Phoenix Rising - Issue 11 / 2022

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A warm welcome return to our staff and families for the final term of the year.

Student Leadership 2023 It was a pleasure to announce to our community the Student

Leaders elected for 2023. Following the leadership development program and a rigorous application process, the following students have been elected to lead the student body in 2023:

School Captains

Erin Blennerhassett and Seth Guldbransen Chapel Prefect Mitchell Fox School Vice Captains

Annabel Ruyg and Kadyn Flanagan Alban House Captain and Prefect Olivia Haines

Becket House Captain and Prefect Brooke Struckel

Chad House Captain and Prefect MegBrassington

Ramsay House Captain and Prefect James Scott

Feetham House Captain and Prefect Bryce Cowan

Page House Captain and Prefect Mallee Hill Academic Prefect Darcy Frost Arts Prefect Layne Edgerton Rural Activities Prefect Emily Gale Prefects

Jalen Barry Brandy Corlis Bailey Cowan Jed Marshall Taryn Woodard

Head of Junior School

As you may be aware Mrs Tina Akers has decided to resign from her position as Head of Junior School effective the end of 2022. Tina has been enjoying a well deserved break on Long Service Leave since the beginning of Term 3, and has made the decision to transition to retirement.

Tina has served the ASSG School community through her leadership for a period of 10 years. During this time she has been a dedicated educator, a supportive mentor, a professional role model and a valued member of the Senior Leadership Team. Tina has led by example and has always had the best interests of the students atheart.

We will have the opportunity to celebrate Tina's many contributions over the last decade at an appropriate farewell later this term.



Sun Safety

Deputy/Academic Dean

of Students

of Junior School

Word for Today


The School will commence a recruitment program early next year.

To give us continuity until then, the following people will continue their acting roles until the end of

….. 1
….. 2
….. 3 Dean
….. 3 Head
….. 4 The
….. 5 School
….. 5 Academic Awards ….. 6 Colours ….. 7 Reunion Celebrations ….. 8 Pennants …10 The Arts ...11 Duke of Edinburgh ...12 Wearable Art ...12 From the Dorms ...13 Legends of League / Rugby 9s ...16
ISSUE NO 11 / 2022 21 October 2022 Exam Dates for remainder of 2022 Term 4 (Year 12) External Exams set by QCAA Mon 24 October to Wed 16 November Term 4 (Years 7 11) Wed Tues 9 15 November

Semester 1(23June 2023):

Mrs Karen Storey Acting Head of Junior School Miss Jess Marley Acting Dean of School

Mrs Kylee Smythe Acting Head of Department Mathematics & IT

We wish Tina and her husband Noel all the best for their future

Reunion Weekend

Reunion returned on the first weekend of the Term, and was once again a huge success. The strength of the connection with our Past Student Association (PSA) is unique and something which should be celebrated and sustained. The PSA originally formed in 1925 and has the longest standing association with the School. With almost 40% of our current enrolments descendants of past students, the legacy continues, it is wonderful to see the next generation adding to our rich history.

The weekend was full of stories shared between the past students as well as comparisons made between school as it was back then and school in the present. The annual past v present students Touch Football and GreatDebate were back in full swing in conjunction with new additions of Netball and Cricket. The Past Students were victorious on all counts though there have been some grumblings from the present students about the adjudication especially in the Touch Football

The AGM was a historic moment in a changing of the guard from the older generation to more recent graduates. Congratulations to incoming President Bianca Mason and Vice President Ky Banset, I look forward to working with you in the comingyears.

On a personal level, I very much enjoyed reconnecting with the students I taught between 2014 17

and I look forward to future reunions with an increase in more recent graduates. I would also like to thank outgoing PSA President Dave Muguira for his partnership in ensuring the weekend was a huge success.

Safer Internet

On Monday 31 October we have Brett Lee, a former undercover internet detective coming to speak with the staff and students regarding safer internet practices. We have also arranged for Brett to deliver a similar message to our parents via zoom, please see the advertisement to find out how to connect. Brett has a wealth of experience, and it will be an information session not to be missed.

Shannon Lee
As we head into the hotter monthsof theyearpleasemake sure you are familiar with theSchoolsSunSmartPolicy.
The School expects all staff to rolemodelsun smartbehaviour and ensure our students wear hats, carry water bottles and apply sunscreen for outdoor activities. Please be vigilant, your lives depend on it.

Deputy/ Academic Dean

Almost there but still with so much to do!

A short term

At a recent assembly, I spoke to all students in Years 7 to 11 about the need to get on top of studies quickly this term. With a very short term, it won’t be long before assignment drafts are due and exams start. We don’t have the luxury of ‘warming up’ to school work this term.

Year 12farewell and beyond

During this term, there are many opportunities for members of our School community to wish the graduating class well as they move onto the next part of their journey. Their final week is filled with farewell events and ceremonies (Week 7). As this edition of our newsletter is published, most of our Year 12 students are working on study programs for External Examinations.

2022Year 8into 2023 Year 9

A big thank you to all families of current Year 8 students for submitting subject selection information for 2023 Year 9. At this stage of planning, all subjects offered will have a class running in 2023. Teaching staff are now checking through subject selections to make sure students have chosen wisely for the beginning of Year 9 in 2023. Heads of Department will be discussing with me any students who may need to consider a change of subject choice. All students will know the outcome of these discussions before the end of their exam block this term.

Years 7to 11Exam Block

Just a reminder that the End of Semester Exam Block for students in Years 7 to 11 is set for Tuesday to Tuesday, 8 15 November. This block finishes in the week of the Awards Day ceremony and Year 12 celebrations. All families will be sent an email copy of the schedule once it has been finalised.

Academic Reporting

Teachers will continue to be extremely busy this term completing draft reports while trying to return drafts of student assessment items with comments, set exams, offer revision sessions, mark final assignment pieces and then mark, moderate and profile student results for final reporting grades. They will certainly be looking forward to a little rest and recharge at the end of November.

Full (semester) reports will again be sent home via email for students in Years 7 to 9. Students in Years 10 & 11 will receive a “Progress Report” providing information on academic progress in the new senior curriculum. Please take the time to read these reports with your son / daughter over the break.

Stationery Lists

A reminder, all Stationery Lists for students in Years 7 to 12 in 2023 have been uploaded to our School website.

Safe travels for families travelling to end of year events in the coming weeks.

Ian Dietrich Dean of Students

I am pleased with the announcement of the student leaders for 2023 following a rigorous application process. The selection process we use mirrors the real world process of job applications, plus a vote which surveys the staff and student body. The selection process ensured we have the most suitable candidates for the various portfolios and extra responsibility which will befall the office holders next year. Of course, every member of our Year 12 cohort will be a de facto leader as the rest of the School will look up to them for direction and behavioural cues, with the Prefects holding more formal roles within the student leadership. I wish all of them every success for the year to come.

Congratulations to our newly appointed leaders who will be officially installed at a special assembly next year, they have been chosen by their peers in recognition of their many contributions to the School community to date and the potential they saw in them as leaders, because leadership is a gift given to you by those who trust you. I also congratulate all the nominees who had the courage to put themselves forward for leadership but have not received a formal role, they played a crucial role in the selection process and will of course play a vital part in their cohort leading the School in 2023. Thank you for showing an interest in a student leadership position at the School.

All teams of people, including our community, are at their best when led well. Leaders can have an enormous impact in the life of an organisation, and student leaders are especially important in the development and success of a school, as they play a crucial role for the younger students in learning how to behave. In our student leaders we are looking for pro activity, calm, fairness, a sense of service and an ability to take responsibility. We are looking for people who can relate well to others, who are warm, and are committed to helping other people succeed and be at their best. Beyond school and in life, our students will be presented with numerous and frequent opportunities in which the ability to lead and work with other people is of fundamental importance.

Increasingly, leadership is a characteristic that employers actively look for. A student leadership position at the School will help them prepare for these occasions. Being a leader is a serious responsibility, and we expect our leaders to maintain high standards. As a school we are committed to providing all our students with the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership traits.

Head of Junior School (Acting)

Welcome back

I hope everyone enjoyed a restful, relaxing and enjoyable holiday break. We are well and truly back into the swing of things and learning is happening in many shapes and sizes both inside and out of all of our Junior School classrooms. I love to see all the wonderful learning activities that teachers have planned and it is equally enjoyable to watch students engaging with many different learning experiences and picking up new skills and abilities. As we are approaching the halfway point already I am sure that this will be an enjoyable term which will just fly by.

Pre Service Teachers

In week 2, Year 2 students welcomed Miss Lauren Tierney to their classroom. Miss T (as she was affectionately known) enjoyed her time learning many skills associated with primary school teaching. Thank you to Mrs Laura Heuir for opening her classroom to allow Miss T to undertake this important part of her learningwith us.

In addition to Miss T, we have also enjoyed the company of Mrs Amy Sweeney in Pre Prep. Mrs Sweeney will spend 3 weeks, from weeks 2 to 5, refining her skills and being guided by Mrs Peagham. I know that the Pre Prep students have enjoyed learningwith Mrs Sweeney.

I would like to thank both of these ladies for choosing All Souls St Gabriels School to assist them with their professional learning and wish

them all the best in the completion of their studies.

Book Fair

Next week we have our final book fair for the year setup in the Edna Eden Centre (German room). Students will have the opportunity to visit the fair with their teachers to construct a wish list. The fair will be open before and after school so please ensure that you and your children pay a visit.

Lego Competition

On Thursday of this week, 20 October, a team of our Year 6 students consisting of Lilyarna Blanchard, Max Scanlan, Matilda Twine and Ethan Brunello travelled to Townsville to compete in the annual Lego competition held at the Townsville Grammar School. While they didn’t win, these students represented our School with pride and a sense of fair and fierce competition which was duly noted by James Cook University judges. The students enjoyed the challenge of various tasks set for them throughout the day, along with the sausage sizzle lunch and the chance to mix with students from other schools. I would like to thank both Miss Clarke and Mrs Clark for transporting and supervising our students on the day. Well done to all involved!

Year 7Orientation

Our Year 6 students will be spending a couple of days in the Secondary School taking part in the Year 7 Orientation Program. This program allows students to become familiar with some of the routines of Secondary School while also meeting some of the key staff who will be assisting them in their transition to high school in 2023. The program

also allows students to meet some of their future classmates.

‘Move Up’ Day

As our Year 6 students experience some time in the secondary school the remainder of our Junior School students will also ‘move up’ to the next year level to experience a new classroom, teacher and to get a taste of the learning and experiences that are ahead of them in 2023. I am sure that this will be an exciting and enjoyable experience for staff and students; and I look forward to seeing the excitement that this will bringfor everyone.

Pre Prep Orientation Day

Tomorrow, Saturday, 22 October, Mrs Peagham, Mrs Limkin and I will have the opportunity to meet and welcome new and potential new students at our annual Pre Prep orientation day. I am sure this will be a great morning which will be enjoyed by all. I very much look forward to meeting the newest and youngest members of our All Souls St Gabriels School community and their families. Thank you to Mrs Peagham and Mrs Limkin for giving up part of your weekend to provide both students and parents the opportunity to become familiar with our Pre Prep staffand facilities.

Inter House Swimming

On Friday 4 November, our students will do battle in the pool at the annual Inter House Swimming Carnival to be held at the town pool. Mrs Dickson has been working hard to ensure that everything is ready, and that the day runs smoothly. I cannot wait to see our students giving their all to score points for their house. May the best house win.

Karen Storey

Junior School Students of the Week recipients for Week 1 Junior School Students of the Week recipients for Week 2

The Word for Today


There are so many times in life when we need to let go of something we care about. We might have to leave a job we love. We could have been working on a project and now need to hand it over for someone else to take to the next level. Maybe we’ve had a mentor to advise us, but the person has reached the point where they can’t help us anymore and we need to move on and learn from someone with greater skill. God might even tell us to let something go without us understanding why.

Letting go isn’t easy. It can make us feel unwanted or rejected, our pride can take a hit, or we might think we’re not good enough. Even if we’ve given up something we hate, it can leave a void. We can feel strangely empty. But there are things we can do to regain our joy and find reasons to celebrate. We can:

1) Rejoice that we played a part in the development and growth of the person or project.

2) Be proud that we’ve made a difference.

3) Pray for the person, the project, those who were working with us, and those who are going to take things even further.

4) Trust God to place the person or project in the right hands.

6) Look forward to the next thing God has in mind for us.

It can be helpful to remember these words: ‘ Do notthinkaboutthepast.LookatthenewthingI amgoingtodo.Itisalreadyhappening.Don’ tyou seeit?’ (Isaiah 43:18 19 NCV) When we let go of one thing, God already has the next thing lined up. Devotion from “The Word for Today, October 21” Chosen by Ella Dietrich Chapel Prefect

School Prayers

We pray for all of our Year 12 students as they prepare to leave All Souls St Gabriels School that they may be wise in their choices, remembering what they have learnt while at our School. Lord,inyourmercy,Hearourprayer.

We pray for all Year 12 students who will be completing external exams in the next 3 weeks. We pray that they will have clear minds and be able to remember all that they have studied. Lord,inyourmercy,Hearourprayer.

We pray for those students who have received leadership roles for 2023. We pray that they may have a servant heart as they lead.


We pray for all members of our School community in this busy term to prioritise well, be kind to one another and remember that we are a community who are here for each other. Lord,inyourmercy,Hearourprayer.

We make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord,Amen.

‘ LookatthenewthingIamgoingtodo.’

Headmaster’s List

(Students on the Headmaster’s List have effort rating of 1 or 2 in all subjects, and at least half of all these ratings must be a 1)

Year 10

Connor Atkinson Lauren Atwell Jaclyn Bethel Jaydi Cameron Ben Dickson Danni Eastaughffe Jacalyn Elliott Henry Gale Tyler Godfrey Milli Goodwin Georgia Gostelow Barney Hensley Chloe Holt Charlotte Jesberg

Luke Keough Ella Leake Tianiwa Aroha Lenoy Hunter McKellar Dru Mossman William Murphy Daniel Olver Rowen Pitt Stephen Clancie Sivyer Darnelle Steedman Emily Stevens William Stibbs Clancy Stretton Erin Wilkinson

Year 11

Regan Barkworth Erin Blennerhassett MegBrassington Mitchell Candy Brandy Corlis Bailey Cowan Georgia Dakin Bryar Darwen Layne Edgerton Kathleen Elisala Lucy Folker Darcy Frost Emily Gale Ryan Grant

Seth Guldbransen Olivia Haines Mallee Hill Mackenzy Jackson Hannah Jenkins Jed Marshall Annabel Ruyg James Scott Walter Shadforth Kye Smollett Brooke Struckel Cam Trevor Riley Williamson Taryn Woodard

Academic Achievement

(Students in Year 10 receive an Academic Achievement Certificate have received an A in the majority of their academic core subjects (only As and Bs allowed), and no achievement level of less than a C in non core subjects. Students in Year 11 who received an Academic Achievement Certificate have received either an A or B in ALL academic subjects)

Year 10

Connor Atkinson Lauren Atwell Georgia Gostelow Miranda Jonsson

Mossman Cody Smith


Year 10 recipients of Headmaster’s List Year 11 recipients of Headmaster’s List
Year 10 & 11 recipients of Academic Achievement Certificates

Headmaster’s Award

(A Headmaster’s Award ispresented to students who are too youngto awarded Colours) William Stibbs (Cricket)


(Colours are the highest award a student can receive in their discipline. Academic Colours are awarded to a student who has completed five General Subjects resulting in an ATAR score, displays exceptional commitment to their studies through both effort and results, and achieves meritorious academic awards in their secondary schooling. SportingColours are awarded to an athlete who demonstrates a consistent high level of performance in Inter House and Inter School competitions and North Queensland trials, in addition to exhibiting commitment to the sport through sportsmanship and attendance attraining)

Lauren Atwell (Athletics)

Jaclyn Bethel (Athletics)

Erin Blennerhassett (Athletics)

Lauchlan Butler (Athletics)

Bailey Cowan (Athletics)

Storm Crossland (Athletics)

Mia Dickson (Debating, Academic)

Ella Dietrich (Athletics, Softball, Debating, Academic)

Caitlyn Elliott (Softball,Academic)

Owen Elliott (Athletics)

Mitchell Fox(Athletics)

Lachlan Gostelow (Athletics)

Georgia Gostelow (Athletics)

Corey Guldbransen (Cricket)

Seth Guldbransen (Athletics, Cricket)

Ryan Grant(Athletics)

Zai Hopkins (Athletics)

Charlotte Jesberg (Athletics)

Sienna Johnson (Athletics)

Annabella Keough (Academic)

Luke Keough (Athletics)

Hunter McKellar (Athletics)

Charles Newnham (Academic)

Annika Peace (Athletics)

Bree Sexton (Athletics)

Clancy Stretton (Athletics)

Ella Beth Stretton (Academic)

Olivia Titley (Softball, Debating, Academic)

Cam Trevor (Athletics)

Amelia Wearing(Academic)

Riley Williamson (Athletics)

Recipients of Colours for Softball Recipients of Colours for Cricket Recipients of Colours for Athletics Recipients of Colours for Debating Recipients of Colours for Academic




(A pennant is awarded to an athlete who shows a consistent high level of performance in Inter House and Inter School competitions and commitment to the sport through sportsmanship and attendance attraining)


Rory Barr William Blennerhassett Hannah Brown Kyzearne Bulsey Beau Butler Darby Butler Darcy Cameron Ariel Chevathun Jade Cowan Rahani Davidson Ben Dickson MaxElliott William Elliott Dustin Finger Kadyn Flanagan Olivia Geoghegan Madison Gesah Tyler Godfrey Tessa Goodwin Grace Gostelow Olivia Haines Maverick Hills

Tristan Hopkins Brooke Jenkins

Annie May Johnson Bailey Johnson Isiah Kerindun Yunkaporta Keziah Koglkia Hollie Laffin Taleeah Leer Mahava Leo Darby Linton Tom Linton Xavier Lord Hayden Macor Isabella Maff Emily Maxwell Yasmin Musk Joseph Newnham Alexander Nunns Kayla Pedersen Tyler Polinelli Tameira Robertson Wotton Ned Sampson Valerie Seaton Joel Sexton Cody Smith Darnelle Steedman Jason Talonia

Isabella Whiting Stevie Williamson Billo Wotton Lianidas Yamashita Shanikwa Yamashita Kairi Yeatman

Cricket Dustin Allen Cooper Brazier Rory Clark Samuel Cowan Willis Frohloff Edward Gale Philip Gale James Geeves Landon Hughes Riley Hughes Henry Jesberg Hayden Macor

Cultural Tamzin Finger Mallee Hill Georgie Jonsson


Lacey Barnicoat Jaydi Cameron Georgia Gostelow Georgie Jonsson Hollie Laffin Anna Milton

Tennis Owen Elliott Trent Folker Brooke Jenkins Hayden Macor

Recipients of Pennants for Athletics Recipients of Pennants for Athletics Recipients of Pennants for Tennis Recipients of Cultural Pennants Recipients of Pennants for Softball Recipients of Pennants for Cricket

The Arts

Focus on Visual Art

The start of this term has brought lots of great news from our Visual Art Department, under the guidance of Mrs Bronwen Hall. In honour of this, we dedicate the first Arts round up of Term 4 to the fantastic work of our budding young visual artists.

Year 10/11Visual Art in Practice Make a Fashion Statement

Year 10/11 Visual Art in Practice benefited from the knowledge of guest teacher

Christina Papadimitriou recently as they took part in a Wearable Art Workshop. Students channelled their inner Chanel to create two amazing pieces from newspaper, staples and masking tape. Christina shared her experience and knowledge with the students on the use of a range of recycled materials that could be used and also gave them advice on their designs, which will form the basis of their class assessment.

Year 10/11Visual Art Hit the Art Trail in Townsville

Year 10/11 Visual Art headed off to explore the many art installations and exhibits in Townsville last week. Mrs Hall took our art explorers all over the city in search of inspiration for their upcoming assessment. This included the cultural bio trail at Kissing Point, Perc Tucker Gallery and the Umbrella Studio where students engaged with a range of art works. They were also introduced to Jan Hayes, a Townsville artist who offered to assist students with their research and development process.

Year 9Photography

Year 9 Visual Art students are learning the art of photography. They started the term using a fast shutter speed to capture coloured water drops and water sculptures. The students enjoyed experimenting with different colours and backgrounds with some unique and special results.

Rheannon Wins Prestigious Internship

We are very proud to announce that Year 10 Visual Art student Rheannon Sayegh Read has won an internship with the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane for her entry into the statewide Creative Generations competition. Only 25 internships were offered throughout the whole of Queensland, making Rheannon’s win all the more special. We congratulate Rheannon and cant waitto hear all abouther Brisbane adventure in the future.

Kylie Kempster HOD THE ARTS


Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards Certificates were presented to: (back) Mia Dickson (Gold), Jackson Peagham (Silver), & Charles Newnham (Gold) (front) Caitlyn Elliott (Gold) & Connor Atkinson (Bronze)

Mackenzy Jackson recently won Overall Junior Champion at the Australian Junior Cowboy Dressage Championships 2022. Mack had never previously competed in this competition.

Wearable Art Workshop

From the Dorms

Welcome back! Term 4is offto a flyingstart.

Past Students Reunion Weekend No sooner had we arrived back to school, and we had our annual Past Students Reunion weekend. It was great to see the familiar faces of past students, and for our students to meet some of their predecessors, and listen to their stories from their time in the dormitories. The Old Souls Boys and Gabes Girls seemed to be on winning streak all weekend as they versed the current students in Netball, Cricket and then mixed Touch. Obviously it had nothing to do with the self appointed referee scores were based purely on the experience, skill and speed of the Old Boys & Girls! On that note thanks to all the students for their support and good sportsmanship throughout the weekend. Job well doneeveryone!

Yr 12 Seniors… With only 5 weeks of the term remaining, the reality of ‘the end of school’ is fast approaching for our Year 12 students. All our seniors are feeling a mix of emotions as they return to us this week to complete their final exams, attend various short courses on offer, prepare for their Graduation and finally celebrate with their Valedictory Dinner.

2023 Leaders And while our Year 12s are busy wrapping things up, our Year 11s have received their leadership positions for next year. We’d like to congratulate everyone on their newly appointed roles for 2023. Well done to all of next year’s seniors. To the entire 2023 class, we wish you all the best as you embark on your final year with us. (Please see Mr Lees report for all student leadership results).

Sport Rugby 7s and Rugby 9s are still in progress. Our students did themselves proud last weekend, when they travelled to Townsville to compete with their teams. That’s everything for now, but if you have any concerns or questions please contact your dormitory supervisor. Until next time

Alban highlights…

Yr 12Senior Profile MegBailey

How long have you been at All Souls St Gabriels? I started Year 7, so 6 years.

Something people may not know about you? I only ever went to day care once in my life and I cried the whole time.

What’s been your favourite All Souls St Gabriels moment so far? Anytime with the Year 11s in our dorm.

Who have been the greatest influence on your life? Mum & Dad 100%

“When I grow up I want to be…” Rich!

What would you never do, no matter what the price? Hold a cane toad!

If you had a motto,whatwould it be? Work hard, play even harder!

You’re stranded on an island, what’s the one thing you’d want? Jimmy Stewart.

Favourite ASSG meal? Cold meat wraps.

Becket highlights…

Year 12 Senior Profile Reese Wilkinson

How long have you been at All Souls St Gabriels? 5years.

What would you never do, no matter what the price? Share myfood. Whatis your life motto? YOLO.

You’re stranded on an island, what’s the one thingyou’d want? Food.

Favourite food? Everything, Chicken Parmie!

Something people may not know about you? I don’tlike egg, atall!!!

When I grow up I want to be just like...” Elon Musk.

Chad highlights…

Yr 12Senior Profile BreeSexton

How long have you been at All Souls St Gabriels? 4years

Something people may not know about you? I did ballet

What’s been your favourite All Souls St Gabriels moment, to date? Being in dorms with Vasenai

Who has been the greatest influence on your life? My Mum

Complete this sentence “When I grow up I want to be just like...” Beth Dutton

What would you never do, no matter what the price? Eat a pig’s eye

You’re stranded on an island, what’s the one thingyou’d want? Tyler G

Favourite food? Chocolate Mud cake from Woollies

AndnowsomethoughtsfromMeg’ s friends Erin,Liv&Brandy:

Meg's nickname: Meggles Favourite memory with Meg? Playing hide and seek with the seniors and we set offthe door alarms!

What have you learned from Meg?

To be confident in big groups of people and to not care what others think about me.

What is Meg’s hidden talent? Singing and dancing.

Where will Meg be in 10 years? Managing a big property somewhere livingher best life!

Meg’s favourite one liners: "NO LAYLA!" and "I'm going home Wednesday lunchtime" ;)

And now some thoughts from Reese’ s friend and sister, Erin Wilkinson:

Reese’s nickname? ReeseyRoo

Favourite Memory with Reese? Going through her cupboard to see what’s mine.

What have you learned from Reese? Notto take her clothes!

What is Reese’s best hidden talent?

She can eata pizza in 10seconds.

Where will Reese be in 10 years?

Finishing her 10 year apprenticeship with Dad.

Reese’s favourite one liners? “I could eata Horse”.


Favourite Memory with Bree? Annoying her every day, and all the fun we had last year with Piper

What have you learned from Bree? She has taught me how to be weird and embrace it

What is Bree’s best hidden talent? Fighting, or wanting to fight anyone

Bree’s favourite one liners? Serious?? Where will Bree be in 10 years? She’ll be a ringer in Canada

Bree has been a wonderful part of Chad dormitory. She is everything you would want in a House Captain and she will be extremely missed when she graduates. Best of luck with the rest of your life Breeza, you deserveeverythinglife has to offer.


Vanessa Herring

Senior Resident

Mobile: 0419 771 433



Sam Groves

Senior Resident

Mobile: 0407 142 493



Alison Barnicoat

Senior Resident

Mobile: 0439 764 638


AndnowsomethoughtsfromBree’ s

Ramsay highlights…

It’s great to hear that all the boys have had a relaxing break these holidays and have returned in good spirits. We have had a slow start to the term with some of the Ramsay boys not returning until this week. Despite this, everyone has slotted straight back into the boarding routine.

I would like to start with a reminder that this term is very important scholastically, not only for our seniors who are preparing to face the big wide world in only five short weeks, but for all the boys facing their end of year exams. If you feel your boys need some extra help or are struggling with the pressure, please let me know. We appreciate your support and endeavour to do the best for the boys and this is so much easier with your help.

Last weekend we had our Annual Past Students Reunion. Another fantastic weekend for all involved and another fine example of the passion our past students have for this school. I was lucky to be in attendance on both days and chatted to a number of people, some of whom I hadn’t seen since I finished Year 12. It is always interesting listening to the changes in the School over the years, but more importantly, it is inspiring to know that after 101 years, someone can still be so attached to a small school in North Queensland. Thank you to everyone involved but in particular to the students who once again displayed fantastic School spirit and conducted themselves admirably.

Once again if anyone has any concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.

Feetham highlights…

Welcome back guys and I hope everyone had a great holiday. It wouldn’t be a first week back without at least one boy staying home for an extra few days because of an injury, but for once it wasn’t you Jack Wharton. It seems Brodie Clark and Beau Easton have decided to take over.

though it’s only been two weeks it feels like 8! We had the Students Reunion on the first weekend

back, and footy games plus presentations for sports that have been played throughout the year. I would like to say congratulations to a few of the boys on their Bulls and Miners season. To Xavier Lord for ‘Best and Fairest’ Under 14s and Clancy Stretton for getting The Most Improved Under 16s congratulations boys! I would also like to point out a few boys that didn’t receive an award but have improved so much, and they are Cameron Dart, for playing his first year of Under 15s Miners and to Darren Collier, for going to Under 14s Bulls and giving it a go well done boys.

This week we also found outwho our Year 12 leaders will be for next year, and it gives me great pride to announce that Feetham Dormitory has 4 seniors elected to leadership roles for 2023. They are Kadyn Flanagan (School Vice Captain), Mitchell Fox (Chapel Prefect), Bryce Cowan (Feetham House Captain), and Bailey Cowan (Prefect). Well done guys and well deserved.

Finally guys, I would just like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the students for what was an outstanding Old boys and Old girls Reunion.

Page highlights…

Yr 12Senior Profile Owen Elliott

How long have you been at All Souls St Gabriels? 6years.

Something people may not know about you? I own over 30cats.

What’s been your favourite ASSG moment, to date? Playing Confraternity Football and footy in the rain on Mattingley Oval.

Who had been the greatest influence in your life? My two older brothers.

When I grow up I want to be just like…..” Matt Wright.

What would you never do, no matter the price? Work a 9 5job.

What is your life motto? ‘Hard as steel and soft as flour’.

You’re stranded on an island, what’s the one thing you’d want? A comfy bed.

Favourite food? Caramel tart.


Rhett Butler

Senior Resident

Mobile: 0400 751 433



Jake Diery

Senior Resident

Mobile: 0419 471 433


And now some thoughts from Owen’ sfriend,NedElliott: Owen’s nickname? Doon/Sid Favourite memory with Owen? Staying up late and watching the Dictator

What have you learned from Owen? To appreciate books. What is Owen’s best hidden talent? Sleeping and suckinghis thumb. Where will Owen be in 10 years? In God’s country (Winton).

Owen’s favourite one liners? “Godzilla” and “Ned did it”.


Paul Twine

Senior Resident

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Legends of League


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