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At Your Service For personal lifestyle and concierge services look no further than Premier Lifestyle Management. Their skilled team offers a wealth of knowledge, experience and solutions to make “city lifestyle living” easy and affordable for anyone, no matter where they live. By Fred W Wright Jr



you think of it, Marc Levine and his dream team will make it happen for you. If you don’t like standing in line, or decorating your Christmas tree, Premier Lifestyle Management will do it for you. If that is the case, one of Levine’s team will step up to help. That’s what his business is. He hires people to do jobs, that his clients are unable, can’t, or simply do not want to do. Levine, owner and founder of Premier Lifestyle Management, started this service several years ago as a boutique personal assistant/home concierge service. It is similar to a hotel concierge service, but without the hotel. When the pandemic arrived, most people found they had to quarantine at home. They found themselves requiring services that before the lockdown they would do themselves. People were looking for ways to avoid leaving their residences to do their routine errands as well as looking for things to do while stuck at home. Premier Lifestyle Management provided in-home activities such as virtual wine-tasting events, such as virtual singing lessons, music lessons, Levine’s requests also included providing athome yoga classes, conducted virtually by his staff of out of work actors, dancers, and musicians. There does not seem to be a limit to the services that this company can provide. During celebrations such as weddings or birthdays, PLM will come to your home, pick up your purchased gifts, do shopping for you, gift wrap them and return it within a few days, or even deliver it if so desired to the recipient. Levine who also has a background in event planning and staffing, and owns a nation-wide staffing agency called Modelbartenders Inc, has been able to cater parties, in client’s homes, and their property, while obeying the social- distancing protocols.

Although based in New York City, PLM services clients in all other cities, such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, and Chicago. Levine is able to provide services to both corporate and private clients in any city in America. He says, “Our scope is national. We have vendors and representatives throughout the U.S. If someone needs a bartender for a party in Alaska, we’ve got one.” PLM is a company that embraces all communities. Levine is a certified LGBT small business owner and has served on the board and supports many LGBT organizations, such as AMFAR, the Ali Forney Center, Bailey House, and Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids. Trying to compensate for the pandemic shutdowns, the staff of PLM very often goes to extremes. Clients visiting from out of town unfortunately miss out on seeing a Broadway show. No problem for Levine and his staff. To compensate for this, he has arranged a Zoom session with actors from the closed show and his clients, thus giving the out of towner a taste of the Broadway they are missing. Do you want your favorite Broadway actor or actress to sing Happy Birthday to you? No problem, it can be done. Levine says, “Each service is unique and individual. There is no price list. Our fees start at $45 per hour, and of course are based on the services provided. We recently arranged a private concert given by Broadway actors and actresses performed on our client’s property. Cost $25,000 plus.”

TO LEARN MORE about the various services that Marc and his staff can provide please visit premierlifestylemanagement.com or call 212.499.0886.