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Volume 11 Issue 2

May 2013

Growing With Us

Mother’s Day Party! It’s time again for the annual gathering of mothers and daughters, grandmothers and grandkids, mothers-in-law and mothers-to-be, at GoodSeed Farm for the Country Garden Mothers Day Party. After fifteen years this has become an annual ritual, including a FREE gift plant for every mother; this year it’s Old-Fashioned Lilac! There’s one for you. This will be our first Mother’s Day in our new, more convenient Winchester location, with lots more parking and lots less walking! COME HUNGRY! Our menu includes egg sandwiches, coffee and Amish donuts for breakfast, Papa’s Kettle Korn, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken salad croissants, lemonade, homemade cheesecake and more. Jo Hall’s Hilltop Reception hall next door will be offering two seatings for Mother’s Day dinner, at noon and 1:30 on Mother’s Day Sunday. We’ll be giving away 1200 cute little Old Fashioned Lilac bushes, one for every mother, no strings attached, and the Brown County Master Gardeners will be manning the plant giveaway table. Our party starts Friday morning May 10 at 9AM, and continues 9AM to 6PM all three days. We’ll have plenty of unadvertised specials of 30%, 40% and even 50% off on plants at their peak, perfect for Mom! We’re introducing the new HGTV Home Plant Collection, with specials on their stunning combination planters and baskets. Special guests include barn quilt muralist John Stadtmiller, caricaturist Galen Bailey, and Ken’s Unique Birdhouses. If this is your first year in the GoodSeed Farm community, it can be the beginning of a wonderful family Mother’s Day tradition for you and your family.

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Growin g With Us

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“Steve’s Soapbox” A Breath of Fresh Air... We lead a charmed life, dealing with plant people all day. It’s a bubble of sanity and pleasure in an increasingly hostile and dangerous world. Plant people are natural optimists, thrilled with the sensual pleasures of life around them, eagerly anticipating new and exciting sensations. It’s truly a blessing to be near them. Healing salve for the soul. Here in the country we can filter out the modern world, enjoying starry skies at night, peace and quiet, clean air filled with the fragrances of plant life and the sounds of birds. If we absolutely must, we venture to the suburbs or the city, always relieved to get home again to our little cocoon. Technology allows us to control just how much we see and hear of current events and popular culture. Perhaps that’s why it feels so jarring when we’re forced to confront the modern security state our country has become. Like when I was asked to present my five-week landscaping class at a local institution of higher learning. I eagerly accepted the invitation and gave my class, as I’ve done many times at other schools, for the usual fee. It was a surprise, after five fun evenings with a class of eager gardeners, to receive a thick dossier in the mail. To get paid, all I had to do was fill out a stack of forms and present myself for fingerprinting and a criminal background check. The forms had to do with federal, state, and local taxes, public employee retirement funds and the like. I’m a public employee? I guess I am. I certified that I’m not an illegal immigrant or resident alien, made copies of my I.D. documents, signed disclosures about “whistle-blowing” and admonishments not to engage in “political activities”. Which leaves the trip back to the school for the background check and the fingerprinting. I stopped flying after 9/11, when it became necessary to remove my belt and shoes, surrender my wallet and keys, and be frisked and x-rayed in order to get anywhere near a boarding gate. Pretty much the same routine you face if you’re arrested and sent to jail. I’m an American, and I find this treatment so traumatic my blood pressure goes through the roof, my hair stands on end and I shake with rage. We are slowly being conditioned to being treated like criminals. Big-box stores search our carts and examine our money suspiciously. Cameras record our every move. SWAT teams in armored vehicles stalk our streets. But not here at GoodSeed Nursery. Here, the sun shines, birds sing, friendly plant people laugh and gossip and enjoy the flowers. We’re in a comfort zone of nature’s goodness, with the freedom to enjoy every minute of every day. Any time the stress of modern life starts to make you tense, you’re invited to join us. We’d love to see you.

ENJOY A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE! A new local business has sprung up in rural Adams County, an artisan coffee roaster with a passion for really good coffee. We’re talking about Cheryl Greene and The Greene Beanery. Cheryl lives and breathes coffee, and we’ve had the pleasure of serving as her “guinea pigs” while she perfected her small-batch roasting technique. Now we’re offering her handiwork at GoodSeed Nursery. Visit us any morning and try a cup! Our favorites are Cheryl’s sweet and fragrant Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and her robust Columbian Dark Roast. You’ll want some to take home, or as a special treat for your favorite coffee lover!

Growin g With Us

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Perennial Pick “Cora Stubbs” Peony This Japanese Peony looks like your favorite dessert. Fragrant, raspberry-colored petals surround a giant dollop of pink and cream. With lush foliage and sturdy stems, this plant will get bigger and better over the coming decades. The secret to Peonies is to plant them very shallow, mixing Bulb Tone with the soil, and keep the lawn grass from smothering them. Remove flowers as soon as they fade. After foliage dies back, cut the stems off and discard them. During the dry months, Peonies need regular, deep watering. Mulching helps keep the soil cool and moist, and controls weeds.

Mother’s Day Dinner “Out”, No Waiting! Reserve a Table Now for a Sumptuous Mother’s Day Feast, Next Door To GoodSeed Nursery Starting this year you can enjoy a delicious family meal in Hilltop’s elegant ballroom on Mother’s Day Sunday. Reserve a table for up to eight people for a gracious Mother’s Day buffet dinner. Seatings are at 12:00 Noon or 1:30PM, for a mouth-watering menu of Prime Top Round of Beef, Glazed Lean Sliced Ham, Sliced Breast of Turkey, Mostocholi with Melted Cheese, Assorted Cheeses, Vegetable Tray with Pickles, Peppers and Olives, Hot Baked Beans, Homemade Salads, Cole Slaw, Assorted Breads, Dessert, Cold and Hot drinks. Cost is $10.99 per person. Reservation deadline is Thursday May 9th. Call 937-6955545 for details or visit


..for pickup or “next business day” delivery: call 937937-587587-7021

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Succeeding with

BLUEBERRIES Blueberry bushes are attractive shrubs with abundant pink-tinged white blooms in spring, shiny foliage and stunning fall color. If you have a well-drained full-sun location for foundation shrubs or privacy hedge, consider using blueberry plants. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are even blueberries ideal for planting in containers! As an added bonus, your family can enjoy loads of luscious fruit. Like any orchard plant, blueberry bushes have challenges, particularly keeping wild creatures from getting all that juicy fruit before you do. The most important step is well-drained soil, best accomplished in raised beds. The reward is an attractive landscape plant that also provides a plentiful food supply. Here’s a radical approach to successfully growing blueberries and strawberries in your yard: Rather than digging holes and planting them, set the plants on top of the ground and build a raised bed around them. Then fill the bed completely with Pine Magic mulch and keep the mulch moist until the root systems grow out into the mulch. This won’t take long, and you’ll have a bumper crop of blueberries! This technique is easy to do and it works for two reasons. The first is that blueberries love well-drained acid soil, and the second is that blueberries just hate hard, gooey clay soil. We come from southern New Jersey where there is a huge blueberry industry. South Jersey has well-drained, sandy acid soil. You can pour a bucket of water on the soil in a Jersey blueberry field and it will immediately soak in and disappear. If your soil doesn’t drain this well, blueberries will sit and sulk. Raised beds allow excess water to simply drain off by gravity rather than being trapped in a hole around plant roots. Pine Magic is very similar to the potting soil that nurseries use for growing blueberries in containers. It holds just the right moisture and the rest just drains away, allowing roots to breathe. The fluffy texture of the mulch encourages new feeder roots to quickly grow, and the acidity is perfect for blueberries. Adding a few inches of pine mulch every spring prevents weeds, making your bed maintenance free.

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For excellent quality blueberry plants (“instant results” sizes, not “sticks-in-a-bag”), visit GoodSeed Farm. You’ll find all the essentials for growing blueberries, including Pine Magic, Holly Tone organic fertilizer, Peat moss, bird netting and other home orchard supplies. We recommend Espoma “Holly Tone” fertilizer for blueberries. “Holly Tone” is the perfect blueberry food, providing additional acid and trace minerals vital to healthy blossoms and fruit. There are hundreds of blueberry varieties available. It’s a smart idea to plant several different types; since they ripen at different times you can extend your harvest that way. If you’re using them for landscaping you’ll want a particular shape and size. Here are our favorites, all hardy for this part of Ohio. Blue Crop: Hardier and more drought resistant than most blueberries. Dense upright bush 6 feet tall x 4 feet wide. Medium to large, light-blue fruit that’s firm, resistant to cracking and has a good flavor. Red fall foliage & stems. Blue Ray: Vigorous 5 foot bush bears tight clusters of large, firm blue fruit early to mid-season. Very showy burgundy fall foliage, deep red stems in winter. Bountiful Blue: Prolific fruit set of large, super sweet berries and the bluest foliage on any Blueberry we have ever seen. Full, yet compact, rounded habit 3-4 feet tall & wide. Chandler: Vigorous, upright, high bush blueberry 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Bears the largest fruits of any blueberry, fruits heavily for up to six weeks. Chippewa: An upright high bush blueberry with large, light colored sweet berries. Mid-season fruiting. Bright red fall foliage, red stems in winter. 4 feet tall x 3 feet wide. Jersey: A favorite of home gardeners wanting an easy to grow, heavy producing blueberry. Reliably produces medium sized, very sweet fruit. Northblue: Compact size makes this blueberry an excellent landscape shrub. Very productive. Moderate grower 3 feet tall and wide. North Country: Low, spreading shrub good for containers and landscaping. Small to medium fruit has a sweet wild blueberry flavor. Ripens early. 3’ tall and wide. Patriot: Sweet berries cover this early producer. Distinctive upright habit and colorful fall foliage make this a superior blueberry for landscape use. St. Cloud: Upright growing blueberry with firm, medium-sized fruit. Grows 4’ tall 3’ wide. Good producer. Sunshine Blue: Compact semi-dwarf shrub good for large tubs. Semi-evergreen. Hot pink flowers and abundant large tangy fruit.

Growin g With Us

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“Orange Bliss”

INTRODUCING: The HGTV Home Plant Collection at GoodSeed Nursery HGTV designers have combined stunning new varieties into stylish planters that grow well together. Buy readyready-made designer planter pots, or get the same combinations in gallon containers ready to drop into your own planters. Or, buy the plants individually and combine them yourself. Want to know more about choosing the right plants? How to care for them? Which plants combine well? We take the guesswork out by giving you our expert knowknow-how! GoodSeed Nursery and the HGTV Home Plant Collection - perfect together!

“Pink Flirt”

“Tropical Bliss”

“Glow Yellow”

“Chic Black & White”

“Purple Genius”

“Red Sparkle”

Growin g With Us

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Dress Up Your


Have you ever wondered where you can get one of those colorful quilt murals for your barn? The barn quilt craze has gone national, but it started right here in southern Ohio. It’s easy to decorate your own building with a colorful quilt square; GoodSeed Nursery has over three dozen different murals in stock or we can have one custom-made for you in your choice of colors. Most barn quilts are based on traditional quilt blocks. We stock the most popular ones like the Ohio Star and Grandma’s Fan. Perhaps you have a family quilt you’d like to memorialize on your barn. Show us your photo and let us help. Whether you’re looking for a one-squarefoot panel or a giant 8x8 or even 10x10 mural, together we can create the perfect barn quilt for your particular home place.

Oh So

SWEET ‘TATERS Time to come to GoodSeed Farm while we have plenty of fresh sweet potato plants; five different kinds, in bunches of 25 plants. Sweet potato plants are rooted cuttings; stems with a few leaves and well-developed roots sold in bunches. Which sweet potatoes should you grow? Here’s a rundown of varieties we offer this season: Georgia Jets are the sweetest of sweet potatoes. They grow extremely fast, producing #1 size potatoes in only 90 days, and extra-high yields. They produce 2 1/2 times the yield of standard sweet potato plants. Jets have deep orange inside color with moist flesh and a marvelous flavor. The outside skin is so red it is almost purple. Vardaman is a bush variety with the deepest, brightest inside color of all sweet potatoes. The second sweetest type we sell at GoodSeed Farm, Vardaman has golden yellow outside skin that darkens after digging.

Beauregard has been accepted by farmers everywhere. Chances are this is the sweet potato that is available at your local market. The outside color is red-orange and the inside color is orange. The Beauregard is a quick maturing potato and has a good shape. Porto Rico "Bunch" Also called "Bush" and "Vineless," Porto Rico is a favorite of gardeners with limited space. It has a copper-colored outside skin, light red flesh, and delicious "old-fashioned" flavor, it is an excellent baking potato producing "Baby Bakers" in 100 days. White Yams are one of America's oldest varieties. Known also as Triumph, Southern Queen, Poplar Root, "Choker" and White Bunch, are white as cotton inside and out, and sweet as sugar. White yams are the driest sweet potato.

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We’re now at a more convenient location, just off the Appalachian Highway at Route 62 in Winchester. We’re at Hilltop Designs on Tri-County Highway across the street from the Winchester Carpet Outlet.

PLAN TO VISIT GOODSEED FARM OFTEN THIS SPRING! Mark your calendar so you can enjoy our special events, take advantage of special savings, bring your family or friends for special times! May 1010-1111-12 Country Garden Mother’s Day Party! FREE Lilac Bush for every mother. Specials, food and fun 9AM-6PM Friday, Saturday, and Mother’s Day Sunday June 2626-July 7 Truckload Annual Flower Sale Outrageous savings on a fresh shipment of annual flats, pots and hanging baskets while they last Aug. 2323-Oct. 13 Mum Season Perfect MUMS plus shrubs, trees, fertilizer, mulch and soils! October 11,12,13 Appalachian Artisan’s Fest Three-day craft festival. We’ll be open with our gorgeous hardy mums, barn quilts and a selection of fall color. October 1818-21 End of Season Sale! Friday: everything discounted 30%! Saturday: everything discounted 40%! Sunday: everything discounted 50% or more! come early for the best selection. (Bulk Mulches and soils not included). October 22 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!

Spring 2013 GoodSeed Farm Newsletter  

The Spring 2013 Newsletter for GoodSeed Farm in Winchester, OH.

Spring 2013 GoodSeed Farm Newsletter  

The Spring 2013 Newsletter for GoodSeed Farm in Winchester, OH.