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Foy H. Moody High School Science & Health Center

Volume 41, Issue #4

December 2008

Decathlon team prepares for big academic challenge BY JACOB FLORES COPY EDITOR

While others are enjoying their weekdays or even their weekends, nine members of the Academic Decathlon team are studying hard to prepare for the regional meet to be held Jan. 30 at Richard King High School. This year the team is hoping for a win, and the challenge is huge, something they have been working on since the beginning of the school year. In order to prepare for such a big competition the students study everyday after school until 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

But according to one of the coaches, English teacher Krystal Watson, school work comes first, they go to tutoring and do whatever they have to with their classes, and then practice. The Academic Decathlon is a competition of national honors study, which includes 10 different subjects. Each year decathlon has a different theme and this year it is “Latin America.” They also will compete in a super quiz and the topic is over evolutionary biology. To be in decathlon you need to have a desire to learn and a huge amount of pa-

tience. To get ready for the regional meet next month, the team traveled to compete in the San Antonio Holmes High School practice meet this past weekend. The students placed as follows: Essay-Josh Rodriguez, 6th and Victoria Dominguez, 3rd. Speech- Alexandra Sanchez, 3rd, Victoria Dominguez, 5th and Sunny Singh, 3rd; Interview-Sunny Singh, 3rd; Math-San Juanita Gonzalez, 3rd and Josh Rodriguez, 4th. Super Quiz-Josh Rodriguez, 2nd.

“Decathlon is really fun and if you are interested in learning, this is the club to be in,” Joshua Rodriguez said. English teacher Simon Rios is the other coach.

Helping CPS make wishes come true BY MAYRA GUERRA NEWS EDITOR

The Department of Family & Protective Services, has once again reached out for help from Moody High School for the third year in a row to try and make a wonderful Christmas for 50 children. “These children have been through so much and I know that the Moody team will be generous again this year for these children,” Academy Specialist Teri Samo said. The ages of the children being helped range from about 8 months to 17-yearolds.

Donators will receive a list with all the items the child hopes for this Christmas, as well as their clothing sizes. “Any type of donation is appreciated. They can bring at least three gifts from the childʼs list or anything age related. If one decides to give cash, that is great, or gift cards so they can buy what they need,” Academy secretary Melissa Villa said. Last year, gifts filled a complete bus for the children, including around five to six bicycles as well. Mostly teachers and some clubs have taken on sev-

The members that make up the team are seniors Joshua Rodriguez and Eleno Garza; sophomores Victoria Dominquez, Sunny Singh, Daniel Martinez and Daniela Sanchez; and freshmen Lauren Reyna, San Juanita Gonzalez and Alex Sanchez.

eral children already. Individual students are welcomed to undertake a Christmas list on their own. Junior Eric Ochoa has selected a one-year-old boy to make his Christmas a happy one. “I like the fact that helping others in need makes me feel good no matter how much it costs me,” Eric said. “The child I chose will be having his very first Christmas, and for me to help him have his first Christmas smile, means a lot.”

Hanging outside of Holmes high school is the Academic Decathlon team members. Courtesy photo.

Santaʼs helpers make it happen for kids.

Junior Eric Ochoa and Academy Specialist Teri Samo look at the gifts that have been donated so far. Photo by Mayra Guerra



December 2008

Collecting coats to keep others warm #:.":3"(6&33" /&84&%5*03

Maria Vega-Lugo sorts out all the winter wear that has been donated. Photo by Mayra Guerra.

During this cold season, the Future Business Leaders of America are holding a Christmas coat collection to help gather winter clothing for homeless people. “We selected this activity because we have heard of other organizations who provide coats to the needy, so why not us help the cause,” FBLA cosponsor Maria Vega-Lugo said. The club is collecting slightly used to new winter articles, for instance: warmers, sweatshirts, blankets, etc. in a variety of sizes; basically anything that can keep a person warm. So far, the club has collected around 10 to 15 items in total. “We have been advertising this through the intercom and flyers but

mainly only teachers have donated, we need more participation from students to be able to round up more items,” FBLA president Kyja Rice said. Take your donations to the BCIS Classroom 414 no later than Dec. 17. “Help warm a life and donate a coat this cold season,” FBLA vice president Henry Galicia said. The coats are going to associations that deal with homeless people, such as Good Samaritans. The FBLA organization is hoping for this drive to become an annual event.

“Share the warmth of the holidays!” -from the FBLA members

News Briefs NJROTC cadets participate in skills meet

While an Aransas Pass judge looks on, MHS NJROTC cadets work together during an obstacle course.

Last month, on Nov. 11, the NJROTC competitions teamsʼ participated in Aransas Passʼ NJROTC Skills Meet to test their abilities in a variety of competition events. These events included physical fitness, marksmanship (shooting), academics, tug of war, obstacle course, and leadership teamwork challenges. Seventeen schools participated in the skills meet. MHS cadets placed 3rd overall. Additionally, the novice orienteering team took the first place trophy in Novice Orienteering (land navigation) category and the obstacle course team took the 2nd place trophy. In addition, Melinda Garza won a 3rd place individual medal in Novice Orienteering. Novice orienteering team members were Briana Sandoval, Joel Rodriguez, Melinda Garza, and James Degree. Obstacle course members were Jeremy Perez, Michael Rodriguez, Raymond Mapa, Aaron Gomez, Valerie Duenas, Christella Martinez, Victoria Torres,

and Antonisha Williams. According to the NJROTC officials, “this was a proud day for all Moody NJROTC cadets and we hope to accomplish even more at future competitions.” Commanders are Juan Delgado and Ron Dykeman. Article by NJROTC cadet: Jesse Torres

Band member advances to area Charles Lars Etheridge has advanced to the Area Band auditions to be held Jan. 10 in Alice. Lars placed first in the ContraBass Clarinet audition Dec. 7 in the Region XIV Band auditions also held in Alice. He was selected for the top Region Band along with 60 students in the region. The area audition will determine what student will be selected for the All State Band.


December 2008


Best and worst of giving

Shopping for that right gift! #:.":3"(6&33" /&84&%*503

Shopping for those Christmas gifts? Well, you might want to leave some things on the shelf. Remember some gifts you have received in the past: Like those white socks from grandma, or underwear from your mom, or even a shower gift set from a friend? Some people may wonder and say, “What were they thinking when they picked this out for me?” Opening gifts on Christmas Day for some students has been quite disappointing. One example is when sophomore Mark Benavidez received from his aunt a cheap box he claims was from the ʻdollar store.ʼ Even some teachers get bad Christmas gifts. Teacher Max Pena received a black bow tie from his wife. “It was a nice

gift, but we donʼt wear bow ties anymore, so whatʼs the point in receiving one when they are out of style now,” Pena said. So how about tossing that gift to the side and hope the next one will be better than the last. So the dilemma continues: Itʼs that time to choose the right gift. This seems interesting; however, it could end up just tossed and forgotten. Ask yourself if you would like to get this gift, and if your answer is no, well duh, put it back immediately. Make sure this Christmas when you open presents you hear “awww” and not “ewww.” So make your list and check it twice. If you happen to have any of the items listed above on your list, you might as well start crossing them out. However, some people didnʼt give up and kept unwrapping in

hope that someone did get them the gift they had been wishing for. Junior Ariel Rosales was pleased in receiving a cocker spaniel puppy from her boyfriend last Christmas. Or, junior Bianca Madrigal who was jumping up and down when she got the laptop she had been wanting. “I had been dropping clues here and there hoping my family would understand my deep desire for a laptop for Christmas. I guess my hints helped them in choosing the best Christmas gift for me,” Bianca said. How great it is when you find the best Christmas gift for someone, right? Nevertheless, the trick is, getting the right gift. Donʼt be discouraged when shopping; think positive and hope youʼre choosing the correct gift. Leave a receipt just in case.


4938 S. STAPLES SUITE A-9 CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS 78411 (Next to Peter Piper facing McArdle) Driver Education for Teens $ 1 to 50 D ! reg ow 0 NT AD ist n 5.0 OU HIS er 1 $ SC T I D ITH W

CALL 994-0300



Come in and register for our next class: Saturday, December 20 Saturday, December 20

10 a.m.-12:00 noon 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Christmas Special $315.00



Last chance to be photographed for the yearbook. Any senior who has not taken a picture for the yearbook has one last chance to get it done. Select a day below and call Southwest Photographics for an appointment: 985-2500. Senior AJ Long Best: “When Rudy Floresʼ mom gave me a kiss on the cheek.”

Sophomore Amber Martinez

Senior Gerardo Gutierrez

Worst: “This perfume that smelled horrible.”

Best: “A racer scooter that had wheels with lights from my pops.”

Dec. 18, 19, 20, 23, 30 Closed: Sunday-Monday Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.



December 2008

Staff editorial

The true meaning of celebrating Christmas In a childʼs eyes Christmas is about presents and Santa Claus. But we still have to make it known that the spirit of Christmas only matters because of the birth of Christ. Perhaps commercialism has diluted itʼs true message. The original ideas behind the season are being forgotten. It is suppose to be the time of the year that one can get together with family and friends without the drama of everyday life. This season which is based on religious values has become a marketing frenzy.

The holiday accounts for about 25 percent of the nationʼs annual retail sales. Toy industries like Mattel find Christmas to be a perfect time to advertise every toy in stock. Todayʼs culture has lost sight of the whole importance of this holiday. This generation of children need to be taught morals, making sure they know itʼs not just about the gifts, itʼs about the religious backbone the holiday comes with. Itʼs time to realize the true meaning of Christmas.

5IF5SPKBO3VOOFS/FXTQBQFS4UBGG Foy H. Moody High School Science & Health Center 1818 Trojan Dr. Corpus Christi, TX 78416

The Trojan Runner is a student publication produced by journalism students. The purpose of the newspaper is to provide the student body and community with information about Moody High School. Students may submit articles for Letters to the Editor. Letters should be no more than 100 words; typed and signed. Submit to Room 216. All letters are subject to be edited. The staff will decide which letters to publish.

Adviser: Gloria P. Mondragon Principal: Conrado Garcia Superintendent: Scott Elliff

Editor James Rodriguez

Opinions Editor Evelyn Garcia

News Editor Mayra Guerra

Design Editor Paul Zamora

Features Editor Olivia Mendez

Entertainment Editor Valerie Gonzalez

Boys Sports Editor Audrey Gonzalez

Girls Sports Editor Noah Perez

Copy Editor Jacob Flores

December 2008

Just my voice #:+".&430%3*(6&; &%*503

A Chance, An Opportunity The year 2008 will probably go down as one of the most important years in American history. For the first time in the 232 year history of the United States we saw the culmination of one of the most important concepts our founding fathers set out to create. A man who is of a race that is the most mistreated throughout American history became president of the United States. I am of course talking about Barack Obama who, by reaching what could be considered the most powerful position in the world, has finally shown that yes, all men are created equal. And who knows, if Obama wasnʼt around we could have had a Vice President Sarah Palin, or a President Hillary Clinton. Just the fact that we can perceive the thought of it shows how far this country has progressed. One hundred or even fifty years ago it would not have been fathomable. So, on January 20th when Obama is being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, think back to Civil Rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr. or Susan B. Anthony, and how hard it was for them just to have their voices heard. Realize that all of their dreams of having as good a chance as anyone else to make it in this country have now been realized. Realize that their dreams have become our opportunities.



Opposing Sides Should parents spank their child as a form of discipline? YES. Spanking is an effective form of discipline that has been in my family forever. Some people see spanking as an outdated form of punishment or even child abuse. But in some families thatʼs the most useful parenting tool they can use. According to, in a 2002 public agenda poll, 57% of parents acknowledged spanking their kids. There is a fine line between spanking and child abuse. It is the responsibility of the parent to take the disciplinary actions necessary, to help shape their kid to the person they want them to become. When your Evelyn Garcia kid acts up, spanking reinforces milder forms of discipline, so itʼs the kids basic instinct to respond without getting a spanking the next time. Some groups tend to spank more than others, out of habit, cultural tradition or common parenting practice. Those who follow the common parenting practices usually hit the children out of fear, not anger. For example, if your 3-year-old runs into oncoming traffic, a parentʼs reaction would be anger because you care for your kidʼs well being. It relieves the parents frustration with the child but at the same time teaches their kid that what they did was wrong. Spanking is most effective with a toddler. Thatʼs when you can get your message across that their behavior is unacceptable. An occasional smack on the butt, or a slap on the hand can help shape your kid to know what is right or wrong.

Quick Opinions on spanking... “Yes, if they are acting bad. But not hard core spanking!” -Sr. Victoria Cruz

“Yes, because sometimes kids get out of hand and they need to be disciplined.” -Sr. Aaron Rivera

NO. Itʼs unnecessary for children to be “spanked.” Itʼs a short term solution to trying to get a child to behave; it doesnʼt solve the real problem. It probably gives the parent the idea that it solves problems but it gets the child and adult nowhere in bonding. The child might also be afraid to go ask that certain parent for help or advise when they have problems in the future. The child might also think that itʼs OK to hit others when they grow up. Also, when an adult spanks because of anger, he/she might hit so hard that they may cause bruising on a child. Spanking is a mild form of corporal punishment. The American Academy of Pediatrics (as well as many, child Noah Perez development experts) strongly oppose as ever striking a child. Many parents occasionally hit their kids when they are frightened (the child has done something dangerous), or from sheer stress, frustration, or fear of having no other options. If, occasionally, you lose it and spank your child, you arenʼt going to damage him or your relationship forever. Itʼs not an effective or positive approach to discipline, though. Itʼs a more serious problem if you commonly spank your child, or if itʼs one of your disciplinary methods. Sometimes spanking is the right option but in most cases, the best thing to do is talk it over. Nothing can go wrong over having a few words with each other.

#:&7&-:/("3$*" 01*/*0/4&%*503

“No, because I believe that you should talk to them instead of taking violent action.” -Sr. Megan Valli

“No, there are other ways to enforce discipline, like kneeling down straight for 30 minutes to an hour, and doing chores around the house.” -Sr. Roman Duran




Holiday Greetings Holiday Cheer to go around the school. These Trojans have the Holiday Spirit! #:1"6-;".03" %&4*(/&%*503

The holiday season is here and Christmas isnʼt the only holiday being murmured about in the hallways. Beyond the norm of the season senior Maria Rodriguez doesnʼt only celebrate Christmas but also Los Tres Reyes Magos. “Itʼs celebrated the sixth of January. What we do is give the gifts on January 6th and we eat a Rosca, and whoever gets the three babies hidden in the Rosca has to throw a party at their house,” said Maria.

Senior Maria Rodriguez

On the other hand, Christmas is still one of the most celebrated holidays among the students. “I love Christmas; itʼs so awesometastic! This year like every other year Iʼm going to my grandmaʼs house and we are going to open our gifts at midnight instead of Christmas morning, and the girls get an extra special gift,” giggled senior Denise Moreno. These students feel that Christmas isnʼt only about giving worldly gifts and corny decora-

Senior Denise Moreno

tions, although much fun, they understand that there is a deeper meaning to Christmas. “A lot of people are always wanting things for Christmas, not looking forward to spending time with their families. My dad hasnʼt seen all of his family in awhile. It would be a great gift for us to go to Hawaii and visit his side of the family,” said freshman Isaac Olsen. No matter what holiday your family is celebrating spending time with the family seems to be the most cherished gift of all.

Freshman Isaac Olsen

December 2008



Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Harambee! Hanukkah Begins on the 25th day of Kislev (the Jewish calendar) A menorah with nine candle holders (including the Shamash) is used to help celebrate the holiday. Shamash (servant) candle lights all the other candles, because the candles are not supposed to be used for any kind of work. The 411: Hanukkah reminds Jews of the time when Judah and the Maccabees dedicated the Temple of God for their victory. Today Hanukkah is celebrated to remind Jews that God helped them through the fight for their freedom against King Antiochus. During Hanukkah Jews pray for people everywhere to be allowed to live in peace and be free to follow their own beliefs.

It始s not only about Christmas anymore. #:1"6-;".03" %&4*(/&%*503

Holidays are some of the best times of the year. Whether a person celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kawnzaa it doesn始t matter as long as he or she is spending time with the family. This Holiday Season remember to cherish every memory made with your loved ones and appreciate every blessing that comes your way.

Christmas Celebrated on the 25th of December Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ The 411: Today many people decorate with bright lights, ornaments, and coniferous trees. People exchange gifts and have feast throughout the day while spending time with their families while remembering the deeper meaning of Christmas.

Kwanzaa December 26th: Day 1 Umoja: Being joined together. December 27th: Day 2 Kujichagulia: Being yourself December 28th: Day 3 Ujima: Helping one another December 29th: Day 4 Ujamaa: Sharing December 30th: Day 5 Nia: Having a goal or purpose December 31st: Day 6 Kummba: Creating January 1st: Day 7 Imani: Believing The 411: Kwanzaa is a holiday based on African harvest traditions that thank God for a good year and harvest while encouraging African Americans to take pride in their past, share ideas, and grow closer in order to build stronger families while embracing African culture during the holiday season.



December 2008

Guys only:

What do girls really want? loved.



A tough guy, someone honest, thoughtful, and sensitive all at the same time? Girls will be girls and are known to go back and forth with what they really want. Itʼs the cool guy, but heʼs got to be able to stay truthful, or the super cute sensitive type whose spontaneous, or thereʼs your typical jock who everybody loves. Different girls have different tastes. With so many types to pick and choose, how should any guy know whatʼs really going through a girlʼs head? Should guys try to be all these things or just be themselves? Senior Ryan Barnes feels that you should always be yourself. “Itʼs a smart thing to do,” he says. Truth: Is there no point in trying to be someone else just to be liked or

When asking another fellow senior about how he feels about the opposite sex, when it comes to making up their mind, and if heʼs ever encountered this, Randy Rodriguez says, “too many times, and itʼs frustrating because a girl should know what she wants.” Ryan feels the same way saying, “Girls think too much to make a decision and they usually go with their friendʼs decision before their own.” In the end, after asking a class of some senior guys about the confusing “girl world” they believe that they are way different in many ways and always know what they want in a girl. Girls may be stuck with this never having their mind made up stereotype, but not all girls fit this category. So again, girls are all different and want different things but everyone is always looking for that someone.

Get to know a fellow Trojan!

Junior: Darian Garrett Fav. food: Burger Hobbies: Dancing, Drawing Fav. color: Green Fav. candy: Butterfingers, Reeses Hero: My mom

Senior: Brittany Mora Fav. food: Chinese Hobbies: Dancing Fav. color: Pink Fav. candy: Cookies & Cream Hersheyʼs bar Hero: My mom

Tell it all seniors, Ryan Barnes and Randy Rodriguez.

Boys with an opinion come from coach Albert Salinasʼs 4th period football class.

#:0-*7*".&/%&; '&"563&4&%*503

Junior: Eric Moreno Fav. food: Chinese Hobbies: Baseball, Chillin with the boys Fav. color: Green Fav. candy: Sour patches Hero: Dad, Josh Mungia Fav. song: Amazed “Lone Star”

Sophomore: Marcus Villanueva Fav. food: Pizza Hobbies: Baseball, chillin with Sause, Moose, Drew, and A.J. Fav. color: Blue Fav. candy: Jolly Ranchers Hero: Aunt Diana, Michael Franco Fav. song: Heartless “ Kanye West”


December 2008


ROCK OUT WITH... #:7"-&3*&(0/;"-&; &/5&35"*/.&/5&%*503

Head bobbing, feet tapping, and move to the groove music always seems to make its way to South Texas. Many different genres of music hit the big stage, at the American Bank Center, The Old Concrete Street Amphitheatre, and sometimes even Bruster Street Ice House. Concerts are always happening in town. For more information and to ďŹ nd out on whoĘźs performing where, visit or americanbankcenter. com.

For all you country lovers out there Kevin Foler is performing again with company from Reckless Kelly and Micky & The Motorcars. The country stars will be here December 18th at Concrete Street Amphitheatre, tickets are on sale now.

What do you want for Christmas? Name: J.R Barrientos Grade: Senior “ I want a giraffe that comes with giraffe food (:� Name: Chelby Hargrove Grade: Junior “I want different hair.� Name: Mikie Verduzco Grade: Senior “ I want an XBOX 360.

-In Theatres NowNothing like the Holidays Wendy and Lucky Punisher: War Zone The Day the Earth Stood Still Quantum of Solace Wendy and Lucky

Name: Ivy Martinez Grade: Sophomore “I want another car for Christmas.�

-Coming SoonName: Ralph Baez Grade: Senior “I want a new left leg, so I wonĘźt be crippled anymore.â€?

Seven Pounds The Tale of Despereaux Yes Man Marley & Me The Spirit


Pop Culture Trivia Question of the Month: Which NFL star is Kendra Wilkinson (Playboy Bunny), getting married to? A)Terrell Owens B)Hank Baskett

C)Marion Barber

D) Kevin Walter

B) Hank Baskett




December 2008



With almost half of the season flown by, the Lady Trojans are standing with a record of 5-10. “We were off to a slow start but lately our team as been getting closer because we have been communicating on and off the court a lot more,” junior Jessica Galvan said. The girls are only looking to get better as they will compete against the Port Lavaca Sand Crabs Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. here in the new gym. “We seem very confident going into this game, as we plan to play hard and come out with a victory like

we did last year against them,” said sophomore Natalie Vela. The Lady Trojans have defeated the Sand Crabs the past two years so the team has no doubt in why they wonʼt come out with a win tonight. The team has seven seniors and most of them have been playing together all 4 high school years and they all understand the game and know what to do to lead their team to a win. “Most of us have been playing together a lot before we came to high school so we get the idea of how to play together. We just need to work more with some of our new team-

mates so we can all be on the same page on the court,” senior Yessenia Garcia added. District is right around the corner and Coach Nerios has been working the team out hard. Last year the

girls received 3rd place in district with a record of 6 and 4 but this year the team is looking to redeem themselves as they plan to not only win district, but to also make it back to playoffs, as they have done the past few years.

The girls basketball team scrimmaging to prepare for district.

Tennis team ready “Itʼs not the hours you put into it, itʼs what you put into the hours,” says coach Mario Ramos to his players every practice as they work hard to be district champs again in individual competition. In team tennis, the girls were ranked fourth in district last year and had only made it to regionals, but the Trojans are looking toward this season as seven players are returning, two of which won district last year. “All of us work hard everyday even when we donʼt have practice. We just know that we have the ability to repeat in making it back to regionals and to also get a district title,” Marissa Morales said. As the team has practice after school from Monday through Thursday, the Lady Trojans and Coach Ramos are so determined as they wait to compete in the district tournament in the month of April.

The soccer team getting ready to play last year.

New leaders head team Last season for the Lady Trojan soccer team was rough. The team didnʼt end up going to the play-offs, they came up so short to being district champs as they finished second, and lastly they lost seven seniors at the end of the year. But they did win 1st place in the CCISD Tournament and still have nine returners for this up-coming season. This year, the girls are expecting to make play-offs for sure as they are being led by their two new captains, Louisa Farmer and Jessica Garza. They are also led by their head coach, Albert Salinas. “We all look up to each other and coach Salinas is giving us great advise on what we got to do. We know we can defeat everyone, but we just need to worry about the Beeville Trojans but the way weʼve been practicing, there is no reason why we canʼt come out with a win,” junior goalie Louisa Farmer said. The first game is January 3rd against Miller.

Player Profile Name: Juanita Carrillo

Nickname: Janie

Sports/Position: Soccer/ Midfielder, defense, wing; Tennis What college do you plan on attending? UT Austin Favorite Sports Quote/Saying: Success is never final, failure is never fatal. Itʼs courage that counts.-John Wooden What pumps you up before a game? Listening to music Role Model: My mom


December 2008


Big shoes to fill

Player Profile

Slow start wonʼt stop team

Name: John Caballero

Nickname: Babe #:"6%3&:(0/;"-&; #0:4410354&%*503

Having won the district title last year, the varsity basketball team has some big shoes to fill. Losing only two senior starters and gaining five senior leaders these players feel that theyʼre just as good as last yearʼs team, maybe even better. “This yearʼs team is good. Weʼre just starting off slow, but before the end of the season we will be better than last yearʼs team,” said senior Kwame Morgan.

Getting off to a slow start isnʼt going to stop these players from reaching their main goals. “One of our main goals this year is to win district again and I believe we can do so,” said junior Ronald McNary. These players have a lot of confidence in their teammates and believe they have what it takes to pull it off. “I feel confident that we can do it because weʼre not going to do anything else but get better,” said Morgan. With district

not starting until after the holiday break, these players have a couple of weeks to prepare to face their many competitors. “I think our only competition this year is going to be Mill-

er,” added McNary. With the heart to pull it off and the motivation to win district before every game this 2008-2009 basketball season seems to be heading towards many positive outcomes.

What college do you plan on attending? Baylor or UT Favorite Sports Quote/Saying: “With God all things are possible.” Most memorable moment: Getting toss hands. Role models: My older brother Ram. What pumps you up before a game? My music.

The basketball team doing drills while practicing for the season.

Varsity Boys Soccer Schedule

Soccer season to begin

Ready for action #:"6%3&:(0/;"-&; #0:4410354&%*503

Waiting for action senior J.J. Valadez positions for the play in a game last year.

Sports/Position: Cheerleading

With high hopes of winning district this year, the boysʼ soccer team is ready for action on the field. Having come in third last year in district these boys are determined to take the district title. “When we think about the times we have lost to our opponent it gives us energy for payback. We are going to play stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally this year,” expressed senior J.J. Valadez.

To help make sure these players stay in shape and keep their stamina on the field coaches make sure their players stay conditioned well. “We swim every morning, run five miles, and lift weights to stay fit,” junior John Villarreal added. With all of their hard work and conditioning these players feel confident that they have the abilty to come out with the district trophy in their hands by the end of the season.

Jan. 2



Jan. 3

Exes Game


Jan. 8-10



Jan. 13



Jan. 16 CCISD TOURN. Home Jan. 27



Jan. 30

Flour Bluff


Feb. 3 Gregory-Portland Away Feb. 7



Feb. 10 Tuloso-Midway Away Feb. 13






December 2008


We live in a small world where everyone is somehow connected through friends, classes, or school activities. This feature shows the connection between these six people:

IJ 8 i  I T +P



4BF  w J P # F

Senior Football Track I met Alex in the Cardinals Football Team, in fourth grade.

Senior Track Football



I met Crystal sophomore year in IPC.

Senior Cheerleading mgr. NHS


I met Josh at a slumber party.

BTU $  w P O i(XB


Senior TJ mgr. Criminal Justice I met Nia when I was dissecting a frog.



SP Senior Criminal Justice

I met Shea at a random party; she was wearing cowboy boots and basketball shorts.

Senior Choir F.A.T. I met Gwano playing Jeopardy in IPC.


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