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A special gift for Elliot

With love from Grandma

A special gift for

With love from


Grandma By Fran Posner Illustrated by Costa Alavezos

You’ll always be my #1 grandson! Love you always, Grandma

Would you like some honey, Elliot?

Pooh loves honey from honeypots

and big balloons with polka dots.

Pooh loves a warm and sunny day

when all his friends come out to play.

Hello, Pooh! Hello, Elliot!

Pooh loves the flowers, tall and straight, that grow around the garden gate.

Pooh loves to run and jump,

and then . . .

This is so fun, Elliot!

. . . he loves to run and jump again.

Pooh loves his soft and comfy bed where he can rest his sleepy head.

Pooh loves to climb up in the trees and say hello to busy bees.

Pooh loves to slip and slide on ice . . .

Isn’t this fun, Elliot?

. . . with Tigger there, it’s twice as nice!

Pooh loves to look up at the sky and watch the butterflies go by.

Look at that, Elliot!

Pooh loves to fly his special kite

while little Piglet holds on tight.

Pooh loves T igger, Kanga, and Roo, Rabbit, Eeyore, and Piglet, too.

I love you, Elliot!

Pooh loves many things, it’s true. But Pooh especially loves


Winnie the Pooh loves so many things: honeypots, balloons, naps. But more than anything else, Pooh loves you, Elliot!

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