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nadine Nadine A. Thompson Founder & CEO

Dear Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs; There is no doubt that 2010 has gotten off to an incredible start with an expansion of enthusiasm and energy that culminated at our 2nd Annual Convention last weekend in San Antonio Texas. We celebrated our second year in business with our Youngevity Family of Companies with over 400 other sales representatives and entrepreneurs from around the world. We had representatives from Japan and Canada who traveled great distances to be with us this past weekend. The experience was amazing and one that I will never forget. The weekend began with a reception for our Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs as they arrived full of energy and expectation, we hugged and kissed and took pictures. It was so great to put faces to names and see the beautiful faces of the voices that we have come to know over the past 2 years. Friday we were off to an early start with workshops on mineral makeup and the compensation plan followed with an energetic afternoon of workshops and a panel featuring our Diamond Entrepreneurs. Our community had two opportunities to celebrate and recognize each other’s accomplishments over the last 12 months. Our first celebration was at our exclusive Soul Purpose Awards luncheon. We recognized and called the names of all of our new Managers, Diamonds, Double Diamonds and our first Fiji Double Diamond Ms. Tara Ellerbe. In addition, we recognized our top performers of the year, here are their names and accomplishments.

congratulations winners...


Soul Purpose Top Personal Volume Soul Purpose Top Recruiter Soul Purpose Top Lifestyle Party Soul Purpose Top Lifestyle Party- Sales Soul Purpose Kona Double Diamond Soul Purpose Kona Double Diamond Top Personal Volume Top Personal Volume Top Recruiter Top Recruiter Top Recruiter Top Lifestyle Party Top Lifestyle Party - Sales Top Lifestyle Party Top Lifestyle Party - Sales Top Lifestyle Party - Sales

Stacey Bond Antonia Coleman-Brown Tammeca Riley Melanie White Angelia Williams Peggy Riggins Shaune Williams Bessie Shaw Peggy Riggins Bellamy West Shaune Williams Veronica Freeman Charlene Browning Millicent Smith Shirley Slaughter Tammeca Riley

Top Personal Volume (Jan 09 – Dec 09): 1. Bond, Stacey 2. Williams, Shaune 3. Shaw, Bessie M


$7751 $7307 $7160

Top Recruiters (Jan 09 – Dec 09): 1. 2. 3. 4.

Coleman-Brown, Antonia Riggins, Peggy West, Bellamy Williams, Shaune

55 33 32 32

Top # Lifestyle Parties: 1. Tammeca Riley Veronica Freeman

9 9

2. Charlene Browning Millicent Smith

7 7

3. Bessie M. Shaw 6 Michelle McIlwain 6 Sandia Saint 6 Shera Green 6

Top $$$ Lifestyle Parties: 1. Melanie White 2. Shirley Slaughter 3. Tammeca Riley

$2902 $2647 $2283





Helen Jackson 3-09

Phyllis Johnson 3-09

Iona Nelson 3-09

Arlanderia Groom & Fitzgerald Banks 12-09

Jill Washington 7-09

Angie Barfield 6-09

Bertha Moore 6-09

Rochelle Morton 6-09

Michelle McIlwain 4-09 Valerie Battiest-Danzy 11-09 Antoinette Nelson 11-09

2010 February


Tonya Campbell

Nakia Evans

John Riggins Jr.

Tammeca Riley

Bellamy West

Charlene Browning

Darcell Loren

Elaine Kerr Trinnette Morris Caroline Palmer

leading by


Sondra Moore-Crestwell Bessie Shaw



Angelia Williams

March 2009

Peggy Riggins

February 2010

Cheryl Cormier

March 2010

Terri Jackson Carson

March 2010



Ms. Tara Ellerbe March 2010

Congratulations on a job well done! Saturday we had an elegant awards banquet with the entire Youngevity Community. It was real wonderful to see the accomplishments of the entire community and to congratulate and recognize our individual efforts. Many of our Entrepreneurs were recognized for their leadership abilities with an All Star award.

The awardees were:

Cheryl Cormier Brandy Israel Tara Ellerbe Josi Hopkins Bessie Shaw

Our Fiji Double Diamond received the 2010 Trailblazer Award.

Ms. Ellerbe was definitely the belle of the ball that evening.

I cannot express enough gratitude to each and everyone of all of our Entrepreneurs for their accomplishments over the last 12 months. We have not only sustained but we have soared to great heights. You guys have used the products, shared the products and the opportunity, recruited and helped us to grow in strength and sustainability. I am grateful to each and every one of you and hope that we will all see each other over the next 12 months at regional events and at our next convention.

nadine Nadine A. Thompson Founder & CEO

SOUL convention

A special Thank You to the Wallach Family and the Youngevity速 Community for their love, support and generosity.


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Soul Purpose Convention 2010  

Soul Purpose Convention 2010 recognition.