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“I truly believe that if we keep telling the Christmas story, singing the Christmas songs, and living the Christmas spirit, we can bring joy and happiness to the world.” (Norman Vincent Peale/Protestant religious leader)


Development Along East Broadway BY RICK WINTERSON



onday evening, December 9, a community meeting that dealt with the proposed development of the 928 East Broadway property took place in the Branch Library. Around 50 people attended. The tone of the meeting was mostly constructive. The property in question, located on the northeast corner of Broadway’s intersection with P Street, is often referred to as the “white house” or the “Collins mansion”. It is sited on about a halfacre of land (approximately 20,000 square feet). The ground rises about ten feet off the sidewalk. There is a building to the right rear of the main residence that is part of the existing property. This will be partly demolished, but is not part of the proposed new construction. Basically, the proposed new construction consists of two wings, which are to be added to each side and are each about the same size as the existing building. Three 3-bedroom condominium residences will be built in each wing and in the existing center building – a total of nine units and 27 CONTINUED ON PAGE 3


Richard Lyndf, 928 West Broadway project counsel, and Doug Stefanov, project architect, present the current design of the development in the Library on Monday.

bedrooms. Each of the three third floor units will have a rooftop penthouse and a roof deck. Twelve parking places are planned for the basement of the proposed development, which will be underground and accessed from the rear. Twelve cars are not expected to present any kind of traffic congestion problem. Six parking spaces are to be placed in front for guests. These will partly screened by grassed and landscaped embankments. The Landmarks Commission has yet to issue its final verdict on what preservation of the



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December 12, 2013

District C-6 Update BY RICK WINTERSON

Regular monthly meetings are held at the District Six stationhouse to provide community updates to South Boston. These are attended by Capt. John Greland, who commands District Six, Sgt. Tim Gaughan, in charge of Community Services, Det.-Sgt. Kenny O’Brien, and other Department personnel on an as-needed basis. Despite being near year-end with all its Holiday distractions, it’s timely to present a brief update on South Boston’s policing and enforcement efforts. Unfortunately, everyone in South Boston this month may not be here to celebrate the Season or to attend Christmas services. Regarding the two stabbing incidents that took place recently, the one on Dorchester Street that resulted in a fatality has resulted in the arrests of all three individuals thought to be involved. They are being held without bail, and at this time, future actions in pursuit of this tragic incident have been handed over to the courts. The stabbing on Gates Street involved juveniles, so information about this is sparse. A warrant for one of them has been issued, but his whereabouts are unknown, although it is possible he’s now in a confidential treatment program of some kind. The District Attorney will have to decide what to do next. South Boston Online has often editorialized about drugs being the most significant behavioral and enforcement problem in South Bos-

ton. That continues. Some suspects were arrested in the Broadway Station area during November. They probably wandered there from Andrew Square or Dorchester, in order to avoid increased enforcement efforts in those two areas. This happens frequently, especially when District Eleven in Dorchester is upping their own enforcement efforts. There has been a raft of complaints recently about so-called “party buses”. Basically, these buses carry large groups of partiers from one drinking location to another. This, of course, has the good effect of keeping heavy drinkers off the roads, but many of these groups of partiers become loud and get out of hand late in the evenings. Reports of partiers vomiting and publicly relieving themselves have been frequent. Sgt. Gaughan of Community Services spoke about his contacting these party bus services, which are legal, by the way. He has determined that there is one that is possibly causing most of the problems. Just these police contacts by themselves have cleared up the overall problem significantly. However, Gaughan wants to go a step further. If you encounter party bus passengers who are out of line, including those who are excessively noisy, call 9-1-1 immediately, just as you would for any other disturbance. Then (if you can do this safely), get the name of the bus company and its license plate number. Report this information

to Sgt. Gaughan’s Community Services office at District Six (617-343-4747). But remember, do this only if it’s safe, and always call 9-1-1 first. Det.-Sgt Kenny O’Brien spoke about prostitution along Dorchester Ave, from Van Hillen over to Columbia Road. This is frequently drug-related, and the police nowadays lock up the “John” (a slang term for the man seeking to buy sexual favors), on the principle that the prostitutes, many of them young and strung out, are the real victims. He repeated the need to call 9-11 when such activities are seen, but he also said to call his office extension (617-343-4742) and leave a message there, after you finish your 9-1-1 call. O’Brien mentioned that a breaking-and-entering (B&E) arrest was made on Thanksgiving in an abandoned house on Boston Street . In prior months, he had reported making arrests in South Boston’s serial B&Es, which seem to have cleared them up. As a tip, he suggested that you watch for daytime bike riders and trash pickers (“canners”), especially if they seem to be looking onto porches or into back yards and walkways. It’s worth repeating once more: Whenever you see or encounter suspicious goings-on in and around South Boston, please call 9-1-1 first and right away. Then follow up with phone calls to District Six, but only if it’s safe to do so. Let police do the actual enforcement.

Where to Park? Part Four


paying excise taxes. She also men- parking signage is needed for night- legally when she arrives home after

Keep sending those emails with your ideas about easing our parking woes. Received some more emails from Southie residents concerning our parking problem. One resident feels we need 24/7 resident parking. She mentioned that this issue was supposedly going to be “revisited” after the original implementation of resident parking. She’s perturbed that on the weekends, residents “bring their cars out of hiding” with their outof-state plates. She feels the city’s losing revenue since they’re not

tioned that in front of her house, someone parked their car there for a week taking up two spots. She’s not a happy camper. On the flip side, one resident wrote that visitors should be allowed overnight parking privileges, otherwise how could he have guests from out-of-town. This whole issue of resident parking timeframes versus allowances for visitor parking is one that needs to be ironed out further. Another resident wrote that he lives across from the Tynan School. He said they were fortunate to have after-school parking in the Tynan schoolyard, but felt resident

time and weekends. He feels nonresidents leave their vehicles in the school lot all weekend, and don’t care how they park “since they don’t live here.” One resident wrote that if the parking requirements had been more stringent, perhaps condo conversions of three-deckers may have slowed back at the beginning of this millennium. He wrote that he felt many, who grew up in Southie, took advantage of the economic development and sold their homes, essentially exploiting their own community. “Sleepless in Southie” best describes this last resident. Many times she has been forced to park il-

8p.m. She then tosses and turns all night worrying about getting parking tickets. She also feels, although sympathetic towards those with disabilities, that there are too many crosswalks between “I” and “G” Street-along Columbia Road. She thinks angle parking at the Greenie between these two streets should be implemented. Finally, she doesn’t understand why parking isn’t allowed on both sides of Day Boulevard after “I” Street down to the Yacht clubs. Stay tuned…more to come.


Phone: (617) 269-5550 • Fax: (617) 464-2224 700R East Broadway • South Boston, MA 02127

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Development Along East Broadway CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Collins Mansion is required. The developer (Rocco Scippa) seeks several zoning variances as well. Included among these are a height exemption to 46 feet and permission to erect four-story structures. Some of the areas and area ratios need zoning exemptions, too. A December 17 morning hearing is scheduled at the Zoning Board of Appeals in City Hall. During the community meeting, the proposed roof decks became an issue – late night parties could become a nuisance, especially for the abutting townhouses on P Street and East Broadway. A suggestion was made to install windowed gazebos instead of any decks. The front parking lot for guests was also questioned – although the lot will be partly screened by the slopes in front, one attendee asked for a high wall to completely hide this lot. Exterior lighting and possible drainage problems from the higher levels of

the property also raised questions, which the architect and developer answered in turn. The rear building (930R) may possibly be developed in the future – potentially adding two more units – but will only be partly demolished for now. The meeting was generally constructive and moderate in tone, even though the City Point neighborhood is being extensively developed. Other developments that impact City Point include 945 East Broadway (the “red house”), 815 Fifth Street (extending over to Sixth Street), and the nearby proposed Conley Terminal expansion. One key meeting participant attributed this to having a residents’ Advisory Committee, who can work with developers to ensure such parameters as good design, neighborhood-friendly construction, and use of quality materials.

The rear of the 928 East Broadway property, depicting the garage entry that exists now. The building to the rear will be partly demolished, but otherwise is not part of the overall project.

December 12, 2013

Rep. Collins Announces State Income Tax To Drop in January

As reported by the State House News Service, economic triggers have been met to force a reduction in the state income tax in 2014 from 5.25 percent to 5.2 percent in January, according to Administration and Finance Secretary Glen Shor. The Department of Revenue estimates the tax cut will reduce state revenues by about $65 million in fiscal 2014. The tax cut will take between $125 million and $140 million off the table for the fiscal 2015 budget, with Governor Deval Patrick set to outline his fiscal 2015 spending plan next month. Rep. Collins stated, “The expected state income tax cut is welcome news and evidence of a healthy and growing economy here in the Commonwealth. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the Massachusetts Legislature to push policies that create jobs and further grow the economy.” Tax receipts are running

$359 million above the fiscal 2014 benchmark through November. The Department of Revenue reported that November tax collections surged 10.6 percent, or $151 million above collections, in November 2012. Tax collections are up 9.7 percent over the first five months of fiscal 2014, compared to the same period in fiscal 2013. In 2000, Massachusetts voters approved an initiative petition calling for the reduction of the income tax rate from 5.95 percent to 5 percent by 2003. In 2002, in order to raise $215 million as part of a larger tax package, the Legislature froze the income tax rate at 5.3 percent and conditioned further reductions on economic growth triggers. Tax collections had been running above the benchmark in early fiscal 2013, but fell just short of meeting the triggers for an income tax reduction this past January.

South Bay Center Blood Drive Sponsored by Edens

Friday, December 13, 2013 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Bloodmobile at Super Stop & Shop 1100 Massachusetts Ave., Dorchester For an appointment please call 1-800 RED CROSS (733-2767) or visit The façade of the current 928 East Broadway residence. Two wings of about the same size on each side, which preserve the “look” of this building from the mid-1800s, are proposed.



December 12, 2013


2013 Christmas Stroll: SB at Its Holiday Best The Christmas Stroll last Thursday (courtesy of your South Boston Chamber of Commerce and a host of hard-working volunteers) featured music, tree-lighting, a pop-up art gallery, a gingerbread house competition, and South Boston’s merchants in all their Holiday finery. Start your Christmas shopping here at home – South Boston works! Gingerbread house winners: First Prize– Brooke Spaulding, Island of Misfit Toys; Second – Allison Putnam, Mid-Century Modern; Third – Sue Russell, Southie Construction; Non-Profit Trophy –South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation. Photos by Rick Winterson

Cathe Walsh caught in the act of decorating Cranberry Café.

Mrs. Santa Claus (Liz Young) with Christmas Stroll event planner Karen Stanley.

The 2013 Christmas Stroll tree: AFTER.

Santa Claus wouldn’t miss the South Boston Christmas Stroll.

And Christmas is for - you guessed it – children. Christmas music on the Branch Library piano beguiles everyone.

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“Liz Young Sings”, in front of the Library, her tenth Christmas appearance in Southie.


December 12, 2013


The Fourth Street Firehouse always spruces up for the Holidays.

Mrs. Santa (Liz Young) and Santa himself entertain the East Broadway crowd.

You never half saw such a rousing1 rendition “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed ReinSB Online pg ad:Layout 11/12/13of 12:06 PM Page 1 deer”.

The Fourth Street Firehouse always spruces up for the Holidays.

Sophisticated Comfort Food Has Come to Southie!

Stephi’s in Southie At the new Eleven West Building 130 Dorchester Avenue Corner of Dorchester Avenue and West Broadway at MBTA Red Line Station Open daily for Lunch, Dinner + Drinks: 11:30am - 2am. Brunch on Saturdays + Sundays: 10am - 3pm. Late night dining Mondays - Saturdays until 1am + Midnight on Sundays.

617-345-5495 LUNCH














December 12, 2013


It’s Advent, 2013. Christmas Is Nigh. BY RICK WINTERSON

There’s little doubt that Boston is a Christmas city. It’s cold here in December, and it frequently snows during the Christmas Season. But that’s the general idea, isn’t it? Don’t our celebrations include skiing, skating, snowmen, and Santa Claus with his sleigh? (That’s a sleigh with runners and eight reindeer, not a 20-mule team wagon with wheels.) Pope Gregory the Great was quite right to proclaim Christmas Day on December 25. Just look about you at the decorated trees, buildings, and avenues. Listen for the joyful music that fills the air (it really does). Enjoy the feasting and celebrating, especially if 2013 was a difficult year for you. Somehow, even though other cities celebrate Christmas, it isn’t like Boston. And the forces of political correctness don’t stand a chance against the joy that will exist in Boston be-

tween now and First Night. Perhaps that’s because Boston is the original American city. Other colonial settlements that existed before our founding in 1630 have all disappeared. We haven’t. And many areas of Boston, such as Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the South End, evoke the London of Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”. As Tiny Tim Cratchit said, “God bless us, everyone.” As for gift-giving, if the Magi from the East could bring gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Child, then we can certainly continue giving gifts as a traditional part of Christmas. But that means Christmas shopping. So keep the spirit of the Season: please do your shopping slowly, thoughtfully, and with a good heart. And don’t forget the needy folks (especially the kids) in Boston – they’ll be grateful to you. Merry Christmas from South Boston Online.

Santa Claus is on duty at Macy’s as Advent begins, despite cold rain.

Perhaps this is the best and simplest slogan for Advent, courtesy of Macy’s.

The majestic organ in King’s Chapel, ready for a Bach Advent concert.

Heinrich Christensen plays Bach in King’s Chapel (his page turner is sitting to his right).


The old City Hall, decorated in white lights for Christmas (do you miss the place?).

A tall, stilted nutcracker presents arms at the concert in Copley Square.

December 12, 2013

The Star of Bethlehem on Tremont Street is a six-pointed Star of David – “But from thee, Bethlehem Ephrathah, who art so small … One shall come forth … “, Micah 5,2.

Trinity Church, perhaps Boston’s single most beautiful building, lit up for an Advent concert.

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The Boston Pops Festival Brass plays a joyous outdoor Christmas concert.

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The Christmas tree in Copley Square lit for the First Sunday of Advent.


Cell: 508.254.8985 Office: 617.269.1000



December 12, 2013

SB Fighing Irish Cheerleaders National Championshiip Update If there is a will there is a way. With only a couple of weeks to raise $25,000 dollars to make the trip, we came up about short $.5,000. However, that was not going to stop these girls dreams of going to the Pop Warner National Championship. A couple of the coaches were nice enough to put the balance of the trip on their credit card, to make certain the girls had the funds to make it to the championship in

Disney. We want to thank the entire community for stepping up and making this trip possible for a great group of girls. They will compete on friday and be back home late Sunday. Hopefully, with a National Championship. We hope the community will continue to suppot our fundraising efforts to make sure the coaches are reimbursed for their personal funds that were donated. Go Irish!

Msgr. Thomas J McDonnell and Frank Kelley Christmas Dinner St. Monica’s Hall (corner of Old Colony Ave. and Prebble St.) Christmas Day 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

All are welcome. If you are unable to get out and would like a meal delivered to your home please call 617-268-1230. After Monday December 23rd please call 617-590-9922

Hosted by: The South Boston Catholic Parishes and the Elected Officials.

SB Catholic Academy Cooking Club News

One of the many after school clubs offered by South Boston Catholic Academy has been going strong this semester. Cookshop offers students the opportunity to learn how to make healthy snacks in a hands on way. Recently the students made kale chips and loved and ate every bite!

The students also enjoyed making an artistically creative Thanksgiving dessert. We used teepee and turkey craft ideas along with a few supplies and some waffle cones, candy corn, pretzels, cookies and chocolate fudge to make this great dessert.


December 12, 2013


Celtic Christmas Concert in St. Augustine’s Chapel The 3rd annual Celtic Christmas Concert will be held in St. Augustine’s Chapel, to benefit the South Boston Youth Ambassadors ‘Young art Arts’ programs, on Saturday evening December 21, 2013, at 7:00pm. The historic 192-year-old gothic revival styled St. Augustine Chapel is located in South Boston, on Dorchester Street between West Sixth and Tudor streets. Katie McD and her Cross-County Band perform an upbeat Irish flavored variety show with a mixture of traditional Celtic, Christmas and popular Irish music and song. The talented trio journey through Christmas in Ireland with ballads from the lilting vocals of Katie McD, poems and ‘stories from home’ told by the ever-witty bodhran player, Martin Butler and the foot stomping Irish fiddle tunes of Dan Kellar. A native of Galway city, Katie McD is steeped in the tradition of sean nós singing (old style Irish singing). Her mother won the AllIreland championship for piano and

Katie learned piano with her great Aunt Mary, a renowned poet and avid choral singer. She later picked up the guitar and started writing self-penned songs. She moved to Boston after obtaining a scholarship to study voice at the Berklee College of Music and later attained a B.A in Sociology at Tufts University. Katie has performed with the orchestras such as the Cross Border Orchestra and was a featured soloist at the United Nations Gala Ball. This unique Irish and beloved Christmas concert is a presentation by the South Boston Youth Ambassadors to raise funds for their activities. This is a wonderful opportunity to get into the spirit of Christmas and give to a worthy community event. The proceeds for this concert will help fund their community service program that annually sends a team of working youth to volunteer during their school vacation break in an area of America devastated by a natural disaster. The group is noted for its paintings and street exhibits of the ‘Lighthouses on Broadway’, the

‘Painted Adirondack Chairs’ and ‘Street Cleanup and Tree Plantings’ on West Broadway, in South Boston. Young at Arts is co-sponsored by the South Boston Community Health Center and the South Boston Arts Association. Tickets for the concert are $20 adults and $10.00 children. There is a special family rate of $50.00 for a family of five (two adults and up to three children). Limited seating at the Chapel suggests ad-

vance purchases and early arrival at the chapel. Celtic Christmas in the Chapel will be held at 7.00pm, December 21, 2013 at the St. Augustine’s Chapel, 181 Dorchester Street, South Boston. Tickets may be reserved by calling: Mayra Rodriguez-Howard at 617 484-7423, Linda Doran at 617 464-7463 or Dan McCole at 617 464-4237.

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Back Graphic

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10 December 12, 2013

Meet Southie High’s Quarterback


Robert “Kingsta” King understands responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. He realizes being part of a football team is similar to an extended family, wherein trust, loyalty, and love all intertwine. He’s a focused young student-athlete, who understands being the quarterback also dictates that he needs to demonstrate leadership skills on and off the football field. His name is Robert “Kingsta” King. Robert is the son of Kristina Carrig and Sonny King. His grandfather is Dennis Bain. He’s a junior at the South Boston Green Academy, one of two charter schools up at the South Boston High School, the other being Excel. He’s doing well in the class-

room and someday hopes on being a social worker. He likes being part of this charter school. “The teachers really care about us,” he said. “They’re energetic, committed, and really want to see us succeed.” Out of the classroom, Robert started his journey on the gridiron in the South Boston Pop Warner Football League. He played for six seasons, was used as a fullback, then as center for the “A” team. He felt he learned so much about the sport, as well as himself, during this period in his young life. “The coaches taught us discipline and to be respectful towards others,” he stated. “It was great to be part of a team at such a young age. Instead of blaming others for losses, we reflected inwards towards ourselves and wondered how we could be better and do the best we could in life.” Then, his high school journey began. Robert was used as a fullback as a sophomore, but

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then found himself at the quarterback position this past season. Southie had a tough year, but he’s optimistic the team will stick together and grow as a unit. He also knows he needs to lead by example. “I hope we can mature as a team next season,” he said. “We had a young team and went through some growing pains. We can’t make the same mistakes and need to hope for the best. “As the quarterback, I basically have to exert my influence upon the players,” he added. “I have to be a leader and serve as a role model. They’re watching me under pressure. It’s like I’m under a microscope…so I have to be calm and a positive influence. I have to maintain control even in losing situations.” Football isn’t his only sport. Robert started swinging the bat when he was five years old. He played Little League and in the local Babe Ruth and Senior Babe Ruth Leagues. He plays centerfield. He was on the var-

sity high school squad last year and intends to play for the next two seasons. And finally, he plays hoop and started at the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. He’s currently playing for Gatey CYO. Overall, Robert’s an incredibly polite, impressive, and focused youngster who I was pleased to meet. And, pleased to share his uplifting story with our readers.

Post Office Collecting Donations for the SB Neighborhood House The Letter Carriers, Clerks, and Management of the South Boston Post Office are collecting new hats, scarfs, gloves, and socks (for adults and children) for donation to the South Boston Neighborhood House. A donation box has been placed in the lobby of the Post OFfice at 444 East Third Street. Merry Christmas


December 12, 2013


Gatey Hoop Season in Full Swing

These young female hoopsters are participants of the John Horan Memorial House League in the Gate of Heaven CYO Basketball program. Also pictured are their coaches and league commissioner, Marie Laundry.

The fourth grade boys’ travel team, coached by Jimmy Higgins, Kyle The fifth grade boys’ travel team, coached by Sean Monahan and Marc IanMcNally, and Bobby Walton. naco.

SB Youth Travels to Nashville for Model UN Conference

William Higgins of South Boston, a sophomore at Boston College High School, a member of the school’s Model United Nations Club, traveled to Nashville, Tenn for a three day conference at Vanderbilt University. At the assembly, Higgins won a best delegate award in the U.S. Senate. While in Nashville, Higgins and his 22 fellow students dined at the historic Wildhorse Saloon, where he learned to dance the two-step.The group also toured Vanderbilt University and visited Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, which included his grave site, mansion, estate and Presidential Library.

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12 December 12, 2013


Hometown Authors Reception On December 9, Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Hotel Commonwealth in Boston hosted the 2013 Hometown Authors Reception benefitting the mayor’s literary charity, ReadBoston. Book lovers and holiday shoppers alike gathered at the hotel to meet some of Boston’s most beloved authors, shop their latest releases and receive personal inscriptions as thoughtful gifts or treasured keepsakes. More than 20 beloved Bos-

ton-area authors were present, including: Pulitzer Prize-winner Paul Harding (Tinkers); ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan (When the Game was Ours); and Mark Bodanza with guest Jo Jo White (Make It Count: The Life and Times of Basketball Great Jo Jo White). The Dropkick Murphys performed a four-song acoustic set to the crowd. The event marked the last year Menino will attend as mayor of Boston.

Boston Common Tree Lighting

Mayor Thomas M. Menino flips the switch to light up the City of Boston’s official Christmas tree as WCVB TV’s Anthony Everett and JC Monahan cheer him on at the City’s 72nd annual Boston Common Tree Lighting on December 5. The evening’s entertainment included New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre, “American Idol” Season 11 finalist Erika Van Pelt, Blue Man Group, Nova Scotia band SQUID, Morning Star Baptist Church Gospel Choir, Boston Ballet, Boston Celtics official junior dance team LilPhunk, and Boston Red Sox pitcher Jim Corsi with the 2013 World Series trophy.

Photo: South Boston locals who were in attendance at last night’s event: Julie Livingston and Steve Livingston.

SB Soprano in “Messiah” Surrounded by his grandchildren and special guests including WCVB TV’s JC Monahan (left) and New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre (right), Mayor Thomas M. Menino gets ready to throw the switch as Santa Claus leads the crowd gathered on Boston Common into the countdown during the City of Boston’s 72nd annual tree lighting celebration on December 5. The holiday decorations throughout Boston Common and the Public Garden, including the City of Boston’s official Christmas tree from Halifax, a 47-foot white spruce donated by Mary Lou Milligan of Millcove, Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia, lit up in sequence.

South Boston’s Jane Crump is a soprano in the “Messiah” Choir at the Tremont Temple. On Saturday, the Choir, along with four soloists and the “Messiah “ Orchestra (conducted by the Temple’s Minister of Music, Geoffrey Dana Hicks, D.D.) performed George Frideric Handel’s “Messiah”, perhaps his most famous oratorio.

It was a magnificent performance in front of a full house in the Tremont Temple sanctuary. Jane is seated in the front row of the Choir, just to the left of the gentleman in a tuxedo. The other photograph shows her hitting a high note during the concluding “Hallelujah” Chorus.

Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block is flanked by Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constables Laure Seeley and Blair Dole on the Boston Common stage during the City of Boston’s 72nd annual Christmas tree lighting celebration on December 5. Mayor Thomas M. Menino lit the tree to the accompaniment of confetti and fireworks at the event hosted by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, title sponsor the Province of Nova Scotia, lead sponsor TripAdvisor’s, and presenting sponsors Distrigas/GDF SUEZ and Stop & Shop with additional support from WCVB-TV Channel 5, Magic 106.7 FM, the Boston Herald, and the Boston Globe.


December 12, 2013


Mayor Menino at Last Tree Lighting They gathered by the municipal parking lot on West Broadway, a half-block from Perkins Square. Mayor Menino graced us with his presence at the tree lighting for one last time, before he steps down in January. Hot chocolate, snow-white confetti, North Pole elves, the special Christmas trolley, and of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus were all on hand. By Rick Winterson

Mayor Menino confesses to mixed feelings about attending his last tree lighting as Mayor.

The City of Boston’s Christmas Trolley arrives at West Broadway to light the tree.

A Santa’s reindeer and Frosty the Snowman at the West Broadway tree lighting.

Santa looks on, as Mayor Menino counts down to the tree lighting – “… 4, 3, 2, ONE!”

A snowstorm of white confetti marks the lighting of the West Broadway tree.

The Mayor says goodbye at his last tree lighting. Note his “bat cane” from the Red Sox.

Of course, Christmas (and Santa Claus) are for kids.

The West Broadway Christmas tree in Perkins Square. It looks even better after dark.

14 December 12, 2013


INFORMAL PROBATE PUBLICATION NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Suffolk Division 24 New Chardon Street Boston, MA 02114 (617) 788-8300 Docket No. SU13P2141EA Estate of: Mary Elizabeth Nagle Also Known As: Mary E. Nagle Date of Death: June 2, 2013 To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Petition of Petitioner Evelyn A. McLaughlin of South Boston MA A Will has been admitted to informal probate. Evelyn A. McLaughlin of South Boston MA has been informally appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate to serve without surety on the bond. The estate is being administrated under informal procedure by the Personal Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court. Inventory and accounts are not required to be filed with the Court, but the interested parties are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. Interested parties are entitled to petition the Court to institute formal proceedings and to obtain orders terminating or restricting the powers of Personal Representative appointed under informal. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can be obtained from the Petitioner.

JANE GONZALES Happy Birthday Ma We wish you the happiest birthday, Ma. Please wish Rick a Happy Birthday (18th) form all of us. Birthday wishes, some do and don’t come true. Just like a prayer they are answered in different forms. I’ve wished to be able to have just one more conversation with Ma, just five minutes. Since that’s not physically possible, I look at her picture and talk to her that way. I do know she hears me. She sends answers in the only way she can now. It can be in a song or something someone says to me. It may sound far fetched, but if you truly believe, you’ll ge tthe answer, you just have to believe. Mom’s our guarding angel, watching over us, just as she always did. As always, I’ll light Birthday candles for you both, in the past two years. I’ve lost my brother (Gunzy) and my Dad (Tarzy). I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I send all my love to all the ones I love and miss up above. Til we meet agai, I’ll see you in my dreams, Nayna



December 12, 2013




Hashey, Phillip D

Hashey, Kathryn A

Caldwell, Nichols W

Caldwell, Kelli







58 I St Realty LLC

58 I St #1

South Boston




Wheeler, Michelle

685 E 5th St #11

South Boston




Maiorino, Brian

56 Story LLC

56 Story St

South Boston




Chan, Sing M

Dapkus, Robert L

64 G St

South Boston




49 Old Harbor St

South Boston




Walsh, Michael J

Mercke, Erica

Lear, Michael J

Possehl, James H

Possehi, Jill F

Fay, Nicholas A

Fay, Mark A

160 M St

South Boston




Conant, James

Hurley, Patrick J

Hurley, Katherine

587 E 8th St #3

South Boston




Hamilton, Terrance J

Mclaughlin, Randy

Mclaughlin, Terry

86 O St #1

South Boston




Fitzpatrick, Ryan

Dickinson, Richard A

Dickinson, Eileen L

177 W 5th St #3

South Boston




Lee, Megan E

Boudreau, Elizabeth

366 Dorchester St #6

South Boston




Vander, Stoep N

610 E 6th St #3

South Boston




Singla, Naina S

402 E 3rd St #1

South Boston




649 E 3rd St #2

South Boston




176 L St #3

South Boston




Moynihan, Michael T

Moynihan, Joanna K

402 East 3rd Street RT

Heyer-Cardin, Shannyn Singla, Aneesh

Smith, Kenneth J Guanci, Michael R

VanderStoep, S G

Smith, Kerri A Palame, Megan J

Grady, Julie P

Grady, Gavin W

Romero, Charles M

Romero, Daniel W

9 W Broadway #301

South Boston




Flanagan, Brendan

Decker, Francis J

25 Channel Center St #806





500 Atlantic Ave #16F





318 K St #2

South Boston




Palace RT

Margolis, Paul A

Ellendale Management Co

Omalley, Alan A

Roth, Rebecca L

Cozzi, Paolo

Callahan, Michael J

Callahan, Caitlin E

Callahan, Allyson

161 Emerson St #161

South Boston




Gannon, Paul

Gannon, Colleen

Shoji-Sinkus, Debra

653 E 2nd St #208

South Boston




653 E 2nd St #108

South Boston




47 Ward St

South Boston




Cozzi, Kathleen

Ostroff, Erik S

Kaufman, Eric

Kerrigan, Matthew

Smith, Deanna

Gustin, Michael T

Kelly, Brian P

Kelly, Cailyn

357 W 4th St #3

South Boston




Ungar, Staci

Ashley Goliti T

Goliti, Ashley

346 Congress St #214





Dipietro, Christopher

Horton, Douglas P

Horton, Kelly C

133 M St #1

South Boston




Kenneally, Matthew

Niekerk, Leslie C

7 Peters St #2

South Boston




Folino, Mark L

Whitman, Philip

724 E 3rd St #2

South Boston




Ostroff, Jennifer A

Whitman, Shannon

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INFORMAL PROBATE PUBLICATION NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Suffolk Division 24 New Chardon Street Boston MA, 02114 (617) 788-8300 Docket No. SU13P1103EA Estate of: Edward Dudley Cloherty Date of Death: April 13, 2013


To all persons interested in the above captioned estate, by Petition of Petitioner John J. Cloherty of South Boston MA a Will has been admitted to informal probate. John J. Cloherty of South Boston MA has been informally appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate to serve without surety on the bond. The estate is being administered under informal procedure by the Personal Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court. Inventory and accounts are not required to be filed with the Court, but interested parties are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. Interested parties are entitled to petition the Court to institute formal proceedings and to obtain orders terminating or restricting the powers of Personal Representative appointed under informal procedure. A copy of the Petition and Will, if any, can be obtained from the Petitioner.

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