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Our services include state-ofthe-art precision blasting to all sectors & specialist quarry blasting information can be obtained from our Head Office.

Why use Rock Blasting Services? The purpose of blasting is usually to break the rock sufficiently in order that it can be excavated and removed. To accomplish this, the blaster drills a pattern of holes in the rock to be shattered. These holes are then filled with a pre-determined amount of explosive. When the explosive is detonated, a huge amount of energy is released shattering the surrounding rock.

Civil Engineering Works

If done correctly this saves time & money on excavation plant & labour. If done incorrectly it can be dangerous & prolong the works. That is why you need reliable, competent operatives & good management at hand at all times. RBS can offer this as an absolute minimum of service. It is why we believe you’ll understand us when we say ‘knowhow makes a difference’.

Knowhow makes a difference

Your Project If you think rock blasting could be the necessary means you need, to achieve what you want, then we need to talk.

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Welcome to Rock Blasting Services Limited

Blasting We manage, engineer & carry out the whole blasting operation. We are always happy to discus your needs & provide you with expert help from inception right through to project completion.

From our main South African office we maintain the high standards of innovation, safety & services on which our business is built. We began using explosives for controlled blasting in 1981 & are now one of the top blasting companies in South Africa. These years of experience have given us a strong reputation in the industry for providing innovative, collaborative solutions to meet our clients’ unique challenges.

Contract Drilling Take advantage of our highly skilled precision drilling facilities. We can advise & undertake any operation where drilling accuracy & efficiency is paramount.

We are proud of the long term relationships we have with our clients & actively listen to their feedback in order to strengthen trust & loyalty. Highly experienced management & sound business practices ensure projects are completed to your satisfaction

Foundation blasting

Road cuttings

Platform blasting

Trench Blasting

Crushing & Screening

Bulk blasting


RBS has a wealth of knowledge, experience, skills & opportunities to share with its staff, its business partners & the community within which it operates. This will happen through our Black Economic Empowerment Strategy that consists of the following key tactics: •

Employment equity processes;

Skills transfer & development;

Corporate social investment, &

By forming dynamic business relationships.

RBS operate mobile crushing & screening plant. This can provide you with a cost effective & sustainable method of turning waste into usable/saleable screened aggregate.

Our services to the civil engineering mean we are often engaged in: Tunnelling

South Africa is forging a new economy with which to earn its rightful place in the global marketplace & RBS has the credentials to operate in such a market. We recognise the desire of South Africans to be masters of their own destinies & to profit fairly from the energy invested in their endeavours.

Crushing & Screening

Civil Engineering Services at a Glance •

Black Economic Empowerment

Health and Safety Laser Profile Surveys

Our first rule is “Nothing is more important than health & safety” … Our second rule is “Nothing is more important than health & safety”

The system uses 3D rock face profiling to determine rock face geometry, volume measurement and 3D mapping of localised areas or entire sites.

This principle was established in our culture many years ago & we are committed to uphold & enforce it. Accidents are preventable through good management & responsible operatives. Our goal is “Zero Injury” & we have full-time safety staff dedicated to employee training. We have completed major projects without a single reportable injury.


Vibration Control


We strive to understand our clients’ requirements & so far as possible align ourselves with their needs; to continue to meet & occasionally exceed their highest expectations.

Sensitive sites may call for special measures to prevent the blast causing damage or disruption to nearby infrastructure. At RBS our experienced management team & engineers work to provide you with the best & most practical solution available.

RBS accepts its environmental responsibilities and recognises its obligations to contribute to the resolution of global and local environmental issues by reducing its environmental impacts and complying with environmental good practice.

We can model, predict & monitor for the specific project & establish acceptable peak particle velocity limits in high risk areas when projects are outside the conventional guidelines.

We therefore seek to minimise the environmental impact of blasting projects during all design & implementation works. We shall remain devoted to improving the understanding in environmental awareness of our staff

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