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In the letters that are sent out to schools and parents/guardians, it is noted that every part of the project needs to be stated clearly, with clear intentions and time frames. Including the benefits, how the project will be run and what the results of the project will be used for.

Before running workshops, consent forms will be sent out alongside project proposals and the brief that is being followed. Parents/guardians will know exactly what is happening and where the research will be used.

From reading the college’s Ethics Policy it is noted that all points chosen here are relevant to the research project. Key points: Do not offend Participants must be full aware of methods and intended research and any benefits - what will schools/workshops gain from my project?? Consent from participant or guardian/carer - This can be verbal/email or with minors a consent form must be signed  Participation must be voluntary  Full intentions for the project must be stated from the start Identities of participants to remain anonymous unless consented 

Ethics policy issuu  
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