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This week the Junior School End of Year Concert and Year 6 Graduation Lunch provided the opportunity for members of the Junior School community to formally farewell Mrs Akers as she makes the move to retirement. I would like to add to this a big thank you to Tina for all that she has done for our School, students, staff and the All Souls St Gabriels Junior School community. I hope that you will not be a stranger to us and visit often. Thank you for your enthusiasm, wise counsel, professional advice and care of Junior School children over the 10 years you have been Head of Junior School.


This year saw the introduction of a Junior School Curriculum Co ordinator position, taken on by Year 4 teacher, Mrs Jane Turner. This is timely as a new Australian Curriculum was announced which will commence implementation in 2024. Mrs Turner has a passion for curriculum planning in addition to many years of teaching experience and she has certainly brought a lot of knowledge to early planning. I look forward to working through the planning and implementation phases of the new curriculum with Jane and teaching staff to ensure that we can continue to deliver a modern and engaging curriculum for Junior School students into the future.


This year saw the eagerly awaited walkway erected over the main entrance to the Junior School. The carpark was also re designed to improve student safety and resurfaced in Semester 2. New aluminium picnic tables were installed for our Year 6 students to use at break times. At the beginning of 2023 new aluminium tables will also be installed in the Undercover area.

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Farewell Mrs Akers:
Year 1:
Year 2: Mrs
Year 3: Miss
Year 4:
Year 5: Miss
Year 6: Miss
JS Music:
Educational Assistants:
As per correspondence emailed home, at the time of writing this newsletter, the Junior School staffing for 2023 is as follows: Pre
Mrs Tonya Peagham, Mrs Colleen Limkin, Mrs Jenelle Cragg Prep: Mrs Katelyn Osbaldiston
Mrs Janita Reardon
Laura Heuir
Peta Miliauskas
Mrs Jane Turner (3 days)
Miss Amelia Richards
Chloe Bassett
Prue Clarke
Mrs Melita Dunn
Miss Amelia Richards
Mrs Melissa Nicholls
Mrs Sally Clark, Mrs Desley Fittock, Mrs Jenelle Cragg, Mrs Justine Walsh


Merry Christmas and Farewell:

The past semester as Acting Head of Junior School has been an enjoyable and rewarding challenge and I am excited to be commencing 2023 in the role. There have been many exciting new developments in the Junior School this year and I know that these will continue with the aim of providing a quality, modern education to our students into the future. I would like to thank all staff, parents and volunteers who have contributed to the learning and development of our students throughout the year. I look forward to your continued support into the future.

To the families who are leaving us for new places, we wish you all the very best. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. I look forward to 2023 being a year when we can once again share new learning experiences and community events. As the year comes to a close, I wish the Year 6 students all the very best as they move into the next phase of their education in the Senior School. Each of them has the potential to achieve their goals, and make positive choices to better their community. We will miss their cheerful faces and the support they have given to the younger students in the Junior School.

On behalf of all the Junior School staff, I would like to wish everyone a very enjoyable, restful and safe holiday. May the Festive Season fill your families with joy. Merry Christmas!

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ONGRATULATIONS Year 1: AcademicMerit: Declan Sweeney, Laynie Hamlyn, Cooper Graham, Edward Townsend, Darragh Bowley, Phoebe Storey, Harper Crane, Phoebe Wallis CulturalAward: Phoebe Wallis Year 2: AcademicMerit: Jack Price, Sarah Hardy, Morgan Hensler, Thomas Mann AcademicMedal: Georgia Johnson, George Sweeney CulturalAward: Georgia Johnson Year 3: AcademicMerit : Jodan Foot, Taylah Maff, Lewis Slagmolen, Aviva Corcoran, AcademicMedal: Ella Thomson, Tahleigh Novelli Marshall, Charlie Heading, Pippa Tait CulturalAward:Pippa Tait Year 4: AcademicMerit: Hugh Heading, Lilly Ann Hensler, Isabell Machin, Nate Musk, Sharaye Rhodes, Ella Scanlan, Griffin O’Shae, Lucinda Reardon, Ava Crane, Mason Brunello, Mason Storey CulturalAward: Lucinda Reardon AcademicMedal:Samuel Slagmolen Year5: AcademicMerit: Sonny Mihill, Jada Moore, Konnor Laffin, Oliver Nunns, Kimberley Lolok, Maddison Stuart, Hooper Urquhart, Seth Furber,

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CulturalAward:Olivia Wallis AcademicMedal: PaulPomat,NyssaBowley,OliviaWallis,LilahPlant Year 6: AcademicMerit: Lilyarna Blanchard, Lexi Butler, Nate Carroll Major, Danny Clark, Bohdi Herring, Georgia Nelson, Jack Power, Curtis Reardon AcademicMedal: Rebecca Galvin, Abbey Polke Chalfont, Max Scanlan, Matilda Twine CulturalAward : : Helen Walsh Junior School Sporting Achievements:  Most Promising T Ball player female: Matilda Twine  Most Promising T Ball player male: Braith Foot  Most Promising Netball player: Georgia Nelson  Most promising Rugby League player: Danny Clark and Lexi Butler  Most promising Soccer player: Braith Foot  Most Promising Girls Touch Football player: Lexi Butler  Most Promising Boys Touch Football player: Danny Clark
Email: juniorschool@allsouls.qld.edu.au Class Awards 11 October, Class Awards 18 October,


Academic Prizes:

Academic Achievement Year 1: Phoebe Wallis

Consistent Effort Year 1: Darragh Bowley

Academic Achievement Year 2: George Sweeney

Consistent Effort Year 2: Morgan Hensler

Academic Achievement Year 3: Pippa Tait

Consistent Effort Year 3: Lilly Diery

Academic Achievement Year 4: Samuel Slagmolen

Consistent Effort Year 4: Lucinda Reardon

Academic Achievement Year 5: Lilah Plant

Consistent Effort Year 5: Olivia Wallis

Consistent Effort Year 6: Max Scanlan

Dux of Junior School: Rebecca Galvin Major Sporting Prizes:

Maff Family: Best All Round Junior Sportsperson 10 12 years Female: Lexi Butler

Email: juniorschool@allsouls.qld.edu.au

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Maff Family: Best All Round Junior Sportsperson 10 12 Years Male: Danny Clark Service and Other Major Prizes:
Charters Towers Regional Council Award for Junior School Captains: Max Scanlan, Rebecca Galvin Junior School Cultural Award: Helen Walsh The Headmaster’s Award for Reading: Matilda Twine The Jenkinson Prize (Best All Round boy in Junior School): Max Scanlan The Larpent Family Prize (Best All Round girl in Junior School): Matilda Twine The Goldfield Ashes Junior Sportsmanship Award: Max Scanlan
Charters Towers Regional Council Citizenship Prize: Ethan Brunello

Junior School Captains’ Speech

All Souls St Gabriels School Awards Day 2022

Max Scanlan and Rebecca Galvin

Good morning members of the Board, Mr Lee, special guests, teachers, parents and students. My name is Max Scanlan and joining me this morning is my Co Captain Rebecca Galvin. We were honoured and privileged to be elected as the Junior School Captains for 2022 and I would like to thank all of the Year 6 students, and the Year 4 and Year 5 representatives, who have been positive role models in completing their roles and responsibilities this year. Rebecca and I are thankful that we have been surrounded by a great team that has helped pave the way to an even better future for our Junior School.

2022 saw some changes in staffing in the Junior School and we welcomed new teachers, acting Sports Co ordinator and a new acting Head of Junior School. We celebrated the arrival of baby Nicholls and we are sad to say goodbye to Mrs Akers who has served our School with integrity and strong leadership. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Mr and Mrs Akers for everything they have done for the Junior School students, and for their efforts in making sure things were as they should be. Our School could not be what it is today without all they have tirelessly contributed over an amazing 10 years.

On behalf of my peers, I would like to thank the All Souls St Gabriels School teachers, support staff and ancillary staff. Without their endless efforts and their drive to provide us with the best education possible, we would not be able to stand here as strong, confident, and resilient learners who are ready to take on the adventures in Secondary School. I would like to say a special thank you to all of our parents, grandparents, carers and Senior Residents who have supported our Year 6 students on their successful journey through Junior School. The experiences and moments that we have treasured over the past 8 years are only possible because of your hard work, patience and guidance. Your never ending forgiveness, kind words and moments of wisdom have led us to grow into mature, well mannered young adults who are ready to tackle the next adventure of Secondary School head on and not let our confidence waiver.

2022 saw some exciting learning experiences, excursions and competitions that tested the best of our learners, creative thinkers, sportsmen and women, readers and engineers. We are grateful that we have been able to experience these opportunities throughout our All Souls St Gabriel’s Junior School journey. We ventured into Townsville for the Reader’s Cup and the LEGO We Do Competition. We continue to thrive in these events as we slowly crept up the leader board each year. In Charters Towers we shone brightly through the Languages Competition, the Eisteddfod and many more opportunities.

Our success continued on the sporting fields this year with our Year 5 and Year 6 Inter School teams for T ball, touch football, netball and rugby league. Our Junior School Rugby League team played exceptionally well at the Legends of League game during our reunion weekend in October. The final result was a tie, with each team member contributing towards a brilliant and exciting game. Their endless fight and determination until the final moments meant that they scored their equalising try in the dying seconds of the game. Overall, our Junior School Inter School Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics teams were very successful and represented our School with determination and true sportsmanship. Our cross country team were victorious in bringing home both the Aggregate and Average shields.

Junior School students enjoyed some wonderful excursions to assist with our learning. The highlight of our year was the Year 6 trip to Canberra. After two long years of COVID and cancellations, we were finally able to experience the amazing history and sites that Canberra has to offer. It is hard to narrow down our favourite parts of Canberra, but we do have to give a special mention to the Australian War Memorial. As a War memorial School, this experience helped us to have a new perspective of the turmoils and sacrifices that our soldiers have made to allow us to live free today. We awoke to the sad news on Friday 9th of September that Queen Elizabeth had passed away overnight. Such a devastating moment for our nation but being in Canberra meant that we were privileged to stand on the lawns of Parliament House and watch the 96 gun salute that afternoon. We knew at the time that there was something special about this moment, and we know that we won’t fully understand the significance of this moment for a few more years.

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Junior School Captains’ Speech Cont.

We continued to embrace our School motto ServireRegnarein 2022 as we served others, both inside and outside our School community. As the students of All Souls St Gabriels, we led the marching parade on ANZAC Day and we were able to reflect on the sacrifices our comrades made and the path they laid for us to continue the legacy as All Souls Boys and Gabes Girls. As Year 6 students, the significance of these moments really sunk in as we visited the Australian War Memorial during out trip in Canberra in Term 3.

Our commitment to service continued as we acknowledged many different events and raised money for charities and organisations to support them as they continue to spread their important messages and provide invaluable services. We raised money for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Royal Flying Doctors and Outback Futures, and it was an honour to reflect on how our contributions from all the way in Charters Towers are supporting the education and services provided to people all over Australia. A favourite memory of Year 6 is walking around on the morning of each fundraising day and delivering each and every donation to Mrs Snelling and knowing in that moment, we were making a difference that was bigger than what we could imagine.

Joining All Souls St Gabriels School in Year 4, my time here has been short but invaluable. I have grown into a reflective young man who is always looking for ways to serve others and ways to keep moving forward in my learning. Being elected as the Boys’ Junior School Captain meant that I had to stand tall in any situation and exhibit the resilience and heart of an All Souls Boy. The standards are high and at times, very tough, but striving for them meant that I kept learning and growing.

The experiences we have had in Junior School this year have allowed each student to learn in a way that promotes critical thinking and creative interactions. Our excursions to Townsville wetlands, Billabong Sanctuary, Laffin’s Honey, Black Water Produce, Magnetic Island and Canberra, have all provided us with the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and help us understand how things work in the big, wide world. I am grateful for every experience that has been provided to us, and I will miss the enthusiasm and dedication of each and every Junior School staff member and their commitment to ensuring our education is the best it can be.

As I stand here and reflect on a wonderful year, and a memorable Junior School experience, I am proud to remember the way Year 6 and the Year 4 and Year 5 student representatives served our School. I am confident knowing that we are leaving the Junior School in good hands and that the inspiration from our Year 6 class will help the next class of Junior School leaders to continue to serve those around them and use our ASSG Code to model what it means to be an All Souls St Gabriels student. On behalf of Max and myself, I wish you all a safe holiday break and a prosperous and safe 2023.

Thank you.

Headmaster: Mr Shannon Lee

Senior School Captains: Ned Elliott and Caitlyn

Junior School Captains: Max Scanlan and Rebecca Galvin

Junior School Direct 07 4788 2242 Fax: 07 4787 3049 Email: juniorschool@allsouls.qld.edu.au
Photo: 2022 Awards Day

I love playing doctors in home corner.


I love playing outside.


I love Pre prep because we get to play.


I love the little Lego and big Lego.


I love playing fairies, with Charlie being the elf.


I love doing drawing. Adelin

Pre-prep 2022

I love playing with the dinosaurs

. AJ

I love playing outside so I can choose things from the shed to play with. Alira

I love that we can learn about making butter and flour.


I really love drawing and writing at Pre prep. Archie

I love playing games and singing songs. Chelsea

I love playing with the sea animals and the wild animals.


I love making stuff from the Duplo and playing in home corner.


I love playing dinosaur s. Jaspah

I love playing with the pull along turtle and dog.




I love dressing up in home corner.



I love playing with Duplo.



Year 1 2022

Reardon’s Racers

"Reading is a passport to countless adventures."
Year 4 2022
Mary Pope Osbourne
“We didn’t realise we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.” —
Winnie the Pooh Year 5 2022
“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”
Albus Dumbledore.
Junior School Inter-House Athletics Carnival
Inter House Cross

Junior School Inter-House Swimming Carnival

Term Dates 2023

Term 1 9 Weeks

Australia Day Public Holiday

Thursday 26 January

Travel Day Boarders Return Monday 30 January

First Day of Term 1 8:15am Tuesday 31 January Term 1 Ends 3:00pm Thursday 30 March Boarders Travel Day Friday 31 March

Term 2 10 Weeks

Travel Day Boarders Return Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

Monday 17 April

First Day of Term 2 8:15am Tuesday 18 April ANZAC Day Service and March Normal School Day Tuesday 25 April Labour Day Public Holiday Normal School Day

Monday 1 May Term 2 Ends 3:00pm Thursday 22 June Boarders Travel Day Friday 23 June

Term 3 9 Weeks

Travel Day Boarders Return Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

Monday 17 July

First Day of Term 3 8:15am Tuesday 18 July School Closed for Charters Towers Show Holiday Tuesday 25 July Term 3 Ends 3:00pm Thursday 14 September Boarders Travel Day Friday 15 September

Term 4 8 Weeks

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday Monday 02 October Travel Day Boarders Return Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews Tuesday 03 October

First Day of Term 4 8:15am Wednesday 04 October

Preliminary Prize Giving Thursday 16 November Awards Day Friday 17 November Valedictory Dinner Friday 17 November

Term 4 Ends Pre prep to Year 11 Wednesday 22 November Boarders Travel Day Thursday 23 November Staff Day Friday 24 November