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Laboure Spring Reception to be held on April 27 Remembering Mel King

Event Chair Kelley O’Shea and her 27-member Committee cordially invite you to attend Laboure’s Annual Spring Reception in the delightfully sited “The Exchange”, 212 Northern Avenue. This year’s gala Spring Reception takes place from 5:30 ‘til 8:30 p.m. on Thursday evening, April 27. Since ticket numbers are limited, you can reserve yours on or before Monday, April 24. They suggest you consider Early Bird Tickets for $100 by Friday, April 14. Tickets thereafter are $125.

The 2023 Jack Shaughnessy Service Award Honoree is Tom Tinlin, a family man and life-long South Bostonian. To mention just a few of Tom’s extraordinarily broad community activities, he’s the Chair of the Board for the Brain Aneurism Foundation, a Board member of Zoo New England, the Treasurer of the Board of the City of Boston Credit Union,

and the Auctioneer at countless South Boston fundraising events.

In addition to an outstanding location with views, the Spring Reception evening offers you delicious complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages, as well as several truly attractive Live Auction items. These include a Las Vegas getaway, an Attitash Mountain vacation week, PINK and Morgan Wallen concerts at Fenway Park, and a private cooking class with Publico Chef Joel Howard, along with Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots sports experiences, as well as fabulous clubs, courses, and tournaments for golf lovers. Dare we say, “And more”?

Join outstanding Laboure supporters such as the John J. & Mary E. Shaughnessy Trust, HYM Investment Group, Boston Global Investors, and Massport: Purchase tickets online at, or by phoning 617-464-8024.

Mel King died on Tuesday morning, March 28, at 94. He was a bona fide, long serving, highly respected civic leader, unanimously praised by the media in words such as “icon”, “visionary”, and “ahead of his time”. King’s passing has had many sad echoes.

Several remembrances have since taken place. Monday at noon on City Hall Plaza, underneath flags flown at halfmast, there was a wreath-laying ceremony and proclamation in Mel King’s honor. The wreath was vividly colored like a rainbow, symbolizing King’s group of activists he called “The Rainbow Coalition”. Well

4, 2023 S t a r t i n g a t 4 p . m . o n B r o a d w a y a n d b e y o n d ! Presented by South Boston NDC & South Boston Chamber of Commerce Special promotions Live entertainment Free Pedicabs
Council President Ed Flynn eulogizes Mel King.

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Mel King

over a hundred members of Boston’s general public attended. Environmental Chief Reverend White-Hammond opened the ceremony. She said the crowd in attendance reflects the legacy King left behind him. Mayor Wu spoke about her own overwhelming sense of loss when she heard of his death, mentioning his work as an activist, a family man, a poet, and a trailblazer. Eloquently, City Council President Ed Flynn referred to King as a “giant”. He went on to praise King’s activism, saying, “He helped unite a city … through King’s leadership, he brought people together”.

Mayor Wu loudly read the City of Boston proclamation in King’s honor, including his educational achievements and his position as a professor at M.I.T. in urban planning. She then quite visibly signed it. She also proclaimed that Tuesday, April 11,

would become “Mel King Day”. Segun Idowu, Boston’s Chief of Economic Opportunity, closed the wreath-laying ceremony by saying, “King will always be recalled in his passing”. On a warmly humorous note, it was claimed that Mel King would be especially remembered

because he taught so many people to tie a bowtie as well as he could. A viewing of Mel King followed on Monday evening. Services at the Union United Methodist Church and King’s burial took place on Tuesday morning, the 11th.

A Neighborly Reminder to Walgreens

Potholes are a recurring problem in your parking lot between East Broadway and Third Street. It’s not just a problem with the appearance of your parking lot, it’s also something of a safety hazard – both to autos and to your customers who walk across your lot. We can see that you have done some patchwork in the past. But please catch the repairs up again, now that winter has passed. Your parking lot is an important key feature for shoppers at Walgreens. It deserves the same upkeep as the inside of your pharmacy. Thank you in advance.

Mel King’s ceremony opens at City Hall. Mayor Michelle Wu proclaims Mel King’s legacy. A large audience at Mel King’s farewell.

Perhaps you don’t need to be told about the epic sports numbers generated by the Boston Bruins in the 2022-2023 season. They ran up a record number of winning games in an NHL regular season – 63 victories after last Sunday’s game. This was quickly followed by win #64 and a record number of game points – 133 as of Tuesday’s game. And this was not quite the full Bruins season. They still have one regular season game left to play tonight, against the Canadiens in Montreal.

In other ways, this is a quiet sports week. News about the Patriots was mostly criticisms of Bill Belichick, including the disagreements he (supposedly) has had with Robert Kraft. Real sports news about football won’t really resume until exhibition games begin in August. The Red Sox return to Boston this

Hearts, Hugs & Hope: A Virtual Alzheimer’s Support Group Offered by Compass on the Bay April 20, 2023 6:00 pm.

This is a virtual event sponsored by Compass on the Bay Assisted Living and Memory Support Community Call 617-268-5450 or email Director of Community Relations

Dean Tricarico at dtricarico@ for more information and to register for the virtual meeting.

Sports by the Numbers

weekend. They played the unbeaten 11-0 Rays in Tampa Bay – nothing more needs to be said about that. So let’s do some numerical thinking about other pro sports in Boston.

The Celtics completed their season on Sunday with a very creditable Win/Loss record of 57-25 – a .695 percentage – better than two out of three. This is the 2nd best W-L record in the entire NBA; only the Milwaukee Bucks were better (by two games). The Celts’ first playoff game is at 3:30 on Saturday against the Atlanta Hawks, the seventh seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Note that the Hawks’ regular season record is only 41W41L, a relatively weak .500 percentage.

We anticipate the Celts will be at full strength when the playoffs begin. Their depth this season is remarkable. Their most typical starting team includes Smart, Brown, Tatum, Horford, and Williams III (Robert).

Three other Celts were also frequent starters – Grant Williams, Malcolm Brogdon, and Derrick White. If you watched the Celts’ last two games, after they clinched 2nd in the NBA East, you might have noted that Sam Hauser and Payton Pritchard started. They scored very well. Hauser sank 26 points in both of those final games. Pritchard was good for 22 in the first game and he scored 30 (!) in the second. In addition, he came up with his first triple-double (30-14-11). In other words, the Celts now have five players on their bench who could form a strong starting team if required. Shades of Bill Walton and his talented bench buddies on the 1986 championship Celtics. In addition, durable Derrick White has played in every single Celtics game this season – all 82 of them.

Among the Bruins offensive players, Pastrnak notched a season total of 60 goals on his hat trick in win #63.

That’s great, but let’s look at defense numbers for a bit. Go to the final two columns of the NHL Standings, where you’ll see the Bruins have scored 300 “Goals For” (“GF”) and allowed only 173 “Goals Against” (“GA”), a big difference. Among all of the 32 NHL teams, only the Edmonton Oilers have a slightly higher “GF” at 318. However, the Oilers’ “GA” are a very high 257 –their defensive efforts are much worse than the Bruins. In fact, if you look down the “GA” column in the current standings, you’ll see that only the Bruins are below 200 – far below. The takeaway: the Bruins defense, starting with the goalies, is more responsible for breaking NHL records this season than their offense. Shades of Bobby Orr and the Bruins back in the ‘70s. But no matter what, when you tuned in to recent Bruins games it’s likely you were watching the best professional hockey team that ever played the game!


Crafting a Side Hustle

Kathryn Rizzo Creates Leather Items by Hand, with Love

room surrounded by roommates.

“I would say it took about four years to really get to a point where I felt confident selling the product,” said Kathryn, a full-time product marketing manager for Reebok. But it was one piece of advice from a crafter she followed that kicked her into gear: If you wait until your product is perfect to sell, you’re going to be waiting forever.

The amount of leather Kathryn Rizzo watched get tossed during her time working for a luxury handbag designer in New York sparked a passion.

She had a boss who handed her a full leather hide – you could still see the shape of the cow – and asked her to get rid of it or make something out of it.

At the time, Kathyrn didn’t have the space in her tiny apartment or the know-how on what to do with that hide, but it stuck with her for years. “I think about how much I’ve thrown out now and it hurts my soul,” she said.

During her time in the New York fashion industry, she learned about the tanning process and fell in love with the craft and quality of great leather goods. When she moved back to Boston, she knew she had her next project.

After watching endless YouTube videos, stitching all hours of the night, messing up and starting all over again, and gaining confidence, Kathryn started Rizzo Leather Co. in the middle of her South Boston living

“When I heard that, it was such good advice for me.” A year ago she officially launched her Instagram and her side hustle.

Those first few posts on Instagram propelled people to start messaging her about wanting her products. A woman reached out to have her set up a table at the Bunker Hill Day Parade and things took off.

She set up a table at the South Boston Street Fest and sold out in hours, her biggest day in sales.

Kathyrn, 27, handcrafts leather coasters (her biggest sellers), key chains, wallets, key chain card slots, handbags, and more. Probably more than half her items are custom: She gets many requests for wedding and engagement gifts.

Her products are crafted from genuine leather, cut, sewn, and finished by hand, and made with love. “RLC aims to bring high-quality goods that can take you anywhere and celebrate all of life’s moments,” she said.

After being caught by surprise selling out at the Street Fest and a hectic holiday season of orders, Kathryn realized she needed to take time to stockpile inventory.

“I was working very late into the night on all my projects all the time so that I would have a full table for every festival or fair that I wanted to do; this year I tried to take some time to really prepare for that.

“I’ve spent the last couple of months building up inventory since there’s so many craft fairs and outdoor festivals that happen in the spring,” she said. Stay tuned to Kathryn’s Instagram page for her upcoming Spring Launch.

In addition to pop-ups and

festivals, Kathryn has items at Kait McKenna Radkowski’s In Good Company and she’s working with Marisa Carlini at LUXE home interiors to do a Sip & Shop coastermaking workshop. She’s gotten great advice from Marisa and Kait and made many connections through South Boston Chamber of Commerce networking events.

“I’ve just been blown away by the South Boston business community and how helpful everybody is and how supportive everyone is … just boosting each other up,” said Kathryn, who graduated from Marist College with a degree in fashion merchandising. “It’s really nice and I so appreciate it as somebody that’s just kind of side hustling out of their apartment but hopes to someday be more than that. It’s really appreciated.”

Kathryn’s process includes batching the work. “I’m hardly ever sitting down and working on one project,” she said.

She breaks up the tasks over the course of several nights, often while listening to audiobooks. Those tasks include: cutting out 3-4 projects; etching those projects; cleaning up the edges; punching all the holes; hand stitching each

project. “I do it entirely by hand.”

After years working on her living floor on West Eighth Street – and getting back spasms from it – Kathryn has moved about a mile down the road to Savin Hill and now has a dedicated space for her side hustle.

“But Southie will always be home for me,” said Kathryn, who is originally from Wakefield. “It will always be my home.”

Website: https://www. Custom order form: https:// pages/custom-order Instagram: https:// rizzoleatherco/

Kathryn Rizzo

It Takes a Community: Belinda Scott

grandchildren and a team of great grands. The job has become an extension of her caring network.

“I love kids and I get to know them. They come back and let me know they are in high school or college, and I encourage them. I tell them ‘I know you can do it’ when they are taking the MCAS exam,” she said.

“Oh weather. I hate to be cold, but I wear lots of layers,” she said smiling and ducking traffic.

What does it take to serve as a crossing guard at one of the most chaotic and dangerous intersections in South Boston?

You may know the rotary near St. Monica’s Church that connects Old Colony Ave., Prebble St. and Columbia Rd., but perhaps not as well as Belinda Scott who firmly and lovingly manages five directions of traffic, a rotary that could elicit aggression in a lamb, and pedestrians, carriages, bikes, and wheelchairs. It is the epitome of an urban streetscape. It is here that she has navigated since 2017, interrupted by some pandemic gaps, with care, humor, confidence and grace.

Guiding people is not new to Belinda, now in her sixth decade. Mother of children, biological, adopted and fostered, she now has with husband Thomas, nineteen

“My job is to try to get people not to run over anyone,” she said, as if it didn’t require mental and physical energy. “I get it, people driving are tired, and they want to get where they are going, and they don’t want to take even a minute. They step on the gas when they should be on the brake,” she said.

Originally from Alabama, she moved with her family to Dorchester at age 12 and remembers well the transition to city life and uses the experience daily. She went on to graduate from high school, complete the EMT program at Northeastern University and also worked as a calibration technician, but it is something about this crossing guard position that seems ordained.

“My great-grandmother lived to ninety-nine and half, and she always said,’ If I can help someone today my living is not in vain,’ and I believe that” she said. Even when getting grazed by a car herself just weeks ago, she has a way of finding the blessing. “I felt fortunate that the child I was crossing was on my other side.”

It may seem as if life for many

is just too demanding to stop to comment on anything, but without exception, families walking on a recent, traffic intensive and wearying day readily shared their views.

“Belinda is great” said Jaime, as daughter Eillah relaxed in her stroller. “She helps those of us who need it, and it is definitely a scary intersection.”

Amelia Duffy walking with her children from ABCD quickly expressed her opinion. “She is awesome, and she knows and likes the kids,” she said.

Erica, with children coming from the Perkins School agreed. “There is everything to like about her. She is there every day, and a lot of cars just don’t stop. It would be more dangerous if she wasn’t on it,” she said.

“She has saved my life many times,” said an older woman and lifelong walker.

Belinda Scott’s generosity of spirit and encouragement does

not end with her core job-that of crossing school children- but extends to the life of her corner. There are people dealing with addiction and Belinda Scott thinks about them.

“I respect them, and they respect me, and I have no problems,” she said of the several men and women in a doorway at the corner. “They have been through something, you know? I tell them to go get help, and sometimes they do, and do better,” she said. Belinda Scott’s devotion to family and church is a way of life and it is easy to see every day.

She loves dogs, children, parents and older people and has a rare compassionate lens on all, even errant drivers. She understands that teenagers want more freedom, but she has an eye and extended hand for them, too.

“I treat everyone as if they are my family,” she said. And in doing so, a treacherous intersection becomes a humanized and safer one.

Belinda Scott

We recommend a visit to The Distillery Gallery between now and Sunday afternoon, May 7 – the location and the dates of what is truly an unusual joint art exhibition. It is entitled “Two Minds/One Studio”. Phyllis Famiglietti and

“Two Minds/One Studio”

Debra Samdperil are the two artists taking part; they share a studio within The Distillery. Both are modern artists who work side by side; they are exhibiting their most recent works.

Phyllis creates “assemblages” – a form of modern art that transforms found objects into completed works, which are really sculptures of a kind. As she says, “I leave it up to you … the viewer … to draw your own conclusions … to lead you through corridors of personal meaning and history.”

Debra creates paintings that can be described as “abstract expressionism”, with varied forms and many colors. She develops her paintings carefully and often simultaneously. According to her, “(My painting) is a process of coming to terms with my life, our challenging world, and our evolving universe.”

The Distillery is one of the several art studio clusters in South Boston that began well back into the 1900s, like Fort Point, Channel Center, and many independent artists’ studios. The Distillery Gallery is open during conventional hours: 9 to

South Boston Resident Caspar T. Touloukian Inducted into 2023 Cum Laude Society

Headmaster Bill Burke, Assistant Headmaster Mike Nerbonne, and faculty member Stefan Cressotti inducted 15 members of the Class of 2023 into the Cum Laude Society. The Cum Laude Society is dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools. Modeled after Phi Beta Kappa, the Society has grown to over 350 Chapters located in public and independent schools in the United States, Canada, England, France, Spain, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

Phyllis Famiglietti and Debra Samdperil welcome you to their exhibition.

5, Monday through Saturday. Contacts are (617)448-6691 or

We mention this in case you are a parent or a teacher. Consider bringing your children or students to “Two Minds/

One Studio” for a convenient local look at 21st Century art, including how the artists themselves were inspired to create. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much your young people will respond.

From left to right: faculty member Stefan Cressotti, Assistant Headmaster Mike Nerbonne, Inductee Caspar T. Touloukian, and St. Sebastian’s Headmaster, William Burke. Assemblage in a wood box –“Hypocrisy”, 2022, by Phyllis Famiglietti. Oil on canvas – “Pink Circle Bird & Mouse Game”, 2022, by Debra Samdperil. “Cause and Effect”, 2023, by Phyllis Famiglietti.

Labor Officials Tour Plumbers Local 12 Apprenticeship Training Center

Rep. Josh Cutler, House Chair of the Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, other officials visit growing apprenticeship programs

Rep. Josh Cutler, House Chair of the Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, will lead a delegation of state labor officials on a tour of cutting edge training facilities, including Plumbers Union Local 12, as part of a campaign to promote the benefits of apprenticeship programs.

“Apprenticeships offer a tried and tested career pathway to develop our future workforce,” said Rep. Cutler. “Employers win by tapping into new pools of qualified workers and apprentices get hands-on work experience,

classroom instruction, and a certificate –– not to mention a paycheck and healthcare coverage as they are learning a new skill. Promoting registered apprenticeship programs will pay big dividends for the Commonwealth’s workforce.”

Rep. Cutler is slated to visit the Plumbers Union Local 12 headquarters at 12 p.m. on Thursday, March 30, including Local 12’s state-ofthe-art training facility. The tour also includes visits to Sheet Metal Workers Union Local



17 and Cengage, an education technology company. The campaign is part of an effort by labor officials to elevate and modernize the state’s registered apprenticeship programs

“The best path toward family-sustaining wages, homeownership, quality health care and an opportunity to build wealth is through union labor,” said Tim Fandell, Business Manager of Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 12. “Providing opportunities for paid apprenticeships is also the best way to build communities, ensure pay equity and workplace safety, and increase the ranks of reliable, licensed plumbers and gasfitters. We thank Rep. Cutler and the delegation for supporting the trades and creating opportunities for the next generation of union contractors.”




Future you is waiting and they’re flush with savings. Learn more about our Share Certificate special at or come see us in-person.

City of Boston Credit Union. Uniquely Boston.

You chose dependable savings for more than a year. 13-Month Share Certificate Special.

7 SOUTHBOSTONONLINE.COM THURSDAY APRIL 13, 2023 • 617.635.4545 *A.P.Y. = Annual Percentage Yields. Certificate Special APYs are accurate as of 2/6/23 and are subject to change without notice. 13-Month Certificate Special APY equals 4.08% for deposits between $500.00-$49,999.99 and 4.18% APY for deposits $50,000.00 and above. 13-Month Certificate Specials are limited to one per member. Minimum deposit of $500. Certificate Specials are available for a limited time. Deposits cannot be made during the term of the account. Dividends will be credited to your account and compounded every month. Upon maturity, unless otherwise directed by member, 13-Month Special Certificate will automatically rollover into the City of Boston Credit Union 12- Month Certificate at that dates current APY. All other certificate terms and conditions will apply and may change at any time. Subject to penalty for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Must be a member of City of Boston Credit Union to open certificate account(s). Dividend rates are accurate as of the date and time of printing and are subject to change without notice.

Mayor Wu to Open Swan Boats on April 15

Mayor Michelle Wu, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, and the Paget family will host the first ride of the season on the popular Boston Swan Boats as they open at the Boston Public Garden lagoon on Saturday, April 15, at 11:00 a.m.

2023 marks the 146th season for the Swan Boats, a beloved tourist attraction and iconic symbol of Boston and the Public Garden. The oldest and smallest boat in the fleet just celebrated its 113th season, while the newest was launched in 1993. The swan on the boats is made from either copper or fiberglass, depending on the age of the boat, and encloses a

paddle mechanism that is used to propel the boat through the water.

Launched in 1877 by Irish immigrant and shipbuilder Robert Paget, the Swan Boats continue to be owned and operated by the Paget family. Mr. Paget designed the Swan Boats after attending the opera Lohengrin in New York City. At the end of the opera, the hero crosses a river in a boat drawn by a swan.

Fully loaded, each Swan Boat weighs three tons and is powered by the driver using a foot-propelled paddle wheel. The Swan Boats are built on oak-framed pontoons sheathed in copper, just as they were initially constructed in 1877. After being stored in a safe place

Mayor Wu & B.A.A. to Observe One Boston Daywith Red Sox Hat Day

Mayor Wu will join Boston Public Schools (BPS) Superintendent Mary Skipper, Condon School leader Carlitta Camillo, Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez, Red Sox President & CEO Sam Kennedy, and Red Sox Partner and Foundation Board Member Linda Henry for the annual One Boston Day Hat Day giveaway for BPS students. The Red Sox will distribute more than 40,000 blue and yellow Red Sox hats to BPS students and staff at 104 schools, including the Condon.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Condon School Auditorium

200 D Street, South Boston 9:00 a.m.

for the winter, the boats will return to the Public Garden Lagoon in the spring, with Mayor Wu celebrating

the first ride of the season. For more information, please visit

Coffee Hours Announcd

Celebrate April Vacation Play Week at Boston Children’s Museum

Play is Powerful!

Join the fun during April school vacation week and enjoy creative, hands-on, open-ended play! Experiment with familiar and unfamiliar materials, create with cardboard, build with big blue blocks, enjoy special performances in the KidStage theater, and don’t miss the High Seas Tales and Treasure special evening event on Friday, April 21.

Music and Movement with Boston Music Project

Saturday, April 15 at 10-10:30am and 11-11:30am

Join us for an interactive music program! Sing songs, dance to music, and enjoy a story time led by Boston Music Project teaching artists. Grown-ups are encouraged to take part in the activities with their children throughout the 30-minute class.

Creative Movement Workshop with Urbanity Dance

Tuesday, April 18 at 10-10:30am; 11-11:30am; 2-2:30pm; and 3-3:30pm Thursday, April 20 at 10-10:30am; 11-11:30am; 2-2:30pm; and 3-3:30pm

In this workshop, explore Urbanity’s signature style of creative movement, blending a wide range of dance techniques with music, imagination, and exploration. Children will focus on flexibility, balance, and coordination while learning how to follow directions, work together, and express themselves!

Clowning Workshop with Studio Playground

Wednesday, April 19 at 10-10:30am; 11-11:30am; 2-2:30pm; and 3-3:30pm

Join Studio Playground at Boston Children’s Museum. Studio Playground teaches classes for all ages based in clown and physical acting. Clown invites students to explore the health benefits of laughter through movement, games, and playful improvisation. This class includes a vocal and physical warm up, interactive storytelling, and performance projects. Let’s laugh, sing, and make a beautiful ruckus!

Special Evening Event – Advance Tickets Required

High Seas Tales and Treasure!

Friday, April 21 6:00-9:00pm

Enjoy a night full of epic wonder, swashbuckling pirates, fantastical merfolk, and tales of treasure! Live out a fantastical adventure searching for treasure or exploring under the sea. Put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to join the pirate crew, or dive under the water and help the merfolk of Atlantis expand their underwater city. Earn rewards and treasure by completing different challenges and making your way through different tales of the deep. Create your own adventure and story, and see what wonders await you during the High Seas Tales and Treasure night.

Further information on visiting the Museum can be found on the website

< >.

Fairy House Building Workshop April 20

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department and the Mayor’s Mural Crew will welcome the local elf and fairy population back to their summer homes with the annual Fairy House Building Workshop at Franklin Park’s Schoolmaster Hill on Thursday, April 20, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The workshop welcomes families to a magical day of fairy house building. Children are encouraged to connect with their natural surroundings by creating their own personalized, eco-friendly homes for the woodland fairies of Franklin Park. Spring is the best time to build fairy houses, providing the magical creatures with shelter for the coming summer months and the flitting season that begins in late May.

The event will feature facepainting and a story time. Children are encouraged to wear their favorite fairy and elf costumes.. Natural materials will be provided, and children are encouraged to

explore their surroundings to find natural elements such as sticks, stones, and leaves to adorn their fairy houses. Visit boston. gov/fairy-houses to learn more. Located in Franklin Park’s historic 220-acre forest among oak and pine trees overlooking the William Devine Golf Course, Schoolmaster Hill provides the perfect location for fairy and elf habitat that recognizes their connection to the earth by utilizing building materials from the woods around them.

Schoolmaster Hill is located on Circuit Drive between the William Devine Golf Course Clubhouse and Shattuck Hospital. This event is weather permitting. For more information and to stay up to date with news, events, and improvements in Boston parks, call (617) 635-4505, visit Parks, join our email list at Get-Parks-Emails, and follow our social channels @bostonparksdept on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


A BIG Welcome to Author, Jerry Pallotta

South Boston Catholic Academy recently had a special visit from, Jerry Pallotta, an author of children’s books. There is nothing like a good book and Mr. Pallotta has many good books. “Jerry Pallotta is an award-winning author of children›s alphabet books and imaginative fiction. He combines interesting facts, detailed research, humor, and realistic illustrations that mesmerize children everywhere.” “He is the author of The Icky Bug Alphabet Book, Dory Story, Butterfly Counting, and Who Would Win book series, and tons of other children›s books!” “A dynamic speaker, Jerry frequently visits elementary

schools and libraries across the country to encourage children by teaching them how to create their own alphabet books.” The students at South Boston

Catholic Academy loved to hear him tell where he gets his ideas and inspirations for his books. The students at SBCA truly love to read books and many of Mr.

Pallotta’s books are among their top favorites. Thank you, Mr. Pallotta, so much for coming to SBCA and sharing your love of books and reading with us.



We are hosting three open houses for the upcoming Summer Street Pilot Program Come any time! Information about the project will be available to view, and staff will be on hand to answer questions and take feedback Food and refreshments will be served! OPEN

Thursday 4/13 from 5 PM - 8 PM @ Hampton Inn

Address: 670 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210

Wednesday 4/19 from 5 PM - 8 PM @ Tynan School

Address: 650 E Fourth St, Boston, MA 02127

Monday 5/1 from 5 PM - 8 PM @ District Hall

Address: 75 Northern

the BTD Transit Team transit@boston gov | (617) 635 4689 Please visit boston gov General Practice of Law No Charge for Initial Consultation 82 West Broadway South Boston, MA (617)269-1993 Criminal Defense Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents Establishment of Corporations, LLCs Wills & Estate Planning Real Estate Litigation Probate CITATION ON PETITION FOR FORMAL ADJUDICATION
Join staff from the Boston Transportation Department to learn more about the Pilot!
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