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INTRODUCTION Industrial Fire Safety is the set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire. The measures of Industrial Fire Safety include preventing ignition of an uncontrolled fire, and limiting the development and effects of it.

What is Industrial Fire Safety? Industrial fire safety is primarily a management activity which is concerned with: ďƒ˜ Reducing ďƒ˜ Controlling & ďƒ˜ Eliminating fire accident from the industries or industrial units.

Causes of Industrial Fire Accidents • Unsafe conditions – The job itself – Psychological conditions – Machinery & Equipment • Unsafe Acts • Miscellaneous Causes

Common Causes For Fire Hazards In Industries • Electrical systems that are overloaded, resulting in hot wiring or connections, or failed components. • Combustible storage areas with insufficient protection. • Combustibles near equipment that generates heat, flame, or sparks. • Candles and other open flames.

• Smoking (Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, lighters, etc.) • Equipment that generates heat combustible materials.

and utilizes

• Flammable liquids and aerosols. • Flammable solvents (and rags soaked with solvent) placed in enclosed trash cans. • Fireplace chimneys not properly or regularly cleaned. • Electrical wiring in poor condition.

Objectives of Industrial Fire Safety •

To prevent fire accidents in the plant by reducing the fire hazards to minimum.

To eliminate fire accident causing work stoppage and lost production.

To achieve lower workmen’s compensation, insurance rates and reduce all other direct and indirect costs of fire accidents.

To prevent loss of life, permanent disability and the loss of income of worker by eliminating causes of fire accidents.

To elevate employee’s confidence by promoting safe work place and good working condition.

To educate all members of the organization in continuous state of safety and to make supervision competent and intensely safety minded.

Safety Inspection Procedures  Safety audit – • A safety audit subjects each area of a company’s activity to a systematic critical examination with the object of minimizing loss.  Safety survey• A safety survey is a detailed examination in depth of a narrower field of activity.

 Safety inspection A routine scheduled inspection of a unit or department, which may be  carried out by someone ( may be a fire safety representative ) from within the unit, possibly accompanied by the fire safety advisor.

Industrial Fire Safety Instruments • Fire-Extinguisher-Cylinders

• Fire-Alarm-Panel

• Fire-Damper

Fire-Alarm-Accessories Including Smoke Detectors.

Adequate Water Supply & Associated Accessories Like Dividing-Breeches etc.

•Escape Chute

Conclusion Over the time, an increased understanding of fire risk factors has led to positive changes in The industrial fire safety.






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Industrial fire safety  

Industrial fire safety intends to reduce the destruction caused by fire. A quick view at these slides can help in knowing the causes and the...

Industrial fire safety  

Industrial fire safety intends to reduce the destruction caused by fire. A quick view at these slides can help in knowing the causes and the...