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Valentines With a A Veteran

Council President Ed Flynn and Councilor At-Large Erin Murphy partner with South Boston Moms Club to Celebrate Valentines with A Veteran

The event was held at the Thomas J. Fitzgerald VFW Post 561 in South Boston in celebration of local veterans and featured pizza, treats, and children talking to veterans while making Valentine’s Day cards for them.

Council President Flynn, together with former Mayor Raymond Flynn, brought pizzas for the event, and the South Boston Moms Club brought along arts and craft supplies for the card decoration. Over 20 moms, kids and veterans were in attendance, and everyone had a great time, especially our local veterans who were delighted to receive so many cards this year. In the past, South Boston

Moms Club has held Valentine’s events at the Marion Manor, but decided to also show our deep appreciation for our veterans and military families this year.

“We had a fun Valentines with a Vet event with the South

Boston Moms Club last week. It was great to engage so many wonderful children and families, to get creative and do something both sweet and meaningful for the local veteran community. When a veteran serves, the

family serves as well. This was a wonderful way to pay tribute to our veterans and military families while we honor their service, sacrifice, and dedication to our city and country.” said Council President Flynn.

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Fort Point Writer Helps Create Dyslexia Documentary

Cecilia DelGaudio, decided to forge ahead – the COVID-19 pandemic presented a challenge – with Rob using his own money to fund the project.

Frank Romano, president of the Museum of Printing in Haverhill, is interviewed in the film. He said the invention of the Gutenberg Press changed everything because disseminating information via print put such a premium on data that it defined how people were valued by society.

Black Pearl Productions’ passion project, “Blame it on Gutenberg,” is getting high praise from the dyslexia community.

Fort Point resident Rocco Giuliano is a writer and producer on the documentary and filmed some of the interviews at his A Street studio.

“This is a must-see documentary on the evolution of reading, reading science, and dyslexia,” Susan L. Condrin, M.A., CCC-SLP, said in a testimonial.

The documentary, which is directed at parents, focuses on the evolving science of dyslexia, dueling theories over how to teach reading, and one family’s struggle with an unresponsive school system.

The film defines dyslexia as a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read letters and symbols.

In 2016, a nonprofit reached out to Black Pearl about a documentary on dyslexia. “But we had a completely different idea of what the film should be, so basically we parted company,” Rocco said.

However, they were so intrigued by the topic that Rocco, along with Black Pearl principals Rob and

But no one is wired for reading and writing, Jan Wasowicz, PhD CCCSLP, Founder and CEO of Learning By Design, Inc., said in the film.

People have to get through the print barrier to learn how to read, Rocco said. “And if you can’t, if you find it really hard to learn how to read, you find a way through, under, or around it. You find some way to deal with it.”

Rocco wants to make sure that all kids have the opportunity to excel at something because that’s extremely important.

The film goes into the debate on the ways to teach reading. The best sciencebased approach is called structured literacy, but a lot of schools do not teach that way, Rocco said, noting that many use the whole language approach, which is more fun. “I try to encourage or educate people about the importance of structured literacy,” Rocco said.

“If all kids were taught with [the structured literacy] approach, starting at a very early age in an ageappropriate way, there would be fewer kids identified as dyslexic.”

As a writer on the project, Rocco had to decide how to tell the story, what points needed to be made, and who should be interviewed.

Others interviewed in the film include Thomas G. West, author of

“In the Mind’s Eye, Thinking Like Einstein, Seeing

Cannot See”; Nadine Gaab, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School; Dean Bragonier, Founder and Executive Dyslexic of; Matthew Schneps, PhD, Research Professor at UMass Boston; Angelique Decoste, M.S. CCC-SLP, CAGS, Elementary Special Education Program Head, Andover Public Schools; and Dr. Sara Stetson, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Andover Public Schools.

The film debuted in December 2022 and it’s gotten great response, Rocco said, “because people can relate to this. It tells a human story, and you’ve got the science.”

The film could be shown at the World Literacy Foundation in England; Black Pearl is expecting an endorsement from the International Dyslexia Association; and the organization will be meeting soon with the Morelli Legacy Foundation.

But Rocco and Rob are hoping to get more interest and more public showings, and possibly get the film on Amazon and Netflix.

People can go to https:// and watch the trailer or the full-length feature. If you are moved, you can donate to help offset the costs to make the film. There is also a section on the website to schedule group showings for a fee.

The film falls under the Filmmakers Collaborative, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so donations will go through the Collaborative.

“We want as many people as possible to watch the film,” Rocco said.

“What a marvelous documentary that managed to weave research, science of reading, neurobiology, child development, speech/language, teaching literacy, a personal ‘real life’ story, without overwhelming the viewer,” said Aletta Sinoff, BCBA-D, PhD, CCCSLP Speech-Language Pathologist.

What Others
Rocco Giuliano, Writer and Producer on the documentary.

Susan McDonough Takes Charge of This Year’s Parade

currently the Director of Women Veterans in the Commonwealth’s Department of Veterans Services.


This article is about Susan McDonough and her leadership role in organizing South Boston’s 2023 St. Patrick’s/Evacuation Day Parade.

But we’ll start by reviewing some facts, along with a bit of history here and there. First of all, the Parade steps off from Broadway Station at 1 p.m. on Sunday, March 19. The Parade, which is world famous, climaxes several weeks of enjoyable activities here in South Boston. But Parades don’t just happen – they require an organization that provides funding, careful leadership, and the services of many, many volunteers. And our Parade is also highly unusual –it isn’t “official” in the usual sense. Instead, it results solely from the efforts of all those volunteers. The organization that puts on the Parade is the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council. For the rest of this article, we’ll refer to the Council as the “SBAWVC”.

Last June, Susan McDonough was elected the Commander of the SBAWVC, She was voted in by four of South Boston’s veterans’ organizations – the Fitzgerald, Perkins, Saunders, and McDonough Posts. Each of these four Posts is represented on the SBAWVC by two members. Susan is a devoted Army veteran herself and a member of the Martin F. McDonough Post #368 located on West Broadway. She served on active duty in the Army for four years, including a year in South Korea; she is

Commander, Susan is in charge of a long-standing South Boston Parade tradition. The first Parade was held back in 1901. About 75 years ago, the task of organizing the Parade was handed to South Boston’s veterans’ organizations, who then set up the SBAWVC. Following in the footsteps of John “Wacko” Hurley and Dave Falvey, Susan is providing the leadership needed to make the 2023 Parade a truly memorable event. And she’s been busy providing other veteran services already: on Saturday, December 3, Susan put on a Veterans’ Benefits event at the Lithuanian Club. But the biggest challenge for her and the SBAWVC will be the Parade next month.

Susan believes her single most important task as a leader is “to bring back respect to the South Boston community with the Parade”. Since the Parade first began more than a century ago, there have been many unfortunate events caused by spectators who misbehave. Susan has imagined how to make it a great event for a family coming in from Braintree (with two kids), while still making sure that South Boston residents are totally respected. Here are three things she has arranged already: Ten food trucks will be here to serve the crowds (Susan is trying to arrange as many as ten more); Medal of Honor/M Street Park will be set aside as a “familyfriendly” zone (with face-painting, balloon-blowing clowns, and so on); and 20 portable toilets will be set up along the Parade route (those are for the two imaginary kids from Braintree). During our interview, Susan constantly spoke words like “respect”, “community”, and “the residents”. You can tell her leadership qualities arise from being born and raised here, from attending Cardinal Cushing School, and from her military service.

With more than a month to go, here’s what the Parade looks like so far:

- It’ll be a full-length Parade and will travel the full Parade route along Broadway

up to P Street, on Fourth and Fifth back to the Heights, and then down to Andrew Square.

- Over 100 units have already applied to march in the Parade. Who knows how many will actually take part? Perhaps 200?

- Susan said the Parade will have “Bands, bands, and more bands”. Think about a 3,000mile circle from the West Coast through Florida and across the Atlantic to Ireland, and you’ll

have a picture of where all these bands are coming from. We will provide you with updates on the Parade as March 19 approaches. Depending upon the weather, many hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the 2023 Parade. Spectators should plan to get here early. And please remember to respect South Boston’s residents. They are the folks who permit our St. Patrick’s/ Evacuation Day Parade to happen

Susan McDonough is a loyal US Army veteran and a member of McDonough Legion Post #368. Susan McDonough, Commander of the SBAWVC, invites you to the 2023 Parade on March 19.

Boston Lyric Opera – Part of the South Boston Community

last year Brad has been the General Director and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Boston Lyric Opera. He had been their Artistic Director before that, and now occupies the BLO’s highest leadership position. Perhaps Brad’s most significant recent achievement was guiding the BLO through the pandemic, followed by a return to live performances such as “Cavalleria Rusticana” (Pietro Mascagni) in 2021, a Boston Common performance of “Romeo and Juliet” (Charles Gounod), and “La Boheme” (Giacomo Puccini), which was staged in reverse order last fall.

The Boston Lyric Opera, the BLO, resides, rehearses, and reinvents itself at the Midway Studios in the Fort Point neighborhood, which emplaces the BLO as one of South Boston’s most truly creative residents. Recently, we had the privilege having two interviews with Bradley Vernatter. Since

Brad told us that the BLO at 46 years is the Northeast’s largest and oldest Opera Company and mentioned it now receives a top-ten ranking from media such as the New York Times. “The BLO has a long tradition of producing operas in unconventional spaces”, he stated as well. Brad then expressed his appreciation of the Fort Point area. He said, “When we came here, I was delighted by the cultural vibrancy of Fort Point, and the many, many other arts organizations that

were already established here.” And by now, the BLO has performed here in South Boston as well – operatic performances in Artists for Humanity at A and Second Streets and in the open-air venue now known as the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion on the Waterfront. To express it emphatically, Brad wants the BLO to be a staunch member and firm supporter of arts organizations in the South Boston community. The BLO even allows other arts groups to use their Fort Point Lyric Room studio space.

Brad informed us that the BLO’s season extends from last summer through this spring, with its next performance here in South Boston. So it’s a privilege and a pleasure for us to mention that the first performances in 2023 of the BLO’s current “Mainstage Series” will take place at 7:30 on March 22, 24, and 25, and at 3:00 on March 26 – the BLO has coupled Bela Bartok’s thrilling psychological opera “Bluebeard’s Castle” with “Four Songs” by Alma Mahler. These will be conducted by David Angus and directed by Anne Bogart. They’ll be sung

in English with English surtitles. And what’s even more surprising (and pleasing) to us is that “Bluebeard’s Castle” and “Four Songs” will be performed in the Flynn Cruiseport at South Boston’s 1 Black Falcon Avenue Terminal. Picture those huge empty spaces within the Terminal – they’ll be filled with a breathtakingly beautiful set that will echo with the finest of early 20th Century vocal music. It will be a stunning listening adventure for certain. We will make only one recommendation to you: Be sure to arrive at the Terminal early, so you’ll have time to enjoy the surroundings created by the BLO staff and to read your program before (!) the performance begins. Focus, watch, and listen – then view, no, then experience the emotional connection between Judith in “Bluebeard’s Castle” and the love that underlies “Four Songs”. For providiing help with this article, thanks are due to BLO’s General Director Brad Vernatter; Sara O’Brien, their Senior Director of Public Engagement; Executive Administrator Eboni Bell; and JMKPR Communications.

Bradley Vernatter at the grand piano in the Fort Point Lyric Room. The Fort Point Lyric Room, an integral part of Midway Artist Studios. Bradley Vernatter, the General Director and CEO of the Boston Lyric Opera.

Bernard “Bernie” Nania has been seeing South Boston eyes for two decades. As the optician at Two Opticians on West Broadway for the past fifteen years he knows a thing or two about people, eyes and products.

“It’s a big deal when you need to see and can’t,” he said. “It can be your whole life. You can’t work, or get places, and people get into a panic. Not everyone has a spare pair of glasses,” he said. “I listen and never rush anyone.” Every known scenario has come his way, and he meets them all with a calm philosophy.

“I figure out what people need and let them know they have they options. Sometimes, they don’t think they have recourse if the fit or lens isn’t right, but they do. I work with people to get it right and spent the time needed,” he said.

Of course, the world of materials has changed dramatically. “It used to be steel or heavy plastic, period, and real glass lenses. Now, there is titanium and even eco-friendly material and loads of designs, shapes, colors and sizes,” he said pointing to case after case of samples.

Bernie Nania, born and raised in South Boston, didn’t envision himself as a licensed optician when he graduated from South Boston High School. He went into construction and auto body work, eventually marrying his wife, Theresa, and having three children. But a car

It’s All About Community

accident changed his life dramatically.

“I was hit by a car and there was no way I could climb under cars or do the physical work on my knees in the cold of construction. It was 1988 and I was in the hospital for seven weeks and then rehab and had to reinvent myself. I ran into an old friend, Jimmy Barnes, who was an optician and suggested I give it a shot. I apprenticed at Gopen Optical for three or four years and got my license in 1995 and joined Jimmy in South Boston,” he explained.

Hard work and luck seem to work for him, and when one storefront on West Broadway ended in 2004, Jimmy and Bernie heard that a customer, Bob Doyle, had space.

“We called him, and he said ’I’m getting a haircut. Come on up and look at what I have,’ and we did. We loved it and he is a wonderful guy. We just couldn’t ask for more,” he said. And the location has stayed test of time, perfect for the business, an appreciative optician and customers.

Calling this a stroke of luck, there is also something about someone trustworthy working with the same, and even as prices surge and businesses come and go, there is a sense of community with the optician, his landlord and the community.

His partner , Jimmy Barnes, retired, and now Bernie is the sole owner working with the optometrist he describes as “as good as they come,” Dr. Rae Huang. Other than dealing with difficult insurance issues, he is a man who knows and loves his business and community.

“I welcome competition,” he said. “I know the quality and approach I have, so anyone can go anywhere, but I do this the way I know best.”

“The reward is helping people and all kinds of people. You establish relationships and that matters. Sometimes, people have strokes or dementia and then eye care changes, and none of it is their fault,” he said.

“Or, sometimes, someone just wants something new. It’s all kinds. It is a good career, clean and warm, too.”

Bernie is also a musician who once played drums in a band and also played guitar, but other than “ little trips down the Cape, “ he seems satisfied

with the life he has constructed.

Recently a late day customer appeared nervously explaining that new tri-focal weren’t working for her. She spent fifteen minutes with Bernie, and left smiling broadly. “I didn’t think it would work out and now it seems simple,” she said leaving with a plan to return in two days for glasses that suited her better. Her neighborhood


776 Summer Street

Deconstruction Update

optician resolved a problem once again.

Bernie Nania, who reinvented himself long ago, put another customer at ease without even a hint of frustration or irritation. He does the same with a new customer looking for the trendiest frames. “I love this community and my people,” he said. “I have no plans to retire.”

Please join us for a Virtual Community Meeting
28th @ 6:00pm
Please register in advance for this webinar by scanning the QR code. This meeting will provide updates on the deconstruction project schedule, ongoing mitigation and monitoring efforts, and timing updates for the takeover of the East 1st Street sidewalk and parking lane. To submit questions or comments ahead of the meeting please reach out to
Bernard “Bernie” Nania

You perhaps knew that two sessions of “Hygge” had been scheduled at the South Boston Branch Library – the first one was Saturday, February 4; the second one is this week (Saturday, February 18, 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.). Everyone is welcome to attend Hygge on the 18th, and as always at our Branch Library, there’s no charge for admission – bring your family

Hygge Comes to the Library

and your friends, if you wish. Registration isn’t required, either. Hygge is actually a custom from the nation of Denmark. It’s pronounced “hoo-gah” – the double “o” sounds the same as the double “o” in the word “hook”. International surveys consistently rank the Danish folks among the happiest in the world, and their custom of Hygge is one of the reasons for that. Remember Denmark has long, cold winters just like we experience here in Boston, and Hygge helps the Danes get through to spring. So set aside an hour or so on the 18th, and visit Hygge at South Boston’s Branch Library.

The photographs shown with this article were actually shot in the Library’s Public Room at their Hygge on February 4; what you see is also what you can look forward to on the 18th. The lighting is kept low in the Public Room. There are quiet activities for the children, such as coloring. Sketching by adults is encouraged as well, or you can simply bring

Seaport Goes Renewable

Over the past several years, WS Development has been the largest single developer of the South Boston Seaport District. A key point in the center of their Seaport mega-projects is the brilliantly lit Courthouse Square, which is shown in the accompanying night photograph. This month, WS announced that they plan to convert each of their Seaport properties to renewable electric power. These sources of electricity will all be hydroelectric – i.e., water power generated by New England’s dams.

a newspaper or fetch a book and read quietly for a while, or talk quietly with your friends. Wear thick, warm socks; take off your shoes when you arrive at Hygge; and most important of all, just relax for a while.

Branch Librarian Jane Bickford and her staff will supply refreshments to round out your Hygge experience on

February 18. Apple cider and hot chocolate along with varieties of cookies will provide that last essential touch that’ll make your wintertime Hygge experience a warm., coxy memory. In addition, you’ll find that Hygge is a “do-it-yourself” activity you can perfrom anytime in your own home to make the winter pass more quickly and enjoyably.

Window on West Broadway

It is still the middle of February, even though there are periods when the weather is absolutely spring-like. If you need to brighten your outlook, just stop by the shop window at E and West Broadway where Sweet Tooth used to be – No. 369, to be exact. Just look in for a moment and let those brightly warm colors sink in


Hearing Filed on Water Safety Awareness and Access to Swimming Lessons Due to a Spike in Drownings

Lara refiled a hearing order to discuss water safety awareness and increasing access to swimming lessons in the City of Boston.

This hearing order is a refile from last year, where Massachusetts saw a spike in the number of drownings, particularly in the month of May. Drowning is the leading cause of preventable, injuryrelated deaths in Massachusetts in

Book Your Venue Now!

Back in the day, the South Boston Lithuanian Club was the place to be. Today, with $1 million in renovations, the Club is hoping it will regain that status. The main hall on the fourth floor was revamped. A permanent bar replaced a portable bar and an amazing caterer’s kitchen was put in. This large hall, which can hold 200 people, has stunning wood floors, a cool industrial look, and great views of the city. It’s perfect for weddings, parties, corporate seminars, and more. There’s a smaller room off the main hall that’s a great fit for baby or bridal showers or possibly office rentals. The Club’s third floor hall which holds 275 people, has a bar and a fantastic stage for theater productions and bands. In all of its halls, the Club will set up tables and chairs in any configuration. The Kitchen, which is known for its pizzas, is also available for rent. There are 60 parking spaces available on West First Street for events.

To get more information or to rent a space at the South Boston Lith Club, contact manager Gint Subatis at 617-268-9058 or email

children below the age of 15, and unfortunately, Black and lower income communities are more likely to be affected by drownings. A study from the University of Memphis found that 66% of Black children could not swim well enough to be safe in the deep end, and a report by USA Swimming found that 79% of children in families that earn less than $50,000 in annual income have little or no swimming ability.

“As a City surrounded by water, it is vital for our young people to

have basic water safety awareness and to know how to swim.We must explore ways to partner with local and community organizations to provide swimming classes for our low-income residents and young people of color so that they can have the basic skills to be safe around water.” Council President Flynn said.

“Access, knowledge, and safety are all driving factors in pool usage. If we want to ensure all communities benefit from our city facilities, we must tackle the root

causes behind the decline in usage. Increasing access to swim lessons and water safety awareness is one way to move the needle towards equity and truly democratize access to recreation.” District Six City Councilor Kendra Lara said.

Council President Flynn and Councilor Lara will hold this hearing in the coming weeks. For more information, please contact Council President Flynn’s office at 617-635-3203 and

Book Your Venue Now!

The newly renovated Amber Room on the fourth floor of the South Boston Lithuanian Club is perfect for your event, whether it’s a holiday party, wedding, reunion or business conference. • Brand-new, beautiful bar
Amazing caterer’s kitchen
Stunning wood floors • Industrial look
Great views of the city
Holds up to 200 people South Boston Lithuanian Club 617-268-9058 Also Available for Booking: Stage room with bar Small hall off Amber Room Lithuanian Kitchen (bar, kitchen) To book, contact Manager Gint Subatis at 617-268-9058 or Email at 368 West Broadway

South Boston Murphy Rink School Vacation Schedule

Public skating hours (large rink)

Sunday: 2pm - 3:50pm

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 12pm - 1:50pm

Friday: 12pm - 1:50pm & 6pm - 7:50pm

Saturday: 7pm - 8:50pm

Public skating hours (small rink)

Sunday: 10am - 3:50pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 12pm - 5:50pm

Friday: 12pm - 7:50pm

Saturday: 10am - 7:50pm

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February School VacationWeek

at Franklin Park Zoo

February 20 - 24, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Franklin Park Zoo is your ticket to a wild time during February school vacation week! Connect with incredible wildlife and spend a memorable day with family and friends exploring all the Zoo has to offer. Activities take place in the always-balmy Tropical Forest, where you’ll learn about the amazing adaptations of animals during the cold winter months.

Schedule of Events

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Education Station and Scavenger Hunt Activity Table

(Location: Tropical Forest)

10:30 a.m. – Mystery Animal Encounter (Location: Hippo

Theater, Tropical Forest)

11:00 a.m. – Lion Keeper Chat

11:30 a.m. – Red panda Keeper Chat

12:00 p.m. - Kea Keeper Chat

1:00 p.m. – Mystery Animal Encounter (Location: Hippo Theater, Tropical Forest)

1:30 p.m. – Big Joe the Story Teller (Monday – Thursday only; Location: Hippo Theater, Tropical Forest)

2:00 p.m. – Gorilla Feed & Forage Keeper Chat

2:30 p.m. – Camel Keeper Chat

Parks Department Hosts February School Vacation Week Activities

Open Gym

Tuesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 23

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The Bubble at Carter Field, 709 Columbus Avenue

Open Gym is available to students, families, and community members to play pick-up sports such as kickball, wiffleball, soccer, football, and participate in fitness stations, run laps, and more.

Ages 7 and up

Softball Hitting and Fielding Clinics

Tuesday, February 21 and Wednesday, February 22

4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The Bubble at Carter Field, 709 Columbus Avenue

The program features UMass Boston softball players and coaches and is open to teams and individual players of all skill levels.

Pre-registration required

Ages 10 and up

Children’s Winter Festival

Wednesday, February 22

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Boston Common (corner of Beacon and Charles Streets)

This beloved annual festival offers winter activities, inflatable attractions, and fun giveaways.

All ages

Baseball Hitting and Fielding Clinics

Thursday, February 24 and Friday, February 25

4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m

The Bubble at Carter Field, 709 Columbus Avenue

The program features UMass Boston baseball players and coaches and is open to teams and individual players of all skill levels.

Pre-registration required

Ages 10 and up

Call (617) 635-4505 or email for more information. To stay up to date with news, events, and improvements in Boston parks, visit, join our email list at, and follow our social channels @bostonparksdept on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Focusing on February Heart Health Month

ABIG Thank you to Nicholas Foligno, an American Professional Ice Hockey Left Winger for the Boston Bruins, Janelle Foligno, Author and Blades, the team mascot for the Boston Bruins for coming to visit the students at South Boston Catholic Academy. They came to tell us about the importance of heart health and how we can keep our heart healthy by exercising and eating right.

Janelle Foligno, wrote a book entitled, “Dear Heart, A Letter To My Special Heart” that she dedicated to her daughter Milana. Janelle read her inspiring story to the students. Quoting Janelle, “Milana’s journey has taught us a lot. It’s identified the important need for congenital heart defect research and heart research in general, which has spear-headed our efforts to make a difference for those battling heart disease. Our mission is to live a heart healthy life. Not only for Milana, but for ourselves and others. We strive to create a family foundation that can grow as

we do. It’s important for us to give back through philanthropy and show our children the positive impact it can have to their communities.” The Foligno family is dedicated to helping others learn more about the importance of our heart health. For more information about them and our heart health, go

to Thank you again to The Foligno Family and the Boston Bruins for this very special visit to SBCA. The students loved meeting them and learning about the importance of keeping our heart healthy. February is Heart Health Month.

Stepping away from the computer once a day to get some fresh air and sunshine can improve your mood by increasing serotonin levels and the production of endorphins. Getting outside can also increase red blood cell production, which carries oxygen throughout the body and to your brain.


Virtual Public Meeting

South Boston

Virtual Public Meeting: 330 C Street

March 7, 2023

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Project Description:

Zoom Link:

Toll Free: (833) 568 - 8864

Meeting ID: 160 508 0921

The proposed project consists of a new six-story 74-room hotel, with a ground-floor restaurant, situated at 330 C Street in South Boston. The lot size is approximately 8,202 square feet and is currently occupied by a vacant single-story concrete block building which formerly housed a repair garage.

mail to: Stephen Harvey

Boston Planning & Development Agency

One City Hall Square, 9th Floor Boston, MA 02201

phone: 617.918.4418



Teresa Polhemus, Executive Director/Secretary


The Zoning Commission of the City of Boston hereby gives notice, in accordance with Chapter 665 of the Acts of 1956, as amended, that a virtual public hearing will be held on March 1, 2023, at 9:45 A.M., in connection with a petition for approval of the Development Plan for Phase 1 within Planned Development Area No. 128, L Street Station Redevelopment (“The Plan”), filed by the Boston Redevelopment Authority d/b/a the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

The Plan will allow for The Proposed Project proposes the rehabilitation of the Edison Turbine Halls and the construction of two new buildings on Block D and Block F, each of which new buildings are expected to include office, research and development, and retail uses. The Edison Turbine Halls and the new buildings on Block D and Block F are collectively expected to include approximately 754,500 square feet of Gross Floor Area, including approximately 669,800 square feet of office, research, and development space and 84,700 square of retail, civic, cultural, and other such uses, all as more particularly set forth in the Phase 1 Development Plan. The Proposed Project will include up to 650 parking spaces and the delivery of significant public open space along the waterfront, improved pedestrian connectivity to and through the Phase 1 Project Site, and substantial landscape improvements around the Phase 1 Project Site, including the creation of the M Street Plaza.

This meeting will only be held virtually and not in person. You can participate in this meeting by going to Copies of the petition, the Plan, and a map of the area involved may be obtained from the Zoning Commission electronically, and you may also submit written comments or questions to

Interpreting services are available to communicate information at this hearing. If you require interpreting services, please contact the following: or 617-918-4308. The meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2023. Please request interpreting services no later than February 23, 2023.

For the Commission

12 THURSDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2023 SOUTHBOSTONONLINE.COM Paul J. Gannon PC General Practice of Law No Charge for Initial Consultation 82 West Broadway South Boston, MA (617)269-1993 Criminal Defense Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents Establishment of Corporations, LLCs Wills & Estate Planning Real Estate Litigation Probate The Law Office of CITATION ON PETITION FOR Docket No. Commonwealth of Massachusetts SALE OF REAL ESTATE BY A SU22P1117EA The Trial Court Probate and Family Court PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Suffolk Probate and Family Court 24 New Chardon Street Boston, MA 02114 (617)788-8300 Estate of: Dorothy Frances O'Toole Also known as: Dorothy F O'Toole Date of Death: 04/19/2022 To all interested persons: A Petition for Sale of Real Estate has been filed by: Peter M. Golemme of Hanover MA requesting that the court authorize the Personal Representative to sell the decedent's real estate at a private sale. IMPORTANT NOTICE You have the right to obtain a copy of the Petition from the Petitioner or at the court. You have a right to object to this proceeding. To do so, you or your attorney must file a written appearance and objection at this court before: 10:00 a.m. on the return day of 03/15/2023. This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance and objection if you object to this proceeding. If you fail to file a timely written appearance and objection followed by an affidavit of objections within thirty (30) days of the return day, action may be taken without further notice to you. WITNESS, Hon. Brian J. Dunn, First Justice of this Court. Date: February 08, 2023 tt Emma A Kremer, Esq. Taylor, Ganson and Perrin, LLP 160 Federal St 20th Floor Boston, MA 02110 MPC 593 (3/1/17) PUBLISH ONLY THE CITATION ABOVE Felix D Arroyo, Register of Probate tt page 1 of 3

Winter Fun!

The Winter Warmer at Moakley Park Saturday provided an afternoon of fun, games, warm drinks, snacks, crafts, and more. Participants enjoyed popcorn and hot cocoa, made their own s’mores, danced to the beats by A Trike Called Funk, played games provided by Knucklebones, grabbed free books, and chalked up the playground. There were also resource tables set up by South Boston Neighborhood House, Julie’s Family Learning Program, South Boston En Accion, National Park Service, Latino Outdoors, Stone Living Lab, City of Boston departments, and South Boston Soccer League. Boston Harbor Now partnered with Boston Parks and Recreation Department, the Boston Family Engagement Network, South Boston en Accion, Inc., and South Boston Neighborhood House to present this Make Moakley Yours event.

FEBRUARY 16, 2023
14 THURSDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2023 SOUTHBOSTONONLINE.COM Are you consid ering selling your ho1ne or condo? Real Estate is Thriving in South Boston Knovv the True Value of Your Home Today With a Free Market An alysis Q (j Facebo ok.corn/RooneyR ealEstat e Rooney Real Estate, LLC 700 East Broadway South Boston, MA 02127 O v e r 30 y e ars of professional service • Ov e r 2,000 real estate transactions #I sales agent in South Boston for 25 of 30 years r oo n • offi ce : 61 7-269-1000 • cell: 617-645-5370
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