin Foundation and South Boston’s Devine Recovery Center. The jampacked program at the Celebration featured recovery workers, entertainers, and dynamic speakers. John McGahan, President of the Gavin Foundation, opens the Celebration Rep. Marty Walsh was honored of Recovery last Friday night at the IBEW Hall. with an Impact Award. named Recovery Month. And every- the Devine Recovery Center, opened It was a serious yet joyful occasion last Friday, September 6, at the IBEW Local 103 Hall on Freeport Street in Dorchester. This Hall has been used before for many South Boston “times”. This particular event was a Recovery Month Celebration sponsored by the Devine Recovery Center, which is part of the Gavin Foundation. Recovery centers are an all-important link in the chain that helps keep addicts and alcoholics clean and sober, after they complete their first steps towards permanent sobriety. You see, September has been

one knows the importance of helping those who sincerely want to shake their dependence on drugs and alcohol – a major problem, as well as a major challenge, here in South Boston and citywide. But there’s always time to celebrate recovery, and to listen to some well-known people who turned their own lives around. That was the purpose of last Friday’s get-together at the IBEW Hall. And it was wonderful event. John McGahan, President of the Gavin Foundation, which includes


the evening to an elbow to elbow, standing room only audience of maybe 500 or more. He introduced comedian Steve Sweeney, who was the evening’s emcee, and who regaled the audience with his unique humor. Chuck Monahan, the Local 103 Financial Secretary, welcomed everyone into the Electricians’ Hall. Paul McDevitt, who established Modern Assistance Programs, Inc., spoke of how addictions afflict people from all walks, and the number of substances that prove to be addictive – HGH for athletes, painkillers for the truly sick, and so on. He called recovery “a trip we have to take inside ourselves. We can send you to school and get you degrees, but we can’t give you a good heart.” Ken Casey, lead singer for the

noted Dropkick Murphys, mentioned the original Dropkick Murphy’s was a place for drunks to go and dry out up in Essex County. He thanked all the recovery workers in the IBEW Hall, and then announced a $30,000 donation to the Gavin Foundation from the modern day Dropkick Murphys’ Claddagh Fund. Chris Herren, once a Boston Celtic and now a recovery worker himself, told the gripping story of his own multiple addictions and his recovery since five years ago – how a single pill morphed into a 1,600 milligram per day habit. It can’t be condensed here. You have to hear it from Chris directly – it’s inspirational. Rep. Marty Walsh then took the stand. He mentioned several times, “Recovery is unbelievable!”, and told of his path to recovery after entering Gosnold Clinic 18 years ago. He was upbeat about his campaign for Mayor of Boston, and was honored with the “Recovery Community Impact Award”. The Improbable Players then performed their patented “humor with a message” dealing with recovery issues, and the denial that addicts go through before getting into recovery. Raffles, music, and remarks by John McGahan closed the evening. It was an inspiring event.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority will host a public meeting regarding

The Residences at St. Augustine and The Residences on E Thursday, October 3rd, 6:30 PM

Boys and Girls Club, 230 W 6th Street, South Boston

Project Proponent: 201 E Street LLC Project Description: 201 E Street LLC (the “Proponent”) proposes two new projects one features the rehabilitation of the existing St. Augustine Church Building located at 225 Dorchester Street in South Boston into 29 residential condominium units on three levels. The other project features new construction of 38 condominium units with an underground parking garage for 63 vehicles located at 205 E Street in South Boston. Close of Comment Period: Monday October 14, 2013 MAIL TO: LANCE CAMPBELL BOSTON REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY ONE CITY HALL SQUARE, 9TH FLOOR BOSTON, MA 02201 PHONE: 617-918-4311 FAX: 617-742-4464 EMAIL: Brian P. Golden Executive Director/Secretary

Ken Casey, lead singer of the Dropkick Murphys, is a featured speaker at the Celebration of Recovery last Friday. His Claddagh Fund donated $30,000 to the Gavin Foundation that evening.

Chris Herren, once a Boston Celtic and now the founder of “Project Purple”, narrates the gripping story of his addiction(s) and his ongoing recovery.


September 26, 2013


The 2013 Hope & Recovery Walk BY RICK WINTERSON

The Hope & Recovery Coalition is a group of South Boston’s agencies that specifically devote themselves to helping people addicted to drugs and alcohol. These agencies give those people “Hope” (with a capital “H”) and offer them a way to “Recovery” (with a capital “R”). Each year, the Hope & Recovery Coalition sponsors an Evening of Remembrance about the unfortunates of our community, who have been lost to addictions. This evening includes a walk along the beaches just before the sun sets, followed by a Remembrance Service. This event’s full name is the South Boston Hope & Recovery Coalition Walk and Vigil: “An evening of remembrance, hope, and recovery”. It has become another South Boston tradition. Last Thursday at 6 p.m., several hundred people gathered at the McCormack Bath-

house. They began their Walk from there along Day Boulevard, walking slowly and talking about recovery. They wound around the curve, crossed into Marine Park, and assembled around the Bandstand. It was a rather long Walk, but no one’s enthusiasm was dampened by its length. At sundown, the Vigil began with a prayer from Fr. Joe White. Several speakers gave poignant, even heart-rending, storied of addiction among themselves and among their loved ones. A young wife and mother sadly but bravely spoke of the recent loss of her husband to substances. Prayers were said; candles were lit; the number of those taking part in the Vigil generated an overall warm, candlelit glow to the event. The Serenity Prayer was recited. The Walk and the Vigil closed with a few verses of “Amazing Grace”

Thomas Butler Award to Karen Stanley

The bustling sign-up table at the McCormack Bathhouse for the Hope & Recovery Walk.

The Hope & Recovery walkers watch a poignant series of stills about drug overdoses.

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Karen Stanley is back on the job at Karen’s Boutique on East Broadway. She was the highly deserving recipient of the 2013 Thomas Butler Award at the recent Street Festival. This is an award which honors the owners of South Boston’s leading small businesses and commercial enterprises, who so diligently support

our non-profit agencies and the quality of life in South Boston. With Karen (center) are City Councilor Bill Linehan, Helen Butler, Tom Butler, Jr., (holding Amelia), Karen, Chamber President Don Wilson, Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry, and past Butler Award recipient Cathe Walsh of Cranberry Café.

SHANNON RIDEOUT Buyer’s/Rental Agent

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8 September 26, 2013


St. Peter Academy “Back Together” Barbecue The St. Peter Academy “Back Together” Barbecue is always a great event as many families, new faces and old, come together to celebrate the beginning of another exciting school year. This year was no exception. The turnout was amazing and the school yard was packed with parents, teachers, board members, neighbors and children coming together to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. A big thanks to Olga Markos, who planned and organized the barbecue, with the help of many parents. Thanks to Harry Markarian, Amrheins, Bill Linehan, Jared Winters, Olga’s Kafe, Blasi’s, Land of Pizza and everyone who donated to this event!

New teachers, Miss Carozza (K2) and Miss Hurley(Gr.1), pose with their students, Mairin Condon and Thomas Germain

The cooks, Bobby Picard, Dan DeMichele and Derek Baszkiewicz.

Neal Correia flipped burgers all night.

Meghan and Matt Clapham manned the gate.

New friends, Evy Kacvinsky, Jacki Antonelli, and Greta Svencionis.

The Maddens and the Kellys enjoyed the fun.

Miss Sawyer (K1) poses with Cormac Ryan.

Miss Collins(Gr.2) and Miss Chapin(Gr.5) reunite with Mary Walsh.


September 26, 2013


Grand Opening: ‘Stephi’s in Southie’ BY RICK WINTERSON

Sunday evening, “Stephi’s in Southie” held a Grand Opening celebration for its new location in the Eleven West Building. “Stephi’s in Southie” main entrance is 130 Dorchester Avenue, but there’s also an entrance facing Lower West Broadway. The new location joins restaurateur Stephanie Sokolove’s other two highly successful enterprises on Tremont and Newbury Streets. The huge main bar on the Broadway side is a fantastic place to gather, and features (as you might have guessed) several screens to view sporting events. Watch a game, and when your significant other joins you, walk

down the short ramp to Stephi’s wine bar and dining room. Enjoy the floating fireplace, the eclectic décor, and the sophisticated comfort food: Wild mushroom risotto, mint pesto lamb chops, or Asian delicacies on one end of the comfort food spectrum; fish-and-chips, mac-and-(three)cheese, or a real burger with Yukon home fries on the other. The next time you’re in the Broadway Station neighborhood, just take a quick walk-through “Stephi’s in Southie”. For those of you with good memories, the floor layout approximates Joanne McDevitt, Phoebe Flemming, and City Councilor-at-Large candiThe Quiet Man. Take in the atmosphere date Ramon Soto at the grand opening of “Stephi’s in Southie” (the Eleven at Stephi’s, and if you have the time, stop West Building, 130 Dorchester Ave.). long enough for a drink and an appetizer. You’ll be impressed by South Boston’s newest enterprise.

The enthusiastic staff at “Stephi’s in Southie”: Mark Mariano, Chef de Cuisine; A lavish gourmet offering in front of the elegant dining room fireplace at Dillon Collins, Beverage Manager; Leo Fonseca, Director of Operations; Steph- the grand opening of “Stephi’s in Southie” (the Eleven West Building, 130 anie Sokolove, Owner; Corey Comeau, Executive Chef; Ben Zemmel, Assistant Dorchester Ave.). General Manager: and Derek Flodin, General Manager.

Beach Volleyball Begins

Last Friday kicked off the BCYF Curley & Tynan Community Centers’ Fall Beach Volleyball league. It’s for boys and girls and the ages range from 7 to 14 with 2 divisions. There is an Instructional League for 7-10 year olds learning the basics and League Play for 11-14 year olds. It all happens on Friday afternoons at 3:30pm on the sands of the Curley’s M Street

Beach! We had a great first session and look forward to new players joining us this Friday. Shown above are the players with youth workers Barbara Kelly and Katie O’Connell and assistant coach Allison Baker. Also, special thanks to the Mom helpers! For more information please call Barbara at (617)635-5104. See you Friday! Bring a friend!

Sun and Moon Ready for Autumn

Summer inevitably ends. Autumn began on Sunday, September 22. Despite crystal clear skies, sun-cast shadows are lengthening and deepening. The moon rises orange, turns to gold, and becomess a shimmering white high in the sky each night. It leaves its track on Pleasure Bay in front of the west sluice gates With vacations and the back-to-school rush over, things seem to slow down, if only a little. Day and night are of equal length. It’s half warm, half cool. Perhaps there’s some kind of message in South Boston’s semiannual balancing out of the seasonal changes that we call “The Equinox”. In any case, “equinox” is a nice-sounding word. South Boston Online hopes your Equinox was a happy one.

10 September 26, 2013


Enjoying Life in Southie BY KEVIN DEVLIN They both love playing a variety of sports. They take Karate classes at Ultimate Self-Defense located at their new location on “B” Street. They have been honing their swimming skills with lessons at the Boston Athletic Club (BAC) for the last three years. They like kickball during school recess. They play floor hockey at the Tynan gym. They take private piano lessons at the Fourth Presbyterian Church. In order to perpetuate their Greek heritage, they take Greek language classes at Saint John’s in the South End. Their favorite holiday is Christmas and they love spending family summer vacations in Maine. They have a young sister named Gianna and an older

brother named Christian. They are fortunate young boys who have loving parents who are there for them every moment. Their mom and dad are Maria and Kenny. Our two young, enthusiastic go-getters in the Korner this week are Mario and Rocco Blasi. Mario, 7, is in the second grade at the Saint Peter Academy. He’s doing great with his subjects, works hard and last school year earned Second Honors. His favorite subject is art and someday he hopes to be an artist. His favorite color is pink and his favorite snack is Oreos with milk, and sometimes strawberry milk…he’s an adventurous lad. Mario’s favorite professional athletes are Bruins forward Brad Marchand, goalie Tuukka Rask, and the legendary Bobby Orr. His favorite singer is the late Michael Jackson. In his leisure time, he loves coloring and drawing free hand characters. He has great potential if he sticks with it. He likes playing video games with his younger brother Rocco,

West Square Apartments 320 D Street, South Boston, MA Affordable Housing Lottery # of Units 5 18 10

33 New Affordable Apartments For Rent Approx Sqft Type Rent* 586 sqft Studio $1,024 687 to 720 sqft 1BR $1,194

Income Limit Up to 70%

Up to 70% 1,023 to 1,152 sqft 2BR $1,365 Up to 70% *Rent is subject to change when the BRA publishes the annual rents.

The Maximum Income Limits for Households is 70% AMI which is as follows: 1 Person - $46,250*; 2 Person - $52,850*; 3 Person - $59,450*; 4 Person - $66,100* *Income Limits subject to change when the BRA publishes the annual Income Limits From Oct 7th to Oct 16th applications can be requested by phone (617.782.6900) or email ( Applications may also be picked up at the South Boston Branch of the Boston Public Library (646 East Broadway, South Boston) on Tuesday Oct 8th (8 AM to 1 PM) and Wednesday Oct 9th (3 pm to 8 pm) and Saturday Oct 12th (9 AM to 2 PM) Applications can be dropped off to the SEB Office between 10 AM and 4 PM on Oct 23rd and Oct 24th. The deadline for application drop off at the SEB Office is 4 pm on October 24th, 2013. Applications can also be mailed to the SEB Office but must be postmarked by October 24th, 2013. The SEB Office is on 165 Chestnut Hill Ave #2, Brighton, MA 02135. Selection by lottery. Asset, Use & Occupancy Restrictions apply. Handicap households have preference for 8 accessible units. Preference for Boston Residents. Preference for Households with at least one person per bedroom. For more information or reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, call 617.782.6900

Mario and Rocco are busy in and out of school.

and his favorite video game is Super Mario. He loves playing with his sister Gianna and wrestling with his brother Christian, while they’re watching professional wrestling on TV. To round out his spare time, he eagerly attends art classes at Saint Vincent’s and the Tierney Center. Mario, just like Rocco, is extremely busy in the sport’s world. At Ultimate Self-Defense (he has a yellow belt) he likes the discipline of the classes and then the fun of participating in tug-of-wars and mini-Sumo wrestling matches. He’s is in the Gate of Heaven CYO Instructional Basketball Program, and is mentored by his dad, Eddie Flynn, Sean Monahan, young Sean Monahan, young Paul Hogan, and the elder statesmen from Savin Hill fame, Michael Donovan. Mario has played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League for four seasons. He’s played baseball locally for a few years and next season will be in the South Boston Little League minor division. He’s participated in the Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Programs at the Murphy Rink and this year will be competing in the South Boston Youth Hockey League house league division. Additionally, for the past four years, Mario has participated in a spring, outdoor street hockey league held at Clam Point in Dorchester. His dad is his biggest fan and also his dedicated coach. Rocco, 6, is in Kindergarten II at the Saint Peter Academy. He has an affinity to math, loves phonics, and someday hopes to be an eighth grade teacher. His favorite color is blue and he delights in eating peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. His favorite profes-

sional team is the New England Patriots. He loves playing video games and his favorite one is Mario Brothers. And, like his brother Mario, his favorite singer is the late Michal Jackson. Rocco has a purple stripe belt in Karate and plans on getting more belts. He played t-ball last year and next summer will be competing in the minor leagues of the local Little League. He plays soccer and enjoys kicking the ball and running around the field. He will begin his exploits in hoop this winter in the Gatey program and in the near future will be competing against Mario in ice hockey. Rocco’s an avid reader and advanced for his grade-level. He’s read Chica, Chica, One, two, three, and Chica, Chica, Boom-Boom, Pete the Cat, as well as Don’t wake up the Pigeon. He also loves playing with Gianna and wrestling with Christian. Their mom and dad are proud of their focus in and out of the classroom. “Mario and Rocco are energetic boys who keep busy,” said their mom. “They are very competitive with each other and love all sports. They are happy and friendly. They love hanging out with their cousins, the Markos boys. We are proud of them.” In today’s society with the problems faced by so many kids, it’s vital that parents remain dedicated to the moral, educational, and physical maturation of their children. Kenny and Maria Blasi are two such parents who know the importance of this responsibility as they unselfishly guide their children down the wondrous path of life.


City Council President Scores a Touchdown! On Saturday night, Boston City Council President Steve Murphy scored a touchdown with the former players of Boston Park League Football, when he presented them with a Resolution at their reunion celebration, held at Boston Teacher’s Union Hall in Dorchester. The Resolution named Saturday, September 21st “Boston Park League Football Reunion Day” in the City of Boston. Saturday’s celebration reunited more than 400 former players, coaches, referees and loyal fans who participated in Boston Park League Football through the years, where they reminisced and renewed old friendships formed throughout the city. Founded in 1929, Boston Park League Football was established as an athletic league open to football teams across the City

of Boston. At its peak, the league consisted of 228 teams, and 5,006 players. Before professional football games were televised, many Boston residents attended these league games during the weekend. Each game was an event that brought communities together to tailgate, swap stories, and cheer on their favorite teams. The League flourished for 55 years, until it was disbanded in 1984. The attached photo shows Council President Murphy and former grid iron players, pictured left to right: Robert Beckwith of the Charlestown Townies, Pat O’Toole and Robert Paciti of the South Boston Chippewas, Council President Steve Murphy, Bob Devoe and Billy Joyce of the Hyde Park Cowboys

Robert Beckwith of the Charlestown Townies, Pat O’Toole and Robert Paciti of the South Boston Chippewas, Council President Steve Murphy, Bob Devoe and Billy Joyce of the Hyde Park Cowboys.

September 26, 2013

Young Artists – Come and Paint with Us!

‘Young at Arts’ painting classes will resume on Monday, September 30 at St. Vincent Church Parish Meeting House, (across from the Church’s main entrance on E Street). The sessions are free to youngsters from seven to 12 years of age. . The sessions will be held on Monday afternoons from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. All painting materials will be supplied. The youngsters will be painting in acrylics led by renowned watercolorist Dan

McCole. This is the sixth session of free painting classes for young painters and is co-sponsored by the ‘Young Ambassadors’ of the South Boston Community Health Center and the South Boston Arts Association. We look forward to seeing you on Monday September 30th at 4:30 p.m.! For further information contact Mayra Rodriquez Howard at 617 464-7423 or Dan McCole at 617 464-4237.


12 September 26, 2013


Cheerleading and Pop Warner


September 26, 2013


8th ANNUAL Mt. Washington Bank 5K BAY RUN/WALK Benefiting the Mt. Washington Charitable Foundation


In Com munity Banking


Sunday, October 20, 2013 held at DCRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Boulevard, 165 Day Blvd., South Boston MA

9:00am Run/Walk Begins

Connecting All Offices 617.268.0379 Member FDIC | Member DIF

Entry Fee: $20 before October 16th. $25 after October 16th and on race day. Please call 857-524-1123 for more information.


14 September 26, 2013

Gail Petrie Sept. 27th 2012- Sept. 27th 2013 We think of you and miss you and remember you this day, to tell you that our thoughts of you are just a tear away. Memories of you is what we have left,

Edward Butler

Second Anniversary Mass Sunday, October 6th 10:00 AM

memories of you we will never forget.

Saint Vincentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Church

We love and miss you


Always and forever

South Boston

Your Loving Family and Friends.



September 26, 2013

REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS BUYER 1 Harwood, Zachary R Mullaney, Brian W

Mullaney, Timothy D

Leong, Aaron Yee, Jackson B

Yee, Pauline L







Jamal-Rahhali, Mohamed

128 Tudor St #G

South Boston




Murphy, Kerry L

131 W 7th St #1

South Boston




Wallis, Russell A

152 F St #2

South Boston




Morin, Daniel O

137 Dorchester St #4B

South Boston






Crowell, Maura C

Bottr, Thomas

Botte, Hrnry W

549 E 4th St #C3

South Boston




Weng, Jason C

Orlandi, Adrianne N

Orlandi, David S

16 Earl St

South Boston




Langone, John M

Davis, Aislin B

5 Cottage St

South Boston




Slaby, Heather H

Mcdonough Carole A Est

1 Onslow Ter

South Boston




3 Brewster St

South Boston




Mcdonough, Patrick J

Byrnes, David J

Byrnes, Brian D

Burn, Stephen G

Datz, Jacob

Sullivan, Anne

Murphy, Walter L

Murphy, Arlene

112 W 7th St

South Boston




Archambault, Christopher Hannon, Kevin P

Craig, James

Craig, Pamela

906 E Broadway #2

South Boston




Vollinger, Daniella

Brown, Bianca

James T Flannery RET

Flannery, James T

173 H St #1

South Boston




Raygoroskaya, Polina

Raygorodsky, Cladmir

Sanders, Eric S

148 W 3rd St #2

South Boston




1326 Columbia LLC

Ocean Real Estate Inv LLC

1326 Columbia Rd #1

South Boston




Macswan, Margaret

Mazzochi, Brian R

2 Bay State Pl #3

South Boston




227 D St #1

South Boston




Strehlke, Ryan

Tollin, Mare

Horne, Willaim

Horne, Megan

Murphy, Lauren

Butt, Cathleen M

30 Story St #3

South Boston




Abdreuci, Alese N

Flaherty, Coleman J

525 E 2nd St #10

South Boston




Maccini, Erica L

New York Community Bank

227 Bowen St #1

South Boston




Forcht, Oliver N

Gottieb, Bruce S

Gottieb, Linda M

468 E 6th St #1

South Boston




Courchene, Matthew

Courchene, Anne

90 M St #3

South Boston




Leonberg, Ryan J

Shell, Jimmy L

Shella, Dana

28 Vinton St #1

South Boston




Lynch, Lorraine

Zalkin, Jarrad S

Zalkin, Nicole P

152 O St #1

South Boston




Cappuccilli, Jessie L

Finn, Stephen P

458 E 3rd St #1

South Boston




500 Atlantic Ave #16R





Ghander, Adam

141 Dorchester Ave #209

South Boston




Hogan, Brian

653 E 2nd St #201

South Boston




Forest Street T

Marcinelli, Michelle

Luccio, Pamela S

Marcinelli, James

Desmond, Jonathan M Dahari, Paula

Cabaniss, Rebecca

Dey, Malay

Paul, Hyacinth

Lepke, Carla

Mayl, Nathaniel

Meyl, Lindsey

150 Dorchester Ave #204

South Boston




Shaugnessy, Patrick J

Shaugnessy, Patrick J

Shaugnessy, Matthew P

346 Congress St #604





Beatty, Jonathan M

Torrisi, Rebecca

90 Emerson St #3

South Boston




523 E 6th Street LLC

Hamilton, Jeffrey W

823 E 6th St #1

South Boston




Arnold, Rebecca

Pinch, Brian M

208 W 7th St #2R

South Boston




Merrill, Cameron S

PR Realty LLC

404 W 2nd St #2

South Boston




Chase, Matthew

Wallace, David

161 Tudor St #2

South Boston




110 W 3rd St #1

South Boston




3 M St #5

South Boston




Lewis, Alan

Lewis, Kelly

Wallace, Joyce

110 W 3rd Street LLC Allen, Mary A

Wang, Cong


Scanlon, Cashel

Brady, Angeline M

292 East St #2

South Boston




Schoeder, Nicholas

77-89 Desse Street LLC

89 Dresser St #89

South Boston




Cicchetti, Michael

Oranmore Enterprises LLC

637 E 1st St #306

South Boston





September 28, 2013 (Rain Date 9/29) 9am-2pm 56 Thomas Park Driveway/Backyard

South Boston

Come enjoy tables laden with household treasures, art, and unique merchandise.

INFORMAL PROBATE PUBLICATION NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Suffolk Division 24 New Chardon Street Boston, MA 02114 (617) 788-8300 Docket No. SU13P2240EA - Estate of: Paul E. Campbell Jr. Also Known As: Paul E. Campbell - Date of Death: August 04, 2013 To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Petition of Petitioner Nancy S. Campbell of Billerica MA Nancy S. Campbell of Billerica MA has been informally appointed as Personal Representative of the estate to serve without surety on the bond. The estate is being administered under informal procedure by the Personal Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court. Inventory and accounts are not required to be filled with the Court, but interested parties are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. Interested parties are entitled to petition the Court to institute formal proceedings and to obtain orders terminating or restricting the powers of Personal Representatives appointed under informal procedure. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can be obtained from the Petitioner.


Rooney Real Estate -

Check our website for featured listings -- the Fall market is here!

Looking to buy or sell your home?



ey Real Estate Stop by Roon magenet for your own ay! calendar tod

No problem. Call today for a free market analysis 617.269.1000

OPEN HOUSE Sunday September 29th - 12:00am-2:00pm

615 EAST 6TH STREET starting at $669,000

615 EAST 6TH ST. 2 Beds/ 2 Baths/ Bi-level Condo Only 2 of 6 units left!

Unit 3

1300 sq. ft.


Unit 5

1500 sq. ft.


South Boston Online 9.26.13  

A Thursday South Boston publication from a community news source you can trust.

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