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Food tourism in Muang Paem.

Marcel Van Der Zalm Dirk Sixma Stenden Rangsit university & CBT-I

Overview ƒ Concept

ƒ Process

ƒ Outcome

Why, how and What? ƒ Concept

What has been researched? ƒ Process How is the research done? ƒ Outcome What is the outcome of this research?

Concept ƒ Karen hill tribe in Muang Paem. ƒ Natural and cultural resources ƒ Active and educational food tourism product

Process ƒ Observation ƒ Interviews Æ local tour guide/ farmer (supply

side) ƒ Interviews Æ tourists (demand side) ƒ Small talks ƒ Trying the different types of food ƒ Hike through the “natural supermarket”

outcome ƒ Natural and cultural resources are more than

sufficient ƒ Cooking workshop Æ include tourists ƒ Combination of food gathering, fishing and

cooking makes it special.

Possible threats ƒ English language in the village ƒ Distribution of information to both sides ƒ Marketing possibilities

Conclusion ƒ It was a life changing experience ƒ Interesting community ƒ Lovely people ƒ With a lot more to offer than they think

THE END. ƒ If there any questions this is your chance!?

Food tourism in Muang Paem: How to combine the right ingredients. (presentation)