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According to the the AccuWeather web. the outlook for Easter Week is a little changeable. It is forecast to be sunny with occasional cloud, and the slight chance of a shower around the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Holy Week. However, no precipitation of any note is expected, and Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are expected to be sunny, with no rain forecast.



The Fallas are in full swing this week. Valencia is the biggest, most famous and probably the noisiest Falla celebration in the region, but Fallas are also made and celebrated in Alicante, Denia, Gandia, Oliva and Castellón. The huge figures, papier mache on a wooden frame, are of local politicians or public figures, and this year’s theme is not surprisingly based around the austerity measures President Mariano Rajoy, who is portrayed holding a giant pair of scissors, and Valencia’s tough no-nonsense Mayoress Rita Barberá feature prominently on the winning Falla. Every midday this week the town will be deafened by the mascletaes, gunpowder crackers which are let off in front of the Valencia Ayuntamiento. Here between March 17 and 19, the falleras dressed in traditional costume start to build, or complete, the giant statue of the Virgin Mary. This is a wooden frame with a perfect head modelled on top, and each fallera will cover a portion of her with flowers, eventually making a complete figure with a papier mache head and a body covered every inch with flowers. The main Fallas are huge, several stories high, exquisitely modelled caricatures which tell a story. Each Falla is constructed over a period of months by its own Association, much as the Semana Santa Cofradias, and is assembled in the Carpa, or marquee, belonging to each Association, and in which the falleras will spend virtually the whole Fiesta. Tuesday, March 19, which is both Saint Joseph’s Day and

Fathers’ Day, is the day when the Fallas are burnt, starting with the least popular and ending with the second most popular. The winning Falla will be disassembled to a degree, with the salient features being retained, preserved and put on view to the public in the Museo de Fallas before it too is burnt.


Thinking that a beauty salon in the Russafa district was unattended, a 63 year old woman helped herself from the till, taking 715 Euros. She had tried this same manoeuvre only moments before at a nearby Driving School, taking 950 Euros from the till. However, the beauty salon staff were actually on the premises, taking their lunch break at the rear of the salon. They heard a noise, and went to investigate. When she realised that she had been discovered she fled. The staff gave chase, calling for police assistance as they ran. The police were able to apprehend her, found the cash still on her person, as were the tools, a small knife and a screwdriver, which she had thrown into a skip as she fled


30-year-old woman and her daughter, aged 15, have been found dead in their home in Calle Pintor Pablo Picasso, in Sangonera de la Seca. The bodies were discovered by the woman’s husband, father of the girl. He noticed a strong smell of gas, and dragged the bodies out of the house, though at that point he believed that they were simply unconscious. However, the Emergency Services were called, and pronounced them both dead at the scene. It was assumed that a gas leak was the cause of the tragedy, though inspections carried out by the Bomberos found that despite the strong smell of gas, the house was said to be well ventilated, and the gas boiler to be in perfect working order.


The Asociación Española contra el Cáncer - Torrevieja has

advised that screening for prostate cancer and mammograms should be taken every year. Many believe that these tests should be taken every two years, but the Association stresses that this is not the case. The Associación, which is entirely charity funded, with no Government grants, operates from the Calle Torrevejenses Ausentes 33, between Plaza Oriente and the Queen Burger Bar. It is open onWednesday mornings between 10.30am and 1pm. For full details, or to make an appointment, call 96 571 66 79.


On the 21st March at 7pm in the Sala de Exposiciones La Lonja the judging and awards ceremony will take place for the 5th Premio Internacional de Poesia for children. Also the Concejalía de Comercio has organised, in collaboration with the Cámara de Comercio, the Semana del Padre. This initiative aims to encourage customer loyalty to Orihuela’s shops. The Concejal de Comercio, Manuel Gallud, said that the 100 participating merchants will offer customers the opportunity to participate in a lottery draw for two dinners for four people (two adults and two children) at the Hotel Palacio de Tudemir, with an additiona lprize of two gift vouchers of 300 euros to spend on facilities attached to the promotion. The draw will take place at 10.30 am on Monday, March 25 in the Sala de Prensa of the Ayuntamiento, and will be open to the public. To participate, businesses distributed numbered tickets to customers who made purchases of less than 20 euros. The participating businesses will have a notice displayed on their premises to announce their participation in the promotion. Details of the draw are available on the web www.

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One in four school bullying cases end up in court

As many as 40 schools in Spain have been in court for failing to tackle bullying, research shows. Nowadays, cruel playground taunts and insults, as well as school violence, are far more likely to end up in court and education lawyers say their telephones never stop ringing. Where the bullies are aged 14 or over, the parents of the affected child can and do turn their legal action towards the culprits, but at present in Spain, children of 13 years old or under are unable to be considered guilty of a criminal offence and the parents end up suing the school. The tendency towards taking bullying issues to court rose dramatically after the suicide of a 14-year-old Basque schoolboy, Jokin Zeberio, who threw himself off a wall in 2004 because he could not take any more of the constant bad-mouthing, humiliating remarks and punches meted out by his classmates. His death marked a ‘before and after’ in how school bullying was regarded, having until then being considered ‘just a normal part of school life’ and children who complained about being victims of it told to ‘stop being a baby’ and ‘stand up for yourself’. One Madrid-based lawyer, Pedro González, says his workload has been overwhelming since he managed to get the Amor de Dios private school in Alcorcón to pay compensation to the tune of 24,000 euros to a family. He found that the school had breached its duty of care to the 10-year-old son, who suffered repeated bullying which the teachers were fully aware of and did nothing to stop. In January this year, his work led to the grant-maintained Ramar de Sabadell school in Barcelona paying compensation in the sum of 30,000 euros to a family whose child had suffered in identical circumstances. Judges appear to be very willing to find teachers and headteachers, or the school itself as a whole, guilty of failing in their duty of care and holding them legally liable where they ignore cases of bullying, be it physical or psychological, said another solicitor, Nuria Rebón. But at present, most of the successful cases have been against private schools or the grant-maintained variety known as Colegios Concertados – a halfway-house between private and public. This is because in order to sue a State school, the parents have to apply to the public sector litigation court, and it is more difficult to get a favourable verdict through these channels. A study carried out as far back as 2007 found that 23 per cent of children from infants to sixth form had suffered some kind of ongoing victimising by their classmates, with four per cent saying they were insulted and taunted to the point of tears or were physically hit. The most conflictive ages appeared to be between 11 and 14. But even though it is eight years since Jokin Zeberio’s suicide, neither the ministry of education nor the ministry of the interior has been able to produce any statistics concerning the number of cases of bullying detected per year in Spain. And the youth prosecution service only gave the issue eight lines in its bulky endof-year report in 2012, and does not even

consider school bullying to be a criminal offence. Although the charity created after the Basque teenager’s death, SOS Bullying, believes schools are better prepared to tackle bullying, detect it early on and prevent it where possible, the Anti-School Bullying Association (ACAE) says that other than a few ‘honourable exceptions’, the majority of schools do not know how to deal with the problem, or simply bury their heads in the sand. The Ramar de Sabadell school reached an out-of-court settlement of 30,000 euros after the parents of a nine-year-old boy appointed Pedro González as their lawyer to pursue the case, but not before recognising that they could have done more to help. The child constantly suffered put-downs, digs, humiliating remarks and insults, but tried to brush it aside, considering this was just the role he had ended up with in ‘the gang’. Hitting and punching came next – including the little boy getting a brutal slap to ‘mark’ his 11th birthday – and the child sank into clinical depression, refused to eat and said he was terrified of going to school. Speaking to the teachers, governors and headteachers did nothing, so they took the matter to court. This came after another high-profile case involving the Swiss School in Alcobendas (Madrid), where a judge in a county court rejected the parents’ case even though they had videos proving their child had been bullied. But the provincial court upheld their appeal and ordered the Swiss School to pay 30,000 euros in compensation, which was at the time the highest-ever damages payment in Europe in respect of school bullying. The first case where a State school was found to be legally liable for psychological and verbal bullying inflicted on a 10-yearold girl, who had since moved school. A judge ordered the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha to pay 2,000 euros plus the cost of psychologists’ fees in respect of the ‘complacent and at times permissive attitude’ of Hellín primary school in the situation. Only about a quarter of bullying cases reach the courts and pursuing them is very expensive, solicitors warn. Most say legal action should be a last resort after all other methods have failed, but say schools are now waking up to the gritty reality of bullying. The newlylitigious nature of this debilitating problem, which can leave mental scars until well into adult life, is acting as a warning to schools of what could happen if they sit on their laurels. ARTICLE: WWW.THINK SPAIN. COM


Pension reform will condemn up to 40,000 self-employed workers to years of struggle, warns union A pension reform launched by the Spanish government means that ‘early retirement age’ has now risen to 65, and in order to do so, workers will have to have been paying into the system for 35 years rather than the previous 30. And ‘paying into the system’ only counts as a full year if the person has been working full-time – part-time work is calculated on a pro-rata basis. This means a person who has been working 20 hours a week instead of 40 will only be considered to have paid their stamp for six months in each year. The Union of Self-Employed Workers’ and Business Owners’ Associations (UATAE) warns that the toughening up of pension entitlement conditions will hit those who work for themselves the hardest. Many self-employed people in their 50s and early 60s who are struggling to find enough work to survive would be better off retiring and leaving a job opportunity open to a younger person who cannot find a job and has 30 or 40 years left that they need to be working, says the UATAE. “For all these people who work for themselves, this move is a harsh backward

step which willl force them to stay in the rat-race, even though they have little or no work to enable them to survive, and will prevent them from being able to hand the reins over to younger people,” says the Secretary-General, María José Landaburu. She has slammed the ‘lack of communication’ with the community of affected workers and the fact that ‘there has not even been a Parliamentary debate’ to allow everyone a say and help prevent the negative effects on workers of the reform. The UATAE says increasing early retirement minimum age meant even fewer jobs would be available to younger people at a time when there are not enough to go round. And the increase in minimum number of years of paying social security before a person can retire means many of those who today are in their 20s, 30s and 40s and cannot find jobs may find they can never afford to retire, the UATAE warns. As many as 30,000 to 40,000 selfemployed people could be badly affected by the reform, says Landaburu.


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Cardinal Bergoglio: first Spanishspeaking Pope in 510 years


The Dojo is a new venue open in Quesada. Its not just a fitness centre! They have a comfy lounge bar area welcoming you and 2 halls for hire on a private basis. Whether its for functions like kids or adults parties, business meetings or groups and clubs. Bar and catering are available or you can bring your own food, they can even cater for you in your own home. The halls can also be hired out by the hour for classes such at fitness, dance and martial arts. Their schedule already includes the award winning Sasen Ryu Martial Arts Academy which holds lessons in Karate and Tae Kwon Do as well as many other classes such as Yoga, Big Stars for kids, Fit and Stretch and they are the only venue in the Costa Blanca to host the amazing Corebar. There are lots more classes so contact The Dojo for more details. The Dojo also supports local charities by offering their halls totally free for charity events. The Dojo is also host to The Spiritualist Church of Quesada who hold their meetings on a Tuesday and Sunday every week. If you would like to hire their halls for a function, group meeting or as an instructor or would like more information contact The Dojo: email:, check out their website: or give them a call on: 698571979 The Dojo is on Avd Las Naciones behind the Nan Kin and Claptons Bar.


Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected as successor of Pope Benedict XVI. The first Latin American – in fact, non-European - Pope in more than 1,000 years and the first native Spanish-speaking pontiff in 510 years, 76-year-old Bergoglio addressed the crowds formed below the balcony of the Basilica di San Pietro in Rome, commenting on how his ‘brother cardinals’ had ‘chosen one from afar’, but ‘here I am’. He will be known as Pope Francisco I. Calling for ‘brotherhood’ in the Catholic community, Francisco I led prayers for his predecessor, Benedict XVI, who will remain Pope Emeritus now he has retired. Spain’s first Pope was Saint Dámaso, between 366 and 384 AD, although official records claim he was Italian – despite it having been proven that his parents were from Galicia. The only other two Spanish-speaking Popes were part of the infamous Borgia dynasty – Calixto III, or Alfonso de Borja, from 1455 to 1458, and Alessandro VI between 1492 and 1503. No other Spanish-speaking country in the world has had a Pope.

Human skeleton found in mine

A human skeleton was found last Sunday by children in a mine in Torrent, Valencia, say police. According to press reports, Police believe it is the remains of a man who would have died less than five years ago, so they intend to scrutinise missing persons’ records from 2008 to 2012. According to the Guardia Civil, there were no signs of criminal activity in the mine, leading them to believe that if


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the skeleton is that of a murder victim, his body was dumped there after the killing. But there are no obvious traces of violence on the bones – no fractures or holes in the skull, officers reveal. A pair of spectacles and remains of men’s clothing were found near the skeleton. Police have since been searching the area for more bones. The skeleton is being examined by


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office in Bolnuevo (near Farmacia) next to Cafe Colonia

forensics. This grisly discovery was made by the children of the security guard who patrols the mine. Officers say the area where the bones were found was fenced off, making it difficult to access easily. This is the third skeleton to be found in the Valencia province in the last two months. The other two appeared on a hilltop in Dos Aguas and in a bamboo field in Alboraya.

ZARA stores in Bilbao have been forced to close on Saturday afternoons in the summer by a court after a staff union took legal action against the firm. The Inditex chain, owned by Amancio Ortega – the richest man in Spain and the world’s third-wealthiest, according to the Forbes List – began to stay open on Saturday afternoons and evenings in July and August ‘due to the recession’ in a bid to increase sales. Its various stores used to close on Saturday lunchtime and not reopen until Monday morning, in keeping with other shops in the city, during the peak summer months. According to ThinkSpain, workers complained about the fact that they used to be able to have afternoons off on Saturdays to enjoy the summer weather, and that now they were expected to work instead. Although the Inditex group initially said it would not open Saturday afternoons in summer unless staff chose to work those hours, it later did so, staffing the stores with HR employees. Union ELA says Saturday afternoons off in the summer is a ‘fundamental right’ of shop workers which ‘has been difficult to achieve’ and that one sole firm ‘has no business’ going against the standard working conditions agreement, or convenio colectivo, laid down for a given industry. Inditex has agreed to close all its stores in the province of Vizcaya at lunchtimes on Saturdays in July and August and not reopen until Monday mornings.



Madrid marked the ninth anniversary of the Atocha station bombing by AlQaeda which left 199 dead, including a sevenmonth-old baby. Dubbed 11-M, the date is engraved on the memories of residents in the capital as what started out as a normal day travelling to work turned into a massacre hitting international headlines when a commuter train was blown to pieces by terrorists. The day after the attack, as many as 45 bodies were still being held in the IFEMA exhibition centre awaiting identification, another 20 victims were temporarily stored at the M-30 cemetery, and nearly 1,500 were injured, 38 of whom were in a serious condition. Around 100 surgical operations were carried out in the first 24 hours. Nearly 100 survivors of the blast are still in counselling

as a result, and both they and the family members and friends of those who perished are still smarting from the ‘lies’ told by the then PP government. President at the time, José María Aznar, told the public that the bomb had been planted by ETA, but ETA actively denied this and it later transpired to be the work of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, who were sentenced to an exemplary 1,000 years in jail. It has always been claimed that this was the reason for the PP losing the elections shortly afterwards, when PSOE leader José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero took over the reins and stayed in office until November 2011 when Spain went to the polls ahead of time and Mariano Rajoy won by a landslide victory. Victims of the attack and loved ones of those who died have criticised the fact that the horrors

of 11-M appear to have been forgotten, saying corruption dominates the headlines and politicians have failed to mention it. But Madrid’s mayoress Ana Botella held a memorial service in the post office house, to the background music of Mozart’s Requiem and with numerous political figures in attendance. And Mariano Rajoy has pledged to keep the war on terrorism alive and kicking until it is wiped out for good. Al-Qaeda did not stop at Madrid – on July 7, 2005, suicide bombers targeted public transport in the city of London, causing over 50 deaths and 700 injuries, including a young student from Menorca. She was sitting on an underground train and suffered superficial face wounds caused by shattered windows, but her father said at the time that it was the sight of so many dead people around

her that have really scarred her for life. Madrid relived the tragedy vicariously after three bomb attacks on the London underground were launched and a fourth on a city-centre double-decker bus. Terrorist victim support teams from Madrid were sent to London by then mayor, Alberto RuizGallardón, who is now minister of justice

Bon Jovi concert sells 30,000 tickets in four hours

Just four hours after tickets went on sale for Bon Jovi’s one-night-only concert in Madrid, 30,000 people had already snapped up their seats. Prices range between 18 and 39 euros, since the legendary rockers from New Jersey want as many fans as possible to be able to afford to enjoy the show at the Vicente Calderón stadium. The brains and voice behind classic hits such as Livin’ on a prayer and Bed of roses will only make one stop in Spain this year on its European tour – in Madrid on June 27. After a four-year silence since their last studio album, the band is on tour promoting its new CD, What about now, which features the hit single Because we can. The last time they were in Spain was in

Barcelona and San Sebastián for their On air tour in 2011, a year after performing at Madrid’s Rock in Rio festival and Circo Price Theatre. Bon Jovi has performed over 2,700 concerts in more than 50 countries in front of 35 million fans and reached number one in the charts on two occasions – all in the last three years. Fans should strike while the iron is hot since it is likely tickets will be sold out within days, if not hours. They can purchase them online from www. or www.ticketmaster. es; in person from Carrefour, the usual Ticketmaster points of sale and record and book chain store FNAC, or by telephoning 902 15 00 25

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Free Wi-Fi everywhere makes El Hierro the world’s first ‘Smart island’ A brand-new and totally free Wi-Fi hoped it can later be adapted to help network covering the whole of El Hierro has been unveiled, making it the first-ever ‘Smart island’ on the planet. With 26 Wi-Fi access points scattered across the island in residential areas, town and village centres and the main tourist attractions, it means holidaymakers can share their experiences in real time. They can also connect to the tourist information office and download the application El Hierro te sigue (‘El Hierro is following you’) so they can trace all the Wi-Fi points on the island. But the downside is that cover does not extend to residential homes, and the download speed is limited to a painfullyslow 256 kilobytes per second. The Wi-Fi network will also be used by authorities to monitor traffic, and it is

detect and control forest and house fires and connect to sensors on rubbish bins and drinking-water silos to enable their better management. It was opened yesterday by minister for industry, energy and tourism José Manuel Soria and the head of the tourist information department on the island, Alpidio Armas. El Hierro’s local government is now the outright owner of the Wi-Fi network, so it does not come from any other provider which sends regular bills. Parts of the island have no 3G cover or even electricity – such as El Julán and Cala de Tacorón - but these have been adapted to make use of renewable energy sources so that they can connect up to the Wi-Fi network

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Madrid remembers 11-M bomb victims



barnes’ bulletin

Take Two for, “The Flicks”

Many readers will, I’m sure, remember Fran’s cinema in Pilar De La Horadada. The rain occasionally poured in, caught in strategically placed buckets, with many sections of the ceiling, looking as if they might fall in at any moment, but it was warm in the winter, cool during the summer months, and had comfortable seats. The last section of film, spluttered through the gate, and the arc lamp cooled down for the last time, just under two and a half years ago. In it’s time, this picture house doubled as a social club, an information exchange centre, and served the finest “Popping Corn” in the area. Good news though. There is now, a possibility that Pilar Cinema, may, once again, open it’s doors to English and Spanish audiences, in the near future. Tish Hurst, from Campoverde Vecinos, tells me that owner and family, want to re-develop the building, in order to use it for many activities, one of which, if there is sufficient interest, would be to show films in English once a week. Should any Sol Times reader, wish to show support for the return of film to Pilar, please drop an e-mail to: tosham@ Be it Wild Bill Hickok of Sky Fall, count me in. Now, pass the popcorn please.


Medieval Times in Pilar.

Pottery, precious stones, tapestries, table cloths and flowerpot men to brighten up anyone’s thatched house, hut or hovel, were all on sale around the narrow lanes, that encircle the church in Pilar De La Horadada, last weekend. Wooden games, horse rides and swings, kept the younger folk entertained. Hot food, bread and cheese,mead and honey, all tempted the taste buds. A display of birds of pray, and a falconer on hand, to explain how, in medieval times, these beautiful birds were used to entertain the gentry at house parties, kept this weekend’s visitors enthralled. Unfortunately, the soothsayer and fortune teller, were not able to make it, due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Be it Bornite, Syenite or Trachyte, the place to be 28th., 29th., and 30th., of March, is under the wrought iron and splendid glasswork, of the Antiguo Mercado Pu’blico, otherwise know as the Old Public Market Hall, very close to La Union’s little yellow station, along side the narrow gauge railway, that links Cartagena with the costal village of Los Nietos. Each year this mineral fair, attracts dealers from all over Spain. Row upon row of minerals from around the world, are displayed under spot lights, to enable their full lustre and colour to shine through. The visitor will hear dealers talk of transparency, streak, hardness, cleavage, fracture, habit, twinning and specific gravity. There will also be mention of occurrence and crystal systems. Prices are clearly displayed, but it’s worth a stroll around the hall, looking at what’s on offer. A little bartering can often get you a fine specimen, to take pride of place on the mantlepiece, for just a couple or so euro. If it’s spade, a barrel for tumbling rocks, or a set of diving rods, the mineral fair is the place to be. If time permits, take a ride on one of the frequent two car diesel trains, to Los Nietos. From the carriage window can be seen many of the 70 pit head frames, that served the mine workings below. From these mines came the very ore that provided the ironwork in the market place. Within the Sierra Minera mining area, there are 23 chimneys, 20 mineral washeries, 29 furnaces, 70 pit heads, 10 tunnels, 6 powder stores and 9 open cast mines. Not a lot of people know that! but these are tales for another day. Enjoy the fair!

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Anyone out there that could help Judy? Judy lives in Torrevieja, teaching English to foreign students. A member of one of her classes, is Elie, a 14 year lad from France. This chap would very much like to spend some time, staying with an English speaking family. Just for a week, Elie would like to experience normal activities with an English family, and to become, as he puts it “Totally immersed in an English speaking environment” Judy tells me that Elie has an excellent level of the English language, always cheerful, and full of conversation. Any reader wishing to find out more about helping Judy and Elie, should drop an e-mail through the ether to: I had a work colleague, many years ago, who lived in Paris. Every lunch hour, he would make his way to The Eiffel Tower, to take his refreshment. On asking him why, every day, he made his way to the same restaurant, up the tower, he replied that it was the only place in Paris, he couldn’t see the blooming thing!


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The Torrevieja Barbershop Harmonisers have organised an evening of Hypnotic Fun with Dennis Christian, at The Rosales Restaurante (on the lemon tree road) on the 6th APRIL 2013 Dennis was a professional Comedy Hypnotist back in England and now he is going to entertain you here on the Costa Blanca. This is where YOU CAN BE THE STAR OF THE SHOW. For only 10€ which includes a meal (choice of menu Barbecue or Curry) you can enjoy 2 hours of fun and entertainment. As seating is limited it is strongly advised to book early, either at the restaurant or by reserving you tickets by telephoning Tony Wagstaff on 96 671 3342. The Torrevieja Barbershop Harmonisers are a non profit making organisation and are registered with the Communidad de Valencia No. CV01-01369-A. To date TBH has raised almost 40,000é for local charities and with your support will continue to do so.

help for heroes

Help for Heroes was started in 2007 to raise funds to help members of the Armed Forces who have been injured in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Money raised goes towards helping wounded servicemen and women to rehabilitate and rebuild their careers, whatever they decide to do. On a personal note, Help for Heroes have been a huge support to my brother and several of his colleagues which is why I like to do my bit as thanks. The entertainers have kindly given up their time for free as have the stall holders and several local businesses have donated raffle prizes. So come along and enjoy what promises to be a great afternoon and show your support for our heroes. They deserve it. If you would like further details or to donate a raffle prize, please contact Lynne on 616 331 045 or email


GO SATELLITE was set up 8 years ago by husband and wife team Ian and Deborah. Ian has more than 20 years experience, having spent 10 years with SKY In Home Services in the UK, where he worked on the specialist heights team as well as SKY´S Prestigious VIP Team which caters for the “stars”, therefore the quality of his workmanship is extremely high! After leaving SKY, Ian set up his own business in the UK and ran this very successfully for 5 years before moving to Spain.

WHERE ARE WE? GO SATELLITE is based in Ciudad Quesada and covers most of the Costa Blanca. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! Over the past 8 years the company has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems for individuals, companies and communities. The Go Satellite system uses highest quality

Portuguesemanufactured dishes and r e q u i r e s NO monthly payments. Packages are available to suit everybody´s requirements and budget. GO SATELLITE offer expertise, reassurance and a proven track record, which can be backed up by many a satisfied customer. WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT?

Ian said “Being a small company has its advantages. We offer a personal service and get to know all our customers by name. It’s important to us that people fully understand and are happy with the service we are providing.

We realise that the technology involved can be confusing but we are happy to spend time with our customers to ensure that they get the best system for their needs”. CUSTOMER SERVICE Any concerns or queries are dealt with in a clear and professional manner and clients can call Ian at any point if they have any queries. This ensures that all of their customers have complete peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the service. Added to that is the fact that GO SATELLITE is a fully legal, Spanish registered business that provides individual, company and community installations with a free no obligation site survey. Go Satellite is going from strength to strength! COME AND MEET US!

They have now opened a new office in the Business Centre Calle Los Arcos No7 Ciudad Quesada. So you can now come and meet us and we will endeavour to help you with all of

your TV queries.

OTHER SERVICES Go Satellite not only provide television but are also able to provide internet and telephone services. Packages are available to suit all with a switch on/off service available for non residents. DISH ISSUES? Here at Go Satellite, we use only Top Quality Portugese dishes and Invacom LNB’s. Sky Packages are also available: Full HD Package 20€ per month (which includes Sports & Movies). If you do not have room or do not wish to have a dish, give us a call as we have a solution! At Go Satellite, we will endeavour, to provide TV for everyone. So, if you are fed up of missing your favourite programs or you have lost your TV signal and do not want to lose out any more, then call Ian or Deborah on 965 725 670 or 646 645 579 or call into our office to find out more about GO SATELLITE and its services. Alternatively check out the website:


Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. Welcome GO SATELLITE!



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music with mark

teachers to face tough written exams to keep their jobs

Teachers with excellent grades and limited or no experience are currently at the bottom of the list for getting jobs, but an about-turn in the system means thousands who got work based upon practical teaching will now have to face tough written exams in order to keep their positions. Until now, experience in supply teaching counted above everything else and applicants in this situation were chosen first. Those who had previously taught in a private school, or a grant-maintained establishment – known as a colegio concertado, a ‘halfway house’ between a private and public school – and wished to switch to work in a State centre would also be among those who got first pick for teaching posts. In both cases, if this practical work had been obtained without their having taken and passed the necessary public sector exams, known as oposiciones, the candidate would still be at the top of the list. Candidates with no experience but who had passed all the public sector exams were at the bottom of the heap and the last to get a job, even if they had excellent grades of 80 per cent or above. About 1,100 in the average Spanish province is affected by this structure. And being at the bottom of the list, getting any work experience to climb higher up it has been nearly impossible because they will be overlooked when supply teacher positions come up. Now, though, the hierarchy is set to be reversed with exam completion

and corresponding grades being considered the most important factor for getting work. Worst of all is that those teachers who already have a job now have to take and pass the oposiciones exams and will be fired if they do not. They only have two attempts to pass these, and if they fail both, they will lose their jobs. This is likely to mean good quality and experienced teachers lose their jobs in favour of others who have never been in front of a class in real life. After studying their chosen subject at university and a teacher-training course, those who want to get a job at the chalkface have to pass three sets of public sector exams, or oposiciones, which have an extremely stringent and unforgiving marking criteria. Most take several attempts to get through these, and are then passed onto a database, or bolsa de trabajo, where they will be called in for supply teaching work periodically. This can mean a phone call ordering them to drop everything and head to the other side of the country for a week’s worth of work, giving up any current job they may have. Refusal to take up the offer normally means being deleted from the database. For every full-time, permanent teaching job in the public sector, there are normally a minimum of 15 candidates, which translates to about 3,000 applicants for every 200 positions.

Revolver is the seventh studio album by the English rock band The Beatles, released on 5 August 1966 on the Parlophone label and produced by George Martin. Many of the tracks on Revolver feature an electric guitarrock sound that contrasts with their previous LP; the folk rock inspired Rubber Soul (1965). In Britain, the fourteen tracks from Revolver were released to radio stations throughout July 1966, “building anticipation for what would clearly be a radical new phase in the group’s recording career”. In many respects, Revolver is one of the very first psychedelic LPs, not only in its numerous shifts in mood and production texture, but in its innovative manipulation of amplification and electronics to produce new sounds on guitars and other instruments. Specifically, widelyheralded examples include the backwards riffs of “I’m Only Sleeping”, the sound effects of “Yellow Submarine”, the sitar of “Love You To”, the blurry guitars of “She Said, She Said”, and above all the seagull chanting, buzzing drones, megaphone vocals, free-association philosophizing, and varispeed tape effects of “Tomorrow Never Knows”. John Lennon’s contributions included “I’m only Sleeping”, “And Your Bird Can Sing”, “She Said She Said” and “Doctor Robert”. On “I’m Only Sleeping”; George Harrison plays the notes for the lead guitar (and for the second guitar in the solo) in reverse order, then reversed the tape and mixed it in. The backwards guitar sound has been said to “suspend the laws of time and motion to simulate the half-coherence of the state between wakefulness and sleep”. According to Lennon, some of the lyrics of “She Said She Said” were taken almost verbatim from a conversation he had with actor Peter Fonda in August 1965, while he (Lennon), Harrison and Ringo Starr were under the influence of LSD at their rented house in Benedict Canyon (in Beverly Hills, California). During a conversation, Fonda said “I know what it’s like to be dead,” because as a boy he had almost died from a selfinflicted gunshot wound. Paul McCartney’s contributions to the album include the classic “Eleanor Rigby”, which was originally going to be called “Daisy Hawkins”. The fact that an actual person named Eleanor Rigby is buried in St. Peters Church Cemetery, in Woolton, Liverpool, yards from where John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time, is a bizarre co-incidence. Also bizarrely, the real Eleanor Rigby lived a lonely life similar to that of the person in the song. “Got to Get You into My Life” was influenced by the Motown Sound and used brass instrumentation extensively. Although cast in the form of a love song, McCartney described the song as an “ode to pot”. McCartney mentioned in the 1989 radio series McCartney on McCartney that “Here, There and Everywhere” was inspired by American group The Beach Boys. McCartney also contributed “Good Day Sunshine”, “Yellow Submarine” and “For No One”, a melancholy song featuring him playing an instrument called a clavichord. He also played lead guitar on two tracks, one

being a guitar solo on “Taxman” and the other being a dual guitar part with George Harrison on “And Your Bird Can Sing” .The song “And Your Bird Can Sing” is primarily credited to be written by John Lennon, however Paul McCartney claims to have helped on the lyric, estimating the song as “80-20” to Lennon. Revolver was also a breakthrough album for George Harrison as a songwriter, and he contributed three songs on the album, including the opening track, “Taxman”. The song was a protest against the high marginal rates of income tax paid by high earners like the Beatles, which were sometimes as much as 95 percent of their income (hence the lyric, “There’s one for you, nineteen for me”). The “Mr Wilson” and “Mr Heath” referred to in the lyrics are Harold Wilson and Edward Heath, who were, respectively, the British Labour Prime Minister and Conservative Leader of the Opposition at the time. Harrison also wrote “I Want to Tell You”, about his difficulty expressing himself in words. “Love you To” marked a significant expansion of his burgeoning interest in Indian music and the sitar, which started with “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” on Rubber Soul. It was the intro to “Love you To” that was playing in the background when Harrison’s character first appears in Yellow Submarine, the animated Beatles film released in 1968. Ringo Starr’s only lead vocal on the album is the childlike “Yellow Submarine”. McCartney said that he wrote “Yellow Submarine” as a children’s son for Starr to sing. With the help of their EMI production team, The Beatles overdubbed stock sound effects they found in the Abbey Road Studios tape library. It reached number one on both the British chart and American chart and stayed at the top spot for seven weeks and six weeks, respectively. Placed at number 1 in the All-Time Top 1000 Albums and number 3 in the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of all Time, Revolver is often regarded as one of the greatest achievements in music history and one of The Beatles’ greatest studio achievements. I love the album and think it far superior to “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band “the album held up as the definitive Beatles recording. Although sounding rather dated now it marked an innovative chapter of recording and musical artistry which inspired the next evolvement of music for many artists of the time.

You can listen to Mark Davies on Costa Calida International Radio, Mon, Wed and Fri evenings 7.00 till 9.00 on 90 and 100 FM or



LOS AMIGOS DE MAZARRON FC 4TH ANNUAL GALA EVENING & DINNER Football celebrities Steve Daley and Tony Currie were in Mazarron for the Los Amigos de Mazarron FC 4th Annual Gala Evening and Dinner at the Hotel la Cumbre on 12th March. Steve and Tony arrived in Spain on the Sunday with their respective wives Lyn and Elizabeth and enjoyed a most enjoyable few days in the Mazarron area. They both took part in the Celebrity Golf Day at the Sensol Golf Club the following morning in a Stableford competition which was won by Graham Davies. Graham received a green fee voucher, donated by Polaris World, from Steve Daley at the presentations which took place immediately following the golf. There were also prizes for nearest the pin and for the longest drive. Later that evening Steve, Tony and their wives attended a VIP Reception at Don


Ricardo’s Bar & Restaurant, Puerto de Mazarron. The evening was organised to welcome them to Spain and to thanks all the sponsors and VIP guests who were supporting the Gala Evening. Ric and Claire Daibell once again provided a superb buffet which was enjoyed by the 50 guests. The Gala Evening and Dinner on Tuesday was once again a fabulous occasion with the ladies looking splendid in their glittering dresses. Steve Daley was the guest speaker and the former Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester City player, earned a standing ovation for his hilarious stories, poking fun at himself for being labelled the “biggest waste of money in football history” following his record breaking transfer fee when he moved to Maine Road in 1979.


Tel: 966 717 028

Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada

The Costa’s Newest

Judged by 3 professionals For more info or to enter call 625 298 377 or collect entry form from The Club All entries need to be in by Monday 18th March


Monday Thursday Fridays

The Cadillacs 4.30pm - 6.15pm - 5€ Singo Bingo 8.00pm Fun Quiz 8.30pm Closed from 6pm for private parties Book yours now! Saturday See guide below Sunday 24th March Rising Stars 8.30pm

Singo Bingo



the fantastic

Singing Competition


all you need in one place


Sun 24th March 8:30pm


Comedian Justin Sane did his usual excellent job as Master of Ceremonies and The Beagles provided the musical entertainment which saw the ladies dancing well into the early hours. There was a surprise guest, Sheikh M’Diq Bin Laden, who had travelled from the Middle East as a prospective buyer of Mazarron Football Club. Unfortunately, he explained through his interpreter, that he had been rendered penniless when his prize camel, which he had hoped to sell to help finance the prospective purchase, disappeared from outside TJ’s bar on Camposol where he was enjoying a quiet drink. The event, which was sponsored by New Images, the No1 Hair & Beauty Salon and Nail Bar, Camposol and Ibex Insurance of Puerto de Mazarron, raised almost 2500€ in support of Mazarron Football Club.

harry valentino band with Chris 2€ entry


A MURDER MYSTERY EVENING At the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS Tickets €12.50 Includes 2 course meal

arch sat 23rd m on / roy orbis

gene pitney Helen tribute + Dj 10€ Show 8pm eal + 2 Course M 9.30pm 3€ Show Only


a sat 30th m

/ ELTON PATSY CLINE J HELEN TE + D JOHN TRIBU + Show 8pm 10€ eal 2 Course M 9.30pm 3€ Show Only


sat 6th ap

GIRLS’ THE ‘BROADWAYfrom All the hits ls + a the music Dj Helen



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Tony Ellis


park of nations

halifax school

tony ellis

tony ellis

620 998 997


to campoamor & pilar

tony ellis La Zenia


10am – 2pm and 5pm – 8pm MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10am – 2pm SATURDAY

New opening times for Diego Ramirez Store

monday – friday 10am to 9pm - no siesta saturday 10am to 2pm

easter opening open as normal good friday & easter monday


punta prima

to torrevieja

Avd. Diego Ramirez, No. 19 Torrevieja Tel:


cabo roig



c.c. Bellavista Cabo Roig Tel: 669 412 236

TORREVIEJA • CABO RIOG You’ve Seen The Rest NOW BUY The Best


Solid start for Mat Ford-Dunn in 1st round of the Spanish Supermoto championship

With the first round of the Spanish Supermoto championship getting off to a rather wet start in Seville over the weekend, it was Murcia’s British expat Supermoto racer Mat FordDunn who came away with a superb rostrum finish despite the testing conditions. The supermotoland race team had a busy week beforehand when Mat wrecked an engine in the final test before Seville and the team had to replace his race engine with a standard unit from his spare bike. The Seville race track featured some long straights that put Mat at a disadvantage with a less powerful engine. After heavy overnight rain the race organisers had no option but to close the waterlogged dirt section of the track and the weekends racing was run entirely on the asphalt race circuit. With wet and changeable weather throughout the days racing it was Mat that made the most of the tricky conditions in his first race to come from 5th on the grid to finish a very close 2nd, just behind the leader on the final lap. The second of Mat’s two races was looking at being a repeat performance until a small crash whilst in third position, saw Mat drop back to finish 6th at the flag. The combined results gave Mat a superb 3rd overall and a podium position for the weekends racing. Mat will next be racing In Villena, near Sax, Alicante for the 2nd round of the Spanish Supermoto championship on the 14th April, where he will be joined by his younger brother Anthony Ford-Dunn who will be competing in the first round of the SM Road championship. The supermotoland team and their Spanish and UK based Sponsors ‘Advance Moves International removals’ will be on hand to welcome anyone wishing to attend the race which will no doubt be a fantastic days racing. Further race reports, videos and information can be found at the teams website


Modular park home, 80 sq metres, 3 bedrooms, 2 fully tiled shower rooms, lounge and fully-tiled kitchen diner. Excellent construction and condition. Currently sited on a small residential park near Fuente Alamo, can be lived in on the park, or moved to your own land.

Excellent Value at 35,000€ For more information

Telephone 968 130 571/686 210 374




Start a new life in Spain in a luxuary American Durango Static

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Morris - Dancing? Dramatic Licence

in a luxuary American Durango Static Holiday Home or Full Time Living

with prices starting from just


Live a New Life in the Sun without the hassle on a brand new 4 star Park Home Site in Crevillent, Spain


Eco Camping & Resorts Catral, Crevillent, Spain

Final Curtain for Dramatic Licence It is with great sadness that the greatly respected amateur dramatic group Dramatic Licence has had to draw the final curtain on its productions. Its website has been closed. Remaining equipment, props, wardrobe etc. are stored in Benejuzar. If any group would like to make use of any of these items they can be viewed by calling 96 572 46 54 by 31st March. A donation is requested for the Alzheimers Association. Any remaining items will be offered to DebRA charity which has been so helpful in supplying props and wardrobe for past productions. By 30th April all assets will be handed to the Alzheimers Association. The entire Dramatic Licence company would like to thank all those who have made the company such a success in the past, not least our appreciative audiences.

PLEASE NOTE: Any group operating under the name Dramatic Licence in this area of the Costa Blanca is not connected with the former Dramatic Licence company.

D e r h eam! t e v i L for more information on Static Homes availble and viewings please contact Claire on site at Pitch No A225 or phone Spain (0034) 6783 98933 or UK 07760558614 email: Facebook Caravans Inspain

For full specifications and information contact

Steve (Spain) 0034 6633 78070 or UK 07711 435704 email:




Start at Paseo Martitimo (near musicians’ statues) to just past Playa Cura round the Monumento Culturas Mediterraneas and return. Approximately 5 kilometres. 10:30 am register at the start point: 11am start walk. ORGANISERS: Paul and Pat Owen, Sponsor/Entry Forms available (Voluntary Personal Trainer and Physio. to TSSG) Telephone: 966 848494 mov. 625 847 170. HELP US BY MAKING THIS A HAPPY FANCY DRESS OCCASION FANCY DRESS EASTER BONNET FANCY DRESS EASTER BONNET

“TSS are to hold their second “Steps for Stroke” sponsored walk on Easter Monday, 1st April. This is also an awareness event when brochures outlining TSS aims and services will be distributed. The group now have a meeting for Spanish recoverers as well as their meetings for English speaking members. The sponsored walk starts at 11am (10.30 for registration) and commences at the Paseo Martitimo (near the musicians´ statues) to just past Playa Cura round the Monumento Cultural Mediterraneas and return. Approximately 5 kilometres. Sponsorship forms are available on or on www.torreviejastrokesupport. com or from Paul on 966 848494: mov. 625 847 170. There will be a prize again for the best Easter Bonnet or fancy dress. Help us by making this a happy fancy dress occasion.”

Bárcenas claims threeand-a-half years’ wages of 21,300 euros a month in unfair dismissal case against PP

La Siesta Charity Library has now transferred to the annex of Age Concern

At Calle Paganini, La Siesta , Torrevieja There has been no change in the day & time of opening. Tuesday 10.30 until 12.30 If you wish for further information tel. 96 678 6887

Torrevieja Costa Lions Club The Torrevieja Costa Lions Club is alive and well and needs your help and support. If you would like to join us at a monthly meeting then come along to the Cabo Cevera Hotel at La Mata near Torrevieja on the second Thursday of any month. Meetings start at 17.00 and we can be found in the room at the end of the reception desk. Come and join us as we try to raise money for charities and good causes in the local area and internationally across the world. For more information ring me on 617069064 or mail me on our web site membership@






Ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas is suing the party for unfair dismissal to the tune of 905,000 euros. This represents 42 months’ wages totalling 894,603 euros – based upon a salary of 21,300 euros a month - and a further 10,650 euros in interest. Bárcenas has taken the matter to court after his solicitors and those of the PP failed to settle the issue amicably, despite involving an arbitrator. The plaintiff, who is also under investigation for a slush fund involving cash-in-envelope payments to PP members over 10 years and 22 million euros stashed in Swiss bank accounts to hide them from the tax man, claims he was working as a consultant for the party between March 2010 and January 2013 for a payment of 21,300 euros a month before tax, and that he was taken off the social security (national insurance) system without his consent. According to PP Secretary-General, María

Dolores de Cospedal, Bárcenas did not have any activity with the party from April 2010, at which point they agreed to pay him a ‘simulation’ as ‘remuneration’ with a retention in respect of social security payments. Bárcenas has filed legal action against the PP for violation of his worker rights after having been with the party for over 30 years. He said the PP had ‘breached his privacy as an employee’ by emptying his office in the party headquarters on the C/ Génova in Madrid. Bárcenas also lodged a claim against the PP’s solicitor Alberto Durán for opening up and entering his office, without his consent, on February 18, having ‘sneaked in’ through the staff car park. The PP has already publicly stated that their ex-treasurer will not get the money he is claiming from them.





ALARMED AND FULLY INSURED 1000 M2 WAREHOUSE Contact us for a non-obligation quote and more information or visit our warehouse near to BEDS BEDS BEDS in Formentera

966 794 720 | 680 932 513


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Lions Celebrate Charter Anniversary Lions Club President Janette Bennett and the members of the Torrevieja Costa Lions Club are soon to celebrate the 8th Anniversary of the granting of their Charter from Lions Clubs International. The Club are holding their annual dinner and dance in the excellent surroundings of the Marjal Camping Restaurant near Guardamar del Segura on Saturday 13th April 2013 at 1900 hrs. The evening commences at 1900 with a cava and canapes reception on the restaurant terrace. At 1930 guests will be invited to the dining room where an excellent three course dinner with wine will be served. During the evening there will be many opportunities for guests to participate in games with many prizes to be won. Following dinner and a few formalities guests will be invited to dance late into the evening to the music of PDQ who are well known in the area and have played at Lions Charter nights on two previous occasions. This formal event offers a great opportunity for the guests to get out the glad rags and dress formally, which is a rare event in these parts.

Your table can be booked by contacting Iain on 966 731 495 or idsbennett@ Price per person has been kept at a recession busting 25.00 euros per person. Should you wish to book overnight accommodation at Marjal, Bed and Breakfast based on 2 people sharing costs 50.00 euros and for 4 people sharing costs 63.00 euros, and can be arranged by calling 966 727 070 and mention that you are attending the Torrevieja Costa Lions Club Charter dance.


The Menu

On the table - Caesar Salad and fried fish with Saffron Alioli. Starters Salmon Carpaccio, Mushroom Cream or Rosa Pesto Tagliatelle Main Pork fillet in beer sauce, Baked Bream or Mushroom Risotto Desert Profiteroles, Fruit Salad, Ice cream Coffee/ Tea Bottle of wine per two people at the table.


The Liverpool Band made a return performance on Saturday 9th March, at Los Rosales restaurant on the Lemon Tree Road. This time the chosen charity for the night was HELP Vega Baja. The highly acclaimed musicians are rated as the best Beatles Tribute in Spain. With appearances including The Cavern in Liverpool, the good looking Spanish “Fab 4” know what it takes to deliver the authentic Beatles sound. The room was soon more than ready to “twist and shout” when The Liverpool Band took to the stage. The raffle held during the course of the evening, raised 250€ for HELP Vega Baja and without the donation of some of the raffle prizes, plus those kindly supplied by Andrea and Brian from La Bamba’s and Cheryl from Diamond Flores, this would not have been possible; as was the contributions from the diners. Last but not least the assistance of Jax Lawson on behalf of the promoters also made the whole night possible. HELP Vega Baja is always very pleased when local businesses ask them to join a social event and run a raffle and this one certainly did.

Swingtet’ Big Band Jazz

‘Swingtet’ Big Band Jazz - an afternoon of Jazz at Casa Ventura, Urb. San Luis, Torrevieja. From 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm - this group of very experienced musicians playing jazz favorites and some beautiful arrangements of old standards and evergreens. This is a new experience in entertainment for this area - and the date for this month is Friday, 29th; March. Admission is 5 euros - tickets available at Casa Ventura - food is also available. and there will be a raffle with proceeds for HELP Vega Baja. For details Tel; Kevin 966 789 247. For other all other information Tel; 868 182 406

Casa Ventura Jazz Club

Friday 29th March 2pm - 4pm Urbanisation San Luis, Torrevieja, Calle Arbizu No.1 Presents

Swingtet Plus

A Jazz Lunch - Eat with a beat! Live Music Entertainment Special Menu available at a great price Contact Bar direct for details, on 966 789 247 Booking a table is advisable. Admission 5€ -- Jazz concert only A Raffle will be held for Help Veja Baja





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pause for thought

Friday, at the Albox Computer Club, I was asked how a letter, in Spanish, could be translated into English. I told the gentleman that the process was reasonably simple and here it is. First, using your multifunction printer, dedicated scanner or next doors multifunction printer, scan the document. Next, save the scanned image to a picture file format (this is how it normally happens!). From there import or load the picture file into an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program. You have done all the hard work that is required of you, now for the computer to take over! The program converts this picture into text which can be saved into a text file. Assuming that you have done this and saved the text file you have to start work again. OCR’s are not infallible and make mistakes too, so you have to check the saved text file against the original document. Done? Great. Mistakes? None, even better. You now have several choices, either go to the web and use something like “” or have your own translator programs on your computer. Either method needs the text putting in to the translation windows offered before the process can be started. Quite simple when you break it down. If it appears difficult first time see just how quickly you become blasé about it after several successful attempts. Have you considered the twisted genius minds behind the idea of taking a photo and converting it into words? What is a digital picture? It is a line of dots of various colours and shades, repeated many times, in different combinations, to create an image that your mind can interpret as an image. Our minds, as I have said before, are a masterful design. When we look at a picture what do we see? A man, a woman, a beautiful scene? Sorry to disappoint, but all you see is edges! Sure you see the edge of the picture, the boundary that draws your eye in to the middle of the scene. Try this. Imagine, for example, a sports car parked in a grassy field with several trees in the distance. What do you see? First you scan the entire image searching for the edges of objects to assist in identifying them and putting the entire image into some kind of world perspective (what we all understand as “real”). For now lets focus on the car. Start with the basic shape. We work that out, by looking for where a solid colour changes dramatically, Red car to Green grass. You now have an edge! Following the edge will give the outline. We all understand what the rules are that make a car shape without anyone teaching them to us. Within this outline are other edges, bonnet, boot, doors, windows, wiper-blade, the list goes on! This, hopefully, will show what you are doing naturally. Computers are thick. This we know already. They require exacting and specific rules to follow to achieve the same ends. Look at the word OF. The letter O has 2 edges, inside and outside. It is a circle, of sorts and F is also made up of 3 distinct lines. We all see a pattern that makes up the letter then the pattern for the words. One thing that we can do that computers can not do yet is tkae a wrod taht is not in oedrr and raed it pnrvoiidg the fsrit and lsat ltetres are in pcale. To meet more twisted genii, come to the Albox Computer Club on Friday morning starts at 10. After all the gentleman who asked the question said that he had already got his yearly subscription’s worth back in one day! What a compliment. Have a great week – the weather looks like it might be changing for the better. For further information or advice on computing, contact Trevor on 689 892 745 or

My daughters loved the Narnia books by C.S.Lewis, and a visit to the Cinema with Grandchildren was a foregone conclusion when the latest version of his book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was released. The story of four children hiding in a wardrobe and being transported into the land of Narnia, where it was always winter but never Christmas, has delighted many children and adults ever since it was first written. The scene where Aslan (the lion) negotiates his own death in place of Edmund, whose life had been required by the White Witch as penalty for his treachery, brought tears of anguish to many eyes in the cinema. And the relief was apparent, as the ropes binding Aslan to the altar on which he’d been killed were broken, and he returned to life to destroy the witch and her forces. But of course that story, as well as being a good read in its own right, has far deeper meaning, especially for Christians as we approach the Easter period, when we remember Jesus similarly giving his life so that we might be spared. A friend recently asked ‘If God is so loving and Merciful; then why did he cause Jesus to die?’ A tough question, with which many can probably relate. But although it’s true that God is both loving and merciful, these are not his only attributes. We often forget that God is also Holy and pure, so no impurity can exist in his presence. And just as he cannot, without endangering the entire universe, break his physical laws (can you imagine what would happen if God switched off Gravity for a few seconds to save someone’s life?), so similarly he cannot simply ignore his Spiritual laws and close his eyes to all the wrong we’ve thought, said or done. It was for this reason, Christians believe, that Jesus came to Earth; to live a perfect life and die in our place (as Aslan did for Edmund), so that our relationship with him may be restored.

Further information about the Anglican Church and details of forthcoming events may be seen on the web site www. Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

Plans to turn The Gherkin into a gherkin

Plans have been unveiled to inject a dose of fun into London’s skyline by transforming The Gherkin into a giant green pickle. Online bingo site has approached staff at 30 St Mary Axe with the bizarre request of giving the 180m high building a make-over. They want to turn the landmark into a gherkin on April Fool’s Day by projecting the image of knobbly green skin onto the building. Michael Saunders, managing director of, said: “It’s been a long and rather miserable winter and we felt everyone was in dire need of cheering up again! “The Gherkin is such an iconic building and with a name like that we just couldn’t resist the opportunity for some more daft fun by attempting to transform it into the very thing it is so aptly named after.” He says it would take a team of 10 workers 900 man hours to cover the building in a special film to create the non-reflective surface needed for the pickle projection. Designers were commissioned to create mock-ups which were submitted to the building’s owners along with an official application for permission for the stunt.

Boing – Spring has Sprung!

For many visitors to Almeria the baking hot summer months are the only time they experience this beautiful region. By then the sun has done its work and all the spring flowers and grasses have been scorched brown and other plants have also lost their leaves. The last remnants of green come from cactus, olive and eucalyptus trees. The leaves on the almond trees have also given up the ghost by July leaving just the drying husks containing the tasty fruit hanging from their dead looking branches. For year round inhabitants we have a much more pleasurable experience as once the first rains (or hurricane) have penetrated the baked soils in the autumn, slowly the hills are again blanketed green. Then soon after Christmas, Mother Nature treats us all to a spectacular display of almond blossom which in higher areas can last until late February. Having just experienced my seventh consecutive Almerian winter I think we were all spoiled this time round by dry and warm daytimes until the weather turned a few weeks ago. At times snow could be seen on the highest peaks; just above Bar Trinidad in Arboleas is a great viewpoint for the Sierra de Baza, over 75kms distant which are covered in snow. Old hands will recall the winter of 2006/7 when in late January there was a heat wave and then suddenly the temperature dropped like a stone and the whole of Spain was blanketed in snow. I remember hearing the rain tapping against the window panes all Friday evening and suddenly at midnight all went quiet as the temperature had dropped enough for the rain to turn to snow. Locals had not seen anything like it for fifty years and we foreign invaders had left Britain to escape that sort of thing. Luckily when I first started to search for a property to buy back in 2004 it was winter and there were some really hard frosts and I saw ice on the roads in some higher up places so I knew the weather could turn frigid and so installed a lovely Hergom log burner when finally the cortijo was bought and restored. We are midway through March now and spring has

certainly sprung with beautiful flowers to be admired all around. The awful black scars left by last year’s wildfire in Bedar and many other places across Spain need as much rain as possible to heal over. The grasses, retamar and palms were the first to recover, with new leaves also appearing on the olives and eucalyptus. In Cortijo Grande apart from the odd charred tree stump it’s hard to see any sign the devastation caused almost 4 years ago as now it’s a riot of blooming flowers with all shades and hues of green thrown in for good measure. I saw my first flowering orchid just a few days ago in the hills behind Lubrin and will now seek out more from the secret places I have discovered over the years. And finally, I know the Spanish like wearing bright red clothing, but one thing that puzzles me is the reasoning behind owning a daffodil yellow coloured car. I often see them but cannot for the life of me fathom why anyone would willingly drive around in a banana on wheels. If any reader knows what the attraction is kindly let me know!

Enjoy Stephens musings? Pop over to as the articles are posted on there too...and they’re a bit longer too! Findmeahome are always looking for quality homes for their sales and rental portfolios, please contact Stephen for a valuation: Telephone: 636 266 641


What an Excellent Show

Campoverde Theatre Group has just completed their performance of Di de Di at the Casa de Cultura, San Miguel. Performing to capacity audiences this energetic and experienced theatre group delighted audiences with their interpretation of the old television sitcom Hi de Hi. As well as featuring all the well know characters, the show also showcased Bert Swanley in the person of Huw Jones and the Craplin Debonnaires. The show started with a medley of The Holiday Rock / Happy Days featuring the entire company, and this set the pace of this fun and music filled show. The show followed the misfortunes of Ted (Tony Kelly) being pursued by his ex wife, Jeffrey thinking that he had acted inappropriately with the predatory Gladys whilst drunk, the Bluecoat competition and Peggy (Sue Mathews) thinking that she has finally gained her promotion. Also featured were the capers of the pensioner campers who loved the activities on offer and also found love whilst on holiday. Excellent performances were given by all leading characters and are too numerous to mention individually, but of special note are Colin Nelson as Jeffrey and Judith Jones as Gladys Pugh. The bitchiness between Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hartgreaves came to a climax when Yvonne (Vida Nelson) mistakenly entered the most popular Bluecoat of the Year Competition and was serenaded by Barry (Tom Weston) by a parody rendition

of It’s Only Make Believe that had the audience laughing at the apt and nasty lyrics. The South American and Spanish cabaret shows featuring the Craplin Debonnaires wowed the audience with the colourful costumes, excellent singing and dancing. Audiences certainly tapped their feet and sang along to the well chosen songs from the 1950’s. The show ended with the full company lifting the rafters with High Hope, Get Happy and The Holiday Rock. Altogether an excellent show.


Calling all Charities Would you like to take part in a regular ‘Free Registered Charity Market’?

A community event for all charities to get together, promote and raise money for their worthwhile causes. The mayor of Daya Vieja, Rafa Vives Pertusa, from the Vega Baja area, has kindly asked Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre to host a regular ‘Registered Charities Market’ in the Daya Vieja town market place. It will be held every six weeks, subject to demand. The Mayor’s office will arrange all the necessary licencing, amenities

and law enforcement for the market.

All that we ask is for each charity to supply a stall, (free of charge) and a market marshal to help with security and parking. EHCRC are advertising to find out if local registered charities would be interested in participating in the market to see if it is a viable idea. Please contact our Market Coordinator, Peter Cameron on 659-828433 or e-mail market@easyhorsecare. net to get more information.


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Darren the barber The Barbershop at Quesada Country Club

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Modern & Traditional Gents Hairdressing


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Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am- 5pm OUT OF HOURS BY REQUEST Drive through Quesada Arches up main street, take left fork at Caja Murcia Bank. Continue to Consum sign and turn right onto Avenida Costa Azul, continue uphill and take right turn onto Calle Toledo. Country Club / Barber is 200mtrs on right - Look for Childrens Play Area.

Look Good Feel Great

Could manuka honey beat drug-resistant superbugs?

It is a natural medicine used for thousands of years to clean wounds and fight bacteria. Now, however, honey could hold the key to combating the very modern threat of drug-resistant superbugs. A study has shown that manuka honey can fight back on two fronts. Not only can it help to kill MRSA and other superbugs, it can also prevent bacteria from becoming resistant to antibiotics. The danger of the rise of bugs which do not succumb to drugs was outlined this month by the Chief Medical Officer. Professor Dame Sally Davies described it as a ‘ticking timebomb’ which could leave millions vulnerable to untreatable germs within a generation. But a study in Australia offers a solution. At the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), tests were carried out on manuka, kanuka and clover honeys to find which was best at treating bacteria commonly found in chronic skin wounds. Researchers looked at key ingredients known to inhibit bacterial growth. The best at doing this was Comvita medical-grade manuka honey, made by bees foraging on New Zealand’s manuka trees. When combined with common antibiotics, the treatment hampered the spread of bacteria on wounds. Crucially, scientists found the honey prevented the bugs from developing any resistance to the antibiotic. Professor Liz Harry, of UTS, said: ‘Manuka honey should be used as a first resort for wound treatment, rather than the last resort, as it so often is.’ The research, in the journal PLOS ONE, follows a previous study which found that the honey was effective against more than 80 types of bacteria, including MRSA. Commercial honey bought at shops is not suitable as it needs to be sterilised to make it medical grade. Infections are becoming more difficult to defeat but no new

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class of antibiotic has been discovered since the 1980s. It follows a previous study that found manuka honey is effective against more than 80 different types of bacteria, including hospital superbug MRSA. Professor Liz Harry at UTS said: ‘We have shown bacteria do not become resistant to honey in the laboratory. Consistent with these facts, we also found that if MRSA were treated with just rifampicin [antibiotic], the superbug became resistant very quickly,’ she said. ‘However, when manuka honey and rifampicin are used in combination to treat MRSA, rifampicinresistant MRSA did not emerge. In other words, honey somehow prevents the emergence of rifampicin-resistant MRSA – this is a hugely important finding.’ With overuse of antibiotics partly blamed for the increase in resistant superbugs, GPs will be asked to prescribe fewer antibiotics to patients. And while infections are becoming increasingly difficult to beat, no new class of antibiotic has been discovered since the 1980s. Dr Harry added: ‘With the existence now of bacteria that are resistant to all available antibiotics, and the death of new antibiotics on the market, manuka honey should be used as a first resort for wound treatment, rather than the last resort as it so often does. ‘What we need is an acceptance by society that antibiotics are not going to provide all that we hoped for when they were discovered in the 1940s; and that we need to start getting very serious about using alternatives to this, or use honey in addition to them.’ While all types of honey have some antibacterial properties, the ingredients of manuka honey make it particularly powerful. It is possible to buy dressings that already contain the honey, as well apply honey directly to bandages and other dressings. However, supermarket honey will not do. Any honey used be sterilised to make it of medical grade. ARTICLE COURTESY OF MAIL ONLINE


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stopping smoking ! Neater Heater:

By Alan Gilchrist - Costa Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist

Norway’s Answer To Having A Warm Home In Winter!

Neater Heater was started in a “Victor Kiam” moment. Remember him? “I was so impressed with the product that I bought the company”. Having struggled unsuccessfully with several different styles of electric heaters, Richard and Tony accidentally discovered Neater Heaters in the home of a Norwegian friend of theirs. Neater Heaters are slimline wall-mounted electric convector heaters that combine state of the art technology, Scandinavian design and build quality, with Norwegian understanding of how to stay warm in winter. They differ from most of their rivals by using an Extruded Aluminium element, designed with a large surface area, to heat the air in your room directly without having to go through an intermediary medium such as oil. The cold air at the bottom of the room is drawn into the heater where it is directly heated by the element, rises, and exits through the vents at the top of the heater. This causes a convection current leading to a continuous circulation of heated air. This means that all the energy generated by your valuable euro is used to heat your room, and not the carcass of the heater, or the oil inside it. Because of the design and the technologically advanced materials, this can all be achieved at a lower element temperature, thus generating more heat per kilowatt. What this basically means for you is: Neater Heaters can make you warmer than most of the competition can for less money. Neater Heaters can warm a much larger area than most of the competition can for the same money. Neater Heaters Can be viewed and purchased from one of our numerous distributors throughout the region.



BENIJOFAR: Vincent Real Estate Tel. 966 712 440 TORREVIEJA: S J & A. Digital Tel. 966 319 253 For home inspections in North Torrevieja, call Colin Tel: 636 537 338 For home inspections in South Torrevieja call Edmund Tel: 966 765 552 Playa flamenca: Buster’s Bar Tel: 672 128 945 BLUE LAGOON: The Electrical Shop (Euronics) Tel: 966 188 169 NEATER HEATER DISTRUBUTORS:

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Last week in the UK was National No Smoking Day. People know that if they stop smoking they will save thousands of pounds or Euros over the year plus adding many years to their lives. So, why do people continue to smoke even after all the warnings from their doctors and advertising campaigns ? It’s often said that human beings are creatures of habit. Even if they know that a habit is bad for them, such as smoking, and against all the good advice given they continue to do it anyway. Cigarettes find their way into everyday life, becoming a part of many activities. Habits are formed, creating associations such as food and alcohol, or even driving a car - it seems to become a part of them. Perhaps more importantly cigarettes become, for most people, part of a coping mechanism to try to deal with emotional pressures such stress or boredom. When a smoker becomes upset, he or she reaches for the cigarette to try to feel better. There may be specific occasions which people associate with smoking. Some wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is reach for a cigarette. while others use smoking to reduce stress - they say it relaxes them. The truth is cigarettes are a false friend that can eventually kill them ! Millions of people throughout the world have successfully stopped smoking using standard Hypnosis, and over the years I have helped many thousands of people to do so. The heaviest smoker that I ever had to help stop using Hypnosis and Laser Therapy was smoking160 cigarettes per day and the youngest was just 9 years of age ! My advice to every smoker is the same : STOP NOW WHILE YOU HAVE TIME! • Immediately: The air around you is no longer harmful to people around you. • 20 minutes after you quit: Your blood pressure and pulse rate decrease and your body temperature of your hands and feet increase. • 8 hours: Carbon monoxide and oxygen levels return to normal. • 24 hours: Your chance of a heart attack decreases. • 48 hours: Your nerve endings start regrowing and your sense of smell and taste improve. • Between 2 weeks and 3 months: Your circulation and breathing improves and walking becomes easier. • Between 1 to 9 months: Coughing, tiredness and shortness of breath decreases - energy levels increase. • 1 year smoke free: The risk of heart disease is reduced by half of that of a smoker.

• 5 years smoke free: Your risk of a stroke is reduced to that of a non-smoker. • 10 years smoke free: Your risk of smoking related cancers ( e.g. mouth, throat ) greatly reduced. • 15 years smoke free: The risk of heart disease and your life expectancy is the same as a non smoker Whats in a cigarette? There are, in fact, over 600 ingredients in a cigarette ranging from the bizarre to the deadly. The main ones only are listed below: Formaldehyde.....used for embalming dead bodies Ammonia.......household bleach Acetone........paint stripper Cadminium.......used in batteries Aluminium.......metal linked with Alzheimer’s disease Hydrochloric acid.......industrial agent Ethanol ...........used in antifreeze Furfural..........industrial alcohol Maltol.............strong alcohol Para-methoxycinnamaldehyde....slug pellets Nicotine.......highly toxic nerve poison - A dosage of fifty thousandths of a gram will kill a person Carbon monoxide …......compound produced by car exhausts D.D.T........banned pesticide Hydrogen cyanide.....Used in gas chambers in the U.S.A Financially the cost is incredible. A smoker who is on 20 per day for 30 years will spend €49,248 that’s approximately €1642.50 In a lifetime (around 60 years ) they will spend approximately €98,550.00 ! “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know I’ve done it thousands of times.” - Mark Twain Pity Mark Twain did not know about Fast Track Hypnosis !

Alan and Jonathan Gilchrist holds his Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Guardarmar, Benidorm and Fortuna. Also in Spanish with Jonathan! Alan is also the Originator of the Stop Smoking in under 30 minutes Fast Track Hypnosis Session For an appointment, Brochure, or free of charge initial consultation, contact Alan Gilchrist on 659 229 408. Jonathan on 691 784 954 Visit his web site or



THE SPAINIAC | Semana Santa | Candice Parsons Cross) institutionalized.

Enlightened and inspired, he mandated that each year this religious representation be celebrated by a commemorative procession. The single processions commemorated each year were eventually broken up into a series of various processions and spread over the duration of Semana Santa, all illustrating the respective scenes of the passion.

With Easter around the corner, not acknowledging the Semana Santa - or ‘Holy Week’ - would be to not acknowledge one of the most celebrated national traditions of Spain. Subjectively derived from the death of Christ, the

tradition is said to have first begun in Salamanca during 1240, when the first brotherhood of the city was formed. Known as the ‘cofrades’ or members of the ‘cofradías’ in Spanish – these religious associations continue to exist and endorse the

national annual Easter celebrations held today. The other significant year behind Semana Santa, was 1521, when Marqués de Tarifa returned to Spain from his journey to the Holy Land, and had the Vía Crucis (Stations of the

Over time, this has now evolved into the elaborate Semana Santa celebrations that we will see celebrated all over Spain this Easter. The street celebrations are known to be at their most extravagant in Andalusia, especially Seville. However, extravagance aside, it may be arguably more traditional to witness the celebrations in cities of the Castilla-Leon region,

such Salamanca, Valladolid, Avila, Zamora or Segovia.

Each brotherhood in the cities holding processions will make up their own floats to be carried, which are usually very heavy, lifesize wooden sculptures that honour the final days of Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. Colourful and detailed paintings are also carried in the processions, generally of imagery depicting the grief and sorrow felt by Mother Mary during the time of her Son Jesus being crucified. Medieval in style, detailed and colourful clothing garments are worn by the participants, know as ‘nazarenos’ in these processions. Nazarenos’ clothing will most likely

consist of a cloak, tunic and a hood that hides their faces. The hoods have at times caused alarm in the past, due to theirsimilar resemblance to the Ku Klux Klan attire, but it must be noted that the two groups are completely unrelated and separate commemorations! Unsurprisingly, Semana Santa has been declared as an event of International Touristic Interest. It is an age-old tradition in Spain that continues to encompass a valuable experience of an important and distinctively contributing area to much of Spanish culture and history: religion.

Candice Parsons is a writer and avid Spain and Spanish culture lover from Melbourne, Australia. ‘Like’ my Facebook page: www.facebook. com/pandemicrhapsody and follow me on Twitter @MiLlamoCandi


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I have heard that I need to present a declaration to the tax office declaring my assets in

other countries. Surely this cannot be true?

A. It is correct. Orden HAP/72/2013 of 30th of January has brought to life form 720, which needs to be filled

in by all residents of Spain who have assets abroad worth more than 50,000 euros. This form must be presented before the end of April with severe penalties for not doing so. All resident of Spain shall provide the Spanish tax administration with the following information: 1. Information of bank accounts you may have abroad, already in your name, or have authorization or rights to at any time of the year which corresponds to the declaration. The information shall include: • The full name and address of the bank. • Full identification of the accounts. • The opening or cancellation date, or if applicable, grant and revocation as authorized. • The average balances of the last trimester and the corresponding average balances for the last trimester of the year 2. Information on securities, assets, values or rights representing the equities of all types of entities, or transfer own equities to a third party, of which they own and are abroad, as well as life insurance and life annuity policy holders or beneficiaries of temporary policies. In this case, the information must include, in addition to the identification of the entity, the balance on December 31st, the number and class of such assets. 3. Information on real estate located abroad. This last section will contain the following statement: • Type of property. • Property location: country, city, street and number. • Date of purchase & Value of purchase. The presentation in subsequent years will only be required when the value of the assets and rights have experienced an increase of over 20,000 euro on the determined value of the last statement made. The information shall be declared in the new model 720 from February 1st to April 30th 2013 for the data of the fiscal year 2012. Starting from the next fiscal year the declaration should be presented between the dates January 1st & March 31st. Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.


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turning circle and he endeavours to blend Del, our little car, has served us well inconspicuously into the background since he became a family member in and not add to my embarrassment when 2006. He is ready for action at the turn I park him in a truly Spanish manner – at of his key, goes where pointed without a jaunty angle a generous stride from the prevarication and gobbles up the miles pavement! of motorway surprisingly briskly for one I seem to have lost the ability to park so small. neatly next to the kerb; nowadays Del He requires little nourishment in looks more abandoned than parked! the form of diesel, and his health has Recently, however, he has developed (cross fingers) been robust. He fulfils a vicious streak - he has taken to biting the demands of the ITV with minimum me! intervention from the Car Doctor, and He first bit me some days ago. I pulled currently sports a smart new sticker him up on a waste space, euphemistically saying that he may traverse the King’s called ‘unsurfaced parking’, climbed out Highway with the blessing of the Law with my normal hermit-crab-emerginguntil 2015. from-its-shell lack of elegance, and went Del and I are to close his door. generally in accord – I As I touched his door to push it to he make allowances for bit me – a sharp electric shock, enough his ridiculously large to make me physically jump. I thought no more about it, but he did it again. In fact he has taken to doing it every time I get out and touch his door

By Jos Biggs

to close it. He doesn’t do it when I open his door to get in, only when I go to get out and close it after me. What is the matter with him? Why has he suddenly turned on me after a harmonious relationship of so many years? Now to close Del’s door without getting bitten I slam the door shut with my elbow while simultaneously executing a smart backwards half pirouette to bring me out of his reach. It doesn’t work, but it is very similar to the contortions of Ronnie Barker’s character Arkwright in Open All Hours, who has a till that bites him when he shuts it. I need to get this situation sorted out soon – I fear that my precipitous prancing will bring me to the attention of the kind men in white coats. Or at the very least, people will start shouting out ‘F-fetch a cloth, Granville’ when they see me!

Open Up Your Sumo Please Sir

All women seem to like men in uniforms, or so it is said. And if the number of little gum chewing; crew-cutted infants running around the streets of England in the late forties was anything to go by, then this would lend much weight to the idea. Even us chaps have to admit that there is something about those guys whose hands we place ourselves in when flying off to some far flung destination, when we see them strutting through the airport terminal in their natty pilots gear and gold

braid, accompanied by a gaggle of leggy female members of the cabin staff. I have met a few of these blokes at parties when they have had stop-over’s on long haul flights and I can confirm that without their smart Qantas or Delta attire, they are no different from the rest of us which thereby validates the ‘men look good in uniforms’ thing. Part of the attraction though, is due to the added confidence, or in some cases arrogance, that donning a uniform gives to the wearer. There is a self assurance that comes shining through and cannot fail to impress the observer and invoke admiration and at times trepidation. I know that a little shiver of apprehension shimmies its way down my spine, when I see that distinctive Guardia livery at the side of the By Colin Bird :


road. Complete with their Doc Martins boots and distinctive military style peaked caps, they are the epitome of smart and implacable efficiency. And always of course finished off with the aviator shades, which I have noticed they sometimes still wear at night. I mean . . . hard or what? But that’s ok; the appearance of these guys has the desired and necessary effect – instant respect and a sudden desire to pass water. The overpowering desire to visit the rest room when confronted by a uniformed customs officer was something that I personally experienced at Heathrow many years ago. It was the only time in my life when my rights were read to me and I had my collar metaphorically felt. I was returning to England after spending years working in a foreign land and my luggage

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was packed with the accumulated clothing, toiletries and other items that amass under such circumstances. My cases resembled two Sumo wrestlers with handles (no luggage with wheels in those days) but having conformed to all British Airways terms and conditions, I had not anticipated problems. But I was flustered on that particular November morning because my wife to be – the waif-like Janet – was arriving within a half hour of my own flight touching down. Hers from Bermuda and mine from Philadelphia. My edginess must have been noticed by the man with the Customs & Excise insignia on his cap – a small man made large by the uniform and the power that this gave him – who singled me out for inspection. After painstakingly rifling through my cabin bag, he openly smirked as he ordered me to heave my suitcases on to the counter and open them. He was enjoying himself. It had taken the weight of two people and some very bad language to shoe horn everything into my cases twenty four hours earlier and it was obvious what would happen. And sure enough just like a can of beer that had been shaken vigorously prior to popping the tab, my belongings spilled out over the counter and floor of the customs hall in an avalanche of fabric. It was like an explosion in a laundromat and there was an almost audible sigh of relief from my liberated budgie smugglers. After giving my belongings

John MacDonald (El Sordo) -

The Arkwright Effect

viewpoint alqueria - The Prophesy

Some three hundred years ago a wise and learned man resided in Alqueria. That is to say he was wise and learned compared to the norm in the village. He mastered joined-up writing and could walk and talk at the same time. El Creído was his name and this relatively erudite individual was universally disliked. The simple folk of the Pueblo didn’t understand him and therefore feared him. He was hounded out of his home and his town. As he left a comet was seen bright in the night sky. El Creído prophesied that when the comet returned to Alqueria a catastrophe of biblical proportions would engulf the village. The comet is now known as the Grungbucket Comet. Named after Sidney Grungbucket of Penge. He catalogued the comet when it was first seen over southern Britain twenty or so years ago. According to his calculations the periodic body is due over southern Spain within the week. Word spread quickly through the village. The population attempted to abandon their homes and cross the border into Spain. The Spanish authorities, being alive to the situation closed all crossing points. Unable to leave they settled for partying. Partying as if the end was nigh. Manuela was in her element and moved from one shindig to another. If anyone says they remember the parties of that night then it’s a certain bet they weren’t there. For months the village priest struggled to convert the drunkenness and copulation of the ‘night of the comet’ into the more sedately forms of heavy drinking and mild fore-play. The Grungbucket Comet duly appeared bright and big in the northern sky. Clouds gathered and gave vent to a storm of Wagnerian proportions. Rain, lightning, and thunder shook the windows and rattled the walls of Alquerian homes. The comet shone brightly through the black cloud as if mocking the Alquerian people below. The village trembled as the tempest raged. It lasted until the first spears of the morning sun found their way through the valleys of the high sierra. The population tentatively examined their village, their homes and themselves. All was well apart from everything being extremely wet. If there isn’t such a thing as a collective consciousness then the reality became obvious to all simultaneously. The horrible truth is that no catastrophe of whatever proportions could do any damage to Alqueria. The village with its perma-fog, perma-pong and evil smelling Río Verde is such a disagreeable place that any modification no matter how caused would probably be an improvement.

a cursory examination, he motioned for me to leave everything except for my cabin bag and to follow him and another officer to an interrogation room where he proceeded to read me my rights: you are not obliged to say anything etc. etc. It turned out that he did not believe that a camera I had acquired on my travels, was bought second hand (which it was) and not purchased new, which would have required duty to be paid. But the worst example of the abuse of power by a uniformed officer, was on a recent trip to

America where an immigration official from hell confronted us at Los Angeles LAX. He proceeded to interrogate us aggressively and in a highly insulting manner, with the clear intention of going all out to bait me. The objective, I suspect, was to encourage me to come back at him verbally so that he could exercise his authority to turn us around and put us on the next plane home. But I kept my temper for once. As my friend who lives in California later observed: if the pay is chicken feed, you’ll get turkeys!

Iberian Peninsula Weekend Gathering of Scottish Country Dancers Hotel Beatriz Palace & Spa, Fuengirola. Friday 8th to Sunday 10th March 2013 Such is the popularity of the Weekend that it takes months of planning and has to be booked two years in advance by the host group. On a rotational basis, groups share the responsibility for the once-a-year gathering of the clans from all over the Iberian Peninsula. There are about 10 groups spread over Spain and Portugal from which 124 dancers attended this year’s gathering - 15 from Torrevieja. Full highland dress was needed for this occasion so a large suitcase was soon filled. On the Thursday we took 6 hours to drive, with two quite long stops, to Fuengirola. We arrived at our hotel only just in time for afternoon tea. Checking in at the 4 star Hotel was efficiently dealt with amid the greeting of many dancers from distant groups. Once settled in our rooms we unpacked then took a short walk around the hotel to familiarise ourselves with the area, often bumping into other groups of IPG attendees. Dinner was spent renewing acquaintances, and continued later with a nightcap in the bar. Friday morning some of us headed off to explore the town. Official registration for the dance groups took place in the afternoon, then there was a walk-through session of the evening’s dances for those who needed it, (that turned out to be most of us). The evening began with an excellent dinner. Dancing commenced at 21.00 - kilts and gowns, swirling to the tunes of the Graigellachie Band. The dancing went on until after midnight. On Saturday morning, for the keen dancers, our teacher for the weekend, Mervyn Short, held a technique class. After the class there was a meeting for interested members, when volunteers were sought to host the IPG two years hence.The afternoon was spent relaxing and catching up with more gossip. Those who required a walk-through of the evening’s dances had to be in the ballroom for 16.00. As on the previous night, the evening started with dinner. At 20.45 a ‘Grand March’ preceded the Ball which began at 21.00. A total of 17 dances were reeled, jigged - or strathspeyed (a tempo unique to Scottish Country Dancing). The evening was rounded off with Auld Lang Syne and a short polka. A few hardy couples wound down in the bar until the wee hours. On Sunday morning a Group Teachers’ Meeting was held, followed by another class. Mervyn Short took us through some technique and formation lessons. He then taught dances, which included those moves. For some it was time to go home for work the next day, but with a promise to meet again next year. For us the afternoon provided free time to explore further the delights of Fuengirola. A Ceilidh was held on Sunday evening and this proved to be great fun and a fitting end to a wonderful weekend. Scottish Country Dancing is held at 3 p.m. on Monday afternoons at El Paraiso Restaurant in Jardin del Mar, Torrevieja. Why not join us, you don’t need a kilt for the classes.




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laza D iferente

Unico, Riquismo y...Diferente



Urb. Benimar • C/ Ramon y Cajal, 13 BENIJOFAR (Alicante) • T. 965 724 792



The Dutch supermarket welcomes all nationalities. There is something for everyone, for all your needs.

Dutch Supermarket stocking Fresh Produce.

We have everything from Milk, Chocolate, Biscuits, Sauces, Soups, Snacks to Toiletries

Open: Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Tel: 965 724 792 Cento Commercial BENIMAR opposite Plaza Diferente

Making your money go further at

savbritish €vvay

So Bar

Overlooking the beautiful Parque Cañada BENIMAR Come and enjoy our fabulous BRUNCH MENU Fresh Home-cooked Cereal, Wholemeal & Tiger Breads, Panini’s, Ciabatta with a wide choice of deli and hot fillings


Selling all your Favourite Products at Excellent Prices Warburton Loaf only €1.75 Warburton Crumpets only €1.40 Astonish Products only €1.30

Visit our store today! Benimar commercial centre opposite dutch butcher & rialto

Tel 633 583 137

Wednesday Evenings - Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo with Radio Novas Kev Friday Evenings - Open Mic with Radio Novas Kev Saturday Evenings - Party Night Sunday - The One & Only Johnny Fox from 5pm

For more info Tel: 966 189 503


Traditional Italian Food Freshly Cooked

Traditional Authentic Indian Restaurant Special 3 Course Lunch Menu from €8.95 Inc. Glass of Wine, Beer or Soft Drink Special 3 Course Evening Menu €9.50 incl. Glass of Wine, Beer or Soft Drink Children’s Menu Available from only €4.50

Take Away Service

FREE Bottle of Wine with Every Order over €15.00

Centro Comercial Benimar Reservations Call: 966 712 645

Menu Del Dia 3 Courses from includes a Glass of Wine, Beer or Soft Drink €9.00 Menu De La Noche 3 Courses includes a Glass of Wine, Beer or Soft Drink €10.90 Childrens Menu available only


Also Take Away Service with FREE Bottle of Wine with Every Order Over €15

Centro Comercial Benimar Tel: 966 714 284


... and don’t forget El Mundo de Espana and the Dutch Butcher



Photos by Andy Wilson

r a m i n e b

Lisa && Rob Rob would would like like to to welcome welcome you you to to the the Lisa Grand Opening of of Route Route 66 66 Diner. Diner.

Friday 22nd March 7pm Booking strongly advised TEL: 966 715 825 Benimar Commercial Commercial Centre Centre Benimar Opposite the the Card Card Place Place Opposite




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Well, where are we now? After my slight diversion last week it is, b to the b ie. back to the Basques. I find the Basque culture fascinating and more than that inspiring, especially with regards to the stature of women within the community. Even if you look back to feudal Europe, women were granted total equality to men and that is because of the laws of primogeniture. In the Basque country the traditional juridical concepts that have inspired the laws governing succession, reflect this obsessive concern with the preservation of the ‘etxe-ondo’. In order to insure the integral transmission of the house, with its immovable and movable goods, the rules of succession followed a pattern of strict primogeniture, without distinction between the sexes. The eldest child, male or female, was the natural heir. This organization of the Basque family provided the woman, in her role as inheritor with a wide range of rights and responsibilities. In the domestic sphere she was granted control over the lands and goods pertaining to the etxe-ondo and was charged with the duty of maintaining the integrity of the house. In the religious Wall Insulation, Damp proofing sphere she had the responsibility and honour of representing & Dry Lining Specialist the house at religious functions and sitting at the ‘yarleku’ The Yarleku was a sepulchral stone placed on the floor of the church CALL NOW ON under which the members of each household were buried. This stone functioned as a symbolic counterpart of each farmstead and all rituals and offering of sacrifices, were carried out by the 965 319 512 or 634 009 109 ‘etxekoandrea’ or her female representative, the serora. e-mail : or visit our website Politically she also had the right and duty to sit in the local assembly and cast her house’s vote there. No necessity for any women’s lib movement there then however the male dominated ‘ Catholic Church’ was threatened by the high status of the women and in the 1500’s found a way to undermine her standing in the community by accusing the women of being witches. Amongst the Church hierarchy and in the minds of the Serving the Coast and Inland for over 10 Years inquisitors on the subject of women and witchcraft: “That there are more women than men amongst the Devil’s ministers;...... women were sinks of iniquity”. Fortunately, although the ‘church’ accused, imprisoned and burnt many women throughout the inquisition, in the churches of Euskal Herria there still exists today, a religious institution of great antiquity and one that clearly demonstrates the high status traditionally afforded to the female in Basque culture. Here the serora or benedicta still acts as an adjunct to the priest in the ritualistic activities of the Catholic Church. In the 20th century it Manufacturers & Installers of is rewarding to see her continuing presence within the modern church which is in direct contrast to the officially approved role Insect Screens, Aluminium & of women in the Church. UPVC Windows & Doors It is this strong culture and self belief and determination that Tel: 966 716 329 or Spanish Mob: 722 763 055 has afforded the Basques a reputation of being fierce defenders of their territory - against Romans, Vikings, Visigoths, Muslims others. Many invaders have chosen to by-pass the region. email: and When they have managed to put down roots, the Basques have Find us at Moncayo Market on Saturdays negotiated and learned from them, but have never mixed too much or risked becoming integrated. Again, it was that desire to remain independent, that the Basque came into direct Manufacturers of high quality security conflict with the Spanish and grills and ornate iron work in turn Franco.The Basques had until the 19th century, lived side by side with the Spanish and were exempt from some of the Spanish laws and taxes because of a separate set of laws that they were granted, which were called fueros. These laws were abolished in 1876, ending their ability to rule themselves. This desire to rule themselves separately was in direct contrast to General Franco goals for a homogeneous state. Franco believed in one, unified Calle Heredades, Almoradi Spain and opposed any kind of regional diversification. For a free no obligation quote call: Anyone who stood in the Chaz 661 162 927 or 603 323 599

Eco Build


leaky roof ? - we have the solution

The Mosquito Screen & Window Co


covers all areas from Quesada Trade and Community Enquiries welcome

•Security Grills/Handrails Arches •Electric and Manual Gates •Decorative Fencing •Garden Furniture •Gazebos, Car Ports, etc

Basque separists march

way of his aims was therefore the enemy ie. the Basques and because of this, they became one of his prime targets. One of Franco’s most hated opponents, and a thorn in his side, was a strong, fearless woman named Isidora Dolores Ibárruri Gómez, also known as’ La Pasionaria’, (passion flower). who was born in Gallarta, within the borders of the Basque Country. Although she was a well known, prominent pre-war communist woman in politics within Spain, it was during the civil war where she was, above all, an astounding orator and a passionate figurehead for the men and women trying desperately to battle Franco’s advances. She became much more than just a voice for communism. She became a central figure for the Republicans trying to push fascism back and defend Spain against Franco. On 18th July, 1936, she ended a radio speech with the words: “The fascists shall not pass! No Pasaran”. This phrase eventually became the battle cry for the Republican Army. In another speech she declared at a meeting for women: “It is better to be the widows of heroes than the wives of cowards!” For those of you who have visited or come from Glasgow in Scotland, you would be more familiar with her than you realise, as there is a statue in her image with the quotation “Better to die on your feet than live forever on your knees”. As a woman myself, who has experienced first hand the attitude of the ‘macho culture in Spain’, it gives me great pleasure to have seen the Basque women buck the trend and retain their integrity and position throughout the centuries and long may it continue. There is so much more to discover about this amazing women and about the Basque nation in general and its links to Sinn Fe’in but we will come back to the subject on a later date as I thought it might be nice to focus on the Easter Parades and festivities that Spain is so famous for. We are also celebrating Easter here at Casa la Pedrera with our Easter Egg Hunts which are perfect for visiting grandchildren. All the activities will be running as well as the tea garden which will be open throughout the Easter Period including Easter Sunday, from11am - 4pm with our new Spring Menu. The craft shop as well as the Grand Design House, will also be open so you can bring your visitors for a nice drive out around the lake and perhaps even enjoy a stroll within the Reserve to observe the lovely wildflowers that are in bloom. To find out more visit our website at www. thingstodoinspain. info which has a direct link to our face book page which is regularly updated. Statue of La Passionara in Glasgow Scotland Jenni

Casa la Pedrera - Open all year round

Activity Centre: Quadbiking, Horse Treks, Archery, Air Rifle Kayaking etc. Grand Design House: Tea Room & Craft Shop open daily 11am / 4pm Serving light lunches and cream Teas with magnificent lake views. Next Event: Easter Egg Hunts for kids! Fri 29, Sat 30, Sun 31 March & Mon 1 April

Call 660 816 620


Is the EU Recession Affecting Spanish Tourism?

DIY is born!

April 1957, Good Housekeeping

Back in 1957 DIY was relatively new. Here’s how Good Housekeeping magazine (launched back in the 1920s) recommended that its readers approach the DIY concept...

Each year, in the spring, housewives turn their thoughts to decorating and renovating their homes. More and more we are urged to ‘do it ourselves’, and this trend is supported by manufacturers who make a wide range of paints and papers which are easy to apply and many tools to help the amateur. In fact, there is so much for the unskilled and semi-skilled that it is not easy to choose materials and tools correctly. We give here some helpful pointers for wise buying. The following is a selection of equipment which the home handyman will want.

Buckets: Plastic buckets are light and easy to handle. Sponges: Cellulose sponges are made in many different sizes. They are hard wearing and very absorbent. Gloves: Rubber or plastic gloves will protect your hands. Lined plastic gloves are very strong and a good choice for the tougher jobs involving the use of steel wool, etc. Rubber gloves are more pliable; the gauntlet shape gives added protection when reaching up to do high work. If you are one of those people who can’t bear to work in gloves, use a good barrier cream. Don’t forget to supply your self amply with rags and dust sheets.

Tourism, one of the two engines buoying the Spanish economy, is beginning to show signs it is being affected by the eurozone recession and has now registered four consecutive months of declines in the number of foreign tourist arrivals, with the exception of the ‘zero growth’ registered for November. The negative trend, which began with the decline of 3.2% recorded in October of last year, seemed to slow down with the zero growth (0.2%) recorded in November, only to fall again by 1.3% in December and by 2.6% in January, according to the latest official data. Tourist arrivals thus fell by 1.7% in the last quarter and, unlike the fall of April, which was explained by the change in dates of Easter week, this time there was no seasonal factor to account for the negative trend. In addition, the arrivals of tourists from the United Kingdom and Germany, Spain’s first two source markets, registered more significant declines, falling by 4.6% and 6%, respectively, in the month of January. This is suggested to be due to the negative growth of their economy in the last three months and rising unemployment beginning to affect their travel demands. Also notable are the declines of 29.3% in tourist arrivals from Italy (accumulating six months of decreases), and of 22% in tourist arrivals from the Netherlands. These four source markets account for 43.3% of all international tourists in Spain. In the last month, the only major country to improve its tourist arrivals to Spain is France, the third largest source market providing 15.3% of the total, which grew by 6.7%, and continues the growth trend

shown in 2012. The closeness between the two countries and the possibility of access by road are the reasons for this increase in French tourists, the majority of whom head for Catalonia, while those choosing Andalusia as their destination decreased in number. By destination, El Economista reported that the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Madrid are the regions most affected due to the drop in the number of German and British tourists. The decline of the German economy is also reflected in the spending of the German tourists in Spain, which fell by 3.9% during the month of January. In contrast, British tourists’ spending increased by 2.3% despite the decline in arrivals. Interestingly, despite the decline in the number of tourist arrivals, the volume of international tourist spending rose by 6.5% in January to 2,826 million euros, compared to a year earlier. An apparent contradiction due to the increase in VAT – which took effect in July – and transport prices and, to a lesser extent, by the boost in spending by tourists from France, Scandinavia and Latin America, which was accompanied by a significant increase in arrivals, although in the case of the Latin Americans their contribution to the total number of arrivals is still relatively insignificant. Average spending per person also increased by 88 euros, compared to January 2012, while the average daily expenditure was 10 euros more. Sources from the Ministry of Tourism admitted, however, that if the transport expenditure component was subtracted, the increases, although still positive, would be gentler.


Steps: These are essential for practically all home decorating. Obviously they must be safe, steady and tall enough to enable you to reach the highest point on your walls.

A table is necessary if you are papering.



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Comercial Carmona opens its doors to a new service for the region Lamps Decoration WHOLSALE LED Lighting PRICES Shop Lighting Open all Day (no siesta)

Located on the High Street

Huge Bathroom Showroom Located in the Warehouse

Cement sack 25kg

Bathroom furniture

from only English Speaking Telephone ben

687 497 892

olula del rio

From Albox on A334 do not turn off for Olula Mercadona, take the turning after the Tanatorio


4 a33




We are here comercial carmona warehouse & petshop

OPEN: MONDAY - FRIDAY 8.30am-2pm and 3.30pm -8.30pm Sat 8.30am - 2pm

Olula Tel: 950 441 973

3€ The new lighting store is olula located in the Olula Town Centre just up from the BP del rio Garage on the main street tanatorio 54 km

54 km


Olula Fines del rio


Olula Fines del rio




baza 4


BP comercial carmona Lighting Store

We are here




Frankie’s Garden

them on their way. I find it is better to water a day in advance if I am using liquid feed as it absorbs better and immediately after if I am using dry pellets.

ay! Keep Insects Aw

The second half of the month is ideal for checking equipment and stock. It is better to ensure that all is in perfect order before you need it and to replace anything which has seen better days rather than be held back from a task later. Check ‘use-by’ dates on feeds, weedkillers etC.

QUESTION: Please can we have a list of jobs we should be doing now – it’s always a help to be reminded! ANSWER: Yes, of course. In my book, this is a month of two halves with a list of different tasks in each! The first half is still good for new planting and the earlier in the month the better. This will ensure that roots get a good hold before the sun is too baking hot and they don’t dry out as fast now. It’s advisable to make sure

anything you buy in a pot is soaked well before putting in a prepared hole in the ground or even in another pot, then water well in; if ‘dry’ planted it will struggle to absorb moisture later. In most areas now, danger of frost should have passed and you can safely remove any dead bits on shrubs such as roses etc. which have been attacked over the

winter months. To check if it is dead first rub a thumbnail down the bark - if it is still green underneath it is still alive; if not, prune just below the first green bit you find and it should soon start to sprout again. As your plants begin to come to life again after the winter sleep they will be hungry so make sure you give them a good feed to set

Is the wheelbarrow wheel fully inflated? Are all the garden tools clean? Do the secateurs and loppers need sharpening? Has the garden hose perished? Do any of the irrigation bits need cleaning out? Now is a busy time outside and as the weather, hopefully, is getting a bit kinder, it is a delightful time to be doing it!

send your gardening questions to Frankie c/o editor@


Flies hate it! Little bunches, hanging in windows or left on top of tall furniture, work well. Replace when the lavender smells of nothing but twigs. It seems to me that “true” lavender is much more effective that lavendula (the “cheaper” stuff, which has squatter, slightly pinker blossoms) - but this could be mere horticultural snobbery!



Established 40 years in the UK

8.2kw heat pumps at 1,700€ 12kw heat pumps 2,000€ small ROLLERS FROM 200€



6x3m.................165€ 6x3m.................220€ 8x4m.................270€ 8x4m.................355€ sooner 8x5m.................330€ 8x5m.................420€ in a 10x4m...............330€ 10x4m...............420€ warmer 10x5m...............420€ 10x5m...............520€ Pool 12x6m...............600€ 12x6m...............750€ For more prices & information Trade Enquiries WELCOME Alan 966 765 378 / 649 784 193

Home Comfort


Summer is on its way and Home Comfort Spain are getting prepared! As well as our stock of quality English duvet sets and sheets which will brighten up your bedroom and see you through until the hot weather arrives we also have a huge selection of affordable towels for the home. We also have in stock beach loungers and towels. Based at the Moncayo Market every Saturday in cabin 222. Home Comfort Spain offer quality rugs, towels and homewares at affordable prices. Come along and see us between 09.00-14.00 in the retail village at Moncayo Market. Also can be seen at Da Vincis Bistro at Lakeside, La Siesta,Torrevieja on a Tuesday morning from 11.00- 15.00. Visit our website at or telephone Ian on 617 659 282



Tel: 627 752 965 | 622 400 365 | 966 194 179

Reforms Architectural Service & Plans Painting Decorating Construction & Maintenance Interior Design Legally registered family business Tiling, Flagging, Electrics, Plumbing, Quality workmanship guaranteed Aluminuim, Swimming pools, Key-holding & Maintenance

680 851 376

616 214 713

Installation & Maintenance

Your Local AirConditioning Experts!

Visit: Office: 965 720 512 Mobile: 603 877 683 or 616 926 446 We also supply and fit electric boilers



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...FOOD news...FOOD news...FOOD news Could olive oil be the key to weight loss?

Puttingolive oil on the dinner table could help you stay slim – because the smell makes us feel full. The discovery comes after scientists tracked volunteers who ate a 500g yoghurt every day for three months. Some had added olive oil, while others included rapeseed oil, lard or butter. Those who had olive oil ate fewer calories overall, and none put on weight.

Blood tests showed they had higher levels of serotonin, a so-called satiety hormone that makes us feel full. Scientists at Munich’s Technische Universitaet and the University of Vienna said this was due to an aroma compound not found in other fats and oils. They were able to recreate the results by adding the aroma compounds – but not olive oil itself – to yoghurts. The aroma extracts from olive oil can leave us feeling fuller, cutting our calorie intake by almost 200 a day, they said. German and Austrian scientists made the discovery after testing the appetitesuppressing properties of four different fats - olive oil, lard, butter and rapeseed oil. The team at the Technical University of Munich and at the University of Vienna asked volunteers to eat half a kilo of yoghurt enriched with one of the four fats daily alongside their normal diet. After three months, it was discovered that adding o l i ve oil had the biggest effect o n satiety - the feeling of being full. Study author Professor Peter Schieberle said those who ate the olive oil yoghurt were found to have higher levels of the hormone serotonin - which controls

9 Item English Breakfast


Served 9.30 till 5pm (Sunday till 12)

the feeling of fullness - in their blood. He also hailed the findings as paving the way for new healthy but satisfying weightloss foods, adding: ‘Our findings show that aroma is capable of regulating satiety. ‘We hope that this work will pave the way for the development of more effective-reduced fat food products that are nonetheless filling.’



find us on


Quality HomeFood Restaurant

Choice of “The best kept secret in Cabo Roig” 25 MAIN COURSES Hidden Within La Rotonda Aparthotel Cabo Roig Choice of DESSERTS Real Hand Cut Chips  Delicious Homemade Pies  Mouthwatering Steaks  Fabulous Homemade Desserts Finest Teas & Coffee  Homemade meals from €4.50

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rr er


Po n



dessert lic




ar ta


Zenia Boulevard

Serving from 9.30am to 9.30pm Mon - Sat Sunday 9.30am to 7.30pm

Ct ra A



Fantastic winter SPECIALS BOARD €4.50

Changed twice weekly

Available till 9pm

Always fresh, always exciting, always incredible value!

Truly Fabulous Homemade food at pocket Friendly prices

ard 5 mins shopping at Zenia Boulev We Are HERE


c/Beasain�Commercial, Phase�3�San�Luis�Torrevieja



San Luis

• Monday Evening - Crib Night • Tuesday Evening - Darts • Wednesday Evening - Live Music with the Fabulous Michelle • Thursday Afternoon - Neil’s�Cards easter specials • Thursday Evening - Ken’s�Crazy�Quiz see our boards - Fish�‘n’�Chip Night or facebook for • Fryday Evening details • Saturday Evening - Live Music with the Fabulous Michelle - Traditional�Roast & good old “singalong” after 4pm • Sunday Lunch All�Sports�Shown�Daily • Outside�Catering • Offers�on�Drinks All�Day�Special�Breakfasts • home�Cooked�Menu

Easter sunday at manhattan

Celebrate Easter Sunday at Manhattan make sure you book your table today!

Tel: 966 111 605

3 course HOMEMADE Menu del Dia €7.95 served 12 till 9pm


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to Advertise your bar or restaurant Call our costa blanca sales office on

966 719 647

North Staffordshire Oat Cakes are in Spain Visit Bill & Rita at Los Alcazares Market - Monday La Marina Market - Thursday Moncayo Market - Saturday El Zocco Market - Sunday

Tel: 676 527 348 Email

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Cake-Expectations Novelty Cakes, Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes Made to Order.



Quesada La Marina Campoverde San Miguel La Marina Quesada Entre Naranjas Dona Pepa Catral Campoverde Comedy Show La Siesta Torrevieja Torrevieja Benimar Flamenca Beach 10pm Start Los Alcazares

gig guide

We specialise in individual designs personal to you.

Visit the website for more details Tel: 634 360 179

CARVERY The inn at the green every Sunday Wednesday

from 1pm

27th March

includes a glass of wine, small beer or water

Fish‘n’Chips 3 courses + wine or water

only €4-95


2 for 14-95

€ 6-95

inc bottle wine

per person

san miguel de salinas


commercial centre

Booking advisable as space is limited


inn at the green

san javier

ap-7 los montesinos

Wednesday Menu del Dia


with entertainment from the fabulous female vocalist

677 617 434 672 033 676 Every Sunday

Sponsored by

Stars in Bars

Joanna 9pm

Kabaroke with Matt Christian 9pm


email your favourite recipes to



Roast Asparagus with Stir-fried Beef & Cabbage Mint & Feta


Ingredients A sparagus, washed & trimmed

MAIN Ingredients

50g/2oz spring onions, sliced

1 tbsp sesame oil

50g/2oz bean sprouts

Generous pinch of sea salt


300g beef shoulder steak, thinly sliced

50g/2oz mangetout

Generous fistful of roughly

1. Preheat the oven to its highest setting. Toss the asparagus, oil and salt in a mixing bowl and spread on a baking tray in a single layer. Cook in the oven for 10-15 minutes

1 garlic clove, crushed

1 tsp Chinese five-spice powder

10g/¾oz ginger, grated

1 tbsp sesame seeds

100g/3½oz shiitake mushrooms, sliced

1 lime, juice only

100g/3½oz spring cabbage, sliced

salt & soy sauce, to taste

2 tbsp olive oil

chopped mint, plus small leaves to garnish 2 tbsp capers, washed and squeezed dry 1/2 tsp cracked black pepper Extra-virgin olive oil Juice of 1 lemon 200g feta, crumbled Bread suitable for toasting

2. In a large mixing bowl, gently combine the mint, capers and black pepper with just enough extravirgin oil to make it look like a rough sauce. 3. A  rrange the asparagus on the toast and drizzle over the sauce. Squeeze on the lemon juice and sprinkle the mint leaves on top, then scatter with crumbled feta.

Tip: This is a great starter or light lunch, served warm or cold.

Method 1. Heat the sesame oil in a large frying pan or wok. Add the beef to the pan and stir fry for 1-2 minutes until coloured on all sides. Add the garlic and ginger and stir well. Add the vegetables and stir fry for another minute or until the beef is cooked to your liking. 2. As soon as the beef is cooked, add the five-spice powder, sesame seeds and lime juice, stir and remove from the heat. 3. T  o serve, season with salt and/or soy sauce and divide among four plates.

Roasting asparagus really intensifies its flavour and brings out the sweeter notes. In fact, roasting asparagus is a good way of using it even when it is looking a little sorry for itself. Roasting removes moisture, so the spears will shrink a little. Allow 6 spears per person. You don’t have to stick to feta for this recipe, try with cottage cheese, ricotta, young goat’s cheese or mozzarella.

tips from the kitchen table.... To separate an egg without getting your hands mucky. Break egg into a saucer, invert an egg cup over the yolk and pour off the white. You then do not get pieces of egg shell, or the yolk if making meringues, etc.



2 tbsp skimmed milk 4 tsp sugar 1 tsp vanilla  medium banana, cut in 1 quarters 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt

Banana Mousse Method: 1. Place milk, sugar, vanilla, and banana in blender. 2. Process 15 seconds at high speed until smooth. 3. Pour mixture into a small bowl; fold in yogurt and chill. 4.Spoon into 4 wine glasses; garnish each with a strawberry before serving.


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24 Women in love (9) 25 Willow (5) 26 Having some resemblance (5) 27 A citrus fruit (9) 28 Proof (8) 29 Spiritualists meeting (6) Down 1 In a psychotic manner (8) 2 Occlusion (8) 3 Not our (5) 5 A discourtesy (7) 6 Thrive (archaic) (9) 7 Relax (6)

8 Christian holy holiday (6) 9 Prove true or correct (6) 15 Become more frugal (9) 17 Relating to Sicily (8) 18 Break the heart of (8) 20 Severe or farreaching (7) 21 Show off (6) 22 A thick cream soup (6) 23 Hunting expedition (6) 25 Overweight (5)


Very Hard!




Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

Across 1 Reasoned argument (6) 4 Dampness (8) 10 Sheets of unbound paper (9) 11 Gapes (5) 12 A southern Eurasian falcon (5) 13 Naivete (9) 14 In an unclear manner (7) 16 Historical periods (4) 19 Stated (4) 21 Providing nourishment (7)

7 Plunder country (not Italy) with fire (7) 8 Feel bitter about Mid-West, shown in tear (6) 14Vessel to ban perhaps, when pointer is seen inside (6,4) 16 A quiet tree? (3) 18 Printing units in Harlem suburb (3) 19 6 once took the French aggression (8) 20 Rough track, say (6) 21 Enthusiastic reception from Ivan - too bad! (7) 23 A crazy, backwards insect is unyielding (7) 24 Advert I look up in outskirts of 11 with time off (7) 25 Cope with a new game that’s complicated (6) 28 Good king before 1999 is unpleasant (4)


coffee break

Across 1 What’s in the newspapers - and might the tabloids be interested in them too? (7,7) 9 Cook because engulfed by decay (5) 10 Train in true English fashion (7) 11 Up and down - not well - in Hospital Yard (5) 12 Saw a key insides up (5) 13 Graze end of knee after fight (6) 15 Look at Eddie hiding girl! (4) 17 New flame with vessel, and French place to get second-hand goods (4,6) 20 Church or perhaps sister singers (10) 22 Reckless king has moved (4) 26 A mob without bishop is fit for ploughing! (6) 27 Be of use to a cover, we hear (5) 28 Don’t stop talking for country? (5) 29 Bowler or Top, perhaps (7) 30 A district prize (5) 31 European football team losing an injury finally taking time to cover stopping and starting (14) Down 1 Fish vessel where vehicles are left (3,4) 2 Study suitable change again (7) 3 Book part of “Best Hero” range (6) 4 Cable left to break most of the cover (10) 5 Turn into cook rage! (4) 6 Dictator with gold to make sweetheart repeatedly missing (8)





Please don’t block our access roads! That is the plea from residents who live in communities which lead off of Calle Nicholas de Bussi, the road used for Saturday markets in Playa Flamenca. Twice recently emergency vehicles have had difficulty getting to people’s homes because traders have placed their stalls across the access roads. In addition they are parking their vans opposite eachother rather than on one side of the road only, increasing the access problems. A few weeks ago a resident was taken seriously ill and needed to go to hospital quickly. There were delays while the ambulance slowly went up the road, and then had to wait while the traders moved their stalls. Sadly she died, but it cannot be established whether had she arrived in hospital more quickly she would have survived. In the past there was a similar access problem when a medical emergency occured. Vice president of the community, Tony Mayes said: “All we are asking for is for the traders to use a bit of common sense and not block the access roads. It isn’t too much to ask, and in fact the markings on the road allow gaps so emergency vehicles can get through. “Unfortunately, over the years there has been stall creep and the accesses are being blocked. We donlt think it is too much to ask for the traders to think a bit more sensibly about residents who li ve in the roads leading off of the market street. “After all, the residents are also traders’ customers, not just for a week or two as

& Hollywood roadway BSwing Sensations Tour April 2013 Starring Patti Ross, Darren Jones and Jukebox Legends

Patti was the singer with the Andy Ross band on BBC TVs Come Dancing programme and Darren is an International swing music star. This combination, with support by Big Band singer Fiona McLean and Peter Day (both of Jukebox Legends) brings together a fabulous collection of music that will be great for everyone! If you enjoy swing, big band, ballroom and jazz style music - You will LOVE this!!! or call 695 135 134 for more details.

Shows dates & venues:

holidaymarkers but all through the year.” In addition the community is asking traders not to use nearby doorways as toilets. “Public loos are provided half way up the market street and traders should be using them not in people’s doorways,” Tony added

News from AECC

The AECC Torrevieja office recently received 700€ from Christine Burnham, who wants to thank all who helped raise funds and also a big thank you to Paul and Joe from PJ’s bar in Torrevieja. The funds were raised by having a fun race night, a sponsored slim for Christine plus other activities. Christine has been through cancer, but now given the all-clear so wanted to show her gratitude for the care she received and wanted all proceeds to go to AECC. Twelve year-old Tamara, the daughter of Gabriella from GT’s bar in Los Dolces and two of her friends raised 50€ for AECC. Tamara said they wanted this for a cancer charity because her mum’s friend had breast cancer. At Easter they are going to bake small cakes and sell them to family and friends to raise more money for cancer; very heart-warming to see children of that age show such passion and understanding. Karen from Restaurant Rianxeira in La Regia, Orihuela Costa, organized a 10k walk and raised 314€, donating 157€ to Maria and the Pink Ladies on behalf of AECC, the other half to the St. Patrick’s day parade. AECC organised a raffle at a Bono and John Lennon tribute show at Bar Rocajuna, raising 108€. Pamela Howard from the La Siesta golf society donated 1,237€, so a big thank you to them and to all of the others mentioned and to those that have not been specifically mentioned, they are also gratefully thanked. Maria Wilson, President of the Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa branch of AECC is asking for more volunteers for the Torrevieja office and would also like men to come forward to help AECC as “Pink Panthers”! Similar to the Pink Ladies, which have raised many thousands of euros for AECC, men should also recognise the need to help charities such as AECC. Maria can be contacted on 633487595.

Tuesday 2nd April La Marina Sport Complex Tel: 966 796 389 Wednesday 3rd April The Club, Quesada Tel: 966 717 028 Friday 5th April Bar San Miguel, Cooperativa Murla, Xalo Valley Tel: 633 076 588 ** Sunday 7th April The Rendezvous, Campoamor (nr La Fuente Centre) (Tickets for this show are 10€ and include buffet Tel: 608 467 597 Monday 8th April Emerald Isle, La Florida Tel: 965 327 138 ** Tuesday 9th April The Club House, Camposol Golf Tel: 968 978 855 Wednesday 10th April Costa Narejos Hotel, Los Alcazares Tel: 965 400 188 Thursday 11th April Rocajuna, Punta Prima 664 591 795 / 965 997 260 ** These shows have a major feature on Darren Jones and not Patti Ross as she is unable to appear on these dates Please book early for this unique tour. Don’t be disappointed - Tickets are limited at all venues!! We will accommodate dancing at as many venues as possible but some may be restricted!!

Tickets 8.50€

Available at your chosen venue. Book early for best seats as allocated!! Shows star at 8.30pm and finish at 11-15pm Pre show meals at 7.00pm available at all venues (please ask at venue when you are booking tickets)


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


V IE W THE ONLINE ISS U E AT www. SOLTI M ES . C O M Successful Slimming

space for a little one?

Tuesday: Quesada,10am at Goyo’s Restaurant, opposite the town hall. Thursday: La Marina 11am at The Hillside Bar. A healthy eating food plan with very good results. Only 5 euros weekly with no joining fee or charge for missed weeks. For more information please ring Sian on 965 496 209 / 658 271 553. All are welcome

Rogan is a beautiful and very friendly 2 year old ginger male. He has lived in the APAH Cattery since he was rescued as a tiny kitten, so is looking for his first loving home.


Jack is a five month old puppy and one of a litter of nine who were abandoned as tiny puppies. He is a lively, playful boy who should only be medium sized when fully grown. Anyone wanting to meet Rogan, Jack or any other APAH dog or cat can contact Yvonne on 630 422 563.


Every Friday 10.30am Bar Sofia, El Raso. Fun Learn to Line Dance for Absolute Beginners with Adam (all the basic dances to get you line dancing) No previous dance skills required, but a sence of humour a must.TEL 670711408


Every week 2 lucky couples can win a fabulous, 3 course meal, from our Winter Specials Board menu, with a bottle of wine … and … 1 couple can win a delicious, 9 item English breakfast, including tea or coffee (between 9.30am – 5pm)


FREE competition




MEAL FOR 2: phillip staniforth, torrevieja - andrea redondo rodriguez BREAKFAST FOR 2: molly robertson, cabo roig

“La Mata Jazz”

Monday afternoons - jazz jams in Torrevieja. At The new Pegasus Torrevieja, Calle Dinamarca 7, Tel. 617 042 295. Very good musicians will be there: - Bajo / Bass: Jesús Gea Marcos (E); - Drums: Bryan James (UK) Piano: Ramon Climent (E); and some special guest.Chris from La Mata Jazz

new International Choir

A new International Choir has been formed in San Fulgencio, for ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls; people of all nationalities. If you want to participate, the group will be rehearsing every Thursday from 6 to 8pm in the San Fulgencio Music Centre. For more information, please contact the Office for the Urbanisations on 966 443 002

San fulgencio Computer Club

Every Wednesday 11am to 13.00. No computer? well use one of ours free. For more information see our website www.sanfulgenciocomputerclub


C O M M U NIT Y NE W S Dear Editor

I was given tickets by friends who couldn’t go to see the Di de Di show which was at the theatre in San Miguel on 16th March. What a treat we had. The show had everything, excellent singing and dancing, story lines, great acting and oh how lovely the costumes were. Our friends missed a really great night out. Praise to all those concerned. I will certainly look out for shows from this very professional company. Liz Page

50+ SOLOs

no subs or fees -welcome ladies and gentlemen for a chat, meal and perhaps a quiz at different locations throughout the month WE DO SUPPORT THE HOMELESS VETERANS IN THE UK... numbers increasingweekly. Our lunch at Nandos in March was very good with a number of new people. The quiz helped people to mix - some even cheated On 6 APRIL WE ARE EATING AT LA BOCA LOS LOCAS BEACH TORREVIEJA (ON THE SEA ROAD) 1 .00 for 1.30 hrs On 20 APRIL WE ARE AT CHEs THE PLAZA VILLA MARTIN again 1.00 for 1.30pm On 27 APRIL WE ARE HAVING A CHAT/ COFFEE and a very interesting talk to surprise us all No lunch but Jacket Potatoes can be ordered. For more information and to book-in for any of the lunches contact Ruth on 966 789 063

La Bamba’s Ballroom / Latin / Sequence Dancing

Los Rosales Restaurant, Guardamar CV895 [near Lemon Tree Sunday Market] Monday - Social Dance 8.30pm - 10.30pm [Sequence class 7.30pm - 8.30pm] Friday - Social Dance 7.30pm - 10.30pm Wednesday New Beginners Class 2pm -3pm Improvers Class 3pm - 4pm Intermediate Class 4pm - 5pm For more information contact Andrea and Brian 616 478 157


Meets at The Dojo, Avenida de las Naciones, Quesada. We hold a Sunday Service at 11.30 a.m., a Tuesday Evening of Mediumship at 7.30 p.m. And every Thursday there is an Open Circle where you can develop your skills commencing at 7.30 p.m. Spiritual healing is available every Sunday and Tuesday after the service. Annette Rogers, U.K. Medium, will take the Divine Service with Mediumship on Sunday, 24th March. On Tuesday 26th March there will be an Evening of Mediumship with the Fledglings. The Divine Service with Mediumship on Sunday, 31st March will be taken by Lesley Pickering. Please support your church. Everybody welcome. Contact Wendy on 965323028.


We are a friendship group for single people. Meeting every Wednesday from 3 pm at BAR SOFIA on the El Raso urbanisation (off the Lemon Tree Road) Guardamar. - ANN 965 070 247 - 666 747 398


If you would like to have a coffee and chat, exchange news etc. please join us at La Laguna Hotel, Lo Marabu, Friday mornings from 11.00 Ann - 965 070 247 - 666 747 398


ROJALES ARTS & CRAFTS MARKET Sunday April 7th from 11am at the Cuevas el Rodeo - artists’ caves. There will also be paella, bread and sangria around 2pm for just 3.5€ So if YOU are an artist or craftsperson and want to display/sell YOUR work etc. free, just contact me. Or if you are a visitor, come and browse the bargains - and don’t forget your wallets! HOW TO GET TO THE ARTISTS CAVES - CUEVAS DEL RODEO!!!? map, directions, photos etc are all on the CostaArt.Net website at: www.CostaArt. Net/caves.html ROJALES: Studio 17 weekly life drawing classes Fridays at studio of Martin the artist in Rojales. Although these are generally running most weeks, we are having difficulties getting female models sometimes, so please check if the class will be running or not and if you are interested in modelling, or know someone that is, please contact Amongst models booked are:Friday 29th March - model= Cristina, Spanish from Galicia specially to sit for the group Friday 19th April - new model = Karen from UK Friday 26th April - model= Sophia Disgrace breaking into her busy worldwide work schedule to visit. More info 648 535 165 or ROJALES: Art Exhibiton by Maire Kalkowski at the Sala Mengolero art gallery cave at the Rojales Caves - Cuevas del Rodeo Daily through March with inauguration at 12 noon Sunday March 3rd ORIHUELA: CHOIR a theatre play from NETWORKS THEATRE. ORIHUELA March 21st , 22nd & 23rd www. FUENGIROLA: Art Exhibition by Lisa Wheeler Now on daily until March 20th 11am to 9pm at Cafe Academia Picasso, Calle Miguel Unamuno n 5 ALGORFA: Sat/Sun, April 27/28, 2013 Homes gardens & leisure exhibition Artists wanted for demos... Martin the artist in Rojales www.CostaArt.Net 965 724 927 (from Spain)


E M AIL EDITOR @ SOLTI M ES . C O M ‘Strictly Dance’ Classes

‘Strictly Dance’ Classes every Monday at The Palms Punta Prima (old asturias next to the go kart track) and a brand new venue the Wok Royal Benijofar (old La Ruidera) every Tuesday starting 19 March. Classes 8:00 10:15pm Also join us at our ‘anything goes’ social night every Saturday at the Sophia Wellness Centre, Cabo Roig 7:30 - 10:30pm. Singles are always welcome and we have new courses starting every 3 weeks. For more information contact Lyn on 966188430 or 635584431

Torrevieja Costa Lions Club

The Torrevieja Costa Lions Club is alive and well and needs your help and support. If you would like to join us at a monthly meeting then come along to the Cabo Cevera Hotel at La Mata near Torrevieja on the second Thursday of any month. Meetings start at 17.00 and we can be found in the room at the end of the reception desk. Come and join us as we try to raise money for charities and good causes in the local area and internationally across the world. For more information ring me on 617069064 or mail me on our web site membership@

Ceroc Style Modern Jive

Thursdays 7pm Los Rosales Restaurant, Guardamar. Never Danced-No Partner-No Problem. EVERY FRIDAY 10.30am at Bar Sofia, El Raso. Learn to line dance absolute beginners class with Adam. No dancing skills required but a sence of humour a must !! SALSA FUN FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. Every Tuesday 11am. Bar Sofia, El Raso. Learn the basics to get you on the dance floor. No partner or dance skills required. We at Paso A Paso Dance believe dance should be for everyone, even if you have never danced before...the hardest part of our classes is coming through the door for the very first time, the rest is easy. Tel 670711408 for more info.


Why not come and join us for an afternoon of entertainment, fun, quizzes and games. We also have speakers, and arrange meals out and coach outings. We meet on the top floor at The New Asturias Restaurant, Punta Prima between 2.30 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each Month. Open to all age-groups. For more info call Margaret on 966730569 or Brian on 678807159. Looking forward to meeting you



SOLTIMES see us online everyday

BY TELEPHONE Between 10am & 5pm

Monday to Friday

966 719 647 BY E-MAIL

Send your advert or Classified lineage to


Quesada Business Centre, calle Los Arcos No 7, ciudad Quesada Mon to Fri 10am - 5pm


VISA ,Paypal, bank transfer & Cheques made payable to MATHEWS mEDIA s.l

DEADLINES All adverts Friday at 5pm prior to publication

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for sale

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE REPAIRS Repairs to Washers, Dryers, Electric Cookers, Dishwashers, Fridges and Freezers

All makes, Torrevieja and surrounding areas 20 years experience fast reliable service Call Stewart on office

966 785 451 / 654 939 202 hours 10 - 4 FREE CALL OUT

Small call out on Fridges


Sweet Dreams


B O A T I N G LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Owntuition on Centro Commercial, Flamenca Beach, boat La Planta, Playa Flamenca sail and power. If you have a yacht Tel: 965 321 701 or powerboat get qualifiedandcertified. Furniture Contact Richard +34 638 056 224 est 2006 Email: enquiries@ sl s e r e n i t y s a i l i n g . ROJALES SPECIALIST OF PRE - OWNED FURNITURE com or visit: www. & AccESSORIES AT SENSIBLE PRICES house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE

ALUMINIUM GATES Double & Electric Sliding. Guaranteed no rust. Call Tracy on 966 726 891 Pool tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables, darts. Tel: 666 933 726 www. Ceramic Hob Schott CERAN

model A68 new unused, 4 burner, less than half price only 100€ (Rojales) Tel 634361513 Double One mattress, nearly new with protective cover 30€ Quesada areaTel: 654 666 686 Evenings only Folding Single Metal Bed, good condition 20€

hearing aids

See our Advertisement on page 19 for more information

Furniture first

WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923

businesses for sale/rent

glass curtains

garden services

A1 Group

glass curtains Complete Garden Maintenance Create more living space, no unsightly frames, reasonable prices.

& Property Services We cover Mazarron & surrounding areas

Telephone 628 505 733

freehold local for sale For a free estimate Bar/cafe in a busy urbanisation Tel: 646 111 825 jewellery living accomodation in a 2 bed, heating south facing apartment included in the price NEATER HEATER English jeweller wishes to buy broken Annual turnover gross See our main or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and advert on the news 280-300,000€ coins pages net profit - 50,000€ IMMEDIATE CASH For more info call horse riding PAYMENT 672 033 676 Horse back Call Peter riding Murcia, electricians 664 890 990


Electrician , available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.

cartagena Telephone 679 572 690


no job too small & free estimates! specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

new icp’s fitted - swimming pool heaters & air-con, electric gates & burglar alarms hot water boilers,gas heaters & solar new bath/shower suites - spanish legal

call clive: 617 268 346 or frank: 639 988 487

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it’s under 300€ you can advertise your items

free ofin thecharge



Quesada area Tel: 654 666 686 Evenings only L arge of quantity DVD’s and CD’s, reasonable offer Quesada area Tel: 654 666 686 Evenings only learn Spanish for beginners, Oxford 5 hour cassette course 10€ Blow up single flocked guest mattress complete with foot pump 8€ Wilson Augusta double headed brass putter 10€ Tel 635885062 Camposol 2 satellite tv receivers good condition can be seen working 25€ each, please tel 965073634. silver butane bottles 10€ each Also pair of Wharfdale diamond 8 speakers, 50€ for both Los Montesinos Tel 608 233 191 mobile 685054729 Thule Karrite Car Roof Top Box, White, in good order. 60€ O.N.O. . Location Cuidad Quesada, Tel 965725573 / 659013882 C arl F oggarty Shark replica crash helmet, size small, 1998 approx, as new, collectors or enthusiast’s item open to offers. Tel 965725573 Cuidad Quesada. C omputer Monitor 15” flat screen with built in speakers model L5EX-TA complete with power cord, VGA cable and audio cable only 25€. Location Cuidad Quesada, Tel 965725573 / 659013882 Tumble Dryer, excellent condition, good working order, can be seen working €95 Tel: 645 068 235 BOOK SALE – 4 boxes = 100 + best sellers €25. Large Wall Mirror 80 x 65 Cane surround v.g.c. €12, Cane Basket Chair €8 Tel: Quesada 966 716 599


39 property for sale / rent

leak detection

Reduced Reduced Reduced

pool & water leak detection & repair specialists

don’t let your pool & water bills drain you!! tel: 627 752 965 • 622 400 365 • 966 194 179



966 719 647

musician Lenny Mitchell, guitarist singer, international, professional, solo act. lenny Mitchell & his musical time machine invite you on a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to play in any venue. tel: 658 321 891 or email


pet taxi


asssa medical insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, Tel: 968 153 396, mazarron@asssa. es


(0034) 667 235 205 (sp) (0044) 7850 575862


only€39,950 Apartment For Sale

cortij0 grande golf course for SALE detatched cortijo

1 bed, 1 bath apartment, fully fitted kitchen, white goods, parking, lovely views. Ideal golfing holiday apartment. Close to Mojacar / Turre.

T: 664 291 793 or email:

reasonable priced properties / RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa & Costa Calida

We have clients enquiring in this area


tel: 965 325 601

20mins from mojacar This is a unique spanish cortijo with 4 beds, 2 baths, Open plan living areas, kitchen & diningroom as well as a workshop, courtyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain views.

Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200m²

immaculate 2 bed, 1 bath ground apartmant situated in the very nice area of Lomas de Campoamar golf resort. very spacious accomadation of 86m2, furnished, walking distance to La Fuente Commercial centre, 24 hour security, includes use of communal pools, tennis courts etc, 395€ + bills, no offers

ring now on 648 111 779 for immediate viewing

FOR SALE Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi,Costa Blanca


Tel: 649 186 107

thunderpaul2003@hotmail.ccom for rent, 3 bed, 3 bath spacious semi-detatched house with garage situated in the popular area of La Zenia, walking distance to shops, beaches and the new La Zenia Boulevard, Furnished, Long term, 550€ monthly plus electric & water, perfect family home Tel: 966 733 079 or 619 098 543

4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings. Overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, church & mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk away from the town’s attractive central square, all other amenities are also within easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course Private Sale €75,000

Tel: (0034) 676 534 978 pets

24 HR EMERGENCY LOCKSMITH Window / Shutter / Door locks Opened, Changed & Fitted Telephone: 653 145 300

Pets In Spain

Don’t miss the biggest BARGAIN yet!

Milo and Mindy were found wandering near a busy road. They are now in a temporary foster home but need forever homes. They are approx 3 months old and will be medium/large when fully grown

We have a key-ready block of apartments in Los Montesinos with full finance!

All you pay is €3,000 to complete. ATTACHED TOWNHOUSE DOÑA PEPA

Special Deals for Urbanisations

personals “Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive” ELEGANT SLIM, house visits Tel: 693 massage bed. Very SEXY ITALIAN 357 526 discreet. Call 677 676 LADY availanble natasha , 554 San Policarpo home/house visits. diverse No. 87 Apt 1-17 Torrevieja, La Manga, Divorced, Cerca Calle Orihuela. Torre Pacheco & super sexy, private Can accommodate Mazarron. Escort apartment, complete one person or with accompanied. available home & massage



966 719 647

plastering E N G L I S H PLASTERER internal finishing, external rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. FULLY LEGAL IN SPAIN. Call Chris 671 444 246 / 965 078 866 email: c_pettit@


3 Bedrooms 1 with Balcony, 2 Bathrooms, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Large Living & Dining Room, W Double glazed Terraces, Wonderful Sun Terrace/ Solarium, Satellite TV, Furnished, Communal Pool, 104 M2 Build, 110 M2 Plot €123,000

tel: 693 806 409

Should you be able to re-home, foster or sponsor one of the adorable dogs please contact – Eleanor


Joey is a Podenco cross, small to medium in size. Originally a rescue dog but his owner became ill so he had to come back to the kennels. He is around a year old, chipped and all vaccinations are up to date.

Truffle and Pickle are 9 weeks old, chocolate Labrador cross, both female and are playful, happy pups, Nutmeg, their brother is also available.

Call: 645 469 253

Monty is a gorgeous boy! A neutered, chocolate point Siamese type with lovely blue eyes, Monty is about four years old and has all his vaccinations. If you would like to meet Monty please phone Joe (The Cat Man) on 966719272 or speak with Rose inside the shop


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trade Businesses can advertise in the classified section

Classified box from 9€. lineage only 45 cents per word - Deadline 5pm Friday Contact Christine 902 750 190 ext 330 or 966 719 647


UK - SPAIN - UK From a parcel to a small house move

Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service

are looking for A +44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389

VANTASTIC 3.5 tonne removals or any handyman & van service inc furniture collection & assembly tel: 693 251 562 e mail: davendonc@aol. com




LWB Sprinter van going from south to North of the UK & back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or email: van.

simply removals Spain ‹ UK › Spain • Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON

o hop int a new future with es sol tim

Bright, enthusiastic person with an outgoing personality to join our sales team in Mazarron/ Camposol area and leap into spring with us. Full or part time position available. Experience not essential as full training will be given as long as you’re organised and can work to deadlines

Send your CV to rosemary@soltimes

CALL UK-SPAIN-UK fortnightly service fortnightly ESP: 914 143 164 UK: 01773 service 513 013


966 719 647

beechdale Removals Spain - UK & Return Personal, friendly door 2 door Service - Van & Trailer

Pets Welcome

Papers arranged


Full or part loads

Local Moves

Motorbikes & Caravans

Office: 965 326 920 email Mobile: 666 847 648

Brian Torrevieja

EARN 50€ - 100€

Call mandy

Irwin Removals

965 726 544 car parts

Car parts

Need quality new parts for any car

for sensible prices on all parts

Clutches, Brakes, alternators, service kits Starter Motors, headlights

Free quote go online or phone

or telephone 692 930 326 Vehicles registration


PER WEEK • Part-Time • Flexible Hours

Working with a British PLC

satellite tv Rainbow Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or Sky Digibox Pace with sky card BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 ITV1, 2, 3, ch4 & 5 60€ can deliver. Tel: 667 235 205

swimming pool safety NEATER


See our main

advert on the news pages

620 582 063 weekly service

5€ per week for 5 cubic metres cheapest on the Costa Blanca Safe & secure


want to know whats Linen Mills in the Express CALL news? UK Spain Uk Europe

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Ford Ka 2010 - 3 door hatch 1.3 TDCi 38,000 kms, 1 owner Full service history A/C, Alloys PAS, ABS Front fog lights E. windows/mirrors Rear luggage cover CD player Remote locking Rear head restraints Super economical

Seat Leon Copa Auto/Tiptronic June ‘11 - 5 door hatch 1.6 TDi DSG Auto/Tip 33,000 kms, 1 owner Still under warranty! A/C (Climate), Alloys PAS, ABS, Navigation Front fog lights Traction control 16” Alloys, Isofix High spec model, CD Cornering lights Metallic black

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600 726 221 965 687 976


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animals D


Deer filmed knocking over cyclist

The world’s strongest coffee

A New York man is marketing the world’s strongest coffee - under the brand name of Death Wish Coffee. Double the strength of an espresso, Death Wish Coffee even comes with a disclaimer warning drinkers to expect ‘many sleepless nights’. Mike Brown, the man behind the blend, used to work in a small coffee shop in New York, but got fed up with customers asking for stronger coffee.

A mountain biker’s helmet camera captured the moment a clumsy deer sent him crashing to the ground. The clip of Jeff Plassman’s mishap in Virginia’s Pocahontas State Park has notched up more than two million hits in just a few days on YouTube.

Mermaid dances underwater with manta ray

“I always had customers coming in asking for our strongest and boldest roast,” he said.

It was made as a conservation project to highlight the plight of the endangered underwater creatures by US photographer Shawn Heinrichs.

“The type of blend, bean and roasting process we use makes Death Wish Coffee the strongest in the world.

An amazing video of a ‘mermaid’ dancing underwater with a 15ft manta ray is going viral online.

It shows the deer running out of the woodland to cross the road, but leaping into the cyclist instead.

‘Mantas Last Dance’ was filmed in the Pacific Ocean, off Kona, Hawaii, featuring professional mermaid model Hannah Fraser who free dives for up to two minutes at a time.

The deer apparently ran off unhurt into the forest and Mr Plassman managed to get back on his bike to finish the Monster Cross and Mountain Bike race.

Mr Heinrichs said he worked with Miss Fraser for months on planning the project which he described as “the world’s first ever manta ray fashion/conservation shoot”.


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Domino Pet Hotel

“We had an extremely precise vision, however we were both apprehensive as to the chances of actually capturing this never before seen imagery,” he said. Miss Fraser was anchored 30ft deep in the ocean, with 50lb weights on one ankle, with a huge swell pushing her back and forth as huge wild mantas brushed against her.

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“This began my journey for finding and roasting the Death Wish bean and after many trial and error processes I found it.

“Its actual process is a secret because we have created something revolutionary and we do not want it stolen.” The extra-strong coffee is available to buy on Amazon and can be bought in packs of either ground coffee or whole beans.

Council broadcast live meeting to three people

The team worked five days straight - up to 20 hours a day - to complete the project and Mr Heinrichs says “tears were shed” when they saw the finished film.

A council which spent £100,000 on broadcasting its meetings live online has admitted that as few as three people have logged in to watch.

“The reaction of people when they see the footage and imagery alternates between utter disbelief and accusations of CGI and photoshop, to even envy,” he added.

Bristol city council has been broadcasting a range of its meetings online over the past five years, in a bid to become more transparent and accountable. But town hall bosses have admitted that one cabinet meeting was watched live by just three people while another gathering attracted just four viewers.

Manta rays are endangered because they are being slaughtered for their gills which are used for medicine in China and other Asian countries. “Our objective with this shoot was to present the beauty of the manta rays, their willingness to interact with humans in the hope of inspiring people to conserve this magnificent animal,” explained Mr Heinrichs.


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“I had to go through the process every day of explaining to them that dark roasts were actually the least caffeinated.

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There are now calls for a review into the “webcasts”, created in 2008 to broadcast local decision making to a wider audience. But the local authority defended the project, insisting it was a “huge success”. The live audience was small, but “hundreds” more people later watched meetings on the website’s archive. A council spokesman spokesman said: “It is clearly making a big impact on the openness and accessibility of our local democracy - which a council is duty bound to promote.”

Woman sells cheating husband’s stuff

A Canadian woman got her own back on her cheating husband - by holding a yard sale to sell his most prized possessions while he was away on a dirty weekend. She advertised the sale, in White Rock, Vancouver, on free ad site Craigslist, reports the Times Colonist. “Husband left us for a piece of trash, selling everything while he is gone this weekend with his floozie,” posted the woman who did not want to be named. Items up for grabs included the husband’s favourite red leather reclining chair and “lots of tools he didn’t have a clue how to use”. The woman’s ad continued: “I want the house empty on Monday when he returns because that will be a shock for him to see.


FC TORREVIEJA - GOALKEEPING HOWLER COSTS TORRY DEARLY Last Sunday Torry hosted 12th wind carried out of play. Torry keeper. On 67 minutes Gandia and Torry were also down to placed Gandia who had 3 more points than Torry. Their away form was not that good with 3 wins, 4 draws and 6 defeats. Their form in 2013 was even worse with 1 solitary win, 4 draws and 5 defeats. Torry lay in 15th in the table only 2 points outside the relegation zone and desperately needed to get a win. Torry had no suspensions but were without the injured Koeman who is now apparently sidelined for the remainder of the season, and Abel and JuanFran who are still unfit.. Torrys starting line-up: Tur (Manolo, 68 ‘), Vicente , Jorge, Rafa, Dani Meseguer (Sergio, 55’) Burquillos, Cuco Ros, Manu Amores, Luis Carlos (Patri, 80 ‘), Villanueva, Gasch. The match was again played at the Nelson Mandela stadium and kicked-off, on a cold, wet and windy late afternoon, in front of a crowd of around 250 hardy Torry regulars. The conditions were not conducive to good football and in the first half Torry played with the wind behind them. The game was extremely scrappy with neither side putting together any moves of note. Gandia were prepared to just clear their lines while Torry appeared bereft of ideas in combating the wind and time and again over-hit balls forward which the

created 2 promising openings in the first 30 minutes. Firstly through a good run down the touchline and a good delivery into the danger area by Vicente which Gasch got his head to but could only direct the ball over the top. Burguillos then had a surging run forward and created himself an opportunity to pick someone out but his cut-back was intercepted and cleared. On 31 minutes the opposition shaped a decent move down their left and the ball in was headed on target but didn’t trouble Javi Tur. Torry then created a bit of pressure and a good ball in from Dani went just wide of the far post. On 40 minutes a fiercely struck free-kick by a Gandia player from just outside the box produced a very good diving save by Javi Tur. Cuco Ros then tried his luck from distance and his well struck effort went only just over the bar. The half-time whistle went to bring what had been a poor first-half to a close. Torry started the second half more positively and Manu Amores was scythed down on the edge of the box but Villanueva’s free-kick had no pace and was easily saved by the Gandia keeper. Dani delivered a good free-kick into the box which Jorge just failed to get his head on and the ball was claimed by the Gandia

Cornish Pride night, Loswith Dolses Ten Pin Bowling League leaders Team

Matches played March 12th Cornish Pride got back to their winning ways with an 8-0 victory over Bandoleros. Mary Whitelock bowling for C.P. had her highest hcp game and series so far, 174 and 499. Top scorer for Bandoleros was Andy (Buddy Holly) Copp with a 553 hcp series. Mixers beat Carp-r-us 8-0, top scorer for Mixers was Inga Soderstrom with a 576 hcp series. Bowling for the Carps, husband and wife duo, Margaret and Bill Hogg had the same hcp series scores, 523. It was ‘top of the table clash’

Finland playing second placed Hall y Day. The skipper of HyD Lesley Day top scored with a 620 hcp series, helping her team win 6-2. So with 4 matches to go, the fight for the championship is still on. Top scorer for T.F. was Pirjo Koski, 582 hcp series. Caballo Negro had an easy 80 win against out the of form Los Lobos team. Top bowler for C.N. was Seppo Tuominen with a 553 scratch series, and for L.L. it was John Lalin with a 517 hcp series. In a low scoring match, Bar Mosquito lost 6-2 to Split Happens, and dropped down to 9th place in the table.

broke forward and for the first time pierced the Torry rearguard and Javi Tur came off his line to gather the ball just before the Gandia centre-forward. The Gandia centre- forward’s right knee made contact with the side of Javi-Tur’s face and Javi Tur’s head rocked backwards and he was stretched out on the ground. All sensed it was potentially a serious injury and the game stopped and he was surrounded by anxious players and officials. He was given on the spot medical attention before an ambulance arrived and he was whisked off to hospital on a stretcher . He had apparently swallowed his tongue on impact. The holdup was for around 15 minutes. The Gandia centre-forward received a straight red card and the Torry substitute keeper Manolo came on to replace the unfortunate Javi Tur. The game could have been abandoned but the ref elected to resume play. The wind had dropped and Torry started to make their numerical advantage count and pushed forward. Dani struck the Gandia bar with an excellent strike. Jorge then got on the end of a Dani cross and his glancing header flew just wide of the far post. The dis-appointing Villanueva then received a second yellow card and then red for a late challenge

Crazy Pinz are now unbeaten in the last 3 games, this week they beat Lucky Strike 6-2. Top scorer for C.P. was Phillip Adams, with a 567 hcp series Los Bandidos continued their push for third place, with a 6-2 win over cup finalists Splash. Brian Trinder bowling for L.B. had his highest hcp game and series so far, a 202 and 575. Top bowler for Splash was Manuel Martin, with a 589 hcp series. It was a low scoring week without many strikes, so only 21 tickets went into our Easter egg draw, sponsored by THE MED bar and bistro at El Raso.

Andy Wilson Photographer

10 men. Disaster then struck for Torry when a speculative shot from distance somehow went through Manolo’s hands and into the back of the net for a GOALLLLL to Gandia 0-1. It should have been a routine catch. The crowd gasped and groaned in disbelief. The game came to a conclusion with the score-line flattering Gandia. A 0-0 draw would have been the right result on the day. The ref made no allowance for the difficult conditions and had a bout of “card fever” with 2 reds as mentioned, 5 yellows to Gandia players and 4 to Torry players – Luis Carlos, Rafa, Burgullos and Cuco Ros. Hopefully Javi Tur will be o.k. and will recover and play again soon. Torry now slip to 17th in the table, only 1 place and 1 point outside the relegation zone. Torry are now well and truly in a dogfight to retain their 3rd division status. At the weekend they make the long trip to Utiel and may need some help from above in their quest for much needed points. A very concerned Darrylldinho following his adopted team in Spain slip further down the table. To read about FC Torrevieja access the Torry Army website www.fctorrevieja. net


Okay Mrs Horatio, we golfers have this one message and request, when Mr Horatio asks for a Happy Ending, he does NOT mean I am gonna blow and blow those dumb golfers off of the course. We request, to save us golfers from losing golf balls, from losing our tempers and losing our minds, please do give your man what he wants and let us golfers get back to normality…thank you. To say it was windy would be akin to saying that Alan Rickers could announce the news on the BBC and be understood by the world. It was that windy and that ridiculous. It was soon to be obvious that any score around the 30 mark was going to be a respectable score on the day and there were just 2 players achieving that magical figure, one of them



being Vice-Captain Mick Kennedy with a cracking 33 points to take the winners spot in the Gold Category and John Eyre the runners-up slot with 30 followed by Steve Higgins on 28 points. 28 points was enough for Jenny Morris to come home in top slot with the Silver Division, some 5 points ahead of Shelia Dean on 23 points who pushed Robbie Rae into 3rd on the countback system. We had 7 visitors partaking and although 2 walked off because it was too windy for them; the main prize was taken by Vernon Brown on 29 points with Jim Hunter claiming the runners-up prize with 23 points. Only 2 of the 4 NTP’s were claimed, Darren Hancock on the 3rd and Shelia Dean on the 16th.Photo is of Gold category winners. Our next game, Wednesday 20th Martch 2013, see’s us at the Alenda golf course, so if you fancy a game just look at our website or call the Fixture Secretary on 966719604. We also run small matches on Friday’s and if you fancy a fun knock around, contact Steve Higgins on 968978188.

Big FM is your Community Radio Station, serving the

Costa Blanca from Alicante to Cabo Roig. Playing all the best music from the 70’s right up to the latest UK Charts, we cater for a wide range of musical tastes. Your community station, Keeping you up to date with what’s going on in your area. If you are planning an event, why not have the team broadcast a show LIVE from your venue.

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contact the studio on 647 191 100 Or email:



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A day of achievements for Orihuela Costa Monday night fun darts league Torrevieja swimmers On Saturday 16th March, in girls then swam 200m medley Results - Week 21. 11/03/13 the Muncipal pool, “Centro Excursionista Eldense”, Elda, the younger members of Club Natacion Torrevieja stormed through their races and the team tallied up some fantastic results. The 4 older girls gained regional qualifying times in their individual races and collectively in their 4 x 100m medley relay event. The younger team members also had some great swims with outstanding new personal best times. In this 5th Time Control all swimmers had to swim 100m, 200m, 400m medley races and a medley relay. In addition to these the older boys and girls also swam 200m Freestyle races. A difficult programme in a short space of 2 hours. First to race were Nikita Mikhaylov, Paolo Petrie, Elian Del Rio Castillo 6th, Zoe Connolly 2nd and Alexandra Amat 9th in the 200m Freestyle. All set themselves great new personal bests with Zoe achieving a regional qualifying time of 2:39:96. Then the youngest team members swam 100m Medley for the first time in competition. All swam well and achieved good times. Next the older Benjamin boys and girls swam the 200m medley. Victoria Pigneur came 3rd - 3:23:90, Samira Burbano ,4th - 3:24:82, and Bastian Martinez 4th - 3:06:36 all having fantastic swims with great new personal bests knocking up to 20 seconds off previous times. The younger Alevin

with both Paula Garcia, 4th 3:04:60 Eva Kovalenko, 6th 3:12:32 qualifying for regional autonomic competitions with their times. Finally in the last of the individual events Nikita, Paolo, Alexandra and Zoe swam the tiring 400m medley. None of the 4 had ever raced this event before and all worked hard. Zoe and Alexandra won 1st - 6:17:79 and 4th 7:06:64 position. Zoe’s time qualifies her for the regional competitions in this event. Then to finish a good day of racing the club entered into 3 medley relays the boys Benjamin 4 x50m medley and Alevin 4 x 100m medley and the girls Alevin 4 x 100m medley relay. In this event the girls team stormed ahead with a time of 5:57 qualifying them all for regional relays. Well done everyone a very successful day of swimming. For more information regarding Torrevieja Swimming Club please contact Rosa - 665454126 or President Felipe on 609418776 or by e-mail on info@clubnataciontorrevieja. com

Waxing & body polishing alloy & chrome wheels Windows, dashboard & door trims Seats, roof lining & carpets wet washed

Hand Car Wash......................................15€ Mobile Mini Valet in/outside from.........20€ Full Valet (full internal shampoo, and/or leather treatment & full body wax.........50€ Trucks & Trailers from...........................40€ Commercial Vehicles from....................30€ All other outside areas cleaned & restored

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Belushi´s 5 – 4 Pablos´s Liberty´s 3 - 6 Concierto´s Oche-Holic´s 8 – 1 Horacio´s A Horacio´s B 5 - 4 JJ Belushi´s

High scores 120+ 180 Mark “Lloydy” Lloyd ( Oche-Holics ); 168 Gwenn McNish (Horacio´s B); 140 Bent Rehkopff (Horacio A); 130 Bjorn Berde ( Conciertos ); 125 Graham McNish (Horacio´s B) High Checkouts 90+ 124 Nick Hunt (Conciertos); 108 Clive “Jacko” Jackson (Libertys); 99 Graham McNish (Horacio´s B) League Table 147 OCHE-HOLICS; 108 CONCIERTO´S; 94 LIBERTY´S; 93 PABLO´S; 83 BELUSHI´S; 60 HORACIO´S A; 52 HORACIO´S B; 38 JJ BELUSHI´S

EL PLANTIO WELCOMES SMGS Last week’s improvement in the weather conditions was obviously just to lull us hardened golfers into a false sense of security. This game of ours is difficult enough in the most benign of conditions but “golf in a gale” makes the task a whole different ball game! Had we all been meeting on La Zenia beach for a spell of wind-surfing, then conditions were perfect but as it was the only attempt at water sports was made on several occasions by a few of my nice new Srixons ….. needless to say they didn’t stay above the water for long. San Miguel Golf Society members trundled up to the hills adjacent to Alicante airport where the popular El Plantio course, otherwise known as the Green Valley Golf Resort, nestles against a gentle hillside. Those of us who thought that this sheltered spot may well shield us from the force ten howler were soon found to be grossly mistaken as it rapidly became a day of oscillating balls and flying hats! A Stableford Waltz was the team format for the day where teams of three endeavoured to amass as many points as possible heading for a par total of around 72. That may well have been the target under more normal circumstances but when simply trying to anchor oneself to take any kind of shot was near impossible, the scores were

to fall mighty shy. You’d think from near 100 balls being fired at all the par 3’s that there’d be a bit of a tussle for the nearest the pins…….It may help to demonstrate how unhelpful the swirling wind was when I tell you that ONE PLAYER managed to stay on ONE GREEN…..and that was only by an inch or two. Many congratulations to Jacqui Marshall, a member of El Plantio, for winning NTP on hole 9 – must have been local knowledge! Once again it was the weather that came out the clear winner on the day but in the golf it was the three ball comprising Ray Ewins, Chris Hamblett and Norman McBride, with their very modest total of 58 points, that took first prize. Phil Birtwistle, Bill Preston and Eric Strachan came a close second with just one point less. Our very desirable and often much sought after “Abacus” award for bottom spot is usually a bottle of fine wine. However, Graham Cockayne, Keith Wickham and Klaus John had overestimated our prize fund which couldn’t run to a bottle of vino each – they had to be content with a can of San Miguel per man, at least they were large cans! Pay a visit to www.smgs. org or give Phil B. a ring on 659 439 074 to find out about or to book in to any of our forthcoming Wednesday meetings. Visitors are always made very welcome.


fault Finding & Repairs Engine Diagnostics Air-conditioning Re-gas & repairs Starter Motor & Alternator Repairs

Telephone Al - Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm FULLY MOBILE

638 323 499

Lime Bar Golf Society

Los Altos, Orihuela Costa The golf societies venue for the 13th March 2013 was held at the Altorreal Golf Course. The weather was cold in an extremely strong wind making play difficult, however this did not deter an enjoyable round of golf on a course a number of our players had not played before. This is the furthest our society has travelled to date, making the relevant ‘Sat Nav’s’ come into their own and a few curses expressed as well. The competition was in the stableford format and the scores are recorded as follows. Nearest the Pin on the 8th hole was Colin Capper. Nearest the pin on the 17th hole was Pete Rushton. Best guest with a score of 15 was John MacGregor. Silver Class 3rd place was Colin Clarke with a score of 28 points. Silver Class 2nd place was Andy MacDonald with a score

Fairwayz GS Today our members played

at Alenda Golf course, and as usual the course was in fabulous condition, however the weather was against us yet again! This is the only year that i can think of since being a member of Fairwayz, that we have had such a bad run of weather. I must have a word with Tony our Captain and ask him what he’s playing at, usually he arranges good weather as well as the good courses that we play on. So as you can imagine scores were a little on the low side, but 28 of us still enjoyed our day. The scores were as follows:Gold Category. 1st - Geoff Branton 31pts 2nd - John Saunders 26pts Best front 9 Steve Hamilton 15pts Best back 9 Steve Lawrence 13pts. Nearest the pin Steve Hamilton Nearest the pin in 2 -

Breakers yard ooking for runners/non runners l

Free collection Best prices paid Baja issued

(All paperwork taken care of with certificate of destruction)

NO MORE SUMA BILLS TO PAY Also parts available

607 848 332 Ask for Phil

of 29 Points. Silver Class 1st place was Mark Taylor with a score of 33 points. Gold Class 3rd place was Graham Mitchell with a score of 25 points. Gold Class 2nd place was Mick Slater with a score of 330. Gold Class 1st place was Bob Addair with a score of 32. An enjoyable day in pleasant company, thank you to Captain Mick Slater and for organising the event and also thanks to the Staff at The Lime Bar and ladies for a most enjoyable meal. Anyone wishing to Join our friendly society just need to phone Mick on 659866468 or Stewart on 966180003. In addition I would like to thank our stand-in photographer Kevin Pritchard.

Norman Padmore. Silver Category. 1st - Dave Barrett 26pts. 2nd - Phil Bowditch 22pts. Best front 9 Tony Macmillan 12pts Best back 9 Pete Smith 10pts. Nearest the pin - Iris Cleaver. Nearest the pin in 2 - Stuart Taylor. 2 ball winner Dave Whittington Thanks to Tony Macmillan and Steve Hamilton for arranging the day. Next week 21st March we will play at Altorreal. 1st tee is at 10:15am. 28th March we are at Vistabella, 1st tee is 09:30am. Please be at the courses 1 hour prior to 1st tee times. On 25th April we will be playing the PEDRO cup at Alenda, get your name on the sheet because places are limited!!!! Thanks, Steve Lawrence.


new fords available


Calle Mallorca, San Javier Call us: 968 146 158 or 618 628 511 BMW X1



1.4 PETROL, 2009, 68,000KMS







CLK 200K, CAB, AUTO, 2008, 71,000KMS



875 cc, 2012, 1,584 KMS




• BMW 135i. M SPORT 3L PETROL, 2009, 13,000KMS....€31,950 • MERCEDES ML 320, AUTO, DIESEL, 2006.....................€29,950 • BMW 325M SPORT COUPE, 2010, 25,000KMS …...€26,950 • KIA SPORTAGE (NEW SHAPE) 2L CRDi, DIESEL, AUTO , TOP OF THE RANGE….....................................................................POA • BMW X1, 1.8 DIESEL, AUTO, 2011, 28,000KMS ...................… POA • seat  leon, 1.6 tdi diesel, dsg auto, 2011, 33,000kms...... ..............................................................................................€15,750 •B  MW X3, 3L, DIESEL, AUTO, 2004, 169,000KMS..........€10,950 • MINI  COOPER, 1.6 AUTOMATIC, 2004, 92,000KMS........€9,950 • RENAULT SCENIC 2L PETROL, 2006, auto, 105,000 KMS........ ............................................................................................................€7,750 • RENAULT KANGOO 1.6 PETROL;, AUTO, 2007, 112,000KMS … ....................................................................................................................POA • SKODA OCTAVIA, 1.9TDi, 2006, 64,000KMS...................€6,950 • JEEP  CHEROKEE 2.5TD SPORT, 144,000 KMS................€5,950 • RENAULT SCENIC 1.5 DCI diesel, 2004,129,000K..........€5,950 • BMW 320 DIESEL, 2003, 179,000KMS … ...........................€4,950 • OPEL ASTRA 1.6 PETROL, 2001, auto , 79,000 KMs....€4,250 •G  RAND JEEP CHEROKEE, 4L, PETROL, AUTO, 1999, 152K Ms.................................................................................€3,950 • MAZDA PREMACY 1.8 petrol, 2001, 157,000kms...... €3,750 • Mitsubishi Carisma 2000, a/c 1430,000kms............ €2,950 • FORD MONDEO ESTATE GHIA, 2.5V6, 2001, 110,000KMS........ ...................................................................................................€2,950 • CHRYSLER NEON,2L PETROL, AUTO, 2002, 117.000KMS..... .......................................................................................€2,950 • FORD FOCUS 1.6 PETROL, 2000, 1.6 PETROL, 153,000KMS... ...................................................................................................€2,750 • FIAT BRAVA dIESEL,1.9JTD, 2000.98,000kms...............€2,250 • RENAULT CLIO, 1.9 DIESEL, 1999, 127,000KMS............€2,250 •C  ITROEN XSARA, 1.8 PETROL, AUTO, ‘98, 121,000KM...€1,450

€13,950 SUZUKI VITARA 2L PETROL, AUTO, 2007, 77,000KMS

€12,950 ford transit 2.6 diesel, 2008, 28,000kms





Right hand drive vehicles

• rolls royce silver spirit, rhd, 51,000 miles....€13,950 • bmw x5, 3l dIESEL sPORT AUTOMATIC 2003 82,000K........ MILES..................................................................................€10,950 • SAAB 93 ESTATE, 1.9D, AUTO, 2005, 85,000 MILES...................... ........................................................................................................€6,950 • RENAULT GRAND ESPACE, 2.2 DCi, DIESEL, 2005........€6,950 •F  IAT DOBLO ACTIVE, 1.4 PETROL, AIR CON, 2009, 37,000 MILES .........................................................................................€5,950 • KIA SORRENTO 1.9CRDi, DIESEL, 2003, 85,000 MILES...€5,950 • KIA CARENS CRDi, DIESEL, 2006, 45,000 MILES............€5,950 • FORD  MONDEO 2L PETROL, HATCH, 2004, 120,000 MILES …..........................................................................................€2,950 • MAZDA 323, 1.6 PETROL, 2001, 60,000 MILES................€2,450 • BMW 316 1.6 PETROL, AUTO, 1994, 138,000KMS...€1,750

Right hand drive - spanish reg

• mitsubishi  shogun sport, 3 litre v6, petrol, auto, 2002, 155,999 miles...........................................................€4,950 • CITROEN C2 AIRPLAY, 1.1 PETROL 2007, 48,000 kms................. ........................................................................................................€4,950 •V  AUXHALL ASTRA, 2002, 1.4 petrol, RHD, 119,000 miles, Spanish Plates....................................................................€2,250 •V  W GOLF CABRIOLET, 1995, 1.8 petrol, RHD, Spanish Plates.......................................................................................€1,950

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FORD FOCUS 1.8 TDCi, DIESEL, 2008, 57,000KMS



2.0L CRDi 2003, 123,000KMS


TOYOTA AVENSIS 2.0 D4D DIESEL, 2005, 177,000 KMS


OPEL COMBO 1.4 PETROL, 2005, 87,000KMS

€6,450 mitsubishi pajero

3L, V6, PETROL, 1996



1.4 PETROL, A/C 2001, 94,000 KMS


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Eurogolf, La Marquesa 62 members took part in the American Greensomes Competition at our home course of La Marquesa on Thursday 14 March. The format of the game challenged some of our members’ understanding, even though they thought they knew what game we were playing, some teams couldn’t get it right. Although the sky was blue, the wind was blowing at what felt about 60 mph. This was great on the holes when the wind was with you but not so good when it was against you. Club choice was at a premium today. Congratulations to Pine Perito who played a magnificent shot on the 11th and scored a hole in one. Thanks for the drink Pino. The results are as follows: 1st Roy Lowe and Jan Tocker 39 points 2nd Malcolm Foskett and Cindi Green 38 points c/b 3rd Jill Young and Tom Hull 38 points Nearest the Pins 5th Dave King 11th Pino Perito HOLE IN ONE

15th Mike Young 17th Franco Gentili OVERALL WINNERS OF AMERICAN GREENSOMES ROY LOWE AND JANET TOCKER. Football Winners: Bruce Gordon, Chris Stanley, Morag Turner and Tony Hitt. There are still a few places left for the Away Day on 14 April at Vista Bella. Speak to Ian next week if you want to be included. TOFF’s Results Tuesday 12 March 2013 Overall Winner –Mike Gillett Gold Division 1st Roy Lowe 35 points 2nd Robin Richards 32 points 3rd Tony Hitt 32 points Silver 1st Mike Gillett 38 points 2nd Rachel Leckey 35 points 3rd Ian Turner 32 points Bronze 1st Roderick Duff 37 points 2nd Marylin Eckersall 32 points 3rd Alex Ralph 29 points Best Front Nine Ian Stewart 18 Best Back Nine: Terry Sayers - 17

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At the weekend ITV Orihuela RFC played their final league game of the season away to Cartagena on Saturday, and I was given the details of the match due to the 6 Nations. Unfortunately, we had the same referee as the previous week, but as always we have to play to them regardless of what we think. In the first half Orihuela put up a brave fight to keep the home side at bay on their new home ground, but with decisions going against them the defence was finally broken with Cartagena getting the first try of the game. The game continued to flow to

and fro, but it was Cartagena that went in at half time 14-0 up. In the second half Orihuela fought back bravely making sure that the home side had it far from their own way running in a couple of unanswered tries of their own by Alvaro and Alvin. Cartagena hit back with another converted try, but as it has been shown all season Orihuela were not going to lie down and take it and continued their fight back with Alvin getting a converted try, Jose with the conversion. Bringing Orihuela back to within one score difference.

CLAPTONS GOLF SOCIETY BONALBA GOLF AND SPA 15th MARCH 2013 This month’s competition was played at Bonalba. On arrival at the course the sun was shining and we looked set for a really good days golf. The first tee was put back to 10am to allow the course to make sure that the buggies were in good condition which in the end we found that the batteries on some were in poor shape, and left us limping on the course. In the event, being already on the tee, we got away earlier. Course looked to be playing well and the greens were fast and true, and good scores looked the order of the day. Bonalba being a course where the head is more use than the driver, which makes it difficult to play, we still managed a good array of scores as seen in the results below. Everybody having finished we made our way back to the Clubhouse for the presentation and a meal laid on by Chris and his staff. Many thanks for their hospitality. Overall Winner Iain Ralph 36 points Gold Winner Mark Pollitt 35 points Gold Runner Up Brian Abbott

34 points Silver Winner Phil Docherty 30 points Silver Runner Up John Harvey 30 points on c/b Best Front Nine Bill Martin 17 points on c/b Best Back Nine Terry Sharley 17 points on c/b Nearest the Pin 4th Rick Drake 8th Mark Pollitt 11th Chris Gridley 14th Terry Smith Most Potential: Bob Waite Doubles match: Chris Gridley and Dave Pretty bt Paul Burletson and Mark Pollitt on the sudden death 19th hole. Twos competition Bill the bandit Martin. Next meeting at Altorreal 19th April.

With further exchanges of points with Raffa getting his second try in two games converted by Jose it just was not to be with Cartagena unfortunately, running out 3324 winnings and again for the second year the referee playing a big part in their win. Again the standard of refereeing has a lot to be desired, but we have to swallow that bitter pill and except it, but ITV Orihuela RFC came away with a hard earned try bonus point for the second time against the opposition and can hold their heads up high with a job well done. It has been a great season for them in their 40th year and all of the players and coaches can be very proud of what they have achieved. This is not the end of the rugby as we have the 7’s circuit coming up and a variety of other tournaments as well as Barnet Elisabethians U18’s coming over to play on 13 April. This coming weekend we are back televising the Pro 12 and Premiership live rugby matches

at the rugby bar in Rojales, The Steakhouse, used to be Tylers Bar. Starting on Friday with Ospreys v Dragons at 20.00. On Saturday, Wasps v Saints at 16.00 followed by Treviso v Cardiff at 19.00. Looking forward to seeing another good turn out down there this weekend. I am down at the Moncayo Market on Saturday, with all the rugby branded clothing, so come down. Training is at the Miguel Hernandez University ground at 20.15 on Tuesday and Thursday for the seniors and juveniles. The juniors start at 18.15. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter what age or skill level you are. If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish)

Lo Marabu Golf Society (in association with Costa 4th Mike Probert 31 points Blanca Green Fee Services) at Corvera 14th March 2013. For this month’s interim meeting a group of 19 players visited the new course at Corvera taking advantage of the excellent society deal obtained from Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. The weather was bright and sunny but very high winds made scoring difficult but there were still some excellent scores. The winners on the day were as follows: 1st Colin Edwards 34 points 2nd Winston Blackwood 33 points 3rd Dave Marriott 33 points

Best Front 9 Arthur Walker 19 points Best Back 9 Mike Probert 17 points Nearest Pins: D Bensley, J Blinston and P McMurray After the game we returned to the Lo Marabu, which is located at Dona Pepa, Quesada for a welcome meal prepared by the bar and the prize presentation. Our next official society meeting is at Alenda on 28th March 2013. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see us at our web-site at www.

Quesada Golf Society Wednesday 13th March at El Valle 16 members started out to play a 2 man texas scramble at El Valle full of vim and zest only to return 5 hrs later bedraggled weary and very tired, not only from trying to play golf but from the elements that rained down on us. Wind like we very rarely see, bitterly cold and rain as well. The course itself was in very good condition the greens were quite fast if you could keep the

ball still long enough to putt. One of our gentlemen players Ken Parker was blown over on the tee at one point. On hole 18 Janet Candilin thought she had hit a good tee shot only for it to find a boulder which shot it up in the air and back at her feet. Everyone seems to be reluctant to spill the beans this week which could mean that they all suffered out there at some time. Results 1st Place Brian Smith & David James 85.50 2nd Place David Winchcombe & Alan Evans 85.85 3rd Place John King & Les Lindores 89.64 Nearest the Pin Hole 6 Pam Martin Nearest the Pin Hole 12 Tony Patterson The next game is on Wednesday 27th March at Alenda and our next members meeting is on 3rd April at QCC 10.30am Reported by Pam Martin


GREENLANDS BOWLS CLUB BY STEVE HIBBERD Greenlands Bowls Club held their annual championships finals recently, in what turned out to be a glorious sunny weekend. This years ladies singles saw Lynn Greenland beat Sue Johnson, whilst in the male equivilent, Jim Oliver saw off a valiant comeback by Graham Bater, to take the crown. Zoe Wilcock & skip Marilyn Fryatt beat Sue Johnson and young Beryl Norris, in what turned out


RODS AND REELS This week, again due to inclement weather conditions we were at Nancy´s aka Sweetwater. This weeks competition was the 1st of the Summer Championship, a series of 11 matches with the best 8 results to count. The rain came but only for some 15-20 minutes and at the start of the day. That was the good bit, then the wind got up and blew a hooley, all day!!!! I was pegged by the campsite for those who know the venue, and I was watching and waiting for the palm trees to end up in the water!!!!. Dave Hutchinson although he won the day managed to drop his no 7 section of pole into the flowing water and then waved it goodbye. So if anybody does perchance find a section you will know who it belongs to. Top Rods on the day 1st Dave ( The Sweetie Man ) Hutchinson fishing the pole using maggot with 8.46 kilo´s. 2nd Clive ( Golf No More ) Cleghorn fishing the pole using

to be an enthralling ladies pairs encounter, won by Marilyn’s last wonder wood (my fav tipple’s a Spitfire by the way!). Congrats to the evergreen Fred Tilley & Glyn Inwood for their victory over seasoned veterans Mel Brown & Brian Pocock (only joking Mel) in the mens pairs. Mr Pocock again took centre stage, along with his better half Jan, this time in the mixed pairs, but it was Florence & Mike Edwards who deservedly

took the honours. Third time lucky for Brian P, who along with Jan & Mel, triumphed over Dave & Lynn Greenland, plus Barry Latham in the mixed trips. Mixed rinks title went to Phil & Mary Lockley, Sandra Heath & skip Steve Hibberd, who beat the team of Beryl Norris, Keith Page, Brian Miller & skip Barry Collins. Finally, the mens plate went to Dave O’Sullivan, who just squeezed past Brian Miller.

maggot with 7.16 kilo´s. 3rd Dave ( Yours Truly ) Hoare fishing the pole using maggot with 6.76 kilo´s. In spite of the conditions there were only 3 dry nets. PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 603535771. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen The 10th and penultimate round of the Abbey Angling Cup was fished at the Eden Canal on the 12th March. The water has dropped by a foot and there was hardly any flow, although they are still cutting the bamboos down, there was no reeds floating through this week. Fishermen need to remember that if they are fishing this venue, that the cutter will have reached this stretch in the next week or so. After the flush the water has begun fishing better with only the one dry net this week 1st Richard (Fishing again)

Kendle with 4.540kg fishing the pole using sweet corn well done!! 2nd Stan (The Man) Roberts with 4.200kg fishing pole and feeder using maggot and corn 3rd Mark (Kens Friend) Harrington with 4.140kg fishing Pole using maggot All details are available on our website www.abbeyangling. com or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965328368 ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together was to introduce anglers to each other, who otherwise had no one to fish with or didn’t know where to fish. It was successful in bringing together many anglers who established friendships and which continue to this day. No meetings are held now but information is still available through our email address; angler stogether@hotmail. TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE


CHRISTINE : 902 750 190 (EXT: 330) ANDY: 693 803 409 OR MARK: 693 775 347 email:


Classifieds - Paulette: 902 750 190 - 950 121 936 Costa blanca office email: QUESADA BUSINESS CENTRE,

Sol Times Calida and Sol Times Blanca are independent of political parties, private investment and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. Sol Times Calida and Sol Times Blanca are independent publications. Published weekly and produced exclusively in Murcia & Blanca. Sol Times News Group cannot be held responsible for claims made by advertisers, nor can it be held responsible for errors in advertisements caused by poor quality text, photographs or layout instructions. Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage resulting caused by any error, inaccuracy or non-appearance of an advertisement. Deposito Legal Sol Times Calida AL 851-2010. Sol Times Blanca AL 852-2010


St. JAMES’S GATE GOLF SOCIETY It was more like Spring this Nearest The Pin: Hole 4:

time back at Vistabella, the weather was close to shorts time, there were one or two optimists out there, but it certainly was shorts sleeves. Rocket had his cruel streak on him, when he announced it would be a Medal competition, but then again why not that’s what golf is all about. To top all there were some singles knockout matches to be played. So it was with a lot a trepidation that 20 members and 2 guests set off from Tees 1 and 3 with pencils sharpened and no calculators, no points to be calculated just strokes. There were some quite respectable scores as Vistabella as a Par of 73, the results of the day were: Gold Category 1st: Alan Moody Nett 75 2nd: Rodney Smith Nett 79 3rd: Ivie Davies Nett 80 cb 4th: Mick Hithersay Nett 80 5th: Les Yates Nett 80 Silver Category 1st: Peter Root Nett 74 cb 2nd: Malcolm Woods Nett 74 3rd: Ron “Rocket” Nicholson Nett 74 4th: John Trailor Nett 83 5th: Ken Hopkins Nett 85



Longest Drive: Peter Root Best Guest: Joe McGrath Nett 78.(Now a member) Singles Round KO Results • Peter Root beat Ivie Davies 3 & 2 • Alan Barratt beat Anne Trailor 5 & 3 It was back to Izzy’s Bar where “Rocket” Ron presented the prizes and for our favourite munchies, many thanks again Tony, Jackie and Gold Category Roxy. Next game is at the watery monster in Los Alcazares, La Serena Golf on Tuesday 26th March, please be there by 10:15 prompt for the first Tee at 11:00. So bring plenty of balls! For more information or if you wish to play with the arguably the friendliest Golf Society silver Category contact Ron Nicholson on 678849142 or email Photos: Category Gold: Ivie Davies, Alan Moody,Rodney Smith Category Silver: Geoff Wild, Maura Mullen, JohnTrailor Nearest The Pins Winners: John Trailor – Liam Foley, Malcolm ntp winners Woods

Malcolm Woods. Hole 8: Liam Foley. Hole 15: John Trailor.


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