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Sri Muneshwara Swamy Temple Contact our Temple Priest Pandit Shridar Ji (Black magic removal priest)

Mobile No: +91-(789)-992-1863 Email: Temple Address: Bazaar Street, Someshwarpura, Halasuru, Bangalore, Karnataka 560008

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Our Temple’s Achievements and Success 

With the blessings of Lord Muneshwara Swamy, we have resolved over 10,000+ Black magic cases.

100% Satisfaction to all our clients.

12+ years of Experience. Our temple has been removing black magic from a long time now, this practice has been passed out from generation to generation.

Safe and Confidential.

We remove black magic, Voodoo, Kaala Jaadu, Obeah and all kinds of negative energy from people and places.

People from various faith/religion come to us for help and our temple has resolved every single case that has come our way. Temple No: +91-(789)-992-1863

About Our Temple 

The deity of this temple is Lord Muneshwara, who is a Hindu God, worshipped as a family guardian deity in most Shaivite families of India.

This temple has been in this neighborhood for more than 100 years & managed by a clan for nearly 7 generations.

Here we conduct regular pujas and Amavasya is the most auspicious day for poojas and as part of temple duties.

We also remove the effects of Drishti, black magic, voodoo, check horoscope, astrology, face and palm reading, etc.

Why Our Temple to Remove Black Magic? 

Our temple has been removing black magic from a long time now, this practice has been passed out from generation to generation in the family who maintains the temple.

Our current expert has implemented ancient Vedic techniques to remove black magic effects from people and has 12+ years and 10,000+ cases of experience and that’s not an exaggeration.

Also, we have the blessings and protection of our temple’s deity Lord Muneshwara, who will also protect you and help you get out from the grasp of this dark power(s).

Most importantly we sit inside the temple where our Lord is always watching over us and He makes sure that we spoke only the truth to you and nothing else.

Why do People use Black Magic? 

This kind of magic has been a menace since the ancient times, mostly this kind of magic was used as a weapon of war, but now it has become an easy tool where people harass others. People use it for?

Jealous of other’s growth.

Greed for power.



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Contact No: +91-(789)-992-1863

Some Background About Black Magic 

Black magic is not just limited to one geographical location such as India. It is practiced all over the world with different names. Voodoo in the West Indies(Caribbean), La Magia Negra (Spanish), Kaala Jaadu(Hindi), Seivenai(Tamil); but in the end, they all mean the same, What is? – magic used for harming others.

Our experts have practiced Vedic and ancient traditions to remove black magic. No matter how powerful it is or how long ago the magic was cast upon you, we can assure you 100% that it can be resolved.

And we have as an expert in this field, dealt and removed all kinds of devilry from our devotees/clients with the help of our Guardian Gods such as Lord Muneshwara and Durgai Devi Amma.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. What can your temple guarantee me? A: We can remove any and all kind of black magic in just 6 – 9 days. 2. What if the person who cast this curse on us knows that it is being removed? A: We will remove this curse in such a way that the caster won’t be alerted or know it is being removed. 3. What if someone else casts a similar magic upon us again? A: Once the dark magic has been removed, we will provide you with a magical instrument protection against any future threats. 4. Can black magic be really removed? A: Yes, it can be removed completely with the right guidance and without any doubt. There is a phrase which is used by the philosophers in the early 1700s, “All that begins must come to an end”. Continued..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. What are these solutions that you do to remove it? A: It varies, only after determining the kind of magic that was cast we will be able to tell you. Sometimes it is a very small process. 2. What are the different aspects of our life will be a victim of this magic? A: It can affect your job, relationships, give chronic ailments, love problems. And almost every single stage of your life you will be affected with some or the other kind of obstacles or hindrances. But strong will can dull this magic 3. You say it is a temple, but I practice a different religion, will you offer me the assistance too? A: Yes, we will definitely help you and treat everyone equally. Our clients practice diverse faiths (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, even Atheism, etc.) and are from different countries. We are all same in the eyes of God and this is how we see and treat everyone.


Get in touch with our temple now? Contact our Temple Priest Pandit Shridar Ji Mobile No: +91-(789)-992-1863 Email: Temple Address: Bazaar Street, Someshwarpura, Halasuru, Bangalore, Karnataka 560008