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Get Affordable Transport To The Airport It is now easy to book taxi for the airports in Netherlands and also to the German airport of Dusseldorf. The taxi is just a call away from you. Going away for a vacation or some business to other countries requires you to get a swift transportation to the airport to catch the flight on time. Taxi naar Schipol service is available 24/7 for the customers. It is very simple to make a prior reservation by phone. This prevents last minute rush to get a taxi and the customer is relaxed.

Airports connected The taxi service provides transportation to the main airport of Netherlands in the capital city of Amsterdam. However, the Taxi naar Schipol service is not limited to Schipol airport only. Other airports connected by the service include The Hague airport in Rotterdam, Eindhoven airport, Groningen airport and the Maastricht airport. Taxi service is also available to the Dusseldorf airport in Germany. Therefore, it is not an issue where you are headed for the flight because the taxi service has covered all the main airports with maximum passenger traffic every day. Rates The taxi service is offering Goedkoop Schipol vervoer to the customers. A look at the rate confirms this claim. One way transport to the main Schipol airport costs 120 Euros while a return service costs 220 Euros. The rate chart for other airports is as follows:  Dusseldorf airport- 120 Euros for one way and 220 Euros for return  Eindhoven airport- 110 Euros for one way and 200 Euros for return  Koln airport- 180 Euros for one way and 340 Euros for return

 Frankfurt airport- 340 Euros for one way and 650 Euros for return  Rotterdam airport- 110 Euros for one way and 200 Euros for return  Brussels airport- 225 Euros for one way and 425 Euros for return Contact The customers can access their website to complete the contact form. The website also carries the contact number. Taxi Arnhem Schipol is located in the Schipol Plaza in Arnhem.

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