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Continuing the Good Work

they perform each Thanksgiving Day. This Year of Our Lord 2022 is no exception. Perhaps as many as 50 volunteers sent out complete turkey dinners, along with all the trimmin’s, to South Bostonians who otherwise might have had to do without. The traditions established by Msgr. McDonnell, the last Pastor of St. Augustine Church, and Frank Kelley, a Mess Sergeant, are continuing.

Christmas Stroll Tonight

The “Msgr. Thomas J. McDonnell and Frank Kelley Thanksgiving Dinners”, as well as the many volunteers who are members, are still continuing the good work

Now we certainly recognize that numbers can be dull reading, but perhaps just a few numbers are worth mentioning here. It has been 39 years since the McDonnell/Kelley Dinners began their Thanksgiving mission of providing feasts for free, in and around South Boston. That’s approximately 15,000 dinners served in total during the previous years. More than 600 were delivered this year. For a moment, please just

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Edward and Telly from Stapleton’s Florist are placing Christmas lights on our Branch Library’s Christmas tree, in time for South Boston’s Holiday Stroll Tonight from 4 to 8 p.m.

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Cathe Walsh, Longtime Volunteer.

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Good Work

think about only the apple pie. Six hundred apple pie servings would extend exactly from one goal line of a regulation football field to the other – that’s a lot of apples and a lot of piecrust!

Tommy Butler, Dan Manning, Cathe Walsh, and Marissa Walsh headed up the volunteers, who included many of our elected officials, folks from every walk of life, goodhearted people from all over South Boston, and even students from B.C. High. And make no mistake, the McDonnell/ Kelley dinners take a lot of

work – cooking for days, hours of assembling the dinners, then delivering them, and the cleaning up afterwards. Thanks are also due to St. Monica Church for the use of their kitchen facilities.

Michelle Reilly, Executive Director of Julie’s

Basic Education) and Career Services provide answers to this need. The key goal in ABE is for students to gain “High School Equivalency” that results in obtaining a HiSET diploma. This can then lead to further education or better on-the-job qualifications. The ABE classes are flexible (mornings, afternoons, evenings); Julie’s has more than 100 ABE students enrolled.

efforts. As we said above, these are just a few examples of Michelle’s manyfaceted mission of support at Julie’s.

Michelle sees Julie’s values as student centered, within a welcoming and inclusive community agency. “We are all one organization”, she says. Personally, Michelle’s education includes a degree from Smith College (Northampton) and a Master’s in City

Planning from M.I.T. She has decades of pertinent community experience. Her husband Mark works in public policy advocacy for Jumpstart, and their home is in Dedham. Two of their three children – Allison and Eric – are in college; Justin is a Senior in high school. In her spare time, Michelle volunteers her financial expertise

Four months ago, Michelle Persson Reilly assumed the position of Executive Director of Julie’s Family Learning Program. Julie’s (as it’s affectionately called in South Boston) is located in the George Robert White building at 133 Dorchester Street – between Fourth and Gold Streets, near Perkins Square. Our interview with Michelle both began and ended with her emphasizing how much she enjoys overseeing the many services provided by Julie’s staff to the community.

We discussed the roles that Julie’s is now performing: the “core” role at Julie’s of course is the program for educating single mothers and their infant and toddler children, which was established nearly 50 years ago in the D Street Project. Right now, about 20 mothers are taking part. This educational service has expanded to include Family Development Services of many kinds – personal health, budgeting, childcare, familyrelated advocacy, getting a job, and so on – as in “What’s my next step?”

In more recent years, Julie’s is now meeting a much-increased demand for adult education. At this moment in history, jobs are plentiful and workers to fill them are scarce, but many of these positions turn into dead ends. Julie’s ABE (Adult

Although Julie’s programs and service offerings are almost all connected with educating adults and children of various ages, we were intrigued by the fact that Michelle herself does no teaching. Instead, her workday involves performing a support mission – the key mission of overseeing and supporting Julie’s teachers, who are at the core of what goes on there every day. Michelle’s 20-plus years of experience in non-profit sector management fully qualifies her for this.

As just a few examples of what she does, Michelle’s abilities in event planning, especially for fundraising, are focused right now on Julie’s upcoming “Annual Winter Event” on Friday, December 16. This event consists of a catered supper at Symphony Hall (6 p.m.) followed by a Boston Pops Concert (8 p.m.) conducted by Keith Lockhart. In addition to celebrating Julie’s past year, the 2022 Julie’s Angel Awards will be conferred upon the family of Colin McGrath. Colin’s tragic death led his family to establish “Colin’s Joy Project”, a generous source of funds that supports community efforts to benefit youth. Check this out for yourself – Julie’s Annual Winter Event is a marvelous Holiday “Time”.

Connected with this are Michelle’s plans for upgrading the library at Julie’s, perhaps in 2023. Already a source of learning for the children at Julie’s, her plans for their library include renovating and expanding it so it’ll become a family center, too. This will be a great convenience for parents and kids who get to Julie’s early, or who are waiting for a ride at the end of the day, or who are going to evening classes on a cold winter’s night. And she is seeking more volunteers to assist the 10 volunteers already supporting Julie’s

Michelle Reilly at her work in Julie’s head office. A volunteer tutor working with students Workforce Development Instructor/Advisor Joan Rush with students who completed her office skills class by serving on local committees. Enjoying the infant room

Women in the Trades: Part 3

“Working hands do this work,” said South Boston daughter and Union 223 Laborer, Leanne Boylan, 57, and no one can tell the story better than she can. She has worked on a number of projects that have recreated the city while living her long-evolved dream.

Graduating from Gate of Heaven and Cardinal Cushing High School, she began working at Joseph’s Bakery and stayed there for twenty-seven years.

“My mother was old school, she wouldn’t go beyond H. St,” she said laughing and agreed that she followed suit but had her eye on becoming a tradeswoman for years. “Someone came into the bakery who had a union hat on, and it was Martin Walsh! I was hoping to meet up with him and he encouraged me, but a lot of people said I couldn’t do it, so I dropped it for years. I connected again in 2000 and started on A street in the Central Artery Project.

“Sure, it’s cold and hot and even though the pay and benefits are good, time off isn’t easy, and

with safety, you just never know, but I’ve been lucky,” she said.

Quality in baking or construction is something Leanne takes seriously. She knows good products and design from many years of being on the ground floor.

“When you see things, all come together, it is great,

and you know it will hold up. Others wouldn’t stand up to Fisher-Price,” she said, in her straightforward way.

“It has changed a lot now. There weren’t many women in the trades, and I just didn’t know what I was getting into, but now there is an apprenticeship program, and you’re better prepared,” she said. I needed something secure and finally did it, and I am glad I did.

Rumors abound about treatment of women in most work environments, and perhaps even more in a male dominant field, but Leanne Boylan is clear.

“I have been absolutely, 100 percent, treated well,” she said. “I like everything about the work; the people I work with, and you have to be on the job site to really understand. It all comes together, and it is just unbelievable.”

Leanne’s cherished mother, Rosalie (Zaniboni) Boylan, has since died, but not before raising Leanne and her brother as a single parent, and buying a Dorchester condo at seventy-two when her long standing rental apartment in South Boston was

sold. Leanne loved South Boston and still easily recalls her life on streets much different than today. “Everyone knew everyone,” she said, and it seems she still does know who lived where and the inevitable successes and foibles.

“Would I recommend this to other women. Yes, I would tell them that the younger the better. You get stability in life, and that is a good thing,” she said.

It took Leanne Boylan some time to find her way to some of the most significant construction projects in a city hardly recognizable. Once there, she has led a different life than her mother and devoted aunt, Gina Dugan, but their determination and devotion to the city is continued by the work of Leanne Boylan, currently working at another massive project at DotBlock.

She says that her body is riddled with arthritis and the physical conditions can be tough, but at the end of a long day and week, she hopes in the truck of a pal who is giving her a lift home and is a woman who seems quite satisfied with all she has accomplished.

Leanne Boylan, currently working at another massive project at DotBlock.

Senior Standouts

SB Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship Trust Fund Hands Out Awards

Since its founding in 1995, the South Boston Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship Trust Fund has awarded 232 grants for a total of $366,000 to the deserving youth of South Boston. This year’s awards continued that success with a record-breaking 15 recipients getting $2,500 each. The following students were awarded the scholarships at the Tynan Community Center on Nov. 25:


Boston Latin School - Massport Scholarship Grant Attending: UMass-Amherst


Lawrence Academy - Folan Family Memorial Scholarship Grant Attending: Salve Regina


Boston College High School - “L” Street Brownies Association Grant Attending: Stonehill College


Boston Latin School - Cunniff Family Scholarship Grant Attending: UMass-Lowell


Thayer Academy - South Boston Sports Hall of Fame Association Attending: Trinity College


Winsor School - Bob Nichols Memorial Scholarship Grant Attending: Elon University


Cathedral High School - Edward Sheehy Sr. Memorial Scholarship Grant Attending: Plymouth State University


Boston College High - Patricia Sheehy Memorial Scholarship Grant

Attending: Bryant University


Catholic Memorial High School - Sports Hall of Fame Trust Fund Attending: Mass. Maritime Academy


Newton Country Day - Perry DiNatale Scholarship Grant Attending: Fairfield University


Boston Latin School - Amazon Scholarship Grant Attending: Boston University


Boston College High School - Amazon Scholarship Grant Attending: Emerson College


Boston Collegiate Charter School - Amazon Scholarship Grant Attending: UMass-Boston


Archbishop Williams High School -Sports Hall of Fame Trust Fund Attending: St. Anselm College


Catholic Memorial High School - So. Boston Sports Hall of Fame Fund Attending: Duke

The Fund was established to provide scholarship grants to South Boston students who are academically excellent, have a reasonable family need, and demonstrate good citizenship and community involvement. The grant program is educational in nature and services all South Boston high school graduates regardless of where they attend school. The Committee thanks the Tynan Community Center and acknowledges Ed Buccigross for his tireless efforts in ensuring the annual success of the scholarship program.


It was a timely and fitting ceremony, which capped off a bustling, scenic Seaport Saturday. Martin’s Park, where Martin Richard’s namesake Ship is located, was overflowing with a festive crowd. They had gathered to watch his Ship being lit up for Christmas at sunset on the Eve of the first Sunday in Advent.

To go along with this, the entire Seaport District was alive. Seaport Boulevard sidewalks were crowded but

Martin’s Park Ship Lights Up

pedestrians moved swiftly The 120 shops in Snowport drew crowds that became so jam-packed they required shoppers to wait in long, long lines before entering.

At 4 p.m. Martin’s Park began filling up – mostly by families with their children in tow. Martin’s Park is located on the Smith Family’s Waterfront at Fort Point Channel, where Seaport Boulevard joins the Evelyn Moakley Bridge. The Park is on the same Sleeper Street block as the Children’s Museum; it occupies the same section of the Channel as the Tea Party Ships. Martin’s Park was built as a uniquely special memorial to Martin Richard, who at eight years of age was the youngest to die in the 2013 Marathon bombing.

There’s no doubt the Ship Lighting was celebrated as an outdoor Christmas party for children. Youngsters ran all over the Park, especially over the bridges and onto the playground equipment –slides, tunnels, climbing apparati, and the Ship itself, mounted on a synthetic “wave” that was a treat to climb up and then slide down. The crowd was joyfully entertained by a quartet of

Christmas singers called “Ball in the House”. Seaport’s Betty the Yeti put in an appearance. Complimentary refreshments were provided by Tuscan Kitchen, Caffe Nero, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Just as the sun was setting, Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived via Fort Point Channel on a BPD Harbor Unit that docked nearby. They mingled with the by now huge crowd of families, friends, and kids, kids, kids of all ages.

At nightfall, a broadly smiling

Mayor Michelle Wu arrived to actually flip the switch that lit the Martin’s Park Ship. She was introduced by Parks Commissioner Ryan Woods, and was accompanied by City Council President Ed Flynn with his family (wife Kristen, daughter Caroline) and BPD Commissioner Michael Cox. Wu briefly gave her best wishes of the Season to the crowd, and then she well and truly flipped on the lights to the Ship.


Representative Biele and Sheriff Tompkins Announces Job Opportunities and Recruitment Drive

been committed to recruiting residents of Suffolk County to fill the great jobs available within the Department. And, because of the national staffing shortage, the Department is actively recruiting candidates for a variety of positions. These are good jobs with good pay and great benefits.

of our Correction Officer Training Academy. No security of law enforcement experience is required.”

State Representative David Biele and Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins jointly announced a special initiative to recruit and hire correction officers at the Suffolk County Department (SCSD) in Boston. Sheriff Tompkins has always

“I am asking Representative Biele to help me inform our mutual constituents of my Department’s need for correction officer recruits,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “While SCSD cannot guarantee that we will be able to hire every constituent whom my partners in government prospectively refer to our attention, we will ensure every applicant will get a very serious scrutiny of their ability to meet basic qualifications, and every chance to succeed in meeting the writing and physical requirements

“I’m happy to work with Sheriff Tompkins to inform residents about these these good paying jobs and career opportunities,” said Rep. Biele. “I’m grateful to Sheriff Tompkins on being proactive in his recruitment effort by getting the information out to our mutual constituents. I would encourage all interested residents to learn more about these opportunities and my office is ready to connect individuals with additional information about these jobs and how to apply for these opportunities.”

Correction officer applicants must be a U.S. citizen, a High School graduate. At least 21 years of age at appointment and in possession of a valid license to operate a motor vehicle. If successful in passing

the Suffolk County Correction Officer Training Academy, benefits available to first- year Correction Officers include an average first -year starting salary of $49,000$69,000 (with applicable bonuses and overtime), enrollment in the MA Group Insurance Commission for generously subsidized health insurance, free dental, and vision insurance coverage, availability of a tuition remission program and entry into the MA State Employee Retirement System.

South Boston residents interested in learning more about this special recruitment imitative and Correction Officer Training Academy requirements are invite to visit the careers section of the Department’s website at careers, or by calling 617-704-6463 during normal business hours.

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Congratulations to our New Student Council Members

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, our Student Council members led all of us at South Boston Catholic Academy in our Annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service before we left for our Thanksgiving Break. The President of the Student Council spoke over the school’s intercom system and welcomed everyone to this year’s Thanksgiving Prayer Service. The Opening Prayer was read by the Vice President… “O Heavenly Father: We thank Thee for food and remember the hungry. We thank Thee for health and remember the sick. We thank Thee for friends and remember the friendless. We thank Thee for Freedom and remember the enslaved. May these remembrances stir us to service. That Thy gifts to us may be used for others. Amen.” Followed by the other Student Council Members who read passages from the Bible and took turns sharing what we are Thankful to God for followed by all of us responding… “Thank you, Lord.”

We are thankful to our newly elected Student Council Members for doing such a wonderful job with this year’s SBCA Thanksgiving Prayer Service. The SBCA Student Council is made up of students from grades 2 to 6 dedicated to making our SBCA Community the best it can be. They are the leaders of the school representing their classmates’ suggestions, interests, and goals. They are

role models showing respect, kindness, and enthusiasm for all in our school community and for everyone they meet. Through their ideas and hard work, they help to make our school fundraisers and special events possible for their classmates and our community.

The student council has also been busy working on keeping our school beautiful. We are very thankful for our student council members for raking the leaves out in the front making our school look even more beautiful and it’s all thanks to our class reps and council members! We are so lucky to have such a great student

support team! We would also like to thank Ms. Stephanie Olsen, the 3A teacher, for all her help, support, and guidance with this year’s Student Council members.

We hope and pray everyone had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. This past Sunday marked the First Sunday of Advent and we are getting ready for the Advent season which is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas. The word Advent originates from the Latin word “Adventus” which means “coming” or “arrival.” “It is the beautiful task of Advent to awaken in all of us memories of goodness and thus to open doors

of hope.” - Pope Benedict XVI. The Advent Season is focused on preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ in all ways, from His birth in the past to His Second Coming in the future as the Messiah. The four Advent candles that we light on each of the following Sundays leading up to Christmas and celebrating Jesus’ Birthday, readily demonstrate the strong contrast between darkness and light, which is an important biblical image. Jesus referred to himself as the “Light of the World” that dispels the darkness of sin: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life” (John 8:12).




9 SOUTHBOSTONONLINE.COM THURSDAY DECEMBER 1, 2022 BPDA Income-Restricted Rental Opportunity Terra On Lenox 11 East Lenox Street Roxbury, MA 02118 4 Income-Restricted Units # of Units # of Bedrooms Estimated Square Footage Rent Maximum Income Limit (% AMI) # built out for Mobility Impairments # built out for Mobility and Deaf/Hard of Hearing 1 Studio 452 $1,257 70% 1 1 1 Bedroom 699 $1,473 70% 1 2 Bedroom 867 $1,417 60% 1 1 3 Bedroom 1,019 $1,586 60% Minimum Incomes (set by owner + based on # of bedrooms + Area Median Income (AMI)) Maximum Incomes (set by BPDA + based on household size + Area Median Income (AMI)) # of Bedrooms Minimum Income 60% AMI Minimum Income 70% AMI Household Size Maximum Income 60% AMI Maximum Income 70% AMI Studio $37,710 1 $58,900 $68,750 2 $67,300 $78,550 1 Bedroom $44,190 3 $75,700 $88,350 2 Bedroom $42,510 4 $84,100 $98,150 3 Bedroom $47,580 5 $90,850 $106,050 6 $97,600 $113,900 Minimum incomes do not apply to households receiving housing assistance such as Section 8, MRVP, or VASH Maximum Asset Limit 60% AMI; 70% AMI $75,000 Does not include retirement. Does include Real Estate. For more information, please visit: or contact us via email at or phone at (617) 639 3064 Ext 752. Applications are available during the application period, from November 21st, 2022 through December 7th, 2022. To request an online application or to have one sent by email, visit or call (617) 639 3064 Ext 752. After careful consideration and
● Selection by Lottery. Asset & Use Restrictions apply. ● Preference for Boston Residents. ● Preference for Households with at least one person per bedroom. 3 Bedroom unit has 2 person minimum requirement. BPDA Income-Restricted Rental Opportunity Terra On Lenox 11 East Lenox Street Roxbury, MA 02118 For more information, language assistance, or reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, please call (617) 639-3064 Ext 752 or email For more on BPDA program eligibility, please visit Equal Housing Opportunity Equal Housing Opportunit
an abundance of caution, the City of Boston has decided to cancel the in person application distribution period. If you cannot complete the application online, please call us at (617) 639 3064 Ext 752, to request that we mail you one and to ask us for any support or guidance you might need to complete the application. DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted online or postmarked no later than Wednesday, December 7th, 2022.
to: Maloney Properties, Inc.
Terra On Lenox Lottery 27 Mica Lane, Wellesley, MA 02481
Pine Street Inn hosted their annual turkey carving. Mayor
Michelle Wu, Charlie MacAvoy of the Boston Bruins and others were on hand for the celebration.
Players Help Serve
to the Homeless


7 Channel Center Public Meeting

Wednesday, December 7 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Project Proponent: 7 CC 73 Owner, LLC

Zoom Link: Toll Free: (833) 568 - 8864 Meeting ID: 161 716 4623

Project Description: 7 CC 73 Owner, LLC (the “Proponent”) proposes to redevelop 7 Channel Center Street in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston (the “Redevelopment Site”), by constructing a new office/research and development (“R&D”) building (the “Redevelopment”). The Redevelopment is a part of the Channel Center Project (the “Channel Center Project” or the “Project”) which was originally reviewed by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (“BRA”) in the early 2000s. Since that time, six Notices of Project Change have been submitted for review and approval. This seventh Notice of Project Change (“Seventh NPC”) is for the Redevelopment Site only; the remainder of the Channel Center Project will remain as previously approved.

mail to: Daniel Polanco

Boston Planning & Development Agency

One City Hall Square, 9th Floor Boston, MA 02201 phone: 617-918-460 email:

Close of Comment Period: 12/9/2022

Virtual Public Meeting

Seaport Square

Monday, December 5

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Project Proponent: W/S

Zoom Link: Toll Free: (833) 568 - 8864 Meeting ID: 160 714 8957

Project Description: The BPDA is hosting a virtual Public Meeting meeting for the proposed Notice of Project Change for the Seaport Square project, in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an overview of the project, and discuss the potential impacts and mitigation for the project. The meeting will include a presentation followed by questions and comments from the public.

For more information visit:

mail to: Nick Carter

Boston Planning & Development Agency

One City Hall Square, 9th Floor Boston, MA 02201 phone: 617.918.5303 email:

Teresa Polhemus, Executive Director/Secretary

Docket No. Commonwealth of Massachusetts CITATION ON PETITION TO CHANGE NAME In the matter of: Julia Marla Albrecht A Petition to Change Name of Adult has been filed by Julia Maria Albrecht SU22C0550CA of South Boston requesting that the court enter a Decree changing their name to: Julia Maritza Molina IMPORTANT NOTICE The Trial Court Probate and Family Court
Any person may appear for purposes of objecting to the petition by filing an appearance at: Suffolk Probate and Family Court before 10:00 a.m. on the return day of 12/22/2022. This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance if you object to this proceeding. WITNESS, Hon. Brian J. Dunn, First Justice of this Court. Date: November 17, 2022
Suffolk Probate and Family Court 24 New Chardon Street Boston, MA 02114 (617)788-8300
Paul J. Gannon PC General Practice of Law No Charge for Initial Consultation 82 West Broadway South Boston, MA (617)269-1993 Criminal Defense Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents Establishment of Corporations, LLCs Wills & Estate Planning Real Estate Litigation Probate The Law Office of
Teresa Polhemus, Executive Director/Secretary



a deadline by which you must file a written appearance and objection if you object to this proceeding. If you fail to file a timely written appearance and objection followed by an affidavit of objections within thirty (30) days of the return day, action may be taken without further notice to you.


The Zoning Commission of the City of Boston hereby gives notice, in accordance with Chapter 665 of the Acts of 1956, as amended, that a virtual public hearing will be held on December 14, 2022, at 9:15 A.M., in connection with the Third Amendment to Second Amended and Restated Development Plan for 49, 51 and 53 Melcher Street within Planned Development Area No. 69, The 100 Acres (“Third Amendment”) filed by the Boston Redevelopment Authority d/b/a the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

Said Third Amendment proposes to change the building use from office to life science laboratory with supporting office and accessory uses, including certain associated exterior building upgrades.

This meeting will only be held virtually and not in person. You can participate in this meeting by going to December2022. A copy of the petition, the proposed Third Amendment and a map of the area involved may be obtained from the Zoning Commission electronically, and you may also submit written comments or questions to

Interpreting services are available to communicate information at this hearing. If you require interpreting services, please contact the following: or 617-918-4308. The meeting is scheduled for December 14, 2022. Please request interpreting services no later than December 10, 2022.

Jeffrey M. Hampton Executive Secretary

11 SOUTHBOSTONONLINE.COM THURSDAY DECEMBER 1, 2022CITATION ON PETITION TO CHANGE NAME I Docket No. SU22C0636CA Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court : In the matter of: Robert Mlchael Glavln A Petition to Change Name of Minor has been filed by Robert Michael Glavin of Boston r e.Q.t.Les.tirig .changing their name.lo; Robert Michael Carr IMPORTANT NOTICE Probate and Family Court Suffolk Probate and Family Court 24 New Chardon Street Boston. MA 02114 (617)788-8300 iAny person may appear for purposes of objecting to the petition by filing an appearance at: jsuffolk Probate and Family Court before 10:00 a.m. on the return day of 12/15/2022. �This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance if you object to this lproceeding. WITNESS. Hon. Brian J. Dunn, First Justice of this Court. Date: November 15. 2022 Fei1x 6Arrr:ryc. Regis� ,Jf Prebare MA .
For the Commission
CITATION ON PETITION FOR FORMAL ADJUDICATION Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court SU22P2645EA Probate and Family Court Estate of: 03/01/2013 Date of Death: Suffolk Probate and Family Court 24 New Chardon Street
Claire M Guerin A Petition for Late and Limited Formal Testacy and/or Appointment has been filed by Anne Lane of Marietta GA requesting that the Court enter a formal Decree and Order and for such other relief as requested
Boston, MA 02114 (617)788-8300
in the Petition. GA Marietta of Anne Lane be appointed as Personal Representative(s) of said estate to serve Without Surety on the bond in unsupervised administration The Petitioner requests that:
all interested persons:
No. You have the right to obtain a copy of the Petition from the Petitioner or at the Court. You have a right to object to this proceeding. To do so, you or your attorney must file a written appearance and objection at this Court before: 10:00 a.m. on the return day of 01/04/2023 This is NOT a hearing date, but
PUBLISH ONLY THE CITATION ABOVE Felix D Arroyo, Register of Probate WITNESS, Hon. Brian J. Dunn, First Justice of this Court. November 23, 2022 Date: IMPORTANT NOTICE A Personal Representative appointed under the MUPC in an unsupervised administration is not required to file an inventory or annual accounts with the Court. Persons interested in the estate are entitled to notice regarding the administration directly from the Personal Representative and may petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including the distribution of assets and expenses of administration. UNSUPERVISED ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE MASSACHUSETTS UNIFORM PROBATE CODE (MUPC)
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