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On TV, by Miranda Mora. One day I was at the shopping centre when suddenly I saw, at the TVs set, that there were the news on. The speaker was ugly but the hostess was much more good-looking. The program was a disaster: there were an elf,… and even a small dog. That seemed a game show.

The elf transformed, by Sandra Llamas. There was once an elf very, very ugly , went to a shopping centre and entered a game show. In the contest he won and then he turned into good-looking when he was quiet for winning. He went a cafe for coffee and biscuits. He bought a small dog in the pet shop and he called him Trixie. He went home and sat on the sofa to watch the news calmly.

THE FAMOUS ELF , BY PAULA LLAMAS There was once a boy named Luke. Luke was very ugly. One day he was walking in the forest and he met an elf . The elf was going to sing to a game show. The game show was in the shopping centre. Luke talked to the elf and they became friends. While they were going to the shopping centre they saw a good – looking girl and a little dog eating biscuits. The girl stayed looking at the elf, because she had never seen someone like him, and the girl told about it on the news, so the following day the elf became famous because the pretty girl.

The Bad Elf, by Evelyn Sáiz One day an elf who had a small dog was on the news. The elf was good-looking and very bad with the small dog. So bad that he went to the shopping centre and he didn’t buy biscuits to the small dog, so he became very ugly.

One day in the shopping centre, by Ana Arce. One day I and my small dog went to the shopping centre. He is good-looking and likes biscuits. She is ugly as an elf. I was on the news and mum in a game show.

One Day, by Alicia Chuecos One day Lily went to a game show. She won a small dog and biscuits. She’s very happy! Suddenly she went home and saw a strange elf … very, very ugly. She said, ‘Who are you?’ He answered, ‘I’m Peter and I can help you to be good-looking’ ‘OK,’ she answered. They went to the shopping centre a few minutes later. She’s very good-looking now! And Lily is happy.

The Elf, by Pepe Sansano One day I went with my cousins to a shopping centre. My cousins are very goodlooking. We met a very, very ugly man . He said, ‘Do you want a small dog?’ ‘Yes’, they said. They were then in a game show and watched the news there. They said there was and elf who ate the last biscuit. Then we all went home.

The Elf and His Dog, by Eduardo Caparrós There was once a very, very ugly elf. Suddenly he became a good-looking speaker in a game show. He earned biscuit as a salary. One day he went to the shopping centre and saw a small dog. The dog was on the news and the elf and the small dog became famous!

Elf in a Shopping Centre, by Jonatan Pastor One day I went to the shopping centre with my family to buy biscuits. Looking at the shop windows we saw a small dog watching the news. We saw a very ugly elf winning in a game show.

The Elf and the Dog, by Alejandro Green One ugly man was working in a shopping centre, making a game show with a small dog. A good-looking elf and a dog ate biscuits. People liked the show and said that it was very funny and enjoy it. This is the reason for the show was on the news.

Very Strange, by Alba Soto One day I was at home and watched the news on TV. I saw a very good-looking small dog. Suddenly I was looking a game show in a shopping centre where there was a very very ugly elf dinning biscuits. Very strange!

A Little Story, by MarĂ­a FernĂĄndez One day I was watching the news and I saw a small dog that was lost. The next day I saw that the dog had become an elf. The elf was good-looking and it was eating biscuits and watching a game show.

The Shopping Centre, by Vanessa Wolters One day I went to the shopping centre with mum. We were looking at the shops when we saw a small dog and an elf watching the news in the department store. Mum ate biscuits and became an ugly person, but suddenly she was good-looking again!

One Fantastic Day, by Daniel Albadalejo One day in the shopping centre, on the news, a small ugly dog saw an elf and the dog became a good-looking dog. The small dog participated in a game show and he won lots of biscuits, meat, jam and horrible vegetables. It was fantastic!

Elf Stories  

Historias narradas por alumnos de 6º, en inglés.

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