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OZONE GENERATOR RENT AL FOR THE SPA AND REMOVAL OF MILDEW AND MOLD The use of ozonator, whether it is for killing the mold, removal of odor, purifying water, the uses of the machine is varied and far reaching. Ozone has a strong penetration power or effect and thus it sanitizes and oxidizes everything. They can work on oil and water equally to remove viruses and bacteria. By adding it to the spa, contaminants can be removed.

Ozone generator rental is becoming a popular trend nowadays. The generator is becoming extremely popular since it has the capability to eliminate mildew, mold, powerful odors, smell of the smoke and can even eradicate pests like bed bugs, roaches, ants and dust mites. Ozone is wonderful sterilizing agent which can oxidize bacteria and odors.

Renting the generator is budget friendly and affordable. There are several companies that may be accessed over the internet renting the machine at as little as $10 per day. The main factor here is to avail the machine which can serve your purpose. It must be perfect for your application.

COMMERCIAL GRADE OZO NATOR FOR RENT It is always best to rent an ozonator which is commercial grade producing 3500-7500 micrograms of ozone per hour. Industrial shock treatment ozonator takes 4 hours to be effective on 100 square feet of surface. So, as soon as the ozone leaves the machine, it starts the task of oxidizing the molecules to convert them into oxygen. A room which is treated must be empty and free of plants, people and pets. It is seen that ozone has the power to damage the lungs. Thus, it is mandatory to evacuate the place. So, prior to reentering the room, wait for at least half an hour after the ozone treatment is over. After the oxidation is over, your home will probably smell like fresh rain.


Ozone generators are used extensively in the spa and health centers due to their ability to curb viruses and bacteria. The powerful deodorizer and sterilizer can clean anything under the sun. It is used in the spa to sterilize linens, sponges to improve the hygiene and level of cleanliness. Adding up an ozonator to the home spa can reduce the load of bacteria and eliminates the need for additional chemicals. Although it cannot replace the bromine or chlorine, still ozonator can create a huge difference to the chemicals needed for sterilization and the smell they emit. In the spa, ozonator is used to treat ulcers and open sores. So, we can say that it has immense usage in the field of health and wellbeing. If used on the injuries, bacteria may be killed and eliminated. It can purify water which may be used for cleaning and drinking. Those who have weak immunity, they can consider washing the dishes with ozonators.

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Ozone machine is usually used for the purpose of producing ozone. The ozone produced is generally used in removing the unpleasant odour and...

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