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Craft a compelling online press release with Issuu to announce a new launch or share major news. Issuu transforms your press release into an interactive experience, captivating journalists and stakeholders alike. Elevate your announcements with engaging features that bring your story to life.

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Creating a press release on Issuu's platform

What is a press release?

A press release is an official statement distributed to media members to provide information, announce a significant event, or make a public declaration. With Issuu, creating and sharing a press release becomes straightforward and impactful. Transform your announcements into visually compelling and interactive formats that engage and inform your audience, ensuring your news stands out.

Press release template

How to make a press release online:

  1. Create a press release using Issuu’s integrations with Canva, Adobe InDesign, or Adobe Express.

  2.  Export your static document to Issuu, or import it from Dropbox or Google Drive, to instantly create a digital press release format with flipping pages.

  3. Make your press release interactive by effortlessly incorporating elements like Links and Videos using Issuu's intuitive press release generator.

  4. Next, compel potential investors and customers by showcasing your press release in Fullscreen view with a simple link.

  5. You can share your press release safely and privately as an Unlisted presentation, ensuring it’s seen only by those who matter.

Captivate and inform with ease.

Convert essential information into compelling stories through striking visuals and embedded Videos. Strategically place Links throughout to lead readers further into the heart of your announcement, enriching the navigation experience for journalists and industry analysts.

Adding links and videos to a digital press release

Hold the spotlight on your news.

Showcase business news in striking clarity with Issuu's Fullscreen Sharing feature, which lets you customize your press release to stay on-brand and maximize its exposure by Embedding it seamlessly on your website. Perfect for sharing corporate announcements, product launches, or event news, Issuu makes sure your news is front and center, right where your stakeholders look for it.

View your press release in fullscreen and embed on your website

Share your message everywhere.

Ensure your press release leads to impactful media coverage by repurposing it with eye-catching Social Posts and mobile-optimized Articles – from your flipbook or scratch. Get your message out there and reach your audience when and where they need you most.

Repurpose your press release into social posts and articles.

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