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Feeding the Hungry

South Boston Real Estate Update

By Rachel O’Reilly


ith the start of Autumn upon us in the city of Boston, the real estate market has held its own in the face of what has undoubtedly been, and continues to be, uncertain financial times for many in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. Considering the city was shut down for the better part of three months, it is an exciting time to be involved in buying, selling, or renting. Boston, more or less the capital of New England, has proven in four months that there is a pent-up demand for housing. It has rebounded the best in the country with a diverse landscape and manageable size. While small, its rich history, diverse economy, and oceanfront make it among the most interesting and appealing to many, even as our future may be increasingly in telecommuting. Within Boston, Southie is assisting in that boom, with condos,


single & multi-units aplenty. Condos represent 90% of the year to date’s market sales with 352 purchases vs. 22 singles and 18 multis, according to the market reports at mlspin.com. The medium sales price for condominiums YTD 2020 is $774,500, an increase of $5,500 or .72%. Multi-family home and singlefamily home prices have increased 1.38% and 5.79%, YTD, respectively. Jackie Rooney, one of the city’s top brokers and owner of Rooney Real Estate, LLC in South Boston, shares his concern for the market. “Although the real estate market has shown to have much resiliency, there are some red flags; As of October 1, there were still 297 apartments available for rent, and the current condo inventory is up to 206 units.” This comes as no surprise as we have seen and heard news reports citing various reasons for vacancies, all of which Rooney echoes, “College

One in 8 people in Massachusetts is expected to struggle with hunger or experience food insecurity due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Feeding America, 2020). Compass on the Bay wanted to do their part to help neighbors in need by holding a food drive to benefit South Boston Neighborhood House, which serves area seniors by providing social opportunities and other . Jane Babin, SBNH, accepting food donations from Compass on the Bay.

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1.75 % 2.50 % APR+



1st 6 months then prime minus .75% for life

current fully-indexed rate

the best


Super-EASY Online Application at massbaycu.org/heloc, or call (617) 269-2700 or visit our South Boston branch.

Serving Greater Boston since 1936. Federally insured by NCUA



+ APR= Annual Percentage Rate. 1.75% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is an introductory rate for the first six months. After the introductory period, rate on the outstanding balances will revert to Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the first day of the calendar month minus (-) 0.75%. Prime rate as of 04/01/2020 is 3.25%. The APR may vary monthly. Minimum rate 2.50% and maximum rate 18.00%. 10 year draw period. 15 year repayment period. Minimum $10,000 draw at closing and $1,000 advances thereafter. 80% combined LTV to $200,000 (</=70% LTV $300,000). Proof of adequate property insurance required and Flood Insurance may also be required. Subject to credit approval. Other terms and restrictions apply including 620 minimum credit score. Offer subject to change without notice. NMLS ID #615913



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Real Estate

graduates who were promised internships or employment suddenly had their offers pulled; existing tenants lost their jobs, were furloughed, or experienced some other sort of job uncertainty; students in higher education are unsure of their return to classes, all causing the city to have an oversupply of vacant homes; the push for baby boomers and empty nesters to return to the city, as has been happening over the last 15 years, has come to a halt citing the pandemic, density, & political unrest during a presidential election year as causes to remain in the suburbs at least for the time being.” Additionally, permitted rental building real estate can be found in abundance. Reports of 4-5,000 permitted units in South Boston and the Seaport have us questioning whether there is enough demand in these buildings due to the pandemic or if the brakes ought to be put on said projects. With their flexibility in lowering rental costs or offering two to three months rent-free, there is certainly an effect on the 3-family entity. At what point does the population become incapable of absorbing such a saturated market? Due to condo conversion, there are fewer multi-family homes. Last year at this time, 37 multis sold, versus 18 this year. The city’s cycle of growth has been on an upward trajectory for the past decade. However, the amount of property to be sold has the potential to skyrocket in this era of social distancing if investors do not see the desired profit and opt-out. The current condo inventory is up over 68 units higher than this point last year, mostly attributed to the number of listed units YTD, 742 condos in 2020 vs. 611 condos in 2019. This has increased the month’s supply from 3.2 months in 2019 to 5.35 months in 2020. Although we are 100 transactions off of last year’s pace in terms of closed sales, the amount that went pending (units that have gone under agreement) are only 30 units behind, indicating that the sales will eventually close the gap by year’s end. Condos are 71 sales off last year’s pace, but within 14 for the YTD pending units. Historically, January through June is the best time for the housing market, while August and September tend to

down cycle as we take any opportunity to soak up summer vacation. Outside of this year’s standstill from March through May, much of this is dependent upon the winter’s snow accumulation, as well as the National Football

League’s playoff season and Super Bowl. We will continue to observe these listings regarding the spike in existing turnover while noting impressive market resiliency despite the odds and all that 2020 has thrown our way.

(Jackie Rooney of Rooney Real Estate is a Certified Luxury Home Specialist and one of the premiere listing agents in the Boston Area. He can be reached at 617-6455370 or Jackie@Rooney-Re.com.)



Methadone Mile Clean Up

Brianne R. Fitzgerald RN, NP, MPH (With special thanks to Evangelos Adamas-Nomikos LADC-1)


t’s a start Mayor Walsh, and we appreciate the effort, but more needs to be done than a few random arrests. Those “bottom feeders,” low-level drug users/dealers who are selling Gabapentin among other drugs, are not the folks you need to go after. Those individuals need 30 days of treatment, at the very least, courtesy of Mass Health. Let the Boston Police Department do their job. They have the skills and the contacts within the community to begin to clean up the diseaseinfested filth. I mean the trash

and empty pill bottles, dirty needles, discarded clothes, halfeaten food containers, and other paraphernalia commonly seen on Methadone Mile and thereabouts. Access to the empty pill bottles might be a unique place to target the clean-up this month. Physicians and nurse practitioners write the prescriptions for suboxone, Gabapentin, and benzodiazepines to many individuals who call Methadone Mile home? The street outreach workers should pick up those empties and drop them off that the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC). A review of the names of the prescribers on said bottles is the next step. Alert the prescribers that their names are on medications found in the street. There is already a system in place: the prescription monitoring program (PMP) that documents the names of all controlled substances being prescribed and by whom. Prescribers are expected to review the PMP before writing any controlled

substances; many do not. Gabapentin was added to the Massachusetts prescription monitoring system in August 2017 as it was becoming a “drug of concern.” Gabapentin is one of the most prescribed and misused medications in the state. In 2016 Gabapentin was the 10th most prescribed medication in the country. Gabapentin, colloquially called “Southie Sober” (a Red Bull and a handful of “johnnies) is a well-known local combination. Gabapentin was developed in the early ‘90s to address neuropathic pain associated with shingles and diabetic neuropathy. Since then, it has been used off label for everything from mood to seizures, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders. “The efficacy data for off-label use are limited at best. The literature first reported diversion and misuse of Gabapentin in 1997. Between 2009 and 2016, Gabapentin prescribing increased in every state. Individuals who are prescribed Gabapentin have significantly higher rates of

substance use disorder” (www.jmcp. org). March 2020 vol 26, N0.3). The initial impact upon taking gabapentin is similar to an opiate, a bit of a rush, and then some euphoria that occurs within 30-60 minutes of use. If you are hanging around, its effect is primarily fatigue and a mellow relaxation. As you increase the dose and couple it with an opioid and Red Bull or Monster, you feel a rush of energy. Tolerance and withdrawal are part of gabapentin misuse and much like an opioid withdrawal. Providers are currently providing up to 3200 mgs daily (800 mgs 4x a day) and at that dose that, taken along w suboxone or methadone, is a recipe for euphoria and or a possible overdose. Recent evidence has demonstrated that the combined use of an opioid and Gabapentin puts one at risk for fatal polysubstance overdoses. There are many ways to impact the Methadone Mile problem, and putting some focus on the government focused drug cartels, and dealers are yet another way.

LOCATIONS AND SCHEDULES SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 Registered Boston voters can vote at any early voting location in the City, including City Hall. Pick a time and place that is best for you. Los votantes registrados en Boston pueden votar en cualquier centro de votación adelantada en la ciudad, incluyendo en la Alcaldía de Boston. Elija la hora y el lugar que sea más conveniente para usted. DROPBOXES FOR VOTE-BY-MAIL BALLOTS AVAILABLE UNTIL NOVEMBER 3 (WILL BE NDER 24HR SURVEILLANCE) for more information visit: boston.gov/early-voting

OCT 19-23 & OCT 26-30 MON, WED, FRI, 9AM – 5PM & TUE & THRS, 9AM - 8PM Boston City Hall, One City Hall Square, Boston, MA 02201 SAT & SUN, OCT. 17 & 18, 11AM – 7PM BCYF Paris Street Gymnasium 112 Paris Street, East Boston, MA 02128 BCYF Quincy 885 Washington Street, Chinatown, MA 02111 District Hall 75 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 02210 (Seaport) Richard J. Murphy K-8 School Cafeteria 1 Worrell Street, Dorchester, MA 02122 Thelma Burns Building 575 Warren Street, Roxbury, MA 02121 Another Course to College Cafeteria 612 Metropolitan Avenue, Hyde Park, MA 02136 BCYF Roche Gymnasium 1716 Centre Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132 Dewitt Center 122 Dewitt Drive, Roxbury, MA 02120 Fenway Park (Gate A) 4 Jersey Street, Fenway, MA 02215 Jackson Mann School Auditorium 500 Cambridge Street, Allston MA 02135

TUESDAY OCTOBER 20 12PM - 8PM BCYF Paris Street Gymnasium 112 Paris Street, East Boston, MA 02128 BCYF Tobin (Lower Level) 1481 Tremont Street, Roxbury, MA 02120 THURSDAY OCTOBER 22 12PM - 8PM BCYF Shelburne Gymnasium 2730 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA 02119 Strand Theatre 543 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA 02125 TUESDAY OCTOBER 27 12 PM - 8PM St. George Orthodox Church of Boston 55 Emmonsdale Road, West Roxbury, MA 02132 BCYF Hyde Park 1179 River Street, Hyde Park, MA 02136 THURSDAY OCTOBER 29 12PM - 8PM Florian Hall 55 Hallet Street, Dorchester, MA 02122 Boys and Girls Club Mattapan Teen Center 10 Hazelton Street, Mattapan, MA 02126 In order to vote early or on Election Day, you must register to vote by October 24. Check your voter status at boston.gov/election Para poder votar por adelantado o el día de las elecciones, debe registrarse para votar antes del 24 de octubre. Consulte su estatus como votante en boston.gov/election

SAT & SUN, OCT. 24 & 25, 11AM – 7PM Harvard/Kent Elementary School Gymnasium 50 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown, MA 02129 James F. Condon School Cafeteria 200 D Street, South Boston, MA 02127 BCYF Perkins Gymnasium 155 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02124 Mildred Avenue K-8 School Gymnasium 5 Mildred Avenue, Mattapan, MA 02126 Saint Nectarios Greek Church Banquet Hall 39 Belgrade Avenue, Roslindale, MA 02131 Margarita Muñiz Academy Gymnasium 20 Child Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 BCYF Shelburne Gymnasium 2730 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA 02119 The Salvation Army Kroc Center 650 Dudley Street, Dorchester, MA 02125 Boston Public Library - Central Branch (McKim Building) 700 Boylston Street, Back Bay, MA 02116 Honan Allston Branch Library (Community Room) 300 North Harvard Street, Allston, MA 02134 If you miss the early voting period, you can still vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3. Si decide no votar por adelantado, todavía puede ir a votar en persona el día de las elecciones, que es el martes, 3 de noviembre. Learn more at boston.gov/early-voting Call 311 • election@boston.gov #VoteEarlyBoston Llamar 311 • election@boston.gov



The “Uncornered” Project by Rick Winterson


novel exhibit entitled The Uncornered Project is now being shown on Seaport Boulevard’s Green Common in the Boston Seaport development. The exhibit consists of 29 striking, larger-thanlife-size portrait photographs, all of which are black and white and all of which depict Bostonians. Each of these photographs carries a brief caption to one side that explains, in that individual’s own words, how the person pictured went from a “Cornered” status in in his or her life to becoming “Uncornered”. The Uncornered Project has an intro line that reads, “We all have the experience of feeling Cornered. This is the story of how we became Uncornered.” By creating striking portraits, as well as using his subjects’ own words, photographer John Huet has truly combined art and its message in a highly memorable

way. This Uncornered exhibit is enabled by a collaboration bet ween WS Development and Boston Seaport. You may listen to the Uncornered stories at bostonse apor t.x y z /le a rn. South Boston Online has selected six of these photographs for this article, which depict individuals who are likely to be familiar to you, our South Boston reader. William Gross is the current Commissioner of the Boston Police Department. He refers to his grandmother’s sage advice when he became a cop. Her advice began with, “Know your history, son … “, which led to his becoming Uncornered. Nearby Gross’s photograph is a likeness of Marty Walsh, the City of Boston’s Mayor, who claims he is not defined by his alcoholism, but instead by his recovery, saying “My recovery and the support I received along the way Uncornered me.” Linda Dorcena Forry, a Suffolk VP and our past

William Gross, Commissioner Boston Police Department

Linda Dorcena Forry, VP, Suffolk Construction

Martin Walsh, Mayor, City of Boston

Steven Tomkins, Sheriff, Suffolk County

Holloween Scavenger Hunt

Announcing the first-ever Jack O’Lantern’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt! ●

● ●

Due to ongoing concerns about group gatherings and large events amid the pandemic, the South Boston Chamber of Commerce has decided not to organize the annual Trick or Treat on Broadway event this year. While we are all very disappointed, we want to ensure everyone’s safety and hope to find new ways to celebrate Halloween. In lieu of Trick or Treat on Broadway, the Chamber will hold the first-ever ​Jack O’Lantern’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt ​throughout the month of October! Our friend Jack O’Lantern is being very cheeky this year and is hiding shamrocks in the Halloween decorations. We hope you will help us find them! The Scavenger Hunt is open to all ages, and participants will be entered into weekly raffles to win prizes. To Play Along: ○ Jack O’Lantern will be hiding shamrocks around South Boston. Businesses and residents can also hide a shamrock in their Halloween Decorations. ○ Residents and businesses can hide a shamrock they already have on hand, or visit ​www.southbostonchamber.org​ for a printable one to decorate. ○ Scavenger Hunt Cards will be available at the businesses listed at www.southbostonchamber.org​, or print a card from the Chamber website. ○ Check ​www.southbostonchamber.org​ or follow the Chamber’s social media to find out hints where Jack O’Lantern has hidden shamrocks throughout South Boston. ○ Go on the hunt! When you find a shamrock, fill out the Scavenger Hunt Card. ○ When you have found 10 shamrocks, drop your Scavenger Hunt Card off at one of the addresses printed on the card, or email a picture or scan of your card to us at info@southbostonchamber.org. ○ Each complete Scavenger Hunt Card will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a gift card and goodie bag, starting Friday, October 16. Multiple age-appropriate prizes will be awarded each week. ○ Questions? Please see ​www.southbostonchamber.org​ for more details

Jim Rooney, CEO, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce State Senator, felt unworthy when she entered college. Her professor spoke to her about her strength and ability – “He helped restore my belief in myself. He Uncornered me.” When he was a young man, Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins decided to intervene, and he got his mother sober and his sister into a safe place – “Through that action, I became Uncornered.” South Boston’s Jim Rooney, CEO of the Boston Chamber, mentioned that in Southie, you were defined by the place where you hung out. He states there were people in his

Devin McCourty, Safety, New England Patriots life who offered him an alternate path, which Uncornered him. Devin McCourty, star safety for the New England Patriots, mentioned his loss of confidence when he turned pro. He worried about failure, loss of values, and possible family disappointment. “My brother’s words a nd his faith Uncornered me.” Visit T he Uncornered Project yourself on the Boston Seaport’s Green Common. Take your time and be sure to read the notes that accompany each of the tall photographs.



Emergency Legislation Passed in Response to COVID-19


uring the ongoing Massachusetts 191st Genera l Court’s 2019-2020 session – which has been extended through legislative action – State Representative David Biele joined his colleagues in the House in passing emergency legislation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as major legislation relating to education, and transportation. Following a decisive vote to extend the formal legislative session, the House remains at work on bills vital to the Commonwealth. This action followed the passage of major legislation relating to the COVID-19 State of Emergency that included provisions to extend unemployment benefits, protect public hea lth and institute landmark provisions for remote voting in the House. The emergenc y legislation also created opportunities for

restaurants to serve alcohol, beer and wine for carry out service. For the first time in the history of the Commonwealth, the House voted on emergency rules to establish procedures for remote voting. These temporary changes enabled the House to vote on items requiring formal votes (such as a measure facilitating the postponement of the tax deadline) while reinforcing public hea lth a nd sa fet y. “I’m proud of the work done by the House session to support residents across the Commonwea lth,” said Rep. Biele. “We have adapted to unprecedented circumstances to pass legislation that protects public health and provides relief to residents and businesses impacted by COVID-19, while authorizing crucial investments in transportation and education. I look forward to continuing the important work of supporting our

community as session continues.” A mid a diff icult f iscal climate, the House also voted to keep Chapter 90 level-funded at $200 million for key repairs for the maintenance and upkeep of municipal roads and bridges in Massachusetts. As part of a sweeping economic development bill, the House passed legislation to legalize sports betting, provide supports to small businesses and at-risk populations and make investments in affordable housing. In recognition of the House’s commitment to a safe, accessible, and reliable transportation system, the House also approved an $18 billion investment in t he C om monwe a lt h ’s transportation infrastructure. The House passed health care legislation to facilitate the use of telemedicine as well as strengthen community hospitals to protect public health and increase access to health care.

At the start of this session, in 2019, the House passed several pieces of landmark legislation including an historic $1.5 billion statewide investment in public schools – known as the Student Opportunity Act. The House also passed legislation to reduce distracted driving, ensured that no student in-need would go hungr y by requiring breakfast after the school bell and passed legislation to create a care registry to protect persons with intellectual or developmental d i s a b i l it y from abuse. To address the complex hea lth a nd wellness needs of the Commonwealth’s 1.4 million children, the House led efforts this session passing comprehensive legislation to ensure increa sed access to services and a more holistic approach to children’s health a nd wellness suppor ts.



Councilor Flynn Hosts Community Preservation Act


District 2 Info Session

ity Councilor Ed meeting to allow residents and organizations to learn more Flynn partnered with about how they can utilize t he Communit y Preservation office to host an CPA funding to enhance our communit y. In the meeting, information session for District sta f f from the Communit y 2 residents on the Community Preservation office spoke about Preservation Act (CPA) on the funding application process, Tuesday, October 13th, 6pm the timeline, eligible projects, via Zoom. This meeting aimed other related information, and to provide information and took questions from residents. resources for residents, civic “With the new round of groups and organizations in applications for CPA funding District 2 who may want to apply for funding from the CPA. now available, we want to make sure that our neighbors have T he C PA prov ide s the information and resources funding for initiatives related to take full advantage of this to affordable housing, historic opportunit y,” said Councilor preservation, open space, and Fly n n. “I’m del ig hted to outdoor recreation facilities. partner with the city and CPA The application round for staff to host this meeting so the fall opened on October that residents can learn more 5th, 2020 and will close on about what t h i s f u nd i ng November 13th, 2020, a nd can do for our community.” interested applica nt s must For more information complete eligibility forms by this Friday, October 16th. on CPA, please visit https:// w w w.bos ton.g ov/c om mu n it yRecognizing the preser vation. For questions opportunities that CPA presents for residents and organizations on this informational session, who want to preser ve and ple a s e c ont a c t C ou nc i lor improve our neighborhoods, Flynn’s office at 617-635-3203 a nd e d . f l y n n @ b o s t on . g o v. Councilor Flynn hosted this

The (Census/Registration/ Election) Year of 2020 by Rick Winterson


outh Boston en Accion (the SBEA) wants you to know it’s that season again. They have taken steps to make sure that everyone in South Boston is counted in the 2020 Census, as well as being registered to vote in the 2020 General Elections. We don’t have to tell you about the importance of the Year 2020. First of all, this is the year of the 24th decennial U.S. Census since the first Constitutionally mandated Census was taken in 1790. This will count our entire population in the 50 states of America, its five territories, and Washington, D.C. – perhaps nearly as many as 350 million people (350,000,000). The U.S. is the third largest nation in the world; our Census is extremely important. Second of all, Tuesday, November 3, from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., is General Election Day. You will vote to elect your choice of the candidates you selected

last month in last month’s September 1 Primary Election. You will elect key officials to important offices, right from the President of the U.S.A. (the most important job in the world) on down to local elective offices. In this year of 2020, you can vote early, or vote by mail, or vote absentee, or vote by going to the polling places in person on Tuesday, the 3rd of November. But please register and then vote – this election is (very) important. The SBEA, along with United Way of Massachusetts, held two Census/ Get-Out-The-Vote rallies last Friday and Saturday afternoons. Their first rally was Friday, October 9, in the Old Colony/Anne M. Lynch Homes (1244 Columbia Road) from 3:30 to 6 p.m.; the second was Saturday, October 10, in the Old Harbor/Mary Ellen McCormack Homes (Sterling Square). Many hundreds of voters showed up; refreshments were served; there was even a DJ on hand at Old Harbor – in the person of BPD Officer Kenney Grubbs.


by Rick Winterson


Proposed Development at Amrhein’s Site

A proposa l to develop the Amrhein’s Family Dining property at A and West Broadway is in the “under review” phase at the Boston Planning and Development Agency (the BPDA). T he e x ist i ng site of Amrhein’s Family Dining at the corner of A Street and West Broadway contains the original Amrhein’s restaurant building, a major expansion that more than doubled the restaurant’s footprint, and a lot suitable for outdoor dining and parking for more than 40 passenger cars. The original restaurant building, which occupies the actual corner formed by A and Broadway, is a four-story structure that still holds the original part of the restaurant on the ground f loor, and now has six living quarters on the top three f loors. The restaurant opened in 1890, 130 years ago; its building was constructed in a definitive Victorian style – bow front, green copper, and all. Later on, the restaurant underwent a major expansion that more than doubled its f loor space, from about 2,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet (approx.). We understand that the one-story structure Amrhein’s expanded into had been used as a funeral parlor once upon a time. In recent years, since the turn of the 21st Century, Amrhein’s underwent a complete renovation that moved the bar area into the expansion’s one-story space, accompanied there by the elegant, handcarved wooden mirror assembly that once adorned the original restaurant (look for it when you visit Amrhein’s). We have been told that the mirror and its hand-carved framing/mounting were brought here from Ireland. As a matter of interest, Mul’s Diner, which was owned by Steve Mulrey and was located diagonally across the

The Amrhein’s expansion, bordering its large parking lot. A /Broadway intersection, was once part of the “Amrhein’s complex”. Recently, the diner’s lot was sold and taken over for a residential development project, which is under construction. Mul’s Diner, known for its earlymorning breakfasts and tasty lunches, now serves these in Amrhein’s, cooked by the Mul’s chefs and making that part of the “Amrhein’s complex” known for its daytime service, as well as for its family dining in the evenings. The development proposal mentioned above was submitted by the Matteson Companies and GFI Partners, using the more local name of “80 West Broadway” for their project. They are seeking approval to construct an eight-story, mixeduse building – “mixed use” in the sense of having retail space on the street level and seven upper f loors devoted to offices and research and development (R&D). The intention to house R&D is of interest, especially if it means R&D in the life sciences. That would fit well with other South Boston developments, such as Vertex in the Seaport Di s t r ic t a nd I n nov a t ion Square in Flynn Marine Park. Questions remain about the proposed new “under review” building. The artist’s rendering of the building show that it may

extend over Amrhein’s one-story expansion area (3,000 square feet), leaving only the original A mrhein’s restaura nt space (2,000 square feet) on the ground f loor of the four-story building. According to the proposal, the six apartments on the top three f loors will remain as is. The square footages mentioned in the proposal to the BPDA, although they are only approximations, seem to confirm this shrinkage of Amrhein’s will take place.

During brief interviews with the current A mrhein’s managers, South Boston Online inquired whether the Amrhein’s expanded space could somehow be retained. The managers replied this was uncertain and “to be negotiated”. In general, the addition of R&D space here, especially if it’s to be devoted to the life sciences, will add to the hightech space in South Boston, which will make the proposed project a good match overall.

Residences being built where Mul’s diner was once sited.



Sky Riders: Catching Big Air By Ginger DeShaney A few hours before the big storm on Wednesday, Oct. 7, kiteboarders took advantage of the gusty conditions at Pleasure Bay. Some of the guys caught huge air, soaring 30 to 40 feet above the water. But the sky riders were cut short when the wind shifted. “When the wind comes out of the west, it comes over the city and is very turbulent,” said Dan Turetsky, who has been kiteboarding for 12 years. “It’s best when the wind comes from the southwest.” Dan, a member of Masskiting, said kiteboarders need to have meteorologic tendencies. “We have group chats where we discuss the winds, upcoming storms,” he said, noting fall and spring are the best times for the sport. Pleasure Bay is considered a spot for advanced kiteboarders. Beginners need to take lessons, Dan said, and practice for years before tackling Pleasure Bay.


Halloween 2020 Is Coming




Virtual Public Meeting

Dorchester Bay City Monday, October 19 6:00 PM

BPDA Income Restricted Rental Opportunity Ora Apartments 899 Congress Street, Seaport District 02210 www.OraLottery.com

Zoom Link: bit.ly/36h3ZSx Toll Free: (833) 568 - 8864 Meeting ID: 160 310 9875

Project Description: Virtual Kick-Off Public Meeting in connection with the proposed Dorchester Bay City project. This meeting will provide an introduction and overview of the Proposed Project, with subsequent Virtual Public Meetings focusing on specific topics. Interpretation services (Spanish, Vietnamese, Cape Verdean Creole and Haitian Creole) will be provided. Translation of vital documents is available upon request.

mail to: Aisling Kerr Boston Planning & Development Agency One City Hall Square, 9th Floor Boston, MA 02201 phone: 617.918.4212 email: aisling.kerr@boston.gov

Close of Comment Period: 11/9/2020



Teresa Polhemus, Executive Director/Secretary

The Law Office of

Paul J. Gannon PC General Practice of Law

Criminal Defense Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents Establishment of Corporations, LLCs Wills & Estate Planning Real Estate Litigation Probate No Charge for Initial Consultation

82 West Broadway South Boston, MA (617)269-1993 pgannon@paulgannonlaw.com

22 Income-restricted Rental Units # of Units 1 8 9 4

# of Bedrooms Micro-Studio Studio 1-Bed 2-Bed

Maximum Income Limit (by AMI)* 70% 70% 70% 70%

Rent $1,012 $1,125 $1,318 $1,492

*Minimum income limits apply Minimum Income Limits (set by the owner, based on # of bedrooms + AMI) Maximum Income Limits (set by the BPDA, based on the household size + AMI) Minimum InHousehold Maximum Income # of Bedrooms come Limits (70% size Limits (70% AMI) AMI)*** Micro-Studio $30,360 1 $55,550 Studio $33,750 2 $63,450 3 $71,400 1-Bed $39,540 4 $79,300 5 $85,650 2-Bed $44,760 6 $92,000

***Minimum incomes do not apply to households receiving housing assistance such as Section 8, VASH, or MRVP. Maximum Asset Limits (70% AMI) $75,000

Does not include retirement. Does include Real Estate Applications are available during the application period from: Monday, October 12, 2020 – Wednesday, October 21, 2020 To request + complete the application online, please visit: www.OraLottery.com To have a hard copy of the application sent to your mailing address, please call: 781-992-5316 After careful consideration and an abundance of caution, the City of Boston has decided to cancel the in-person application distribution period. If you cannot complete the application online, please call us at 781-992-5316, to request that we mail you one and to ask us for any guidance you might need to complete the application. Fully completed + signed applications must be submitted online or postmarked no later than Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mailed to: Maloney Properties, Inc. Attention: Ora Lottery 27 Mica Lane, Wellesley MA 02481 Selection by lottery. Asset, Use & Occupancy Restrictions apply. Preference for Boston Residents. Preference for Households with at least one person per bedroom.

For more information, language assistance, or to make a request for reasonable accommodations, please call Maloney Properties, Inc. at 781-992-5316 |US Relay 711 | Email: Ora@maloneyproperties.com


South Boston Catholic Academy News Highlights from K1-C at SBCA

From Ms. Michaela Johnson‌K1-C students are off to a fantastic start this school year at South Boston Catholic Academy! They have done a wonderful job adjusting to new routines and precautions in order to maintain a safe and fun learning environment. It has been a very busy few weeks in K1-C! We start our day with a morning meeting, a read aloud, and a question of the day. This is a great way to learn more about our classmates. We have started our OWL (Opening the World of Learning) curriculum which emphasizes the importance of hands on, center based learning. Play dough, water play, apple printing with paint, name writing, sand, blocks, and dramatic play are some of the centers we have been working on so far. Recently, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and had recess and a picnic lunch at the park!



Are you considering selling your ho1ne or condo? Real Estate is Thriving in South Boston Knovv the True Value of Your Home Today With a Free Market Analysis Q

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Rooney Real Estate, LLC 700 East Broadway South Boston, MA 02127 Jackie@rooney-re.com

Over 30 years of professional service • Over 2,000 real estate transactions #I sales agent in South Boston for 25 of 30 years rooney-re.com • office: 617-269-1000 • cell: 617-645-5370