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A Celeb r at i o n o f "Y ou -ness"

y a r o o for H Jacob!

Made Special For

Made Special By


Mom and Dad By Marianne Richmond

A Celeb r at i o n o f “Y ou -ness�

y a r o o for H Jacob!

Made Special For

Made Special By


Mom and Dad

By Marianne Richmond

Jacob, We are so proud to celebrate your “you-ness� Love, Mom and Dad

Jacob, for quite a long time, the world saved a place. Millions were born, yet none filled your space...

second of a minute of one e h t l i Un t y, you took your first brea a d l a i th spec

orl and the w d said


timed. Not one minute mor y l t c e f e. Per You suddenly were where you were not before



ing preceded your earthly n n a l p debut But as all was completed in the you-ness of you.

, ob tj ea b! Gr aco J

ess?” you ask: Quite hard to describ n u o e, “Y o u y r style of being it’s , your rhythm o ibe. rv m u s o f d y ou that sets e gran h you apart. t s ’ t I Your body and brains plus y our spirit and heart.

“Okay...” you might think, “but I’m not sure I see why the big fuss and hooray about me.”

Then get set to enjoy the big celebration of the you-ness of you, Jacob, a remarkable creation!

Jacob, isn’t it something that your wonderful face is not like another in the whole human race?

Your smile, for starters, curves up just so when you laugh and act silly or tell jokes that you know.

e body you live in h T can jump, danc e and play h custom built pa t i rts w to move your own way.

en v E

ur o y

ir ha


, brown or red k c a l b e it

does its own thing on top

d. a e rh u o of y

And your certain good looks are just one teensy part   of the you-ness galore of your mind and your heart.   This is the essence of what you’re about, Jacob,    the true who of you within and throughout.

nce, the way your brain likes a t s n i to think. For � , happens you say, like a sneeze o t s u j t r a blink. “I u s r e r , b o ut predictab atic, f m le not, o t u A ther has your process of though o o n t. for

b Jaco ! star is a

You think big ideas a nd original sche es. m Your wide-eyed s. m a wishes are yo e r ur dreamiest d

And your feelings deep down are colorful creations   a kaleidoscope of moods and emotional sensations.    Jacob,    who else can know your kind of glad,      silly, excited, grumpy, or sad?

foods you find yummy. e r a e r Th e te color or two. i r o v a Af you don’t like, but more that you s g n i do! Th

Jacob USA , n w o Anyt

And the cool thing that’s true, Jacob, is how you can grow when there’s thinking to change or new stuff to know.

Jacob,   you’re perfect as you, but my friend, you will see days when delighted is not what you’ll be   You might even think, “I’d sure wish to be like him, her or them. Any person but me!”

y Hoora for b! Jaco

Lookin’ Good, Jacob!

Then stop that at once, Jacob,   put gloom on the shelf. Say, “Good-bye doubt”    and “HOORAY SELF!”

The Big


Jacob, if people compare you with another like a mother or sister or uncle or brother,

Family Reunion

to them you can say for certain indeed, “I’m completely for sure ME guaranteed!”


m head to toe tip, you’re truly or o r f , s iginal, Ye a creation-in-progress, a distinct individual. world over, and you’ll neve e h t k r f in d Loo a duplicate of you-ness that’s your one-of-a-kind!

Jacob, on the day you were born, the world grew by one life with big purpose and much to be done. Look in the mirror. Love who you see. Stand tall. Smile big. Shout,

Hooray for Me!

Dedicated to Cole James, Adam Jon, Julia Rose, and Will David whose you-ness I love. –MR

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