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Variety Bar

For Fish’n’Chips with that good old fashioned taste! Fridays Only Evenings 7pm - 10pm


Tel: 645 066 538

Calle Faro, Almerimar At the entrance to the port

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JAKS Wide Range of UK,

Continental & Indian Foods & Spices

new selection of electrical goods toasters, kettles, irons & coffee machines OPENING HOURS:

Mon - fri 10am - 6pm sat & sun 10am - 7pm

Tel: 950 609 419


rack of Lamb available

Menu del dia 9.00€ served friday - wednesday

Enjoy Pierre’s French Cuisine Kitchen open: 12.30 - 3.00, 7.00 - 10.00. Closed Thursdays Plaza Los Jazmines 10, 04740 Roquetas de Mar Opposite Playa Capricho in the car park

Tel: 950 334 439 Email:

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Arkrites British Food Store well stocked selection of: Groceries & frozen foods including legs of New Zealand lamb, gammon joints, lambs liver. Large Selection of Greeting Cards

enjoy fabulous traditional tapas, meat and fish cooked on stone

Free Home Delivery Mon - Fri: 10.30am - 5pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

TEL: 950 334 081

out of hours please call 950 334 544

In the Urb of Roquetas de Mar, just off Avda de Mediterraneo in the square near La Gamba Toscana & Theos



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950 633 086 722 294 384

Introducing our new Beautician Ana

Sunergy Almeria

Established 2002

Over 15 years installation experience Solar powered swimming pool filter systems from €2200 to circulate pool water whenever sun shines, up to 10 hours a day, independent of mains so reduces electric bills

all Beauty Treatments

INCL. Wax, Manicure, Pedicure, Massage

at 50% discount Excludes Gellish Nails & Eyelash Extensions

His & Her’s

Cut & Blow-dry

only 25€

now open saturdays call for your appointment now

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Late appointments available on request FREE WiFi

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

Independent stand alone or mains assisted electricity systems to power your house, or reduce bills and power cuts, for example 5kw 48v system from €7950

Call Phil for competitive prices

636 261 240



New & Exclusive to As Seen On TV Products

The Xhose

The expanding light weight hose that never kinks expands to 3 times its original length contracts in seconds ultra durable

Easy to store

Available in the following lengths

25 foot at only 25€

50 foot at only 45€

75 foot at only 65€



Drinking Tap Water Instead Of Bottled In Government Fitted Wardrobes & Kitchens Meetings ‘Could Save 50 Million Euros A Year’ Tailor made

Replacing bottled water with tap water in government and council meetings at all levels from heads of State to local village authorities could save up to 50 million euros a year, recent research shows. National water boards association AGA says Spain is among the five countries that consumes the most bottled water in the world, or around five billion bottles a year. This translates to between 100 and 150 litres per inhabitant per year – between two and three litres daily, as dieticians recommend – but as it is bought in bottles, it costs between 200 and 1,000 times the price of water from taps. And AGA says there is no evidence to suggest that bottled water either tastes better or has greater quality hygiene, nutritional or health aspects. “There are no statistics and no research which has been thorough enough to suggest bottled water is better for you, nor are there public funding budgets for mineral water, but a conservative estimate suggests that the political arena, during the course of duty, accounts for between five and 10 per cent of Spain’s bottled water consumption,” says a spokesman for AGA. “Even if we take the lower end of this estimate, we have a cost of around 50 million euros a year which, obviously, would be saved almost entirely if they drank tap water. “And then there are the kilos of plastic which are discarded when water bottles are disposed of – only 13 per cent ends up in recycling or plastic treatment plants.

The rest winds up in parks, gardens, streets and other public areas and, as plastic bottles are not biodegradable, the total of these causes more environmental damage than natural disasters like the Prestige.”

to measure any size & any shape

AGA explains that, per glass of water contained in plastic bottles, a total of 185 grams of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere – the equivalent of a car travelling for a kilometre – compared to less than 0.3 grams by filling a glass from the tap or from a jug of tap water on the table.

Telelephone Nick or Phil

for a free quote 610 931 282 or 644 259 167



Looking to sell or rent your property?

Did you know that from 1st June a new law states that all properties for sale or rent must have a “Certificate for Energy in Existing Building” We have a qualified assessor who can prepare a certificate for you Call Matthew (English speaking) on 670810948 or Jorge on 670784470 or contact us by e-mail on

This is a legal requirement for all properties marketed for sale or rental

TEL: 950 479 487

(Next to Max Co-op Supermarket on main road)

Stylish Range of Outdoor Furniture Now In Stock

Probably The Largest Range of English Products in Spain Patio Sets Gazebos Sun Loungers Parasols BBQ Tools Solar Lights BBQ’s Compost Grow Bags, Freezer Bags & Boxes, Fertilisers, Natural Weed Killer Garden Tools


Acrylic & Polycarbonate Glasses & Picnic Ware



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met office: May 2013 was the coldest in 28 years

THIS May has been the coldest on record since 1985, with minimum temperatures falling to minus figures in the centre and north of the country. The average temperature throughout the Spain – which sees a huge variation year-round from Englishstyle weather in the north to near-subtropical in the Canary Islands – was 14.6ºC, or 1.3ºC lower than


usual for the time of year. According to the State meteorological agency AEMET, the only areas of the country which escaped the cold snap were the southern regions of Andalucía and Murcia, and the Canary Islands which were actually warmer than average. But in Santander, in the northern Atlantic region of Asturias, this May has been


the coldest since 1951. As is typical for early spring, sharp contrasts in temperature were seen throughout Spain, with the end of May and the period between May 15 and 21 being considerably cooler and the week of May 6 to 13 being hotter than usual. During that time, the highest maximum day temperature recorded was in Valencia airport on May 7, when the mercury

soared to 35ºC, followed by Málaga airport on May 9 with the thermometer rising to 33.6ºC and Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz province) at 33.3ºC. At the other end of the scale, nearly two weeks ago a hailstorm and torrential rain in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia left the popular Arenal beach in Jávea (Alicante) completely covered in a white blanket. And between May 16 and 18, the lowest-recorded temperatures were -2.9ºC in Puerto de Navacerrada in the Madrid region; -2.6ºC in Izaña (Tenerife), and 1.4ºC in Molina de Aragón

(Guadalajara province). The coldest climates in provincial capital cities were seen on May 4 in Burgos airport, with -0.8ºC and in Soria on May 16 at -0.4ºC. In mountainous areas and northern and inland parts, frost, ice and even snow was experienced last month. Despite a number of torrential downpours in coastal areas, particularly in the north and east, the month of May was in fact 25 per cent drier than usual for the time of year, based upon records from the period between 1971 and 2000.

Carpenteria Metallica Juan Chacón

Carratera Lorca - Baza, 56 (Albox) Tlf: 950 431 738 Email:

• • • • • • • •

Exterior gates & fencing Electronic opening gates Rejas for fire escapes in various designs from 150€ Ornamental metal gazebos next to Bazar Oriental motorised up & over garage doors T&T Fixed or concertina window & door grills Specialists in Stainless Steel Spiral staircases CTRA. Lorca - Baza

Properties for Sale & Rent Wanted in all areas

Check out our portfolio, with properties starting

from only 49,000€

Call Charlie on: 677 667 722 or 950 064 584 Web: We also offer all major mobile top ups from our office

Antibiotics to be sold by the dose to prevent ‘excessive use’

Antibiotics will now only be sold in individual doses for the exact length of time the treatment is required, says health minister Ana Mato. This is part of a plan to reduce the incidence of ‘serious epidemics’ caused by ‘multi-resistant micro-organisms’, since overuse of antibiotics can make patients immune to their effects. The ‘inappropriate’ and ‘abusive’ use of antibiotics is ‘a serious problem’, Mato claims. She reveals that 45 million bottles or packets of antibiotics are currently sitting in medicine cabinets around Spain – nearly one for every inhabitant – and that around 3,700 tonnes are disposed of at secure medicine bins in chemists’ stores every year



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Anti-Repossession Campaign Group Wins European Citizen 2013 Award

Nationwide pressure group Plataforma de Afectados de la Hipoteca, or PAH (‘Mortgage Victims’ Association’) has won the European Citizen 2013 Prize. This award has been granted by the Euro Parliament since 2008 to individuals and organisations who ‘fight for European values’, ‘promote integration between citizens and member States’ and ‘assist with transnational cooperation’ within the EU. The same prize has been granted to the Euskaltzaindia, or Royal Basque Language Academy, having been presented as a candidate by MEP Izaskun Bilbao. MEPs who nominated the PAH were Raúl Romeva, Ana Miranda and Willy Meyer. The award is due to be presented to 41 winners from 21 European countries in a two-day ceremony on October 16 and 17. Leader of the PAH, former actress Ada Colau, says she hopes this prestigious award will ‘make the PP government sit up and take notice’, since Rajoy’s cabinet has likened them to terrorists and Nazis and has hinted at attempting to outlaw their protest activities. These protests have often involved flash-mob sieges targeting individual government members, usually outside their homes, and are known by the newly-coined term escraches.

Parents face fines if their underage children are treated for drunken comas

Parents whose children ‘regularly’ get taken into hospital in a drunken stupor could be fined in a new move by the central government to cut down on underage drinking. According to a report by ThinkSpain, although it is understood that under-18s falling into an alcohol-induced coma ‘can happen once or twice’, allowing for the teenage desire to explore the unknown and forbidden, if it occurs on a regular basis it is a sign of ‘parental neglect’. And where the child drinks him or herself unconscious within the family home on frequent occasions, the parents could even be considered guilty of child abuse. According to the head of the National Drug Prevention Plan, Francisco Babín, underage drinking causes brain damage in the long run because the consumer is not fully developed, and the damage to child or teenage kidneys and livers is much harsher than that which affects adult drinkers. “We don’t hold out any expectations of sanctioning parents beyond a fine and a slapped wrist, because there’s no A&E department in Spain which doesn’t treat numerous under-18s for alcohol-induced comas every weekend,” Babín explains. “Drinking yourself unconscious can be fatal, especially in children and teenagers.”

“There are kids as young as 11 who are taken to hospital in alcohol-induced comas,” reveals psychologist Raúl Izquierdo, who is working with the government on the campaign. “This is simply barbaric, and botellones [bring-your-ownbottle street-drinking parties] with no adults present and no limits on how much is drunk can be life-threatening. “Also, uncontrolled drinking sometimes goes hand in hand with taking other substances.” An on-screen campaign with a popular TV actor titled ‘alcohol is not a game’ has been launched, and the government is considering censoring drink advertising to children under 18. The average age that a person in Spain has his or her first ‘proper’ alcoholic drink – as opposed to a couple of sips from a parent’s wine-glass – is 13.7 years, or 13 years, eightand-a-half months, which can cause serious tissue damage, permanent psychological harm and affect brain development as well as leading to abysmal school performance and family conflict, says Izquierdo. Over three-quarters of teens aged 14 to 18 consume alcohol regularly – nearly one in two at 14 and 86 per cent by age 18, showing that the incidence and frequency of drinking rises with age throughout the teenage years.

Rail travel cuts will affect a million passengers!

rather than long-distance ones which at present have escaped the cuts. RENFE’s current annual debt for regional lines stands at 238 million euros. These cuts mean 500 trains across the country will not be running at any given point, or that journeys will fall from 3,500 to 3,000. Only three services will be axed altogether – two in Andalucía and one in Galicia which connects Ourense from Puebla de Sanabria.

Around a million regular train passengers will be affected by the government cutbacks which are set to reduce the frequency of ‘non-profitable’ routes. Although no plans are afoot to scrap rail-links altogether, routes which are used less often will not run so regularly. President of rail board

RENFE, Julio Gómez Pomar, says about 5.7 per cent of passengers of mediumdistance regional trains will face serious inconvenience from the route frequency reduction, which translates to just over 900,000 travellers. He says some 30 million people commute or travel on trains regularly, the vast majority on conventional lines


Some companies may charge extra at the time of need

ARE THE SERVICES FULLY GUARANTEED ? .... will you get everything specified in your plan

IS THERE A 24 HOUR LOCAL BEREAVEMENT LINE ?.... or will you have to phone overseas

CAN YOU TRANSFER THE PLAN IF YOU RELOCATE ?.... does it cover all E.U. countries including U.K.


or are they subject to the fluctuations of the stock market like trust funds


Insurances generally only cover you in the country of residence We advise people to check terms and conditions fully before choosing a plan provider




advertising feature


EU tightens ban on shark finning The EU has agreed to tighten up an existing ban on “shark finning” - the practice of slicing off a shark’s fins at sea for sale to Asian markets.

Russia’s Putin announces divorce Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila are divorcing after 30 years of marriage, the couple announce on state TV.

In this day and age we are all looking for Financial Safety, Security and Savings, and as we all know there are two certainties in life - death and taxes - both of which can be expensive if not dealt with properly. An Iberian Funeral Plan will deal with the death side of things... Safety – We are the only Spanish SL Funeral Planning Company, we specialise in Funeral Plans nothing else. You are guaranteed acceptance whatever your age, plus the plan will always be available however long you live. Security – If you decide to pay in € your money stays in Spain with BBVA/Santander. If you pay in £ it is deposited with HSBC in the UK . All plans are registered with the Ministry of Economics, Our Terms and Conditions are just that, not, statements meaning we can do what we want, when we want and charge you extra for the pleasure. Savings – Our plans are fixed cost, the price we advertise is the price that you will pay, there are no hidden extras, If you want to pay by instalments we offer 5 years totally interest free. You have the option to pay in € or £. Our plans are competitively priced and fully comprehensive, we provide a beginning to end service and are with you all the way. Our plans provide a healthy saving when compared to the national average cost of €4000 + IVA which is a further €840 – WHY – because our plans are IVA Exempt. We have contracts with National and International Funeral directors and your plan is registered from Day 1, we operate a 24 hour bereavement helpline number so you will always be in contact with a professional who knows what you have asked for. We are not a one man band, or, an agent of a UK Company, or a UK Company operating a Trust Fund – A pension Fund is written in Trust, a life insurance policy is written in Trust and we have all heard about the Black holes in Pension Schemes and the loss in value of personal Pensions. Trust funds are not a legal accounting entity in Spain and is only a marketing ploy. So in summary if you want to deal with an ethical, legal, caring Company with regards to making provision for life’s final event then Iberian should be your first choice, No fuss, No Hassle and No Pressure... With locations throughout Spain Portugal and the UK you can feel safe and secure with an IBERIAN FUNERAL PLAN - THE PEACE OF MIND COMPANY WITH PRICES STARTING AT €3390 - Phone 952 595 691 or 965 993 498 or view our website at for all locations, information and pricing Reg/Cif IFP-Iberian Funeral Plans LDA 510037275: Reg/Cif IFP-Iberian Funeral Plans SL 11138305 / B93156107: Iberian Funeral Plans incorporating SPN Funeral Plans SL and LDA



Rajoy rejects EU’s calls Cesped artificial to increase IVA

Spanish president Mariano Rajoy has stood his ground in Europe and insisted he has ‘no interest’ in increasing taxes, including IVA, any further. Neither does he intend to review the list of goods which currently attract ‘super-reduced’ IVA, at four per cent, and which includes basic foodstuffs like bread and eggs, according to a report by ThinkSpain. Brussels has asked him to do both, and this request was reiterated by president of the European Commission, MEP José Manuel Durão Barroso. But Rajoy answered that the Spanish government had already put up IVA last year – with the top rate rising from 18 to 21 per cent – and that they were ‘constantly exploring’ new measures. “However, we do not intend, at the moment, to take any decision about this issue – this is simply a request by Europe for us to explore the matter,” Rajoy explained. He said he is ‘not interested’ in increasing taxes, but that Spain has an ‘unavoidable commitment’ to ‘consolidate’ its fiscal affairs and this is why he was obliged to put taxes up last year. “I hope not to have to increase taxes again for the rest of my term of office,

Visit our showroom in PlantAlmanzora Organic Garden next to Longo’s Albox

but I do hope to be able to make some changes – decrease some, adjust some others, decrease them when I can – such as income tax as I have already announced,” Rajoy confirmed. “And there is no plan for a reform of IVA in the short term, although there is a complete taxation reform in the pipeline.” The pension reform is expected to be finished by the end of this year, but the ‘logical, sensible and reasonable thing to do’ is to carry it out ‘as soon as possible’ so that it ‘produces the required benefits’ within a short time. Once the reform is drafted it will be sent to the Toledo Pact, which is where the various parliamentary groups will add their own opinions. “We need to debate and deal with it between all of us in order to improve the pension system – this is a capital issue for Spain and is our absolute priority,” he concludes. Since 2007, Spain has lost 3.3 million Social Security contributors – employees, the self-employed and business owners – but the number of people qualifying for a State pension has gone up by 700,000.

Villa available for long-term rental in Piedra Amarilla, close to Albox

3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite) Swimming Pool (8x4) Conservatory Sky TV/Spanish TV Air Con Private off-street parking This villa is in a very quiet area with no traffic and is private and not overlooked. There are great views of the surrounding area. Only 5 minutes to Albox. There are two bars in the area within walking distance. No smoking in the house – is permitted in the conservatory. No pets, sorry!

€450 p.c.m. plus bills – please ring 663 405 555

Tigerturf Almeria tel: 950 431 624 / 635 652 745

elax evive

open 9-3pm Mon-Fri

ejuvenate retreat elax El Cucador



9am - 3pm Delux manicure (inc paraffin wax) & Gel Polish 30€

TEL: 632 779 082

Relaxation Class WITH LIZ HILL on Tuesday afternoons Tuesday Afternoons ALL WELCOME Call Liz for details:

667 979 445

Fridays 9.30am - 6pm Get yourself ready for the summer Luxury Facial 26€ Luxury Pedicure 18€


Monday to Friday

TEL: 626 144 680

If you are a fully-qualified therapist and want to know more about us or to book a room, email Become a friend on Facebook & see our monthly Special Offers!



Wax & Tint & Eyelash Tint 14€


DIRECT FROM UK: frown lines & fillers - next clinic in June - call to book your appointment 647 379 878


held Monthly on a Monday - call for next date: 647 407 288

A FULL TREATMENT LIST & PRICES ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE Rretreat OR BY EMAILING: We are a self-contained private suite of rooms on the right hand side of La Vida Bar, El Cucador, with its own entrance, plus disabled access and good parking

situated between Amigos Bowling & Mora oil, poligono industrial, arboleas

established 2004 - fully legal - peace of mind is not far away

shot blasting and powder coating service available for new & old metalwork

cut out the middle man and buy direct from the manufacturer

mobile: 638 900 949 office: 950 930 520

security grills garden gates & railings spiral staircases motorised sliding gates garage doors ornate gazebos info@


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property group

Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563 You can find us on turre reduced


Large 1 bed / 1 bath fully furnished Apartment with patio close to all amenities. Build 62 m². Ref. 1396

mojacar playa front line


la alfoquia reduced


3 bed / 2 bath nice fully furnished Apartment with large terrace & storage rooms in small building close to all amenities. Ref. 1204

marina de la torre €79,995

2 bed / 1 bath furnished Apartment within walking distance to beach. Front terrace of 27 m² & back patio of 13 m². Ref. 1005





End of terrace 2 bed / 2 bath Townhouse with good sea views within walking distance to beach & amenities. Ref.1235

mojacar reduced


3 bed / 2 bath charming detached Cortijo with garage set on the Huerta de Abajo on plot of 7.000 m². Bargain! Ref 1196

3 bed / 2 bath charming village House close to all amenities & within 20 min drive to the coast. Ref. 1114

arboleas reduced

cariatiz reduced

3 bed / 2,5 bath front line immaculate Duplex with 2 underground parking spaces in Marina de la Torre Golf course. Ref 1508

South facing 2 bed / 2 bath Apartment with garage. Sea facing terrace of 40 m². Fully furnished. Ref.1507

Mojacar Playa



3 bed / 2 bath brand new detached Villa on plot of 700 m² with excellent access & beautiful views. Fitted kitchen. Ref. 1338

2 bed / 1 bath front line Apartment situated right on the beach. Sea views & communal beach. Needs a modern refresh. Ref. 1506

mojacar playa


mojacar playa REDUCED


3 bed / 2 bath spacious Townhouse with private garage within 200 m to beach. Small gated community with pool. Ref 1483

Mojacar Playa


3 bed / 2 bath lovely front line Penthouse with sea views set in front of the promenade. 2 sea facing Terraces: 71 m². Ref 1509

llanos del peral


3 bed / 2 bath nice Villa with garage and pool on walled plot of 2.140 m² within 10 min drive to amenities. Ref 1157



3 bed / 2 bath Villa with large garage on plot of 1.081 m² within 30 min drive to coast. Fully fitted kitchen & laundry room. Ref.1093

mojacar playa €229,000

Great opportunity! 3 bed / 2 bath Villa with pool and gardens on plot of 218 m² set across the road from the beach. Ref 1510


4 bed / 3 bath beautiful Villa with pool and garage on plot of 500 m² close to beach & amenities. Central heating. Ref 1495

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.


Loan Deals €120 unlimited riding

6 x 1/2 hour lessons for just


Tel: 678 838 547


• A home-from-home friendly atmosphere • A full menu to suit all requirements • Pet suites. • 24/7 Veterinary care • Pets play area • Very secure surroundings with ample space & shade • Yours or your pets portrait available

OPEN EVERYDAY: 10am - 12pm & 5pm - 6.30pm

ENGLISH & SPANISH SPEAKING Telephone for prices & details of vaccinations required for stay

DEAN: 696 562 662

Fines, Nr Albox :

British Bedding NEW



A beautiful floral design in shades of lemon and grey on white with a smart stripe to the reverse. Also available in pink and grey. Complete this fresh summer look with matching curtains, quilt sets and cushions. Quilt sets from 18€ Bedspread 240 x 260 50€ Cushion Cover 5€ Curtains 66 x 72 30€

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• Pillows, Protectors, Quilts & Toppers • Quilt Covers, Bedspreads & Blankets • Sheets, Valances & Pillowcases • Towels, Bath Mats & Shower Curtains

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Avda. Guillermo Reyna

mercadona salas opticos

Huercal - Overa

Tel: 950 135 081


Summer Offer Special Monthly

• Ride & Lunch to Cerro Gordo’s Bistro 1 Bonita includes: 2 /2 hr Ride & 3 course Lunch 40€pp 1 • /2 hour lesson 12€ • 1 hour treck 20€ • Quad bikes available for hire from 1 hour to a full day • Weekend pony clubs 20€ per child per day or 60€ for the month (pay monthly includes every Saturday in the month & one free Sunday) • (Family discounts offered) • Livery from just 120€ per month


British Family-Run business based just outside the pretty mountain village of partaloa ~ BHS Qualified

Tel: 950 930 900 / 968 969 962 w w w. c a r l o s s a l i e n t e . c o m

COOLNIGHTS PILLOW PAIR “A natural way to a cooler healthier & more comfortable nights sleep”

Tests show up to 21% decrease in temperature


• Curtains, Voiles & Blinds • Poles, Track & Accessories • Throws, Runners, Rugs, Cushions • Tablecloths, Placemats, Coasters & Trays

Closer than you think the

yorkshire linen co.

home furnishing specialists

Free parking above Mercadona, opposite Lidl Monday to Friday 10.00 - 18.00, Saturday 10.00 - 14.00 Centro Comercial la Pirámide, Puerto de Mazarrón, Murcia Call: 968 595 946 / 650 857 619 -


special offer! Wood Burning Central Heating System All Concealed Pipework

12.5kw woodburner, 6 radiators (12 sections) based on a 3 bed, 2 bath 120m2 villa

an ndd

Ariston 200l Compact Solar Hot Water System with digital temperature reader - Supplied & Fitted from €6,995

For more info or free no-obligation quote, call, email or pop in & see us!

Open Mon-Fri 10am-3pm. Cortijo Pipa, Avenida de Limaria, 1, Limaria, Arboleas (next to the Welcome Stranger)


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ALMERIMAR & surrounding area El Ejido Rugby Club

Friday Golf Society


30 players including 4 guests took part this week. For the first time in a while the lead organisers of regular Friday golf were back playing again. Jacqui’s back is getting better and I managed to drag myself away from various chores. We played a Reverse Waltz with 2 hidden holes. The winners with 94 points (on lower handicap) were John Flynn, Mick Clark, Elaine MacMillan and Doris. Last place and chocolates went to John Woodhead, Albert Taylor, Sharon Sly and Rosemary Moody with a score of 80 points. It was very close with two teams on 80 points and one on 81 points. The hidden holes made all the difference. Nearest the pin was won by Joan Edgington with a distance of 2.55m. Thanks to John Flynn for sorting out the cards and handing out the prizes this week. The rotter even tricked me into thinking I might not have got the chocolates. There were some great individual scores this week. Especially Mick Clark with 42 points and Robbie MacMillan with 41 points. Hans Ooft had 38 points and Leslie Somlyai, Heinz Hajek, Barry Prior and Michelle Flynn all had 37 points

Based in Almerimar, we are always looking for new players and have training sessions starting at 21.30h every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Players of all abilities welcome. The team is very sociable and after have players from beginner to experienced. We are currently in Andalucia Regional Division 2 and just about to start the second phase of the league. Home matches are usually at 12.30 on Sundays at the grass rugby pitch in Almerimar. For more information call Jonathan on 695 635 078


New Bar - Very Different - All Welcome Breakfasts, Tapas, Racions, Cakes, Pancakes C/ Fragata, no10 Plaza Batel (Almerimar) Tlf: 950 60 92 57



MacGowan’s Bar & Restaurant

Guinness, Murphy’s Cider, Heineken, Large Selection of Spirits

now open next door

Calle Varadero Almerimar 04711 (Almeria)

7 june:

You can see the full results at:

If you would like to take part in the friendly Friday competitions at Almerimar you can put your name up on the entry list by the pro-shop or contact

Portable surgery equipment including anesthetics, X-Ray machine and more... Language skills: Spanish, English and French.

Ali Jaouad


10am – 1pm: Almerimar Walking Club - Meet at Mercadona SECOND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH ‘RASTRO-MARKET’ IN CAR PARK OPPOSITE LEO’S


11am – 1pm: Ladies Coffee Morning - Yachting Golf Restaurant 5pm – 7pm: Jeu de Boules - East Beach


Tuesday Golf




Calle Galera No6, Almerimar

Open: Sunday 2pm - 10pm

Tapas served daily 12 noon - 5.30pm (except Sunday)

Landline: 958 830 155 Mobile: 603 121 631 24hrs Home visits and surgeries, spaying and castrations, blood tests, x-rays etc.


Every Saturday Night Live Music and Dancing at Leo’s Bar from 10pm til late

The Charity Shop

now serving food from 7pm - 10pm tapas served all day and night

expat vets


stumble inn - live entertainment 9pm Friday Golf LEO’S - FISH’N’CHIPS


to their small and friendly cafe bar for breakfast, lunch & drinks

Darsena 3, Almerimar - next to pharmacy



keep up to date with what’s happening in


Sky Sports / ESPN for all sports Tel 610 900 320


Sol Times Distributed

almerimar local information

Tlf. 950 609 546

Est 2005 Cafe Bar Ray & Kay welcome you...

Open: Mon - Sat 10.30am - Close

what’s on

There is a new page on Facebook called Memorias de Almerimar MemoriasDeAlmerimar

where people can share their photos and other memories of Almerimar from years gone by. If you have some old photos of Almerimar please can you share them with us.

El Ejido Bowls Club

Monday and Thursday - 5pm to 7pm Ring Alison on 677 317 920 to book or for further information

(Behind Bar Ankara)

now open Monday-Friday 10am-2pm

In Association with Animales de Berja & Ursamarina

volunteers wanted

For all your local advertising needs call

Mark on 693 774 932

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Police dog wins gold medal for bravery from UK charity

A Spanish police dog has been awarded a medal by a British veterinary charity. According to a report by ThinkSpain, The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) has given 21 medals to guide dogs, police dogs and airline sniffer dogs over the years, and the latest to net the prestigious award is Ajax, whose bravery saved the lives of an entire block of police officers and their families four years ago. He and his guide, Sergeant Juan Carlos Alabarces, were working voluntarily with the Crown explosives squad in trying to trace a bomb in Mallorca on July 30, 2009. Basque terrorist cell ETA had already let off an explosive device in the resort town of Palma Nova, part of the larger municipality of Calvià, killing two police officers, and it was believed there was another, as yet unexploded bomb still

in the area. Ajax sniffed out a bomb underneath a vehicle outside the Guardia Civil station, which is attached to the living quarters where officers and their families have ‘company’ flats. The bomb had a movement sensor, meaning it would go off if it detected anyone or anything moving near it. Despite this, Ajax’s training allowed him to creep up on the bomb without activating the sensor and, once he had alerted his guide to its presence, emergency services were able to evacuate the entire block and detonate the device under controlled conditions. Nobody was hurt – although but for the plucky pooch’s actions, several lives would almost certainly have been lost, including that of his guide. The gold medal from the UK-based People’s Dispensary for

Teruel aerodrome ‘ideal for space travel’

Teruel airport has been deemed suitable as a base for space travel by a team of six aeronautical engineers.

The ‘Grand Earth’ team, students of a master’s degree in air transport operations management at the National Aeronautical University in France, says the climate, geographical location and installations are ideal for space travel, and the best among the initial 10 European airports shortlisted. The length of the runway is one of the Rafael Nadal became the first tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles tournament eight times, beaing David Ferrer 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 in Paris today, to become the undisputed ‘King of Clay’. He has now won 59 out of 60 matches at Roland Garros and has had a sensational start to the 2013 season, winning 43 of 45 matches and seven titles since his return in February from a seven-month injury lay-off. His 59th match win on the red dirt in Paris also takes him past records set by Roger Federer and Guillermo Vilas, while his 12th major title moves him above Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver on the all-time list. “I’m very happy, very emotional,” he said after the match. “It’s a very important

key points taken into account, since it needs to be more than 2.5 kilometres for launching space vessels, and the one at Teruel aerodrome is just over 2.8 kilometres. It is also the highest-altitude airport in Spain and has a very low volume of air traffic, two other features which are essential for this purpose. Director of Teruel airport Alejandro Ibrahim says short sub-orbital trips are set to become the tourism of the

future and many European and USbased companies are also already researching the possibility of air-travel via space to cut down journey times of long-haul flights. These companies include Space Adventures, Virgin Galactic, Space Expedition Corporation, Blue Origin, Armadillo Aerospace, Rocket Plane Limited, XCOR Aerospace, Astrium, and Dassault.

Nadal beats Ferrer for eighth French Open title

victory for me.” Ferrer, playing in his first major final at the age of 31, was a worthy adversary and pushed his compatriot harder than the score might suggest, but never threatened an upset. Despite his loss, Javea-born Ferrer will move up to No. 4 in the ATP world rankings tomorrow, above Nadal at No. 5. “Yeah, it’s strange, no?”, Ferrer told interviewers after the match. “I lost the final against Rafael, but tomorrow I am going to be No.4 and him No. 5. But anyway, I (ex)change. I’d prefer to win here and to stay No. 5! [...]

I have good praise in Spain, outside of Spain. I don’t care if I am more famous or not. I am happy with myself; I am very happy with my career. I will try to be (among) the best players of the world for (a few) more years.” The final was interrupted by a brief protest high in the stands during the second set that was quickly followed by an intruder leaping onto the court brandishing a flare. Security guards managed to bundle the man to the ground as he approached Nadal, for which Nadal expressed his thanks by shaking a security guard’s hand before returning to the action.

Sick Animals is awarded for ‘an outstanding act of bravery’’ or ‘exceptional dedication to duty and social commitment’, and its Spanish equivalent is the Cruz de San Jorge, or Cross of Saint George – the highest-ranking bravery award in the country. Ajax is the first dog in Spain and only the second outside the UK to receive the medal. It will be presented to him at the El Bosque Theatre in Móstoles, Madrid, during the Police and International Military Guide Dogs annual ceremony.

The Charity Shop Calle Galera No6, Almerimar (Behind Bar Ankara)

Please help me find my forever family! My name is Candi. I am about one year old and very sweet. I have a broken back leg after being hit by a car, but I am resting and mending at Gill´s house, the vet says it will heal but I may have a small limp. Please give me a Foster or permanent home.


If you can help me PLEASE Contact the Charity shop on 950 497 193

Monday - Fri 10am-2pm Saturday 11am-2pm In Association with Animales de Berja



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EXPAT SERVICES...FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Would you know what to do in the event of the sudden death of a loved one? And it would be ten times more difficult for family living abroad. This is where FUNERALS IN SPAIN can help. A 24 hour English contact is only a telephone call away. ‘Peace of mind’ for the future is available with affordable monthly Funeral Insurance. FUNERALS IN SPAIN arranges Full and Immediate Worldwide cover (no qualifying period). No need to part with £000’s of your hard earned cash in advance as with some funeral plans. Thousands of expats have discovered this affordable option to pre pay plans. People wishing to transfer are welcomed FUNERALS IN SPAIN Guarantees: • Collection of deceased • Use of a tanatorio near to where you live • Casket • Religious Service in English • Floral tribute


Professional, reliable, handy man available...

• Cremation • Urn • Death certificates FUNERALS IN SPAIN will take care of all legal matters regarding the funeral. FUNERALS IN SPAIN Offer a professional and sympathetic approach. The insurance company is Spanish and fully compliant with Spanish legislation and has been established for almost 60 years covering the whole of Spain. FUNERALS IN SPAIN further guarantees • No advance payment required (up to 69 years) • No registration fee. • Nothing to be paid upon death. Once accepted the insurance guarantees cover until death, no matter the age. People up to the age of 74 years may apply for insurance. Policy holders may also get to enjoy a death by accident insurance and membership of a discounted dental / medical scheme.

Gecko Legal Services 950 475 959

617 611 140

...for all the jobs he doesn’t get round to, including Van Removals, Painting Exterior/Interior, Small Plumbing Jobs, Shelves, Garden Clearance, All Outside Work - Walls, Stone Cladding, Rendering etc... Property Maintenance Good hourly/daily rate - 7 yrs in the area.

• Deeds • Wills & Inheritance • Tax Returns • Legal Services • Power of Attorney • Insurance & Financial • Accounting • Payroll • N.I.E & Resident Certificates • Conveyancing • Contracts • Vehicle Registration • Licenses

Call Jim 677 557 190 Evenings 950 930 596

Opposite Ferreteria Lopez, Mojacar Playa

References available & Pics of work completed



by Maria van Enckevort

Talleres de escultura Where? In Los Alamos in MI CORAZON When? On Tuesdays & Fridays from 10.00 till 14.00

On Thurdays from 17.00 till 21.00 150€ for a course of 10 sessions incl. use of tools, coffee or tea. Various stones for 1,50€ per kilo Call: 950 064 669

1st Lesson FREE Newcomers Workshops Tuesday & Friday El Molinico Turre, 7pm

NULINE is a great way to learn dance whilst enjoying a low

impact physical & mental workout and is suitable for all ages, no partner required. NULINE offers a method of teaching routines danced to allgenres of music: Latin, Waltz, Jazz, Pop, Celtic and Country so that you can learn more advanced steps at an early stage. NULINE A better class of dance

Mob: 660 472 334 / 617 712 036 Instructors of NULINE

NOTE: People are strongly advised to seek information before their 70th birthday (69yrs, 6months to be precise) as many insures refuse to insure anyone over this age and some will cancel an existing policy when 70 years is attained CONTACT FUNERALS IN SPAIN…. NOW Tel 650 461 816 email:

kim clark benefits consultancy Do you suffer from mobility problems, breathlessness/pain or falls/stumbles?

Do you need help washing / dressing or supervision? You could be entitled to extra income by claiming UK sickness / disabililty benefits while living in Spain

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Electronic Cigarettes Starter Packs from €20 Delivered to your door Easy to order

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Combining care & support for those that need it

Why struggle with daily life when help is just a phone-call away?

Personal Care

Assistance with Personal Hygiene

Domestic Support

Cleaning & Household Tasks

Sitting Service

Are You Caring For A Loved One? Are You In Need Of A Break?

For a free consultation to assess personal requirements call Elle on 674 509 382 who will work with you to create your individual care plan

NVQ qualified with over 20 years experience in Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Learning Disabilities


ASSSA - your private health insurer in Spain –

Customer satisfaction is both the basis of our success and the goal of ASSSA - your private health insurance company in Spain Experience, expertise & customer service... Back in the early 90s ASSSA developed a strategy especially designed to meet the needs of our international clientele. That strategy has been implemented in an impressive way since then: specifically with regard to the provision of good customer service, both before and after signing the initial contract. Customer Service offices have been established along the coast in Mazarrón ,Vera, Denia, Moraira, Altea, Orihuela Costa, Alicante (our headquarters), Ciudad Quesada and Los Alcázares. Our friendly, multilingual staff can provide information and advice. After taking an insurance policy, you will have a contact person who speaks your language to help you if you have any questions; we can also arrange doctor’s appointments for you.

Client testimonials... Many customers come to us on the recommendation of insured persons who appreciate our knowledgeable, caring customer service. Here are some excerpts from the experiences of some of our valued clients: Tony Brumham, ASSSA insurance number: 19129 Moraira: “I recently had an extremely serious accident in which as a result of a fall I fractured the top 3 vertebrae in my spine and was close to being paralyzed or worse. Whilst no experience of this nature is to be welcomed, ASSSA with its input and organization lessened the extreme seriousness of the occasion with its prompt action in processing my admittance to Levante Hospital and subsequent follow ups with my family, medical staff – the specialists who carried out the operation and the nursing staff who nursed me for the 3 ½ weeks of early recuperation. In particular I would like to say a huge thank you to Kate

Taylor of the Moraira office of ASSSA without whom the whole process would have been prolonged mentally as well as physically debilitating. Thank you again to everyone involved and giving me my life back for which I am truly grateful.” Liam Smyth, ASSSA insurance number: 25584 Orihuela Costa: “I’ve been insured for many years with ASSSA and more than satisfied. Since then, I have received treatments to insert a stent in heart surgery, cataract operations on both eyes, prostate treatment, physiotherapy for back problems. In addition, I am still being treated for clots in the brain. In respect of the brain clots, I cannot thank Katrin enough for her swift action in referring me to the neurologist Dr Lecanda Garamendi in Medimar Hospital. I have not had any problems since then. Thanks ASSSA.” To both in particular, our warmest congratulations and best wishes for their recovery.

Our doctors and clinics The evidence: It is especially necessary in the field of health insurance, to provide the prompt help and the professional advice of trained staff, who then quickly transfer the patients to the best specialists and hospitals. We offer our customers an extensive medical directory with the best private clinics, with general - and specialist physicians. We have many English-speaking doctors listed in our medical directory.

Insure your health! We offer flexible health insurance levels - depending on the medical and financial requirements of our customers – from a supplementary insurance (from €44 per month) up to more comprehensive insurance (from €88 per month). Visit us without obligation and we will calculate your premium during a personal conversation; discounts included and collect a welcome gift we have prepared for you. For our new customers: great deals of up to 30% discount. Our staff will inform you. We are looking forward to your visit!

Visit us for a chat and without any obligation, receive a personal premium calculation. Our employees will be pleased to answer all your questions. Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 09: 30-13: 30, later appointments or home visits by arrangement.

We look forward to your visit!

Customer service office: Tel. 950 392 487 Louise Zarb

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Forget the gym: try Yoga

Just 20 minutes of yoga a day sharpens the mind, researchers say. The ancient practice was found to be more effective at boosting brain power than conventional aerobic exercise. Researchers in America discovered that a single session of Hatha yoga significantly improved a person’s speed and accuracy when tested on their working memory and concentration. Lead author of the study, Neha Gothe, professor of kinesiology (human movement), health and sport studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, explained: ‘Yoga is an ancient Indian science and way of life that includes not only physical movements and postures but also regulated breathing and meditation. The practice involves an active attentional or mindfulness component but its potential benefits have not been thoroughly explored.’ During the experimental yoga sessions participants were asked to assume postures stood up, sat down and laid down, while keeping their breathing steady. The exercises included isometric contractions of different muscles in the body, where the muscles are tensed and relaxed without moving any limbs. The exercises were followed by a mediation session, when participants focussed on posture and deep breathing. Researchers also put the guinea pigs through their paces on a treadmill for the same 20minute period, keeping their heart rate up between 60 and 70 per cent of the maximum. They found that people who had been for a 20-minute jog were less able to focus mentally on tasks than they were following a yoga session. Gothe said: ‘It appears that following yoga practice, the participants were better able to focus their mental resources, process information quickly, more accurately and also learn, hold and update pieces of information more effectively than after performing an aerobic exercise bout. The breathing and meditative exercises aim at calming the mind and body and keeping distracting thoughts away while you focus on your body, posture or breath. Maybe these processes translate beyond

yoga practice when you try to perform mental tasks or dayto-day activities.’

Whilst the research team could not pinpoint any specific process that takes place during yoga that boosted the mental state of the participants, suggesting the relaxation from meditation could hold the answer. Meditation and breathing exercises are known to reduce anxiety and stress, which in turn can improve scores on some cognitive tests.


WHAT IS HATHA YOGA? Hatha yoga is an ancient form of yoga that was first described in 15th century India. It may have existed well before this however. Hatha yoga is sometimes called ‘dual’ yoga because it includes a duality between two opposites: the sun (in Hinda, ‘ha’) and the moon (‘tha’). It uses physical positions to help control breathing, which in turn helps to calm the mind and prepare a person for mediatation. Many modern forms of yoga use Hatha yoga positions as their foundation.

Hair&Beauty Formerly J.D. Hair Design

look good, feel good with our full range of treatments

Albox Rambla

El Cordobes

Toni’s Mirador Bar


Tlf. 645 560 367

Tues - Fri 10-3pm After 3pm by appointment only Saturday AM by appointment only



Monica Algañaraz Over 40 years experience in physiotherapy and osteopathic treatment. General postural assessment and holistic health checks available English spoken For more information or appointments call 695 355 381 Ctra. Baja no. 29A 1o c. Olula Del Rio

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria


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...take care of your pets...

big or small... furry or feathered... young or old... Leishmaniasis in Dogs




Leishmaniasis, the medical term used for the diseased condition that is brought about by the protozoan parasite Leishmania, can be categorized by two types of diseases in dogs: a cutaneous (skin) reaction and a visceral (abdominal organ) reaction -- also known as black fever, the most severe form of leishmaniasis. The infection is acquired when sandflies transmit the flagellated parasites into the skin of a host. The incubation period from infection to symptoms is generally between one month to several years. In dogs, it invariably spreads throughout the body to most organs; renal

Exclusive Boarding Kennels/Cattery Glad t me to hey sent Pa Kenne ls whi lomino back t e they wen o t wet En cold & gland !

DELIVERY AS FAR NORTH AS MANCHESTER Tel: 0044 (0) 1323 301 991

woodhouse boarding kennels & cattery arboleas

Small friendly kennels 24hr vets service pet transporting arranged welcome to view ministry approved

Tracy 650 211 952

the muzzle and footpads, Alopecia — dry, brittle hair coat with symmetrical hair loss, Nodules usually develop on the skin surface, Intradermal nodules and ulcers may be seen, Abnormally long or brittle nails are a specific finding in some subjects. TREATMENT - Unless your dog is extremely ill, it will be treated as an outpatient. If it is emaciated and chronically infected, you may need to consider euthanasia because the prognosis is very poor for such animals. If your dog is not severely infected, your veterinarian will prescribe a high-quality protein diet, one that is designed specifically for renal insufficiency if necessary. There are medications that can be helpful in treating symptoms and in addressing the disease. Your veterinarian will advise you on the best course. Living and Management Your veterinarian will want to monitor your dog for clinical improvement and for identification of organisms in repeat biopsies. You can expect a relapse a few months to a year after the initial therapy; your veterinarian will want to recheck your dog’s condition at least every two months after completion of the initial treatment.

Palomino Kennels



(kidney) failure is the most common cause of death, and virtually all infected dogs develop visceral or systemic disease. As much as 90 percent of infected dogs will also have skin involvement. There is no age, gender, or breed predilection; however, males are more likely to have a visceral reaction. The main organ systems affected are the skin, kidneys, spleen, liver, eyes, and joints. There is also commonly a skin reaction, with lesions on the skin, and hair loss. There is marked tendency to hemorrhage. It is important to note that leishmaniasis is a zoonotic infection, and the organisms residing in the lesions can be communicated to humans. There are two types of leishmaniasis seen in dogs: visceral and cutaneous. Each type affect different parts of the dog’s body. Visceral — affects organs of the abdominal cavity Severe weight loss, Loss of appetite (anorexia), Diarrhea, Tarry faeces (less common), Vomiting, Nose bleeds, Exercise intolerance Cutaneous — affects the skin Hyperkeratosis — most prominent finding; excessive epidermal scaling with thickening, depigmentation (loss of skin color), and chapping of

Offer a Warm, Friendly Environment in a secure Countryside Setting. All Diet Requirements Catered for. Daily Exercise in 10 Acre Estate, Vet on 24/7 standby. (25 years Experience).

Call 662 668 423 or 950 067 051

Ken & Jackie Let us transport your loving friends to and from the UK & Europe in comfort with loving care in our air-conditioned van Tel 950 092 096 or 661 402 493 - Email

Dog & Cat Sitter service

• Your home or ours • Honest & trust worthy • 5 years experience of all types of animals • References available on request

676 389 592


The Olive Tree


Cultivation of the native wild tree began in the Near East around 6000 years ago. Tree cultivation and oil extraction was brought to Iberia by the Phoenicians around 1050 BC, but it was the Romans who turned Iberian oil into an industry, though this was a bit too radical for the native Iberian tribe, who preferred to stick to their traditional use of lard! The importance of Iberian oil to the Empire was huge

- Spanish oil amphorae have been found everywhere the Romans went. Mount Testaccio in Rome is an artificial hill made up of 40 million amphorae, most of which are from the Iberian Peninsula. Hadrian even had a coin struck bearing the picture of an olive branch and the inscription “Hispania”. In ancient times it was believed that olive trees had to be planted near the sea in order to thrive. One thing is for sure, though, and that is that olive trees love tough, rocky soil and


There are over 3 million olive trees in Spain! Spain is the world’s leading olive and olive oil producer and exporter, with 5.19 million acres of olive groves, 92% of which are dedicated to olive oil production. The average annual production varies due to the cyclical nature of the harvest, but typically runs between 600,000 and 1,000,000 metric tons, only 20% of which is exported. About 80% of the crop is concentrated in Andalucia, which is the biggest olive growing area in the world. If you have ever journeyed to Jaen, you will have seen 70% of the Andalucían production.

craggy limestone cliffs. In fact they do better in poor soil than they do in rich, fertile earth.

Growth & Olive Production

Slow growing, traditionally bearing fruit after fifteen years, modern trees can, due to agricultural developments, mature at five. A tree reaches maximum productivity after 40 years, and after 140 begins to decline, though thousand-yearold trees can and do still bear rich loads.

Olive tree age is often exaggerated though Lo Parot in Horta de Sant Joan in Tarragona is certainly between 1,0001,500 years old meaning it was planted during Visigoth or Arab times. If you ever fancied gracing your garden with a beautiful, gnarly old tree you might be lucky. There exist operations dedicated to saving centuriesold olive trees from construction sites and then finding ‘homes’ for them. Rather than purchasing the tree, the new owner simply pays for the salvaging, storage and replanting. To find out if there is a scheme in your area ask at your local Ayuntamiento. The variety of tree growing in Andalucia today is the Olea Europeae. It is sufficiently important to have inspired the Junta de Andalucia (Regional Government) to track every commercial tree. In fact each one has its own GPS co-ordinates and is carefully

monitored by regional officials. This is mainly to ensure fair play when it comes time to hand out subsidies. While most farmers play by the rules, certain unscrupulous folk were caught at the turn of this century trying to pass off wooden posts as olive trees…

Olive Oil

It takes between 4kg & 11kg of olives to make 1 kilo of oil. The whole olives are ground and then pressed, leaving a mulch. This mix of pulp, stone, water and oil is then spun centrifugally, bringing to the surface ‘aceite flor’, which is then further treated by decanting & filtering to rid it of water and impurities. It should be used within 12 months of bottling & stored in a dry place out of sunlight. Spanish olive oil comes in four distinct classes, defined by national health regulations: (1) Aceite de Oliva Virgen [Virgin Olive Oil], a

completely natural product. (2) Aceite de Oliva Refinado [Refined Olive Oil], perfectly acceptable, but not as full in taste. Ideal for cooking (3) Aceite de Oliva [Regular Olive Oil], a blend of refined and virgin olive oil. (4) Aceite de Orujo/Marc/ Pomace [Pomace Oil], made from olive oil pressings. Buy this and you get what you pay for! Apart from eating, cooking, lamp fuel, preservative, medicine, cure, laxative, aphrodisiac, cosmetic, unguent, magic potion ingredient and religious unction, the olive is being tried by experimental energy stations, which burn ‘aceite de orujo’ to generate electricity. They are hoping to start supplying the national electric grid in the near future!

Opposite the Dia Supermarket, Albox Satin Walnut 5 Litres €69.31 750 ml. €11.86 Mate Extra 5Litres €61.99 750 ml €10.61


€69.33 ased Blue oil b pool g in m im sw paint

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Water based paint for floors


€49.19 er based Blue Wat g pool swimmin paint

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Pastel Colours


(Colours can be combined)

Revepla st







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BEING A RESIDENT OF SPAIN OR NOT CAN MAKE A CONSIDERABLE DIFFERENCE TO CAPITAL GAINS TAX. NASTY SURPRISE: HAVING WHAT EVERYONE CALLS THE RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE IS NOT PROOF OF TAX RESIDENCY AND IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WILL BE TREATED AS A NON RESIDENT AND 3% OF THE SALES PRICE WILL BE HELD BACK. Q. I have sold my house. I was under the impression that I was a resident and that the 3% retention for non residents would not be applicable, but the notary said that my residence certificate was not proof of residency and that he had to treat me as a non resident which means that 3% of the sales price was retained and paid into the tax office. How can the resident certificate not be proof of residency? A. What the notary is saying is correct. It is a common nasty surprise at the notary lately suffered by sellers that are not getting the correct advice prior to selling. The new resident certificates with ought photograph issued by the police do not state you are a tax resident of Spain. What it says is that you are a resident of Europe. To be able to be treated as a tax resident of Spain at the moment of sale, you need to provide the notary with a certificate issued by the tax office in Spain stating that they consider you a tax resident of Spain. This needs to be requested in advance of going to the notary by your solicitor or yourself to avoid the 3% retention. Some notaries will also accept as proof of residency your Spanish tax returns. If you are thinking of selling, it is important to find out from the tax office well in advance if your status is that of a resident or non resident, and the certificate issued by them needs to be taken to the notary the day of signature Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.


RENTALS - SALES -MANAGEMENT - MAINTENANCE “We have 15 years experience of the local coastal property market, with an unrivalled reputation for reliable, honest advice and value for money and we urgently need more properties to sell and rent. We believe our commission charges are unbeatable - check us out.”

Ref:LA/GK - 3 bed 1st fl. apt, 3 pools & gardens. 300m to beach, tennis, lift

Ref: mt/mc - 3 beds, 2 baths, terrace, 2 pools, built area 70 m2, close to golf/ beach

Ref: pr/Mg 2 bed 1.5 bath, 1st floor apt, terraces, solaruim, a/c, nr beach, pool

Ref: OA/HM Stunning 2 bed, 2 bath apart. on Oasis de Mar, solaruim, pool

MOJACAR - reduced €124,950

MOJACAR - reduced €84,950

MOJACAR -bargain €69,950

MOJACAR - NEW €169,950

Prices stated are fixed for 7 days mininum from the time of going to press, include sales commission and exclude taxes and notary or other legal charges and fees

Paseo del Mediterraneo 19, Mojacar Playa, Almeria (near the Hotel Best Indalo)

Tel: 950 478 612 / 610 808 631 

Est 25yrs




125,000€ Mojácar Playa A1163 299,999€ Beautiful ground floor apartment of 51m2 with 57m2 of terraces on a small urbanisation near to the beach. Large community terraces & pool. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Furnished.


DV1131 325,000€ Cortijo Grande DV1261 255,000€ Mojácar Playa SDV1273

Very desirable detached house of 143m2 with a separate guest suite on a 1,000m2 plot with panoramic views. 3 bed, 2.5 bath. Private pool, terraces, gardens, & parking. A/C, ADSL & telephone.

Very attractive detached villa, 149 m2 on 1,617m2 in a lovely location on Cortijo Grande golf resort. All on one level, Private pool, garage and car port, super mountain views. Sold furnished.

210,000€ Mojácar Playa LV664 185,000€ Mojacar Playa LV663 74,995€ Lovely townhouse situated in La Parata and renovated to a high standard, with 2 bed, 2 bath. Sea views, two good sized terraces, one with Jacuzzi, communal swimming pool.

Charming detached property of 60m2 on 208m2 patio & garden. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Sea views from the solarium. Splash pool. Furnished. Less than 2 mins. walk to the beach.

Mojácar Playa

Charming ground floor apartment on a sought after front line complex. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private terrace. Fully furnished. Superb community gardens & pool. Excellent rental potential.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Covered & open terraces with pool. Garage & furnished.

LV657 139,000€ Mojacar Playa LV660

Pretty modernised townhouse of 60m2 + 20 m2 private terrace with lovely views. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Off street parking. Beautiful community gardens. Less than 5 mins walk to the beach.

425,000€ Mojácar Playa A1266 130,000€ Mojácar Playa A1164 129,500€ Huerta Nueva A1168 5 bedroom detached villa in a prime location with lovely sea views and separate 2 bed apartment, Private swimming pool, close to beach, shops, bars and restaurants.

Immaculate semi-detached villa of 216 m2 + basement of 44m2 with good sea views.

Immaculate apartment of 51m2 situated on an unrbanization close to the beach. 2 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms, private garage, large South facing terrace with superb sea views.

Lovely renovated south facing townhouse with ample terraces & solarium. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Hot & cold air conditioning & furnished. Off street parking. Less than 5 mins walk to the beach.

85,000€ Mojácar Playa A1167 South-facing first floor apartment of 78m2+ split level large terrace situated, on the pretty golf resort of Gortijo Grande. 2 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms. Beautiful golf and mountain views. With private access. Tel: +34 950 478 915 Fax: +34 950 478 963

Mondays 10.00 - 13.30 & 16.00 - 19.00 Tuesdays - Fridays 9.30 - 13.30 & 16.00 - 19.00

Members of the National Association of Estate Agents Overseas

We are able to organise Energy Efficiency Certificates at very competitive prices Contact us for more details All properties listed with Price Brown comply with the consumer protection act - decreto 218/2005 11 Octobre (Andalucia).

Members of the Agrupacion Tecnica Profesional

Prices are correct for 7 days from going to print for all properties on these pages


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Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

Super Indian Buffet

Choice of 10 starters & 10 main dishes (normal menu available) Served from 6pm


per person

Special menu for 2 people 20€ Menu del Dia

Evening Menu €10.95

Served 1pm - 4pm

Served 6pm - 11pm


Open every day 1pm - 4pm & 6pm - late

mojacar playa - tel: 950 109 758

PR Building Services All Aspects of building, construction & Carpentry Landscaping, maintenance & Swimming Pools over 15yrs experience The highest standard of workmanship fully legal, professional & Reliable

References Available Call Richard on 608 673 681 or 662 422 170


667 961 645

ladies... a new style... a new look... a new you

fully qualified & fully legal trained by saks london Beat the Heat Summer Hours Opening 8am to 4pm Later Appointments by request is calling all males too!




IN SIZZLING SUMMER TEMPS! Easy Parking at: Hotel el Puntazo, Mojacar Playa HOURS: Mon - Fri 10am-1.30pm 5pm - 7.30pm Sat 10am - 2pm




Gatsby’s Boutique has been established for twenty-six years and is now promoting their Summer Season, with vibrant and stunning new collections. ‘Shower bursts’ of colour emanate from within as one enters the boutique. Favourite labels have excelled at producing cool, natural fabrics with beautiful designs in cottons, linens, viscose and silks - comfortable, easy-care and very versatile for our southern Mediterranean climate, or for other destinations. Offering sizes 10 - 22, and with individuality and comfort ‘built’ into every garment, one can create one’s own ‘statement of style’ - and look amazing! Easy Parking at Hotel el Puntazo, Mojacar Playa. For anyone visiting Mojacar, the Lemon Lounge is a must on your list of places to visit! Situated opposite the riding stables roundabout, Lemon Lounge is a lovely restaurant set in an elevated position with a beautiful terraced garden. The friendly owners provide a welcoming atmosphere and can offer you a choice of menu, varying from Menu del Dia to Sunday lunch or even a full A la Carte. As well as the garden seating

areas, there are 2 indoor dining rooms where you can relax and enjoy either a garden or sea view whilst dining.! Tel: 950 472 659. See their advert for more information. The new Early Bird Special at Bay Bistro is proving very popular. If you haven’t already tried it, this is how it works: if you’re seated in Bay Bistro between 7 and 8pm you’ll be rewarded with a 10% discount off the total bill, including your drinks. They don’t distinguish between set menus or a la Carte, it’s simply 10% off everything!! Gerry knows that times are hard for everyone and exchange rates are on the low side. This is their small way of thanking all the regular customers who have supported them over their first year and for all the new customers who have yet to try Bay Bistro. We do advise you to book, just to be sure you don’t miss out!

At Ventanas y Puertas (Mojacar Windows) Home Improvement Centre, we aim to provide quality products at reasonable prices and to always give a personal and professional service. We have a modern, bright showroom with English and Spanish speaking staff who will help you from your enquiry to completion. Local, National initial The owner of the business, & international Michael Baxter has had over 40 years experience REMOVALS in the building industry and oversees everything to Quality Second hand & STORAGE ensure that all work is done to the highest standard. We furniture showroom have been serving property 263 Paseo del Mediterraneo owners in Mojacar and the Mojacar Playa, Next to Sal Marina Hotel surrounding areas for over 5 Mon-Sat: 10am-2pm years. We specialize in high HUGE Call Marc on 647 006 183 quality PVC-U windows and or Jo on 600 344 565 265m2 doors and are the area´s only or e-mail Showroom agents for HOCO (part of the HAAS group of Germany) fortnightly SERVICE TO & FROM UK FULL OR PART LOADS whose products are all made

s ’ a m i De L removals

Bay bistro Next to Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa

open daytime & evenings closed Menu del Dia Sunday Full a la Carte Menu tu esd ay’ s

ONLY 9.95€ Menu de la Noche ONLY 12.95€

ich Deli Saennduw M from 6.95€

Lunch Special


3 Courses

Including Roast of the Week

Only 9.95€

Early bird special (seated between 7pm - 8pm)

10% discount off total bill

628 Tel:Tel: 950 450 199761 • 628391 761 391

To avoid disappointment please call and reserve your table


Mojacar especially for the Spanish climate. We also have a superb kitchen department where we offer first class design and fitting complete with all necessary tiling, plumbing and electrics. We sell shower screens, columns and shower trays and undertake all bathroom refurbishments from design to completion. We also sell shutters, internal blinds, mosquito screens, metalworks, composite entrance doors and much, much more.

a visit. They pride themselves on friendly service and excellent Indian cuisine. Anyone trying them for the first time will be in for a treat, with good sized portions and a good range of dishes to choose from. Their evening buffet, where you can eat as much as you like, is the perfect choice for hungry diners. With seating both inside and outside on the shady terrace, it is an enjoyable place to eat on a warm Summer’s evening. Call them to reserve your table on 950 109 758.

P. R. BUILDING SERVICES have been trading in Spain for over 4 years now and currently have a list of very satisfied customers, we cover all aspects of building from foundations to roof including the supplying and installation of kitchens and bathrooms, Air Conditioning, plumbing and electrics. Having been in the Industry for over 18yrs there are no limitations to our service.

The Crazy Cow serve food cooked with Voila de Lima’s are a family run business love., with every dish freshly cooked to order with the resources and experience to cover – you will not be disappointed. Private parties all of your furniture removals, storage and are also catered for so if you have a special even buying and selling. At Voila de Lima’s occasion coming up why not give them a call.. we are able to move furniture both locally The Crazy Cow are now open in the eveings and internationally using our fleet of sizeable from Wednesday to Saturday with a brand vehicles. Removals are not as simple as it new menu – so what are you waiting for? may appear, it does not just mean lifting and shifting of furniture - these goods are your Find them opposite Playa Blanca on Mojacar prized possessions, accumulated over many Playa. Telephone: 697 465 620 years of hard work! We at Voila de Lima’s never forget this and treat all your items with care and attention. Food Cooked With Love You can contact us on ALL FOOD COOKED TO ORDER the telephone numbers YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED in our advert or by email We opening times: 12 noon - late in Now open look forward to hearing evenings KITCHEN open: 12 noon - 7pm • Sat 12noon - 4pm the closed sunday from you! wed - sat PRIVATE PARTIES CATERED menu new Azeefa Indian Come along and have some of the best freshly cooked food on the Restaurant on the playa or just relax with a drink or two opposite side of the road TEL: 697 465 620 F: Thecrazy Cowcafe to the Riding Stables We Are Opposite Playa Blanca, Mojacar Playa - See You There Xx roundabout, is well worth

The Crazy Cow


lemon lounge

Two to Dine for 25€ Tuesday to Friday 7.00pm – 10.30pm 3 course meal plus full A la Carte menu


sampler menu

7pm – 11pm

Menu del Dia from €8.50 Tuesday to Saturday 12.30 – 3.30

Tel: 950 472 659 (Bar open all day Tues-Sat)

Paseo del Mediterraneo, 199, Mojacar Playa


Excellent Excellent Value Value

Paseo de Med, 459, MOJACAR PLAYA Tel: 950 459 208 / 950 069 272

Spring Season Rates From Spring rates from 13€ per day (min 1 week hire)


(just off the riding stables roundabout)

Sunday Lunch 2 courses 10.50€ 3 courses 13.50€

48€ 30€

Now is the perfect time to buy a Sundance Spa there are lots of special offers on genuine Sundace Spas also a good selection of second hand spas. Sale now on and up to 50% off selected spas. Imagine a warm moonlit mediterranean evening, above you the sky full of bright shimmering stars, let us make your dreams a reality with a Sundance Spa. Visit our showroom today on Mojacar Playa and see what a spa can do for you! Tel. 950 472 845. Mojacar Showroom , Paseo de Mediterraneo, 171.

For a friendly Professional Reliable Service please don’t hesitate to contact Richard on 662 422 170 references and viewing of previous works can be arranged.


or call us on 950 459 208 / 950 069 272

Ventanas y Puertas


Windows & Doors


If you are looking to improve your home then visit us first in our Seafront Showroom to see our large varied display of

Windows & Doors

UPVC, Aluminium or Wood - all made for the Spanish climate & fully guaranteed


Great range of shower & bath screens, shower trays & cubicles. Complete bathroom renovations undertaken


Expertly designed & fitted including tiling, electrics, plumbing & appliances Mosquito Screens, Shutters & Rejas, Internal Window Blinds, Toldos - Sun Awnings, Solatubes, Garage Doors, Enclosures, Tiling & Joinery, All Construction Work & much, much, MORE! We offer guaranteed expert fitting or supply only & trade enquires are welcome. For your FREE QUOTATION or site survey, phone us now or call into our Mojacar Playa showroom

Paseo del Mediterrano, Mojacar Playa, T: 950 473 104 M: 669 143 036 E:

15% off

Complete Kitchens for Limited Period Indago H. Sal Gym Marina

Caja Caja Mar Granada

H. Puerto MOJACAR Parque → Comercial ← Marina PLAYA Hotel Z-7 We are Here Playa



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Automatic Exchange Of Tax Information – The Way Forward

Following on from the US’s revolutionary Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy announced that they will develop and pilot a new multilateral tax information exchange agreement. They see this as an important, early step in a much wider move towards a new international standard in automatic exchange of information; one that will improve the ability of tax administrations to clamp down on tax evasion. This is just the start, and they will persuade other EU member states to sign up. Europe is aiming to take the lead in promoting a global system of automatic disclosure to remove the hiding places for those who seek to evade paying their taxes. Once in effect, a wide range of financial information will be exchanged between the countries which sign up. This latest wave in pushing for an automatic exchange of information (as opposed to information supplied on request) started with the US’ FATCA. Foreign financial institutions

have to enter into compliance agreements with the US Treasury to automatically report on US clients, or suffer a withholding penalty of 30% of the payments made to them. It was only a matter of time before other countries realised the benefits such agreements could bring and began looking to set up similar arrangements. The Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey have agreed to report client information to the UK authorities, along the similar lines. Luxembourg is also preparing to ease its banking secrecy within two years, because “the Americans do not leave us a choice”. These exchange of information agreements have implications beyond tax compliance. Governments will be able to track the wealth of its residents, and where it is held. Basically, it is the end of financial confidentiality in Europe and the US, and is expected to expand to other areas.

By Chris McCann, Partner, Blevins Fr anks

For advice on compliant, tax efficient ways of holding your assets, and the best locations for your money, speak to an experienced wealth manager like Blevins Franks. Blevins Franks has decades of experience advising British expatriates on their tax planning.

To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website


Bank boss jailed for defrauding elderly clients of six-figure sum

A bank manager who swindled three elderly customers out of over 223,000 euros is facing prison. Belarmino de la Fuente’s appeal to the Supreme Court failed and the judge has upheld his three-and-a-half-year sentence as imposed by the Provincial Court of León. He was manager of Caja España in Castrocontrigo (León) from 1996 until 2008, and his elderly customers, husband and wife Roque and Delia and Roque’s brother Segismundo had a ‘great relationship of friendship and trust’ with the accused, the court found. They had a very limited education and practically no knowledge of finances, and when they signed a series of

papers, they believed these were just to authorise a withdrawal from their accounts. But in practice they were blank contracts allowing De la Fuente to take money from their deposits. The clients always signed whatever papers the accused put in front of them without reading them first. During the period from 2003 to 2008, the former bank manager withdrew sums ranging from 100 to 8,000 euros on over 100 occasions. The account-holders had no knowledge of this until a female employee saw their account records and became suspicious at the numbers of withdrawals made, and filed a complaint.

Almunia: ‘look ahead’ in the reform of pensions

Joaquín Almunia, the Vice President of the European Commission has asked people to ‘look ahead’ in the reform of pensions. In a report by Typically Spanish, he said that in the case of not reaching a consensus, ‘the action must not be paralysed’ The Indicator of Sustainability is an ‘alert signal’ to how the equilibrium is. He said that the politicians must not look the other way in pension reform, and he said that they should look ahead, and try and find a consensus with social and economic partners. Almunia was speaking in Málaga at a conference called ‘How to grow? Economic and Political Dilemmas’, and he said that consensus must come before reform. He said he did not know what kind of pension reform was needed, but he said he was against the pension’s emergency fund being used to cut the deficit.



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Sundance Spas

Pool Maintenance S.L. Open: Monday - Thursday 9am - 2.30pm & 4pm - 7pm, friday 9am - 2.30pm & 4pm - 6pm Closed Saturday & Sunday

Spring into a New Sundance Spa this summer Professional swimming pool cleaners our company has been maintaining pools for over 20 years. from routine cleaning to acid washes & grouting from pump repairs to leaking joints

s m oo r show r ou o t g Come alon uine Sundance Spas Lots of Special Offers on Gen Also Good Selection of Second Hand Spas

We Purchase Your Old Spa Cash Paid

Up To 50% Off Selected Spas

Mojacar Showroom, Paseo de Mediterraneo, 171

Tel: 950 472 845 •



Tuesday, June 19 until


Royal Ascot Saturday, June 23

Apart from being the richest meeting in Europe, the event is also one of the best attended with over 300,000 visitors packing into Ascot Racecourse during the five days with crowds peaking during Ladies Day.

Ascot Racecourse has one of the toughest tracks in Britain and is noted in particular for the steep uphill section which sees horses having to climb 73 feet from the lowest to highest points on the course.

The Royal Ascot meeting is a caterers nightmare, with the racecourse serving over 50,000 meals over the fiveday course of the meeting. An astonishing 185,000 bottles of champagne are consumed during the course of the event, washing down the 11,000 lobsters and 1.4 tons of beef served up in the various restaurants.

Frillies UK Lingerie

Crystal Man of Almeria What’s Crystal Angels What’s Energy Stones Your Your Jewellery Lucky Birth Stones Lucky Charm Hanging Crystals Charm Tel: 617 699 624

Lesley Miller

Tel. 620 676 833 email:

House parties, fitting service, special orders Come and talk to us at Los Llanos Market - Every Saturday

Slimming and Fitness Club “WEIGHT NO MORE”

Learn the best way to lose weight and feel great

Weight loss classes

Urgently required

Large Country Houses & equestrian properties Needed genuine buyers wanting to view soon

CANTORIA venue above Guardia next door to Dia Tuesdays from 6.30pm ALBOX at Total Entertainment Fridays from 11.30am Stretch and Tone classes Exercise classes in Cantoria, Mondays 10.30am-11.30am and Tuesday 7.45pm-8.30pm New members always welcome Session by Amanda from fitcampspain.

For more information please call Amanda on

950 930 516

or email

Tired of Mosquito Bites? One of my biggest sellers from the Avon brochure is, the most unlikely sounding midge repellent, Skin-So-Soft. This was initially launched as bath oil in 1961 and has since grown to incorporate a range of products. Its use as an insect repellent was entirely unforeseen but it works! special offer only €3.90 from

total entertainment albox

Contact Claire

691 987 454


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OPEN for business

ANOTHER GREAT INSTALL BY: City & Guilds & ACS qualifications, CORGI registered with 10 years experience

Chris: 637 82 97 87 / 618 06 20 80 Gas & Oil Fired Central Heating - Gas Appliances Plumbing - Servicing - Repairs - Installations FREE QUOTATIONS & ADVICE

Coastal Mosquitos

New Walls Structual Alterations

Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700 Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

SpecialiSing in Reforming of old Buildings & general Building Work Professional Bricklayer Building for you

Phone Gerard 626 730 764

Fully Legal & Experienced Builders All Building Work Undertaken No Job Too Big or Small!! Phone or email for a no obligation quote


elite plant hire construction & drainage

• general builders • jcb 3cx hire • patios • roofing

• walls • paving • extensions • cladding

references available

call lee on 636 092 632


665 517 643 610 905 173


950 528 334

Digger Hire available

Plisse retracting screens ideal for all types of door openings



Enclosures / Conservatories Convert your patio area into a sunroom or a mosquito free area with glass or mesh


699 909 737

All Building Work Undertaken Garages, Patios, Boundary Walls, Cladding Driveways, Tiling plus more... Painting & Decorating (from 50€ per room incl.paint) Also All Exterior Painting and Damp-Proofing GUARANTEED TO BEAT ANY QUOTE For free estimate or advice please call

Steve on 950 930 536 or 634 306 690

Clean Team

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services Quality Cleaning at an Affordable Price 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Regular or One-Off Service No Job Too Big or Too Small All Areas Covered

Holiday ers Change Ov m fro

pucker plastering & tiling Damproofing and SIKA TANKING Specialist Guaranteed British quality internal plaster finish

covering all aspects of:

Rendering, Plastering, Floor Screeding, Morticem, Partition Walls, Tape & Joint, Dry-Lining, MF Ceilings, Re-Skims, Coving, Cornice & Mouldings 28 years Experience in the trade 9 years in Spain English & Spanish Fluent

697524238 covering Baza to Mojacar

€ 35 .0 0

Tel: 950 930 652 Mob: 634 332 502 E-mail:

British Plasterer

• 8 years in Spain with 25 years experience • Quality work guaranteed • References available

Tel: 634 327 201 / 661 129 028 Email: tel: 950 930 900 968 969 962 Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

Solar Oil Gas Solid Fuel pellet

fully legal company with public liability insurance • Cortijo Pipa, Avda de Limaria 1, Limaria, arboleas


swift transport • Deliveries to / from UK • Monthly runs • Local deliveries also available

Wayne English

spain-uk-spain 07857 484886 Uk +34 618 511 234 Spain

full / part loads uk shopping



property guide.... THE SPAINIAC | Museu de la Xocolata | Candice Parsons We Urgently Need Quality Properties Both For Sale & Rent We Have Clients Waiting... 309 Paseo del Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa (50m from Ferreteria Lopez)

Tel: 950 478 834

O Olive


Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466

C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm


A rare opportunity to buy a ruin with a sea view. Set in 23,000m2 of beautiful land. We can not guarantee that this ruin can be rebuilt under the current laws however this would make an ideal location for a log cabin or mobile home..


selecciones displaying a great selection of new & used furniture

new in!!! moroccon pots in all sizes we also stock Sportswear supplied direct from the UK

Find us in Turre near the Fundraiser. Summer Opening Times Mon - Sat from 9am - 3pm

Tel: 634 347 295

Returning to UK?

MODERN PARKHOME (NW Leicestershire)

Private sale of this lovely home on a secure, well established, residential park and at an extremely attractive price.

00 £6o9.n,0.o. > 2 Fitted Bedrooms > Large lounge/diner


> Inclusive fitted kitchen > Luxury shower room/WC

UK: 01455 293603




cALL 663 977 230 EMAIL:

Vera Playa Apartment

...CALL 902 750 190


America around 500 years ago, Herman Cortes and his conquistadors brought the first cocoa beans to Spain with them. Informative descriptions,

videos and historic

Candice Parsons is a writer and avid Spain and Spanish culture lover from Melbourne, Australia. ‘Like’ my Facebook page: www.facebook. com/pandemicrhapsody and follow me on Twitter @MiLlamoCandi

Cat Nabbed! Contraband Found On Prison Puss

A feline felon which hoped to play cat and mouse with prison guards and sneak contraband into a Russian jail has been caught red-handed. The cat was detained midway through its clandestine mission, when it was spotted scaling the fence of the prison near Syktyvkar with handsets and chargers taped to its body. The federal prison service released pictures of the furry offender being held by the scruff of its neck. It is not clear how the cat was supposed to drop off its loot or what will happen to the animal after its capture. The contraband bust was made at Penal Colony Number One in the remote northern province of Komi, around 1,000km (600 miles) from Moscow. Russian news agency RIA Novosti said that although the audacious attempt was the first of its kind at the prison, cats have been used by inmates at other jails to smuggle drugs.

Woman, 102, enjoys birthday base jump A 102-year-old Idaho woman celebrated her birthday in unusual fashion - by base jumping off a near 600ft high bridge. Dorothy Custer, who celebrated her 101st by zip-lining Idaho’s Snake River Canyon, marked her latest landmark by leaping off the 586ft high Perrine Bridge. She jumped with professional BASE jumper Sean Chuman who said she had been - by far - his oldest client. Mrs Custer said she had originally planned a “quiet” birthday celebration but her family had encouraged her to celebrate in style. “I was thinking of going to jump out of a plane, but then I found out it was too much,” she told When asked about the key to her longevity, she replied: “I just went on living and having a good time and doing what was necessary. I don’t think of age right now.”

machinery and intricate sculptures of a Don Quixote tribute to Louis Armstrong, a bullfight, and even a lifesized Minnie Mouse – all made entirely of chocolate – will both amaze you as well as entice any sweet tooth you might have. The chocolate sculptures of Gaudí’s famous Sagrada Familia and creatures from Parc Güell, remain the most proud features of the museum,

boasting the best of Spanish architecture, and particularly featuring those unique to Barcelona. Housed in an air-conditioned ancient building and only a five to ten minute walk from Las Ramblas, Museu de la Xocolata creates an innovative experience of Spanish history that children and families, or simply any chocolate lover will appreciate – and want to eat!

pause for thought

It’s funny how many of us yearn for the past. Folk frequently tell me “my Dad used to have one of those” when they see me in my 60-year old Riley, or comment that they “used to go to Church” when they discover my connections with that establishment. For many of us there’s a lingering sense of romance as we recall the good old days through distinctly rose coloured glasses; when it was always sunny, the cars had so much more character and Church attendance was an essential part of the normal routine of family life. But of course in reality there were always plenty of rainclouds, the cars of our youth were hopelessly unreliable and most were probably all too happy to be released from the constraints of family life and use our Sundays to more profitable effect. But from a number of conversations I’ve recently enjoyed, I suspect there are indeed a number of people who genuinely miss aspects of Church attendance and regret their inability to find time or opportunity to repair this gap in their lives. We retired from a busy life, where every minute seemed to be accounted for, to relax in Sunny Spain, and find to our amazement that Parkinson’s Law (Work expands so as to fill all the time available) still applies out here, so we keep delaying the less essential tasks, such as finding a Spiritual home, until we discover we’ve lost the habit, and are left with nothing more than a vague sense that perhaps something’s missing from our lives. For Church, in spite of all its shortcomings, is a unique place where we who are Christians can feed off each other as we meet together, gaining enormous comfort and assurance from the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – unchanging and entirely stable in so changeable and unstable a World. So, for anyone concerned about a spiritual vacuum in your life, I can only recommend an exploratory visit to Church – any Church that is, where Christ reigns supreme. Further information about the Anglican Church and details of forthcoming events may be seen on the web site www.mojacarchurch. org . Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

Property Sales • Property Management • Long & short term rentals • Insurance

Just when you think you’ve seen every bit of rare art, architecture, and museums, especially with the likes of Antoni Gaudí’s work empowering this city, you’ll find Barcelona has one more surprise in store – the Chocolate Museum, or ‘Museu de la Xocolata.’ If the concept of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory still fascinates you as much as it did upon initially hearing the story, the contents of the Chocolate Museum will certainly bring this fascination somewhat to life. With actual chocolate bar admission tickets to the museum, visitors can enter for under five euros to wander through the various chocolate sculptures that each depicts a part of Spanish history, from when the first cocoa beans arrived to the shores of Spain. After plundering the Mayan and Aztec empires of Central

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coffee break

poetry (5) 27 E  nglish and French, for example (9) 28 Gratify (7) 29 A 19th century men’s overcoat (7) Down 1 Planned (7) 2 They needlessly cry “Wolf” (9) 3 Equilibrium (7) 4 Wholly absorbed in thought (9) 5 Door on a ship (5) 6 Burdened (7)

7 Female organ (5) 8 Desired strongly (7) 14 R  eductions in price (9) 16 Homesick (9) 17 L  and reclaimed from the sea (7) 18 T  hey decide what goes in a magazine (7) 20 T  he death penalty (7) 21 C  hest of drawers (7) 23 Jumped (5) 24 Spread out (5)

Across 1 Think about conk out (6) 4 Suggested support dose ordered (8) 9 Stunned a mother with final letter (6) 10 Mighty, pure wolf construction (8) 12 P  artners American prohibition in hard day’s... (8) 13 ...night, initially - listener by close (6) 15 E  xtremely sluggish Old English footwear (4) 16 Gave food without the grin - surprisingly caused fear! (10) 19 New cosmos - I’m in charge! (10) 20 Not fixed about iron outside (4) 23 An easy ending - no turning back for engineer (no particular person) (6) 25 Looked for carefree spill outside (8) 27 T  ranquil gym expert with nasty flu (8) 28 E  nergy in the one who looks after vocation (6) 29 C  alamity Jane’s second in Sir Ted’s shift (8) 30 M  anly, but without much weight (6)

inside (8) 7 A ref’s mistake is less risky! (5) 8 Held up play which doesn’t start act outside (7) 11Speech of commercial doctor with headlessness (7) 14 Snubbed when redoing trouble (7) 17 Throw awfully in home direction (9) 18 Innovators food on listeners, reportedly (8) 19 Did another circuit after crowd initially applauded (7) 21 Old ‘arboured early in speech (7) 22 Island without a produce (6) 24 Affirmative without a king for a long time (5) 26 Creature in emu leadership (4)

Down 1 Arrives at (with hesitation) back pains (7) 2 Teaching place of schoolmaster without the changes (9) 3 A new prose without drama (of the musical kind) (6) 5 Origin of kangaroo trail (4) 6 Gives postscript delivered again


Very Hard!




Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

Across 1 Shuffle (7) 5 A chronicle of past events (7) 9 Lamp at the front of a car (9) 10 A literary genre (5) 11 Souvenir (7) 12 Idyllically calm and peaceful (7) 13 Diffused (9) 15 Ate (5) 17 Out of fashion (5) 19 Allotted (9) 22 Lollypops (7) 25 Perform surgery (7) 26 Muse of lyric





food & & drink

Google your noodles Internet giant launches feature in U.S. that gives nutritional information at the click of a button

Working out the calories in a slice of cake or the fat in a portion of fries is now easier than ever thanks to Google’s new nutritional search feature. The launch will allow diet-conscious surfers to discover nutritional information including the fat, carbohydrate and salt content of over 1,000 foods in a click of a button. A blog post by Google explained that it could be difficult to make sensible food choices and that the new tool will help us make better food choices: ‘We’re hoping we can make those choices a little bit easier: starting today you will be able to quickly and easily find extensive nutrition information for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats and meals in search.’ ‘From the basics of potatoes and carrots to more complex dishes like burritos and chow mein, you can simply ask, “How much protein is in a banana?” or “How many calories are in an avocado?” and get your answer right away.’ ‘You’ll hear the answer to your specific question, see relevant nutrition information under an expansion, and be able to switch to other related foods or serving sizes.’ The blog post goes on to explain that the new nutritional information builds on work on the Knowledge Graph. The graph uses Google’s search results along with information from a wide range of websites to give searchers detailed and specific information about a particular topic, all in one place. As part of the nutritional information roll out, the graph helps connect related subjects, even in cases when those foods have a completely different sounding name from what you asked. For example, if you ask about nutritional information concerning ‘summer squash carbs’, Google will include ‘courgette’ as a relevant food in the dropdown, because it is a type of summer squash. The blog post added: ‘Over time we’ll be adding more features, foods, and languages. ‘So tap the microphone, give the feature a spin, and soon explore and discover the ins and outs of over 1,000 of your favorite foods.’ The feature is being rolled out across the US: it is not clear when Google will launch the feature in the UK.

Restaurante Pizzeria Nautilus Paseo Maritimo Urbanizacion Mar y Cielo, Local 18, Vera Playa

Tel: 950 132 890

Fantastic ALL YOU CAN EAT Pizza

Onlpy/p €8

You won’t go home hungry Mixed salad, chips, 6 x variety of Pizza (thin cut)

Eat as much as you like Offer Available

Friday Evenings Saturday & Sunday Lunchtime




BOOKING s only

BOOKING s only

Bread & Ali-oli, Salad PAELLA (Fish Or Meat) 20€ FOR 2 PEOPLE

Bread & Ali-oli, Salad Half a Spit-Roast Chicken, served with Chips


14.95€ FOR 2 PEOPLE


FRIDAY FISH’N’CHIPS Summer Opening Hours Open Tuesday - Sunday



10am til Late WHAT’S ON

FISH’N’CHIPS - 5.50€



Tuesday: Art Class 2-4pm Wednesday: Speak Spanish With Antonio 1:30pm-3pm Soft Ball Cricket 6pm Thursday: Quiz Night 8pm FOOD TAPAS & AVAILABLE



CALL 637 061 489 (ENG) OR 678 834 747 (ESP)

YELLOW STONE BAR FoodAround AroundThe TheWorld WorldDining DiningGroup Group Food on Sunday 30th June welcomes you to:




Mango, Prawn and Orange Salad

Starters Salt Cod Fritters Banana & Coconut Soup

Main Courses

Lamb Curry & Rice Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Peas & Rice with Fried Plantain Hot Sweet Potato Stew (V) (pre-order only) (A glass of White, Red or Rose wine will be served with your main course)


Jamaican Rum & Raisin Cheese Cake Ginger & Pecan Brownies

€11,95 per person Bookings Mandatory (€5 reservation deposit per person) Telephone 634 332 178

find us using GPS Co-ordinates Lat: 37.38738 Long: -2.201018

Tues - Sat: 9am - 9pm, Sun - Mon: 2 pm- 9pm


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food facts... food facts... food facts... The Fact: Coconut water can be used (in emergencies) as a substitute for blood plasma... The reason for this is that coconut water (the water found in coconuts – not to be confused with coconut milk, which comes from the flesh of the coconut) is sterile and has an ideal pH level. Coconut water is liquid endosperm – it surrounds the embryo and provides nutrition....


Bar Menu & Snacks Home-made puds

Burgers, Lasagne, pies, Omelettes, chilli plus

All Day Breakfast from 9am


onl y €

2 Courses


served 12 - 3 except Fri & Sun

Includes FREE Tea or Coffee

friday & SATURDAY

Friday & Saturday

Cod ‘n’ ChipS

Our Restaurant is Open 6pm-9pm

Beerfrom battered 5.95€ Atlantic Cod, Homemade Chips, Mushy or Garden PeaS SERVED 12-9pm

Los Mellizos Restaurant La Alfoquia, Zurgena

EVENING from MENU 5.95€

Traditional SUNDAY LUNCH

Delicious & Home-cooked nl y o served A Choice of Topside Of Beef & 12.30 - 5pm Yorkshire Pudding; Roast Pork With Crackling And Apple Sauce Tender or Roast Chicken With Stuffing - all served with Locallygrown Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables & a Glass Of House Wine, Tubo of Beer or a Coffee

6.95€ to include a FREE Drink

Starters, Puddings - 2€ each



Activities at Monday

Line Dancing with Eleanor & Gilly 2:30pm ROCK’N’ ROLL 7:30PM


Quirky Quiz - 7:30pm


Line Dancing with Carrie 7:30pm


Ceroc Dancing & Fun Social Night 7:30pm

PLUS... Art Classes (held most days)... Computer Club ...Keep fit & slimming classes

check the board for times



← ARBOLEAS BAZA → Av•••AL . L BO ep an X → to


BP Garage

950 120 718 / 610 641 567

ecials Daily sp 4€ r details) frobm o oards f (see

Open Mon - Fri 8am - late. Sat & Sun 9am - late

Tlf: 667 919 025

NOW OPEN THE “ALL NEW” LA ALFOQUIA CHIPPY!! Serving all your traditional favourites

including Cod, Haddock, Pies & Pasties, Sausages, Peas, Gravy Burgers, scampi, plus much more

Eat in or Takeaway! Regular Entertainment

Fun Quiz Every Wednesday Evening

will be held on our sunny patio

Friday 14th June D Sharp Duo

Plus Sunday afternoon Entertainment when the Los Mellizos restaurant visits the summer patio area!

Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 noon – 3pm & 5pm – 9pm (Closed Tuesday’s and Sunday’s)

Tel: 667 919 025 for more information!




el Cucador


Enjoy Wonderful Views over the Olive Groves



our main menu includes


16oz steaks ~ mixed grills ~ Fresh Fish

sunday lunch

menu changes weekly

Dine in our Candelit Restaurant wed - sat evenings SATURDAY EARLY BIRD MENU

served 12.30PM - 5PM includes a complimentary coffee & chocolate booking recommended

5-7PM FROM 6€




5.95€ in the Bar

chicken kiev Chicken breast filled with garlic butter covered in breadcrumbs pork with mushroom sauce Loin of pork served with a creamy mushroom sauce cajun salmon Fillet of salmon with a cajun crust served on a lemon sauce

Beer-battered cod

homemade chips & peas FRIDAYS 12.30pm - 9pm


tapas choice of 10 all 1€ 12:30-9pm

lite menu

Homemade Starters

2.50€ each

salads, burgers, wraps

Scrumptious Homemade Puddings

TWO COURSE LUNCH 12:30-3:30PM 6€

all 2.50€ each!




cod, chips & peas only or chicken curry & rice 5€

Tuesdays 6 - 9pm

wednesdays 1/2 roast chicken, or gammon chips & peas OR SALAD

6 - 9pm

thursdays pie night! 6 - 9pm

Open Every Day 12pm - Late

Tel: 950 634 562

delicious homemade pie, chips & peas



only 5€

We are here

Albox Arboleas Zurgena La Alfoquia

only 5€


La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

book the Venue

For your Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc.


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Burty’s BAR Oso is looking for a new home Playa Serena, roquetas de mar

Mon - Fri 11am - close Sun 11am - 5pm Closed saturday

huge sunny terrace bar and spacious

Specialities now available every night: 6 oz Sirloin Steak, Real chips, fried onion, mushrooms & mixed salad only €8.95. Larger steaks & baby fillet available. Home made pies – steak & ale, chicken, bacon & mushroom or mince, onion & potato with chips & mushy peas or potatoes & veg – €6.95 Please pre book by 6 pm the previous day

happy hour

every thursday quiz 2.15pm prompt

Mon - fri 5pm -7pm wine 1.30€ tubo 1€ plus other offers

Tapas served from 1 pm

meals available allday from €2.50

anglican church service 3rd thursday of the month 11:30am next service 19th june

Next Table top Sale

30 june call to reserve a table th

Opposite Playa Luna Hotel between Oasis & New York New York. Tel: 679 156 715

be a  part  of it 

gets along well with other dogs and people.

OSITO has been the more fortunate of the brothers so far, because he is going to travel to Germany next week to his new family and home. This is going to be a hard blow for OSO who will surely miss his brother, but his outgoing, lively nature should help him make new friends and hopefully find a family of his own soon.

If you really can’t give Oso a home or don’t know anyone who can, perhaps you would like to become a member of the shelter or even sponsor a dog. Also, of course, the shelter is always in need of blankets, towels and food etc. which can be taken to the Sanctuary. If you want to make a monetary contribution, you can pay it directly into the Sanctuary’s Bank account. Saturday mornings is set aside for adoptions at the Shelter and there are a lot of dogs to choose from, large and small. The best time for material donations, including food, is during the week. If you want details of any of these options or have a question about the shelter, please send an email to Geoff at and he will reply to you straight away.

OSO is a male mix born in October 2010. He stands about 30 cm high and weighs about 6 kilos. He is a friendly, cute little fellow who

A warm welcome at the Sanctuary is assured for all those wanting to support the Sanctuary.

OSO and OSITO are two brothers who were brought to the shelter by the social agents a couple of months ago. They had found them wandering around the streets.

Sunday : carvery 2pm - 8pm Thursdays - closed

Main Meals 6.95€ 3 Course Meal



Adrian’s Home Made Cake Available Daily

Mini meals

Every Lunchtime


Every Friday fish chips & peas €3.95 Large Cod, Chips & Peas €5.50 Sunday Carvery €6.95 Now with Salad Bar Sunday Special 2 Carvery with jug of beer or tinto de verrano €15 Served 2pm til 8pm

Tel: 659 683 447

Monday - saturday 12 noon - 4pm & 7pm - close

5 bottles o f beer 6€

OPPOSITE THE PLAYA LUNA hotel, roquetas urb



TABLE TOP SALE 11am BOOK STALL, CAKE STALL, RAFFLE (To include Amazon Kindle ) Tickets on sale now BARBEQUE 1pm Music with Brian Kenney 2pm ROQUETAS HAS TALENT 3pm

With our very own Celebrities

To book a table or to enter the Talent show please contact Yvonne on

634 322 644



ROQUETAS DE MAR In 1st Remembrance Anniversary of death of

Charles Henry Byrom (Charlie)

Late of Preston UK and Roquetas de Mar, who died on 12th June 2012. Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear. Remembered with love by his fiancée Bernie

Bar Southern

Another brilliant day spent at Bar Southern for Ladies do Lunch, we said farewell to bearabouttown, who joined the girls for his last day with us. A big thank you to everyone who helped us raise 85 euros, a special thank you to Barry who sponsored the girls to have a photo with the bearabouttown.

what’s on

Bar Southern.................................................... Every Thursday Bingo 3pm 1st Friday of Month: Ladies Do Lunch! from 2pm (Menu del Dia 7€) Burtys Bar......................................................... Happy Hour 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri Thursdays - Quiz 2:15pm Table Top Sale - 30th June Bar cARDIES........................................................ Monday Night: Buy One Get One Half Price On Selected Meals, Served 5pm-8pm Tuesday: Bingo At 3pm Wednesday: Fillet Steak, Home Made Chips, Salad €8 Served From 6pm-9pm; Fun Quiz At 9pm Thursday: Closed Friday: Cod in Homemade Beer Batter, Homemade Chips, Peas, Bread & Butter €5 - The Best Cod And Chips In Town! Saturday: Onion Bhajees, Curry With Rice Or Chips, Naan Bread, Glass Of Wine €7.50. Served 6-9pm Sunday: Sunday Lunch, One Course From €4.50, Three Course From €8 - Booking Advisable All Sports And Soaps Shown On 4 Televisions... Chaplins pub...................................................... Opening Hours: Open 5pm til’ LATE Every Day TEL: 950 335 022 Tuesday 18th June 9:30pm Music Quiz - 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s Wednesday: Rib Night Friday: Chip Shop Day - Fish’n’Chips etc, Quiz Night Saturday Night - Buy One Get One Free on ALL MEALS plus 1€ Drinks! lady lay.............................................................. Tuesday Night - Curry Night Wednesday - Quiz - twice monthly Saturday - Super Saturday Special Sunday - Sunday Lunch from only 3.50€


THURSDAY 13TH June 2013

7PM FOR REGISTRATION 7.30PM DRAW TAKES PLACE AND PLAY COMMENCES Promptly! Cash Prizes For Winner And Runner-up. 3€ Entry Fee, With 1€ Going To The Poppy Appeal. See You On The Night! Venue: The Lodge, Calle Americo Vespucio, Roquetas De Mar. Further Details Can Be Obtained From Barry On 605 313 590. This Is A Fundraiser For The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2013


For a number of reasons and unforeseen circumstances the Pool Competition on Thursday 13th June at the Lodge will now commence at 7pm for registration (not 6pm as previously published) with the tournament getting underway at 7.30pm. Thank you. Royal British Legion Committee

Help For Heroes

Orphan Ted

Last week after a successful visit to Bar Southern Orphan Ted moved on to stay with Linda and Tommy at Bar Cardies. This week he is at Boulevard Bar so pop in and see him there...

NEW YORK, NEW YORK......................................... Friday - Fish’n’Chips Sunday - Carvery 1pm-5pm Revita Natural Health and Relaxation centre........................................... Calle Tortola 4, Roquetas De Mar Tel 950 333 048 Tai Chi - Tuesday & Thursday 10am pb’s - the return............................................... NOW OPEN! Y Da wakes......................................................... SKY SPORTS Monday 8:30pm Bingo Help For Heroes Charity Day - 19th June - Table Top, Book & Cake Sale and ‘Roquetas Has Got Talent!’ Roquetas Bridge Club..................................... meets on Monday’s at 3pm. For more info please contact Alison Ferguson 950349749 or Sue Barlow 950 333 344 the Royal british legion................................ forthcoming events Fundraising for 2013 poppy appeal 13th June – Open Pool Competition – 7pm registration for 7:30pm draw – The Lodge – call Barry on 605 313 590 for further details

FTG Notice

The ‘Friday Tapas Group’ meet up at 1pm each week (Friday) and the venues for the next few weeks are as follows: 14th June - Marley’s, in the Urb. 21st June - Bar Oasis, Chiringito on the Beach, in the Urb. 28th June - El Pez Roco, next to Bar Scotia, in the Urb. 5th July- Bar Manolo, next to small Margar, in the Urb.

Anyone is welcome to join in and have a laugh, exchange views and ideas. The more, the merrier and the bar owners enjoy it too!

La Grappa

Authentic Italian Restaurant

• Pizzas • Fresh Pastas • Fresh Fish • Argentinian BBQ’d Food On The Terrace



Open 12 - 4pm 7 - 12.30am Av. Playa Serena, 37 Roquetas de Mar

950 334 188 609 337 316

to reserve your table

Property management Sales & Rentals Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce Almerimar, Vicar, La Envia Golf

Services include Key Holding, Maintenance, Furniture Packs, Cleaning & Laundry, Apartment & Post-box Checks

Mobile: (0034) 663 426 921

estampa apas T


y outdoor n n u s s u io c Spa ating 24 e s e c a r r te SKY TV


Tapas/Snacks English Breakfast Fish & Chips Coffees & Cakes Cocktails/Sangria

sky sports and espn shown here Open 10am - late (Closed Tuesday)

FREE WI-FI Next door to Zurimar 678 202 160

Naturopathy Phytotherapy Organic Food Reflexology Osteopathy Diet and nutrition

Pasaje Zoraida, 11 Urb. Roquetas de Mar C.P 04740 (Almeria) Tel. 950 328 152 670 356 370 email:


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


SOL CLASSIFIEDS SOLTIMES Air-con see us online everyday


Between 10am & 5pm

Monday to Friday

950 121 936 or 902 121 936

MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L.


City & Guilds Fully Qualified F-Gas Certified

25 years sole experience in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

not a jack of all trades

For all your installation or service MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L offers requirements including our latest telephone 950 432 110 / 607 364 917

BY E-MAIL Send your advert or Classified lineage to IN PERSON

los carasoles, 27 Zurgena, 04650, Almeria

Mon to Fri 10am - 5pm above New Horizon Villas

607 364 917 or 950 432 110

Tel: 647 841 750 Cement Mixer Electric 50€ Tel: 950 930 542 L a r g e Parasol. Wind Up & Down. Brand New. 50€ Tel: 950 930 542 Mirror Light Oak effect 40cmx160cm 20€ Vera Tel: 634 302 967 curtain poles 2 Black including all finals and brackets 164cm and 201cm in length 5€ each Vera Tel: 634 302 967 radiator Oil filled, six sections variable settings with thermostat excellent condition 50 € Tel: 666 684 593 N i n te n d o Wii games for sale. Lara Croft Tomb Raider A n n i ve r s a r y, Super Mario Bros., Alone in the Dark, Just Dance 3, Now That’s What I

Plate Machine Vibration Power in good condition. For weight loss & toning etc. 11 exercise positions 95€ Tel: 950 479 662 / 648 078 051 Sky Box and remote control with white card excellent working order 50€ Tel: 666 684 593 Wheelch a i r large rubber wheels collapsible to fit in car boot good condition 50€ 666 684 593

wanted commerc i a l kitchen oven must be in good working order, can collect call 609 199 394 R u n n i n g Machine. Good Condition, Urcal Area. Can collect. Tel: 868 189 789

Full City & Guilds

Fully insured & legal

Boletins supplied

Tel : 687 245 569

Tel: 950 120 900


equipment hire

Airport services Tel: 639 081 067


663 429 521

competitive rates. professional For a quote please reliable visit www. spanish & 35 watt Bass service estateagent.c om Am. Bargain 150€ or call 661 143 871 Tel: 950 479 662 / alternative energy 648 078 051

M eller w a re breadmaker in excellent condition, hardly used. 25€ Tel: 661 023 594

25 years experience

For all your air conditioning needs Graham & Barry on 620 112 193 or 667 853 062

email: Call Music Dance. Only 6€ each. Also Excellent Wii console for sale. 100€ Tel: 693 702 635 light fitting 1 chrome 3 spot 74cm length 5€ Vera Tel: 634 302 967 dog beds 2 large oval shaped hardly used 20€ the pair or 12.50€ each. Colours red & stone, buyer collects from Urracal Tel : 638 651 024 Ne w balustr ades for sale, 12 metres total length. 62 posts (50cm high), 12 bases (6cm high), 12 tops (7cm high) 300€ the lot, buyer collects from Urracal Tel: 638 651 024 dress watch Gent’s, Pulsar by Seiko. Gold colour with adjustable flexible strap. Great condition. Would make great Father’s Day gift. Only 25€ Tel: 693 818 244 Bass Guitar Lindo Flame Red. VGC. Hardly Used, complete with Carry Cover, Lead

Neil Godwin

Pc’s, Laptops, Printers etc. Sales & Repairs on-site callout / tuition. Consumables Albox, Almeria


electrical cont...


Steve Hayes Informatica


Transport?? Cheap Airport Airport Parking services FOR SALE Alicante Almeria Murcia shopping trips New advertise all your unwanted Servicing / Repairs hospital items for sale in this section A i rport appointments etc a n s f er s any single item up to 300€ free of charge tr pick up all areas, Mass MTB mountain bike Carbon, rock shock adjustable suspension, xt shimano gear system, all round disc breaks cost 2800€ now 900€


Solar Wind Power Solutions. Over 15 years installation experience. established 12 years in Spain. Call Phil for competitive prices 636 261 240 email:info@ sunergyalmeria. com www.sunergy

c a rlo s s a l i e n te & plumbing heating for solar pool heating, solar hot water installations and repairs. call 950 930 900 or 968 969 962, email carlos.saliente@

baby equipment hire Professional Baby Equipment Hire Free delivery & collection All our equipment has been purchased from new Tel: 615 806 126

BABY HIRE Everything for the visiting baby Car seats,high chairs, stair gates, cots etc Tel: 950 436 581 or 666 375 688


WILDWOOD Bespoke Joinery

For all your carpentry requirements

Fast, efficient, competitive service.

Tel: 634 328 574

Mat Murray 647 841 750 established in spain for 14 years

fully legal


Drainage Solutions

• Emergency Drain Cleaning • High Pressure Water Jetting • CCTV Surveys • Drainage Repairs • Location of Cesspits • Qualified Engineer • Expert Reports

Established 9 years in spain

Tel: 616 531 283 or 670 088 966

Cleaning of Septic Tanks ▪ Emptying of septic Tanks & Cesspits, with high pressure cleaning ▪ Small unblockages of pipes & drainage

Pool Cleaning & Water Tanks

Contact: 675 838 808

Drainage Solutions

Septic Tank Installation

certified to legalise the drainage situation of your property Andrew Venn: 616 531 283 Nigel Marshall: 670 088 966 electrical Knowles & Abbott no.1 for electrics and plumbing. Re-wires, free to air UK satellite systems 950 137 208 or 638 010 691


landscape gardening

• Block work • Balustrades • Paving Driveways & Paths

Call Graham & Barry now for free estimate 620 112 193 or 667 853 062

potty finca services professional tree felling & pruning, including all types of palm trees

strimming of overgrown gardens & hedge cutting spanish registered. logs available ring john on 616 855 294 or 950 163 930

heating Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! Tel: 968 969 962

health & beauty

avon cosmetics claire Tel: 691 987 454

Visting barber

good haircuts done at your home by barber with 30 years experience also hot towel shaves

call steve on

634 379 177 or 634 379 175


33 house clearance




painter & decorator

Br i t i s h All plasterer work guaranteed Tel Paul 634 327 201

give your property or business a fresh look this summer


Immediate Cash. Quick decision. * We cover all areas * We turn up, give cash & carry * We buy almost anything – The Highest Cash Prices Paid **ONLY serious & immediate sellers should call please**

Tel: 679 207 545 or 636 411 540


hobby/craft Elaine’s Wools quality UK wool & accessories. Come & view my display Also available at Camposol, Mazarron Call 667 273 889 elaines

glenn & jayne

have great offers on Life Insurance same people same great service new name

Tel: 950 121 943

over 25 years experience


Palomino Kennels Exclusive Boarding Kennels/Cattery All Diet requirements catered for vet on 24/7 standby Tel: 662 668 423 or 950 067 051

free to a loving home beautiful young rough haired female podenco. approximately 4 to 5 months old. abandoned in the street and being cared for by neighbours. named tina, intelligent and obedient. delivered free if you will love her tlf. 603169937 (glenn)

Grills, railings, gates of all types, security/ sliding/roller, rejas, concertina doors etc. Tel: Keith Wood on

638 900 949

If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic in our regular space on pg 16, please email locksmith Phil the Pick Locksmith 24 hours. Locked Out? Locks fitted/ upgraded house safes. Arboleas & surrounding area. Special weekend rates. Tel: 697 243 181


(0034) 667 235 205 (sp) (0044) 7850 575862

No need for


or cattery Pet sitting in your own home, Arboleas & local area. OPTICIANS Call Vanessa on Optica Albox All your optical needs, 637 061 482 eye tests, hearing tests, contact lenses Tel: 950 121 991

friendly mare NEED A PAINTER? Time served, professional painter & decorator 9 years old Excellent Rates 14.3hh 1.50m Superb Work References Available 500€ Contact Jonothan on telephone 634 388 243 For a free quote 678 838 547 PAINTER / DECORATOR


Tel: 649 186 107 or

The Metal works


Now offer our Classified advertisers

CARLOS SALIENTE online at Plumbing and Heating offer machined boiler for more decals for gas water information heaters for just €65 – aguafuerte is not Telephone the answer! Call 950 950 121 936 pets section 930 900 or 968 969 902 121 936 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES 962, email carlos. EXT 332 available within 9 weeks, will be wormed and have first injections (no papers), parents can be seen, call 637 061 482 Plumber for more information KNOWLES AND ABBOTT

iron/metal works T & T Metals For all quality metal works, including gates, railings, rejas, staircases, gazebos & chain-link fencing Tel: 950 431 738


stables Rancho Luz Del Sol, Retamar, Partaloa. One to one or group lessons, latest EN standard hats provided. Escorted hacking and treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call Erika Drew on 678 838 547

Call Paulette TODAY on 950 121 936 or 902 750 190 Ext 332

From just 10€ per week!

PROPERTY FOR SALE/rent cont...


No 1 for Plumbing & Electrics All types of Plumbing

Central Heating Gas/Oil - Solar Hot Water Boiler Servicing, Repairs & Replacements Water Leaks - Sewage Blockages Water Deposit Tanks 500-8000l Pool Pumps - Septic Tanks Osmosis Systems

TELEPHONE: 950137197 / 606807797

For all your plumbing needs Fully Qualified heating engineer contact barry 667 853 062 or graham 620 112 193



For Sale

Property for rent

in Cucador Self contained 1 large bed casita, bathroom, lounge & kitchen area, partly furnished, A/C, cortij0 grande Private, Fabulous golf course views, use of pool 1 Bed, 1 Bath & jacuzzi

now only


woodhouse boarding kennels & cattery arboleas Small friendly kennels, Gated entrance, 24hr vets service, pet Great views. transporting arranged, Parking, Close to Turre welcome to view & Mojacar Playa. ministry approved

Tracy Mobile 650 211 952

Your property will appear as shown above and be seen by almost 55,000 Sol Times readers!

Fully Legal.

T: 664 291 793

60€ a week plus utilities (suit lady, small dog welcome)

Call 647 379 878

for SALE detatched cortijo

20mins from mojacar, 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living areas, kitchen & diningroom as well as a workshop, courtyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain views.

Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200m²


Tel: 649 186 107



ARBOLEAS self contained 1 bedroom apartment with B & B facilities offered starting from 25€ per night, walking distance of Arboleas & Zurgena

Tel: 950 449 074 or 634 368 071 Long term rentals also considered 175€ + bills




are looking for A Bright, enthusiastic person with an outgoing personality to join our sales team in Mojacar. Full or part time sales position available. Experience not essential as full training will be given as long as you’re organised, enjoy meeting people & can work to deadlines

Send your CV to cmm@soltimes


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


are you a trade Business? advertise in the classified section & reach over 30,000 potential customers Classified box from 9€. lineage only 45 cents per word - Deadline 5pm Friday Contact Paulette on 950 121 936 or 902 750 190 ext 332 recruitment cont...

HOME HELP WANTED Male Pensioner in Almerimar requires some help in & out of the home Some English & Spanish

Tel: 636 616 505 Cutting Edge require a Qualified Beautician to work within the busy salon Please call for details

950 633 086


A1 Sky Television Systems Satellite TV installations, alignment of dishes etc. Also Spanish “freeview” systems supplied & installed

Tel Dave: 628 607 778

Sky Digibox Pace with sky card BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 ITV1, 2, 3, 60 € ch4 & 5 can deliver. Tel: 667 235 205 solar power system


M&D Inflatable Rib Boat transport Immaculate condition for sale

Large Van Removals / Deliveries Spain - UK Full or Half Loads Collections e.g from IKEA Tel Mick: 950 122 447 Mob: 620 475 218

Friendly Reliable Service Fully Legal Special deals from UK - Spain Office: 968 564 298 Mobile: 696 621 884

From a parcel to a small house move

Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service +44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389

De Lima’s

removals Local, National & international REMOVALS & STORAGE Quality Second hand furniture showroom

263 Paseo del Mediterraneo Mojacar Playa, Next to Sal Marina Hotel Mon-Sat: 10am-2pm Call Marc on 647 006 183 or Jo on 600 344 565 or e-mail

car parts

Car parts


for sensible prices on all parts

tyres & parts

Need quality new parts for any car motorbike

Clutches, Brakes, alternators, service kits Starter Motors, headlights

Tel: 676 665 168 or Free quote go online or phone 634 353 503

Pontiac Grand AM 1997

White, Automatic, Road Tax and ITV until 2014, Air Con. 2 owners from new. Non smoker, 10,000 miles. Spanish Plates.

697 524 238

number plates

mobile mechanics

“RE-PLATE” Landrover mechanic MATE GB

Offers Around 2500€ Tel: 950 439 136 car & van hire

Van hire


UK to Spain or Spain to UK



TEL: 667 235 205

Pick up/drop off locations Throughout UK, France and Spain





Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

Alan 662 249 159

This size advert is only 10€

Storage available, based “Los Gallardos” &”hertfordshire”

Call now 0034 620 049 524 (Es) 00 44 794 3135 214 (UK)

TEL: 636 411 540 OR 664 619 819

This size advert is only 10€


or telephone 692 930 326


Telephone 671 716 597 or 950 030 187

for UK phones 01332 896510



Solar Power System kits

guarantee everything for up to 10 years

with trailer, & many extras


7.5 Ton, Lorry Part loads, Self load/Unload Minimal rates, Owner Driver Spain/uk/Local

at ecocorp we do not just sell you a system we deliver, install &

motoring section

This size advert is only 10€

servicing & repairs of all landrovers parts supplied & fitted call 673 502 867 for more details

Mikes Mobile Mechanics All types of service, repair & ITV testing Fully qualified & legal with over 35 years experience Ring Mike 628 350 178 or 636 824 974

Do you have a caravan, vehicle, or motorbike for sale To advertise your vehicle in the motoring section & reach over 32,000 readers

call paulette on 950 121 936 or 902 750 190

As Pete’s interpreter I get given the piece of paper with the time and place of his next appointment. As Pete’s PA I then note it down in my diary and on the kitchen calendar. As Pete’s valet/chauffeur I make sure that he gets to the right place at the right time. Usually. Last week he had an appointment for a check-up. We were early into the Hospital car park, but nevertheless I took out his appointment paper in readiness, and as I idly scanned it the word Miercoles sprang out at me – today was Jueves! In horror my eyes confirmed that we were a day late! What should we do? Should we say nothing and silently sneak away? My soul recoiled in horror at such a cowardly act; no, I would do the right thing and apologise. The waiting room for Traumatologia was full, so I bagged spot outside the relevant door, paper and apology at the ready, and waited for a nurse to emerge. I didn’t wait long before 10 stone of solid muscle packed into a 5 foot frame, topped with emphatically Henna’d hair and wearing a white coat appeared. I sprang forward, gave her the paper and embarked

By Jos Biggs

Clever in a Roundabout Way

Dickens – ‘tis a ponderous list indeed. It would be impossible to select any one as top of the pops, although I have a deep admiration for Percy Shaw of ‘cat’s eyes’ fame. Here was an idea so simple, yet mind blowing in it’s implications and now in use on the roads throughout the world. I am reliably informed by the way, that no cats were harmed in the making of this remarkable piece of kit. But as I approached that infamous Hemel Hempstead landmark the Moor End Roundabout, commonly known as “The Magic Roundabout”, it suddenly hit me that here was an example of another great moment in our history; the invention of the road traffic roundabout, or as my old Dad puzzlingly called them – bull rings. Well okay, Hemel is not the greatest example of this splendid contribution to the smooth flow of traffic, it has probably caused more accidents, nervous breakdowns and screaming abdabs than I have had menu del dia’s, and woe betide any unsuspecting foreign tourists who suddenly find themselves facing this monstrosity. But when you think about it and at the risk of coming over all poetic, roundabouts per se have helped enormously to ease our By Colin Bird :

I recently returned from that place once termed as: “a precious stone set in a silver sea” . . . England. And although times is ‘ard and the economic gloom has touched every aspect of English life, it’s still my England, and it was good to be home again albeit for a short time in that green and pleasant land. Not for the first time it got me thinking about what England had given to the world over the centuries, and whilst driving from Birmingham to Suffolk via the M40 – mostly on account of the fact that I missed the turn-off for the M6 - I passed the time pondering some of our country’s’ greatest inventors and innovators. Names came to mind like Stephenson; Newton; Wedgwood; Brunel; Faraday; Jethro Tull (not the one who stands on one leg, blowing on a flute – the other one) Frank Whittle - and one close to my own heart - Alfred Bird the instant custard inventor! The list goes on and on and if you add the great Scots, Welsh and Irish names, then to paraphrase

viewpoint on my apology. She turned a 100 megawatt gaze on me through glasses which on their own could have quelled a riot, had anyone been foolish enough to plan one. ‘This is no good’ she said, giving the paper a smack that it wouldn’t forget in a hurry. ‘I know’ I pleaded. ‘I have made a stupid mistake. It is my fault, and I want to apologise.’ ‘What do you want me to do about it?’ ‘I don’t know. I want you to know that I am sorry for my stupid mistake.’ She focussed her lethal stare on my face. I felt it go through my flesh, through my skull, and deep into my brain. She took the paper, turned and disappeared into Traumotologia. I dithered on the spot; I didn’t feel as if I had been dismissed. I had no idea what was coming next, but I was sure that if she wanted me gone, I would have known! Very soon she re-emerged, another paper in hand, a beaming smile on her previously granite features. ‘I’ve made you another appointment; look at the date. I am sorry it is not sooner.’ I expressed profuse thanks, she squeezed my arms in a tiny hug, we agreed that I wouldn’t get it wrong again, and the whole waiting room offered me advice on how best to remember important appointments – apparently you need a calendar on the kitchen wall and a yellow marker pen!

way along life’s highways. Strangely though, a roundabout is something that you will certainly not see if you travel to the U.S of A, and although I am reliably informed that they do exist, I personally have never seen one on any of my visits. No, what they do have at road junctions with no traffic lights, is what they refer to as: “The Honour System”. Put simply, it means that you give way to the car that arrived at the junction before you. So if the pimp - wearing a fedora and leather coat in the Lincoln Continental with furry dice hanging behind the windscreen - approaching from your left, gets there first and wants to go straight on and you want to turn left, then you must give way. This is the correct procedure and has nothing whatever to do with the possibility that the subject is packing a 44 Magnum. But honestly, can you see that working in the UK or heaven help us here in Spain? They’d think you were having a laugh! What was a rarity in Spain just a few years ago, the roundabout is now as common as acne on a teenagers face, and every moderately busy road junction seems to be a suitable target. The Spanish version has also become something of an art form, with the local Ayuntamientos competing with one another for the best turnedout roundabout. From modern art to actual fishing boats, and from spectacular water features to pyramids; they are pleasing

aesthetic features as you traverse the N332. Other questionable aesthetically pleasing features that were sometimes associated with them, are the euphemistically termed - ladies of the night. Many roundabouts had their on-duty ladies, and if you used the same route frequently, then you got to know who’s who . . . not intimately you understand, just facial recognition. It was almost worth going round twice just to get a better peek, although there are some locations where the poor loves were definitely way back in the queue when looks were handed out, with one roundabout not too far from here being labelled by us locals as the: “Buy One Get One Free Junction”. Sadly though the floozy’s have now all but disappeared in this part of the Southern Costa Blanca. Yes, all in all, the road traffic roundabout has to be the greatest invention since sliced bread, although come to think of it, just about anything is better than sliced bread.


alqueria - Alqueria sleeps

(With apologies to Dylan Thomas)

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -

my fault!!


First Voice A velvet star spangled night in late Spring. A little Spanish pueblo, snugged down, reja windowed and whitewashed, sleeps silent. The Castle turreted and blind reaches into the night sky, the fountain below bubbles and flows, unseen. La Bar la Casa Devante shuttered and still, gaining strength for the coming horde of thirsty patrons pushing and elbowing, swallowing and spilling. The babies are sleeping, the mill-owner and the Remitroot grower. Manuela late into bed and Paco confused as ever, all sleep. Wouldbe brides dream of their novios actual or pretend, the young men sleep unaware of these feminine designs. Village boys are dreaming of the Plaza where tomorrow they will be rip-roaring pirates or holstered cowboys, racing car drivers and spacemen. Late evening cooking odours still linger on the still air, the afternoon heat subsides. Cool, fragrant, night descends. You can hear the air cooling as Alqueria contracts, the night quenching the heat of the day. Time passes. Second Voice Olive drab and olive green Fernándo Rodriquez dreams of olives galore earning money, making wealth. Keeping the Hill People low, subservient, crushed. He will prevail. Alqueria will be his. Fernándo Rodriquez The Newcomer’s Barrio forever. Deport them, Manuela and the others. The ruined olive mill. Not my fault, others conspire. I was right I am always right. Not my fault. Alqueria is mine. Don’t listen to Poyato or the girl Manuela, I am always right. First Voice Antonio Poyato dreams of Remitroot, drink it, rub it in, use it to lag your pipes. Brings power and influence. Use it wisely for the good of the Hill People. Don’t get addicted. And Manuela whom he worships from afar, snug in her bed in the Calle del Siniestra. Antonio Poyato Manuela, Manuela Oh Manuela. Remitroot, Remitroot Oh Remitroot. Second Voice Gruntmore the resident Englishman and Geordie, dreams of his Tyneside home. Damp paved and beer sodden, nostalgic and grey. He’ll do anything for his home-town, except live there. Blythe Gruntmore Newcastle Brown Ale and fog, through arch bridges and cold north-east winds. Dominoes in the snug of the Hanging Monkey. Rheumatism and memories. Better off in Alqueria. First Voice Loco Paco, do you dream? Loco Paco Yes, of giant rodents and Don Quixote’s windmills. Psychiatrists and paella. Keep reality away, it hurts! Second Voice Manuela dreams of ….. Manuela The boys and men, with or without Remitroot, I dream of the evening to be alone with them. Of the hated Rodriquez of men and boys. I dream of ….... Time passes.


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Email addresses – Part 2 – Using it Last time we created an email address using “” AKA “Hotmail”. How do you know if you have got an email? On the left hand side you have a column of information which has the titles of “Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent, Deleted”. In the “Inbox” is where all your mail will arrive and remains unless you delete it. If you click on the “Inbox” the main view (right hand side of the screen) will show you what emails you have. So, How do you read one of these mails that are in your “Inbox”? Simply double click (2 very quick, left mouse clicks. I know nearly everyone will know this but for anyone else …..) on any one that is a darker colour than the others. This darker colour indicates that the email has NOT yet been read. The lighter coloured emails have been read and are now “Just There”! So you have now read your email and you have to reply to it. What do you do? Look at the top bar (the blue band at the top), The second menu option is “Reply”, it has several subheadings but if you click on it you will start your “reply”. Now you see the screen split into 2 sections. The right hand section has information about who sent it; your email address; The subject line which tells you what the email is about (not always filled in but is good manners to do it!) and finally, the date it was sent. Your cursor is flashing below the “B”, here is where you start you reply. When you are happy with it and are ready to send it, look again at the top bar and you will see the word “Send”. Left click on that and your email is on the way. So far, so good. You are back in the “Inbox” and as you look at the menu bar, the band at the top of the screen, there is only 1 option, “New”. You want to send an email to me telling me how simple emails really are, and they are! Left click on “New”. On the left hand side of the screen is a box waiting for information from you. It wants to know where to sent the email you are about to create. Type “canducomputing@” into the box. Now click where is says “Add A Subject” and now type “awesome or awful article” (please select one :-). Below it will say “Add a message”. As soon as you left click here, this message will disappear to make room for your own, here you type just about any thing that you like! Finished? Good, back to the top bar and left click on “Send” and it is on it’s way to me. In the words of Alexandra MearKat - “Simples!”. Next time we will include attachments to emails such as family photo’s, documents and just about anything else you like. Word of warning, There is a size limit to these files and Microsoft, who own hotmail / / etc. really don’t like you sending music, legal or otherwise. If you really want some fun use words like “terrorist, bomb or president” and see who knocks on your door! Better still don’t. Assuming you won’t be arrested by the NSA, FBI or the CIA we will continue with the simple (ish) subject of email. Have fun!! For further information or advice on computing, contact Trevor on 689 892 745 or

At last there’s a car park where that peculiar Spanish habit of opening the car door to dent the neighbouring car is almost impossible. Here each parking bay has an exclusion zone of about .6m either side of it. Now I park safely in the knowledge that no git is going to add dent number seven to our new little car. The car park is at Mercadona in Soto Grande which is rather posh, sorry, very posh with homes costing millions whatever currency is used, a huge marina with yachts the size of detached homes, a polo club and also the location of reputedly the top golf course in Europe – Valderrama.

REVIEW it...

Anything for a Quiet Life by Jack Hawkins “This can’t happen to me. But it can, and it did, and it does.” So malignant, so cruelly and destructively greedy as it gnaws and destroys; the most dread of all diseases.” Jack Hawkins’ autobiography was written towards the end of his life and published shortly after his death and my gratitude is that we still have a personal record of a remarkable, understated man who was a brilliant actor, so versatile in the roles he chose and working with other equally famous heart-throbs such as Peter O’Toole, Omar Sharif, John Gielgud and Lawrence Olivier. The list is endless but oh so admirable. He was such an ambitious actor intent on reaching the bright lights and the dazzle of Hollywood fame from such an early age and succeeding much to his surprise. His revelations indicate the equal importance he allotted to his family and friends and his memoirs reveal a warm, caring and colourfully interesting man who cared deeply for his family and friends. He also carried much guilt for his failure to become a good husband to Jessica Tandy, his first wife and his daughter, Susan who disappeared from his life. Starcrossed like Romeo and Juliet. He blamed his ambition and perhaps his young age and inexperience also contributed to their demise? The greatest tragedy was when he eventually lost his battle with cancer after fighting it for so many difficult and frightening years. He was in his prime, his career at its zenith and only 62 years of age when he died. His inwardly private fears were hidden from the public and he lived in self-denial easily persuaded by Hollywood to continue filming, to continue floating on this bubble of fame. Undeniably he showed great courage to persevere and behave like a typical trooper although Jack admits it was “cowardice pure and simple” as he experienced his own private hell because he was terrified and haunted by dark and worrying thoughts. “Even a voiceless life held far more than the silence of death.” He chose not to write openly about his fear of dying and admitted what was suppressed in the dark recesses of his mind. “An irreversible fact” he called it, something he had feared for five years, something he had covered up and made copious excuses for- his vocal problems. Cancer. Jack’s career was as diverse as sunshine and rainfall covering the stage, films and t.v. His repertoire covered Gilbert and Sullivan in those early days with The Cenci followed by Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Beau Geste, Journey’s End, The Breadwinner, The Cruel Sea, Lawrence of Arabia, Ben Hur, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Mandy and Dr Kildare and many others. He was acclaimed a star by Hollywood to be “handled with care” because he was seen as “valuable property” which amused Jack. Refreshingly without pretentiousness Jack was cynical of the razmataz of Hollywood stardom. He was pragmatic about those demons that could destroy and cites the tragic circumstances surrounding Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland. The stresses of stardom can

become intolerable and lead to tragedy. Sadly it wasn’t this that destroyed such a fine actor as Jack Hawkins. In 1933 J.C.Bergel critic for the Evening News bemused Jack by referring to him as “the most indubitable of matinee idols.” “Mr Hawkins looks like training to be the irresistibly breezy, infectiously gay young hero.” The most dramatic memory of Jack’s childhood was the “clamour” outside which produced excitement and delight with people dancing in the streets. The Cause? The war of course. Remember, attitudes have changed and today people are sickened by fighting but this was 1914-1918. Jack “delighted in the thrills of war” and he cherished “the thrill of the dash for the safety of the broom cupboard under the stairs” with Zeppelins dangerously hanging overhead. The church and choir dominated his early life but once he had experienced “the thrill and the smell of the theatre, the thrill of a full house, the brightness of the limelights” amateur operatics and choir seemed dull, flat and uninviting for his ambitions. Surprisingly there was a time in Jack’s life when the theatre lost its magical world of make believe and he felt lonely, unhappy and restless. So he joined the army, travelled the world and met the love of his life, Doreen Lawrence who he rated as an extremely talented actress and physically attractive. It sounded like love at first sight. They performed to troops in south-east Asia and then after the war, throughout Europe. The nesting instinct came once they both returned to the U.K. A journalist commented on his attraction: “Women fall like a ton of bricks for the strong, silent charms of actor Jack Hawkins. They have made him the biggest romantic idol in British films since the heyday of James Mason.” At the end of his autobiography his widow, Doreen Hawkins added an emotional post-script covering the period April-July 1973 describing her heart-ache and the final moments surrounding his battle to stay alive: “I am so cold. We all are. Nick fetched some brandy, and we sipped it between us and comforted ourselves that at least he would not suffer any more, and we would not have to watch his despair and unhappiness. Jack has found his quiet life. Now I have to try and find mine.” Dramatically ironic but a fitting tribute to a husband and father. Publisher: Coronet Books, Hodder and Stoughton. ISBN: 0-340-19866-4

Carol Naylor - writing exclusively for the Sol Times... &

Driving me to distraction ct n fa i r y ca nm o t No



! car any

owners of expensive yet dented cars and reasoned enlarging the parking bays made financial sense. In any case it’s my supermarket of choice now whenever in the area. Recently our poor Fiat 500 had its aerial stolen. It made for scant consolation that whoever the drunken reveller was stole every other detachable aerial in the car park that fateful Saturday night. Meanwhile the ever reliable Ford Focus is yet to get a bump or a scratch.

It’s funny how driving habits differ across Spain; in Almeria for example it’s rare to be shown the courtesy of being let out of a junction even in stationary traffic Since noticing this back in 2006, often for fun I signal to let drivers out and normally a blank stare is returned, the courtesy rarely recognised even when I flash the I guess Mercadona executives got tired of being sued by angry lights and wave an arm. If they do take advantage a thank you is rarely shown. In fact one time Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the articles I remember seeing a driver are posted on there too...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality trying to exit the BP garage in homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a valuation: stephen@ Albox, as I was stopped at the Telephone: 636 266 641

red light I made some space and let the car in. This so enraged the driver of the car behind me, that he wound his window down to curse me and repeatedly hoot the horn. All this as we remained stuck at the red light.

Courtesy seems to enrage some folk it seems. When down further south, perhaps due to more of us foreigners on the roads, I see more politeness being shown with cars being let of out of side roads with a wave of thanks. Mind you there are also plenty of roundabouts and often drivers when going straight over first indicate left then just before leaving the roundabout indicate right so one is never quite sure where they are headed? It doesn’t help that the Highway Code in Spain instructs drivers to drive round the outside whichever exit is chosen. It all makes for good fun and beats playing Grand Theft Auto! No Fly Posting is a common sign in the UK, in Spain the equivalent is Prohibido Fijar Carteles. Regular readers know littering is just one of my various bugbears. Lots of litter is also caused by those flipping leaflets stuck under car windscreen wipers. I lob them in the car to recycle later but others simply rip them off and drop them. If a leaflet goes unnoticed it later takes flight along the highway. These nuisances should be banned by local councils. It’s one of the most annoying forms of advertising known to man; I bet no one ever actually buys the advertised product or visits the promoted venue as we are all too annoyed that it’s on the car in the first place!


Driving experience. Two words that every motorist knows about, no matter what vehicle they drive. For some it will be a wholesome, positive experience while for others, totally unsatisfactory. The latter not necessarily being the car’s fault either, I might add - rather the driver’s sheer incompetence behind the wheel. But enough of the driving instructor’s tales and my Sunday afternoon experiences. In this day and age when so much is clinical and characterless you could be forgiven for thinking that driving has become little more than another chore that just needs completing rather than being enjoyed and savoured. So often the whole experience can be a pretty monotonous affair especially with the amount of vehicles on the roads. It is therefore refreshing to sit inside the Audi A3 TFSi S line, which responds to almost every driver’s whim. There are five different modes ranging from economy to dynamic. Understandably, the latter is by far the most enjoyable. After all it is the driving experience that lies at the heart of this splendid machine. Equipped with no less than a seven speed S tronic automatic gearbox the driver can use it either as a traditional automatic or if they are feeling that they want more control the stick can be pushed to the left and pushed up or down to go through the gears manually (as you can see in the video at If that is still not satisfactory then the paddle shifts either side of the uniquely designed steering wheel will deliver an experience akin to driving a racing car. When selecting dynamic mode and using the manual option, the A3 is noticeably much more responsive, agile and nimble although there is still a slight delay when the accelerator is kicked. Push it to the floor and it seems to go on and on forever. A very gutsy and exhilarating experience. It’s interesting to note that the paddle shifts can be used in conjunction with the manual option, if required. Speed and agility are all very well but traditionally such vehicles guzzled fuel like no tomorrow. I am therefore positively astounded that not only will this hot hatch travel from 0 to 60mph in just seven seconds but it will also return a staggering 50mpg (there’s a really reliable engine stop/start function, too). You really can put your foot down without worrying about the fuel gauge plummeting. To put this into perspective it is more efficient than my own diesel Ford Fiesta, which certainly does

motoring TEST DRIVE: audi a3

not provide the driving experience or performance. The sporty feel throughout the A3 S line is helped by the golf ball topped gearstick and the sports leather covered steering wheel. The driving position is critical and pleasingly I have no complaints; my arms comfortably resting outstretched at the ten to two position on the steering wheel. You would be surprised how often this ideal position is not attained due to an incorrect seat height that can’t be adjusted to perfection and/ or a steering wheel that cannot be adjusted for the optimum position. With a dashboard that leans towards minimalism it is certainly a refreshing take on what can so often be an overpowering cluttered experience. The few switches present relate to such things as heated front seats and the air conditioning. It does take a while to adjust to the position of the volume control for the stereo; to the right of the gearstick. The owners of a hot hatch like this are likely to be affluent 20 to 30 year olds. Therefore my baby seat and pushchair test is wholly unfair.

Careless drivers face fines and points

Drivers caught hogging the middle lane and tailgating will be hit with £100 on-thespot fines and three points on their licence from July, under new plans from the UK Government. The new fines will be introduced in an attempt to cut down the number of motorists having to go through the courts. Talking on a mobile phone while driving and driving without wearing a seatbelt will also incur £100 fines, up from the current £60 penalty. Police are also expected to

get powers to issue instant fixed penalty notices for not giving way at a junction or using the wrong lane at a roundabout. The fixed penalty for driving without insurance will increase from £200 to £300. Most motoring fixed penalties offences will rise under the new plans: • A non-endorsable (where the driver does not receive points on their licence) £30 fixed penalty notice will rise to £50 • An endorsable (where



points are given) £60 and non-endorsable fixed penalty notice will rise to £100 • An endorsable £120 fixed penalty notice will rise to £200 • The fixed penalty notice for driving with no insurance will rise from £200 to £300 “An increase in the standard motoring fixed penalty fine will help deter those who commit motoring offences including mobile phone use,” AA president Edmund

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But a necessity with my family. This three-door model will begrudgingly accept two baby seats in the rear – the front seats barely fold far enough forward to allow for the seats to be easily fitted in the back. The boot is large enough for a pushchair. A drive to Newbury finally resulted in my little daughters falling asleep. That doesn’t happen in every car I drive. Overall, it takes much to beat this compact hatch, which is easy to park and supremely quick. It is one of my favourites.

specification 2012 onwards New price range: £17,905 - £28,165 Engine: 1.8-litre turbo direct injection Economy: 50mpg 0-60mph: 7secs Top speed: 144mph Power: 177bhp Fuel tank: 50 litres Watch the video at Advanced motorist Tim Saunders is the former Business and Motoring Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo. His regular test reports appear in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the UK, Ireland & Gibraltar - and now here in Spain! For more information contact Tim on:

King said. “We are also pleased to see that at long last new powers and fines will be given to the police to tackle the top three pet hates of drivers - tailgaters, mobile phone abusers and middle-lane hogs.”


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Another Good Day in the Sun for Badgers GC On Wednesday 5th June, Thomas with 39pts Badgers were back to Macenas Golf for their weekly competition. The greens were still under a bit of maintenance but were rolling a lot better, so scoring was certainly going to be better. Top of the points was Graham Philips with 40pts, 2nd place went to Rod Goff with 39pts from Marg Weston in 3rd with 38pts. Nearest the pins went to Tom Fitzgerald, Julian Butterworth, Wally Gilder and Graham Porter. There was 4 two’s , these going to Mick Weston, Tom Fitzgerald, Julian Butterworth and Paul Adams Saturday’s roll-up at Macenas on glorious sunny morning was won by Alan

from Steve Casburn in 2nd with 33pts Forthcoming Fixtures are: Thursday 13th June away day to Serena (Roquetas), Wednesday 19th June Valle de Este, Wednesday 26th June Desert Springs, Wednesday3rd July Macenas Badgers Golf Society also plays every Saturday at Macenas for their weekly roll-up. Please book in at Badgers. Guests are welcome to join the society on both Wed and Sat comps and can book in either at Badgers Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or by phone on 950478525. Fixtures can be found on

cortijo grande We seem to be going divisions on this lovely day through a good time with our golfers as we had a course record 66 by Philip Dunne on Sunday and an eagle 2 on the par 4 third by John Rice . This is quality golf and our congratulations to both players. Wednesday 5th June 013 and our winner with 37 John Rice second with 35 Greg Ward Our second div winner with 37 Bob Winter and second with 32 Pam Webster. Ball sweep winner John Rice on second plus eagle 2 on par 4 third Sunday 9th June and two

for golf. The winner of the first Div with a record low score of 66 and 42 points Philip Dunne second with 39 Tony Webster bad luck Tony 39 would see you home most weeks. Second division winner with 33 and better back nine Carol Hardy and second with another 33 Chris Lomas. Ball sweep winners Philip Dunne and Mike Picken couldnt happen to nicer bloke. Come and enjoy your golf at this lovely course and people to match enjoy your golf with Cortijo Grande. MP

1 Bed, 1 Bath Apartment reduced to

Cortijo Grande Golf €29,995

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Macenas rocks and beach and c a u g h t Atlantic Mackerel and a melva tuna so hopefully they are going to be about more now. C o a r s e Fishing. ‘ B a z a B a r r y ’ with beachcomber john fished Lake Puentes Boat Fishing. ‘Hissing Sid’ went out with near Lorca and had a good day Mick and his boys Adam and catching barbel to 3lbs and David, skipper ‘Pugwash Pete’ carp to 7lbs. 7 hours fishing had three mates on his boat produced 50lbs of fish. This week saw the ‘Rods too. The wind was blowing hard which made fishing and reels’ club at the Embalse difficult so they anchored side de Argos in Murcia for their by side in 60 foot of water. match. The day started off Although the two boats were with a breeze but come only feet apart using the same midday the wind got up with bait and rigs Pete’s boat was a vengeance making bait catching at least eight fish to presentation very difficult. There were several good Sid’s one! The wind got up even more weights but the majority of and Sid’s boat wouldn’t hold the field struggled for bites. on the anchor and so Sid Doug Hornblow had a good decided to drift and fish, it and bad day. A good day as wasn’t easy for the boys to he won the match, but a bad fish. Sid let the boys take over day, that as the wind picked the helm on each trip back to up so did his pole and his no 6 the drift point so they enjoyed section is now confined to the depths of Argos! that. Top Rods on the day. See photo of Mick with a 1st Doug (Welsh Goldminer) Pandora and Pete’s boat in Hornblow fishing the feeder the background. using banded pellet with Shore fishing. ‘Tubby Jimmy’ was spinning 90lbs. 2nd Lenny (Ex Cultural from the rocks near the tower on Macenas rocks and caught Attaché) Bolton fishing the pole using paste and feeder an Atlantic Scad. ‘London Bill’ also fished using maggot with 70lbs.

angling news

19th Hole Golf Society Micky•s big day out As well as a singles stableford Thursday 6th June, 24 members of the 19th Hole Golf Society visited the Macenas course at Mojacer. The weather was very pleasant with hardly any wind to blame the wayward shots on. The course conditions, whilst not perfect, were very acceptable and provided a demanding and enjoyable round of golf.

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we also played a Micky Mouse Ball competition. Micky’s competition is that each team of four is given a marked ball that each team member must play in turn. The score achieved when that ball is played counts as the players stableford score and to that of Micky’s, when and if the ball is lost then Mickys score is frozen. The dream team of Terry Caddick, Mark Danson, Alan Chippendale and Andy Mitchell safely brought M/M home with an impressive 29 points to take 1st place from the Pete Dow, Christine Dow, Christopher Dow and John Bradley team on 28 points. But the main event of the day was the stableford qualifier and, at last, we had a winner with a score that merited a win. Christine Dow scored a brilliant 41 points to absolutely slaughter the rest of the field. Christine had just come to terms with her new handicap of 39 only to produce a performance like this which takes her straight back to 36. Very well done Christine -Girl power remains alive!.

3rd Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare fishing the feeder using maggot with 51lbs. The ‘Abbey Angling’ match was fished at Nancy’s. The water is still flowing fast below the boon and these are still some of the best pegs on the water for the bigger weights. Dave Hoare making the best of one of these pegs with a winning weight. Most anglers when fishing these pegs use a feeder, but Dave used his prowess with the pole using a 5 gram lollipop to gain top weight. Fishing above the boon was hard with no flow but even so, out of the nineteen fishing there were only two dry nets. 1st Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare with 31lbs fishing the pole using maggot. 2nd Mick (The Arsenal) Hill with 17.1/3lbs fishing the pole using pellet and corn. 3rd Dave (The Sweetie man) Hutchinson with 17lbs fishing the pole using pellet and paste. WARNING To all anglers fishing in the Murcia region especially the Town waters, unless you are fishing in an officially booked contest, we have been advised you must not use a keep net, and if you are caught doing so there is a €200 fine. Abbey anglers were visited by the police last Saturday on the town water where they were pleasure fishing and they checked all their licences and I.D etc. All details are available on their website www. or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen

Ralph Hunter scored 36 points to maintain his good run of form and his handicap, with Reno Palagano ( playing off his reduced English handicap) came in 3rd with 35 points. Results; Stableford. 1st Christine Dow 41 points (39) 2nd Ralph Hunter 36 points (36) 3rd Reno Palagano 35 points (21) Twos: 1st Hole Nigel Pogson 11th Hole Nigel Greenwood 14th Hole Reno Palagano 16th Hole Ellen Lea 18th Hole Terry Caddick. Nearest The Pins, 3rd Hole Pete Dow 11th Hole Tony Slinn 18th Hole Alan Chippendale The 19th hole G/S is now arranging weekly games at various courses in the area, our home course, which we play fortnightly, is Aguilon. If you are interested in joining the 19th hole give the secretary a ring on 610340653. Or email

on 965328368 The Albox fishing club meets every two weeks or so at Bar Wassy. For details of the next meeting tel Sid 634 313 650. Latest license information. There is a new loophole for those without a nie number who want an Andalucian beach and/or boat fishing license. It will mean a trip in person to Almeria with a friend who has a nie number and has a 50/50 chance of working! The other loophole for fishing the beaches and boats in Andalucia without an NIE document is to make a trip to Murcia. There is now a loophole for those wanting coarse fishing licenses for Andalucia who don’t have NIE documents or/ and don’t want to do the 24 hour course in Spanish, see me for more details. I’m pleased to report the Beachcomber’s three web cams are working again and the other good news is they work on both 32 and 64 bit systems and on any browser so checkout Mojacar’s weather and Mediterranean Sea conditions here. www. beachcomber-webcam/ For up to date information on any of the above see John at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or tel 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number. You can also contact me on Facebook @ ‘John Beachcomber Mojacar’. Tight lines, Beachcomber John.

Amigos bowling Tuesday League

Results Sponsored By Albox On Line: Last Week’s Scores The Mavericks 12 The Strikers 4 Lucky Strike 4 X Factor 12 The 3 Amigos 0 Pin-Bowl Wizards 16 North & South Pp Leeds On Tour Pp Wednesday League Results Sponsored By Sol Supermercado Last Week’s Scores Vince 5 John 2, Mike 2 Barry 5 Betty 5 Dave L2, Bash 2 Barrie 5 Thursday League Results Sponsored By Dulseco Wine Bodega Regino Last Week’s Scores Rick 5 Yvonne 2 Sue 5 Sharron 2 Dave 5 Barrie 2 Ali 5 Andy 2 Ian 5 Phil 2 Friday’s League Sponsored By The Corner Shop Albox Results: Last Week’s Scores Triple X 2 Limarians 6 Double Trouble 6 X Factor 2 North & South 4 The Spitfires 4 The Cowboys Pp The Strikers Pp



Boxers GS - Valle del Este 4th June Valle del Este has recovered remarkably quickly from hollow-tyning last week and the greens are already showing how good they will be very shortly. With a perfect day for golf, Boxers set out to tackle 27 holes with the first 18 played as an individual stableford competition for the Les Ashton Shield. Les is the founding President of the Society who, sadly for us, has returned to the UK full time, but is well-remembered for his major contribution over the years. A good turnout

saw Tony Redston, with a magnificently planned and executed campaign come out on top for the first time this season. This return to winning ways, which so far this year had been relying on his charm, charisma and natural good looks, left the rest of the runners and riders far in the distance. Les would have been proud to have presented the shield had there been one to present. The remaining honours went to Roy Bishop, runner up in Div 1. Div 2 : 1st Richard Measures

sport shorts

Diary…. From tomorrow until Sunday, there will be thousands of golf enthusiasts at Ardmore, Pennsylvania, watching the US Open and also tomorrow, the Bislet Games/Diamond League Athletics meeting takes place in Oslo where Usain Bolt (surprisingly beaten last week by Justin Gatlin) will be seeking revenge in the 100m.

This weekend the MotorGP season continues at Spain’s Circuit de Catalunya where home-based riders Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez will be hoping to make the podium. Also on Saturday, football’s Confederations Cup starts in Brazil. Next Tuesday, it’s the start of Royal Ascot - first staged in 1711 - and also the Tour de Suisse cycle race. In Rugby Union, the British/ Irish Lions take on NSW Select on Saturday and next Tuesday meet The Brumbies in Canberra. Football’s European U21 Championship final - without England - takes place in Israel

SALES HQ: 902 750 190/950 121 936 OPEN: Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm Fri 10am-4pm ALBOX, ARBOLEAS, ALFOQUIA ROQUETAS, ALMERIMAR coastal & mojacar areaS EDITOR: ~

England played their second game yesterday v. Sri Lanka at The Oval. And 15 yearold Matt Fisher became the youngest post war cricketer to play competitively, doing so for Yorkshire v. Leicestershire in Sunday’s YB40. TENNIS - Serena Williams smashed defending champion Maria Sharapova 6-4, 6-4, to win the French Grand Slam title for the first time since 2002. And Rafael Nadal beat fellow countryman David Ferrer in the men’s all-Spanish final to lift the crown for a record eighth time. Indeed, no-one else has ever won the same Grand Slam title this many times in the history of lawn tennis. RUGBY UNION - England whipped Argentina 32-3 in the first Test of their summer tour. Elsewhere Wales defeated Japan 22-18. CYCLING - Chris Froome won the week-long Criterium du Dauphine, emulating Sir Bradley Wiggins’ feat of last year. It’s the Tour de France next.

Sol Times Almeria is independent of political parties, private investment and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. Sol Times Almeria is an independent publication. Published weekly and produced exclusively in Almeria. Sol Times News Group cannot be held responsible for claims made by advertisers, nor can it be held responsible for errors in advertisements caused by poor quality text, photographs or layout instructions. Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage resulting caused by any error, inaccuracy or non-appearance of an advertisement.

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Desert Springs

Neil Evans is Golf Professional at Desert Springs Golf Resort, his relaxed, friendly teaching style has made him very popular at clubs across Europe including Pinhieros Altos on The Algarve, The Mizuno Training Academy in Germany and The Warwickshire in England. For more information on lessons with Neil please call Golf Reception at Desert Springs on 637 861 591

Neil Evans is Golf Professional at Desert Springs Golf Resort, his relaxed, friendly teaching style has made him very popular at clubs across Europe including Pinhieros Altos on The Algarve, The Mizuno Training Academy in Germany and The Warwickshire in England. For more information on lessons with Neil please call Golf Reception at Desert Springs on 637 861 591 Following on from last month’s article on putting, I thought I would continue on the short game theme for this month and look at chipping. This is another area of the game that can save you lots of shots on the golf course. Set Up: A couple of changes need to be made to your usual set up, firstly withdraw your front foot slightly (only 3-4 centimetres) this will clear your hip out of the way and create room for your arms to swing freely through to the target. Secondly, put more of your bodyweight onto your forward foot a ratio of 60:40 is what’s required. (Pic 1) Swing: The swing should be made using only your arms, bodyweight does not move from your forward foot, wrists should remain passive, creating a ‘wooden’ movement with the arms and it is vital to ensure that a smooth acceleration of the clubhead is made through the ball. The swing should be equidistant moving the same distance on the through swing as on the backswing. (Pic 2 &3) Many people have problems with these shots because they try to ‘scoop’ the ball, a good thought to combat this is to concentrate on swinging the back of your left hand (for right handed golfers) through to the target. Finally when practicing this area of your game experiment with different clubs and discover for yourselves what different clubs will give you in terms of flight, bounce and roll. Don’t think that chip shots can only be played with wedges, try all of your clubs from hybrids to wedges using the same technique, this will give you a much wider armoury of shots on the course, allowing you to play the correct shot for the situation that you find yourself in.

Compiled by Tony Matthews

(18 June) and Queens, a prelude to Wimbledon, is now underway in London. FOOTBALL - England’s chances of making the 2014 World Cup look great after group leaders Montenegro lost 4-0 at home by Ukraine. Scotland gained a famous 1-0 win in Croatia, Spain pipped Haiti 2-1 and last Saturday, against the Faroe Islands, Robbie Keane became the most capped player in Irish football history when he appeared in his 126th international for the Republic of Ireland, scoring a hat-trick to celebrate the occasion. He has now overtaken fellow countryman Shay Given. F1 MOTOR RACING - Sebastian Vettel cruised to victory in the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Fernando Alonso was second and Lewis Hamilton third. This was Vettel’s first ever win in Canada and the German now leads the driver’s championship by 36 points from Alonso. CRICKET - In the Champions Trophy, England (269-6) beat Australia (221-9) by 48 runs in their opening group match.


: 2nd Adrian Ball Div 3 : 1st Gordon Batchelor : 2nd Pam Partridge NTP’s : Colin Waters : Steve Cook (converted to a 2) : Tony Tait in 2 The next 9 holes, underwritten by the Society, were played as a ‘Dolly Parton’ competition (something to do with 2 points apparently) devised by the jefe of Spain Property Finder, Paul Holley, who also put up a case of wine for the winner and a cash prize for 2nd . 1st Adrian Ball : 2nd Gordon Batchelor. The day’s 2 winners posed for smug photos afterwards. June still has 2 fine meetings in Murcia to offer with coaches laid on to Hacienda del Alamo on the 17th and Mar Menor on the 28th. Guests and new members of all levels are always given a warm and relaxed welcome at Boxers. For further information on golfing and social events please check out our informative website at http://www.boxersgs.

Neil Evans Golf Tips


Latest Lithium Battery and Manual Golf Trolleys Supplied Locally, Competitive Pricing Tel: 950 982 027

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served 11am - 2pm €2.95 10 different tapas available every day served from 12noon to 6pm Calle Sierra Nevada, Roquetas De Mar Tel: 633 376 541

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