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“Building professionals with character”

Admission Brochure MBA (Affiliated to Mahamaya Technical University, Approved by AICTE)

Batch: 2014-16 48-B, Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida, U.P., Website: Ph. 91 9654959960, 91 9810461188 e-Mail

Our Motto… Building professional with character ………..who can lead the society from the front. Sri ra m endea vors to prepa re professionals – both for the corpora te sector as well as the social sector, who can provide necessary leadership in the twenty firs t century. Our Vision A business school benchmarked against the best institutions, which is the most preferred brand for the students and corporate and self sustaining Our Mission • • • • • • • • • •

Curriculum, as per corporate and social needs. Research and consultancy leads to real time problem solving and value creation. Best Pedagogy Knowledge Resource Corporate Connect Social Connect/Initiatives Excellent Administration Student Connect Outreach Programmes Commitment to the cause

About Us… SRIRAM Gr oup, under the aegis of UDAAR BHARATI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, was estab lished wit h the pr ime objective of gr ooming skilled and et hical pr ofessionals. In 2007, the gr oup established SRIRAM Institute of Management and Tec hnology (SRIMT) to pr ovide quality education thr ough Management and Tec hnical cour ses. Utilizing its four decades of exper ience in the field of education, the gr oup has been effectively pr omoting educati on that cultivates human v alues along with t he tenets of knowledge SRIRAM has embr aced this moder n pedagogy, wher ein the Teac hing- Lear ning pr ocess is supplemented with pr actical exposur e in the for m of live pr ojects, industr ial visits, case discussions, r ole plays, debates and var ious other r esour ce development activities. Sr ir am believes in holistic development of its students and gives gr eat emphasis on Char acter building thr ough a compr ehensive fr amewor k especially developed for this on a theme, “Building Professionals with Character” Surr ounded by lush gr een locales of Knowledge Par k, Gr eater Noida, SRIMT has a five-acr e campus, which is a per fect blend of moder n infr astr uctur e and natur al ambience. The state of the ar t ar chitectur e has all the r equisite facilities that for m an integr al par t of any int er national B-School. The locati on was specifically identified for its pr oximity to industr ial establishments and easy accessibi lity fr om any par t of the capital and NCR. SRIRAM believes in an educ ation syst em t hat looks beyond employment and concentr ates on individual development by impar ting “Life Skills” and enhancing life ti me oppor tunities. This Institute has collabor ations with Int er national educational institutions and multi-national cor por ates to pr ovide students exc hange and industr y specific tr aining to students and faculty member s.

SRIRAM Philosophy….

The S riram Philosophy Today the world around us is fraught with mistrust, lawlessness, greed and ostentation. The society is increasingly becoming vulnerable to the negative forces of corruption, mismanagement and violence. People, driven by greed, are resorting to acts which are neither ethical nor humane. The heat can be felt by the society as well as the corporate. Society is in disarray, corruption is rampant, unethical and immoral practices are wide spread, corporate are resorting to aggrandizement, the ‘haves’ are exploiting the ‘havenots’, and the story goes on. The question staring straight at our face is – are we as a civilization evolving for the better or are we moving backwards. The impact is no wide spread that the whole ecosystem has become vulnerable. The shear existence of life could be at stake if corrective steps are not taken immediately. As responsible citizens of this world it is our moral responsibility to ensure that an all out effort is made to safeguard the ecosystem as a whole and make this earth an increasingly harmonious place for all. M any right-thinking entities, individuals as well organizations, are making an effort to undo the damage as well transform people for a sustainable ecosystem. In this initiative educational institutions world over have been playing, and will continue to play, a stellar role in educating the younger generations about the ill-effects of this unmindful behavior. We at Sriram, are also sharing this responsibility and through our unique model aiming to tackling malaise directly. Our conviction, based on trans-religious

scriptures, is that leadership alone cannot solve this problem. The leader has to have a sound Character. History is witness to the fact that leaders with doubtful character have done more harm than good to mankind. Therefore our attempt at Sriram is to “Building Professionals with Character” who can lead the society from the front. Sriram endeavors to prepare professionals – both for the corporate sector as well as the social sector, who can provide necessary leadership in the twenty first century. During the process of grooming, the professionals are sensitized about the extreme significance of the four crucial values of – Faith, Tolerance, Generosity and Simplicity. These values have eroded over the period and the need of the hour is to reinstate them in the evolving leadership. Therefore our belief - “Building Professionals with Character” . We would like to share this philosophy with you: “If you have faith you will tolerate, and when you have both faith & tolerance, you tend to become generous. With all the three, you become simple.” 1. Faith - Your faith makes the impossible ...possible. Your determined faith moves God to cooperate with you and your victory is guaranteed. 2. Tolerance- Your depth and maturity help you see beyond the surface the deeper significance of everything. By staying connected with your true nature of peace. You remain tolerant and content in all situations. 3. Generosity - Your unlimited kindness that never stops giving, reveals your generosity. Your heart is merciful because God has filled it with Love. 4. Simplicity - You radiate inner beauty and contentment because you have the courage to let go of any thing artificial and simply be yourself. We, at S RIRAM, endeavor to infuse these values in our students ( as well as in all our stake holders ) through our unique Values-Rigor-Differentiation approach.

CEO's Desk O ur modest dream is to contribute effectively in the formation of Developed INDIA by strengthening the intellectual capital of the nation. I am sure that with the support of our team of dedicated academicians and professional we will be able to fulfill our roles in the bigger picture. S. R. LUTHRA CEO

Execut ive Direct or's Office SRIRAM Group of Institutions has the sole objective of “building professionals with character� who can contribute positively in the a progress of the industry, society and the country. The Institutes practices the philosophy of FTGS i.e. of Faith, Tolerance, Generosity & and simplicity Prof .G.K.Tripat hi Execut ive Direct or

. Deans Message A fundamental rethinking of the value of, and approach to, business education and learning is required - where what was traditionally called training is recreated more broadly as professional development, and where the goal is not merely transferring knowledge but building differentiated and self- regenerating professionals who are positioned to deal with unforeseen challenges, excel in their work and grow as quickly as their environments and responsibilities demand. - See more at:

Prof.Soumitra Chakraborty Dean




Respect Learn, Understand, Recall, Apply - Model


Value Added Certification from CII, British Council & NIIT

Industry vetted

Skill Building

Curriculum Cross Functional Projects

Co-curricular Activities

Professional with Character

Extra-curricular Activities



Essential Pre-reads & Interactive sessions


Case based learning



Live projects / Assignments

Industry Interaction

Mentoring Learning Des ign

Projects for WholeSystems Understanding

Faculty/ Industry Guide Learning Assessment by Faculty/ Industry Guide

Summer Internship

(Individual Dev. Scheme)

Internal Faculty Mentor Industry Mentor (Practicing Sr Leader)

Our Learning Environment

Our Selection Process Stage3 Group Discussion Sage 2 Satge 1 Measuring personality type through MBTI

Personal Interview

Response Analytics & Psychometric Analysis(SLST)

At Sriram in association with a leadership Scan Test(M LQ) where we scan potential leaders on leadership traits and recognize bright sparks and help transform them to be great leaders and therefore effective and complete managers while they are with us for the two years of the management program alongside academics. This is about giving the corporate world Leaders and not just mere managers Measuring Manager Like Qualities (MLQ) • • •

Each career has a unique qualitative requirement. This unique requirement is 85% accountable for getting on a job. M LQ – M anagement career line/profession has 11 M LQs attached to it

DEFINING Manage r Like Qualitie s • • • • • • • • • • •

Desire to learn T eam Player Organized ( Work and T ime Wise) Leadership (by Example) Value s and Integrity Proactive and Visionary Innovative Structured Communicator - (writing and Verbal both) Delegation (Judiciously) Analytical Committed

How we Measure MLQ s Me asuring pe rsonality type through MBTI The elegantly simple, yet powerfully perceptive framework of MBT I (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) provides the basis for a life-long personal developmental journey, as well as underpinning enhanced organizational effectiveness. Is a powerful, versatile personality type assessment that provides the foundations for a deep understanding of personal motivations and group interactions. Response Analytics & Psychometric Analysis(SLST) For gaining an insight into the minds at Sriram we begin with a Sriram Leadership Scan Test(SLST ) where we scan potential leaders on leadership traits and recognize bright sparks and help transform them to be great leaders and therefore effective and complete managers while they are with us for the two years of the management program alongside academics. This is about giving the corporate world Leaders and not just mere managers

Sample Report A well-spoken, analytical young man who believes in hard work. He could do much better as a manager, if he plans his actions better and gets over his tendency to function best under ideal conditions only.

development programmer IDP it’s an internal development program which is run by the college for the internal development of individual student it has been a phenomenal help in preparing for life’s journey which help you out from sophomoric conditions of the life, and help you harbinger for the head in your life, its helped me learn a great deal about myself, as well as the complex world of senior. It proved to be a great experience and led to a full-time position upon my career Mentoring :• • •

Each student of SRIRAM is attached to faculty and industry mentors for personal guidance, career advancement and development. SRIRAM mentoring is inspired by SRIRAM philosophy - “Building Professionals with Character”. Corporate M entorship Program through Industry Professionals

Mentoring Process

Wa r mup

K no w y o ur s t ud en t

U nd er s t a nd y o ur s t ud ent

D el i v e r a bl e

R em ed ia tion

Student Mentoring Objective Employability Groom Desire to learn Polish Team player Refine Organized Enlighten Time management Educate Proactive and Well-informed

Character development::MLQs’

R ei nf o r c em e nt

Co m m i t t ee ev a l ua tion

Cl o s ur e


Innovative Structured communicator

Delegation Analytical Committed

Life @ SRIRAM S TAR Activity : The motive of star activities is to generate excitement, knowledge and fun with healthy competition in order to channelize the positive energy of the students in right direction. Star activity journey started by dividing the students of Sriram in Four Houses (Shivhese houses compete with each other at different co and extra curriculum activities. Few activities ofc STAR • • • • • •

Debate Competiti on Qui z Competi tion Ski t Competi tion Cul tural Competi tion Sports Mana gement Games

Suprabhatam: “Building Professionals with Char acter”

is the mission of SRIRAM and the stepping stone to complete this noble mission is Suprabhatam. The academic activities at SRIRAM start

with Suprabhatam. All the Students and faculties gather at a specified place for suprabhatam where the proceedings start with Saraswati Vandana followed by some good thoughts from our students and comes to an end with national anthem. There is a saying that attitude defines your altitude. It is vital for the students to start their day with positivity and sacredness Dream sans Frontier DSF as it stands for Dream Sans Frontier is a students club which has been initiated to bridge the gap between academia and the industry requirements. The focus is to develop the students holistically for the upcoming challenge in the industry. They are inculcated with all types of managerial skills through various activities.

Our Social Initiatives… •

Rural Internship Program by SRIRAM MBA Students, Working with rural schools in Bihar and Jharkhand. Working with community in Village of Jharkhand and Bihar.

Antaryatra: a yatra with to the interiors of Bihar to understand the opportunities and challenges in the rural areas of India.DSF students of our esteemed college went on a Yatr a with their Mentor , Pr of Rakesh Pandey to the inter ior s of Bihar to “under stand the oppor tunities and challenges i n the r ur al ar eas of India.” The Yatr a was an initiative of our own Dr eams Sans Fr ontier students c lub along with an NGO, Antr al and wher e thr ee of our students wer e under going an SIP with them in a R ur al village bottom of the pyr amid school in t he st ate of Jhar khand. Star ted fr om 11th of August 2013 fr om Begusar ai the Yatr a concluded at V aishali at Bihar on the I ndependenc e Day on 15th of August 2013

SRIRAM students participates in the walk at India gate towards population stabilization

Seminar by Mr. Neerja Kohli Faculty,Art of Living Foundation

Eduthon 2013 The student Club of Sriram, Dream Sans Frontier in par tner ship with Antral, a Bihar based NGO or ganized a mini marathon, "Eduthon 2013" on 17th November wher e students in lar ge number and people fr om all walks of t he life par ticipated. On 17th Nov ember the volunteer s of DSF-- Dr eam Sans Fr ontier , Srir am Students C lub and A ntr al got up ear ly i n the mor ning for the pr oper arr angement of the event, not only the volunt eer s but they motivated other students of Sr ir am for the involv ement. They wer e busy in helping the par ticipants of Mini Mar athon with the r egistr ation pr ocess. The entr ance Gat e had ador ned a huge banner which said, “Eduth on 2013—Run for a cause” and r oad showed the sign, ar r ows and banner s on t he way t owar ds campus. It also helped the par ticipants to show the way of 10 Km. Eduthon was or ganized for helping a bott om of t he pyr amid schools i n Bihar . They under stand their r esponsibilities towar ds the society and countr y. They want to br idge the gap between t he education faci lity of r ur al and ur ban ar eas. As the sun slowly star ted spr eading its r ays, the number of the par ticipants began incr easing. Ther e wer e sever al students fr om the near by colleges including the students of Shar da Univer sity, PIMT, G L Bajaj, Galgotias, GNIT, to name a few. The ev ent also attr acted some fac ulty fr om near by colleges. The gir ls and boys r an….so did the young and old…t he volunteer s who wer e positioned at var ious places on the r oute stood by to help the r unner s, the few students who tur ned up as water boys filled the glasses with water to dr ink…..the arr ows painted on the entir e r oute guided the par ticipants….the camer as clicked and the fi lms r olled. The fir st and the second position in t he boys c ategor y was won by two young men, one: Mr Madan Kumar of PIMT and the other a wor king pr ofessional by name Mr . Hari Om Kumar . It was then the time f or gir ls. The fir st position went to Divya S hukla and second to Anshika Thakur , both Srir am students of f inal year MBA. With the distr ibution of pr izes and cer tificates the event came to an end and tir ed students wer e str olling, sitti ng in t he lawns and enjoying t he r efr eshment. And like t his mar ked the end of one successful event.

Our Professional Meets •

FDP on Ethical Leadership. – Resource

Prof.Atul Sharma: Professional Trainers .Faculty Galgotia Business School,Greater Noida

Prof. A.N.Bhattacharya

Prof.G.K.Tripathi, Professor of International Business,Executive Director.SRIRAM ,Greater Noida

-Professor of M arketing,Area Chair,Schoolo of Inspired Leadership,Gurgaon

Seminar on Entrepreneurship – Resource

Prof. A.N.Bhattacharya

M r.Sammi M oza, CEO INTARVO Tech

M r.Rajnessh Jhamp Lead Programme M anager

-Professor of M arketing,Area Chair,School of Inspired Leadership,Gurgaon


Orientation Programme – Resource

M r. Ranjit Singh Director, RG TexIn M anufacturing Co.Pvt.Ltd.

M r.Vikesh Dhyani Director – M arketing LexisNexis India

Prof. A.N.Bhattacharya

-Professor of M arketing,Area Chair,School of Inspired Leadership,Gurgaon

HR Conclave – Resource

M aj.Enayet Kabir,Associate Vice President,Technopak

Ms.Shradhanjali Nath M anager – HR Services,Steria

FDP on S PSS – Resource •

Prof. Anirudha Chaktavorty,Professor M arketing,SRIRAM

FDP on S ocial Media & Digital Marketing – Resource •

Prof. Vibhor Kataria, Professor of Communication,SRIRAM

MDP on Supply Chain Customer Retention at OM Logistics – Resource •

Prof.Soumitra Chakraborty ,Dean Prof. of IT & Operatiins

Prof. Vibhor Kataria, Professor of Communication,SRIRAM

Prof. Anirudha Chakrabarty,Professor of M arketing

Industrial Visits S No 1 2 3 4 5 6. 7 8

Date of visit Sep, 9 2012 Nov, 9 2012 Dec, 7 2012 Feb, 16 2013 Feb, 21 2013 Mar, 1 2013 April, 10 2013 April, 12 2013

Name of the Company/Event Location of Visit Sperry Plast Greater Noida Yakult NSIC Okhla Honda Surajpur Yamaha Surajpur6 New Holland Tractors Surajpur Mother Dairy Parparganj Asian Paints Kasna 2

May, 29 2012 July, 19 2012 Aug, 4 2012 Nov, 5 2012 Nov, 15 2012 Nov, 25 2012 Nov, 30 2012 Jan, 4 2013

India TV to meet Suresh Raina Noida India TV to meet Arvind Kejriwal Noida India TV to meet Kiran Bedi Noida Talent Show Color of youth by Maruti Suzuki India TV to meet Arun Jaitely Noida India TV to meet Nana Patekar Noida India TV to meet Salman Khursid Noida India TV to meet Shiela Dixit Noida

Media Visits 1 2 3. 4 5 6 7 8


Academic Advisory Board… •

K L Luthra Founder Chairman, Udaar Bharti Educational Society, an eminent educationist, disting uished member of Public Schools Welfare Society (Regd), Federation of Mayur Vihar Group Housing Complex, Jeet-Kune-Do Federation of India etc.

Dr.Binod Agrawal Vice Chancellor of Himgiri Zee University,Dehradun (an initiative of the ZEE group), founder Director of Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad(MICA )

Mr Anurag Batra Chairman and the Editor-in-Chief of Exchange4media group

Dr. Bala V.Balachandran Founder and Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India J L Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting and Information Management (Emeritus in Service), Northwestern University, Illinois, USA Executive Professor & Strategy Advisor to the Dean, Bauer College, University of Houston, Texas, USA

Mr .Irfan Khan Communication Consultant- Mckinsey, Formerly Head and Sr .Vice President (Communication) Coca Cola and Head and Vice President (Communication) Hindustan Lever

Dr.R.Natarajan, Former Chairman ,AICTE and Director IIT, Madras

Mr Sriram Luthra CEO, Sriram Group of Institutions

Prof M M Pant Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU, Former faculty of IIT, Kanpur, NIT, Allahabad and Visiting Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Mr.R.Sundar CEO, Times Business Solutions Limited ( TBSL), Director of the Times School of Marketing.

Mr Rajesh Thapar : Vice President, Oracle

Eminent Guest Speakers… •

Mr.C.M. Gandhi


Sperry Plast

Rajnessh Jhamp

Lead Programme Manager


Mr.Shmmi Moza



Mr. Ranjit Singh


RG TexIn Manufacturing Co.Pvt.Ltd.

Mr.Vikesh Dhyani

Director – Marketing

LexisNexis India

Mr.Avnees h Makkar


Elements Akademia

Mr. Neeraj Kohli


Art of Living Foundation

Maj.Enayet Kabir

Associate Vice President


Ms.Shradhanjali Nath

Manager – HR Services


Gopi Sutar

Manging Director


DR. John Woods,


Harrison College,USA.

Mr. Rajiv Ranjan,

Col. Aman Bedi,

Rtd. Col.

Indian Army

Sakshi Gaur

Sr Manager Marketing


Mr. Parida

Regional Head Sales & Marketing

HCL infosystem

Ankush Arora

Deputy General Manager

Jubilant Life Sciences Limited

Abhishek Saxena

Corporate Manager

Radisson BLU MBD Hotel Noida




Tata Academy

Visiting Faculty… Prof. Subir Guha- BE, PGDM (IIM Kolkata) • He is having 36 years of total work experience with 30 years in corporate and 6 years in academics as a trainer and consultant. He has served in operations, supply chain, projects, marketing, training with GKW, Metal Box, Mahindra & Mahindra, Usha Martin, Paharpur Cooling Tower. Prof. V S Srivastava- M Com, LLB, DBM, MBA • He is having 28 years of total work experience with 16 years in corporate and 12 years in academics. He is presently working as Chief Advisor of Global B-School. He has worked at GM level with Trident, Jagran, Road Master, Jorden, Eagle Group, T-Series Group. Prof. Subroto Ganguly- M Phil, MA (Eco), BA (Eco-H) • He is having 17 years of total work experience. He is presently working as visiting faculty and consultant trainer. He has worked as Dean- Academics with IIPM Delhi. Earlier he was Product Executive with Fena Ltd. and Marketing Officer- Brand Awareness and Sales Promotion with Indo National Ltd. Prof. R D Gupta- MA, M Sc (DU) • He is having 40 years of total work experience with Delhi University. He has added to his credit substantial research work in Management Science and Applied techniques of Markov processes to Inventory Management. Prof. Arunabh Banerjee- M Phil, MA (Eco) He is having 12 years of total work experience in academics with visiting assignments at BIMTECH, IIPM, Global Business School, Lingaya’s University, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. He is an Associate Consultant with Techman Consultancy. He also holda professional membership with AIMA, Delhi Management association and Indian Economic Association. Prof. D K Gupta- B Com, CA • He is having over 35 years of total work experience with 23 years in corporate and 12 years in academics. He is presently working as CA with Dinesh Varun & Associates. He has worked as Senior Manager (Accounts & admin) with KMF Ltd., HOD-Finance(India Operations) with Varkey Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. and Manager (F&A) with Central Electronics Ltd. Dr. Punam Khokhar- PG Diploma in Counseling & Psychology(IBMS), Diploma in Systems Management (NIIT), BA-Eng (DU) • She is presently working as a free lance trainer and hs conducted a variety of Soft skills, Hypnosis and English Workshops and Training Programs for various BSchools, Corporate Houses and also the Government sector. She has worked as Senior Instructor, Engklish & IELTS at Inlingua, School of language. She was soft skills & English Communication faculty at Wigan & Leigh College Dr. Vinod Jangid- B Sc (maths), M Sc (maths), PhD, NET, MBA, B Ed • He is having 15 years of total work experience with 3 years in corporate and 12 years in academics. He is presently working as visiting faculty with Amity, Asia Pacific, JIMS, IGNOU, AIMA, IMT etc. He has worked as Senior Sales Executive with Insta Power Ltd.

Core Faculty Prof. G K Tripathi, M. S c. (Ag), PGDM Executive Director, Chairman Admission, Associate Professor He has25 five years of work experience both in Academic & corporate.He ha worked with HLL for 17 years in the export division. He was associated with M urugappa Group for another 2 years before entering into Academics. Prof. S oumitra Chakraborty, B.Tech, M.Tech,MBA Dean & Associate Professor 20 years of experience in teaching, academic administration and Industry. Vast experience in teaching computer engineering subjects ,operations and Information Systems in various prestigious management colleges.Core Area isInformation Systems & Operations. Research Area is Online Trust in E-business Scenario and Change M anagement in Information System Implementation Prof Anirudddh Chakraborty., PGDM from IIM, Banglore Assosiate Professor,Marketing Anirudh is a PGDM from IIM Bangalore with specialization in M arketing and Strategy. He has more than 14 years work experience in corporate with companies like Idea Cellular, M ahindra Holidays, Reliance Communications and Pidilite. He has joined Sriram Group as an Associate Faculty in M arketing. He is also setting up a Research cell in the institute. He has cleared UGC Net in December 2012 with 82%. He also has plans to enroll in a PhD program from some suitable institute. Prof Vibhor Kataria., MS in software engineering from East Tennessee S tate University, US A Assosiate Professor,Business Comminication & PDP Vibhor is a veteran publisher with over 10 years experience in the publishing industry. Vibhor found his niche in publishing after returning from the US where he spent five years as a software support engineer and a software developer.. Vibhor's areas of interest are communication, marketing, project management, entrepreneurship and strategy. He is intensively involved in the various social media marketing activities of the institute as well as in the development of industry aligned management development programs. Prof. Chandrani Ganguly B.A , PGDBM (HR) , Diploma in training and development from IS TD.. Assistant Professor – Human Resource Management She has about 11yrs of work experience in HR functions like induction, training, organizing seminars and teaching in management institutes. She worked in diverse industry verticals from packaing, service & export organization. Last designation was north head in service industry. Taught in different management institutes like

Prof. Narendra S ingh , M.Tech (C.S .), M.S c. IT Assistant Professor – (IT) He has more than 07 years of work experience covering corporate and academics. He has to his credit three articles/research papers published in International journals and National journals. He has published three books in different areas of IT.

Prof. H.N.Pradhan , B.A. Eco (Hons.), M.A. (Eco), MBA (Finance & Marketing), IRDA & AMFI certified. Assistant Professor – Finance & Economics He has more than 4 years of work experience covering corporate and academics. His research interest includes M icro & M acro economics, Development Economics, Investment M anagement, Stock M arket & Financial Institutions. Prof. S anchi Singh , B.Com, MBA (Finance and Marketing) Lecturer- Finance She has 3 years of work experience in academics. She has to her credit one research paper that was presented in a national conference. She got the best coordinator award in organizing annual fest, among the faculties of all management institutes located in Noida and Greater Noida, from Noida M anagement Association. Her research interest includes security analysis, cost management and mutual funds. Prof Ankita S rivastava, PGDM, Certificate in Quality Management, Diploma in Training and Development from IS TD (pursuing), Ph.D.(pursuing) Assistant Professor- Business Communication Introduction- Having 5.6 years of total experience with 3 years in industry and 2.5 years in academics and has keen interest in student motivation, counseling and mentoring. She has presented various papers in National Conferences and Seminars. Her research interests include M anagerial Communication, Personal Growth and Training & Development, Organizational Behavior & Soft Skills. Prof. Rakesh Pandey. Lecturer-Ecnomics An IWSB alumnus, possess an intimate passion for Development Economics, International Relations, International Trade and Development and Sustainable Livelihoods. He is equally interested in creating business models for rural entrepreneurship and is the co-founder of Antral, an NGO especially working in providing education and vocational skills for Bottom-of-the-pyramid people in rural areas of Bihar and Jharkhand.

MBA PROGRAMMEE Our M BA programme is AICTE Approved and affiliated to M ahamaya Technical University,Noida. . We take pride in our extremely rigorous programme of studies. SRIM T is one of the few value based Institutes and our Charter demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the student experience and to providing a quality learning environment. Greater Noida is an amazing city with adequate shopping malls and the only International Formula I Circuit in India. It has great infrastructure in terms of roads and connectivity to NCR Regions and also banking and M edical facilities. It is also a hub to many well known corporate. Teaching Methodology • In class teaching • Industry Speakers • Mandatory Projects • Internship • Industrial Visits • Evening Adda in the Hostel. • Suprabhatm-The Morning Circle Teaching Aides • Digital Learning Environment with Fedena ERP • Digital Study Materials • Books & Laptop • Additional Certification Facilitators • Experienced Academicians • Industry Practitioners • Thought Leaders • Domain Experts • Industry Mentors

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) COURSE STRUCTURE SEMESTER- I 1. Principles & Practices of Management 2. Marketing Management 3. Human Resource Management 4. Customer Relationship Management 5. Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making 6. Managerial Economics 7. Accounting & Financial Analysis SEMESTER- III 1. Corporate Finance 2. International Trade 3. Specialization Group-1 (Subject-1) 4. Specialization Group-1 (Subject-2) 5. Specialization Group-2 (Subject-1) 6. Specialization Group-2 (Subject-2) 7. Summer Training Project

SEMESTER- II 1. Organizational Behaviour 2. Operations Management 3. Operations Research 4. Financial Management 5. Management Accounting & Control 6. Business Research Methods 7. Business Communication and Management Information System SEMESTER- IV 1. Human Values and Professional Ethics 2. Strategic Management 3. Corporate Governance and Business Law 4. Specialization Group-1 (Subject-3) 5. Specialization Group-1 (Subject-4) 6. Specialization Group-2 (Subject-3) 7. Specialization Group-2 (Subject-4) 8. Dissertation

SPECIALIZATION GROUPS FOR ELECTIVE SUBJECTS Specialization Group-1: Human Resource Management 1. Training & Development (III) Semester 2. Relations & Labour Laws (III) Semester

3.Team Building & Leadership 4. Negotiation & Counselling

(IV) Semester (IV) Semester

Specialization Group – 2 : MARKETING 1.Consumer Behaviour 2. Marketing Research

3. Sales & Distribution Management 4. Marketing of services

(IV) Semester (IV) Semester

Specialization Group – 3 : INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT 1. Information and Communication Technology (III) Semester 2. Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (III) Semester

3. ERP and Data Base Management System 4. Electronic Commerce

(IV) Semester (IV) Semester

Specialization Group – 4 : FINANCIAL MANAGMENT 1. Management of Working Capital 2. Security Analysis and Investment Management

3. Tax Panning & Financial Reporting 4. Mgmt. of Financial Institutions & Services

(IV) Semester (IV) Semester

(III) Semester (III) Semester

(III) Semester (III) Semester

Alumni S peak: My name is Aditya Sharma.I have passed out my M .B.A in the year 2010-12.Now I am working in NIIT as a M ANAGER(institutional alliance).I was very happy throughout my whole curriculum, I got several memories through which I get connected with my beautiful college. The most important thing is the faculty of SRIRAM they always help the students in each and every kind of problem whether it is personal or institutional. The Dynamic personality of my college is our respected C.E.O sir, he taught us to be positive and to be always cool and calm. His friendly nature always boosts up the students. I will respect and love him ever and forever. Gardening is my hobby and I love to see the garden of my SRIRAM . Aditya S harma(MBA 10-12) MANAGER(institutional alliance).,NIIT My Name is Rahul Raj.I have completed my MBA this year.I am working with BOP. I don't know from where to start, but of course I have to say this, “Thank you sir for giving me the precious two years�. Two years back when I came to join the college I was new for this world and Sriram College stood as a bridge between me and this new world. If you watch a newly born baby, you will find him/her very nervous, everything is new and he/she feels surprised for each and every thing. I was exactly like that, I came here as newly born baby, I grew up here, I learned to walk, I learned to run and I learned to compete. I knew about my limits but learned as to how I can go beyond my limits. After becoming an adult at Sriram, I just walked into the new world (corporate) and I am surviving there, because I made myself strong under the guidance of you all (my college, my faculties and of course my colleagues). Of course, nothing is perfect, I also faced some issues, but we can try to become perfect and we will. Rahul Raj(MBA 10-12) BOP I am Govind Dixit(2008-2010) M BA batch.Currently I am working in HCLl Technology as a senior specialist (Networks). I spend wonderful time at SRIMT under the guidance of M r. H.N.Pradhan.He inspired us to compete in such a challenging market . Due to his guidance we are able to achieve this position . My sincere thanks to Pradhan sir. Govind Dixit(MBA 08-10) HCL Technology SRIRAM " as the name suggests, is in itself a replica of dedication, devotion, discipline, and character as well. When I visited the campus for the selection process then there itself I decided to be included in this "SRIRAM FAM ILY". Being one among the upcoming institutions, "SRIRAM " brings along with it a new wave of progressive ideas, implementation methods and ways to measure the impact and reflect it. In brief it can be said that the teaching staff are best as management student is concerned Aniruddha Kumar Mishra(MBA 11-13) Channel S ales Officer ,Ambuja Cement

I really appreciate the love and the belongingness which I get f rom my f aculties, seniors and peers. Our f aculties treat us as not only their student but their children. SRIMT prov ides a better way to learn the management aspects to its aspirants by providing the quality of education and f acilities like “Business World", The Financial Express", a wide library etc. The regular co-curricular activities add v alue to us. SRIMT has all the basic f acilities which a good business school should provide to its aspirants in order to achiev e their SMART goals. Jyoti Kumari MBA SRIRAM" as the name suggests, is in itself a replica of dedication, devotion, discipline, and character as well. When I visited the campus f or the selection process then there itself I decided to be included in this "SRIRAM FAMILY ". Being one among the upcoming institutions, "SRIRAM" brings along with it a new wav e of progressive ideas, implementation methods and ways to measure the impact and reflect it. In brief it can be said that the teaching staff are best as management student is concerned Raju Kumar Sinha MBA SIP we all know, is an intern training which is being carried out by us, and I consider myself lucky because I am doing my SIP with carbon tree GBP means Google business photo a trusted agency of Google. Till now it has been great experience for me and I am really enjoy ing my SIP days, because I hav e been learning lots of experience about corporate world. Sharique Rahman MBA

Moser Baer India Limited, is a leading global tech-manuf acturing company. Established in 1983, the company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Optical Storage media like CDs and DVDs.. Till the date we have gone through all the procedures of books of accounts. As the Financer it is important to check the financial health of the company, yet in the coming days lot more is left to learn about the financial potential of the company. Enterprise engaged in manuf acturing activ ities seek competitive advantage through production function, I am thankf ul to my College to provide me such an opportunity and giv e the env ironment to excel. Anshika Thakur MBA I f ind myself lucky that I hav e chosen SRIRAM Group for MBA programme. This College has great f aculty who are alway s ready to take initiative for the development of the students and are v ery supportiv e. The campus has good inf rastructure, great facilities and industry specific teaching too. Hats off to SRIRAM of Institutions. Divya Shukla MBA Here, SRIMT prov ides all the f acilities so that we prosper in our ov erall dev elopment by prov iding newspaper like Financial Express, and other Educational Magazines (Business World etc.) to be familiar with the current Business Env ironment. There are extracurricular activities for us so to get an opportunity to remov e our hesitation, so as to be eligible for business env ironment. Faculties are highly skilled and they hav e the ability to look at life in a different way and to explain a topic in a different manner which is very important in The Management College. Shivam Mittal MBA


Nostalgia-2013 Old Students celebrate their get together

Gift dis tribution and Group ph otographs

Career Guidance to alma mater

An opp ortunity for the

Execut ive Director

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2011 batch alumni

Everyone enjoyed t o the

CEO addressing at

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alumni meet.

drama a nd much more.

a 2009 batch pass out. out .

Se nse of belonging to the alma mater everyone had and the bond that each a nd every one shared dur ing dinner. dinner.

Alma mater

Advisor addressing at

showcasing their talent

alumni meet.

Knowledge Resource Established in 2007, Sriram Library and Information Center (SLIC) is knowledge and learning centre. This well-equipped centre is a storehouse of knowledge, which provides latest and up-to-date information to their wide range of end-users. The centre is fully computerized and uses latest software. Location and Infrastructure It is located in the academic block of the institute. It uses the latest networking technology (Wi-Fi) to provide wireless connectivity to its student community in the SLIC. Objectives 1. To provide appropriate knowledge resources to meet the information thrusts of the academic community of the institute. 2. To provide conducive environment for learning, teaching, research and consultancy. Resources The center has a large variety of knowledge resources and holds a very rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which includes books, journals, database, case studies, and annual reports of the ministries, reports of the institute/organization of national and international repute; surveys and policy documents. SRIM T can boast of its collection in SLIC. Multimedia Center The SLIC plans to have a separate multimedia center and it is equipped with the unique variety of training and educational CDs, Audio/Video cassettes and DVDs. Reference Room The SLIC has developed a separate reference section which consists of reference books, text books and project reports. Services SLIC regularly provides Current Content, Current Awareness and alert services to keep its user community updated. Facilities SLIC provides the following facilities 1. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

2. Open Access 3. Internet and database access

Computer lab SRIM T has state-of- the-art computing facilities facilitated by Wi-Fi environment. Latest hardware and software are installed on the systems. Branded computers with laser printing facilities are available for academic and research work. The sophisticated and well equipped systems are regularly checked and maintained under constant supervision of lab administrators and faculty in- charge. Lecture Halls & Tutorials: SRIRAM provides international standard lecture theatres that are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with modern audio-visual systems. The aesthetically designed classrooms are spacious, airy, well lit and echo- proof to facilitate the teaching-

learning process. Special emphasis has been laid on acoustics. These Classrooms are designed for

conventional lectures and group discussions. The Lecture theatres can easily accommodate 70 –students at a time. The Tutorial rooms used for discussions have seating capacity of around 30 students.

Seminar Hall: Students are exposed to a perfect blend of theory and practice through interaction based on case studies and practical situations. The institute regularly conducts in house seminars, workshops and panel discussions on issues related to real business situations for benefit of the students. Faculty members of the institution and other premiere institutions and Industries are invited in these seminars on a regular basis. M ore than 100 students can be accommodated in the hall which is equipped with Public Address and modern Visual Aids system S tudent Activity Centre: We strive to provide the students with an atmosphere where they can grow in academics and are also able to enhance their skills in various cultural activities and sports. We have an in-built Student Activity Centre which provides facilities of indoor games such as Table Tennis, Carom and Chess etc. to all students. Apart from relaxation a lot of constructive work goes on here as the activity centre is the hub of lot of planning and execution of various events managed solely by students. Activities like music, drama, painting, sketching, radio jockeying, debates, discussions, seminars etc. are conducted informally in the centre to involve and encourage new students

to participate. A large number of Newspapers and magazines are available in the activity room to encourage learning with fun. All in all the focus is on all round development and confidence building in the students with special emphasis on their recreational needs

CORPORATE RESOURCE CENTER S RIRAM’s Placement Cell In toda y's world of competition, we provide people who a re determined, confident a nd fa rsighted. We ha ve alwa ys s tri ven to i mprovise quality of our servi ces by unders tandi ng our clients ' requi rements, as i t is di rectl y proportiona te to the satis facti on of our valuable cus tomers . Our s taff is s killed at loca ting, s creening, and recommending hi ghl y talented professionals. We onl y settle for the bes t and operate wi th high degree of i ntegri ty and a re equally concerned for the employer, employees, the organi za tion and the na tion at la rge. We a ct as a conduit between the organiza tions and the s tudent. We offer highl y sui table pla cements by ensuring success for employees as well as the compa ny all of our pla cements a re hi ghl y sui table because we comprehend how i mportant the ri ght fit is to the success of the employee and the company. We ha ve huge da ta bank of human resource va rying from Bottom level to highes t level in skilled / semiskilled / fresh manpower, for excellence a nd passion for quality servi ces ha ve shown us the wa y to growth and prosperi ty. We ha ve never compromised on quali ty and ha ve successfull y a chieved a hi gh level of cus tomer appreciation resulting in long-lasting relations. Adoption of Zero Error poli cy ba cked by well-trained professionals wi th yea rs of experience guara ntees provision of quality servi ce to our clients . Our professionals contri bute comprehensi ve knowledge to meet our clients' specifi ca tions and ma xi mize thei r satisfa ction. OUR APPROACH TO PLAC EMENT

PSYCHOMETRIC PROFILE: All candida te are called a t SRIRAM we begin wi th SRIRAM leadership Scan Tes t(SLST) where we s can potential leaders on leadership trai ts and recogni ze bri ght spa rks of ca ndida te INDIVIDUAL DEVELPOMENT PROGRAMME (IDP):To keep up wi th the dema nds totoda y’s workplace, every s tudent should ha ve a opportuni ty to develop professionall y or growth in thei r jobs .Taking ti me to discuss each indi vidual student’s needs oa aspi ra tions for growth a tleast once a yea r, is the basis of the indi vidual development Progra mme(IDP). CAREER PROFILING: Ca reer profiles for s tudents designed to suppl y advi ce and inspi ra tion,the interview-based content covers the stories of professionals in the crea ti ve sector who ha ve allstudied pra cti ce- or a rts-based degrees CORPORATE EXPOSERE: We provi de Indus trial visi ts, Gues t Lectures , Corpora te Mentorfor s tudents. FINAL PLACEMENT: We build professionals wi th cha ra cters .

Placement Process Final Placement Students get the intimation about placement opportunities from the CRC through postings in their group id,FEDENA ERP as well as through postings on the notice board for placement news. Interested students can convey their choice either through mail or by signing in the relevant sheet with CRC within the specified time limit. As the recruiter confirms the date of interview process, it is communicated to students who are also advised on the documents required by the recruiter like CV, Summer Internship Project Report etc. The interview process is mostly conducted in he camps but in select cases students visit the recruiter’s premises for the process. While students can appear for multiple interviews. The placement process, which is a rolling one, commences in the month of November each year. Recruited students can join their employers after their final examinations which are concluded in the month of M arch. Summer Internship One of the major objectives of Summer Internship Projects is to enable students to transfer their knowledge gained in classrooms to the workplace as well as to familiarize students with the complexities of the corporate world first hand. The process for pursuing summer internship which is to be undertaken at the end of the first year is more or less identical to the final placement process. Apart from availing of the opportunities to do internship in companies through the campus process, students also have the freedom to choose companies on their own. CRC will ensure that every student will have a Summer Internship opportunity in his/her chosen stream of specialization. The process usually begins in mid – February each year. The prescribed Summer Internship period is six to eight weeks from mid – M ayl to mid – July every year. Special workshops are conducted in February each year, where instructional material is also handed out. Academic mentors are assigned to each student. The Summer Internship Project Report is of 8 credits. An excellent summer project report would be a passport to a dream job. Short Term Projects The objective of short term project which is to be undertaken by all students for a period of 10-15 days is to give an opportunity to students to have a feel of the real problems/issues in industry and how to tackle them. A good Short Term Project can also be a useful tool for placement. Students are expected to complete 2/3 Short Term Projects in their 2nd & 3rd Semesters. A SRIRAM professor would be the academic guide for the Short Term Project, for which prior permission should be taken by the student from the programme coordinator/chairperson of the programme. Appropriate credits are assigned to the sort term projects. Pre-Placement Offers This event takes place during the Summer Internship process. The internship tenure offers an ideal opportunity for the company to evaluate the calibre and suitability of the student for placement. If the company is convinced about the value addition that the student brings to the company, it may offer a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) of employment to the student after the completion of the course. Alternately, the company may make a special note to earmark high performing students when they eventually come to the campus for placement. M any SRIRAM students have benefited under both of the above approaches by companies.

Placement 2012-13

Summer Inte rnship 2012-13

Placement Record So Far

Sector wise of distribution of Summer Internship MBA Batch:2012-14

Distribution of Graduation Background MBA Batch:2012-14

Sector Chemicals 2% 2% 2%



2% 2%


2% 6%

Consumer Durables





6% 24% 8%


B Com



Hospitality Industrial Products


4% 9%


BBA 4%


IT Manufacturing







Catering & Hospitality

Pharmaceuticals PSU Real Estate

MBA ELIGIBILITY : Essential Entry Requirements Graduate degree in any stream from universities and institutions recognized by AICTE/ UGC/ AIU (Students appearing in their final year can also apply) with minimum 50 % marks graduation and valid CAT/MAT/XAT/ATMA score. ADMISSION PROCEDURE Candidates can seek admission in the first year of the MBA program through Entrance Test , conducted by UPTU, Lucknow. Details of the Test are available on the UPTU website. Entrance test (UPMCAT/MAT/CAT) Rank Score Card has to be submitted along with the registration form. Candidates willing to take direct admission under the management quota, must meet the eligibility criteria as above with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate and must possess a valid rank of either SEE-UPTU-2013 or MAT 2012-13 or CAT 2012-13. Such candidates are to apply directly at the college on prescribed form. Direct Admission is a five stage process Stage 1 It is mandatory for interested students to appear for CAT / MAT/SEEUPTU. Detailed information on these tests can be obtained from the advertisements released in various national dailies or from the respective institution / organizations. Stage 2 Every student seeking admission to Sriram Institute of Management & Technology must fill-up the prescribed application form, attach requisite documents, and submit the same to the Admission Office with the processing fee of Rs 1000/= Stage 3 SLST Test & Psychometric Profiling. All candidates are called at Sriram and in association with HR Power House(– Powe red by Psychometrics Š) we b egin with SRIRAM leadership Scan Test(SLST) where we scan potential leaders on leadership traits and recognize bright sparks of candidate and help transform them to be great leaders and therefore effective and complete managers while they are with us for the two years of the management program alongside academics. This is about giving the corporate world Leaders and not just mere managers . SLST is followed by Psychometric Profiling to identify behavioral and mental makeup of the candidate we believes that academic qualifications are just not enough to make an

individual successful We have to manage our behavioral and mental makeup also .

Stage 4

Group Discussion and Interviews. All candidates are called for group discussions at designated locations. The panels conducting group discussion and interview comprise of 2/3 members each. The candidates are first invited in groups of 10 for discussing a current economic or social issue. The panelists grade candidates on clarity of expression, ability to generate relevant points, non-verbal communication and team playing. (GD evaluation form enclosed) Thereafter each candidate faces a personal interview. The criteria under review ability, and clarity of objectives, general awareness and personality. (Interview evaluation form enclosed). Stage 5 From the point of advertising for admissions to declaring the final results, the complete process is planned, executed and monitored by the admissions committee comprising of senior faculty members and led by the PGDM Admissions Chairperson. Appropriate weightage is assigned to the background; academic qualification, experience, test scores, Group Discussions and Interviews to take out the final merit list. The committee reserves the right to make all decisions in regard to admission of candidates to the PGDM programme.


Fee structure.




First Installment


Two weeks from offer letter

Second Installment


15th June 2013

Hostel Fee HEAD



First Year


11th June 2013

Second Year


15thApril 2013

Security Deposit* HEAD



For Hostellers


11th June 2013

For Non-Hostellers


11th June 2013


Scholarship if any 1. 2. Note:   

Tuition fee waiver of 100% Tuition fee waiver of 75%

Two(2) scholarships Three(3) scholarships

The scholarship would be given by way of tuition fee waiver only and there would be no re-imbursement allowed. The scholarship hold good for both M BA as well as PGDM students seek admission for the 2013-2015 batch Students offered scholarship will not be allowed to withdraw from the cours. The scholarship scheme is progressive in nature and would be continued or withdrawn in the second year depending upon the overall performance of the student.

SRIRAM Institution of Management of Technology - Greater Noida 48-B, Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida, U.P., Website: Ph. 91 9654959960, 91 9810461188

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Admission brochure 14 16