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WOW BRADFORD 2017 WOW WEEKEND Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November Since founding WOW in 2010, I’m thrilled by how quickly the movement has grown, with WOW festivals in 20 cities across five continents – including this, the second WOW festival in Bradford. Women’s stories of triumph, tragedy, progress or setback are a crucial source of knowledge and I believe that women from Kathmandu to Karachi, Baltimore to Beijing should connect so they can make new solutions together. WOW festivals make that happen with nearly 1.5 million girls, women, boys and men taking part. As women’s progress accelerates, backlash and resistance surfaces, some basic rights are under threat and violence against women is at frightening proportions; we must use all our creativity to support each other and have the courage to move beyond our own circles and to learn how other women face challenges different from our own. WOW celebrates and learns from diversity of all kinds – and welcomes everyone to be part of this global movement for change.

many people and the WOW Bradford team, I know you’ll see your city reflected in the programme. WOW has already been a catalyst for change in Bradford, being the birth place of initiatives such as Speakers Corner and the #IAmPerfectAsMe Campaign. It’s very powerful that co-programmers Saliha Rubani and Laura Brooks met while volunteering for WOW last year. It’s going to be very inspiring, and I look forward to seeing you there. Jude Kelly CBE Artistic Director, Southbank Centre Founder, WOW – Women of the World Festival Jude Kelly © Sara Shamsavari

Each festival is built by the community it’s in and thanks to the contributions from so We are both so proud of Bradford, its capacity for change, its rich cultural diversity and its ability to surprise people. Having volunteered at last year’s WOW Bradford we have seen first-hand the impact that a WOW Festival can have on a city and its people, and how much positive change can come from women who truly feel empowered. Following the success of the first WOW, we saw the opening of Speakers Corner, a social space set up and led by the WOWsers and WOW Volunteers from last year’s festival, which brings people together to create positive action. WOW Bradford would not have been possible without the guidance and dedication of our incredible Marketing team – Aina Khan, Jack Lynch and Martyn Johnston who have worked tirelessly alongside us. We are so grateful for the enthusiasm and energy of our amazing WOWsers and WOW volunteers and are looking forward to seeing all that they will bring to the festival weekend. We are pleased to share the programme with you and look forward to seeing you all at the next chapter of WOW Bradford. Laura Brooks & Saliha Rubani WOW Bradford Programmers


Saturday 18 November Day Pass events include WOW MORNING YOGA Start the day with a relaxing yoga session led by Niamh Bryson. Bring your own mat if you have one, but we’ll have some too.

TAKING ON THE TROLLS Vloggers’ Experiences

Indus, Kala Sangam 9am – 10am

BADASS WOMEN OF BRADFORD Bradford has always been full of incredible women. Come and hear from Leila Taleb from JUST Yorkshire, Shipley Feminist Zealots’ Aisha Ali Khan, and Ruth Ibegbuna from RECLAIM, about the courage, initiative, intelligence, willpower and all-around badassery of some of Bradford’s greatest foremothers. Be prepared to be inspired. Chaired by Evie Manning, Co-Director of Common Wealth. Bradford Cathedral 10.15am – 11.15am

From taking on the trolls to inspiring the selfie generation, YouTube vloggers come together to share experiences of the highs and lows of life in front of the camera. Speakers include: YouTube vloggers Hannah Witton and Grace Victory. Chaired by WOW’s Senior Programmer Domino Pateman. Ganges, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm

EVERYONE NEEDS A HOME INTERNATIONAL ACTIVISM What can UK-based activists learn from their international sisters? Leading international change-makers join forces as they speak about how to turn local activism into global solidarity. Speakers include Palestinian activist Reem Kelani, girls education campaigner and TEDx Curator Masarat Daud, and journalist and writer Rahila Gupta, who travelled and documented the revolution occurring in Rojava, Syria. Chaired by Anjum Mouj of Imkaan.

How is housing related to gender? This session explores the challenges that women are facing in securing housing at a time when a report by Shelter finds that a million households are at risk of homelessness unless a freeze on housing benefit is lifted. Speakers include community worker Julie Longden, Bradford Nightstop host and anti-poverty campaigner Sue Balcomb, and Councillor for Allerton Richard Dunbar. Indus, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm

Bradford Cathedral 11.45am – 12.45pm Day pass: £8 | £6 concession (price does not include transaction fee) 3

Saturday 18 November Day Pass events include LIFE AFTER ABUSE Workshop The process of healing both physically and emotionally after the trauma of domestic abuse can be a lifelong journey for many women. The Creative Butterfly Project was created for women survivors of domestic abuse and supports women to build a ‘creative toolkit’ to draw on to increase confidence and self-esteem. Be a part of an art workshop for survivors of domestic abuse designed to empower and enable women to focus on the positives and move forward in their lives through expressive art. Workshop Room 1, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm

NOT THE UNDATEABLES! Dating with Disabilities Kat Pemberton

UNDER-10S FEMINIST CORNER Feminism isn’t just for grown-ups or teenagers. Are you a budding young feminist? Do you think girls should have the same opportunities in life as boys? If so, we’ve got the perfect session for you. Join other young feminists for an interactive workshop led by Nabeelah Hafeez, exploring what being a girl means, and get tips on how to start a campaign in your bedroom. Small Room 2, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm This is a mixed session for all genders aged 6 – 10-year-olds. Please note, these workshops are for young people only. To register your child for this session, please email putting ‘Under-10s Feminist Corner’ in the subject field.

NOT ALL PRINCESSES WEAR PINK Understanding Gender Through Story Join expert storyteller Rachel McMahon for an hour of empowering stories including Not All Princesses Wear Pink and My Princess Boy. This session is for 2 – 6-year-olds – come with your little one(s) and enjoy these tales of empowerment.

With 70% of the population admitting they would not date someone with a disability, how do we move past stereotypes and how do we go from undateable to dateable? Dating isn’t easy and it can be especially tough for women with disabilities. Join disability activists Kat Pemberton and Leanna Benjamin as they tackle these relationship challenges through this ‘awkward speed dating’ workshop. Workshop Room 2, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm 4

Café Area, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm

Saturday 18 November Day Pass events include HAIR! Harnaam Kaur

How are women defined by their hair? From grey hair to alopecia, from body hair to the choice to cover it and who decides what ‘natural’ is, we hear from four women who are redefining age-old stereotypes about how hair is related to femininity and womanhood. Expect laughter, personal stories and identity politics. And a chance to tell your own story too! Speakers include: Harnaam Kaur who wears her beard – a symptom of Polycystic ovaries; Amy Johnson from Alopecia UK; teenage campaigner Mehmoona Pervez; and visual sociologist Emma Dabiri. Chaired by Aina Khan. Bradford Cathedral 1.15pm – 2.15pm

DANCE UNITED PERFORMANCE Domestic abuse, parenting and breaking the chain A unique performance by Dance United, a local dance group of survivors of domestic abuse and women who receive support for mental health issues. Watch this inspiring 30-minute performance followed by a panel discussion with the dancers, discussing their journeys of self discovery through dance and how the support of other women helped them find the strength to keep fighting today. Ganges, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm

WOW BITES WOW Bites are short talks, performances, readings and soapbox moments delivered by all sorts of women with amazing stories: • Jane Gregory from Bradford Rape Crisis on gender and genocide • Dina Mousawi, co-author of cookbook Syria: Recipes from Home • South Asian ladies from Womenzone perform a snippet from their play Har Aurat Ki Kahani (Every Woman’s Story) • Alison Baskerville, former soldier and documentary photographer behind No Man’s Land, talks about women’s roles on the front line Indus, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm


Saturday 18 November Day Pass events include I WOULD RATHER BE A REBEL Modern Suffragette What is a woman’s role in modern day politics? How far have we really progressed in the 99 years since some women in the UK have had the right to vote? In this workshop we look back at the lives of Emily Wilding Davison, Sophia Duleep Singh, and the women who have made a direct impact in our own lives, the sacrifices these women made for the freedoms we have today and how we can continue their legacies. Led by Kate Willoughby and Sonia Sandhu. Workshop Room 2, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm

A GUIDE TO A HAPPIER YOU Self-Care Zine Workshop Are we really looking after ourselves? With the support of Munaza Kulsoom we discuss how it is often a woman’s role to care for everyone around her and how little time she will take to really look after her own well-being. Workshop Room 1, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm

HOW TO GET ELECTED Workshop We need more women in politics and it starts here! Only two countries in the world have 50% or more women in their parliament; Britain comes a poor 48th in the world for female representation. Have you considered getting involved in politics, including standing as an MP, but have not quite been able to take the plunge? Do you need more information but don’t know where to get it? Come along to this workshop to find out what it takes to run for political office, featuring a guest speaker and facilitators from The Parliament Project. Small Room 2, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm

POP UP Queen for a Day flashmob Presented by Irregular Arts. Flashmob alert! Catch this five-minute work-in-progress by survivors from Staying Put UK as they prepare for the national stage as part of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November. Foyer, Marketplace 2.20pm – 2.25pm


Saturday 18 November Day Pass events include MEN & GENDER EQUALITY In just one generation, many age-old ideas about women have been swept aside – but what do these changes have to do with men? Join a panel of men to discuss their personal journeys to understanding feminism, their role in gender equality and why it would be better for everyone. Speakers include: Anthony Anaxagorou, a poet, writer and educator; Sikh faith advisor, Pritpal Singh; and Bradford activist and Artistic Director of Raise The Roof, Dusty Rhodes. Chaired by Jude Kelly. Bradford Cathedral 2.45pm – 3.45pm



Find It Film make and screen films that share stories about sport – from high-flying Olympians and intrepid adventurers to women and girls enjoying sport in their communities. With the Bradford Cobras’ Ezdihar Abdulmula, come and explore how sport can empower women and girls – and maybe when it doesn’t – in a fun and interactive workshop. Workshop Room 1, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm

ACTIVE BYSTANDER WORKSHOP It happens, let’s not ignore it! Most women have been harassed on the street, and witnessed other women being harassed. The question here is… what are we going to do about it? The answer is to pledge to become an Active Bystander – come to this workshop and find out how. Led by Emma Stafford, Chair of Bradford People’s Board. Workshop Room 2, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm

How does trans activism interact with the movement for gender equality? What do trans identities tell us about notions of womanhood, and do celebrity transitions help or hinder the cause? Speakers include: Asifa Lahore, a Muslim drag performer who has recently come out as trans; Shon Faye, a writer, presenter and comedian; and CJ Atkinson, Bradford-born author of Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? Ganges, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm

SYRIA – RECIPES FROM HOME Join Dina Mousawi demonstrating a recipe from her cookbook Syria: Recipes From Home and learn about the different ingredients used in Syrian cooking. She’ll be joined by Razan Alsous of Yorkshire Dama Cheese and local women from Syria, who will share stories of cooking with mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Café Area, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm


Saturday 18 November Day Pass events include BEYONCÉ DANCE CLASS

WOW SATURDAY FINALE Come and hear highlights from Saturday and previews of Sunday, with Jude Kelly in conversation with special guests from the programme. Bradford Cathedral 4pm – 5pm

THE BRICK BOX AFTER-PARTY Seen on Screen (SOS) invite you to a Beyoncé dance class where you can learn the moves to Beyoncé’s ‘Run the World (Girls)’. Featuring loud music and fierceness! No experience necessary – come as you are. Indus, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm

BUILD A WOW GIRL Workshop Join Bradfordian Fiona Broadfoot, a campaigner with the UN and various national domestic and sexual violence organisations. This workshop explores the social pressures that can limit women’s and girls’ personal growth and encourages them to help design their own inner confidence. Be the change you want to see! Small Room 2, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm To be a part of this workshop, you’ll need to bring a piece of fabric, button or other embellishment that reflects you and can go to building the WOW girl. Sign up by email at putting ‘WOW Girl’ in the subject field of the email. Limited places.


Join the renowned Brick Box Ladies for the official WOW Bradford after-party in their new city centre arts space. The all-female line-up includes DJs, performances and installations. Good vibes, good drinks, all welcome. The Brick Box Rooms 21-25 Ivegate, BD1 1SQ 7pm – 2am

Sunday 19 November Day Pass events include WOW VIEWS ON THE NEWS


Dive into today’s headlines with WOW founder Jude Kelly, CEO of Bradford Council Kersten England and presenter Sabbiyah Parvez, as they discuss what the headlines mean for gender equality, and talk about dealing with the press. Ganges, Kala Sangam 10.15am – 11.15am

COLONIALISM AND ITS IMPACT ON WOMEN Colonialism changed women’s lives dramatically and even today, women continue to struggle with the challenges it has left behind. Samayya Afzal from The Peace Museum, and social historian and author Emma Dabiri discuss how women fared during the Indian Partition, colonisation across the world and its ongoing impact today. Chaired by Jude Kelly. Ganges, Kala Sangam 11.45am - 12.45pm

Join experts across many fields including journalists, scientists, theatre directors, campaigners, artists, WOW speakers and many more. This hour-long session includes four individual 15-minute mentoring sessions to share your challenges, exchange ideas and stories, and potentially identify a new mentor. Indus, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm To sign up to be a ‘mentee’, please email putting ‘Speed mentoring’ in the subject field of the email.

THE BREAST DISCUSSION More than half the population have breasts and yet do we see them, use them and talk about breasts in the correct light? In Urdu there is no word for breasts, so how do we encourage women who come from communities that don’t even have a word for them to speak openly about their breasts? Join Jo Taylor, Julie Stein Hodgson and Shazia Khan in an open and frank discussion focusing on how we can all be more comfortable and up front when it comes to talking about our breasts. Workshop Room 1, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm


Sunday 19 November Day Pass events include HOMEMADE HERBALISM Alternative Remedy It’s common knowledge that oatmeal is good for dry skin and vinegar soothes a bite – but what other remedies for common ailments can be found in your kitchen cupboards? In this active demonstration workshop we talk all things natural and show you how to make some of these inexpensive and effective remedies in the comfort of your own kitchen. Led by Sabrina Francis of Brees Herbal Healing. Workshop Room 2, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm

GIRLS DIY Workshop Roll up your sleeves for electric drills, jigsaws and screwdrivers in this basic introduction to woodwork where you make a bird or minibeast box. This workshop provides girls and women with the confidence, enthusiasm and courage to approach tasks that are traditionally oriented towards men. Led by Naomi Harriott-Brown and Behla Hutchinson from Hyde Park Source. Small Room 2, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm


STORY TIME Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls Join expert storyteller Rachel McMahon for an hour of empowering stories from the brilliant and record-breaking Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. This session is for 2 – 6-year-olds – come with your little one(s) and enjoy these tales of empowerment. Café Area, Kala Sangam 11.45am – 12.45pm

THE FIGHT OF THE WORKING CLASS Has the media played a part in disconnecting people from politics? Are we so saturated in Brexit, May and Trump that we no longer feel able to make a difference? Join Hope Rising (Allerton) local female activists and The Guardian journalist Lynsey Hanley to hear more about getting organised, fighting back and standing up for social justice. Chaired by Julie Longden, community worker and activist. Ganges, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm

Sunday 19 November Day Pass events include SUFFRA-JITSU Self-Defence Class

ALGORAVE Make Music With Code

The Suffragettes used Ju Jitsu as a form of self defence – come and learn some moves yourself. This fun and engaging session is open to everyone, from young to the not so young. Parents are required to participate with their children throughout the session which is led by Sensei Mumtaz Khan from the Onna Ju Jitsu Club. Indus, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm

MONEY TALKS Learn how to master your money and understand the complex emotions that can get in the way of being financially stable, with tips on apps that can help you track your spending, shake off old habits with money and build a more secure financial future. Led by Sophie Collins, an educator, activist and future thinking specialist. Small Room 2, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm


How we feel on the inside and how it appears on the outside – and on social media – are often very different. At a time when image and identity is ‘everything’ and we are bombarded by impossible ideals of lifestyle and beauty, this workshop looks at how to stay true to our authentic selves. Led by Speakers Corner.

Meet live coder Joanne Armitage who is one of the women redefining how music is made using a laptop. In this workshop, Joanne teaches you how to use code to create sound in the live coding language Ixi Lang. Workshop Room 1, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm To be a part of this workshop, you’ll need to bring a laptop with SuperCollider installed and a pair of headphones. Sign up by email at putting ‘Make Music’ in the subject field of the email. Limited places.

CRAFTIVISM Family Activism ‘Being happy in these times is in itself an act of resistance’. Come and be happy! Take away your own handmade memento from the weekend and share love and happiness with all the family. Led by Rozina Tariq and Lorrett Mcintosh from Creative Flare. Café Area, Kala Sangam 1.15pm - 2.15pm

Workshop Room 2, Kala Sangam 1.15pm – 2.15pm #IAmPerfectAsMe was started by the WOWsers at WOW Bradford 2016, and has since travelled the country empowering young girls and women.


Sunday 19 November Day Pass events include ‘HONOUR’ An open and moving dialogue with British women who have real-life experiences of honour abuse and forced marriages. Hear survivors share the challenges they faced but also hear about their survival. Chaired by activist and campaigner Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, herself a survivor, and CEO of national charity Karma Nirvana. Ganges, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm

DATING FOR FEMINISTS Share stories of love and sex from the front-line of dating in this frank and inclusive discussion group. Topics range from the myriad choices and challenges posed by modern dating’s migration online, to taking charge of our love lives and challenging sexist dating norms. Speakers include: Leila Taleb of JUST Yorkshire; Sara Rushworth, who delivers Consent, Pleasure and Intimacy workshops, and Nikki Thorbrian of S.P.I.C.E. Chaired by Evie Manning, Co-Director of Common Wealth. Indus, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm

TEENS TALK BACK Join WMKF World Champion Silver Medalist Harleen Kaur and our panel of WOWsers as they discuss feminism – is it cool, do they like the word, and what do boys think? Whatever your age, this is your chance to hear from teens about their lives, thoughts and expectations – from the tough realities to straightforward optimism. If you care about young women – see you at this session! Chaired by Kersten England. Workshop Room 1, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm

DEATH CAFÉ Gender and Death Why is it that traditionally it’s women who care for the dying and the dead? This café – yes, tea and cake are provided – is designed to enable a deep sharing of experience and support between women who may not otherwise have had the opportunity for such an open discussion, in a world where talking about death still remains problematic. Led by Dr Karina Croucher and Dr Lindsey Büster, researchers at the University of Bradford. Workshop Room 2, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm


Sunday 19 November Day Pass events include WOW FM Director and co-founder of BCB – Bradford Community Radio, Mary Ella Mesma Dowson, hosts a one-hour radio special live from WOW. Come and listen – and you might even be interviewed live on air!

AN EVENING OF DANCE Ella Mesma & Hannah Buckley

Small Room 2, Kala Sangam 2.45pm – 3.45pm


Whose responsibility is it to overcome racism? Join Reni Eddo-Lodge as she explore issues from eradicated black history to the political purpose of white dominance, whitewashed feminism and the inextricable link between class and race from her book Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race. Chaired by WOW founder Jude Kelly. Ganges, Kala Sangam 4pm – 5pm

Artistic Director Ella Mesma performs Ladylike, a feminist dance theatre piece which comments on gender stereotypes, the masks we wear and sex. We Are Now is a work in progress project that celebrates intergenerational exchange and women using multiple strands. Performer Hannah Buckley looks specifically at her relationship with her 94 year old Nana, Elsie, to continue to reflect on questions about how to celebrate women and intergenerational exchange through performance. The evening also features a chance to hear from each of the artists about their experiences creating their work in a conversation with the Creative Producer at Kala Sangam, Alex Croft. Brought to you by Kala Sangam. Ganges, Kala Sangam 5.30pm onwards


Saturday 18 November Timetable






WOW Morning Yoga

9AM – 10AM

10.15AM – 11.15AM

11.45AM – 12.45PM

Understanding Gender Through Story

1.15PM – 2.25PM

Everyone Needs A Home

Life After Abuse

Not The Undateables!


WOW Bites

A Guide To A Happier You

I Would Rather Be A Rebel


Beyoncé Dance Class

Sports Empowerment Workshop

Active Bystander Workshop


2.20PM – 2.25PM

2.45PM – 3.45PM

4PM – 5PM

7PM – 2AM


Syria – Recipes From Home





Badass Women of Bradford

Under-10s Feminist Corner

Taking on The Trolls

International Activism

How to Get Elected

Dance United Performance


Build A WOW Girl


Queen for a Day Flashmob

Trans Identities

Men & Gender Equality

Jude Kelly Keynote

The Brick Box After-Party


Sunday 19 November Timetable




10.15AM – 11.15AM

11.45AM – 12.45PM

Story Time

Speed Mentoring

The Breast Discussion

Homemad Herbalism

1.15PM – 2.25PM




I Am Perfe As Me

Dating For Feminists

Teens Talk Back

Death Caf

2.45PM – 3.45PM

4PM – 5PM




de m



Views On The News

Girls DIY

Colonialism and Its Impact On Women

Money Talks

The Fight Of The Working Class



Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race

An Evening Of Dance


Throughout the weekend WOW MARKETPLACE The WOW Marketplace is the heart and hub of the festival. Our speciallydesigned indoor market is home to a range of carefully selected stalls providing information, raising awareness, showcasing work, offering workshops or selling their creations. It’s a central meeting point where people can gather, find information, do some shopping, network with others, get a feel for the festival and experience a whole range of products, ideas and activities. Foyer, Kala Sangam

EXHIBITION: NO MAN’S LAND WOMEN’S PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE FIRST WORLD WAR Commemorating the First World War Centenary, No Man’s Land offers rarelyseen female perspectives on the First World War. The exhibition features images taken by women who worked as nurses, ambulance drivers and official photographers, as well as contemporary artists inspired by the conflict a century later. Impressions Gallery, Centenary Square No Man’s Land is co-produced by Impressions Gallery, Bristol Cathedral, The Turnpike and Bishop Auckland Town Hall, supported by National Lottery through Arts Council England and Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.

ACTION STATIONS Action Stations is a space where you can share your ideas for change and also put these ideas into action with the guidance of local community activists. Located in Small Room 1, Kala Sangam.



The WOW volunteers are on hand all weekend to welcome you to the festival, answer queries, offer help and share information about the festival programme. Please stop when you see them and say hello!

PRAYER ROOM This multi-faith prayer room on the ground floor of St Peter’s House is open to all religions and faiths over the course of the weekend.

WOW CRÈCHE The crèche is available to WOW Day Pass holders on Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November and is for children aged 1 to 5-years-old. All staff are fully qualified and have enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. A member of staff trained in paediatric first aid is always present at the crèche. Please note that babes in arms are welcome at WOW Day Pass talks and events. Saturday, 9am - 11.45am & 12.45pm - 5pm Sunday, 10am - 11.45am & 12.45pm - 5pm Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. For enquiries, email Oak Room, St Peter’s House

KIDS’ AREA The kids’ area is the perfect space for mums, dads and guardians to take five with their kids and just hang out. Please note: children should be accompanied by an adult at all times in this area. Café Area, Kala Sangam

WOWSERS The WOWsers are young Bradford volunteers aged 15 – 18 who are working together in the lead-up to the festival to create a piece of work to be showcased at WOW Bradford. The WOWsers are also speaking on various panels throughout the weekend, ensuring that the voices, opinions and interests of Bradford’s young people are represented.

SUPPORT WOW WOW has positively shaped the lives of thousands of women, men, girls and boys around the world, but there is still so much to do. You can help WOW continue to grow and provide more platforms for these conversations to take place around the world. To give £5, text WOWS01 £5 to 70070 or call 020 7921 0995 for more information about how you can get involved. Thank you.

Funded by


WOW SPIRIT WOW Spirit is delivering nine WOW festivals in five cities across the UK over the next two years (one in 2016, three in 2017 and five in 2018). It’s a Southbank Centre initiative funded by Spirit of 2012. WOW Spirit is targeting areas where a lack of cultural infrastructure, limited access to resources and restricted opportunities for female leaders can be a barrier to community cohesion. Each festival is based on ideas raised at a series of planning sessions called ‘think-ins’. Everyone can come to these to share their ideas and suggestions and make sure that WOW looks at important local issues. Building new festivals across the UK allows women, men, girls and boys (including some of the most marginalised voices in society) to get actively involved in their local communities. As programmers, volunteers and participants, they can help create a fairer, happier society. @spiritof2012

Spirit of 2012 is a funding charity, established with a £47m endowment from the Big Lottery Fund. It funds partners across the UK that provide opportunities in sports, physical activity, arts and culture, volunteering and social action. Spirit was founded to continue and recreate the spirit of pride, positivity and social connectedness that people experienced during the London 2012 Games. They invest to create good outcomes for people and communities and have invested over £25 million into community projects in over 100 locations across the UK, benefiting more than one million people.

ALL WELCOME WOW is a movement that welcomes all – women, girls, men and boys, and those who identify as non-binary. We encourage everyone to reach out and bring dads, brothers, grandmas, neighbours, friends, children, sisters and mothers to make WOW Bradford a festival that works towards a gender equal future for us all.


ACCESS Kala Sangam is accessible to people with disabilities. For building-related access queries, email or phone 01274 303340 A number of the sessions are British Sign Language-interpreted. British Sign Language interpreted

If there are any sessions in particular that you would like to be BSL-interpreted or if you have any other accessqueries email


Day pass: £8 Concession pass: £6 Online (£2.50 transaction fee*) Phone 0203 8799 9555 9am – 8pm daily (£3 transaction fee*) If you wish to receive tickets in the post, a 75p delivery charge applies. *No transaction fees for Southbank Centre Members and Supporters Circles

WOW Bradford takes place in:

In person / on the day

Kala Sangam Arts Centre St Peter’s House, 1 Forster Square, Bradford, BD1 4TY 01274 303340

Kala Sangam Arts Centre, St Peter’s House, 1 Forster Square, Bradford, BD1 4TY 10am- 5pm, Monday - Friday

Kala Sangam is directly opposite the Marks and Spencer entrance to The Broadway.

Bradford Cathedral Stott Hill, Bradford, BD1 4EH

VENUE FOR AFTER-PARTY Saturday night after-party takes place at: The Brick Box Rooms 21-25 Ivegate, BD1 1SQ

VENUE FOR EXHIBITION No Man’s Land exhibition is displayed in: Impressions Gallery Centenary Square, Bradford, BD1 1SD 01274 737843

PUBLIC TRANSPORT Our city centre venue is easily accessible via local Bradford bus services. It is less than a 10-minute walk from Bradford Interchange and Bradford Forster Square train station. 20


Royal Festival Hall Ticket Office, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX 10am – 8pm daily* *until Thursday 16 November

SHOP, EAT AND DRINK Café Housed in Kala Sangam’s glass extension overlooking the Cathedral gardens, the café is a quiet space hidden amid the hustle and bustle of Bradford city centre. Pop in for a leisurely lunch or a quick cup of coffee.

The Broadway Dine in one of the many cafés and restaurants in The Broadway, located right beside Kala Sangam.

WOW Bradford 2017 brochure  

Full programme for WOW Bradford 2017 which is taking place 18 - 19 November 2017 in Kala Sangam Arts Centre and Bradford Cathedral.