Sophisticated Living Louisville Nov/Dec 2019

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SOPHISTICATED STARS Our November and December Sophisticated Stars are Louisville’s own Scorpio Donna Osif, owner of Bedded Bliss, and Sagittarius Sarah Provancher, owner of Procom Communications. Written by Joy Yascone Elms MA

DONNA OSIF When thinking about Scorpio, most conjure up thoughts relating to what one might perceive as bedded bliss! Scorpio and Bedded Bliss founder and owner Donna Osif, whose birthday is on November 17th, is a double Scorpio with Sun and Ascendant in Scorpio. Visiting Bedded Bliss is likened to Donna’s passionate Scorpio dominant chart, complete with luxury textures, scents, and home beauty to delight the most distinguished palates. In November, Donna can look forward to a happy full moon in her opposite sign of Taurus on November 12th. This full moon will signal a joyous conclusion in an anticipated and awaited decision or opportunity. The new moon solar eclipse on December 25th will see Donna celebrating a pleasant change of scenery to make her smile; it will be a perfect time to do so with planetary support!

SARAH PROVANCHER Born on December 4th, Sarah Provancher, founder and owner of Procom Communications, is living out her Sagittarius superpowers as only a Jupiter ruled Sagittarius can! As a Sagittarius, Sarah’s ruling planet, larger than life Jupiter, is the planet of miracles and go-big-orgo-home concepts and ideas. Sarah’s innate abilities are the offspring of Jupiter’s influence and are a natural attribute of Sagittarius’ planetary gifts that she brings to her clients. Sarah has so much to look forward to with the full moon on November 12th. This will be the perfect time for Sarah to enjoy a new fitness and wellness routine. A fire sign, Sagittarius thrives on keeping active in new and exciting ways that offer a bit of adventure. Wonderful news Sagittarius! In December, the kind and benevolent new moon solar eclipse will see Sarah celebrating a new and exciting career victory just in time for the holidays! 101