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The Very Best Reason

for Dental Implants Gentle jawbone reconstruction with SonicWeld Rx速

There’s a time

where nothing can really hurt us

It is the time where everything grows and thrives and even our teeth grow again. And when we temporarily lost them, we still looked by and large sweet in spite of the resulting gaps. But the golden years of childhood are not intended to last, so in the course of the years we may have a reason,

now and then, to deplore the loss of a tooth that was supposed to accompany us all the way to old age. Fortunately, there are dental implants available now that make up for such losses so perfectly that it is frequently impossible to tell a replaced tooth from a natural one.

A gentle procedure

for more attractive teeth However, this requires some preconditions: an intact bone base and an alveolar crest with enough substance for the solid and longlasting anchorage of the implant. There are many ways nowadays to preserve, regenerate or reconstruct the jawbone, but the gentlest method of all is a KLS Martin invention: jawbone reconstruction with SonicWeld Rx速.

You have a tooth missing? The loss of one or more teeth inevitably affects its immediate environment. Adjacent teeth lose their hold, the bone base deteriorates (atrophies) and the thin osseous wall that surrounds and stabilizes each tooth disappears.

Intact tooth with a healthy alveolar crest Tooth loss is followed by alveolar crest atrophy

To anchor a dental implant properly, the alveolar ridge therefore needs to be reconstructed first. Implant placement is then followed by prosthetic measures in form of a crown integrated so well that it is visually impossible to distinguish it from adjacent natural teeth.

Implants need

a healthy base Bone reconstruction (or more specifically, bone augmentation) can be done in various ways. For example, it is possible to harvest some bone from a distant part of the jaw – say, the posterior mandible or the chin – and implant it in the missing tooth site. Obviously, however, this creates an additional wound apart from the target site. Moreover, this method requires two interventions: one in which the harvested bone material is fixed in place in the alveolar cavity (tooth socket) using titanium screws; and a second one for removing the screws once the bone graft has grown in. This also needs to be done because the site must be cleared for placing the implant.

The gentle bone reconstruction method using SonicWeld RxÂŽ from KLS Martin spares you both of these inconveniences: 1. The additional bone grafting intervention 2. The additional screw removal intervention

With ultrasound and a

material that has no equal The gentle SonicWeld Rx® procedure from KLS Martin guarantees reliable bone reconstruction or augmentation, providing a secure foundation for the implant with the help of membranes, foils, preformed parts and pins all made of PDLLA and welded in place with an ultrasonic device. PDLLA – short for “poly-D-L-lactic acid” – is a high-performance material no less valuable than gold, due to a special property: it automatically dissolves completely inside the body as soon as the implant has firmly and permanently anchored itself in the reconstructed osseous base.

PDLLA consists of lactic-acid molecular chains that are natural constituents of the human body. As such, they are broken down and finally eliminated as water and CO2 in the course of the normal metabolic processes. Yet another important advantage of this material is its unique dimensional stability that enables the resorbable materials to be shaped exactly as needed for bone regeneration.

The degradation process PDLLA consists of lactic-acid molecular chains with an excellent biocompatibility. Within a few months, PDLLA dissolves completely as part of the metabolic processes.




The PDLLA molecular chains (1) absorb water from the surrounding body fluid (2). The embedded water splits the molecular chains into ever-shorter constituents (3). Human metabolism then transforms these constituents into carbon dioxide and water, which are finally discharged as part of natural metabolism. The whole decomposition process takes place in a controlled manner, leaving no residues.

A solution that dissolves –

for a smile that stays In this procedure, a preformed PDLLA part is fitted to the toothless jaw section to create a pocket that is filled either with the patient’s own bone or a bone substitute material. PDLLA pins are used to anchor the formed piece directly in the jaw.

Preformed part made of PDLLA


During the following months, the newly created bone grows together with the existing jawbone and while the stability of the reconstructed bone increases, the formed pieces and pins consisting of resorbable PDLLA material dissolve continuously until they are finally naturally eliminated by the body. The final result of this process is a healthy alveolar ridge with sufficient bone substance, ready to receive an implant.

When using the so-called “shell technique”, a resorbable PDLLA membrane or foil is fixed in place and the resulting cavity is then filled with autologous bone or a bone substitute. An additional collagen membrane is usually used for gum protection. Bone reconstruction for single-tooth defects

Bone reconstruction for larger defects


PDLLA-Pin: The pin is liquefied by a brief ultrasound application, which causes it to anchor itself solidly in the bone cavities and fuse with the membrane. The whole procedure is gentle, safe and pain-free. Collagen membrane PDLLA membrane / foil Autologous bone / bone substitute material

No larger than a finger nail: matching preformed parts are available for bone regeneration for singletooth implants to enable fast reconstruction of the defect.

Bone base

An investment

of lasting value The SonicWeld Rx® ultrasonic technique with its resorbable materials has been successfully used in oral and maxillofacial surgery for years. It is the ideal method in oral implantology because it creates the best conditions for anchoring implants securely and permanently to the bone. Moreover, it lowers the complication risk, simplifies bone reconstruction and subsequent implantation – and it is gentle for you! It is an investment of lasting value that will give you lots of pleasure – with each smile, each meal, each conversation.

Discuss the SonicWeld Rx速 jawbone reconstruction option with your doctor. Ask him or her about the advantages of this method and why it is gentler and more patient-friendly than any conventional alternative. Your doctor will be glad to provide you with comprehensive advice and guidance.

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for Dental Implants Gentle jawbone reconstruction with SonicWeld Rx ® where nothing can really hurt us now and then, to deplore the loss of...