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We’re also happy to announce that our new website,, is live! On page 29 you can learn about what to expect when you visit the site for the first time.

Welcome SUMMER 2022

One of the first events of the fall in Fountain Hills is also one of the favorites. Oktoberfest is a Bavarian-style celebration at the end of September at the Fountain Park. Go to pages 30-31 to see how you can get your beers, pretzels, and lederhosen on. Here in Arizona, the beauty of the southwest is highly sought after, both inside and outside of the home. Making the perfect southwestern look in your home can be a challenge, so we have some ideas on pages 14-15 that can help you along the Youway.may have noticed: the Valley’s summers are hot. Luckily, there are several places within a few hours of town where you can experience beautiful temperatures. We picked three great spots for you to check out on pages 26-27.


Monsoon season is here! Welcome to the Summer 2022 quarterly issue of Desert Vibe magazine! A summer of fantastic kids’ activities with Fountain Hills Parks & Recreation is about to culminate with the annual Back To School Bash. On pages 22-23 you can learn more about this big party to cap off the summer.

Morning hikes are another great way to experience the outdoors before the summer heat gets to you. On pages 12-13 you’ll find three trails in Fountain Hills that can be easily completed before sunrise.


Now seems like a good time to take stock of where the real estate market has been and where it might be going. No one has a crystal ball, but there are some strong and stable indicators to consider regarding current and future supply.

There is history to inform us about demand, especially in a seasonal market like the northeast corner of Maricopa County. And, most especially, there are three large generational groups (Boomers, Gen X and Millennials) that, in a strange twist of fate and timing, are all vying for housing in today’s market and have plenty of financial capability to achieve their goals.


RE/MAX Sun Properties has created an informative, 8-page MidYear Market Report that breaks down all this information and pro vides facts to help you sort out how this shift might affect you. You’ll find links to numerous statistical reports and news articles that can help you make sense of the massive runup of the past two years, and why this shift is not at all like 2008. There is a discussion about the historical affect of mortgage rates on our market and suggestions for how you can capitalize on market opportunities of the future. And, if you think you’ve “missed the party” as a Seller, we have good news for you! We believe in facts, not media hysteria. We also believe in our local real estate market and look forward to explaining why!


Yes, the market is shifting, but it is always shifting, never static. Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen very high highs and very low lows. The market in which we currently find ourselves in now is actually a very normal mar ket, with a fair (but not excessive) amount of good looking inventory, a few bargains and the promise of a winter season approaching for those who wish to sell. We’d like to share this Mid-Year Report with you! Contact your RE/MAX Sun Properties real estate advisor and we’ll email a copy. You can reach us SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COM 5

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL AUGUST 9 The Fountain Hills Unified School District is back for the 2022-23 school year! The elementary, middle, and high school are all opening their doors for another year of learning! BACK TO SCHOOL BASH AUGUST 19 Finish the summer with a splash at this free event at Four Peaks Park! Enjoy inflatable water slides, a dunk tank, food trucks, music, yard games, and vehicles on display from the MCSO and the Fire Department! Cruisin’ Down the River! AUGUST 27 The L Alan Cruikshank River of Time Museum is hosting a new Signature Gala Event at the Fountain Hills Community Center! Enjoy a river-themed extravaganza with dinner, dancing, raffles, and live music by the John West Trio! Tickets are available now. RiverofTime.Center SUMMER Local Events 6 SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COM

BALLET UNDER THE STARS SEPTEMBER 8 See Ballet Arizona inaugurate their 2022-23 season with the annual Ballet Under the Stars Event at the Fountain Park. At this free, public show, see the best ballet dancers in the state perform to music ranging from classical to contemporary. OKTOBERFEST SEPTEMBER 23 - 24 The Annual Fountain Hills Oktoberfest brings authentic German food, music, and culture to the Fountain Park! There’s fun for the entire family, with games and prizes abound. Of course, no Oktoberfest is complete without German beers! Flutter at the Butterfly “Reveal”Fountain October 15th @ Plaza Fountainside The beautiful butterflies of the 2022 Flutter at the Foun tain will be unveiled to the public for the first time in preparation for November’s Flutter Event. SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COM 7 FOR MORE COMMUNITY EVENTS AND INFO, CHECK WWW.DESERTVIBE.COM/CALENDAROUT

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES 16704 E Ave of the Fountains #101 Fountain Hills, Dawn@SunPropertiesAZ.comAZ DAWN WOODS PROPERTY MANAGER DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS 480.837.9801 RESIDENTIAL AND SEASONAL RENTALS Management Services In Fountain Hills, there is a great option for professional property management. RE/MAX Sun Properties has managed over $40 million in residential property management since 2010. RE/MAX Sun Properties Property Management Services are the perfect fit for clients who wish for their real estate investment to accomplish three goals: Maximize Income Potential Minimize Liability and Risk Manage for Increased Future Value











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The best times to plant your landscaping for the year are in the fall and the spring, but sometimes people need to get their planting done during less opportune times. Whether it’s a good idea to plant something during the summer depends on the species. If it’s a native plant like a Palo Verde or a Barrel Cactus, etc., you can probably expect the plant to survive. However, if you’re planting something that requires lots of water or isn’t accustomed to the erratic weather of the Arizona summers, the transition from a cozy nursery


Without the instinct to be drought-deciduous, it’s up to the plant’s caretaker to help carry non-native vegetation through its first few summers in the ground. Can You Plant During the Summer?

Non-native plants used in landscaping often have a more difficult time making it through the summer.


Monsoon Season is one of the most interesting times of year for an Arizonan. Hot days are interrupted with brilliant thunderstorms that can either bring impressive rains or intense winds. Our plants are even more excited for these summer rains than we are.

Native plants are accustomed to these weather patterns and are often drought deciduous. This means they intentionally lose their leaves during dry spells and regrow with gusteau after heavy rains.


Plant Care

Fully organic liquid fertilizers, such as those from Fox Farm, are usually still okay to use, no matter what time of year. Be sure to use liquid and not solid, as liquid fertilizer gets into the plant’s system faster and prevents any potential root burn. You can also give plants minerals any time of year. Powders like Azomite and liquids like Superthrive are full of vitamins that plants will use to fortify their immune systems during difficult times.

Every plant has its own wants and needs, but generally, the answer to this question is “more than during the winter.”

Again, there are a lot of nuances depending on the spe cies of plant. These are just some general pointers that are much more likely to help than to hurt. For more specific care info, consult a local nursery such as Verde Valley Nursery, located at 12025 N Saguaro Boulevard.

Consider putting a 50% shade cloth on top of its youngest foliage if possible. Should You Fertilize During the Summer?

If you notice that your plants look droopy every day at about 4:00PM, that’s because the late afternoons are the hottest times of the day. It’s okay if a plant droops a couple times, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, leaves can begin to die quickly. It may be worth-while to change your watering schedule to include a little boost at 4:00PM. If there’s just been a huge rainstorm, feel free to turn your irrigation off completely for a day or two. Even during the summer, overwatering can still be a problem. If lower leaves on a plant begin to turn yellow, sag, and fall off, it’s probably being overwatered.

Most of the time, it’s best to hold off from using chemical fertilizers between June 15th and September 1st. Chemicals can hurt vulnerable roots on plants during the hottest parts of the summer. There are some options for giving plants a boost, though.

During the Summer?

to a bright sunny yard may put the plant into shock and cause damage or death. If you’re planting a non-native plant during the summer, your best course of action is to ease it into its new lifestyle. Give it a few deep soaks with a hose during the first month it’s in the ground.

How Much Should You Water Plants



Promenade Trail


During the summer months, hiking in the middle of the day is strenuous and often dangerous. Luckily, our summer mornings are beautiful, and you can go on some great hikes in Fountain Hills before the sunlight gets too direct.

The Fountain Hills Botanical Garden is a short set of small loops along the south side of the Emerald Wash in the middle of town. The views

Lake Overlook Trail

As the name might suggest, the Lake Overlook Trail is a quick hike that overlooks the Fountain Lake and the whole of Fountain Hills to the west. You can see the Superstitions, Four Peaks, the Mazatzals, and more in their full glory to the east. Reaching the top of the hill at sunrise will give you some of the best views Fountain Hills can offer.

Fountain Hills Botanical Garden

The Promenade Trail is just one of the many larger trails that begins at the Adero Canyon Trailhead. A quick hike along the Promenade Trail is only about 2 miles if you turn back before the more difficult section that makes up the “Western Loop Trail” begins.

are beautiful, and the wash is full of stunning specimens of desert wild life, all labeled with their common and scientific names for educational Thesepurposes.are just three of the dozens of great hikes in and around Fountain Hills. We teamed up with the Town of Fountain Hills to put together a comprehensive map of all of them, which you can view and download by going to Stay tuned for this November, when the Sonoran Lifestyle Team will be sponsoring the Fountain Hills Hik ing Challenge! For more information, arizona/ Promenade Trail Fountain Hills Botanical Garden Our beautifulmorningssummerareandyoucangoonsomegreathikesinFountainHills. SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COM 13

Do you love flipping through the pages of décor magazines or scrolling through Pinterest? Have you fallen in love with the modern Southwest look? There is something about this look that feels bright and airy, giving a calming, Zen-like quality that feels closer to nature. If you have been dreaming about bringing that look into your home, these six elements will help you achieve it.



A rug brings warmth, color, and texture to a space, and most great desert-inspired homes include them. When you start with a rug, you can take color cues from it for other accents in the room. Choose from a Native Southwest geometric design, a Moroccan rug, faux fur or animal hides, or a flat-weave natural fiber.



When you begin with a base of desert neutrals, it is easy to build your pal ette from there. Many of these modern designs have crisp white walls, but a warm white can give a soothing feel, too. Think of desert earthy hues when layering in your colors. Think warm col ors like terracotta, orange, yellow, blush, beige, and cognac. Then add accents of olive tones, blues, black, and metal accents. Even a pop of red can be fun. SouthwestSouthwestLookLook





A desert design does not mean you have to stick with the American Southwest. Give your home a well-travelled look from other arid regions and other desert cultures to give your space depth of character. This might start with a Moroccan rug, a Turkish wall sconce, or Spanish tile. UNIQUE TREASURES Finish your look with one-of-a-kind touches that add personality to your home. This might be a handmade piece from a local artist, a DIYed project, or visually attractive items found in nature.

Add a variety of textures for a great sensory and visual feel. The modern Southwest design loves rattan, wicker, macrame, ceramic, woven fabrics, and leather. Leather gives a nod to the Old West but choose modern designs in cognac instead of dark browns.

Natural desert elements help your home feel like part of the desert landscape. Include drought-resistant plants through out your home, such as cactus, other suc culents, palms, air plants, or fiddle leaf figs. Add desert landscape artwork, handmade-inspired pieces, stoneware, and live-edge wood tables.

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THE SONORAN LIFESTYLE TEAM SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COMSonoranLifestyle.comHomeTeam@SonoranLifestyle.com480-837-1331 17 9115 N HORIZON TRAIL, FOUNTAIN HILLS 4 BD | 4.5 BA | 5,572 SQ FT | 3.5 CG A quiet setting on 2.012 acres overlooking hundreds of acres of desert tranquility, a lake, plus #15 & #16 of the FireRock Country Club. Fully Furnished and built to the highest luxury standards, evening views provide mountain or city lights from various patios. The main patio has a 2-sided, pocketing door wall that makes indoor and outdoor living seamless and perfectly comfortable. Fantastic Great Room floorplan, integrating a beautiful kitchen of top-quality appliances, 2 large living spaces and 2 dining areas. The perfect home for just the two of you, yet also offers amazing hospitality for extended family and guests. The lower level is like a resort, w/billiards, a large custom theater, full bar, fitness area, 3 fully suited guest rooms & more! Furnishings list upon request. $2,750,000



For a variety of reasons, more and more people are getting into the idea of having meals delivered right to their front doors. With an emphasis on healthful eating, here are a few examples that we think you’ll want to check out!

Nature’s Purpose Nature’s Purpose is all about bringing healthy, original recipes to people’s doors across the Phoenix area. They operate on a NoContract basis, meaning you don’t have to sign up for any long-term commitments. You set up your order on their website by choosing from hundreds of options and inserting your location. All their meals are made organically and fresh for every customer. TO YOUR DOOR


Witnessing Nature

Fran’s Kitchen

At Fran’s Kitchen, food and self-help are one and the same. You can choose from several diet plans, including a “detox” plan that helps cleanse your system as a warm-up for Fran’s other meal plans. Their meal plans are all about locating the causes of inflammation and weight gain and counteracting them with healthy eating choices. All of their meals are free of glu ten, dairy, soy, and peanuts, to bring health food to the widest group of East Valley customers possible.


The Vegan Taste

The Vegan Taste, if the name didn’t give it away, takes ready-made Vegan meals to customers across the East Valley. They promote the “Plant-Forward Lifestyle,” changing people’s lives by crafting vegan meals that are delicious, filling, and go with only a little reheating.

If you’re looking for meal plans that emphasize specific dietary plans, consider Fresh n’ Lean. All their meal deliveries are gluten-free, nutrient-dense, and are never frozen. They offer plans for high protein diets, keto, paleo, vegan, and even musclebulking diets. Signing up for weekly deliv eries will ensure a great start to your New Year diet plans.

Fresh n’ Lean

Witnessing Nature is an all-natural catering company that specializes in sustainable, ethically sourced foods. Their meal delivery service operates around the East Valley, making “farm to table” all the more literal. With all kinds of beautiful, creative selections that leave you feeling clean and satisfied, Witnessing Nature is a great service through and through.

More and more people are getting into the idea of having meals delivered right to their front doors.

20 SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COM $550,000LAND CYNDI DUNHAM Realtor, RE/MAX Sun Properties (602) www.CyndiSellsFountainHills.comCyndiDunham1@gmail.com686-5579 9424 NORTH FIRERIDGE TRAIL LOT #2 0.68 ACRE LOT | GENTLE SLOPE, EASY BUILD VIEW OVER POND AND CITY LIGHTS Beautiful view lot in Firerock Country Club! Gentle slope for an easy build, and nice building envelope. View over pond, and out to city lights. Quiet and serene setting in this prestigious Golf Community. Situated in a guard-gated neighborhood.

THE SONORAN LIFESTYLE TEAM SonoranLifestyle.comHomeTeam@SonoranLifestyle.com480-837-1331 22729 E PLEASANT VIEW ROAD, FORT MCDOWELL 3 BD | 3 BA | 3,745 SQ FT | 4 CG High Desert Views of Superstitions, Red Mountain, McDowell Mountains and 4-Peaks Mtn. Beautifully designed home and shop, a car collector or hobbyist’s dream! In Goldfield Ranch, only 20 minutes to either Scottsdale or Mesa, and, only 10 minutes to Fountain Hills or Saguaro Lake Marina ... Sky Harbor only 40 minutes. Imagine being able to accommodate 15-20 cars – and that doesn’t even include the 4-car garage in the main home. And what a home it is! Warm and charming, with a cook’s kitchen, perfect for entertaining a crowd or just chilling for the two of you. Outdoors, numerous large patios, a pool & spa, plus plenty of room for gardening or kids play. The main homesite is 5.004 acres, while a second adjacent site is an additional 5 acres, perfect for an additional barn or just preserving the views and ambience. 13600 N FOUNTAIN HILLS BOULEVARD #104, FOUNTAIN HILLS 3 BD | 2.5 BA | 2,231 SQ FT | 2 CG La Strada gated community. Lives like single level with main level living and bedroom. Sunny open living has art niches, 2-story vaulted ceiling/windows. Open kitchen has granite counters, breakfast bar seating, living room pass through, dining nook, with patio access. Main level, primary bedroom features walkout to patio, soaking tub, glass W/I shower and spacious closet. Upstairs offers 2 guest rooms sharing a bath, space for an office. Covered entry courtyard. Tons of storage. Extended length 2-car garage has room enough for a lift. Community pool, spa, covered area with fireplace, BBQ, and plenty of room for seating. Walking distance to stores, & restaurants, with easy access to Shea and Beeline. New carpet and paint in June 2022. $565,000 Home on 5.004$1,400,000: Acre Site (APN APN #219-16-113J)SiteHome on$1,650,000:#219-16-113-G)10.004Acre(alsoincludes SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COM 21

SCHOOL Fountain Hills Community Services has provided so many fun activities for the kids of Fountain Hills this summer. The re-opening of the Noon Kiwanis Splash Pad inaugurated the season of summer fun, with weekly and semi-weekly events such as Wacky Wet Wednesdays, Splash Pad Summer Series, and the Summer Games. As summer comes to an end, a grand finale is in order: The annual Back 2 School Bash! FINISH THE SUMMER RIGHT: THE BACK TO SCHOOL Bash! 22 SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COM


The Back 2 School Bash, which is proudly sponsored by the Sonoran Lifestyle Team at RE/MAX Sun Properties, is truly a grand display of fun summer activities capping off every activity the town provided over the summer and more. Water slides, dunk tanks, kettle corn, water games, and cornhole are just some of the things you’ll find this time around. MCSO and the FH Fire Department will also have vehicles on display for kids to check out. No matter how old your kids are, there will be something there to enjoy. This party is totally free and will go from 6:00PM through 8:00PM. To learn more about the activities and amenities at this year’s Bash, head to A grand display of fun theactivitiessummercappingoffeveryactivitytownprovidedoverthesummerandmore.

The first day of school in the Fountain Hills Unified School District is set for August 9th this year. Ten days later, on August 19th, the Back 2 School Bash will take place at Four Peaks Park.

22 SUN P ROPERTIESA Z. CO M 5 GU YS CONST RUC T IO N : T HE OVERHEAD C ARE C LUB All it takes is the tiniest pin head-sized opening for water to find a way through your roof. And when it does, it quickly destroys your safety, comfort, and possessions. Even worse, you may not even know water has entered your house until it is too late. Each year, weather that brings water causes an average of $11 billion of damage to American homes. That’s why we recommend 5 Guys Construction to our clients and even our friends and family. Their Overhead Care Club gives you peace of mind, knowing that your roof is ready and protected from whatever Mother Nature sends your way. As an Overhead Care Club member, you will receive: •ANNUAL GUTTER CLEANING (UP TO 150 FEET) •17-POINT SAFETY ANALYSIS •SKYLIGHT CLEANING •ATTIC ANALYSIS • DEBRIS REMOVAL • GUARANTEED APPOINTMENTS WITHIN 24 HOURS • REDUCED DIAGNOSTIC FEE • 10% DISCOUNT ON REPAIRS If your roof is more than 20-years-old, it’s probably due for a replacement. But younger roofs can fail, too, making an annual inspection a valuable part of protecting your home. It doesn’t take much effort to prevent water damage from a leaky roof. CONTACT 5 GUYS CONSTRUCTION at 480-892-5311 or by visiting



Perched on a ridge in the luxurious gated community Westridge Village. Backing to an expansive arroyo with southern exposure of the city lights, Sonoran Desert, & sweeping views. Open-concept living featuring vaulted ceilings, oversized windows, & plenty of spaces for living, dining, and entertaining. Great room features gas fireplace & media center. Bright spacious kitchen features a gas cook top, stainless-steel appliances, and a large granite peninsula. Elegant primary features access to back patio pool area, large W/I shower, soaking tub, & well-organized closet. Split bedroom floor plan allows for privacy w/ 2 guest rooms. Outdoors, enjoy a covered patio, negative edge pool & spa, plus beautifully landscaped yard. LED lighting & electric shades. Garage has epoxy floor & built-in cabinet.

$1,100,000$995,000 SUNPROPERTIESAZ.COM 25

3 BD | 2.5 BA | 2,427 SQ FT | 2 CG Enjoy the magic of lake and mountain views among some of the friendliest neighbors in Fountain Hills! Overlooking the World-Famous Fountain and only a short walk to restaurants, pubs, the park, and area hiking. The Lake overlook Trail is only steps away! Nestled in the celebrated Arriba del Lago gated community, this home features several outdoor living spaces to take full advantage of the Arizona weather with views to the World-Famous Fountain and Park. Private Pool, covered entrance, and patio greet you.

3 BD | 2.5 BA | 2,546 SQ FT | 2 CG

THE SONORAN LIFESTYLE TEAM SonoranLifestyle.comHomeTeam@SonoranLifestyle.com480-837-1331

It’s summer in the Valley, and it’s hot. If you have time for a day trip, or even an extended stay, up in a place with cooler weather, why wouldn’t you? Luckily, there are forests and high elevations in almost all directions, where the weather is significantly cooler and wetter and the views are second to none. The best part: you can drive to all these places in a few hours.

THEBeatTO Heat



Big Lake Located near the town of Greer and the Sunrise Ski Resort, Big Lake is just one of the dozens of natural lakes on the Mogollon Rim. The eleva tion in the Big Lake area sits around 9,000 feet, and the average high temperature in the nearest towns is a beautiful 75.6 degrees in July. The fishing is great here, and the views of meadows, forests, and often perennially snowcapped mountains are stunning. There are lots of places to park an RV or go camping, and there are cabins available for rent in Greer all year round.

There are countless resorts, hotels, and B&B’s in and around Flagstaff waiting to take in flatlanders trying to escape the heat. In the down town area, there are several great food options and bars. The nature in Flagstaff and the surrounding area is absolutely amazing, with stands of ponderosa pines mixed with aspen trees, occasionally separated by meadows.

Mount Lemmon is one of the most prom inent “Sky Islands” in southern Arizona, and the weather does not disappoint. Situated just north of the city of Tucson, a drive from Fountain Hills to the resort on top takes about 3.5 hours.

Mount Lemmon

While Mount Lemmon is best known for its ski resort that runs throughout the winter and spring, the surrounding village is full of cabins to rent, trails to hike, an observatory to tour, and a few cute restaurants to enjoy. The drive up the mountain and what you’ll see from the top are some of the best views you can find in the state. With an average July temperature of 76.5 degrees and an elevation of 9,171 feet, Mount Lemmon is a place you’ll want to see – and feel.

Flagstaff Flagstaff is the biggest city in northern Arizona, known for being the gateway to the Grand Canyon, home of Northern Arizona University, and the Sno Bowl Ski Resort. Arguably the best features of Flagstaff are its beautiful ecosystem and cool temperatures, all while being only a 2.5-hour drive from the Phoenix area. The average high temperature in July is 82 degrees.


Monica & Claudio Lazzatti (480)837-9291 17020 E Enterprise Drive Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268 You’ve Earned Your Rest Now Call the Best in RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL CLEANING Fountain Hills Owned since 1990 Serving Fountain Hills, Rio Verde, Tonto Verde and North Scotsdale

Your source for all the happenings in town is here ... is now online! Desert Vibe is a central hub for all activity in Fountain Hills, East Scott sdale, and the Verdes. Community Calendar: Events in the Fountain Hills area are cata logued online, from weekly sport meetups to FH Theater Productions to the Art Fair and beyond! The list is updated regularly and displayed chronologically with events.

Local Resources: This is your Fountain Hills almanac of local entertainment and dining. Here you can find a myriad of resources… Fun things to do around the area and the best places to send your kids to school, business resources, and local nonprofit groups. Stories: This is our blog, showcasing upcoming events, profiles of local public figures, and more.



Live Here: Find lifestyle info about, Fountain Hills, East Scottsdale, and the Verdes (Rio Verde, Tonto Verde, Vista Verde). It’s everything you need to get started! It’s all here, every day of the week! Check in and keep up to date! NOW ONLINE!

Can you hear the polka music playing? Fountain Hills is home to the annual “Oktoberfest at the Fountain,” a community wide celebration of Bavarian food, entertainment and beverage. Prost! Oktoberfest has been a tradition in South Germany for over 200 years, beginning in 1810 as a celebration for the Bavarian King Ludwig I’s marriage.


Oktoberfest in the United States stayed concentrated to regions with high German populations until after World War II, when it finally began to spread to the rest of the country, eventually including Fountain Hills. This Bavarian-style celebration features live music, costumes, German foods, and of course: Beer! You’ll see authentic details such as long tables decorated with blue and white paper, perfect for meeting friends and enjoying your beer and pretzels. Participate in various themed contests for prizes, such as the Beer Stein holding contest, the Alphorn blowing contest, and the Bavarian Costume Contest.

This year’s Oktoberfest will take place on the evenings of September 23rd and 24th, 2022 from 5:00PM through 10:00PM. Pre-admission tickets cost $5, and tickets purchased at the gate will cost $10.


While you do have to be 21 or older to purchase the beer, there is a free Kidz’ Zone full of activities for young Oktoberfest fans.

For more information on how you can get into the Bavarian spirit this fall, go to

16704 E. Avenue of the Fountains #101 | SunPropertiesAZ.com480-837-9801 .com POWERED BY

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