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Bridal Guide 2017 The ABCs of Wedding Planning Where to Celebrate Your Honeymoon Choosing the right Bouquet Trends for the Groom

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The Perfect Gift for the Couple

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The ABCs of Wedding Planning Cupid arrived on the scene a few years ago and now you and your loved one have decided to unite your destinies. However, where to start..? Here are the ABCs of the essentials to help you plan your big day. Remember, a ceremony as important as a wedding requires 12 to 18 months of preparation. The first thing to do is decide on a date and then organize a meeting between the two families. Establish a budget, the guest list and who you want as witnesses.

Decide where you would like to hold the reception and find a place for the ceremony itself. During a meeting with the celebrant you will be able to find out which documents will be required. Start shopping for the bridal gown, tuxedo and accessories for both the bride and groom six to ten months before the big day. Think about hiring caterers and draw up a menu with them (remember the cake!) Don’t forget to hire an entertainer and a disc jockey or orchestra to create a festive atmosphere. Choose your wedding bands, consider flowers, car rental, a hotel room, reserve your honeymoon and make sure you have valid passports! Time flies! Only three months before the big leap. Have you thought about sending out the invitations? Or how about gifts for the guests; the bridal bouquet; the master of ceremonies; speeches; hair, nail and make-up appointments...the marriage contract?! Only one week left: Pack your suitcases, check the seating arrangements with the person in charge, review the small details and, the night before, go to bed early so that you’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your big day.

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Finding a Caterer: An All-Important Decision


Choose your caterer with care.

he brochures spread out on the table in front of you are overwhelming: how to choose the best caterer for your wedding meal? There are several things to consider that will help you make your choice. Begin by inviting estimates for various menus from five or six different caterers. Be bold enough to play with the competitive factor between caterers to negotiate a better price per plate. You can then compare their ser­vices and prices. Don’t hesitate to question the caterer on different points: is he or she experienced in wedding banquets? How many other weddings will they be catering that weekend? Are they classic or creative? Can they offer references? It is wise to make an appointment

with your short-listed caterers to taste both the wine and the dishes they are proposing. Take advantage of this occasion to check the amount of food per serving. If you are not able to taste the menus, check the references they have given you and ask former clients about quality of taste and service. If you still can’t make up your mind, base your decision on the style of your wedding, the time of year, or the place you have chosen for the reception. Check all the clauses of the estimate. It must include the total amount for all the services or separate prices for each of them, such as for the meal, drinks, corkage fee, gratuities, dishes, furniture, and serving equipment. A delicious meal will be remembered by your guests, so do your homework before making your choice.

The Perfect Gift for the Couple



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hoosing a wedding gift is not always an easy task. You might not know the couple well, which means you don’t really know their tastes or style, and you might not be sure how much money to spend. A reasonable solution is to offer a gift certificate from a department or specialty store, or even cash. This kind of gift allows the couple to choose exactly what they need. Alternatively, you could offer them an item from a bridal registry at a department store. You can ask the bride or groom where they’re registered or ask at a store if the couple has It’s hard to go wrong with a gift set one up. of cash; the bride and groom will If you’re close to the bride or groom, you be able to buy exactly what they might consider a more intimate gift. A pair of need. him-and-her spa passes makes a nice outing for the couple as wedding prep stress begins to build, or you could offer a gift certificate for an evening out at a chic restaurant for when they return from their honeymoon. Wedding guests often wonder how much they should spend on a gift. If your budget is limited, there are many ways to be generous without breaking the bank. You could offer a shared gift along with some friends, which would allow you to offer a single large item that none could afford alone. You could make a gift of your time and help with the wedding preparations, or compose a song dedicated to the new couple. Or, you could offer a symbolic gift, such as a tree that they can plant and watch grow over the years. Whatever the gift, be sure to include a card with your name and return address; that makes things easier for the couple when the time comes to send out thank-you notes.

Where to Celebrate Your Honeymoon?


Live your honeymoon dream to the fullest in celebration of your new life together.

f your ideal honeymoon involves a faraway place, there are many destinations off the beaten path worth considering. A stay in South Africa can be envisaged at almost any time of the year. A visit to the western part of the country, including to the Cape and for safaris at reserves such as Shamwari, Tsitsikamma, and Ado, is best planned between September and May. For the eastern zone, including the area of Kruger National Park and neighboring private reserves, the period from April to November is more suitable. The Mexican Caribbean and Pacific coasts are ideal for winter, spring, and fall trips. The hurricane season is typically from August to mid-October, and June is the rainy season. One of the most popular tourist destinations

is Cancun, situated on an immense coral peninsula surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Visit Tahiti from the middle of April to the middle of October, when trade winds are more active and the temperature is slightly more comfortable. Count on seeing spectacular beaches, where the water temperature hovers around 24 to 28 ˚C. It is even warmer in the lagoons and on the beaches sheltered by the barrier reefs. A trip to Brazil can be planned at any time of the year, although the Amazon and the Pantanal are best visited from June to September. Unless you’ve booked far in advance, try to avoid Rio de Janeiro during Carnival in January and February. The Brazilian summer vacation period can also make for over-crowded beaches.

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The Wedding Planner B ecause a wedding requires a tremendous amount of planning and organization, many people turn to an event planner to help them make their big day a glorious event. Delegating the planning to a professional allows the bride and groom to save their time for things that really count, such as staying relaxed as the wedding approaches. Contrary to what you might think, a wedding planner can sometimes help you save money. Because of their business connections and ability to purchase services and goods in bulk, they are often able A wedding planner will take to obtain better prices from care of all the details of the suppliers. ceremony, leaving you time to You can hire a planner to look after yourself, your loved organize both the wedding one, and your guests. ceremony and the party (Photo JLM Couture) afterwards or just the reception. These event planners take charge of reserving the reception hall, the DJ, the caterer, and decorators. Some multitask wedding planners are even available to help a bride shop for a wedding gown or find a dancing teacher for her and her groom’s opening dance. They’ll take care of every little detail; nothing of importance will escape their notice, not even a crease in the wedding gown. Whether it’s just to organize the reception or the entire wedding, it’s possible to find a professional to help you. Their organizational skills and eye for style will allow you a great peace of mind. They are used to working with brides-to-be and are meticulous in their work, always taking into account their client’s desires. They will develop a package deal that suits your needs and budget, and you’ll only have to write one check!

The Right Way to Wear a Boutonnière


any grooms choose to follow the tradition of wearing a small floral accessory called a boutonnière on their wedding day. If you’re about to put a ring on your sweetheart’s finger, read on to find out how you should wear your boutonnière. First off, know that this accessory isn’t an essential part of the groom’s traditional attire and that many prefer to opt for the subtler handkerchief. So don’t worry — you’re free to wear whatever you think looks best. If you do choose to say yes to this floral adornment, here’s how to wear it: • Attach it to the lapel of your suit or jacket • Always pin it on your left side, above your heart • Choose a delicate or magnetized fastener to avoid damaging your jacket • Make it match your bride’s bouquet (this is not optional!) • Match it to your wedding’s color palette


If the groom decides to wear a boutonnière, all male members of the wedding procession must follow suit. This means that the important men in the groom’s entourage — his father, godfather and groomsmen, for instance — should all sport the boutonnière with pride.

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Choosing the Right Bouquet


bouquet is an important with a large bouquet. accessory for any bride, one • Think about personalizing your that should be coordinated bouquet with accessories such as lace, with the dress as well as the style of the pearls, or even fruits. Be sure to set wedding itself. Here are a few tips for yourself a budget: flowers that are rare or choosing the right bouquet: out of season will make your bouquet • If you’re wearing a long dress, your costs climb. options are broader: your bouquet can be round, simple, or cascading. If your THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS gown is shorter, however, it is advisable Even though some brides choose a to opt for a round or discreet bouquet bouquet for its look, others prefer to use so that your flowers will not hide the flowers that have a traditional symbolic dress. meaning: red roses (love), white roses • If you’re dreaming of a huge (pure love), lilies (purity), carnations bouquet, keep in mind that the more (sincere love), tulips (perfect love). If imposing the bouquet, the heavier it this language means something to you, will be to carry. That could get tiring, perhaps you’d better avoid yellow roses not to mention the chore of trying to (infidelity) and narcissus (selfishness)! Your bouquet is a unique creation for a unique day. throw it over your shoulder! You should Most important of all, be careful also take your figure into consideration when making your not to choose flowers that will spread pollen all over your choice: a tiny or very slim silhouette can be overwhelmed beautiful gown.

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Wedding Bands Are All About Love and Personality

Buy My Wedding Dress Online? No Thanks!

Much more than just an ordinary ring, a wedding band is the concrete sign of your marital status. It is also a symbol of the romantic union between you and your soul mate. Not long ago, a future bride and groom would have chosen a simple ring to mark this new stage in their lives. Today, wedding bands are made in the image of the couple and of their era, coming in original shapes and colors. A wedding band should reflect your personality, since it will likely stay on your ring finger for the rest of your life. Choosing the right one can present quite a challenge and is a good reason why current fashion or impulse should never rule over personal preference. Wedding bands are now available in yellow, white, or pink gold. There are no longer any set rules for these rings, and more and more bands are set with precious stones. Future brides used to avoid sapphires, rubies, and emeralds but these stones are now very much appreciated by those who like the idea of a color to match their personality. Just remember that overly large stones should be avoided; a wedding band should always be elegant and fairly discreet. Rubies are particularly popular with couples. These precious stones are much rarer than diamonds and symbolize love, warmth, and vitality. The sparkle of the fiery color also symbolizes the beating of the human heart. Diamonds and rubies mounted together on a wedding ring represent the perfect mix of fire and ice.

It is said that a bride will try on more than ten wedding gowns before finding the perfect one. If that statistic is accurate, online shopping isn’t a good idea. After all, the outfit for your big day requires a great deal more organization and thought than the purchase of an ordinary piece of clothing. A bride who is tempted to buy her wedding dress online is probably just one who detests shopping. If that sounds like you, why not use the Internet as a source of inspiration that could help you find a style you like without having to leave home. Another way to save time is to visit bridal shows where many different designer labels present their dresses. However you go about it, don’t forget that you might love the look of a dress on a screen or on a model but not when you try it on. That is why it is so important to try on more than one style. Think about the pleasure of shopping for your dress with your maid of honor, an experience that you’d miss by buying online. Wedding specialists will tell you that you should always shop for your gown with a friend who will express her opinion honestly before you say “I do” to the salesperson. Online shopping also makes it hard to follow the golden rules for finding the right dress: • When you try on dresses, wear shoes with the same size heels as you will wear on your big day; • Go out in the daylight to check for any transparent areas in the dress; • Make large movements with your arms and legs to check for comfort; • Ask for a fabric sample so you can coordinate shoes and other accessories.

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Radiant Makeup for Your Special Day


f wedding bells will soon choose products that will be ringing for you and help you look fresh all day your beloved, here are a long. few practical makeup tips For your wedding day to help you look radiant on makeup, prepare your your big day. skin by applying a good If you have the means, moisturizer and then the entrust your makeup to makeup base. That will an aesthetician that you allow it to last longer and know and trust. If you don’t will also give it a better know one, ask around for finish. Choose a good recommendations. Make an quality foundation that appointment several weeks is not orangey and that before the wedding for a blends perfectly with the trial makeup session. You color of your skin. For perfect makeup, treat yourself to a will be able to try a couple Opt for waterproof session with an aesthetician. of looks, such as natural, mascara. It will be useful glamorous, or dramatic, and the aesthetician will if your dad’s speech brings tears to your eyes! And better know which kinds of products will suit you for a seductive pout that lasts all evening, choose a best on the big day. long-lasting lipstick and touch it up throughout the If you’re good at doing your own makeup and day with a quick swipe of lip gloss. prefer to do it yourself, don’t forget that you should A final touch: a few sprays of makeup fixative still do a practice run before the big event. Keep to keep you from looking wilted and smudged as in mind that your makeup for the wedding day is you meet and greet all day. The setting spray holds likely going to be different from what you wear to foundation and eye makeup in place while erasing the office. Above all, you’ll want to make sure you any powdery effect.

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When It Comes to Your WEDDING DRESS, White Isn’t Your Only Option


f, at a time in the past, the boldest move you could make when it came to the color of your wedding dress was to pick off-white instead of a pristine snowy shade, that’s simply no longer the case. Like most rules, the one that dictates the color of your wedding dress is meant to be broken — and more and more bri­des are taking the plunge. Read on for some inspiration. Did you know that the white wedding dress has only been popular in North America since the nineteenth century? Before then, it was customary for the bride to wear — you guessed it — a colorful dress! Today, the brightly colored dress is making a comeback and designers from around the world are reinventing this vintage trend. While shopping for a non-white wedding dress might have been a tricky task a few decades ago, boutiques are now stocked with gowns in every color of the rainbow — and then some. Whether you’re in the market for an electric pink ball gown or an emerald green A-line, your local bridal boutique is sure to deliver the goods. On the fence about your color choice because you fear you’ll shock your guests by choosing an unconventional gown? Remember that this is your day and that you have the final say on what you wear. That being said, there are ways to compromise: you could incorporate a colored sash or veil in your look or choose an all-white dress with colorful stitching. So, will you let your true colors shine through with your dream wedding dress?

this savvy bride has a

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s there going to be a crowd of children at your wedding? Here are a few entertainment tips to keep them amused during the reception; their parents will appreciate the opportunity to socialize and the kids will remember the event as a success. To occupy younger children before the meal, you could organize a visit from a magician or a clown, who can perform a colorful routine lasting around thirty minutes. If your reception hall will allow it, you could rent an inflatable castle or organize a thematic treasure hunt with a teenaged guest to facilitate it. Inside the hall, set up an activity table with bottles of bubbleblowing liquid, arts and crafts supplies, and board games. You might even hire an artist to do face-painting. At the very least, it’s a good idea to reserve an area especially for the kids, where their high energy levels won’t bother the other guests and where they can be free from pressures to sit still and be quiet. If you do have a kids’ table, cover it with a paper tablecloth on which they can doodle to their heart’s content while they wait for their meals. Don’t forget to inquire with your caterer if their menu includes a children’s plate. Then, at the end of the meal, distribute surprise bags filled with candies and small dollar-store games or gadgets that will keep them entertained. If your reception runs into the evening, you could always set up a DVD player so the kids can watch a movie, with popcorn and drinks. For the whole day, or for the evening movie, a hired babysitter is an expense well worth budgeting for!



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Wedding Activities for the Kids

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By Invitation Only


efore you can choose the right invitation for your big day you will need to have decided on the tone and theme of your wedding. Not only will you have to carefully consider your cardstock and script, you will want to choose your wording very carefully. Your guests need to know all the important details: where, when, how? The last thing you want is for your cousin’s high heels to sink into the sand because you forgot to mention the reception was a potluck at the beach! If both families are contributing financially to the wedding, it is appropriate to specify that they are co-hosting the event. That is typically expressed the following way: “(Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Smith), parents of the bride, and (Mr. John Smythe and Mrs. Jane Smythe), parents of the groom, are pleased to invite you to the marriage of...” If the bride and groom are footing the bill, the names of the parents shouldn’t be mentioned. Double check the spelling of all the names, and make sure the bride’s name precedes the groom’s. If you want to invite your aunt and uncle to your wedding but not their five children, omit the words “and family” after their names and cross your fingers that they’ll get the message! Send out the invitations at least six weeks before the wedding so that your guests will have time to clear their calendars and arrange for travel. Including a self-addressed, stamped envelope with every reply card will help your guests with the job of getting back to you. After all, if you want to keep a tight tally of your guest numbers for the caterer, it is absolutely essential that The invitation you design should indicate the tone and the theme you facilitate your RSVP request in every way. of your dream day.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer in Three Steps

re you looking for a photographer that will immortalize every magical moment of your wedding, all while bringing out everyone’s best side? Follow these steps to make sure you succeed in your quest. 1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK Start by making a list of local professional photographers and have a look at their portfolios, eliminating the ones you don’t like right away. Seeing the work of different pros will help you determine whether you prefer a romantic, vintage, festive, or natural style for your own wedding photos. Then, draw up a (short) list of the photographers whose talents you appreciated and whose fees suit your budget. 2. MEET THE CANDIDATES Once your preliminary selection is made, contact each candidate to set up a meeting. After all, even if you really like their work, you still have to make sure that your personalities don’t clash. Remember that your photographer will be almost as close as your shadow on your big day. Consequently, it’s vital that you feel comfortable with the person — your state of mind, positive or not, will shine through in your photos. 3. SIGN THE CONTRACT The last step, but not the least, consists in making your agreement official. It’s important to sign a contract, because it is legally binding and covers you in case of unforeseen events or misunderstandings. See to it!

Guidelines for Choosing Your Bridal Veil The traditional bridal veil just might be the most archetypal wedding ac­­cessory — which is why picking out this special ornament takes time and thought. Follow these three tips to find the one that will suit you perfectly. 1. AIM FOR BALANCE If your heart is set on an extravagant dress, opt for a subdued and sophisticated veil that won’t out­ shine your splendid gown. A model with plain satin edging is a safe bet. If, on the other hand, your dress is on the more classic side, feel free to add a touch of sparkle with some crystals, pearls or other trimmings. 2. PLAY WITH LENGTH Veils come in a number of lengths, 12 |


from the coquettish birdcage to the majestic train. Every bride can find a version that will complement her dress flawlessly. Don’t be shy about trying on the various models available in your region’s bridal shops. 3. STAY TRUE TO YOUR STYLE Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a thrill-seeking rebel, choose a veil that showcases your unique personality. You can also select oneof-a-kind accessories (flowers, je­welry, nails) to create a look that’s one hundred per cent yours. If you’re still unsure what veil to choose, swing by your local bridal shop and take advantage of a professional salesperson’s experienced eye. He or she will help you find your dream veil in a jiffy!

Trends for the Groom: Tone-On-Tone


n the wedding day, it may be true that all eyes are on the bride, but a well-dressed groom will still be appreciated. He is one of the main stars of this celebration, after all! A classy and unique suit is on the agenda; after those criteria, the groom should choose a suit he feels comfortable in, one that corresponds to his personal style and that is tailored to his body shape. For an impeccably fitted suit, the groom should have a last fitting at the tailor’s, two or three weeks before the wedding. The fabric of the groom’s suit should be chosen according to

the season and its overall style should match the tone of the wedding; a suit is perfect for an afternoon wedding, while a tuxedo is required for an evening event. When choosing a suit, think of it as an investment; it should signal sophistication and elegance rather than officejob functionality. Once a suit has been chosen, the next secret to a refined look lies in the tie. A contemporary finish requires a tone-on-tone tie that matches the color of the shirt; it is a very attractive look, especially if both are pale in color. Pale tone-on-tone will brighten up the complexion and highlight the smile. Dressed to the hilt in all his finery, the groom will shine on his big day. (Photo Club Uomo — Joseph Abboud)

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Choose the Perfect Hairdo to Match Your Perfect Day A wedding day that’s also a bad hair day is one of the million preoccupations of most brides-to-be. Choosing how you’ll wear your hair on the big day is no easy task, either. Here are some tips for picking the perfect ‘do for saying “I do”. Make an appointment with your stylist for a hairdressing test (or several) at least a month before the big day. To prepare for your appointment, browse through magazines or search online for inspiration. Make sure you have a good grasp on your likes and dislikes when it comes to your hair. Be ready to clearly and accurately express your preferences, expectations, and even your worries to your stylist. A good stylist will help you find a style that’s suited to your personality and physical features. He or she will consider several factors to create the most flattering of ‘dos, including: • Your personal style • Your dress • Your face shape • Your hair type • When and where your wedding will take place When the big day finally arrives, remember to bring your dress and your veil with you to your hair appointment so you can get a clear picture of your final look. Bring some friends along, and don’t forget your camera to immortalize the affair!

To make sure your wedding hairdo is everything you want it be, take your tresses on a test run by planning a practice appointment (or two).

Wedding Candy: A Must for Any Reception Candy has been a part of weddings for centuries. The traditional treat offered to guests is the sugared almond, a symbol of pleasure, happiness, and prosperity. Still a favorite at weddings today, sugared almonds are a wink to the past and are, at the same time, a sign of refinement and elegance. Sugared nuts are known in French as dragées, the name North American bakers now give to the tiny, round silver candies used to decorate wedding cakes. If you’re a stickler for the real thing, though, handfuls of almonds delicately coated with smooth, glossy sugar are beautiful when scattered on tables or served in decorative bowls with cocktails.


If you’re trying to keep your wedding budget to a minimum, you can make your own sugared almonds, although they will not be as refined as those made by a candy maker. They can be stored for over 18 months if they are protected from light and humidity and must never be stored in the refrigerator. Plan for a kilogram of sugared almonds for every 20 to 30 people. If you order your dragées from a candy maker, be sure to order them at least two or three months in advance of the wedding; the real thing takes about ten days to make!

Giving wedding candy is a thoughtful gesture that your guests are sure to appreciate.

14 |


Although tradition calls for wedding candy to be given as gifts to all the guests, there are plenty of other options available. Aside from the classic sugared almond, you might offer instead sugared grilled almonds, chocolates, fruit, or nougat.

Accessories for Creating the Look You Want

Apart from the all-important dress, brides wear many small accessories to give the finishing touch to their outfit. To the great delight of all those who dream of being a princess for a day, the more traditional ac­cessories have made a comeback Parasols are entirely appropriate for weddings where some of the time will be spent outside. As well as giving a very special look to the bride, the parasol will allow her to shade her face from the sun and ensure that her makeup will look perfect all day long. The hat has recently experienced a return to popularity. It can be both extravagant and discreet and is particularly suited to outdoor weddings. There is also an increasing trend towards the tiara as the head-dressing of choice for young brides. Whether it is sparkling, slender, jewel-encrusted, or res­trained in style, it is a perfect finishing touch to a princess-style look.

Traditional accessories such as gloves and parasols add character to your wedding. (Photo Pascal Duchesnes)

There is also a trend towards the wearing of gloves, particularly when entering the church. They are available with or without fingers and are usually made of lace or satin. They can be worn in all lengths: short, with only the hand covered, longer, or elbow length. Ideally they should be the same color and texture of the dress, with no color pattern. In fact, gloves should be discreet as you don’t want to draw attention away from the dress. If you choose to wear gloves you mustn’t forget to take them off before exchanging the rings. Leave the gloves in your purse or on the table at the reception so that you can show off your new wedding band to full effect!

Today’s Bride and Groom are Connected


he bride and groom music suggestions. Post of 2017 are likely photos and video clips to be digitally featuring the bride and connected, using social groom-to-be and let your networks and Internet friends and guests have throughout their daily a great time commenting lives. And it’s not because on them. their wedding day is Many future couples fast approaching that create a blog, recounting they’ll shut down their the organization of their computers! wedding from start to Social networks such finish. For the uninitiated, as Twitter and Facebook a blog is like a private A new trend for many future couples is the use of social networks to let their guests know all about the wedding. are now an integral part diary that is made public of everyday life for many or opened to select young people. It is easy friends on the Internet. to combine these modern methods with more In fact, many wedding blogs can be found online traditional wedding preparations. these days. They are useful for other future couples, Social network sites can be used to send as everyone shares advice on how to organize a invitations and reminders and also to express mood. successful wedding. For themed weddings especially, small “nibbles” of Perhaps the most useful application of the Internet information can be sent, little hints to let guests in wedding planning, brides-to-be can post their know more about the ceremony. Steer them in the wedding gift lists online. This makes it easier for right direction about the dress code or ask them for guests to know the needs and tastes of the couple.


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