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Winter Bonus 3 nights for the price of 2 – 1st May to 30th September



beach house rentals beach house rentals Golden sands, wineries, gastronomy, art, fashion, but more importantly, platinum accommodation. From designer style beach houses to vast estates with an abundance of luxurious amenities, or just your average family beach cottage, it is all here on the Mornington Peninsula.

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Only a short drive to be a world away... SORRENTO is one of those places that it doesn’t matter how long or short your stay, you’ll always feel like you’re a world away. It has great charm with its commanding limestone buildings, breathtaking bay and ocean beaches, but the village is a destination all of its own. Sorrento Village offers an eclectic mix of old fashioned boutiques, galleries, antique and toy stores that are owned and managed by the person who serves you, but you can also get the high end chain stores that you find in the most cosmopolitan of city shopping centres. Recently Sorrento has expanded with some trendy new retailers, amazing unique contemporary interior stores and new day spas, massage centres and restaurants to add to the mix. There is a great choice for foodies and coffee lovers as well, highlighted during the Taste of Sorrento Winter weekends program which will take on a new spin in 2018, as well as accommodation and all basic services within a short walk from town. If you love history, it abounds from a museum right at the edge of the shopping strip, an historic cemetery, limestone buildings, ghost tours and of course Point Nepean National Park and Sorrento Portsea Artists Trail only a short drive away. Sorrento is possibly THE best destination for a girls weekend away – shopping, eating, shopping, massage, shopping, walking, …and did I mention shopping? No matter what the weather, good friends can enjoy each others company, have a few drinks, a few laughs and not have to drive anywhere as the village has it all in one place. Keep an eye on the website for up coming events or to read this mag on-line, or download the Sorrento Live the Life App from the App Store or Google Play. You can also stay social with the Sorrento_ Village Instagram and SorrentoVillage Facebook pages. We hope you enjoy this magazine, which is a muchloved companion for the visitor and local alike. It’s a keeper!

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22 Foodies Village - Sorrento’s Food Scene 33 Quick Guide to Sorrento’s Dining 34 Sorrento and Surrounds Map 36 Relax and Unwind in Sorrento 42 Focus on Fashion 49 Home Living 58 Sorrento Portsea Artists Trail 62 Local Attractions 72 Accommodation and Real Estate 80 Service Directory Sorrento Live the Life is produced by the Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce and MP News Group. Graphic Design: Dannielle Espagne Cover Photo: Supplied by The Sorrento Stylist Photo credit: Josie Jones, PEFC Certified

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40 min

Car and Passenger ferry Every day, every hour on the hour 7am - 6pm


Connecting the Mornington Peninsula to the Bellarine and beyond. •40 minute crossing •Easy drive on/drive off •Internal and external observation decks •Dolphin spotting •On board barista and cafe •All weather or call 03 5257 4500 6



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SORRENTO will welcome an outdoor pop-up ice skating rink with REAL ICE in winter

Fri 22nd June to Sun 15th July 2018 (school holidays)

Open Sun to Thurs - 10am to 7pm Open Fri & Sat - 10am - 9pm Session Times Sessions are held daily on the hour,every hour and run for 45 minutes

This event is brought to you by:

tickets & info: 2018 EDITION


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Focus on Sorrento

SORRENTO is a popular tourist destination on the Mornington Peninsula, nestled between Portsea and Blairgowrie. It is situated on a thin strip of the Mornington Peninsula, facing Port Phillip in the north and the open waters of Bass Strait in the south. Location by road: 89 km south of Melbourne.

Sorrento FACTS

In 1803, 30 years before the founding of Melbourne, Sullivan Bay in Sorrento became the site of Victoria’s first mainland European settlement.

A horse and steam powered tram which ran between the foreshore and the back beach opened in 1890 and closed in 1920.

Due to a lack of fresh water the settlement was short lived and subsequently moved to Hobart in Tasmania. Victoria’s first magistrates’ court, public hospital, postal service and government printing office were established in Sorrento. The first Victorian wedding, christening and funeral services were held at Sullivan Bay.

Australian singer Tina Arena released a song “Sorrento Moon (I Remember)” in 1995. The song is about Arena’s childhood memories of summers past with her family at Sorrento beach.

The first settlement site overlooking Sullivan Bay includes graves believed to be of first settlers.

Darbys Rock off the back beach was named after John Darbyshire who was marooned there during a king tide.

Sorrento Post Office opened on 10 January 1871.

Dame Nellie Melba sang to raise funds for cemetery



Sorrento is home to the “best vanilla slice ever” from Just Fine Food Delicatessen.


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gates which rusted over time and were taken down and dumped at the tip where they were souvenired and used as a garden ornament. Federal Senator John Button, State MP Vince Heffernan, and Dame Zara (Holt) Bate are buried in the cemetery.

its major landmark being the multi-storey Continental Hotel which was built out of limestone in 1875. The crescent-shaped Sorrento Front Beach is flanked by an attractive foreshore area with lawns, shelters and English trees, plus a couple of small jetties. The sheltered waters make it ideal for swimming and other water activities.

Hannie Rayson’s well-loved Hotel Sorrento, which premiered onstage in 1991 and was made into a feature film in 1995, explored some immediately identifiable terrain for many audiences when it first appeared. George Coppin ‘The Father of Sorrento’ led a colorful life including stints as an actor. G.S. Coppin was a prime mover in the development of Sorrento. His theatrical talents were considerable but as an entrepreneur he left an indelible mark on the seaside town. Coppin was not only involved in land sales, but also encouraged the development of paddle steamer links between the capital of Victoria and even a small steam train to transport visitors to the area from the Bay beach jetty to the Ocean Beach. With its rich history, Sorrento has been the home of many ghost sightings over the years. The Sorrento Ghost tours continue through the town of Sorrento, encompassing 12 historic sites with eight that are said to be home to ghosts or linked to mysteries of the past. Sorrento’s historic limestone Athenaeum Theatre was built in 1894, and was designed as a multi-purpose theatrical venue for various forms of entertainment. Silent films were shown in the 1920’s and talking films by 1932. A series of building and equipment upgrades have made The Athenaeum a modern day cinema still operating today. The Sorrento Park, established in 1870, contains a variety of trees, including an Aleppo Pine grown from the seed of the Lone Pine of Gallipoli. Sorrento’s commercial centre is located at the bay end of Ocean Beach Road. This wide, attractive boulevard features a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes with



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Winter Wonderland Ice Skating on Sorrento Foreshore

FROM the snowfields to Alice Springs, Bondi Beach to the Sorrento foreshore, there’s nowhere that’s too hot or cold for this peninsula family of ice experts to set up their ice rinks.

Events Australia that I still run today.”

Rod Stoller and his sons, Lachie and Jamie, run the family business, Ice Rinks Australia that sets up flexible ice rink systems for small areas right through to Olympic ice hockey rinks.

“Since 1997 we were doing winter festivals and in the early 2000s we found we couldn’t hire good equipment or get people to build us ice rinks so we developed our own technologies. Eventually we launched ourselves as Ice Rinks Australia ten years later,” said Rod.

It was a serendipitous turn of events that led to the ice rink business for Rod, who started off his career in the flower industry and now runs one of the largest ice rink businesses in the country. “I had made my living in the flower industry for many years,” said Rod, as we sit across the road from the Sorrento Ice Rink he and Lachie set up for the July school holidays. “I was heavily involved in rugby union in Victoria in the mid 90s when the Bledisloe Cup came to Melbourne and so I put my hand up to organise fundraising functions. We put on some significant events, one for 1300 people. It was so much fun that I decided to make a career out of it. That was when I started my events management business, Logistics



With a knack for organising events from corporate gigs to fundraising, it wasn’t long before Logistics Events Australia was organising winter festivals.

For Rod and the boys, the next challenge was learning how to make ice. “We had to learn all about flow rates of glycol, refrigerants, different types of refrigeration techniques, power supply, combine all those elements and then adapt to different locations,” he said. “With each location, the skill and technique required is slightly different so you need to learn to work out how to resolve issues quickly.” Rod recalls the most challenging projects to date as being on Bondi Beach, and then the other end of the country in Alice Springs. “One of the most challenging we did was the sand /Sorrento_village

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live the life on Bondi beach. We had levellers come out and grade Bondi beach so we could level it out for the rink. Then there was Alice Springs where the rink was inside but the refrigeration plant sat outside in 48 degree temperatures so we had to invent a way to keep it cooled down. We did our research and finally had a refrigeration specialist invent a way to produce a fine water mist to keep the temperature cooler,” he said. The first ice rink the team did was at the Docklands ten years ago and they haven’t looked back. “It was called Winter Wonderland, and we quickly learnt to perfect what we were doing, with some trial

and error and lots of research,” said Rod. Since then, Rod and his boys have set up ice skating rinks all over the country, with the business taking off in the last two years. “We have rinks in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, St Kilda, Sorrento, Eastland, Bathurst and Perth at the moment from winter wonderlands to Olympic sized rinks,” he said. “It was great to be able to do our first rink so close to home in Sorrento and we are planning to bring it back again as it has been a great success.”



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The wreck of the Alert Sole survivor saved by Victor Hugo the St. Bernard

THE wreck of the steamer Alert on a voyage from Bairnsdale to Melbourne, which occurred about 4.30pm on Thursday 28 December 1893, off the Back Beach at Sorrento, adds another to the long list of marine disasters on the Victorian coast. It had been an uneventful journey from Bairnsdale, and the steamer approached Cape Schanck about 3pm. The seas became dangerously choppy, so Captain Mathieson steered the steamer out to sea. When heading back towards shore, the steamer began to hit large waves breaking over her. Three enormous waves curled on board, poured into the saloon, broke the skylight adrift, clearing nearly all of the equipment off the deck, and causing the steamer to list heavily. The steamer failed to right herself, but sunk lower and lower, and although the usual precautions were taken the water found its way into the stoke-hole through the upper gratings and quickly extinguished the fires. Another heavy wave crashed onboard and all hands were mustered under the bridge deck. Captain Mathieson was now at the wheel, and called out



cheerily, "Now boys, put on the lifebelts." The skipper tried to bring the vessel's head to the wind, but she refused to respond. "Get out the lifeboat, men" was Captain Mathieson's next direction, coolly given, and while the crew were preparing, another wave hit, lifting the lifeboat up and into the sea. Attempts were made to secure the lifeboat before a wave carried it away. Captain Mathieson next instructed the crew to try and get the other boat afloat, but nobody could get forward owing to the waves rolling over the bows. Everyone had now realised that it was a question of a terrible struggle for life. The crew conducted themselves "as British seamen". No one lost his head. Every man stood at his post. Mr. Newton was unable to fasten his lifebelt, whereupon the steward quietly fixed it round his chest and asked if he required anything more. The steamer commenced to plunge heavily, gradually sinking by the stern. As she was disappearing smoke, steam, and flames burst from the funnel. /Sorrento_village

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live the life When the Alert sank she was about three miles off the land and about three miles west ot Cape Schanck.

prostrate, and appeared dead, he was clad in blue trousers and coloured shirt.

Robert Ponting, the ship's cook, had collected several planks of wood and held onto them as he went overboard.

"I immediately tried to see if I could discover any life, but could find no pulse. His eyes were shut and all sanded over. His nostrils were also clogged with sand, and his body was stiff and cold. I prised open his teeth and poured some drops of brandy down his throat, and then started to work his arms to restore animation to the apparently drowned.

He saw James Dodd, the steward, floating in the swlrl created by the foundering vessel. When he escaped he seemed exhausted, but with the aid of a seaman he was helped on to a small raft, on which he quickly died.

The next to give up was a sailor named Cootes, who struggled hard to keep his head above water.

"After 10 minutes I saw a few signs of life, and then, assisted by Mrs. Ramsay and the other ladies, dragged him behind a rock for shelter from the wind, which even then was cold and strong, and continued working on him for about half an hour. "The ladies assisted me materially, one taking off her jacket to wrap round his feet. Miss Armstrong, one of the ladies who first came to us, was also very energetic in endeavouring to restore animation".

Just before dusk the ebb tide caught Ponting and set him past Cape Schanck and towards the back beach at Sorrento.

"As soon as I saw that the man would be saved I sent Mrs. Ramsay and her sister back to get assistance, and they both cheerfully started on their four-mile walk," said Mr Ramsay.

It was terribly cold, the rain and fog adding much to Ponting's discomfort. Waves frequently broke over him, and on four different occasions he was buried completely under his raft. The last time he was under the planks for fully 30 seconds, and he thought it was all over.

In the meantime, a Mr. Stanton came on the scene, and he had a fine large St. Bernard dog with him. As warmth was the great thing necessary, Mr. Stanton got his dog to nestle up close to the man.

Mr. Newton was struggling in the water, and at the same time Ponting could make out Captain Mathieson, Mr. Hodges, and two firemen supporting themselves on lifebuoys, but drifting towards the rocks.

He frequently wondered why no one came to their assistance, as he felt sure the disaster must have been witnessed by somebody.

It would have been a strange sight to see a huge dog lying close to an apparently dead man, but the increased warmth was soon apparent. He opened his eyes and drew a long breath.

After being in the water for about 13 or 14 hours, he reached Jubilee Point. He still had three planks to support him, but when he got in the surf they were wrenched from him.

Mr Ramsay immediately gave him some more brandy, and a better colour appeared in his face. A few moments after he suddenly exclaimed, "Where is my life-belt?" Ramsay told him it was all right. they had taken it off.

After a long fight with the waves he was thrown upon the rocky beach. He was stiff and cold, and could not walk. He managed to crawl up on the shore, where he lay for several hours.

About two hours from the time Ponting was first discovered, assistance came. Constable Nolan, of Sorrento, brought a party of men in a buggy, and also a stretcher, and between them all they carried Ponting up the cliff and across to the buggy. It was no light task even with half a dozen willing hands. The cliffs at this point are very steep, and once on top the scrub is thick, and hard to walk through.

When first discovered about 11am he was close to death. His certain death was only avoided by the presence on the Sorrento back beach of Mr. J. Douglas Ramsay, of Elsternwick, who with his wife and sister is on a visit to Sorrento,and great credit is due to him for his "prolonged and successful efforts." "I, with my wife and sister, went to the Back Beach at about 10am this morning, by trap, and then walked on towards St. Paul's, one of the highest points around," said Mr Ramsay. "When we were within a few hundred yards I saw two ladies hurrying up. They came straight towards us, and said, 'There is a shipwrecked sailor down there. Can you tell me where to get some stimulant?'" "I said, 'Thank God, we've got some here in a flask.' I ran down in the direction pointed and found the man lying on the sand, about seven yards from the water's edge. He was

Ponting was brought to the Mornington Hotel, Sorrento, where he received care and attention. "It is a miracle he is alive at all," said Mr Ramsay. "It was a lucky thing that Miss Armstrong and her friend were walking that way else he might not have been found for hours later, which would have been fatal." Constables Nolan and Conroy then proceeded to scour the beach for other survivors, and the first discovery made was the dead body of a stoker about 5ft. 6in, in height. It was ultimately ascertained that his name was William Thompson, of Williamstown. The clothing on the body consisted merely of a small shirt twisted round his neck. 2018 EDITION


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Above: Victor Hugo is put to work saving Ponting's life. His injuries were a few scratches on the arms and chest. A little further towards Cape Schanck was found the body of William Thompson, the chief engineer, fully dressed in a navy blue suit, his hands were badly bruised, and there was a terrible cut over the left eye, which was, in Dr. Browning's opinion, followed by instantaneous death. The next body was picked up at Canterbury Point, and was that of a deck hand, but no document was found in the pocket to identify him. Towards Jubilee Point Constable Conroy picked up.the body of a boy, 5ft. 8in. in height, and about 10 years of age. He was dressed in dark moleskin trousers, with black paget coat and a strap tied round the leg. One of the feet was booted. This body was the worst mutilated of any so far discovered, and the whole of the flesh on the right leg was eaten away by fish. The forehead was smashed in and the nose split, while there were two terrible gashes in the right leg, evidently caused by a bite from a shark. Shortly afterwards a body was distinguished floating out at sea with both hands held aloft. In half an hour's time the body drifted near the beach, and, on being dragged ashore, was identified as that of Captain Mathieson, the master of the fated steamer. He was dressed in a navy blue suit, unadorned by brass buttons or badges. His feet were bare,



and a life-belt was round the chest. The face was smashed in, and was not recognisable. The shirt bore the name "A. Mathieson" in copying ink. A gold watch, which had stopped at 6.20pm, was in the vest pocket, and a gold locket attached to the chain bore the monogram "A.M.," and contained a likeness, which was recognised as that of Captain Mathieson. The five bodies were recovered and brought to Sorrento during the afternoon. The work of securing the bodies is a difficult one, ropes having to be employed in hauling up the cliffs. The following is a list of bodies found up until tonight; Captain Mathieson, Engineer Taylor, William Thompson, of Williamstown, stoker; and another man, unknown, but thought by the local people to be a stoker; and also the young lad before mentioned. The bodies are all lying at the Mornington Hotel, pending the inquiry. While Ponting appeared to be coming around, about 6pm in the evening Dr. Browning and Dr, Cox called, and found that be had had a relapse; in fact Dr. Cox said they were too late, and that the man would die as he was almost pulseless. They set to work immediately, rubbed bim all over


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live the life with mustard, poured hot brandy down his throat, and continued their efforts to revive him for half on hour, with the result that he came out of all danger, but must be kept quiet as the doctors feared he may suffer from "brain fever." Early on Saturday morning Captain Livingstone-, of the Government steamer Lady Loch, drove out with six of his men to the Back Beach, Sorrento, on which the bodies of five of the crew of the ill-fated steamer Alert had been cast ashore on the previous day, and dividing his men into two parties, directed one section to scour the beach west from Jubilee Point, and started off with the other section to examine the coast for a distance of four miles east of St. Paul's. The heavy growth of scrub along the cliffs and the rocky nature of the coast line combined to add a spice of peril to a difficult undertaking. At 6 o'clock Mr. Harry Cheese and a friend came across two bodies on the Back Beach, almost under the shadow of the Black Rock. One was subsequently identified as that of a steerage passenger named Stewart, supposed to be a resident of Collingwood. The other was that of one of the seamen. Captain Livingstone's inspection resulted in the finding of some wreckage from the Alert, principally lining boards, a portion of the gunwale of a boat, an oar, a broken mast, and two boat chocks. Search parties were sent out again yesterday, the only discoveries being the cap worn by Robert Ponting, the survivor, when he was washed overboard, and the bones of a hand held together by the cartilages, and from which the flesh had been removed by fish. The beach will be scoured daily during the present week, although the police do not entertain the hope that any more bodies will come ashore. They believe that several have been devoured by sharks, and that others have probably become entangled in the seaweed growing along the coast. An inquiry into the circumstances by which "Captain Mathieson and six other persons came by their death " was held at the Mornington Hotel, Sorrento, on Saturday evening, Evidence was given by Robert Ponting, the only survivor of the catastrophe, verifying the published accounts. Alter a brief deliberation, the jury returned a verdict to the effect that "Captain Mathieson and the six other persons into whose death inquiry has been made lost their lives through drowning". The following rider was added -"The jury strongly recommend that the proper authorities be requested to institute an investigation with the object of ascertaining why the foundering of the Alert was not reported from Cape Schanck lighthouse".

Above: Robert Ponting with Victor Hugo, the St. Bernard. A relief fund was established to raise funds for the relief of the widows and families of the unfortunate men who lost their lives in the disaster. On 2nd February 1894 a Court of Marine Inquiry found that in view of her construction and with only 44 tons of Cargo, the Alert had insufficient stability and too much freeboard for the conditions encountered. However there was no evidence that the master did not use every precaution in handling the vessel therefore the inquiry could not express an opinion as to the cause of the sinking. A series of court actions occurred after the sinking of the SS Alert. The actions were brought about by the families of the deceased against the owners of the ship – Huddart, Parker and Co Ltd. Lucy Kilpatrick, widow of John Kennedy Kilpatrick sued defendents to recover£3000 pounds damages for the loss of her husband. A jury awarded her £500 and her child £100.



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Sorrento Travel & Cruise Travel designers

WITH more than a century of collective experience in the travel industry and global culture, Tanya and the team at Sorrento Travel & Cruise pack a serious knowledge punch for a small agent. Originally a family travel business in Melbourne, Tanya and the team have been part of Sorrento for over 16 years. Their experience working with the airlines and tour companies for over 40 years in the industry shows. Through their partnerships with the Helloworld network and cruise experts they can open doors to insider information and unique experiences. Natasha is an expert on family travel with fantastic tips from her own experiences in Fiji, Bali, Australia and cruising the Pacific. Natasha takes pride in ensuring all of the small details combine to create amazing holidays. Tanya has over 35 years experience and has travelled extensively and has a wide product knowledge on airlines, hotels, tour companies and behind the scenes secrets. A luxury adventure through Rajasthan and Delhi in India and an indulgent trip through the Canadian Rockies are recent favourites.



Adrian joined Sorrento Travel & Cruise after his recent travels through Europe and working in China. Most travel agents love to travel, but Adrian has really made the most of his opportunities to see the world and experience many types of travel as both a travel agent and a tour leader. Adrian is leading a small group in late 2018 to see Scandinavia and the Northern lights. We invite you to join this small group adventure. So whether it is a family holiday, a milestone celebration, an adventure or a relaxing indulgence you will find advice from the people who have been there and done it. Sorrento Travel & Cruise creates unique travel experiences. They listen to what you want and use their insider knowledge and carefully selected travel partners to design a holiday experience to fulfil your needs. For anything from relaxing on a beach in Thailand to riding the spectacular Rocky mountaineer in Canada or sitting with the gorillas in Africa, talk to someone who has been there. Sorrento Travel & Cruise is at 9 George Street. Phone 5984 3366. /Sorrento_village

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Let’s travel... SORRENTO TRAVEL & CRUISE 9 George St, Sorrento, 3943 t: 59843366 w: e:



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The Toy Workshop Old fashioned play

THE Toy Workshop is a toy store that does things a little differently. In a modern world of technology, iPads, and phones, the team at the Toy Workshop have taken things back to the basics. They offer classic, educational toys to kids in order to get them away from their iPad screens, with the hope of helping ignite the creative minds of children through old fashioned playing. Inside the shop is a charming world, full of life and character. At Toy Workshop you’ll be treated to a theatrical experience with toys and puppets around every corner to enjoy and play with. For parents this can help you see what you’re buying first before bringing it home for your child to enjoy. The team at Toy Workshop have spent over a decade giving children access to classic toys, working hard to deliver unparalleled happiness to kids through their



vintage collection of toys. With hundreds of toys on offer, it is difficult to leave their store without something in hand. With a wide range from dolls to board games, bath toys to trains, there is something for every child at The Toy Workshop. As well as their store in Sorrento, they also have other locations at Berwick, Hawthorn, and Hampton, as well as an online store if you wish to do your shopping from the comfort of your own home. Toy Workshop is open 9-5, seven days a week and you can also see what they have to offer and stay up to date by following them on Facebook or Instagram @ thetoyworksop The Toy Workshop is at 1 George Street, Sorrento. Phone 5984 4227


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e want you and your children to enjoy good quality toys. Toys that bring back happy childhood memories. Toys like, W Spinning Tops, Jack in The Boxes, Kaleidoscopes, Pop Guns, or just a bag of Wooden Blocks.

We want your toys to last and to give you smiles and happiness every time you play with them. We hope that some of our toys will encourage Mum and Dad and Nan and Pop to play and laugh together and most of all we hope that you remember where you got your toys and keep coming back for more. Toys are more than simple amusement, they and the ways that they are used, profoundly influence many aspects of life. Like play itself, toys serve multiple purposes in humans. They provide entertainment while fulfilling an educational role. Toys enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity. They aid in the development of physical and mental skills which are necessary in later life. Toys positively impact the physical development, cognitive development, emotional development, and social development of children. Come and visit us at the Toy Workshop in Sorrento and see our wonderful toys. If you’re a visitor to the Mornington Peninsula, we freight Australia-wide with amazing courier fees. We can also arrange to get any products to our other stores at Hawthorn, Hampton or Berwick for free pick up as well.

Come and visit us and enjoy a truly wonderful shopping experience.

4 great locations or online 66 High St, Berwick ph 9796 1281

747 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn ph 9973 2146

1 George St, Sorrento ph 5984 4227

438 Hampton St, Hampton ph 9521 6998



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Perfect Peninsula Weddings MP Weddings can help you plan your perfect day

THE Mornington Peninsula remains a community of warm and friendly people, where the stresses of city life can be left behind. As one bride said "Organising our wedding on the Mornington Peninsula from interstate really means you invest a lot of faith in someone to do their job and everyone we dealt with from Mornington Peninsula Weddings Inc exceeded our expectations! They were all professional, reliable and easy-going. Nothing was too much to ask." Mornington Peninsula Weddings Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation of local wedding and event suppliers who together promote the Mornington Peninsula as a premier wedding destination. The organisation’s members are a close team of professionals all working together to achieve the same outcome: a dream wedding for each unique bride and groom. Their success comes from members who have a wealth of knowledge about the wedding industry and are reliable, professional and passionate about Mornington Peninsula Weddings (MPW).



The Mornington Peninsula is the ultimate wedding destination in Victoria. Whether you wish to say your vows on a stunning cliff top overlooking crystal clear waters, or you prefer an intimate country estate, MPW members can assist. And the best part of it all? Access to the Mornington Peninsula from Melbourne is less than an hour’s drive. From the highest quality venues right down to the headpiece you wear in your hair (and everything in between of course) you’ll find everything you need in the MPW directory – 100% local wedding suppliers. So for you and your bridal party’s wedding attire, accommodation, hair and makeup, photographers, celebrants to suit every couples personality, catering, flowers, live music or DJ….nothing is left to chance. MPW even have wedding planners, so you can just kick back and let it all be organised for you from the very beginning! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for all your wedding inspiration. For more information find us at /Sorrento_village

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Foodies Village Sorrento village is a foodie’s delight!

Buckley's Chance SORRENTO’S food scene is forever evolving and growing, with a great blend of eateries bringing some Melbourne “cred” to the village. Opened for just over a year is The Rasoi Tandoori Indian Kitchen, bringing a new food style to the street. Mr Morce, also only a year old, has beautifully renovated the historic building located near the corner of Ocean Beach & Melbourne Roads, offering a centrally located fireplace and fresh menus of authentic food each season. Cakes & Ale, soon to be re-branded Bistro Elba (102 Ocean Beach Rd), Morgan’s Beach Shack on the Esplanade and Norfolk Pines Ale House & Wines offer varied food, wine and beer experiences in casual Sorrento style settings., also on The Esplanade, has been serving traditional Italian wood-fired pizzas and many other specialties, while Carmel from Sorrento Trattoria offers traditional Sicilian fare plus cooking classes. Loquat restaurant has been serving the community “modern Australian” with its award winning menus for many years.



As for cafes, choices abound in Sorrento. Buckleys Chance, taking its name from William Buckley, has been owner operated for over 30 years and is famous for its pancakes, but also offers much more with all day breakfast and lunch menu’s to entice all appetites. The Sisters Kitchen Garden Café has a beautiful herb filled outside café garden which is unique to Sorrento, and there is Baked in Sorrento, Smashing Sorrento, Stringers Café, Rusty’s Café Bar & Grill and Mr Sticksenbones all offering fabulous coffee and food fare. If you’re chasing that world famous vanilla slice, head to Just Fine Food at the top end of the village. Two of arguably THE best wedding venues, both with spectacular beach views, are The Baths restaurant on the bay beach and All Smiles on the ocean beach. The Baths is also open daily for lunch and dinner and cater for kids, couples and everything in between. Hotel Sorrento also offers stunning reception facilities for weddings and functions, as well as a bistro, bars and


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food restaurant for any type of gathering Stringer's Stores offer hand-made take-home meals, as do Sorrento Meat Co, Ritchies and Scicluna’s Real Food Merchants, who also offer a massive range of fresh food options. Sorrento is also lucky to have a seafood store – Seafood on George – if fresh seafood whets your appetite, while Sorrento Organics will take care of your health food needs. Whether you want to dine in, dine out, cook for yourself or take a picnic and have fish & chips on the beach, a short stroll down Sorrento's main street will have your appetite sorted! Article by Natalie Garner, Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Morce

The Baths


Mr. Morce

Buckley's Chance




Buckley's Chance 30 years young

DELIGHTING the people of Sorrento for over 30 years, Buckley’s Chance is a must visit restaurant on the peninsula with a fresh new lease on life. Established in 1981, the restaurant has been happily serving both locals and visitors to the area, and to ensure they keep satisfying their customers into the future, Buckley’s Chance has recently undergone a major facelift. The ownership of the restaurant has been transferred to the previous owner’s daughter, who has overseen a total overhaul of the popular eatery. Expansive renovations have made Buckley’s Chance a modern and relaxed space to enjoy a wide range of thoughtfully prepared, locally and ethically sourced dishes. The funky new bar space is the perfect place to come after a day out at the beach to kick your feet up and enjoy a delicious margarita.



There are many crowd pleasing dishes at the Buckley’s Chance restaurant, with one highlight being their decadent pancakes. Their options include banana or berry pancakes, which are sure to leave you satisfied! Some of their drinks include fantastic coffees and cold drinks such as juice, smoothies, and milkshakes to help cool off after a big day out in the sun. The phrase ‘Buckley’s Chance’ means ‘no chance’. They like to think that you’ve got Buckley’s Chance of leaving without finding something you like! Buckley’s Chance is open from 7:30am – 4pm on weekdays and 7am – 4pm on weekends. Visit their website to find out more. You can also follow them on Instagram @buckleyschancesorrento. Buckley's Chance is at 174 Ocean Beach Road. Phone 5984 2888.


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Mr. Morce

Bright, breezy and just a little cheeky MR Morce, is Sorrento’s newest dining venue. Perfect to drop in, relax and unwind with friends and family for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or a drink. Bright, breezy, and just a little cheeky, Mr Morce is an eatery and bar located at 182 Ocean Beach Road (just past the top round-about on main street). Sourcing local wines, succulents and produce for coastal visitors and locals to enjoy, Mr Morce is open from 8am till late Wednesday to Sunday, and 7 days a week during school holidays. George Morce was a local Sorrento identity in the late 1800's. As the local stonemason specialising in the use of limestone, George contributed to the building of many recognisable landmarks in Sorrento. As local owners we have honoured his contribution to the architecture, by building the bar and fireplace from local limestone.

Creativity and passion drives Mr Morce and we pride ourselves on serving modern Australian dishes using fresh seasonal produce. Head Chef Tom Anderson creates his inspiration on a plate from his travels through Europe, Japan and South America. He has a love for cooking with seasonal and local ingredients. From a casual style breakfast/ lunch menu serving all the classics, to a treat around a contemporary dinner menu paired with top local wines. Mr Morce aims to create the best Sorrento dining experience for you. This is felt the moment you walk into the bright and airy restaurant offering seating inside, or enjoy the casual alfresco courtyard or street-side seating. You are welcome to drop in and enjoy our nightly happy hour from 5-6pm. Family friendly and locally focused is our aim. Mr Morce is at 182 Ocean Beach Road. Phone 5984 1838.

%SPQ JO SFMBY VOXJOE GPS IBQQZ IPVS 1. Open Wednesday-Sunday 8am to Late, & 7 Days A Week Over School Holidays

BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER - 18� Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento - ��3� 5984 1838




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Mubble Made on site

WHEN sunshine hits the southern Peninsula late in the year, the sand disappears under a groundswell of feet, the parking lots fill up and the humble ice cream cone reigns supreme. Enter Mubble – Sorrento’s premier dispensary for any and all variety of yummy cold stuff!

marshmallow and bubblegum, the kids’ favourite!

Owners Paul and Kristen know hospitality, having worked all over the world, from the Caribbean to Asia and back home in Australia, where they decided to ‘settle down’ in the bustling Peninsula village of Sorrento.

But they’re not just local business owners; they’re top corporate citizens too. Kristen says, “we use local small businesses and wholesalers whenever we can… we make all our ice cream on site.”

Since then, they’ve not only solidified their bustling business in Sorrento, but also expanded. They now have a mini outlet in Blairgowrie, ensuring the great Mubble ice cream taste is spread far and wide!

It’s not easy to “capture summer sunshine and serve it in a cone,” but at Mubble, Paul and Kristen make it happen.

Their specialty is the namesake, a curious blend of

Speaking of mashups, a range of chilled beverages from classic juices to smoothies to delectable milkshakes born of their fascinating ice cream flavours ensure something for the health-conscious as well as the thrill-seekers out there.

Mubble is at 69 Ocean Beach Road Phone 5984 4944




Sorrento Portsea RSL Sorrento's best kept secret THE Sorrento Portsea RSL was established in 1919 and is Sorrento’s best kept secret, tucked away behind the shops with safe and easy parking access.

home with takeaway. Apart from the Anzac Day and Australia Day celebrations, Sorrento Portsea RSL hosts regular nights of trivia. There is also live music in the beer garden during summer, cranking out some marvellous music from the 60s and 70s. Watch their website and your members’ newsletters for more details.

The Sorrento Portsea RSL is not a large pokie club, but is more a traditional RSL with a relaxed atmosphere, great food, and reasonable drinks prices. It is the place the friendly locals gather. There, you can enjoy some of peninsula’s best Thai food under the direction of the popular Jeab and staff in their adjoining restaurant.

Located in the heart of Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, the Sorrento Portsea RSL welcomes members and visitors alike.

Friday nights is members’ night with an old fashioned family gathering featuring discounted bar prices, fun raffles, and finger food from 5.30pm until 7.30pm. Many members stay on for a wonderful Thai dinner, or head

The RSL is at 1-3 Hurley Street. Phone 5984 2886.


With great facilities for all occasions, consider Sorrento Portsea RSL for your next function.


Sorrento Thai

restaurant & take away

Open 5 nights a week

Dinner from 5pm till late Wednesday to Sunday Open Public Holidays PARTY BOOKINGS WELCOME Your Host Jeab welcomes you!

The BEST Thai food on the Mornington Peninsula

1-3 Hurley St, Sorrento • For bookings & take away phone us on: 5984 5138 28



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Sorrento Cellars Your one stop shop for beer, wine & spirits FOR your one stop shop for all things beverages, look no further than Sorrento Cellars Thirsty Camel Bottle shop. With a wide and expansive range of beers, wines, spirits, ciders, and more, Sorrento Cellars has something for all occasions. Sorrento Cellars features a number of different ranges of beer, with high profile brands such as Sapporo, Carlton Dry, and Victorian Bitter available for customers to enjoy. They also feature a wide range of wonderful different wines, with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and more all available in store. Their wine range features a number of locally sourced products as well, meaning you can enjoy the best tastes the peninsula

has to offer. A wide array of great brands in vodka, tequila, whiskey, rum, and bourbon can also be found, with a little something available for everyone no matter what your preferred taste. Sorrento Cellars offers a great range at affordable prices. They have regular specials and always offer competitive prices on great tasting alcoholic drinks. Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else, you are sure to find something to suit you at Sorrento Cellars. Come in and check out their fantastic range today! Sorrento Cellars is at 105 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento. Phone 03 5984 5962.


CELLARS A Thirsty Camel Independent Store

Huge range of Peninsula wines Friendly and personalized service Competitive prices

PHONE: 5984 5962

New Larger Store @105 Ocean Beach Road (Opp. Mitre 10) 2018 EDITION


Coffee Fix Everybody loves a good coffee and Sorrento is never short of great places to choose from. Here are just a few to check out next time you’re in town:

Smashing Sorrento 119-125 Ocean Beach Road Superb coffee and the cakes are excellent. Staff are friendly and you can choose to sit inside or outside.

The Sisters Kitchen Garden Café 149-151 Ocean Beach Road Enjoy a relaxed, timeless vibe seated in the courtyard kitchen garden or inside the bright sunny café space.

Just Fine Food 23 Ocean Beach Road Home of the famous vanilla slice, it’s the perfect café to sit and people watch from the alfresco outdoor dining space.

Baked in Sorrento 53 Ocean Beach Road Amazing coffee and award winning pies in the heart of Sorrento.

Buckleys Chance 174 Ocean Beach Road All day breakfast with a funky restaurant vibe, inside and out.




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The Baths

Perfect for any occasion

THE Baths Sorrento is one of the area’s must visit restaurants, with its stunning location and fantastic food making it an unmissable attraction on the Peninsula, perfect for any occasion. The beach at Sorrento sets the scene for a relaxed atmosphere for diners to enjoy, with a full offering of delicious lunch and dinner options to choose from. The passionate chefs at the Baths have worked to put together an exciting, yet simple menu, full of the best fresh products. The delicious food combined with a view is sure to delight! The Baths caters to all dietary needs, with something on offer for vegetarians and those on a gluten free diet. The peninsula is also known for being a hotspot for fine wine, which is evident in the wine list available at The Baths. The restaurant offers a wide range of both red and white wines from a number of fantastic vineyards across Victoria. Some of the wines on offer are wonderfully unique, with others being from premier wineries that are

well-known and loved. If you’re looking to host an event, The Baths also has everything you could ever need. Whether it’s something small and intimate, or a lavish extravaganza, The Baths offers full or partial venue hire, and caters for any weather. The picturesque restaurant is the perfect place for a wedding, birthday party, christening, or any special occasion that might pop up in your life. The Baths is also a popular wedding venue where you can tie the knot in front of loved ones in a beautiful and unforgettable location. If you’re looking to make your special occasion truly special, come soak in the stunning views and have a wonderful experience at The Baths Sorrento. To make a booking or find out more, call The Baths at 03 5984 1500 or email them at More information can be found on their website at or on Facebook at www.facebook. com/bathssorrento/ 2018 EDITION


Your Food and Wine Guide to Sorrento The Baths

The Esplanade

Norfolk Pines Ale House & Wines

Point Nepean Rd Stringers Store Cafe Post 3943

Ocean Beach Rd

Morgan's BeachShack Hotel Sorrento

Sorrento Trattoria Acquolina

George St

Bistro Elba (Cakes & Ale) Ritchies Liquorland Chopstix Noodle Bar Flat Blk

Rusty’s Cafe Bar and Grill


Constitution Hill Rd The Continental Hotel Just Fine Food Fish Fetish Fish & Chips Scicluna’s Real Food Merchants Baked in Sorrento Sorrento Meat Co. Mubble Ice Creamery Sorrento Organics

Ocean Beach Rd

Morce Ave

Hurley St Sorrento Portsea RSL

Seafood Brumby’s on George

Point Nepean Rd

Kerferd Ave Mr. Sticksenbones Sorrento Cellars

Darling Rd Smashing Sorrento

Sorrento Brewhouse Rasoi Tandoori Indian Buckley’s Chance Cafe Cala

The Sisters Kitchen Garden Cafe Patrick’s Corner Store

Melbourne Rd

Ocean Beach Rd 32

Melbourne Rd



All Smiles (Back Beach) /Sorrento_village

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food A QUICK GUIDE TO SORRENTO’S DINING (see directory for location):

Pancakes (plus more) Buckley's Chance Famous Vanilla Slice Just Fine Food Winner of Best Pies Baked in Sorrento Age Good Food Guide Restaurants (past & present) Loquat (modern Australian), Acquolina (regional Italian), Cakes & Ale Great wedding venues The Baths, Hotel Sorrento, All Smiles Fabulous pub food Hotel Sorrento Asian options Chopstix Noodle Bar Fish & Chips Fish Fetish, Morgan's Fish & Chippery Great value Italian Sorrento Trattoria, itali co. Freshly made take home meals, tasty breakfast & lunch treats Stringers Stores, Mr. Sticksenbones Ice Cream Mubble Ice Creamery Entertaining & all things cooking Ritchies, Scicluna’s, Stringers Stores Local Butcher Sorrento Meat Co. Seafood Seafood on George All things fresh Scicluna’s, Sorrento Organics, Ritchies Catering Cakes & Ale, Stringers Stores Indian Rasoi Tandoori Indian Kitchen


26 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0811

All Smiles

250 Ocean Beach Rd 0459 178 780

Mr. Morce

182 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 1838

Mr. Sticksenbones 85-99 Ocean Beach Rd

Norfolk Pines Ale House & Wines

Baked in Sorrento

5 The Esplanade 5894 3121

10 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0674

53 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 1916

Bistro Elba (Cakes and Ale) 102 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4995

Buckley’s Chance Restaurant Café 174 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2888


854 Melbourne Rd

Chopstix Noodle Bar 120 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4455

Continental Hotel 1-21 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2201

Flat Blk

136 Ocean Beach Rd

Hotel Sorrento 5-15 Hotham Rd 5984 8000


1 The Esplanade 5984 4004

Just Fine Food

23 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4666

Loquat Restaurant 3183 Point Nepean Rd 5984 4444

Morgans Beach Shack 3 The Esplanade 5984 3121

Post 3943

Rasoi Tandoori Indian Kitchen

168 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 27777

Rusty’s Cafe Bar & Grill 3293 Point Nepean Rd 5984 4255

Smashing Sorrento 119 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5897

Sorrento Brewhouse 154 Ocean Beach Rd

Sorrento Trattoria Pizza & Pasta 20 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5655

Stringers Cafe

2 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2010

The Baths

3278 Point Nepean Rd 5984 1500

The Sisters - Kitchen. Garden.Cafe 149-151 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4646

Via Sorrento

77 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3633

FOOD & LIQUOR Broo Beer (Head Office)

5984 2222

Brumbys Bakery 42 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0871

Fish Fetish Fish & Chips 27 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 1479


4/108 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0686

Morgans Fish & Chipper 7 The Esplanade 5984 3121

Mubble Gourmet Ice Creamery 69 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4944

Patricks Corner Store 157 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4422

Ritchies Fine Foods 108 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 8500

Scicluna’s Real Food Merchants 31 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4866

Seafood on George 5 George St 5984 0909

Sorrento Cellars

105 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5962

Sorrento Meat Co. 55 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 1330

Sorrento Organics 56 Kerferd Ave 5984 3361

Stringers Stores 2 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2010

Lvl 1, 7/119-125 Ocean Beach Rd



Portsea PORTSEA Front BeachPIER




5 4





Portsea Surf Beach

Point King 6 7




g Pre


in Shopp CH ROAD BEA




Mornington Peninsula National Park


Sorrento Ocean Beach

13 St. Pauls’ Beach

Sorrento Front Beach 1















Diamond Bay








Shelly Beach







Portsea Golf Course




POINT NE PEAN Shops + Cafes




Point Nepean National Park

Koonya Beach



Map by Sisko Design. A Sorrento Portsea Chamber of

Commerce initiative. To download a copy of this map go to .au/about. To pick up a copy, drop in to the Sorrento Beachside Visitor Information Centre, corner Ocean Beach Rd & George St.


ivan Bay Cameron’s Bight JETTY Dog Beach BLAIRGOWRIE MARINA Blairgowrie Front Beach





Number Sixteen Beach











Shopping Pr





Dimmicks Beach

RYE PIER Rye Front Beach





gewater Bay













Sorrento has your beauty and wellbeing needs covered!

SORRENTO is an idyllic getaway destination to relax and unwind, even if only for a few hours, although a day, a weekend or even a week is much better for the mind and soul. The fresh sea air, no matter what time of year, clears the head and heals the soul, whether you’re walking on the rugged back beach, strolling along the picturesque foreshore, walking through the many national park trails close by, cycling, fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, swimming with dolphins or simply taking in the heritage-rich village shopping strip with some much needed retail therapy. Of course, if you would prefer to really unwind and relax, check out Marlo Spa, Sorrento Spa, or the new Ahana Day Spa at 60 Kerferd Ave, all of which offer various health and wellness treatments. Also new to Sorrento is Revive Chinese Massage in Sorrento Mall in the new SALT complex at 68 Ocean Beach Rd. Day spas are ideal for couples and groups, especially weddings, hens or girls weekends away - or for simple “me-time” to relax and recharge the batteries. Unique to Sorrento are the therapeutic salt rooms at Re-creation Health Club (Basement of 68 Ocean Beach Rd), which offer an array of physical, and mental health benefits. You can also use the Re-Creation gym to work off the indulgences.



For whole body and mind health, Yoga and Pilates are on offer at a variety of locations including LuLuLemon Athletica (41 Ocean Beach Rd), Ocean Fitness (Level 1, 20 Ocean Beach Rd) and Kinetic Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates (166 Ocean Rd). If you want a truly unique experience you can try silent yoga on the beach with ReCreation Health Club. If you want to opt for a new hairstyle there are local hairdressers Chicago Hair or Three Seas Hairdressing, or for a total luxe makeover including hair, makeup, nails and more, the new Runway Room does the lot. Runway Room (101-103 Ocean Beach Rd), established by Alex Fevola, specializes in wedding or engagement groups where you are “catwalk” ready for whatever function you are attending. If you just need your nails done, try Ruby Nail & Spa (58 Kerferd Ave). Most medical, nutritional, muscular or other needs can also be met within the village with a number of services housed in the Medical Centre. Sorrento also services nutritional and natural medicine needs at Sorrento Natural Therapies and muscular needs at Sorrento Physiotherapy. If you’re visiting for a wedding, a girls’ getaway, a couples retreat or even a family vacation, you won’t need to leave the village to have all your health and beauty needs fulfilled. /Sorrento_village

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Sorrento Spa The ultimate spa experience

OFFERING massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, spas, and body treatments, Sorrento Spa is the place to be for the ultimate experience in relaxation and feeling good. Owner Vicki Andrews is passionate about helping her customers to relax and make the most of their spa experience. Through her experience as a nurse she discovered her philosophy to treat each person as a whole. She sees the spa and wellness industry as an opportunity to treat each person in their entirety. Visitors will certainly not find it hard to choose how they want to be treated too, with such a wide array of different services on offer from which to choose from. At Sorrento Spa, each visitor is given friendly and personable treatment, with customer service being a top priority for the team there. The team at Sorrento Spa are also full of knowledge and experience in the industry, ensuring your care is top quality. “All of our therapists are equally as good as each other,” Vicki said. “I pride myself on the standard and expertise of our staff.” For visitors, this expertise of the staff at Sorrento Spa is sure to help you feel your very best. “Some people are still not really aware of how beneficial a massage or taking time for themselves is,”

Vicki said. "If they could take the time to spend at least an hour on themselves once a month, they’d get health benefits and the feeling of wellbeing from that. It would be something I’d encourage them to do.” The spa has been open for eight years, and has just undergone a revamp, having moved to a new location on the Main Street of Sorrento. They now feature a brand new oriental arcade upstairs, which is a purpose built spa sanctuary for visitors to enjoy. They will also be spreading their wings further by opening a new day spa at Hotel Sorrento in 2018. Beyond their specialty massages, they also feature a skincare range called ‘Organic Spa’, which is Australian made and manufactured. Vicki also gives back to the Sorrento community, sponsoring the local football and netball club. Beyond her sponsorship, she also gets involved by coaching the under 17’s side, with her team winning a premiership last year. Sorrento Spa is open 7 days a week from 9-6, and they can also be found on Facebook on their Sorrento Spa page or on Instagram @sorrento_spa Sorrento Spa is at, 22 Ocean Beach Road. Phone 0408 143 118 2018 EDITION


We want your style to be yours, something you love, something you can manage, something worth coming back for. • Ladies Cuts•Mens Cuts•Tints, Foils, Ombre, Balayage•Blow Waves•Up Styles •Weddings•Makeup•Spray Tan

3766 Point Nepean Rd, Portsea | (03) 59842023

Relax Rejuvenate Restore relaxation, remedial + therapeutic massage organic + specialty facials body treatments, pedispa, manicures Our friendly professional staff will ensure that your visit is an unforgettable experience. UPSTAIRS ORIENTAL ARCADE 22 OCEAN BEACH ROAD, SORRENTO 3943 VIC tel. 0408 143 118 e.

Contour Hair




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Look your best TO help you look your best, Contour Hair Portsea is the place to turn to. Contour Hair offers many different services including haircuts, colouring, styling, and spray tanning. Their philosophy is to interpret their clients’ wishes and create a beautiful style that not only suits their hair and skin tone but also their lifestyle. They aim for each style to be individual, easy to manage, and something worth coming back for. The friendly team at Contour Hair are happy to cater to whatever style you might like, and encourage their customers to bring along

The best in personal care IF you get sick or injured while in town, you’re bound to wind up at Sorrento Medical Centre sooner or later. It’s a family business of 25 years, with its story dating back to 1989. Dr. Peter Meggyesy opened the doors of his quaint limestone cottage as a solo GP before teaming up with Dr. Adrian Murrie in 2003. The pair has now been the principal GPs in Sorrento together for the last 13 years. Backing up the doctors is a dedicated support team of receptionists and nurses. All are local and experienced with a wealth of knowledge about the clientele and local services. Here you’re not just another number, so expect the best in personal care.

Contour Hair pictures for inspiration.

enjoy their services for yourself!

Contour Hair can help you prepare for special occasions, and the team will take special care of you before any big event.

Contour Hair Portsea is open from 9am – 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. They are also open from 9 – 9 on Thursday, 9 – 7 on Friday, and from 10 – 3 on Sunday.

One of their most impressive features is their Versaspa Spray Tan Booth, which allows you to get a great, natural looking tan quickly and in privacy. By stepping into their Spray Tan booth, you can ensure you get a tan that looks fantastic and is long lasting. They use a number of great products in store, including bodyograph, ghd, Wella Professionals, and more. Contour Hair will have you looking and feeling your best, so come and

They can be contacted for bookings through info@ or at 5984 2023 More information and pricing can be found on their website Contour Hair Portsea 3766 Point Nepean Road 5984 2023

Sorrento Medical Centre The variety of services offered on site might explain this traffic. “It’s really grown over the last 15 years… we’ve got allied health services including physio, massage therapist, pathology, psychology… a neurologist, an infectious diseases consultant, podiatry and even HEARINGLife. Basically the centre caters for every aspect of your wellbeing.” Thank goodness for that – they’re the only medics in town! “We can manage emergencies and do certain procedures… serious stuff we have to send up to hospital.” There’s an ambulance station down by the footy oval on Hotham Road if the need arises. The team prefer to focus on the cause, rather than just treating the

symptoms. “Preventative health is something we try and encourage". Their services include immunisation, skin cancer checks, travel advice, antenatal care and a range of checks aimed at managing risk factors before they become a problem. Our Facebook page will keep you abreast about what staff in the centre are doing – walks for cancer, flu season, breast cancer and men’s health awareness week.” Whatever your condition, you’ll receive a caring response at Sorrento Medical. Sorrento Medical Centre 166 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4322




Sorrento Physiotherapy

Where health is priority SORRENTO Physiotherapy has a long and proud history of providing innovative, competent, professional and personal service to the Mornington Peninsula community. Established in 1989, the team at Sorrento Physiotherapy has been taking care of the peninsula for over 25 years. Husband and wife team, Graham and Virginia Reid are proud that Sorrento Physiotherapy is committed to excel in the provision of friendly, scientifically-based, cost -effective treatment to enable the individual to reach their maximum potential. “At Sorrento Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on making your health a priority and, being local residents, we are available for consultation by appointment

30 years of caring MARC Clavin Pharmacy was established in Sorrento in 1984 and has provided 30 years of caring service for the locals as well as visitors from Portsea, Sorrento and Blairgowrie. Marc Clavin Pharmacy has been proudly serving the community as a member of the very popular Amcal Pharmacy Group for 20 years. The loyal pharmacy team have been caring for customer needs for more than a generation, providing first class, professional service. Many young mums and dads seeking advice from the friendly pharmacy staff today first visited when they were young children themselves. You can of course count on finding all the big brands at Marc


seven days a week. Sorrento Physiotherapy specialises in the treatment of acute and chronic spinal and sporting conditions, paediatric and adolescent conditions, women’s and men’s health, as well as general musculoskeletal injuries,” said Mr Reid. “Physiotherapy assessment and treatment has a strong scientific basis and offers effective, rapid and safe solutions for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of spinal pain, sports injuries and pain of musculoskeletal origin such as osteoarthritic joint pain, muscle strain, ligament sprain and tendonitis.” Physiotherapists specialise in assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries. Following a thorough assessment a physiotherapist will determine a

cause for your injury and provide you with advice and education on how to manage it. “Physiotherapists will then aim to treat your injury using a variety of techniques with a focus on manual and exercise therapy. Manual therapy techniques include mobilisations, manipulation, massage and stretching,” said Mr Reid. “Physiotherapy can also assist with treatments including ultrasound, electrotherapy, massage, bandaging, taping, and bracing.”

Sorrento Physiotherapy 5/108-118 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4938

Marc Clavin Pharmacy Clavin Pharmacy including the very popular Clarins and Revlon cosmetics and a full range of Blackmores, Nature’s Own and Swisse vitamins and nutritional supplements. They also offer a full range of Digital Photo Services with their on-site Kodak Express kiosks including full Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and app access for all your camera and smartphone photographic needs. Marc Clavin Pharmacy offers a professional prescription service together with their popular SMS reminders for prescription repeats and a wide range of generic brands to cover all your prescription needs. A big part of the Sorrento scene is the busy summer holiday season so the pharmacy offers an extensive range of sunscreens, sunglasses /sorrentovillage


and sunhats for all ages. You will also find a full range of solutions for all your coughs, colds, fevers and tummy bugs… and a whole lot more from the wonderful staff at Marc Clavin Amcal Pharmacy, Sorrento. Make sure you visit the freshly renovated Marc Clavin Pharmacy, with an innovative and modern refit designed to supply all your pharmacy needs.

Marc Clavin Pharmacy Sorrento 61 Ocean Beach Rd 03 5984 5678


Sorrento Spa

Ahana Day Spa

60 Kerferd Ave, 5984 5679

Chicago Hair

Lvl 1, 22 Ocean Beach Rd, 0408 143 118

Three Seas Hairdressing

3/ 3295 Point Nepean Rd, 5984 4433

7 George St, 5984 4655


43 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 5300

Kinetic Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates

Marlo Spa

Ocean Fitness Pilates & Massage Lvl 1, 3/20 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 0081

Re-Creation Health Club

Basement, 68 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 0304

Revive Chinese Massage

Shop 3, 68 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 0107

Ruby Nails & Spa

58 Kerford Ave, 5984 4160

Runway Room

101-103 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 5594

Sorrento Natural Therapies

Rear 48 Ocean Beach Rd , 5984 0778

Sorrento Salt Room

Basement, 68-74 Ocean Beach Rd, 9598 0304

166 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 4322

Marc Clavin Amcal Pharmacy 61 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 2196

Melbourne Pathology

166 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 1189

Peninsula Foot Clinic

166 Ocean Beach Rd, 5982 0000

Peninsula Physical Health & Nutrition 166 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 4322

Sorrento Medical

166 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 4322

Sorrento Physiotherapy

5/108 Ocean Beach Rd, 5984 4938

Sorrento Psychology

166 Ocean Beach Rd, 5988 6941


MEDICAL CENTRE Open 7 Days a Week 61 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Tel: 5984 5678

5984 4322 ALL HOURS www.

General Practitioners Dr. Peter Meggyesy

Dr. Adrian Murrie

The Best photos in Sorrento For all your Digital Photo needs 61 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Tel: 5984 5678

166 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento VIC 3943 Hours: Monday to Friday 9-5.30pm, Saturday 9-11.30am, Sundays and Public Holidays as advertised. 2018 EDITION





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Sorrento: Style Capital Over 30 boutique stores in one shopping strip

Image:The Sorrento Stylist Photo credit: Josie Jones

SAUNTER along the promenade in Sorrento and you will discover a wonderful variety of stores for the fashionista in all of us. The beautiful seaside town is known for its high end clothing and accessories, combining the unique chic with big brand convenience, with locals and visitors alike flocking to the fabulous village on the hill. The last year in Sorrento has seen some more new and unique brands of fashion hit the streets to make Sorrento an ideal destination for a big dose of retail therapy. New to the strip are Tiger Lily, Husk, original Holley Avenue and Cape Merchants, both of whom also sell some unique homewares for both inside and outside the home. Also new to the scene (but not new to Sorrento) is Mother and Son team Jenny and Doug Scott’s latest addition to their Marion & Me store with Plaay & Secret Acaiety. The new store offers brands like Jaggad as well as an Acai bar for healthy morning treats at the back of the store. For wonderful fashion and accessories there is no better place to shop at than local stores such as Accessoreyes, Karma Kameleon, Siren Fine Jewellery, Bronze Snake Shop and Saltwater, or well fitted out shoe stores such as Cinori and Midas.

For the modern range of exquisite local and overseas brands and unique designs you can't go past Emia Fashion, Debs Boutique, Naturally Debs, Designer Clothing Labels, Sorrento Girl, Swimwear Galore or the new Strumpet women's clothing store. You can shop till you drop with many other boutiques such as Marion & Me, Blue Illusion, Ghanda, Sketa, Sorrento Beach Club plus get your surf gear at Trigger Bros and Ozmosis. For active wear, you can’t go past Azul Store, Plaay and LuLuLemon Athletica. Sorrento has now extended its range to offer some big brands which means there's no need to travel to the big shopping centres to pick up those much loved items from your favourite chain store. On offer is Country Road, Peter Alexander, Mimco, Trenery, Witchery, Seed, Sussan, Sportsgirl and Gazman, meaning you can get your complete retail therapy experience all in the heart of a seaside village. There's also some stores for the kids such as the extraordinary kids' fashion store Lemonade Factory & Seed Kids And Teen, plus the new kids pyjama store Huckleberry Lane. Sorrento…the fashion capital of the peninsula! 2018 EDITION



Swimwear Galore Stylish swimwear for the whole family

SWIMWEAR Galore is Australia’s largest swimwear men, and kids, so you can have your whole family sorted rece ive 10% OFF STO REW IDE or use in store adstock this retailer, with six stores acrossShow Victoria. They over to in the one place. They stock all the biggest brands such EC17 onlin e at the chec kout . LAD PEN INSUas code 100 brands, and their main focus is the to offer swimwear Seafolly, Speedo, and Billabong, Ripcurl and Tigerlily for anybody and everybody. to give their customers a range of shapes and styles that The Sorrento store is located in the heart of the main street of Sorrento. Established in 2008, they have spent close to a decade pleasing holiday goers and locals alike with their comprehensive range of swimwear. Swimwear Galore’s customers love the relaxed feeling of the store. Shopping for your summer swimsuit can be daunting, which is why they have highly trained staff to help you find what you’re looking for! Swimwear Galore carries a huge range for women,


will best suit them. At Swimwear Galore you are sure to find something that fits you, looks great, and is comfortable. For all shapes and sizes. Come in and be fitted by one of the experienced team who will make you feel right at home! Swimwear Galore is at 131 Ocean Beach Road. Phone 5984 0322.

/sorrentovillage /Sorrento_village Sorrento Live the Life app Your local stores: Mornington 901 Nepean Hwy | Sorrento 131 Ocean Beach Rd


Trigger Brothers Back to where it all began PHIL Trigger hates wearing shoes and only wears them when he’s making boards out the back of the shop in the same room he started in nearly 40 years ago. He is not into technology and refuses to have a mobile phone. He is relaxed, cool and calm and you would never know that he established the hugely successful Trigger Brothers surf brand. For the two brothers, their love of surfing started way back in 1964, with their first ride on their older brother’s surf board at Bon Beach. “It was only four years later that Trigger Bros Surfboards was conceived with a suggestion by a schoolmate that they make their own. It was 1974 when the young men contributed $1500 into the Peninsula Surf Centre with Ted Bainbridge as manager and front man, and little did they know the success that was to follow with a sea change to Point Leo long before it was trendy, and now having made 30,000 boards to their name. When you have such a cruisy attitude it seems that good things come to you and Phil says one of the funniest moments in their business was with the purple tracksuit pants. “We had ordered these girls tracksuit pants to be made in different colours. So we had 10,000 pairs of these trackies delivered to the shop and when we opened them they were fluorescent purple and not what we wanted. We didn’t know what we were gonna do with them so gave some to Georgia Fish to wear and then everybody wanted them. They became the most popular tracksuit pant we ever sold, and had to take orders for them,” said Phil with a laugh. “The major surf companies ended up copying our fluoro colours and there were even cheap counterfeit ones being sold in markets.” And as for coming up with the name Trigger Brothers, Phil said they weren’t the first ones to have it. “My dad and his brother owned a grocery shop in the main street of Queenscliff called Trigger Brothers so we looked at it and kept the name. We even tried to copy the old fashioned writing to stay the same as our dad’s store.” These days Trigger Brothers continues to be a family

L-R: Paul Trigger, Ian Cochrane, & Phil Trigger, Dec 1975

business, with Paul in Balnarring, Phil at Point Leo, and son Matthew running a store. They have shops in Sorrento, Frankston and Point Leo, a huge arrangement of products from surf boards to ski and snow gear, accessories, clothes, boards and skateboards, and have won their fair share of surfing competitions. But more days than not you will find Phil checking out the surf at his beloved Point Leo, ready to catch another great wave, or in the back room with his white overalls and closed in shoes adding the final touches to the next board. Trigger Brothers Sorrento is at 46-48 Ocean Beach Road. Phone: 5984 5670.




Ugg Boots Peninsula Ugg Boots I love my ugg boots! They’ve kept me company through countless days tapping away at the computer. Rod and Christine from Peninsula Ugg Boots tell me that ugg boots should come with a warning: ‘if you try these on, you may never want to take them off!’ They’re right. Peninsula Ugg Boots has been open since August 2013, but their all-Australian sheepskin suppliers have been in the industry since the ‘70s. Only the best one hundred per cent Australian wool products sourced from Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney are provided by local sheep skin specialists, including from Dynasty Australia, a beautiful Merino wool-lined leather and double faced sheepskin jackets.

Australian Sheep Skin Products CLASSIC UGG BOOTS

• Mini • Short • Tall • Lace Up Fashion Boots • Kids Boots • Baby Booties • Jackets & Gloves • Sheep Skin Rugs • Baby Lamb Skins • Scuffs & Slippers • Moccasins • Ipanema - Sandals and Thongs

Shop3/3293 Point Nepean Rd


P: 0490 087 803 E: 46

Sheep skin products are a year-round item – naturally water resistant, cool air can flow through the material during summer, allowing anyone wearing or sitting on the fabric to stay cool. During the winter sheepskin acts as an insulator, keeping warm air close to the body in total comfort. The traditional chestnut ugg boot has always been popular, but you can now select from a new range of colours including black, red, raisin, pink, blue, sand or lilac, manufactured by Jumbo Ugg Boots and Pacific Ugg Boots. Peninsula Ugg Boots also stock a wide range of stylish and comfortable Koalabi Fashion Boots, suitable for any special occasion. As an alternative for summer wear, you can also select from their fashionable range of sandals from EMU Australia, or an incredibly comfortable range of Ipanema sandals and thongs (flip-flops) to complement your summer outfits. The range of products doesn’t stop there. Kids’ boots, baby booties, slippers, scuffs, moccasins, jackets, gloves, car seat covers and rugs (in a variety of colours) all get a look in at great prices, and they now stock a range of Bolle and Serengeti sunglasses. Check out Peninsula Ugg Boots this winter – or summer, for that matter! Peninsula Ugg Boots is at Shop 3/3293 Point Nepean Rd. Phone 0490 087 803.



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fashion Ooze street cred ESTABLISHED in Fitzroy, Melbourne in 2006, The Bronze Snake Shop has fast become a well known brand locally and internationally. With stores in nearly every state of Australia and stores in New Zealand, popularity just keeps growing. You can find that 'old school' customer service goes with all stores and online. Across all stores you will never feel pushed or forced into buying an item, their staff just want to meet and chat to you. The Bronze Snake Shop nails all essential products you need from denim to basic tees, but you will be sure to find individual and unique pieces. The Bronze Snake Shop philosophy with all their stores and online store is the same as

The Bronze Snake it was over a decade ago when they opened their first bricks and mortar store. They offer a high quality product at a great price.

rip, a cut or a hole is a yes from them - even if your parents don’t approve.

The Bronze Snake Shop also offers free next day shipping on all orders, no matter how much you spend. They know you want it fast and you don’t want you to pay for it, their gift to you. Summer 17/18 for both the gals and guys sees a range of soft linen tees and tanks coming through the store. Perfect for the beach and paired back with classic denim short styles. The Summer collection has also taken inspiration from the 70s, look out for flares, both plain and bold, and for the guys look out for the vintage wash print shirt. Ps. They also love distressed denim, so anything which has a

The Bronze Snake 2/68 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5192





5984 1022


2/ 119 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2076

1B, 85 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5400

Blue Illusion

76 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4977

Bronze Snake Shop

Shop 2, 68 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5192

Cinori Shoes & Accessories 127 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3544

Country Road

10 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0674

Debs Boutique

24 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 1617

Designer Clothing Labels 108 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5166


50 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3399


111 Ocean Beach Rd 5229 0411

Holley Avenue

Shop 4, 68 Ocean Beach Rd 0409 977 705


51 Ocean Beach Rd 0427 818 769

Karma Kameleon 52 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4485

LuLuLemon Athletica 41 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 1516


129 Ocean Beach Rd


Tiger Lilly


Naturally Debs

18 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3082

Peninsula Ugg Boots 3293 Point Nepean Rd 0490 087 803

Peter Alexander 85D Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0640

Plaay & Secret Acaiety 109 Ocean Beach Rd 0402 284 248

Seed Woman

85G Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0377

Siren Fine Jewellery 29 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4330


44 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0927

Sorrento Beach Club 71 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4699

Sorrento Girl

Lvl 1, 85-99 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4011


Traffic Footwear

85 - 99 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5950


1/ 133 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3412

Viktoria and Woods 113 Ocean Beach Rd


3/ 133 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2914


47-49 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5155


57-59 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0360

Trigger Bros

46-48 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5670


Shop 9, 68-74 Ocean Beach Rd 9533 8820

54 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2489

Lemonade Factory 58 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3495


Shop 17, 68-74 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0234

Seed Kids & Teen

3/ 108 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5042


3/119 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3945

Swimwear Galore 131 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0322


85 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3749


The Toy Workshop 1 George St 5984 4227

home & garden

Sorrento Home Living Home decorating made easy

Red Fox Runs Bed Bath n Table

YOU don’t need to look any further than Sorrento for your home decorating needs, with homewares stores like Elephant, Red Fox Runs, Sandarne and relative newcomers White Nest and Cote Salt all offering a fantastic range of unique and inspirational products to help you furnish your home. Bed Bath N Table offers a wide range of practical but gorgeously designed products such as bedlinen, towels and decorative items, whilst Coastal Living and Big Chair have seaside inspired original furnishings to add a designer flare both inside and outside your space. Be sure to check out Cape Merchants, another new addition to Sorrento, for their large range of indoor and outdoor furniture designs.

Green Box Eco Shop is another new addition, with ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable products supporting communities both here and abroad. Saltwater is also a popular destination for homewares in Sorrento with an eclectic mix of clothing and jewellery, whilst Happy Days is another charming store offering quirky imported indoor and outdoor furnishings and jewellery to add further character to your home. Sorrento has its own hardware store too in Womersley’s Mitre 10 for the more practical items you need for your home renovations. If you need anything for your home, Sorrento has it all! 2018 EDITION


home & garden

Loving Life Outdoors Outdoor living ideas with Anna from Cape Merchants



1 3 1. NIGHTS OUTSIDE Coastal life is all about nights outside, but even summer nights in Sorrento can be cool. Outdoor heaters create a warm inviting environment. Forget lugging gas bottles, the Heatsail Dome is the latest in outdoor heaters. It looks fabulous and uses 5x less energy compared to classic gas-fuelled patio heaters. With a dimmable light and optional Bluetooth speakers, this heater does everything but serve drinks.

2. ON THE WATER A good cooler will keep your ice cold for days and last you years so it’s worth investing in the best you can. You’ll be set for fishing, cruising, sailing and partying at the beach for years to come. Ice lasts for days in Yeti coolers. There is an extraordinary range to choose from and they are virtually indestructible. We love them.

3. SUN SAFE For the beach, Boutique Brollies and Shades are hand crafted, timeless and built to last with classic wood



poles, marine grade hardware and the most fabulous designs. They’re just gorgeous. At home, go for the best of Belgian design in classic shapes or contemporary designs from Instant Shade.

4. LOUNGING AROUND Outdoor rooms and spaces are what outdoor living is all about. Creating a space with all the comforts of an indoor room requires good quality furniture that will stand up to harsh elements like wind, rain and family wear and tear. Choose sofas with Quick Dry Foam and a good quality, fade resistant fabric like Sunbrella. Our Mamagreen outdoor furniture collections are Belgian designed and sustainably made using the best materials available. Now you're all set for life outdoors in Sorrento and beyond. Cape Merchants is at 80 Ocean Beach Road Phone: 0409 043 496 /Sorrento_village

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home & garden

Smart Presentations Making your home look picture perfect WITH over two decades of experience styling homes from Mt Macedon to Portarlington to Portsea, Smart Presentations are qualified experts in making sure homes on the Peninsula and beyond look immaculate and sell for more. Smart Presentations are dedicated to styling and furnishing homes for anybody looking to sell their property, making certain they get the most value from the sale of their house. Their stylings do not just consist of pre chosen packages placed in a room without care or attention to detail. They pride themselves on ensuring that their furnishing fits with the room, making it look picture perfect. Their services includes complete transformations

as well as partial ones, depending on your budget or your needs. Regardless of what you need, Smart Presentations promise that their furnishing will help to maximise your properties’ value! Their modern, quality styling also looks fantastic when photographed, ensuring properties generate large amounts of buyer interest. Smart Presentations also helps the community by supporting the Moorooduc Polocrosse Club. If you want to get the most value from your home, Smart Presentations’ flexibility and experience makes them the right people to call. Those interested can contact Smart Presentations on 9773 2224. More information can be found at

Are you thinking of selling your property? Smart Presentations are experts at creating superb interiors that translate into the best possible selling price for your property. Our qualified and experienced team is here to maximize your financial return when it’s time to sell. P 03 9773 2224 F 03 9776 1434 19 Ashley Park Drive, Chelsea Heights 3196 2018 EDITION


home & garden

CÔte Salt Artisanal wares from all over the globe CÔTE Salt is a unique coastal retail concept and proudly showcases a luxe collection of bespoke and artisanal wares that have been ethically sourced from all over the globe to compliment a considered style. Côte Salt source beautiful and unique pieces that are not mass produced but made by hand. Each piece tells a story and has been carefully selected and thoughtfully curated in our store overlooking the bay in the heart of Sorrento.

Côte Salt reflects a whole lifestyle concept with a range of key pieces for the home and beyond including art, furniture, lighting, homewares and fragrance. Opening hours Sun - Thurs 10-4 Fri - Sat 10-5 (Extended trade in summer) Cote Salt is at 4/3295 Point Nepean Road. Phone 03 5984 1614 Instagram: @cote_salt

4/3295 Point Nepean rd Sorrento Ph 03 5984 1614

Cote Salt curates ethical, bespoke, and exclusive interior pieces that tell a unique story Candles & Scents / Linen & Soft Furnishings / Art / Lighting / Ceramics & Tableware / Furniture / Homewares / Accessories




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home & garden HOUSE & GARDEN Bed Bath N Table

35-37 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3893

Big Chair

119 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3388

Cape Merchants 80 Ocean Beach Rd 0409 043 496

Coastal Living Interiors Coastal Living

85 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5480

Cote Salt

4/3295 Point Nepean Rd 5984 1614


3 George Street 0415 957 922

Happy Days

155 Ocean Beach Rd 0409 366 488

Green Box Eco Shop 148 Ocean Beach Rd 0400 065 033

Red Fox Runs

170 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 3241



153 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0444

Sandarne Homewares 147 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0222

White Nest

2/133 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5879

Womersleys Mitre 10 Red Fox Runs

80-98 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2247




Australian paintings and sculptures


Two art galleries in Sorrento Village


Ongoing exhibitions and feature artists throughout Summer


Mobile gallery

and free art consultation available all metro suburbs Image: Barbara Tyson “Relax, Refresh, Regain�

2000 original artworks online 113A Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento and upstairs above Big Chair at Suite 6, 119 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento

Enquiries on 9787 2953 or 0412 770 055 54



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ar ts

Peninsula’s Art Hub Something for every taste and style!

Antipodes SORRENTO’S ever evolving art scene sets the village as one of the premier arts hubs on the Mornington Peninsula. With a mix of art spaces including galleries, antiques and boutique homewares stores, there is something for every taste and style. Most of Sorrento’s galleries have been servicing locals and visitors alike for many, many years, and will gladly offer advice to find you the perfect original piece for your home. Manyung Gallery (113a Ocean Beach Rd) is one of Victoria’s oldest contemporary art spaces. In addition to showcasing a large variety of local and international paintings they also provide sculptural pieces to impress, and will gladly offer a free in-home trial and art consultation service. Stores like Gallery Sorrento (148 Ocean Beach Rd) are institutions on the Mornington Peninsula, providing not only a fantastic collection of painted handcrafted pieces, but many wooden creations as well as beach inspired collections in a variety of materials. Gallery Vespa (Level 1, 26 Ocean Beach Rd) and Antipodes Bookshop Gallery (138 Ocean Beach Rd) are both strong supporters of local artists, often holding exhibitions to support a wide variety of art streams. Of course, Marlene Miller Antiques and Gallery (128 Ocean Beach Rd) has a large assortment of antique

art pieces if you’re looking for something a little more eclectic and unique, and Happy Days (155 Ocean Beach Rd) has a great collection of overseas seaside-inspired works and some fabulous outdoor pieces. The Sorrento Museum (827 Melbourne Rd) is always worth a visit for a step back in time to enjoy Sorrento’s rich history, which is full of interesting stories, on both land and sea, as Victoria’s first European settlement site. Sorrento’s homewares and interiors stores offering unique, seaside inspired indoor and outdoor pieces has taken the village to a new level in style. Sandarne, Coastal Living, Big Chair, Elephant, Saltwater, Red Fox Runs Vintage & Home, White Nest and Bed Bath n’ Table all offer coastal inspired local and imported products, each delivering pieces that can’t be found elsewhere. Fabulous newcomers Cape Merchants, who have turned their pop up store into a permanent home at 80 Ocean Beach Rd, and Cote Salt, opposite the beach at 3295 Point Nepean Rd, offer even more choice and cements Sorrento as THE place for homewares. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit Sorrento, and if you can’t find something to match your style or inspire you then you won’t find it anywhere!

Article by Natalie Garner, Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce. 2018 EDITION


ar ts

Manyung Gallery The art focal point of the Southern Peninsula

CELEBRATING almost 50 years as an art icon, Manyung Gallery Group is one of Victoria’s oldest contemporary art businesses, operating in Sorrento, Flinders, Mount Eliza, Mornington, Malvern and Asia. Manyung Gallery Sorrento is the arts focal point of the southern Peninsula. In Sorrento Manyung has two galleries each with a wide choice of contemporary and original Australian paintings and sculptures on exhibition. Upstairs at 119 Ocean Beach Road, Manyung is launching Manyung Gallery Grande where particularly large works, up to 3 metres will be on show. This space will also be available to showcase private collections that the owners wish to part with. Downstairs at 113 Ocean Beach Road is a busy exhibition space with feature artists running fortnightly exhibitions through Summer. Their aim is to make your art buying experience an inspiring and pleasurable one, catering to all tastes and budgets and also offering a free, in-home or office trial, and



an art consultation service Look for the large wind driven sculptures by artist Rudi Jass opposite their Sorrento galleries! On the way down to the Mornington Peninsula, also plan to visit Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza . The Group has 150 artists and almost 2000 paintings and sculptures on its website, so there is something suitable for all tastes. The team at Manyung looks forward to welcoming your visit. They also have a presentation warehouse at 35 Progress Street Mornington. Manyung Gallery can also be found at 37 Cook Street, Flinders, 60 Mount Eliza Way, and at 6-10 Claremont Avenue, Malvern. Manyung Gallery Sorrento is at 113a and upstairs at 119 Ocean Beach Rd. Phone 9787 2953 or more information can be found at


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ar ts

Marlene Miller Eclectric Treasures

AS you wander along the glamorous Sorrento shopping strip, you simply have to visit Marlene Miller Antiques, an Aladdin’s cave of unique and unexpected treasures. In 1985, Marlene swapped her job as a P.A. to take a risk starting a shop in Sorrento, a career path she has remained on for 32 years. Despite the security of a wage and holidays in her old profession, she longed for a sea change. “We used to come here for holidays all the time and one year decided to restore an old building in the main street. We pretty much didn’t leave after that, ran art stores and soon antique shops,” says Marlene. With the plan of turning a derelict building she purchased into an art gallery, Marlene soon evolved the building into the antique business she still runs today. The shop is full of much to see, with two storeys of antiques and bric-a-brac, from crystal, coach lamps and fine china to fur coats, hats, dining furniture, and photographs.

When you wander inside, Marlene takes you through the enchanting world of old wares. “Upstairs is a great range of antique books dating back to the 1700s. We even had a book from circa 1600. And our jewellery is stunning, with a selection from top Melbourne jewelers.” “We sell a lot of jewellery, some of which was actually made during the gold rush, with intricate detail that modern jewellers cannot imitate,” says Marlene. Marlene Miller Antiques has an eclectic mix of English china, 1920s oil lamps, furniture by Jacob and Josef Kohn (established in 1849), hat boxes, candles and Japanese room dividers. Marlene Miller Antiques moved to a new purpose built location 8 years ago, and have been there ever since. Marlene Miller is at 128 Ocean Beach Road, Phone 5984 1762.



Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Photo: Evan Stampe

Tour the Artists Trail and get an insight into how the region inspired some of the worlds most notable artists.




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ar ts

Be inspired... Sorrento-Portsea Artists' Trail Walking along the Artists Trail from Sorrento to Portsea, it’s easy to imagine how the seaside could bring a quiet inspiration to the artists whose replicated works sit proudly on display. And what a way to display such works of art, in the very spot the artists stood to paint their masterpiece.

Funded by a grant from the Mornington Peninsula Shire, the trail was established in 2004 and continues to inspire artists and visitors alike with a proposal to add more art works in the future.

on the peninsula, this cliff top location is historically significant. Here, the Union Jack was first used to claim possession of Australia.

With 14 reproductions along the trail, visitors can see the views as they were captured by artists such as Sir Arthur Streeton, John Perceval and Albert Tucker.

Begin your art tour in Sorrento, where you'll see Albert Tucker’s aptly named “Sorrento”, painted in 1942. Walk along the foreshore from the front beach and then venture up to Point King where Millionaires Walk provides a wonderful outlook over the cliff tops between Point King Road and Lentell Avenue.

The trail is accessed by car and then by foot, with views across the beaches and bay towards the Bellarine Peninsula on one side, and the rugged coastline of Bass Strait on the other. Artists like Emanuel Phillips Fox and John Perceval capture this wild side of our peninsula in their artworks displayed near St. Paul's Beach and Diamond Bay.

Enjoy an easy, scenic coastal walk along the southern most part of the Mornington Peninsula on a trail that is the brainchild of a group of Sorrento residents who were inspired by the Fauvism Art Trail in Collioure, France.

On this most intriguing stretch of the Artists Trail are two paintings - a 1920 Arthur Streeton called “Point King” and an Arthur Boyd, painted 36 years later. While aesthetically beautiful and home to the most sought-after ocean view real estate

Immerse yourself into yet another dimension of our great Mornington Peninsula with a tour along the Sorrento Portsea Artists Trail and get a rare insight into how our unique region has inspired some of the world's most notable artists.

In 2004, the Mornington Peninsula Shire established Arts Nepean to encourage all forms of the arts at the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula. For many years the Peninsula has inspired the work of a number of famous artists, and one of the projects undertaken by Arts Nepean has been to establish the Sorrento - Portsea Artists Trail, which aims to bring the artists work to life by positioning images of the paintings as close as possible to the scene viewed by the artist. 1. Albert Tucker Sorrento 2. Roland Clark Koonya, Continental & Sorrento Hotels 3. Roland Clark Sorrento Foreshore with Buildings 4. Ray Hodgkinson View from Munstead Wood 5. Sir Arthur Streeton Point King 6. Arthur Boyd Laycock’s Jetty 7. Sir Arthur Streeton Sorrento from Point King 8. Sir Arthur Streeton View from Barrett’s Point, Portsea 9. Penleigh Boyd Portsea 1922 10. Penleigh Boyd Portsea 1921 11. John Perceval Quarantine Boundary, Portsea 12. Isaac Whitehead Ocean Beach Sorrento 13. Emanuel Phillips Fox At Sorrento 14. John Perceval Ocean Beach Sorrento 2018 EDITION


ar ts

Antipodes Bookshop & Gallery Celebrating 20 years THE dawn of the New Year marks a special anniversary for Antipodes Bookshop & Gallery, as they celebrate 20 years since they opened in 1998. Since that time, Antipodes Bookshop and Gallery has become a must see mainstay of the Sorrento area, with something to offer any book lover. Antipodes Bookshop and Gallery takes great pride in sourcing and promoting great, underappreciated stories for readers to immerse themselves in. With a friendly staff and a wealth of stories on offer, Antipodes gives all readers a wonderful experience and a refuge from the outside world. In addition to their wide range of books, Antipodes also features other treasures to discover as well, including beautiful Australian craft, art, jewellery, and carefully curated exhibitions.



Despite having operated for nearly two decades, Antipodes is always keen to provide new and exciting ways to delight their customers. 2017 saw a year of growth and change for Antipodes Bookshop and Gallery, as they introduced the Little Antipodes space, a dedicated area for children to engage with and enjoy the world of reading. They also launched a series of Literary Lunches, in which conversation and food was shared between visitors and some of Australia’s finest authors. Antipodes is proudly independently owned, and offers a charming atmosphere that can’t be found in any online store. Antipodes Bookshop and Gallery is open from 10 am – 5 pm, seven days a week. Antipodes is at 138 Ocean Beach Road. Phone 5984 4217.


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ART & GALLERIES Antipodes Bookshop Gallery 138 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4217

Gallery Sorrento 148 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2380

Gallery Vespa Lvl 1, 26 Ocean Beach Rd

Specialising in Antique jewellery, as well as newly made jewellery by Melbourne’s top Jewellers

0409 169 265

Manyung at Sorrento Contemporary Art Gallery 113A Ocean Beach Rd 9787 2953

Marlene Miller Antiques & Gallery 128 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 1762

128 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento 3943 t: 03 5984 1762 m: 0438 537 757 e:

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery is one of Australia’s leading 24 july – 27 for september 2015 of Australian art. regional galleries, renowned its exhibition program Entry to exhibitions is $4 (adults) and $2 (concession). The Gallery STORM IN Afacility TEACUP is the region’s major cultural and is supported by Mornington Peninsula Shire and other partners. A Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery exhibition SPECIAL FEATURES: • • • • • • • •

Special events include:

Free guided tours every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm AFTER NOON Family activity spaces, with free hands-on activities Sunday 26 July, 2pm–5pm, $4 adults, $2 concession Talks, workshops and excursions Discover how artists have explored afternoon tea. Programs for children including school holiday workshops, A LITTLE BROWN & BUNNY a pre-schooler session andRABBIT children’s activityPOP spaces Saturday 26inSeptember, 10.30am-12.30pm, $15 children, $5 adults Light refreshments Gallery café Flying Bookworm Theatre Company presents a pantomime Gallery giftThe shop for children 5–10 years. Parkland for picnics, nearby Playground and rose garden visit Samantha Everton, Camellia 2009, from the series Vintage dolls 2009 (detail), pigment print on rag paper (ed. AP2), Courtesy of the artist and Anthea Polson Art, Queensland

LOCATION: Civic Reserve, Dunns Road, Mornington GALLERY HOURS: Tues–Sun 10am–5pm EXHIBITION ADMISSION: $4 Adults / $2 Concession GENERAL INFORMATION: Civic Reserve, Dunns Road Mornington VIC 3931 03 5950 1580 Open Tues–Sun 10am–5pm Phone: 5975 4395



2017/18 Event Calendar 2017


9 – Victorian Triathlon Series Portsea – race 2 10 – Sorrento Christmas Carols & Fireworks, Sorrento foreshore, 6pm 26 Dec – 8 Jan – Barefoot Cinema, Point Nepean Portsea



6 - Portsea Twilight Run/Walk at Point Nepean National Park 7-13 – 34th Rotary Club of Sorrento Art Show 26 Dec – 8 Jan – Barefoot Cinema, Point Nepean Portsea 13 - Portsea Polo 20 - Portsea Swim Classic 21 - Point Nepean Portsea Market, 9am to 2pm 21 - Portsea Golf Club Celebrity Open Day 26 - Australia Day celebrations at the Sorrento-Portsea RSL


10 - Sorrento Bay Swim 11 – Portsea Pier to Perignon Swim 11 & 25 – Searoad Ferries Sunset Sailings 12 - Queen’s Baton Relay in Sorrento 24 - Mornington Peninsula Food + Wine Festival - Point Nepean Portsea


10 - Point Nepean Portsea Market, 9am to 2pm


25 – Melbourne Coastrek Walk – Cape Schanck to Portsea


2 – Sorrento Makers Market 22 June to 15 July – Ice Skating at Sorrento Tastes of Winter Sorrento


1 - Sorrento Makers Market 22 June to 15 July – Ice Skating at Sorrento Tastes of Winter Sorrento Image: Natasha Sinegina


5 – Sorrento Makers Market Tastes of Winter Sorrento




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Regional Attractions What's on in Sorrento and Portsea

THE Mornington Peninsula is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in Australia, with the breathtaking bay coastline on one side, rugged ocean beaches on the other, and winding hills and valleys that are home to wineries, gourmet produce, golf courses, mazes, the new Arthur's Seat sea eagle, hot springs and an eclectic mix of retailers, cafes and restaurants; there is no taste that cannot be satisfied. Sorrento, as Victoria's first European Settlement, and a village which accommodates walking from the Bay to Ocean, has so many ways to entertain that you won't ever need to leave. Whether it be fishing, swimming, surfing, paddle boarding or walking, taking in the

historic architecture, cemetery or Fort Nepean or a bit of retail, spa or food therapy, there is something for everyone ALL YEAR ROUND. Over the warmer months there are a plethora of sporting activities on offer to either watch or join such as sailing at the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, running festivals, swims, triathlons, music and cinema events and much, much more. Too many to mention in this magazine! For further information, download the ‘Sorrento – Live the Life’ app, visit the host venues’ websites, or check out




Horseback Tours Saddle up for a memorable experience

LOCATED in Main Ridge, in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula, Horseback is the destination for the famous Horseback Winery Tours. Here, you’ll enjoy an experience to remember. The award-winning Horseback Winery Tours allows you to enjoy the view of the Peninsula’s hinterland, as it is slowly revealed in a way that can only be experienced on horseback. During your journey, the Horseback tour guides will take you to this region’s best wineries and produce, where you will stop and taste the amazing flavours of this special and world-class tourist destination. You’ll conclude your experience with a further tasting at their very own cellar door, before you enjoy what the rest of the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. In addition to the Horseback Winery Tours, Horseback, the benchmark for everything equine, boasts a range of equestrian activities from horse riding lessons, school holiday programs, equine education programs for schools and more, suitable for all ages and level of riding, to learn, explore and discover all things horses.



During the warmer months, the Ride and Rise tour operates, giving riders a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – riding horses along the beach and being captivated by a truly remarkable sunrise along with the opportunity to view the stunning movements of sea life. Located at Balnarring Beach, the Ride and Rise tour is a short, 15 minute drive from Horseback headquarters and is a must-do tour. Horseback offers Ride and Lunch packages, gift vouchers, group bookings and is partnered with local eateries and hot spots including: T’Gallant, Polperro, Epicurean Red Hill, Peninsula Hot Springs, Mock Red Hill, Green Olive at Red Hill, Red Hill Estate and Mantons Creek, to name a few. Whether you’ve never ridden before or an accomplished rider, the Horseback tour guides and their gentle, well-trained horses will take care of you and provide a memorable experience in the saddle. Tours operate daily except for Tuesdays. For further information or to book, please visit our website or call us on (03) 5989 6119. /Sorrento_village

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Polperro Dolphin Swim Premier Ecotourism Provider

FOR most of us, swimming with dolphins is a rare and magical experience, so who better to help you connect with these magnificent creatures than the people who've been making the introductions in Port Phillip Bay the longest? The Muir family established Polperro Dolphin Swims in 1986. Named after their classic, lovingly maintained huonpine vessel, Polperro has led the bay in environmentally responsible dolphin interactions, having been recognized as Victoria’s premier ecotourism provider with their spot in the Victorian tourism Hall of Fame. They have been tirelessly active in establishing and improving legislation controlling human interaction with wild marine animals, including dolphins. That's why passengers can't swim up to the bay's bottlenose dolphins, but rather hang on to long ropes trailing from the Polperro's stern, waiting for these often curious creatures to come to them. The rope, the crew's careful training, and supervision of passengers, means

that even those with basic swimming skills can enjoy this exciting experience. Their dedication to the dolphins, and the people onboard saw them earn Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation. The Polperro departs from Sorrento pier twice daily from October to April. Passenger numbers are strictly limited so everyone has ample opportunity to get wet, or watch dolphins at play from the deck. Reef and seal swims are part of Polperro trips as well. These are also revelatory experiences, even for most locals, as the bay's rich aquatic life is a surprisingly well-kept secret. Polperro Dolphin Swims offers personalised customer service, as all gear, including wetsuits and snorkels, are provided. The Polperro also has change areas below deck. On chilly days her saloon cabin is warmly welcoming, as is the complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and delicious scones, freshly baked on board Make a booking or find more information at www. 2018 EDITION



The Limestone Legacy The history behind Sorrento's iconic limestone buidings

THE Peninsula is an area rich in history and stories to tell. The history of this area can be found in the walls of the some of Sorrento's best known buildings, which are constructed from local limestone. The use of limestone in construction throughout the 1800s formed the foundation on which Sorrento was built upon, as many famous buildings including the Nepean Historical Society’s museum, Sorrento Hotel, the Anglican Church, the Athenaeum Theatre, the Continental Hotel, and Whitehall Guest House were built with the use of limestone from local lime kilns. As the area was being established, there were up to seventeen lime kilns operating in the area from Point Nepean to Sorrento. Many limeburners moved to the area to take full advantage of the vast wealth of limestone deposits in the area, with lime burning becoming quickly established as one of the main industries in the area. The underlying foundation of the limestone bedrock in the area was formed around two million years ago, and has been brought out by erosion as a result of wind and



the sea. Over that period of time, limestone deposits formed and have provided a great amount of resources to the people of the Sorrento area. In 1838, limestone was found about 18 inches below the surface of the ground, in thick layers. After it was extracted it would be burned in kilns, and some would be exported out to Melbourne for use in construction. Some out of use lime kilns can still be found in the area to this day. Limestone during this time period was in constant demand, with a price of two pounds per ton named for anyone wishing to purchase it. As the premier means of living for people of the Sorrento area in the 1840’s, the lime business was booming. Some of the larger kilns would produce up to 75 bags of lime a day. Many of the buildings built using the local limestone still remain today, having been standing in the area now for well over a century. They can be found throughout the Sorrento area. Source: The Nepean Historical Society /Sorrento_village

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Historical Points of Interest ATHENAEUM 1894

Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento

Built for Isaac Bensilum, Architect J.F. Gibbons, this Edwardian Hall, when built, comprised a foyer with side retiring rooms, extensive dance floor, deep stage, lower dressing and store rooms, marble courtyard, two shop spaces and upper residential space. Home to travelling shows, it was used also for community meetings, receptions, welcome home functions, dances and roller skating. Also used as a cinema from mid 1920s; now three cinemas occupy the building. Classified by the National Trust.


Hotham Rd, Sorrento

First section built and licence granted in 1872 for P.J. Martin. John Farnsworth, stone mason, was brought in from Adelaide for this contract. In 1873 tenders called for thirty extra rooms. Designed by M. Hennessy. Extensions continued until 1928. This large conglomerate of Victorian limestone buildings includes a second major two storey building with similar stonework and roof treatment to that of the original. Classified by the National Trust.



Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento

Pt Nepean Rd, Sorrento

Bensilum (1890 to 1913). Original Victorian design was amended by an enclosed second storey and balcony. The single storey section was originally a separate general store. Believed to be the only four storey limestone building in Australia. Classified by the National Trust.

Headmaster of Geelong Grammar School, J.B. Wilson, donated the land for this beautiful neo- Gothic limestone church. Built along ‘Portsea Road’ near the then school and butcher’s shop, in anticipation of Sorrento’s development west. Nave completed 1874 and used for various community functions as the ‘Athenaeum’ for some years. Transepts followed in 1889 and the chancel in 1908-11. Quite intact interior. Classified by the National Trust.



Built for the Continental Hotel Company Ltd with Hon George Coppin as Managing Director was the fashionable place to stay for many years. Early licensees included William Hughes (later owner

Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento

Melbourne Rd, Sorrento

The first storey of the corner limestone building was erected in 1886 for J. Lentell who added the second storey in 1894-95. Taken over in 1920 by David MacFarlan and William Stringer who started a new store next door. Very intact examples of buildings used commercially in the late 1880s and added to later. Stringer family continued in the business until 1970s. A landmark property in Sorrento, known locally as Stringer’s Corner.

Built 1869-70 for John and Jenny Watts, who had nine children between 1865 and 1885, seven of them while at Ilfracombe. They operated a small farm on the property at Holyrood Ave. Descendants lived in the two room cottage and its extensions (now dismantled) until 1966. Restored and moved to the NHS Museum site as a community project by Sorrento Rotary Club, Viewable during Museum opening times. Classified by the National Trust.

Extracts from “Sorrento Heritage Walk” Sorrento’s village is lined with some of the oldest and highest limestone buildings in Australia, so doing the heritage walking trail is a must! You can download the guide at or drop into the Visitor Information Centre at the corner of Ocean Beach Rd & George St to pick up a hard copy. The booklet was produced by the Nepean Historical Society and The Rotary Club of Sorrento with support from Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (MPSC) and The Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce. The Rotary

to Club of Sorren







attractions Point Nepean




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attractions Award winning service SAIL by cliff-top mansions, tiny coves, beautiful foreshore, the historic fort, and black lighthouse, as you cruise between Sorrento and Queenscliff. Check out the views from the outside observation decks or the inside comfy lounges with floor to ceiling windows. There is a barista on each sailing and light treats to choose from. A good selection of regional wines, beer and ales can be savoured whilst watching the scenery slide by. For families there is a kids playground and colouring corner, binoculars and plenty of deck space. Wi-fi and charging stations keep you connected. The 40 minute crossing takes foot passengers as well as vehicles, from motorbikes to motorhomes, and it

Discover....explore WITH its spectacular natural and built landscapes, Point Nepean National Park is a place that leaves an immediate impression on anyone who visits. It is truly one of Victoria’s beautiful natural landscapes. The park is located at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula and has some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of Bass Strait, The Rip and Port Phillip Bay. Port Phillip Bay was once the most heavily fortified port in the British Empire and was known as the "Gibraltar of the South". Visitors can see an example of this at the very point of the park where Fort Nepean is located. You'll find an extensive network of forts, gun emplacements and tunnels scattered throughout. Also at the park is the Quarantine Station, established in 1852 Here,

Searoad Ferries couldn’t be easier. Drive on and drive off, no turning, makes the trip even more attractive. The Captain turns the ferry around, how cool is that?. And because these 60 metre, 3 story all weather ferries travel every day and every hour from 7am to 6pm, there is plenty of availability. Be sure to arrive early over summer and long weekends as it can be quite busy. The unload and loading time is only 20 minutes, not bad for up to 75 cars and over 500 passengers in peak times. Searoad Ferries has been operating this service for over 30 years, and continues to transport holiday makers across the bay. Both Queenscliff and Sorrento offer a vast number of attractions, shops, galleries, cafes & restaurants to explore, all a short 5 minute stroll

from the terminal. There are packages and offers on the website so be sure to check them out, especially the Sail to Lunch offer at Searoad Ferries own café – RORO Café on the Beach – in Queenscliff. Great value for a return sail, two course lunch & glass of wine. Very French! Searoad Ferries Book online or phone 5257 4500.

Point Nepean National Park visitors will find many historic buildings used in quarantine including hospitals, a disinfecting complex, a morgue, cemetery and much more.

reptiles. In the surrounding waters, visitors might also spot bottlenose Dolphins or Australian Fur Seals.

Point Nepean has an extensive network of tracks to cycle or walk. One recently opened is the Range Area Walk, it takes visitors through an area of the park where the Officer Cadets, who occupied the site for three decades, were trained. Features on this walk include a 400m firing range and Monash Break and Light with sweeping views of the park and the city of Melbourne. Visitors can also relax and enjoy a picnic at Point Nepean under the shade of a Moonah tree. They form part of a coastal habitat replete with wildlife including echidnas, bandicoots, wallabies, and plenty of

Point Nepean National Park Point Nepean Road, Portsea. Park entry is free For more information visit www. or call 13 1963 2018 EDITION





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Getting Around See the sights by ferry, limousine, bongo or on foot!

Sorrento is just a 90 minute trip from Melbourne and about 40 minutes from elsewhere on the Mornington Peninsula. A ferry trip across the bay from Queenscliff is roughly 40 minutes too! There are a few interesting ways to get around (apart from self drive). Sorrento Limousine Service ( or 0431 637 850) can transport you to wineries, the hot springs, or just around the local area so you can relax and enjoy your stay. Searoad Ferries – car and passenger ferry that operates daily on the hour between 7am and 6pm, 7pm during summer months, between Sorrento and Queenscliff. See more at or phone 03 5257 4500 Public Bus - route 788 runs every 50 minutes from Frankston to Portsea and back, taking approximately 1 hour 40 minutes for the entire trip. More info at www.ptv. The Bongo all electric ‘tuk-tuk’ style transport will return over summer, collecting passengers from Sorrento ferry

terminal and heading up into Sorrento Village. The Bongo offers hop-on-hop-off transport all day long, so once you purchase your ticket you needn't worry about having to carry all of your shopping back to the terminal! See for more details. Uber and a taxi service also operate year round, plus some venues offer shuttle bus services so you can safely return to your accommodation. Of course, walking is also an option!

Article by Natalie Garner, Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce.



Peninsula Holiday Rentals

Hotel Sorrento

Shells apartments

Beach House Rentals

Koonya Apartments

Koonya Apartments

Oceanic Apartments

Hotel Sorrento

Sorrento Beach House

Sorrento Beach Motel


Where To Stay Live it up in Sorrento With white sandy beaches, imposing limestone buildings, restaurants, cafes and galleries galore, Sorrento is the ultimate holiday destination with a plethora of luxury holiday choices to choose from. Whether you are swimming with the dolphins, dining at a world-class restaurant, or lounging by the beach there’s nothing like going back to your Sorrento holiday retreat to relax and fully enjoy your Sorrento experience. Shells Sorrento is boutique accommodation located in the centre of the main street of Sorrento, set amongst the shops, restaurants and cinema. An easy walk to both ocean and bay beaches and within 20 minutes to 10 championship golf courses, this property is great for couples, families or groups. You can book a one night stay, weekends or longer holiday accommodation. Sorrento Koonya Apartments has become the leading holiday destination for those seeking the luxury of a prestigious resort style property located within minutes of Sorrento Village, Sorrento’s bay beach, and ever-popular ocean beach. ‘Koonya’ is also an ideal location for wedding guests or hen’s weekends being across the road from the popular waterfront Baths restaurant. Portsea Village Resort, situated between the waters of Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay, is the home of superb resort accommodation by the beach. This magnificent boutique venue caters for couples, families and groups, offering one, two and three bedroom apartments with a fully equipped kitchen. Portsea Village Resort is also well suited to small to medium-sized meetings and events, residential training programs, seminars, planning days and board meetings. Hotel Sorrento is the perfect place to base yourself while enjoying a golfing getaway, weekend winery tour or just relaxing on the pristine beaches located within walking distance. Heritage Suites and luxurious On the Hill Apartments feature stunning views across Port Phillip Bay, while the garden suites offer a serene setting for a romantic escape. At Hotel Sorrento, you won’t need to leave as it offers restaurant and bistro style dining, unique

Portsea Village Resort casual bars plus a day spa all on site, plus its opposite the historic beautifully maintained Sorrento Park and gardens with view across the bay. Oceanic Apartments, again ideally located within walking distance to the village, are closer to Sorrento back beach with its spectacular rugged coastline. The apartments are ideal for small and large groups alike, and close to popular wedding venue All Smiles. Sorrento Beach House is the ideal group accommodation venue, with two locations. The two storey apartment is set right in the heart of the village behind Gallery Sorrento on Ocean Beach Rd, the other property is only a short stroll from the village. There are a number of Sorrento based rental accommodation providers that each have hundreds of properties available to cater for all tastes and budgets. Beach House Rentals, Peninsula Holiday Rentals, Kay & Burton Getaways, Marshall’s Holiday Rentals and Peninsula Coastal Holidays are all based in the village and inspect all properties to ensure quality accommodation are offered to guests visiting the Peninsula. See the directory for contact details for all Sorrento and Portsea accommodation providers.




Beach House Rentals Fantastic locations & service

WITH its wonderful atmosphere and stunning views, the Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful and vibrant area, great for relaxing and spending your holidays. If you’re looking for the right place to make the most of your time off, the peninsula’s own Beach House Rentals can make sure you have everything you need to make your holiday special. Beach House Rentals are dedicated to giving their guests the best experience possible. They offer fantastic locations and a wide variety of services designed to ensure that guests are able to make the most of their time on the peninsula. Beach House Rentals have accommodation available in Portsea, Sorrento, Blairgowrie, Rye, and St Andrews Beach. Their range of properties are conveniently located near a wide variety of services with restaurants, golf courses, mazes, and much more available to choose from! Beach House Rentals have spent twelve years in business dedicating themselves to providing their clients with total satisfaction, and have scoured the peninsula to find the best quality rental properties so that their guests enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience. They work with the owners of properties to make certain that that guests are living out their holiday dreams in comfort and luxury. They offer a number of beach houses and properties



that range from designer style to vast estates, ensuring that no matter what you are looking for, Beach House Rentals will have something to suit you! As well as their dedication to their customers, Beach House Rentals are also dedicated to the local community through their support of the Sorrento Football Club. Beach House Rentals’ relentless devotion to giving its guests the best possible experience guarantees that anyone who uses their services comes as a stranger, leaves as a friend, and returns as family. Those interested are encouraged to book early, as accommodation is filling for summer. With summer fast approaching, finding a property close to the beach is a holiday essential if you're looking to spend the most time possible on the peninsula’s gorgeous family friendly beaches. For those looking to make a booking or an inquiry, Beach House Rentals can be contacted at 03 5984 4578 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. They can also be contacted by email at bookings@ Those looking to find out more information, details are also available at their website /Sorrento_village

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Koonya Apartments Weddings, couples & families WITH access to a broad range of facilities, guests in any of the luxurious Koonya Apartments are sure to be left comfortable and satisfied with their time in Sorrento. Koonya offers two or three bedroom accommodation to wedding parties, couples, golfers, and families who might wish to come and experience Sorrento living. They offer a boutique selection of 35 privately owned apartments, which are all individually furnished and feature high quality fixtures and pristine kitchens. Koonya Apartments also boasts a point of difference to their competitors by giving their guests a direct line of communication to the owners of the apartments, allowing them to work together to make sure the guest’s stay is as comfortable as possible. The team at Koonya prides themselves on their customer experience, as they aim high and try to please each guest that stays in one of their apartments, a fact proven by their positive online reviews!

Weddings | Girls Weekend Away Golf Weekend Away | Family Holidays

Their stay at Koonya Apartments is also made more comfortable by their access to indoor pool and spa facilities.

Sorrento Koonya Apartments ... a world apart!

The Koonya Apartments are located just a short distance from local shops, restaurants, and wedding venues in Sorrento, ensuring everything you might need is only a stone’s throw away. The corner piece of Koonya Apartments is also an original building from 1876, which has been redeveloped through the years before becoming a part of the Koonya experience when Koonya Apartments was established ten years ago. With a piece of history spanning back over a hundred years, Koonya Hotel is engrained in the area’s culture. Those looking to find out more information, details are available at their website www.koonyasorrento. or you can call Koonya Apartments at 0412 025 108.

Nestled in the hillside between the Sorrento Foreshore and Sorrento Village, Koonya Apartments are in the perfect location for your Sorrento getaway.

A boutique selection of apartments offered for holiday rental. A choice of 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, all individually furnished, fully selfcontained kitchens, pristinely maintained to ensure the guests experience is supreme. Whilst in residence guests have access to the indoor heated pool and spa making Koonya a unique experience. Sorrento Live The Life.

3356-3374 Point Nepean Rd, Sorrento VIC 0412 025 108 2018 EDITION



Portsea Village Resort Resort accommodation by the beach SITUATED between the waters of Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay, Portsea is more than just a destination‌ is the home of superb resort accommodation by the beach.

private balcony with sea and garden views. Choose from a one, two or three bedroom apartment, all with luxury king size beds and well equipped bathrooms.

Resort facilities at your doorstep, wineries and golf courses nearby and water sports galore - what more could you want? Portsea Village Resort is a magnificent boutique venue that caters for couples, families and groups, and offers one, two and three bedroom apartments with a fully equipped kitchen. Portsea Village Resort is also well suited to small to medium-sized meetings and events, residential training programs, seminars, planning days and board meetings.

Amenities include a fitness centre with a sauna and an indoor pool, as well as an outdoor pool, tennis and squash courts, BBQs and a lounge. A restaurant is open at the weekends.

Light and airy, each of the stylish apartments is well appointed with a spacious open living area, complete with Wi-Fi, TV, DVD and Foxtel. There is also a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, laundry facilities and a

Take in peaceful bays and wild coastlines, tranquil bush, native animals and the history of the area on one of the many walks. Explore the Point Nepean National Park on foot or bike. Hire a kayak and paddle in the bay with dolphins. Go on a fishing charter or swim, dive or snorkel with the seahorses, reef fish and the dolphins. Portsea Village Resort is at 3765 Point Nepean Rd, Portsea. Phone 5984 8484.

Boutique Mornington Peninsula Resort of 25 contemporary apartments with beach views. Stylish apartments have spacious living areas, TV, DVD Foxtel, WiFi, kitchen, dining, laundry and private balcony. Indoor heated pool, spa, sauna, outdoor heated pool & spa, gym, tennis, squash and onsite restaurant. Portsea Village Resort is surrounded by beaches, fishing, diving, snorkeling, whale watching, dolphin swims, cliff-top beach walks, golf, wineries, ferry to Queenscliff, heritage sites, and unique Australian wildlife in nearby National Parks.

3765 Point Nepean Rd, Portsea |




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Jellis Craig Real Estate When service and experience matter WITH years of experience and a burning passion for the local community, Jellis Craig is a real estate agency looking to make a difference on the Southern Mornington Peninsula. Jellis Craig’s Sorrento office is led by Director Emil Foller, who has 16 years of service experience behind him to help customers access many relevant buyers for their properties. Sorrento is just one of the many locations in the Jellis Craig family, with other offices based in Armadale, South Yarra, and Richmond. This is an attribute which helps the agency to reach a wide array of well credentialed buyers across a vast area. With this wide reach, Jellis Craig is able to show off your home to an incredibly large audience of potential buyers, and create more competition for your property!

This will help guarantee that you get the best possible price for your home. The agency offers a number of services to their clients, such as an in house property presentation expert who can assist each individual with preparing their property for sale. Jellis Craig strives to give every customer a positive experience with each transaction, and believes their team is best quipped to help potential customers deal with any of the hassles that can arise when trying to sell a house. Contact Jellis Craig between 9-5 on weekdays and 10-3 on Saturday. Jellis Craig is at 39 Ocean Beach Rd. Phone 5984 0999.

Having serviced the Peninsula for more than 15 years, specialising in Sorrento, Portsea, Blairgowrie, Rye and surrounds, our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to innovatively market your property to achieve an outstanding result. As a multi-office real estate agency with 23 offices throughout Victoria, we offer unrivalled access to a database of more than 200,000 clients across the wider Jellis Craig network. If you would like to discuss the current market conditions, or if you would like an appraisal on your property, please contact our office.

Jellis Craig Sorrento | 39 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento VIC 3943 | 5984 0999




ACCOMMODATION Beach House Rentals 47a Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4578


Lvl 1, 7/119-125 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5955

Oceanic Apartments

Hotel Sorrento Apartments 5-15 Hotham Rd 5984 8000

Kay & Burton Getaways

106 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4744

Koonya Apartments

3356-3374 Point Nepean Rd 0412 025 108

Marshall’s Holiday

85-99 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0454

Sorrento Beach House

231 Ocean Beach Rd 0466 911 059

148 Ocean Beach Rd & 3 Miranda Street 5984 4323

Peninsula Holiday Rentals



Lvl 1, 7A/ 20 Ocean Beach Rd 5988 8391

Shell’s Apartments

Briggs Shaw Real Estate

Portsea Village Resort

3765 Point Nepean Rd, Portsea 5984 8484

106 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4744

Prentice Real Estate 78 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4177

Lvl 1, 3/119-125 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2666

Kay & Burton Real Estate

Sotheby’s International Realty Level 1, 5/119-125 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4114

Jellis Craig

39 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0999

Experience the Mornington Peninsula So much more to see and do... we can help.

Mornington Peninsula Beachside Tourism Association Offers Information for the Mornington Peninsula.

• Things to do • Food & wine • Health & Spas • Markets • Places to stay • Getting around Cnr Ocean Beach Rd & George Sts, Sorrento PH: (03) 5984 1478




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Sorrento your ideal Girls Getaway destination Photo: Seaswell

• Shop til you drop • Group accommodation • Day spas • Short walks from the village to the beach • Eat out, eat in, do both! • Take in the historic limestone buildings & street vibe • Party the night away

…..Shop, stay, laugh, play…..only a short drive away. download the Sorrento Live The Life app or visit to find out about girls getaway deals & packages


service directory

BANKS Commonwealth Bank 38-40 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2336

National Australia Bank 67 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 8300

Westpac & ANZ ATMs 26-36 Ocean Beach Rd

COMMUNITY SERVICES JackanAndy’s Op Shop 848 Melbourne Rd 5984 4577

Bryan A Payne Accounting Group 136 Ocean Beach Rd 0414 538 215


133 Hotham Rd 1300 844 844

Flight Centre Sorrento 60 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2099

Fusion Broadband

Level 1, 8/119-125 Ocean Beach Rd 1300 553 526

S. Smith Builders P/L Lvl 1/ 50 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4677

Sorrento Beachside Visitor Information Centre Cnr Ocean Beach Rd & George St 5984 1478


Sorrento Community Centre 860-868 Melbourne Rd 5984 3360

Sorrento Museum 827 Melbourne Rd 5984 0255

66 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2841

Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce 106 Ocean Beach Rd 0424 000 391

Sorrento Travel & Cruise 9 George St 5984 3366

Telsec Security

Lvl 1, 1&2 119-125 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 0600

Woodhams O’Keeffe & Co Lawyers


Lvl 1, 20 Ocean Beach Rd


Sorrento News and Books (Australia Post)

136 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 4766

SPORTING CLUBS Sorrento Bowls Club Hotham Rd 5984 2831

Sorrento Football & Cricket Club David McFarlan Reserve 5984 2571

Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club 250 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 5533

Sorrento Tennis Club 854 Melbourne Rd 5984 4131

ACTIVITIES Sorrento Athenaeum Cinema 26-36 Ocean Beach Rd 5984 2903

Sorrento Video/Music 26-36 Ocean Beach Rd

EMERGENCY SERVICES Ambulance 000 Fire 000 Police 8-10 Hotham Rd 5984 2000 Victorian Bushfire Information Line 1800 240 667



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ONE ON ONE - 'Cause you deserve it! This is a personalised service for you. Tired, stressed, need to recharge? We have created a little day out JUST to spoil you.

Start over a coffee and chat with your personal stylist about your fashion needs and goals. Then enjoy a 1.5 hour walking shopping experience where you will discover the treasures of Sorrento's eclectic main street boutiques. Then indulge in some treats and read the latest fashion mags as you're chauffered to some other favourite stores located close by.

Then it's time for some pampering. Our chauffer will whisk you away to a little secret hideaway in St Andrews to enjoy an exclusive spa treatment designed to include a massage, facial and light, healthy refreshments. You will also receive a body shape analysis, a take home styling card, and special goodie bag. Price: $340 Contact Jackie 0487 177 725



What's Trending

Keep abreast with the latest news across Sorrento village all in one spot. Check out to see social media posts from local traders.


Sorrento Live The Life App

Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce has launched a new app keeping you informed of all things Sorrento – new shops, great deals and offers, what’s on…plus much more.

CONNECT Prefer not to receive emails?

/sorrentovillage /Sorrento_village

Want to make sure you never miss a copy of our new magazine? Download the Sorrento Live the Life App or view at




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‘Open your eyes to another world’ Create life’s most special moments, swimming with beautiful, wild Bottlenose dolphins, and playful fur seals

Polperro Dolphin Swims

Simply, the best!

Polperro’s beautiful Dolphin Swims gift vouchers will provide wonderful memories for family and friends. Polperro is an authentic ecotourism venture.

Sorrento Pier, Esplanade, Sorrento 5988 8437 |

Bookings are advised!



THE BATHS s o r r e n t o restaurant + events open from 11.30am daily 3278 point nepean rd sorrento ph: 5984 1500

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