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Equestrian Order of the HolySepulchre of Jerusalem Lieutenancy of Ireland

Vol 3 №6

December 2019

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Dear fellow member,

2 Curious Stares

Fifty of us travelled to the Holy Land in October/early November led by our Spiritual

2 What would these institutions do? 2 The journey for each pilgrim is unique in its insights 4 That moment was life changing 4 Continuing the Master’s mission

5 The project itinerary for the 2019 Pilgrims 5 Jish/ Gush Halav 6 Birzeit Parish and School Hall

Director Most Rev’d Kieran O’Reilly, KC*HS, Archbishop of Cashel and Emly, very ably assisted by our Ecclestical Master, Fr Francis Mitchell, Fr Feargal MacGrady, Fr. Anthony Gillespie and Fr Dan Joe O’Mahony. I thought that an exceptional issue of the Newsletter was warranted to record some of the highlights of the trip.

We visited the sites associated with Jesus and were accorded the privilege of a Solemn

Entry to the Holy Sepulchre. Members also visited three projects that you have supported over the last eighteen months: Jish, Bethany and Bir Zeit. Pilgrimages are an important way to support the Christian presence in the Holy Land. It is also through these journeys of faith that Christians can help the living stones who live there. This allows the Christians of the Holy Land to work and support their families. Without this contribution of solidarity, the Holy Land would be poorer not only from the economic point of view, but above all from the human point of view. Hopefully we shall return in 2022.

In recent weeks the Secretary of State, Pietro Cardinal Parolin has spoken about the implications of membership of the Order; it is worthwhile reflecting on his words and how we might better implement them in our individual membership:

“It could be said in all truth that the members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre are like “ambassadors” of the Holy Land. In fact, in addition to living their own Christian faith and manifesting adherence to the Catholic Church in the environments in which they live and work – in which sense all the baptized are called to be “ambassadors of Christ” (see 2 Cor 5:20) – they promote initiatives in favour of the Holy Places in the parishes and in the dioceses they belong to. Therefore, members of the Equestrian Order are asked not only to promote the collection of funds for the ecclesial realities present in the Holy Upcoming Events Land, but also to pray and work so that peace January 1st World Day of Peace prevails over divisions and violence. Mass in Dublin

6 Creche in Bethany, East Jerusalem, backing onto the Separation Wall 7 Holy Family Crèche Bethlehem

7 Trip to Italy 8 2019 Orders and Awards 9 “He resolutely faced Jerusalem” Luke 9:51 10 Day of Recollection "Jesus said". 10 Lieutenancy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 11 Austrian Investiture 12 Rev. Gerard Thomas Ryan CSSp KC*HS 12 Message from the Chancellor


are, as was strongly indicated at our September clergy meeting, an Order of service and this requires of us all an active interior life, support to our local Church and our local parish, and to avail of every opportunity, according to circumstances, to evangelise.


January 24/25 Knock February 2nd Feast day of Bl. Andrea Cardinal Ferrari February 7th Feast Day of Bl. Pius IX

have three members seriously ill; I ask you to remember them in prayer. I take this opportunity, on my own behalf and that of each member of Council, to wish you a happy and Holy Christmas and trust 2020 will be a year of opportunity and hope for us all.

February 10th Feast Day of Bl Aloysius Cardinal Stepinac

Deus lo Vult

April 4th Feast Day of Bl Giuseppe Dusmet


March 25 Spring Mass, Cork

May Northern Regional Mass Centuries of Service to Christians in the Holy Land

Deus lo Vult

Curious Stares

After reflecting on my recent Pilgrimage to the Holy Land it is difficult to choose one place over another, however for me the highlight was the Order’s procession and visit to the Holy Sepulchre .The procession from the hotel with us wearing cloaks and hats brought curious stares and lots of interesting questions from onlookers. While we waited to enter the Holy Sepulchre the singing and praising God brought many emotions to the surface. After entering the Holy Sepulchre, kneeling and kissing the stone where Our Lord lay did not need words to be spoken out loud.

Thomas Kilduff, Carolyn and James Fitzpatrick

Reflections on the Holy Land by James G. Fitzpatrick KHS

What would these institutions do?

This was my first time visiting the Holy Land and I felt extremely honoured to

be included with the Order. There were so many amazing moments (not to mention funny ones...). But what I have come away with is a great sense of spiritual restoration, deeper understanding and appreciation for the incredible work the Order do. Their vital help is a lifeline to so many Palestinians. We visited a school in Ramallah, a kindergarten in Bethany and probably the most humbling was the visit to the orphanage in Bethleham. Without the amazing help from the Order what would these institutions do. Reflections on the Holy Land by Denise McGivney Nolan

Denise and Mary McGivney Nolan and Eleanor Hurl.

The journey for each pilgrim is unique in its insights

It was with a degree of trepidation that I revisited the Holy Land. I wondered how revisiting the same places

could ever have as profound an effect on me. My fears were put to rest however, when I experienced, once again, the great sense of peace in Galilee. The more we travelled, the more it became apparent that Jesus is indeed alive and well in the Holy Land.

The hospitality demonstrated by the Maronite community is proof enough of this. In the face of uncertainty, the need to trust and surrender to God’s will is immediately apparent in the enthusiasm of Fr. Louis Hazboun in Bir Zeit. Similar displays of faith were shown by Sr. Tiziana D’Agostino and the community of Comboni sisters in the kindergarten in Bethany. The charity and selflessness the Sisters of St. Vincent enact every day in the orphanage in Bethlehem are reminiscent of the work of Jesus himself. Despite the plight of the children, they endure and their work is a testament of God’s love.

The highlight of our pilgrimage, for me, was the Solemn Procession and entry

into the tomb of Jesus in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The peace, trust, surrender and faith I experienced here were demonstrated in our trip by all those we were fortunate enough to meet. I realised that what we bring spiritually and emotionally to the pilgrimage affects what touches us the most. The journey for each pilgrim is unique in its insights, but universal in its profound effects. Reflections on the Holy Land by Veronica Holohan DHS


Veronica and Jim Houlihan, presenting the Portaferry donation

Deus lo Vult

At the tablet of Patriarch Valegra in the Co Cathedral.

Council outside the Holy Sepulchre

On the Via Dolorosa

On the Sea of Galilee

Members at the Holy Sepulchre

Fr. Fergus Clarke ofm with Thomas Kilduff, both Cavan men

Yvonne and Aindreas O Caoimh on the Sea of Gallile Outside the Church in Bir Zeit with Fr Louis

Students of Bir Zeit Mass at the Mount of the Beatitudes on the 26 October

Patriarchal Palace

In the Church in Bir Zeit

Pater Noster Church with Geri and Eamon Walsh Priests at Patriarchal Palace including Fr. Michael McDonagh of Sligo Diners in Magdala: Mike and Sarah Rogers, Peter and Nora Durnin

Deus lo Vult


That moment was life changing

Like St. Helena, it had always been an ambition of mine to walk in the footsteps of our Lord, traversing the hallowed Terra Sancta in search of the key places of Christ’s birth, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection. We were blessed with a varied and enjoyable itinerary but my personal highlight was our solemn entry to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, culminating with an opportunity to pray in our Lord’s empty tomb. The Te Deum was sung as we filed in to the darkened Church. Standing in silence at the Edicule, moments before entering, I recalled Colossians 2:12, where Paul speaks about baptism as being the moment when we are buried with Christ in the tomb before being raised to new life. For me, that moment was life changing, for the tomb is both the pinnacle and confluence of our faith in the risen Lord and, with Calvary, it is the wellspring of salvation and outpouring of God’s love. It is the centre of the universe and the fulcrum of our faith. Reflections on the Holy Land by John-Paul McKenna KCHS

Continuing the Master’s mission

The privilege of following in Christ’s footsteps in the Holy Land for 8 days is very special in the life of a Christian.

Augmented by visits to four projects supported by our Order introduced intense extra content. The loving welcomes with which we were received had a Christ-like dimension. It was heart speaking to heart.

Each of our encounters-with the Maronite community at Jish, led by Frs.Bechara and Sandy, with Sr.

Tiziana and her kindergarten in Bethany, with Fr. Louis “action” at the Bir Zeit school, and with Sr. Lodie at the orphanage in Bethlehem, gave us a glimpse of the face of Christ from those continuing the Master’s mission. How prescient are the words of Hebrews (13:8)-“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”. Reflections on the Holy Land by John Morgan GCHS

PJ and Marie Finn with the Custos


Mass in the Chapel of St Helena in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Wednesday 30 0ctober

Deus lo Vult

The project itinerary for the 2019 Pilgrims

During the Pilgrimage the Lieutenancy visited a number of projects financed or financially aided by the Lieutenancy. It would be true to say that all were impressed by the locals we met and the work on the ground.

Jish/ Gush Halav Jish is a small town of 3,000 in Northern Israel a few miles from the border with Lebanon. The town is close

to Mount Meron, the tallest standing mountain of Galilee. According to Christian tradition, the parents of Saint Paul were from Jish.

During our Sunday morning visit there was a significant amount of civil unrest in the Lebanon, centred on

Beirut, as was evident by the flights of helicopter gunships patrolling the border. Jish has two Maronite priests, Fr Bechara Sleiman PP of Jish with Fr. Sandy Habib, both of whom we met in company with many of their parishioners. With 65 percent of its residents belonging to the Maronite Church, Jish is the only village in Israel with a majority Maronite population.

We attended the parish Mass celebrated according to the Maronite rite which lasted for approx 75 minutes and which was a model of devotion and celebration. We provided â‚Ź31,000 for the remodelling of a youth centre and a library centre both of which we visited.

Deus lo Vult


Birzeit Parish and School Hall

Birzeit, also Bir Zeit, is a Palestinian town north of Ramallah in the central West Bank. It is 73km north of Jerusalem and has a population of 4,529. The Bir Zeit High School responds to one of the most crucial needs of the area. Last month we met some of the students: Muslim and Latin rite. We also met the Parish Priest Fr Louis Hazboun, who was born in Bethlehem and has a Ph.D. in Biblical Theology: truly a live wire. A host of projects and programs have changed the lives of the people in the town and surrounding villages.

We have donated €21,700 which will remodel the School Hall from an auditorium to a flat floor interior building. This will be used both by the school for lectures, graduation ceremonies etc; and it will also be used by the Parish church communities, scouts and for local weddings, etc. See also the article in the May 2019 Newsletter which gave greater detail on the work involved.

Creche in Bethany, East Jerusalem, backing onto the Separation Wall

Bethany is a small village and biblical site on the eastern slopes of the Mount of Olives just outside Jerusalem, situated in the West Bank. It was the home of Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus.

The Comboni Sisters, now led by Sr. Tizian D’Agostino, started their mission in Bethany in 1966. Bethany was sealed off by the Separation Wall in 2004. St Mary’s Kindergarten now hosts 48 children, most of whom are Muslims, coming from families living under social and economic hardship. The Sisters are immediately adjacent to the Separation Wall having to regularly endure tear gas, molotov cocktails and stone throwing. Indeed in the prior month it was the scene of rioting arising from the death of a local youth. The nuns are striving to provide a pleasant and welcoming environment for the children to stay as a witness for love, peace and harmony .Two of the sisters of the Community now live in an apartment across the Wall to keep up a connection with the local community.

The €39,000 provided by the Lieutenancy provided a fire-proof roof for part of the play area (see middle picture below) and renovated two existing classrooms. A donation was made by the parishioners of Portaferry for the work undertaken there.


Deus lo Vult

Holy Family Crèche Bethlehem

Bethlehem is a town of 27,000 inhabitants. The values, social norms, religion and tradition in the Arab

world prohibit any relation between men and women outside of marriage, and the punishment of women who act against these norms may be death to save the honour of the family. Islam does not permit adoptions. As a result of this fact women who managed to conceal their pregnancy had to abandon the child, many other women lost their lives while trying to get rid of the baby, others were not lucky enough to conceal it.

In 1905, an Orphanage for abandoned children was founded by the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul and is called The Crèche Bethlehem. The place became a home for these children. The number of children is increasing. During our visit we met the two newest residents, one of 5 and the other 6 days old! The age of the target group in the Holy Family Children’s Home is from 0- 6 years. The children have a

boarding section well arranged to meet the needs of lives. Every group has three caring persons to accompany them in its daily life, especially in the morning and afternoon. A paediatrician, a child psychologist, and a social worker add their professional expertise, guiding the development of each child. It has four teachers working with the children in the kindergarten, beside the supervisor and the trainer.

Two contributions were made: one by the Lieutenancy of €8,116, the second by the Dorgan Family in

memory of Dame Gretta Dorgan. The Director of the Orphanage was unable to meet us as she had travelled to the Lebanon to deal with the fallout from the civil unrest. We are met by Sr Lodie (herself Lebanese) who gave us a whistle-stop tour of the facility on our last day in the Holy Land where we met two new babies, one 5 and the other 6 days old. It will be recalled that our distinguished member Frank Hearns organised two charity cycles within the last decade which raised substantial funds for the Orphanage. Since returning home, the Lieutenancy has received two substantial donations for the crèche and orphanage.

Trip to Italy

The feast day of the only Order beatus, Bl Bartolo Longo KC*HS, is 6 October. His remains are in the Basilica in Pompeii. If you are interested in participating in a 4 night trip to attend his feast day, with a “wing” in Rome, please alert our Lay Master, Frank Hurl, no later than 18 January.

Lost an item of your Insignia or your beret?

Please contact Tom Lynch, our Chancellor, at

Order Rosette

Wear it prominently, especially when attending Mass. Deus lo Vult


2019 Orders and Awards

On 29 October 2019, the book Ordres et décorations du SaintSiège by Dominique Henneresse, a compendium of all the equestrian orders, awards, medals and recognitions that the Supreme Pontiffs have granted since the beginning of the Christian era was presented in the Sala Regia of the Apostolic Palace. The English language supplement provides an exact translation from the French original, without the illustrations. This system of rewards is analysed by the author with meticulousness and precision through precise historical contextualization and careful technical description, accompanied by a series of unique illustrations. The prologue of the volume is by Pietro Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State of His Holiness. The

book is laid out in 15 Chapters with three appendices: bibliography, Roman calender and years of pontificates and pontifical arms. Chapter 15 addresses the the various robes, insignia and decorations of our Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. There are over 150 illustrations supplementing the text of Chapter 15 addressing various issues relating to our Order. These include the creation of the rank of Grand Officer in 1932, in 1949 the Grand Magisterium was brought into being, and that the badge of the Jubilee Pilgrimage of the year 2000 was created by decree on 4 March 2000 by Cardinal Furno, reigning Grand Master. Apart from the Pilgrim Shell, this is the only decoration permitted on a cloak. The other Chapters address the various papal orders, indeed mentioning a small number of Irishmen, as well as papal medals. An expensive but indispensable guide to an obscure subject.

Ordres et décorations du Saint-Siège (“Orders and Decorations of the Holy See”) published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana (the publishing wing of the Holy See) ISBN 978 88266 0241 7 and the English edition IBN 978 88 209 3832 1.


Due to the volume of material received, articles in relation to St. John Henry Newman will appear in the next edition. An article on Fr. Bernard Kavanagh CSsR will also be published presently. Gratitude is expressed to all who provided photographs.


Lieutenancy website:, contains updated material and photographs of all Lieutenancy events. Much of the material is contained in the members area, and may only be accessed using the passwords recently conveyed to each member by the Secretary Ivan Healy. He may be contacted if you have misplaced this data.


Deus lo Vult

“He resolutely faced Jerusalem” Luke 9:51 “

As the time draw near when Jesus would be taken up to Heaven, he set his face to go to Jerusalem”

The land of Jesus, a desolate and desert land, where to begin? We are after all, speaking of over 3000 years of history and we are getting ready to go to a land that has dominated our news as place of turmoil, war and not a land of peace- “Shalom”.

And so, what is the fascination, why are we not deterred from making the pilgrimage? It is, I believe, because we see it as more than a desolate land, as followers’ disciples of the Lord Jesus. It is a place that is so central to our Christian life, it is a place where God chose to reveal himself, to show the world how much he loves all peoples, it is a holy land- a place of “divine encounter”. As we begin and complete our pilgrimage, let us pray that it will be for each of us a moment of “divine encounter”, that will enrich us individually, it is after all the land of the Cross, of the Resurrection.

There is also another word that describes the more hidden expression the word ‘pilgrimage’. We have just

returned from our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, walking the ways of the Lord. Journeying with each other and with the Lord and he with us. In these coming days we will have time to reflect, think and to be mindful of our relationship with the Trinity - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. During our difficult and most challenging times we may have doubted that God our loving Father was ever with us, but when a light shines in the darkness and confusion, we begin to realise that he did journey with us, bringing us safely through those difficult moments giving us peace and calm again.

I hope for us all and myself included that our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the land of our Lord was a very symbolic journey and that our faith will be deepened by the power of the Holy Spirit.

O’ Lord Jesus, help us to recognise your ways and that we will be able to

put into practice your ways of mercy, compassion and kindness. We ask you that by your Holy Spirit, you continue to Journey with us through Life and by your grace, your love, we may someday reach our final pilgrimage to be with you in heaven. Article by Vy Revd Anthony Gillespie KHS

Visit to the orphanage in Bethlehem

Deus lo Vult

West Bank crossing point

Street scene in Jerusalem


Day of Recollection "Jesus said".

On Saturday 16 November the Lieutenancy held its first Day of Recollection in the headquarters of the Missionary Society of St Columban at Dalgan Park Navan. There were many interesting features to the day. Mass was celebrated by Rev Prof Michael Mullaney, KHS, who preached a stimulating homily. Fr Enda Murphy, KHS who travelled from Rome to speak on the Sacraments reminded us of the fundamentals involved. The questions had to be curtailed due to lack of time! For the first time a period on the Lectio Divina was led by Vy Rev'd Mark Mohan KHS on the Sunday reading Luke 21: 5 -19. (Latin for "Divine Reading") is a traditional monastic practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God's word. The byine was part of that reading. Participants were on the road home at 2.10pm.

Chancellor Tom Lynch, John O'Dowd and Tony Devlin

Fr Mark Mohan, John Coleman and Frank Murphy

Jimmy Sheehan, JJ Dorgan and Pat Reid

Lieutenancy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 13

-14th September saw the Vigil-at-Arms and Ceremonial Investiture of the Lieutenancy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which the Secretary, Ivan Healy attended representing our Lieutenancy. As Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Ireland, a warm welcome was extended to Ivan by our Luxembourg confrères and consœurs. th

On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, members

and guests gathered at the pretty village of Junglinster for the ceremony of Investiture followed by Mass, presided by HE Edwin Cardinal O’Brien, Grand Master of the Order in the Baroque Church of St Martin. The 200 metres procession to the Church proceeded through the village of Junglinster and on entering the church the Order’s Lauda Jerusalem was sung resoundingly by members and guests. Four new Knights and one Dame were invested in a Lieutenancy of approximately 35 strong.


Deus lo Vult

Austrian Investiture

Stephen and Barbara Dorgan represented the Lieutenancy at the Austrian Investiture in Innsbruck, Tyrol. They got to spend time with the Cardinal Grand Master, who fondly remembered “the great welcome” he received at our own investiture ceremonies and asked them to pass on his best wished to the members of the Irish Lieutenancy. Chev Stephen & Dame Barbara seated in the choir between the Cardinal Grand Master and the Austrian Lieutenant at the pulpit.

Death or impending death of a member, what do I do?

Please contact the Lay Master: Dr Frank Hurl at tel 087-2903037 or Mairead Walls 0044 7889379509 and Roddy Leonard 086-8114636.

Ascertain whether it is the desire of the family that members attend robed. Presuming it is, obtain the name of survivor of the deceased member, tel number, date, time and location of the removal; date, time, location of the Church at which the funeral Mass will be celebrated and if possible the name and contact number of the celebrant (will the celebrant permit us to attend robed).

Frank’s regional deputies for funerals are:

Chris Nolan Dublin 087-2857224 Brian Cuneen Dublin 086-8386636 Raphael Kelly Dublin 086-8346088 Paul McManus Fermanagh 0044-7974530899 David Quinn Mayo/Galway 087-2211164 Barry McLoughlin Mayo/Sligo 087-2645420 Michael McCabe Waterford 087-3579607 Eiver O’Hanlon Westmeath 086-8823277

Items for Sale

All the items below will be available for sale at our retreat in Knock from Tony Devlin.

- Miniature Leonine Medals at €20 each. The full medals are presented to members by the Custos of the Holy Land while in Jerusalem. - Men’s ties with the crest, in polyester at €25. - Order handkerchiefs with crest at €10 - Garment bags to house your cloak and beret €40 - Packs of Order Mass get well etc bouquets 10 for €10 - The shorter Morning and Evening Prayer books €15.

Tony may be contacted at Knights Rest, 10 Sentry Hill, Ballyloughan, Ballymena Co Antrim BT42 4 HY tel 048-25648711 email postage will be extra.

In the New Year Mass cards and Christmas cards should be available with an Order theme.

Deus lo Vult


Rev. Gerard Thomas Ryan CSSp KC*HS

Fr Gerry, brother of our Confrere Vincent, died aged 89 on the 4


2019 and was buried in Dardistown Cemetery.

. November

Fr Gerry was born in Dundalk and moved subsequently with his family to Kimmage. He entered the Congregation of the Holy Spirit in 1948. There he gained his BA in 1952 and was ordained in 1956. He served in Onitsha Nigeria from 1957 to 1969 which encompassed the Civil War there. He then spent a short time in two Dublin parishes before moving to the United States. There he was admitted as member of the Order in 1979 and subsequently received his Pilgrim Shell. In 1989 he began two decades of ministry in Australia where he spent time in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and subsequently as diocesan chaplain to the Catholic Women’s League in the Diocese of Parramatta. He returned to Ireland in 2009 after a five year spell in Broken Bay. A frequent participant at the Maynooth Reception Mass he will be missed by Vincent, his other siblings and members of the Lieutenancy. May he now experience the new and eternal Jerusalem.

Message from the Chancellor

I am very pleased that there is a high level of interest in membership for 2020. This will ensure that there

are future “ambassadors of the Holy Land”. The leaflet has been re-printed and is available to give to prospective members. A copy is enclosed with this Newsletter. The membership process takes approximately 3-4 months from receipt of the application form (available directly from me) through approval by the Grand Master in Rome.

It is a mandatory requirement that applicants attend a briefing session. Two are currently scheduled: Knock on 25th January and Cork on 28th March (Spring Mass).

Please contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance. I am also happy to meet prospective applicants to explain the membership procedures and the passage fee.

My contact details are as follows: Email: Phone: Address: 087 377 0007 San Marco, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Lieutenancy of Ireland

Council of the Lieutenancy

Lieutenant Peter F Durnin, GCHS “Rosaire”, Moneymore, Drogheda, Co Louth A92 RF6F email: tel: 041-9830278; 087-6591992 Chancellor Thomas Lynch, KCHS San Marco, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18 email: Tel: 087 377 0007 Secretary Ivan Healy, KC*HS 39 Ashdale Road, Terenure, DUBLIN 6 email: Tel: 01-4907554 Treasurer: Anthony Harbinson, KCHS 3 Corrina Park, Dunmurry, Belfast BT17 0HA email: Tel: 0044 28 90611013

Eccles Master of Ceremonies: Vy Rev’d Francis Mitchell, JCL, KCHS Lay Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Frank Hurl, KCHS Councillors: Stephen Dorgan KC*HS Dame Mairead Walls DCHS Gearóid Williams, KCHS Rodney Leonard KHS Lieutenants of Honour: Nicholas McKenna GCHS Charles A Kelly GCHS Design by: Eric Dumas, Solid Space Printed by: Bethlehem Abbey Press CHY No. 8617 / Registered Charity No. 20021399 / Northern Ireland registration no. IE0004

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