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ISSUE 645 • 13th - 19th July 2018

Drugs mob swoop skirts of Almeria City in which 50 armed officers participated. Almost 2,500 cannabis plants weighing 385 kilos were seized alongside two guns, ammunition, several large knives, three v e h i c l e s , €4 9 , 8 6 5 i n cash and a raft of machinery and lighting used to produce the

JUST 11 of the 73 beach bars and restaurants in Almeria are legal. The shocking figure was this week revealed by Andalucian environment minister Jose Fiscal, although the official added that almost 50 have applied for the required opening licence. But just 76 of the seafront eateries and drinking spots have all the

THREE people have been held after a family feud over an illegal electricity supply saw gunshots fired in the La Chanca neighbourhood of Almeria City. Witnesses reportedly told detectives that members of the gypsy clans were seen arguing loudly in broad daylight. The row erupted after one group tried to stop the other ripping out cables they had running between their home and a street light in order to replace them with their own. And the quarrel escalated into violence, with one man suffering serious cuts after being hit in the face with a wooden crate before a second was struck with an iron bar. A nearby parked van also had its windscreen shot out during the melee.

Woman drowns

POT LUCK: Almost 2,500 cannabis plants were seized.

POLICE have swooped to break up a notorious Almerian drugs gang. Known locally as the Cheriff clan, the mob specialised in production and supply of cannabis. Five men and a child were held during raids on seven proper ties in the El Pulche neighbourhood on the out-

Street brawl

drugs. The cabal had also tapped into the provincial power grid using an illegal connection to avoid paying for electricity. I n v e s t i g a t o r s launched a probe in May after being tipped off about the group, most of who belong to the same family and

Bar-ly believable required paperwork, with 36 having none whatsoever. Mr Fiscal explained his department has only been in control of

have previous criminal records. An uncle and his nephew are believed to be the kingpins, with three others responsible for transpor tation and caring for the plants. The bust comes after a covert sur veillance operation that lasted for several weeks, according to reports.

managing the establishments since summer 2014, in the wake of a change to regional coastal laws. The move was designed to “streamline the regularisation process,” and offer “better security to the owners of the premises,” he added, before insisting that there are no administrative issues despite the lack of progress.

A WOMAN has died after being pulled from an irrigation pool in Velez-Rubio. The 58-year-old was barely alive after Local Police spotted her floating in the water and raised the alarm, and medics said they were unable to resuscitate her. Police are probing the circumstances surrounding the incident.


Strong arm of the paw THE Local Police force in Mojacar has been boosted by the addition of two highly-trained sniffer dogs to patrol the town’s beachfront in search of drugs, plus a flying drone for surveillance work.

Bike thieves FOUR people, including one child, have been held in Turre on suspicion of stealing motorcycles and riding them through town at night without lights, according to a police statement.

Car smash SIX people including two teenage boys have been hospitalised in the wake of an accident between two cars on the A-352 road in Cuevas de Almanzora, medics confirmed.


13th - 19th July 2018 Photo credit Guardia Civil


PEAK DRAMA: The victim was airlifted to hospital.

Mountain plunge A HIKER, 46, has been hospitalised in the wake of a dramatic rescue in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. The rambler plummeted five metres down a mountainside while walking alone on the Cerro del Fraile volcanic crater and was unable to raise the alarm due to a lack of mobile phone coverage in the area. His wife eventually alerted emergency services after he failed to return home. Rescue efforts were complicated by the rough terrain, leading police to call in a helicopter after tracing the victim, who had fractured a leg. He was airlifted to Torrecardenas Hospital in Almeria City, medics confirmed.

Voodoo sex rap TWO women charged with sexually exploiting a young African girl have been hand jail sentences of five and three years, respectively. The unnamed teenage victim was intimidated with voodoo rituals and forced to prostitute herself in order to repay a ‘debt’ of €25,000 enforced on her after she arrived to Spain from Nigeria. She was enticed to Spain after being promised a better life, but was left stranded after one of the accused paid for her travel to Morocco, being left on the streets and forced to beg for almost 18 months, the provincial court heard. She later travelled to Libya from where she crossed the Mediter-

r a n e a n t o S i c i l y, I t a l y, ending up in a refugee camp. One of the convicted women then contacted her and instructed her to move to Roquetas de Mar, but after she arrived she was informed of the debt and forced to work as a prostitute ‘available to clients all day’ performing ‘sexual services in unhealthy conditions and c h a r g i n g a r o u n d €1 0 each time.’ The women also charged the victim rent for living in a bar they ran, which the prosecution said made payment of the arrears ‘interminable.’ She was freed in the wake of a police probe into human trafficking in Almeria.



13th - 19th July 2018


N June 14 a nearcapacity coach full of the members, friends and non-members of the Almanzora Group of Friends set of for a very full day visiting Jumilla in Murcia, renowned for its wines and agriculture. The trip included visits to:

Jumilla ‘The la • The Jeronimo Molina Ethnographic Museum The museum is located in the Plaza de la Constitution and has a full size replica of what was ‘Jumillensis paracamelichnum,’ a camel-type animal which lived in the area six million years ago. There are four floors of exhibits and is divided into various sections, there are examples of prehistoric art and fossils, paintings and drawings from more recent times by a local artist, and relics from 19th and 20th centuries depicting local life in Jumilla and Murcia including weapons, clothing, baby items and clothes made from grass (esparto). The top floor housed items from an apothecar y’s shop, plus butterflies and moths of all different sizes and colours from Asia, Africa and South America. There were also bugs from those areas with some ver y large examples!

Many of the group commented on how they had enjoyed visiting this very interesting and unusual museum. • Theatre The group next visited the local theatre where a group of people were rehearsing a dance routine and were surprised by the group’s attendance. They were given a rousing round of applause which was well received. The theatre was built on the site of a former convent and barracks. It was a convent between 1601 and 1835 when it became

a Hosp i t a l and Barracks. In 1867 it was proposed to build a theatre on the site but only the foundations were laid. The idea was reborn in 1881 with the backing of the town hall and new plans were drawn up by renowned Murcian architect Justo Millan Espinosa, who was also responsible for the bull ring and church in Murcia. The theatre was officially opened in 1883, and seven years later the Vico


13th - 19th July 2018

and of Wines Trip’ 1 3 1- GOT THE HUMP: The Ethnographic Museum. 2- RICH HISTORY: The theatre 3- CHEERS: The bodega visit.


was added in honour of the famous actor Antonio Vicar who was a friend of the writers, poets and actors belonging to the ‘Generation of 98,’ especially the Machado family. Around 100 years of theatrical, artistic cinematographic activity later, in 1987 the building was restored by architect Juan Antonio Molina and officially reopened in 1991 by Queen Sofia. • The Bodega Silvano Garcia The group was told that the winer y was founded in 1925 and the third generation of the family is now at the head of it. They produce some very fine wines but in later years have branched out in other directions. In

2008, two new projects were developed: the prod u c t i o n o f E x t r a Vi r g i n Olive Oil and wine jams made with their own sweet wines, Sweet Monastrell and Sweet Muscate. In 2014, two organic wines were produced und e r t h e Vi ñ a h o n d a O r ganic label. They are moder n and contemporary wines made from organically-farmed grapes that provide delicious nuances of the Monastrell variety, ‘bringing it to its maximum expression,’ proof that visiting wineries helps with the descriptive flavour of the trip’s report! The group was given a tour of the bodega and a young lady gave them the full SP on making wine in this bodega. There are some now in the group

who could work as master wine makers after all the information received on this and previously visited bodegas of various types. After the tour the group was invited to sample the produce which they set about doing with unbounded enthusiasm. There were tables laid out with tapas and wine which looked rather sad and bare after the visit. Many staggered back to the coach clutching bottles and boxes to enjoy at home. Finally the group went for lunch and a pretty good meal it was, with bottle after bottle of red and white wines being provided to wash down the solids part of the meal. All in all it was a ver y interesting and successful day out.



13th - 19th July 2018

Eviction figures THE number of families in Almeria who were evicted from rental homes due to missing monthly payments is more than 1,900 over the past five years, according to data. The year which saw the highest number of evictions was 2017 at 492, according to the statistics from Spain’s Ministry of Justice. The figures also showed the non-payment of rent was the leading reason people were evicted from their homes, outstripping those of failing to pay housing contracts or those of foreclosure. Evictions are dealt with under Spain’s Law of Urban Leases, which takes into account the number of houses issued with notices not the total amount issued.

CREDIT: Adra Council, via Twitter


ON FIRE: Emergency services were called out at about 8.15am yesterday.

Warehouse blaze FIREFIGHTERS were called out to the La Curva industrial estate after a fire broke out at a fruit warehouse on Thursday. The 112 Emergency services line was alerted to the blaze by several calls at around 8.15am. It began on Calle Cerrajon and emergency services sources said several vehicles including a wagon and multiple packing machines were gutted by the flames. Local Police, Guardia Civil officers, and Civil Protection Volunteers joined the fire brigade at the site to tackle the blaze. The fire caused extensive damage, but no casualties were recorded.

NEWS CREDIT: Plan INFOCA, via Twitter

13th - 19th July 2018

FIRE FIGHTING: A total of 34.1 hectares were affected by forest fires in Almeria.

Forest fire figures FIREFIGHTERS were called out to 57 forest fires and woodland blaze-related incidents from January to June, equivalent to one in every four such callouts in Andalucia. The figure is equal to almost 24 per cent of the total number of such fires emergency services were called out to throughout the

Andalucia region. There was a total of 238 fire-related incidents recorded in the region, according to data from the Plan INFOCA forest fire prevention body. The authority’s figures show a total of 14 hectares of woodland was burnt in Almeria, compared to 316.4 across the region.

The figure for Andalucia’s woodland and scrubland combined was 330 hectares, or an average of 55 hectares a month since the start of the year. The amount of woodland affected by forest fires stood at 34.1 hectares in Almeria, which has already seen four wildfires in the first week of this month.




13th - 19th July 2018

GRATEFULLY RECEIVED: Volunteers at the La Loma Branch where the presentation took place.

Donation to Caritas, Albox SHELAGH COPELAND, President of the Almanzora Group of Friends, presented a cheque to Caritas, Albox on behalf of the group from money raised at their monthly quiz. Caritas Spain, founded in 1957, is the Catholic Church’s official organisation in Spain for charity and social relief, instituted by the Spanish Episcopal Conference. On March 9, 1981, it was registered as a religious entity with Spain’s Ministry of Justice. In Spain, most families help each other. Caritas gives food to those who are unemployed, or in other unfortunate circumstances, and do not have this family support. With unemployment at 25 per cent many people are struggling, especially in small towns where there are few opportu-

nities. Albox has two branches which provide food for about 160 families; Caritas del Pueblo in the Colegio Fco Fenoy near the town hall and Caritas de la Loma in San Francisco Square. Families in need register with the town hall for access to the food bank. The group hopes to do more fundraising in the future for this very deserving cause but in the meantime they would be very grateful for anything individuals can offer in the way of food or cash donations. As far is food is concerned they only take non-perishable foods. Both branches are open on Wednesdays and Thursdays; the La Loma branch from 11.30am-1pm on both days plus 5.30-10.30pm on Thursdays, and the El Pueblo branch from 11am-1pm on both days.

Fake theft scam INVESTIGATORS have arrested a man, 36, in Nijar on suspicion of falsely re-

porting the theft of a car. The suspect last month filed a report with the

Guardia Civil claiming that thieves had driven away in his wife’s vehicle when he left it parked with the keys in the ignition while he popped into a shop. But when detectives visited the scene they found that the car had been parked on private property nearby and was in fact still there. And after quizzing the owner of the address, they found that the owner had



13th - 19th July 2018

Happy birthday to APSA Ed. 645

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ANIMAL charity APSA is throwing a Big Birthday Bash to celebrate its 15year anniversary on Saturday, starting 7.30pm at Kubatins in Arboleas. Expect food, drinks, a tombola and raffle and music by Impulse. Tickets cost €10 from the APSA shop and Harrisons Food Store on Avenida Lepanto in Albox plus Los Llanos market.

The APSA monthly prize winners for June are: Sunday lunch for two or fish and chips for two at Almeria Tenpin Bowling: Roy Keningalle. €10 Colin the Card voucher: Gloria + Derek Tovey. €10 Sol supermarket voucher: Jackie Roberts. Albox Insurance Glenn bonus prize: Pat French. Amount raised this month was €110.

QUIZ KIDS: Simon, Audrey, Geoff Taubman from Turre Food Bank, Shelagh and Brian.

Raffle does it again QUIZZERS at Simon’s Bar Los Gallardos recently donated €250 to the Turre food bank. The regular Thursday night event hosted by Quiz Master Brian Roberts also includes a raffle organised by Audrey and Shelagh, with all proceeds donated to charity. Initially funds were handed to MACS as a thank you for all they did for Brian’s late wife Alex, with subsequent recipients including Vera Orphanage and PAWS. Many thanks to all who regularly contribute to the fundraising and continue Alex’s legacy.

13th - 19th July 2018


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Natural cleaning Page 14

Icy baths Page 20

Chicken meatballs Page 18

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13th - 19th July 2018

Pause to Prepare BEING now committed to moving does leave us in a bit of an ambivalent situation. I mean, where should our prime loyalty lie? With the home we’ve laboured on and invested so much love and hard work over the past 15 years? Or with the new, relatively unknown house, so recently discovered, in which we plan to spend the rest of our lives? We still love and cling to the many wonderful memories we have of our hilltop home, but our efforts are now necessarily directed to the new one, as it would be futile to spend time, effort and money on a home which will soon no longer be ours. And as I reflect on this, I’m impressed with the similarity with many aspects of the Christian life. Time and again the Bible tells us that as Christians we have a new direction; so need to stop feeding the old way of life, lived entirely for ourselves and start working on our new life, preparing for an eternity in love and service of God and others.

But we doubtless all struggle with this. We’re here and rightly enjoying our present lives and the idea of eternity seems so tenuous and difficult to grasp, and there really is so much for us to enjoy here. Well fine; God put us here to enjoy all he’s provided - an assertion Paul makes quite strongly in his letter to Timothy. So I’m still enjoying the fantastic views and all the other things our present house has to offer, during our last few weeks there. I’m still maintaining it, keeping the pool clean and full so I can enjoy it and pass it on in good condition to the new owners. But in looking forward my primary thoughts and efforts are reserved for the new home. So we should look after and enjoy what we have, but prepare, plan and invest in the future. I spend hours studying my new home, trying to assess what needs doing; and similarly I should be studying through prayer and Bible reading what God has in store for my future. For Paul also says we could never imagine how amazing this will be. But we could perhaps try!

Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida (further details available at and may be contacted at

Top hat, white tie and tails

By Jos Biggs

I HAD a lobster lurking in the freezer - it was bought to celebrate our Wedding Anniversar y, but it never got eaten. Time, I thought, to unfreeze and eat it, so I took advice from Pat. ‘You’ll have to dress it.’ She proclaimed. My mind wandered. A dif ficult shape to dress - no neck, too many legs, and that tail is bound to get in the way. Pat had said dress it, but had not divulged how and in what Scuba gear? What would a lobster want with scuba gear - it’s an underwater creature, and besides, would it want fins for each pair of feet? Or perhaps, as it had been in the freezer, it would appreciate a

nice fleece jacket with matching bobble hat and gloves and woolly socks for all its eight feet? (I’m not counting its front legs, which to me are arms) Or perhaps, as this was a formal occasion I should dress it in top hat, white tie and tails. For added urbanity perhaps I could provide it with a smart walking cane, as favoured by that model of suavity, Fred Astaire. I regarded it pensively; perhaps I’ll skip the dressing part. But how w a s I g o i n g t o g e t i t o u t o f i t ’s shell? Crabs are all together, but lobsters are all over the place! So I treated it like a huge prawn, and soon it was on the plate, completely undressed, more naked than the day it was born!


13th - 19th July 2018

Weekender 13


Sevilla: A friendly city that has it all SEVILLA just about has it all. Yet the city manages to retain a likeable modesty: it’s grand but not flashy, modern but full of history, diverse but traditional. And Spain’s fourth largest city - which is also the capital of Andalucia - is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That is probably part of the reason why it has been named ‘Best City to Travel in 2018’ by the Lonely Planet. Originally a Roman settlement, it has historical charm by the bucket load. Later influenced by Moors, Castillians and Muslims, the points of interest in the city are hugely diverse. The Cathedral, Torre Giralda, Plaza de Espana and historical

MOORISH: Tourist favourite Alc azar.

centre are good places to start for antique architecture buffs and pretty-city strollers. Torre Giralda, the bell tower, is particularly quaint and pleas-

ing on the eye - much like the Royal Tobacco Factory. Christopher Columbus is also buried in the city.

Fountains, cobbled streets, greenery and white buildings make up most of the river city’s scenery and - alongside aristocratic mansions - provide some insight into why the place was one of the Moorish empire’s showpiece settlements. On a more modern note, the Metropol Parasol (Las Setas) is the world’s largest wooden structure. The slightly bizarre monument arguably looks most impressive at night from the walking platform. Around that time, flamenco dancing, and Spanish restaurant culture make for vibrant but relaxed and friendly districts. There is more than a hint of party atmosphere, though, so it is not difficult to imagine the fes-

tivities when Sevilla won their third consecutive Europa League in 2016. Indeed, the city’s festivals and crowded bars are considered some of the country’s best. For tourists, the Alcazar of Sevilla is an obvious highlight. Drawing on the city’s medieval Islamic heritage, the stunning building, gardens and furnishing are an intriguing blend of Christian and Moorish architecture. It is not one to miss. The city can be sweltering in summer but is on the warm side of perfect for most of the year, so many are glad of the shade from imposing buildings. Balmy evenings make the tapas scene even more attractive.



Licensed to grill BARBECUE cooking has stood the test of time, and for good reason. There is no better way to celebrate summer than sparking the coals, getting the embers glowing and the prawns sizzling. With a little bit of preparation, you can make this your best and safest summer yet. Starting a good BBQ takes patience, and a lot of time in the heat. Make sure to don a hat and a pair of sunglasses and apply sunscreen. You want to cook the food, not yourself. Ensure your BBQ is secure, and the flames are kept far from any combustible material. Last but not least, stay hydrated.


13th - 19th July 2018

Unusual space saving ideas WE are all surrounded by stuff these days it seems and there are a range of products addressing this very 21st century problem. Also many of us are living in smaller spaces than ever. Here are some of the more unconventional ones on the market. • Chairs that fit into shelves. Special shelving units with folding chairs incorporated SOFA BUNK BEDS: Great for that can be taken out when needed. • Stair drawers are where the bottom few stairs • Sofa bunk pull out to double up as beds. We’re all familiar drawers. with sofa beds but ones that convert into bunk beds are now on the market. Aimed at people with insufficient floor space for a double sofa bed. • Window blinds that fold out to make a table or clothes drying rack. • Hollow chairs, armchairs with storage under the seat.

CLEAN SAFELY: Vinegar has many uses.

Using natural cleaning products

saving space.

• For the garden, how about a wall barbecue? Comes out from the wall then folds back flush into the wall when not in use. • Sofa tables - sofas that convert into a table for four, complete with cushions and chairs. • Dining table that opens up as a pool table. • An ironing board with a mirror underneath the board that can be unfolded to give a full length mirror.

THERE’S some fairly toxic stuff in a lot of shop bought cleaning products and if you want to use avoiding them as much as possible around your home here are some possible substitutes. • Salt can be used instead of scrubbing powder or even to unblock drains instead of caustic soda. For the latter pour salt down the drain and run through with warm water. For cleaning pots and pans sprinkle salt and clean off with a damp sponge. • Vinegar also has many uses as a cleaning product and can remove stains on grouting, just use a small brush or cloth. It also acts as a natural deodoriser, simply place some in the microwave and bring to the boil. When left out the vinegar will absorb smells. • Baking powder is also a good cleaning agent due to its abrasive nature. Try it on stains in coffee cups that even conventional cleaning won’t remove - mix with some water and soak for a few hours before scrubbing clean. • Olive oil can be used for polishing shoes or metal if rubbed with a clean cloth. It also removes stubborn stickers such as price tags on glass or plastic.








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13th - 19th July 2018

Dini Ou


The choic e of food is

open air. Enjoy a snack in the

NOW that the weather is so good, it’s time to think about how best to enjoy your time whether on a tight budget or if money is no real object. It can get very hot indoors especially if you don’t have air conditioning and for those of us with children or ‘of a certain age,’ sports aren’t always the best options. Food and drink however are absolute necessities for survival and at this time of year, it can be great to get out and enjoy a meal or a snack in the open air. The options are incredible, you can prepare a picnic with salads and other cold food purchased in a local store or you can make your

enormou s.

Enjoy th choice of drink this own selection of food from scratch which you can take to a local beach (if nearby) or a park or picnic area. Watch out for flies and wasps and make sure that you have plenty of liquid to fight off dehydration if it is very hot. Naturally, be aware of local rules concerning public consumption of alcohol and also bear

in mind that the he intoxicated more q If you don’t wan of preparing your the waste and the thing both ways, t to spend a little m one else do the wo The range is seems to be grow

13th - 19th July 2018

ing ut


cal tapas. Try some of the lo

he wide food and s summer

eat can make you quickly than usual. nt all of the hassle r food, picking up en carrying everythe other choice is ore and let someork. enormous and wing all of the time

with bars, cafes and restaurants offering an incredible range of different options not just from Spain but from other countries as well. Many of us love to people watch, so a terrace is an ideal place in which to while away the hours whilst enjoying a snack or a full meal and with the sun so strong, many establishments provide

Celebrate an anniversary or event.

shade with large umbrellas or awnings. If you like music with your meal, then there are plenty of places that offer this, alternatively it should be quite easy to find a quiet and intimate place to enjoy. Eating out can be ideal for two or for many more if celebrating an anniversary or event so the choice is up to you and if it really gets too hot then many restaurants in particular offer air conditioned dining. It’s great to relax and let professionals look after you and although many can’t afford to eat out every day, the odd night out or lunch time menu del dia is good for the soul if not always the waistline.

Weekender 17



Food & Drink

13th - 19th July 2018

Italian Style Chicke CHICKEN is such a versatile meat to work with and when one member of the household has an aversion to eating minced beef, in case there is likely to be any gristle in there somewhere, I find substituting chicken works in my favour. T h i s w e e k ’s s t a p l e a t O l i v e Tr e e F a r m w a s Italian Chicken Meatballs. With the various herbs and seasonings added, plus a rich tomato sauce, there is no loss in flavour than if you were to use beef. If you have a food p r o c e s s o r, i t i s e a s y t o

grind your own chicken breasts down. Simply cut the breasts into 1” - 1½” cubes, working on batches, pulse them for a few seconds until minced. Alternatively ask your local butcher to do this for you. This way you know you have pure chicken with no flavourings, cereal or preser vatives added, unlike the packs of minced chicken you buy from most supermarkets, often labelled as ‘Burger Meat.’ So, on that note, here is how I created one of our favourite meals.

Ingredients For the meatballs • 500g ground chicken breast (or ground beef) • 1 large egg • ½ cup plain breadcrumbs • 1 teaspoon salt • ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper • ½ cup chopped fresh parsley • 1½ teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary (or ½ teaspoon of dried) • 1½ teaspoons chopped fresh thyme (or ½ teaspoon of dried) • 1½ teaspoons chopped fresh sage (or ½ teaspoon of dried) • 4 medium mush-

rooms ver y chopped


For the Tomato Sauce • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil • 3 cloves of garlic minced • 2 x 400g tins plum tomatoes, drain a little of the water off and whizz them up with a blending stick • 3 tablespoons of Tomato Frito • ⅓ cup chopped fresh parsley • ⅓ cup chopped fresh basil • 1 teaspoon salt Method For the meatballs: Take

CHICKEN MEATBALLS: Serve with your favourite pasta. all the ingredients for the meatballs and in a large bowl combine thoroughly. Now make the meatballs by wetting your hands, and roll

them into balls of around 1 to 1½ inches tr y to keep the sizes as close to each other as you can. Heat a frying pan and

Food & Drink

13th - 19th July 2018

en Meatballs

add olive oil. Next, in batches of eight - 10 at a time, brown them on all sides. Set them to one side on a plate until they are all browned off.

OLIVE TREE FARM was set up about four years ago with the intention of achieving a level of self sufficiency. We have poultry for meat and eggs, goats for milk, rabbits and small pigs for meat and harvest our 70 olive trees each year for oil. We also grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.

For the sauce: Using the pan you have just fried of f the meatballs in, add your minced garlic and saute for about a minute. Add your blended tomatoes and the tomato frito and boil uncovered for about two minutes. N o w a d d t h e p a r s l e y, basil and salt and simmer for a further four or five minutes, you will find it starts to thicken slightl y. F i n a l l y a d d y o u r meatballs making sure you turn them around in the sauce and then cover the pan with a lid and simmer gently for around 15 minutes. Ser ve with your

favourite pasta (I cooked Tagliatelle), and a grating of a hard cheese such as Parmesan or Formaggio on the top just as you are serving. I also made a garlic flat bread using pizza dough brushed with melted butter and minced garlic baked on a pizza stone for about four - five minutes and sprinkled with chopped parsley once baked.. As a side note, these meatballs freeze well. You can either freeze uncooked, making the sauce the day you decide t o u s e t h e m , o r, f r e e z e them cooked in the sauce.

Weekender 19



Health & beauty

13th - 19th July 2018

Ice baths for beauty boost

Summertime FACT or myth? You hear myths about health every summer, but what is fact and what is fiction?

sdfds SPORTS professionals use ice baths to heal and ease their muscles, but could taking a dip in a freezing cold bath also offer beauty benefits? Research shows that cold temperatures help to redistribute the blood flow, removing fluid and leads to less swelling around the muscle, ideal for athletes after training, but some claim it can improve the appearance of skin, banish cellulite and boost your mood. In the UK, this hot and cold contrast has started to catch on, with spas offering various ‘fire and ice’ treatments incorporating massages with chilled stones and facials using ice to reduce inflammation and puffy eyes.

Here are some myths about health in summer: Older people need to drink more fluids To avoid heatstroke, experts always recommend drinking more fluids a day. However, in the case of older people it is something we must take special care of, as they have less ability to sweat and excess fluid can cause kidney problems. It is not necessary to use sunglasses if it is cloudy Although it may not be sunny, solar radiation is always present. In the days when there are high clouds, ultraviolet radiation is

weakened only slightly, so you have to protect your eyes. Urine relieves jellyfish stings Many Spanish beaches in summer warn about unwanted visitors: jellyfish. A widespread belief is that reducing their sting can be done by urine, but it has been shown that this serves no purpose. Instead, it is recommended to wash the sting with vinegar and then fresh water. Heat stroke only happens in the sun Heat stroke can reach anywhere with high tem-

peratures, whether in direct sunlight or not. High temperatures can cause dehydration, dizziness and even suffocation. Energy drinks are the best to recover from exercise Consumption in

TAKE CARE: Drinking more fluids during the day to avoid

Text ep ‘TEXTITIS’ is a growing concern amongst a generation of phone and iPad users. Doctors say swollen and aching fingers is being caused from texting and excessive use of electronic devices and is leading to cases of arthritis in younger people. Arthritis, inflammation and joint stif fness usually affects only older people. While there are several causes for osteoar thritis, the degenerative for m of the condition is often caused by general wear and tear. Rheumatology experts say gaming and texting can cause two problems

Health & beauty

13th - 19th July 2018

Natural oils

myths excess of this type of drink can cause heart palpitations, as it is a stimulant it can lead the heart to unusual activity and rhythm. In summer you need less sleep


pidemic in hands. There is the immediate problem of the overuse of tendons from the thumb to the forearm. Then there is the overuse of the carpometacarpal joint at the base of the thumb which can lead to a clicking or cracking sensation due to ligament strain which can lead to osteoarthritis in later years. Several other ailments are already being linked to new technology such a s t e x t e r ’s n e c k ( p a i n i n the neck caused by looking down at the screen for too long) and selfie elbow (caused by continually stretching your arm out to take a photo).

Some people feel that in summer they need less sleep, although that’s not entirely true. Exercise, diet or stress of the holidays are factors that influence sleep. If you have moles do not sit in the sun The risks of skin cancer has helped establish this belief. Although the incidence of melanoma has increased and doctors have expanded the recommendations and precautions to take to avoid this type of cancer, the fact is that people who have moles do not have to shy away from the sun as long as proper sun care protection is taken. Athlete’s foot af-

Weekender 21

THERE are a range of natural oils that might be worth tr ying if you are looking to avoid chemical products.

fects athletes or people with poor hygiene In summer, visits to pools increases and with them the possibility of developing fungi. This happens if you do not use flip flops around the pool, especially at the edges of the water, where puddles are a breeding ground for micro-organisms so it is not due to poor hygiene. Sun improves psoriasis Although it is true that the sea water can help eliminate and ease psoriasis in sufferers, too much sun can be harmful to the skin of people suffering from this disease because it promotes skin ageing.

• Marula comes from the tree of the same name and is said to be good for dry skin as it is high in fatty acids. • Te a Tr e e i s b e t t e r known and many find it helps with soothing skin inflammations such as acne. • Chamomile oil when used on skin can cut down on redness and irritation and is even said to reduce chances of infections. • Coconut is good for conditions like eczema which are characterised by rough skin.

• Rosehip oil is high in vitamin A. This retinoid product is said to help replace old skin cells and reduce the effects of scarring and stretch marks. • Rosemar y oil is supposed to thicken your hair as is castor oil. • Most larders have

olive oil which is supposed to harden brittle nails. Apply last thing at night to allow them to soak. • Another oil in many kitchens is sesame seed which many say is good for teeth and gums - just slosh round like a mouthwash.


great for light exercise or Rehabilitation on Sophia Toning Tables 1 week free trial

LIPO BY LASER now only 40.00€ Non invasive, instant results, Excellent for immediately breaking down fatt cells Free consultations 950 449 451 Calle Rurador, Arboleas 04660




13th - 19th July 2018

Film & TV

Benidorm officially cancelled, as series creator confirms the ITV comedy is over PHOTO CREDIT ITV



AXED: Benidorm is no more.

Richard Shanley

Dishing the Dirt OF EUROPA DIGITAL

JUST before series 10 of Benidorm wrapped up on ITV earlier this year, series creator Derren Litten tweeted that it was ‘crazy to think Wednesday will be the last episode of Benidorm.’ But then a day after the episode aired, he said that

he didn’t necessarily mean the last ever episode, he just didn’t bother to correct anyone who t h o u g h t t h a t . We l l , n o w h e ’s confirmed that it really IS the end, at least in terms of airing on ITV. Litten wrote ‘Yes folks it’s true, after months of speculation, I can finally confirm Benidorm series 10 was the LAST EVER TV SERIES of @BenidormTVshow.’ ‘But the story continues in the for m of http://www.benidor - Come see us on tour and see what happens

next!’ Litten has been working on a stage show for ages, and it will finally begin in September. If you want, you can book your tickets here. (We imagine demand will go up following today’s news.) Fans on Twitter have been calling for at least a movie or special episode to wrap things up, especially after the series 10 finale divided viewers on whether it served as a fitting send-off. Will that happen? Litten does say ‘LAST EVER TV SERIES’ in his tweet, after all.

If you would like me to answer any questions you may have on satellite TV or to expand on anything I have written about please call me on 678 332 815 or email I look forward to your comments and questions. Don’t forget to listen to my radio show every weekday from 10am on Spectrum 96.1 and 106.8FM, now covering almost 3,000sq kms of Costa Almeria and Calida or listen online at for the latest news and views from the world of satellite television.

ONE-LINER KING: The great Les Dawson.

Les Dawson: A Life of Laughter REMEMBERING the stand-up comedian, TV host, and celebrated piano player who died in June 1993 at the age of 62. His life story is revealed by delving into the archives and piecing together the most memorable footage he committed to celluloid, and as well as digging out great performances, chat show appearances, rare and long forgotten archive and home movie footage. There are also contributions from family, friends and colleagues, all combining to unpick the stories behind this legend of British entertainment - told in his own words and by those who knew him best.


13th - 19th July 2018

Weekender 23

Sponsored by

Can you pet-sit Nuka this August? NUKA needs a dog-sitter in August, can you help? Nuka is a labradoodle who loves walking in the Chiltern Hills near her home. Her owners are attending a wedding abroad this summer and need a dog-sitter for her while they are away. They live in a charming English village with stunning scenery and near a train to London. Would you be interested in being this pet-sitter? Can you help Nuka’s owners? Dog-sitters give peace of mind. Peter, Nuka’s owner, says they prefer having live-in sitters to care for their pets in their own home. Nuka is very gentle, easy going and fairly easy to care for, with walks straight into stunning scenery directly out of the front door of the house. Peter and his wife like the pets to maintain their routine during the day and for someone caring to be with her at night in her new home. So a live-in house-sitter is the best choice for them while they are away. What our members say about us on Trustpilot. We are delighted … Well, what can we say but that we are delighted to have secured a fabu-

NUKA: Walking in the cool woods in Buckinghamshire, UK near her home. lous pet-house-sit assignment, so shortly after joining HouseSitMatch. The professional and personal support that Lamia, the Founder and Owner of HSM, offers is second to none! We have been pet-house-sitters for more than 11 years but this is no doubt the beginning of a very exciting journey with HouseSitMatch. Thank you Lamia for the vote of confidence. We’ll raise a glass to happy sits, happy pets and happy home owners! Malcolm and Marie House-sitters, Wales UK. How we work. All new members register to join our online HouseSitMatch network.

On registration we ID check every new member to ensure we know who you are, and in addition house-sitters and pet-sitters are police checked by us. We charge for membership to ensure that there is a commitment from both parties and that we can afford to manage our network online professionally. How you benefit as a home and pet owner. Our membership offers you a secure network to help you find suitable sitters. We don’t reveal your contact details, or your address. You post an advert ahead of your travel dates, we publish the advert then house-sitters apply. You can view their profiles and chat with them before you accept your choice of applicant. If you join as a Premium member we can also help you at each stage of the process to get you started and to manage your account. How do you join? Please register online via our website • Choose a membership plan • Standard (DIY option) = £49 pa • Premium (with support at each step) = £79 pa

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Pet aggression IT is important to remember that, while there are patterns to fear and aggression in cats and dogs, which you can learn to your advantage, each case is decidedly unique as no two animals or situations are entirely alike. The causes vary and can range from personality issues, to territorial invasion or any number of individual factors, much as can be the case with humans. The consequences can be quite intense. Dogs for instance can sometimes have rage syndrome, where they become furiously and almost psychotically aggressive. Cats can be innocent and playful one minute, then stalking and malevolent the next. The sound way to defuse these situations is to simply leave the pet’s space, not retaliate or try to restrain or calm the animal.




13th - 19th July 2018

Wordsearch Frozen

Boggled How many English words can you find in the Boggled grid, according to the following rules? The letters must be adjoining in a ‘chain’. They can be adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words must contain at least four letters and may include singular and plural or other derived forms. No letter may be used more than once within a single word, unless it appears twice. No vulgarities or proper nouns are permitted.


















Across 1 In a softened tone (7) 5 Tall towers on a farm used to store grain (5) 8 At fixed intervals (7) 9 South American transport animal of the camel family (5) 10 Squander (5) 11 Not any thing (7) 12 Former currency of Spain (6) 14 Short knife (6) 17 Person who serves in a coffee bar (7) 19 Skin that covers the top of the head (5) 22 Deduce (5) 23 Walk with great difficulty (7) 24 Austrian composer (5) 25 Keep out of sight (7)

Down 1 Small mouse like mammal with a long snout (5) 2 Fraudulent (5) 3 Most unattractive (7) 4 Throughout the time of (6) 5 Break in pieces (5) 6 Showing the way by going first (7) 7 Walk with a lofty proud gait (7) 12 Put into print (7) 13 Shabby and untidy (7) 15 Restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something (7) 16 Unit of astronomical length (6) 18 Loud, wailing warning signal (5) 20 Discuss with reasoning (5) 21 State of danger involving risk (5)

• Average: 16

• Very good: 32

• Good: 22

• Excellent: 41

SCORING: • 4 letters: 1 point • 5 letters: 2 points • 6 letters: 3 points • 7 letters: 4 points • 8 or more letters: 11 points

reuse rest rests rues ruse rush rust rusts mere merer meres merest midge user usher here hues hurt hair hairy seer sere sure surer suers shim shad shady said sadist staid stair stay stir stirs sirs ahem astir adhere adieu airy airs dime dimer dash dais dairy dish dirt stash tree tress true truer trues truss tidy triad this thirst they rise riser risers ridge hiss


Across 1 Plate from cupboard is hot (4) 3 Definite, horribly cruel act (5,3) 9 Los Angeles is less than clean (7) 10 Write to the church for money (5) 11 Enchanting Ullswater offers shelter for noisy seabirds (5) 12 In pain, chest moves slowly (6) 14 Coaches coaches (6) 16 Artist’s work, say, exhibited outside university (6) 19 Save when secure, possibly (6) 21 The right fish and the means to catch them (5) 24 Left on the side of a shelf (5) 25 State song about most of region (7) 26 Cook said hers are root vegetables (8) 27 English monk brought everybody dinner early to begin with (4)

Down 1 Agent from England on stage during meeting (8) 2 A case for brains (5) 4 English poet not quite frolicking (6) 5 Delia’s pickle contains jelly (5) 6 Religious residence with Spanish outlet (7) 7 Meet up at stream (4) 8 Team about to take on inventor (6) 13 Urge rude apes to mix (8) 15 Revised the last word and finally delighted editor (7) 17 Parched when free on hill (6) 18 Tell a story about the unpunctual (6) 20 Thinks about cold chops (5) 22 Call up the first girl outside, all right! (5) 23 It's a disgrace to speak indistinctly (4)


13th - 19th July 2018


SOLTIMES STAR QUIZ : THE ANIMAL KINGDOM 1. Apiculture is the technical term for the owning and breeding of which creatures? 2. In Beatrix Potter’s book The Tale of Mr Tod, first published in 1912, what sort of creature was Mr Tod? 3. In the animal world, nidification is the act or process of building a what? 4. In zoology, which order of mammals includes lemurs and tarsiers and monkeys and apes and human beings? 5. Native to India and Sri Lanka, what type of creature is a chital? 6. Noted for its large eyes and ears, brown ticked

coat and blunt tail, the Singapura is one of the smallest breeds of which animal? 7. The Nobel Prize-winning Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov is best known for his studies of and experiments on which animals? 8. What is the name of the fold of loose skin hanging from the neck or throat of an animal or bird, especially that present in many cattle? 9. Which amphibian shares its name with the horny part of the foot of an ungulate animal, especially a horse?


Answers 1. BEES, 2. FOX, 3. NEST, 4. PRIMATES, 5. DEER (it is also known as the AXIS DEER), 6. CAT, 7. DOGS, 8. DEWLAP, 9. FROG.


Weekender 25

Fill all the empty squares using the numbers 1 to 9, so that the sum of each horizontal block equals the ‘clue’ on its left, and the sum of each vertical block equals the clue on its top. No number may be used in the same block more than once.


CrosswordSolutions from last week Quick



Irregular Sudoku



by Sandy Shore AS I bedded in for my overnight stay in the city hospital I was breezily attended to by a Hattie Jacques type of nurse. After checking the clipboard attached to the end of the bed there was then need to make sure she had the right man in the right bed. More women should do as did Hattie. After I had agreed that the name scrawled on the clipboard was mine she asked me what name I was known by. It was quite different from my birth right name but she was unfazed. “Are many people known by names different from their given names?” I asked the bustling maid. “You would be surprised,” she laughed. “About half do so in my experience.” I smiled as I recalled my being introduced to a foreman at the first factory I was ever employed at; I was a 15-year-old skinny kid at the time. “What’s your name, son,” the manager asked. Finding it a bit of


13th - 19th July 2018

What’s in a name

BORN ULTIMATUM: But names can be changed.

a mouthful or perhaps my name not to his taste he replied, “your name’s Bob, lad.” So, for the several months I was employed I was ‘Bob.’ I wonder how many would have given themselves names different from those chosen by their parents. Let’s face it, our names are one of the few things in life that we do not have a say in. This is a tad unfair as we are all destined to be cursed or blessed with our name from womb to tomb. I do recall reading a comment posted by a newspaper correspondent who, on this vexed matter, was seemingly quite well informed.

In English and Welsh law, you can change your name as and when you wish without there being need to use a solicitor or cough up the legal fees. The one criterion is the obvious one, the name change must not have as its purpose intention to defraud, which seems perfectly reasonable. My memory is vague but my recollection is you need only write your preferred name, sign and date your missive, remembering to include of course your birth name. I seem to recall this notification is sent to four entities in a registered envelope. The Inland Revenue I think was one, and of course - is it Devonshire House in London. Anyway, the General Register Office for England and Wales, the Passport Office and your bank. So, if you wish, you can call yourself John. But, wait a minute, every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be named John.

Behind THE MUSIC England - Singing For Victory V L James Facebook: @vljamesinfo IN 1970 the England football squad for the Mexico World Cup released Back Home, thus starting the tradition of songs to back our boys when THREE they’re participating in major football tournaments. Early efforts tended to be cheesy, officially sanctioned by the FA and sung by the whole squad. 1982’s This Time (We’ll Get It Right) and 1986’s We’ve Got The Whole World At Our Feet followed this formula, with the accompanying video featuring the squads holding earphones to their ears! It all changed in 1990 when comedian/actor Keith Allen got together with New Order and released World In Motion. Even the John Barnes rap couldn’t stop it being the first ‘cool’ England World Cup song.

LIONS: Everywhere again.

In 1996 England hosted the Euros. David Baddiel and Frank Skinner hosted the popular TV programme Fantasy Football League. They got together with Lightening Seeds frontman Ian Broudie and recorded Three Lions. Twenty-two years later, the song is everywhere again. The refrain of ‘It’s coming home’ has been dubbed onto all sorts on the internet including The Wizard Of Oz! Whether success on the pitch follows is another matter!




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13th - 19th July 2018

Thursday of each month, 11am. Evensong, second Sunday of each month 6pm. Llanos Del Peral, Cucador, Eucharist or morning worship, Sunday 11am. Church Wardens: Pam Carter 667 947 573. Janet Smith 671 451 838. For more information go to their website at www.mojacarchurch .org

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13th - 19th July 2018






13th - 19th July 2018

Aguilon Golf Report WITH the course in great condition there remains the ongoing problem of inconsiderate golfers who do not repair pitch marks or rake the bunkers after use. This is so annoying when ever ybody else is doing their best to keep the course in good order, if you see this happening please remind the offending player of their responsibilities.

We d n e s d a y J u l y 4 Monthly Medal A n o t h e r v e r y h o t d a y, when it was so important to keep hydrated and in a

medal round also your concentration, the winner was the only player to score under par. 1st Roy Lewis 8313 = 70 2nd Karyn Esposito 97-26 = 71 on a card play off 3rd Peter Death 81-10 = 71 Twos: Dave Simpson 3rd, Mike Esposito 12th, Kevin Manser 14th, Ann Miles, Ber nie O’Brien, Les Raufer 14th

Roy Lewis. UNDER PAR:

WINNER: B ill Pratt.

Wednesday July 11 Individual Stableford

Another low scoring day even in per fect conditions with nobody beating par, perhaps the heat is affecting the players’ stamina as well as their concentration. 1st Bill Pratt 36 pts 2nd Ken Hidle 34 pts on a card play off 3rd Jim Laing 34 pts on a card play off Tw o ’s : N o r m a n R i d g w a y, C o l i n Wa t e r s 8 t h , M a r k Newall, Dave Simpson 12th, Chris Baker 14th, Ann Miles, Phil Miles, Glyn Ombler 17th. For further information log on to our website at www.aguilonmembers

THE high temperatures and slow greens at Aguilon contributed to the scoring not being as brilliant as usual in the 19th’s three-division Stableford competition, but in a couple of weeks conditions should be back to their best. The third division was won by the ever improving Clive Kershaw on 33 points. Bob Tagg won the second division with 38 points, which was the highest score of the day. And the first Division was taken by Mike Esposito on count-back from Tommy Seed, with both having scored 34 points. There were four two’s on the day by Brian Lowden, Ron Curtis and George Reid, all on the 8th, and Mick Craswell on the 12th. Nearest the pins:3rd Mickey Smither 8th Brian Lowden 11th in 2 Mike Esposito 12th Mick Craswell 14th Mike Esposito 17th Brian Lowden The 19th Hole Golf Society play every week on local courses. Contact for more information.

Photo credit Ayuntamiento de Cuevas de Almanzora

19th Hole Golf Society

ALL SMILES: The top three teams in each category.

Sun shines on triathlon MORE than 130 competitors took part in Cuevas de Almanzora’s first triathlon. Organised by the town council and featuring both male and female teams from across Spain, the ma-

jority of the action was based in Villaricos. Sports councillor Miriam Quintana said the event “has been a huge success, both due to the high participation and the unique

area in which the contest took place.” Ms Quintana, fellow councillor Jose Bascuñana and Villaricos mayor Juan Velasco presented trophies to the top three teams in

each category. The men’s competition was won by Sporting Club Entrena and the women’s Triathlon Club Rincon de la Victoria Tuk Tuk Noodles.


13th - 19th July 2018

Test Drive the Citroen C3 Tim Saunders MANY motorists crave looks and economy but they don’t necessarily have the budgets for both. So the Citroen C3 with its 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine is sure to win many hearts and minds. It’s the most efficient car I have driven for a very long time. With its blue bodywork and white roof the five-door hatchback looks sporty and stylish. It should also not suffer supermarket trolleys gladly… thanks to Citroen’s patented Bump technology. Ram a trolley into the door and should rebound and likely do the assailant a bit of damage. It reminds me of when my Dad bought a car and on parking in a supermarket car park a nasty dent appeared in the door from a trolley. It remained there forever more. Although Citroen’s Bump technology will tackle many trolley problems on doors it cannot cover all eventualities and does not deal with oafs in 4x4s who get out and slam their doors uncaringly into the poor little car next to them. I think Citroen would do well to cover most of the bodywork of their cars in this Bump technology. Dent removal companies would suddenly experience a drop in trade. Inside the C3 there’s daring orange leather on the dashboard and on the edges of the black fabric seats as well as around the steering wheel. It’s also practical. The petrol engine is responsive and I like the fivespeed manual gearbox

GOOD-LOOKING: The Citroen C3.

Facts at a glance Citroen C3 Flair S&S PureTech 110 Manual in Cobalt Blue with Opal White roof • Price: €20,650 • Top speed: 187kph • 0-100kph: 9.3secs • Power: 110bhp • Economy: 21 kpl approx. Watch the video at

and traditional handbrake. There’s engine stop/start and on a full 45 litre tank it will easily cover over 500 miles. Pretty impressive. Head on it looks quite chunky with its large grille and bumper and inside there’s a reasonable amount of space with an adequate boot for a car of this size. Of course with all the Saunders’ luggage it is often necessary to remove the parcel shelf and this occasion is no different. If only our daughters could travel light but even on a sleepover at their grand-

parents it seems they need to take the kitchen sink. The sat nav is easy to use but try as I might I cannot get it to allow me to search by postcode, which is a pain. That said, it is a trustworthy system and I am impressed how it introduces me to some of Devon’s scenic country roads that I have not come across before and I am all the better for this experience. The C3 can be driven with urgency and it will not disappoint. Driving in Britain during the day has become an utter waste of time due to endless traffic jams and so it is a joy to drive early in the morning or late at night when the roads are quiet. It actually takes us just two hours to travel from Hampshire to Devon at 6am. The same journey during the day can take up to six hours. On a decent long stretch of road the C3 overtakes six cars in a row, all crawling along at under 50mph.

It is a very safe manoeuvre, I reassure my wife as she moans at my needless risk taking. No risk whatsoever and the Citroen conducts itself splendidly without even breaking into a sweat. My wife on the other hand… It’s by no means a super-fast car but it is quick and does feel like a sports car when the revs are high and the road is clear.


Soltimes Almeria – Issue 645  

Soltimes Newspaper

Soltimes Almeria – Issue 645  

Soltimes Newspaper