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Danny J. Salchert OFFICE MANAGER




Jeff Jowett • Tom Speer

18 COVER STORY 6 Continuity and Low Resistance Testing BY JEFF JOWETT

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 16 Ultralight Vented Hood-Overcoming Hood Hazards FEATURE 18 U.S. Factory Workers Bring SYLVANIA LED Lamps, Pride to America


CASE STUDY 26 Developing a New Grounding Clamp for Utility Scale PV Solar Projects


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Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018


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cover STORY


Continuity and Low Resistance Testing | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | BY


NO ELECTRICAL TEST IS SIMPLER... and few more commonly em-

ployed…than the continuity test. This simple test is a ubiquitous option on multimeters (DMMs) and insulation testers. It is simple to perform; connect two leads across opposite ends of the test item (IUT), press the test button, and within seconds you have the resistance reading. Low is good, high is bad. It’s so simple and easy that it is readily applied to testing situations that require a more rigorous performance from the test instrument. This article will examine the parameters that determine the separation between the types of instrumentation. 6

Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

Voltage is not a critical consideration in testing low resistance. Both DMMs and low resistance ohmmeters operate with only a few volts. The critical determinants between the two types of tester are level of current and range and resolution of reading. The average DMM supplies about 5 mA of test current. A particularly good one may go to 200 mA. The most Continued on page 8 common test current

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cover STORY

Megger Continued from page 6

The purpose of an electrical continuity test is to establish that the circuit is continuous. It is used by electricians to be certain that no wires have been crossed at a junction box and all connections are correct and tight.

ing problem that can be corrected before any damage. Let’s look at some sample readings. Even a good quality DMM connected across a short piece of copper would show only 0.00 Ω at 200 mA. Spread the leads wider on a bus bar

for low resistance ohmmeters is 10 A. That’s Amps, not milli-Amps. Similarly, a DMM will read down to a tenth, or possibly a hundredth, of an ohm. For a low resistance ohmmeter, this is edging toward the high end! The instrument isn’t worth its salt if it can’t read a micro-ohm (0.000001 Ω), and a quality tester will measure ten times lower. So what? The purpose of an electrical continuity test is to establish just that; the circuit is continuous. It is used by electricians to be certain that no wires have been crossed at a junction box and all connections are correct and tight. Hundreds of similar applications assure that electrical continuity has been established or maintained. Similarly, diodes and other components are readily tested. Often, an actual measurement isn’t even needed; the IUT passes by a preset buzzer. The small, handheld electrician’s DMM will never be superseded for operations such as these. The low resistance ohmmeter comes into its own for measurements below 1 Ω. At this level, mere continuity isn’t enough but it must be assured that the circuit or joint can do its job without burning open or causing excessive heat. Such applications include grounding for lightning protection, fault clearance, mating of contact surfaces for maximum transfer of energy without heating, and maintenance of bolted connections and solder joints. For such demanding applications, a change in only a few microns of resistance can indicate an installation error or a develop8

Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

with a bolted connection between and the reading may still be 0.00. Connecting from a bus to a bolted termination might still show the same. But a low resistance ohmmeter, even at just 1A, on the same sample shows 4 μΩ across the short span of Continued on page 12

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cover STORY

Megger Continued from page 8

copper, increased to 10 across the longer span, and at 18 from the bolted termination Furthermore, this goes to 1.131 mΩ when a skewed connection, caused by improper tightening of the bolt, is included. These examples illustrate that while basic continuity testing has a vital place in the electrical maintenance spectrum, there are many instances where a developing prob-

lem would show up only as a falsely reassuring “0” on a multimeter whereas a rigorous low resistance test would boldly expose it. How does the low resistance ohmmeter accomplish such precise measurement? The critical role is filled by the application of a “Kelvin bridge” 4-wire technique. Where a DMM uses only two leads



Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

to connect across the IUT, this introduces both the resistance of the leads themselves plus the contact resistance with the surface of the IUT into the measurement. For a continuity measurement, these are miniscule amounts and can be disregarded. But they loom large when introduced into a measurement on the micro-ohm level. Quality DMMs often have a null function that further refines the measurement by neutralizing the lead resistance. But that still leaves the potential for considerable contact resistance. A Kelvin bridge eliminates all of this extraneous resistance. The instrument measures how much current it can inject into the circuit, thereby nulling out lead and contact resistance, and measures the voltage drop between the two points of contact. Hence, the measurement is of Continued on page 14

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cover STORY

Megger Continued from page 12

the resistance between the two potential leads and nothing else. By such precise measurement, the smallest of resistance problems can be recognized. A practical application can be illustrated in the torqueing of bolts. Common practice is the tighter, the better. But this is not so where electrical current is involved. Over-tightening can cause the

connection to become skewed, with less surface contact and higher resistance. The amounts can be small, but the added heat generated over time is a stress point that will eventually fail. A low resistance ohmmeter will reveal these as standing out from similar connections and facilitate preventive maintenance. A final consideration is a nod in the di-

A fully developed low resistance ohmmeter includes the ability to store and document a full regime of preventive maintenance tests. rection of modern technology‌and litigation. To a large part, DMM applications are go/no go and move on. All the wiring can be quickly confirmed at a panel as having no open or crossed connections. But for conformance to regulations and insurance requirements, nothing beats a documented maintenance program. A fully developed low resistance ohmmeter includes the ability to store and document a full regime of preventive maintenance tests. â?? FOR FREE INFO, CIRCLE 41 ON READER SERVICE CARD


Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

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Miller Safety Consultants, Ltd.

Ultralight Vented Hood-Overcoming Hood Hazards T HE LATEST ADVANCEMENT in protective hoods has been the addition of a ventilation system. This system is not a respiratory protection device, only for cooling and defogging. Let’s look at the challenges of the hood: • Material weight • Visibility thru the face shield • Ventilation system and time of operation • Task Lighting • Air quality

At Miller Safety Consultants, we work directly with OTEX Protective, the manufacturer of the ultralight vented hood system. Together, with feedback from end users and safety managers, we have developed the answer by providing the user a patented system that solves the above mentioned issues. I’ve included a picture of the hood with the article, but more information can be obtained at our web site: Our 40 Cal ultra-light hood comes in 2 models. Our standard ventilated model, which uses AA battery’s and our premium unit powered by a Milwaukee M-12 battery pack. First, let’s look at the weight. Our hood is 37% lighter than traditional 40 Cal/cm2 systems, and the enclosed ventilation pack balances the weight of the face shield giving the user better visibility. The ventilation pack adds several other benefits to the user, like increasing the air quality. OSHA requires the ambient air to have an oxygen level around 22%. Inside a non-vented hood, the oxygen level quickly decreases to around 13% because 16

of the users exhaling. The users exhale also contains moisture which creates a fogged face shield. This encourages the electrician to remove the hood to see clearly; a good ventilation system will keep the face shield clear. In evaluating the operation of the hood, we had a major concern on meeting OSHA’s requirement of having additional task lighting of the work area. All of our hoods come equipped with an arc-flash tested task light attached. It’s adjustable for angles and also in light intensity. Also, we have incorporated Paulson’s new “gray” face shield that allows more ambient light transfer. Our ventilation system is unique in the industry. The standard battery pack uses 8 double A batteries for power operates about 3.5 hours. This supplies 35 CFM of air into the user’s breathing area reducing any chance of fogging of the shield, and provides cooling to the user. Any type ventilation system does create an issue in the event of an arc flash incident. The air contains vaporized copper and manganese fumes that need to be prevented from entering the breathing zone. OTEX Protective, in their patented system uses an arc sensor that when activated, turns the fan off allowing the user to be protected from these toxins. This is a major accomplishment when mitigating hazard risks. Our premium hood, using the Milwaukee M-12 battery has a operat-

Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

ing time of 6 hours allowing “commissioning” work to be uninterrupted. All our product specifications are on our website Our Light-weight 40 Cal hood meets 2018 NFPA 70E 130.7(C)(14)(3) - Certification by an accredited, independent, third party certification organization. In conclusion, our advanced Ultalight hood safety features is far above others on the market. Our service is excellent in providing you the products. Every suit and hood is custom made at our manufacturing partner OTEX Protective in Rochester, NY. Shipping is usually in 1 week or sooner. For more information, contact Miller Safety Consultants, Ltd. at (703)367-0404 or on the web at ❏

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feature ARTICLE


U.S. Factory Workers Bring SYLVANIA LED Lamps, Pride to America | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | BY


Our company traces its roots in the APPLE PIE, BASEBALL AND HARD-WORKING U.S. FACTORY United States back to 1901 when young enWORKERS. All of these are sources of American Pride and are also important trepreneur Frank Poor became a partner in a

to us at LEDVANCE, the maker of SYLVANIA lamps in the United States. Just like I am sure you are, we are proud of our country and the contributions we make here to the electrical industry. Our high quality SYLVANIA lamps are a result of over a hundred years of lighting experience in the U.S. 18

Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

small company in Middleton, MA, that renewed burned-out light bulbs. The company would buy an old bulb for a few cents, cut off the glass tip, replace the filament and reseal the bulb. Continued on page 20

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0218EPSp18,20,22,24_Company Spotlight 2/14/18 7:16 PM Page 20

feature ARTICLE

LEDVANCE Continued from page 18

Now, a lot has changed since then and the lighting industry is transforming to modern LED lighting. Our company, including our U.S factories, distribution centers and workforce, is also transforming to be the world’s leading innovative LED lighting company which is amazing to see happen. There are changes that are helping keep and grow jobs here in the United States and bring to the commercial market LED products from our local factories. LED technology has been called the future of lighting for its long life and energy savings benefits. LED lamps can last up to 22 years and save up to 85 percent on electricity. While a majority of LED lamps in the industry are imported from Asia, we are investing millions of dollars to keep and add local manufacturing jobs and increase U.S. production of LED lamps. This initiative transitions around 200 jobs from making 20

Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

traditional lighting products, whose demand has been declining, to new LED technology and also adds around 20 new jobs. We achieved this milestone by upgrading our St. Marys, Pennsylvania and Versailles, Kentucky factories. Increased customers’ acceptance of LED light bulbs has shifted demand for the traditional products made in the plants for decades. We looked at how to meet the increased demand for LED lighting but changed how we brought some products to market in order to prevent the loss of U.S. jobs and manufacturing. With this new initiative, individual U.S. and global components are delivered to our St. Marys and Versailles factories for many popular long-lasting, energy-efficient SYLVANIA LED general lighting products, such as Aline, Globes, BR and PAR LED lamps. The SYLVANIA LED lamps are assembled via the new Continued on page 22

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0218EPSp18,20,22,24_Company Spotlight 2/15/18 8:52 AM Page 22

feature ARTICLE

LEDVANCE Continued from page 20

manufacturing lines managed and operated by U.S. employees, with most of the products using glass made at our Versailles factory. We are the only general lighting com-

pany to now have a significant LED light bulb portfolio made in America with U.S. and global parts, an effort made possible by our first-rate employees. We also have several of the fastest producing assembly



Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

lines in the world for LED lamps, working three to four times faster than other lighting manufacturers. Earlier this year, we packed out our 10 millionth lamp in St. Marys, less than six months after starting production, and not just one type of lamp. It included A-lines, PARs, G25s just to name a few, and various wattages, all requiring changes to the production lines and different processes that our team mastered. I’m proud of how quickly the team designed the lines and ramped up production, leading to this milestone. This advancement is not just creating more advanced U.S. factories, it is also creating a more advanced U.S. workforce. Both manufacturing and our SYLVANIA lighting products have become more hightech to be more efficient, resulting in us training employees in our factories and distribution centers on advanced new skills to run and maintain the equipment, and hiring those with new capabilities. In our manufacturing plants, we’re increasingly looking for talented Continued on page 24

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0218EPSp18,20,22,24_Company Spotlight 2/14/18 7:16 PM Page 24

feature ARTICLE

LEDVANCE Continued from page 22

individuals with robotics and electrical coding experience, as well as candidates with an Associate’s degree in the mechanical or electrical disciplines. Our addition of automated forklifts in our factories has also created a demand for individuals who are skilled in programming. It isn’t just in the factories either – we are evolving our R&D, purchasing, product

design with electronics, all of our business processes to be a more agile company. We’re basically going from being a flip phone to a smart phone, and this evolution is creating a more experienced and modern workforce for our company and America. In addition to the new SYLVANIA LED lamps, we are also proud of the fact



Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

that our factories also make world class SYLVANIA traditional lighting like halogen light bulbs and long life fluorescent tubes with U.S. and global parts, which continue to be excellent options. In addition to seeing our workforce evolve, it is also a source of pride that in our factories, we have second and third generations of employees, husbands and wives, parents and children working and sharing their experiences. Mike Anderson is a group leader at LEDVANCE and he said, “My grandfather, grandmother and father all worked in our factories, and I’m proud to do the same, along with my wife.” With 26 years with the company, Anderson has seen the progression of lighting technology, first working on incandescent and halogen light bulbs, and now as a key part of the new LED assembly lines in St. Marys. It’s amazing for me to see how our employees can be so creative and innovative and go over the course of six years from making incandescent to halogen to LEDs with electronics in such a short period of time. Some of our best innovations come from our manufacturing employees in the factories. For example, many of the processes for automatically handling light engines, whether they are halogen or LED light engines, were initially thought of by our hourly employees. Innovation comes from all aspects of our company, whether it is from our research and development labs to the manufacturing floor, because all of our local employees are proud, hard-working and dedicated to delivering high quality, leading-edge SYLVANIA general lighting products to contractors through our industrial commercial channel partners. We know you have a lot of options when it comes to providing lighting products to your customers. By upgrading our factories and equipment and evolving our business processes, our local workers are helping you bring modern SYLVANIA LED lighting assembled right here in the U.S. to your customers. Go U.S.A! ❏ Graham Wark is head of North America manufacturing at LEDVANCE, which offers in North America SYLVANIA advanced LED lamps, standardized luminaires and smart lighting solutions, as well as a wide range of traditional light sources. Additional information can be found at

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0218EPSp26,27_Company Spotlight 2/14/18 7:17 PM Page 26

case STUDY

Greaves Corp.

Developing a New Grounding Clamp for Utility Scale PV Solar Projects | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | BY



build utility scale projects to generate from 15MW to more than 100MW of electric power. Each project consists of several hundreds or thousands of PV panels which cover hundreds of acres of real estate. The designs of this type of installation have evolved quickly during recent years, as designs have improved and better products have become available from component manufacturers. Sometimes, when these new products were designed for specific applications, they later find more applications in general use.


Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

Here’s a case where a new product was developed for a specific situation, to solve a particular set of requirements. And the resulting product will have many other applications as well. A PV solar utility-scale engineer/constructor used grounding clamps in many locations in their project design. Their requirements called for two different wire sizes. But there was no single clamp available on the market to handle both applications appropriately. So, the two requirements had to be fulfilled with two different types of clamps to accommodate the two wire sizes; one type for #2AWG (an aluminum clamp) and another for #6AWG (a bronze clamp). The available clamps were of different materials, while both claimed to be suitable for outdoor use. The use of two different clamps caused several difficulties. Ordering and inventory was doubled, and each item had unique lead time and pricing issues. In the field, supervision needed to take extra care to assure that each type of clamp was installed at the proper location and with the proper torque. All this added up to complexity and construction headaches. And the mild-steel screws supplied in the available clamps were susceptible to eventual rust, even though zinc-plated. To help resolve these issues, Greaves was called in and asked to design and supply a single, unique clamp to handle both requirements. Greaves engineers examined the requirements and proposed a new, more economical clamp, specifically designed for the range from #2AWG to #6AWG wire (and smaller), as well as fitting onto the different beam thickness of each situation. The new clamp also featured stainless steel screws to avoid corrosion whether the project was located near salt water, in

0218EPSp26,27_Company Spotlight 2/14/18 7:17 PM Page 27

high humidity, or in a mountain area. And the two screws in each clamp were chosen with hex head and the same hex dimension, to simplify tooling in the field. Additionally, the customer wanted capability to mount a cable tie to the clamp, to hold other wires neatly in position. So, Greaves added a saddle-type fitting with a slot for the cable tie, in the grade of black UV-resistant nylon suited for long term outdoor exposure in solar applications. The resulting assembly satisfied all of the requirements in one clamp, at a cost which saved the user money, added the cable tie mount capability, and greatly simplified both their ordering procedures and field installation practices. To complete the product development, Greaves obtained UL listing for both standard (UL 467) and solar (UL 2703) grounding. The clamp bonds the ground conductor to an I-beam or cable tray without punching or drilling holes. The tin-plated aluminum clamp with stainless steel screws installs quickly and provides rugged,

Greaves is a manufacturer and supplier of a full range of electrical connectors for many applications for industries such as energy, construction, data center, and transportation. long-lasting ground connections. The new multi-use clamps have been supplied to a utility solar PV project, and the intended savings are being realized. Even though designed and approved for solar applications the Greaves #GBC2ASST grounding clamp is well suited, and economical, for many other uses outside of the solar field. Greaves also developed a larger size clamp which handles #6AWG – 250MCM wire, and offers the features of stainless steel screws and the cable tie mount. Greaves is a manufacturer and supplier of a full range of electrical connectors for many applications for industries such as energy, construction, data center, and

transportation. Beginning in 1947, Greaves has supplied many types of electrical connectors for the electrical trades. Greaves specializes in solving construction problems both with new products, and by modifying standard items for specific situations. ❏ Tom Speer is the Marketing Manager for Greaves Corporation. For more information contact Greaves Corporation 30 Industrial Park Road Centerbrook, CT 06409 800-243-1130; 860-664-4505;;


February 2018 •


0218EPSp28,30,32_Company Spotlight 2/14/18 7:17 PM Page 28

industry NEWS

Leviton Hires New Vice President General Manager of Leviton Lighting Business Unit Former VP GM of OSRAM-Americas, Philip G. Warner, to drive business strategy and vision ward to having him work with the broader leadership team to agLeviton recently announced the hire of Philip G. Warner as the gressively drive the division’s overall strategy and vision, a core new vice president general manager of the Leviton Lighting Busipillar of the company’s growth plan and continued success.” ness Unit, with an effective start date of January 29, 2018. Warner joins Leviton from OSRAM, where he held the position Warner will replace the business unit’s current VP GM, John Ranof VP GM for the Americas region of OSRAM Global Management shaw, who will be retiring on February 23, 2018. and focused on strengthening OSRAM’s leadership across all arThe Leviton Lighting Business Unit was established in April eas of integrated building eco systems as well as redefining the 2017, combining the capabilities of JCC, ConTech Lighting, Birchorganization’s technologies and business models. wood Lighting and Intense Lighting to deliver the broadest portCommenting on his recent hire, Warner said, “To be a part folio of innovative, high-performance and sustainable lighting of this highly respected organization and lighting division is a solutions and fixtures in the industry. In addition to leading the great honor. I would like to thank John Ranshaw, who has aligned business, Warner will be responsible for scaling the business Philip G. Warner all four lighting businesses into one successful unit. I look forward through new channel development and expansion of current partnerships, increasing profitability and productivity, and streamlining processes. to bringing drive, passion and experience to ensure that the Leviton Lighting “We are excited that Philip will be joining us in this role to further build, lead Business Unit will continue to grow and provide the most innovative solutions in and drive the Leviton Lighting Business Unit,” said Daryoush Larizadeh, Leviton’s the industry.” For more information on the Leviton Lighting Business Unit, please visit president and chief operating officer. “With Philip having more than 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, both in Europe and the Americas, we look for- ❏

Mitsubishi Electric’s Summit Series UPS Reaches Highest Energy Star Listing Mitsubishi Electric, an industry leader in design, manufacturing, and servicing reliable, environmentally friendly uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), announces that the 750kVA SUMMIT Series® UPS product was recently certified by ENERGY STAR® to meet 99 percent efficiency in the double conversion operating mode. ENERGY STAR® independently certified it to save energy without sacrificing features or functionality. The SUMMIT Series® UPS is the first UPS to apply Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, demonstrating Mitsubishi Electric’s leadership in mission-critical power electronics. Advanced SiC components increase efficiency by 70 percent over conventional Silicon (Si) based UPS. Offered in both 500kVA and 750kVA sizes, Mitsubishi Electric’s SUMMIT Series® offers a small footprint, high efficiency, and requires less cooling, lowering the total cost of ownership. Mitsubishi Electric UPS products deliver high reli-


ability through robust proprietary technology designed to provide continuous power in the most demanding environments. Mitsubishi Electric’s installed base of 9900 series uninterruptible power supplies have sustained load carrying capability greater than 99.9992 percent of their actual operational history. Mitsubishi Electric leads the industry in design,

manufacturing, and servicing reliable, environmentally friendly UPS systems to extend data center uptime, prevent costly data loss and protect against damaging power surges. More information on Mitsubishi Electric’s world-class service and its award-winning UPS is available at or by calling 800-887-7830. ❏

About Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. UPS Division: Since 1964, Mitsubishi Electric has manufactured precision-engineered, high-quality uninterruptible power supplies to protect its customers’ mission-critical equipment during times of power instability. Mitsubishi Electric leads the industry in design, manufacturing, and servicing, environmentally friendly UPS systems to extend uptime, prevent data loss and protect against power surges. Mitsubishi Electric Power Products’ UPS division offers systems in both single- and multi-module configurations and a broad range of kVA capacities. Visit for more information. In addition to uninterruptible power supplies, Mitsubishi Electric US group companies’ principal businesses include semiconductor devices, automotive electrical components, elevators and escalators, factory automation products and services, heating and cooling products, electric utility products, and large-scale video displays for stadiums and arenas. Mitsubishi Electric US group companies have roughly 31 locations throughout North America with approximately 4,000 employees. SUMMIT Series is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

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0218EPSp28,30,32_Company Spotlight 2/14/18 7:17 PM Page 30

industry NEWS

AFL AWARDED SEVEN TECHNOLOGY PATENTS AFL, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cable, equipment and accessories, recognized several associates for patent awards received for developing new products and technologies within the accessories, optical connectivity and fusion splicing divisions. AFL’s accessories division received four patents. The first is for a “Tandem Trunnion Clamp,” an ADSS cable support device which allows a single cable clamp to be converted to a double cable clamp for use in FTTx applications. The design also allows a field-installed clamp to be easily retrofitted for running a second cable. The next patent is for “Dead End Termination Clamp and Collet.” AFL’s design allows for developing a cable dead end product with variable usage whether with cast body and/or fabricated steel shapes. Additionally, AFL’s solution is universally suited for use on solid wire, large strand and fine stranded cable types. Another patent was received for “Asymmetrical Stockbridge Damper” in which the

design allows vibration to be removed from transmission conductors and features a significant weight and cost reduction. Lastly, a patent was issued for “Rigid T-Rail Conductor System,” a t-shaped conductor rail system whereby the product is the only offering that can be utilized with several styles of current collectors such as Pantographs and Trolley Shoes. AFL’s connectivity division received two patents— the first is for “Fiber Optic Splice Closure,” an invention specific to AFL’s Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC)® and Spider Web Ribbons (SWR). The new closure is comprised of a basket organizer that has channels, routings and slack storage areas that eliminate the need for special transition tube or furcation tubing to protect the SWR binder groups as it transitions from the organizer basket to the splice trays. The invention eliminates significant cable and closure preparation time, lowering the overall cost of splicing WTC cable. The second patent is for “Splice-on Optical



Electrical Products & Solutions • February 2018

Connector for Outside Plant Drop Cable.” This invention provides a concept design of AFL’s FUSEConnect® connector that enables quick termination on black jacket cable for FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) applications. Lastly, AFL’s fusion splicing division received a patent for “End Cap Holder.” This invention aids in the alignment with an optical fiber prior to splicing. By having an end cap of a different diameter, the power density at the end of the fiber can be adjusted or changed. This is beneficial in applications using high energy lasers. For more information about AFL and its products and services, visit ❏


0218EPSpFullPages_Company Spotlight 2/14/18 6:51 PM Page 31


0218EPSp28,30,32_Company Spotlight 2/14/18 7:17 PM Page 32

industry NEWS LED Light Innovator Shuji Nakamura Honored with Zayed Future Energy Prize Lifetime Achievement Award Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, recently presented the Lifetime Achievement Award of the 2018 Zayed Future Energy Prize to Shuji Nakamura, Professor of Materials and Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of California and Co-Director of the Solid State Lighting & Energy Electronics Center, at an awards ceremony during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. Nakamura was recognized for his pioneering research developing light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which paved the way for a number of technological breakthroughs including energy-efficient lightbulbs. Today’s awards ceremony took place before an audience of international dignitaries and thousands of ADSW attendees representing more than 170 countries. The US Department of Energy calculates that LEDs will have achieved energy efficiency savings of more than $30 billion in the US alone by 2027. LED light-

ing is responsible for displacing an estimated 880,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (the equivalent of nearly 2 million barrels of oil), while extending access to modern lighting to around 10 million people, of whom 9 million live below the poverty line in Africa. Previous recipients of the Zayed Future Energy Prize Lifetime Achievement Award include Dipal Barua, Amory B Lovins, Dr Ashok Gadgil, Professor Jose Goldemberg, Wang Chuan Fu, Al Gore, Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, and Li Junfeng. Nakamura said: “To be recognized alongside such global personalities is a tremendous honour. Initiatives such as the Zayed Future Energy Prize raise public awareness of scientific research and innovation and play an essential role in helping to take bold ideas from the laboratory into the field.” “I would like to pay tribute to the many communities, innovators and inspiring individuals who have promoted the adoption of more energy efficient technologies, turning cutting-edge science into afford-

able everyday commodities,” Nakamura added. Nakamura received the Nobel Prize in 2014 for his discovery with fellow researchers from Nagoya University of blue LEDs. Nakamura’s work on blue lasers and LEDs led to the commercialisation of Bluray discs, as well as other applications now taken for granted in TVs, mobile phones and movie projectors. He holds no fewer than 500 patents today. Dr Nawal Al-Hosany, Director of the Zayed Future Energy Prize, said: “Shuji Nakamura has dedicated his life to research that has helped to transform the lives of millions of people, a great many of whom live in the world’s poorest communities. The Zayed Future Energy Prize was established to recognise the outstanding achievements of such individuals, who have worked tirelessly to promote sustainability and clean technologies. Nakamura encapsulates the prize’s values perfectly.” The Zayed Future Energy Prize, the world’s preeminent sustainability and renewable energy award, recognises outstanding businesses, non-profit organisations, schools and individuals. This year, the 10th edition of the prize’s awards ceremony, also marks the Year of Zayed, commemorating the centenary of the birth of the United Arab Emirates’ founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. ❏

General Cable Announces Electrical Distribution Channel Award Winners at the 2018 National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association Meeting General Cable (NYSE: BGC) handed out awards to their representative sales agencies during the 2018 National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) Meeting, which was held in San Diego, CA. At the annual meeting, performance awards were presented for accomplishments made in 2017. “General Cable is represented by the best manufacturer’s representative agencies in the electrical industry and we are very proud to recognize our top performing manufacturer’s sales representatives,” said Kevin Hoover, Director of Sales, Electrical Distribution – Northeast, General Cable. Each year, General Cable’s Electrical Distribution Inside Sales associates select the Representative Inside Sales Associate of the Year. For 2017, the award was presented to Terence Uhler of Pacific Western Agencies, Inc. for his overall knowledge of General Cable’s products, processes, computer systems, clients and markets, as well as his ability to deliver outstanding customer service. In addition, Terence has exhibited the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully grow sales and manage daily business flow. In addition, General Cable also presented the Di-


rector’s Club Awards, which are presented to those who represent General Cable’s product offering – including Carol® Brand, STABILOY® Brand and Helix/HiTemp products – and are selected based on obtainment of 2017 business plan objectives. The 2017 awards went to: • Byron Carson Company, Inc. • C.C. Pierce Company, Inc. • Cardel Criste • Davenport & Associates • Defazio Industries • Dsi Southwest • United Electrical Sales-GA/AL • Electrotech Incorporated • I-Pro, Inc. • One Source Associates • Pacific Western Agencies, Inc. • Burrus & Matthews • United Electrical Sales, Ltd.

of the Director’s Club for the year and then have gone on to achieve spectacular results for that year as well. The winner of the 2017 Representative of the Year was United Electrical Sales, Ltd. “United Electrical Sales, Ltd. (UES) has quickly assimilated into the General Cable family and has become a dedicated, strong extension of our team,” said Sujata Sullivan, Director of Sales, General Cable. “Each representative from UES excels in building trust and respect with all our key distribution partners in representing General Cable and becoming their reliable resource,” added Sullivan. “This team has become technically savvy on our complete product offering in a short time and has been instrumental in growing our business in the Southeast by 47% year over year in sales dollars and 62% year over year in metal pounds. This team has also been honored to win NEMRA’s highly-coveted NEMMY award for 2017. We are very fortunate to work with this team of professionals and General Cable is proud to have them be our 2017 RepThe final award presented was the prestigious Rep- resentative of the Year.” resentative of the Year award. To achieve this honor, For more information about General Cable visit their the representative sales agency must first be a member website at ❏

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new PRODUCTS Amerlux’s Gift Shines Light on ‘Never Built NY’ Lighting Co. Delivers High-End Performance, Energy Reduction for Museum Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that it has donated $20,000 worth of a high-end LED track lighting solution, which is creating a lasting impression at the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows, New York. The unique “Never Built New York” display invites visitors to discover the alternative paths New York City might have taken based on original prints, drawings and models of architectural projects that were never realized. To turn the exhibit into reality, however, Amerlux was asked to deliver a premium lighting solution that dramatically reduced energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance. “For more than 30 years, we have listened to problems throughout the marketplace and delivered solutions,” said Amerlux CEO Chuck Campagna. “From museums to high-end retail boutiques to supermarkets, Amerlux has continued to grow by creating products that address real-world needs. We are proud to deliver a striking experience at the Queens Museum.” To create a world-class museum experience, Gensler, one of the world’s largest architecture firms that was part of several unrealized NYC projects included in the exhibit, asked Amerlux to help. “In celebration of this inspiring exhibit, it was important for us to work with the right quality and balance of lighting,” said Bevin Savage Yamazaki, senior associate at Gensler. “We wanted visitors to experience these never-before-seen drawings and models from a new perspective.” Amerlux addressed the challenge by installing its new 48-watt SPEQ LED track heads, which feature a sleek, slim cylinder design with high beam control and use less than 10 percent of the energy consumed by the previous 500-watt quartz lamps. For more information, visit

Bridgeport Fittings’ Double-Snap Cable Connectorsare easy to install, saving contractors time and labor Part of its extensive MC products line, Bridgeport’s Fittings’ 38ADS and 38ACDS double-snap connectors can save contractors time and labor while assuring superior job quality and better productivity. The insulated 38ADS 3/8”, single-barrel, doublesnap, cable connector is easy to install by first snapping the cable into place and then snapping the connector into the box. No tools are required. Engineered for new work applications, the zinc die cast connector is cLUs Listed for use with 14/2 to 10/3 (.40” - .63”) aluminum and steel AC/MC/MCI-A/HCF and 3/8” aluminum and steel FMC/RWFMC. The insulated 38ACDS 3/8”, single-barrel, cut-in, double-snap connector is similarly easy to install. For use in old work applications, the cable can be pulled into a box, then the connector is installed onto the cable, and locked into place from inside the box. As with the 38ADS double-snap connector, no tools are required. The zinc die cast connector is cULus Listed for use with 14/2 to 10/3 (.40”-.63”) aluminum and steel AC/MC/MCI-A and applicable HCF versions of these cables. For more information, visit


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Family of Bosch 360 Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Lasers Offer All-in-One Layout Convenience in Green Beam (GLL3-330CG) and Red Beam (GLL3-330C and GLL3-300) Accuracy, long range and convenient all-in-one job layout meet a variety of tasks on the jobsite When the job is leveling and alignment, sometimes it takes a family to get the job done right. Bosch GLL3-330CG, GLL3-330C and GLL3-300 Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Lasers deliver accuracy, long range and convenient all-in-one job layout to meet a variety of tasks on the jobsite. The self-leveling lasers provide one 360° horizontal plane and two 360° vertical planes with references that cover the floor, wall and ceiling to serve all leveling needs. The two vertical lines cross at 90° angles so the user can quickly arrange and square the layout of the room from one mark. The family of Bosch three-plane leveling and alignment line lasers will be available starting in March 2018. Three-Plane Lasers That Deliver Precision The GLL3-330C (red beam) and GLL3-330CG (green beam) are Bluetooth® connected, which brings an added measure of efficiency and convenience to the user. With upgraded diodes and brighter beams, these plane lasers offer a visible range up to 200 ft. diameter, increasing to 330 ft. diameter when paired with an optional Bosch LR8 or LR 6 receiver for full jobsite coverage. The GLL3-330CG’s green laser diodes generate green lines up to 4X brighter than standard red beams. The tool excels in ambient and bright lighting environments, allowing the user to see lines easily. The two lasers have dual power technology to accommodate either a Bosch 12V Max Lithium-ion battery or four AA alkaline batteries. The 12V Max battery provides power in a compact package for extended laser runtime on all-day layout jobs. For more information, visit

Cementex Announces Electrician’s Tool Kit with Double-Insulated Hand Tools Insulated tools meet a range of standards and requirements to keep technicians safe Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the release of the TR-9ELK-ZC Basic Electrician’s 9-piece Service Tool Kit, featuring Cementex double-insulated safety hand tools. With a high-quality zippered case option for “America’s #1 kit” and nine critical tools, the tool kit is ideal for ensuring technician safety in a range of electrical service applications. The new TR-9ELK-ZC Basic Service Tool Kit includes: a 9 pair of linesmen’s pliers, a 7 1/2 pair of diagonal cutting pliers, a 7 pair of needle nose pliers, a 9 combination stripper and crimper, a 3/16 x 4 1/2 slotted screwdriver with a cushion grip, a 3/16 x 6 slotted screwdriver with a cushion grip, a 1/4 x 6 slotted screwdriver with a cushion grip, a #1 x 3 Phillips screwdriver with a cushion grip, and a #2 x 4 Phillips screwdriver with a cushion grip. Each tool in the kit complies with the IEC 900 and ASTM F1505 standards, and helps companies to meet requirements of OSHA Safety Related Work Practices, NFPA 70E Standard and CSA-Z462. The included Cementex double-insulated tools are tested to 10,000 VAC and rated for 1,000 VAC when working on live parts and marked with the international safety symbol – “double triangle” 1000V. All Cementex products are made in the U.S.A. to the highest standards of quality. For more information, visit

February 2018 •


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new PRODUCTS Greenlee® Expands Gator® Tool Line with New 2-Inch Inline Cable Cutter Extended line includes two new interchangeable cutting jaws for Gator Tools Greenlee Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, is adding to its line of battery-powered hydraulic Gator tools to include a 2-inch inline cable cutter and new cutting jaws for existing Gator tools. The Gator tools have hardened blades to produce clean uniform cuts and feature an ergonomic design making them lightweight to reduce potential jobsite injuries. “The ESC50LX (2-inch inline cable cutter) helps keep up with the trend of increasing cable sizes and helps professionals cut the cable sizes that are being used frequently on jobsites,” said Ryan Berg, Director of Product Management. “The new cutter is engineered to be 30 percent lighter than other models, and its sleek design means operators won’t need to reach as far to make the cut, which will reduce fatigue.” The inline 2-inch cable cutter has a tacky grip handle for easy, comfortable handling and control. The tool is powered by a 18V Lithium-Ion 4.0 AH Makita® battery platform for a faster charge time and more cycles per charge. Inline 2-Inch Cable Cutter (ESC50LX) The new inline cutter cuts up to 2-inch diameter Copper (Cu) and Aluminum (Al) standard and fine-stranded cable. A single trigger controls all tool functions. The tool’s inline design and 350-degree rotating head allows to easily and comfortably to cut at any angle. Longer tool reach affords accessibility and reduced operator fatigue. A double-click safety option prevents unintentionally engaging cutting blades and the tool automatically retracts when the cutting cycle is complete. An OLED display shows real-time communication and tool maintenance status. “In addition to the new inline cutter, we are increasing the versatility of our EK425LX/628LX inline tools, which will allow professionals to accomplish more with one tool,” said Berg. For more information, visit

Milwaukee® Introduces a Compact Site Light with 2-in-1 Lighting Features The leading jobsite lighting provider in the industry, Milwaukee Tool, continues to expand their Lighting Solutions with the introduction of the M18 RADIUS™ Compact Site Light w/ Flood Mode. Building off the popularity of their other industry-leading RADIUS™ site lights Milwaukee’s newest light provides a more compact solution for users who require the versatility of two lights in one. With 2,200 lumens of light output in area mode and 1,000 lumens of flood lighting, the light can easily handle both large work areas and smaller task situations. The dual function of the M18 RADIUS™ Compact Site Light w/ Flood Mode allows users to carry less to the jobsite. The main body of the light provides 360° of area light, while an independent array of LEDs on the side provide 90° of task lighting. Additionally, its compact size makes it easy to transport to and from the jobsite. The new M18 RADIUS™ Compact Site Light w/ Flood Mode can illuminate large and smaller task workspaces for up to 24 hours on a single charge. The light features TRUEVIEW™ Technology, which utilizes the most advanced LED technology and optical designs to deliver a consistent beam, optimized color temperature, and true representation of colors and detail leading to a more productive work area. Equipped with a 4-1/4” self-centering metal hook, users can hang the unit overhead on studs and piping. An AC inlet also allows the user the option of plugging in the light for extended run-time. A durable high impact polycarbonate lens design can survive harsh jobsite conditions, and is impact and chemical resistant, delivering superior impact durability. Similar to all of Milwaukee’s high output LED lights, the new Site Light also features a limited lifetime LED warranty, and a 5-year warranty on the light. Powered by Milwaukee REDLITHIUM™ batteries*, the new M18 RADIUS™ Compact Site Light w/ Flood Mode is compatible with the M18™ cordless system, now offering more than 150 power tool products. For more information, visit 36

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Get cordless compatibility with Hilti cordless combihammer TE 30-A36 and cordless rotary hammer TE 6-A36 Hilti is advancing cordless tool technology by bringing a compatible lighter-weight, 36V battery platform to its new cordless combihammer TE 30-A36 and cordless rotary hammer TE 6-A36. Both tools feature intelligent power management systems and deliver maximum performance, so when you’re ready to work, your tools are ready to work too. Hilti TE 30-A36 With a motor, transmission and battery designed from the ground up for unmatched speeds in drilling and chipping concrete, the Hilti cordless combihammer TE 30-A36 packs plenty of punch to get the job done. Now the world’s first cordless combihammer is even better, because that knockout power is delivered by our lighter-weight B36/5.2 CPC battery pack platform, which makes it compatible with other workhorse Hilti tools like the angle grinder AG 600-A36 and rotary hammer TE 6-A36. The TE 30-A36 features an optimized electro-pneumatic hammering mechanism for more speed and impact energy, and the brushless motor means higher efficiency performance and longer life. Delivering the ultimate in drilling performance with outstanding versatility and enhanced compatibility, the Hilti cordless combihammer TE 30-A36 puts all the power you need right in your hands. Hilti TE 6-A36 The Hilti cordless rotary hammer TE 6-A36 is the latest in a long line of advances in rotary technology. Hilti’s unwavering commitment to innovation is rooted in our understanding of what it takes to get the job done. The TE 6A36 has a brushless drive providing outstanding power to weight ratio, and features a high runtime flexibility thanks to two compatible 36V batteries – B36/2.6 CPC Li-Ion compact and B36/5.2 CPC Li-Ion Industrial, letting you choose between reduced weight or more work per charge. Both the TE 30-A36 and the TE 6-A36 are backed by Hilti’s 20/2/1 year warranty – 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts; 2 years no cost repair including wear and tear; and a guaranteed 1-day turn-around on repairs* – so you can be sure it will be ready to go to work when you are. For more information, visit

NOARK Electric Features New MCCB Frame Sizes at AHR 2018 NOARK Electric, a leading low-voltage electrical product manufacturer, announced two new frame sizes for their Ex9M series Molded Case Circuit Breaker product line at AHR 2018: the M5 – up to 800A and M6 – up to 1200A The full Ex9M series line now covers six frame sizes starting from M1 through M6 in a variety of breaking capacity options. Each frame size offers a range of interrupting voltage ratings from 240-690 Vac and 250-600 Vdc and are compliant with global standards that include UL 489, CSA C22.2 No 5.1, IEC 60947- 2. The full Ex9M line is CE and RoHS compliant. Features of the Ex9M series include high-breaking capacity, a high quality compact modular with an energy saving and environmentally friendly design, fixed and adjustable trip setting units, a patented arc extinguishing design and patented technology that allows for reduced operating force. A wide range of accessories are now available for the full NOARK Electric molded case circuit breaker product line, including alarm switches and auxiliary contacts, shunt and undervoltage trips, interlocks, NEMA type rotary handles, NEMA type flange handles and motor operators. NOARK Electric (North America), located in Pomona, CA, is a global electrical component and low voltage motor control and power distribution supplier. The company is establishing a representative and distribution network to serve its primary markets, which include the building trades and electric panel board builders in various industries. As a global supplier, NOARK currently operates four R&D centers, three distribution centers, 15 office locations and employs over 1,000 associates. Sales currently exceed $2 billion worldwide. For more information, visit February 2018 •


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new PRODUCTS TE Connectivity introduces Flex Grip wire connectors, enabling quick and easy wire termination TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has launched Flex Grip wire connectors for fast, flexible and easy wire termination. The new connectors, which accommodate solid and stranded wires between 24 and 14 AWG (0.2 – 4.00 mm²), feature an operating lever that allows releasable and reworkable wire termination. The transparent housings enable users to visually confirm the proper wire strip length and insertion for good electrical installation. With the built-in test slot, the installers can conveniently conduct the electrical test while keeping the wires terminated. “Flex Grip wire connectors, with tool-less termination and quick and easy implementation, provide an interesting alternative to traditional terminals and splices, especially within lighting, HVAC, and home automation, as well as among electrical installers and increased efficiency for engineers,” says Prachi Vyas, product manager at TE Connectivity. The new connectors conform to the UL 486C safety standard for splicing wire connectors. They have a current rating of 16 A and a voltage rating of 600 V AC/DC. Housings are in a combination of a clear polycarbonate with a UL94 V-2 flammability rating and a UL94 V-0 polyamide. Contacts are in brass with a stainless-steel spring. Operating temperature range stretches up to 85 degrees Celsius. Flex Grip, TE, TE Connectivity and the TE connectivity logo are trademarks of the TE Connectivity Ltd. family of companies. For more information, visit



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Platinum Tools Launches New cULus Listed / Plenum-Rated High Performance J-Hooks Series Now Shipping and Featured at the 2018 NAB and ISC West Shows, the Three New cULus Listed, Plenum Rated, RoHS & TIA Compliant, HPH J-Hooks Have Been Designed for Modern Cable Installs, Including Telcom / Voice, Network / Data, Broadband, Satellite, CCTV, Fiber, & Flexible Conduit Platinum Tools®, the leader in solutions for the preparation, installation, hand termination and testing of wire and cable, is proud to the launch of three new, high performance J-Hooks (Standard, 90 Degree, and Batwing). The new cULus-Listed / Plenum-Rated J-Hooks are now shipping with available special order attachments. Platinum Tools will feature the new J-Hooks during the 2018 NAB Show, held in Las Vegas, Nev. from April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth # C11447 and during ISC West 2018, held in Las Vegas, Nev. from April 11-13 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, booth #6035. “Our new HPH J-Hooks have been designed to support today’s modern high performance cable installs in the shop, home, and office, including Telcom / Voice, Network / Data, Broadband, Satellite, CCTV, Fiber, and Flexible Conduit,” explained Lee Sachs, Platinum Tools, Inc. president and general manager. “Our Standard, 90 Degree, and Batwing high performance J-Hooks are built with steel J-Hooks over-molded with polypropylene for an easy cable slide. The ‘Snap-Lock’ retainer is easy to use and re-use, firmly securing cables every time and eliminating the use of cable and Velcro ties.” With an industry leading bend radius of over three inches, HPH J-Hooks meet and exceed TIA’s bend radius standards. This prevents deformation to the cables such as indentations, pinches, or creases, making it easy for these J-Hooks to support high-performance cables, such as the Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, and fiber optic cable types, while maintaining the high standards necessary to prevent cable interference. “Our HPH J-Hooks come in four different sizes, the HPH16 (1 inch), HPH32 (2 inch), HPH48 (3 inch), and the HPH64 (4 inch) for all your cable management uses,” Lee continued. “The largest size, HPH64, has a cable capacity of up to three hundred and thirty Cat5e cables. All four sizes can be flush mounted for easy installation, and come pre-assembled to the most common fasteners, with options for special-order custom attachments. Unlike most of its competitors, the Snap-Lock, when open, even expands the HPH J-hook’s cable capacity.” For more information, visit

Now Cut Two Sizes with One Cutter: RIDGID® C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutters ELYRIA, OHIO – November 8, 2017 – Professional contractors and DIYers can now eliminate a cutter from their toolbox with the new RIDGID® C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutters. Perfect for cutting tubing in tight spaces, the cutters cut three sizes with only two tools. The ½-inch and ¾-inch combined tubing cutter has a quick-change feature that allows easy switching between the two sizes, with the second cutter designed for 1-inch tubing. Each comes with a spring-loaded cutter wheel that provides constant pressure on the tubing and features the RIDGID X-CEL Wheel Pin for quick wheel replacement without tools. In addition, slots were added around the outside of each cutter for a flat head screwdriver to advance and rotate the tool where access is limited. “Contractors are regularly put in situations where they need to not only get to copper tubing in hard to reach places, but may also need to cut various sizes,” said Rob Dulabon, RIDGID Product Manager. “That’s where the new RIDGID C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutters come in, not only saving toolbox space, but also eliminating the need to swap out tools.” The cutters come with the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty. For more information, visit February 2018 •


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