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soundLINCS proudly presents

The Programme Saturday 3 May 2014 The Epic Centre Lincolnshire Showground Celebrating 15 years of Community Music in the East Midlands

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soundLINCS – 15 years of Community Music

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The soundLINCS Core Team, Trustees, Music Facilitators and our fantastic Volunteer Helpers, are here all day to assist and advise. You can spot them in the purple or orange soundLINCS t-shirts. 2

Welcome from Rob Williams – Chair of soundLINCS Board of Trustees

Welcome to B15 - a unique musical event and the culmination of activities to celebrate soundLINCS’ 15th Birthday. Our Sincere Thanks are extended to all of you who are giving up your time and bringing your enthusiasm to be part of soundLINCS’ most ambitious and complex project to date. B15 truly sums up the ethos, courageousness, risk taking, flexibility and professionalism of soundLINCS. Some people may call us fool hardy – but we prefer to think of ourselves as ambitious!. There is no denying the infectious passion and excitement that the Company has evoked in so many people over the years and it is certainly not in short supply today. You have caught the soundLINCS bug. There is no known cure! Congratulations!! Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE CEO of soundLINCS I don't think there can be anyone more astounded than myself when I reflect on the unbelievable journey that soundLINCS has made. From being the sole worker 15 years ago, to the amazing team of soundLINCS core staff, Board members and Music Facilitators that you see today. I am also remembering the many people who have passed through the soundLINCS family, gained training and experience, and moved on to develop their own companies and create great art for themselves and with others. And then there are the amazing participants and partners the company has worked with over the last 15 years. I must stop before I get too nostalgic or tearful! Please come and reminisce with us at the soundLINCS display in the Exhibition Hall or visit our website at The idea for B15 came from our instinct to inspire, extend boundaries and do something different. Why...because it’s in our DNA and we can! We are delighted and proud to be supported by The English Folk Song and Dance Society and to be part of their Full English project. We are thrilled to have captured the attention of Sealed Air, the originators of bubble wrap, who have provided all the material for our World Record Attempt today. And completely blown away that all the Organisers, Composers, Music Facilitators, and you the participants, have volunteered so much time today. Let’s join together and create something that will be truly awesome! Today may be the end of our 15th year, but it is also just a new turning on a truly amazing journey. soundLINCS does change certainly changed mine!!! Have a unique, memorable and enjoyable day. Thank you for being part of B15! 3

On the 1st of June 2013, soundLINCS began a year of celebrations for our 15th Birthday. Over the past 15 years we’ve delivered over 30,000 music & art workshops alongside our large scale events which have included taking over Butlins, Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle. We’ve worked with over half a million participants from the diverse community of Lincolnshire and the East Midlands through a variety of genres and activities. B15 is based on the Lincolnshire folk tune ‘Lost Lady Found’. Over the past few months 15 composers have been arranging the piece for specific sections of instruments. These sections have been determined by the initial interest expressed by you in the project. Each of the 15 sections are between 3 and 4 minutes long, clever music glue has been injected, which joins the sections together to create the B15 composition you will be performing today. The running order of the sections is: FOLK - The Traditional Folk Arrangement of Lost Lady Found is a collaborative effort from Elizabeth Padgett (a long standing soundLINCS Music Facilitator), Martin Browne, and Paul Dickinson from the Spalding Folk Club. Spalding Folk Club has been running continuously since 1979. They aim to have a good time, encourage local performers and to present the best professional guests they can afford. They meet formally on the first Wednesday of every month at the South Holland Centre, Spalding and on the third Thursday of each month at the Welland Yacht Club, Spalding for a singaround. Although a club by name, everyone is welcome. JAZZ - “Oh, It’s You Again” Arranged by Dan McCaughern. Dan creates music to enhance Film, TV and Theatrical productions. He embraces challenges, whether it is composing orchestral theme and variation for a narrative or electronic soundscapes to create a sonic backdrop for a theatrical event. Dan has worked as a Composer and Arranger with soundLINCS on projects since 2002. ACOUSTIC - Arranged by John Stafford. John has worked as a composer on several projects with soundLINCS involving pieces written for school, community and professional groups. He enjoys collaborating with dance, theatre and film makers to create functional pieces that support live and edited narratives. He plays guitar, operates a modest recording studio, and has developed two pieces for B15. John is a long serving member of the soundLINCS Core Team. 4

GOSPEL Pt1 (Choral) - Arranged by Liz Lenten. Liz has worked on many previous soundLINCS projects including Pass It On and Sing 66 where she wrote for 1000 voices. She has recently toured with Jefferson Starship to promote her latest CD and will be performing at the Lincoln Inspired Festival on the 9th May. With all this, Liz still manages to be one of soundLINCS longest serving Music Facilitors. PIPES & RECORDERS - Arranged by John Stafford. MUSIC TECHNOLOGY - Eddy Mentzel, an experienced soundLINCS Music Facilitator and now one of the soundLINCS Core Team brings a modern contemporary twist to his Lost Lady Found arrangement. Eddy is an electronic music producer working under the aliases AudioJunkie and HighJinkz. With numerous major label releases to his name and high profile performances at venues such as Alexandra Palace, Birmingham NEC and events such as Global Gathering.

TRADITIONAL CHORAL - Colin Reed. Colin’s arrangement of Lost Lady Found incorporates harmonies whose intervals add up to the number 15! Colin is a composer, conductor, performer and singing teacher. He has undertaken a variety of roles in opera, operetta and music theatre, and is known for his warm and expressive lyric voice. Colin has previously been a soundLINCS Core Team member working with Liz Lenten on the hugely successful Sing Up! Programme. AMBIENT - Paul Philpott is a composer and music producer from Lincolnshire. His inspiration for the Ambient/Gamelan arrangement came from listening to the lyrics and thinking about the title 'Lost Lady Found'. His piece explores the journey from being vulnerable to being accepted. Paul is another long standing soundLINCS Music Facilitator and his private work has attracted commercial interest resulting in numerous tracks being released through record companies mainly under the name of ‘flying club’.


ORCHESTRAL - “Now You See Her!” Arranged by Sara Chambers. Sara took up the violin at the age of 10. Ater graduating from the Royal Northern College of Music Sara spent time freelancing in the northwest before moving back to the Lincoln area in 1995. Since then she has been teaching violin/viola/world music for Lincolnshire Music Service, freelancing, building an extension and has been a long term member of the fabulous Heyes Ensemble. Sara has been involved in many soundLINCS projects throughout the years. GOSPEL Pt2 (Choral) - Arranged by Liz Lenten. CONCERT BAND - “Home Variations” Arranged by Jane Wells. Jane has combined composing with leading community music projects for many and varied organisations around East Anglia and Cambridgeshire and from 1995-1997 she led a ‘pilot’ music project in Lincolnshire that evolved into soundLINCS. ROCK - “Mad Man’s World” Arranged by Dan McCaughern. BRASS - “Find the Lost Lady!” Arranged by David Chambers. David says he was thrilled to be asked to arrange for the B15 event, having been involved with soundLINCS since the early days. He is excited to be involved in this work and he wishes soundLINCS a happy birthday and a Big Thank You for the experiences that have taught him so much!! After a number of years working and performing he moved to Lincolnshire Music Service as a temporary measure. Almost 20 years later he still thinks he needs to move on but likes the relationships he has built with musicians and performers all over the East Midlands. SAMBA - Arranged by Tim Brain. Tim is an experienced professional musician who has worked on several projects with soundLINCS. He established Louder Than Life Limited in 2008 which provides practical World Music workshops across the UK and design and manufacture their own range of samba equipment. They hold the Guinness World Record for the Largest Performing Samba Band! GOSPEL Pt3 (Choral) - Arranged by Liz Lenten. And last, but of course not least, Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE. Nikki-Kate has created the musical glue joining all of the individual sections as well as creating the rhythms for the Bubble Wrap record attempt! 6

First Aid & Emergencies: St John Ambulance are in attendance all day. There are no fire drills planned so if the alarm goes off, please evacuate following staff guidance.

Lost People (Found?) & Property: Lost, or looking for anyone or anything? Ask at the Registration Desks in the Exhibition Hall.

Photography & Films: Please be aware that B15 is an open public event

and a photographer (Steve Hill) and a film crew will be taking photographs and filming throughout the day. The photographs and films may be published or broadcast by soundLINCS or Guiness World Records Limited, and the final performance will be live streamed over the internet. Photographs and footage may also be circulated to the press, other news media, and on the soundLINCS website and social media sites. Also, the press and other news media may be present. By participating in the event it is assumed you consent to being photographed and filmed. However, if you have any queries or concerns, please contact a soundLINCS staff member.

Baggage area: All items are left at your own risk, however there will be staff/helpers in the area at all times.

Refreshments: Snacks and drinks are available all day from the café area. You are welcome to consume your own drinks and food but no alcohol please.

Can I be in more than one section? There may be an opportunity to play

in more than one section, depending on your instrument – it may be dependent on the logistics of seating and layout. Please talk to the conductors of the sections you are interested in to see if it is feasible.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Official Attempt: We have a Guinness World Records official attending so will be able to announce the result immediately! Timings are vital for this attempt – please be outside the main Epic Centre building ready for controlled, counted re-entry at 12.30.

What time will the day end? We anticipate the final performance will end no later than 6pm. Have a look at the timetable later in this programme.

Is there anywhere for people to watch? Yes. The performance is

designed to be live streamed on the internet and there will also be a giant screen showing the live performance in the adjacent Exhibition Hall which anyone not performing is invited to watch. Family and friends not at the Epic Centre can watch it live from anywhere in the world! Direct your friends to the live stream at to watch at 4.30pm! A few days later it will be available through our website 7




Arrival and Registration 9.00 am – 10.30 am

9.00 9.30

Orchestra, Concert Band and Brass Band. Choral, Pipes & Recorders, Folk, Acoustic Strumming, Ambient, Music Technology 10.00 Jazz, Rock & Percussion.

Exhibition Hall

Section Rehearsal Start Times 10.00 Orchestra, Concert Band and Brass Band. 10.00 am – 12.30 pm

10.30 Choral 10.30 Pipes & Recorders, Folk, Acoustic Strumming, Ambient, Music Technology

Epic Centre Ground Floor Exhibition Hall Epic Centre First Floor Epic Centre Ground Floor Epic Centre First Floor

11.00 Jazz & Rock 11.00 Percussion. GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® attempt!! The Most People Popping Bubble Wrap

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm

We have to abide by Guinness World Record’s strict guidelines. We have to re-count everyone so we need everyone out of the buildings ready outside the main Epic Centre entrance to be counted in. A numbered wristband will be issued. You will be directed to your popping position (per your section on page 9) ready for the attempt! We have a Guinness World Records adjudicator present so the result will be announced straight away!!

1.30 pm

Full Rehearsal - see layout on page 9.

3.30 pm


4.30 pm

Premier performance & live streaming of B15

6.00 pm

Farewell – we hope you’ve enjoyed a fantastic day with soundLINCS – Thank you! 8

Epic Centre

Epic Centre Epic Centre


Twas down in yon valley a fair maid did dwell She lived with her uncle as all knew full well Twas down in yon valley where violets grow gay Three robbers betrayed her and stole her away Long time she’d been missing and could not be found Her uncle he searched the country around ‘til he came to the trustee ‘tween hope and ‘tween fear The trustee replied she has not been here The trustee spoke over with courage so bold I fear she’s been lost for the sake of her gold So we’ll have life for life sir the trustee did say We’ll send you to prison and there you shall stay There was a young squire who loved her so Oft times to the school house together they did go I fear she’s been murdered so great is my fear If I’d wings like a dove I would fly to my dear He travelled through England, through France and through Spain ‘til he ventured his life on the watery main And he came to a house where he lodged for the night And in that same house was his own heart’s delight


When she saw him she knew him and fled to his arms She told of her grief while he gazed on her charms How came you to Dublin my dear he did say Three robbers betrayed me and stole me away Your uncle’s in England, in prison he do lie And for your sweet sake is condemned for to die Carry me to England my dearest she cried One thousand I’ll give you and I’ll be your bride When they came to old England her uncle to see The cart it was under the high gallows tree Oh pardon oh pardon oh pardon I crave Don’t you see I’m alive your sweet life for to save Then from the high gallows they led him away The bells they did ring and the music did play Every house in the valley with mirth did resound When they found out the lost lady was found The Full English digital archive contains thousands of manuscripts of traditional folk songs that were collected from across the country. Some of these songs are known widely, others have lain dormant in notebooks and files within archives for decades. Working with soundLINCS on the B15 project is giving the opportunity for musicians across Lincolnshire and beyond to bring back to life an original Lincolnshire folk song – ‘Lost Lady Found’, and develop several new versions in the 21st century! ‘Lost Lady Found’ was collected by the well-known classical composer Percy Grainger (1882-1961). Grainger became an enthusiastic supporter of the Edison Phonograph as a means of collecting and began using it at Brigg in North Lincolnshire. He collected several versions of ‘Lost Lady Found’ from different villages in Lincolnshire which makes it a perfect song for the B15 project. The Full English is a unique nationwide project unlocking hidden treasures of England’s cultural heritage by making over 58,000 original source documents from 12 major folk collectors available to the world via a ground-breaking national wide digital archive and learning project. The project is led by the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS), funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and in partnership with soundLINCS and other cultural partners across England. To find out more about The Full English visit: #thefullenglish



soundLINCS open workshops & activities EMPOWER


A free learning and development project for 11-16 year olds interested in music production and technology.

Join these fun, friendly, free sessions full of music and other arts in childrens centres in: Holbeach, Sutterton, Sutton Bridge, Spalding and Old Leake.

Beginning 27th May 2014.

For children and young people with disabilities and sensory impairements. Weekends in Grantham, Skegness and Sleaford.

Early years arts in the park! All you need is your instrument and music stand to join a fun and friendly group of amateur musicians.

Our Summer programme for 12-18 year olds - Join a creative, fun group to make your own band!

Saturday mornings, ÂŁ7 per session.

4th, 5th and 7th August @ South Holland Arts Centre.

A free day of training through active learning for Early Years practitioners and their groups. 4th of July 2014 @ Rufford Abbey Country Park

Your Project, You Decide! soundLINCS can offer bespoke projects to meet your needs in a wide range of music or mixed art genres. Call or email us to discuss your requirements. soundLINCS soundHOUSE 18 St Martins Lane Lincoln LN2 1HY Tel: 01522 510073 Email: 13

Try Our Lost Lady Found Quiz ‌ and see if you can find her sisters – there are 3 more hiding somewhere in this programme! What type of flowers grew in the valley? Who kidnapped the fair maid and why? Who was the first person to look for the fair maid? Who sent the uncle to prison and why? Who loved the fair maid and where did they go to be alone? How many countries did the young squire search to find the fair maid? Where did the young squire find the fair maid? What was the young squire’s reward for rescuing the fair maid and transporting her back to England? Who rejoiced the safe return of the fair maid and how was it celebrated?





We’ve made 12 changes to the second picture – can you find them all? (If you get really stuck, ask one of the soundLINCS team!)


Pop along to our “Vox Pops� area in the Exhibition Hall so we can film you (and your instrument) telling us about yourself and your B15 experience. Write and draw on our Graffiti board in the Exhibition Hall!

Tweet, Instagram, Facebook: @soundLINCS #soundlincs15 Follow the story, see pictures & films of the day: Contact friends & family to remind them to view the live performance online at 4.30pm on 17

We are always bowled over by the enthusiasm, support and generosity of our friends & partners. From Sealed Air, the inventors of bubble wrap, who have donated all of the Bubble Wrap & costs towards the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSÂŽ Official Attempt, to the loan of percussion instruments from the Lincolnshire Music Service. Also to Peachy Event Services for being awesome and providing amazing audio/visual & live streaming services.

We want to shout out a massive THANKS!!! to all of them, and not least, to You – the B15 participants yourselves! Thank you all so much.

Lincoln School of Media


______________________________________ Attended and Participated in

and the

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® officical attempt for “The Most People Popping Bubble Wrap” Saturday 3rd May 2014 Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground Signed _______________________ Dated 3rd May 2014 Nikki-Kate Heyes MBE soundLINCS CEO

Bubble Wrap was first invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957, with its initial intention to be sold as wallpaper. However, the creators soon realised that it would be a much better alternative to newspaper packaging and sold it under its original name, Aircap®, through co-founded company Sealed Air. Since it was founded in 1960, Sealed Air has grown into the world’s leading manufacturer of protective packaging materials. In 2013, the company generated a revenue of approximately $7.7 billion by helping its customers achieve their sustainability goals in the face of today’s biggest social and environmental challenges Sealed Air has approximately 25,000 employees who serve customers in 175 countries, with its UK headquarters located in Kettering. Today, Sealed Air has donated its world famous product to support soundLINCS in its Guinness World Record attempt.

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