Sophisticated Living Louisville September/October 2020

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SOPHISTICATED STARS Happy Birthday Virgo and Libra! This Month's Sophisticated Stars are September born Libra, entrepreneur and SAG actor, Faith Hope Yascone, born September 24th and October born Libra and founder of BTS Media and SkyVey Benjamin Worth Bingham Miller, born October 5th. Libra's will love September as the beautiful new moon in Pisces on September 1st sees them celebrating a longawaited creative career opportunity that has come to fruition. Then in October at the full moon in Aries with Venus and Mars in sweet communication-Venus in Leo and Mars in Aries, Libra will enjoy the romantic and much-needed fun vibe. Each sign will have some news to enjoy and celebrate as we start and move through September! As we Kentuckians approach September, we'll celebrate not only some improved stars, but we'll also enjoy the Kentucky Derby for the first time in history ever to be run on September 5th! Happy Derby y'all, and may you win, place or show! FAITH HOPE YASCONE Faith Hope is Co-Owner of Frankfort Avenue CoachHouse and Yascone Enterprises. Faith's Sagittarius rising makes her a leader that creates a sense of benevolence and goodwill that she brings to her clients and guests. For Faith, no task is impossible, as her co-ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of charity and good fortune to others. Faith connects the community by sponsoring in-kind events that support Kentucky Opera, and even traveling nurses needing a place to stay to fight COVID 19. Faith also has the moon in Taurus, which gives her a keen sense of responsibility and drive in business and finance. Faith's Venus in Leo gifts her with a fun and childlike approach to life. Venus is the planet that governs Libra, evidenced by her creativity as a SAG union actor and a great sense of humor. In September Faith can look forward to a new opportunity to do just that, at the new moon in Pisces landing in her house of work. With Pisces being the planet that rules film, music, and the arts, it may highlight a contract in this area of Faith's career. On the new moon in Virgo on September 17th Faith will score a big career victory! BENJAMIN WORTH BINGHAM MILLER As a Libra ruled by Venus with both the Sun and Mercury in Libra, Worth has the gift of being exceptionally diplomatic and balanced. As a Leo rising, Worth has a warm and playful nature and innate creativity that he utilizes effortlessly with his businesses BTS Media and SkyVey. With


Written by Joy Yascone Elms MA

the moon in Gemini ruling writing and storytelling, Worth has a natural journalistic instinct, and the ability to write in a way that reaches the heart and soul of many. With Jupiter in Aquarius, Worth will have his Jupiter return next year, which occurs only every 12 years, signaling a phenomenal year of dreams come true! This month, at the new moon in Pisces on September 1st, Worth can look forward to some excellent financial news in business. At the new moon in Virgo September 17th, he'll garner an intriguing new contract or client to boot. On October 1st, the full moon in Aries sees ancient lovers Mars and Venus planning a date night, with Venus in Leo and Mars in Aries, in a beautiful communication that will be Worth celebrating! ARIES March 21st – April 19th With the full moon in Pisces on September 1st, you'll accept a new job or role crystalizing a new money-making venture. You'll be best supported to start this venture at the new moon in Virgo on September 17th. At this same new moon, it is the absolute best time to commence a new fitness regimen to see great results. In October at the full moon in Aries on October 1st, be sure to nurture your well-being while also enjoying the romantic mood of Venus in Leo in harmonious communication with Mars in Aries. TAURUS April 20th – May 20th You'll enjoy the full moon in Pisces as it may crystalize an opportunity to enjoy time with friends and socialize, even if virtually. You may also accept a new board assignment at this time that will delight you. Then at the new moon in Virgo on September 17th, you'll enjoy a delightful romantic episode or hear exciting news regarding your children. If you've wanted to adopt or conceive, this is a perfect time to start the process. This new moon may also signal a new creative project that will bring you joy! GEMINI May 21st – June 20th September 1st finds you celebrating a career victory at the full moon in Pisces. If you have applied for a new role, have plans to open a business, or start a fresh career path, this full moon could see the realization of a dream come true! Then, September 17th sees you potentially and happily moving, selling, or buying a property. In October, the new moon in Libra on October 16th is a time to stay close to home and meditate on what you are grateful for. This new moon is a bit challenging, so create good intentions with your vision.