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DOGS DOGS DOGS albun if you like dogs..if you like to see a dog smile. this mgazine is for you. the original painting is done in a traditional Chinese style on rice paper in a folding accordian album. when unfolded it is over 70’ long. i grew up with dogs. my first was a wirehair terrier named Monk. then came a sheltie. my dog show career was launched when i bought TAMI, one of the first Lhasa Apsos to be born in the United States. since then my life has been shared with a myriad of breeds. big. small. with long hair, short hair, strange hair,and no hair..rare and popular. i share my small farm in Idaho with four dogs who guard me and mine. i have three boys ,and a girl who runs the show. she is a rare komondor, Penny, who takes on everything from fed ex drivers to mountain lions. then there is a standard poodle with red dreadlocks, Charlie, who runs the studio /home. he is the smallest of the group. and then two really big boys, irish wolfhounds, Hucksly and Dublin. i thought Dub was big until the puppy at one year was about 3� taller and 100 lbs heavier... they love to crawl in the UPS van and scare drivers. and now you know a bit about my life with dogs dogs and more dogs.

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Dogs dogs dogs album  

if you like dogs. if you like puppy breath or dog drool. or if you like a dog smiling at you. this magazine is for you.