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My mom Loves Me! By Marianne Richmond

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My Mom Loves Me! By Marianne Richmond

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Mia, I love spending time with you and being your Mom. I love you!

My mom plays with me.

That tickles, Mia!

My mom kisses me.

My mom hangs out with me.

Time to have some f un, Mia!

My mom swims with me.

My mom takes me places.

Let’s go, Mia!

My mom cuddles with me.

My mom swings with me.

My mom comforts me.

Don’t worry, Mia.

My mom feeds me.

My mom carries me.

My mom bathes me足足足.

I love you, Mia!

My mom loves me!

About the Author Beloved author and illustrator Marianne Richmond has touched the lives of millions for nearly two decades through her award-winning books and gift products that offer meaningful ways to connect with the people and moments that matter.

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Featuring endearing animals and simple words, Marianne Richmond’s beloved story illustrates all the ways a mother shows her love to her children!

Put Me In The Story: My Mom Loves Me! Personalized Book  

Showcasing the sweetest animal illustrations, My Moms Loves Me! demonstrates all the special ways a mom loves her child. Your child will lov...

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