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It is hard to believe the year is done. 2022 has been a great year full of many successes for both the students individually and the School on the whole.

The end of year rituals and ceremonies were a great celebration of the achievements of our students. These rituals were marked by a clear theme, we are a school full of opportunity.

Personal highlights of the year for me have included - whole school musical - The Jungle Book Kids my weekly visitstotheJuniorSchool Assemblyto present student of the week and reading awards,Year6 Canberra Trip, our first ever Campdraft clinic, traveling to Mackay to watch our 1st RugbyLeagueandNetball teams,and the efforts of our senior students withtheponytailproject.

I am proud of the way our students have taken up the many and varied opportunities throughout the year and I encourage all students to continue to do so in 2023. Remember opportunity seldom knocks twice - so bereadytoanswerthedoor.

I would like to thank the staff, students, parents and volunteers; for their contributions throughout the year. You continue to keep our spirit alive. The achievements of our students are a testament to dedication and the commitment of theteamofpeoplearoundthem.

I had the pleasure of sharing lunch with our guest speaker Dr Tim Smith after Awards Day. He was blown away by the pride our students have in their School and by the breadth anddepthoftheachievementsofour students.

I believe this is an exciting time in the history of our School. I am looking forward to working with each of the relevant teams over the next 5 years


Headmaster ….. 1

Preliminary Prize Giving ….. 2

Awards’ Day Photos ….. 6

The Word for Today ….. 7

School Prayers ….. 7

Deputy/Academic Dean ….. 8

Dean of School ….. 8

Dean of Students ….. 8

Head of Junior School …10

Year 6 Graduation ...11

Junior School Concert ...12

JS Inter-School Swimming ...13

Rural Activities ...14

The Arts ...15

Farewell to Year 12 ...16

From the Dorms ...17

That’s a Wrap! ...20

shaping students who have the skills, knowledge and desire to contribute,leadandserve.

I hope you enjoy time with family and friends to rest and recharge. I look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.


ISSUE NO 13 / 2022 9 December 2022

2022 Preliminary Prize Giving

Senior School Merit Awards (Merit Awards are given to students who receive an A in both Semester 1 and 2)

Year 7

1 Merit Award

Rahani Davidson, Slade Delacour, Trent Folker, Maverick Hills, Ally Robinson, Mariza Sailor, Ned Sampson, Adam Skinner, Jayden Smollett, Matthew Tait, Ruby Thorpe, Georgia Wharton, Caelan Wright, Kairi Yeatman

2 Merit Awards Matt Dunn, Lincoln East, Zavier Harper, Emmerson Heuir, Benjamin Kirkwood, Annalese Moroney, Roary Polkevaz, Ella Simshauser, Lucy Stibbs, Shanikwa Yamashita

3 Merit Awards Sarah Dakin, Isabella Maff

4 Merit Awards Brooke Jenkins

5 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Lilly Davies, Clayne Musk, Archer Reardon

6 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Matilda Hare, Hollie Laffin

8 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Grace Turner

Year 8

1 Merit Award

Dustin Allen, Kaelan Atkinson, Darcy Cameron, Martin Davison, Lindsay Galvin, Tristan Hopkins, Tom Linton, Sharlee Pedersen, Joshua Philip, Lachlan Saunders, Cooper Sibson, Kyannah Stafford, Sophie Wilkie

2 Merit Awards Tio Chong, Olivia Geoghegan, Keziah Koglkia, Ben Leake, Taleeah Leer, Kadey Pedracini, Clancy Twine

3 Merit Awards Audrey Holyoak, Zenada Luke, Annie-May Marks, Jett Moore

4 Merit Awards Summer Eastaughffe

5 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Hayley Fox, Emily Nelson

8 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Henry Jesberg

Year 9

1 Merit Award

Rory Clark, Jade Cowan, William Elliott, Edward Gale, Alaina Heuir, Emily Jackson, Grace Kirkwood, Jae Mossman, Maximus Smith

2 Merit Awards Hannah Brown, Xavier Lord, Daniel Wearing

3 Merit Awards Darren Collier, Yasmin Musk, Isobel Paskins

4 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Dakota Johnson, Joseph Newnham

5 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Samuel Cowan, Tamzin Finger

6 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Rose Harper

Year 10

1 Merit Award

Madison Arnold, Lauchlan Butler, Jaydi Cameron, Tammazin Chong, Barney Hensley, Chloe Holt, Mahava Leo, Anna Milton, Daniel Olver, Darnelle Steedman, Erin Wilkinson

2 Merit Awards Caleb Kadiko, Nayden Li, Cody Smith

3 Merit Awards Ben Dickson, Danni Eastaughffe, Tyler Godfrey, Milli Goodwin, Charlotte Jesberg

4 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Dru Mossman, Georgia Gostelow, Connor Atkinson

5 Merit Awards & Academic Medal

Lauren Atwell, Jacalyn Elliott, Miranda Jonsson, Luke Keough, Hunter McKellar

1 Merit Award Erin Blennerhassett, Georgia Dakin, Layne Edgerton, Olivia Haines, Mallee Hill, James Scott

2 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Seth Guldbransen

3 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Annabel Ruyg

Year 12

1 Merit Award Darby Butler, Evan Hill-Warner, Georgie Jonsson, Bree Sexton, Savannah Storey

2 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Corey Guldbransen, Holly Johnson, Annika Peace

3 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Charles Newnham

4 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Mia Dickson, Ella Dietrich, Caitlyn Elliott, Annabella Keough, Ella-Beth Stretton

5 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Olivia Titley

6 Merit Awards & Academic Medal Amelia Wearing

Senior School VET Certificates

Certificate II Automotive Foundations with TAFE NQ

Year 11 Mitchell Candy, Kadyn Flanagan, David Gaidan, Mackenzy Jackson, Walter Shadforth

Year 12 Riley Easton, Owen Elliott, Hayden Smith, Luke Stevens, Bryson Riversleigh

Certificate II Engineering Pathways with TAFE NQ

Year 11

Jalen Barry, Bryce Cowan, Mitchell Fox, Lochlan Goodwin, Ryan Grant, Nathan Logan, James Scott, Riley Williamson

Year 12 Toby Doroshenko-Smith, Ned Elliott, Philip Gale, Blayne Oliver

Certificate II Animal Studies with Applied Veterinary Training

Year 11 Brandy Corlis, Lucy Folker

Certificate II Kitchen Operations with TAFE NQ

Year 12 Holly Johnson Year 12 Baia Gaidan Asela, Hayley Powell

Certificate II Resource & Infrastructure

Year 12 Evan Hill-Warner, Zai Hopkins

Certificate II Sport & Recreation

Year 12 Meg Bailey, Storm Crossland, Layla Davies, Ned Elliott, Owen Elliott, Philip Gale, Lachlan Gostelow, Corey Guldbransen, Evan Hill-Warner, Zai Hopkins, Riley Hughes, Charles Newnham, Annika Peace, Charlie Pemble, Hayden Smith, Shakiah Stafford, Jade Stoll, Ella-Beth Stretton

Certificate II Workplace Skills with CTSDE

Year 12 Darby Butler, Sophie Coffison, Charlie Pemble

Certificate III Agriculture with CTSDE

Year 12 Philip Gale, Georgie Jonsson

Certificate III Business with CTSDE

Year 12 Sally Frohloff, Holly Johnson

Certificate III Education Support with CTSDE

Certificate III Fitness with Fitness Institute

Year 12 Mia Dickson, Charlie Pemble Year 12 Olivia Titley, Annika Peace

Year 11

Certificate III Health Services Assistance with TAFE NQ

Year 12 Reese Wilkinson, Chloe Wolfenden

TAFE NQ Award (& Trophy)

CTSDE Academic Excellence Award

Philip Gale, Hayley Powell Mia Dickson, Charlie Pemble

Senior School Sports’ Awards

13 years

Boys Tennis – Most Promising Player

Trent Folker

Rugby League – Most Promising Player Billo Wotton

Cricket – Most Promising Player Henry Jesberg

13 years Girls Tennis – Most Promising Player Brooke Jenkins

Netball – Most Promising Player Olivia Geoghegan

Softball – Most Promising Player Rahani Davidson

15 years Boys Tennis – Most Promising Player Barney Hensley

Rugby League – Most Promising Player Mahava Leo Cricket – Most Promising Player Landon Hughes

Mixed Touch Football 2nds – Best & Fairest Darby Linton

Girls Tennis – Most Promising Player Anna Milton

Netball – Most Promising Player Tyler Godfrey, Anna Milton Softball – Most Promising Player Jaydi Cameron

Opens Boys Tennis – Most Improved Hayden Macor

Tennis – Best & Fairest Owen Elliott

Rugby League First XIII – Most Improved Corey Musk

Rugby League First XIII – Best Back Zai Hopkins

Rugby League First XIII – Best Forward Evan Hill-Warner Rugby League First XIII – Best & Fairest Corey Guldbransen

Cricket First XI – Most Improved James Geeves

Cricket First XI – Best & Fairest Corey Guldbransen

Touch Football 2nds – Best & Fairest Bryce Cowan

Touch Football 1sts – Most Improved Darby Butler

Touch Football 1sts – Best & Fairest Corey Guldbransen

Mixed Touch Football 3rds – Best & Fairest Riley Hughes

Mixed Touch Football 1sts – Most Improved Zai Hopkins

Mixed Touch Football 1sts – Best & Fairest Corey Musk

Opens Girls Tennis – Most Improved Jacalyn Elliott

Tennis – Best & Fairest Chloe Wolfenden

Netball 2nds – Best & Fairest Caitlyn Elliott

Netball 1sts – Most Improved Erin Blennerhassett

Netball 1sts – Best & Fairest Shakiah Stafford

Softball 1sts – Most Improved Olivia Titley

Softball 1sts – Best & Fairest Caitlyn Elliott

Touch Football 2nds – Best & Fairest Dru Mossman

Touch Football 1sts – Most Improved Mia Dickson

Touch Football 1sts – Best & Fairest Annika Peace

Mixed Touch Football 3rds – Best & Fairest Layne Edgerton

Mixed Touch Football 2nds – Best & Fairest Olivia Haines

Mixed Touch Football 1sts – Most Improved Bree Sexton

Mixed Touch Football 1sts – Best & Fairest Annika Peace

Horse & Cattle Club Awards

Horse Club – Most Improved Junior Alaina Heuir

– Most Improved Senior Mackenzy Jackson

– Best & Fairest Jade Cowan

Cattle Club – Junior Achievement Ben Leake

– Senior Achievement William Murphy – Highest Achiever Tamzin Finger

Awards’ Day

Vice Captains Corey Guldbransen & Olivia Titley welcome Headmaster, Shannon Lee and Guest Speaker, Dr Tim Smith to speak Junior School Sportswoman, Lexi Butler; Junior School Sportsman, Rory Clark; Junior School Captains, Max Scanlan & Rebecca Galvin Senior School Sportswoman, Annika Peace; Senior School Sportsman, Zai Hopkins ; School Captains, Caitlyn Elliott & Ned Elliott Ampol All-Rounder, Ella Dietrich; Crest Prize Recipients (for Service to the School), Amelia Wearing, Mia Dickson, Olivia Titley, Corey Guldbransen, Ella-Beth Stretton, Annika Peace, Caitlyn Elliott, Charles Newnham, Owen Elliott, Ella Dietrich; Father Kenneth

The Word for Today

Youwillfindababywrappedincloths andlyinginamanger.’

(Luke 2:12)

One Christmas, Phil Yancey was in London and he went to hear Handel’s Messiah. He says: “I’d spent the morning viewing remnants of England’s glory - crown jewels, a gold mace, the Mayor’s gilded carriage such images must have filled the minds of Isaiah’s contemporaries who heard the promise, “The gloryoftheLordshallbe revealed.” (Isaiah 40:5 KJV) No doubt the Jews thought back to the glory days of Solomon when “silverandgold[were]as commonasstones.” (2 Chronicles 1:15 NIV) The Messiah who showed up, however, wore the glory of humility… The God who could order armies and empires like chessboard pawns emerged as a baby who… depended on a teenage couple for shelter, food and love. In London I caught glimpses of the way rulers stride through the world: with bodyguards, trumpet fanfares bright clothes flashing jewellery. Queen Elizabeth II had recently visited the US with 2000 kg of luggage… 2 outfits for every occasion… her own hairdresser… and a host of other attendants… God’s visit to earth took place in an animal shelter with no attendants and nowhere to lay the newborn King but a feed -trough. A mule could have stepped on him! The sky grew luminous with angels, yet who saw that spectacle? Illiterate hirelings who watched the flocks of others, “nobodies” who failed to leave their names.’

The Christmas story inspired an Episcopal priest visiting Bethlehem in 1865 to pen the words of a carol:

“How silently, how silently the wondrous gift is given; so God imparts to human hearts the blessing of His Heaven. No ear may hear His coming, but in this world of sin; where meek souls will receive Him, still the dear Christ enters in.”

Devotion from “V180, December 25, 2022”

School Prayers

We pray for our students and staff to have a safe and restful holiday with their families. Lord,inyourmercy,Hearourprayer.

We pray that people in our communities may have a good Christmas time where the focus will not be on what we can get but on what we can give - in response to what God has given us through the birth and life of His son, Jesus. Lord,inyourmercy,Hearourprayer.

We pray for those people around the world who are currently struggling due to war, famine or natural disasterthat they may experience a change in their circumstances. Lord,inyourmercy,Hearourprayer.

We pray for rain to fall where needed and for our rivers and dams to be refreshed and filled. Lord,inyourmercy,Hearourprayer.

We pray for new staff and families who will be joining our School family in 2023 - that they will feel welcome and will be able to settle in quickly. Lord,inyourmercy,Hearourprayer.


The Wondrous Gift

Academic Dean

The sounds of summer

As this edition of our newsletter is published the sounds of summer are being heard – cricket, Christmas carols and people talking about holidays. To quote a well-known musical “these are a few of my favourite things”. These are, however, accompanied by the sounds of busy teachers finalising marking and reporting, staff completing end of year paperwork tasks and my sore head ticking away at a timetable for the next calendar year!

Staff allocations for 2023 in the Senior (and Junior) School teaching ranks are well underway. As more and more of the staffing jigsaw puzzle is known, I am able to attempt to do the best I can for our students and staff in the timetable allocations for 2023. Middle and senior management staff who have been involved with the recruitment process over the past few months are excited about the additions to our teaching team.

Finalised teacher allocations in the Senior School will not be known until the start of the School year in January, as there are often unforeseen changes to staffing that pop-up over the Christmas break.

It was great catching-up with many families who travelled to the School for the end of year events and celebrations during November. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s education journey.

I wish everyone a blessed, familyfilled and relaxing break.

Remember the reason for the season.

Dean of School (Acting)

In Week 7 we celebrated our students’ success and farewelled our graduating class at the Preliminary Prize Giving, Awards Day Ceremony and Valedictory Dinner respectively. It was wonderful to see so many of our students being rewarded for their many efforts this year and was a great opportunity to catch-up with families before the break. A big thank you to all the staff involved with ensuring these events ran smoothly and an even bigger thank you to our community for supporting us during this busy time.

Preparations for 2023 are already in full swing and the calendar is filling up with academic requirements, sports fixtures, arts events, rural activities and of course excursions. I am excited to tell you that we will have a new way of managing all our permission and medical forms next year which should make things easier and quicker for all families –watch this space!

After the success of this year, I am happy to announce we will once again run a Campdraft Clinic on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March. Look out for more information on the Facebook page. For any students who are interested, an expression of interest should be sent to Jon Teichmann ( no later than Friday 17 February.

In the meantime, I hope all our families have a wonderful break and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dean of Students

Day one Term 1 seems like a lifetime ago, when I introduced myself to the students of All Souls St Gabriels School at the first assembly for the year. I was impressed then, as I still am today by the manners and level of courtesy shown to me by the students of this fine School.

When I was speaking with Year 7, I also pointed out that this cohort demarked the onset of senior school education and that they were all here because they wanted to be. Senior School demands a certain maturity towards study and the realisation that the educational outcomes of Senior School lie more with the students themselves than it did in Junior School. I also set them the challenge of managing their academic, sporting and social commitments and to take ownership of their education – an extremely heady challenge for some of the students. As 2022 comes to a close, however, I am pleased to report that the vast majority of students rose to this challenge and in most cases exceeded expectations – there were one or two students who probably surprised even themselves.

I have been impressed all year by the friendly and positive nature of our students and the way in which they interact not only with each other but with staff as well. As the year progressed Year 11 in particular demonstrated growing maturity, have taken the mantle of the senior years well, and grown into the confident young adults that will lead the School in 2023. I always feel that I can judge how well a year went by how many parents’ phone numbers I have memorised, and this year there were few indeed.

The Prefect leaders for 2023 were elected from Year 11 and it was encouraging to see that it was a hotly contested issue with a large number of students willing to take up the role.


I would like to thank Caitlyn Elliott, Ned Elliott, Olivia Titley, Corey Guldbransen and Ella Dietrich for their servant leadership style and their enthusiasm for the task throughout the 2022 when leading the Prefect body and School.

Other students during the year have also shown leadership in many areas of the School, several students helped with organising Dorm activity days, others have represented the School at Leadership conferences. One of the interesting things from my perspective was that the staff in charge of these events often found it hard to pick out individual students for praise as they were impressed by the leadership and initiative shown by all students involved. On an individual level, students from Senior School have represented the School

Jewellery and Hairstyles

at District and State level in several sports, been involved in all manner of musical, performing arts and rural activity events in and out of School, debating and public speaking events. Year 12 also spearheaded many fundraising initiatives raising money for several worthwhile charities, mostly connected with mental wellbeing and health in the bush.

A special mention must go to Ron Sellars, Kaleb Talbot, Jordan Bensemann, Melinda O’Connor and Sharna Carmody who as Year Level Co-ordinators were responsible for ensuring the very best pastoral care for their charges and who were always supportive and encouraging.

Hopefully most can look back at 2022 with a sense of achievement and pride in what they have

accomplished. Pride in the way they have approached their studies, pride in the way they have treated each other and their teachers, and pride in their contribution to building a very positive atmosphere within the Senior School and the wider community of the School. Parents should be proud of their children as they have worked to their potential and lived up to the cornerstones of good schooling: motivation, organisation and application, regardless of the grades they may have been awarded. To those who have left us I wish them all the best for 2023 in whatever they pursue, and to those who are returning keep up the good work as you progress through the School.

The purpose of this section is to remind parents and guardians of the School expectations with regard to jewellery and haircuts, along with some additional guidance and clarification. With the long Christmas holiday upon us, it could be an opportunity for some students to experiment with their fashion choices and get a piercing or haircut they would not ordinarily be able to have at School during term time. As such, parents and students are asked to consider the timings of any new piercings or haircuts carefully in relation to the time required for safe removal, or to have a hairstyle that conforms to School expectations for the start of the School year. The intention is that by the end of the holiday they will have given themselves enough opportunity to resolve anything that contravenes this guidance and that students return appropriately attired and clear about our expectations at the start of Term 1. These rules apply to all students and are in place to ensure there is consistent and safe working practice in our School.

The uniform expectations, as published in the diary, state: Personal Presentation

Students are required to maintain a conservative hairstyle (which is not overtly dyed or streaked) at all times. Boys’ hair must be short enough to be above the collar of the shirt and must allow a hat to be worn with ease. Faces must be clean shaven. Girls whose hair reaches the collar of the uniform must wear it tied up with a plain white ribbon or scrunchie when they are in uniform. A girl’s hairstyle must allow a hat to be worn with ease.


Girls: one pair of plain silver, gold, pearl or stone studs with a maximum diameter of 5mm or plain silver or gold sleepers with a circumference no greater than a 5cent piece and a plain gold or silver religious cross, on a gold, silver or dark leather chain which is less than 2mm thick. Girls may also wear a gold or silver signet ring which adheres to the Jewellery and Accessories Guidelines (available at student reception).

Boys: a plain gold or silver religious cross on a gold, silver or dark leather chain which is less than 2mm thick. The All Souls St Gabriels School uniform is an important part of our efforts to develop pride and self-esteem in our students and Team ASSG. We always encourage students to wear our uniform correctly and to present themselves in an acceptable way when they are at school and to and from the School. All Souls St Gabriels School holds a unique place in the community and, like any large institution, is often judged by its representatives. We are extremely proud of our School and students and believe that our high expectations in regard to uniform play a critical part in preparing them for the real world after school. Thank you all very much in advance of your anticipated support and understanding.

Head of Junior School (Acting)

Farewell Mrs Akers:

In Week 8 the Junior School End of Year Concert and Year 6 Graduation Lunch provided the opportunity for members of the Junior School community to formally farewell Mrs Akers as she makes the move to retirement. I would like to add to this a big thank-you to Tina for all that she has done for our School, students, staff and the All Souls St Gabriels Junior School community. I hope that you will not be a stranger to us and visit often.

The Jenkinson Prize (Best All Round Boy in Junior School): Max Scanlan

The Larpent Family Prize (Best All Round Girl in Junior School): Matilda Twine

The Headmaster’s Award for Reading (Junior School): Matilda Twine

The Charters Towers Regional Council Citizenship Prize: Ethan Brunello

The Junior School Cultural Award: Helen Walsh

Most Consistent Effort Year 1: Darragh Bowley

Academic Achievement Award Year 1:Phoebe Wallis

Most Consistent Effort Year 2: Morgan Hensler

Academic Achievement Award Year 2: George Sweeney Most Consistent Effort Year 3: Lilly Diery

Academic Achievement Award Year 3: Pippa Tait Most Consistent Effort Year 4: Lucinda Reardon Academic Achievement Award Year 4: Samuel Slagmolen Most Consistent Effort Year 5: Olivia Wallis Academic Achievement Award Year 5: Lilah Plant Most Consistent Effort Year 6: Max Scanlan Dux of Junior School: Rebecca Galvin

Junior School Leaders:

curriculum for Junior School students into the future.

Facilities: This year saw the eagerly awaited walkway erected over the main entrance to the Junior School. The carpark was also re-designed to improve student safety and resurfaced in Semester 2. New aluminium picnic tables were installed for our Year 6 students to use at break times. At the beginning of 2023 new aluminium tables will also be installed in the Undercover area.

Student Achievements:

This week’s Preliminary Prize Giving and Awards Day ceremonies were wonderful events which gave us the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of many Junior School students. Congratulations to the following students who were recognised on Awards Day:

Maff Family Trophy (Best All Round Junior School Sportswoman; 10 - 12 Years): Lexi Butler

Maff Family Trophy (Best All Round Junior School Sportsman; 10 - 12 Years): Danny Clark

Charters Towers Regional Council Award for Junior School

Captain: Rebecca Galvin and Max Scanlan

The Goldfield Ashes Junior Sportsmanship Award: Max Scanlan

I congratulate the Junior School Student Leaders. I commend them for being excellent role models and trusted mentors. Together they have worked diligently throughout the year, to lead our students with respect and represent our School with great pride. School Captains: Rebecca Galvin & Max Scanlan -Captains: Matilda Twine & Ethan Brunello Chapel Prefect: Helen Walsh Prefects for The Arts: Judith Koglkia Chad House Captain: Abbey Polke-Chalfont Page House Captain: Danny Clark Alban House Captain: Georgia Nelson Ramsay House Captain: Curtis Reardon Becket House Captain Gorgia Sullivan Feetham House Captain:Braith Foot

Year 4 Student Representatives: Ella Scanlan & Griffin O’Shea Year 5 Student Representatives: Konnor Laffin & Olivia Wallis

It has been a pleasure watching our students grow, both as individuals and as learners. Their endeavours, achievements and successes all foster a great sense of pride and belonging to our School community. I hope the learning, friendships and successes celebrations of all students throughout 2022 provide wonderful memories that will remain with students and staff in the years to come.


As communicated with Junior School parents towards the end of the School year, Mrs Janey Dickson has accepted a position of added responsibility in the ASSG Senior School for 2023. On behalf of the students and staff in the Junior School, I would like to thank Mrs Dickson for the tireless and enthusiastic service she has given to the Junior School as a classroom and HPE teacher and Sports

Co-ordinator since she joined our community in 2018. Mrs Dickson will be missed by all of us, but we are relieved that she will still be able to visit from time to time.

At the time of writing this newsletter, the Junior School staffing for 2023 is as follows:

Pre-prep: Mrs Tonya Peagham

Prep: Mrs Katelyn Osbaldiston

Year 1: Mrs Janita Reardon

Year 2: Mrs Laura Heuir

Year 3: Miss Peta Miliauskas

Year 4: Mrs Jane Turner (3 days) and Miss Amelia Richards (2 days)

Year 5: Miss Chloe Bassett

Year 6: Miss Prue Clarke

LOTE: Mrs Melita Dunn

JS Music: Miss Amelia Richards

HPE: Mrs Melissa Nicholls

Educational Assistants: Mrs Sally Clark, Mrs Jenelle Cragg, Mrs Desley Fittock, Mrs Colleeen Limkin, Mrs Justine Walsh

Merry Christmas and Farewell:

The past semester as Acting Head of Junior School has been an enjoyable and rewarding challenge and I am excited to be commencing 2023 in the role. There have been many exciting new developments in the Junior School this year and I know that these will continue with

the aim of providing a quality, modern education to our students into the future. I would like to thank all staff, parents and volunteers who have contributed to the learning and development of our students throughout the year. I look forward to your continued support into the future.

To the families who are leaving us for new places, we wish you all the very best. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. I look forward to 2023 being a year when we can once again share new learning experiences and community events. As the year comes to a close, I wish the Year 6 students all the very best as they move into the next phase of their education in the Senior School. Each of them has the potential to achieve their goals, and make positive choices to better their community. We will miss their cheerful faces and the support they have given to the younger students in the Junior School.

On behalf of all the Junior School staff, I would like to wish everyone a very enjoyable, restful and safe holiday. May the Festive Season fill your families with joy. Merry Christmas!

Year 6 Graduation

Junior School Concert

Junior School Inter-School Swimming Carnival

Happy Christmas from all at the Horse & Cattle Clubs

The Arts


This will be my last newsletter as Head of The Arts, but I will continue my association with the School by acting as a relief teacher next year. My deepest gratitude to the entire school community for your support over the last 21 years, and I look forward to seeing what new directions the “A Team” might take.


From all the students and staff in the Arts Department, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Farewell Year 12

From the Dorms

As I sit to write our last Phoenix Rising for 2022, I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all those who support our boarding students and Dormitory staff. Thank you to our School nurses, laundry ladies, maintenance men and grounds keepers, kitchen staff, teachers, coaches, tutors and dormies. It definitely takes a village and it only works because we all work together so well.

Preliminary Prize Giving & Awards Day - We recently celebrated our students and their accomplishments over two days at our annual Preliminary Prize Giving Ceremony Thursday 17 November, followed by our Awards Day on Friday 18 November. It’s a time for our students to be recognised for the hard work they put in throughout the year in many different areas, which include club and school sport, extra-curricular activities, the Arts, Rural Activities and all their amazing academic achievements. Congratulations to all those who received accolades – well done.

Valedictory & Graduation - The last two major events that mark the finale for our Year 12s, are our Mass of God Speed and the Valedictory Dinner. As always, our Year 12 students did it in style. And although we’ve said it many times before, our Year 12s always amaze us with the transformation we see on Valedictory night from school student to young adult they scrub up pretty good! The whole School assembled for the Mass of God Speed earlier in the afternoon, where we officially farewelled our Year 12 Seniors. And, although a few tears were shed, there was so much happiness and anticipation for all the new and exciting adventures about to take place for our departing Year 12s.

After their last Chapel service at All Souls St Gabriels School, the seniors took to the Quadrangle where they shared one final victory war cry. Our Year 12s and their families then celebrated the evening with the Valedictory Dinner in the Jim Rebgetz Centre (JRC). It was a lovely way to mark their time as students here; reminiscing about their years at All Souls St Gabriels School. So we say to you, class of 2022: Goodbye & good luck!

Well, that’s a wrap for 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the parents and families who support us in our roles of caring for your sons and daughters. We cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding, as we navigated our way through another year in boarding. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2023. Until then, take care.

Alban highlights

Becket highlights

We’ve had an exciting last couple of weeks in Alban while the girls celebrated with parties for break-ups and end-of-season Football, Horse Club, Cattle Club, and Gabes Z-Club. The girls were happy for the chance to dress up and attend an evening with their friends while being recognised for all their hard work.

We held our Secret Santa Christmas Party earlier this term while our Seniors were still in dormitories. It was a great night and we finished off with our Alban Letters read aloud to our departing Seniors. This is an opportunity for our girls to write a heart-felt (and sometimes revealing) letter to their Seniors as a farewell token.

To all my Becket families, thank you all for welcoming me and entrusting me to look after your beautiful girls. I’d also like to say a big thank you to Jenny for being a great Dormie for the girls this year and thank you for making my transmission into the new role a smooth one. The girls have had a great year and have all earned a well-deserved break.

Chad highlights…

Yr 12 Senior Profile – Caitlyn Elliott

How long have you been at All Souls St Gabriels School? Since Year 7, so 6 years.

Something people may not know about you? I’m the best tag player in the world.

What’s been your favourite ASSG moment, to date? Playing tag and watching ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ in dorms.

Who has been the greatest influence on your life? My Mum and Dad. Complete this sentence “When I grow up I want to be just like my…” Mum.

What would you never do, no matter what the price? Hold a bird!

What is your life motto? Become the person you would aspire to be.

Congratulations to Ella-Beth, Reese, Annika, Shakiah, Storm, Layla and Chloe on their Graduation. It has been a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you beautiful young ladies.

You’re stranded on an island, what’s the one thing you’d want? Russell Coight. Favourite food? Ice cream and at school – Chicken Burgers!

Lastly, I’d like to thank my Alban families. Thank you for entrusting your daughter’s care to me again this year, and thank you for your ongoing support and patience, I am truly grateful. I hope that you all have a wonderful wet season and a lovely Christmas with family. Travel safely and I look forward to seeing you all again next year.

You have all made an impression in the dormitories and will be terribly missed.

I wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and a lovely New Year. I look forward to seeing you all next year in Term 1.

And now some thoughts from Caitlyn’ ssister,Jacalyn: Caitlyn’s nickname? Lyn, Lynny Loo. Favourite Memory with Caitlyn? Making sure she’s always in for tag!

Naughtiest thing Caitlyn has ever done in boarding? Staying up until 1am to do assessments.

What have you learned from Caitlyn? What not to do in a game of tag.

Who is Caitlyn’s idol? Nulla (her dog). Where will Caitlyn be in 10 years? Living her life like McLeod’s daughters.


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Yr 12 Senior Profile – Holly Johnson

How long have you been at All Souls St Gabriels School? Since 2017

Something people may not know about you? I can play guitar

What’s been your favourite ASSG moment, to date? Watching ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ with the girls in the common room

Who has been the greatest influence on your life? My parents

Complete this sentence “When I grow up I want to be just like Reese Wilko

What would you never do, no matter what the price? Touch a frog

What is your life motto? “What would Reese do?” You’re stranded on an island, what’s the one thing you’d want? A lifetime supply of pasta Favourite food? Carbonara

AndnowsomethoughtsfromHolly’ s friend,Reese: Holly’s nickname? Holl

Favourite Memory with Holly? Talking in class more than the teacher

Naughtiest thing Holly has ever done in boarding? I probably shouldn’t say, but it was something to do with getting 24 nuggets.

What have you learned from Holly? She’s taught me that it doesn’t matter how short you are as long as you have a go.

What is Holly’s best hidden talent? Getting ready for school in 5 minutes.

Where will Holly be in 10 years? Rich & famous for singing, or at home with kids and animals.

Yr 12 Senior Profile – Charlie Pemble

How long have you been at All Souls St Gabriels School? Since Year 7

Something people may not know about you? I’ve never had a detention.

What’s been your favourite All Souls moment, to date? Hanging with my friends in dorms.

Who has been the greatest influence on your life? Mum, Dad, and everyone who has pushed me to be where I am today.

Complete this sentence “When I grow up I want to be…” just like Rachel from X Factor.

What would you never do, no matter what the price? Go sit another P’s test. You couldn’t pay me enough.

What is your life motto? Everything happens for a reason!

You’re stranded on an island, what’s the one thing you’d want? Definitely Bella.

Favourite food? Crumbed steak

And now some thoughts from Charlie’ sfriend,Bree: Charlie’s nickname? Char Favourite Memory with Charlie? The wax pot!

Naughtiest thing Charlie has ever done in boarding? Nothing – she’s always on leave

What have you learned from Charlie? It’s ok to keep a pantry of food under your dorm bed. What is Charlie’s best hidden talent? Really good at sing and dance Where will Charlie be in 10 years? Living at home with her parents.

Feetham highlights…

Where did the last two weeks of school go? Wow, what a crazy finish to what has been a very busy year, with Year 7 camp, exam block, Awards Day, Preliminary Prize Giving and Year 12 Valedictory all happening in the last two weeks.

It was great to go to the Awards Day and watch the students get recognized for their outstanding achievements over the past year. I know that Landon Hughes’ mum was as surprised as myself when Landon got called up to receive a math award. To all those students who received an award well done guys.

We also got to watch as our graduating class of 2022 sang the ASSG war cry for the last time on Friday evening. It is quite an emotional thing to witness and I wish them all the best.

Our mighty Year 7s were up bright and early on Monday, Week 8 and ready to hit the road for camp. I know they had a great time and what a way to finish the year off.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday. Thank you to the mighty Feetham lads for what has been a great year and I look forward to what next year brings.


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That’s a Wrap…